Final weapon skills for Mao and how to get some items?

  1. i have some quesitons:

    - yesterday i reincarnated 5 times my fighter until his last class and unlocked new weapon skills, so i understand doing this will unlock anyone's new weapons skills, but ?how can i unlock the lasts weapon skill to Mao, Almaz, etc, if they cannot upgrade class? with sword just have x-level flurry as the strongest with Mao and Almaz, but i want the other skills too.

    - In first Disgaea the item god has the next rank item from the item you're in the item world, but i reach lv 100 and the item god had a low rank item, so, i currently have demolition sword, so, how to get higher rank swords and items?


    User Info: Ramash

    Ramash - 10 years ago

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  1. For Mao and any other Story or unique character you will have to teach them through Class World those remaining skills and/or Evilities you want on them

    My topic there should help you a lot just replace Beryl with Mao and Mage with a Samurai or anybody else with the skills you want. Samething for evilities just pick the Evility option first.

    As for the higher items it's the same way as in Disgaea 1 just you need to be in Land of Carnage to get the Rank 35s and up. To get to Land of Carnage you need to collect 26 tickets (at least) and clear them for like 56% in the X-Dimension maps to gain access to Land of Carnage.

    In the Item world there is a Green mystery gate that sometimes will have a Death NPC character in it, he's the Illegal Ticket Vendor, two of them spawn first one 1 to 49, 51 to 99 they each sell 10 tickets to the X-Dimension so if you hit both of those you only need to collect 6 or so from Pirate raids you incounter.

    User Info: the_blood_wolf

    the_blood_wolf (Expert) - 10 years ago 2   0

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