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Reviewed: 12/09/08

This Game is just Purely Addictive

The gameplay for this game is just overall addictive.

You are Faith, a "runner" who's job is to deliver sensitive packages within an extremely repressed new government. The rebels of society are your clients, and you are constantly living on the edge, running on rooftops and crashing buildings in order to deliver these messages or packages while trying to avoid the authorities, who will shoot on sight. However, despite being a "runner" with such a compelling profession, the story quickly gets personal and begins to wrap around her personal life, rather than give you the sense of going from mission to mission. There is nothing wrong with this, for the gameplay is the highlight of this beautiful new title.

The story mode is rather short, you'd complete it in an average of 6 hours. But playing through a 2nd time is just as fun, and possibly more fun. Why? Because by that time, you know all the nuances of the functions that Faith, the main "runner" in this story, can accomplish. (whether it's running on walls, long/high jumping, combining stunts w/ attacks & disarm sequences) And it's rather satisfying to do a speed run through story mode when you completely know what you're doing; it makes for a very epic experience.

The time trial mode is a blessing, adding a new dimension to the gameplay. There are 3 benchmarks in time attack goals (they count stars from 1 through 3 ~ 1 being the easiest, 2 being medium, and 3 being the hardest). It's a very big challenge to try to get the 3rd star on every stage, but is plenty rewarding when you make such an achievement.

There is so much flexibility in the game in the sense that the more you play, the more efficient ways you'll find to running through the levels.

The one complaint I can make about this game is the lack of texture and details on a lot of the levels. Especially for indoor levels when you're in offices and such, the walls and floors lack so much detail, you feel like you're no longer in the same game universe as when you were running outside (in which the detail is considerably more developed). I believe this game was rushed, and the fact that the game only supports up to a resolution of 720p is a thorn in its side.

On an ending note, the game's strongest suit, in my opinion, is the thrill of feeling like you're the actual person making all these dangerous stunts. The adrenaline rush you get from viewing the gameplay itself is a step above the kind you get when you play Spider-Man swinging through New York City. You don't have webs or super-strength, but the fact there's so much more danger involved with every stunt for Faith makes the game that much more exciting. Also, the fact that you can see the torso and bottom half of Faith's body adds to the realism very much. She pants when running, the sound effects are convincing; everything about the game and it's physics are realistic, yet stylish.

So as far as the verdict goes, I give this game a solid 8 out of 10 stars!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Mirror's Edge (US, 11/11/08)

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