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"Do I want them to love me - or fear me?" 06/03/09 WrenchNinja
Shock and Rock 05/13/10 AK_the_Twilight
The start of a saga.. 07/01/10 Bkstunt_31
Good or Evil? It doesn't really matter 06/12/09 blitz_0623
Gimme, Gimme Shock Treatment 08/05/13 BloodGod65
The fall of Empire City, the rise of Cole MacGrath. Will he be a Hero, or be... inFamous? 07/20/09 Dawngarde
A solid foundation on which they forgot to build a house. 08/27/13 DDJ
Ride the lightning... 06/02/09 discoinferno84
inFinite Possibiities 07/09/09 Game-Freak_Boy
A Very Good Game That is a Hell of a Lot of Fun 01/07/10 GameReviews
inFamous - Virtuous or Villainous? You Decide. 08/17/09 hartigan2
The most electrifying man in interactive entertainment today... 12/14/10 horror_spooky
Thomas Eddison's Dream come true 06/15/09 kefka989
I just wish the turrets weren't so broken 11/09/12 mildare_el_rayo
Like Having Lightning in Your Pocket... 06/15/09 naj22030
Fun, creative, unique. 07/06/09 Nemesissy
No amount of electric puns can describe this gem 06/15/09 Neophoton
inFamous is the perfect game in which to run around and have an awesome time 03/31/10 panargirou
I hate to throw around the GOTY contender tag, but Sucker Punch has earned it with inFAMOUS! 06/22/09 Psymin1
A Game That Will Live in inFamy 08/07/09 SuperPhillip
irreFutably Fun, but Hampered By an inFlux of Issues 08/23/10 Suprak the Stud
Fun to play, some minor but no Shocking flaws 07/21/10 tappyness
I want to fry one poor innocent human, just because I can. 02/22/13 Zylo the wolf

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Review Title Posted Author Rating
inFamous: How to ruin a sure thing. 06/01/09 CyhortI82
Since when is pandering a super-power? 06/22/09 katamariboy
Get Ready To Get Sucker Punched 06/01/09 Longbdif
Being A Hero Is Optional 08/07/09 _Genesis
Strong Gameplay and Art Direction Make up for a Weak Story and Characters 07/19/10 ayame95
Some visual flaws, but an enjoyable experience nonetheless 06/15/09 BadFortuneAndre
Partially Reinvigorating a Tried-and-True Formula One Jolt at a Time 12/15/11 Crown_Russe
Modern Day Heroics at their Finest 06/10/09 DarkEffigy
Will you be Famous or fall Infamous? 05/24/10 EpicKingdom_
inFamous - A thrilling action/platforming title. 06/24/09 FISSIONMAILEDGF
An electricity pun goes here. 06/10/09 Fran_The_Viera
Another impressive new IP from Sony! 02/22/10 Gruel
INFAMOUS, the best game for PS3, well not really 06/30/09 jmbq92
WIth great power comes- sorry Uncle Ben, but no responsibity here 07/15/09 kidwidspikes
Mmmm, the power 12/07/09 MattVSin
Ginger's Retrospective: inFAMOUS 01/10/14 OmegaGinger
I'm All Charged Up to Play the Sequel 02/22/13 poolmav2007
Electricity in your hands 09/27/10 ramsiverse
To Save One Life For Your Own Personal Gain, Or To Save Many For the Good of The City? You Decide! 05/03/10 redbuck
Hm, shocking but pleasantly so. 08/19/11 soulseeker09
How superpowers held up an otherwise average game. 04/03/17 TKDBoy1889
Fantastic game, easily one of the best PlayStation titles ever released. 07/08/11 username_24
inFamous is truly an electric experience. 01/13/12 WhatTheDeuce92

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