Review by FfMaStEr2121

Reviewed: 05/11/09

A truly unique experience with is highly satisfying.

Mirrors Edge is a unique experience. First person freerunning/platforming is only mainstream in few games like the Metroid Prime series, but Mirrors Edge focuses on just this aspect, with few FPS experiences. DiCE's Mirrors Edge would either cement First Person Platforming a place in the mainstream or justify the lack of games.

I heard nothing about this until I saw a video on Youtube about it. The person speaking about it said that it was a nice change from your standard FPS and my interest peaked. I saw it in my local Tesco for cheap, but decided against getting it. On Christmas day, I bought myself the game with some leftover cash. It didn't take me long to beat it, but that was a good thing, as the game's ending came at a good time, where the fun was at it's peak. Any longer and repetetiveness would've set in. The game lasted me about 7 and a half hours, and I had tons of fun with the time trials and speedrunning the game after.

The game looks great. On an SD TV you regularly get screen tearing but on an HDTV the game looks awesome. The game is very colourful which is a rarity these days, and the colour red is very important. With the help of 2 important things, you will rarely get stuck. With the guide button, you can see where your objective is, and with Runner's vision, the objects you need to use appear red. Runner's vision can be turned off and the guide button can be not used, so you're not forced to use these. The game features a stellar soundtrack and the game presents itself without major fault.

The controls and plays really well, with the shoulder buttons controlling the jumping, punching, shooting, ducking, sliding and rolling. These all fit in with the apropriate scenarios, and there are no complaints. The gameplay is rich with refreshing with tons of rewarding jumps and complicated movements. The game can be very difficult at times, but when you finish each chapter, you'll be satisfied at how you managed to wall run, jump onto a building and jump onto that pipe.

Mirrors Edge is a truly unique experience which everyone should experience. If you're an FPS fan, then you should know this game's not for you, but for everyone else, they should know that if they make the jump, there'll be something to grab on to.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Mirror's Edge (EU, 11/14/08)

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