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Reviewed: 11/18/08

Free running freedom at it's best

Mirrors Edge - There's no looking back

A beautifully crafted, fast paced first person action/adventure game by DICE. You play a "runner" called Faith, a courier of information living on the edge of society in a city almost devoid of freedom. You are hunted by the police across rooftops as you take advantage of the superior graphics and gaming capabilities brought to you by the PS3 in a game that is as much fun to play as any game I have found this year.

Graphics - 9/10

Wonderful in almost every respect. The environments you find yourself in, while not massively varied, are well crafted and transition between areas is near seamless. The colours are basic but vibrant, characters are well portrayed and the camera work is excellent, rolling with you as you tumble and slide around the city. Cut scenes are in a cartoony, comic book style that I personally enjoyed but some people may find a little annoying, as I get the impression the PS3 could offer far more in that respect. Still, the graphics are great.

Story - 8/10

Without revealing too much, I'll try to highlight some of aspects of the story line. You play a runner called Faith, who's sister is framed for murder. Throughout the story you try to track down the real killer and prove your sister's innocence and save her from false imprisonment. The characters aren't numerous and are very basic in terms of personality, the story is nothing special but decent and solid. My only really negative point is that it is a little bit short, I don't have a figure in terms of hours but I just finished the game after about 3-4 days gaming (not solidly, but probably in the region of 15-20 hours).

Gameplay - 10/10

This is where Mirror's Edge will blow your mind - the gameplay is superb. The controls are basic, yet combinations of only a few buttons allow you to leap off walls, zip down wires, flip, jump and slide around the world with ease. Fighting is also very simple with the aim more toward the free-running aspect of the game rather than a brawling shoot 'em up. This makes for a really enjoyable experience as you wont be mashing combinations of buttons to pull off any fancy tricks, and you feel almost like you could go outside and climb over roof tops yourself (Don't though!!)

Replayability - 8/10

After you have completed the game you can replay any level or the whole story through again on a harder difficulty setting. While you wont have the story line development that you get from your first playthrough, the game is still fun. It isn't as enjoyable as the first time as you know where to go and what to expect, but it is still a challenge. The game also offers a "Race" feature where you try and complete a course as fast as possible, and compete with other players from across the globe via the online feature the PS3 allows. This can be very exciting, but after a while I found it got a bit tedious.

Overall score - 9/10

A wonderfully made, unique gaming experience with brilliant gameplay that will make you want to become a free runner yourself. Although shorter than I wanted it to be, I have no regrets about buying this. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone out there who wants something a bit different and is looking for a fast paced action game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Mirror's Edge (EU, 11/14/08)

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