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Full Game Guides

  1. Guide and Walkthrough by Axel7174 *FAQ of the Month Winner: June 2009* v.1.25 | 2011 | 276KB
  2. Guide and Walkthrough by PapaGamer v.1.20 | 2009 | 187KB
  3. Guide and Walkthrough by Tarrun v.1.1 | 2009 | 200KB

In-Depth Guides

  1. Stunt Guide by Nelo_Portgas *Highest Rated* 2009 | 14KB
  2. Stunt Guide by Sora123150 v.1.12 | 2010 | 18KB
  3. Trophy Guide by wombat908 2009 | 24KB

Maps and Charts

  1. World Map by Sevael 2009

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