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Reviewed: 01/12/09

On the edge

Mirrors edge is a First person action/adventure game known for its unique style of the genre. It takes place mostly on the rooftops but there are sometimes you will reach the ground, usually in pursuit. The idea is to be fast, be on your toes to jump, slide, and run from enemies, or in some cases fight them off.

you are Faith. You are what the world as it is in this era calls a "runner." In this game you attempt to solve the mystery of who framed your sister, or at least that's what I gathered anyway. The story is certainly not the prime focus of this game as it just kind of seems thrown together as an excuse. The real beauty of Mirrors edge is the immersible gameplay that has you constantly on your toes which I will now evaluate.

In Mirror's Edge you must hop, skip, and jump to victory. Well, sort of anyway. when you start out you learn the basics, jump over this roof obstacle, slide under that one, run from that enemy, fight that one until he is dead, etc. After the tutorial level, the game begins to pick up a bit. It is your job to find the fastest way through a level, past all its obstacles, by being as fast as possible. If you ever get lost, look for red, it will show you the way. As I said before, You'll be constantly on your toes. When you are being pursued you actually get the feel of being chased. Maybe because how your character moves with such finesse, or maybe because of all the bullets that are flying by your head. In any case the entire game is very... Exciting! even DYING was fun in my opinion, something about the way your body splats... The controls are easily learned enough, with much focus on the shoulder buttons. That's all you need concern yourself with. After your first completion you unlock speedrun mode, which is well...completing each level as fast as possible. Go figure. You may have had enough of the game just by beating the storyline once. Or you may want to go on to further conquer Mirror's Edge by completing all the speed run targets. Which brings me to my next rating.

The game takes about 8 hours to beat and its definitely possible to beat it in a single sitting. After that, you have a few options. You can replay the game on hard (which will get you a gold trophy.) You can replay the game and satisfy different parameters (maybe you could try to beat it without using guns. or KILL EVERYTHING.)or if you really want to you can try to find all the runner bags. (They're kind of hard to find if you don't look for them.) You can play time trial and speed runs for both trophies and to see how you stack against the rest of the world. But after a 8 hour run through a solid single player experience such as mirror's edge, you may or may not want to play through again. I didn't anyway. But its undeniable that Mirror's Edge is a game you can pick up and play for some good old fashioned bad ass roof jumping, heavy pursuit, brow-sweating fun.

Not gonna lie, the game is GORGEOUS. The color scheme and lighting is exactly as the creator intended.(i think) Maybe its just because I play in 1080p but the visuals, running effects, and colors combine with the fact that you're in First person view makes the game seem more like an experience than electronic entertainment. Oh! and the cut scenes after every level are a real treat too.

for starters the voice acting was excellent. When you're being chased and bullets are whizzing by you, it sounds as such. The ambient sounds such as the wind and the birds (where applicable) are somewhat satisfying as well. The sound and the graphics seem to play a big part in making Mirror's Edge a very enjoyable experience.

Mirror's Edge is a fantastic game, this is for sure, it is original and offers a wide array of gameplay mechanics that both entertain and excite you. Which is what a game is all about right? In any case, Whether you're a pro gamer or an absolute n00b Mirrors edge is for you. Simple learning curve, easy to master gameplay, and a single player experience ranging 5-8 hours long that grips you with every little bit of stray bullet, disarm, and even death by fall.

Rent or buy? hmmm... Well if you could just borrow it from a friend that is the way I would go. As I said, you could sit down for about 8 hours and beat the game, possibly satisfying you enough. Or if a fast paced, parkour-esque style speed running roofjumping game seems right up your alley.. By all means buy it. In any case, Mirrors Edge is sure to please just about anyone. Check it out.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Mirror's Edge (US, 11/11/08)

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