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How do I get past defending the Van? Main Quest 2 1 year ago
How do I get travis out of his house? Main Quest 1 9 years ago
Does the European version work with a US version? General 2 9 years ago
Can you make it speak in english? General 2 9 years ago
What is the best strategy for jetpacking? Build 1 9 years ago
Can someone please make a walkthrough!!!? General 2 9 years ago
Why was the PS3 version cancelled? General 1 9 years ago
How do I beat (the mobsters) with "The Don"? Enemy/Boss 2 10 years ago
Is there trophies on the eu version? General 1 10 years ago
where do I get destoy all humans path of the furon? General 1 11 years ago

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