Review by sipherthewolf

Reviewed: 11/14/08

Mirror's Edge, sharp as a blade

Okay, I would like to start out saying that at the moment, I have not "beaten" the game. I came on GameFAQs to look for a little helper at the last bit of the last level. I come to find my new favorite game with no reviews.

Suffice to say that it deserves much higher than this. With only a few flaws that make this game slightly annoying, (but not bad) Mirror's Edge stands against most first person games, (or shooter, depending on how you play) as a new, fast paced alternative to the "sit-and-wait-for-it-all-to-blow-over" approach to FPS games.

One key thing that I noticed was the AI. Simply beautiful. If you hide, they come get you, and don't act like they have no clue where you are. If they see you duck behind a pillar, they will get you in range, and kill you. This may be a bad thing, if you have gotten to the last guy in a long string of CQC fights, and then you get shot in the face and die. (or in my case, throw your head into the oncoming gun of your opponent...) This does not make it a bad game, it makes it more CHALLENGING.

While I'm on the subject, the gunplay is wonderful, as is the CQC. The combinations that you can utilize are stupendous. If you so please, you can wall run off of a staircase, roll, leap off of a garbage can, and kick a guy in the face.

One of my favorite parts of this game is that no matter how you play it, you feel like an awesome gamer. By tapping a few buttons repeatedly, you can do intense aerial maneuvers that due to the nature of the graphics, not only leave your heart pounding, but also make your mouth water.

A small warning, after first playing this game, I went outside and tried to swing from a tree to the top of an awning. DO NOT TRY THIS. I know, I'm an idiot, don't rub it in. This game makes it look so easy that you feel like you could run off of your wall and into the kitchen for a snack.

Anyway, this game is intensely well off in the graphics department, with playability that is second to none. I will admit that there are those puzzles that are fairly hard, but if you get yourself into the correct mindset, then you can almost fluidly find the answers.

Mirror's Edge has flaws, few though they may be, but I would definitely suggest that unless you have some great reflexes, give this game a pass for a little while, because it can get intense.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Mirror's Edge (US, 11/11/08)

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