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Guide and Walkthrough by Shotgunnova

Updated: 09/23/2010
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       \          ,-'-.          /
        )       ,'     '.       (
        |     ,'         '.     |                            \¯\
        |    /      ,.     \    |  ___  _ THE ELDER SCROLLS 4 \ \
        |   /     ,'  \     \   | / _ \| | |¯\|¯|  |¯|¯\  /¯¯\ ) \ |¯|
        |  (     (     )     )  |{ |_) ) ) |  ) |  ) }  )/ /\ \|  \| |
        |  (     |     |     )  ||  _ ( (  {  ) | / /(  ( {  } }   ' |
        (  (     (     )     )  ){ |_) } \_/\ | (/ / (  |  \/ /| {\  |
        (  (      \   /      )  ) \___/ \___/_|___/   \_|\___/ |_| \ (
        (  (       '.'       )  )                                   \ \
        (   \                )  )  Game of the Year (GOTY) Edition   \_\
         \   '.            .'   )  Spoiler-free FAQ/Walkthrough by
          \    '.         /    /   Shotgunnova (Patrick Summers)
           '.___/       ,'   ,'    Email: shotgunnova@gmail.c0m
                       (    /

    I. CONTROLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CNTR
   II. TH' BASICS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THBS

       Attributes ....................................................... TTRB
       Birthsigns ....................................................... BRTS
       Menu Overview .................................................... MNVR
       Vampirism ........................................................ VMPR
       Terminology ...................................................... TRMN
       Transportation ................................................... TRNS
       Tips N' Tricks ................................................... TPST

  III. WALKTHROUGH (MAIN QUEST) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WLKT

       01) Tutorial ..................................................... WK01
       02) Deliver the Amulet ........................................... WK02
       03) Find the Heir ................................................ WK03
       04) Breaking the Siege of Kvatch ................................. WK04
       05) The Battle for Castle Kvatch .................. [OPTIONAL] ... WK05
       06) Weynon Priory ................................................ WK06
       07) The Path of Dawn ............................................. WK07
       08) Dagon Shrine ................................................. WK08
       09) Spies ........................................................ WK09
       10) Blood of the Daedra .......................................... WK10
       11) Bruma Gate ................................................... WK11
       12) Allies for Bruma .............................. [OPTIONAL] ... WK12
       13) Blood of the Divines ......................................... WK13
       14) Miscarcand ................................................... WK14
       15) Defense of Bruma ............................................. WK15
       16) Great Gate ................................................... WK16
       17) Paradise ..................................................... WK17
       18) Light the Dragonfires ........................................ WK18

       ARENA  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ARNA

       00) Overview ..................................................... RN00
       01) Questline .................................................... RN01

       DARK BROTHERHOOD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DRKB

       00) Overview ..................................................... DB00
       01) A Knife in the Dark .......................................... DB01
       02) A Watery Grave ............................................... DB02
       03) Accidents Happen ............................................. DB03
       04) Scheduled for Execution ...................................... DB04
       05) The Assassinated Man ......................................... DB05
       06) The Lonely Wanderer .......................................... DB06
       07) Bad Medicine ................................................. DB07
       08) Whodunit? .................................................... DB08
       09) Permanent Retirement ......................................... DB09
       10) The Purification ............................................. DB10
       11) Affairs of a Wizard .......................................... DB11
       12) Next of Kin .................................................. DB12
       13) Broken Vows .................................................. DB13
       14) Final Justice ................................................ DB14
       15) A Matter of Honor ............................................ DB15
       16) The Coldest Sleep ............................................ DB16
       17) A Kiss Before Dying .......................................... DB17
       18) Following a Lead ............................................. DB18
       19) Honor Thy Mother ............................................. DB19

       FIGHTERS GUILD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FGHT

       00) Overview ..................................................... FG00
       01) The Desolate Mine ............................................ FG01
       02) A Rat Problem ................................................ FG02
       03) The Unfortunate Shopkeeper ................................... FG03
       04) Unfinished Business .......................................... FG04
       05) Drunk and Disorderly ......................................... FG05
       06) Den of Thieves ............................................... FG06
       07) Amelion's Debt ............................................... FG07
       08) The Master's Son ............................................. FG08
       09) More Unfinished Business ..................................... FG09
       10) Azani Blackheart ............................................. FG10
       11) The Wandering Scholar ........................................ FG11
       12) The Fugitives ................................................ FG12
       13) Trolls of Forsaken Mine ...................................... FG13
       14) The Noble's Daughter ......................................... FG14
       15) Mystery at Harlun's Watch .................................... FG15
       16) The Stone of St. Alessia ..................................... FG16
       17) Information Gathering ........................................ FG17
       18) Infiltration ................................................. FG18
       19) The Hist ..................................................... FG19

       MAGES GUILD  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MGSG

       00) Overview ..................................................... MG00
       01) Join the Mages Guild ......................................... MG01
       02) Anvil Recommendation ......................................... MG02
       03) Bravil Recommendation ........................................ MG03
       04) Bruma Recommendation ......................................... MG04
       05) Cheydinhal Recommendation .................................... MG05
       06) Chorrol Recommendation (Fingers of the Mountain) ............. MG06
       07) Leyawiin Recommendation ...................................... MG07
       08) Skingrad Recommendation ...................................... MG08
       09) A Mage's Staff ............................................... MG09
       10) Ulterior Motives ............................................. MG10
       11) Vahtacen's Secret ............................................ MG11
       12) Necromancer's Moon ........................................... MG12
       13) Liberation or Apprehension? .................................. MG13
       14) Information at a Price ....................................... MG14
       15) A Plot Revealed .............................................. MG15
       16) The Necromancer's Amulet ..................................... MG16
       17) The Bloodworm Helm ........................................... MG17
       18) Ambush ....................................................... MG18
       19) Confront the King ............................................ MG19

       THIEVES GUILD  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THVS

       00) Overview ..................................................... TH00
       01) Finding the Thieves Guild .................................... TH01
       02) May the Best Thief Win ....................................... TH02
       03) Untaxing the Poor ............................................ TH03
       04) The Elven Maiden ............................................. TH04
       05) Ahdarji's Heirloom ........................................... TH05
       06) Misdirection ................................................. TH06
       07) Lost Histories ............................................... TH07
       08) Taking Care of Lex ........................................... TH08
       09) Turning a Blind Eye .......................................... TH09
       10) Arrow of Extrication ......................................... TH10
       11) Boots of Springheel Jak ...................................... TH11
       12) The Ultimate Heist ........................................... TH12

   IV. MISCELLANEOUS QUESTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MSCL
    V. KNIGHTS OF THE NINE (DLC) WALKTHROUGH  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . KOTN

       00) Overview ..................................................... KO00
       01) Pilgrimage ................................................... KO01
       02) The Shrine of the Crusader ................................... KO02
       03) Priory of the Nine ........................................... KO03
       04) Nature's Fury ................................................ KO04
       05) The Path of the Righteous .................................... KO05
       06) Stendarr's Mercy ............................................. KO06
       07) Wisdom of the Ages ........................................... KO07
       08) The Faithful Squire .......................................... KO08
       09) The Sword of the Crusader .................................... KO09
       10) The Blessing of Talos ........................................ KO10
       11) Umaril the Unfeathered ....................................... KO11

   VI. SHIVERING ISLES (DLC) WALKTHROUGH  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SHVR

       00) Overview ..................................................... SH00
       01) A Door in Niben Bay .......................................... SH01
       02) Through the Fringe of Madness ................................ SH02
       03) A Better Mousetrap ........................................... SH03
       04) Baiting the Trap ............................................. SH04
       05) Understanding Madness ........................................ SH05
       06) The Lady of Paranoia ......................................... SH06
       07) Addiction .................................................... SH07
       08) The Cold Flame of Agnon ...................................... SH08
       09) Ritual of Accession .......................................... SH09
       10) Ritual of Mania .............................................. SH10
       11) Ritual of Dementia ........................................... SH11
       12) Retaking the Fringe .......................................... SH12
       13) Rebuilding the Gatekeeper .................................... SH13
       14) The Helpless Army ............................................ SH14
       15) Symbols of Office ............................................ SH15
       16) The Roots of Madness ......................................... SH16
       17) The End of Order ............................................. SH17
       18) The Prince of Madness ........................................ SH18

  VII. OTHER DLC OVERVIEW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DLCO

       The Fighter's Stronghold ......................................... FGST
       Mehrunes' Razor .................................................. MHRN
       The Orrery ....................................................... THRR
       The Thieves Den .................................................. TTHV
       The Vile Lair .................................................... TVLL
       The Wizard's Tower ............................................... WZRD

 VIII. APPENDICES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . APPN

       Achievements ..................................................... ACHV
       Birthsign & Heavenly Stones ...................................... BRTH
       Classes .......................................................... CLSS
       Daedric Shrines .................................................. DDRC
       Races Overview ................................................... RCSV
       Runestones ....................................................... RNST
       Skills & Trainers ................................................ SKLL
       Spell Effects .................................................... SPLL
       Wayshrines ....................................................... WSHR

   IX. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FAQZ
    X. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTIONS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . UPDT
   XI. LEGALITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LGLT

I. CONTROLS                                                              [CNTR]
                        ___                     ___
         L. Trigger -> /___\___             ___/___\ <- R. Trigger
         L. Bumper -> /\___/   \___________/   \___/\ <- R. Bumper
                     / ___          ___           _  \
                    / /,-.\    _   /_ _\   _    _(Y)_ \ <- Y-Button
      L. Analog -> / ((   ))  {_} ( _/_ ) {_)  (X)¯(B) \   X-Button
                  (   \'-'/        \___/        ¯(A)¯   )  A-Button
                  |    ¯¯¯  _,-._          ___    ¯     |  B-Button
                  (        /_|¯|_\        /,-.\         )
          D-Pad -> \      (|_   _|)      ((   ))       / <- R. Analog
                    \      \ |_|_/        \'-'/       /
                     \      ¯'-'_,-------._¯¯¯       /
                      \    _,~'¯           ¯'~._    /
                       '-'¯                     ¯'-'

 To remap the controls, go to the appropriate tab under Options and hit "X".
 The defaults are listed below.
  ___________ _______________________________________________________________
 | BUTTON    | FUNCTION                                                      |
 | D-Pad     | Select hotkeyed item/equipment/magic                          |
 | Start     | Toggle game menu (Save, Load, Options, Quit)                  |
 | Back      | Toggle wait menu (allows time-skipping in 1-hour increments)  |
 | Y-Button  | Jump button                                                   |
 | X-Button  | Un/sheathe weapon / Place custom destination in map menu      |
 | A-Button  | 'Inspect' button for menus, items, etc.                       |
 | B-Button  | 'Cancel' button for menus / Toggle in-game menus              |
 | R Bumper  | Use currently selected spell                                  |
 | R Trigger | Attack button                                                 |
 | R Analog  | Controls camera / (Press) toggle 1st/3rd-person mode          |
 | L Bumper  | Grab item/body (without putting in inventory)                 |
 | L Trigger | (Hold) block button                                           |
 | L Analog  | Controls movement / (Press) toggle sneak mode                 |

II. TH' BASICS                                                           [THBS]
ATTRIBUTES                  [TTRB]
 --- for more info on Skills, check out the appropriate appendix section ---

 Attributes are the character's base stats, raised by leveling-up, reading
 skill books, and certain special events. These can be fortified (temporarily
 buffed) by spells and enchantments, too. These stats govern certain skills,
 which means if one wants to raise the attribute more than 1 point per level,
 the skills they govern must be increased.

 Leveling-up is possible by increasing the 7 major skills of the class 10
 times. These are standardized for normal classes, but are chosen for custom
 classes. Once one increases them 10 times, sleeping somewhere allows one to
 increase the base attributes. What stats get what increases are determined
 by the governing skills.
  ______________ ______________ _____________________________________________
 | ATTRIBUTE    | GOVERNS      | INFORMATION                                 |
 | Agility      | Marksman     | Affects bow damage, total fatigue and one's |
 |              | Security     | balance in battle (high Agility reduces the |
 |              | Sneak        | likelihood of staggering).                  |
 | Endurance    | Armorer      | Affects fatigue, total health and how fast  |
 |              | Block        | health increases on level-up (one-tenth of  |
 |              | Heavy Armor  | Endurance).                                 |
 | Intelligence | Alchemy      | Affects use of spells. Increasing this stat |
 |              | Conjuration  | one point gives +2 magicka.                 |
 |              | Mysticism    |                                             |
 | Luck         | none         | Affects most skills but governs nothing, so |
 |              |              | it can only be raised 1 point at a time. It |
 |              |              | starts at Lv50 for all characters.          |
 | Personality  | Illusion     | Affects NPCs' disposition to player, making |
 |              | Mercantile   | it easier to successfully haggle and obtain |
 |              | Speechcraft  | information without resorting to bribery.   |
 | Speed        | Acrobatics   | Affects how fast one moves, and thus just   |
 |              | Athletics    | about everything s/he does, from running,   |
 |              | Light Armor  | sneaking, acrobatic-rolling, and so on...   |
 | Strength     | Blade        | Affects melee damage, total fatigue and the |
 |              | Blunt        | character's encumbrance (carrying capacity; |
 |              | Hand to Hand | one point gives +5 to threshold).           |
 | Willpower    | Alteration   | Affects total fatigue and the regeneration  |
 |              | Destruction  | speed of magicka. Less important for those  |
 |              | Restoration  | born under The Atronach (stunted magicka).  |

 For example, say one's major skills are Marksman, Security, Sneak, Armorer,
 Block, Heavy Armor, and Alchemy. If one increases Armorer 10 times to earn a
 level-up, Endurance can be raised +5 points -- because Armorer is governed
 by Endurance. If one increases Marksman and Armorer 5 times, Agility and
 Endurance can be raised +3 points (again, because of what they're governed
 by). The maximum a stat can be raised during level-up is 5.

 Now, for special cases. Stats that have hit 100 (the maximum) cannot be
 increased further during a level-up, but can continue to be fortified through
 spells/enchantments and other effects. Attributes whose governing abilities
 haven't been raised at all can only be raised +1 during a level-up -- this
 is normality to Luck, for instance, as it has no governing abilities at all.
 Some stats increased past Lv100 can continue to give increased effects, such
 as Strength's encumbrance bonus or Intelligence's increased magicka.

BIRTHSIGNS                  [BRTS]
 All characters will be forced to pick a birthsign before leaving the tutorial
 dungeon, which gives them some sort of inherent power, stat boost, or even
 negative effects. [There is one chance to change the birthsign before leaving
 the dungeon, though, so don't worry.] It's impossible to remove a birthsign's
 effects, which is why it's so important to choose wisely the first time! Note
 that birthsigns give "Fortify" effects, not boosts to the base stats.
  ____________ ______________________________________________________________
 | BIRTHSIGN  | INFO                                                         |
 | Apprentice | Effect: +100 Magicka, +100% Weakness to Magic                |
 |            | Great for those who want a magicka bonus and can deal with   |
 |            | the annoying penalty associated with it. Bretons can use the |
 |            | inherent 50% Magic Resistance to mitigate it some, while the |
 |            | Altmer (25% Weakness to all elements) may find it even more  |
 |            | aggravating.                                                 |
 | Atronach   | Effect: +150 Magicka, 50% Spell Absorption, Stunted Magicka  |
 |            | Atronach characters cannot recover magicka naturally, making |
 |            | them rely on potions & sources (wayshrines, altars, ayleid   |
 |            | wells) to absorb magicka from. Not for the neophyte! It's a  |
 |            | good birthsign for those who want maximum magicka reserves,  |
 |            | or those playing as pure (non-magic) fighters who get great  |
 |            | spell absorption without worrying about the stunted magicka. |
 | Lady       | Effect: +10 Willpower & Endurance                            |
 |            | Good for classes who want to start a game with better health |
 |            | opportunities, and since many classes have penalties in this |
 |            | department (one or both stats), the Lady can pull characters |
 |            | out of the red. On the flipside, races that already have a   |
 |            | huge Willpower/Endurance pool, like Orcs, benefit instantly. |
 | Lord       | Effect: Blood of the North [lesser power], Trollkin curse    |
 |            | In exchange for a 25% Fire Weakness, the Lord allows one to  |
 |            | gain a restorative lesser power (6 health/15s, 50 magicka).  |
 |            | Because of its low cost and its reusability, most classes'll |
 |            | benefit from the ability -- although some like Altmer might  |
 |            | find the additional fire weakness annoying. The Lord assists |
 |            | fighter characters who can't afford better healing the best, |
 |            | though.                                                      |
 | Lover      | Effect: Lover's Kiss (Paralyze 10s, Damage Fatigue 120pts)   |
 |            | This birthsign confers an on-touch greater power with a big  |
 |            | paralysis effect in exchange for damaging one's own fatigue. |
 |            | Like the Shadow birthsign, it's possible to get a similar    |
 |            | greater power (from Serpent doomstone) without a burdening   |
 |            | fatigue cost, so one may reconsider picking this sign.       |
 | Mage       | Effect: +50 Magicka                                          |
 |            | Pretty simple little effect, giving a bonus for spellcasters |
 |            | without the Apprentice or Atronach's niggling penalties. Can |
 |            | even be good for fighters who just want a little leg-up in   |
 |            | the category, too.                                           |
 | Ritual     | Effect: Blessed Word and Mara's Gift greater powers          |
 |            | Blessed Word (Turn Undead to Lv25/30s) is a high-potency     |
 |            | spell that makes undead flee, although it can only be used   |
 |            | on one target once a day. Mara's Gift (Restore Health 200pt) |
 |            | is a pick-me-up when things get harried, and while usable    |
 |            | once a day, one may find more use out of it. Note that the   |
 |            | Lord birthsign confers a lesser power with a smaller effect, |
 |            | but it's reusable, and that's often a determining factor     |
 |            | against the Ritual.                                          |
 | Serpent    | Effect: Serpent Spell greater power                          |
 |            | Said power (Cure Poison, Dispel, Damage Fatigue 100pts on    |
 |            | self; Damage Health 3pts/20s on Touch), like the Lover's, is |
 |            | echoed in the Serpent doomstone, exchanging the restorative  |
 |            | abilities for a more potent Damage Health effect. Those who  |
 |            | want this birthsign for some aesthetic may find it okay, but |
 |            | anyone wanting to get mileage out of their sign may want to  |
 |            | look elsewhere.                                              |
 | Shadow     | Effect: Moonshadow greater power (Invisibility 60s on Self)  |
 |            | The Jone Stone gives a greater power with twice the duration |
 |            | as this, and it's easy to obtain, making the Shadow a choice |
 |            | of little long-term worth.                                   |
 | Steed      | Effect: +20 Speed                                            |
 |            | Great for any class, especially ones who begin nimble or the |
 |            | sluggish types (Orcs, for one) who want to avoid starting as |
 |            | extreme slowpokes.                                           |
 | Thief      | Effect: +10 Agility, Luck, Speed                             |
 |            | Gives craftier races, like Khajiiti and Argonians, a leg-up  |
 |            | and can smooth over stat penalties on other classes (often   |
 |            | breaking even, whereas the Steed gives +10 Speed). Note that |
 |            | Luck is the hardest stat to raise in the game, and starting  |
 |            | with ten points can be quite helpful.                        |
 | Tower      | Effect: Tower Key and Tower Warden greater powers            |
 |            | The first power [Open Average Lock on Target] is pretty lame |
 |            | as any lockpicker can do the same with some patience. Warden |
 |            | Key [Reflect Damage 5%/120s on Self] is more useful, and has |
 |            | a claim to fame as the only way to get Reflect Damage at     |
 |            | spellmaking altars without the Shivering Isles expansion. Is |
 |            | it worth getting just because of that? Not really, but it's  |
 |            | an interesting curio.                                        |
 | Warrior    | Effect: +10 Strength and Endurance                           |
 |            | Makes tough characters tougher and can correct some races'   |
 |            | deficiencies in those areas. As Endurance directly affects   |
 |            | health gained on level-up, an early bonus is always great.   |

MENU OVERVIEW               [MNVR]
 Oblivion can be rather confusing menu-wise and does a poor job at explaining
 things in-game, so here's my take on stuff.

   ____________________ ___ ___ ___ ___
  | INVENTORY MENUS    | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |                 
  | 1  Ebony Longsword | # | # | # | # | Fire Damage 10pts on Strike | <-6
7-|  ###/###       8          ()#####  |-9
  |  10  |  11  |  12  |  13  |  14    |
 1 : Name of item
 2 : Base cost (i.e. unadjusted cost for mercantile/disposition) column
 3 : Listed weight (affects one's encumbrance)
 4 : Base attack power
 5 : Item's health (some equipment, like accessories, have no health)
 6 : Item's enchantment(s), if any
 7 : Character's current and maximum encumbrance (carrying capacity)
 8 : Armor rating, based off equipped items
 9 : Total amount of gold carried by player. Gold is weightless.
 10: Place icon here to show full inventory
 11: Place icon here to show just weaponry
 12: Place icon here to show just armor/equipment
 13: Place icon here to show just alchemy equipment/potions/ingredients
 14: Place icon here to show just miscellaneous items (scrolls, keys, etc.)

  | MAGICAL MENU                  |            
  | [1] Commanding Touch [2]  | 3 | Command Creature to Lv3 for 30s on Touch |
  |  5   |  6  |   7  |  8  |  9  |                        \
   ¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯                          4
 1: Spell icon
 2: Spell name
 3: Spell's magicka cost
 4: Spell effect and school it belongs to
 5: Display all spells
 6: Display only on-target spells
 7: Display only on-touch spells
 8: Display only on-self spells
 9: Display only active effects (from armor, diseases, etc.)

VAMPIRISM                   [VMPR]
 The disease "Porphyric Hemophilia" is the root of vampirism in Oblivion, and
 it can only be contracted from other vampire characters. [It can also be
 gotten in the Mehrunes' Razor DLC by eating a "Beating Heart," but that's 
 usually the least expedient way to get the affliction.] When infected, the
 disease can be cured like any other, using Cure Disease spells/potions.
 However, after letting the disease gestate for three days, and one time-skips
 (via sleeping/waiting), the disease takes root as the Vampirism ability. It
 cannot be cured by potions/spell at this stage.

 The stage of vampirism one is in depends on the last time since feeding --
 that is, preying upon a sleeping human. The option to feed will be in the list
 of talk/pickpocket options. Once one has fed, one's progression of vampirism
 reverts to Day 1, removing any other greater powers as well as stopping that
 nagging sun damage.

 The perks to being a vampire:

 • Stat boosts to some skills and attributes
 • A resistance to Normal Weapons (up to 20%)
 • Automatic immunity to Disease and Paralysis
 • Powers granted based on current progression of vampirism
  _______ ___________________________________________________________________
 | DAY   | POWERS GRANTED                                                    |
 | Day 1 | Hunter's Sight (Night-Eye 30s, Detect Life 100ft/30s; 5 magicka)  |
 | Day 2 | Vampire's Seduction (Charm 50pts/20s)                             |
 | Day 3 | Reign of Terror (Silence 20ft/60s, Demoralize to Lv6/60s; Touch)  |
 | Day 4 | Embrace of Shadows (Night-Eye 90s, Invisibility 180s)             |
  * - All are Greater Powers except Hunter's Sight

 The disadvantages to vampirism are:

 • Other vampires are still hostile to you
 • An assigned Weakness to Fire (up to 50%)
 • NPCs suffer a disposition penalty in dialogue
 • The character's skin color and facial age and become haggard-looking
 • Incurs sun damage while outside (from 6AM-8PM) on Day 2 or later, which
   prevents one from waiting or fast-traveling in the aforementioned hours!
   Always plan ahead and have a getaway to seek shelter in! Notably, this
   nighttime schedule conflicts with shopkeepers' business hours, making
   training and such annoying. [Shopkeepers do not sell to 100% Vampires,

 Tips for dealing with the downsides? Sun damage is the most annoying, but can
 be mitigated by traveling deep underwater (heavily slow sun damage) or simply
 waiting until nightfall to move around. When 'waiting' to pass the time, be
 sure to check the time carefully, as one still incurs sun damage while doing
 this, and it's quite possible to end the session and drop dead! Those looking
 to feed constantly should prey on beggars, who're often in secluded areas and
 alone. [Feeding does NOT turn others into vampires!]

 Note that 100% Vampirism so drastically affects people's dispositions that
 many will recoil in fear/disgust, refusing to talk to the player. Obviously
 this can be annoying if so-and-so is relevant to a quest. Example: Ongar the
 World-Weary won't fence items to full-blown vamps. Additionally, NPCs will
 comment on the player's haggard, pale appearance, asking if one's feeling ill
 and such. Kinda funny.

 It's possible to cure vampirism completely (in the quest "Vampire Cure") to
 restore one's facial/skin features and get rid of the downsides. Doing the
 quest will prevent one from ever becoming a vampire again, although porphyric
 hemophilia can still be contracted (it doesn't progress further). Those who
 have the Vile Lair DLC can cure vampirism a lot quicker, by going to the Font
 of Renewal and inspecting the obelisk. Simply have Purgeblood Salts in the
 inventory -- found in the font's room -- and voila! No huge quest to bother

TERMINOLOGY                 [TRMN]
 Here's a list of words one'll probably encounter along the road...

 • BOUNTY: This is the monetary penalty for committing crimes, and is added
   if one's wrongdoing was witnessed. Those with a bounty of 500g or more will
   be actively pursued by Cyrodiil's guards, who demand one spend time in jail
   or pay off the fine. In either case, stolen goods will be confiscated and
   placed in the castle/town/prison's evidence chest, often near the jailor.
   [In the Shivering Isles, the evidence chest is in the dungeon of the faction
   who captured the player.]

 • DISEASE: These are contracted by fighting with enemies, and are implemented
   as an active effect (where they can be viewed at leisure). The illnesses
   will damage stats or give unwanted effects, such as stunted magicka. They
   can be alleviated by Cure Disease potions, spells, or main chapel altars.
   The most famous disease is porphyric hemophilia, a requirement for those
   who wish to become a vampire. Diseases aren't leveled, meaning if one gets,
   say, Swamp Fever from a mudcrab, it'll always drain Strength/Fatigue 10pts.

 • DISPOSITION: Governs how NPCs view the player. A high disposition makes
   them give nicer greetings, bonuses at shops, and allows info-gathering to
   be easier. Poor disposition gives nasty greetings and the player has to
   work harder at info-gathering. Joining guilds is a good way to improve
   disposition with fellow members, although there are factions out there --
   bandits, necromancers, monsters, etc. -- who always hate the player and
   attack on sight. Vampires suffer a huge disposition penalty, too.

 • ENCHANTMENT: This is the effect weapons/armor have that differentiates
   themselves from a normal version, such as Fire Damage, Night-Eye, Resist
   Magic, etc. Not all enchantments applicable to weapons can be put in armor,
   though. To get an enchanted object: (1) find it (2) make it at a particular
   altar in the Arcane University or Frostcrag Spire (3) use a Sigil Stone from
   an Oblivion gate. Weapon enchantments are all "on strike" while all armor
   enchantments are "on self". Weapons will eventually lose their enchantment
   powers through battle, requiring recharging; armor, however, never loses its
   enchantment in any way.

 • FAME: A stat that keeps track of the player's renown for selfless and
   otherwise righteous deeds. It affects NPC dispositions, using chapel
   altars, and a few quests even have fame prerequisites.

 • FENCE: A person who'll buy stolen items, in contrast to honest merchants
   where the option to do so doesn't even appear. The best fences are usually
   associated with the Thieves Guild, but the Thieves Den plugin adds another
   good one.

 • FOLLOWER: This is a person who tags along with the player, either for quest
   purposes or at the player's command. The former types are usually unkillable
   and thus make good companions; the latter types are almost always killable,
   meaning the player has to think of their wellbeing.

 • GUILD: These are factions around Cyrodiil, representing a group of people
   and having their own series of quests. Most have prerequisites for joining
   and rules that can cause expulsion, so one has to be on best behavior...

 • HOTKEY: Putting items/spells/equipment/weapons in a d-pad shortcut, which
   sure beats navigating menus in the thick of battle. Hotkeying is done by
   highlighting the "thing," holding Y-button and selecting where on the d-pad
   it should be memorized too. Unequipping items removes them from hotkeys,

 • INFAMY: The "opposite" of fame, this stat keeps track of the selfish, evil,
   and shadier side of the player. Doing Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood
   quests, or just random murders of innocents (etc.), gives the stat rather
   easily. Besides being a detriment to others' dispositions, it can prevent
   one from using chapel altars. The Knights of the Nine Crusader relics will
   unequip themselves if a character's infamy is higher than 1; that same
   questline adds the ability to completely erase gained infamy, as well.

 • MAJOR SKILL: The game, or the player, picks seven of these at the game's
   beginning. These must be increased 10 times -- in any combination -- in
   order to level-up. Major skills level up faster than minor ones.

 • MINOR SKILL: These are the skills that aren't classified as major skills,
   and level up slower than those ones. Minors can still give stat increases
   on level-up but don't contribute to the level-up process themselves.

 • OBLIVION: Specifically, Mehrunes Dagon's realm, and the source of all the
   daedra and dremora causing the trouble in the plot. The player can visit
   the realm via Oblivion Gates, easily found after the plot's progressed
   enough as the countryside turns red and they stand out.

 • OVERENCUMBERED: This message plays when the player is carrying too much
   stuff and cannot move. One's encumbrance limit (carrying capacity) is five
   times the Strength stat, but can be boosted by items enchanted with Feather
   spells. The other solution is to simply drop 'x' in order to move again.

 • QUEST ITEM: An item that has special quest-related purposes and cannot be
   removed from the inventory at leisure. Usually these outlive their use or
   are given to people to get rid of 'em, although occasionally there are
   items that remain stuck in one's inventory. An example would be the "Ring
   of the Vipereye" from the "Lifting the Vale" quest -- it's never possible
   to remove the ring in the 360 version. [Quest items are always weightless.]

 • REPAIRING: Any equipment that has health, such as armor and weaponry, will
   degrade through use and incurring damage. Repairing restores health to the
   items, as equipment with no health breaks and becomes useless (weapons can
   no longer be wielded, armor no longer gives any defense). To restore items
   to their former glory, one must purchase/find Repair Hammers, consummable
   items that partially replenish health. How often they break is dependant
   on one's Armorer skill. [Enchanted items cannot be repaired until one is
   Lv50 in Armorer, so be prepared!] Armor-sellers often have the ability to
   repair equipment for a cost, but this is a poor way to go about things.

 • RESPAWNING: This applies to many things. Chests or containers that respawn
   are eventually refilled with contents again. Non-respawning chests are the
   only ones a player should use for long-term storage, for instance. People
   that respawn, although few in number, come "back to life" eventually -- an
   example is the Adoring Fan from the Arena questline. Most plants and foes
   will respawn, although in the latter's case, it speaks more of the enemy's
   presence, not the individual monsters (which are randomized). It takes
   about 73 hours in-game to respawn a chest, monsters, etc. -- just make sure
   to be OUT of the zone/house/whatever when waiting.

 • REVERSE-PICKPOCKETING: This is the process of placing into another person's
   inventory, usually for some kind of self-gain. Only weightless items can
   be used in this way. A famous example is the Poisoned Apple; if the target
   eats in their schedule, they may select that item and die because of it.
   Bound items can also be stuck in followers' inventories to increase their
   defensive or offensive stopping power.

 • SOUL TRAPPING: This is the method of placing a slain person/monster's soul
   into a gem. To do so, simply cast Soul Trap on a target and kill them while
   the duration is in effect; if one has an empty soul gem, their soul will be
   confined into it. [Note that human(oid) souls require a Black Soul Gem, not
   a normal one.] Soul gems are used to refill enchanted weapons' depleted
   effects and as a "currency" in enchanting equipment.

 • STAGGERING: When hit by the enemy, there's a chance to recoil backwards and
   leave oneself open to attack. Having a low Agility makes this more likely,
   which is why one should keep in mind the penalties some skills have (such
   as Orcs' Berserk power's 100-point reduction).

 • TRESPASSING: The act of entering a location that is off-limits or where
   one's presence isn't wanted. Being caught trespassing in someone's house
   typically usually gives a verbal warning about leaving before the guards
   are called (during this time, even invisibility can't make the NPC forget
   about the intrusion). If one places the first-person POV reticle on a door
   and it's red, entering there is considered trespassing.

 • WAITING: Pressing the 'back' button (default) allows the player to wait
   in-game, increasing the passage of time at a fraction of the actual time.
   Waiting is similar to sleeping, in that both refill health and magicka (the
   latter doesn't apply to Atronach-like characaters), but one cannot level-up
   by waiting. [Waiting can't be done when enemies are nearby or while taking
   health damage, the latter applying mostly to vampires' sun damage effect.]

 • WAYSHRINE: These are small pillar-surrounded altars devoted to the Nine
   Divines, found out in the wilderness. They don't appear on the map. [See
   Wayshrines section for more info.]

 • YIELDING: If accidentally attacked, a friendly unit -- such as a guard or
   follower -- may turn on the player, putting one in an annoying position.
   However, one can yield to the player by holding up block and attempting to
   converse. If the opponent has a high disposition towards the player, they
   will put down their arms. Guards always yield to the player, but this won't
   stop them from pursuing if a bounty's active. [Yielding also helps when
   wearing the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal.] Creatures never yield to the player.

TRANSPORTATION                  [TRNS]
 There's plenty of ways to from point A to point B, although none involved
 riding domestic transit like in Morrowind.

 First up: walking. Hoofing it everywhere is the slowest method but has some
 distinct advantages over other, particularly where discovery and going off
 the beaten path come in. Only discovered locations (with few exceptions) can
 be fast-traveled to, and walking is easier on the controls than controlling
 a steed. Running/Swimming will increase Athletics naturally during travels,
 a skill that does not increase in the other methods.

 Secondly: horseback. Horses can be bought at stables around major cities, and
 one (Shadowmere) is obtained as a reward in one of the more sinister guilds.
 The upside to horses is the speed of travel -- it's way faster than walking,
 at least for medium-speed characters. The downside is that one cannot fight
 while riding and that horses (except Shadowmere) are killable, so battle is
 annoying to start or, depending on the horse's speed, annoying to get away
 from. However, horses act as companions in a regard and will assist in fights,
 so they'll pull their weight some. [Just be sure to keep 'em in good upkeep.]
 Horses can also go up steeper slopes easier than on foot, something to think
 about when cruising the northern/border mountains.

 Finally: fast-traveling. Want to get from Anvil to Cheydinhal in 15 seconds?
 Of course y'do. Although decried for its lack of "immersion" and whatnot, by
 the time one gets 100 hours in the game, the option'll be looking mighty fine.
 However, to fast-travel, there's some stipulations: (1) the destination must
 be discovered (2) one cannot be taking constant health damage, such as sun
 damage by vampires (3) one cannot be in midair (4) one cannot be under threat,
 or by, hostile creatures (5) one cannot be inside a dungeon or somesuch (6)
 one cannot fast-travel to custom waypoint markers. Whew! Still, one'll learn
 how to deal with the annoyances through first-hand experience.

TIPS N' TRICKS                  [TPST]
 Like usual, I'm always on the prowl for other good (legit) tips, so readers
 who fit the bill can send 'em my way.

 • SAVE REGULARLY: The game can be rather glitchy, and while it has a pretty
   decent autosave system, don't rely entirely on it. Keep multiple saves and
   spread out their intervals so one can fall back on previous ones should a
   game-breaking glitch screw things up. [Not to say game-breaking glitches
   are commonplace but they can happen.]

 • Most items, enemies, and quest rewards are "leveled," meaning their stats
   are dependant on the character's. Thus, at Lv1, a reward may be a piece of
   crap or a pittance; at Lv30 that same reward could be ridiculously awesome
   or at least worthwhile. [Most cash rewards won't be exorbitant, mind you.]

 • Tired of being unable to enter a house with invisibility? Now you can!
   Simply cast the spell and immediately open the door (or start the lockpick
   minigame). Once inside, the spell will immediately take effect, enough that
   anyone nearby (probably) won't have a chance to see the player. Very useful
   for stealth and assassination missions.

 • Fortify Strength is better than Feather for increasing encumbrance limits.
   Why? Because Feather tweaks the limit itself, while Strength, which impacts
   the encumbrance fundamentally, has more uses. [Encumbrance = Strength x 5].
   Thus, a 50-point Feather spell is the same as a 10-point Fortify Strength
   enchantment. Note that stacking many Feather enchantments, because of the
   way they're implemented, may actually make some do nothing (+0 capacity).
   However, increasing Strength is guaranteed to raise encumbrance limits, so
   it's often preferable (plus it increases melee/weapon damage).

 • Buying in bulk is a bad idea! Instead, buy each item separately, which will
   train the Mercantile skill faster.

 • Magical items can't be repaired whatsoever until one is Lv50 (Journeyman)
   in Armorer skill. Because of this, one may want to create a character with
   that as a major skill, or start training it early to avoid annoyances later
   on. Being able to do repairs oneself beats paying others to do it for huge
   costs, yo.

 • "During the tutorial and in the early parts of the game, up through level
   10 or so, I used non-major skills as much as possible to increase level-up
   stat boost points. For example my weapon of choice (Major skill) is Blade,
   but during the tutorial I used a Mace or Axe (Blunt Skill) so my Strength 
   Attribute could be increased by 5 points at level up. In this way you are 
   ensuring you get the maximum number of available stat boosting points while
   not leveling up too fast, because if you level to fast in Oblivion your
   attributes may not be sufficiently high enough to ensure long life. Remember
   you only level when Major skills get a 10 point increase but Minor skills
   can be increased freely and add to available stat boosting points when you
   do get to level-up." - CoarseDragon
______________________________________/ III. WALKTHROUGH (MAIN QUEST) [WLKT] |_
01) TUTORIAL                                                             [WK01]

                                To Imperial Subterrane
                           |                               __  |¯|
                           |                    |¯¯¯¯¯|   |  \_| |
                           |           _ _______|  [] |   |   _  |-Goblin
                           |         _| |      _ []   |   | |__| | Shaman
                           |   _____|   |   | | |  [] |   |    __|
                           |  | _  _  |_____|_| |_   _|___ ¯| |
                           |  |  _____|    _____/ | | |   | | |
                           |  | |_   _____|  _  ->| | | | |_| |
                           |  |   |_|  _  |_  |___| |_________|
                  ___   __|¯| |    ___|  _  |   | |__  |   /
              ___|   |_|   _| |___|   | |_| |_  |    | |  Log
             |     | |    |__         |_________|    | |  Trap
             |  ___|_     _  |         Ntrl Caverns  | | 
             | |_   _|___| | |                       | | 
             |   |_|   | |_|¯|_|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|   |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   ]
             |    Sanctum|       [_] [_] |___|  [_] [_] |
             |___|¯|  _| | | | |  _                     |
                   | |_| |_   _|_| |_____|¯¯¯¯¯¯|_______|
                   |  ___| | |_  |         /
                   |_|     |___  |   Imperial
                    |      |  ___|   Substructure
                To Sewers _| |_
 Once a character's created, the person wakes up in a luxurious...prison!?
 There's nothing to do but listen as the elf next door bad-mouths the player.
 After awhile, a party escorting the king arrives to take a secret passage in
 the player's cell. As Renault says, they won't hesitate to kill should the
 player do anything stupid like, say, attack the king. Follow after them, of
 course. There'll be a scripted battle a ways onward, where some assassins
 attack the party, slaying Renault. When the battle ends, take the Mythic
 Dawn members' clothes, and also the fallen captain's katana and shortsword.
 [The reason to take both is that the katana will be confiscated at dungeon's
 end; a backup's good.]
 | TIP: Weight Watching |
 | No, this has nothing to do with cheeseburgers. Most things have a weight  |
 | higher than zero (denoted by feather icon on equipment/item screen), and  |
 | these add up. If the max weight limit is exceeded, the player can't move  |
 | at all! Even with the Feather spell/enchantment, it's a good idea to (1)  |
 | sell off unneeded junk (2) drop the junk if selling's not an option (3)   |
 | store the items in a non-respawning container, such as those in purchased |
 | houses. For now, this is just food for thought, but is important later.   |
 | [Raising one's Strength increases max capacity.]                          |
 | TIP: Hotkeys |
 | Equipment and magic can be hotkeyed -- or placed in a d-pad shorcut -- by |
 | holding down Y-button while selecting the item. This allows one to switch |
 | so-and-so without navigating the menu. This is great for items but rather |
 | invaluable for magic, so get in the habit of doing this now!              |

 Once the king and his escorts leave on their own route, part of the nearby
 wall caves in, heralding the next segment and a few rats to kill. Use this
 time to get yer battle bearings. Beyond, besides another rat, there's a few
 containers to loot for lockpicks, and a skeleton plum full of weapons to use.
 Remember that to use a bow, arrows must be equipped as well! The shaman corpse
 nearby has the key to the Imperial Substructure area.

 Continue to loot the containers and defeat rats, until the first zombie is
 identified. These won't die in one hit like rodents, unfortunately. Continue
 on a bit, picking up food and decent loot, until arriving at the Natural
 Caverns. This will be much of the same, but features goblins, who are faster
 and more varied offensively than zombies/rats...although their health isn't
 much to crow about. Since all classes start with a basic Flash Bolt spell,
 make sure to use that in-between weapon swings to keep up the damage! There's
 a free Novice Mortar & Pestle on a box near the first campsite, too, and this
 is a required item for making alchemy potions. Don't leave it behind!

 Anyway, since this is still part of the tutorial, there'll be opportunities
 like activating a log trap on unsuspecting goblins, or baiting a goblin to
 walk into his own trap. All good fun. Eventually a large cavern's revealed
 and it contains some cronies and a goblin shaman, who has a staff that gives
 shock damage (5pts). Shouldn't be too hard, but keep a potion on-hand just in
 case. The high road leads to the Imperial Subterrane, which was the locked
 path the king took with his guards. When ready to be reunited, take the drop
 (one-way) and help fight off the extra assassins.

 At this point, the king will initiate conversation about birthsigns -- this
 gives the player a chance to pick one. Mages can do well with those dealing
 with increased magicka, willpower, and intelligence, but don't pick the
 Atronach unless you know what you're doing (the 'stunted magicka' effect
 means it never recovers naturally, even while resting!). Offensive characters
 can do well with The Warrior or The Thief. There's a few junky or situational
 ones (The Shadow?) that can eventually be made obsolete, so why not get it
 right the first time?

 Following, there'll be a few more assassins to fight off, but Baurus and
 Glenroy are more than happy to do the lion's share. Upon reaching The Sanctum,
 the player will be tasked with guarding the emperor in a dead-end room. The
 [Amulet of Kings] plot item is received here, and after the event, [Baurus'
 Key] for getting out of the sewers. The player can also pick a class here,
 preset or hand-picked. Additionally, Renault's katana is confiscated if it's
 with -- or even if it was dropped before the conversation initiated -- so
 have something to fall back on.

 The next quest officially starts at this point but there's still the sewers
 to navigate. Luckily it's a little section with few enemies (goblins, rats)
 to slay. More importantly, the following quests should now be active if the
 appropriate DLC was downloaded:

 Shivering Isles ========== Quest: A Door in Niben Bay*
 The Fighter's Stronghold = Quest: Battlehorn Castle
 The Vile Lair ============ Quest: Deepscorn Hollow
 The Thieves Den ========== Quest: Dunbarrow Cove
 The Wizard's Tower ======= Quest: Frostcrag Spire
 The Orrery         ======= Quest: Repairing the Orrery
 Mehrunes' Razor ========== Quest: Unearthing Mehrunes Razor

  * - Typically appears after 24 hours in-game have passed

 If they weren't downloaded, don't worry about 'em. Finally, when selecting
 to exit into the City Isle, the player has one last chance to edit the chosen
 race, birthsign, and class. It's a good idea to read the Race and Birthsign
 overviews before confirming as some things seem great early on but come off
 as a waste later. Example: why be born under "The Shadow" when one can get
 a free greater power later (Jone's Shadow) that's way more useful and over
 twice as good?

 | TIP: Questing |
 | Oblivion is an open-ended game, so if you wanted to forego the main quest |
 | in favor of the others, that's A-OK. In fact, it's encouraged to try the  |
 | other questlines to get more levels, better equipment, and a better feel  |
 | of the game. Those unfamiliar with ES4 should try the Thieves Guild, the  |
 | Dark Brotherhood, and the Arena -- all are good for getting acclimated!   |

 All of the world's towns are automatically able to be traveled to, as well as
 most DLC-related locations (ex: Frostcrag Spire). However, most undiscovered
 locations can't be fast-traveled to off the bat.
 | TIP: Makin' Money |
 | Quick-travel to Cheydinhal (NE of Imperial City) and exit east of town.   |
 | Up the hill, look around and discover Fort Farragut. Its secret entrance  |
 | in a hollow tree (NW side of building) bypasses the boring dungeon and    |
 | enters a sanctum. This is part of the Dark Brotherhood questline, but for |
 | now, locate the barrel with a 'very hard' lock. Manage to pick this and   |
 | the reward is 10 Poisoned Apples. These zero-weight items have a base     |
 | value of 300 and respawn every three days, making them a great source of  |
 | free income! [Just make sure to wait 73 hours outdoors and THEN come in.] |
 | DO NOT EAT THE APPLES THOUGH, as it gives the player a health-draining    |
 | ability -- not dispellable effect -- that eventually leads to death.      |
 |                                                                           |
 | For those who didn't get any DLC, putting the money towards buying a home |
 | is a good idea. Vinicia Melissaeia (Office of Imperial Commerce) in the   |
 | Imperial City Market District can sell a shack on the Waterfront (2000g). |
 | A house's best purpose is long-term loot storage; without a place to dump |
 | that stuff, it'll have to be dropped/sold to clear space. [City rulers in |
 | other provinces sell more expensive homes.]                               |

02) DELIVER THE AMULET                                                   [WK02]
 Client: Uriel Septim VII
 Prereq: Tutorial
 Reward: Items in Jauffre's chest, Repair Hammer, The Warp in the West, Horse
 Fame -: +1 Fame

 The next step is delivering the Amulet of Kings to Weynon Priory, which is a
 bit southeast of Chorrol. The target location is immediately available for
 fast-travelling, luckily. Simply enter the building and give Jauffre the
 amulet to finish the quest.

 He says he'll assist in any way he can, and the player can loot his chest for
 weapons, equipment, and perhaps a scroll or two. The rest of the stuff isn't
 available by his courtesy, but can still be stolen when he's not looking.
 The others around the priory will offer their help as well: Eronor offers a
 single [Repair Hammer], Piner offers a Block skill book [The Warp in the West]
 and Maborel donates his horse from the stables. If Piner's not around, wait
 awhile -- he may be in Chorrol.

03) FIND THE HEIR                                                        [WK03]
 Client: Jauffre
 Prereq: Deliver the Amulet
 Reward: ---
 Fame -: +1 Fame

 Martin, the emperor's illegitimate son, is revealed to be a Priest of Akatosh
 in Kvatch, so that's the first place to start looking. As one learns from
 Hirtel upon arrival, the city's now a smoldering ruin thanks to the gates to
 Oblivion that opened the previous night. Any remaining townsfolk have set up
 a refugee camp at the foot of Kvatch's hill.

 Ask around about Martin to learn he may not have made it out, and that Savlian
 Matius -- the captain of the guard -- may know more. He's attempting to hold
 the line at the city's south gate, and when approached, automatically gives
 the next mission.

 NOTE: This quest doesn't end until the next mission finishes. At that time,
       random Oblivion gates may start popping up in the countryside. Closing
       them earns additional fame point(s).

04) BREAKING THE SIEGE OF KVATCH                                         [WK04]
 Client: Savlian Matius
 Prereq: Find the Heir
 Reward: ---
 Fame -: +1 Fame

 In order to reach Martin inside Kvatch's walls, first the Oblivion gate at
 the town entrance must be eliminated. [Learning Martin's location at the
 church updates "Find the Heir".] Approaching the gate to Oblivion lets one
 pass through to the other side, although it's not recommended for low-level
 players unless they're fully prepared. Luckily, the gate is two-way and one
 can leave at leisure. Rule of thumb: save often and try to conserve resources!

 Within, one may find some of Savlian's men still alive and fighting daedra --
 what types will be dependant on the player's level. Stuff like clannfears for
 low-level players, xivilai and spider daedra for higher-level players. Either
 way, help the Kvatch knights out if possible. Ilend Donius will follow the
 player and assist if he survives that fight. [Not helping him pretty much
 ensures he bites the dust.] He can also be told to evacuate, if the player's
 got things covered.

 This first Oblivion gate, unlike some others later on, is not randomly picked
 and thus can be "easily" navigated with instructions.

 1) Follow road clockwise from starting area to reach base of towers
 2) Enter largest tower (Blood Feast) from south door
 3) Enter the Rending Halls
 4) Re-enter Blood Feast from the next floor up
 5) Enter Corridors of Dark Salvation
 6) Up next flight, exit Blood Feast and enter Reapers Sprawl
 7) Kill Dremora Sigil Keeper and get the [Sigil Keep Key]

 At this point, talk with Menien Goneld in the cage to learn that the Sigil
 Stone is what anchors the Oblivion gate to the real world -- removing it'll
 stop everything. At this point, re-enter the tower and use the new key on the
 locked door. Up the next flight, re-enter the main shaft and find the runed
 portal that teleports one up higher. The destination is then the "Sigillum
 Sanguis" final area, whose door is always locked. The Sigil Keep Key opens
 it cleanly in this case. There, reach the top layer and inspect the Sigil
 Stone floating in the pillar of fire to destroy the Oblivion World.
 | TIP: For Future Reference... |
 | Gates to Oblivion are all destroyed in the same way: removal of the Sigil |
 | Stone at the very top of the main keep. It isn't always possible to just  |
 | walk in and ascend linearly as it is in this "tutorial gate," which also  |
 | has a gate key, NPC helpers, and such that's not really reflective of the |
 | typical gate. Oblivion planes are usually chosen at random to keep one    |
 | guessing, and getting to the main tower may not even be possible without  |
 | first opening gates, ascending secondary towers, and so forth. However,   |
 | the general interior structure doesn't differ too much, so players can    |
 | simply run recklessly through the place and ignore pursuing foes, nabbing |
 | the Sigil Stone before anyone has a chance to act. Hey, it works.         |
 |                                                                           |
 | One positive to this is that the Sigil Stone is kept when stolen, and can |
 | be used on normal items to enchant them, not unlike the Arcane University |
 | altar. What stone is obtained is randomly picked when entering the final  |
 | room, so save outside the Sigillum Sanguis to increase the chances of a   |
 | good one! Closing a gate also gives 1-2 points of Fame.                   |

 Upon destroying the gate, one gets the appropriate achievement and can update
 the quest by talking to Savlian. With the gate closed, the counterattack's
 time is ripe -- enter Kvatch and help clear the first section around the
 chapel of any daedra nuisances. Savlian's men aren't unkillable but Savlian
 himself is and proves to be a semi-useful soldier. High-level players should
 go for Xivilai and Spider Daedra types first as they'll summon underlings
 to make the outnumbered situation even greater.

 When the area's cleared, enter the Chapel of Akatosh and find Martin, and
 after a little convincing, he'll be ready to leave for Weynon Priory. Note
 that speaking with Savlian updates this mission to "The Battle for Castle
 Kvatch," but this is entirely OPTIONAL and can be put off 'til much later.

 Martin won't leave the chapel or his congregation until all enemies in front
 of the building are slain, which should have already been done with the help
 of Savlian Matius. One can simply fast-travel to the priory for the best

05) THE BATTLE FOR CASTLE KVATCH                            [OPTIONAL]   [WK05]
 Client: Savlian Matius
 Locatn: Kvatch [Chapel of Akatosh]
 Prereq: Breaking the Siege of Kvatch
 Reward: Kvatch Cuirass
 Fame -: +1 Fame

 NOTE: If one wants to do this quest immediately upon encountering it, it's
 recommended to speak to Martin ASAP, as he'll then follow the player. Since
 he's essential, just like Savlian, and an accomplished mage, his presence on
 the battlefield will help boatloads. Anyway..

 After clearing both sides of the front gate, Matius is rearing to take back
 the castle and see how Count Goldwine has faired against the insurgents. He
 will rush out the chapel's other side and start the fight with the remaining
 daedra...and there will be _a lot_ to neutralize. At high levels, they'll all
 be Spider Daedra and Xivilai, so it'll be no picnic, even with helpers.

 Once the streets are cleared, find Matius and he'll say the only way to reach
 the castle is through the guardhouse, which is inconveniently locked. Berich
 Inian in the chapel should have the key, though. Inside the chapel, en route
 to the target, make sure to talk with the Imperial Legion soldiers who've
 arrived and they'll become followers for the upcoming battles (two knights &
 an archer).

 Berich will open the path through the chapel undercroft, so follow after and
 help exterminate any daedra within. The door below opens up into the other
 side of the city, where an even bigger fight than the one with Matlius will
 begin. Unlike his captain, Berich ain't unkillable and often dies in the
 player fails to babysit 'im. If that happens, make sure to loot his corpse
 for the [Kvatch Guard House Key] from his body -- a quest update notifies one
 of this fact. Having any large-scale area-effect spells, or staves that
 contain 'em, will be godsends here against the crowds of foes.

 Once the trapdoor to the guardhouse is located, navigate the monster-less
 passage and raise the portcullis at the end. Savlian and Tierra will join
 the fight once more, although expect the Redguard to die within a few moments
 on higher levels...there's a ton of Spider Daedra, Xivilai, and Daedroths in
 the castle courtyard!

 The final step is penetrating the castle and searching for the count. Luckily
 for the player, most enemies are just Flame Atronachs, considerably weaker
 than others in their family, and daedroths. Also luckily, neither of those
 kinds can summon extra helpers. There's a copy of [A Dance in the Fire, v4] 
 on a table in the Great Hall, too. In the final area, get the [Colovian Signet
 Ring] from Goldwine's corpse -- this is not automatically done as the quest
 update may suggest.

 Return the ring to Savlian to finish the quest.

 REWARD: The [Kvatch Cuirass] obtained is fortifies Endurance and Strength up
         to 8pts, pretty useful in the early going but worthless later due to
         its low armor rating. But it's better than normal KCs, I guess...

06) WEYNON PRIORY                                                        [WK06]
 Client: Brother Martin
 Prereq: Breaking the Siege of Kvatch
 Reward: Akaviri Katana
 Fame -: +1 Fame

 Upon arrival, Eronor notifies the duo that Mythic Dawn agents are slaying
 everyone and that Jauffre's in the chapel. Help slay the assassins with the
 help of Martin (whose area magic is ridiculously awesome) and Brother Piner,
 then head off to assist Jauffre against the two cultists attacking. Luckily
 the Amulet of Kings was hidden inside Weynon House beforehand...but upon
 checking, it's been stolen... Shucks.

 Jauffre then decides Martin needs to be whisked off to Cloud Ruler Temple,
 the ancient fortress of the Blades, where he'll definitely be safe. Its
 location is northwest of Bruma, near the end of the mountain road -- like
 some previous locations, it can be instantly visited without the lengthy
 horse-riding session. Upon arrival, Cyrus will unlock the gate and a few
 scenes occur. At this point, this quest ends and "The Path of Dawn" is added.

 NOTE: If one is tired of getting no tangible reward for the quests, accept
       Jauffre's request to join the Blades and get a 1-handed [Akaviri Katana]
       as a reward. It's technically not part of this quest but the proximity
       says it might as well be.

07) THE PATH OF DAWN                                                     [WK07]
 Client: Jauffre
 Prereq: Weynon Priory
 Reward: ---
 Fame -: +1 Fame

 Jauffre says he'll protect Martin at the Temple, leaving the player to visit
 Baurus in the Imperial City -- he's living at Luther Broad's Boarding House in
 the Elven Gardens district. Sit down next to Baurus and he'll immediately say
 that he's going to leave in a moment and a stranger'll follow him; the player
 is to follow that person.

 Do as he says and, sure 'nough, Astav Wirich tails Baurus to the basement.
 Little does he know that Baurus will launch an ambush down there. Join in the
 slaying and take the [Mythic Dawn Commentaries 1] book from his corpse, which
 prompts an update to show it to Baurus. [Make sure to read it oneself as it's
 also a Conjuration skill book.] The Blade and the player can then catch up on
 what's happening before starting the next part.
 The book is supposed to be brought to Tar-Meena at the Arcane University.
 Players who haven't completed the "Join the Mages Guild" quest won't have
 full access to the site, but can find her in the Arch-Mage's Tower. Those
 who do have full access can find her in her usual haunt, the Mystic Archives.
 In either case, she says there's four volumes of the book, all of which are
 needed in order to locate the Mythic Dawn's location. She even gives a free
 copy of [Mythic Dawn Commentaries 2], a Destruction skill book.

 Finding another book might be trickier. Tar-Meena said Phintias at the Market
 District's First Edition bookshop might be able to help as he caters to 
 specialists. However, Phintias already reserved the volume 3 for another
 client, Gwinas, who came all the way from Valenwood for it...such a conundrum.
 There's a number of ways to get the book at this point.

 • Buy [Mythic Dawn Commentaries 3] for 100g (disposition must be 80+)
 • Steal it from the locked chest behind the counter
 • Pickpocket it from Gwinas after he gets it (he stays at Tiber Septim Hotel)
 • Tell him the Mythic Dawn killed the emperor and he'll give it and note free

 Note that if you want to steal it from Phintias, do it during the night when
 he's not watching customers with the eyes of a hawk. Also make sure he hasn't
 said Gwinas is late for his appointment, as that makes him spawn on the street

 In any case, once the book is obtained, one must also get a [Note to Gwinas]
 from the carrier himself. Apparently the fourth volume can only be obtained
 from someone who's already a cult member, and it just so happens Gwinas was
 contacted by a "Sponsor" who set up a meeting. The location: the Sunken Sewers
 under the Elven Gardens in the Imperial City. Relay all this info to Baurus
 (who's once again at the boarding house) and he'll want to go immediately, as
 he knows that part of the area. 

 Follow Baurus through the sewers. There's mostly junky crabs and rats to
 slay, but some goblin types can pose a more annoying threat if they manage
 to gang up on the duo. If Baurus' health gets low, just wait an hour and it'll

 After traversing the waterworks and ending back up in the first sewer system,
 Baurus will stop by a door (previously locked if one tried to explore earlier)
 and formulate a plan for the meeting. Baurus wants to be the one to do the
 meeting, although the player can protest and reverse the situation, making
 oneself talk with the Sponsor while Baurus is the backup.
 Supposing the player is doing the meeting, sit down and the Sponsor will
 reveal himself as none other than Raven Camoran, Mankar's son. Don't let him
 talk too long or Baurus' position'll be found out, and they'll get in some
 potshots on him. Remember: he has very little armor to speak of, and that'll
 quickly drain his health when he's getting tag-teamed by cronies. Thus, it's
 prudent to have a save before sitting down, or even before deciding who'll
 do what.

 In any case, after the fight breaks out, claim the [Mythic Dawn Commentaries
 4] book -- which increases Mysticism -- and whatever else Raven has on his
 person. He always carries one enchanted accessory, and if his level's high
 enough, it'll be the awesome [Mundane Ring], which Resist Magic 50% and
 Reflect Spell 35% enchantments. That alone can make Breton characters
 impervious to magic!

 The quest update suggests taking the books to Tar-Meena, and Baurus heads off
 to Cloud Ruler Temple all by his lonesome. Feel free to leave him be and use
 the path to the Talos Plaza Sewers as an exit. The Argonian says she'll need
 to think on unraveling the puzzle and to try the following day; do so and
 apparently she solves it: the first letters of each paragraph are the key.

 Following her information, and with all four books on-hand, one can learn the
 following phrase: "Green Emperor Way where tower reaches midday sun". Warp to
 the Imperial Palace, where the Green Emperor Way is located, and wait until
 around noontime. At this time, the sun makes a shadow on White Gold Tower,
 casting it on the tomb of Prince Camarril. Oddly, it also makes some red
 runes grow bright. Inspect them to learn the location of the Mythic Dawn's
 hideout: Lake Arrius Caverns, north of Cheydinhal a ways. That ends the quest!

 NOTE: If Baurus survived, he'll be found at Cloud Ruler Temple for the rest
       of the game. In fact, he's so grateful to be alive, that he'll give the
       player a reward: +1 Blade, Block, and Heavy Armor skills! If he died,
       however, and one has his katana, speak to Jauffre and he'll hang it
       above the fireplace in remembrance of all fallen Blades.

08) DAGON SHRINE                                                         [WK08]
 Client: ---
 Prereq: The Path of Dawn
 Reward: +1 Alchemy, Mysticism, and Restoration (if Jeelius returns to I. City)
 Fame -: +1 Fame

 Visit the shrine when ready. Inside the cavern, a door greeter will instruct
 the player to hurry to the shrine as the "Time of Preparation" is almost at
 hand. Someone named Harrow will take the player's non-quest item belongings
 for storage when approached, instructing one to put on the [Initiate's Robe].

 NOTE: Losing all valuables to some idiot is an annoyance many players won't
       want to endure. Dropping items before he confiscates 'em, or doing a
       bit of pickpocketing after he does, both work, but are rather tiresome
       in nature. The easiest way to save EVERYTHING is to, when Harrow
       approaches, back out of the doorway/cavern and wait for him to turn
       around to his starting position. During this trip back, he won't
       automatically initiate his conversation and can be bypassed completely!

 In any case, Harrow leads the player to Mehrunes Dagon's shrine in the heart
 of the caverns, where Mankar Camoran is preaching his nonsense. [He can't be
 pickpocketed or anything at this time. If attacked, he escapes just like he
 would at the end of his sermon.] As the newest member, Ruma Camoran calls the
 player to sacrifice one of Dagon's enemies -- Jeelius, a priest -- in his
 name. There's a number two main ways to act at this time.

 • Kill everyone present. This happens if the player refuses to sacrifice in
   Dagon's honor, if the book's stolen in the cult's presence, or if one
   attacks a cultist during the session. This is the easiest way to save
   Jeelius, as they'll forget about him in the chaos; when they're dead,
   release him.

 • Kill Jeelius and gain the cult's trust. They'll leave the shrine and go
   about their business, eventually letting the player take the book without
   much effort. Harrow follows the player at this point, perhaps to ensure one
   doesn't get too far away from the confiscated possessions (if that's indeed
   the case). Ruma Camoran and a guard frequent the shrine, too, but those odds
   are a lot better than fighting an entire crowd of mages and assassins. The
   cultists who left to the previous hallway/living quarters won't participate
   in the fight but the cult's tipped off to the traitor just the same. The
   way out of this place bypasses them, however, so they're a non-issue for
   those who want to just get this part over with.

 In any case, the [Mysterium Xarxes] has to be obtained at the shrine to
 continue the quest, or even to leave the room. However, doing so causes
 Dagon's statue to crumble and it'll kill Jeelius if he's not yet released.
 | TIP: Jeelius' Reward |
 | Jeelius will give a permanent +1 bonus in Restoration, Mysticism and      |
 | Alchemy if he survives the ordeal in the shrine, including the upcoming   |
 | escape. If one wants to set the stage for saving him, make sure to kill   |
 | the shrine's guards, free Jeelius, THEN take the Mysterium Xarxes. Those  |
 | who've picked up an area-of-effect spell, like "Weak Fireball" from the   |
 | Skingrad Mages Guild recommendation quest, can actually blow the statue's |
 | crumbling pieces away from Jeelius, preventing his death without letting  |
 | him loose. Then, simply clear the path out, backtrack to save him, and    |
 | things'll be hunky dory. [Naturally it pays to save first before doing    |
 | any of this.]                                                             |

 To escape the caverns with the book, one must advance through the living
 quarters. Any stealthy character should be able to advance easily, but those
 trying to save Jeelius will have a much more annoying time. He's half-naked,
 attacks with his fists, and often dies early in the run because he won't pick
 up any equipment/weapons. Fortunately for the player, he may flee away from
 the enemies instead of engaging them. In any case, if one wants Jeelius to
 survive, the stealth-based approach won't be that useful. It's best to take
 it one room at a time, saving when each is cleared successfully and Jeelius
 still lives.

 Anyway, upon exiting the caverns via a hidden rock wall, Jeelius says he's
 from the Temple of the One in the Imperial City, and goes off on his way.
 [The player has to collect his "reward" there.] The quest officially ends when
 the book's returned to Martin at Cloud Ruler Temple.

 And for goodness sake, if Harrow still has all one's possessions on his body,
 don't leave them behind! Some people forget this for some reason...

09) SPIES                                                                [WK09]
 Client: Martin Septim
 Prereq: Dagon Shrine
 Reward: ---
 Fame -: +1

 With the Xarxes returned to Martin, he'll mentions that Jauffre needs help
 with some Bruma-based spies. Speak to the grandmaster on the subject (scroll
 down in his options) to learn mysterious strangers have been seen on the road
 nearby recently, and must be slain, preferably after learning what they know.
 He directs one to Captain Steffan and Burd (Captain of Bruma's Guard) to see
 if they can assist. They give the following info, respectively:

 - Spies have been seen around the local runestone
 - Only Jearl's been traveling lately; no strangers to report.

 Whichever person is talked to first gives their "quest" to pursue, but both
 eventually lead to the same conclusion. I suggest talking to Burd first, as
 he suggests visiting Jearl's house in town. The front door's usually locked,
 but break in at around noon and both Mythic Dawn agents -- Jearl and Savari
 Faram -- will be there and attack on sight. Then, simply break into the
 basement via trapdoor and take [Jearl's Orders] back to Jauffre to complete
 the quest.

 Those who visit the runestone first, around 5-6PM, may find an agent there.
 Kill whomever it is and take their [Basement Key], which opens a secret door
 to Jearl's basement from the nearby Bruma Caverns. [One can learn of the
 caverns by following a spy there or learning it from Burd.] From there, one
 ascends into the living quarters and can slay the remaining agent, assuming
 she wasn't killed already.

 When both spies are slain, return to Jauffre with Jearl's orders and talk
 with Martin to simultaneously end this quest and begin the next.

 NOTE: Oblivion gates have opened outside the major cities (besides Kvatch)
       in preparation for an upcoming optional quest.

10) BLOOD OF THE DAEDRA                                                  [WK10]
 Client: Martin Septim
 Prereq: Spies
 Reward: ---
 Fame -: +1

 Martin is still working on a way to open a path to Camoran's Paradise, and
 learns a daedric artifact must be sacrificed as part of the ritual. They're
 not just laying around the world like cheap piece of crap -- these things're

 This section will give info on each artifact. For more information on how to
 obtain an artifact, see the 'Daedric Shrines' sidequest section [DDRC].
  _________________________ _________________________________________________
 | DAEDRIC ARTIFACT        | INFO                                            |
 | Azura's Star            | Reusable Grand Soul Gem                         |
 | Ebony Blade             | One-handed blade: Silence/Absorb Health enchnts |
 | Goldbrand               | Powerful one-hander with Fire Damage enchant    |
 | Mace of Molag Bal       | Weak mace with Absorb Strength/Magicka enchants |
 | Masque of Clavicus Vile | Helm that fortifies Personality by 20pts        |
 | Oghma Infinitum         | Gives permanent skill and stat boosts           |
 | Ring of Khajiiti        | Fortifies Speed 10pts / Chameleon 35% enchants  |
 | Ring of Namira          | Has Reflect Spell/Damage enchantments           |
 | Sanguine Rose           | Summons random daedra to fight enemy            |
 | Saviour's Hide          | Light armor with a Resist Magic 25% enchantment |
 | Skeleton Key            | Prevents lockpicks from breaking                |
 | Skull of Corruption     | Creates clone of target who then fights them    |
 | Spell Breaker           | Shield with Reflect Spell 30% enchantment       |
 | Volendrung              | Warhammer with Paralysis/Drain health enchants  |
 | Wabbajack               | Changes creature into another type of creature  |
  * - Umbra is not an applicable artifact for this quest.

 The top three artifacts to sacrifice will probably be this:

 1) Mace of Molag Bal: This piece of crap has a low attack power, not to
    mention one of its enchantments (Absorb Health) is bugged because it has
    no duration. This should be the first choice 100% of the time; however,
    one has to be at least Lv17 to get it, which will suck for players who've
    only been doing the main questline as they'll probably be levels below it.

 2) Masque of Clavicus Vile: It's a helm that fortifies personality. Downside?
    Obtaining the mask means one gave up a chance at Umbra, the best sword in
    the game, and that's a big no-no for most players as that Soul Trap
    enchantment is just too delicious. However, if one really was crazy enough
    to ignore Umbra, then this is the next-best choice. Technically Clavicus
    Vile's quest requires one to be Lv20; however, killing Umbra (person) lets
    it be available as early as Lv01.

 3) Wabbajack: This is actually a cool staff with a unique effect, and only
    listed here as a fallback option due to the quest's ridiculously low
    requirement level (02). Personally I wouldn't sacrifice this, but those
    who don't want to bother gaining lots of levels won't find much quarrel
    here. The effect only works on creatures, anyway, and really isn't tailored
    for low-level characters since its transformations are often more powerful
    than the target's original form.

 Of course, these suggestions are just for general consumption -- if one knows
 an item'll never be used, put it on the chopping block. An example would be
 the likelihood a pure mage-type character ever bothering with Volendrung.
 Invaluable objects like Azura's Star and such shouldn't even cross the
 player's mind on this end, though. If one's really that lazy to offer those
 artifacts to Martin, then any later unhappiness will be very well-deserved!

 At any rate, giving Martin an artifact ends the quest.

11) BRUMA GATE                                                           [WK11]
 Client: Jauffre
 Prereq: Blood of the Daedra
 Reward: ---
 Fame -: +1

 Find Jauffre after handing over the artifact (if he doesn't find the player
 first) and he'll announce an Oblivion gate opened outside of Bruma, and the
 guards will need extra help. Being an experienced gate-closer, the player's
 help should prove invaluable, not to mention teach the youngsters how it's
 done. Captain Burd will meet one outside the east gate, where they're already
 fending the daedra off.

 After a rousing speech, Burd and two of his men will agree to accompany the
 player into Oblivion. Defeat the couple of foes in front of the gate before
 entering. Note that the generic guards are killable but Burd only falls
 unconscious from beatdowns, and thus can be moderately useful as an ally.
 This helps since Burd MUST be with the player when the Sigillum Sanguis'
 stone is taken. If he isn't, a notification forces the player to find him
 before the gate can be unanchored. Stealth-based characters may find this bit
 annoying, but y'gotta have him tag along.

 NOTE: It helps to save immediately when entering, just in case Burd plummets
       into lava or something. If that happens, he'll just keep getting knocked
       unconscious and everything's screwed up.

 Anyway, the Bruma Gate leads to a fixed Oblivion world, not a random one like
 others, so following the road leads to the main keep without any rigamarole.
 Ascending shouldn't be much different than other keeps, and in fact may be
 easier than most, as there's no secondary towers to traverse or war gates to

 When the sigil stone's retrieved, and everyone returns back to Bruma, talk
 with Burd to get the quest update. Report back to Jauffre to finish up and
 get the optional quest "Allies for Bruma."
12) ALLIES FOR BRUMA                                        [OPTIONAL]   [WK12]
 Client: Jauffre
 Prereq: Bruma Gate (can't have started Defense of Bruma yet)
 Reward: ---
 Fame -: see below

 Speaking to Jauffre after closing the Bruma Gate gives this quest. Bruma's
 defense won't be able to hold forever, and with innumerable daedra able to
 attack, they'll eventually be besieged. The Blades grandmaster suggests
 recruiting help from other cities' leaders. Unfortunately, each will refuse
 until the Oblivion gate outside their town is closed. [There may be multiple
 ones; speaking with the leader gives a marker to the correct one.]

 This quest is a great opportunity to gain some extra fame, but eventually'll
 disappear if the main questline is advanced far enough. Remember not to wear
 the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal when taking the sigil stones (or getting soldiers
 from the leader, although that's obvious) as that headgear absorbs all fame
 and infamy received with it on!

 Anyway, helping each city gives +3 fame: one for closing the gate, one for
 returning from the gate, and one for obtaining soldiers. The exceptions are
 • Imperial City: Ocato can't send anyone

 • Bruma: troops already committed

 • Cheydinhal: fame/troops are dependant on how "The Wayward Knight" ends.
   It's only possible to get +2 normally (for returning and getting soldiers)
   but successfully doing TWK gives an additional +1-2. It's impossible to
   finish "Allies for Bruma" if the player killed Farwil, as Count Indarys'll
   never speak to the player again.

 • Kvatch: Savlian will send a guard (+1 fame) but only after the player helps
   him find Count Goldwine in "The Battle for Castle Kvatch".

 This long quest officially ends when all applicable cities help Bruma. 

13) BLOOD OF THE DIVINES                                                 [WK13]
 Client: Martin Septim
 Prereq: Bruma Gate
 Reward: ---
 Fame -: ---

 Martin mulled over how to obtain a god's blood, before Jauffre hit on the
 solution: Tiber Septim was once mortal! Speak with him about the Armor of
 Tiber Septim to learn it's been interred at Sancre Tor, a holy place now
 tainted by evil. He gives the [Sancre Tor Key] in the hopes that the player
 can break the centuries-long losing streak of people trying to recover it.

 The dungeon is located in the Colovian Highlands, NE of Chorrol and west of
 Bruma. It'll be filled exclusively with undead types, so it may be a bit more
 boring than its history suggests. In order to obtain the armor one seeks, the
 four 'Undead Blade' enemies must be slain. The areas they're located in are:
 Sancre Tor, Hall of Judgement, Catacombs, and Prison. All sections are
 relatively the same, except for the prison -- one of the Blades died in
 incarceration and [Warden Kastav's Key] has to be plucked from the warden's
 equally undead body first. Each undead Blade carries one special item as
 well: Amulet of the Ansei, Mishaxhi's Cleaver, Northwind, or Valdemar's

 When all four are saved from the Underking's treacherous magic, visit their
 new location in the Tomb of the Reman Emperors (accessible from Entry Hall)
 and they'll undo the enchantment blocking the corridor. At long last, claim
 the [Armor of Tiber Septim] and return it to Martin to finish up.

14) MISCARCAND                                                           [WK14]
 Client: Martin Septim
 Prereq: Blood of the Divines
 Reward: ---
 Fame -: +2

 The next item needed for Martin's ritual is a Great Welkynd Stone, much more
 powerful than the lesser ones found in Ayleid Ruins. Only one place is said
 to still contain one and that's Miscarcand, supposedly still haunted by the
 ghost of its former emperor. It's position is halfway between Skingrad and
 Kvatch, just north of Ra'sava Camp.

 A small change of pace from normal Ayleid ruins, this place is inhabited by
 Bitterfish goblins, who'll be attacked by local undead "wildlife" and give
 the chance for stealth-based characters to proceed easily. Proceeding isn't
 that hard, either, and mostly requires 'push block' switches to access the
 unpickable gates. The 2nd area (Sel Vanua) has a Varla Stone right near the
 entrance, but it's the 3rd area (Morimath) that's the real target.

 The [Great Welkynd Stone] will be shimmering on a pedestal just a little
 ways in. However, taking them summons some zombie guardians and the King of
 Miscarcand (lich) into the room. Unfortunately for the baddies, the fight's
 not mandatory. The [Miscarcand Key] the king drops opens a 'very hard' lock
 on the way out, so anyone can just pick that and make good their escape.
 You'd think security would be better after millennia, but nooo...

 NOTE: There is a bug where not killing the King may have him appear later on
       outside the dungeon. For example, after being arrested and paying a
       fine, him and his zombie helpers appear outside the castle. [This can
       happen to a few other follower/enemies too.] Thus, slaying him is just
       a all-around good idea.

 Bring the stone back to Martin to finish this and start the next.

15) DEFENSE OF BRUMA                                                     [WK15]
 Client: Martin Septim
 Prereq: Miscarcand
 Reward: ---
 Fame -: +1

 NOTE: It helps to have a separate save at the start of this mission, for
       restarting "just in case," usually to ensure Baurus, Jauffre, and/or
       Burd live through. [Oddly enough, Ulrich Leland, sent from Cheydinhal
       if "Corruption and Conscience" wasn't completed, IS unkillable...very

 The final item needed to open the portal to Paradise is the previous item's
 counterpart: a Great Sigil Stone. Unfortunately for everyone in Cyrodiil,
 these items are only found as anchors of Great Gates, the very kind the Mythic
 Dawn are trying to destroy Bruma with. Thus, they have to be allowed to open
 one. Narina Carvain ain't gonna like that, but agrees to meet Martin at the
 Chapel of Talos after the conversation. She'll show up there about an hour
 later for a scene; following, the player can start the battle by speaking
 with her.

 Chosen for the battlesite is a valley just east of town, where an Oblivion
 gate is already open. Approach there to get a quest update saying the Mythic
 Dawn will open the Great Gate when three smaller gates are up and runnin'.
 When daedra start pouring out, the important matter at hand is stalling for
 time until the Great Gate opens, while simultaneously keeping Martin alive
 through the skirmish. [If he dies, it's automatic game over.] Troops drummed
 up in "Allies for Bruma" (10 possible) are better equipped than the generic
 militiamen who take their place should reinforcements be lacking. That makes
 fifteen allies, including Burd, Martin, Baurus, and Jauffre. 

 NOTE: Killing an ally in the proceedings still earns a 1000g bounty, but
       the guards won't react with their "arrest on sight" jive talk until
       this quest finalizes.

 When the Great Gate's summoned, immediately head in. [No point in wasting
 time fighting the minor gates' enemies as they spawn infinitely & regularly.]
 This immediately finishes the quest and, for all intents and purposes, stops
 any more ally deaths from happening on the battlefield, i.e. Martin can't die
 when the player's not around to help, etc.

16) GREAT GATE                                                           [WK16]
 Client: ---
 Prereq: Bruma Gate
 Reward: ---
 Fame -: +2, statue of oneself in Bruma

 Upon entering, the first thing one notices is the gigantic siege engine, the
 contraption that destroyed Kvatch, starting its slow crawl to the Great Gate,
 and beyond, Bruma. It's a good idea to make a separate save at the start,
 just in case one wants to find the lay of the land and restart to do it

 Unfortunately for the player, traversing this world is no simple feat like
 random worlds. Past the main war gate, a gigantic lava pit splits the paths
 in twain, if y'can even call 'em that -- they're mostly tiny spots of land
 that surface alongside the broken "overpasses" flanking the siege engine.
 The basic flow of the map is this: (1) get on either side of the bridge, away
 from the siege engine, and enter a cave (2) exit the cave up the mountain's
 slope a bit and travel to a secondary "world breaker" tower (3) reach a gate
 switch atop the tower to advance on the main keep (4) unanchor the sigil stone
 atop the keep to end the quest.
 | Tip: Acrobatic Expedience |
 | If all that spelunking and walking sounds time-consuming, it is -- duh!   |
 | But like most Oblivion worlds, acrobatic marvels can skip most of that    |
 | crap and bypass the cave/tower obstacles with their jumping prowess. This |
 | shaves plenty of time off the clock, enough that the whole quest could be |
 | completed within, say, 5 minutes. Fatsos who can't jump very high will    |
 | have to have acrobatics-fortifying equipment (Boots of Springheel Jak) or |
 | abilities that give the same effect.                                      |

 In any case, after robbing the keep of its [Great Sigil Stone], and returning
 to Cyrodiil thusly, the emergent siege engine will be wholly destroyed. This
 also lets one pick up the normal sigil stone that powered said engine, and
 will probably be lying on the ground nearby. Feel free to restart from a
 previous save if Baurus or Jauffre died, as they often do on higher levels.
 Alternatively, turn the difficulty slider down to keep them alive, then back
 to normal once inside the Great Gate.

 Speak with Martin to finish up and gain the next quest.

 REWARD: The statue will be erected near the north gate, and what items it
         wears aren't determined by current equips. For instance, I had the
         Ayleid Crown of Lindai and Ebony Blade unequipped in the inventory,
         but both were portrayed just the same. ;p

17) PARADISE                                                             [WK17]
 Client: Martin Septim
 Prereq: Bruma Gate
 Reward: ---
 Fame -: --- [really?]

 All priceless ingredients have been collected for the Xarxes' ritual, and
 Martin waits at Cloud Ruler Temple to send the player to Mankar Camoran's
 version of paradise. But the journey's not without a caveat: the portal will
 close behind the player, and leaving'll only be possible by slaying Mankar
 himself, who seems to "anchor" the place just like a sigil stone anchors a
 plane of Oblivion. So, one's in the for the long haul. This quest's a bit
 longer than normal ones, too, so prepare before attempting (potions, repair
 hammers, etc.)

 I'll split the sections up for easier reference.

 When the transportation's complete, the player ends up on a hillside in a
 rather idyllic-looking glade. This doesn't last for long, though, as daedra
 roam the walkways and Mankar's already aware of one's presence. Follow the
 stone path down the hill until one finds a bridge.

 Speak with Kathutet to learn there's only one way out of the garden, and he
 guards it. This leaves two options to exiting: (1) fight the daedra (2) go
 into his servitude temporarily for a short while and be shamed. The latter
 option entails helping out one of Kathutet's buddies, Anaxes, who was trapped
 in a cave by some unmortal "chattels". The cave is marked on the map, along
 the small stream a ways. Simply inspect the logs holding the boulder fast, and
 he'll escape and continue his tormenting. [Killing Anaxes forces the player to
 fight the head daedra when reporting back. Slaying him without even learning
 he was to be freed has the same effect.]

 In any case, the [Bands of the Chosen] carried/given by Kathutet are required
 to gain entry to the Flooded Grotto. Once equipped, they forcibly clamp on
 and can't be manually removed. Oy vey...

 A little ways in, there'll be an unpickable door, only opening to those with
 the Bands of the Chosen equipped. Near the first lava/prisoner chamber, find
 Eldamil. He'll agree to help in deposing Mankar Camoran by removing the bands
 that confine one to the grotto forever, but he'll need awhile. In the
 meantime, pretend to be a prisoner when Orthe, the dremora overseer, comes
 over -- this involves getting into the cage. Killing Orthe is also an option
 and the new friend helps, too. [The most uncomplicated path is just playing
 along, though.]

 In any case, once Orthe is fooled and walks off, exit out the cage's other
 side and meet up with Eldamil, who goes through the daedra checkpoint nearby
 and typically dies (he's immortal so it impacts nothing long-term). He will
 reappear in the next area, removing the bands (the player can't keep 'em) and
 agreeing to help. The player can refuse his assistance, but the dude's an
 immortal, so why do that? 

 The final part of Paradise is high up on the mountainside, where Camoran's
 base is. Eldamil may still accompany the player at this point, but despite
 being an immortal, just might not appear for many, many hours. In any case,
 Raven and Ruma can be found on the steps to the palace and agree to take the
 player to meet their father. It's not totally unwise to attack them here,
 however, as Raven still drops great level-dependant equipment (Mundane Ring
 being the best, as is before). Wait long enough and they eventually respawn,
 letting one get that stuff in perpetuity. [Only 1 Mundane Ring can be equipped
 at a time, sadly.]

 Eventually, approach the throne for a long-winded speech, the prelude to the
 inevitable battle. Ruma and Raven's abilities should be known by now, but
 Mankar is probably one of the few awesome mages in the game. He has various
 enchantments to speak of: Reflect Damage, Spell Absorption, Reflect Spell,
 and so on, most of which offset his Altmer elemental weaknesses. But, his
 magical might is also his most glaring weakness -- if a player has similar
 enchantments and can focus on physical damage, it puts Mankar at a rather
 large disadvantage, even when one's outnumbered. [And to top it off, he's not
 immune to silence, which undercuts his abilities completely.]

 Ruma, Raven, and Eldamil will get back up and fight once slain, making the
 only way to end the battle defeating Mankar. When this happens, his children
 also die (again). The villain carries [Mankar Camoran's Staff] and [Mankar
 Camoran's Robe], both of which are unique, plus the [Amulet of Kings]. There
 is only a small amount of time to collect these things, though, before the
 player is automatically sent back with the Amulet in hand!

 NOTE: Finishing the next quest closes all other Oblivion gates!

 REWARD: [Mankar Camoran's Staff] deals 7 Shock Damage and 10pts Disintegrate
         Armor, no matter what the level is. It's pretty crappy but does have
         160+ uses. His robe is much more useful, having up to 20pts Spell
         Absorption and 10% Reflect Damage.

18) LIGHT THE DRAGONFIRES                                                [WK18]
 Client: Martin Septim
 Prereq: Bruma Gate
 Reward: ---
 Fame -: +3

 After returning to Cloud Ruler Temple victorious, there is still one final
 task to do, described in the mission's name. Martin will have already sent a
 messenger to High Chancellor Ocato, so the next step is deferring to his
 authority at the Imperial Palace. [Martin will follow the player as long as
 this quest's active, making him a good companion for those wanting to do a
 few more quests.]

 Once there, Ocato begins stating the Elder Council accepts Martin as emperor,
 only to have the good times cut short: the Imperial City is under attack! The
 mission then becomes escorting Martin to the Temple of the One, located in
 the Temple District. If this was any other district it might be a chore, but
 being situated in the city's center, getting there is a cinch. Xivilai and
 Dremora Lord types appear at the palace itself, but the high-tier generics
 (spider daedra, xivilai, atronachs, etc.) appear in the destination district.

 There's no need to participate in the heavy carnage going on, so beeline to
 the Temple after discussing Mehrunes' defeat with Martin. [Additionally, all
 IC citizens are confined to their houses under the martial law, so they can't
 be slain. That should allay some fears, no?] The newly-crowned emperor may
 die en route, but this usually doesn't happen -- if he's not at the Temple
 when one arrives, exit for a moment and try again. When he arrives, witness
 the awesome power and the quest'll end.
 Afterwards, speak to Ocato about 'Champion of Cyrodiil' and he'll proclaim the
 hero(ine) as such. This starts the final quest "Imperial Dragon Armor," which
 is technically optional. However, for all intents and purposes, the questline
 is completed and the threat from Oblivion removed. Congrats!
______________________________________________________________/ ARENA [ARNA] |_
00) OVERVIEW                                                             [RN00]
 The Arena is located in the Imperial City, and has a district dedicated just
 to itself. One can register as a fighter for free, and participate in fights
 to the death for gold, with the goal becoming the grand champion.

 • Combatants in the arena will be of many races and attack types, and the
   questline is rather short (comparatively), making it a great entry into
   the world of fighting for new players.

 • Those who don't want to fight can bet on matches, placing between 25-100g
   on a fight (25g increments). Picking the winner out of the two fighters'll
   give back 100% the return, making it a decent way for players to scrape
   cash together...although certainly far from the most lucrative way.

 • As is expected of gladitorial combat, this is an easy way to achieve lots
   of fame, and without lengthy dungeon-crawling to boot.

 • The arena has a few rules to live by: all gladiators must wear appropriate
   raiments and cannot loot fallen foes' items. As long as the raiment -- which
   is given out by Owyn -- is worn, the player gets to pick what accessories,
   helms, weapons, and shields go along with that. [There is a method to get
   foes' items, but requires a bit of doin' -- see below.]

 • Expulsion only occurs if one removes the raiment during a battle. Doing it
   once gives a warning and DQs the player from the match; repeating it will
   forever banish the player from arena combat.

 • It's possible to get items from a gladiator, but requires a certain method.
   First, get the Skull of Corruption (Vaermina's quest) and the Staff of
   Worms (finish Mages Guild quest) -- the Risen Flesh power from the Shivering
   Isles can be used in place of the SoW. Find the gladiator one wants stuff
   from, then (1) kill the opponent (2) reanimate opponent via SoW/Risen Flesh
   (3) use Skull of Corruption to make a clone of opponent (4) kill clone (5)
   save (6) reload and loot clone before it disappears. There shouldn't be any
   glitchiness with these methods, but it never hurts to have a backup save,
   just to be safe. This only works for inventory items, not swords/shields
   that fall to the ground when killed. Thus, to get the Gray Aegis, let the
   opponent fight until his sword breaks; he'll put his shield away then, and
   things can proceed like normal. [Credit to masterpug53 for the info.]

   NOTE: Sometimes getting the Gray Aegis has an annoying side effect of not
         letting the save load from the main menu. But, it only seems to work
         if it was the last thing done -- do a quest of some sort after it,
         and it may rectify. [But an alternate save is always a good idea...]

 • This quest is good for Hermaeus Mora's soul-collecting quest, as all ten
   sentient races make an appearance. It's a good way to kill two birds with
   one stone.

01) QUESTLINE [a.k.a "The Arena"]                                        [RN01]
 The questline is simple: defeat each opponent one is told to, and rise in
 rank, payment, and self-satisfaction. Remember that the arena's only open
 from 9AM-9PM! Each opponent gives +1 fame, except for the fight against the
 Gray Prince (+10). That totals 31 possible fame in all!

  ________________ ______ _________________ _________________________________
 | RANK           | GOLD | OPPONENT        | NOTES                           |
 | Pit Dog        |   50 | 1 Bosmer        | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
 |                |   50 | 1 Imperial      | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
 |                |  100 | 1 Argonian      | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
 | Brawler        |  100 | 1 Nord          | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
 |                |  100 | 2 Bosmer        | One uses sword, the other a bow |
 |                |  150 | 1 Khajiit       | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
 | Bloodletter    |  150 | 1 Redguard      | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
 |                |  150 | 1 Breton        | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
 |                |  200 | 1 Dunmer        | Has a bow and sword             |
 | Myrmidon       |  200 | 1 Bosmer        | Uses "Shimmerstrike" dagger     |
 |                |  200 | 1 Altmer        | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
 |                |  250 | 1 Orc           | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
 | Warrior        |  250 | 1 Nord          | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
 |                |  250 | 1 Altmer        | Spellcaster w/ sword            |
 |                |  300 | 1 Orc           | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | 
 | Gladiator      |  300 | 3 Argonians     | Only one has a weapon           |
 |                |  300 | 1 Khajiit       | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
 |                |  350 | 1 Breton        | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
 | Hero           |  350 | 1 Imperial      | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
 |                |  350 | 1 Altmer        | Uses Gray Aegis (magic-immune)  |
 |                |  350 | 1 Y. Team Champ | 2 Dunmer come w/ Yellow Champ   |
 | Champion       | 1000 | The Gray Prince | Won't fight if his quest's done |
 | Grand Champion | ???? | 1-3 Animals     | Can be fought once a week       |

 To start the fight against Agronak, beat all other Yellow Team opponents and
 talk with Agronak. Those that want to do his "Origin of the Gray Prince"
 optional sidequest will have to complete it before telling him he has to
 defend his crown. Once the Prince has been notified, speak with Ysabel to
 start the ultimate show! Unlike other matches, the player doesn't have to
 wear that ratty ol' raiment -- anything goes, just like the rules! Agronak
 will fight to the bitter end, unless his sidequest was completed, in which
 case he'll be very depressed and let the player slay him without countering.
 To finish the questline, take [Agronak's Garment] to Ysabel and receive one's
 own Raiment of Valor.

 After becoming the Grand Champion, Ysabel holds a weekly fight -- which can
 be done at any hour -- against leveled creatures. The hardest opponents to
 fight are Minotaur Lords; how many (1-3) appear is left up to the player.
 Win a fight and get lots of cash, usually 2000-3000.

 Also as a reward, and I use that term loosely, becoming the Grand Champ will
 spawn an "Adoring Fan" outside the arena. He's a Bosmer "kid" and looks like
 one of those troll dolls with his bright hair. Fan can be used as a follower
 but is quite yellow-bellied, running from battle whenever he gets a chance.
 Still, he does have his uses, including the player favorite "throw Adoring
 Fan from Dive Rock" event. There's no prettier sight than his corpse falling
 down the mountainside, bouncing off rocks like a demented game of Plinko.
 Don't worry, he'll respawn after three days...he always does... =(

 REWARD: The [Heavy Raiment of Valor] or [Light Raiment of Valor] is received
         from Ysabel, and has the same fortifications as Agronak's: Fatigue,
         Health, Athletics, and Personality all +10.

___________________________________________________/ DARK BROTHERHOOD [DRKB] |_
00) OVERVIEW                                                             [DB00]
 Like murdering people in cold blood? This questline's for players cut from
 the assassin's cloth, ready to become Cyrodiil's finest hitman. Here's a li'l
 heads-up on the proceedings:

 • There will be a variety of targets to slay, so, unlike the Thieves Guild,
   it helps to have a decent grasp of weapon and magic fighting. There are
   workarounds, of course, such as using Poisoned Apples to kill targets, or
   using invisibility to retreat from harm's way. Still, what kind of wimpy
   blade for hire is going to finish a contract with such lack of flair? Play
   the part!

 • Unlike a few other guilds, the Dark Brotherhood has no set of exams to
   speak of. Instead, one gains the opportunity to join by committing a murder
   against an NPC, which should give the message about the act "being observed
   by unseen forces." Then, the next time one sleeps, Lucien Lachance will
   visit and give the player the first task in the quest, if interested.

   Note that the NPC to be killed has to be killable (falling unconscious does
   not count) and "innocent" by the game's standards (killing a city guard or
   bandit won't work, for one). Some other quests may require murdering people
   as part of the flow, and those kills can work as an in for the DB, too. An
   example would be slaying Umbra in Vindasel before Clavicus Vile gives the
   quest. Killing beggars works, too, although it may not be looked highly
   upon in the Waterfront.

 • The quests often have bonuses the player can earn by fulfilling conditions
   established beforehand. For instance, remaining undetected during the hunt.
   The bonuses are typically rare and unique items, not just money, so it's
   worthwhile to be strategic on this end.

 • Don't know what to do for the current quest? Talk to your "family members"
   in the Cheydinhal Sanctuary. They'll often give tips and hints at how best
   to proceed.

01) A KNIFE IN THE DARK                                                  [DB01]
 Client: Lucien Lachance [after committing an observed murder and sleeping]
 Prereq: ---
 Reward: Shrouded Armor, Shrouded Hood, Access to Cheydinhal Sanctuary
 Bonus : ---
 Infamy: +1

 Lucien Lachance, a Speaker of the Dark Brotherhood, appears once a murder's
 been committed and propositions the player into joining the assassins' group.
 The "initiation" is to slay Rufio, an old man living at the Inn of Ill Omen
 (up road aways from Bravil). This quest starts automatically if one agrees.
 Additionally, the player gets the quest item dagger [Blade of Woe] and the 
 inn's location marked on the map.

 Once there, speak with Manheim Maulhand to learn Rufio's lived at the inn for
 a few weeks, living in the downstairs private quarters. [As a curio, Manheim
 also buys stolen goods; however, he only has 50g to work with so it's not
 that useful.] Use the trapdoor and break into Rufio's room, where he'll almost
 always be sleeping. He should die in one hit of any weapon, too. But, for more
 fun, speak to him beforehand and say something spooky -- s'only fair given the
 crime he perpetrated.

 The next time one sleeps, Lucien should reappear and congratulate the player
 on a successful assassination. One must now visit the Cheydinhal Sanctuary --
 accessible via the abandoned house's basement -- to recieve the rewards and
 be fully accepted as a Dark Brother or Sister.

 REWARD: The Shrouded Armor is a full-body suit, fortifying Sneak, Illusion,
         Marksman, Blade, and Acrobatics a number of points. The Hood boosts
         the same stats. These are both excellent pieces of armor, especially
         for someone starting the questline early. They require little upkeep
         repair-wise, too.

 [The miniquest "Welcome to the Family" starts here, ending when the second
 task is accepted. This isn't listed in table of contents, however, due to
 its length.]

 Anyway, feel free to look around the sanctuary and get familiarized. One of
 the Brothers, M'raaj-Dar, sells some useful spells, particularly Void Gazer
 (huge Night-Eye spell), Black Winter (frost/paralysis effect), and Deathly
 Visage (Invisibility for 35s). He's not usable as a fence, though...perhaps
 that's too unscrupulous for him? :p

02) A WATERY GRAVE                                                       [DB02]
 Client: Vicente Valtieri [Cheydinhal Sanctuary]
 Prereq: A Knife in the Dark
 Reward: Black Band
 Bonus : ---
 Infamy: +1

 Vicente Valtieri, like Armand Christophe, is the vampiric quest-giver for the
 new and lower-ranking members. His first target for assassination is Gaston
 Tussaud, the pirate captain of the Imperial Waterfront's Marie Elena vessel.
 The player may already be semi-familiar with this, as the male pirates around
 the place say one of the best phrases in the game ("Ain't got nothin' to say
 to you fancy-pants!") and attack if the player tries to walk onboard.

 There are a number of ways to get onboard the ship stealthily.

 • BUST IN RAMBO STYLE: Obviously not becoming of a shadowy assassin, but it
   can work for this mission since no bonus is available. Trespassing on the
   ship forces the pirates outside to attack, and any guards who witness the
   "unprovoked" action against you attack the pirates as well. [Doing this
   during the Thieves Guild missions where the Waterfront is filled with
   guards works well.] Then, enter via the deck entrance to find the captain's
   cabin right across the way.

 • HIDE IN A CRATE: Near the end of the sidewalk is an open crate, giving the
   option to stow away when approached. As Vicente said, this is indeed a good
   way to get inside without detection. Having invisibility/chameleon works
   well for navigating the place (one starts in lowest deck; captain's cabin
   is on highest).

 • SNEAK IN THE BALCONY: Probably the best way overall. From the ledged
   sidewalk, it's possible to jump on the ship's aft balcony, leading right
   into the captain's cabin ('very hard' lock). Be sure to enter sneaking as
   it's possible Gaston is eating at his table, with his back right to the
   player upon entering -- free attack bonus!

 When Gaston's dead, loot him, his booty chest, the room and even that darn
 Nirnroot. Some pirates will soon enter the room to investigate, so try to be
 long gone 'fore then. Mosey back to Vicente to finish up.

 REWARD: The Black Band fortifies Light Armor and Security, and has a third
         'resist magic' enchantment.

 [The 'Blood of the Damned' quest starts now, ending when the Vicente's next
 mission is accepted.]

03) ACCIDENTS HAPPEN                                                     [DB03]
 Client: Vicente Valtieri [Cheydinhal Sanctuary]
 Prereq: A Watery Grave
 Reward: [Leveled Gold], promotion to Slayer
 Bonus : Sufferthorn [Kill Baenlin in specified manner; Gromm isn't killed]
 Infamy: +1

 The target this time is a Baenlin, a Bosmer living in Bruma. Vicente gives
 out the goal: slay the target by staging an fatal accident involving a
 wall-mounted Minotaur head. To do this, one must sneak in the house, loosen
 the fastenings (between 8-11PM only) and let it fall on Baenlin's noggin.
 This is the first mission to offer an achievable bonus, so things have to go
 as planned.

 As some Brotherhood members will say, it's easiest to look for a back way in,
 such as the cellar entrance behind the house. [It's possible to go in via the
 front door, too, but more risky.] Navigate the cellar, sneak upstairs, and
 activate the bedroom crawlspace to find the fastenings. Wait until the
 designated time (save first) and let the taxidermist's triumph beat some
 sense into him. A quest update follows if it successfully slew him; if not,
 reload and wait a few minutes more. There's only one chance to do it right!

 Afterwards, sneak out of the house (don't let Gromm see you or he'll pursue
 you relentlessly!) and get the reward in Cheydinhal.
 REWARD: Besides some gold, the unique Sufferthorn dagger's obtained. It has
         Drain Strength and Damage Health enchantments, making it quite useful
         for just about any adventurer.

 [The miniquest 'No Rest for the Wicked' starts now, ending when the next task
 is picked up.]

04) SCHEDULED FOR EXECUTION                                              [DB04]
 Client: Vicente Valtieri [Cheydinhal Sanctuary]
 Prereq: Accidents Happen
 Reward: Level-dependant Gold
 Bonus : Scales of Pitiless Justice [no Imperial guards killed]
 Infamy: +1

 As Vicente says, this task will require an expert infiltrator, so bring your
 invisibility, chameleon, and sneak 'A' games along. The task is to slay Valen
 Dreth, an imprisoned Dunmer in the Imperial City's luxurious stone hotel. His
 name should ring a bell, as he was the first person seen in the game, even if
 it was just making fun of the player. To achieve the available bonus, one
 must avoid killing any Imperial guards. This is not the same as remaining
 UNDETECTED, so if one is seen, skulk away via preferred methods to retain the

 NOTE: It's not possible to visit Valen by entering the Imperial Prison and
       talking with the jailor, or even picking the dungeon lock. Gotta do it
       the hard way!

 Vicente gives the [Imperial City Sewers Key] for the mission, sending the
 player to the northeast entrance. It should be familiar, since it's the one
 the player escaped during the tutorial dungeon. In fact, this entire mission
 will be backtracking through said dungeon to reach the jail cell. The only
 difference is the substructure portion is off-limits (boarded up), there's
 a guard presence to avoid, and the minimap doesn't start filled in. [If you
 don't want to unlock Valen's cell, the key can be pickpocketed from Gepard
 Montrose or found on a table at the end.]

 Once Valen's guard exits, kill him in any manner (shoot arrow through bars,
 unlock and kill, etc.) to secure the bonus. An [Imperial Prison Key] is on a
 table nearby and opens the way into the prison's bastion, avoiding a rather
 boring backtracking session.

 REWARD: The Scales of Pitiless Justice is a unique item that gives a +2 bonus
         to Agility/Strength/Intelligence but -2 to Personality. The effect
         works as long as it's in the inventory.

 The "To Serve Sithis" miniquest starts now, ending when starting the next

05) THE ASSASSINATED MAN                                                 [DB05]
 Client: Vicente Valtieri [Cheydinhal Sanctuary]
 Prereq: Scheduled for Execution
 Reward: Cruelty's Heart, Sanctuary Well Key, promotion to Eliminator
 Bonus : ---
 Infamy: +1

 This quest is a little different than usual ones, in that it requires the
 player to merely stage the death of a man, Francois Motierre, to escape the
 debts he owes to the criminal underworld. A special [Languorwine Blade] will
 be used to instigate a 'false death' while the [Languorwine Antidote] revives
 Motierre when the coast's clear. There's no room for error in this quest, and
 in fact, screwing it up has some annoying consequences questline-wise, so try
 to do it right the first time.

 Anyway, break into Motierre's house in Chorrol and speak with him to go over
 the plan. An enforcer named Hides-His-Heart is en route to slay Francois, and
 the 'false death' must initiated in his presence to make it look believable.
 The player must then flee from Chorrol and leave the enforcer alive, letting
 him report back to his employers about the situation. [Killing Motierre for
 real, or Hides-His-Heart, fouls up the quest so don't do that.] After a day,
 Motierre's body will be on display in the chapel's undercroft, at which time
 the antidote can be administered.

 Whew! Hides-His-Heart shows up almost immediately after the conversation's
 ended, so get ready to pull off the performance. As expected, his body will
 end up in the chapel 24 hours later; until then, the undercroft has an
 unpickable lock that even the priests' keys can't remove. Reviving Motierre
 also disturbs the rest of some of his family members, spawning a 'Motierre
 Zombie' to defeat. Make sure it doesn't kill the client and exit the church
 afterwards (doesn't matter if anyone sees the escape).

 Lead Motierre to the town's Grey Mare Inn to complete the escape, leaving
 only reward collection.

 REWARD: Plenty of things become available at this point: (1) Cruelty's Heart
 necklace that fortifies Willpower and Strength (2) quick access to the 
 Sanctuary by using the new key on the topside well (3) Vicente Valtieri can
 now give the "Darkness Eternal" quest for giving the player porphyric
 hemophilia (4) Teinaava can now give his optional "The Renegade Shadowscale"
 quest (5) quests now come from Ocheeva.

 [The "My Brother's Keeper" quest now starts, ending when learns that Vicente
 no longer gives out contracts, and one of said contracts is taken from

06) THE LONELY WANDERER                                                  [DB06]
 Client: Ocheeva [Cheydinhal Sanctuary]
 Prereq: The Assassinated Man
 Reward: Level-dependant Gold
 Bonus : Shadowhunt
 Infamy: +1

 Ocheeva's first contract is to eliminate Faelian, an Imperial City Altmer.
 Unfortunately, not much is known about his routine or habits outside of long
 walks, so a bit of detective work will be necessary. Additionally, there's a
 bonus for eliminating Faelian in a secure location (without witnesses).

 Reach the Imperial City to start the canvasing. If the quest is designated as
 the active quest, it singles out the Market District as the best place to
 start. Any kind of elf, such as Rindir of Rindir's Staffs, with enough
 disposition, will divulge Faelian's location: Tiber Septim Hotel in the Talos
 Plaza district. Schwing! The innkeeper (Augusta Calidia) will confess that
 Faelian's a skooma addict living in the hotel with his sweetheart Atraena,
 but only if her disposition's high enough. She's usually found walking around
 her 2F room and, if her disposition's (50+) tweaked, says he uses skooma in
 the deserted structure "Lorkmir's House".

 Well, if that's not a great place to kill someone, I dunno what is! The house
 is in the Elven Gardens district and Faelian visits it around noontime for
 quite a few hours. Once he's dead, return to Ocheeva for the reward.

 REWARD: The Shadowhunt bow has a number of enchantments: Turn Undead, Damage
         Health, Damage Magicka, and Weakness to Poison. However, apparently
         the Turn Undead and Weakness to Poison ones are glitched (they don't
         have a duration) and fail to work on the Xbox 360 version. Pity...

 The miniquest "Enter the Eliminator" begins now, ending when the next task
 is accepted.

07) BAD MEDICINE                                                         [DB07]
 Client: Ocheeva [Cheydinhal Sanctuary]
 Prereq: The Lonely Wanderer
 Reward: Level-dependant Gold
 Bonus : The Deceiver's Finery
 Infamy: +1

 Like "Scheduled for Execution," this quest will rest on supreme infiltration
 skills, so hopefully by now one's familiar with invisibility/chameleon
 spells and potions to get through. The quest: sneak into Fort Sutch with a
 bottle of poison and switch it with the sickly warlord's medicine. There's
 no fighting to be done here, as being detected forfeits the bonus and forces
 the player to kill Roderick the hard way. [Roderick's Medicine] is obtained
 at this time.

 Fort Sutch is located far north of Anvil, past the main roadway, out in the
 countryside. The main entrance is located in the ruins of the old abbey, but
 there's a secondary entrance (trapdoor) located on a stone platform a ways SE
 from there, too. However, for all intents and purposes, the guide assumes the
 player takes the main one.

 The only enemies in Fort Sutch are Roderick (comatose) and his four helpers,
 Neesha, Gerard Melie, Laenafil, and Ulmug gro-Cromgog. They'll attack on
 sight, naturally, so to get the bonus, one must plant the medicine and leave
 without detection. [NOTE: It's still fine to kill the mercenaries, but only
 sneak attack slayings will preserve the bonus. A 6x multiplier should be
 enough to kill anyone here.]

 Anyway, Gerard Melie guards the main portcullis and can be avoided by either
 opening said gate stealthfully or using the alternate tunnel. Either way, one
 will overhear a conversation between Nesha and Ulmug down below, after which
 the orc goes to guard the medicine cabinet. Basically, following him avoids
 the need to randomly search. Likewise, if one doesn't want him around, learn
 the route, reload, and run ahead of him.

 At the cabinet, take [Roderick's Medicine] and insert [Roderick's Poison] to
 get the quest update. If you haven't inserted items before, hit L-trigger at
 when searching the cabinet to insert your own stuff. Return to Ocheeva to get
 real paid.

 REWARD: The Deceiver's Finery is a robe that fortifies Personality and
         Speechcraft. It probably won't see much use, but can be a worthy
         attire for the awesome next mission.

 The mini-quest "The Night Mother's Child" begins now, ending when "Whodunit?"
 is taken.

08) WHODUNIT?                                                            [DB08]
 Client: Ocheeva [Cheydinhal Sanctuary]
 Prereq: Bad Medicine
 Reward: Level-dependant Gold
 Bonus : Night Mother's Blessing
 Infamy: +1

 After all the hard work, the player's been invited to a party. The main
 course: spilling the blood of everyone else! The festivities will begin when
 the player visits Skingrad's Summitmist Manor, where the other target NPCs
 think there's a chest of gold to find. Upon arriving, Fafnir will give the
 [Summitmist Manor Key] for exiting when things are done. As Ocheeva said,
 it's impossible to leave until the guests are killed, so don't start the
 mission while some other one's going on. [The bonus is achieved if no one
 sees the player committing the murders.]

 Now, the guests (Neville, Nels the Naughty, Dovesi Dran, Primo Antonius, and
 Matilde Petit) can all be killed in one hit from any weapon, but the fun part
 of this mission is being a master manipulator. In fact, this is the only
 mission this author deliberately made a separate save for, to play whenever
 he likes!
  _________ _________________________________________________________________
 | PERSON  | INFO                                                            |
 | Dovesi  | A sweetheart who likes everyone except Neville (Imperial dog) & |
 |         | Matilde (racist). She can be isolated in many ways, such as:    |
 |         | lying about Primo's response to her crush, which gets her alone |
 |         | upstairs (only available in early going); telling her to rest   |
 |         | after someone's died; or, after someone's died, saying nothing, |
 |         | which makes her go to the basement.                             |
 | Matilde | An older woman with a fair disposition towards Neville & Primo, |
 |         | but doesn't like Nels (drunk!) or Dovesi (gatdang Dunmer!). She |
 |         | offers to form an alliance that splits the gold 50/50; if the   |
 |         | player agrees, she can be tricked to searching the basement all |
 |         | alone... She can be baited into killing Dovesi as the guests    |
 |         | die, but against the men, she asks the player to protect her.   |
 | Nels    | Although he freely admits he likes drinking, he's a regular joe |
 |         | with a nice disposition towards everyone, except Neville due to |
 |         | past experiences with the Imperial Legion. Due to that, he gets |
 |         | suspicious of Neville the longer the "party" goes on, provided  |
 |         | Neville's still alive. He never suspects Dovesi since she's the |
 |         | spitting image of his daughter.
 | Neville | He generally likes everyone, except for Nels, who he thinks is  |
 |         | a mead-guzzling savage. He's also one of the first people to    |
 |         | realize the entire party is a trap, and if left alive long      |
 |         | enough, gets his soldier equipment from his room. He's quick to |
 |         | suspect Nels, although he never places anyone above suspicion,  |
 |         | which is why he'll eliminate the remaining NPC, if it's down to |
 |         | him and them. If he's the last remaining guest, and has a high  |
 |         | disposition towards the player, he may find an axe and try to   |
 |         | chop down the front door...leaving his back unguarded.          |
 | Primo   | Doesn't seem to really hate anyone, although he finds Neville a |
 |         | bit down on his luck and Nels a mere drunkard. He gets paranoid |
 |         | the more the quest goes on -- if he's one of the last two left, |
 |         | he'll kill the other, provided it's not Neville. [Although he   |
 |         | will fight back in self-defense if Neville starts to attack.]   |

 As said, The Deceiver's Finery is a great tool for these proceedings as much
 of the fun stems from tricky speechcraft. The bonus is secured even if the
 last person alive figures out, by process of elimination, that the player is
 probably the murderer. If they attack, and are slain in self-defense, that
 doesn't ruin the bonus.

 REWARD: The Night Mother's Blessing is a permanent +2 bonus to Security,
         Sneak, Acrobatics, Blade, and Marksman.

 ["The Assassin's Gambit" now begins, ending when the next mission starts.]

09) PERMANENT RETIREMENT                                                 [DB09]
 Client: Ocheeva [Cheydinhal Sanctuary]
 Prereq: Whodunit?
 Reward: Level-dependant Gold, promotion to Assassin
 Bonus : 500g
 Infamy: +1

 Adamus Phillida is finally retiring, and his years of screwing with the Dark
 Brotherhood has left them feeling sore about his victory. Thus, the [Rose of
 Sithis], a special arrow made especially to slay Adamus, was manufactured for
 this mission. I guess y'could say he's about to get shafted...literally! To
 obtain the bonus, after his death, his finger must be removed and put into the
 desk of his successor.

 The Imperial pig has relocated to Leyawiin, an honored guest of the city
 watch's barracks, which makes things a little harder than usual. The Rose is
 powerful but it can't pierce armor, so one'll have to wait...if that's the
 method one wants. There's a few fun ways to get rid of that troublemaker.

 • Want to use the Rose? That's fine. Adamus only removes his armor when
   taking his afternoon swim in the town watering hole, under the watchful eye
   of his bodyguard. Pick a good hiding spot, save, and let loose the Rose --
   if it hits flesh, Adamus automatically dies. [Well, sometimes the game
   screws up on that end, but that's what reloading is for.]

 • Sometimes if one sneaks into the city barracks and remains undetected, they
   can speak with Phillida while he sleeps. His disposition is low enough that
   he'll attack on sight, which the other guards take as a sign of aggression
   (provided the player turns invisible before they detect him/her). Basically,
   they'll slay Adamus in a hilarious fashion, saving the player from doing the

 • Like most targets, Poisoned Apples can be used for sneak kills.

 Unfortunately for stealth-driven players, a bounty is usually incurred even
 if undetected. It's possible for the bounty to be "absorbed" into the Gray
 Cowl of Nocturnal's residual bounty; simply unequip it and yield to walk
 away scot-free! [Otherwise, one'll have to find a doyen or do hard time to
 get rid of it. Note that the bounty can be from being detected by Adamus,
 but no other guard will give chase unless spoken to. This makes it easier to
 incur the bounty.]

 But don't forget the bonus. After taking the [Finger of Adamus Phillida], go
 to the Imperial City Prison area and break into the city watch offices. [This
 is the same building used in the Thieves Guild's "Taking Care of Lex" quest,
 for reference.] Deposit the finger in the desk before returning to Ocheeva.

 ["Of Secret and Shadow" starts now, ending when "The Purification"'s letter
 is viewed.]

10) THE PURIFICATION                                                     [DB10]
 Client: Ocheeva [Cheydinhal Sanctuary]
 Prereq: Permanent Retirement
 Reward: Promotion to Silencer, Shadowmere [horse]
 Bonus : ---
 Infamy: +1

 Ocheeva gives [Orders from Lucien Lachance] when spoken to next, saying that
 he has a special job for the player. The missive says to meet him at Fort
 Farragut, just east of Cheydinhal, and get through his dungeon of undead
 creepy-crawlies. Unfortunately for him, if one knows the location of the
 secret entrance -- the hollow tree NW of the fort -- then that can be taken
 as a shorcut.

 Lucien reveals the grisly plan when approached: the Cheydinhal Sanctuary has
 been tainted by a traitor's presence, and must be purified...that is, every
 member slain. The restrictions of the Five Tenets are removed for this job.
 As a going-away present, a [Poisoned Apple] and [Summon Rufio's Ghost] scroll
 are received. Of course, those who've been following the guide for awhile are
 aware a locked barrel nearby holds 10 more of those apples.

 Okay, so let the backstabbing begin... Remember that Vicente's "Darkness
 Eternal" and Teinaava's "The Renegade Shadowscale" quests are automatically
 ended after their deaths. Also, M'raaj-Dar sells some rare artifacts found
 nowhere else, so one may want those before putting him six feet under. [His
 spells are eventually resold in the Sanctuary, however.]
  ___________________ _______________________________________________________
 | TARGET            | INFO                                                  |
 | Gogron gro-Bolmog | Like all orcs, he has a lot of fortitude and carries  |
 |                   | a giant weapon (battleaxe), as well as having decent  |
 |                   | armor. Fighting him one on one is more taxing than    |
 |                   | simply using a Poisoned Apple...although it may take  |
 |                   | several days for him to eat it.                       |
 | Antoinetta Marie  | Like Ocheeva, she uses a dagger if provoked, and can  |
 |                   | be poisoned via apples if needed. However, she's weak |
 |                   | enough that old-fashioned swordplay can do the trick. |
 | M'raaj-dar        | Being a mage, he fights back with offensive spells he |
 |                   | sells the player (Baronoff's Bloody Icicle being the  |
 |                   | most common). A 6x sneak attack is likely to remove   |
 |                   | 90% of his health, so that's a more prudent way of    |
 |                   | elimination (poisoned apple-ing works horribly here). |
 | Ocheeva           | She uses a dagger in battle, making her rather easy   |
 |                   | pickings. Additionally, she can eat Poisoned Apples,  |
 |                   | and has the [Telaendril's Ocheeva Note] which belies  |
 |                   | her subordinate's schedule.                           |
 | Teinaava          | In addition to typical Shrouded equipment, he carries |
 |                   | a(n often enchanted) shortsword and another weapon.   |
 |                   | He can be fodder for a Poisoned Apple.                |
 | Telaendril        | The only person in the Sanctuary who is absent -- she |
 |                   | has a set spy schedule, learnable after taking a note |
 |                   | from Ocheeva's corpse. She always comes back home on  |
 |                   | Middas, though, and if provoked, uses archery skills  |
 |                   | to defend herself. She can be Poisoned Apple'd but    |
 |                   | that runs the risk of her dying in the wilderness,    |
 |                   | making looting her corpse much harder. [Although her  |
 |                   | body never disappears, so finding it later is still a |
 |                   | real possibility.] If provoked outdoors, city guards  |
 |                   | may join in and kill her, even after one yields!      |
 | Vicente Valtieri  | Being a vampire, Vicente takes 50% extra fire damage. |
 |                   | Additionally, a note in his desk talks about his huge |
 |                   | weakness to garlic, which would drain his strength &  |
 |                   | stamina, plus nullify his resistance to magic. Garlic |
 |                   | can be found in Antoinetta's living quarters chest,   |
 |                   | for reference. Vicente doesn't eat Poisoned Apples,   |
 |                   | also. A fun way to get rid of him is finding him in   |
 |                   | the training room around 8PM, when M'raaj-Dar does    |
 |                   | spell practice. Move him in front of the Khajiit and  |
 |                   | watch him be zapped to death! Other than that, he can |
 |                   | use a powerful sword in battle, and may still pass on |
 |                   | porphyric hemophilia that way (oh bitter irony!)      |
  * - Schemer and Dark Guardian don't need to be killed, for obvious reasons.

 When everyone's bit the dust, return to Lucien. From now on, quests will be
 "dead drops" -- that is, written directives found in containers in secluded
 locations. This way, there's no paper trail (...err) back to the sender. As
 it were, quest bonuses are now gone, replaced with a flat fee. That said, the
 first dead drop is at Hero Hill, southeast of the fort, in a hollow rock.

 REWARD: Shadowmere is an unkillable horse, and has great speed, health, and
 attack to supplement the player's actions. Additionally, if she wanders off,
 she can always be found at Fort Farragut again.

 ["The Dead Drop" miniquest starts now, ending when the next orders are read.]

11) AFFAIRS OF A WIZARD                                                  [DB11]
 Client: Dead Drop Orders #1 [Hero Hill]
 Prereq: The Purification
 Reward: 500g
 Infamy: +0 (glitch?)

 Lucien's first quest states there is a necromancer trying to transform into a
 lich, at the nearby Leafrot Cave. Celedaen is quite powerful but hasn't fully
 metamorphosized yet, making it the right time for the Brotherhood to strike.
 It's suggested to search the cave for writings that may detail his weakness,
 if any. [The location is in Cyrodiil's far SE reaches, along the Panther
 River in the Nibenay Valley. There's no real quest-related location out there
 to fast-travel to, unless you've done "Unearthing Mehrunes' Razor" -- then
 Sundercliff Watch will be nearby.]

 Expectedly, the caves will be filled with undead enemies, so be prepared to
 fight, sneak past, or make them flee with Turn Undead spells. Right at the
 start is Celedaen's study, which has the notable books "Art of War Magic"
 (+1 Destruction) and "The Path of Transcendence." The latter gives a quest
 update revealing the necromancer's weakness: his soul is in the process of
 transferring to the [Sands of Resolve] keepsake, and taking it from his
 person would automatically slay him.

 Celedaen walks the halls of Leafrot Hollow (2nd area), which is accessed by
 two entrances. He never sleeps or eats, so Poisoned Apple methods won't
 work. Although pickpocketing the Sands of Resolve instantly kills him, he's
 not as powerful as his writings suggest, and one good 6x sneak attack plus
 some follow-ups should bring him to heel quite easily.

 Once the mission's completed, the next dead drop (in a sack at the foot of
 Chorrol's Great Oak) contains the reward and the next orders.

12) NEXT OF KIN                                                          [DB12]
 Client: Dead Drop Orders #2 [Chorrol's Great Oak]
 Prereq: Affairs of a Wizard
 Reward: 500g
 Infamy: +1
 The second directive requires the elimination of the entire Draconis family,
 being Perennia and her four grown children. The matriarch's location is at
 Applewatch, a small farm northwest of Bruma. Upon introduction, pick "I'm
 looking for your children" -- she'll mistake the player as a gift service
 employee and give a [Draconis Gift List] and 100g for the trouble. This marks
 all the kids' location on the map.
 Killing Perennia in the house works best; outside, she tends to flee for a
 very long ways and will report the assault to the nearest Imperial forester.
 She may even head into Boreal Stone Cave nearby.

 NOTE: In public situations, remember that the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal can be
       equipped to "absorb" bounties, then unequipped to remove them. [Just
       yield to the city watch and they'll act like nothing ever happened.]

 Here's the location of the soon-to-be former siblings. They can be murdered
 in any order, mind you.

 Owner of the Drunken Dragon Inn in the Nibenay Valley (northeast of Leyawiin,
 southeast of Bravil). If one did Nocturnal's quest, the inn's just up the road
 a ways. It's quite easy to eliminate this hothead, as he attacks the player
 if any option other the standard "[Say Nothing]" dialogue option is chosen.
 An Imperial guard who frequents the estabilshment will take this as an
 unprovoked attack, and eventually cuts Andreas down.

 Cae is an Imperial Watch captain in Leyawiin, and can't be goaded into an
 "unprovoked" assault like her rasher siblings. Instead, it's wisest to catch
 her when she's isolated, such as when she visits the Three Sisters Inn 2F in
 the afternoon. The importance of isolation can't be stressed enough -- not
 only is she semi-formidable, but guards may join in, as well as Fighters Guild
 members (participating in their death leads to expulsion if one's a member).
 Basically, one should get used to a bounty unless y'find a shadowy nook to
 snipe her with magic or arrows. [Like usual, the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal can
 absorb the bounty of killing her, letting the player get off scot-free when
 it's unequipped. Just be sure to keep it on for any other attackers, too.]

 He works as a guard at Umbacano Manor in the Imperial City's Talos Plaza
 district. It's possible to speak to him with insulting dialogue options, but
 he isn't goaded immediately like other siblings. Perhaps the best time to
 take him out is while he sleeps at his house (same district), a little past
 midnight. Avoid his servant and sneak upstairs, hopefully dealing the death-
 -blow in one strike. [Use poisons if needed.] If he wakes up, he immediately
 dons his armor to fight back, which can be problematic and lead to the
 authorities' involvement. Even so, the bounty is usually only 40g, and can
 be absorbed into the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal if needed. [If one's prepared to
 wait days, he can succumb to a Poisoned Apple, too.]

 Location: Muck Valley Cavern, just west of Lake Poppad (itself east of the
 Imperial City). As Perennia's letter says, Sibylla forewent civilization to
 cohabitate with animals, and, unsurprisingly, she'll have gotten quite savage.
 Her pets aren't puppies and goldfish, either...they're bears, mountain lions,
 and wolves. Be prepared to slay them first before approaching Sibby, or it'll
 be quite an uneven fight. Luckily her half-naked appearance means her armor
 rating is poor. [This mission's wildlife variety is good for the Battlehorn
 Castle taxidermy quest, also.]


 The reward can be picked up at the stone well in Castle Skingrad's courtyard.

13) BROKEN VOWS                                                          [DB13]
 Client: Dead Drop Orders #3 [Castle Skingrad's courtyard well]
 Prereq: Next of Kin
 Reward: 500g
 Infamy: +1

 The next contract is for J'Ghasta in Bruma. This Khajiit is a master of
 unarmed combat and, expecting trouble, he's paid off the local guards in case
 any of his fights break out into the streets. But what kind of good assassin
 makes such a public display? A bad one, that's who.

 Break into his house to find he's not around. [Look for the Hand to Hand skill
 book "Immortal Blood" on a shelf, and some interesting articles of clothing in
 a basement keg.] Look for a secret trapdoor under some loose cloths under the
 stairway, which leads to the boxer's training room. After introductions, the
 fight begins -- his health ain't that great but his fists' fury can certainly
 put on a show. Watch out for paralysis!

 When he's slain, visit the next dead drop under the Old Bridge near Pell's
 Gate (SSW of Imperial City). Notice how short the quests are getting now?

14) FINAL JUSTICE                                                        [DB14]
 Client: Dead Drop Orders #4 [Box under Old Bridge]
 Prereq: Broken Vows
 Reward: 500g
 Infamy: +1

 This time, Shaleez, a dreaded Argonian psycopath, is the target. She can be
 found in the Flooded Mine a bit north of Bravil. True to its namesake, much
 of the place is completely submerged -- great for water-breathing Argonians,
 less good for others. Fighting doesn't have to be done underwater, of course,
 but it helps to have spells that overcome the obstacle just in case.

 Even though she's in her element, Shaleez still follows a general schedule,
 and if she's not patrolling the waters, she's on dry land at the dungeon's
 southeastern campsite. She sleeps here until the break of dawn, making it
 easy to pickpocket her weapons (3 swords, 2 enchanted) or reverse-pickpocket
 a Poisoned Apple for when she has her breakfast (precisely 6AM). Given the
 sparse amount of food nearby, the poison method is easily the most efficient.
 The next dead drop's at Fort Redman, a ways north of Leyawiin on the Niben's
 east bank. Look for a coffin near the place's dungeon entrance, which, in
 addition to the normal rewards, has [Alval Uvani's Schedule] as additional

15) A MATTER OF HONOR                                                    [DB15]
 Client: Dead Drop Orders #5 [Coffin at Fort Redman]
 Prereq: Final Justice
 Reward: 500g
 Infamy: +1

 Alval Uvani is a talented mage from the school of Destruction, whose job as a
 traveling merchant keeps him quite active around Cyrodiil. The schedule found
 with the previous mission's payment gives the lowdown on his whereabouts,
 although it's not always to-the-letter correct -- for instance, someone who
 waits at his house on Sundas may know he doesn't always show.

 Morndas/Tirdas - Bravil (Lonely Suitor Lodge)
 Middas /Turdas - Skingrad (The West Weald Inn)
 Fredas/Loredas - Bruma (Olav's Tap and Tack)
 Sundas --------- Leyawiin (Alval Uvani's House)

 The dead drop also mentions Alval's unique Dark Elf condition, an allergy to
 honey. Mead contains just that, and if he were to drink it, he'd suffer from
 total body paralysis, preventing him from fighting back or reporting any
 assaults. This is easily done at Olav's Tap and Tack as the booze is sold
 there; simply put it on any table table and wait for him to sit down, where
 he'll begin drinking. If one's unsure about his affliction, he'll talk out
 loud about being paralyzed; initiating conversation reveals the same thing,
 just in a funnier manner. [In the OT&T, picking the door to the lower rooms
 can lead Alval to go in there to drink, essentially isolating himself. D'oh!]

 Additionally, Alval can fall prey to Poisoned Apples and, occasionally, simply
 die in the wilderness from animal attacks, which doesn't affect the quest at
 all. It's worth mentioning that for being such an alleged badass mage, he
 often relies on his flimsy dagger to do the talking, expediting his demise.

 The next dead drop is in the Imperial City's Market District, in a hollowed-
 -out stump behind Stonewall Shields' building.

16) THE COLDEST SLEEP                                                    [DB16]
 Client: Dead Drop Orders #6 [Stump behind Stonewall Shields]
 Prereq: A Matter of Honor
 Reward: 500g
 Infamy: +1

 The sixth dead drop commands the player to slay Havilstein Hoar-Blood, a Nord
 living atop Gnoll Mountain. The location is a bit east of Bruma, but if the
 player has the Wizard's Tower DLC plugin, it'll be just a bit northwest of
 Frostcrag Spire (just down the road). Havilstein fights like a typical Nord,
 using a giant axe and ignoring magic altogether. Because of this single-
 -mindedness, it's easy to get out of range -- such as on an outcropping --
 and pelt him with arrows or magic. He has a pet wolf (Redmaw) but it's a
 small homefield advantage; sneak-attacking it and conjuring one's own helper
 would reverse it.

 In short, it's one of the simplest assassinations to complete. The next dead
 drop is in an odd spot: the Ayleid ruin of Nornal. It's located in eastern
 Cyrodiil's Nibenay Basin (right by the "N" in the "Nibenay," in fact) and
 notable because the dead drop is inside the place. Downstairs, look for a
 submerged passage leading to a locked gate, behind which is the target chest.

17) A KISS BEFORE DYING                                                  [DB17]
 Client: Dead Drop Orders #7 [Submerged chest in Nornal]
 Prereq: A Matter of Honor
 Reward: ---
 Infamy: +1

 The next quest is in Bravil, where a Bosmer named Ungolim must be sent to
 Sithis. He visits the famous statue of the Old Lucky Lady every night between
 6PM and 1AM like clockwork. Like J'Ghasta, he's already been alerted that
 someone's after him and paid off the town guards so he can fight without any
 unwanted interruptions. [However, they WILL attack if Ungolim hits them.] As
 the quest suggests, a stealth approach might be wise...

 Wait until the designated time and Ungolim will attack on sight. Fortunately
 for frontline fighters, he relies entirely on his archery skills...which is
 to say not much at all. There's little variety to his death, too, as it'll
 probably happen in city limits. Besides that, try to finish the battle in a
 normally accessible place, as Lucien Lachance appears immediately upon the
 elf's death for an automatic conversation, which essentially freezes the
 character in place if it can't be initiated. [Example: being on a really
 tall roof does this.]

 NOTE: Also be careful that any non-essential citizens aren't killed during
       the squabble. Some will just be knocked unconscious, but others (like
       beggars) won't.

 Lucien sets things straight, effectively ending the dead drop missions, and
 gives the next one...

18) FOLLOWING A LEAD                                                     [DB18]
 Client: Lucien Lachance [Bravil/Area]
 Prereq: A Kiss Before Dying
 Reward: Promotion to Speaker, Black Hand Robe, Black Hand Hood
 Infamy: +1
 To uncover the traitor, proceed to the eighth dead drop in Anvil, inside of
 town near the pond. Stand nearby in sneak mode and wait (preferably in 1-hour
 increments) until Enilroth, a Bosmer, is seen putting the worthless [Dead Drop
 Orders #8] in the barrel. Give him the third degree to learn he is just a paid
 courier, and that his employer lives in the lighthouse's cellar. Enilroth
 chooses to walk around with the previous mission's payment, so pickpocket it
 off him (or rob his corpse) for the 530g+ moolah.

 Arrive at the lighthouse to find the cellar has an unpickable lock...geez.
 Seek out Ulfgar Fog-Eye, usually on the grounds but sometimes in town, and
 get the [Lighthouse Cellar Key] from him by coercion or getting it from his
 lifeless fingers (he can be provoked into attacking by demanding the key and
 then saying nothing). Either way, the cellar is now accessible.

 Check down there to find the work of a disgusting madman. Past the corpses
 and a crazed dog, take the [Traitor's Diary] to exonerate Lucien of his
 alleged betrayal. Also worth taking is the gruesome [Mother's Head] sitting
 on a platter, if only for kicks.

 Visit Lucien at Applewatch to get the mission's rewards. Arquen says to speak
 with her about the Night Mother between certain hours (12PM-3AM) to begin the
 ancient ritual, which also starts the final mission...

19) HONOR THY MOTHER                                                     [DB19]
 Client: Arquen [Applewatch]
 Prereq: Following a Lead
 Reward: Promotion to Listener, Crypt treasures, Blade of Woe upgrade
 Infamy: +10

 Accepting Arquen's invitation automatically transports everyone to the Lucky
 Old Lady statue in Bravil, following which a secret crypt is opened. Descend
 and watch the scene until the traitor reveals him- or herself. The player and
 Arquen will then have to fight off the betrayer; luckily she's an invincible
 ally. Upon defeating "that person," the Night Mother lets the player loot the
 crypt for any goodies and promotes the player to Listener, too. [There will
 be no other chance to collect items here, so use a Feather spell to get it
 all out, if y'have to!]

 Talk with the Night Mother again to accept the Listener position, as well as
 be warped to the Cheydinhal Sanctuary. Arquen will detail the Listener's duty
 to the player, which takes form in the optional quest "Whispers of Death."
 [See miscellaneous sidequests for more details.] Basically, visiting the
 Night Mother once a week gets a name to relay to Arquen, who then gives a
 share (200g) of the profits. It's quite un-lucrative and a flimsy unending
 quest after all the spilled blood, but hey, it's something.

 REWARD: In addition to the self-evident rewards, the [Blade of Woe] now gets
         a major upgrade, gaining various enchantments: large Damage Willpower,
         Damage Health, and Damage Magicka effects. It also has a Demoralize
         enchantment but, like a couple other weapons, it has no duration and
         thus does nothing. [30 uses]

_____________________________________________________/ FIGHTERS GUILD [FGHT] |_
00) OVERVIEW                                                             [FG01]
 As its name suggests, the Fighters Guild questline deals primarily with the
 up-close and personal sort of battling, and characters of that ilk will be
 right at home.

 • The missions that follow will involve close-range enemies, so having good
   strength, endurance, and agility all help. However, having the aid of magic
   as well is great for evening the odds. Outnumbered? Use Conjuration. Ran
   out of potions? Turn invisible. There's a number of ways that magic can
   supplement here, so feel free to dabble!

 • Unlike some other questlines, the Fighters Guild's missions are given from
   a handful of chapter heads across Cyrodiil, so what order there is is rather
   loose. If a player wants to do a bunch in one city and move on, that's fine;
   doing one here and there in each town works, too. However, to advance, one
   often has to do a job from more than one guild, so the walkthrough mission
   order'll reflect that.

 • To join, one must speak with Vilena Donton (Chorrol), Azzan (Anvil) or Burz
   gro-Khash (Cheydinhal) on the subject. [This automatically completes the
   one-note quest "Join the Fighters Guild".] If one has an outstanding bounty,
   the head'll be quick to comment they don't allow "wanted criminals" to join
   their guild. On that same wavelength, the player can be kicked out for any
   intraguild conflicts, like stealing/attacking/killing another guildmate.
   There's a Three Strikes policy in place; on the third offense, the player's
   never able to rejoin the guild.

01) THE DESOLATE MINE                                                    [FG01]
 Client: Burz gro-Khash
 Locatn: Cheydinhal [Fighters Guild]
 Prereq: ---
 Reward: Level-dependant gold, promotion to Apprentice (if A Rat Problem done)
 Fame -: +1 (only if all members survive)

 One of the first quests available is to deliver a weapons shipment to some
 fighters at, surprise, the Desolate Mine -- it's just northwest of the city.
 The weapons -- a Steel Bow, Steel Longsword, and Steel Warhammer -- are all
 considered quest items and are, therefore, weightless, so strength-deficient
 mage types won't have to worry.

 Inside, the three guildmates (Elidor, Rienna, Brag gro-Bharg) will be waiting
 for their arms. It pays to save before approaching them, as their safety will
 depend entirely on how well the player assists. [At higher levels, this can
 become very problematic; even one person dying negatively impacts things.]
 Those who want to prevent the allies' deaths should pickpocket the [Mine Key]
 from Rienna and open the door oneself. Hopefully there won't be a goblin
 there, otherwise the others might run to help and use their fists to attack.
 In this manner, one should be able to clean out the mine without requiring

 HOWEVER, at later levels, those steel quest items are going to be ridiculously
 obsolete and no one wants that crap sitting in the inventory. Thus, save one
 goblin, return to the crew and hand out the weapons, then return and slay the

 Return to gro-Khash to finish up. 

 REWARD: The baseline reward is 600g, and is either lowered (by casualties) or
         doubled (if everyone survives).

02) A RAT PROBLEM                                                        [FG02]
 Client: Azzan
 Locatn: Anvil [Fighters Guild]
 Prereq: ---
 Fame -: +1
 Reward: Level-dependant gold, promotion to Apprentice (if The Desolate Mine
         completed), Acrobatics or Speechcraft skillboost

 Azzan says he's got a reward suitable to the player's experience: clearing a
 house of rats. [Speak to him on the subject to get the quest properly.] The
 client in this case is Arvena Thelas, who lives down the street. However, all
 is not what it seems: the task isn't to kill rats in the basement, but to save
 Arvena's rats from whatever's killing THEM. Interesting.

 Visit the cellar to find a 'starving mountain lion' has been bullying the
 vermin and, unlike normal lions, goes down without much of a fight. That's
 malnutrition for you... [Do not kill the rats! The contract fails if one
 commits such an atrocity.] But Arvena's fears about others aren't allayed, and
 she requests that the player find Pinarus Inventius to stamp out any others
 that may be nearby.

 Being a hunter, it's quite possible Pinarus is out in the countryside (during
 the day, that is) -- still, finding him shouldn't be too difficult with the
 quest marker leading the way. Speak to Pinarus and he'll start the hunt at
 any hour, leading the player to the countryside northwest of town. There'll
 be more starving mountain lions to fight, none of which are that much of a
 threat. [Pinarus is unkillable, for reference.] The lions only seem to attack
 after Inventius says his part to the player; thus, if one runs ahead of him,
 he can simply slay them easily. Alternatively, jump on the large rock and use

 In any case, the lions go the way of the dodo. Talk to Arvena to reassure her
 they're all gone, only to find out ANOTHER is in the basement. After slaying
 it, Arvena says Quill-Weave is the likely culprit, as she's been spotted in
 the backyard late at night. The quest update suggests surveilling her to
 corroborate the accusations. Sure enough, around 10-11PM, the target can be
 seen putting meat near the hole in the backyard. However, when confronted,
 Quill-Weave said she just wanted to lure the things outside so the guards
 would take care of them. She seems apologetic and even offers some training
 if the player keeps their lips shut.

 Return to the client and she'll ask if her neighbor has anything to do with
 the cat infestation. The player's skill boost reward depends on the answer.

 • +1 Acrobatics training from Quill-Weave (if she's not turned in)
 • +1 Speechcraft training from Arvena (if Quill-Weave is outed as the culprit)

 The quest ends when Quill-Weave is turned in, or the free training's obtained
 from Quill-Weave. [Max gold reward is 600g]

03) THE UNFORTUNATE SHOPKEEPER                                           [FG03]
 Client: Azzan
 Locatn: Anvil [Fighters Guild]
 Prereq: Promoted to Apprentice
 Fame -: +1
 Reward: Level-dependant gold

 The chapter head's second quest is to assist Norbert Lelles, a proprietor
 on the waterfront who's having trouble with some burglars. [The quest is
 officially taken when questioning Azzan about the client.] Visit his store
 -- Lelles' Quality Merchandise -- to learn one's welcome to stay overnight
 to keep watch, while he stays at the Flowing Bowl to wait for results.

 Unlike some other missions, the game won't interrupt a wait session for an
 event, so one has to do it manually. They usually appear around 12PM-1AM,
 give or take an hour. In any case, the three intruders (Storn the Burly,
 Aenvir, Dranas Lerano) will have to be slain. They're Nord, Bosmer, and
 Dunmer, respectively, and usually carry equipment up to glass quality. Like
 many close-quarters battles, getting wailed on by three physical fighters is
 no fun, and even with help, it's still cramped -- leading everyone outside
 gives more leg room, and guards may even help.

 NOTE: Leading them outside CAN help, but be careful to help out any NPCs that
       may join in, too. This is especially true if one provokes a fight while
       the thieves loiter by the storefront pre-burglary. Killing them at this
       time doesn't affect the quest, it's just more dangerous.

 When the three are dead (their corpses never disappear, by the way, making
 them funny in-store decorations) talk with Norbert to get the reward (up to

04) UNFINISHED BUSINESS                                                  [FG04]
 Client: Vilena Donton
 Locatn: Chorrol [Fighters Guild]
 Prereq: Promoted to Journeyman
 Fame -: +1 [if player takes credit for completing contract]
 Reward: Level-dependant gold

 Speak with Vilena (or any chapter head to be referred to her) to learn she
 wants the player to take duties from Modryn Oreyn. The quest is only given
 after advancing to Journeyman, though. He wants the player to find Maglir,
 a Bosmer who's defaulted on a contract and ruining the guild reputation by
 doing so. The guy's in Skingard, apparently.

 Locate him at West Weald Inn to learn the story: the task was to find [Brenus
 Astis' Journal] in Fallen Rock Cave, but after assessing the dangers and pay,
 it didn't seem worth risking his life over. The player then automatically
 picks up the contract and has to carry it out. Far to the northwest is the
 aforementioned cave, the next destination.

 The place will be crawling with undead types of creatures, but luckily, it's
 just a one-area dungeon. In a watery dead-end, in the cave's depths, will be
 the journal on a stone-hewn ledge. [Those wanting to get a leg-up on the next
 quest may want to collect ectoplasm samples from ghost/wraith types floating
 around -- 5 are needed.]

 Once the journal's obtained, all that's required is to report back to Modryn
 to complete the quest. However, those feeling sorry for Maglir's "family man"
 plight can return to him first and pledge to give him the credit. He puts up
 a nonchalant attitude but "screwing" him out of the credit does affect a
 quest down the line (however minor).

05) DRUNK AND DISORDERLY                                                 [FG05]
 Client: Modryn Oreyn
 Locatn: Chorrol [Fighters Guild]
 Prereq: Unfinished Business
 Fame -: +1, promotion to Swordsman
 Reward: Level-dependant gold

 After a rousing success during "Unfinished Business," Modryn's got another
 task lined up. Some guildmembers are causing problems down in Leyawiin, and
 like Maglir's un-sense of duty, reflects poorly on the establishments. The
 whereabouts of the offenders (Dubok gro-Shagk, Vantus Prelius, Rellian) can
 be ascertained from townsfolk or the guards: the Five Claws Lodge.

 So why go on a bender? As any of the three fighters says, it's the state of
 the job market since the Blackwood Company moved in. Long story short, they
 got no work. [So why go drinking which costs money? Herpaderp.] Pick "you
 need work to keep busy" and they'll agree to stop rabble-rousing if a job's
 scrounged up.

 Speak with the proprietress Witseidutsei and she'll suggest Margarte, who'll
 be at her house, the current building, or out finding ingredients. Find her
 and she'll agree to give the Fighters Guild her contract exclusively, if the
 player finds her five [Ectoplasm] samples as a sign o' good faith. Of course,
 that ingredient is dropped exclusively by ghost- and wraith-type enemies.
 The easiest place to get some (outside of buying it) would be Leyawiin's
 chapel undercroft, where ghosts are considerably weaker than normal wraiths.

 Once five samples are collected, give them to Margarte and she'll agree to
 let the guild be her supplier. [She'll also buy Minotaur Horns and Ogre's
 Teeth, but her pay ain't worth the dangers.] Give the good news to the boys
 at Five Claws and they'll put down their mugs to pick up their swords. Happy
 endings are so nice... Modryn will give out a bonus and advancement for this

06) DEN OF THIEVES                                                       [FG06]
 Client: Azzan
 Locatn: Anvil [Fighters Guild]
 Prereq: Promotion to Swordsman
 Fame -: +1
 Reward: Level-dependant gold, promotion to Protector (if Amelion's Debt done)

 Azzan's finally ready for the player to party with the big boys, and gives a
 true guild contract: eliminating some thieves harassing Anvil's citizens. 
 [The quest is added when talking about 'Thieves'.] But becase Azzan's not
 ready to take the training wheels off, he sends Maglir along with the player
 to help out -- he'll start following immediately after returning downstairs.

 NOTE: Maglir is an unkillable ally, and many people like to do other missions
       with him along to make things easier. Just an aside...

 There's no leads on the thieves' hideout, so time to canvas the neighborhood.
 Ask around town (the city guards work) and, with enough disposition, they'll
 direct the player to Newheim the Portly, a recent victim of a B&E. [He'll be
 marked on the map at this time.] Question him about his troubles to learn the
 enemies are an all-Bosmer group based out of Hrota Cave. One can also get
 info on his heirloom, which starts the optional quest "Newheim's Flagon."

 NOTE: The robbers sought are not Thieves Guild members, so they won't give
       any expulsions or whatever.

 Working with Maglir this time will be a much more pleasurable experience, as
 he can be told to follow or wait, for stealth- and fighting-based characters,
 respectively. Regardless, there's 8 Bosmer thieves to kill in all: Githriian,
 Dennilwen, Nedhelfin, Thiirehel, Thrangirfin, Niraegaer, Cingaer and Idrolian.
 Most opponents will be primary bow users, but a few attack with longswords;
 Idrolian, the final thief, has skill in Conjuration. As for Maglir, he'll put
 up a good fight; just make sure to rest a spell now and then to recover his
 life (he won't do it himself). Those looking to help out Mr. Portly can find
 [Newheim's Heirloom] flagon on a table in the large northeast cavern, right
 before the last thief is located.

 When all thieves are slain, return to Azzan for payday.

07) AMELION'S DEBT                                                       [FG07]
 Client: Burz gro-Khash
 Locatn: Cheydinhal [Fighters Guild]
 Prereq: Promotion to Swordsman
 Fame -: +1
 Reward: Level-dependant gold, promotion to Protector (if Den of Thieves done)

 Biene Amelion needs something retrieved from her ancestral tomb, Burz says.
 She lives in the Water's Edge settlement a bit north of Leyawiin, along the
 roadside. Question is: why didn't she give the quest to a local guild? Hah,
 women, am I right? :p

 The lady says with her father build up a large gambling debt, and with his
 passing, she's "inherited" his "legacy." To save herself from a debt-related
 death, she wants her grandfather's enchanted sword and cuirass found in the
 Amelion Tomb, SE of Water's Edge on the opposite riverbank. Players feeling
 particularly generous can simply pay off her debt on the spot (1000g), which
 makes Biene so happy, she says the player can keep her grandfather's equipment
 if found. Note that the equipment isn't a quest item, so if one already found
 and sold it, giving her the money is REQUIRED to continue.

 Those wanting to retrieve grandpa's goodies for Biene (or oneself) can visit
 the Amelion Tomb to obtain the collector's set. Remember that Biene only wants
 the sword and cuirass; the rest aren't important quest-wise. They're not all
 in one place though, and aren't terribly useful anyway, but here's the
 locations in order of accessibility:

 • [Brusef Amelion's Gauntlets] are in the cave-in corridor (1st area)
 • [Brusef Amelion's Boots] are behind a fancy locked coffin (1st area)
 • [Brusef Amelion's Shield] in coffin chamber, behind a crate (1st area)
 • [Brusef Amelion's Cuirass] on a sarcophagus (2nd area)
 • [Brusef Amelion's Sword] on a sarcophagus (2nd area)
 • [Brusef Amelion's Greaves] in NE corner of sarcophagus chamber (2nd area)
 • [Brusef Amelion's Helmet] behind wisp stalks at drop-down point (1st area)

 However the mission concludes, return to Burz to get real paid.
08) THE MASTER'S SON                                                     [FG08]
 Client: Modryn Oreyn
 Locatn: Chorrol [Fighters Guild]
 Prereq: Promotion to Protector
 Fame -: +1
 Reward: Level-dependant gold, random enchanted sword type or dagger

 This mission's given when speaking to Modryn (or any chapter head who sends
 one to him) and revolves around Viranus Donton, the guildmaster's son. He's
 a little light on field work and without some self-confidence, he'll never be
 an adequate warrior like his late brother Vitellus. The job is to investigate
 Nonwyll Cavern (north of town) and locate a missing guildmate, Galtus Previa,
 lost on a gem-finding expedition. Vilena Donton isn't to know of the mission.

 Like the previous mission with Maglir, Viranus is unkillable, but unlike him,
 can't be told to stay/wait. Thus, this scenario will play out a lot: Viranus
 runs smack-dab into a gang of trolls, gets violated within seconds, and when
 he becomes conscious, it repeats. He's not that useful here, but then again,
 facing 3-4 savage trolls in a small corridor ain't fun for anyone. The second
 area "Chamber of the Titans" adds ogres to the monster mix; Galtus Previa can
 be found here, too, just off the largest chamber. Take the [Broken Shield] as
 proof something odd's going on.

 Report back to Modryn, turn over the shield, and get the reward.

 REWARD: Finally a tangible reward! Modryn gives a random blade type (dagger,
         shortsword, longsword, claymore), usually with an elemental damage
         enchantment, and it's possible to reload (auto)saves before talking
         to him to change which is obtained.

09) MORE UNFINISHED BUSINESS                                             [FG09]
 Client: Modryn Oreyn
 Locatn: Chorrol [Fighters Guild]
 Prereq: The Master's Son
 Fame -: +1
 Reward: Level-dependant gold, Ring of Aegis, promotion to Defender

 Maglir's done it again, defaulting on a contract and failing to report back.
 And after all we've done for him!! This time he's in Bravil, although his
 current whereabouts are unknown -- asking around (guards, etc.) should mark
 his location at the Lonely Suitor Lodge. Turns out he's jumped the fence and
 working for Blackwood Company now, that little felcher!

 • If the player took all the credit during "Unfinished Business," Maglir's
   uninterested in helping one out and refuses to assist with guild business.
   Returning to Oreyn tells one to seek out Aryarie (although knowing where to
   go already can skip this part).

 • If the player gave him the credit during "Unfinished Business," he'll level
   on the favor, saying to speak with Aryarie at the Mage's Guild to pick up
   the contract.

 In any case, visit the mage to be tasked with procuring ten samples of Imp
 Gall. This marks a known imp hangout, Robber's Glen Cave, on the map -- it's
 just north of town, roadside. Note that, like in "Drunk and Disorderly," if
 one already has the specimens, those can just be handed over in lieu of fresh
 samples. Those who do visit the cave should be pleasantly surprised at how
 easy it is to proceed, sneak-attacking a bunch of imps and collecting decent

 REWARD: In addition to the normal rewards, Aryarie gives a (generic) ring of
         Aegis, that provides up to Shield 18%.

10) AZANI BLACKHEART                                                     [FG10]
 Client: Modryn Oreyn
 Locatn: Chorrol [Fighters Guild]
 Prereq: More Unfinished Business [Promoted to Defender]
 Fame -: +1
 Reward: promotion to Warder

 The quest is received when talking to Modryn, but he won't say any more about
 Blackwood Company and their odd rise to fame under Ri'Zakar 'til the player's
 advanced to Defender rank. At his behest, visit his house at dusk (6PM+) to
 get the full scoop on the rival guild's ruthlessness. The Azani Blackheart
 mission was where it all started, where Modryn began suspecting a setup.

 An off-the-books mission sounds fun! Agree to assist and meet Oreyn down at
 Leyawiin's guild. He'll join as an unkillable helper to investigate Arpenia,
 Blackheart's base of operations. The Ayleid ruin is northeast of town, along
 the Yellow Road (just a bit north of Nocturnal's Shrine). Thankfully, since
 the place was already cleared of bandits and such, the only remnants to deal
 with are rats, mudcrabs, and traps. Search around the room with the elevating
 spike trap and Modryn should comment that the Blackwood Company's takedown
 was a sham, and no battle took place here. Azani's fascination with all
 things Ayleid means his base probably moved to Atatar nearby (northeast). Its
 location isn't marked on the map, though; instead, Modryn walks there and
 expects one to follow.

 Sure 'nough, the presence of bandits in the ruin indicate Modryn's hunch was
 right. There's four zones to progress through, and Azani Blackheart only
 appears in the last (Atatar Loria), where he's the only enemy around. He's
 a bit more formidable than normal enemies, having the unique [Sinweaver]
 claymore and the quest-related [Blackheart's Ring]. Give it to Modryn and
 the quest finishes.

 NOTE: Those wanting to get those Varla Stones in "Atatar Haelia Dagon" can
       get them at this point, taking the shortcut from the third area. This
       opens one of the retractable doors, as well as gives access to the cage
       release button (works for all three).

11) THE WANDERING SCHOLAR                                                [FG11]
 Client: Azzan
 Locatn: Anvil [Fighters Guild]
 Prereq: Promoted to Warder
 Fame -: +1
 Reward: Level-dependant gold; 2920, Morning Star (v1), promoted to Guardian
         (if The Fugitives done)
 Elante of Alinor is a daedric scholar, and currently at Brittlerock Cave on
 assignment. The location is quite a ways northwest of Kvatch, right under
 where it says "County Kvatch" on the map, actually. Inside, Elante will say
 the player gets to handle any difficulties the cave may have, and not
 surpringly, there's a lot of 'em -- daedra types, in fact. [It pays to save
 before speaking with her; see below.]

 This is a very run-of-the-mill mission, and the scholar can die if brought
 close to the fray. Thus, the most efficient way to complete it is to avoid
 speaking with her, kill everything in the first area, then get her to tag
 along. The reason only the first area needs to be sweeped is 'cause Elante
 won't bother entering the others, so no need to waste extra time.

 NOTE: Normally Elante will begin her journey, stopping only if the player's
       too far away. However, sometimes she stops and won't move for anything.
       Re-entering the cave or zone doesn't seem to work, thus the reason to
       have a save to reload from. [And, no, pushing her all the way there
       doesn't work either...I tried.]

 Once she agrees to stay put, time to report back. Should she have died, there
 is no reward (fame, gold, etc.) obtainable for the quest.

 REWARD: Elante's gift, the [2920, Morning Star (v1)] book, gives +1 to Blade.

12) THE FUGITIVES                                                        [FG12]
 Client: Burz gro-Khash
 Locatn: Cheydinhal [Fighters Guild]
 Prereq: Promoted to Warder
 Fame -: +1
 Reward: Level-dependant gold, rank up to Guardian (if Wandering Scholar done)

 Burz isn't sure a "meat" should get a job like this, but gives it anyway --
 a prison break in Bravil let some real nutjobs out, and with their city watch
 being ineffective, it's time for the guild to step in. Travel to town and see
 what the folks know...only they're awfully scared to say anything, including
 the patrolmen. Buff their disposition in the preferred fashion to learn the
 gang of four (not the rock band!) is hiding out at Bloodmayne Cave, just
 west of town along the Larsius River.

 The four enemies are spread out in pairs through the two areas of the place.
 Hlofgar (Nord fighter) and Ashanta (Redguard warrior) are found in the 1st,
 Dreet-Lai (Argonian archer) and Enrion (Altmer mage) are in the 2nd. They're
 okay warriors, but only have equipment up to glass caliber, not to mention
 are spread so far apart that they get no reinforcements.

 Finish up and return to Burz for payment.

13) TROLLS OF FORSAKEN MINE                                              [FG13]
 Client: Modryn Oreyn
 Locatn: Chorrol [Fighters Guild]
 Prereq: Promoted to Guardian
 Fame -: +1
 Reward: ---

 There's a sensitive emergency of dire urgency that must be completed: find
 the guildmaster's son, Viranus Donton. He and some others were sent to the
 Forsaken Mine in a troll-clearing expedition, but it's been days and still
 no word... Said mine is directly south of Leyawiin, making the commute from
 Chorrol rather weird...

 Just inside, it'll be obvious things went awry, as the body of a guildmate
 is lying in a pool of her own blood. There's others too, but the place seems
 to be filled with mudcrabs and their weak ilk. [Those wanting to collect the
 Blackwood Company equipment can find a corpse with all of it in this cavern,
 and whose presence obviously suggests foul play...] In the Lost Passages part
 of the mine, the trolls start appearing. Fortunately, one does NOT have to
 take up the task of slaying the cavern of its trollkin. This 2nd area is also
 where Viranus Donton can be found, in no better shape than his comrades --
 stand near it to get the quest update, which may take some waiting. Loot his
 corpse for [A Bloody Journal] that describes just what went on.

 After, return to Modryn to deliver the grim tidings...but how can one have a
 long face after getting paid? YAY! ...what, too soon? ...and what's that,
 we're not getting paid? I guess a frowny face IS in order. =(

 NOTE: Oreyn suggests finding work elsewhere 'til things die down. The player,
       if s/he speaks to Azzan, will be demoted to Defender, until redemption
       comes by doing two more quests (letting rank be restored). However, one
       can avoid demotion by doing Burz' two missions first. In any case, this
       doesn't screw up the promotions/achievements in the long run.

14) THE NOBLE'S DAUGHTER                                                 [FG14]
 Client: Burz gro-Khash
 Locatn: Cheydinhal [Fighters Guild]
 Prereq: Trolls of Forsaken Mine
 Fame -: +1
 Reward: Level-dependant gold, Rugdumph's Sword, rank restored (if "The Stone
         of St. Alessia" done already)

 Burz' mission is 'bout finding Lord Rugdumph's missing daughter, although he
 gives little in the way of details. Those'll have to be gotten from the Lord
 himself, who lives on an estate north of Cheydinhal (NE of Lake Arrius). He
 "conversates" about his child, Lady Rogbut, and how she was likely abducted
 while rock-picking in the wilds east of his estate.

 Visit those wilds to find three ogres and the frightened daughter. Taking 'em
 out won't be that hard since they won't follow too far, but those who want to
 have a little fun with the run-of-the-mill quest can go south towards Walker's
 Camp to get a little help from skooma smugglers. [Don't lead 'em north towards
 Aerin's Camp as Torbern, the Nord there, is pertinent to the Master Acrobatics
 training quest.] Just be careful as if a smuggler flees, the ogres can be lead
 on a wild goose chase towards the countryside -- draw their attention back to
 oneself to stop things.

 Anyway, once the ogres are dead, find Rogbut (*snicker*) again to learn she'd
 have killed 'em herself if axing heads off was considered ladylike. Lead her
 back to daddy's estate to obtain the magniferous [Rugdumph's Sword], then
 a reward from Burz.

 REWARD: Playing off his horrendous misuse of the spoken word, Rugdumph's
         sword has Absorb Speechcraft 5pts/5s and Silence 5s enchantments; it's
         the latter effect that draws any attention to it. Naturally it'll be
         more useful in questlines containing heavy magic usage...

15) MYSTERY AT HARLUN'S WATCH                                            [FG15]
 Client: Burz gro-Khash
 Locatn: Cheydinhal [Fighters Guild]
 Prereq: The Noble's Daughter
 Fame -: +1
 Reward: Level-dependant gold, Mind and Body Ring, rank restored (if demoted),
         promotion to Champion (if "The Stone of St. Alessia" done)
 Burz' second mission for the ever-redeeming player is investigating strange
 disappearances at Harlun's Watch, a settlement just south of town, where the
 main road tapers off. Speak with Drarana Thelis to learn some strange lights
 have been appearing at night, down by the old Swampy Cave -- and those sent
 to check it out never returned. Spooky!

 But first-hand experience is always best. Go find the lights oneself to find
 they're nothing but will-o-the-wisps...still, it doesn't explain the vanishing
 act people've been pulling. [Killing the overgrown fireflies isn't required.]
 Once inside, the trolls' presence suggests what happened to the villagers --
 the fears are confirmed when a corpse is found in a dead end (first area).
 The task then becomes clearing out all (~15) remaining swamp trolls spread out
 in the cave's two areas.

 Once done, report to Drarana, then Burz, which opens up an "advancement" that
 restores the previously lost ranks (if they were indeed lost). BUT, don't just
 forget about the cave like that -- any spelunker should've noted the high
 concentration of good loot chests! They'll respawn every three days, so come
 back periodically and see what's new. [One chest near the normal entrance
 always has a Detect Life helmet inside.]

 REWARD: The [Mind and Body Ring] has Fortify Strength and Reflect Damage
         enchantments, although they never break the single digits.

16) THE STONE OF ST. ALESSIA                                             [FG16]
 Client: Azzan
 Locatn: Anvil [Fighters Guild]
 Prereq: Trolls of Forsaken Mine
 Fame -: +1
 Reward: Level-dependant gold, rank restored (if The Noble's Daughter done),
         promotion to Champion (if Burz' two other missions done)

 Upon talking to Azzan, the player will be demoted to Defender, and can earn
 redemption by doing two of the next three available contracts. However, if
 one already did Burz gro-Khash's contracts, then he won't demote the player
 and just offers his mission: recover the [Stone of St. Alessia] that was
 stolen from Bruma's Chapel. One's directed to Cirroc, a priest there, who
 believes bandits stole the rock, heading east out of town.

 Following the quest marker, a thief (K'Sharr) says he participated in the
 heist, but his band got robbed by ogres, him being the only survivor. The
 ogres are based out of Sedor, which the Khajiit is kind enough to mark on the
 map. Feel free to repay that kindness by not killing him...or do. It's all
 good (...well, not for K'Sharr).

 Sedor is an Ayleid ruin far to the east of Bruma, so far out in the wilderness
 that new players probably won't have a point of reference for fast-traveling.
 Once inside, the stone can be obtained in the first area, on a pedestal behind
 button-lowered gate. The button is actually triggered on a walkway overhead,
 not the floor button below it. Did ogres actually think of that almost-clever
 hiding spot? Hmm...

 Return the stone to Cirroc to get [Strong Potion of Healing] x3, then to
 Azzan for payment. Depending on how Burz' missions were done, rank restoration
 or advancement'll be possible.

17) INFORMATION GATHERING                                                [FG17]
 Client: Modryn Oreyn
 Locatn: Chorrol [Modryn Oreyn's House]
 Prereq: Promotion to Champion
 Fame -: ---
 Reward: Amulet of Interrogation [if player doesn't kill Ajum-Kajin]

 This quest is added upon promotion, as the chapter head tips off the player
 that Oreyn's looking for him/her. Apparently, even though Vilena expelled him,
 his drive to defeat the Blackwood Company is still going strong, and he needs
 a little info gathered. Now that he can work outside guild rules, Modryn's
 looking to do a little "interrogation" on Ajum-Kajin, one of BC's leaders,
 and word is they've set up base in Glademist Cave, which is on the Orange Road
 (between Bruma and Chorrol).

 Inside will be 7-8 Blackwood Company guards to destroy however one desires.
 This is mandatory as, Ajum-Kajin, who's at the cave's end, won't follow the
 player if any subordinates are alive. [Note that some appear in clumps and,
 due to enchanted equipment, it's best to play dirty. Case in point: going
 invisible and pushing enemies into the ravine for fall damage. This can be
 repeated by luring them back up.]

 Once the Argonian agrees to follow, bring him back to Oreyn's house for some
 punishment. Speak with Oreyn to learn he doesn't care one gets the info out
 of Ajum, as long as it's gotten. [Charming him for answers isn't possible
 in this case, however.] Ask him the first round of questions, then proceed
 to whittle his health down in the preferred fashion -- using fists is the
 most impressive stylistically, of course. Heed the quest update when he's
 almost dead and ask again, this time learning the leader's name but not the
 company's source of power. Ajum-Kajin then commits suicide via his [Blackwood
 Ring of Silence] and the next quest can start. 

 REWARD: Assuming the player didn't kill the Argonian, which grants no reward,
         Modryn gives the aforementioned amulet as a token of thanks. It has
         Fortify Hand to Hand and Speechcraft enchantments (both single digits)

18) INFILTRATION                                                         [FG18]
 Client: Modryn Oreyn
 Locatn: Chorrol [Modryn Oreyn's House]
 Prereq: Information Gathering
 Fame -: ---
 Reward: ---

 Whatever the previous mission's outcome, Modryn still asks his compatriot to
 infiltrate Blackwood Company's crew and see what else can be learned. They're
 based out of Leyawiin and have a large building right near the other guild
 halls. It's locked during the night, though.

 Once inside, talk around about 'joining the Blackwood company' -- one'll be
 told to speak with Jeetum-Ze, who'll probably be found on the second floor.
 He'll allow the player to join on a trial basis (due to "inexperience") and
 move to the downstairs training hall, expecting one to follow. The Argonian
 explains that goblins have invaded the Water's Edge settlement and the four
 recruits present are to slay them. The [Hist Sap] potion is obtained at this
 time and must be drunk to continue.

 When the concoction's downed, the player is teleported to the destination
 settlement to eradicate the goblins who...don't fight back, or have weapons,
 or any items on their corpses. Check inside to get the rest, too. When all're
 slain -- or one gets too far away from the houses -- the player awakens at
 Modryn's pad. The ex-guildmate suggests revisiting Water's Edge to see what
 had went down. Upon arrival, speak to Marcel Amelion for an update.

 NOTE: Sometimes the citizens aren't corpses, and are instead standing up and
       sliding around (not interactable either). This shouldn't affect

 Report the findings back to Modryn to end.

19) THE HIST                                                             [FG19]
 Client: Modryn Oreyn
 Locatn: Chorrol [Modryn Oreyn's House]
 Prereq: Infiltration
 Reward: Promotion to Master, Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw
 Fame -: ---

 Speak to Modryn about the Hist Tree to officially start the mission. With
 the accidental deaths of the settlement's citizens, it's quite clear that the
 Blackwood Company's hist tree must be destroyed. Modryn says to expect an
 unfriendly welcome at their Leyawiin guild hall, and that Ri'Zakar will have
 their treasure well-guarded.

 Those who haven't found the latest FG missions satisfied their bloodlust'll
 quite pleased with this final assault, during which one gets to slay any
 Blackwood Company soldier in sight. [These don't count as illegal murders,
 for those wondering.] The archer Geel, mage Rana, and warrior Ja'Fazir will
 be walking around 1F, and shouldn't be much of a problem besides the latter's
 decent use of Conjuration. Jeetum-Ze should be around somewhere, too, though
 maybe not immediately.

 NOTE: It's possible to draw enemies out into the street where the city guard
       (and nearby pedestrians) can help eliminate them. Just note that the
       BC soldiers have better equipment than regular joes and can probably
       kill a watchman in a 1-on-1 fight. For some reason, repeatedly entering
       and leaving the guild may make Ja'Fazir unhostile, even with disposition
       of zero, and he won't leave [attacking him unprovoked WILL be a crime].
       Funny thing is, he can assist in killing other guildmembers who initiate
       battle with the player. D'oh.

 When the four members are slain, get [Ri'Zakar's Room Key] from Jeetum-Ze's
 body and attack the guild leader in his 3F apartment. He can be lead outside
 as well, if needed...although he'll probably clobber any generic guard in a
 1-on-1. Take the [Blackwood Co. Basement Key] from his body and enter the
 room where the Hist is kept. It's guarded by two mages, Sings-Like-Thunder
 and Hears-Voices-In-The-Air, both of whom are versed in Conjuration. When
 they're dead, the final task is destroying the machinery. To do this, take a
 [Loose Pipe] from the area and inspect a sap pump to destroy it. When both
 are flaming, the hist is destroyed and one can leave.

 ...but not first without slaying Maglir, who immediately approaches the hist-
 -destroyer and vows vengeance for ruining his life. He won't have enchanted
 equipment like the others, but knows a bit of magic to make things different
 than the norm (invisibility, etc). Just don't attack him unprovoked as may
 still count as an intraguild offense, expelling the player! When all's said
 and done, return to Oreyn to obtain his ancestral heirloom, the [Helm of Oreyn

 Also tell Vilena Donton about the goings-on to be promoted to Master, the
 highest rank of the guild and acting guildmaster. She suggests making Oreyn
 the second-in-command, vice president, aide-de-camp...whatever y'wanna call
 it. He'll accept when asked, of course, completing the questline properly.

 REWARD: Oreyn's helm fortifies Agility and Endurance 10 points each, and even
         has a decent armor to match. As for guildmaster duties, speak with
         Modryn to decide how to proceed: focus on recruitment, focus on doing
         contracts, or both equally. The orders affect one's monthly stipend,
         placed monthly in the guild hall's upstairs chest, which requires the
         [Guildmaster's Key] given to the player. Focusing on recruitment gives
         the player more loot; focusing on contracts gives more money. Doing
         both equally...well, it's self-explanitory.

________________________________________________________/ MAGES GUILD [MGSG] |_
00) OVERVIEW                                                             [MG00]
 The Mages Guild questline deals with the goings-on between the Arcane
 University and their hated rivals, the necromancers' cult. Obviously this
 quest is magic-oriented.

 • Just because the perks for this quest benefit mages the most doesn't mean
   that character build works the best. In fact, physical powerhouses will
   find that they can often cut through mages' poor defense if given the
   chance. Still, proficiency in stripping mages of their offense, such as by
   paralysis or silence, helps bundles.

 • Most major cities have a certain college of magic they specialize in, and
   are the places to visit for buying those types of spells. Anvil's forte is
   Restoration, Bravil is Illusion, Cheydinhal has Alteration, Chorrol uses
   Conjuration, Skingrad has Destruction, and Leyawiin Mysticism. Bruma and
   Kvatch have no specialties, for one reason or another.

 • Like other guilds, it's possible to be expelled for infractions against
   other members, such as assaulting/killing/stealing from guildmates. This
   can happen even after the questline ends. One makes reparations in the
   "Mages Guild Suspension" by collecting 20 of two ingredient types for
   Raminus, such as [Vampire Dust] or [Dragon's Tongue]s. Getting expelled a
   third time permanently boots the player out of the guild.

01) JOIN THE MAGES GUILD                                                 [MG01]
 Client: Any local guild chapter head
 Prereq: ---
 Reward: Robe of the Apprentice, promotion to Apprentice; can use University
 Fame -: +1

 This quest starts anytime a local guild hall's recommendation quest is taken,
 which automatically makes a player an Associate in the questline. [One gets
 the Mages Guild Key and Mages Guild Charter at this moment.] It ends when
 each applicable city's recommendation quest is completed. That explanation
 obviously omits a lot of legwork, but this is more of an ongoing quest than
 anything else. 

 When all recommendations are done, speak with Raminus Polus in the Arch-Mage's
 Tower to get the quest's rewards.

 REWARD: The [Robe of the Apprentice] fortifies Willpower up to 6pts...not a
         bad garb for early on, but nigh useless later. Access to the Arcane
         University means one can now enchant equipment and make spells, as
         well as buy some unique magic not available elsewhere. There's also a
         huge alchemy garden in one corner.

02) ANVIL RECOMMENDATION                                                 [MG02]
 Client: Carahil [Anvil Mages Guild]
 Prereq: Started "Join the Mages Guild"
 Reward: Recommendation
 Fame -: +1

 Carahil's mission is of dire importance: a rogue mage is suspected of killing
 merchants along the Gold Road, and the Council of Mages has entrusted her
 with solving the problem. She's delegating that task to the player, just like
 any good leader. The only common link between victims is the Brina Cross Inn,
 north of Anvil.

 Once at the establishment, speak with Arielle Jurard, then Christophe Marane
 for a room. Make sure to pick "I'm a merchant" when given the chance. Sleep
 upstairs for an hour or so, then talk with Arielle again. The player is to
 head east along the Gold Road, towards Kvatch, while the two battlemages tail
 out of sight. If the cowardly mage appears, things'll start cookin'...

 After a little rest, hit the road east a ways to find the unscrupulous mage
 Caminalda hiding behind a rock. [Her hiding spot is betrayed by Detect Life
 magic, if y'have it.] Once she attacks, she's likely to use shock spells,
 summon bound equipment, or conjure up a helper. The two battlemages will join
 in the fray once they catch up and can carry most of the burden of fighting.
 [This is especially helpful for those with innate magical weaknesses, such
 as Altmeri or those born under The Apprentice.]

 NOTE: Caminalda's Key opens up a room in the Brina Cross Inn, particularly
       a chest containing some gold. [Not a lot, but it's a nice curio.]

 Once Caminalda's gone to the caravan in the sky, get the reward from Carahil.

03) BRAVIL RECOMMENDATION                                                [MG03]
 Client: Kud-Ei [Bravil Mages Guild]
 Prereq: Started "Join the Mages Guild"
 Reward: Recommendation, Captivate spell
 Fame -: +1

 NOTE: Sometimes when talking to Kud-Ei, she only seems to talk about helping
       her friend Henantier. The recommendation dialogue options are typically
       lower in her list, so scroll down to find 'em. It's recommended to do
       this before "Through a Nightmare, Darkly" or vice versa, just so they're
       not going on concurrently.

 Given some recent events in the Bravil chapter, Kud-Ei has only an impromptu
 recommendation quest: help Ardaline recover her Mages Staff. Varon Vamori, in
 what seems to be some "ridiculous male thing," has taken it in an attempt to
 get her attention. The quest only officially starts when talking to Kud-Ei
 about the "Mages Staff" option. She gives a [Beguile] scroll in case Varon's
 not forthcoming.

 Varon lives in town and can be found at his house or, more frequenly, the
 guild hall itself. When his disposition is high enough, talk to him about the
 staff to learn he sold it to his friend Soris Arenim in the Imperial City's
 Talos Plaza district. Tell Kud-Ei the news to get three more [Beguile]s to
 help in future proceedings.

 There's two ways to get the staff back: (1) steal it from Soris' basement
 chest, either by lockpicking or taking the key from the 2F desk (2) buy it
 back for 200g if his disposition's 70 or higher. His wife can be made to hint
 at the first method, while Kud-Ei's charm scrolls help for doing the second,
 if one's not up to bribery. In any case, once the [Mages Staff] is returned
 to the client, the mission ends.

 REWARD: Captivate (Charm 10pts for 10s) is a pretty weak charm spell, much
         worse than the Beguiling Touch (12pts for 30s) or Enthralling
         Presence (24pts in 20ft for 20s) charm spells Delphine Jend sells.
         But it's more of a bonus to the real reward, so...

04) BRAVIL RECOMMENDATION                                                [MG04]
 Client: Jeanne Frasoric [Bravil Mages Guild]
 Prereq: Started "Join the Mages Guild"
 Reward: Recommendation, Minor Latch Crack
 Fame -: +1

 This is a rather short one: Jeanne just wants the player to find J'skar, a
 Khajiit mage from the guild hall. Selena Orinia will be a bit more forthcoming
 about the situation when her disposition's raised -- apparently J'skar's
 disappearing act is the product of him and Volonaro having some fun.

 Speak with Volanaro (again, with high disposition) and he'll agree to help
 make J'skar visible again in exchange for pulling a prank on Jeanne. He just
 wants her [Manual of Spellcraft] from her office upstairs, and teaches the
 player the Minor Latch Crack spell to do so. Once done, meet Volanaro in the
 living quarters after 10PM, and he'll un-invisible the Khajiit.

 NOTE: If you have Detect Life spells/enchantments, J'skar can be seen walking
       around the living quarters already. However, talking to him won't force
       him to reveal himself, so Volanaro's way is the only one.

 Once the prank concludes, speak with Jeanne for that handy-dandy rec.

05) CHEYDINHAL RECOMMENDATION                                            [MG05]
 Client: Falcar [Cheydinhal Mages Guild]
 Prereq: Started "Join the Mages Guild"
 Reward: Recommendation, Buoyancy spell
 Fame -: +1

 The cranky Altmer mage tasks the player with retrieving his [Ring of Burden]
 someone apparently threw down the guild well. Deetsan, another mage, should
 have the key to get it -- however, she won't talk to the player about the
 recommendation unless Falcar's out of the room. She reveals her reasons for
 secrecy and gives the player the [Well Key], as well as a Buoyancy spell,
 which gives the player Water Breathing 30s and Feather 5pts/30s. Should be
 useful...but requires Lv25 Alteration to use. D'oh!

 Not surprisingly, once one's inside the well, it's completely underwater, so
 that Buoyancy spell comes in handy. Locate Vidkun and take the Ring from him,
 only to find that it's weighs 150 units! Luckily, once it's taken and the
 quest update comes, it's worthless to the proceedings -- feel free to drop it
 at the nearest convenience.

 NOTE: In unpatched versions of the game, particularly non-GOTY ones, one may
       encounter a "glitch" where Vidkun's body disappears after three days
       like normal corpses. The workaround's simple: don't procrastinate and
       square away the quest when available.

 Back inside, find Deetsan to find that Falcar stormed out of the hall and
 his recommendation may not have been written at all. Check his downstairs pad
 for it, only to find two [Black Soul Gem]s in his locked dresser. There's no
 way to take any of these for oneself, unfortunately -- the quest update'll
 come when one's taken, but the 2nd one disappears after the next stage.

 Anyway, give the gems to Deetsan to finish the quest.

06) CHORROL RECOMMENDATION (a.k.a. Fingers of the Mountain)              [MG06]
 Client: Teekeeus [Chorrol Mages Guild]
 Prereq: Started "Join the Mages Guild"
 Reward: Finger of the Mountain (spell) or Recommendation
 Fame -: +1 (book given to Earana), +2 (book given to Teekeeus)

 The Argonian Teekeeus wants the player to settle a matter with another mage,
 Earana, who stands out front during the daytime (she sleeps at the inn at
 night). Talk to her to learn she wants the [Fingers of the Mountain] book from
 its resting place at Cloud Top -- inform Teekeeus of this when she divulges
 her intention, and he'll ask that he get the book instead.

 Cloud Top is far NNW of town, getting pretty close to the Hammerfell border.
 It can be rather annoying to find as the Colovian Highlands are quite steep,
 so the best way is to exit the town's north gate and follow an unmarked road
 all the way to the site. It can also be approached from the east, near Sancre
 Tor, if one wants. Once up there, check the charred corpse for the book and a
 quest update.

 Return the book to Teekeeus for the recommendation and higher fame reward,
 or give it to Earana for the lower fame reward. Earana will then take the
 book, study it for 1-1.5 days, then give the player [Earana's Notes] on how
 to obtain the reward. Basically, return to Cloud Top with a Welkynd Stone in
 the inventory and cast a shock spell on the central pillar, which, if the
 player survives the attack, teaches the [Finger of the Mountain] spell. It's
 moderately useful...at low levels. Its magicka cost rises exorbitantly the
 higher one's level is, so it eventually becomes too expensive to cast.

 Either way, the quest has a second (optional) part regardless of who got the
 book, letting the player get both rewards.

 Client: Earana or Teekeeus
 Prereq: Finished "Fingers of the Mountain"
 Reward: Finger of the Mountain (spell), Recommendation (if not yet gotten)
 Fame -: ---

 Whoever didn't get the book will be angry and ask the player to retrieve it
 for them. The player can refuse in both clients' cases, ending the quest
 immediately -- in Teekeeus' case, this irreparably screws up the Mages Guild
 questline, and his recommendation is never given. Oops! Here's how to get the

 EARANA: While she studies the book, it'll be at the Gray Mare Inn, in a chest
 in her room. When she gives over Earana's Notes, it'll be on her person.

 TEEKEEUS: After giving him the book, he puts into a chest in his upstairs
 room for safekeeping. It can be stolen from there quite easily, if one doesn't
 just pickpocket it off him immediately.

07) LEYAWIIN RECOMMENDATION                                              [MG07]
 Client: Dagail [Leyawiin Mages Guild]
 Prereq: Started "Join the Mages Guild"
 Reward: Recommendation
 Fame -: +1

 Talk with Dagail to learn...she's not that right in the head. Agree to help
 her, then speak with Agata about the Seer's Stone to learn the guild head has
 crippling visions, and the stone's the only thing keeping 'em in check. Talk
 with some other mages, such as S'drassa or Alves Uvenim, to learn Kalthar was
 almost giddy it had disappeared. If he's not wandering about, he can probably
 be found in the basement -- that's where his room is. Speak with him to learn
 Dagail's father had the same problem.

 Ask Agata about the stone again, then Dagail about her father, which marks
 Fort Blueblood's location southeast of Leyawiin, near the "B" in "Blackwood".
 [If one's already done the Dark Brotherhood quest "The Renegade Shadowscale,"
 the fort is just north of Bogwater.] It's inhabited by bandit/marauder types,
 so nothing too amazing to speak of. At the end, pickpocket or corpse-rob the
 Marauder Warlord to enter the mausoleum area, where a coffin will contain the
 key item [Manduin's Amulet].

 At this point, Kalthar approaches the player and initiates battle. Any foes
 left alive to this point will probably attack him, or at least make him pick
 a fight with them. It's actually possible to flee to Leyawiin without ever
 talking to Kalthar, but this irreparably screws up the quest, so make sure
 the bad mage gets to say his piece before finding eternal peace. [He typically
 conjures a zombie as help and has some skill in destruction magic.]

 With [Kalthar's Key] taken, return to Dagail and get the recommendation.

08) SKINGRAD RECOMMENDATION                                              [MG08]
 Client: Adrienne Berene [Skingrad Mages Guild]
 Prereq: Started "Join the Mages Guild"
 Reward: Recommendation, Weak Fireball spell
 Fame -: +1

 Adrienne Berene is busy as a bee, and has no time to search for Erthor, who,
 as some other guildmembers will note, moved out of the guild after a problem
 and now inhabits Bleak Flats Cave. Talk with Druja for some extra information,
 then with Adrienne again to mark it on the map, as well as get the "Weak
 Fireball" spell for defending oneself. Really, Adrienne? A weak spell? Thanks
 for nothing.

 The cave's just northwest of the city, by the "Sk" in "Skingrad". Inside, one
 finds the place overrun by "Deranged Zombies," a bit stronger than normal but
 with nothing added to their arsenal besides. It's recommended to kill them all
 while proceeding (as opposed to sneaking by them) as once Erthor's found at
 the cave's inner reaches, one'll have to escape with him in tow. [He can't be
 slain; it's just easier this way.] He won't leave unless they're all dead,
 though. Erthor also has a copy of the Light Armor skill book "Lord Jornibret's
 Last Dance" on a desk, so pick it up 'fore leaving.

 Fast-travel to Skingrad and drop Erthor off at daycare...err, the Mages Guild
 to collect the reward from Adrienne.

09) A MAGE'S STAFF                                                       [MG08]
 Client: Raminus Polus [Arcane University]
 Prereq: Join the Mages Guild
 Reward: Player-customized Mage's Staff, advancement to Journeyman
 Fame -: +2

 Through dialogue, Raminus admits that before one can do work for the guild,
 one must obtain a specialized staff as a symbol of loyalty and status. These
 unique creations are made at Wellspring Cave, located directly east of the
 Imperial City, along the Red Ring Road. Time for some fun!

 ...at least, it would be fun if one didn't find the place overrun by those
 icky necromancers, who've killed the regular mages. If one isn't familiar
 with these enemies, they're essentially evil mages who specialize in forms
 of Conjuration -- the first thing they do when an enemy is spotted is either
 summon bound equipment or a Daedric helper to tag-team the player. Thus, it's
 always prudent to get a sneak attack in, or use Silence/Paralysis to stop them
 from tipping the odds. Once they're all dead, use Zahrasha's [Wellspring Cave
 Key] to exit the cave.

 In the Wellspring Grove, the player will be attacked by Noveni Othran and 1-2
 helpers, depending on how far they spawn from each other. Needless to say,
 that's a potential 6-on-1 fight and it can get ugly real fast, so hopefully
 one's at least semi-skilled in Conjuration/Invisibility. When all are dead,
 take the [Unfinished Staff] from the stone chest and return to Raminus Polus.

 Once informed of the situation, the player is to go to the Chironaseum on the
 University grounds, where Delmar can trick the player's staff out with an
 enchantment. The only enchantments available are: Fire Damage, Frost Damage,
 Shock Damage, Charm, Paralyze, Silence, Soul Trap, Telekinesis, Dispel. Which
 one is best? It depends on the player's style, but out of all of them, the
 Shock and Paralysis are the best ones -- the former because it has the fewest
 types weak to it, and the latter because, in addition to being exceedingly
 useful and expensive to cast as a spell, one's never likely to pick it up off
 a random mage enemy.

 NOTE: The staff one gets is not fixed. Its power and duration (whichever ones
       are applicable) increase based off the player's level, so it's best to
       do this quest at a high one. The number of uses the staves have should
       be set at 40, though.

 Once chosen, wait 24 hours and pick it up from Delmar's cabinet, completing
 the quest. As this may very well be the first useful enchanted weapon one
 owns, it's recommended to find a method of Soul Trapping enemies, which can
 be used to restore charges in said weapons. For two Daedric artifacts that
 work well on this end, see Azura and Clavicus Vile's quests in the appropriate

10) ULTERIOR MOTIVES                                                     [MG10]
 Client: Raminus Polus [Arcane University]
 Prereq: A Mage's Staff
 Reward: Spelldrinker Amulet, promotion to Evoker
 Fame -: +1

 Raminus' first official guild task is to visit the Count of Skingrad, Janus
 Hassildor, and retrieve a necromancy-related book he borrowed. Once at the
 castle, speak with Janus' steward Mercator Hosidius to learn the count knows
 the player's there and simply doesn't care. However, Mercator says he'll try
 to change Hassildor's mind and one should return the following day.

 Once the time's elapsed, the steward says a meeting's been arranged north (SE
 in actuality) of the Cursed Mine for 2AM. The mine is along the Gold Road west
 of town, and its location is marked on the map automatically. The specified
 hour is actually hours late to when Mercator gets there (10PM), the reason
 for which will become obvious when he and two of his necromancer buddies try
 their ambush. [They spawn behind the L-shaped shed near the pasture. It's
 possible to get a sneak attack on them while they wait, as Mercator only
 approaches once the player's detectable.]

 Fighting necromancers should leave no surprises at this time, as they'll
 conjure low-level types, like headless zombies, to assist. Luckily, the player
 gets his own assistant after a bit: the count of Skingrad himself! Like all
 rulers, he can only be knocked unconscious, and will use his fists o' death
 to deliver the smackdown. Low-agility players should be careful not to let
 the necromancers' fast dagger attacks stumble the character, as they're wont
 to do. [Additionally, if one wants to loot the corpses, lead the fight toward
 the vineyard or another clearing; loose the bodies in the wilderness and y'may
 never find 'em. Mondrar Henim and Arterion wear black robes, making it even
 harder to locate 'em!]

 Afterwards, Janus reveals the real goings-on in Skingrad and the motives
 behind the quest. Simply return to Raminus to finish up. [And if one was
 wondering if talking to Hassildor first would affect the mission's flow, it
 wouldn't -- there is no quest-specific dialogue to chat about.]

 REWARD: In addition to an advancement, the [Spelldrinker Amulet] is imbued
         with a leveled Spell Absorption enchantment. The number shown is the
         chance to fully absorb spells and add them to one's magicka, so the
         later this quest is done, the better reward-wise. I believe the S.A.
         gives the highest absorption rate of any equipment in the game, if at
         its maximum form.

11) VAHTACEN'S SECRET                                                    [MG11]
 Client: Raminus Polus [Arcane University]
 Prereq: Ulterior Motives
 Reward: Robe of the Conjurer, promotion to Conjurer
 Fame -: +1

 After a rousing success in the previous mission, Raminus decides the player
 needs a break, and says Irlav Jarol (in Arch-Mage's Tower) needs some help.
 Apparently his crew at Vahtacen is having trouble proceeding deeper into the
 Ayleid ruin, so any extra help will...uh, help. The [Vahtacen Ruins Key] is
 obtained for this purpose.

 Vahtacen is located southeast of Cheydinhal, on the northern tip of the
 Niben's tributary. Head inside to find Skaleel in the remarkably bare site,
 which has apparently been emptied of treasures by the guild -- no monsters
 either! The Argonian says that there's a "pillar" which seems to be a lock
 of some sort, but has hurt mages casting spells on it. Visit Denel downstairs
 to learn Skaleel may have a book that can help with the deciphering process.
 Speak to her and get the [Ayleid Reference Text], and once delivered to Denel,
 the fun can really begin.

 As said, the pillar reflects magic back on the caster, so everyone's hesitant
 to keep trying. Read the four tablets around the room and have Denel do his
 translation thang, learning the meaning behind the words and the spells they
 seem to suggest: Fortify Magicka, Damage Magicka, Fire, Frost. In case one
 didn't figure it out yet, these four spells are the key to opening the pillar
 "lock" -- it just requires a specific order. [The two magicka-related spells
 can be obtained from the scrolls in Denel's chest. There's no frost spell,
 however, which should be the only one the player may lack.]

 Cast the spells in this order: fire, frost, damage magicka, restore magicka.
 [Do them in the wrong order and the welkynd stones deliver a nasty shock!] If
 done correctly, the pillar's pieces untangle and a stairway's revealed. Both
 excavators will suggest the player explores further...if something's found,
 maybe Irlav would forget about the delays. The other area (Vahtacen Lorsel)
 is trap- and undead-filled, but nothing out of the ordinary. In the largest
 chamber, look for a block button that raises the two stairways to the center
 platform. The player can then lift the cage on the [Ancient Elven Helm] and
 escape some undead types who mysteriously appear. Leaving via the new exit
 leads to treasure chests and deposits the player near Denel, although the
 baddies may follow.

 Skaleel suggets hand-delivering the helmet to Jarol, so do just that to
 finish the quest.

 REWARD: The [Robe of the Conjurer] foritifes Conjuration and Destruction, as
         well as Intelligence and Willpower. Definitely better than the last
         robe received as a quest reward!

12) NECROMANCER'S MOON                                                   [MG12]
 Client: Raminus Polus [Arcane University]
 Prereq: Vahtacen's Secret
 Reward: promotion to Magician
 Fame -: +1

 With all the fuss about stomping out necromancy, it's still unclear what the
 Black Soul Gems are used for, how they're made, and so on. Raminus wants the
 player to investigate by speaking with Tar-Meena in the university's Mystic
 Archives library. Speak with her to learn the book "Necromancer's Moon" may
 add some light on the situation, but its location is unknown. Luckily, one
 may find it on a small table right there in the Archives! Tell Tar-Meena it's
 found, then bring it back to Raminus.

 • Enter the Fissure and take the Worm Anchorite's [Handwritten Note]
 • Observe the altar's ritual (takes place every 7 days; lasts all day)
 • Do the ritual oneself (put Grand Soul Gem in altar and cast Soul Trap on it)

 The second option's cooler but the first is often easiest, although the note
 is permanently tagged as a quest item. The third option is more useful as it
 lets one obtain a Black Soul Gem for various uses (such as Vaermina's quest)
 but requires knowing the method in advance, so it's not really for newcomers.
 The Worm Anchorite only makes a BSG once in the game, so it's worth it to make
 one's own for the update, then wait for him to make his and steal that, too.

 Whatever method's taken, return to Raminus to finish up, as well as get the
 advancement. From now on, the Arch-Mage himself will give the player missions!

13) LIBERATION OR APPREHENSION?                                          [MG13]
 Client: Arch-Mage Traven [Arcane University]
 Prereq: Necromancer's Moon
 Reward: promotion to Warlock
 Fame -: +1

 Traven says that most of the information on necromancers has come from a
 guild-planted informant, Mucianus Allias, and that he hasn't been heard of in
 some time. Battlemages have been dispatched to apprehend him, but that's only
 cultivated the Arch-Mage's fear that his rat may be mistreated. The task is
 then to infiltrate Nenyond Twyll and secure Mucianus, hopefully bringing him
 back to the Imperial City.

 The ruin in question is near the White Rose River's head and a bit west of
 the Green Road. [The location's marked on the map, like always.] Once inside,
 find Fithragaer, one of the last remaining battlemages. Apparently he's a
 rookie at dungeon exploring because he runs headlong into an elevating spike
 trap and dies soon after the dialogue ends. [It's likely his body will make
 the trap continuously activate as well...ugh.]

 As expected, the place is crawling with necromancers and their undead cronies.
 In the second area, there's a necromancerette (Mariette Rielle) who tells of
 Mucianus' condition...apparently he's a worm thrall now, whatever that means.
 Either way, eviscerate her and continue onwards, getting the two Varla Stones
 present (their release switches are underwater) and opening the hidden door
 across the "bridge" to find Mucianus. Unfortunately, he's a mindless zombie
 now and should be put down like a rabid dog. [Simply talking to him to get
 the update suffices, though.] He's got a ridiculous amount of health if one
 chooses to fight him, though, so be prepared for quite a long fight. It's
 possible to jump on the central pillar and avoid his close-range attacks that
 way. Like all zombies, he's weak to fire attacks.

 When Allias is dealt with, it's time to report back to the bossman. Use the
 shortcut near Mucianus' room to get there.
14) INFORMATION AT A PRICE                                               [MG14]
 Client: Arch-Mage Traven [Arcane University]
 Prereq: Liberation or Apprehension?
 Reward: ---
 Fame -: +1

 Count Hassildor of Skingrad has contacted the guild, saying he's got some
 interesting information...but he'll only give it over if the player comes to
 fetch it. In the interest of strengthening the alliance with Janus, Traven
 wants the journey made posthaste! Speak with the steward Hal-Liurz and she'll
 fetch the count.

 However, before he tells the info, he wants the player to assist with a li'l
 problem he's been having. A nest of vampires has sprung up at Bloodcrust
 Cavern, and vampire hunters have appeared in town -- both of these draw
 undesired attention to the count and his...special condition. The cavern is
 just east of the castle a ways, while the vampire hunters are staying at the
 Two Sisters Lodge in town.

 Hassildor makes it clear he wants the vampires dead, but doesn't really care
 about the hunters' fates as long as they're out of his hair. Both locations're
 marked on the map for easier access. Because of the quest's nature, there's a
 few ways to settle this mission.

 1) KILL 'EM ALL: This is the longest and most prudent way, and perhaps the
    most satisfying as well. In addition to killing all vamps in the cavern,
    the quest markers indicate where Eridor and his followers are. The leader
    will often be in town near the chapel, while his underlings walk around
    Skingrad's surrounding countryside...alone. (HINT HINT)

 2) ASSIST HUNTERS: If Eridor is told where the vampires are living, he and
    his men will go launch their attack during the night. As this gathers
    all the parties to be dealt with in one place, it's a good compromise to
    the two extremes. Note however that Eridor's crew don't wear scaled stuff
    and will typically be slain if left alone. [One way to make them survive
    is to slay all the vampires but one, then tell Eridor the location. Help
    them kill the last one and voila, all's well. Kinda roundabout though,
    but it's not like the hunters are evil people or nothin'...] If Eridor
    survives, there should be dialogue options involving the vampire dust that
    lets him leave town. However, if he dies, the quest update will have to
    be gotten by slaying his hired help.

 3) SPARE THE HUNTERS: This may be the easiest solution, and avoids having to
    bother with any of Eridor's gang. Simply murder the residents of Bloodcrust
    Cavern, then speak with Eridor. He won't believe the player eliminated his
    quarries, but is forced to accept it when he sees the vampire dust. [At
    least one sample must be obtained to do this right.] His gang leaves town
    and that's that.

 Note that even if all hunters survive Bloodcrust Cavern, it's quite possible
 that Eridor's dialogue about leaving town never comes, thus forcing one to
 kill him and his crew anyway. C'est la vie! Talk to the count via Hal-Liurz,
 just like before, to learn what he knows about the necromancer resurgance.
 This info is to be relayed to Traven to finish the quest.

 NOTE: Before starting the next quest, buy the Summon Dremora Lord spell from
       Volanaro in Bruma's guild chapter. It becomes unavailable when the next
       quest begins! [Unless you have the Spell Tomes plugin, but finding the
       appropriate book is like a needle in a haystack. Do it now instead!]

15) A PLOT REVEALED                                                      [MG15]
 Client: Arch-Mage Traven [Arcane University]
 Prereq: Information at a Price
 Reward: Wizard's Fury (spell), promotion to Wizard
 Fame -: +1

 Hannibal Traven typically keeps a correspondance with Jeanne Frasoric from
 Bruma's Mages Guild, but hasn't heard from her in a few days...something may
 be amiss. Upon entering the snowy town's local chapter, one finds it burning
 to the ground and various undead baddies around. Fight or avoid the wraiths
 and head for Jeanne's room, which now requires accessing the basement living
 quarters and going around.

 There, the necromancerette Camilla Lollia will initiate battle. Afterwards,
 the only survivor, J'skar the Khajiit, will emerge from his huge invisibility
 spell. Question him and he'll set off in escaping the guild, which can be
 complicated if there's still enemies around. In fact, foes will typically
 follow the player out into the streets and unessential NPCs will take up arms,
 perhaps dying in the process. [Try to avoid that!]

 Inform Traven of the news to end the quest. A little while later, speak with
 him to learn the council is in shambles and two artifacts, The Bloodworm Helm
 and Necromancer's Amulet, have been taken by Irlav Jarol and Caranya,
 respectively. Talk with him about them to get the quests for retrieving the
 items, both of which begin automatically. There's no order to do them in.

 REWARD: The Wizard's Fury spell deals leveled Fire, Frost, and Shock damage.
         This in itself wouldn't be interesting, but it has a severely lowered
         magicka cost compared to making it oneself. Nice!

16) THE NECROMANCER'S AMULET                                             [MG16]
 Client: Arch-Mage Traven [Arcane University]
 Prereq: A Plot Revealed
 Reward: promotion to Master-Wizard (if Bloodworm Helm quest finished as well)
 Fame -: +1

 Caranya said she was going to study the amulet at Fort Ontus, which is high
 in Cyrodiil's NW reaches, on the edge of the Colovian Highlands' Imperial
 Reserve. [The Shrine of Sanguine is nearby as a point of reference, for
 example.] It's annoying to reach if approached from the south, but about
 halfway up, one can find a disused (unmarked) road and bridge that leads up
 to it.

 The mages in Fort Ontus aren't immediately hostile, but there's also no
 penalty for slaying them either, which should be a tipoff that something weird
 is going on here. Caranya's in the "Understreets" section and will announce
 she's not giving the amulet back to that idiot Traven, which obviously starts
 a to-the-death fight. She relies entirely on magic, meaning if one can just
 Silence her, she'll put up her dukes and try to punch one's lights out. Any
 survivng mages will also be attack on sight (whodathunkit?)

 Take the [Necromancer's Amulet] from her and return it to Traven. The trinket
 has quite a good enchantment: Drain Strength/Endurance 25pts, Fortify Magicka
 130pts, Fortify Willpower/Intelligence 14pts, Fortify Conjuration 12pts. For
 this reason, many people seek to obtain a permanent copy of the quest item,
 which is normally confiscated by the Arch-Mage and never seen again. [This is
 possible by using a Reanimate effect on Caranya and rekilling her. The staff
 at the questline's end, as well as the Risen Flesh power from the Shivering
 Isles DLC, works to this effect. Just know that her body eventually disappears
 so one has to work quickly!]

17) THE BLOODWORM HELM                                                   [MG17]
 Client: Arch-Mage Traven [Arcane University]
 Prereq: A Plot Revealed
 Reward: promotion to Master-Wizard (if Necromancer's Amulet quest is finished)
 Fame -: +1

 Irlav Jarol and his group of mages took the Bloodworm Helm on an expedition
 to Fort Teleman, in Cyrodiil's SE reaches (near the Black Marsh border). This
 location is considerably easier to find than Fort Ontus as there's no slopes
 and mountains to tangle with.

 The presence of necromancers inside the fort is a dire tiding for the helm's
 safety. Irlav is found at the end of the second section "Order of the Black
 Rose," guarded by a high-ranking daedra type. He freely gives up the helm to
 the player, too. Unlike the amulet, the [Bloodworm Helm] only fortifies
 Conjuration up to 12pts. It does have a unique look...too bad it can't be

 Return it to Traven to finish up.

18) AMBUSH                                                               [MG18]
 Client: Arch-Mage Traven [Arcane University]
 Prereq: The Necromancer's Amulet and The Bloodworm Helm quests completed
 Reward: ---
 Fame -: +1

 The country's necromancers have been busy bees, creating plenty of Black Soul
 Gems for Mannimarco's quest. Through various contacts and Janus Hassildor,
 it's come to Traven's attention that a special gem is being crafted, one that
 could have dangerous repercussions if it reaches its target. He's sent a
 contingent of battlemages to intercept it and asks the player to oversee the
 operation at Silorn.

 The ruin is southeast of Skingrad, not too far from the Elswyr and Valenwood
 borders. [It's marked on the map, as is the custom.] Once there, the mages'll
 prepare the ambush and let the player select their hiding places. Thalfin's
 good with an axe, so put her closer to the door; Iver can do both alright but
 is good with healing magic, so he should be farther from harm's way; Merete
 excels at large-scale spells so put her farther back too. When all three have
 confirmed positions, they automatically move to 'em; confirm with Thalfin to
 start the ambush scenario.

 An necromancer will exit Silorn, accompanied by that rogue Falcar, and the
 ambush will commence. The normal necromancers will put up a fight, but Falcar
 will run back inside the ruin when damaged, making a quick fight turn into a
 long chase (this undoes the magical seal on the entrance, however). Thus, if
 one wants the [Colossal Black Soul Gem] without the runaround, pickpocket it
 from Falcar before the ambush or paralyze him to prevent him from running.

 NOTE: If the player is seen before the ambush, Falcar does not come out,
       making the search-and-destroy segment of Silorn mandatory. However, if
       one can successfully sneak-kill the necromancer patrols, it can make
       dealing with Falcar much easier when he DOES emerge. Simply concentrate
       on paralyzing him and let the helpers slice him to ribbons.

 Should Falcar end up inside, he'll pick a fight with the player in the 3rd
 area, Silorn Buroseli. He'll fight up-close with a dagger, foregoing most of
 his necromancy training, so it shouldn't be that hard to deal with. Still,
 there's no upside to fighting this far in besides loot options.

 In any case, return the gem to Traven to start the final mission.

19) CONFRONT THE KING                                                    [MG19]
 Client: Arch-Mage Traven [Arcane University]
 Prereq: Ambush
 Fame -: +3
 Reward: Staff of Worms, King of Worms' Robes, Arch Mage's Hood, Arch Mage's
         Robe, promotion to Arch-Mage

 Traven creates the [Filled Colossal Black Soul Gem] which is necessary to
 prevent Mannimarco's attempts to enthrall the player. Note that taking this
 item doesn't actually do anything quest-wise and it can't be dropped/removed,
 like so many other key items. Take it if y'want or leave it...doesn't matter.

 J'skar revealed the necromancer's headquarters as Echo Cave, west of Bruma in
 the Jorall Mountains. [Its location is marked.] It's advised to bring a method
 of silence; fighters poor at magic might want to bring some powerful scrolls
 dropped by conjurers and necromancers. The front entrance to the cave has a
 watchdog in the form of Bolor Savel, who carries the [Echo Cave Key] necessary
 for access. He picks a fight with the player when approached, so there's no
 way around his death.

 The cave is filled with Mannimarco's disciples and undead types...none of
 which should throw the player any curveballs at this point. The evil villain
 himself is located in the complex's third area (Echo Necromancer's Chamber),
 on small "island" in a pool. Approaching him will cue a little cutscene,
 during which the "island" grows bone fortifications, trapping the player in
 the makeshift arena. Mannimarco himself has some good magic, but oftentimes
 simply bumrushes the player with a dagger, which can easily lead to his death.
 However, it's not a bad idea to have some kind of magic-absorbing, -resisting,
 or -reflecting enchantments available. Note that since he's of Altmer origin,
 he's quite susceptible to magic himself (and not immune to silence/paralysis

 When Manny's dead, take his [Staff of Worms] and [King of Worms' Robes] --
 and maybe drag his body into the pool, just for kicks -- before returning to
 the guild.

 NOTE: If you wanted to get a copy of the [Necromancer's Amulet], and Caranya
       is still laying in Fort Ontus, the Staff of Worms can be used to revive
       her and get another (she spawns a copy each time she dies). They have
       no value and aren't quest items, but can be quite useful!

 Speak with Raminus Polus about advancement to become the Arch-Mage. One's now
 able to do the "Alchemy Acquisitions" quest by speaking to Polus about the
 ingredients option. Additionally, one can use the Arch-Mage's Quarters as a
 personal bedroom, which has an ingredient-duplicating chest and its own altars
 of spellmaking and enchantment. [The long-term storage in that room seems to
 be sketchy though, so perhaps find an actual house to live in...?] And also,
 one can find 'Mage Apprentices' in the university who'll act as followers, if
 asked. Take that, snooty mage scholars!
______________________________________________________/ THIEVES GUILD [THVS] |_
00) OVERVIEW                                                             [TH00]
 This questline concentrates on the shadowy world of thievery and the Gray
 Fox, the guild's leader. Here's a little bit about the proceedings 'fore we

 • Because this quest typically involves stealing items for self-gain, it's an
   excellent primer for new players to get their bearings in the game. Being
   able to play stealthily not only helps in the missions but in just about
   every other obtained mission!

 • This is more a stealth- than a fighting-oriented questline, so clunky
   characters will be at a disadvantage to thiefly builds. The Sneak and
   Security attributes will get a workout during the missions, but for those
   who don't excel at 'em, there's usually workarounds. Invisibility potions
   (or, preferably, spells) go a long way in avoiding prying eyes, while the
   Skeleton Key obtained in Nocturnal's quest ensures that lockpicks can't be

 • Like all guilds, it's possible to be kicked out for untoward behavior to
   guildmembers, such as killing or being caught stealing from one. Killing
   certain NPCs on a job does not lead to expulsion, but instead forces the
   player to pay a 'blood price' of 1000g for each. [Some later missions ignore
   this stipulation to a degree.] Once kicked out, talk to Armand or S'krivva
   and pay the fine, which varies depending on the extremity of the violation.
   Unlike, say, the Arena's quest, permanent expulsion doesn't exist here.
   Note that enemy bandits, marauders, and the like are not guildmembers and
   have no fine associated with killing 'em.

 • Armand Christophe (Imperial City Waterfront) and S'krivva (Bravil) are the
   doyens of the guild, and perform a number of services, including: handling
   rewards, giving advancement ranks, and give out special jobs. Additionally,
   each has a special arrangement with Cyrodiil's Imperial Watch, letting them
   pay off the player's outstanding bounty at half price. This is especially
   useful for avoiding jailtime, especially for minor/accidental infractions.

 • Fences are merchants who buy stolen goods, and all the good ones (i.e. with
   enough held gold) are accessible only by becoming a guildmember and rising
   in rank. Besides guild-sanctioned fences, there are two added by installing
   the Thieves Den plugin (Jak, Khafiz) and another generic one accessible by
   finishing the Dark Brotherhood questline. Here's a list:
    _______________________ ______ _____ ____________________ _______________
   | FENCE                 | GOLD | MER | LOCATED            | REQUIRED RANK |
   | Jak Silver            |  100 | Nov | Dunbarrow Cove     | ------------- |
   | Dark Bro'hood Mage    |  300 | Nov | Cheydinhal Sanctry | ------------- |
   | Ongar the World-Weary |  600 | Jrn | Bruma              | Pickpocket    |
   | Dar Jee               |  800 | Jrn | Leyawiin           | Bandit        |
   | Luciana Galena        | 1000 | Exp | Bravil             | Cat Burglar   |
   | Orrin                 | 1200 | Exp | Anvil (Castle)     | Shadowfoot    |
   | Fathis Ules           | 1500 | Mst | Imperial City      | Master Thief  |
   | Khafiz                | 1500 | App | Dunbarrow Cove     | ------------- |

   Fathis Ules is usually a glitchy guy, and may not offer his services even
   if unlocked (or if 'Sins of the Father' was completed). Because of this,
   most players choose to barter with Ongar due to his low Mercantile. Those
   with the Thieves Den plugin should use Khafiz, as he has equal gold to Ules
   and a much lower Mercantile, making it easier to get a bargain.

 • It need not be said that stealing from others is wrongdoing, thus it's
   obvious why this questline gives the player lots of Infamy.

 • Vampire characters can get huge bonuses to Strength, Speed, Acrobatics,
   Illusion and Sneak -- among other things -- as well as special powers that
   can grant Detect Life, invisibility and Charm. Needless to say, vampires
   will have a leg-up on the questline! However, fences, shopkeepers, and
   other quest-related NPCs will recoil in fear at 100% Vampires, so feed
   periodically to avoid stalling quests.

01) FINDING THE THIEVES GUILD                                            [TH01]
 Locate: Myvryna Arano, Beggars
 Prereq: ---
 Reward: ---
 Infamy: ---

 Did you think you could just walk up to a Thieves Guild building and apply for
 a job? That ain't how it works, son! This is shady business and the ways to
 find out are a bit more discreet. Here's the two commonest ways:

 • If the 'Gray Fox' isn't a topic of conversation, look around for wanted
   posters and ask citizens on the subject, learning that beggars are "the
   eyes and ears" of the master thief. Any beggar in Cyrodiil will give up
   the meeting place's location, provided they have high enough disposition
   (70+) and the player says he wants to work with Gray Fox.

 • Get sent to prison and, after serving hard time, be released. Eventually a
   shrew...err, Myvryna Arano will show up and give the player a [Mysterious
   Note] from the Gray Fox, specifying a meeting place. This event can occur
   in any city but not if the player broke out of jail, probably because
   getting caught is a humbling event.

 The meeting place is revealed to be the Garden of Dareloth in the Imperial
 City's Waterfront district. The 'garden' is not marked on the map but is easy
 to spot nonetheless, as Armand Christophe carries a lit torch. The quest's
 finished when Armand accepts the player into the guild, but readjusting his
 disposition (70+) may be required first.

 NOTE: Those who've already done it the hard way can simply find Armand at
       the designated hours and learn of the Gray Fox from him, which opens
       up the next quest. [May require tampering with his disposition.]

02) MAY THE BEST THIEF WIN                                               [TH02]
 Locate: Garden of Dareloth [Imperial Waterfront]
 Prereq: Finding the Thieves Guild
 Reward: Promotion to Pickpocket (can use Bruma's Ongar as a fence)
 Infamy: +1 (get diary), +2 (get cutlass)

 At midnight in the Garden of Dareloth, Armand Christophe will speak to the
 three attempting to become guildmembers. The quest is to steal Amantius
 Allectus' Diary and return it to Armand -- whoever accomplishes it first
 gets to be in the guild. Amusei and Methredhel are opponents in this quest,
 and are vying to get the diary for themselves. Remember that killing the
 opponents isn't an option, and slaying NPCs related to the quest earns a
 blood price (1000g) for sloppiness. If needed, Armand sells lockpicks for 5g

 Starting the quest gives dialogue options (Amantius Allectus) that can help
 seek the man out, although if one knows where his house is already (Imperial
 City Temple District) then there's no reason to waste time on a Q&A session.
 Methredhel will be the main competitor here, and quickly runs off to the
 target's house; Amusei erroneously heads to the Talos Plaza district. AA's
 place has an average door lock and, since it's nighttime, Amantius should be
 sleeping. [Be sure to sneak around.] The diary is inside the ground-floor
 lectern, and once obtained, return it to Armand to finish.

 However, if Methredhel gets to the diary first, she'll run off with it,
 taking a secret route to the Temple Sewers via Allectus' basement. There'll
 be a quest update suggesting that the player steal it from her (since it's
 not a violation of Armand's rules). It's possible to pickpocket the book from
 her as she returns to the waterfront. In any case, she won't turn the diary in
 right away, and instead places it in a locked chest in her house (also in
 the Waterfront). Although she says she'll turn the diary over first chance
 she gets, it may take several days for her to follow through, giving ample
 time to steal it back. It's best to do this at night, when Methredhel is gone
 and her roommates are asleep.

 NOTE: If you're trying to intentionally lose, remember to speak to a beggar
       [etc.] to learn where Methredhel's house is, thus putting a quest
       marker there. Without it, she tends to wait indefinitely to cash in the

 Should the quest really be bungled and Methredhel turn in the diary, all is
 not lost. Armand will give a second quest, this time with no competitors to
 foul things up. The goal: steal Rohssan's Antique Cutlass from her shop (A
 Fighting Chance) in the Market District -- any beggar gives this info for
 chump change. Naturally the best time to do this is in the dead of night when
 she sleeps. The item in question is an 'easy' chest on the second floor.
 [There's a dog up there, though, which can prove a bit more problematic if
 one lacks invisibility, creature-commanding ability, or just lucks out on
 it being vigilant.] 

 Return the sword to get the quest over with, and an extra infamy point for
 the trouble.

 REWARD: The first guild-sanctioned fence, Ongar the World-Weary, is available
         for business in Bruma. If he's not at his house, try the local bar
         (Olav's Tack and Tap). Additionally, the theft-related "Independent
         Thievery" assignment starts and will be ongoing: as it counts the
         amount of cash fenced, it opens up new quests from the doyens.

03) UNTAXING THE POOR                                                    [TH03]
 Locate: Garden of Dareloth [Imperial Waterfront]
 Prereq: May the Best Thief Win, 50g fenced in "Independent Thievery"
 Reward: 53g, promotion to Footpad
 Infamy: +2

 When fifty gold is fenced to Ongar (or a DLC/plugin-specific fence), there'll
 be an update to visit Armand and see if there's any certain jobs he needs
 done. Like usual, speak to him at midnight to get the scoop: Heironymus Lex
 taxed the waterfront's poor folk, much to the Gray Fox's dismay. The task is
 to steal back the cash and the guards' tax records, so they can be divvied
 back up to the downtrodden citizens.

 Like usual, find the nearest beggar (Puny Ancus is almost always nearby) and
 question them about Lex, learning he has an office atop the south watchtower
 of the Temple District. Naturally it'll be filled with Imperial guards at
 almost all hours of the day, giving the quest a more dangerous edge. Luckily
 they don't attack on sight, instead resorting to warnings if the player's
 caught trespassing.

 Find a good time (~1:00 AM suffices) and start climbing the ladders. Ignore
 any guards' protests and climb to the top, unlocking the trapdoor (average
 lock). This late at night, Heironymus will be sleeping so there's no danger
 from him...as long as y'sneak. Break into his lectern and take the 53g and
 [Waterfront Tax Records] to make the infiltration complete.

 The escape can go smoothly if the player wasn't caught trespassing, although
 even if it weren't, as long as the mission's completed in a timely manner,
 one can simply run to the Waterfront, finish the mission, and have Armand get
 rid of the meager trespassing fee.

 REWARD: The taxes collected can be kept by the player, and the promotion to
         Footpad...well, doesn't give anything besides an achievement.

04) THE ELVEN MAIDEN                                                     [TH04]
 Locate: Garden of Dareloth [Imperial Waterfront]
 Prereq: Untaxing the Poor, 100g fenced in "Independent Thievery"
 Reward: 100g, promotion to Bandit
 Infamy: +2

 Armand's final quest is a fun romp obtainable after fencing a bit more loot.
 Christophe says the guild's received a quest to obtain a bust of the recently
 deceased Llathasa Indarys, Countess of Cheydinhal. Visit the city to start the
 real legwork.

 The statue's whereabouts are not immediately known to the player, so wrangle
 some info (15g) from whatever smelly bum is nearby, revealing the location as
 the chapel's undercroft. Visit the cathedral and break into basement (or
 unlock it if the key was pickpocketed from a priest). As was told, a guard
 patrols the area and looks for...uh, intruders. Either way, simply sneak to
 the coffin, wait for the flatfoot to be out of sight, and make off like a
 bandit with [Llathasa's Bust].

 The delivery to Armand now becomes problematic, as the bust's theft has made
 that boy scout Heironymus Lex comb the Waterfront with his Imperial lackeys.
 Long story short, A.C. ain't coming out of hiding 'til things cool down. [He
 can be found in the basement of the easternmost waterfront warehouse, though.]
 Methredhel will eventually seek the player out herself (guildmembers will
 say she's looking for "you") and reveal the mission's true purpose: outing an
 Imperial Watch informant. Not surprisingly, it's that crabapple Myvryna Arano.

 For the betrayal, Methredhel suggests pinning the theft on Arano by planting
 the bust in her cupboard (soon to be filled with just desserts, yo-ho-ho!).
 Myvryna's house is right in the thick of the Imperial Watch's presence, and
 only a stone's throw from where Heironymus Lex wanders, making it difficult
 to B&E cleanly. [Nighttime assists a bit.] Once inside, inspect the cupboard
 to automagically stash the bust.

 With that out of the way, it's time to get Lex on the case. When told of the
 bust's whereabouts, he'll force the player to tag along to Arano's house. [A
 disposition of 71+ is required for him to act; he disbelieves the player for
 anything lower.] Follow Lex to witness the confrontation, including the
 timeless exchange:

  Myv: "You can't toss me away like a soiled cloth!"
  Lex: "Yes I can!"

 When all's said and done, the frame-up is complete and Armand Christophe is
 exonerated. He'll now appear at the next midnight, giving out the reward.

 REWARD: Besides a bit of pocket change, Armand gives a promotion which lets
         one use Dar Jee (Leyawiin) as a fence. Missions now come from S'krivva
         in Bravil, too.

05) AHDARJI'S HEIRLOOM                                                   [TH05]
 Locate: Bravil [Lonely Suitor Lodge/S'krivva's House]
 Prereq: The Elven Maiden, 200g fenced in "Independent Thievery"
 Reward: 300-400g, promotion to Prowler
 Infamy: +2

 This mission automatically starts when Armand is questioned about current
 'special jobs.' Seek out S'krivva in Bravil -- she's usually at her house but
 sometimes at the town lodge for lunch. When found, she tasks the player with
 assisting the widow Ahdarji in Leyawiin, whose ring has been stolen by some
 street scavenger.

 Once in town, seek out the widow by questioning the beggars. Apparently, she
 visits the Three Sisters Lodge at night and eats midday meals at the Five
 Claws. Ahdarji says the thief is Amusei, that Argonian guild dropout; any
 beggar can be paid to learn his current location is the Leyawiin Castle
 Dungeon. His cell can be visited by stealthily avoiding the guard or bribing
 that same guard for a pittance (20g). Amusei, once given a lockpick as a sign
 of goodwill, says that the countess has the ring back and she rarely takes it

 To learn a bit more about the countess' habits, speak with those who hold
 court (after doctoring their disposition, naturally). Hlidara Mothril says
 Alessia only takes the ring off for baths and bedtime, and even describes the
 countess' schedule (she's not in Leyawiin during the 15-17th of each month).
 Others can be questioned but most redirect the player to Hlidara anyway.

 Wait until late at night (11 p.m. on) and infiltrate the castle's private
 quarters. The easiest way to avoid any guards, pickpocketing keys, and all
 that is to use the secret passage. In the castle basement, look for an open-
 -topped barrel that houses a lever -- this leads to the torture room, which
 itself connects to the private quarters. This (typically) avoids interacting
 with any bodyguards. Then, all that's left is to stealthily creep into the
 countess' room and rob the jewelry box of [Ahdarji's Ring] and any other
 goodies. Exfiltrate the same way y'came in for the best effect.

 REWARD: Ahdarji gives a 100g reward (200g if the player tells her Amusei
         tried to blackmail the countess) and S'krivva gives 200g herself,
         showing the missions are gradually getting more lucrative.

06) MISDIRECTION                                                         [WK06]
 Locate: Bravil [Lonely Suitor Lodge/S'krivva's House]
 Prereq: Ahdarji's Heirloom, 300g fenced in "Independent Thievery"
 Reward: 300g, promotion to Cat Burglar (can use Luciana Galena as a fence)
 Infamy: +2

 S'krivva's next task is to get rid of Heironymus Lex who, after being forced
 to arrest his informant, has moved extra troops into the Waterfront in the
 hopes of catching the Gray Fox himself. Naturally this is problematic for the
 thieves' operations (Armand can't use his doyen services) and must be dealt
 with immediately. Methredhel once again proves her worth by orchestrating the
 counterattack -- she's located at Dynari Amnis' house in the Talos Plaza
 district (as any beggar will divulge).

 Her plan is to stage four high-profile thefts all at once, with the player's
 target as Hrormir's Icestaff in the Arcane University. After agreeing to
 assist, one learns it's in Archmage Traven's possession and he sleeps between
 1-7AM. The [Note from Gray Fox] is also received, its destination Traven's

 Infiltrating the Archmage's chambers during the target time shouldn't be that
 hard, but there are complications nonetheless. If one isn't a member of the
 Mages Guild, entering the 2F council room and beyond counts as trespassing,
 and any members (Caranya and Irlav Jarol typically) will start getting angry.
 However, if one's quick about plucking the Icestaff and placing the note, it's
 possible to get in an out without threats of guards coming to pass. Just make
 sure the theft itself isn't witnessed.

 NOTE: Being in the Mages Guild can impact how easy/hard this segment is. If
       one started but hasn't completed the questline, one can be expelled from
       the guild if the theft's seen. However, if one completed the questline
       completely, it's possible to simply walk into the Archmage's quarters
       and take the staff without any fuss whatsoever.

 When the Icestaff is safely alighted back to Methredhel, the player is asked
 to spy on Heironymus to ensure things went well. Visit the Waterfront and
 approach Lex for a scene involving the troop recall; take the [Note from
 Raminus Polus] if y'want and report back the activity. The final step is then
 to put the stolen staff back...only the Arcane University will be heavily
 watched. Instead, the player is to put it in a 2F chest in Ontus Vanin's
 house, as he's an upstanding member of the community and would be sure to
 return it. His house is in Talos Plaza, as well, so all that remains is
 finding a good time to finish up -- he sleeps late by his own admission.

 All that's left is to return to S'krivva.

 REWARD: Besides the usual chunk o' change, the promotion to Cat Burglar opens
         up Bravil's own Luciana Galena as a fence.

07) LOST HISTORIES                                                       [TH07]
 Locate: Bravil [Lonely Suitor Lodge/S'krivva's House]
 Prereq: Misdirection, 400g fenced in "Independent Thievery"
 Reward: 400g
 Infamy: +2

 S'krivva needs help tracking down a book 'The Lost Histories of Tamriel,'
 which the Gray Fox requires, and whose first would-be burglar seems to have
 vanished into thin air. The trail begins in Skingrad, where any ol' beggar
 says Theranis bragged about his theft and was hauled into the castle dungeon
 when Captain Dion overheard it.

 Visit the castle dungeon and find that the jailor can't be bribed to let
 anyone through and constantly watches the door. This leaves a few methods in
 order to get through.

 • Simply pickpocket his 'Skingrad Dungeon Key' and unlock the door he watches.
   This won't count as an infraction.

 • Get thrown in the slammer yourself. Of course, this typically means losing
   all useful possessions and having to reclaim them from the evidence chest
   (behind jailor's desk) in some way. Additionally, jailbreaking can get the
   cellmate Larthjar the Laggard killed; or, in some cases, the jailor killed
   if the player disappears via invisibility, etc. Either way, there's blood
   spilled if caught!

 • Like all castles, there seems to be a secret passage that connects to the
   dungeon. To find it, break into the dining hall and, from there, the wine
   cellar. Immediately opposite the dining hall entrance is a dead-end wall;
   another candle here opens a passage to the jail. Note however that part of
   the quest is discovering this secret corridor, so doing it beforehand kinda
   ruins some of the fun...

 • The 'work at Castle Skingrad' dialogue option is available, and it's not
   hard for someone to direct the player to Shum gro-Yarug, the place's orc
   butler. He moves around a bit but is usually in the castle at mid-morning
   and afternoon. Agree to work for him and the player gets the "ability" to
   feed the prisoners (at any hour) as a slop drudge. This lets one get through
   the door the hawk-eyed guard watches.

 Regardless of how the player chooses to operate, the guide assumes you're
 standing in the jail without the fuzz alerted. Talk with Larthjar to learn a
 'Pale Lady' routinely steals prisoners, and that Theranis was taken days
 prior. [This may require buttering up his disposition; unlocking his cell
 door after agreeing to rescue him usually does the trick.] 

 Despite the mysteriousness of the situation, 'Pale Lady' does not become a
 conversation point. The only clue is that an Argonian put up a struggle, and
 bled all over in the process. Follow the blood trail to the wall and open up
 the secret passage via a candle switch. This leads down into the wine cellar,
 where the same blood spatter betrays another hidden switch's location, and
 opens a path through the wine barrel.

 As one may have suspected, the Pale Lady is actually a she-vampire stealing
 prisoners for nourishment. As she attacks on sight, she'll assuredly have to
 die -- don't worry, no blood price is incurred. However, as she can make the
 player contract porphyric hemophilia, a.k.a. the vampire disease, it's not a
 bad idea to take her out quickly and stealthily. [Using a conjuration spell
 while hiding invisibly works as well. :p]

 Regardless, when Pale Lady's dead, search Theranis' corpse for an update and
 find our old friend Amusei is the captive Argonian, and the only one privy to
 the book's location. He agrees to tell its whereabouts in exchange for safe
 passage to the outside world, and follows automatically once his cell opens.
 The quickest path to freedom leads up through the dining hall, out its north
 door, and through the courtyard. It's usually not as hard as it seems, with
 the dining room being the real 'hard point' -- and that's due to the inability
 to wait while trespassing, not because it's packed with people. [If someone's
 eating, a workaround is entering the 'south hall' balcony and exiting through
 the NE courtyard door, bypassing the dining table.] Locked doors shouldn't be
 a problem with Pale Lady's keys, either.

 NOTE: Getting caught escaping gives an instant 500g bounty. Also, Amusei may
       not follow the player diligently into each new screen. If this happens,
       wait a few moments and he may appear; otherwise, backtrack and he'll
       start following again.

 Once outside the castle, let Amusei follow down the dirt road until a quest
 update appears. Question the Argonian about the book to learn it's hidden by
 a bush near the well in Nerastarel's backyard. Fast-travel to Skingrad's east
 gate, go north a bit to find it, and take it back to the doyen for payment.

08) TAKING CARE OF LEX                                                   [TH08]
 Locate: Bravil [Lonely Suitor Lodge/S'krivva's House]
 Prereq: Lost Histories, 500g fenced in "Independent Thievery"
 Reward: 1000g, promotion to Shadowfoot (can use Anvil Castle's Orrin as fence)
 Infamy: +2

 S'krivva's final job involves putting that annoying guard Heironymus Lex out
 of the Gray Fox's hair forever: by having him reassigned to somewhere far,
 far away. Countess Umbranox of Anvil is looking for a new Captain of the Guard
 and our boy Lex fits the bill exactly. I'll break the process down.

 That nasty steward lied to the countess, telling her the letter of candidates
 hasn't arrived yet -- but this plays right into the Gray Fox's plans. Talk
 with one of Anvil's beggars to learn that there are "secret ways and secret
 people" in the castle, and the blacksmith is one of them. In fact, the
 blacksmith is Orrin, a guildmember, and will show a secret passage leading up
 to the private quarters.

 Upon entering the new hallway, hang a left to find Dairihill's office about
 five feet away. Like usual, the best time to plunder is when everyone's likely
 to be sleeping, so wait until late night to break into the desk (average lock)
 and steal the [List of Candidates]. Note that if you have invisibility, one
 can sneak behind Dairihill, break into the desk, and hightail it outta there
 without any trouble, too.

 Where to find a forger? Like usual, the beggars will display their startling
 range of knowledge, directing the player to the shabby house near the Mages
 Guild. It's inhabited by 'A Stranger,' who's gone to the castle for most of
 the day, so find him at home during late afternoon or evening. Task him with
 forging the recommendation letter, wait around for 24 hours, and pay him his
 500g fee for the [Forged List of Candidates].

 There's no point handing in the letter without an official seal, so visit the
 Imperial City's prison district. Wait for nighttime and break into the
 designated office (very hard lock), where the 'Imperial Legion Seal' is just
 sitting on a desk. This changes the quest item into [Sealed Forged Candidate
 List] and is ready for delivery.

 The task is now hand-delivering the letter to Countess Umbranox, easiest done
 when she holds court in the daytime. Give the letter to Millona and she'll
 agree that Heironymus is a good choice, handing over [Transfer Orders] and
 saying Dairihill will give a tip (20g). If you hate Dairihill enough, you can
 give her the forged letter for a 20g tip, then steal it back from her 2F
 desk, then proceed as normal for another 20g tip. Naturally screwing her
 cousin out of the captain position makes her disposition bottom out at zero.

 If this is the active quest, Heironymus' location will be displayed on the
 map, so he'll be easy to find. Simply deliver the orders and he'll set off
 at once for Anvil.

 REWARD: Orrin of Castle Anvil is now usable as a fence. But more importantly,
         S'krivva has no more jobs for the player and the Gray Fox will call
         upon him/her personally (via messenger). The easiest way to find the
         messenger is waiting a multitude of hours in the Imperial City.

09) TURNING A BLIND EYE                                                  [TH09]
 Locate: Bruma [Helvius Cecia's House]
 Prereq: Taking Care of Lex, 600g fenced in "Independent Thievery"
 Reward: 500g
 Infamy: +2

 To start this mission, wait for Methredhel to deliver a message divulging the
 Gray Fox's location at Helvius Cecia's house. [If for some reason she doesn't
 appear, even after days, seek HER out, like at her house in the Waterfront
 district around 9AM. That should rectify things.] The guildmaster tasks the
 player with retrieving Savilla's Stone from a mountain monastery, the Temple
 of the Ancestor Moths. This is where blind Moth priests go to live out their
 final days. Gray Fox also waives a blood price on whoever or whatever guards
 the stone (this applies to generic priests as well), the first instance of
 many coming up.

 The temple is automatically marked on the map (if it wasn't already), so get
 ready to trek. A quest update talks about persuading monks to help in the
 quest, marking Brother Holger's location in the area. If his disposition is
 high enough (70+) he'll talk about Savilla's Stone, and if it's even higher
 (80+) he'll open the catacombs for the player and leave.

 NOTE: Holger is the only monk who can be bribed [etc.] into talking about the
       temple's secrets, and enlisting his assistance is entirely optional.
       Simply break into the crypt nearby if y'want.

 Anyway, once inside, the player will have to navigate the temple's Halls,
 Catacombs, and Caverns section to reach the "Shrine of the Moth," where the
 stone is kept. The first two are inhabited by Blind Moth Priest/Prelates,
 and are the main "enemy" encountered in this dungeon. They are completely
 blind and unable to see the player, so things like invisibility or chameleon
 are unnecessary. However, their hearing is sharp, so those who aren't a
 Journeyman of Sneak (type of shoes doesn't affect detection) will find that
 they're encountering battle more than need be. The easy solution is simply
 avoiding the priests if possible, although removing clanky shoes can work
 well, too. The BMPs are armed with Akaviri (Dai-)Katanas which, even at low
 levels, have pretty good attack power (7,8) so that's one incentive to fight
 a bit.

 The caverns are inhabited by undead enemies (ghosts, skeletons) and filled
 with some traps, such as: (1) tripwire mace trap (2) a harmful gas trap,
 where one is locked in a room and must escape by pulling all the ropes (3)
 a harmful spike floor, which requires jumping over the rough patches (4) a
 rolling log trap. In any case, save before entering the Shrine.

 In the final area, there's only one prelate and an evil welkynd stone, which
 attacks the player with an elemental projectile. Fortunately, by sneaking
 very carefully, one can simply stand behind the prelate (always spawns in
 same position) and let the welkynd stone kill him/her. Then, acquire that
 [Savilla's Stone] and escape via the nearby shortcut, emerging at the well
 behind the monks' quarters. The shortcut is one-way, however... =/

 NOTE: If you pick up the "Instructions: the Gray Cowl" paper in the chest near
       the ladder, there's a new conversation point available when speaking
       to the guildmaster. It's quite interesting...
 | TIP: Accessory Farmer |
 | The Prelate guarding the stone always spawns with a good accessory, and   |
 | has a typical three-day respawning time. What accessory s/he has is       |
 | determined when entering the shrine, so save in the caverns, enter, kill  |
 | the prelate, and see what loot's to be had. If it's lame, simply reload & |
 | repeat. This is a great way to get rare equipment like the Mundane Ring,  |
 | Ring of Perfection, Amulet of Absorption, and so on. Do it as many times  |
 | as y'like!                                                                |
 The Gray Fox will be in the same place as before, ready to give out a reward.

10) ARROW OF EXTRICATION                                                 [TH10]
 Locate: Chorrol [Malintus Ancrus' House]
 Prereq: Taking Care of Lex, 700g fenced in "Independent Thievery"
 Reward: 500g, promotion to Master Thief (can use Fathis Ules as a fence)
 Infamy: +2

 Once enough loot's been fenced, Amusei will be sent as a messenger and give
 the Gray Fox's new meeting place, this time in Chorrol. The guildmaster will
 reveal he needs the Arrow of Extrication, currently in the possession of
 Bravil's court wizard, Fathis Aren. The item is important enough to waive the
 blood price on Fathis, but he cannot be killed in the castle, if that's the
 route one takes.

 In Bravil, grease a beggar's palm to learn Fathis Aren keeps all his most
 cherished possessions in a tower outside town, surprisingly called "Fathis
 Aren's Tower". However, if one were to visit that location, the front door
 would be magically locked, as only the wizard himself can open it. But, there
 is a rumor Bravil Castle has a secret path leading to that location. Hmm...

 So, once at the castle, sneak into the manor's north wing and, from there,
 the wizard's room (marked on map already). Break into the two locked chests
 for a quest update regarding a secret passage. Checking the minimap reveals
 its location, too: directly across from the room's entrance. Pick the lock
 into the...

 This dungeon can be rather labyrinthine, so always pay attention to the
 minimap while proceeding! Enemies are typically rats and mudcrabs, but a few
 others appear, notably dremora, conjurers, atronachs (maybe) and daedra if
 your level's high enough. Down in the waterlogged passages, the conjurers can
 be found in a locked living quarters section, avoidable if the player wishes.
 It contains plenty of chests and alchemic ingredients, though. [The old wooden
 door asking for a key cannot be opened in any normal manner.] There's also a
 free Poisoned Apple sitting around, although those unfamiliar with the "food"
 should avoid eating it as it'll eventually kill the player.

 The real method of exiting is in the water-filled shaft -- swim down a bit and
 look for a submerged tunnel leading north.

 NOTE: If one swims down far enough, a Giant Slaughterfish can be found and
       killed. It drops a lot of stuff but is rather hard to defeat, just
       because of how powerful it is and underwater fighting generally sucking.
       Also, in the slaughterfish's lower cavern, a door leads out into the
       middle of Niben Bay (right by the 'a' in 'Bay' on the map, actually).
       Kinda worthless but a fun curio nonetheless.

 Shouldn't be too hard to reach the next section, Bravil Wizard's Lair, once
 that's found. It'll be similar to the grotto portion, including the mix of
 enemies, except it's much shorter -- one could sneak through it with just a
 single 30s invisibility spell, for instance. Pick the hard lock at the end
 to reach...

 The tower portion is like normal outdoor towers: roofless, multistory, and
 with various enemies (dremora, atronachs, daedra, etc.) that align themselves
 with Fathis Aren. The master of the house himself is on the 2nd-from-highest
 tier in a small chamber housing his precious possessions. He typically won't
 leave unless baited somehow, though. A good method to steal the arrow safely
 is to climb to the tower's highest tier, shoot projectile magic, go invisible
 while Aren rushes out, and steal his goodies before he gets back. Killing him
 is fine quest-wise, although he's actually a Conjuration teacher and normally
 quite a nice guy. =/

 Anyway, after stealing the [Key-Shaped Arrowhead] and presumably Aren's Tower
 Key, it's possible to leave via the front door and return to the Gray Fox.

 REWARD: In addition to monetary compensation, Fathis Ules is now available as
         a fence. However, despite boasting an impressive base 1500g, he has
         master Mercantile making it very hard to get any good deals. Thus,
         it may not be that useful to use his skills without master Mercantile
         oneself. [Not to mention he's kinda glitchy to start with, and if he
         doesn't fence for the player on that reason, he definitely won't if
         he got betrayed in the "Sins of the Father" sidequest.]

11) BOOTS OF SPRINGHEEL JAK                                              [TH11]
 Locate: Cheydinhal [Ganredhel's House]
 Prereq: Arrow of Extrication, 800g fenced in "Independent Thievery"
 Reward: 500
 Infamy: +2

 When enough loot's been fenced, Amusei will once again seek the player out
 with a message: visit Ganredhel's house in Cheydinhal. There the Gray Fox
 lays out the next phase in his plan...that is, stealing the legendary Boots
 of Springheel Jak. Unfortunately their whereabouts are currently unknown, but
 Jak's only living relative -- Jakben, the Earl of Imbel, may know where they
 are. He lives in the Imperial City and, as any beggar divulges, his house is
 in the Talos Plaza district.

 Jakben lives only with his butler (Gemellius Axius), the former being a real
 night owl who leaves his house only at night. Thus, the best time to break in
 is during those hours, when no one's likely to be around. Sneaking around,
 break into the 3F attic ("Jakben's private quarters") and rob the desk of the
 [Imbel Genealogy]. The quest update suggests squeezing the Earl for more info,
 which is easiest to do in the daytime. Don't worry about getting a bounty for
 trespassing, as he's a total fraidy-cat and gives the [Imbel Family Crypt Key]
 after some questions. This allows access to the basement's catacombs.

 NOTE: It's also possible to pick all of Jakben's equipment, which helps for
       later on.

 The catacombs are filled with various vampire types, undead, and maybe some
 junky normal animals. It's not mandatory to fight them all, but it'll make
 the escape much easier to do so. Remember that vampires can infect targets
 with porphyric hemophilia, turning them into vampries after a three-day
 gestation period. Spells or potions that 'cure disease' can eliminate it like
 any normal affliction before it takes hold. At the end, past the Vampire
 Patriarch, will be the final coffin, containing the [Diary of Springheel Jak]
 which must be claimed to continue.

 At this time, Jakben will race into the crypt and initiate battle. If you
 stole his equipment before, and made sure there's nothing useful laying around
 for him to pick up, he'll be at a huge disadvantage and easier to slay. Simply
 loot his corpse for the [Boots of Springheel Jak] to be done with the wimpy
 vamp. Don't forget to cure porphyric hemophilia if it was inflicted! Check to
 make sure, just in case...

 Deliver the boots to Gray Fox to finish up. He says there'll be one final
 task he needs, and it'll be harder than all the rest...but the reward will be
 quite worth it.

12) THE ULTIMATE HEIST                                                   [TH12]
 Locate: Imperial City [Othrelos' House]
 Prereq: Boots of Springheel Jak, 1000g fenced in "Independent Thievery"
 Reward: 500, Gray Cowl of Nocturnal, Guildmaster's Key
 Infamy: +10

 This will be a very long quest with many stages, so prepare ahead, as it'll
 be difficult to backtrack (if at all). This means methods of healing, some
 good Sneak and Security, and any kind of longbow as well. When enough loot's
 been fenced, Amusei summons the player one last time, to the Gray Fox's new
 location at Othrelos' House in the Imperial City's Elven Gardens district.
 [If Amusei doesn't appear promptly, try waiting somewhere outside the main
 city, like the waterfront district.]

 The Gray Fox lays the quest out on the line, and why he's had the player
 collect various items. The goal: one of the Elder Scrolls itself, by sneaking
 through the sewers, infiltrating the Imperial Palace, and duping Moth priests
 into thinking the player's Celia Camoran. Very ballsy, even for the Gray Fox!
 Luckily, this is all documented in the [Plan for the Big Heist] quest item;
 the [Boots of Springheel Jak] and newly-reformed [Arrow of Extrication] are
 also obtained now.

 Additionally, this quest is of such vital importance to the Gray Fox that
 there's no blood price for anyone!

 To open the "Old Way" path in the sewers, visit the Imperial City Palace. The
 ground floor is free to all visitors, but the basement ain't -- but we're not
 just anybody. Sneak down there, being mindful of any patrols, and inspect the
 large hourglass to set things in motion. [I've read this step isn't actually
 necessary due to some programming error, but it's too fun to not include!]

 The quest update now marks a lonely sewer grate in the city's Arboretum
 sector, leading to "The South East Tunnel" segment. Enemies inside are lame
 critters like rats and mudcrabs, so big yawn there. This sewer system has
 two entrances into "Beneath the Bloodworks," which is a little more eventful.
 Enemies in here are predominantly vampire, although at lower levels it's more
 an even mix of ghost/wraith types. The levers in this area are crankwheels,
 and need to be activated to access "The Palace Sewers" section (opposite side
 of minimap from South East Tunnel) which is a near repeat enemy-wise but is a
 lot shorter.

 The Old Way is a two-section dungeon filled with traps and various undead
 types. If one has an invisibility spell, it's expedient to just avoid any
 fighting and get through to the quest marker. It's rather difficult to get
 hung up in this segment, although if y'do, it's probably because one can't
 find the way forward in the adjacent "The Old Way" section. Look carefully
 for part of a collapsed wall, in that case. 

 NOTE: Be careful about Dread Zombies as they carry the Astral Vapors disease,
       which, among other things, gives the stunted magicka effect (magicka
       doesn't recover naturally).

 Nothing special about this segment, really, besides its striking resemblance
 to the substructure in the game's tutorial dungeon. Enemy mix predominantly
 undead with a few rats thrown in for good measure.

 Towards the end, the catacomby, cave-ridden section ends and the ruins of an
 Ayleid structure begin. This is the part the Gray Fox talked about needing
 the Boots of Springheel Jak for -- use 'em to leap up a broken stairwell. [If
 one has ridiculously high Acrobatics, they won't be needed, of course.] Press
 the two block switches, avoid the evil welkynd stones below, and enter the
 next area! [However, killing the enemies in the final part of this dungeon
 helps as there's a bedroll in the upper reaches, good for leveling up midway
 through the quest.]

 Now we're in the Ayleid ruin proper and, appropriately, there's plenty of
 normal welkynd stones to pick up. [The enemy mix is still undead types, too.]
 Approach the giant statue on the other end of the main chamber to get a quest
 update saying to locate the Arrow of Extrication's firing point. Also move
 around to get the update saying that some of the giant walls look movable.
 On one side of the upper level is a pickable door leading to an adjacent
 section. Flip the block switch here to recede part of the lower wall, and
 continue into the 2nd "Hall of Epochs" chamber.

 This one's more treasure-filled and has extra welkynd stones, including those
 high up near the ceiling (area-of-effect magic can knock 'em loose sometimes).
 At the end, behind a reliquary, there's a single button. Save here and press
 it, because it lowers the walls in the main hall. Backtrack there, slay the
 undead types (one drops a bow if y'need it) and stand on the pressure plate
 to make the far-off statue pull an about-face. Note that one must remain
 standing on it to keep it in that position.

 Anyway, a glowing blue center to the statue opens when it turns around, and
 that's the target for the Arrow of Extrication. Since there's only one shot
 to make it in (well, the arrow can be collected upon failure, but who wants
 to do that?), save beforehand. The trajectory will have to arc downwards, too,
 so overlap the crosshairs on the "+" portion of the statue's sword hilt to
 make it perfectly. [A quest update notifies one of this.]

 The secret way into the palace is now open, and the two Ayleid guardians'
 statues come to life as well. It's recommended to sneak past 'em as they
 can't be looted and their fallen weapons "crumble to dust in your hands"
 when inspected. L-A-M-E!

 NOTE: You can also retrieve the Arrow of Extrication if y'find it on the
       ground, but it remains a quest item once picked up and cannot be refired
       from a bow.

 NOTE: If you get caught by the guards in any of the next sections and decide
       to surrender, it can screw up the mission permanently. Make a save
       before entering the Imperial Palace as a fallback.

 Congrats, you're officially trespassing in the Imperial Guard Quarters! This
 constitutes the 3F of the Imperial Palace, with the next destination being
 the 4F library. [Guards will continuously patrol the halls, so always remember
 to enter a new screen in sneak mode!] So, once y'break into the Elder Scrolls
 library, activate the switch near a guard and sit in the reading chair. Do not
 initiate conversation with any priest or they'll immediately know they're not
 in the presence of Celia Camoran. Steal the [Elder Scroll] to get the next
 quest update.

 NOTE: If you are caught before the Elder Scroll is delivered, the entire
       quest is fouled up and one'll have to escape like normal, just without
       achieving victory. This bars the player from getting the quest reward,
       so don't bother saving if this happens -- just reset! No reason to do
       the entire questline and miss out now...

 After stealing the scroll, the way back is locked, so sneak (still) upwards
 to exit. The destination is Evangeline Beanique's room on 7F. [The Blind
 Moth Priests' quarters are on 6F but generally uneventful.] Said lady is an
 Imperial Battlemage and tends to wander around the floor, making it a bit
 harder to do any thefts. Her room has some display cases and the skill book
 "2920, Second Seed (v5)" that increases Speechcraft.

 NOTE: Even though the Gray Fox waived the blood price during this quest, a
       player is still expelled from the Mages Guild if Evangeline's slain.

 To escape, one must descend Beanique's chimney shaft. The guildmaster intended
 for the player to survive by equipping Springheel Jak's boots, which ensures
 the long fall isn't fatal. However, this method destroys the boots entirely,
 so many players will want to "rough it" and hope the drop doesn't kill them.
 With enough health and Acrobatics, it should do lots of damage but nothing a
 quick rest won't cure. [Example: with 286 health and 28 Acrobatics, my
 Redguard incurred about 140-150 damage.]

 If one survived the fall, all that's left is to backtrack out. The quickest
 way is probably reaching "Beneath the Bloodworks," and going back to "South
 East Tunnel"'s nearby exit to the Waterfront. Once the scroll's delivered to
 the Gray Fox, there's one more step...

 The Gray Fox gives a [Wedding Ring] and asks it be delivered to Countess
 Umbranox of Anvil. Easy task, no? Have an audience with her (during normal
 hours) and speak about the ring, which cues a special scene ending the guild

 REWARD: As the Gray Fox, the most impressive reward is the Gray Cowl itself.
 Its enchantments are: Fortify Sneak 25pts, Feather 200pts, Detect Life 120ft
 -- very impressive for dungeon-crawling. But, it's also a cursed item, so that
 whomever wears it is unrecognizable as the player's chosen character. Wearing
 the cowl in public causes any guard nearby to immediately run and attack, due
 to the automatic 500g bounty that comes with wearing the headpiece. [Only the
 option to resist arrest is given if caught.] However, by unequipping the cowl
 and yielding to the attacking guards, one can mitigate the situation like
 nothing ever happened. Additionally, any bounty accumulated when the cowl's
 worn is attached to the cowl, not the player!

 The second reward is an established Thieves Guild hall, whose entrance has
 just appeared at the Garden of Dareloth (Waterfront district, remember). Some
 of the local thieves will hang around there during the night, and the player
 even gets his/her own quarters for permanent storage. A Security skill book
 "Proper Lock Design" is also present there. [Don't pick up the Waterfront Tax
 Records on the desk as they're still designated as a quest item and cannot be

IV. MISCELLANEOUS QUESTS                                                 [MSCL]
 This is a repository of all journal quests in the game, including those in
 the Shivering Isles and Knights of the Nine expansions.

  A Brotherhood Betrayed ............................................... ABB1
  A Brush with Death ................................................... ABW1
  A Liquid Solution ........................................... [SI] ... ALS1
  A Shadow Over Hackdirt ............................................... ASO1
  A Venerable Vintage .................................................. AVV1
  Acrobatics Training .................................................. ACR1
  Alchemy Acquisitions ................................................. ALC1
  Alchemy Training ..................................................... ALC2
  Alteration Training .................................................. LTR1
  An Unexpected Voyage ................................................. AUV1
  Armorer Training ..................................................... RMR1
  Athletics Training ................................................... THL1
  Bear Season .......................................................... BRS1
  Blade Training ....................................................... BLD1
  Block Training ....................................................... BLC1
  Blunt Training ....................................................... BLN1
  Brithaur .................................................... [SI] ... BRT1
  Buying a House in Bravil ............................................. BAH1
  Buying a House in Bruma .............................................. BAH2
  Buying a House in Cheydinhal ......................................... BAH3
  Buying a House in Chorrol ............................................ BAH4
  Buying a House in Leyawiin ........................................... BAH5
  Buying a House in Skingrad ........................................... BAH6
  Buy a House in the Imperial City ..................................... BAH7
  Canvas the Castle .................................................... CTC1
  Caught in the Hunt ................................................... CIT1
  Conjuration Training ................................................. CNR1
  Corruption and Conscience ............................................ CAC1
  Darkness Eternal ..................................................... DRK1
  Destruction Training ................................................. DST1
  Everything in Its Place ..................................... [SI] ... EII1
  Falling Awake ............................................... [SI] ... FLL1
  Final Resting ............................................... [SI] ... FNL1
  Go Fish .............................................................. GFS1
  Ghosts of Vitharn ........................................... [SI] ... GOV1
  Goblin Trouble ....................................................... GBL1
  Hand to Hand Training ................................................ HTH1
  Heavy Armor Training ................................................. HAT1
  Helping Hands ........................................................ HLP1
  Illusion Training .................................................... LLS1
  Imperial Corruption .................................................. MPR1
  Imperial Dragon Armor ................................................ IDA1
  Independant Thievery ................................................. NDP1
  Knights of the White Stallion ........................................ KOT1
  Legacy Lost .......................................................... LGC1
  Lifting the Vale ..................................................... LTV1
  Light Armor Training ................................................. LAT1
  Marksman Training .................................................... MRK1
  Mazoga the Orc ....................................................... MTO1
  Mercantile Training .................................................. MRC1
  Mysticism Training ................................................... MST1
  Newheim's Flagon ..................................................... NWH1
  No Stone Unturned .................................................... NSU1
  Nothing You Can Possess .............................................. NYC1
  Origin of the Gray Prince ............................................ OOT1
  Raid on Greyland ..................................................... ROG1
  Restoration Training ................................................. RST1
  Revenge Served Cold .................................................. RSC1
  Paranoia ............................................................. PRN1
  Secrets of the Ayleids ............................................... SOT1
  Security Training .................................................... SCR1
  Seeking Your Roots ................................................... SYR1
  Separated at Birth ................................................... SAB1
  Sins of the Father ................................................... SOT2
  Sneak Training ....................................................... SNK1
  Speechcraft Training ................................................. SPC1
  Taxonomy of Obsession ....................................... [SI] ... TOO1
  Tears of the Savior .................................................. TOT1
  The Antipodean Hammer ....................................... [SI] ... TAH1
  The Collector ........................................................ TCL1
  The Coming Storm ............................................ [SI] ... TCS1
  The Fork of Horripilation ................................... [SI] ... TFO1
  The Forlorn Watchman ................................................. TFW1
  The Ghost Ship of Anvil .............................................. TGS1
  The Gravefinder's Repose ............................................. TGR1
  The Great Divide ............................................ [SI] ... TGD1
  The Killing Field .................................................... TKF1
  The Museum of Oddities ...................................... [SI] ... TMO1
  The Order of the Virtuous Blood ...................................... TOO1
  The Potato Snatcher .................................................. TPS1
  The Renegade Shadowscale ............................................. TRS1
  The Rosethorn Cache .................................................. TRC1
  The Siren's Deception ................................................ TSD1
  The Sunken One ....................................................... TSO1
  The Wayward Knight ................................................... TWK1
  Through a Nightmare, Darkly .......................................... TAN1
  To Help a Hero .............................................. [SI] ... THA1
  Two Sides of the Coin ................................................ TSO1
  Unfriendly Competition ............................................... NFR1
  Ushnar's Terror ............................................. [SI] ... SHN1
  Vampire Cure ......................................................... VMP1
  When the Vow Breaks .................................................. WTV1
  Where Spirits Have Lease ............................................. WSH1
  Whom Gods Annoy ...................................................... WGA1
  Whispers of Death .................................................... WOD1
  Work is Never Done .......................................... [SI] ... WIN1
  Zero Visibility ...................................................... ZRV1

 Client: Carius Runellius
 Locatn: Bruma
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: Yes [any plot-required NPC, like Erline, is slain]
 Reward: +1 Fame, Phylactery of Litheness

 The quest starts when one enters Bradon Lirrian's house; the investigator
 Carius Runellius asks the player to leave the crime scene. With enough
 disposition (70+), one can question the copper about Raynil Dralas, a vampire
 hunter who did a great service to the town by slaying Bradon. Also speak with
 the new widow Erline to learn she thinks her hubby's innocent and that Raynil
 is the shady character. Hmm... [Also, don't inspect the newly deceased's body
 more than once, as a bounty for evidence tampering is received.]

 A quest update suggests asking merchants and innkeeps about the fellow, and
 Olav (of Olav's Tap and Tack) is the best lead. When his disposition's 70 or
 better, question him about Dralas to learn he's staying in the inn and get
 [Raynil's Room Key] for free. Alternately, one can just pickpocket the key.
 Search the lodging to find [Gelebourne's Journal] behind the dresser; take it.
 Olav has a bit more to say on that guy's subject.

 Fork over the journal to Carius and meet him at Olav's an hour later, learning
 Raynil was spotted heading towards Boreal Stone Cave. The guards can't leave
 the city for fear of spooking the murderer, and thus task the player with
 stopping Raynil. [NOTE: Carius says that there's probably at most a day to
 catch the quarry and he's exactly right; there's no flexibility here! Wait
 too long and one gets an update in the cave that the vampire hunter flew the
 coop, which ends the quest on a sour note.]

 Those who reach the cave -- a ways to west of Bruma -- will find Raynil quite
 unwilling to turn himself in to the authorities, leading to an inevitable
 confrontation. He's really not that strong, so one shouldn't have too much
 trouble here. Once all three adventurers' keys are gotten, open the nearby
 waterlogged chest obtain the [Mundane Amulet]. Bring it back to Erline, who'll
 release its enchantment, turning it into the [Phylactery of Litheness]
 keepsake, which the player can then keep as a reward.

 REWARD: The aforementioned necklace has a Fortify Speed 10pts effect.

 Client: Tivela
 Locatn: Cheydinhal
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: Yes [Tivela slain]
 Reward: Apron of Adroitness

 Speaking to Tivela learns that her husband, Rythe Lathandas, has gone missing
 and she's at her wit's end. [Rumors of his disappearance circulate around
 town and may lead the player to her doorstep.] The quest is automatically
 received when talking to Tiv, and after accepting to help officially, she'll
 give [Rythe's Studio Key]. Enter the ground-floor studio and find the weird
 forest painting. Inspect it to be transported into inside!

 Once inside the watercolor world, Rythe will come over and say a Bosmer thief
 is the source of all his problems, having stole the [Brush of Truepaint]. To
 escape, he says, one must recover the brush, currently guarded by a bunch of
 crazed trolls. He gives six bottles of [Turpentine] to be used like poison,
 dealing up to 250 damage to the suckers. Interesting!

 The quest marker will note the painted trolls' positions around the entry
 point. They're quite similar to normal trolls, but perhaps a bit bigger. If
 one's a collector, save a few samples of the "Painted Troll Fat" from their
 corpses, as it can only be found here and in finite quantity, to boot. Don't
 forget to take the [Brush of Truepaint] from the thief's body in the southern
 clearing, too!

 When all trolls are slain and the brush reclaimed, speak to the painter and
 he'll create a portal back to Cyrodiil and give his reward.

 REWARD: The apron (cuirass) fortifies agility and intelligence up to 10pts.

 Client: Sickly Bernice
 Locatn: Shivering Isles [Crucible: Sickly Bernice's Taphouse]
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: No [Bernice is unkillable]
 Reward: Circlet of Verdure [ring]

 Speak to Bernice to learn she's deathly ill with something, and no one's felt
 like helping her. [This adds the quest officially.] Inquire further to obtain
 [Bernice's Empty Flask], for obtaining the aquanostrum from a pool in Knotty
 Bramble. This dungeon is automatically marked on the map: the island's south
 half, near where Pinnacle Road meets the Low Road.

 The place is filled with grummites and contains three areas: Knotty Bramble,
 Crypt, and Hatchery -- the latter is the destination. Jump into the lower
 pool and approach the grummite statue to automatically get the [Aquanostrum
 Flask]. Success! Bring it back to Bernice for a reward.

 Eventually Bernice will want more "cure" and pay the player 450 if s/he gives
 another dose. There is an annoying bug to this part, where an [Aquanostrum
 Flask] is added freely by visiting the statue. The only way to get rid of the
 key item is by helping Bernice again, trading it for the empty one. URGH!

 REWARD: The [Circlet of Verdure], at maximum strength, resists Poison and
         Disease 60%, fortifies Health 35pts, and fortifies Endurance 12pts. 

 Client: Seed-Neeus [Northern Goods and Trade]
 Locatn: Chorrol
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: No [Seed-Neeus isn't killable before/during quest]
 Reward: +1 Fame, +5 Mercantile (permanent increase; only if Dar-Ma survives)

 NOTE: This quest can be stumbled upon in Hackdirt, but for the sake of the
       hunt, it'll start from the beginning.

 Dar-Ma is a nice Argonian girl found in town, and will typically approach the
 player for random chit-chat (despite having nothing important to add). A few
 days after encountering her, the topic of Dar Ma ("Missing Daughter") should
 be added to conversation topics. Stand around people talking, such as near
 the Great Oak, to hopefully expedite this process. Random townsfolk will
 direct the player to speak with her mother at the local trading goods store.

 Seed-Neeus will task the player with the quest properly after one accepts to
 help find Dar-Ma, who's gone missing in the local settlement of Hackdirt. She
 also took her horse Blossom with and, in her mother's words, would never
 willfully abandon her. [Hackdirt is located directly south of Chorrol a ways,
 and is marked on the map.]

 The rather dreary settlement holds no love for strangers, as the player finds
 out quickly. Blossom is inside the burnt husk of a building, prompting a quest
 update when approached. Etira Moslin, who's had dealings with Seed-Neeus'
 store before, is the one to inquire to about Dar-Ma's whereabouts -- she runs
 the local inn. Question Vlanhonder and Etira Moslin to be told there's been
 no Argonian here...hmm. In the upstairs guest rooms, one can also search an
 overturned dresser for [Dar-Ma's Diary]. In any case, confronting a Moslin
 with the evidence forces them to admit she was there, but came and went. Now
 to search town for any sign of her...

 If one talks to Jiv Hiriel, he'll seem cooperative with the investigation,
 asking the player to meet him at his house after dark (8PM+) so as to not
 arouse the townfolk's suspicions. Away from prying eyes, he'll admit that
 Dar-Ma was in town, she was captured and brought into the lower caverns to
 be some kind of sacrifice. He gives a [Hackdirt Key] which opens any trapdoor
 into the caverns, saying the one in the inn is the closest to her location.

 Jiv's advice is spot-on, as that trapdoor is right near her holding cell.
 If the player attempts the rescue while everyone's doing their Gathering,
 simply unlock her cell, command her to follow, and exit topside with no one
 to follow or witness the escape. Being such a sweetheart, Dar-Ma won't leave
 without Blossom, so lead her over there so she'll automatically mount. It's
 perfectly fine to fast-travel back to Chorrol for a nice mother-daughter
 reunion. (D'aww...)

 REWARD: There's no tangible reward for completing this quest, but Seed-Neeus
         gives a permanent +5 Mercantile boost if her daughter returns alive.
         This is implemented as a stat boost like a skill book, not an active
         effect like, say, the "Night Mother's Blessing".

 Client: Nerussa
 Locatn: Wawnet Inn [W of Imperial City]
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: No [Nerussa can't be killed]
 Reward: 1000g + 100g/per each additional delivered

 Speaking to Nerussa about her oenophilic ways can add this quest, but most
 people will get it automatically upon finding a bottle of her quarry: the
 rare [Shadowbanish Wine]. One will then have to visit Nerussa to learn she'll
 pay for six bottles -- there's no quest marker to indicate her position, note.

 Apparently most of the wines were used by watchmen, so they'll typically be
 found in ruined forts. Some locations:

 • Fort Aurus (mainland just north of Fort Grief) -- 1st area, well-lit room
 • Fort Grief (Niben Bay island; part of "Caught in the Hunt") -- 3F chest
 • Fort Irony (SW of Bravil) -- first area, by a campfire
 • Frostcrag Spire (Wizard's Tower DLC) -- basement
 • Battlehorn Castle (Fighter's Stronghold DLC) -- wine cellar

 Despite its allegedly brief manufacturing run, wine found in forts respawns
 like typical chests (73 hours), meaning one place can be used for all of 'em
 if needed. They're typically found in the rigid, rectangular chests.

 Anyway, once six bottles are collected, deliver 'em to Nerussa to finish the
 quest. But since the player is such a brave booze-bringer, she'll pay 100g
 for each additional bottle delivered henceforth. Pretty crappy way to make
 money, but it could be useful in the early levels.

 Client: Tsrava or Ganredhel
 Locatn: Leyawiin and Cheydinhal, respectively
 Prereq: Lv70 in Acrobatics
 Mssbl?: Yes [both referrers slain, Torbern slain]
 Reward: Master Acrobatics training available

 Either normal trainer in Acrobatics will direct the player towards Aerin's
 Camp, located towards Cyrodiil's northeast reaches. It's in the vicinity of
 Kingscrest Cavern, Azura's Shrine, Temple of the Ancestor Moths, and Walker
 Camp. If one found Dive Rock already, it might have been passed by. Anyway,
 once there, speak to Torbern. He'll say Aerin's not around but can offer the
 training in her absence, and for free, to boot.

 Client: Raminus Polus [Arcane University]
 Locatn: Arcane University
 Prereq: Confront the King
 Mssbl?: Yes [if Mages Guild questline somehow becomes unfinishable]
 Reward: Access to Enchanted Chest in Arch-Mage's Quarters

 After becoming the Arch-Mage, Raminus informs the player that the position
 gets certain priveleges. Julienne Fanis, from the university's Lustratorium,
 will say how the enchanted chest works: once a week, place an ingredient in
 the chest and wait 24 hours. The ingredient will have multiplied! However,
 the downside is that it only works on ingredients and anything left in the
 chest for a full week is destroyed. [Learning this info complete the quest.]
 This is a good way for alchemists to get their fix, as well as regular joes
 to fulfill certain mini/quest obligations, like Talan's rare wines or Roland
 Jenseric's purchasing of vampire dust.

 Note that this only works on MOST ingredients. Some special ones, like the
 Nirnroot or Poisoned Apple, and quest items, like the Unicorn Horn, can't
 be duplicated at all. This also applies to Shivering Isles items, naturally.

 Client: Ardaline
 Locatn: Bravil [Mages Guild]
 Prereq: Lv70 in Alchemy
 Mssbl?: Yes [Referrer(s) or Sinderion slain]
 Reward: Master Alchemy training available

 Once one's the appropriate level, talk with Ardaline and she'll send the
 player off in search of Sinderion, a master alchemist who resides in the
 basement of the West Weald Inn (Skingrad). He should be a familiar face for
 those who've done the "Seeking Your Roots" side mission, as it's one of the
 first available.

 Sinderion requires some bottles of [Surilie Brothers Vintage 399] and [Tamika
 Vintage 399] before giving his training, though. These can be found randomly
 in the cupboards of nobility and some vendors' inventories. If one has the
 Frostcrag Spire (Wizard's Tower) DLC, both bottles can be found in the vault's
 wine racks, too. 

 Client: Athragar
 Locatn: Bravil
 Prereq: Lv70 in Alteration
 Mssbl?: Yes [Referrer(s) or Tooth-in-the-Sea slain]
 Reward: Master Alteration training available

 Athragar can refer the player to Tooth-in-the-Sea, an Argonian who frequents
 Niben Bay. [This trainer's actually got a bit of fame as both being hard to
 locate and dying in the wilderness, making the quest unfinishable.] Tooth
 spends most of his day in the river, and even with Detect Life spells, can
 be a pain to find. Thus, like in the Destruction Training quest, it's easiest
 to wait for him to return home -- in this case, a bedroll on the Niben's west
 bank, right behind Flooded Mine (north of Bravil).

 Once up and about, Tooth can give his test of mettle: stay underwater for
 three consecutive hours, i.e. no surfacing for air. [If one's character is
 Argonian, he foregoes the test and offers training immediately.] How one
 survives underwater is irrelevant to Tooth, making everything fair game:
 spells, scrolls, potions, enchanted armor and accessories... The latter is
 perhaps the easiest as the game provides some without much effort, such as
 the Fin Gleam (found underwater, along island west of Anvil) and the Jewel
 of the Rumare (reward in "Go Fish" quest). Even the weak Buoyancy spell
 obtained for free in the Cheydinhal Recommendation (Mages Guild) quest can

 Client: ---
 Locatn: Imperial City [Waterfront District]
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: Yes [Ormil slain beforehand]
 Reward: Level-dependant gold (450g max), Blackwater Blade

 This fun mission begins when one sleeps at the Bloated Float tavern/inn in
 the Waterfront District (room costs 10g). Upon awakening, apparently the ship
 has lifted anchor and is now traveling! Find Lynch nearby and he'll say he's
 a member of the Blackwater Brigands, and they've locked the bouncer in the
 storage room. Regardless of one's attempts at deception, Lynch attacks. His
 corpse has the [Storage Room Key] and [Lynch's Instructions], the latter of
 which belies the brigands' intentions. 

 Head up to the tavern deck and Minx, a saucy red-headed Dunmer, will stop the
 player. Any attempts at subterfuge fail (although they're funny) and her blood
 must be spilled, too. She carries the [Top Deck Key], required to locate the
 next pirate, Wrath. [If Graman gro-Marad wasn't released yet, he'll appear
 here anyway.] Like the others, trying to trick him is humorous but doesn't
 bypass the fight. He carries [Ormil's Cabin Key], where the brigand leader
 Selene is.

 It's possible to fight Selene by angering her, or attacking her unprovoked
 (harder than it sounds), but it's possible to make her surrender by using
 the other blabbermouth pirates' tidbits against her. Answering the following
 will make her as tame as a kitty-kat, as well as earning her special blade
 without any spilt blood.

 1) I took the key from Wrath.
 2) I'm here to join the gang.
 3) ...three months ago?
 4) To find the Golden Galleon?
 5) You mean in Bravil?
 6) I've killed all of them.

 Should she surrender, speak with Ormil (on 'Selene') and he'll want her
 stashed in a room belowdecks. Since she'll follow the player as a prisoner
 at this point, just go the inn deck -- Selene automatically enters the private
 room (always unpickable/unenterable). Return to Ormil for the full story, then
 sleep in the rented room to return to the city. The propietor will give out a
 paltry gold reward at this time, finishing the quest.

 REWARD: Selene's [Blackwater Blade] is enchanted to absorb fatigue for a
         decent amount of time. At best, it's 20pts for 12s. That should keep
         any scallywags in the fray! 

 Unfortunately, the she-captain disappears at this point. Even visiting the
 Imperial Prison gives no trace to her whereabouts.

 Client: Rasheda [Fire and Steel] or Rohssan [A Fighting Chance]
 Locatn: Chorrol and Imperial City, respectively
 Prereq: Lv70 in Armorer
 Mssbl?: Yes [Referrer(s) or trainer slain]
 Reward: Master Armorer training available

 Talking to the two smiths above can get the referral to Gin-Wulm, who works
 at "The Best Defense" in the Imperial City's Market District. Once the quest
 is given, his location gets a quest marker. When one asks for training, he
 poses a question: "What does the name Hazadir mean to you?" If the player read
 the book [The Armorer's Challenge], one can give an answer besides "nothing".
 If one hasn't read the book, Gin-Wulm hints it can be bought at the First
 Edition book store in the city's Market District. [Sometimes the book isn't
 available in the inventory but Phintias has it on his person, allowing it to
 be pickpocketed. I even found it just laying on the floor where Phintias
 stands once!]

 When the book's been read (taking the book doesn't matter; there's no quest
 update for reading it either) return to Gin-Wulm to answer correctly, and
 get his training in the process.

 Client: Honditar or Hauls-Ropes-Faster
 Locatn: Chorrol and Anvil, respectively
 Prereq: Lv70 in Athletics
 Mssbl?: Yes [Referrer(s) or trainer slain]
 Reward: Master Athletics training available

 Hauls-Ropes-Faster will direct the player to Rusia Bradus, who apparently
 was quite the traveler in her day. [Note that Hauls doesn't actually offer
 training, despite what his dialogue says.] Rusia's location will be marked
 on the map once the referral comes through. She only offers to give training
 if the player's found thirty (30) locations on the map -- default cities
 don't count, but automatic DLC locations might. Either way, finding the
 requisite amount ain't hard.

 Client: Thorley Aethelred
 Locatn: Shardrock [halfway between Kvatch/Skingrad; west of Meridia's Shrine]
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: Yes [Thorley is killed]
 Reward: Random skill book

 Speak with the farmer about his problem to get the quest. It seems some local
 bears are threatening his sheep herd, and the player is the only savior to be
 found. The "West Weald Bears" are designated differently than normal ones,
 and appear even before the quest is taken as well. Killing six will appease
 the client; just remember to take their [West Weald Bear Fang]s as proof of
 death. There's no quest markers for their locations, so use Detect Life spells
 to expedite things a bit. All are located in the countryside around the stead,
 so one shouldn't have to look far.

 Return to Thorley when six fangs are claimed to finish. Doesn't it feel good
 to protect such a beautiful alchemic paradise?
  ______________________________ ______________
 | BOOK                         | INCREASES... |
 |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| REWARD: The player gets a
 | Battle of Sancre Tor         | Blade        | skill book for the trouble.
 | Mace Etiquette               | Blunt        | I dunno how many are possible
 | Master Zoaraym's Tale        | Hand to Hand | overall, but these seem to be
 | The Argonian Account, Book 1 | Athletics    | the most common ones.
 | The Warp in the West         | Block        |

 Client: Sherina
 Locatn: Leyawiin [Fighters Guild]
 Prereq: Lv70 Blade skill
 Mssbl?: Yes [Alix slain]
 Reward: Master Blade Training available

 Once one's the appropriate level, a tip can be gotten from the Fighters Guild
 member that Alix Lencolia provides top-notch Blade training. He stays at the
 Faregyl Inn, and the quest only officially starts when he's asked to deliver
 the training. Unfortunately, as someone reasonably famous himself, he only
 teaches to other famous people. Obtain 20 fame or infamy points and he'll be
 satistifed. [NOTE: Sherina may not give the quest until spoken to twice.]

 Client: Lum gro-Baroth 
 Locatn: Chorrol [Fighters Guild]
 Prereq: Lv70 in Block
 Mssbl?: Yes [Referrer(s) or trainer slain]
 Reward: Master Block training available

 Once the player earns a referral, it's time to visit Andragil, a Bosmer woman
 living in Bravil (by Old Lucky Lady statue). Her test for training is quite
 simple: withstand a beating from her massive warhammer. She doesn't specify
 how to do so, and in fact, there's plenty of methods to do so: outrunning her,
 invisibility, etc. Don't bother with physical repercussions, though. Also, be
 sure to unequip 'Reflect Damage' equipment to ensure Andragil doesn't kill 
 herself in the process.

 Client: Azzan
 Locatn: Anvil [Fighters Guild]
 Prereq: Lv70 in Blunt
 Mssbl?: Yes [Trainer slain]
 Reward: Master Block Training available
 Once the Lv70 milestone is reached, one can be referred to Irene Metrick in
 the Imperial City's Elven Gardens district. [Her location appears as a quest
 marker.] Her test is simple: kill 50 people and she'll agree to train. These
 people CAN be normal villagers and whatnot, but it's much easier to just go
 into a conjurer/necromancer/bandit/marauder dungeon and eliminate them. In
 fact, by the time one gets to Lv70 in Blunt, the requirement is likely to
 have been achieved long before.

 Client: Earil
 Locatn: Shivering Isles [Crucible]
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: No [Earil is unkillable; Brithaur starts out unkillable, too]
 Reward: Level-dependant gold (450 max) or bonus for slaying Brithaur (600 max)

 This quest is pretty easy to get, either by asking Crucible citizens about
 rumors or just overhearing it in conversation. Earil of "Earil's Mysteries"
 store also gives it out. Apparently Brithaur is annoying residents with his
 bald-faced thievery, and Earil's got the cajones to actually ask someone to
 get rid of 'im. 

 The quest marker'll then point to the smooth-talker's location. Killing the
 Bosmer outright solves the problem, but lacks finesse. The other option --
 which is revealed by the target if his disposition's 70 or higher -- is to
 complete his collection by donating 5 Flawless Pearls. These can be found all
 over Cyrodiil and the Isles, in treasure chests and other containers, and
 Bolliwogs have a chance of dropping them, too. Those who are just a few short
 may want to get the pearls on Bliss' rooftops (there's on in the Common
 Treasure store's gutter, for instance -- use the upper NE rock formation as
 a starting point). 

 In any case, return to Earil to get the reward, up to 450g. If the player
 killed the poor sap, and delivered [Brithaur's Heart] as proof, Earil gives
 up to 600g instead.

 Client: Count Regulus Terentius
 Locatn: Bruma
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: No [Count is unkillable; Nilawen can die though (unfinishable)]]
 Reward: Player-owned house in Bravil

 Supposing Count Regulus Terentius likes the player enough, he'll sell a
 "modest shack overlooking the canal" for 4000g. [Temper his disposition if
 he doesn't offer to sell.] Nilawen at "The Fair Deal" in town will provide
 the furnishings, and one gets the [My Bravil House Key] for opening the door,

 • House Dining Area
 • House Kitchen Area
 • House Racks Assortment
 • House Reading Area
 • House Storage Area
 • House Wall Hangings

 Upgrades' base price is 650g. Those looking for long-term storage should
 get the storage (obviously) and/or kitchen upgrades, as they're the only
 ones that add containers. The storage upgrade places a "hidden" chest in the
 closet, too, so don't forget!

 Those wondering why the trespassing icon is on the front door shouldn't be
 alarmed -- it doesn't affect anything.

 Client: Countess Narina Carvain
 Locatn: Bruma
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: No [Countess is unkillable]
 Reward: Player-owned house in Bruma

 If her disposition's high enough, Narina will offer a quaint little house to
 the player for 10,000g. Purchasing the house adds the [My Bruma House Key].
 However, unlike Benirus Manor, this house truly is barren -- Suurootan over
 at Novaroma will provide furnishings, though, if he's still alive. All the
 upgrades have a base cost of 1100g

 • House Bedroom Area
 • House Dining Area
 • House Kitchen Area
 • House Lower Storage Area
 • House Lower Wall Hangings
 • House Study Area
 • House Upper Sitting Area
 • House Upper Storage Area
 • House Upper Wall Hangings

 Note that most of these are just frilly and do nothing important. If one has
 to narrow down the choices, the Bedroom and Storage Area upgrades are the
 best, as they add containers for long-term storage. The quest only completes
 when everything's bought, however.

 Client: Countess Andel Indarys
 Locatn: Cheydinhal
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: No [Count is unkillable]
 Reward: Player-owned house in Cheydinhal

 Like most real estate opportunities, one can only buy the house (15,000g) if
 the local ruler likes the player enough. In this case, the investment is a
 "typical Cheydinhal" home, a two-story place virtually identical to others
 in town (and some outside of it, like Lord Drad and Lord Rugdumph's estates).
 In any case, Borba gra-Uzgash of "Borba's Goods and Stores" sells upgrades
 at 1500g base cost.

 • House Bedroom Area*
 • House Dining Area
 • House Dressing Area*
 • House Kitchen Area*
 • House Lower Wall Hangings
 • House Sitting Area
 • House Storage Area*
 • House Study Area*
 • House Upper Hall Area
 • House Upper Wall Hangings

 An asterisk (*) denotes an upgrade pertaining to long-term storage.

 Client: Countess Arriana Valga
 Locatn: Chorrol
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: No [Countess is unkillable]
 Reward: Player-owned house in Chorrol

 Once the countess' disposition is high enough, she'll sell Arborwatch, a
 "gorgeous" 2-story, 3-room home on the main plaza, for 20000g. Once done, the
 player obtains a [My Chorrol House Key] and is directed to Seed-Neeus (of
 Northern Goods and Trade) for upgrades. They have a base cost of 1800g/per,
 except the middle/upper wall hangings (1500g) and the Suite Area (2000g).

 • House Bedroom Area*
 • House Dining Area
 • House Dining Upgrade
 • House Kitchen Area*
 • House Lower Wall Hangings
 • House Middle Wall Hangings
 • House Servants Quarters*
 • House Sitting Area*
 • House Study Area*
 • House Suite Area*
 • House Upper Wall Hangings

 An asterisk (*) denotes upgrades pertaining to long-term storage. Other than
 that, note that there's no servant available to hire like Rosethorn Hall (or
 Battlehorn Castle) so its purchase should be of low priority.

 Client: Count Marius Caro
 Locatn: Leyawiin
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: No [Count is unkillable]
 Reward: Player-owned house in Leyawiin

 If the count likes the player enough, he'll sell a "quaint" 1-room house by
 the Three Sisters' Inn, all for just 7000g! Of course, purchasing the place
 earns a [My Leyawiin House Key] and directions to the nearest supplier, in
 this case Gundalas at "Best Goods and Guarantees". All upgrades have a modest
 base price of 1000g.

 • House Bedroom Area*
 • House Dining Area
 • House Kitchen Area*
 • House Reading Area
 • House Storage Area*
 • House Study Area*
 • House Wall Hangings

 An asterisk (*) denotes upgrades pertaining to long-term storage.

 Client: Shum gro-Yarug
 Locatn: Skingrad
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: Yes [Shum dies before selling]
 Reward: Own house

 Rosethorn Hall is bought from Count Hassildor's butler, Shum, but only if his
 disposition is 70 or higher. [Can't find him? Talk to another castle employee
 about the house to get his position marked on the map.] The player should be
 prepared to pay a whopping 25,000g for the sucker, which is not only the most
 lavish and expensive house, but has the most amount of upgrades (15) as well,
 all of which must be bought to finish the quest. [Upgrades have a base cost of
 1600 and are purchased from Gunder at Colovian Traders.]

 • House Balcony Area     • House Display Case Upgrade  • House Sitting Area
 • House Balcony Upgrade  • House Upper Sitting Area    • House Study Area
 • House Bedroom Area     • House Lower Wall Hangings   • House Upper Hall Area
 • House Den Area         • House Servants Quarters     • House Kitchen Area
 • House Dining Area      • House Upper Wall Hangings   • House Storage Area

 Once the servants quarters are purchased, speak to Eyja, a Nord woman who
 often hangs out at Colovian Traders. For just 150g and a roof over her head,
 she can be employed as the servant! She'll be able to offer endless supplies
 of Rosethorn Mead and Shepard's Pie, the latter a useful alchemy ingredient,
 once a kitchen's been purchased, too.

 Client: ---
 Locatn: Imperial City [Market District]
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: Yes [Vinicia Melissaeia slain; Sergius Verus slain (can't finish)]
 Reward: Own house, My Imperial House Key

 The house in question is a one-room shack in the Waterfront District slums.
 It's the cheapest house available for purchase, although only 2nd-cheapest
 total (Benirus Manor in "Where Spirits Have Lease" has free upgrades). Still,
 its proximity to the Thieves Guild makes it a great place throughout the

 It can be purchased from Vinicia Melissaeia (2000g) and its five upgrades
 from Sergius Verus at "Three Brothers Trading Goods" down the street. Since
 the house only comes with a table and bed, and no amenities, it's best to
 get some storage containers in the place ASAP. In fact, that storage upgrade
 is really the only one worth purchasing...but y'gotta get 'em all to finish
 the quest. Base cost of all upgrades is 400g.

 • House Dining Area
 • House Kitchen Area
 • House Sitting Area
 • House Storage Area
 • House Wall Hangings

 Client: Countess Arriana Valga
 Locatn: Castle Chorrol
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: No [Countess is unkillable]
 Reward: See below

 Speaking to the countess will allow the player to assist her "investigation,"
 which she reveals (if her disposition's tweaked) is about a stolen painting of
 her late hubby. Taking up the task officially adds the quest and the [Chorrol
 Castle Private Area] key is obtained, allowing one to freely explore the
 normally off-limits areas without repercussion.

 Step one of the investigation is questioning the castle's main players, all
 of which are mandatory to the proceedings. Luckily a quest marker is placed
 on all of 'em. They are:

 • Bittneld the Curse-Bringer -> Says Chanel spends time in the West Tower
 • Chanel ---------------------> Studied star charts before going to sleep
 • Laythe Wavrick -------------> Thinks Orgnolf is suspicious
 • Orgnolf Hairy-Legs ---------> Spent most of night yelling at delivery boy
 • Orok gro-Ghoth -------------> Says Chanel and Orgnolf visit the West Tower

 When everyone's questioned, it's time to gather evidenciary support. There's
 three distinct clues to find:

 • The 'paint-stained carpet' in the dining room
 • A painting in the West Tower's "hidden" trapdoor area
 • Painting supplies in Chanel's lectern

 With all clues found, it's abundantly clear Chanel is the culprit. Heck, her
 story doesn't even hold up (studying stars on a rainy night) when compared to
 the others. In any case, to report back to Valga, one MUST accuse Chanel at
 some point, obtaining the [Rolled Up Portrait] that's sought after. However,
 how smoothly the investigation went will affect the reward.

 REWARD: Accusing Chanel earns a gold reward (up to 700g) and eight gemstones
 of various quality; the court mage is forever banished from Chorrol and will
 disappear from the game. Accusing Orgnolf at any point lessens the reward to
 just cash (up to 300g), and lying to Valga about no one being the thief earns
 even less (up to 150g). However, by not ratting out Chanel, one can return
 in three weeks time to obtain a [Reward Painting], which officially ends the
 Client: Ursanne Loche
 Locatn: Bravil
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: Yes [Kurdan slain unprovoked, Ursanne killed (can't finish quest)]
 Reward: Biography of the Wolf Queen, +1 Fame (+1 Infamy if Aleron dies early)

 Upon walking the streets of Bravil, one may have heard a rumor about Aleron
 Loche going missing. Visiting his widow (at his house) officially adds the
 quest. It all started when Aleron became a gambling addict and ended up
 owing money to a usurer, Kurdan gro-Dragol, who just happens to be staying at
 the Lonely Suitor Lodge in town.

 Visit the orc to learn he knows where Aleron is, but first requires a favor:
 locate his family's heirloom axe at Fort Grief Island's keep. He goes on to
 say he's got a boat waiting at the in-town docks for when the player's ready
 to help him. The trip to the island is automatic, and once the gate to the
 fort's opened, one can find Aleron Loche in the keep as well. Unfortunately,
 it's revealed the heirloom story is a sham used to get people out to the keep
 for a manhunt in the most literal sense ("The Most Dangerous Game," anyone?)

 NOTE: In a 'very hard' chest atop the fort's interior, there's two bottles of
       [Shadowbanish Wine] to obtain. Collecting these rarities will be useful
       in the "A Venerable Vintage" quest, which starts upon obtaining them if
       hasn't already.

 Since Aleron's no fighter, the player will have to handle that end. Descend
 into "The Hunter's Run" and slay the participants, each of whom have a key
 to collect -- having these keys open up the exit door into the next area,
 and so on. The final enemy, an orc, drops the [Fort Grief Key] needed to
 escape the area. Unfortunately, that key is also a sham and technically opens
 nothing in the fort.

 Return to Aleron's position to find him automatically slain by the malicious
 usurer, who then turns his axe on the player. He has a Khajiit assistant,
 Ra'jhera the Keeneye, on the upper level but it's quite possible that one
 forgets he's even there! Defeat Kurdan in battle and claim his [Fort Grief
 Real Key] -- as well as some enchanted equipment -- as a reward. The key opens
 the locked gate just inside The Hunter's Run, which then opens the exterior
 gate to the boat. Activate it and return to Ursanne to finish.

 REWARD: Ursanne's book increases Speechcraft by a point.

 Client: Alberic Litte
 Locatn: Chorrol [Mages Guild]
 Prereq: Lv70 Conjuration
 Mssbl?: Yes [Olyn Seran is killed]
 Reward: Master Conjuration Training available

 Once the player's reached the requisite skill in Conjuration, speak with
 Alberic Litte in Chorrol's Mages Guild to learn that Olyn Seran, a Daedra
 worshipper in the Great Forest, can teach master level training. The quest
 marker leads to Molag Bal's Shrine where Olyn is 24 hours a day. To get his
 training, he has a simple request: summon a Faded Wraith in front of him.
 This is easiest done by getting the spell from Athragar in Chorrol's Guild;
 alternately, Gaspar of the Arcane University sells it, but he can't be
 accessed without first doing all the guild recommendation quests.

 Summon the wraith in Olyn's proximity and talk to him to enable the training.

 Client: Llevana Nedaren (or any townsperson, really)
 Locatn: Cheydinhal
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: Yes [Llevana slain]
 Reward: Level-dependant Gold, +1 Fame (+1 Infamy if player slays Ulrich)

 To start this quest, ask people about rumors until one mentions the town's
 exorbitant fines, which opens up a dialogue option about the subject. Just
 about anyone (besides guards) will direct the player to Llevana; talking to
 her personally'll work, too. Seems ever since Ulrich Leland took over as the
 Watch captain, there's been exorbitant fines doled out for every infraction.
 She'll direct the player to Garrus Darelliun, the Watch second-in-command,
 who's not happy with his superior's actions either.
 Raise his disposition (60+) and he'll reveal his discontent, saying he wants
 to bring Ulrich to task but lacks a good witness to corroborate. Aldos Othran,
 the newly-anointed town drunk, is his ideal helper. He also warns not to
 inform Ulrich about the goings-on or he'll surely retaliate (although this
 isn't necessarily true; Leland's dialogue is still wholly dismissive). Aldos
 can be found living like a beggar, stream-side along the southern wall. Once
 spoken to, he'll walk to his repossessed house and bait a guard into killing

 Inform Llevana of his untimely death and she'll be angry enough to act. She
 asks the player to inform Ulrich that she's obtained incriminating evidence
 against him. Speaking to Garrus, as the quest update suggests, has him devise
 a plan to obtain actual evidence. The player has to choose which route to

 • SIDE WITH LLEVANA: Ulrich can be told to follow to Llevana's house and he'll
   agree to, just 'cause he's that unscrupulous. Watch the scene that plays out
   for a rather gruesome death scene. Report back to Garrus and he'll want to
   meet the player at the Cheydinhal Bridge Inn after two hours pass -- there
   one can get the reward, up to 575g. However, Llevana is incarcerated in this

 • SIDE WITH GARRUS: With [Ulrich Leland's Key] obtained, Garrus wants the
   player to sneak into the barracks and find evidence in the Captain's room.
   However, if one's caught he won't be able to help. Once inside, find and
   take the [Suspicious Letter] on his bureau, then deliver it back to Garrus.
   He'll say to meet him at the Cheydinhal Bridge Inn in two hours time, at
   which time he'll end the quest and give remuneration, up to 650g. Ulrich's
   new residence will be the dungeon, in case one wanted to visit him.

 • KILL ULRICH ONESELF: Ulrich is usually unkillable but at the late stage of
   this quest, he won't be any longer. He'll appear as a quest marker around
   town and can be picked off at the player's leisure, although being a guard,
   he'll still give a bounty if detected. Laughably, townsfolk and guards may
   join in the fray and help take him down. Taking this route earns no reward
   from Garrus or the count, however.

 Those who do the main missions before this sidequest will know Ulrich Leland
 is unkillable and can be recruited in the "Allies for Bruma" quest, making a
 good comrade for a change. However, if he's imprisoned, some generic wannabe
 comes in his place. Thus, it's not a bad idea to hold of on this quest until
 then...if one even cares, that is. :p

 Client: Vicente Valtieri
 Locatn: Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary [Cheydinhal]
 Prereq: Dark Brotherhood questline up to "The Assassinated Man"
 Mssbl?: Yes [must be completed before finishing "The Purification"]
 Reward: Porphyric Hemophilia (Vampirism)

 Vicente admits he's a vampire on the first meeting and, after gaining his
 trust as a loyal subordinate, he offers his "dark gift" as a present. If
 accepted, sleep anywhere in the sanctuary to wake up with the disease. Note
 that the disease has a 3-day gestation period, after which sleeping again
 results in full-blown vampirism. 

 Note that it's still possible to cure the disease before it's taken root, but
 Vicente only offers it once. Thus, the quest remains permanently incomplete
 until "The Purification" concludes. Vicente, if questioned after obtaining
 the vampirism, directs the player to Raminus Polus (Arcane University) for a
 possible cure. This is part of the sidequest "Vampire Cure".

 Client: Marc Gulitte or Delphine Jend
 Locatn: Anvil Mages Guild (Marc), Bravil Mages Guild (Delphine)
 Prereq: Lv70 in Destruction
 Mssbl?: Yes [Bralsa dies]
 Reward: Master-level Destruction Training available

 When one has a high enough level in Destruction, Marc or Delphine can tell
 the player about Bralsa Andaren, the Master trainer. Only Jend will actually
 give her location, but it's marked on the map for both -- north of Skingrad,
 at a campsite in the Imperial Reserve. Supposing she didn't die somewhere in
 the wilderness, she'll agree to train the player for 20 Bear Pelts, proof that
 one has torn Kynareth's creations asunder.

 Although it's implied one should be doing the asunder-ing, the pelts can be
 gotten from anywhere, really. Example: Three Brothers Trade Goods in the I.C.
 Market District. Tertullian Veras often has a lot more available than the 5
 the inventory displays. Those wanting to actually slay the bears should visit
 the northern mountains and the Great Forest region (west of Imperial City).
 Just remember each pelt weighs 8; that's 160 units just to carry that stuff
 around! Feather spells will help.

 When twenty are given, she'll allow the training, finishing the quest. Just
 note it can be very hard to find her during the day, even with Detect Life
 spells, and often it's best to wait by her bedroll until she returns.

 Client: Ranarr-Jo or Kishashi
 Locatn: Shivering Isles [Fellmoor]
 Prereq: ---
 Reward: Ring of Mind Shielding

 Visit the lonely farm village of Fellmoor (southern part of Isles, along the
 Pinnacle Road) to find it's filled with water root pods. Speak with Kishashi
 to learn she thinks Ranarr-Jo may have use for the player, but says he can't
 trust one if she doesn't first. After the conversation ends, collect five
 [Water Root Pod Pits]s from plants nearby and give 'em to her in return for
 an [Old Spoon], a symbol of importance to Ranarr. Alternately, simply charm
 or bribe her to get the disposition boost needed for the spoon. [The quest
 is added if one talks to Ranarr first, but requires doing the above in order
 to continue.]

 Either way, with her OK, speak to Ranarr to learn Cindanwe, another village
 resident, forces the Khajiiti to work as her slaves. She writes everything in
 a notebook and, according to Ranarr, can read their minds. Ranarr describes
 how to deal with the situation, leading to two options:

 • KILL CINDANWE: The obvious solution, as even Ranarr points out. This won't
   be too hard as she walks around the village during the day, and her health
   ain't that high.

 • WRECK HER HOUSE: As someone who needs meticulous organization, Cindanwe
   can be pushed to the brink if one sneaks into her house and destroys its
   immaculate order. This means throwing stuff around, knocking it off shelves,
   that sort of thing. There'll be a quest update when enough chaos is done;
   leave quickly as it cues Cindanwe returning home! After she finds out, 
   she'll lock herself in the house, greatly pleasing Ranarr-Jo.

 As for collecting [Cindanwe's Notebook], it can be snatched off her corpse,
 pickpocketed, or with a high enough disposition, "borrowed" through dialogue.
 Return to Ranarr-Jo to obtain the reward.

 REWARD: The Khajiit's ring resists magic and reflects spells, up to 12 pts
         and percent, respectively. Trading in the notebook gives a random
         skill book, too, so make sure to save before handing it over, just in
         case one's already read it or wants a particular bonus.

 Client: Amiable Fanriene
 Locatn: Shivering Isles [Bliss]
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: No [Essential before/during quest]
 Reward: Burst of Might [scroll]

 While walking Bliss' streets, one may find Fanriene slowly stealth-walking
 along like a lunatic. When asked, he admits he's afraid walls will fall on
 him, and that's the source of his horrible insomnia. Speaking with him at
 length adds the quest properly, tasking the player with finding an outdoor
 bed for him to use.

 The only people who sleep outside are beggars, so ask them (Fimmion, Bhisha)
 to learn another beggar (Uungor) is talking about leaving anyway -- he sleeps
 in the upper northwest corner of the district. Killing him is an option, but
 it's possible to get him to switch beds with Fanriene, which works in a nice
 nonviolent capacity. This can be done by normal disposition boosts or by
 trading a sweetroll to Fimmion for the Uungor's [Glass Grapes], which can be
 returned to him for an easy disposition boost. Return to the client to get

 REWARD: The "Burst of Might" scroll does the following: Fortify Streangth 100
         pts for 5s, Fortify Endurance 100pts for 5s, Shield 100% for 5s. Not
         too shabby...if y'find the right time to use it.

 Client: Hirrus Clutumnus
 Locatn: Shivering Isles [Crucible]
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: Yes [Hirrus slain without hearing his request]
 Reward: Ring of Happiness

 Speak with Hirrus initially and he'll have a proposition, but only speaks of
 it after dark, near the sewer grate SE of Crucible's Sheogorath statue. If
 that seems nebulous, just wait until around 10PM and follow his quest arrow
 near the front gate. Apparently, Hirrus doesn't want to go on living, but
 also doesn't want to end up on the Hill of Suicides; thus, he requires the
 player to slay him while he's unaware.

 Hirrus continues his daily schedule after the meeting, and the player's to
 choose the best time to strike. Undoubtedly the easiest time is during the
 mid-morning to afternoon, when Hirrus stands on the edge of a stairway that
 overlooks Crucible. [This is near the palace entrance.] Speaking to him at
 this time gives an option to push him off; likewise, if one is invisible, it's
 possible to push him off manually, too.

 Once he's granted peace, take the house key off his body and search for that
 jewelry box he spoke of -- it contains the only reward. And really, it's no
 surprised he killed himself with that horrible interior decoration. Shackles?
 C'mon, man... [If one killed Hirrus without hearing him out, it's not possible
 to pick his jewelry box' lock.]

 REWARD: The [Ring of Happiness], at best, gives the following enchantments:
         Feather 25pts, Light 5pts, Water Walking, Fortify Personality 4pts. 

 Client: Aelwin Merowald
 Locatn: Weye [west of Imperial City's Chestnut Handy Stables, across bridge]
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: Yes [Aelwin is killed]
 Reward: Jewel of the Rumare

 Aelwin is an old fisherman who, after being propositioned by an alchemist for
 some slaughterfish scales, couldn't pass up the chance to bulk up his
 retirement fund. Unfortunately, a fish nearly ripped his leg off, leaving him
 out of the game. If Aelwin's disposition is high enough, he'll mention this
 to the player, which can be accepted on his behalf. [He won't even have a
 conversation if his disposition's low enough, such as by laughing in his face;
 use a charm spell to boost it.]

 By making this the active quest, the quest marker will individually select an
 enemy (there are 12) in Lake Rumare. Killing one drops a unique [Rumare
 Slaughterfish] scale, found only in this particular lake during this quest.
 It's advised to save after every successful fish is slain to minimize the
 chance of anything going wrong. Having a method of water breathing assists,
 also, although the best method of fighting them is to stay on the surface and
 swing one's weapon at them while backpedalling. This forces them to stay in
 front of the player and, since they have to stop to attack, typically ruins
 their chances at damage. Keep the quest marker in front and one doesn't have
 to see them underwater! When all are collected, return them to Aelwin for the

 REWARD: The [Jewel of the Rumare] is a ring that fortifies Athletics by 4pts
         and provides water breathing, too.

 Client: ---
 Locatn: Shivering Isles [Vitharn]
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: No
 Reward: Count Cirion's Helmet

 NOTE: The game seems to be prone to freezing up in this quest/area, so make
       sure to save periodically and have a backup just in case.

 Vitharn is a ruined town on the southern peninsula (Madgod's Boot), in the
 Shallow Grave area. Once there, one will find ghosts of heretics and Vitharn
 soldiers fighting it out -- witnessing the spectacle should give the quest
 officially. There is a large and obvious entrance to the Vitharn Bailey but
 a supernatural force holds it shut; instead, search the gigantic tree SE of
 there to find an entrance at its base.

 Inside, navigate the Sump and Reservoir sections to locate the Keep. Here,
 find Count Cirion's spectre, say one "meant no offense" and be tasked with
 helping correct the mistakes of ages past. There are four soldiers who failed
 to protect the gate lever, and they must be helped to lift Sheogorath's
 curse. [Also, none of the ghosts in Vitharn can harm the player so there's no
 need to fight back.]

 In the bailey, the ghosts' failed defense plays out in perpetuity. The main
 ghosts who contribute to the failure all have names and are easy to find.

 • Hloval Dreth has a problem: as a mage with stunted magicka, he's unable to
   fight well in the siege. There's two ways to help the guy. In the chapel
   area, press the button by the prayer mats to open a hidden room containing
   the [Dagger of Depletion]. Alternately, in the mausoleum, there is a
   ghostly [Welkynd Stone] wedged near the roof by the progenitors' coffins.
   Either one of these can be given to Hloval, although in the dagger's case,
   he'll use it on the player to completely drain one's magicka. Yeah, you're
   welcome, y'shmuck!

 • Desideratus is a soldier who left the fight to find his "betrothed," his
   doll, and thus failed to help defend the keep. Searching the sleeping
   quarters should reveal [Desideratus' Doll] on a shelf. However, giving the
   item back to the guy makes him return it to the original position, and it
   doesn't help whatsoever. Instead, burn the doll in one of the braziers
   sitting around to force Desi to fight.

 • Althel is a number-obsessed archer tasked who guards the main gate's lever.
   However, since the armory chief Bat gro-Orkul horded the weapons, she will
   always die soon into the siege. To combat this, sneak into the armory and
   take the 30-pack of [Althel's Arrows] -- either pick the back door or use
   the [Vitharn Armory Key] on a table in the chapel's corridor. Bat will
   teleport the player out of the armory if witnessed, so sneak to obtain the

 Once all three soldiers are helped, watch a "fresh" battle to find nothing's
 changed...which makes sense since the count said there was a 4th mistake
 maker. Speak with Cirion to find out he is the last person, but due to the
 curse, he will always repeat his cowardice and not appear in battle. He then
 gives the player [Count Cirion's Helmet] -- which is automatically worn --
 so one might replace him in battle. 

 NOTE: Like some other forcefully equipped items, the helmet can cause the
       "constant effect" glitch. Basically, if one has an enchanted helmet
       on when speaking to Cirion, its effects become permanently attached!
       This is good for some players but can be annoying if the effects aren't
       wanted, like Night-Eye for instance.

 While it's equipped, one is treated as a Vitharn Ghost and can be damaged as
 such. Return to the battle and slay the Devoted Fanatic that appears to
 finally end the curse.

 Note that finishing the quest removes all ghostly items and prevents one from
 getting into the mausoleum again...shouldn't be that important.

 REWARD: The helmet fortifies Heavy Armor and Block up to 10pts, not to
         mention has a facemask and "antennae" that makes its badassery
         factor skyrocket. Like a little Vitharn shogun! Aww... <3

 Client: Barthel Gernand
 Locatn: Crestbridge Camp [Nibenay Basin, by northern two of the main bridges]
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: No [Barthel is unkillable until quest ends]
 Reward: Money from refilling 'reward chest'

 The quest officially starts when the dispersed denizens of Cropsford are
 found at a campsite, distressed and despairing. As Barthel says, goblins are
 warring around the settlement they're trying to build, screwing everyhing up
 after they emigrated to Cyrodiil. After accepting to help, he refers one to
 Mirisa to learn the goblins' locations: Timberscar Cave and Cracked Wood Cave.
 [She'll mark them on the map if asked.] 

 There is two ways to stop the war: (1) steal the Tribal Head back from the
 Rock Biters in Timberscar Cave (2) kill the Bloody Hand's Shaman who leads the
 war from Cracked Wood Cave. The first choice is the past of least resistance
 and a bit better for stealth-oriented characters; the second is merely cutting
 a bloody swath through all oncomers and ending the war by force.

 For the first approach, visit Timberscar Cave and immediately break for the
 nearest quest arrow, which denotes the [Goblin Totem Staff]'s location. It's
 likely to be picked up by the cave's war chief though, making the only way to
 get it from his corpse. Luckily there are rival goblins in the cave, so that
 confusion can be used to one's advantage. The staff itself does 20pts Shock
 Damage (3000 charge, 111 uses) and due to its low upkeep, great for foundling
 mage characters.

 Once the staff is in the player's possession, the tide of the war can really
 change. Return to Mirisa to learn having the staff oneself effectively ends
 the intergoblin war. [However, returning it to the rightful owners at Cracked
 Wood Cave, by dropping the staff near its entrance, is fine too.] Tell Barthel
 about the good news and he'll say to come back in a couple weeks for a reward,
 once the settlement's on its feet.

 REWARD: Visit the Bincals' house to find a 'reward chest' containing leveled
         gold for the player. This chest refills every week, so being a good
         Samaritan is really the gift that keeps on giving... ;)

 Client: Ra'qanar
 Locatn: Castle Cheydinhal
 Prereq: Lv70 in Hand to Hand
 Mssbl?: Yes [Referrer(s) or trainer slain]
 Reward: Master Hand to Hand training available

 An earned referral leads the player to Helvius Cecia, a thief living alone in
 Bruma. His challenge will be to deal wail on him for a bit and see how much
 damage can be inflicted -- too little and one's not worth bothering with! The
 goal is to do bare-handed damage but it's possible to "cheat" with spells
 as well. Just know that Helvius is a member of the Thieves Guild, and it's
 possible to be expelled by not playing by the rules (particularly where magic
 usage is concerned) or hitting him after he's ready to give his blessing, the
 latter being quite easy to do.

 Client: Valus Odiil
 Locatn: Chorrol/Odiil Farm
 Prereq: Lv70 in Heavy Armor
 Mssbl?: Yes [Pranal slain]
 Reward: Master Heavy Armor training available

 Once the requisite level's reached, find Valus and he'll direct the player to
 Pranal, his old teacher, who's living at the Roxey Inn (NE of Imperial City
 on Red Ring Road) since he moved back to the country. Find the Redguard and
 he'll say his only interest of late is Malene, a Nord woman managing the inn.
 Although he knows his feelings will never be returned, he wants to get her a
 gift anyway: a Silver Pitcher and 4 silver glasses. He gives 50g to cover the
 costs, although they can be obtained from anywhere. "General store" types
 usually carry a couple, but not the full set; however, Norbert Lelles (of
 Lelles' Quality Merchandise at Anvil's docks) does, and makes the scavenger
 hunt easier.

 Once collected, talk to Pranal and deliver the gift. Finding the Redguard a
 final time will open up his training.

 Client: Eyja
 Locatn: Skingrad
 Prereq: Purchased Rosethorn Hall
 Mssbl?: Yes [Eyja slain]
 Reward: Servant for Rosethorn Hall

 After purchasing the game's "mansion" in Skingrad (25000g) and its subsequent
 servants quarters upgrade, locate Eyja, a Nord woman who often hangs out at
 Colovian Traders. She agree to be the housekeeper/servant for 150g, which
 causes her to move in, as well as making this quest officially start and end
 in the same breath. One reason to get her is she'll have an endless supply of
 [Shepard's Pie] to give out, provided the kitchen upgrade was purchased, too. 

 Client: Kud-Ei or Carahil
 Locatn: Bravil and Anvil Mages Guild, respectively
 Prereq: Lv70 in Illusion
 Mssbl?: Yes [Trainer slain or all asked-for items depleted]
 Reward: Master Illusion training available

 Speak with either aformentioned chapter head to be referred to Martina Floria
 of the Arcane University, who gets glowing reviews from her peers. She should
 always be on the college grounds somewhere, so her safety's assured and she's
 easy to locate. Her price is ten [Welkynd Stone]s, easily obtainable from any
 Ayleid ruin. Those unfamiliar with the item can identify 'em as glowing,
 blue-green stones often found on pedestals. These items don't respawn, though,
 so there's always the slim chance that all the world's stones are depleted,
 stalling the quest indefinitely. But when does that ever happen? Exactly.

 Client: Ruslan or Luronk gro-Glurzog
 Locatn: Imperial City [Temple District]
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: Yes [Audens dies (no way to start), witness dies (no way to finish)]
 Reward: ---

 Find Ruslan or Luronk gro-Glurzog -- both live in the Temple District -- to
 learn they've been shaken down by an Imperial Watchman and are flat broke.
 [This gives the quest officially.] The quest marker suggests visiting Jensine
 of "Jensine's 'Good as New' Merchandise" in the Market District, who'll clam
 up tight on the watchman's name...unless her disposition is 70 or higher.
 She'll then finger Audens Avidius as the corrupt copper. [Don't try to tell
 Audens a case is being built against him, though, or he'll put a 1K bounty
 on the player for no reason!]

 The only way to arrest a watch captain is to get another captain to do so,
 apparently. Speak with any normal watchman to be sent to (1) Heironymus Lex,
 if the Thieves Guild questline is still active (2) Servatius Quintilius, if
 said questline is complete. Note that both captains will defer the player to
 Itius Hayn, due to a "fox"hunt and avoiding career suicide, respectively.

 In any case, Itius Hayn's position'll be marked on the map. With high enough
 disposition (70+) he'll say two witnesses are needed to corroborate the very
 serious charges. Jensine won't help under any circumstances, but Ruslan and
 Luronk will if their dispositions are high enough. [Their locations are noted
 on the map for easier location.]

 Once they've agreed to stop shakin' in their boots, the quest marker returns
 to Idius' position, although he'll have nothing new to say. The witnesses'll
 come forward the following morning; the player's presence isn't required for
 anything, though, including the arrest. Still, it's worth being at the scene
 for Audens' pitiful vow to exact revenge on the weasel who ratted on him.
 [I saw the scene in front of Jensine's store a little after 10AM; dunno if
 that's how it's normally staged.]

 The quest officially ends when Audens is hauled off to the slammer, but that
 isn't the end, technically. He'll eventually do his time -- which is really
 more like a week or two instead of years -- and track down the player, no
 matter where s/he is. He'll then have to be slain in self-defense. Sadly,
 serving a sentence seems to have boiled his brain, as he attacks as a normal
 citizen with a dagger, rather than a decked-out Imperial Watch captain and
 all the equipment it entrails. Basically, he can be put down like the mad dog
 he is, finally ending his corrupt purse-squeezing. And really, that's its
 own reward.

 Client: High Chancellor Ocato
 Locatn: Imperial City [Temple District]
 Prereq: Light the Dragonfires
 Mssbl?: No [Ocato is unkillable]
 Reward: Imperial Dragon Armor

 After finishing the main quest, this quest can start by talking with Ocato
 about being a Champion of Cyrodiil. He will order some armor made for the
 player, normally worn by the Emperor himself, as a symbol of gratitude. This
 will take two weeks in-game; until that time, this quest pretty much lies
 dormant, with no quest markers or anything.

 Two weeks pass and a quest update says to pick up the armor from the Imperial
 Prison's armory -- it'll be on a table on one side. Whether it's heavy or
 light armor depends on the character's proficiency with each (highest wins).
 There's five pieces to the set: Imperial Dragon Helmet, Cuirass, Gauntlets,
 Greaves, Boots...but no shield. They're actually inferior to high-tier stuff
 like Daedric equips, but they're not too shabby.

 Client: Thieves Guild
 Locatn: Cyrodiil
 Prereq: May the Best Thief Win [Thieves Guild]
 Mssbl?: No [Mandatory Thieves Guild Quest]
 Reward: Access to guild missions

 After joining the guild, this quest is automatically added. Its purpose is to
 document the player's amount of fenced loot, since various amounts are needed
 to unlock guild missions. The requisite amounts increase 100g for each task,
 starting with "Untaxing the Poor" (100g) and ending with "The Ultimate Heist"
 (1000g). Note that the amounts are not cumulative -- selling a single 1000g
 item would remove any further need to fence for the quest.

 This quest automatically completes when the questline concludes.

 Client: Count Marcus Caro
 Locatn: Castle Leyawiin
 Prereq: Mazoga the Orc
 Mssbl?: Yes [Mazoga dies before quest is accessible]
 Reward: promotion to Knight-Errant, White Stallion Lodge Key, Leyawiin Shield

 Upon completing his first quest, the count delivers on his promise to make
 the rag-tag duo, Mazoga and the player, knights-errant if they'll eliminate
 Black Brugo. [Talk with Marcus to officially start quest.] The orc will have
 had dealings with Brugo in the past, and knows he visits Telepe between 12PM
 and 6AM. However, this happens only on Middas, not everyday as she initially
 says. The player can decide when to go after Brugo, and thus controls when
 Mazoga follows or waits -- the latter can be used to protect her from harm,
 if need be.

 Telepe is just a bit northwest of the city's Five Riders Stables. The exterior
 grounds are typically deserted, but the interior has some Black Bow Bandits
 to slay, as well as the coffer containing Brugo's share of the loot (whose
 note confirms he only comes to Telepe on Middas). Whether one wants to wait
 in- or outside doesn't really matter, as Brugo, when he does appear, shows up
 with only two helpers (Roxy Aric, Alonzo). Unlike his gang's namesake, he does
 not rely strictly on archery skills and often attacks with enchanted weapons.

 NOTE: Sometimes, due to the Wait feature, it may be possible to find Brugo
       inside but his helpers nowhere. This doesn't matter quest-wise, but it
       makes the fight less interesting.

 After slaying Brugo, loot his stuff -- and any Black Bows around -- and go
 back to Marcus to finish the quest. If you're wearing the Nocturnal's cowl
 from the Thieves Guild missions, be sure to unequip it in town, as yielding
 only helps oneself; Mazoga still fights guards.

 REWARD: Being promoted to Knight-Errant lets one use the Knights of the White
         Stallion Lodge outside of town as a free house, which does include
         long-term item storage and the [White Stallion Lodge Key]. And what's
         more, the player gets a spiffy, albeit crappy, [Leyawiin Shield] and
         any Black Bows brought to the count are bought for 100g/per.

 If one wants to use the Black Bow turn-in prize as a way to get extra cash,
 Black Bow Bandits also can be found in at Undertow Cavern (north of Leyawiin)
 and Rockmilk Cave (further north of Leyawiin, by Water's Edge settlement).
 Mazoga will ask the player to accompany her on these informal bow-gleaning

 Client: Guilbert Jemane
 Locatn: Chorrol
 Prereq: Separated at Birth
 Mssbl?: No [the two men are unkillable]
 Reward: Level-dependant Gold [up to 450g]

 After reuniting the Jemane brothers, Guilbert asks the player to hear them
 out regarding their generational home, Weatherleah. When it was attacked by
 ogres in their childhood, the family fled, leading each side to believe the
 other had perished. Now that they know it's not the case, they need someone
 to reclaim it. [Quest starts once accepted.]

 The exact location isn't known to Guilbert, only that it's south of Chorrol
 and north of Fort Carmala -- pretty vague. Talking with some people in town,
 such as the guards, directs the player to Sabine Laul of the Fighters Guild,
 who's explored Chorrol's back country quite a bit. Once found, she'll mark
 its exact location on the map.

 Weatherleah is right by the "l" in the "Imperial Reserve," so basically south
 of Chorrol, as said. If it was visited earlier it just seemed abandoned; now
 three or so cavebosses will inhabit its front porch. Defeat them to get the
 quest update, then return to Chorrol to share the good news. The final step
 is escorting the brotherly duo to their reclaimed house. [Just fast-travel.]

 Client: Countess Narina Carvain
 Locatn: Bruma
 Prereq: 10 Fame
 Mssbl?: No [Carvain is unkillable]
 Reward: Ring of the Vipereye, +2 Fame

 When the player's achieved a little renown and visits Bruma, the countess'll
 send a messenger, delivering an invitation to hear her need for help. [Tolgar
 delivers a 25g stipend...hooray.] Countess Carvain holds regular court hours
 -- 8AM to 6PM -- and when asked, says her collection of Akaviri antiquities
 lacks a crown jewel, namely the Draconian Madstone. Its last known location
 was at Pale Pass. When the quest is accepted, Narina gives over some tools
 to assist in finding the long-lost pass: [Akaviri Diary Translation], [Akaviri
 Fort Key] and the [Pale Pass Map].

 Talking with the client about the diary marks Dragonclaw Rock on the map, the
 first of the landmarks. Its location is northeast of Bruma, where the road's
 dead end is located. From there, using the crude map given, it seems one has
 to go NW of the landmark -- and sure enough, the dungeon entrance is already
 in view on the compass. Once the Serpent's Trail is found, go inside.

 A little ways in, locate the body of the diary's messenger and take the
 [Akaviri Orders] from his hand. Continue navigating the ogre-filled dungeon
 to reach the legendary Pale Pass -- its location won't be permanently marked
 on the map, mind you. Continue down the valley and keep an eye out for the
 frozen stream; near the top of it is the actual ruins (Mouth of the Serpent).

 The ruin is filled with undead Akaviri soldiers (skeletons) but they can
 easily be avoided by stealthy players. The goal is to travel to "The Venom
 of the Serpent" by way of "The Fangs of the Serpent"'s drawbridge. There,
 speak with Mishaxhi, either giving him the [Akavari Orders] obtained earlier
 to make him leave or killing him in MORTAL KOMBATTTTTTTTT! ...Ahem. When
 the ruins fall silent, take the [Draconian Madstone] from its altar and hit
 the road back to Bruma, preferably by fast-travelling.

 REWARD: The [Ring of the Vipereye] has a Fortify Agility 10pts and Resist
         Magic 15% enchantment. Due to a glitch, this ring is deemed a quest
         item and cannot be dropped under any circumstances. This can cause
         problems in quests where equipment is forcefully removed, such as
         Sanguine's quest -- it assigns the player the ring's bonus permanently
         but prevents it from being equipped again. [Mixed blessing?]

 Don't forget that the Draconian Madstone [Resist Disease/Poison 50%] can be
 stolen back from Carvain's display case, if y'wanted it.

 Client: Ahdarji or Luciana Galena
 Locatn: Leyawiin or Bravil, respectively
 Prereq: Lv70 in Light Armor
 Mssbl?: Yes [Referrer(s) or trainer slain]
 Reward: Master Light Armor training available

 Once referred, the destination becomes J'bari House in Leyawiin, where the
 master will agree to give training in exchange for an [Elven Cuirass]. This
 won't be available in early levels, but after playing for awhile, enemies,
 particularly Bandits and Marauders, will start wearing it. Rockmilk Cave is
 a good place to search -- it's north of Leyawiin off the roadside -- as it's
 filled with battling highwaymen and there's plenty of opportunities to go
 'round. [Not sure if enchanting the cuirass affects the results, so just to
 be safe, don't.] Otherwise, try visiting campsites as bandits almost always
 spawn there.

 Client: Pinarus Inventius 
 Locatn: Anvil
 Prereq: Lv70 in Marksman
 Mssbl?: Yes [Referrer(s) or trainer slain]
 Reward: Master Marksman training available

 After getting a referral, one is sent to Alawen, a friendly resident at Troll
 Candle Camp (east of Anvil, SW of Kvatch). All she requires to begin training
 is having a proper bow, that is, an [Elven Bow]! However, like Light Armor
 training, elven equipment doesn't appear in the early going, so one has to
 level up a bit until foes/stores carry them. As Bandit and Marauder archers
 may both carry that weapon, it's best to check Rockmilk Cave (roadside north
 of Leyawiin) before any generic dungeons.

 Note that like Tooth-in-the-Sea and some other trainers, Alawen's schedule
 often makes her die in the wilderness, so it's best to see if she's still
 alive before bothering with the quest (which is unfinishable if accepted).
 Wait at the campsite around, and if she isn't around by midnight, consider
 her fertilizer. =/

 Client: Count Marius Caro
 Locatn: Leyawiin
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: Yes [Mazoga is killed before quest starts]
 Reward: +1 Fame

 This quest starts by talking to Mazoga in the castle's lobby, or with Marcus
 Caro about performing a 'service' to the county, upon which time he officially
 designates the player with the task. Speak with her at length, making sure to
 call her 'sir', to learn she wishes to speak with a local Argonian Weebam-Na,
 (who the player may have already had dealings with in Nocturnal's quest) due
 to his prominence as a hunter. Report to Count Caro first before seeing the
 Argonian, who'll visit the comply with the orc's request only if he's got a
 high disposition.

 Mazoga rubs the hunter the wrong way, and only through further conversation
 will she reveal the reason she wishes to visit Fisherman's Rock. Weebam-Na's
 directions (six hours walk north, eastern shore of Niben) are spot-on, and
 should deliver the player there quickly if it's not fast-travellable already.
 Upon finding it, an inevitable fight breaks out between Mogens Wind-Shifter's
 gang -- it shouldn't be too hard when the 4-person gang splits up. Mazoga's
 quite a capable fighter, even outnumbered, and her leveled equipment helps a
 lot. HOWEVER, she is still killable, so don't totally forget helping her.
 [The thieves are pretty crappy foes, although Mogens has some conjuration

 Afterwards, save and talk with Mazoga, who'll start walking back to town. If
 she was critically injured in the fight, she may die on the way back, so heal
 her up or fast-travel and hope she makes it back in one piece. The quest
 finishes when Marcus Caro is informed.

 Client: Seed-Neeus
 Locatn: Chorrol
 Prereq: Lv70 in Mercantile
 Mssbl?: Yes [Referrer(s) or trainer slain]
 Reward: Master Mercantile training available

 Once referred, seek out Palonirya at Divine Elegance, a store in the Imperial
 City's Market District. Her test requires the player show her a badge of
 one's mercantile might...that is, 10000 gold! Luckily, the player simply has
 to have this amount (in bulk) in the inventory, not donating it to her or
 anything. An easy way to get cash is to sell enchanted loot or the Poisoned
 Apple method from Fort Farragut (up to 2000g/per batch). To wit, once her
 challenge is met, having 10K in cash doesn't matter anymore.

 Client: Boderi Farano
 Locatn: Imperial City [Arcane University]
 Prereq: Lv70 in Mysticism
 Mssbl?: Yes [Referrer(s) slain]
 Reward: Master Mysticism training available

 An earned referral leads the player to Dagail, the head of the Leyawiin Mages
 Guild chapter. Like most trainers, she requires a test of one's worth -- in
 this case, closing three Oblivion gates. Normal gates start opening after
 completing "Find the Heir," but there's three mandatory gates to close in the
 main quest itself. Thus, the only way to possibly foul this quest up is
 killing the referrers (Dagail is unkillable).

 Client: Newheim the Portly
 Locatn: Anvil
 Prereq: Den of Thieves [Fighter's Guild quest] started
 Mssbl?: Yes [Lithnilian slain]
 Reward: Newheim's Special Brew (x3)

 This small sidequest can be started during the "Den of Thieves" quest. After
 Newheim says where the Bosmer band of brigands is based, ask about his stolen
 heirloom to find out it's a flagon. Once inside Hrota Cave, the flagon can be
 found on a table in the large northeast cavern, where the final 2-3 thieves
 are holed up. Return the flagon to Newheim to get three bottles of his unique
 brew, sure to put some hair on yer chest...

 Client: Lithnilian
 Locatn: Imperial Bridge Inn [Nth. bank of Silverfish River, east of Niben Bay]
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: Yes [Lithnilian slain]
 Reward: Level-dependant # of potions (up to 3 different types)

 Speak to Lith about his 'research notes' and the quest is automatically added.
 He was on an expedition to Bramblepoint Cave and had to flee, but dropped his
 notes on welkynd stones, representing a decade of research. The place is
 infested with all sorts of beasts, and located west of the inn, across the
 Yellow Road bridge, near the coast. [Lithnilian's Research Notes] are found
 in a chest in area three, Deep Bramblepoint Cave, past the chamber with the
 campfire. Return the tablet to Nith to be compensated.

 REWARD: Potions, huh? Only one reward notification is shown for completing
         the quest, but checking the inventory shows more are obtained.

 Client: Umbacano
 Locatn: Umbacano Manor
 Prereq: Deliver three Ayleid Statues in "The Collector"
 Mssbl?: Yes ["Secrets of the Ayleids" concludes before this one does]
 Reward: Level-dependant Gold

 When three of Umbacano's sought-after statues are delivered, he'll let the
 player in on another task, finding a carving in a place called the "High
 Fane". Umbacano asks if the player recognizes his sketch -- one can identify
 the location as the Malada ruin if one's been there. Either way, after one
 exits the manor, Claude Meric, a rival "plaything" hired by Umbacano, asks
 the player to have a drink at the nearby Tiber Septim Hotel.

 There, the player may find he has little to say on anything. However, raising
 his disposition (70+) will make him talk about High Fane, telling its modern
 name, or can point the character to the nearby First Edition bookshop for the
 legwork in finding it out. Either way, after the chat, it's high time to visit
 the ruin itself. [The quest marker may stay on Claude even if one knows about
 Malada; know that he has nothing more to say, and talking to him isn't needed
 in the first place.]

 "The High Fane," or Malada, is located near Cyrodiil's eastern border. It's
 east of the Silverfish River and north of Lake Canolas. [No landmarks are
 nearby, except for Sundercliff Watch in the Mehrunes' Razor DLC; Malada is
 NW of there.] There'll be some people wandering around outside, including the
 Khajiit S'razirr. If one pads his disposition and has skill in bargaining, he
 can be promised half or one-fourth of the quest reward in exchange for him
 helping in any potential fight...

 Inside the first area, look for a weird blue-colored door that
 Umbacano's [High Fane Key] will open. Right past there will be the treasured
 [Carved Panel] the employer wants -- taking it starts a little cave-in and
 lets some undead in the room, so watch it.

 After leaving Malada, Claude Meric shows up, this time his friendly hand
 holding a weapon. He demands the player hand over the carving... The choices
 then become refusal (killing Claude's compatriots) or accepting, and losing
 any remuneration that comes as Umbacano's reward. However, it's possible to
 hand the carving over, thus making the treasure hunters' start leaving, and
 pickpocket it back from Meric without him noticing.

 Return to Umbacano to get the reward, or wait a day or so until one learns
 that Maric already turned in the stolen carving. Whichever way it finishes,
 Umbacano's final mission can still be gotten.

 NOTE: If you wanted to kill Claude Meric for being so unscrupulous, he will
       return to the Roxey Inn (NE of Imperial City, on the Red Ring Road),
       where he and his crew hang out pre-quest. However, this isn't
       recommended as he can be helpful in Umbacano's next quest.

 Client: Agronak gro-Malog
 Locatn: Imperial City [Arena Bloodworks]
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: Yes [Player becomes Grand Champion before quest is completed]
 Reward: +3 Athletics, Blade, Block

 Simply speak with Agronak in the arena training area and the option to help
 find out about his birth comes up in conversation. He'll task the player with
 uncovering the secrets of his lineage at Crowhaven (NW of Anvil), as his
 training regimen doesn't allow for such traveling. To help out, the Gray
 Prince gives [Agronak's Mysterious Key].

 Crowhaven is obviously tainted by evil, and undead types are found in its
 exterior environs (plus a few inside) as well as woodland critters and some
 vampire types. Deep in the first area, the mysterious key will unlock a
 chamber where Lord Lovidicus can be found. He'll attack on sight, but it's
 not necessary to slay him. Instead, the [Journal of Lord Lovidicus] is the
 true evidence Agronak was looking for, and reveals some startling details
 about his mother's odd, uh, coupling.

 Return the book to Agronak to get his special training (implemented as a
 fortify ability) and change the outcome of the Grand Championship: Agronak,
 in his state of depression and despair, won't attack the player as he thinks
 he deserves death for being half-vampire. Yowzers. 

 Client: Glarthir
 Locatn: Skingrad
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: Yes [Glarthir, or any "spies," killed beforehand]
 Reward: +1 Fame [only if Glarthir turned into authorities]

 This quest will begin when the player walks by Glarthir and asks the player
 to "come over here" to hear his tale. [If one doesn't listen, he'll typically
 follow the player wherever s/he goes, although not immediately.] The quest's
 given when the first conversation's had, where he says to meet him behind the
 town chapel at midnight (although later is often fine).

 He offers to pay the player to spy on some neighbors, who, according to him,
 are spying as well. [Agreeing tells the first "client" to spy on; not getting
 involved ends the quest there, after which Glarthir goes to attack that first
 would-be client, usually getting killed by town guards in the process.] In
 any case, here's the list of neighbors he wants the player to watch:

 • Bernadette Peneles [150g]
 • Toutius Sextius [150g, or 200g if one agrees he's a spy]
 • Davide Surilie [150g, or 200g if player pretended anyone's a spy]

 For each client, the player is to follow them and report back at (any)
 midnight. Long story short, none of the neighbors are spies and are exonerated
 by following them. Do note that following them isn't required for anything,
 really, and Glarthir won't know the difference. Glarthir gives slightly higher
 rewards if the player "confirms" his suspicions, though.

 After reporting back about Davide Surilie, two things happen:

 1) If the player said none of the targets were spies, Glarthir will "out" the
    player as a spy and attack with his bare fists. He'll have to be killed in
    self-defense at this time, if a guard doesn't do the job first.

 2) If the player said any of the three was a spy, Glarthir asks the player to
    assassinate the spy(s) for 1000g, and hands over a [List of Death] for the

 Those with an evil bone in their body may find killing the innocents rather
 useful (they can almost all be killed in their sleep or when they leave town)
 but it's also possible to use the List of Death against Glarthir. Notifying
 the local guard will send them in search of Glarthir, while notifying Davide
 sends him off to deal with the paranoiac personally (with Gaston's help, too).
 Guards will react to the news immediately, while the would-be victim typically
 attack Glarthir around midnight.

 Client: Lerexus Callidus
 Locatn: Leyawiin - West Gate
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: No [Lerexus can respawn if killed, but only before quest's begun]
 Reward: Level-dependant gold

 Lerexus stands outside of Leyawiin's west gate, near the Five Riders Stables.
 He'll ask the player to assist him in dealing with skooma dealers led by the
 Dunmer Kylius Lonavo. They've taken up refuge in Greyland, a small household
 just down the south road, but every time he approaches, a lookout spots him
 and everyone evades his grasp. Should Kylius be...dealt with...Lerexus will
 part with the reward.

 When the player goes there, no lookout's to be had, so simply waltz in the
 front door. Kylius will be there along with a marauder (just a generic baddy
 who spawns in the house separate from the quest) and attack on sight. They're
 quite formidable as a team, both usually carrying top-grade claymores and
 gear, so the stealth approach works well. Example: (1) attack the marauder
 while he sleeps in the morning (2) conjure a creature for them to fight and
 whittle down their health while hiding invisibly. It's also possible for
 Kylius to get stuck in one of the corners near a broken crate, putting him at
 the mercy of any foe around. Leading the drug dealers outside works well,
 giving more running room, but may lead to their weapons/bodies being harder to
 find in the grass. [Note that Lerexus will join in the fray if he's close
 enough; if he dies, the quest ends and no reward is given. He doesn't respawn
 if the quest is already started. Callidus also responds with force if one's
 wearing the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal -- remove it and yield to curb his anger.]

 Upon the skooma-slinger's death, take the [Kylius Lonavo's Ring] and show it
 as proof of death to Lerexus. The money he gives is a pittance, really, but
 cleaning up the streets is the real reward, right? Example: at Lv30 he gave
 695g. Yawn.

 Client: Marz or Ohtesse
 Locatn: Bravil and Cheydinhal chapels, respectively
 Prereq: Lv70 in Restoration
 Mssbl?: Yes [Referrers or trainer slain]
 Reward: Master Restoration training available

 This quest has a bit of notoriety as both referrers always die during events
 in the Knights of the Nine plugin, forever preventing one from continuing it.
 [Marz dies during "Nature's Fury," Ohtesse dies during "The Sword of the
 Crusader."] Anyway, they can direct the player to Oleta, a Redguard priest of
 Akatosh now displaced, living in Kvatch's refugee camp down the hill. She'll
 only offer her training once the city's liberated completely, which means
 doing all related main quests and the optional "The Battle for Castle Kvatch"
 as well.

 Client: Corrick Northwode
 Locatn: Harm's Folly [NE of Imperial City, by "n" in "The Heartlands"]
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: Yes [Corrick is killed]
 Reward: 6 gems

 In the lonely farmhouse of Harm's Folly lives Corrick Northwode, a recent
 widower, who just wants to avenge his wife's death at the hands of local
 goblins. He asks the player to help honor Kayleen's memory by recovering her
 Jade Amulet, and killing some goblins in the process. The Exhausted Mine is
 their hideout, a bit to the southwest of the farmstead.

 As expected, the hideout (3 areas) is crawling with goblins, but one doesn't
 actually have to kill them all to successfully finish the quest. Simply head
 to the third and final area, slay the Goblin Netherboss, and reclaim the
 [Jade Amulet] keepsake. Laughably, a single 6x sneak attack should be able
 to kill the netherboss, whereas it won't for the subordinates. Return the
 precious necklace to get the rewards.
 REWARD: Corrick gives the player six gems, the caliber depending on one's
         level (the best possible are diamonds). Additionally, inspecting the
         wife's headstone now gives "Kayleen's Grace," bestowing a 10-minute
         Fortify Health/Fatigue 30pts blessing.

 Client: Umbacano
 Locatn: Umbacano Manor
 Prereq: Nothing You Can Possess
 Mssbl?: No
 Reward: Ayleid Crown of Nenalata, Ayleid Crown of Lindai, 1000g

 Upon finishing the carving recovery quest (in any way), Umbacano propositions
 the player for a third task. Herminia Cinna, of the Imperial City's Elven
 Gardens district, has recently obtained the [Crown of the Ayleids], something
 he desperately wants. He gives the player 1000g in the hopes of making her
 part with it; whatever is left over is the player's fee. 

 Find Herminia to learn that the crown she has is, according to her research,
 an artifact of terrible power, one that Umbacano wants to use for himself.
 But, there is another crown, entombed with the Ayleid king of Lindai, that
 could probably be used to dupe Umbacano. Whatever option the player chooses
 has a huge effect on the quest's ending.

 • STEAL HER CROWN: The [Ayleid Crown of Nenalata] is in Cinna's house, in
   the ancient cask sitting on her table. [The item has leveled Fortify
   Alteration/Conjuration and Reflect Spell enchantments.]

 • GET THE ALTERNATE: Herminia marks Lindai's location (east of Chorrol,
   halfway between the Red Ring and Orange Roads) on the map. Navigate the
   zombie-filled dungeon and use [Lindai's Royal Tomb Key] in the second area,
   on a door identical to that in Malada. Get the [Ayleid Crown of Lindai] in
   a cask and escape. [Crown fortifies 

 So which path is better treasure-wise? Either is fine, actually. Duping
 Umbacano will ruin the Lindai crown at quest's end, but luckily, the cask
 it's found in respawns every three days, so infinite numbers of the cool-
 -looking item can be obtained! [However, don't pick up more than one until
 the quest is over; otherwise, Umbacano doesn't accept any of the crowns,
 bringing the task to a standstill.]

 Anyway, after returning to Umbacano and giving him a crown, he'll ask the
 player to escort him through Nenalata (east of the island in Bravil's Niben
 Bay, on the shore). Once accepted, the Altmer will appear there in three days
 time, along with Claude Maric if he survived the last quest's confrontation
 (he'll be an ally this time). The interior is inhabited by various undead
 types, and Umbacano's presence certainly helps, but he CAN die in the
 proceedings -- thus, if one thinks he may perish, tell him to wait away from
 the fray. 

 The throneroom Umbacano speaks of is in the third area, Nenalata Sel Aran
 Arpena. He'll place his carving and enter, during which the events differ
 depending on which crown was taken.

 • NENALATA CROWN GIVEN: The player will then have to kill the new King of
   Nenalata, which is a bit harder considering the presence of all the high-
   -tier undead types (nether liches, etc.) that pour in. When the main guy's
   dead, loot his corpse for the Nenalata crown (no longer a stolen item), the
   [Staff of Nenalata], and any other goodies he may have.

 • LINDAI CROWN GIVEN: Nothing amazing happens, and instead, Umbacano doesn't
   get to become the new Ayleid king. The [Ayleid Crown of Lindai] becomes
   permanently broken (losing all its stats and enchantments), and undead
   types stream into the room, forcing the player to flee -- there's nothing
   else to pick up in the chamber. [The broken crown still shows up in the
   Repair Hammer list despite having no health, thus allowing one to easily
   get Armorer levels!]

 Once the quest ends, the player can obtain the Nenalata crown (steal it from
 Cinna's house) or get more non-quest-item copies of the other crown from
 the respawning chest in Lindai.

 Client: Dro'shanji or Mandil
 Locatn: Castle Bravil & Imperial City [Elven Gardens District], respectively
 Prereq: Lv70 in Security
 Mssbl?: Yes [Referrer(s) or trainer slain]
 Reward: Master Security training available

 Either of the Security trainers will direct the player to the lockpick master,
 J'baana, who's a "guest of the Imperial Legion". He lives in a tent at the
 Imperial Prison, in the backyard behind the Bastion tower. The Khajiit's test
 is quite simple: collect and relay a message from S'krivva in Bravil. Those
 who've done the Thieves Guild quest should be familiar with S'krivva as she's
 a doyen and lives right near the town gate. [Note that the message delivery
 refers to nothing one can impact, i.e. item collection.]

 Those who find the gates leading into J'baana's area locked might want to
 pickpocket the [Imperial Prison Key] from a guard/jailor or pick the bastion's
 backdoor which has a 'very hard' lock. Occasionally one of the gates is open
 already, though.

 Client: Sinderion
 Locatn: Skingrad [West Weald Inn]
 Prereq: Found a Nirnroot
 Mssbl?: Yes [Sinderion slain]
 Reward: Potions, +1 Fame (+1 Infamy if Sinderion dies)

 This is often one of the first quests available to the player as one simply
 has to pick up a Nirnroot, a 4-leaf plant with bluish-green leaves. These
 only grow along Cyrodiil's water sources, so finding them won't be that hard.
 When one's obtained (officially starting the quest), the next step is finding
 an alchemist who might know more. Make sure to set the quest as the primary,
 as it'll automatically point out appropriate targets when in a major city.
 [Note: the game might place a green quest marker in Bruma for some reason,
 even though there's nothing to find there.] Here's a list of some people who
 give the referral:

 - Anvil -------: Felen Relas [Anvil Mages Guild]
 - Bravil ------: Ardaline [Bravil Mages Guild]
 - Cheydinhal --: Eilonwy [Cheydinhal Mages Guild]
 - Chorrol -----: Angalmo [Chorrol Mages Guild]
 - Imperial City: Claudette Perrick [The Gilded Carafe]
 - Imperial City: Ogier Georick [The Main Ingredient]
 - Leyawiin ----: S'drassa [Leyawiin Mages Guld]
 - Skingrad ----: Falanu Hlaalu [All Things Alchemical]

 Alternately, instead of being referred to Sinderion, simply find him oneself
 in the West Weald Inn's cellar. Speak to him to learn he can make Potions
 of Exploration using Nirnroots as a base, and finding him the ingredients
 will earn a potion free and make them for sale as well. His [Nirnroot Missive]
 details the amounts he needs. Shadeleaf Copse, a landmark NE of town, is the
 first place he suggests starting.

 Nirnroot only grows along water sources, and are most commonly found along
 rivers and lakes. These plants do not respawn, thus making it hard to do
 the quest if one's been using 'em for alchemy purposes. [The only respawning
 sample is in the Vile Lair DLC, after upgrading the bedroom.] In total, 100
 will have to be turned in to complete the quest. It takes 24h for Sinderion
 to make his potions.

 Besides what's already said, Nirnroots can't be duplicated in the Arch-Mage's
 enchanted chest (reward for finishing Mages Guild questline). It's also best
 to search for them in the night hours as their glowing helps identify 'em
 easier. And lastly, the eastern tributaries are pretty barren root-wise, so
 stick to the Niben's banks if y'want to be expedient.
  ____ ________________________________ _____________________________________
 | ## | TYPE MADE                      | EFFECT (all 300s duration)          |
 | 10 | Weak Potion of Exploration     | Fortify Health 20pts                |
 | 20 | Moderate Potion of Exploration | Fortify Health & Fatigue 20pts      |
 | 30 | Strong Potion of Exploration   | Fortify Health & Fatigue 20pts;     |
 |    |                                | Fortify Blade, Blunt, Destruction,  |
 |    |                                | Restoration, Security, Sneak 5pts   |
 | 40 | Grand Potion of Exploration    | Fortify Health & Fatigue 20pts;     |
 |    |                                | Fortify Blade, Blunt, Destruction,  |
 |    |                                | Restoration, Security, Sneak 10pts  |
  * - All potions also give Night Eye

 After finishing the quest, Sinderion will buy extra Nirnroots from the
 player for 250g/per 10-pack. Terrible way to make money, but it's available.

 Client: Reynald Jemane
 Locatn: Chorrol
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: No [the two men are unkillable]
 Reward: +1 Fame, 50 Gold

 This quest can start after overhearing the town's conversations about Reynald
 and asking someone about them. Apparently every time someone sees him in
 Cheydinhal, he acts like they're a stranger, not to mention he's surprisingly
 sober... To get to the bottom of things, visit Reynald in Chorrol, who'll be
 at his house (nighttime) or drinking at the Gray Mare (day).

 Speak with Jemane to learn he's tired of some imposter besmirching his good
 name, and gives the player 50g to track this guy down in Cheydinhal. Ask
 around town (the guards are particularly forthcoming) to learn there's a
 Guilbert Jemane staying at the Newlands Lodge who might be able to help. As
 it turns out, Guilbert isn't a doppleganger, he's Reynald's long-lost bro!
 When he sets out for the Chorrol reunion, visit him at Reynald's house to
 complete the quest.

 Client: Fathis Ules
 Locatn: Chorrol
 Prereq: Legacy Lost
 Mssbl?: No
 Reward: Fathis gets blade -> +1 Infamy, level-dependant gold
         Castle gets blade -> +1 Fame, Escutcheon of Chorrol, four soul gems

 This quest can start a few days after completing its prerequisite quest, so
 long as the player's in Chorrol. [It's easiest to just wait in place for
 days; the encounter interrupts the waiting when it's time.] Fathis Ules
 approaches the player and says the Jemane Brothers' father was once a thief
 in his organization's employ, and he decided to run off with a certain item
 and stash it at Weatherleah. Unfortunately, the ogres carried it off to their
 hideout, which Ules will pinpoint as Redguard Valley Cave. However, he doesn't
 say what the stolen item is, only that it'll be evident when seen...

 This place is just a short walk east of Weatherleah and should be easy to
 find. Navigate the cave and locate the chieftan, also easy since he's by the
 only campfire in the place. Slay him to obtain the [Honorblade of Chorrol],
 a rather powerful unenchanted sword. However, given its nature, the update
 suggests checking the castle to see if anyone may want it back.

 So, who to turn the reward into? 

 FATHIS: He gives the player some gold and can sell the new sword back to the
         player, although it'll cost more than the reward. It does remain a
         zero-weight quest item, though. Note that the sword cannot be traded
         into the castle if bought this way -- that offer's passed.

 CASTLE: The blade can be turned into Laythe Wavrick, the castle steward, for
         a reward of the unique [Escutcheon of Chorrol], which has Fortify
         Endurance and Reflect Damage enchantments, making it quite useful
         whenever it's obtained. The honorblade can be restolen from the
         countess while she sleeps, too, and it remains a zero-weight quest
         item from then on -- pretty nice! However, Fathis Ules will hate the
         player and no longer offer his barter or fence services. [This is
         likely to happen anyway, as he only says "Our business is done" when
         he's appeased, making him unusuable in that capacity. Stealing the
         blade again will not make Fathis forgive the betrayal.]

 Note that if one steals the sword again from the countess, it can then be
 turned in AGAIN to Wavrick for another shield. At best, the item has a price
 of 17500 -- this tactic could potentially be a big moneymaker. However, it 
 can't be done after the quest concludes, so use the window 'fore it closes!

 To end the quest properly, speak to the Jemane brothers at their new house.
 They'll either give four soul gems or start to nothing but a cold stare,
 depending if it was given to Chorrol or Fathis, respectively.

 Client: Mirabelle Monet
 Locatn: Anvil [The Fo'c's'le]
 Prereq: Lv70 in Sneak
 Mssbl?: Yes [Referrer(s) or trainer slain]
 Reward: Master Sneak training available

 Once at the appropriate skill level, one can be referred to Marana Rian in
 the the Imperial City's Waterfront District. [This marks her position on the
 map; she often wanders to other in-city areas, too.] Before she offers her
 training, the player is tasked with stealing a favorite coin of hers, aptly
 named [Marana Rian's Coin]. It's found on her person so any normal pickpocket
 rules apply.

 It's best to save before attempting, in case one is caught by her or, worse,
 Imperial guards. In the latter's case, it often causes a full-scale riot with
 innocent people helping out (and dying) or getting caught in the crossfire.

 Client: Varon Vamori
 Locatn: Bravil [Mages Guild]
 Prereq: Lv70 in Speechcraft
 Mssbl?: Yes [Referrer(s) or trainer slain]
 Reward: Master Speechcraft training available

 An earned referral will lead one to Tandilwe, an Altmer priest living in the
 Imperial City's Temple District. She will only offer training if one visits
 all of Cyrodiil's beggars. If any died previously, that's fine; however, if
 any die during the quest, it automatically fails. Identifying the beggars is
 usually easy as their poverty and pejorative nicknames give 'em away, plus
 all sleep outside in major cities (the only place they're found). As no quest
 markers denote their location, it can be a bit annoying finding 'em, though.
 The best tactic is simply waiting by their bedroll as most rest there during
 the night. There's nineteen (19) beggars in all.
  _______________ _____________________ _____________________________________
 | CITY          | BEGGAR              | SLEEPS/LOCATION                     |
 | Imperial City | Simplicia the Slow  | Market District (SE alley)          |
 |               | Ragbag Buntara      | Temple District (North alley)       |
 |               | Puny Ancus          | Waterfront District (slums area)    |
 |               | No-Coins Draninus   | Talos Plaza District (NW alley)     |
 |               | Fralav the Faker    | Elven Gardens District (SW alley)   |
 | Chorrol       | Lazy Kaslowyn       | West of Southwest Wall Tower        |
 |               | Nermus the Mooch    | Behind Fighters Guild, by boulders  |
 | Bruma         | Fetid Jofnhild      | Near North Gate                     |
 |               | Jorck the Outcast   | Behind Arnora's house               |
 | Cheydinhal    | Bruccius the Orphan | In the guilds' backyard             |
 |               | Luckless Lucina     | SW corner of town (by Willow Bank)  |
 | Bravil        | Cosmus the Cheat    | Behind "The Fair Deal"              |
 |               | Wretched Aia        | SW corner by archery target         |
 | Leyawiin      | Deeh the Scallawag  | NW corner (by Five Claws Lodge)     |
 |               | Rancid Ra'dirsha    | SW corner, along wall               |
 | Skingrad      | Foul Fagus          | Behind West Weald Inn's "stable"    |
 |               | Nigidius the Needy  | Behind Fighters Guild               |
 | Anvil         | Imus the Dull       | Behind the Flowing Bowl tavern      |
 |               | Penniless Olvus     | By main gate, near pond             |

 Note that some bedrolls are owned by non-beggars. An example would be Aldos
 Othran in Cheydinhal, who's been evicted as part of a sidequest, and to whom
 talking is unimportant quest-wise.

 Client: Mirili Ulven
 Locatn: Highcross
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: Yes [Mirili slain]
 Reward: 10g/per ingredient

 This quest can be started by speaking to Mirili in Highcross, but she only
 gives the quest if her disposition is high enough. This is a good quest to
 get started on early as it requires one to go far and wide, plus it's always
 possible Mirili is accidentally slain by nearby heretics or, later, Knights
 of Order.

 Once she gives over [Mirili's List], the player can start helping her
 catalog the Isles' ingredients. The best places to begin searching is the
 Halcyon Observatory garden in the House of Mania, Earil's Mysteries (items
 for sale), and so on. Some ingredients aren't wanted, and some special
 varieties -- like the Blind Watcher's Eye -- don't count for their normal
  __________________________ ________________________________________________
 | INGREDIENT               | EASY (NOT ONLY) PLACE TO FIND                  |
 | Alocasia Fruit           | Highcross                                      |
 | Aster Bloom Core         | Halcyon Observatory (House of Mania)           |
 | Black Tar                | Private Gardens (House of Dementia)            |
 | Blister Pod Cap          | Private Gardens (House of Dementia)            |
 | Congealed Putrescence    | Private Gardens (House of Dementia)            |
 | Digestive Slime*         | Private Gardens (House of Dementia)            |
 | Elytra Ichor             | Dropped by Elytra enemies                      |
 | Flame Stalk              | Halcyon Observatory (House of Mania)           |
 | Fungus Stalk             | Crucible (grows near entrance statue, etc.)    |
 | Gas Bladder**            | Halcyon Observatory (House of Mania)           |
 | Gnarl Bark               | Dropped by Gnarl enemies                       |
 | Grummite Eggs            | Earil's Mysteries; underwater in the south     |
 | Hound Tooth              | Dropped by Hound enemies (Dementia wilderness) |
 | Hunger Tongue            | Dropped by Hunger enemies; Earil's Mysteries   |
 | Hydnum Azure Giant Spore | Highcross (blue mushroom thing on trees)       |
 | Pod Pit***               | Fellmoor (SE of Gates of Madness)              |
 | Rot Scale                | Swampgas Hole (Island far south of New Sheoth) |
 | Scalon Fin               | Dropped by Scalon enemies                      |
 | Screaming Maw            | Milchar (SE of Hale) or Mania area in general  |
 | Shambles Marrow****      | Dropped by Shambles enemies occasionally       |
 | Swamp Tentacle           | Outside Gates of Madness (Dementia side); rock |
 | Thorn Hook               | Swampgas Hole (Island far south of New Sheoth) |
 | Void Essence             | Dropped by Flesh Atronach types                |
 | Watcher's Eye            | Knotty Bramble (Along Isles' Pinnacle Road)    |
 | Withering Moon           | Private Gardens (House of Dementia)            |
 | Worm's Head Cap          | Highcross                                      |
  * - aka Letifer Orca Digestive Slime
  ** - aka Red Kelp Gas Bladder
  *** - aka Water Root Pod Pit
  **** - aka Bone Marrow

 After delivering six ingredients, one can open up a dialogue about helping
 Mirili with her bestiary; and for every six after that, another monster can
 be captured. They have to be captured in the order they're opened up in,
 however. Luckily, she sells Apprentice to Expert-level Command Creature
 spells (Illusion) for 500g to 2000g, respectively. Those who don't want to
 shell out or level up Illusion can simply lead the monster back to Mirili's
 position, and she'll subdue it herself. [Try to do this at night to avoid
 involving the other villagers.]
 06 Delivered -> Baliwog (745g) -.
 12 Delivered -> Elytra (595g)  -+- NOTE TO SELF: Are these prices dependant
 18 Delivered -> Gnarl (695g)   -|  on type of creature obtained?
 24 Delivered -> Scalon (570g)  -'

 The monsters shouldn't be too hard to find as all can be found near Highcross,
 usually to the east near the coast. Elytra are a bit rarer than the other
 types, though, so one might have to go west to the Overlook Road and get 'em
 there. Just watch out for Aureal patrols there, as they'll kill the suckers.
 Also, the Expert-level Command Creature spells don't work on the top-tier
 Elytra and Gnarls, so either find lower types or lead them back to Mirili
 without the spells' assistance.

 Note that Mirili subdues the monster in battle, and typically kills the
 creature, so being able to heal/shield/etc. the "opponent" helps keep it
 alive. If the taxonomist isn't turning hostile to the creature, use an
 offensive but non-threatening attack on it -- such as Burden -- to turn it
 against oneself. Mirili should join in the battle if she's close enough and
 start subduing it. [Sometimes she runs away, though...] Those who find the
 Command Creature spells interfering with the capture might just want to lead
 them back to Mirili naturally. In fact, this works well for scalons as they
 leap fast but walk slow.

 Note that completing her bestiary completes the quest itself, which should
 be lucky for those who don't want to find the 1-2 harder ingredients. Mirili
 won't sell her spells any longer, either, so get 'em while they're hot, yo.

 Client: S'drassa
 Locatn: Leyawiin [Mages Guild]
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: Yes [S'drassa killed]
 Reward: Level-dependant gold (max 2500g), Fame +1

 S'drassa offers this quest the moment he talks to the player. His goal: to
 collect some of Garridan's Tears, from folklore, to increase his collection
 of magical crystals. He doesn't really know much more than that, and tells
 one to seek out Julienne Fanis at the Arcane University. She'll be in the
 Arch-Mage's Tower, and after reciting the legend, says the book "Knightfall"
 may shed more light on the situation. It's at the First Edition book shop in
 the Market District and can be bought from Phintias for a pittance.

 Reading the book marks Garridan's location (Frostfire Glade) southeast of
 Bruma, but also says [Refined Frost Salts] are necessary to gain entrance.
 Speak with Julienne and, sure 'nough, there's some for sale in her inventory.
 The quest update suggests going to the glade immediately, but it's actually
 possible five "Philter of Frostward" potions from S'drassa as a preparatory
 present. They fully negate ice damage for 45 seconds so, yeah, they'll help.

 The salts open a frigid door inside Frostfire Cave, leading to the hidden
 glade. [Save before entering, as the tears are often hard to find.] One will
 incur frost damage at regular intervals while inside the frozen part of the
 glade, so use the S'drassa's philters or simply exit that portion to recover.
 It's recommended to defeat the frost atronachs inside by luring them to
 unfrozen soil.

 When they're dead, the search begins. Each of [Garridan's Tear]s looks like a
 tiny crystal and can be hard to see on the landscape. Additionally, some may
 fall into crags and other hard-to-find places, making the canvasing part very
 annoying. [This is the reason to save before entering.] There's 5 to collect
 in all: one on the rock by the opponents locked in battle, four around the
 base of there. None are located outside the frosty part.

 Find all five? Good. Take 'em back to S'drassa for a payday. [Fast travel
 from the glade isn't possible.] The recovered items can be stolen from the
 Khajiit, but there's no real reason to do so.

 Client: Cutter or Dumag gro-Bonk
 Locatn: New Sheoth [Crucible, Bliss]
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: No [both smiths are unkillable]
 Reward: Madness Ore/Amber equipment

 This quest is very easy to start, either by talking to the clients or by
 finding matrices in random travels. Talking with Cutter earns the [Madness
 Ore Materials List]; speaking with Dumag earns the [Amber Materials List].
 Both smiths can forge high-grade equipment from their required material:
 heavy armor from Cutter's ore, and light armor from Dumag's amber. Only the
 materials are needed to create the equipment -- no gold exchanges hands!

 Additionally, each smith tells of their master's countless matrices hidden
 around the world, which soak up magical energies. If one finds a matrix --
 often hidden in casks and dungeon containers -- a magical sword can be forged!
 Note that all created weapons are leveled based on the player, so better ones
 are obtainable at higher levels. [This applies to enchantments, too.]

 In any case, this quest is never truly completed. Here's a list of what each
 matrix enchantment gives. Each enchantment, at best, gives 10-12 points or
 percentage, whatever's applicable. [Matrices can only be used once before
 they disappear!]
  ___________ _______________________________ _______________________________
 | Boots     | Fortify Acrobatics            | Fortify Athletics             |
 | Cuirass   | Fortify Agility               | Fortify Strength              |
 | Gauntlets | Fortify Marksman/Hand to Hand | Fortify Blade/Blunt           |
 | Greaves   | Fortify Speed                 | Fortify Endurance             |
 | Helmet    | Fortify Intelligence          | Fortify Willpower             |
 | Shield    | Reflect Spell                 | Reflect Damage                |

 All weapons have a Damage Health enchantment, the only thing that makes 'em
 differ from their non-enchanted versions. Also, only Dumag makes hammers and
 maces; only Cutter can make claymores and axes. Other than that, the only
 thing worth mentioning is that each weapon can be sold for a crapload of cash,
 making it a good way to get money after a heavy exploration session.

 Client: Umbacano
 Locatn: Umbacano Manor
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: Yes ["Secrets of the Ayleids" completes before this one does]
 Reward: 500g/per statue (5000g bonus upon quest completion), +1 Fame

 This quest can begin once an [Ayleid Statue] is found in one of the Ayleid
 dungeons listed below, typically the inner sanctums. Most dungeons are filled
 with undead types, although some have necromancers, vampires or bandits.
 There's no specific order to collect the statues in, either.
  ____ ______________ _______________________________________________________
 | ## | DUNGEON      | LOCATION                                              |
 | 01 | Culotte      | SE of Imperial City, alone shore of The Upper Niben   |
 | 02 | Fanacas      | NE of Cheydinhal (east of Lake Arrius)                |
 | 03 | Moranda      | South of "The" in "The Orange Road" (NE of Chorrol)   |
 | 04 | Mackamentain | East of The Yellow Road (NW of an unnamed lake)       |
 | 05 | Ninendava    | NW of Moranda, visible from the unmarked road         |
 | 06 | Vilverin     | Small "island" NE of Imperial City, in Lake Rumare    |
 | 07 | Welke        | The Nibenay Valley, west of "P" in "Panther River"    |
 | 08 | Wendir       | SSW of Chorrol, past "Black" in "The Black Road"      |
 | 09 | Wendelbek    | NE of Welke, on other side of the Panther River       |
 | 10 | Wenyandawik  | NW of Bravil, north of "d" in "The West Weald"        |

 To get the quest from Umbacano, either (1) sell the statue directly to him
 (2) sell it to someone else and wait for his butler, Jollring, to deliver an
 invitation asking to meet. It's only at his mansion that he says he's looking
 for the "Ten Ancestor" statues and will pay 500g, double their base price,
 for each.

 At the start, the player simply has to happen upon the statues, but once two
 are delivered, five "for sure" statue locations are marked: Mackamentain,
 Moranda, Wenyandawik, Fanacas, and Ninendava. When three are delivered, he
 tells the player of "another task" -- talking about it starts the "Nothing
 You Can Possess" quest.

 Client: Ahjazda
 Locatn: Shivering Isles [Crucible]
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: Yes [Ahjazda slain]
 Reward: Ahjazda's Paranoia [greater power]

 Ahjazda is the owner of the "Things Found" shop, and can often be found there
 or somewhere in the district. Speak with her to learn there's a storm coming
 and she's the only one who can see it. Despite immense stockpiling, she's a
 bit short on her essential items, which she asks the player to collect. Once
 she's said what they are, quest markers appear accordingly.

 • AMULET OF DISINTEGRATION: Located in Milchar, a ruin on the northwest side
   of the main isle. In the Chatterhall section, there'll be no enemies, just
   a shrine and a ritual torch. Upon reaching for the torch, one finds it "can
   be held by any but owned by none" -- this means it can't be stuck in the
   inventory. Instead, pick up the torch with the LB button (default) and use
   it to light the other unlit pedestals in the room. The torch won't be lit
   when held, but if brought close to a pedestal, it makes it erupt in flame
   for a short time. When all are lit, the 'diligence crux' urn unfreezes and
   the [Amulet of Disintegration] can be obtained. This item, when worn, gives
   Disintegrate Armor/Weapon 10,000pts on self. Useless? No -- it's great for
   practicing Armorer techniques.

 • RING OF DESICCATION: This item is found at the Museum of Oddities, also in
   Crucible. The only way to get it is stealing it from the mezzanine's display
   case. It has an odd Water Breathing/Water Walking enchantment twofer.

 • CALMING PANTS: The quest marker stops on Fimmion, the owner of the pants.
   However, in his odd deluded state, he'll only trade them for...a normal ol'
   sweetroll. These can be gotten at many places in Cyrodiil (including from
   the maid at Battlehorn Castle) but most people will probably just steal one
   from Rendil Drarara's house, since he's a master chef. In any case, make
   the trade to complete this segment. [DO NOT GET MORE THAN ONE PAIR OF THE
   CALMING PANTS! This prevents one from trading the items, screwing up the
   whole quest!] The pants Fortify Personality 8pts.

 When all three are obtained, give them to Ahjazda and the options to hand
 them over'll be available. Those who want the Amulet for training Armorer
 can buy it back, provided their Mercantile is 50 or greater. It's possible
 to pickpocket them back soon after giving them to her, but after awhile, the
 buy-back option is the only one to take. [The Calming Pants can only be
 stolen from her person.]

 REWARD: The earned greater power frenzies up to Lv27 in 50ft for 10s. Pretty
         good for a frenzy skill. 

 Client: Big Head
 Locatn: Shivering Isles [Bliss]
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: Yes [Big Head slain; this can happen naturally since he's a thief]
 Reward: +1 Blade, Sneak, or Alchemy increase

 Speak with the Argonian client to learn he's obsessed with forks, and really
 wants the [Fork of Horripilation] for his collection. He'll give [Big Head's
 Charm] in order to talk to the tongue-tied Crucible beggar, Bolwing. After a
 pleasant conversation with no made-up words, one learns the fork has returned
 to the Isles and is in some zealots' possession at Longtooth Camp (just north
 of Gates of Madness). It can be found in one of the heretics' inventories,
 and is actually a weapon with the Fork's Wound ability (stunted magicka on

 NOTE: If Bolwing is dead, it's still possible to find the fork by mere
       happenstance. Look for it to just be sitting out on a table at the
       same location. [This doesn't add the quest automatically, however.]

 Return the fork to Big Head and he'll give one of his "secrets," which is a
 free +1 increase to Blade, Sneak, or Alchemy.

 Client: Gilgondorin [Bravil]
 Locatn: Silverhome on the Water
 Prereq: Must overhear conversation about subject to open up dialogue option
 Mssbl?: No [Gilgondorin isn't actually necessary to proceed]
 Reward: +1 Fame, assorted gems, gold, rings, soul gems, (enchanted) weapon

 This quest can begin when "The Forlorn Watchman" conversation tidbit becomes
 available, by the player overhearing someone else talking about it. Ask the
 citizens of Bravil about it and they'll direct the player to Gilgondorin at
 the town inn, who'll be quite helpful in telling the ghost's schedule. Every
 night at 8PM, the Watchman walks the shore of Niben Bay, beginning at the
 Bawnwatch Camp (Gil marks this on the map).

 Sure enough, if the player waits around, the ghost will appear and begin his
 nightly trek, going south along the Niben until he stops on a hill overlook.
 He reveals his name as Grantham Blakeley, saying to look for him in the mouth
 of the panther. Gilgondorin will reveal the meaning behind the phrase, saying
 it means the mouth of the Panther River. Sure enough, if one visits that
 location, they'll find a shipwreck of the Emma May -- the location the
 Watchman was looking at when he stopped his nightly journey.

 It's possible to enter the vessel by the breached hull. The ship is inhabited
 by wraith types, and they'll be quite powerful foes to unprepared/underleveled
 players. A stealth (invisibility/chameleon) approach works best for navigating
 the place. One of the entry deck's anterooms has the [Log of the Emma May],
 which gives a little more info on the ship's fate. Basically, to continue in
 the quest, defeat the wraiths as they come; this spawns a stronger wraith of
 "Gable the Traitor" in the lower deck. He drops a [Small Key] upon death.

 NOTE: If Gable dies via Reflect Damage/Spell, it's possible he "dies" (one
       can trap his soul, for instance) but he just floats there instead of
       collapsing, with no way to interact with 'im. It helps to have a save
       before entering the deck. It's also possible the ghost dies for real,
       but falls through the floor/scenery, preventing the key from being
       picked up that way, too.

 Once the key is obtained, open the nearby door and undo the skeleton's
 shackles, which releases the Watchman's spirit. [Grantham Blakeley's Map] can
 be found on the floor near the support beam, and details the Watchman's cache
 of loot -- taking the map marks the location on the map. It's underwater in a
 bend of the river, so Water Breathing and Night-Eye will help uncover the

 Client: Varulae
 Locatn: Anvil [Serpent's Wake in Harbor]
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: Yes [Varulae killed]
 Reward: Redwave

 Speak with the vexed Altmer aboard one of the harbor's ships to learn she
 requires a crystal ball from belowdecks, only the ghosts of her slain crew
 haunt the halls. She parts with the [Serpent's Wake Key] so the player can
 do the expedition.

 Those who've done "The Forlorn Watchman" quest should be relatively familiar
 with the proceedings -- get through the wraith-infested ship (called Spectral
 Sailors here) and find the loot. It's possible to just sneak through the
 place and take [Varulae's Crystal Ball] from the cargo hold, but fighting the
 baddies is an option as well. They all have trouble fitting through the doors,
 and thus can be pelted with magic/arrows as an easy way to increase skills.
 Just remember the ghosts are immune to normal weapons damage. Anyway, return
 the ball to get an enchanted weapon.

 It's worth mentioning that leading the ghosts outside draws guards', and
 perhaps villagers', attention. Don't just walk away or there may be some
 accidental deaths involved.

 REWARD: [Redwave] is a cutlass that has a Drain Health 15pts/6s enchantment,
         which fits right in with the pirate-y feel of the quest. 

 Client: Malene
 Locatn: Roxey Inn [NNE of Imperial City, along The Red Ring Road]
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: No [Malene is unkillable]
 Reward: Level-dependant Gold

 Speak with the innkeeper Malene to learn she wishes death on Raelynn the
 Gravefinder, a local necromancer who's taken up residence in Moss Rock Cavern
 just a few yards north of the establishment. With the woods getting unsafe at
 night, and business waning because of a bad reputation, this is the logical

 As expected, the cave complex is filled with creepy undead types -- luckily,
 one can simply sneak past them to find the real target. She'll be found behind
 a 'hard' locked door with an Necromancer Adept associate. Being a mage type,
 sneak attacking and using silence/paralysis magic is a good way to avoid any
 conjured baddies. [The silence-inflicting Ebony Blade from Mephala's Daedric
 quest is a good tool here, if one's not magically inclined.] Either way, the
 mages have little constitution and should fall rather easily with even the
 smallest amount of preparation. [Don't forget to loot the cave for all the
 goodies, particularly the other necromancers' staves.] Malene'll have the
 gold waitin' when the player returns.

 Client: Horkvir Bear-Arm (or any other villager)
 Locatn: Shivering Isles [Split]
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: Yes [Killing a Mania-version Resident]
 Reward: Level-dependant Gold (up to 1200g)

 Split is a town located atop the central mountain range, just south of the
 northwesternmost lake. As the player may have heard, the town is inhabited
 people and their doppleganger twins, causing many problems. Normal villagers
 will direct one to Horkvir if asked, starting the quest officially.

 Find (Mania) Horkvir to learn a wizard caused all the chaos, splitting each
 person in two. The Mania types were the originals, and the Dementia ones're
 are the layabout unwanted ones. However, none can do anything themselves as
 killing a double would count as "suicide" and no one wants to end up on the
 Hill too badly. The player is thus the only one with any freedom to act. 

 To continue the quest, agree to assist the chosen Horkvir by killing all the
 Mania or Dementia doubles, whichever type applies. One will then have to go
 and murder the following (listed below) -- just make sure to pick the right
 ones or the quest fails! The applicable targets get a quest marker.

 • Atrabhi
 • Horkvir Bear-Arm
 • J'zidzo
 • Jastira Nanus
 • Urul gro-Agamph

 They can be killed violently, with Poisoned Apples, you name it. The reward
 is forfeit if one accidentally kills an ally, though.

 Client: Valus Odiil
 Locatn: Chorrol/Odiil Farm
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: No [Valus is unkillable before/during quest]
 Reward: Chillrend (both sons live), 150g (one dies); nothing if both die

 Valus Odiil can usually be found at The Gray Mare in Chorrol. Ask about his
 sons (Rallus and Antus) to learn that Odiil Farm -- their family home -- is
 under attack by goblins. [The farm is right down the road from Weynon Priory,
 literally.] Valus is getting up there in years, though, and wishes the player
 to fight in his place. Accepting to help adds the quest properly.

 To rendezvous with the younguns, travel to said priory and find them by the
 roadside. Before talking, it helps to prepare a bit -- obtain some kind of
 Convalescence spell (for healing the bros) and scout the farm to make sure
 there's no Oblivion gate nearby. Those who've obtained the Gauntlets of the
 Crusader (Knights of the Nine DLC only) can equip them to obtain 'Merciful
 Touch' as a lesser power, which heals others on touch. Other than that,
 having any extra help is good: followers, atronach familiars (The Wizard's
 Tower DLC only), Conjuration spells, and guards lured to the site (typically
 via Nocturnal's cowl). It's also prudent to have a separate save before
 speaking with the brothers, as they'll then leave for Odiil Farm and the
 battle'll begin.

 When one's ready, head to the farm with any helpers and prepare to put up a
 big fight. There'll be three separate waves of goblin attackers and ten to
 slay in all (3-3-4 split). All are berserker types except for one giant
 Ambusher in the final wave. Having conjurations and Imperial Guard(s) helping
 is of great assistance, as they'll typically rush to wherever the goblins've
 spawned, drawing the fight away from the brothers (who stay in the garden).
 Afterwards, return to Valus and he'll present his reward.

 REWARD: The best prize is the one-handed [Chillrend], which provides leveled
         Frost Damage and Weakness to Frost enchantments, up to 20pts and
         35%/20s, respectively. Should son(s) die, then the reward is severely
         lowered to pay for funeral costs.

 Client: Una Armina
 Locatn: Shivering Isles [Crucible]
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: Yes [Una slain]
 Reward: 180-350g/per artifact

 Visit the titular museum and Una will hand the quest out immediately, saying
 she's always looking for oddities. A few have set locations but plenty are
 found randomly, making it a pain to complete. In my experience, consider
 yourself lucky to even find 2-3 of the random objects. [The Luck stat does
 not affect the randomization.] Rarely, a random oddity may appear in Bliss'
 "The Missing Pauldron" equipment shop.
  _________________________ _________________________________________________
 | ODDITY                  | EXAMPLE LOCATION                                |
 | Blind Watcher's Eye     | Milchar [Nexus]                                 |
 | Dagger of Friendship    | Random (chests, containers, etc.)               |
 | Deformed Swamp Tentacle | S. of Gates of Madness (outer wall); high rock  |
 | Din's Ashes             | Ebrocca [Crematorium] -- SE of Highcross        |
 | Hound's Tooth Key       | Random (chests, containers, etc.)               |
 | Mixing Bowl             | Random (chests, containers, etc.)               |
 | Mute Screaming Maw      | Cann [Arena] -- north of Dunroot Burrow         |
 |                         | Corpserot Passage [Prison] -- Along Pinnacle Rd |
 | Pelvis of Pelagius      | Howling Halls [Congregation Chamber]            |
 | Ring of Disrobing       | Random (chests, containers, etc.)               |
 | Sheogorath-shaped Amber | Random (amber stumps & hollow limbs)            |
 | Soul Tomato             | Random (chests, containers, etc.)               |
 | Two-Headed Septim       | Random (chests, containers, etc.)               |

 Note that Ebrocca's crematorium is hidden rather well. To find it, in the
 first area, locate the recessed shelf with two leather shields -- there's a
 button underneath one that retracts a wall nearby. On the subject, one can
 also use the crematorium by placing bones inside, incinerating 'em, and
 getting [Ashen Remains] ingredients afterwards.

 Client: Ralsa Norvalo
 Locatn: Imperial City [Temple District]
 Prereq: 5 Fame
 Mssbl?: Yes [Ralsa slain]
 Reward: Roland lives -> Ring of Sunfire, +1 Fame
         Roland slain -> 250g, +1 Infamy

 This quest is easy to get -- just wait around the Temple District for a few
 hours and Ralsa seeks the player out. If one lends an ear, she'll say her
 hubby Gilen has a matter of importance to speak of, at Seridur's House (also
 in Temple District). The quest officially begins at this point. Meet with the
 Altmer in his basement to find it's actually the sanctum of The Order of the
 Virtuous Blood, a league of vampire hunters (Seridur, Grey-Throat, Gilen
 Norvalo). The leader says that district resident Roland Jenseric is a vampire
 and already claimed one victim; thus, the goal is to slay him.

 Start by investigating Roland's house in the district. Find the [Love Letter
 from Relfina] on the ground-floor dining table to learn Roland has a cabin in
 the hills east of the city (just off the Blue Road) and may be hiding there.
 Sure enough, he is! However, if the player actually listens to the poor guy,
 he'll paint a story of just who the real vampire is, and how the frame-up job
 was played.

 NOTE: The player can kill Roland at this point and retrieve the paltry reward
       for the killing. Not worth it though, unless one's that hard up for

 If one hears Roland out, he'll say that Phintias at First Edition Books (in
 Imperial City) may know more, and that Serintur's colleagues probably won't
 know anything. The latter part is true, although they offer up interesting
 info on how the group formed. Phintias, if he has 70 or more disposition,
 mentions Seridur talked about Memorial Cave and marks it on the player's map.
 It's a bit southeast of the Imperial City on the "mainland" coast.

 Upon entering, a notification that it's a vampire den is given -- not much of
 a surprise since Phintias mentioned it was a graveyard. Luckily it's only one
 area, so finding Seridur at the westernmost chamber should be a cinch. He's
 not too much trouble and can even be sneak-attacked. Following his demise,
 inform Roland and agree to meet him in Seridur's basement. It's there he'll
 announce the Order is continuing with him at the helm, and give the player an
 overdue reward.

 Additionally, as an honorary member of the Order, the player gets a unique
 bargain: be paid for turning in Vampire Dust as evidence of a vamp's death.
 This pays 250/per, making it an excellent way to earn cash -- just clear out
 some vampire dungeons and make a boatload.

 REWARD: Killing Roland earns Seridur's meager reward, but Roland's is truly a
         good one to seek out, as the [Ring of Sunfire] has leveled Resist
         Disease and Reflect Spell achievements.

 Client: S'jirra
 Locatn: Faregyl Inn [inn south of Imperial City; near Inn of Ill Omen]
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: Yes [if S'jirra dies]
 Reward: S'jirra's Famous Potato Bread [level-dependant amount]

 The Khajiit client can be found in the inn bemoaning her situation: someone
 stole her jumbo potatoes and now she can't make her famous potato bread! If
 the conversation subject is explored, the quest is automatically given and a
 quest marker appears up the countryside (NW) a bit. Approach the arrow to find
 the thief is actually an ogre! Once killed, collect the [Jumbo Potato]es from
 its corpse and deliver them back to the thankful kitty. The reward is a
 heaping helping of her special bread, which can now be bought from her at
 25g a pop.
 Client: Teinaava
 Locatn: Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary [Cheydinhal]
 Prereq: Dark Brotherhood questline up to "The Assassinated Man"
 Mssbl?: Yes [must be completed before finishing "The Purification"]
 Reward: Boots of Bloody Bounding [Fortifies Acrobatics & Blade]

 As said above, this mission can only be done between a relatively small set
 of Dark Brotherhood jobs. Luckily, there's no rigamarole in getting Teinaava
 to offer it -- just ask! He wants the player to assassinate Scar-Tail, the
 titular shadowscale, who's fled his responsibilities as a royal assassin.
 He can be found in Bogwater, along the Black Marsh border, southeast of
 Leyawiin. [This is marked on the map.]

 Upon approaching, Scar-Tail reveals he's been injured by another assassin
 and won't make much of a quarry. However, he tries to strike a deal by giving
 the location of his treasure (hollow stump by campsite) and having the player
 take the dead assassin's [Argonian Heart] instead. Whether one kills Scar-Tail
 or dupes Teinaava with the other person's heart -- whose corpse is slumped by
 a tree nearby, as it were -- the reward remains the same.

 Client: ---
 Locatn: Skingrad [Rosethorn Hall]
 Prereq: Bought said building
 Mssbl?: Yes [Shum gro-Yarug slain before purchasing]
 Reward: Ring of the Gray; 2 Flawless Emeralds, Diamonds, Sapphires

 After purchasing Rosethorn Hall for 25000g, visit the upstairs bedroom. There
 is a [Long Forgotten Note] hidden on top of the stairway's casing (roof). One
 has to read the note to begin the quest, but it can be hard without incredible
 acrobatic ability or having upgrades to jump off. An option is to use a wide-
 -area spell to knock it down.

 When read, the centuries-old scroll reveals that the clue to the treasure
 is hidden within a riddle:

 "Two bodies have I, though both joined as one.
 The more I stand still, the quicker I run."

 In case it's not clear, the answer is an hourglass. If one purchased a bunch
 of upgrades already, there may be extras of that type sitting around. Luckily,
 the required is always present in the house, down in the basement, wedged
 between a pillar and its support beam. Inspect the 'old hourglass' to get the

 REWARD: The [Ring of the Gray] is the real prize here. At its best, it gives
         the following enchantments: Fortify Sneak, Security, Acrobatics and
         Marksman 5pts; Resist Poison 50%, Detect Life 50ft. Not too shabby!

 Client: Maelona or Gogan
 Locatn: Anvil
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: No [Maelona & Gogan are unkillable during quest]
 Reward: Level-dependant gold, +1 Fame (+1 Infamy for siren's premature death)

 Gossip in Anvil is that there's a band of all-female thieves around who prey
 on married men. When the conversation piece becomes available (by overhearing
 it), ask the citizens to be directed to Gogan. Additionally, if no one's
 talking about it, speak to Gogan or his wife Maelona, who'll ask the player to
 help get him out of the hot water. [This officially adds the quest. Don't
 forget to get Gogan's side of the story for his funny POV.]

 Apparently, the gang used their feminine wiles to lure Gogan out to some
 deserted location and fleece him of his wife's ring. Agree to help recover it
 and she'll direct the player to the Flowing Bowl tavern in the dock district,
 a place the she-thieves seem to frequent. Wait around there to be approached
 by the women, who'll proposition the player for a "night of fun" back at their
 farmhouse (Gweden Farm) SE of Anvil, which is also marked on the map.

 NOTE: If the player's character is female, they'll proposition her to join the
       gang instead, and the mission continues as normal.

 Faustina and Signy say to visit the farm around 11PM; try any earlier and the
 door will be tightly locked (unpickable). Inside, the player, regardless of
 gender, announces that s/he's not there to fun, but instead to recover the
 ring, which prompts the girls (including the 3rd Khajiit lady, Tsarrina) to
 attack. They're not that tough really, but it's still 3-on-1 so it's a little

 NOTE: If one attacks a siren without provocation, such as just Faustina in
       the room, she'll yell for help (no one comes) and the quest ends when
       she's dead, earning infamy instead of fame.

 When the bloodletting's over, the guards arrive to clean up the mess, giving
 the monetary reward at that time. Once the player leaves it's impossible to
 get back in (after awhile), so collect all the loot: Faustina's [Witsplinter]
 dagger and the things downstairs, including the articles of clothing stolen
 from the "clientele". Things like [Ernest's Fancy Pants] and [Heinrich's
 Shirt] are all unique, so take those too -- and, no, they can't be returned
 to their embarrassed owners.

 REWARD: Witsplinter drains Intelligence and damages Magicka, making it pretty
         useful for any class who uses blades.

 Client: Kud-Ei
 Locatn: Bravil [Mages Guild]
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: No [Kud-Ei & Henantier unkillable before/during mission]
 Reward: Random scroll (x6), Fame +1

 Kud-Ei can give this mission when asked, although it may depend on the time
 of day. [This mission is NOT a prerequisite for the Bravil Recommendation
 quest.] Talking about her friend Henantier will enlist the player to help
 get him out of a jam the Mages Guild would frown upon. Laughably, this can
 still be done even when finished the guild questline.

 The kind-hearted Argonian will travel to Henantier's house when one's ready.
 At the location, Kud-Ei reveals her friend is trapped in a dreamworld of his
 own design, and the player will have to visit there to retrieve him. Wearing
 the received [Dreamworld Amulet] while sleeping transports one to the realm.

 Once inside, the amulet will be irremovable and Silences the player, which
 prevents magic usage for the entire dream sequence. Oh, and all equipment &
 items are removed as well -- d'oh. Those who don't want to walk around naked
 can rob the bureaux nearby for clothes. There's also a copy of [The Lunar
 Lorkhan] by an overturned table, which increases Alteration.

 Speaking with Henantier will find him in a perplexed state and of no real
 help to the proceedings. One will have to navigate the four tests accessed
 through the faux house's four entrances. [Make an alternate save right 'bout
 now for good measure.] At the end of each test is an "element" to collect.
 Example: the Element of Perception, Element of Courage, etc. Finishing a
 course returns on to Henantier's position.

 The "Test of Perception" is running through a trap-filled gauntlet with an
 abyss on either side. The precipitous fall is dangerous but the hazard to
 watch out for is the falling rocks. The "Test of Courage" entails traversing
 a large underwater course with only a few [Weak Potion of Courage] bottles
 strewn along the way. Naturally it'll be a cinch for Argonian characters.
 The "Test of Resolve" involves fighting some minotaurs in an arena-like
 setting; luckily enchanted weapons are obtained beforehand. The "Test of
 Patience" takes the most effort as it's puzzle-based. Using the [Mysterious
 Scroll] obtained at the start, the way forward over the pressure plates is
 hinted at by repeating characters. The solutions are described below -- one
 always starts at the southernmost point.   _________________
                            _____________  | THIRD           |
                  _______  | SECOND      | |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
                 | FIRST | |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| | # - - - - - - - |
                 |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| | - - - - # - | | # - - - # # # # |
                 | # - - | | - - # # # - | | # # # # # - - # |
                 | # - - | | - # # - - - | | - - - .-. - # # |
                 | # # - | | - # - - - - | | - - - '-' - # - |
                 | - # - | | - # # # - - | | - - # # # # # - |
                 |_______| | - - - # - - | | - - # - - - - - |
                           |_____________| | - - # - - - - - |

 When all elements are obtained, speak to Henantier and everyone can leave the
 dream in one piece. Objects obtaineed in the dreamworld are either removed or
 disappear when coming back to reality, though.

 REWARD: The player gets six random scrolls from the rescued mage. There's no
         notification of this and the six don't have to be the same kind.

 Client: Pyke
 Locatn: Shivering Isles [Hale]
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: No [Pyke can't be killed before/during quest]
 Reward: Thorn Shield

 Pyke is a new resident at Hale and stays at Zoe Malene's house. He'll ask
 the player to assist him in a small "crisis": recovering his Knights of the
 Thorn medallion, the only part of his history that validates his existence,
 from the grummites at Fetid Grove. Upon accepting, Pyke marks the location
 on the map (giant lake SW of Hale).

 The grummites' dungeon is only two areas (Fetid Grove, Encampment) and not
 too hard to traverse. [Pyke's Medallion]'s in a cask in the second area, the
 heart of the grummites' base. Players whose stealth is terrible will want to
 take the long way out of the 1st area, as it starts the player atop the gorge
 in the 2nd; the other option is starting in the gorge...lame.

 NOTE: The Encampment chest containing the medallion respawns more of 'em,
       and they, too, will be quest items. Think twice about collecting more.

 When the item's recovered, bring it back to Pyke for compensation. 

 REWARD: The received shield fortifies Block and reflects spells, up to 23pts
         and 22%, respectively. Its armor rating is mediocre, though...

 Client: ---
 Locatn: Shetcombe Farm
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: No [Quest starts automatically]
 Reward: Slythe's offering [a little gold, assorted types of gems]

 This quest automatically starts when Shetcombe Farm is entered, which prompts
 the player to investigate the place -- it looks recently abandoned. Inside a
 bowl on the table, inspect [Slythe's Journal, Page 1] to learn the building's
 owner apparently went on a pilgrimage to bring offerings to "The Sunken One,"
 whatever that is. Sandstone Cave nearby seems to Slythe Seringi's next stop.

 Sandstone Cave's interior is quite bland, filled mostly with wilderness types,
 like rats, bears, spriggans, will-o-the-wisps, etc. In the second area ("Big
 Rooms"), the pilgrim's corpse can be found a little ways past the first
 chamber, carrying [Slythe's Journal, Page 3]. Reading that final entry ends
 the quest, and also summons "The Sunken One" -- a unique storm atronach --
 behind the player. However, defeating it isn't required, so flee if y'want.

 Client: ---
 Locatn: Oblivion Gate near Knights of the Thorn Lodge
 Prereq: Allies for Bruma quest active
 Mssbl?: No [quest automatically given when approaching Cheydinhal's gate]
 Reward: +2 Infamy (Farwil slain by the player)
         +1 Fame (Farwil slain in travels) + Level-dependant gold
         +2 Fame (Farwil survives) + Knights of the Thorn Medallion + Staff of
                 Indarys or Thornblade

 Upon reaching Cheydinhal's local gate and receiving the quest, help the town
 guard slay the nearby daedra. Speak with Amminus Gregori and he should mention
 Count Indarys' son Farwil went inside with some men and never returned.

 Once inside, begin the descent, keeping an eye out for fallen Knights of the
 Thorn members. This can be a rather long and boring process, but daredevils
 or acrobatic wonders who feel like leaping down the cliffs can find it'll
 greatly expedite the process. Farwil and Bremman Senyan, the last remaining
 Knights will be at the cliff's bottom, right near the cave exit. True to
 their rabblerousing nature, they can't be commanded to follow/wait and will
 attack enemies at their own discretion. This proves an annoying problem for
 the player who wants to get through the mission stealthily.

 If Farwil dies, reclaim the [Indarys Signet Ring] from his corpse as proof of
 his death, which still salvages some of the fame reward at the end.
 | Avoiding Farwil and Co. |
 | The easiest way to ensure Farwil survives is never to talk to him, which  |
 | then never makes him follow; likewise, the war gates on the bridge nearby |
 | remain closed. The first step is descending the cliffs manually, not via  |
 | the cave complex (where Farwil initiates conversation upon exiting). Once |
 | the player's at the bottom, the task then becomes crossing the massive    |
 | lava strait. Master Acrobats can hop across the water's surface, but most |
 | others will have to make do with Waterwalking potions/spells/equipment.   |
 | Reckless people who want to swim across should be prepared to use potions |
 | out the wazoo, or have high-level Restoration spells available.           |

 After returning from the gate, return to Count Indarys to finish the quest
 with a reward.

 REWARD: If Farwil lives, talk to him for a [Knights of the Thorn Medallion]
 which fortifies speechcraft 20pts -- typical of their boasting nature. Count
 Indarys will present the player with a small amount of gold (if Farwil dies,
 although the player can keep the signet ring) or a choice between two family
 heirlooms. The [Staff of Indarys] is enchanted with Damage Strength and Shock
 Damage, the latter doing up to 70pts at its best. The one-handed [Thornblade]
 does major Disintegrate Armor damage, up to 120pts, and best suits a fighter
 type character.

 Also, if one kills Farwil, the infamy is obtained instantaneously; for the
 other outcomes, one has to wait until the quest finishes.

 Client: Arnora Auria
 Locatn: Bruma 
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: Yes [Jorundr killed or Arnora killed before learning loot's location]
 Reward: Jorundr's Loot, Fame +1

 The quest can be started by overhearing a conversation about Jorundr -- and
 subsequently inquiring about it -- or speaking to Arnora. [Jorundr himself
 won't say anything except "go away".] Apparently the happy couple eventually
 soured, and Jorundr was caught stealing Arnora's money, which is why he's
 stuck in Castle Bruma's dungeon. Arnora herself fills in more of the blanks
 if her disposition's fluffed up a bit (60+), opening the 'stolen gold' option.

 Apparently the lovers were also thieves, and after a dangerous score, Jorundr
 got captured...but not before hiding the money. Arnora wants to know its
 location, and thus asks the player to see if her ex will divulge it. He'll be
 quite unresponsive to questioning, however, thus prompting an update saying
 the only way to make him cooperative is by getting arrested oneself. [Just
 steal something in front of the jailor, etc.] Upon seeing the player's no
 lapdog to the county, he'll say the whole ordeal is Arnora's fault and will
 tell the gold's location if she's killed. [Don't start any fights with your
 new cellmate as he'll be slain by the guards, even if one yields.]

 Once the player's back in the land of the free, they can decide which of
 the thieves to side with.

 ARNORA : Tell her about Jorundr's plan and she'll agree to help dupe him,
          letting the player get [Arnora's True Amulet] from a bedside chest
          with her special key. Show this to Jorundr and he'll divulge the
          location (see below).

 JORUNDR: Tell Arnora things'll be done Jorundr's way and she'll prepare to
          fight, with a shortsword and magic. [Silence really undermines her
          offense, naturally.] When slain, take her chest key, recover her
          true amulet from the bed, and show Jorundr. If the true amulet's
          not shown, the prisoner tells the player so, forcing them to go
          back and get it.

 The revealed location is outside of Bruma's North Gate, by the city walls.
 If one chose to dupe Jorundr, the corrupt jailor Tyrellius Logellus will be
 waiting for the player, forcing a physical confrontation before the treasure
 can be opened. This fight doesn't happen if one killed Arnora at Jorundr's
 behest. Taking the loot ends the quest, unless one fought Tyrellius; visiting
 Arnora's House finishes it, then.

 REWARD: Besides some unenchanted rings and gems, and a small amount of gold,
         the chest always has two skill books.

 Client: Claudette Perrick, Jensine, Ogier Georick, or Tertullian Verus
 Locatn: Imperial City Market District
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: No [Jensine is unkillable]
 Reward: Level-dependant Gold (up to 600g), Weatherward Circlet

 A couple Market District shopkeepers are in a rather bad mood and, when asked
 about 'Thoronir' in conversation, the quest starts and the player's directed
 to Jensine (of Jensine's "Good as New" Merchandise store) for more info. As
 it turns out, Thoronir, of the local Copious Coinpurse, is selling a wide
 array of things at ridiculously low prices, and the undercutting is hurting
 other stores in the area. The task is to find out where he gets his merch,
 hopefully finding evidence of wrongdoing in the meantime.

 Talk with Thoronir to learn...absolutely nothing. He closes shop around 8PM
 and then walks around for hours, before coming to a Market District garden
 around 12PM. [Make this the active quest to mark the Bosmer's location on the
 map.] There's no reason to follow him around manually since one only needs to
 eavesdrop on his conversation with Agarmir at his walk's end. When the two
 leave, tail Agarmir to where he lives in the Talos Plaza District.

 The ensuing quest update suggests investigating his house when he's not there,
 as when he is, the door is barred from inside and unpickable. Try early in
 the morning (~8AM) or in the afternoon (~4PM) for best effect. Inside, search
 his basement for the [Macabre Manifest] on a candlelit table, detailing
 Agarmir's gruesomely ill-gotten gains. Show the book to Thoronir afterwards
 to reveal the graverobber's new position on the map.

 At the Imperial Palace grounds, locate the Trentius Family Mausoleum and
 enter inside to find...a trap! The door locks and Agarmir, plus his associate
 Rolgarel, prepare to slay the player for uncovering their deeds. There's not
 much special about the imminent battle except that Agarmir carries the unique
 weapon [Debaser], which carries fixed Drain Willpower/Endurance 30pts for 20s
 enchantments. Additionally, check by the tomb of Calliben Trentius to find a
 mace stuck near its inner wall -- jump up and grab the weapon, [Calliben's
 Grim Retort], on the way down. Don't forget to grab the crucial evidence near
 the desecrated tomb, [Agarmir's Shovel], before leaving.

 Once the place is looted, return to Thoronir to get the [Weatherward Circlet]
 and Jensine to get the monetary compensation.

 REWARD: Thoronir's circlet has leveled Resist Fire/Frost enchantments, topping
         out at 35% on each. [For reference, this is a ring, not headgear.]

 Client: Ushnar gro-Shadborgob
 Locatn: Shivering Isles [Crucible]
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: Yes [If Bhisha slain or player is a Khajiit, quest is never offered]
 Reward: Skinned Hound pet

 With high enough disposition, Ushnar will confide in the player that he wants
 Bhisha, the Khajiit beggar, to disappear. The player can then volunteer to
 get rid of him, officially adding the quest. Upon next finding Bhisha, one
 can get him out of Ushnar's hair by (1) simply killing him, which is a mean
 thing to do! (2) paying 100g to relocate him to Bliss. Then, just return to
 Ushnar to finish up.

 REWARD: The orc gives the player one of his pet pooches, "Ushnar's Skinned
         Hound" which follows the player endlessly until it dies. There's no
         way to get another or command it to 'wait' like normal followers.
         Stealth-based players will probably want to euthanize it ASAP, as
         lame as the reality is. =/ 

 Client: Raminus Polus [or by whomever directs one to him]
 Locatn: Anywhere
 Prereq: Character is a vampire
 Mssbl?: Yes [One became a vampire and cured self at Deepscorn Hollow]
 Reward: Level-dependant gold, Vampirism Cure Potion, immunity to vampirism

 Before this quest can really start, one must contract porphyric hemophilia
 from a vampire, a disease which is passed by being damaged in battle. [Or,
 those in the Dark Brotherhood can willingly get this 'dark gift' from the
 resident helper Vicente Valtieri.] In any case, once the disease has stricken
 the player, go find somewhere to sleep to enter the first stage of vampirism.
 [Note that at this point, the disease can't be cured by normal methods, such
 as potions or spells, so think carefully before getting to this point.]

 Are you a stalker of the night? Good. It's now possible to speak to townsfolk
 about a vampirism cure. They'll direct one to Raminus Polus of the Imperial
 City's Arcane University, who then sends the player off to visit the count
 of Skingrad, Janus Hassildor. After his steward (in the county hall area)
 notifies him, he'll give the fruits of his research, saying there may be one
 witch left who can make a cure, and she lives along the Corbolo River (south
 of Cheydinhal).

 NOTE: Entering the witch's house coming up always counts as trespassing, as
       she'll be happy to inform the player. Wait too long and she'll attack;
       wait outside and risk sun damage. It's kinda annoying.

 NOTE: This'll be self-evident to long-time vampires, but for newer ones, I'll
       reiterate: taking sun damage is bad! [It lasts from 6AM-8PM.] While one
       has this, fast-travelling is impossible and, should one be foolish
       enough to wait for long periods outside, the sun damage accumulates and
       kills the player after the "waiting" is done. To avoid sun damage, one
       must be a "stage one" vampire, which is done by (1) sleeping only once
       after becoming a vampire (2) feeding on a victim to return to the stage,
       although it only lasts twenty-four hours.

 Travel to the quest marker's location (Drakelowe) and speak with Melisande,
 the house's only resident. She says she knows how to make the cure, but won't
 do it for free -- she requires five empty [Grand Soul Gem]s before assisting.
 These can be obtained from any old place in any old manner: buying, finding,
 looting, stealing, etc. Mages Guild alchemists and ingredient stores usually
 have at least one for sale, while display cases in those same halls may have
 more. Just remember only EMPTY ones are applicable for this quest; filled ones
 don't count, and neither does Azura's Star (whew!) for that matter.

 When her item needs are met, Melisande will give her laundry list of spices
 and ingredients for her vampirism-curing concoction (listed below). She'll
 give some info on where to obtain them if asked. Note that for applicable
 ingredients, whether they're stolen or not is irrelevant -- they'll always
 be accepted. [All three normal ingredients can be duplicated in the Enchanted
 Chest found in the Arch-Mage's Quarters of the Arcane University, provided
 one already completed that questline.]

 • 6 GARLIC: This can be a little harder to find than Nightshade, despite the
   witch's comments to the contrary. Although they can sometimes appear in
   food sellers' inventories, one probably encounters 'em most in dwellings'
   basements (particularly in Skingrad, which would fit in with its vampire
   theme). Two good places to get a lot of Garlic: Antoinetta Marie's chest
   in Cheydinhal's Dark Brotherhood sanctuary, and the Imperial Legion Offices
   by the Imperial Prison. The latter should have 5-6 for the requirement, and
   is best done at night when no guards'll see. [Garlic doesn't grow in the
   Arcane University or Frostcrag Spire's alchemic gardens, oddly 'nough.]

 • 2 BLOODGRASS: This is a very common item found in planes of Oblivion. If
   the main quest is over, normal planes won't be accessible any more, but
   those for Daedric Princes' quests (Boethia, Peryite, etc.) still work. But
   even easier than all that, ingredient stores may already carry 'em. Oh, and
   those that have The Wizard's Tower DLC can find this in the alchemic garden
   (requires no upgrades).

 • 5 NIGHTSHADE: Another plant that can be found growing around Cyrodiil (west
   half) but easiest gotten from an ingredient supplier, such as "The Main
   Ingredient" in the I.C. Market District. It also grows in alchemic gardens
   of Frostcrag Spire (requires Wizard's Tower DLC) and the Arcane University.

 • BLOOD OF AN ARGONIAN: Melisande gives an [Enchanted Dagger] quest item for
   this job. Simply find any old Argonian, stab/cut them, and badabing -- that
   task is over. Random enemies (like Black Bow Bandits) make good targets,
   although those that saved Scar-Tail during "The Renegade Shadowscale" can
   still find him at the Bogwater camp (SE of Leyawiin)...probably, anyway.
   Oblivion gates can open right near there... Avoid hitting stabbing your
   guildmates, too, obviously.

 • ASHES OF A POWERFUL VAMPIRE: Melisande will mark Redwater Slough on the
   map when asked about this ingredient, saying that's where the uber-vampire
   Hindaril was imprisoned long ago. [Dungeon is along Panther River, east of
   Bravil.] He can be found in the first area's catacomb section. Despite the
   hype, he's not that different from a regular vampire -- he'll fold easily
   when his huge fire weakness is preyed on. Since he probably lacks a weapon,
   be prepared to chase him around, too. Collect the [Ashes of Hindaril] when
   he's toast. Haha...get it. Toast. Because he's easily burnable. <guffaw>

 NOTE: The quest does not update when the ingredients are handed over, only
       when they're collected. A common problem people encounter is starting
       this segment, putting the game down for a protracted time period, and
       continuing, only to find they don't know what's left to collect!

 When all ingredients are given, Melisande hands over two bottles -- a [Cure
 for Vampirism] potion drinkable by the player, and a [Vampirism Cure Potion]
 quest item for Count Hassildor. Vampires who find themselves faced with an
 annoying trespassing charge and lots of sun damage can find respite by going
 into the nearby Panther River. Whilst deep underwater, sun damage shouldn't
 affect the player at all.

 NOTE: Drinking the potion oneself is NOT required to finish this quest, so
 those pleased with their disgusting vampirism (;p) can simply keep the item
 on-hand should they ever wish to join the world of the living. As an added
 incentive, one's aged appearance returns to normal once cured.

 To finish the quest, return to Count Hassildor's steward with news of the
 cure, and follow Hal-Liurz when requested -- she'll open the cleverly hidden
 entrance in the courtyard, leading to the "Chamber of the Lost". Give the
 potion to Hassildor and watch the scenes, after which he'll request a day to
 grieve. When the time has passed, speak with the count again to obtain his
 monetary thank-you, numbering in the thousands of gold (up to 10,000)! This
 ends the quest.

 Client: Maeva the Buxom
 Locatn: Whitmond Farm [li'l ways north of Anvil]
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: Yes [Maeva slain]
 Reward: Level-dependant gold (745 max?)

 Speak with Maeva about her husband to learn he stole her [Rockshatter] mace,
 a family heirloom, when he went to join the local marauder gang. Bjalfi the
 Contemptible's current location is Fort Strand, a tower just west of Anvil.
 The enemy mix is almost entirely marauder/bandits, so it should offer little
 surprises there. The target's location is the second area (Great Dome) but
 he has no dialogue to say, so sneak-attack/murder him and get that special
 mace back. Now them differences really ARE irreconcilable. /rimshot

 Return the mace to Maeva to finish up. It's possible to pickpocket the mace
 back from her (it remains a quest item) but one may also have to slay her to
 get it back. On the other hand, the mace's power kinda sucks so there's no
 big reason to have it 'cept completion. 

 Client: Velwyn Benirus
 Locatn: Anvil [The Count's Arms]
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: No [Velwyn not killable before/during quest]
 Reward: Benirus Manor, +1 Fame

 Speak with Velwyn to immediately get the quest, even before he offers to sell
 his grandfather's house, Benirus Manor. He's asking a rather cheap 5000g for
 the whole thing...hmm... Buying it earns the [Benirus Manor Key] and [Deed to
 Benirus Manor]; Velwyn then leaves with the gold. Visit the house to find the
 shape it's in -- things overturned, a chandelier unrooted from the ceiling,
 and a rather creepy atmosphere all around. But who could pass up this deal?
 When the quest update says to "make myself at home," it means sleep there.

 Unfortunately for the player, the place seems to be -- gasp! -- haunted! Upon
 awaking, three 'Benirus Manor Ghosts' attack. When they're dead, check the
 foyer to find an urn of ashes fell off the bookshelf. Read the [Scrap from
 Lorgren's Diary] to find out there's a secret chamber only a true-blooded
 Benirus can open. The task then becomes finding Velwyn who, as Wilbur of the
 Count's Arms tells, is heading for the Imperial City. That no-good, son of

 A quest arrow marks his new location at the King and Queen Tavern in the Elven
 Gardens district. Interrogate Velwyn until he mentions lifting the curse, and
 he'll agree to assist -- at this point, he returns towards The Count's Arms
 in Anvil. [If one gets there before him, just wait around and he'll show.]
 Follow him to the manor and he'll agree to open the secret door, provided the
 player does the fighting. More ghosts'll be around, so get a-cuttin' -- VB
 won't be assisting despite carrying a giant sword.

 When all basement ghosts are exorcised, Velwyn opens the sealed portal and
 immediately leaves like a scaredy-cat. Search the crypt for the unique book
 [Tome of Unlife], and a sack near the back containing a bunch of gems. When
 ready, activate the altar underneath Lorgren's corpse to hear he wants to
 make amends, and can only find peace by having his [Skeletal Hand] rejoined
 to his body. If one doesn't have his hand, it was in the overturned urn near
 the manor's entrance.

 Unfortunately, necromancers aren't to be trusted, even in death, and putting
 the hand on the skeleton summons Lorgren in his lich form. Despite his
 assurances to the contrary, he IS mortal and can be slain like any other
 nether lich. Try to hit him with Silence early so he can't conjure any other

 Upon defeat, the curse is lifted and the house's dreariness is replaced with
 furniture that finally sits upright. Visit Velwyn at The Count's Arms to
 finish the quest properly. Note that unlike other purchasable houses, this
 one has no upgrades -- what y'see is what y'get. [Its containers are usable
 for long-term storage, now, too.]

 Client: Dark Brotherhood
 Locatn: Bravil [Lucky Old Lady statue]
 Prereq: Complete Dark Brotherhood questline (up to "Honor Thy Mother")
 Mssbl?: Yes [if Lucien Lachance is slain before player is invited to DB clan]
 Reward: 200g/week

 Upon being promoted to Listener of the Dark Brotherhood, the player can visit
 the statue once a week to get a name of someone asking for an assassination.
 This name is then relayed to Arquen in the Cheydinhal Sanctuary for a small
 reward. As this quest is optional, there's no penalty for _not_ doing it, and
 the junky compensation for keeping the guild alive is almost an affront,
 compared to other guilds' and plugins' rewards.

 Client: Rosentia Gallenus [or any townsfolk who direct one to her]
 Locatn: Leyawiin
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: No [Rosentia and Alves aren't killable]
 Reward: +1 Fame, Ring of Eidolon's Edge

 Like a few other sidequests, this one comes up in conversation by asking or
 via overhearing. In any case, the townsfolk find the weird smell and animal
 noises, not to mention her house's state of disrepair, quite a nuisance. Find
 the woman herself to learn she's infested by four nonviolent 'everscamps.'
 Agree to help and learn the Daedric staff she bought is the cause of all the
 problems, and only her friend Alves Uvenim (of the Mages Guild) can be trusted
 with the secret.

 Rosentia's Dunmer friend says she's probably come to possess Sheogorath's
 [Staff of the Everscamp], which, in addition to spawning nuisances, makes the
 bearer much slower than normal. Sadly, the curse is only lifted if it's given
 away or, perhaps, returned to its master's shrine in Darkfathom Cave. Relay
 this info to Rosentia and she'll ask one to drop the staff of at the cave in
 her place, since caves are dirty and whatnot.

 When prepared, accept her task. The staff is considered a quest item until
 the mission ends, and can't be dropped -- additionally, it decreases speed
 a good margin, making carrying it more tedious than usual. The best course of
 action is to immediately visit Darkfathom Cave, just east of town and south
 of where the Yellow Road's first bend.

 The rocky dungeon is filled with daedra types and, naturally, having a bunch
 of scamp followers can shoot holes in a stealthy approach. [Foes won't attack
 the scamps themselves, perhaps another one of Sheogorath's jests.] In any
 case, if one has invisibility, traversing the place is much simpler. Upon
 finding the shrine, the player will "no longer feel the compulsion" to have
 the staff, meaning it can be dropped off around the altar. When done, the
 scamps will stay put and the player can return to Rosentia for the reward.

 Note that the staff does have one upside: nonviolent respawning companions
 to train skills on. Just make sure to do this before finishing the quest for
 real, as it's impossible to retake the staff once it's placed by the altar.

 REWARD: Gallenus' curio [Ring of Eidolon's Edge] fortifies Blade and Block
         up to 15 points, making it an excellent companion for warrior types.

 Client: Tove the Unrestful
 Locatn: Shivering Isles [Bliss]
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: Yes [Tove slain]
 Reward: At least 500g (5g/per)

 Tove is building a skyboat and, through dialogue, requires the player to
 bring him 100 Calipers and Tongs (total). That's all there is to it! The
 player might be familiar with the items as they appear as useless junk in
 plenty of crates, barrels, and other containers sitting around cities. [Not
 dungeon loot, typically.] And should a player actually bother to do this
 quest, Tove will buy any future items of that sort for the same going rate.
 Needless to say, this MIGHT be the worst way to make money in the game, but
 who knows? Too bad one's not paid in skyboat rides...

 Client: Diram Serethi
 Locatn: Aleswell [North of Imperial City; by "Ring" in "The Red Ring Road"]
 Prereq: ---
 Mssbl?: No [Diram Serethi is unkillable]
 Reward: Free lodging in Aleswell, Fame +1

 Once the roadside settlement is found, the player quickly sees -- or doesn't
 see -- that the citizens and livestock are invisible. The townsfolk direct
 the player to the innkeeper Diram for the lowdown. Once found, he spills the
 beans: whatever happened is probably due to the Ancotar's experiments in Fort
 Caractacus (southeast of town).

 As stated by the client, the fort has invisible enemies as well, which means
 the player's at an annoying disadvantage. However, the playing field can be
 evened by using a Detect Life spell, bathing all lifeforms in a purple glow,
 including invisible ones. [The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal does this, for example.]
 Actually going inside the fort is unnecessary, as Ancotar is also invisible
 inside the fort's tower. Speak with him at length on Aleswell's solution to
 get the [Reverse Invisibility] scroll and [Ancotar's Ring of Protection].
 Ancotar's second-floor study also has some skill books (Mystery of Talara, v 4
 and The Doors of Oblivion) which train Illusion and Conjuration, respectively.

 As Ancotar directed, stand in the town's center and read the scroll, which
 undoes the spell for everyone. If the ring of protection wasn't obtained or
 equipped while doing that, the player suffers a huge luck penalty (this is
 done directly to the stat, not as an effect, and requires replenishing the
 stat or removing the "curse" at an altar). Talk with Diram in order to finish
 the quest, the reward being free lodging for life.

 NOTE: The quest can be rendered permanently incomplete in a few ways: (1)
       killing Ancotar before getting the scroll (2) misusing the scroll twice
       and being unable to get a replacement from Ancotar.

|¯| /¯/  ____|¯¯¯¯¯|_____________/ V. KNIGHTS OF THE NINE WALKTHROUGH [KOTN] |_
| |/ / _|_  _| |¯| |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|   ( / _ \ \|  ¯  | 00) OVERVIEW
| |\ ( (_) )_\¯¯¯| |___________________________________________________________
|_| \_\___/      |_|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

 The walkthrough'll cover Oblivion's "Knights of the Nine" plugin. It can be
 purchased from Xbox Live for 800 MSP, or obtained for free from the second
 disc of Oblivion's Game of the Year (GOTY) Edition. [Note that downloading it
 from the disc does NOT count as purchasing it online; if one ever deletes the
 expansion and loses the disc, it'll have to be paid for!] KOT9's size clocks
 in at 142MB  -- check the downloads section under the main menu's "Options"
 tab to make sure it's recognized by the console.

 Unlike some other DLC, when the plugin is installed, the player doesn't get
 an automatic quest update. Thus, to start the questline officially, one must
 travel to Anvil and learn about the 'prophet' from townsfolk -- or speak to
 the Prophet himself -- to start the quest.

 NOTE: This plugin mandatorily kills all priests of Dibella in Anvil's chapel!

___________________________________________________________|¯| /¯/  ____|¯¯¯¯¯|
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |/ / _|_  _| |¯| |
01) PILGRIMAGE                                      [KO01] |   ( / _ \ \|  ¯  |
___________________________________________________________| |\ ( (_) )_\¯¯¯| |
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|_| \_\___/      |_|
 Client: The Prophet
 Locatn: Anvil
 Prereq: Tutorial
 Reward: promotion to Pilgrim (Nine Divines faction)
 Fame -: +1, all Infamy removed

 Anvil's prophet preaches across the street from the chapel by day, and sleeps
 under the portico by night. He'll be easy to spot as he just stands around
 yelling his sermon. Through conversation, the Prophet notes that Umaril the
 Unfeathered, an Ayleid sorcerer-king, has returned to wreak havoc on the land
 once more, and the Crusader's relics must be collected to combat him.

 Agree to quest for the relics and the white-hair will give the player his
 [Wayshrines Map], saying to pray at each of the wayshrines. The wiki has a
 scan of the map so y'don't have to keep looking back and forth.


 Wayshrines are small structures found all over the place, containing an altar
 to one of the Divines. The prophet's map lists one of each, although there's
 more than one available for each Divine, should the player want to mix the
 pilgrimage up a bit. To pray at a shrine, simply inspect the altar -- wearing
 the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal prevents one from getting the blessing.

 NOTE: If one gains any infamy during the pilgrimage, all shrines have to be
       completed AGAIN! Those who want to get specific blessings at chapel
       altars, or those trying to get the Pilgrim's Grace greater power, will
       have to revisit all the wayshrines again anyway.

 When all wayshrines are successfully prayed at, there will be a vision of
 Pelinal Whitestrake that takes place, giving the player his blessing to
 continue the quest. This starts the next mission.

___________________________________________________________|¯| /¯/  ____|¯¯¯¯¯|
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |/ / _|_  _| |¯| |
02) THE SHRINE OF THE CRUSADER                      [KO02] |   ( / _ \ \|  ¯  |
___________________________________________________________| |\ ( (_) )_\¯¯¯| |
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|_| \_\___/      |_|
 Client: Pelinel Whitestrake
 Locatn: [final shrine prayed to]
 Prereq: Pilgrimage
 Reward: Helm of the Crusader, rank up to Knight Errant (KOT9 Faction)
 Fame -: ---

 In the vision, Pelinal reveals the location of the first shrine, located SE
 of the Imperial City's island near the Red Ring Road's bridge over the Niben.
 The entrance to the shrine (Vanua) is located underwater, but most of the 
 place won't be, in case one was wondering.

 Proceeding is like any normal Ayleid ruin, although for the sake of a player
 who may not be familiar, I'll humor ya: plenty of undead types, like wraiths
 and skeletons inside, and plenty of loot! Doors are often opened by block
 buttons on pillars, walls, and generally out-of-sight places -- but they have
 a blue color, so they're not too hard to find. Vanua has three areas to get
 through, with the second (Shrine of the Crusader) being the target.

 Through a few hallways, one can find the skeleton of Sir Amiel containing the
 quest item [Sir Amiel's Ring] and [Sir Amiel's Journal], which comfirms the
 holy helm is indeed in Pelinal's shrine, located on a balcony right in sight.
 Take [Sir Amiel's Key], too, as it's required to open the unpickable gate
 nearby, as the Lost Catacombs must be ventured through before returning to
 the shrine.

 NOTE: Those with high Acrobatics can simply leap to Pelinal's shrine and take
       the helm without any rigamarole. This doesn't affect the quest as the
       catacombs section has nothing interesting inside.

 In any case, at Whitestrake's shrine, the [Helm of the Crusader] can finally
 be recovered. This ends the quest and automatically adds the next.

 REWARD: The [Helm of the Crusader], at best, fortifies Restoration 6pts and
         Personality 25pts. Additionally, equipping it grants the Serene Beauty
         lesser power (Calm up to Lv25 for 10s).

___________________________________________________________|¯| /¯/  ____|¯¯¯¯¯|
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |/ / _|_  _| |¯| |
03) PRIORY OF THE NINE                              [KO03] |   ( / _ \ \|  ¯  |
___________________________________________________________| |\ ( (_) )_\¯¯¯| |
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|_| \_\___/      |_|
 Client: ---
 Locatn: Vanua
 Prereq: The Shrine of the Crusader
 Reward: Cuirass of the Crusader, promotion to Knight Commander
 Fame -: +1

 With the helm recovered, the player is to visit the Priory of the Nine on
 Cyrodiil's southern border with Elsweyr, right by the "West" in "The West
 Weald." Inside, inspect the cool floor symbol and Sir Amiel's Ring will open
 up a secret passage to the basement. From there, the undercroft is the next
 step -- save before going in, perhaps.

 Approach the [Cuirass of the Crusader] to be visited by the visages of all
 the previous Knights of the Nine, who prevent one from obtaining the relic.
 Instead, all eight of them must be defeated in honorable (1-vs-1) combat to
 prove one's worth. They all use swords and shields and, being ghosts, resist
 frost damage; besides that, centuries of having no muscles makes 'em, well,
 pushovers. Just have some health potions/magic along and it'll be a cinch.
 [It's impossible to leave once the series of fights begin, for reference.]

 When all have Knights have fallen, the player is allowed to collect the fancy
 cuirass and start questing for other relics.

 • Sir Juncan gives the quest for the Boots (Nature's Fury)
 • Sir Ralvas gives the quest for the Mace (The Path of the Righteous)
 • Sir Casimir gives the quest for the Gauntlets (Stendarr's Mercy)
 • Sir Henrik gives the quest for the Shield (Wisdom of the Ages)

 These can be done in any order but the walkthrough'll go alphabetically. This
 quest itself only finishes when all four relics are retrieved.

 A note for those who don't want to carry around a bunch of Crusader equipment:
 inspecting the cuirass' stand lets one put the collected pieces there for
 storage. Simply agree to 'swap relics' and pick the ones to place there.

 REWARD: The cuirass, at best, fortifies Restoration 6pts and Health 27pts,
         as well as resisting Normal Weapons 15%. It doesn't add a special
         power or effect by itself.

___________________________________________________________|¯| /¯/  ____|¯¯¯¯¯|
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |/ / _|_  _| |¯| |
04) NATURE'S FURY                                   [KO04] |   ( / _ \ \|  ¯  |
___________________________________________________________| |\ ( (_) )_\¯¯¯| |
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|_| \_\___/      |_|
 Client: Sir Juncan
 Locatn: Priory of the Nine
 Prereq: Priory of the Nine (quest) 
 Reward: Boots of the Crusader
 Fame -: +1

 Sir Juncan tells his tale when asked: Kynareth's creations guard the boots in
 the Great Forest's west of the Imperial City. Visit the Divine's shrine (at
 quest marker) and speak with Avita Vesnia, learning the boots are kept in the
 Grove of Trials west of there. The acolyte says that a test must be taken to
 get the boots, and that Kynareth's law -- to respect nature -- plays a part
 in it. 

 Agree to the test and the Grove, a rocky & secluded spot, will be marked on
 the map. Wait around a bit and eventually the Forest Guardian, a gigantic
 bear, will arrive. As part of the "respect and fear nature" doctrine, let the
 critter attack the character for a bit without repercussion. [Alternately,
 be invisible when the creature arrives and it'll never attack, but the quest
 update still arrives.] Slaying the creature earns +1 Infamy, but it respawns.

 Passing the test triggers the rock formation nearby to recede, giving access
 to the grotto where the [Boots of the Crusader] are kept. Avoid killing the
 nonviolent spriggans as their deaths earns 1 infamy per each; if both are
 slain, the player has to redo the wayshrine pilgrimage part again, and no
 one wants to repeat that junk.

 Also, Avita Vesnia will appear at the priory and ask to become a Knight.

 REWARD: The boots Fortify Restoration 6pts at maximum. The best reason to
         equip 'em is for the passive 'Woodland Grace' effect, stopping normal
         woodland critters from attacking the player unprovoked. This doesn't
         work on undead types, bandits, and so on.

___________________________________________________________|¯| /¯/  ____|¯¯¯¯¯|
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |/ / _|_  _| |¯| |
05) THE PATH OF THE RIGHTEOUS                       [KO05] |   ( / _ \ \|  ¯  |
___________________________________________________________| |\ ( (_) )_\¯¯¯| |
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|_| \_\___/      |_|
 Client: Sir Ralvas
 Locatn: Priory of the Nine
 Prereq: Priory of the Nine (begun), Nature's Fury (to finish)
 Reward: Mace of the Crusader
 Fame -: +1

 Sir Ralvas says to receive the mace, one must visit the Chapel of Zenithar
 in Leyawiin and pray at St. Kaladas' undercroft tomb for a vision. In the
 vision, one can see the mace across a great chasm with no apparent way to
 reach it. Attempt to jump the chasm four times for a quest update suggesting
 the solution may lie with another relic.

 ...and it does! As Ralvas and Carodus Oholin may have said, Zenithar and
 Kynareth are associated very closely in the realm, as one cannot appreciate
 Zenithar's gift without acknowledging Kynareth. Thus, to cross the chasm, one
 must be wearing the Boots of the Crusader, which opens a bridge to the [Mace
 of the Crusader].

 After obtaining the relic, re-enter the chapel hall to find it under attack
 by Aurorans, a gold-reptile-lookin' bunch of creatures. Any citizen inside
 the chapel at this time is at risk, so it helps to recover the mace during
 the night, or when no one's around (sneak in), to avoid collateral damage.
 On the flipside, the countess and Tsavi will visit the chapel together and
 can provide extra backup against the icky interlopers.

 Carodus Oholin will ask to join the Knights of the Nine, saying that Zenithar
 helped against the desecrators. There's no reason to _not_ let him join,
 really. Once accepted, he'll later reappear at the Priory as "Sir Carodus."

 REWARD: At its highest level, the mace deals Fire Damage 14pts/2s and Turn
         Undead to Lv17 for 5s. Equipping it gives the passive "Crusader's Arm"
         effect, fortifying Blunt 10pts.

___________________________________________________________|¯| /¯/  ____|¯¯¯¯¯|
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |/ / _|_  _| |¯| |
06) STENDARR'S MERCY                                [KO06] |   ( / _ \ \|  ¯  |
___________________________________________________________| |\ ( (_) )_\¯¯¯| |
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|_| \_\___/      |_|
 Client: Sir Casimir
 Locatn: Priory of the Nine
 Prereq: Priory of the Nine (begun)
 Reward: Gauntlets of the Crusader
 Fame -: +1

 Sir Casimir says the [Gauntlets of the Crusader] are located in the Chapel of
 Stendarr in Chorrol, right where they fell off centuries before when the
 knight slew someone in a moment of weakness. Once there, the equipment piece
 is easily found...but can't be picked up for some reason. Areldur says that
 speaking with Kellen, Casimir's relative living in the chapel, may provide
 more answers.

 Find the despairing Redguard to learn Stendarr cursed Casimir long ago, and
 that curse still lingers on through the generations. He thinks Areldur is
 hiding some fact from him, and suggests prying the secret loose -- the fact
 being that praying to Stendarr to take the curse on oneself would lift it
 from the poor guy.

 Learning this fact, the player must do just that, by inspecting the main
 altar (this can be done even if one has 2+ infamy). This grants the player
 the Lay Hands lesser power, which is to be cast on Kellen to remove his
 generational burden. The "Curse of the Consumed" only drains Fatigue 5pts
 and can't be cured by normal methods, only by continuing the questline. [Lay
 Hands disappears once successfully used.]

 Pick up the gauntlets from the floor by Stendarr's altar to finish the quest.
 Later, Areldur will go to the priory and ask to become a knight.

 REWARD: The new relic, at its best, fortifies Restoration 9pts and resists
         disease 50%. Additionally, equipping them gives the Merciful Touch
         lesser power (Restore Health 50pts/Touch, very low cost).

___________________________________________________________|¯| /¯/  ____|¯¯¯¯¯|
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |/ / _|_  _| |¯| |
07) WISDOM OF THE AGES                              [KO07] |   ( / _ \ \|  ¯  |
___________________________________________________________| |\ ( (_) )_\¯¯¯| |
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|_| \_\___/      |_|
 Client: Sir Henrik
 Locatn: Priory of the Nine
 Prereq: Priory of the Nine (begun)
 Reward: Shield of the Crusader
 Fame -: +1

 Unlike some other ghosts, the [Shield of the Crusader] was not lost; instead
 Henrik made sure to hide it in a secure location, so treasure hunters and
 other types couldn't just snap it up. He reveals its resting place as Fort
 Bulwark in southeast Cyrodiil, east of Leyawiin, by the "d" in "Blackwood".

 The place is made up of three zones and has become a conjurer's den, and not
 too difficult to proceed through. The initial area has a 12-switch puzzle at
 the end, with the key being the candles. Basically, start at the switch
 nearest the candle(s) and step on the one 'x' number away, where 'x' is the
 number of candles. Example: Three candles are on the left-hand side, so one
 would start on the left and count three right, stepping on the one furthest
 away. [In any case, correct switches may a low sound, as opposed to wrong
 ones louder 'click.']

 In the second area, one can find the imprisoned knight Sir Thedret, who, once
 freed, says the key to getting the shield lies in a phrase he learned: "When
 the eyes of the guardians are upon you, Julianos will show you favor." The
 Redguard leaves after that tidbit, but will later reappear at the priory as
 an official, fully-fledged Knight of the Nine. In any case, the phrase can be
 put to the test at the 2nd area's end in a room with guardian statuary. Kill
 the conjurers and use the cranks on the statues to make them all face inward,
 towards the circle on the ground. Stand there once done to snuff the torches
 in the room, opening a secret path.

 The final area of Fort Bulwark is monster-less but has a puzzle to solve. A
 chest contains one of Rodgar's artifacts and must be placed at the appopriate
 shrine -- if it is, the statue turns 180 degrees; if it's wrong, nothing
 happens and the artifact disappears. Artifacts that aren't placed correctly
 reappear in the chest, but only one can be taken at a time. [All items are
 found in the 'miscellaneous' section of the inventory.]
 |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|  1: Rodgar's Gem
 | [1]       [8] |  2: Rodgar's Skull
 |               |  3: Rodgar's Hammer
 | [2]       [7] |  4: Rodgar's Book
 |               |  5: Rodgar's Sword
 | [3]       [6] |  6: Rodgar's Goblet
 |   [4]   [5]   |  7: Rodgar's Helm
 |_______________|  8: Rodgar's Stone

 The [Shield of the Crusader] will be in the subsequent chamber. A side passage
 will lead back to the first area of the fort to avoid backtracking.

 REWARD: The shield, at best, has Resist Spell 18%. Not too shabby!

___________________________________________________________|¯| /¯/  ____|¯¯¯¯¯|
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |/ / _|_  _| |¯| |
08) THE FAITHFUL SQUIRE                             [KO08] |   ( / _ \ \|  ¯  |
___________________________________________________________| |\ ( (_) )_\¯¯¯| |
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|_| \_\___/      |_|
 Client: Lathon
 Locatn: Priory of the Nine
 Prereq: Priory of the Nine (finished)
 Reward: Greaves of the Crusader
 Fame -: ---

 Upon arriving back at the Priory with the fourth relic, Lathon, Sir Roderic's
 squire, will run up and say his liege has fallen to the ghost of Sir Berich
 in Underpall Cave (between Chorrol & Bruma, by "Orange" in "The Orange Road").
 He asks to become a knight and will accompany the player on the quest to
 avenge his master. Arrive at the cave to finish the quest.

 REWARD: The greaves obtained for free, at best, Fortify Restoration 6pts and
         Destruction 9pts. The 'Blessing of the Eight' lesser power is added
         when equipped (Shield 20%/60s on Touch).

___________________________________________________________|¯| /¯/  ____|¯¯¯¯¯|
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |/ / _|_  _| |¯| |
09) THE SWORD OF THE CRUSADER                       [KO09] |   ( / _ \ \|  ¯  |
___________________________________________________________| |\ ( (_) )_\¯¯¯| |
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|_| \_\___/      |_|
 Client: ---
 Locatn: Underpall Cave
 Prereq: The Faithful Squire
 Reward: Sword of the Crusader
 Fame -: +1
 The quest is automatically added upon reaching Underpall Cave. The last relic
 to obtain will be the mission's titular weapon, which was lost when the last
 adventurer was slain during its retrieval. Note that Lathon is quite mortal
 and may easily die within the cave, so those wanting to keep the original
 Knights may order him to stay at the entrance, where he's far from harm's
 way. [Stealth-based players may want to take this route, too, since there's
 plenty of archers with a height advantage.]

 Underpall Cave is made up of five areas (Underpall Cave, Underpall Keep, North
 Wing, South Wing, Reflecting Chamber). Expedient players can ignore the wings,
 which lead only back to the entrance, and simply visit the keep, which leads
 directly to the reflecting chamber. Once there, two paths lead to Vlindrel's
 location, but the left is the most worthwhile as Sir Roderic's corpse can
 be found towards the end, and he usually has enchanted equipment to...borrow.

 Vlindrel's wraith can be found by its lonesome at the pool, but those wanting
 a radically different fight than normal'll be disappointed -- he's pretty
 much just a normal gloom wraith with a lich-like aura. Occasionally enemies
 from nearby chambers will help the guy out, although this can be attributed
 to tipping them off later (especially any around Roderic's body). Once he's
 down, collect the [Sword of the Crusader] from where it's fallen...hopefully
 not in the water. ;)

 NOTE: Lathon may not be where he was left once the mission's done, but should
       reappear at the Priory after 'x' amount of hours are done. He's not
       dead or nothin'.

 Due to the evilness of the sword, it must be reconsecrated at the Chapel of
 Arkay in Cheydinhal. Do not equip the sword until then because it gives the
 player the "Lord Vlindrel's Curse" effect (Stunted Magicka, 100% Weakness to
 all elements & poison) which remains until things are put right. Of course,
 upon visiting the chapel, one has to fend off an attack from the Aurorans...

 In any case, that completes the set of Crusader relics! Return to the Priory
 and speak with Thedret to end the quest and begin the next.

 REWARD: The sword deals Fire Damage 14pts/2s and Damage Magicka 40pts, not to
         mention boasting a high attack power, making it much more useful than
         the other Crusader weapon. However, similarly, it also gives an effect
         called "Crusader's Arm" which fortifies Blade 10pts instead of Blunt.

___________________________________________________________|¯| /¯/  ____|¯¯¯¯¯|
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |/ / _|_  _| |¯| |
10) THE BLESSING OF TALOS                           [KO10] |   ( / _ \ \|  ¯  |
___________________________________________________________| |\ ( (_) )_\¯¯¯| |
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|_| \_\___/      |_|
 Client: Sir Thedret
 Locatn: Priory of the Nine
 Prereq: The Sword of the Crusader
 Reward: Blessing of Talos
 Fame -: +1

 Listen to the prophet speak in the chapel and obtain the "Blessing of Talos"
 lesser power, learning it will allow one to follow Umaril after his earthly
 body has been slain, ensuring his spirit dies as well. The sorceror-king has
 claimed Garlas Malatar as his current base, and it can be found on the coast
 NW of Anvil.

 Other than that, there's nothing standing between one and the final mission.
 All Knights of the Nine will stand in front of Umaril's base until the player
 arrives. Anyone who hasn't been officially ordained to the order, such as
 those who volunteer out of nowhere, will remain at the base, and can join the
 others when the player gets around to it.

 REWARD: Besides the 'Blessing of Talos' effect for 30s, the new lesser power
         also fortifies Strength and Endurance (both 20pts/60s) while draining
         Speed/Agility (both 15pts/60s).

___________________________________________________________|¯| /¯/  ____|¯¯¯¯¯|
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |/ / _|_  _| |¯| |
11) UMARIL THE UNFEATHERED                          [KO11] |   ( / _ \ \|  ¯  |
___________________________________________________________| |\ ( (_) )_\¯¯¯| |
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|_| \_\___/      |_|
 Client: The Prophet
 Locatn: Priory of the Nine
 Prereq: Blessing of Talos
 Reward: [see below]
 Fame -: +1
 As said, Garlas Malatar is on Anvil's NW coast and all Knights of the Nine
 will have gathered there after meeting with the prophet. They'll all follow
 their leader when the dungeon's entered, so ordering them to wait as a way
 of saving their lives ain't gonna work (sadly). SAVE BEFORE ENTERING!

 Umaril's base contains three areas (Garlas Malatar, Ceysel, Carac Aberan) and
 it's highly probable that many Knights of the Nine will die inside fighting
 the plentiful Aurorans. Of course, they'll be replaced with generic ones when
 the quest is over, but the player's ragtag dream team shouldn't be thrown
 away so easily! The best way to make them survive isn't by casting on-touch
 spells or helping them out personally, as the team splits up and they'll
 typically die in droves. No, the best way is to rush to the Ceysel portion
 and destroy the Dark Orb (activate it to do so), which eliminates all enemies
 in the dungeon and preserves any living Knights. If one has the Staff of
 Sheogorath, its time-freeze function may help a bit.

 At this point, the player is to face Umaril alone, just like the predecessor
 Pelinal did long ago. In Carac Aberan, in the boss' chamber, the player will
 be locked in mortal combat with the evil foe. He's essentially an Auroran on
 steroids, and twice the size. He wields [Umaril's Sword] and nulls shock
 damage, but besides that, he's not that special. In fact, one can sneak-attack
 him while invisible and totally embarrass the doofus. When he's defeated, cast
 the Blessing of Talos to fight him again in the spiritual realm, where the
 same rules apply. [Anyone wanting another copy of his sword should pick it up
 fast before it falls from the sky.]

 Those wondering if wearing all the relics is necessary: no. However, by using
 any 6-piece combination of relics, one is granted a "Holy Aura" effect called
 Umaril's Bane. This will severely weaken Mr. Unfeathered's Strength during
 battle, making his disposal easier.

 With Umaril rotting as dust in the void, one automatically returns to the
 Priory, where the ghosts of the former comrades are put to rest. Inspecting
 any of their tombs at this point gives a blessing based off the Divine they
 served in life. [Sir Berich has no tomb, for obvious reasons.] The table for
 who gives what is listed below.

 Leaving the undercroft will cue a scene from Sir Thedret, who'll leave to
 tell the others the Crusader still lives. See this scene and the questline
 will truly have ended.

 REWARD: Besides being able to have a Knight of the Nine as a follower, and
         the aforementioned tomb blessings (only one can be active at a time),
         there's always Umaril's Sword. At best, it does Shock Damage 16pts
         and Damage Fatigue 12pts.
  _____________ _____________________________________________________________
 | TOMB        | ACTIVE EFFECT ADDED                                         |
 | Sir Amiel   | Akatosh's Blessing (Fortify Strength 5 points)              |
 | Sir Caius   | Stendarr's Blessing (Fortify Personality 5 points)          |
 | Sir Casimir | Mara's Blessing (Fortify Endurance 5 points)                |
 | Sir Gregory | Dibella's Blessing (Fortify Personality 5 points)           |
 | Sir Henrik  | Julianos' Blessing (Fortify Intelligence 5 points)          |
 | Sir Juncan  | Kynareth's Blessing (Fortify Speed 5 points)                |
 | Sir Ralvas  | Zenithar's Blessing (Fortify Luck 5 points)                 |
 | Sir Torolf  | Arkay's Blessing (Fortify Willpower 5 points)               |

 Additionally, besides becoming a Divine Crusader in the faction, the ruined
 chapels in Anvil and Bravil now have replacement priests to assume the
 functions of those slain by Aurorans. So, it all worked out happily in the
 end...except for those who died. We won't speak of them. :D

|¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯|________________________/ VI. SHIVERING ISLES WALKTHROUGH [SHVR] |_
| |¯¯ ¯| |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|__¯¯| | | 00) OVERVIEW                                                  [SH00]
 __| |_| |_____________________________________________________________________

 This walkthrough will cover Oblivion's only expansion, the Shivering Isles.
 It can be purchased for 2400 MSP on Xbox Live, or obtained for "free" from
 the second disc packaged with the Game of the Year (GOTY) edition. [Note that
 downloading it from the disc does NOT count as purchasing it online; if one
 ever deletes the expansion and loses the disc, it'll have to be paid for!]
 The expansion's size is 993.75 MB -- check the downloads section under the
 main menu's "Options" tab to make sure it's recognized by the console.

 In any case, once downloaded and verified in-game, the player will get a
 quest called "A Door in Niben Bay," the first step to starting the adventure,
 usually after a day or so (in-game) has passed. The quest can be started right
 after leaving the Imperial Sewers or the very last thing started -- there's no
 time limit to compete with. Other things of note:

 - None of the quests give fame/infamy
 - There is no buyable house in the Isles
 - Bounties from Cyrodiil don't transfer to the Isles, and vice versa

 - Criminal imprisonment makes one go to Aichan or Corpserot Passage (depends
   if the Aureal or Mazken arrested player, respectively) where one has to
   fight out in a jailbreak. Confiscated (stolen) items appear in a chest at
   the end, even if one just paid a fine.
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯ ¯| |¯
01) A DOOR IN NIBEN BAY                                     [SH01] |__¯¯| | |
______________________________________________________________________| |_| |_
 Client: ---
 Locatn: A Strange Door [Cyrodiil: Niben Bay]
 Prereq: Tutorial
 Reward: Access to Shivering Isles

 Visit "A Strange Door" at the quest marker (Niben Bay is east of Bravil) to
 find a weird portal to someplace called The Fringe. This is the Isles'
 gateway to and from, and can be trespassed at any time to return to Cyrodiil.
 Also note that the soldier Gaius Prentus standing vigilant is NOT an actual
 guard, so it's fine to, say, wear the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal around him.

 After hearing a strange(ly familiar) voice, the portal can be accessed. On
 the other side, one meets Haskill, Sheogorath's chamberlain, who'll explain
 the reason for coming. Seems his master needs a mortal champion for some
 reason or another, and the player can volunteer for the job. Agreeing is the
 only way to enter the rest of the Isles, note.

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯ ¯| |¯
02) THROUGH THE FRINGE OF MADNESS                           [SH02] |__¯¯| | |
______________________________________________________________________| |_| |_
 Client: Sheogorath
 Locatn: Shivering Isles [The Fringe]
 Prereq: A Door in Niben Bay
 Reward: Blessing of Dementia or Blessing of Mania, Charity of Madness, rank
         up to Tourist

 The Fringe is a special part of the Shivering Isles which houses all those
 who seek to enter the "real" part of the islands. As such, it's not possible
 to frolic elsewhere until one makes it through the Gates of Madness, and
 Haskill said it was guarded by some kind of gatekeeper. Hmm...

 There is one town in this region, Passwall, and it's just down the cobblestone
 path from the Isles' entrance. [Take care of the grummites, though, especially
 for low-level players...they're brutality's similar to a mountain lion's!] The
 quest marker is already fixed on the Gates of Madness, where one can get a
 first-hand glimpse of the Gatekeeper's bloodlust -- it single-handedly slays
 a group of adventurers trying to pass through. Seems the headstrong approach
 isn't the right one.

 Time to shakedown the citizens for information. Dredhwen of The Wastrel's
 Purse says the only one who can get close enough is Relmyna Verenim, a boarder
 upstairs -- however, she only scoffs at the player's goals. Shelden and Felas
 Sarandas will tip one off to Jayred Ice-Veins' intent to slay the gatekeeper.
 Nanette Don, with a high enough disposition, gabs a secret of Relmyna's: her
 tears hurt the gatekeeper, and she cries during her nightly visits to it.

 Visit Jayred and form an alliance against the gatekeeper: the player picks
 the lock to the Gardens of Flesh and Bone nearby, he'll create bone arrows to
 hurt the beastly bastion. The expedition can begin immediately, with Jayred
 leading the way. [He even gives a free lockpick if one is without.] Entering
 the garden is a cinch as it's the easiest difficulty. Once inside, take care
 of the shambles enemies -- essentially faster-moving skeleton types that
 explode on death for frost damage -- and let the Nord collect his horde.

 Let "a few hours" pass and Jayred will give 20 [Gatekeeper Bone Arrows] for
 the upcoming hunt. All that's left is to go fight the sucker. Jayred, once
 spurred on, becomes a follower with typical wait/proceed commands. [Note that
 Jayred isn't unkillable, and he/bone arrows aren't mandatory for the fight.]
 | TIP: May Cause Side Effects |
 | Remember Nanette Don's tip that Relmyna tears harm the gatekeeper? This's |
 | exploitable for one's fight, too. Lie in wait around the gates' environs, |
 | keeping out of sight -- a bit after midnight, watch the Relmyna's visit & |
 | departure. This allows one to collect 3 vials of [Relmyna's Tears] from a |
 | fallen handkerchief. Used as a poison, the 120s 'Harm the Gatekeeper' bit |
 | removes much of the monster's defenses, like magical resistance, health   |
 | regeneration, and so on.                                                  |

 On even terms, the gatekeeper fight might be a little hard, as he regenerates
 health and can cure poisons, as well as do pretty decent melee damage. Doing
 the fight in this way is still doable, just more taxing -- decent magic and
 a potion supply helps, of course. For those that just want to get this nutbar
 out of the way, Relmyna's Tears cuts the guy off at the proverbial knees,
 removing all his best defenses and makes him easily cut-downable. There's
 other options, too: high Reflect Damage enchantments to play off his strict
 physical-attack regimen, Command Creature and Demoralize spells... Remember
 that the gatekeeper won't stray too far away from his post, so one can always
 retreat to regroup, even if it means going back to Cyrodiil for awhile.

 When the gatekeeper's slain, take the [Key to Dementia] and [Key to Mania],
 either of which will let one enter the Shivering Isles proper. Haskill will
 appear and say the next step is seeking out Sheogorath himself at the seat of
 his power, New Sheoth. Depending on what gate (Mania or Dementia) one enters,
 a free greater power is obtained accordingly -- see below for specifications.

 Regardless of the gate chosen, the destination remains the same -- the city
 on the eastern side of the island. The quest marker denotes the spot...it's
 just a matter of getting there in one piece. Those confident in their ability
 to traverse the land may want to detour around the place, finding locations
 to make later traveling easier. Invisibility helps, naturally...

 REWARD: The "Blessing of Dementia" demoralizes up to Lv12 in 30ft for 10s on
         target; "Blessing of Mania" frenzies up to Lv12 in 30ft for 30s.
         Neither spell has a magicka cost, and only one can be obtained. The
         [Charity of Madness] necklace obtained from the Madgod resists fire,
         frost, and shock, up to 16% each. Not too shabby.

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯ ¯| |¯
03) A BETTER MOUSETRAP                                      [SH03] |__¯¯| | |
______________________________________________________________________| |_| |_
 Client: Sheogorath
 Locatn: Shivering Isles [New Sheoth Palace]
 Prereq: Through the Fringe of Madness
 Reward: Promotion to Aspirant (?)

 After meeting with Sheogorath and learning of his capricious temperament, one
 is tasked with restoring Xedilian, a dungeon that took care of the realm's
 unwanted visitors before the gatekeeper was created. It's fallen in disrepair
 and needs to be reactivated. The [Attenuator of Judgment] and [Manual of
 Xedilian] are obtained for the job, and Haskill can give a little more info
 if needed.

 The ruin in question can be found on the "heel" of the Madgod's boot, the
 peninsula stemming from the main isle's southern half. The Pinnacle Road runs
 right by there, so no mountain-climbing (etc.) required. Inside, the task'll
 become reclaiming the focus crystals from the thieves who stole 'em, namely
 the grummite clan. These are similar to Cyrodilic goblins, except they're
 larger and typically carry better weaponry. There's fighters and shamans, too,
 so not everything's different -- that applies to the dungeons, which are just
 as easy-to-follow as the ones back in Tamriel.

 Completing the task means slaying each 'shaman painbringer' who carries a
 [Crystal Staff]. When retrieved, the staff is removed and a [Focus Crystal]
 replaces it. Put it on the Judgment Nexus pedestal to open the way forward,
 and repeat the process three more times. Defeating all the grummites isn't
 required, so stealthy devils with their invisibility/chameleon should feel
 right at home here.

 When all focus crystals are placed, locate a crystal formation (towards end)
 and use the Attenuator of Judgment to finish the quest and start the next.
 Use the nearby teleporter...

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯ ¯| |¯
04) BAITING THE TRAP                                        [SH04] |__¯¯| | |
______________________________________________________________________| |_| |_
 Client: ---
 Locatn: Shivering Isles [Xedilian]
 Prereq: A Better Mousetrap
 Reward: Talisman of Abetment, Duskfang/Dawnfang, loot, promotion to Citizen

 On the way out of Xedilian, one meets Kiliban Nyrandil, the dungeon-master
 in charge of eliminating annoying intruders into the Isles. One learns that
 adventurers are already proceeding through Xedilian and, as thanks for getting
 the place running again, the player gets the honors of toying with 'em. There
 isn't any danger for this portion -- simply press a button to make things
 happen, then teleport to the next room to do it again. Fun fun.

 ROOM 1: Make the tiny gnarl grow to giant sizes, driving Lewin the Rogue
         insane; unleashing the swarm kills Lewin instead.

 ROOM 2: A giant pile of treasure in a cage. Activating the fire trap kills
         Syndelius, while dropping keys drives him crazy with greed.

 ROOM 3: A room full of corpses! Raising the dead causes the zombies to slay
         Grommok gro-Barak; giving him a vision of his own demise drives him

 When all three are done, the player can get "earnings" for the expedient
 elimination: the [Talisman of Abetment] and [Dawnfang]/[Duskfang] combo are
 always obtained, along with some other gold, gems, and such in the chest by
 the wall. [Grommok's Journal] should give some background on the new sword,
 which is really quite a curiosity (see below). On the way out, three Knights
 of Order will attack, but shouldn't prove much of a challenge -- Kiliban'll
 help out as well (he can't be slain). The quest ends when they're slain, and
 the next begins automatically.

 REWARD: The talisman is enchanted with Water Breathing, Detect Life 20ft and
 Feather 15pts (at minimum; the thing's glitched and obtaining a higher version
 seems to require reinstalling the plugin). The sword is really two swords in
 one, being the fire-type Dawnfang in the day and the frost-enchanted Duskfang
 at night. It automatically changes to the appropriate form when it's time; the
 new version starts with a full enchantment! Additionally, the 'Nourish Blade'
 effect counts how many kills are racked up with the weapon. If twelve (12) are
 racked up in the half-day time period, the sword becomes a Superior version
 and gains the ability to deal more elemental damage, as well as absorbing
 health and magicka, for Dawn and Dusk types, respectively. Killing one's own
 weak summons applies to the kill streak, for reference. If there's one thing
 that's VERY annoying, it's that the sword removes itself from hotkeys when
 it changes forms.

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯ ¯| |¯
05) UNDERSTANDING MADNESS                                   [SH05] |__¯¯| | |
______________________________________________________________________| |_| |_
 Client: ---
 Locatn: Shivering Isles [New Sheoth Palace]
 Prereq: Baiting the Trap
 Reward: Summon Haskill
 After reporting back to the Madgod, the player is tasked with learning from
 the locals, namely the Duke of Bliss and Duchess of Dementia. One also gets
 the "Summon Haskill" lesser power -- he can dispense advice at leisure...as
 long as one's in the Shivering Isles, that is.

 In any case, this mission encompasses two smaller missions -- Addiction and
 The Lady of Paranoia -- and only finishes when both are completed. They can
 be done in any order, and are begun by talking to the two heads of the other
 houses: Thadon, Duke of Mania, and Syl, Duchess of Dementia. The walkthrough
 will do Syl's first, since it's the most enjoyable.

 Once Syl and Thadon's quests are done, report back to Sheogorath to put this
 one in this history books.

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯ ¯| |¯
06) THE LADY OF PARANOIA                                    [SH06] |__¯¯| | |
______________________________________________________________________| |_| |_
 Client: Sheogorath
 Locatn: Shivering Isles [New Sheoth Palace]
 Prereq: Started "Understanding Madness"
 Reward: Ruin's Edge

 Syl can usually be found in her throneroom, just adjacent to Sheogorath's.
 She'll explain that no one around her is to be trusted, and there are always
 spies around, waiting for a chance to kill her. That's where the player comes
 in! She makes her new helper the Grand Inquisitor, the seeker of secrets, and
 says to meet with Herdir, the dungeon master, to start the interrogations.

 What this means is that Herdir will become a follower, and the player's
 dialogue options to people change to "interrogation" mode. If it seems like
 someone's lying, the player can do nothing or have Herdir "torture" them with
 shock magic, forcing them to cooperate...if there's anything to be found. Not
 surprisingly, shocking people lowers their disposition to the player, so it's
 good to avoid taking mulligans. ;)

 Here is the order to proceed in:

 1) Interrogate Kithlan, Syl's Redguard steward, twice to learn of Anya
 2) Interrogate Anya Herrick, Syl's other steward, once to learn of Ma'zaddha
 3) Find the Khajiit at his house in Crucible; torture once to get stonewalled
 4) Torture another Crucible citizen (Bhisha, etc.) to learn of a meeting place

 Upon learning of Ma'zaddha and Nelrene's late-night rendezvous, it's time to
 lie in wait for their next (their positions are marked on the map). At around
 2AM, they'll have a conversation near the district's southern sewer grate. Be
 close enough to eavesdrop but remain undetected, lest ye risk having to try
 again on a subsequent night.

 Confront Ma'zaddha a second time and he'll break down, offering to name names
 after he has some time (24h) to collect the info. Visit him house at the
 midnight next, only to find he's been slain! Collect [Ma'zaddha's Cupboard
 Key] and use it upstairs to find [Nelrene's Ceremonial Shortsword] and
 [Ma'zaddha's Crinkled Note] as evidence of wrongdoing.

 Nelrene should be in the House of Dementia as a guard, and should be easy to
 find. Indict her in the conspiracy and she'll confess that Muurine is the one
 behind it all, and one'll need "solid proof" to pin it on her. Unfortunately
 for Nelrene, the player doesn't -- simply ask the head conspirator and she'll
 admit it willfully. [Muurine lives in Crucible, for reference.]

 Inform Syl of the mastermind and she'll put a stop to the conspiracy herself.
 Just follow her to the dungeon and witness the sight, ending the quest with a

 REWARD: Syl's [Ruin's Edge] bow has a 'Random Spell Effect' enchantment upon
         strike, and has 80 uses (400 charge). The bow itself is rather weak,
         but when combined with enchanted arrows, it can certainly make itself

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯ ¯| |¯
07) ADDICTION                                               [SH07] |__¯¯| | |
______________________________________________________________________| |_| |_
 Client: Sheogorath
 Locatn: Shivering Isles [New Sheoth Palace]
 Prereq: Started "Understanding Madness"
 Reward: ---

 Speak with Thadon in the House of Mania (adjacent to Sheogorath's throneroom)
 and learn his favorite toy, the Chalice of Reversal, has been locked away and
 he can't use the mind-altering felldew without it. He doesn't reveal any
 locations, so one'll have to tap a courtier for information. Kithlan and
 Wide-Eye, in the House of Dementia and Mania, respectively, can both give
 information on its location: Dunroot Burrow. Apparently to enter the place,
 one has to ingest Felldew...interesting.

 The quest arrow might not immediately go to Burrow's location, but walking
 around town should make it right again. It can be found on the north side of
 the Jester's Spine Mountains, and will require a bit of walking from town.
 Supposing one has no fast-travel reference points up there, the easiest way
 to locate it is exiting out Bliss' front gate and using the main road, which
 eventually branches to the Burrow's dead end. Once there, slay an Elytra and
 obtain Felldew. Save before entering, consume the poison, and enter inside.
 | TIP: Felldew Poisoning |
 | Once ingested, the player becomes addicted -- this means eating felldew   |
 | gives a euphoric effect at first, before causing the player to enter a    |
 | withdrawal until more's obtained. And if no more IS obtained, the effects |
 | get more severe. For instance, at its most crippling, Felldew withdrawal  |
 | gives -10 to -15 in STR, SPD, END, LUCK, INT, and even one's health. Thus |
 | to proceed through the Burrow, it's wise to either (1) kill enemies for   |
 | their Felldew to curb the symptoms (2) ignore the symptoms and breeze to  |
 | the end with invisibility/chameleon to help. It's possible to exploit the |
 | situation for higher base stats, though -- simply level up while affected |
 | by high-tier withdrawal, and cure oneself at the final chamber. Any stats |
 | increased retain their boosts, making it possible to get past 100. Cool!  |

 There are four areas to proceed through (Dunroot Barrow, Kelp Fen, Drone
 Tunnels, Bramble Halls) before reaching the Sanctum of Decadence, where the
 [Chalice of Reversal] sits on a pedestal. There are numerous felldew addicts
 around who'll attack, but those junkies are pushovers and rather unimportant.
 Note that taking the chalice automatically cures any withdrawal, but also
 prevents a player from ever succumbing to it like that again.

 Leave via the sanctum's exit (previously locked from other side, for those
 wondering) and return to Thadon to finish up. Unlike Syl, he gives no actual
 reward for the harrowing journey... *shakes fist*

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯ ¯| |¯
08) THE COLD FLAME OF AGNON                                 [SH08] |__¯¯| | |
______________________________________________________________________| |_| |_
 Client: Sheogorath
 Locatn: Shivering Isles [New Sheoth Palace]
 Prereq: Understanding Madness
 Reward: Raiment of Intrigue -or- Raiment of Arden-Sul, promotion to Honored

 With Syl and Thadon's quests done, Sheogorath finally accepts the player as
 his champion. The next task is to relight the capital's barren torch with the
 Flame of Agnon, found at Cylarne (on the "Island of Flame," region's NW side).

 To light the flame, one must side with either the Dark Seducers (Mazken) or
 Golden Saints (Aureal). Allying doesn't affect anything long-term, and each
 leader -- who one speaks is told to speak to -- describes the situation. The
 Mazken and Aureal each have possession of one altar and are locked in battle
 to reclaim the other's. When asked if the player will help, choosing "Let me
 talk with _____ first" devises a plan to learn the other side's tactics. One
 is free to enter each side's base, so long as the battle hasn't begun.

 NOTE: It pays to save before picking a side, as occasionally a soldier will
       get stuck through the floor (etc.) and make the battle unwinnable.

 In any case, one can scout the enemy encampment for the other side. For the
 Mazken, it involves tricking the Aureal into an ambush in the Underdeep, where
 dart traps and ambushers can slaughter them handily. In terms of the Aureal,
 it lets one do a sneak attack through the Underdeep, hitting their rivals in
 the least-defended portion, plus allowing them to avoid the heavily fortified
 entrance. Alternately, tell Ulfri that the Aureal are going to head through
 the Underdeep so she'll redeploy her forces there; then, double-cross her by
 informing Kaneh of the developments so she'll use the original plan.

 Note that chicanery isn't required to do this mission -- simply agree to help
 one side and they'll go fight the other like normal: the Aureal through the
 front door, the Mazken playing defense. In terms of preparation, the Mazken
 get the upper hand, having already fortified their position by the normal
 entrance. [Whatever side gains the player's allegiance, their leader becomes
 unkillable for the proceedings, preventing any upsets.] Upon visiting the
 newly-reclaimed shrine, the surviving leader will light the altar to make
 the Flame of Agnon burn once more.

 To claim it, visit Cylarne's courtyard and simply walk into the pillar of
 fire to "obtain" it as an active effect. Return to New Sheoth and locate the
 Sacellum Arden-Sul between Bliss & Crucible. [If the quest doesn't update
 appropriately, return to Cylarne and it should.] Speak with the priests
 Dervenin and Arctus (representing Bliss and Crucible, respectively) and pick
 one to 

 REWARD: Lighting the flame for Dementia grants the [Raiment of Intrigue] which
         fortifies Luck, Speed, Security, and Sneak up to 10pts. Lighting the
         flame for Mania earns a [Raiment of Arden-Sul] that has Shield, Resist
         Paralysis, Fortify Willpower and Fortify Intelligence enchantments.
         [Arctus speaks of a 'Ring of Intrigue' but it's actually a Raiment.]

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯ ¯| |¯
09) RITUAL OF ACCESSION                                     [SH09] |__¯¯| | |
______________________________________________________________________| |_| |_
 Client: Sheogorath
 Locatn: Shivering Isles [Sacellum Arden-Sul]
 Prereq: The Cold Flame of Agnon
 Reward: ---

 Now that the Flame of Agnon's in its rightful place, Sheogorath reminds the
 player, to be a great leader, the respect of the people must be given. And
 in the Shivering Isles, that's done by usurping a current leader! Speak to
 Arctus and Dervenin to learn both Mania and Dementia's rituals of accession.
 For Mania, the current leader must overdose on greenmote, while the ruler of
 Dementia must be slain and have their heart retrieved. Interesting stuff...
 NOTE: Only one ritual can be done, but there is an achievement associated 
       with each. Thus, to get both achievements, make a save before picking
       a ritual, do one, reload, and do the second.

 When one's decided, tell Sheogorath to add the appropriate ritual quest and
 end this one. For those wondering, the Mania one is the easier of the two.

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯ ¯| |¯
10) RITUAL OF MANIA                                         [SH10] |__¯¯| | |
______________________________________________________________________| |_| |_
 Client: Sheogorath
 Locatn: Shivering Isles [Sacellum Arden-Sul]
 Prereq: The Cold Flame of Agnon
 Reward: Ring of Lordship, Diadem of Euphoria, Summon Golden Saint, promotion
         to Duke of Mania

 To start, one must gain some info on Thadon's court in order to find best how
 how to make him overdose on greenmote. Haskill suggests speaking with those
 in the Duke's court, while Gundlar thinks the Argonian steward Wide-Eye will
 be most helpful. [This marks her location on the map.] If her disposition's
 high enough, she can be questioned about her lord's daily routine: after her
 "special errand" at noon, dinner is served at 8PM with Gundlar adding just a
 pinch of greenmote from the House's special silo.

 An update will suggest tailing her to see what the "special errand" entails.
 Around 12-1PM, Wide-Eye will enter the palace courtyard and activate a hidden
 switch in a statue, opening a ladder into the silo. Being there counts as
 trespassing, and remaining hidden is part of the requirement, so trail the
 Argonian through the labyrinthine passages to find the correct room. [Being
 detected means paying a fine or escaping a dungeon, as is the Isles' law.]
 In the silo, take two extra doses of [Greenmote] from the pile and exfiltrate
 whence y'came.

 Thadon's supper begins at 8PM, and his food is prepared at the kitchen within
 his personal quarters. Break in (or use a stolen House Mania Key) a little
 while before then, and sneak to where his food sits. Put some greenmote in
 his meal and another in his winebottle (a large one on middle shelf, called
 Thadon's Wine), then escape. Return to the main hall and at suppertime, have
 a seat and watch the grand show.

 When it's over, inspect the corpse for [Thadon's Blood] as well as his cool
 [Diadem of Euphoria] headgear. Pour this blood onto the altar at the Sacellum
 Arden-Sul to become the new Duke or Duchess of Mania. Following an outburst
 by the other leader, Sheogorath will give out the rewards and finish the

 REWARD: The Mania version of the [Ring of Lordship] will, at best, Fortify
         Personality 20pts, Resist Disease 80%, and give Shield 26%. A new
         greater power "Summon Golden Saint" is also usable for sixty seconds.
         As for Thadon's headgear, at maximum strength it fortifies Personality
         25pts, fortifies Magicka 40pts, and Resists Magic 20%. Plus it looks
         absolutely awesome, which is also reason to get it.

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯ ¯| |¯
11) RITUAL OF DEMENTIA                                      [SH11] |__¯¯| | |
______________________________________________________________________| |_| |_
 Client: Sheogorath
 Locatn: Shivering Isles [Sacellum Arden-Sul]
 Prereq: The Cold Flame of Agnon
 Reward: Ring of Lordship, Nerveshatter, Summon Dark Seducer, promotion to
         Duchess of Mania

 Like in the other ritual, the first step is learning information from those
 close to the current leader. Anya and Kithlian, Syl's stewards, comment on
 her paranoia and how she's currently laying low, fearing that Sheogorath no
 longer favors her presence. With their dispositions tweaked, Kithlian gives
 the [House Dementia Key] to enter Syl's private courtyard, while Anya agrees
 to help lure two of the guards outta the wing.

 With the trap set, evade the guards (invisibility?) and break into the Syl's
 bedroom. Apparently she's already dead, though, if the body on the bed's any
 indication. Luckily Kithlian sets the player straight, saying it's just a
 slain body double and the Duchess is making her escape through the gardens.
 The quest marker will display a secret entrance to Xirethard, activated by
 turning the statue's head (gee, where've we seen that before...)

 Navigating the dungeon won't be that hard, but it's more trap-filled than a
 normal one, particularly the first crisscross corridors with fireballs flying
 down the middle of each. Past there, unstealthy people will have plenty of
 Mazken to fight, usually in an outnumbered scenario. Syl herself can be found
 in the 2nd area (Depths) with two of her bodyguards, plus another posted in
 front of a door one must pass through. She carries the [Nerveshatter] hammer
 which does shock damage; luckily, one can often pick her off from the shadows
 with arrows or magic.

 Claim [Syl's Heart] once she's dead, and bring it to the Sacellum Arden-Sul's
 altar, officially ordaining oneself as the Duke/Duchess of Dementia. After an
 outburst by the other leader, Sheogorath will give out the rewards and finish
 the quest.

 REWARDS: Dementia's version of the [Ring of Lordship], at best, fortifies
          endurance 20pts, resists poison 55%, and gives 32% Chameleon. The
          greater power 'Summon Dark Seducer' for sixty seconds is also given.
          As for Syl's [Nerveshatter] hammer, at best it deals 24pts Shock
          Damage; its Weakness to Shock 48% effect, though, is glitched and
          has no effect (since it has no duration, like many other weapons
          one's come across). Nerveshatter has 65 uses...not too shabby.

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯ ¯| |¯
12) RETAKING THE FRINGE                                     [SH12] |__¯¯| | |
______________________________________________________________________| |_| |_
 Client: Sheogorath
 Locatn: Shivering Isles [Sacellum Arden-Sul]
 Prereq: Ritual of Dementia or Ritual of Mania
 Reward: ---

 One'll notice that the Fringe area is now off-limits for fast-traveling, and
 can only be entered through the Gates of Madness. Re-enter the area and head
 to Passwall, finding the Dark Seducer or Aureal forces overwhelmed by the
 Knights of Order. [Whatever forces are present depends on what person was
 dethroned in the Ritual of Accession.] Speak to Grakendo Udico or Aurig Desha
 to lend assistance for the next wave(s) of foes.

 After earning a brief respite, the leader asks the player to give aid to the
 soldiers, as they have no healing supplies. [This is done in the form of 'on
 touch' healing magic, like Convalescence.] When a few more waves are downed,
 find the leader and agree to her plan of entering Xeddefen and deactivating
 the town's spire from within. Said dungeon is located south of town, just
 over a hill. Knights of Order lurk in the environs, but can be snuck past, if
 so inclined.

 Xeddefen's interior will be filled exclusively with Knights and Priests of
 Order, the former of which will be either standing around or running through
 the hallways (heading for exit). The latter aren't worth fighting as they're
 invincible unless their obelisks are destroyed, and there aren't any of those
 kind around down here...oh well. Those who stop to look around will find many
 casks and madness ore deposits just ripe for the taking, too. Regardless, the
 destination is Xeddefen's third area (Great Chamber).

 Here, one will be reacquainted with our good friend Shelden (the "mayor" of
 Passwall) who was hiding inside a false wall. He says Felas defected to the
 Knights of Order, and that the player is suitable for protecting him from the
 "nightmare". Having him assist is fine, as he's essential; however, if he's
 told to scram, it's possible for him to die on the way out...and if one just
 ignored the Knights in previous chambers, he probably will.

 In any case, the Great Chamber obelisk is the source of power in this crummy
 dungeon. It's deactivated like any other, although for those who aren't that
 familiar with the task, it's like this: slay the priest and insert a [Heart
 of Order] three times to destroy the sucker. Hearts are found on some dead
 Knights, so it helps to have Shelden around as a meat shield...err, faithful
 compansion. [Well, he did say he "liked to hurt things"...] Remember that
 until the obelisk is destroyed, priests technically aren't dead, and will
 revive after a set time!

 When the obelisk is kaput, the entire dungeon starts breaking at its seams --
 escape time! [If Shelden participated in battle, he's essential, so don't
 worry about helping him on the way out.] The new way out leads leads through
 Xeddefen Felles, a chamber not yet explored. Expectedly, it's crawling with
 a residual force of Knights and plenty of falling debris. Invisibility helps
 a crapton during this portion, especially if one's low on potions. Near the
 end will be a locked gate, only opened when a torch pedestal's button is hit.
 Other than that, escape through the remaining portion of the dungeon to reach
 Passwall's lake.

 Return to the allied leader and learn of the conflict's "end," and then to
 Sheogorath to finalize the mission.

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯ ¯| |¯
13) REBUILDING THE GATEKEEPER                               [SH13] |__¯¯| | |
______________________________________________________________________| |_| |_
 Client: Sheogorath
 Locatn: Shivering Isles [New Sheoth Palace]
 Prereq: Retaking the Fringe
 Reward: Gatekeeper-dependant Greater Power, Summon Flesh Atronach (g. power)
 The Madgod's next task should be obvious from the job's title. To assist in
 the reconstruction, one is to visit Xaselm, where Relmyna Verenim has moved
 since Passwall was overrun. The dungeon's located a bit east of the Gates
 of Madness, at the east side of a hill. [There's also a secret entrance NW of
 there, but it's locked until later, sadly.]

 Relmyna is located in the Sanctum of Vivisection portion, but there's still
 two other other monster-filled areas to get through (Xaselm & Experiment
 Chambers). The third area (Corpse Pit) doesn't require the player's presence.
 Once the mad scientist is located, she will almost begrudgingly assist, and
 sends the player off to the Gardens of Flesh and Bone to collect her four
 requirements (listed below).

 With the new [Key to Sanctum and Gardens], one can use Xaselm's quicker
 entrance and also get in to the aforementioned Gardens' front door, which
 was previously locked. [To those who simply slew the 1st gatekeeper without
 exploring the rest of the quest, the Gardens are just a little ways down the
 road from Passwall.] Here's how to get the four special items Verenim needs
 to rebuild her "child," in the order of appearance:

 • Dermis Membrane: [Found in Conservatorium Corpusculum] In one of the burrow
   passages, there'll be a drop-down point right to the location.

 • Osseous Marrow: [Found in Conservatorium Corpusculum] After getting the
   membrane, and exiting down the resultant tunnel, it places one near the
   burrow entrance to the Marrow's chamber.

 • Essence of Breath: [Found in Caverns of Sussuration] Found in the aptly-
   -named tunnel tomplex, one can find the breath's location rather easily:
   follow the path highlighted by the green gas. This is the quickest way
   through the labyrinthine area. The next area's entrance is right nearby.

 • Blood Liqueur: [Found in Natatorium of Would Bled Tears] Located in the
   deepest downstairs portion of the dungeon, past a three-button door trap.
   The button facing the door is correct; the others activate a debris or
   statue-projectile trap.

 Once all are located, there'll be nearby exit to avoid backtracking through
 the annoying third area. Return to Xaselm with the components and Relmyna'll
 let the player select the parts the gatekeeper'll be made of: a head, heart,
 torso, right and left arm, and legs. What ones are picked determins what
 type of reward is possible at the end, so read the chart below if that's the
 determining factor for ya.
  ________________________ __________________________________________________
 | Angry Mind             | Fortify Willpower (20pts/60s)                    |
 | Helm of Power          | Fortify Strength (20pts/60s)                     |
 | Arm of Bashing         | Fortify Blunt (20pts/60s)                        |
 | Arm of Chopping        | Fortify Blunt (20pts/60s)                        |
 | Arm of Fire Shielding  | Fire Shield (20%/60s)                            |
 | Arm of Frost Shielding | Frost Shield (20%/60s)                           |
 | Arm of Shock Shielding | Shock Shield (20%/60s)                           |
 | Arm of Slashing        | Fortify Blade (20pts/60s)                        |
 | Breast of Life         | Fortify Health (100pts/60s)                      |
 | Breast of Magic        | Fortify Magicka (100pts/60s)                     |
 | Heart of Spell Turning | Reflect Spell (20%/60s)                          |
 | Heart of Wound Sharing | Reflect Damage (20%/60s)                         |
 | Legs of Fortitude      | Fortify Endurance (20pts/60s)                    |
 | Legs of Nimbleness     | Fortify Agility (20pts/60s)                      |

 When the appropriate items are selected, return to Relmyna and it'll be time
 to visit the gatekeeper's plaza at the Gates of Madness. [Fast-traveling is
 fine.] The scientist can begin her ceremony when she's taken her place, and
 all the player has to do is inspect the Cistern of Substantiation when she
 commands. The new gatekeeper will be created, just in time to eliminate some
 Knights led by the traitor Shelden spoke of. Serves the fool right!

 Return to Sheogorath afterwards to this long sucker up.

 REWARD: To obtain the greater power reward, "speak" to the gatekeeper and
         one is randomly added. Keep speaking to the creature to get the one
         desired. Also, Relmyna gives the Summon Flesh Atronach greater power
         as well (120s duration).

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯ ¯| |¯
14) THE HELPLESS ARMY                                       [SH14] |__¯¯| | |
______________________________________________________________________| |_| |_
 Client: Sheogorath
 Locatn: Shivering Isles [New Sheoth Palace]
 Prereq: Rebuilding the Gatekeeper
 Reward: Summon Dark Seducer/Golden Saint [g. power], faction-dependant armor,
         promotion to Regent

 After returning to the daedric prince, and learning just who Jyggalag really
 is, a messenger interrupts the conversation to say Order has invaded the
 heart of the Dark Seducers' or Aureal's power. The player then must go to
 Pinnacle Rock (southern peninsula tip of island) or Brellach (midsection of
 northernmost peninsula) to assist. What faction the player has to help will
 depend on how the Ritual of Accession went -- basically, as the only remaining
 noble, one has to help the opposite household.

 However, both Pinnacle Rock and Brellach are structurally similar, meaning
 there's no new ups and downs to follow there. Normally a mortal would never
 be allowed in these places, but speaking with the outdoor captain (Issmi or
 Adeo) will give passage. The first order of business inside is seeking out
 the imprisoned commander (Dylora or Staada) with one's small detail of NPC
 followers. At the end of the second area, the commander can be rescued from
 the crystalline cage by ringing a nearby chime. [This is suggested by talking
 to her.]

 The goal then becomes to recover the dungeon's wellspring -- which links the
 Isles' guards to the realm -- from the clutches of Order. Unfortunately for
 the player's followers, shortly in the third screen they'll be incapacitated
 by the wellspring's fading effect, and turn into statues. In other words, one
 has journey alone ("hoorah!" says stealthy players) to the 4th screen's font.
 First things first, destroy all Knights around the place -- there should be
 six in all. It's possible to fight them a few at a time by selectively
 attacking knights far away from the others. When all are dead, notice there's
 four chimes in the room. To break the wellspring's crystal formation, quickly
 run around and activate all four.

 Confer with the resuscitated leader to get the rewards (see below) and then
 back to capital to finish.

 REWARD: The player gets [Golden Saint Armor] and [Golden Saint Helmet], or
         [Dark Seducer Armor] and a [Dark Seducer Helmet], depending on which
         faction was assisted in the quest. Additionally, one gets the greater
         power Summon Dark Seducer/Summon Golden Saint, also dependant on the
         faction helped, which has a duration twice as much as the one gotten
         by becoming duke/duchess.

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯ ¯| |¯
15) SYMBOLS OF OFFICE                                       [SH15] |__¯¯| | |
______________________________________________________________________| |_| |_
 Client: Sheogorath
 Locatn: Shivering Isles [New Sheoth Palace]
 Prereq: The Helpless Army
 Reward: Incomplete Staff of Sheogorath, promotion to Defender

 Once the Madgod leaves the rest in the player's hands, Haskill recommends
 remaking the [Staff of Sheogorath] that was alluded to. Apparently Knifepoint
 Hollow served as a library, and the answer sought is behind one of the doors.
 The chamberlain hands over the [Knifepoint Crystal] in order to get answers
 within -- thanks, ol' buddy! The dungeon in question is northwest of New
 Sheoth, on the south side of the Isle's central mountain range. An easy way
 to find it is to fast-travel to Dunroot Burrow, then simply hop the peaks'
 crest to the other side. It sure beats walking uphill, no?

 Shortly inside, one can use Haskill's crystal to crumble an 'ancient door,'
 revealing the answer: a person! Dyus of Mytheria will divulge the secret to
 remaking the staff: the eye of someone who's seen the unseen and a branch
 from the Tree of Shades.

 Each requirement has its own little section, so the walkthrough'll split it.

 Ciirta can be found in the Howling Halls, a temple-like dungeon southeast of
 New Sheoth. Inside will be Apostles, conjurer types of foes. They won't
 attack those who wear [Apostle's Robes] -- which are sitting all over the
 place -- however, as Ra'kheran in the second area is quick to point out. He
 wishes to see Ciirta gone as well, and can strike a deal with the player: in
 exchange for three [Apostle Dagger]s, he will assist in slaying the cult's
 leader. The daggers can be gotten from most Apostles, and may even be laying
 around (one is on an armoire in the living quarters, for instance). The best
 way to get 'em is to slay the cultists in the Narthex area, and then scrounge
 in the Congregation Halls if needed.

 Be careful not to slay any of his helpers, and don't remove the robes lest
 everyone turn hostile. Ra'kheran's assistants can be easy to spot as Ciirta
 doesn't allow them to carry daggers; they also belie their allegiances when
 asked about 'The Light' or 'Ciirta.' Of course, recruiting Ra'kheran's help
 is completely optional in the first place. [He and his followers spring for
 Ciirta's room soon after obtaining their stabbin' knives, by the way.]

 Behind a locked door (auto-unlock for Howling Chamber Key) is Ciirta and her
 helper, Luminary Kaz. Although Ra'kheran's band probably won't be too much
 help, there is some dialogue between them and Ciirta when entering, and
 it's not interrupted unless she's attacked. Basically, this means one can
 eliminate Kaz without triggering Ciirta's assistance. Additionally, this'll
 open up the gates for sneak-attacks and ambush magic strikes right off the
 bat. [Silencing her is a top-notch idea.] Her spellcasting is formidable, but
 nothing an experienced player can't handle. Those who launch an attack w/out
 any assistance may find it a bit harder than normal, though.

 When all's said and done, claim [Ciirta's Eye] and her special robes, too.
 Those who didn't claim the [Pelvis of Pelagius] from its display case in the
 Congregation Halls should do so as well, as it's part of the "Museum of
 Oddities" sidequest.

 The Tree of Shades is located in Milchar, in the northern half of the main
 island, and a bit SE from Cylarne. If one's been here before, it might be
 known that the entrance to the Grove of Reflection barred one from going in;
 that isn't the case anymore. Save before entering, then drop down to find
 the grove in monster-less seclusion. Upon approaching, though, the pond
 creates a doppleganger to fight!

 The enemy will have the same available skills, proficiencies, and equipment 
 the player has. To combat this, one can cripple the enemy's clothing options
 by dropping "the good stuff" before approaching, then picking it back up once
 the clone's spawned. But defeating the sucker usually isn't THAT hard unless
 one has a huge amount of Reflect Damage/Spell combos going on. Regardless,
 the reason for saving is the clone drops the unique [Shadowrend] sword or axe;
 however, since it can't be corpse-looted, it must have the weapon out before
 dying. And even then, finding the thing can be hard. Getting the circumstances
 right may take a few tries, so reload, if necessary, before claiming the
 [Screaming Branch].

 Return to Knifepoint Hollow with both items to receive the incomplete staff
 as well as what to do next: soak the symbol of office in the Font of Madness
 behind the throne in New Sheoth. Sounds easy 'nough...although when it's
 actually attempted, the next quest begins.

 REWARD: Shadowrend's a powerful sword that, at best, has Damage Health 30pts
         and Weakness to Magic 15%/30s enchantments.

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯ ¯| |¯
16) THE ROOTS OF MADNESS                                    [SH16] |__¯¯| | |
______________________________________________________________________| |_| |_
 Client: ---
 Locatn: Shivering Isles [New Sheoth Palace]
 Prereq: Symbols of Office
 Reward: Staff of Sheogorath, Nerveshatter or Diadem of Euphoria

 Apparently something's wonky with the fountain and it won't imbue the staff
 with all the Madgod's power like it's supposed to. Haskill says the font is
 being "Ordered" by Jyggalag's forces, and the Pools of Mania and Dementia are
 poisoned because of it. One will have to enter the fountainhead beneath the
 tree to stop it. The entrance to such a place is at the very back of the

 As the quest update notes, there'll be "tame gnarls" inside -- these will be
 are summoned from a 'chrysalis' chute found in some dead ends. Once arrived,
 the helpful creature will seek out the nearest crystal-encrusted root door
 and open it for free. [Good gnarls already present typically won't unlock
 the doors. Aggressive gnarls, those with the white aura on 'em, can't open
 those kinds of doors at all.] Just be prepared for them to walk really slowly
 to the target.

 Anyway, the goal of this expedition is to purify the pools, all of which're
 denoted with a quest marker. At these sites, a Priest of Order has erected
 crystalline formations; slaying the interloper extracts the "poison." Each
 will carry a [Shard of Order] as well, which can be used to manually bypass
 a crystal-locked root door or hollowed stump. [In the latter's case, it can
 be a waste of an item; save before opening and check if it's worth it.] 
 Besides the main hallways, each fountainhead itself will have a team of three
 priests poisoning the pool. Additionally, Thadon or Syl, whichever is still
 alive, can be found overseeing a fountainhead, giving the player a chance to
 get their special item.

 When both major pools are free of obstructions, return to the throneroom to
 find the Font of Madness overflowing. Inspect it to get the [Staff of
 Sheogorath] in all its glory.

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯ ¯| |¯
17) THE END OF ORDER                                        [SH17] |__¯¯| | |
______________________________________________________________________| |_| |_
 Client: ---
 Locatn: Shivering Isles [New Sheoth Palace]
 Prereq: The Roots of Madness
 Reward: ---

 After obtaining Sheogorath's power, a Mazken or Aureal messenger (whichever
 is appropriate from the Ritual of Accession) will appear and say obelisks have
 appeared in the palace courtyard. The only way to stop it will be by leading
 the attack oneself, so get to it! [Besides the hectic battle, this is just
 like closing any other obelisk -- eliminate the priest immediately, overload
 the sucker with three Hearts of Order.]

 With the invaders' method of entry destroyed, the remaining contingent of
 Knights are destroyed and Jyggalag himself will appear. He's essentially a
 giant Knight of Order, using his shock magic and giant sword to do damage.
 However, he isn't that fast, and one can typically run away and sling magic
 at his trailing behind, dealing damage that way in lieu of a confrontation.
 Close-range fighters shouldn't have much trouble, though, as desptie behind
 twice the player's size, he can be handled just like a normal knight: block
 his attack, strike when he recoils, repeat. The guy is immune to paralysis
 and the Staff of Sheogorath, though.

 When he's defeated, Jyggalag gives the whole story and lets the player have
 the Shivering Isles as his/her own.

¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯ ¯| |¯
18) THE PRINCE OF MADNESS                                   [SH18] |__¯¯| | |
______________________________________________________________________| |_| |_
 Client: ---
 Locatn: Shivering Isles [New Sheoth Palace]
 Prereq: The End of Order
 Reward: [see below]

 This final "quest" will detail the rewards one gets in detail, as there's not
 much else left to do mission-wise. Defeating Jyggalag officially lets the
 player become Sheogorath, and all the responsibilities that come with it.
 They are, as Haskill tells it:

 • PROMOTION TO MADGOD: This is the final rank to achieve and unlocks the last
   achievement for 360 users. Hooray for...uh, stuff.

 • SUBORDINATE ESCORTS: The player can select a Dark Seducer or Golden Saint
   from the palace as a follower. They'll defend the player to the death, but
   can't follow into Cyrodiil. One of each type can follow.

 • DEFEND THE SUBJECTS: The citizens of the Isles' towns are constantly under
   threat from monsters and such, and the player has the ability to help them
   out, by sending a contingent of guards, or letting them fend for themselves.
   Additionally, the player can go take care of it personally, although it's
   not a dialogue option. Obviously having citizens attacked is of great
   alarm to those who haven't been doing sidequests, as a mission-critical
   person dies needlessly. The incentive to assist is a gold reward from the
   chamberlain, which gets elevated if one visits the town to help. [People
   in Hale are especially prone to dying in these attacks!]

 • SHEOGORATH'S PROTECTION: [Lesser Power] This has a 'Revive at Castle
   Sheogorath' effect for 120s on self. Basically, if one's life is threatened
   for whatever reason, casting this (100 magicka) prevents death; instead,
   one is just transported back to the castle. A nice fallback for reckless
   fighters. It only works in the Shivering Isles, though.

 • MANIPULATE WEATHER: [Greater Power] This randomly changes the atmospheric
   conditions in the Isles. Since it's an extension of the Sheogorath's power,
   which is now the player's power, it gives beneficial effects. For instance,
   if it snows one gets the Snowblind effect (Chameleon 75%/Shield 50%), and
   if it rains one gets the Healing Rain effect (Restore Health 10pts). Note
   that each effect runs out after 15 seconds, but the weather remains until
   the screen is left.

 • FREE HEALING: A Dementia-based court healer will give free healing to her
   Lord, which does a high amount of health recovery and cures any unwanted
   diseases. But can it cure madness? No.

 • CLOTHES OF THE VICTOR: [Sheogorath's Regalia] can be found on his throne.
   These fortify Personality 20pts, Luck 10pts, and Speechcraft 10pts, too.
   But most of all, they look spiffy...and that's what's most important!

 • THE SWORD OF THE FALLEN: To the victor go the spoils! In the throneroom,
   near the entrance to the Fountainhead, the [Sword of Jyggalag] sits on a
   pedestal. Unlike other trophies, this one can be taken and used, although
   it's essentially an unenchanted claymore.

 • ENTERTAINMENT: As Sheogorath before the player, so too can one request the
   sprightly antics of a dancer. This doesn't affect anything, though.

 And remember that inspecting the Font of Madness automatically recharges the
 Staff of Sheogorath! Such a convenience is no laughing matter when the weapon
 has 20,000 charge... Oh, and all obelisks in the land are closed. The crystal
 chests opened with Hearts of Order, though, still remain. One can also fast-
 -travel to the Fringe without having to enter the Gates of Madness. Hooray!

____________________________________________/ VII. OTHER DLC OVERVIEW [DLCO] |_
THE FIGHTER'S STRONGHOLD                                                 [FGST]
 DLC Cost -: 150 MSP
 DLC Size -: 10MB
 Released -: 10-15-2007
 Location -: West of Chorrol
 Quests ---: Battlehorn Castle
 Accessible: Immediately after leaving Imperial Sewers
 Key Items : ---

 Unlike other DLC where the player is willed property by a deceased relative,
 this is more of a "happen upon a castle" situation. Visiting the stronghold
 -- Battlehorn Castle -- finds it besieged by marauders. The player will then
 have to stave off the marauder band (Marauder, Warlord, Battlemage, Archer)
 before things settle down. At minimum, the corpses have iron and steel armor,
 making it quite a good plunder if one just left the Imperial Sewers. One body
 should have the [Shield of True Horn], which should be excellent in the early

 The player obtains [Lord Kelvyn's Will] from a Battlehorn Man-at-Arms in the
 aftermath, officially recognizing the new owner of the estate. (If there's no
 man-at-arms around, enter the castle and exit again to see if he'll appear.)
 Basically, this allows the player to purchase castle upgrades from Nilphas
 Omellian in the Imperial City's Market District (Merchant's Inn). Marking this
 as the primary quest will pick said location out on the map.

 Here's a list of the available upgrades. If money's tight, use the Poisoned
 Apple method. [All items have a base value of 1500g and are non-refundable.]
 To get the forge, purchase an upgrade and wait for a letter to be delivered
 to the castle via a man-at-arms. It should now appear in Nilphas' inventory.

 When all upgrades are purchased, the "Battlehorn Castle" quest concludes and
 a chest containing [Lord Kelvyn's Bulwark] spawns in the private quarters.
  _______________ ___________________________________________________________
 | PURCHASE      | DESCRIPTION                                               |
 | Barracks      | Adds two more men-at-arms patrolmen and Castellan Athon,  |
 |               | all of whom can be commanded to follow the player. Note   |
 |               | that Athon, if he perishes, can be replaced by purchasing |
 |               | (...err) a new captain from Nilphas.                      |
 | Bedroom       | The Private Quarters section gets a maid (Rona Bananius), |
 |               | a new bed, some ferns and furnishings. Three skill books  |
 |               | also appear in the castle: Warrior (Block), King (Blunt), |
 |               | and 2920, Morning Star (v1) (Blade). Once upgraded, the   |
 |               | containers within can be used for long-term item storage. |
 | Dining Area   | Previously drab, now it's fab! The dining area becomes    |
 |               | well-lit, has better grade silverware and food, and those |
 |               | dead trees are verdant once more.                         |
 | Dwemer Forge  | Upgrades the outdoors forge to a dwarven model, which     |
 |               | has a scripted 'Dwemer Fireheart' effect (temporary +15   |
 |               | Armorer bonus). Like Frostcrag Spire's "Alchemical        |
 |               | Brilliance" bonus, the Armorer effect can be used to set  |
 |               | oneself over the 25/50/75/100 milestones.                 |
 | Kitchen Area  | Provides various foods and a cook                         |
 | Library Area  | Adds extra books to the private quarters, including two   |
 |               | skill books: History of the Fighters Guild (Heavy Armor)  |
 |               | and Heavy Armor Repair (Armorer).                         |
 | Training Room | Has assorted weaponry and Shagrol gro-Uzug, an unkillable |
 |               | sparring partner who's good for training Blade, Block and |
 |               | other skills. Note that his attacks don't do any damage,  |
 |               | so he's worthless for training Armorer and Heavy/Light    |
 |               | Armor. Also note that he'll end the session prematurely   |
 |               | if one isn't fighting back! To keep him alive longer, use |
 |               | 'on touch' healing/shielding spells, or change the game's |
 |               | difficulty temporarily.                                   |
 | Trophy Hall   | Milisi Daren can create taxidermy mounts out of certain   |
 |               | animals' dropped items (pelts, teeth, etc.) The following |
 |               | creatures are fair game: bear, wolf, minotaur, mountain   |
 |               | lion, ogre, clannfear, daedroth, troll. Creating a mount  |
 |               | takes 24 hours and can only be done once. They'll be on   |
 |               | display around the castle from then on. Additionally, the |
 |               | room is spruced up to have general clutter and some       |
 |               | apprentice-level apparatuses. It's worth noting that the  |
 |               | ingredients given to her aren't used up, and can be taken |
 |               | back through theft. This is useful if one needs a certain |
 |               | type of item, like the Lion Pelt for Molag Bal's quest.   |
 | Wine Cellar   | Talas, a vintner, is hired to maintain the wine cellar.   |
 |               | In addition to refilling the large casks of cheap wine &  |
 |               | mead, he can also create specialty wines that only give   |
 |               | positive effects. More on that below.                     |

 All the special wines have a weight of one (1) and each effect have a fifty
 second (50s) duration. And like most people who offer such services, Talas
 gives the player a document, [Wine Ingredients List], that tells what he
 needs to make his strange brews. To make things easier, wines that cannot
 currently be made are left off the list of his dialogue options. [Creating
 wines takes a day. Inspect the corresponding casks to get the item. If one
 takes the last bottle of that wine, a notification is shown.]
 _______________________ __________________________ _________________________
| WINE                  | INGREDIENTS              | EFFECTS (all 50s long)  |
| Argonian Bloodwine    | Bergamot Seed (2)        | Resist Disease 40%      |
|                       | Foxglove Nectar (2)      | Resist Poison 40%       |
|                       | White Seed Pod           | Water Breathing         |
| Colovian Battlecry    | Bog Beacon Asco Cap      | Fortify Endurance 5pts  |
|                       | Cinnabar Polypore Red    | Shield 10%              |
|                       | Cinnabar Polypore Yellow |                         |
| Frostdew Blanc        | Aloe Vera Leaves (2)     | Restore Health 1pt      |
|                       | Green Stain Cap Cup (2)  | Restore Fatigue 1pt     |
| Julianos Firebelly    | Lady's Smock Leaves (2)  | Fortify Health 15pts    |
|                       | Sacred Lotus Seeds (1)   | Resist Frost 15%        |
| Numbskin Mead         | Dragon's Tongue          | Fortify Health 15pts    |
|                       | Lady's Smock Leaves (2)  | Resist Fire 15%         |
| Sparkling Honeydew    | Lavender Sprig (2)       | Fortify Personality 10pt|
|                       | Summer Bolete (2)        | Fortify Speechcraft 10pt|
| Stumblefoot's Reserve | Arrowroot                | Feather 25pts           |
|                       | Flax Seeds (2)           | Fortify Strength 10pts  |
 When all upgrades are purchased, there's one more thing to do. Locate the
 secret passage in the training room (candelabra behind archery stand opens
 it) and enter the grotto. Two unique enemies appear here: Lord Kain and
 Arielle Jurard. The former is a skeleton carrying the special items [Lord
 Kain's Shield] and [Dragonsword of Lainlyn]. The shield gives a constant
 Light effect, making it rather useless outside of its base defense; the
 sword drains fatigue and does fire damage each successful hit, so it's far
 more useful. Arielle is a lich who contains a [Decrepit Note] and [Lich Key],
 the latter of which opens a 'very hard' chest in the water below.

 In addition to those opponents, three Varla Stones -- which fully recharge
 all the player's weapons -- are along the balcony. Don't forget 'em, and
 don't sell 'em...they're too useful to be traded in for 1K.

MEHRUNES' RAZOR                                                          [MHRN]
 DLC Cost -: 250 MSP
 DLC Size -: 844 KB
 Released -: 6-15-2006
 Location -: Sundercliff Watch
 Quests ---: Unearthing Mehrunes Razor
 Accessible: Immediately after leaving Imperial Sewers
 Key Items : ---

 This quest opens up soon after the quest's installed, automatically marking
 Sundercliff Watch (SE Cyrodiil, near Lake Canulus). It's out of the way of
 most quest-related locations, so it doesn't matter how far one goes in the
 game, it's usually a long walk. Note that the slogan for this mission pack
 wasn't kidding: it can be a VERY long dungeon. Thus, it pays to come in with
 plenty of space for items because it's a huge chore to leave again. Characters
 who can't carry that much can make do with high-capacity Feather spells or
 equipment enchantments of that nature. The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal from the
 Thieves Guild questline has a 200-point Feather enchantment, for instance,
 making it a top choice.

 Oh, and high invisibility/chameleon helps as well...but that's a given, no?

 Once at Sundercliff Watch, the player finds the first of many Drothmeri
 clansmen, Dunmer who wield blades, bows, and often have heavy armor. Besides
 their racial resistance to fire, and foregoing summoning Ancestor Guardians
 to fight with weapons, they're not too different from any other Dark Elf types
 encountered previously.

 Down the tunnel is a locked door and a person on the other side demanding a
 password for entry. To enter, look in the knapsack near the door and read the
 [Small Diary] within, learning the password is "chimer." There'll be more
 Drothmeri to fight beyond, but no surprises past that...well, except the
 underground fort structure.

 Surprise #2: an actual subterranean village! Besides a number of soldiers on
 patrol around the massive cavern, the houses themselves -- Canteen, Private
 Attic, Recruit Barracks, Soldier Lodgings -- contain additional soldiers and
 loot. The most useful place, though, is the Jail on one of the cliffs. There
 is an incarcerated Morag Tong assassin inside, apparently caught while trying
 to find his target (later revealed to be the Drothmeri Commander). The player
 can let him free and maybe gain his assistance down the line, or slay him and
 take his set of enchanted light armor, all of it unique. [Morag Tong Greaves
 have a 100-point Feather enchantment at best.]

 The village has three exits, two going to the next area and one going to the
 Forge area. We'll go the former.

 The commune built along a gorge is similar to the previous area, except it
 houses the Drothmeri higher-ups, including the Commander's and Frathen
 Drothan's quarters -- the latter is the destination. Read the downstairs
 journal to learn the Commander is searching for the 'Nefarivigum', which
 apparently protects Mehrunes' Razor. The way to Varsa Baalim is blocked by a
 barrier and can only be dispelled by the bezoars held by the Commander and
 Forgemaster, respectively. [The room also has a free Varla Stone, and extra
 Scrolls of Transmutation behind a false wall, if one's interested.]

 While the player's in the commune, might as well get the [Enchanted Bezoar]
 from the Commander, who lives about 8 feet away. It can be found on a table
 beside his upstairs bed. One doesn't have to kill the commander, technically.
 Regardless, the next destination will be getting the Forgemaster's bezoar,
 and he's found in the Forge area, accessible from the previous village.

 The upper part of the forge just has patrolling soldiers, and leads into the
 Mines area. This place will have tons of soldiers and laborers, all of whom
 are automatically hostile to the player, so a stealth approach works well
 here. [Unless their cool hoe/rake/etc. type weapons haven't been gotten yet,
 in which case: let loose!] From the clifftop encampment, the path leads back
 down again to the Forge.

 This lower section contains all the workshops of the apprentices' and the
 Forgemaster himself. Like the commander, killing the Forgemaster isn't
 necessary as he keeps the bezoar in his tent...but he does carry the unique
 [Forgemaster's Amulet] and [Forgemaster's Smock], so that should incentivize
 things. A nearby tunnel opens up a secret entrance at the top of the area,
 eliminating the need to backtrack through the mines.

 Once both bezoars are placed on the pedestals in the Commune area, the door
 to the ruin -- which connects to the lost Ayleid city in monster-less peace
 -- is accessible. Just inside Varsa Baalim, one will find the Drothmeri 
 fending off attacks from...vampires!? Yes, those disgusting creatures will
 the norm from here on out. Should one choose to fight them, two things: (1)
 they're weak to fire (2) remember to check for porphyric hemophilia in the
 active effects section, as it's the gateway to vampirism.

 Anyway, navigating the forgotten city requires going through many smaller
 caves, slowly working one's way up in altitude. The order is quite simple:
 Cava Beldameld -> Cava Marspanga -> Nefarivigum. Luckily, the route is quite
 linear, requiring a one-way drop here and there, and joining/bypassing the
 vampire-Drothmeri skirmishes ongoing everywhere.

 Save before entering the next section.

 The path down the final area is lined with corpses; at the end, Frathen
 Drothan and the body of Msirae Faythung are found. There's a couple ways the
 scenario can play out:

 • Inspecting the gate allows one to attempt to defy Mehrunes' task, and if
   one's Strength is "terrible" (high) enough, it can be forced open,
   retrieving the the Razor without any rigamarole. Msirae will spring to life
   at this time, probably killing Drothan in the process. [In any case, one
   can simply run away at that time without bothering with him.]

 • Read [Drothan's Journal] by his bedroll to learn that eating the heart of
   Dagon's champion, Msirae Faythung, allows one to retrieve the Razor.
   Inspect the guardian, remove his [Beating Heart], and consume it -- this
   automatically infects the player with Porphyric Hemophilia and Cannibal's
   Prion, plus increases Infamy by 4. [Those trying to avoid Infamy, such as
   those in the Knights of the Nine quest, will want to avoid this option or
   use the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal to absorb the infamy.] Msirae will then
   spring to life and attack those around him, but without a heart, his health
   steadily decreases on its own, allowing one to simply wait him out. [His
   health only decreases if the heart's eaten, though, not just stolen.] When
   he's dead, the gate to the Razor drops.

 In any case, Drothan has two unique items on his person and they're added
 especially for this plugin. The [Bladeturn Hood] has, at best: Resist Normal
 Weapons 15%, Reflect Damage 15%, Shield 17%. The [Spellturn Cloak] is imbued
 with Resist Magic 15%, Reflect Spell 15%, Spell Absorption 15pts. These good
 versions don't seem to always appear, though, which is why saving before
 entering is a good idea.

 Behind the Razor's cage is a passage to the Forgotten Tunnels, a tiny little
 area that spits the player out into Lake Canulus.

 REWARD: The famed [Mehrunes Razor] is a powerful dagger. At best, it has a
         Disintegrate Armor 15pts/7s and the Daedric Banishing effect. The
         latter part has a chance to randomly slay the affected enemy, making
         it an amazing weapon for any class.

THE ORRERY                                                               [THRR]
 DLC Cost -: 150 MSP
 DLC Size -: 10MB
 Released -: 4-24-2006
 Location -: Arcane University [Arch-Mage's Tower]
 Quests ---: Repairing the Orrery
 Accessible: Immediately after leaving Imperial Sewers
 Key Items : Note from Bothiel

 This short quest is often soon after the plugin is installed. Bothiel's note
 is automatically obtained (key item) and explains the situation: a caravan
 of Dwarven artifacts was waylaid and its contents stolen. The only known
 location of the bandits is Camp Ales, a small site in the Colovian Highlands,
 north of Kvatch a ways. Once there, the goal is to get the [Dwarven Cog] from
 the Bandit Carrier, as well as the [Undelivered Letter] detailing the other
 pieces' whereabouts.

 - Dagny's Camp - SE of Camp Ales -- contains [Dwarven Coherer]
 - Brotch Camp -- NE of Camp Ales -- contains 2nd [Dwarven Cog]
 - Bodean Camp -- SW of Camp Ales -- contains [Dwarven Cylinder]
 - Varus Camp --- West of Camp Ales -- contains [Dwarven Tube]

 Reading the letter marks each camp on the map, and there'll be a Carrier at
 each in possession of a Dwarven relic. Like Camp Ales, these can be stolen
 instead of picked from a corpse, but it doesn't matter in the end.
 When all are obtained, return to Bothiel for a reward (up to 3000g) and she
 will begin repairing the University's Orrery immediately. It'll be open for
 business after a day passes, during which one can activate the place and
 obtain a new greater power (by inspecting control panel again).
  _______________________ ___________________________________________________
 | GREATER POWER         | EFFECT                                            |
 | Secunda's Opportunity | Fortify Luck 20pts, Drain Personality 20pts       |
 | Masser's Alacrity     | Fortify Speed 20pts, Drain Strength 20pts         |
 | Secunda's Magnetism   | Fortify Personality 20pts, Drain Luck 20pts       |
 | Secunda's Brilliance  | Fortify Intelligence 20pts, Drain Willpower 20pts |
 | Masser's Courage      | Fortify Endurance 20pts, Drain Courage 20pts      |
 | Masser's Might        | Fortify Strength 20pts, Drain Speed 20pts         |
 | Masser's Grace        | Fortify Agility 20pts, Drain Endurance 20pts      |
 | Secunda's Will        | Fortify Willpower 20pts, Drain Intelligence 20pts |
  * - All durations are 60s

 Every three days, when a moon's phase changes, one can return to the Orrery
 and inspect the console to get the next power on the list. [Or, if one's
 happy with the current ability, just keep that instead.]

THE THIEVES DEN                                                          [TTHV]
 DLC Cost -: 150 MSP
 DLC Size -: 2MB
 Released -: 5-22-2006
 Location -: South side of Castle Anvil's island (Smuggler's Cave)
 Quests ---: Dunbarrow Cove
 Accessible: Immediately after leaving Imperial Sewers
 Key Items : ---

 As is usual with most of the plugins, this quest can be started right after
 exiting the Imperial Sewers. The cave in question is underneath Castle Anvil,
 accessible from the bay. As is usual, the location is automatically marked on
 the map and fast-travelable without first discovering it. Anyway, the watery
 entrance is the only one accessible for now.

 Inside, the grotto is filled with boxes and chests, most of which contain a
 bunch of crap -- one may have "The Locked Room" skill book (Security), though.
 Proceed into the hidden cove for a quest update: eliminating the Red Saber
 skeletons around the area. There's six in all, and they're tougher than the
 normal types, so take 'em 1-2 at a time for the best effect. Finally, enter
 the captain's quarters and take on Cap'n Dugal, also a skeleton. If close-
 -range fighting ain't your thing, initiate battle and try to lure him into
 the main cave. Killing the baddies gives a quest update, telling the player
 to seek out Dahlia Rackham on the Clarabella, which is in Anvil's harbor.

 All the upgrades have a set price of 1000g, except the new quarters (500g),
 and are non-refundable. Everyone hired, including those who join due to the
 crew's prestige, are unkillable as well.
  _________________ _________________________________________________________
 | UPGRADE         | DESCRIPTION                                             | 
 | Fence           | Hires Khafiz, a Redguard fence who buys stolen items,   |
 |                 | gives Mercantile training (Expert level) and also sells |
 |                 | equipment and lockpicks. Given his proximity to Castle  |
 |                 | Anvil, he's great for hitting the Thieves Guild fencing |
 |                 | quotas. Additionally, this upgrade also lets Bacon, an  |
 |                 | unkillable boar, wander around the cave.                |
 | Fletcher        | Hires Melliwin, a Bosmer archer, and puts a bunch of    |
 |                 | archer-related practice equipment around the main cave. |
 |                 | She offers Marksman training (Expert) and sells spells  |
 |                 | that play off her skills, including Fortify Marksman &  |
 |                 | Soul Trap. Additionally, she also sells various bows &  |
 |                 | arrows, including enchanted and plugin-specific ones.
 | Quarters        | The quarters become more well-lit, a bed replaces the   |
 |                 | bedroll, and there's now some non-respawning containers |
 |                 | for long-term loot storage. The chest here is where all |
 |                 | the player's share of the pillaged loot ends up, and by |
 |                 | default, contains a [Smuggler's Key] for opening the    |
 |                 | hidden passage into Anvil Castle's kitchen.             |
 | Security Expert | Hires Tahm Blackwell, a security expert who expectedly  |
 |                 | gives Security training (Expert) and sells spells that  |
 |                 | fortify sneak. He also sells Potions of Magnification,  |
 |                 | unique items with a Fortify Security effect. Finally,   |
 |                 | once he's hired, a 'training chest' appears near his    |
 |                 | location. This 'hard' chest, once lockpicked, closes    |
 |                 | automatically, making it good for training Security by  |
 |                 | oneself.                                                |
 | Spymaster       | Hires Kovan Kren, a Dunmer swordsman. In addition to    |
 |                 | bartering equipment (only has 100g), he gives expert    |
 |                 | Sneak training and sells sneak-, chameleon- and charm-  |
 |                 | -related ones. The Shadow Shape invisibility spell is   |
 |                 | particularly useful.                                    |
 | Supplier        | Hires Jak Silver, an Imperial who appears on the Black  |
 |                 | Flag's lower deck. He gives Speechcraft training (Exp.) |
 |                 | and sells various items, although only lockpicks and    |
 |                 | potions are available to those with low Mercantile.     | 

 For every two upgrades, a free pirate smuggler is obtained (in order: Zedrick
 Green, Scurvy John Hoff, Yinz'r). These unkillable subordinates, once all are
 gathered, can be told to go out and plunder, at which time all leave the cave.
 One week later, they will return and put the captain's share in the quarters'
 chest. [The game gives a reminder that they're back, in case y'forget.] They
 require one day of rest before being sent back out, however.

THE VILE LAIR                                                            [TVLL]
 DLC Cost -: 150 MSP
 DLC Size -: 4MB
 Released -: 7-13-2006
 Location -: Deepscorn Hollow (SW of Leyawiin, on shore of Topal Bay)
 Quests ---: Deepscorn Hollow
 Accessible: Immediately after leaving Imperial Sewers
 Key Items : Deepscorn Hollow Key

 Another quest that can be started immediately upon world map access. The
 initial entrance is underwater; the 2nd trapdoor entrance opens up when it's
 first used. Reading [Greywyn's Journal] on a table notifies the player that
 Rowley Eardwulf at the Weye's Wawnet Inn sells the upgrades. [Weye is the
 small "town" just west of the Imperial City's main bridge.]

 Upgrades have the same base cost (1750g) except the Ichor of Sithis (3000g).
 The Ichor of Sithis is required to activate the Shrine of Sithis already
 present in Deepscorn Hollow. It works exactly like an Altar of the Nine in
 functionality, but only evil/infamous characters can use it (good ones are
 out of luck). Additionally, it bestows infamy-based fortifications on the
 player, all of which increase Agility/Sneak/Health; the highest one bestows
 Chameleon 50% as well. [The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal has automatic 100 Infamy;
 wear that to get the highest blessing from Sithis!]
  ________________ __________________________________________________________
 | UPGRADE        | ADDS...                                                  |
 | Bedroom Area   | A coffin bed, some alchemy apparatuses, and a respawning |
 |                | Nirnroot sample (only one in game). The chests here are  |
 |                | safe for long-term storage.                              |
 | Cattle Cell    | Adds a prisoner who's always asleep, and thus is usable  |
 |                | for vampires' feeding or training various skills (Sneak, |
 |                | etc). He can't be killed. One of Greywyn's caches is in  |
 |                | this area.                                               |
 | Dark Minion    | Hires a Dunmer vampire as a servant; he lives in a cave  |
 |                | near the garden. Like the Dunbarrow Cove pirates, he can |
 |                | be ordered to go out and get loot -- the only difference |
 |                | is he kills someone for it. He returns every two days at |
 |                | midnight with gold and equipment, although it's possible |
 |                | he may fail. [Successful kills give +1 Infamy]           |
 | Dining Area    | The eating area becomes well-lit, with various foods and |
 |                | cupboards. Nothing too special.                          |
 | Garden Receipt | The main room becomes the "Garden of Venomgrowth," and   |
 |                | gains a bunch of poisonous/evil type of plants. This is  |
 |                | the only method of gaining Chokeberries in the game. One |
 |                | of Greywyn's caches is in this room, behind the garden.  |
 | Storage Area   | Adds a bunch of chests and containers to the cave near   |
 |                | the garden. These are safe for long-term storage. Behind |
 |                | some crates is "Greywyn's Poison Supply," which contains |
 |                | a whole bunch of poisons.                                |
 | Study Area     | Adds a desk and reading, including some skill books:     |
 |                | Rislav the Righteous (Light Armor), Sithis (Alteration), |
 |                | Immortal Blood (Hand to Hand), The Gold Ribbon of Merit  |
 |                | (Marksman), and Sacred Witness (Sneak)                   |

 The following things are already present in the Hollow:

 • SHRINE OF SITHIS: This is located in the furthest reaches of the dwelling.
   The shrine itself can only be activated with the Ichor of Sithis. There's
   also a jewelry box containing the [Crimson Eviscerator], which has Absorb
   Strength, Damage Health/Magicka, and Weakness to Poison enchantments. The
   bag (Greywyn's Final Cache) is here as well.

 • FONT OF RENEWAL: Inspecting the pool's obelisk while Purgeblood Salts are
   in the inventory cures the player of vampirism. This is the quickest way
   to do so, avoiding a rather long quest ("Vampire Cure") in the meantime.
   The aforementioned salts spawn in the rocky outcroppings in the room. [A
   cache of the former owner's is sitting in the pool.]

 When all upgrades are purchased, an armoire will be added to the sleeping
 quarters, containing a [Raiment of the Crimson Scar]. This leveled item
 fortifies Agility, Speed, Sneak, Marskman, and Blade; it also has a Reflect
 Damage enchantment. Unfortunately, the version obtained isn't fully dependant
 on the player's level, so a low-grade Raiment is likely to be obtained. =/

THE WIZARD'S TOWER                                                       [WZRD]
 DLC Cost -: 150 MSP
 DLC Size -: 8MB
 Released -: 4-24-2006
 Location -: Frostcrag Spire (mountains east of Bruma)
 Quests ---: Frostcrag Spire
 Accessible: Immediately after leaving Imperial Sewers
 Key Items : Frostcrag Spire Key, Deed to Frostcrag Spire

 As the name suggests, this is a mage-themed plugin and gives the player their
 own isolated tower in the northern mountains. If the plugin's installed, the
 player can get the quest update as early as the Imperial Sewers, receiving a
 special key to unlock the front door. However, like all those houses, one has
 to shell out some dough to furnish the place. Just inside the door, read the
 special tome to learn Aurelinwae of the Imperial City's Market District's
 "Mystic Emporium" store sells upgrades.

 NOTE: Installing this plugin may have a small glitch where said emporium is
       always "locked" despite it being appropriate business hours. Feel free
       to break in instead of waiting.

 But even before purchasing anything, the tower has some pretty neat things
 already working. The alchemic garden near the 2F living quarters is already
 in full bloom, providing a ridiculous array of rare and wondrous plants to
 harvest, including some only found in Oblivion gates. The 1F slab for making
 atronach familiars is also in working order; all that's needed is three doses
 of fire, void, or frost salts. Finally, 2F has working one-way teleporters to
 all of Cyrodiil's mage guilds (although Kvatch's doesn't work, for obvious

 Anyway, onto the upgrades! [All have a base value of 1000, except the Alchemy
 Lab (1500) and Magetallow Candles (2000/per).] When all upgrades, including
 the candles, are purchased, the "Frostcrag Spire" quest ends and a jewelry box
 containing a Pentamagic Loop ring appears in the living quarters. This
 handy-dandy sucker fortifies Illusion, Conjuration, Restoration, Mysticism and
 Destruction 5pts each.
  ______________ ____________________________________________________________
 | UPGRADE      | DESCRIPTION                                                |
 | Alchemy Lab  | Sets up an alchemy bench with apprentice-level apparatuses |
 |              | and assorted ingredients about. Like the dwemer forge in   |
 |              | the Fighter's Stronghold DLC, the bench gives a special    |
 |              | Alchemy fortification effect (+15) when in its proximity.  |
 |              | Additionally, one of the bookshelves added has "A Game at  |
 |              | Dinner" which increases the Alchemy stat.                  |
 | Bedroom Area | Puts some living quarters on the second floor, including a |
 |              | bed and chest for long-term storage.                       |
 | Library Area | Adds bookshelves and scholarly things to the ground-floor  |
 |              | chamber, including some apparatuses and soul gems.         |
 | Vault Area   | The basement now becomes filled with wine racks and chests |
 |              | for long-term storage. Imp-like Vault Guardians now guard  |
 |              | the place, and being respawnable, can be harvested for     |
 |              | souls. [There's also a free bottle of Shadowbanish Wine.]  |
 |              | Finally, hidden in the SW corner behind a rock, two graves |
 |              | can be found. Rindsey's gives a bottle of [Daedric Lava    |
 |              | Whiskey], while Lennasaan's gives the special "Lennasaan's |
 |              | Touch" effect: Fortify Personality, Speechcraft and Merc-  |
 |              | -antile 10pts each for over 10 actual minutes! Dang...     |

  * - the [Magetallow Candles Box] items are listed separate from Aurelinwae's
      upgrades, and are required for Frostcrag's ground-floor altars of
      enchantment and spellmaking. Without 'em, they can't work!
___________________________________________________/ VIII. APPENDICES [APPN] |_
ACHIEVEMENTS                                                             [ACHV]
 The main game has 50 achievements and the Shivering Isles expansion adds 10
 more, for a grand total of 60 possible. [Knights of the Nine adds nothing.]
 All achievements are questline-related, so guild business or the main quest
 has to be done to get 'em. Rather than list things alphabetically, I'll do it
 quest-wise for easier reading.

 | Pit Dog        | 10 | Join the Imperial City's Arena faction              |
 | Brawler        | 10 | Attain Brawler rank                                 |
 | Bloodletter    | 10 | Attain Bloodletter rank                             |
 | Myrmidon       | 10 | Attain Myrmidon rank                                |
 | Warrior        | 10 | Attain Warrior rank                                 |
 | Gladiator      | 10 | Attain Gladiator rank                               |
 | Hero           | 10 | Attain Hero rank                                    |
 | Champion       | 10 | Attain Champion rank                                |
 | Grand Champion | 50 | Attain Grand Champion rank                          |

 | Murderer   | 10 | Join the Dark Brotherhood (accept first mission)        |
 | Slayer     | 10 | Complete mission "Accidents Happen"                     |
 | Eliminator | 10 | Complete mission "The Assassinated Man"                 |
 | Assassin   | 10 | Complete mission "Permanent Retirement"                 |
 | Silencer   | 10 | Complete mission "The Purification"                     |
 | Speaker    | 10 | Complete mission "Following a Lead"                     |
 | Listener   | 50 | Complete mission "Honor Thy Mother"                     |

 | Associate    | 10 | Join the Fighters Guild (doable at any guild hall)    |
 | Apprentice   | 10 | Complete "A Rat Problem" or "The Desolate Mine"       |
 | Journeyman   | 10 | Complete "The Unfortunate Shopkeeper"                 |
 | Swordsman    | 10 | Complete "Drunk and Disorderly"                       |
 | Protector    | 10 | Complete "Amelion's Debt" and "Den of Thieves"        |
 | Defender     | 10 | Complete "More Unfinished Business"                   |
 | Warder       | 10 | Complete "Azani Blackheart"                           |
 | Guardian     | 10 | Complete "The Fugitives" and "The Wandering Scholar"  |
 | Champion     | 10 | Complete "Mystery at Harlun's Watch" & "The Stone of  |
 |              |    | St. Alessia"                                          |
 | Master       | 50 | Complete "The Hist"                                   |
  * - Note that after "Trolls of the Forsaken Mine" one can be demoted back
      to Defender, which requires doing two more missions to restore previous
      rank. See Fighter Guild section on how avoiding this (if y'want).

 | Associate     | 10 | Join the Mages Guild (doable at any Mages Guild)     |
 | Apprentice    | 10 | Complete mission "Joining the Mages Guild"           |
 | Journeyman    | 10 | Complete mission "A Mage's Staff"                    |
 | Evoker        | 10 | Complete mission "Ulterior Motives"                  |
 | Conjurer      | 10 | Complete mission "Vahtacen's Secret"                 |
 | Magician      | 10 | Complete mission "Necromancer's Moon"                |
 | Warlock       | 10 | Complete mission "Liberation or Apprehension?"       |
 | Wizard        | 10 | Complete mission "A Plot Revealed"                   |
 | Master-Wizard | 10 | Do "The Bloodworm Helm" & "The Necromancer's Amulet" |
 | Arch-Mage     | 50 | Complete mission "Confront the King"                 |

 | Escaped the Imperial Sewers |  50 | Finish "Tutorial"                     |
 | Closed an Oblivion Gate     |  50 | Finish "Breaking the Siege of Kvatch" |
 | Located the Shrine of Dagon |  50 | Finish "The Path of Dawn"             |
 | Delivered Daedric Artifact  |  50 | Finish "Blood of the Daedra"          |
 | Destroyed the Great Gate    |  50 | Finish "Great Gate"                   |
 | Champion of Cyrodiil        | 110 | Finish "Light the Dragonfires"        |

 | Tourist        | 20 | Complete "Through the Fringe of Madness"            |
 | Aspirant       | 20 | Complete "A Better Mousetrap"                       |
 | Citizen        | 20 | Complete "Baiting the Trap"                         |
 | Honored Madman | 20 | Complete "The Cold Flame of Agnon"                  |
*| Duke Mania     | 30 | Complete "Ritual of Mania"                          |
*| Duke Dementia  | 30 | Complete "Ritual of Dementia"                       |
 | Regent         | 20 | Complete "The Helpless Army"                        |
 | Defender       | 20 | Complete "Symbols of Office"                        |
 | Madgod         | 50 | Complete "The Prince of Madness"                    |
  * - Only one achievement can be gotten in the main questline, so those who
      want both should make a save before doing the accession ritual, do one,
      then reload for the other.

  ______________ ____ _______________________________________________________
 | ACHIEVEMENT  | PT | OBTAIN                                                |
 | Pickpocket   | 10 | Join the Thieves Guild in the Imperial City           |
 | Footpad      | 10 | Complete mission "Untaxing the Poor"                  |
 | Bandit       | 10 | Complete mission "The Elven Maiden"                   |
 | Prowler      | 10 | Complete mission "Ahdarji's Heirloom"                 |
 | Cat Burglar  | 10 | Complete mission "Misdirection"                       |
 | Shadowfoot   | 10 | Complete mission "Taking Care of Lex"                 |
 | Master Thief | 10 | Complete mission "Arrow of Extrication"               |
 | Guildmaster  | 50 | Complete mission "The Ultimate Heist"                 |

BIRTHSIGN & HEAVENLY STONES                                              [BRTH]
 Birthsign Stones are odd rock formations sitting around Cyrodiil (not to be
 confused with Runestones) that grant special greater powers to the player.
 These do not supplant birthsign abilities inherent to the player, but will
 replace those gotten from other b'stones -- basically, only one can be active
 at a time. They can only be activated during the nighttime hours, though; try
 in the day and only the "no stars shine on the doomstone" message is given.
 Here's a list of the abilities granted. Unless otherwise noted, all g-powers
 have a duration of 120s (two minutes) and affect oneself.
 ____________ ________________________________________________________________
| BIRTHSIGN  | GREATER POWER & EFFECT                                         |
| Apprentice | Void Seed (Fortify Alchemy & Illusion 20pts)                   |
| Atronach   | Arcane Well (Fortify Intelligence 10pts, Spell Absorp. 30pt)   |
| Lady       | Lady's Warding (Fortify Willpower & Endurance 20pts)           |
| Lord       | Ysmir's Scales (Frtfy Heavy/Lght Armr 10pts, Resist Frost 50%) |
| Lover      | Lover's Bower (Fortify Luck & Personality 20pts)               |
| Mage       | Magicka Manifold (Fortify Magicka 50pts)                       |
| Ritual     | Mara's Mercy (Restore Health 150pts on Target)                 |
|            | Mara's Milk (Restore Health 100pts)                            |
| Serpent    | Cobra's Dance (Damage Health 4pts/20s & Paralyze 5s on Target) |
| Shadow     | Fingernail Moon (Chameleon 15%)                                |
| Steed      | Hellride (Fortify Acrobatics & Speed 20pts)                    |
| Thief      | Cheater's Nip (Fortify Agility & Luck 20pts)                   |
| Tower      | The Master's Hand (Fortify Armorer 20pts)                      |
|            | Warden Key (Open Hard Lock in 15ft)                            |
| Warrior    | War Cry (Frtfy Strength 20pts, Frtfy Blde/Blnt/Hand2Hand 10pt) |

 Heavenly Stones are rarer than any other kind, and only seven exist. [They
 may be mentioned in the Arcane University lectures, if y'pay attention.] Each
 grants a greater power and, unlike similar stones, these are permanent and
 can't be removed. Their powers can be obtained during night hours and only
 if one's level of renown is high enough. A common method of getting them is
 wearing the [Gray Cowl of Nocturnal] from the Thieves Guild quest, which has
 a default of 100 Infamy -- more than enough to get all abilities.
 ___________ _________________________________________________________________
| H. STONE  | GREATER POWER (all 120s duration)                               |
| Aetherius | Gates of Aetherius (Fortify Magicka 50pts, Resist Magic 20%)    |
| Dragon    | Dragon Dream (Frtfy Magicka 50pts, Health 40pts, Fatigue 100pt) |
| Jode      | Jode's Blood (Fortify Health 40pts, Blde/Blnt/Hand2Hand 20pts)  |
| Jone      | Jone's Shadow (Invisibility 120s, Frtfy Sneak/Acrob/Athl 30pts) |
| Magnus    | Skein of Magnus (Frtfy all types of magic, and Alchemy, 15pts)  |
| Shezarr   | Shield of Shezarr (Reflect Spell 10%, Frtfy Block, Armorer,     |
|           |                    Heavy Armor, Light Armor 20pts)              |
| Sithian   | Sithian Web (Frtfy Marksman/Speechcrft/Illsn/Secrty/Merc 20pts) |

 Here's a map with all locations marked. Note that their locations are made
 mostly relative to cities, not each other, so don't assume everything's to
 scale, yo.
 HEAVENLY STONES        (¯¯¯'._/         ___    '._       ,'¯¯¯¯'.
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯         )              (###)      '.___,'       /
 A - Aetherius        _,'                ¯¯¯                    (
 D - Dragon          /                                           \
 J - Jode            )                                  D         \
 j - Jone            |                    11             ___       )
 M - Magnus          )  ____                            (###)      (
 S - Shezarr       ,'  (####)          ,-.-.-.__    10   ¯¯¯        )
 s - Sithian      /     ¯¯¯¯          ,'________'.                 (
                ,'                   ( (    ##  \ )        /)    _,'
               /                      ) ¯\ #### /(      (\//    {_
            __/          j           (   ( ####(  )      \(       '._
         _,'                          \__ \ ### ) |       ))         \
     _,-'4          2                  12'.¯¯'.'  )     ,'(           '.
   ,'                   A ___              ¯'-._ (     //¯\)    6       \
  (            ___       (###)                  \ \   ((                 '.__
  (           (###)     1 ¯¯¯                    \ \__//      /)             (
  (            ¯¯¯    ,-----. 13                  )   / 9    {(               }
   \   __           ,'       '.  ,------.       ,'    \_______))             /
    \3)##(      ,'¯¯           ¯¯        '     (       ,'¯¯¯5¯¯             /
     ¯¯¯¯)  J,'¯                          \    (      (                    /
          ¯¯¯                              '.   \     (       _   /)      / 
 BIRTHSIGN STONE LEGEND                      ) __\     \____  ))_/(_/)  ,' 
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯              )(###\    /¯¯¯\\//¯¯¯¯¯¯ _/
 1 - Apprentice     8 - Serpent             /  ¯¯¯¯),-'     \(      ,'
 2 - Atronach       9 - Shadow             (   ___//       M \)   _/
 3 - Lady          10 - Steed              (  (/¯//             _/
 4 - Lord          11 - Thief               \   //            ,'
 5 - Lover         12 - Tower               )  ((7          _/
 6 - Mage          13 - Warrior            (   /(          /
 7 - Ritual        ## - Town Area          |  (  )        /
                                           |S |  |      ,'
                                           ) _(  )    ,'
                                           )(##)(    (
                                          /_|#/  \ 8 ( 
                                         (/  ¯    '.__\

CLASSES                                                                  [CLSS]
 During the tutorial dungeon, one has a chance to pick a class, either preset
 or customized. The legend for below:

 Class -: Name of class
 Special: Specialization gives +5 to skills in its classification
        : Combat : Armor, Athle, Blade, Block, Blunt, Hand2, HArmr
        : Magic  : Alche, Alter, Conju, Destr, Illus, Mysti, Resto
        : Stealth: Acrob, LArmr, Marks, Merca, Secur, Sneak, Speec
 Favored: These attributes get a +05 bonus
 MSkills: These skills start at Lv25 (Apprentice level) instead of Lv05

 Of course, most of the fun in this category comes from creating one's own
 class, either in seriousness, like playing off a race's strengths, or jest,
 such as an Orc Mage.

  ____________ _______ _________ ____________________________________________
 | CLASS      | SPECL | FAVORED | MAJOR SKILLS                               |
 | Acrobat    | Stlth | AGL,END | Secur Sneak Acrob Marks Block Blade Speec  |
 | Agent      | Stlth | PER,AGL | Secur Sneak Acrob Marks Illus Merca Speec  |
 | Archer     | Combt | AGL,STR | Armor Marks Blade Sneak Blunt Hand2 LArmr  |
 | Assassin   | Stlth | SPD,INT | Secur Sneak Acrob Marks LArmr Alche Blade  |
 | Barbarian  | Combt | STR,SPD | Armor Athle Blade Block Blunt Hand2 LArmr  |
 | Bard       | Stlth | PER,INT | Blade Block Illus Alche LArmr Merca Speec  |
 | Battlemage | Magic | STR,INT | Destr Alter Blunt Conju Blade Mysti Alche  |
 | Crusader   | Combt | STR,WIL | Resto Athle Blade Destr Blunt Hand2 HArmr  |
 | Healer     | Magic | PER,WIL | Destr Alter Illus Speec Resto Merca Alche  |
 | Knight     | Combt | STR,PER | Block Illus HArmr Blunt Blade Speec Hand2  |
 | Mage       | Magic | INT,WIL | Destr Alter Resto Illus Mysti Conju Alche  |
 | Monk       | Stlth | AGL,WIL | Secur Sneak Acrob Marks Alter Hand2 Athle  |
 | Nightblade | Magic | WIL,SPD | Destr Alter Blade Athle Resto LArmr Acrob  |
 | Pilgrim    | Stlth | PER,END | Secur Block ARmor Blunt LArmr Merca Speec  |
 | Rogue      | Combt | SPD,PER | Illus Athle Blade Merca Alche Block LArmr  |
 | Scout      | Combt | SPD,END | Armor Athle Alche Block LArmr Acrob Blade  |
 | Sorcerer   | Magic | INT,END | Destr Alter HArmr Conju Resto Mysti Alche  |
 | Spellsword | Magic | WIL,END | Destr Alter Blade Block Resto HArmr Illus  |
 | Thief      | Stlth | SPD,AGL | Secur Sneak Acrob Marks LARmr Merca Speec  |
 | Warrior    | Combt | STR,END | Armor Athle Blade Block Blunt Hand2 HArmr  |
 | Witchunter | Magic | INT,AGL | Destr Marks Secur Conju Athle Mysti Alche  |

 Additionally, choosing a magic school as a major skill gives a free skill(s)
 to start with. [All characters start with Flare and Minor Heal Wounds spells
 regardless of chosen classes, note.]

 Alteration : Open Very Easy Lock, Protect
 Conjuration: Summon Skeleton, Turn Undead
 Destruction: Cold Touch, Shocking Touch
 Illusion --: Soothing Touch, Starlight
 Mysticism -: Minor Dispel, Minor Life Detection
 Restoration: Absorb Health

DAEDRIC SHRINES                                                          [DDRC]
 Each Daedric prince has a shrine around Cyrodiil, with dedicated followers
 and a related quest to complete. The quest rewards are often fantastical and
 useful items, and at least one is required to complete the main quest. To
 start a quest, one must be of the correct level (there's a few exceptions) and
 provide an offering (if needed), the nature of which can be deduced by talking
 with an acolyte. [On the map, shrines have "magic lamp" icons, also.]

 Here's the lowdown. There's no particular order to do these in, except that
 Hermaeus Mora's is always last.

 NOTE: Wearing Nocturnal's cowl will absorb fame and infamy points, as well as
       bounties, so if y'want those on the character and not the headpiece,
       make sure to finish the quests with it _off_!

 Shrine: NE Cyrodiil, south of the "n" in "Jerall Mountains"
 Prereq: Lv10
 Offer : Glow Dust
 Reward: Azura's Star, +1 Fame

 [This location can be found by speaking about daedra cults to Trayvond the
 Redguard in Cheydinhal's Mages Guild, and perhaps others.]

 Mels Maryon divulges the item and specific time for Azura's offering, which
 may require tweaking his disposition. As the Daedric Prince(ss) of Dawn and
 Dusk, it's only appropriate that the Glow Dust is presented during those
 hours, specifically 5-7 AM or PM. [If one has trouble finding the required
 item, it can usually be bought off ingredients merchants, or a 100% drop from
 will-o-wisps. "The Main Ingredient" in the Imperial City is an example of one
 vendor who carries it.]

 Once summoned, Azura tells her plight: long ago some of her followers were
 stricken with vampirism, and sealed themselves off in the nearby Gutted Mine
 (southwesterly from shrine). She wishes to release them from the suffering,
 and tasks the player to be the executioner. (For reference, the mine entrance
 is sealed before this quest.) 

 Quest arrows mark the inflicted brethren's locations, but that's about the
 only easy part to the quest -- most of the five are seasoned warriors with
 leveled equipment, meaning they can put up quite a fight if engaged overtly.
 Because of this, it's best to use sneak attacks and, to even the odds in a
 gang-up situation, conjuration skills and invisibility. But if those aren't
 an option, they can usually be led outside, where one can hide on a rock and
 snipe them with arrows and magic. [Don't forget to loot the coffin behind
 the boarded-up wall at the area's final dead end.]

 When all are dead, it's back to the shrine.

 REWARD: The amazing [Azura's Star] is equivalent to a reusable Grand Soul Gem,
         essentially unburdening the player from much of the stress of
         recharging weapons. Coupled with soul trap methods, in particular the
         awesome Umbra sword, the player becomes quite well-off here. When it
         comes to sacrificing an artifact for the main questline, this piece
         should be furthest from one's mind.

 Shrine: Between Nibenay Valley and Valus Mountains (see below for details)
 Prereq: Lv20
 Offer : Daedra Heart
 Reward: Goldbrand, +1 Fame

 Boethia might be one of the hardest shrines to locate, simply because it's
 high on an isolated peak in the middle of nowhere, and following the natural
 curve of the land often leads players away from it. To find it, look at the
 eastern border where it says "Valus Mountains" from north to south. Going
 west from the "M" in "Mountains" leads right to the shrine, although one
 has to enter the ridge from the south to get up. [Nothing notable around here,
 but Sercen Camp and Fort Facian are nearby, to the west.] Boethia's offering
 is a Daedra Heart (dropped by humanoid Daedra like Xivilai and Dremora types)
 as Haekwon says.

 The Daedric Prince wants the player to prove himself worthy, by visiting a
 plane of Oblivion and taking part in the "Tournament of Ten Bloods." [A portal
 to this realm remains open after summoning Boethia, and can be taken at any
 time. Once there, leaving is impossible until the tourney finishes.] Upon
 visiting the Realm of Boethia, take the right-hand gate to start fighting the
 other competitors in 1-vs-1 matches. 

 Why "ten bloods"? Because the opponents are one of each race in Cyrodiil,
 minus the one the player is (if playing as a Redguard, one doesn't show up).
 There's no restrictions to combat, but the foes will usually be well-rounded
 and well-armed, not to mention often having ridiculous amounts of potions,
 so having an edge helps. [The conjure-and-go-invisible strategy works wonders,
 for instance.]
 This quest is notable for the enchanted equipment foes carry, particularly a
 vast array of arrows and tons of potions. Feather enchantments, especially
 the 250pt one on the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal, can be very helpful in hauling
 all the rarities back. Also, be careful about the lava: it's a deadly
 natural hazard, and if any items/people fall in there, retrieving goodies is
 a huge problem.

 Defeating the nine oncomers opens the portal back to Cyrodiil, where Boethia
 congratulates the player on the festivities. Just make sure to get all the
 spoils first as there's no way back afterwards!

 REWARD: The [Goldbrand] is a one-handed katana that does 22pts of fire damage
         on strike (3000 charge, 76 uses). In short, it's one of the most
         powerful swords in the game, second only to Umbra. 

 Shrine: SW of Imperial City, along a bend in The Gold Road
 Prereq: Lv10 technically (Lv01+ in actuality)
 Offer : 500g
 Reward: Masque of Clavicus Vile -or- Umbra, +1 Fame

 (This quest can be started at any level by obtaining the Umbra sword, which
 automatically updates the quest as if it had been started properly.)

 Ma'Raska tells the offering for the shrine, if his disposition's good enough.
 Clavicus wants the player to retrieve a certain sword (Umbra) for him, and
 suggests the player start looking in the nearby town of Pell's Gate. The
 quest item [Statuette of a Dog] appears in the inventory as well, and it
 (Barbas) will give the player advice -- namely to not give the sword to its
 master, since it's likely to cause great ruin in Vile's domain.

 Upon visiting the settlement, everyone asked about Umbra directs the player
 to Irroki the Wide. With enough disposition, he reveals the sword's held by
 Lenwin; her last known whereabouts are the Vindasel ruins. They're just up
 the west road, practically in the ditch, so it ain't hard to find.

 Inside, talk with Umbra to be offered a choice: leave and live or stay and
 die. There's many ways to slay the swordswoman, despite her powerhouse
 attacks. One method is to jump from the broken balcony ledge onto the pillar
 nearby, preventing her from landing hits (she relies purely on swordsmanship)
 and giving license to rain down magic and arrows. She's also susceptible to
 paralysis, which is always an option (particularly if one made a paralysis-
 -inducing staff during the Mages Guild questline). And, let's not forget the
 "summon and turn invisible" combo...although it's worthless if she can cut
 down the conjured critter with a few swings.

 Regardless, after she's dead, the [Umbra] sword can be claimed, as well as
 her unique armor. Yet, still Barbas protests about the player honoring the
 bargain. All that's left is to return to Clavicus. The option to return the
 sword is given -- agreeing gives the designated [Masque of Clavicus Vile],
 while deciding to keep Umbra lets one do just that, much to CV's chagrin.

 REWARD: The obvious reason to do this quest is for Umbra, not only the most
 powerful sword in the game, but also because its Soul Trap enchantment goes
 great with Azura's Star, making the player self-sufficient on that end. It's
 really a no-brainer; keeping the sword does _not_ make the quest unfinishable.
 On the other hand, the Masque is, in the grand scheme of things, one of the
 most worthless artifacts obtainable, and an obvious choice for the sacrifice
 in the main quest's Daedric Artifact segment.

 Shrine: NW reaches of Cyrodiil (SW of the "T" in "The Jerall Mountains")
 Prereq: [see below]
 Offer : ---
 Reward: +1 Fame, Oghma Infinium

 Hermaeus Mora's shrine is deep in the mountains, near the northern border of
 the country, and although one knows its location map-wise, it's actually
 only accessible via a long, winding road starting farther east of there. Much
 to a player's annoyance, inspecting the shrine and talking with the followers
 will give no indication of what to do, nor will it start the quest. However,
 UESP has a list of the prerequisites:

 • Be at least Lv20
 • "Blood of the Daedra" started in the main questline
 • Successfully complete all other (14) Daedric Quests

 If all these are completed, either visit the shrine itself to start; or, sleep
 and a man named Casta Flavius will approach and say to visit the shrine (this
 marks its location).

 Hermaeus Mora, a giant octopus/blob/crab/eyeball monster, will only give his
 reward if the player brings him a soul from each (10) sentient race. He (it?)
 gives [Hermaeus Mora's Soul Gem] and the [Mora's Soul Trap] spells for this
 task. This spell only works on sentient races and only for HM's specialized
 soul gem, so it can't replace any normal soul trap effects.

 Before one considers slaying innocents, it's a good idea to prey on the land's
 unscrupulous sorts. Campsite bandits are a good source of Khajiit & Redguard
 souls; rarely a hedge wizard (Breton) appears. Imperials are quite easy to
 get as any generic city guard'll be one. Those looking for Dunmer and Bosmer
 souls should check out the Black Bow dungeons (Rockmilk Cave, Undertow Cavern,
 Telepe). Rockmilk Cave also has marauders to fight. Speaking of which, that
 type of enemy has a lot of races available, most useful of which is Nord and
 Orc. Two example locations: Fort Strand (east of Anvil) and Fort Blueblood
 (SE of Leyawiin). Necromancer dungeons are a good source of Altmer and Breton
 types, and there's always plenty of those (Dark Fissure, Fort Linchal, etc.)
 Argonians are one of the rarer enemy types to encounter, but they can appear
 as Marauder Archers. Otherwise, one should check out Veyond Cave (north of
 Bravil) to find a whole bunch of Argonian types. Just make sure to prepare
 for underwater fighting...

 Be careful with using the special soul trap spell, however, as it's possible
 it can quit working (evidently from casting it on two applicable targets in
 the same 2-minute duration). You'll know it's bugged because the target, who
 should glow purple, loses the glow after about two seconds. According to UESP,
 a workaround is killing an applicable target after getting the "This person
 is already affected by..." or "You cannot cast the spell on two separate souls
 at once" message. The person currently affected by HMST after reading that
 message should be soul-trappable.

 When all ten are collected, return to Hermaeus to get the reward.

 REWARD: The [Oghma Infinium] book permanently increases certain skills and
 attributes by 10 each, but the player can't pick individually. Choosing the
 "Path of Steel" increases Blunt, Heavy Armor, Blade, Strength, and Speed.
 "Path of Shadow" increases Light Armor, Security, Sneak, Agility, and Speed.
 "Path of Spirit" increases Restoration, Destruction, Conjuration, Willpower,
 and Intelligence. [The book can be used to increase stats past 100, but will
 disappear when used. It's considered a quest item until then.] According to
 UESP, the Willpower boost doesn't actually work right, and since boosting
 Destruction/Conjuration/Restoration past their maximums doesn't reduce the
 magicka costs, that Path is probably the worst off. The Path of Steel might
 be best as the Strength boost equates to an extra 50 carrying capacity.

 Shrine: South of Imperial City, near where it says "The Nibenay Valley"
 Prereq: Lv17
 Offer : Bear Pelt or Wolf Pelt
 Reward: Saviour's Hide, +1 Fame

 Vajhira will tell the correct offering if one answers "I am a hunter," and
 luckily, the verdant region is crawling with bears and timberwolves to slay.
 Once summoned, Hircine gives the player a task for his amusement: slay the
 unicorn of Harcane Grove (SSE of shrine) and bring the [Unicorn Horn] back to
 him. Visit the location to find the unicorn guarded by several Minotaurs of
 the Grove, all of whom will attack the player if provoked. Because of this
 tag-team tactic, it's wise to either (1) bring some help of one's own, such
 as followers or conjured creatures (2) ignore the minotaurs and go straight
 for the overhyped horse. The unicorn can't be paralyzed and resists some
 magic, so the best way is to slog at it with high-tier weapons.

 Upon defeat, the horn can be claimed and brought back to Hircine. [The horn
 is a quest item, in fact, and can't be removed from the inventory even before
 Hircine gives the task. If the horn is already in the inventory when the
 quest is given, the mission updates accordingly.]

 REWARD: The [Saviour's Hide] is a unique light armor with a Resist Magic 25%
         enchantment. Those trying to become totally magic-immune will find
         this sucker to be rather useful, at least until something with more
         armor comes along.

 Shrine: Far north of Anvil, by the "T" in "The Gold Coast"
 Prereq: Lv10
 Offer : Troll Fat
 Reward: Volendrung, +1 Fame

 Shobob gro-Rugdush says that "beautiful people" aren't welcome at the shrine,
 suggesting that there's an issue with Personality (like Vaermina's quest),
 but tempering his disposition reveals it's really just a non-orc bias, and
 that Troll Fat's the offering. When summoned, Malacath lays it on the line:
 Lord Drad enslaved his ogres in a nearby mine, and he wants 'em freed!

 Lord Drad's Estate is only a stone's throw southeast from the shrine, and
 was probably passed on the first trip. Speak with Drad himself at the manor
 to learn the ogres are worked mercilessly in Bleak Mine; or, if one angers
 him by condemning his methods, his wife will give the location (provided she
 has enough disposition).

 Next stop: Bleak Mine! It's just a little bit east of the manor. Pick the
 lock and check inside, finding the guards standing around the imprisoned
 ogres, set aside in two cells. Their 'hard' locks can be picked, or the guards
 the guards may have one or both cell keys. When both groups are loose, they'll
 go buck wild on their oppressors, leaving the player alone as long as no
 offensive action is made towards them. [The same goes for the guards,
 generally, although their disposition may be poor if one told off Drad.]

 NOTE: If the player kills any ogres, the quest fails. Thus, the easiest way
       to proceed, and save the prisoners in the process, is slaying most or
       all of the guards before liberation.

 After liberating the ogres, return to the shrine for payday.

 REWARD: The [Volendrung] hammer has a 3s paralysis effect and drains health
         5pts for 20s. However, its low attack means it probably won't see 
         much action. Still, where the main questline's Daedric Artifact part
         is concerned, the weapon's interesting effects should save it from
         being sacrificed.

 Shrine: Far SE of Bruma (by the first "a" in "The Heartlands")
 Prereq: Lv15
 Offer : Nightshade
 Reward: Ebony Blade, +1 Fame

 Dredena Hlavel tells the correct offering when her disposition's high 'nough.
 [Nightshade might not be that common in the wild, but can be bought at most
 mages guilds and ingredients stores, as well as growing in Frostcrag Spire's
 alchemic garden.] Leave the offering between midnight and dusk (12PM-5AM) to
 get an audience -- if it says "nothing happens," wait until the next day's
 time period.
 Mephala is "The Webspinner" and loves playing games with mortals, deadly ones
 in particular. She wants the player to visit the cozy settlement of Bleaker's
 Way, slay the heads of two families, and plant evidence to implicate each
 murders was done by the rival family. Since Mephala must have been planning
 this for awhile, as it's possible to fail the quest (killing everyone,
 getting caught breaking and entering) before even hearing about her. Avoiding
 the settlement until one's ready is wise, and not because tough monsters like
 minotaurs may accidentally run into town and start murdering.

 Bleaker's Way is west of the shrine, just across the Silver Road. The two
 family heads to slay are Nivan Dilvalu and Hrol Ulfgar, neither of which is
 built for fighting, although they do have more health than an average joe. The
 evidence, items associated with the family, is in each of the head's houses:
 the [Ulfgar Family Ring] on a 2F table and the [Dalvilu Ceremonial Dagger] on
 a small first-floor table. Once each clan head is killed, put the other head's
 item on their person.

 Once the staged scenes are finished, all that's left is to tell anyone about
 their "fight". This causes the two clans to go slay each other in the street,
 with few survivors. Return to Mephala to get the reward.

 REWARD: The one-handed [Ebony Blade] katana has Silence 10s and Absorb Health
         8pts enchantments (3700 charge, 45 uses). A great tool to use in the
         Mages Guild questline, regardless of its outclassed power. This sword
         is useful enough that it shouldn't be considered for sacrifice in
         the main questline's Daedric Artifact segment. 

 Shrine: West of Skingrad, off the roadside a ways
 Prereq: Lv10
 Offer : Mort Flesh, Bonemeal, or Ectoplasm 
 Reward: Ring of Khajiiti, +1 Fame

 Basil Ernarde will tell the offering Meridia, Lady of Infinite Energies,
 desires: something from an undead's corpse. [Items from the Shivering Isles
 don't count for this.] For being summoned, she wishes the player to slay all
 necromancers in the Howling Cave, east of Skingrad (near the "C" in "County
 Skingrad" on the map). Once inside, look for a secret door leading further
 into the cave...shouldn't be hard to find as it opens automatically when

 The five necromancers must have been stockpiling, as they're quite formidable
 and have tons of potions. Not a couple, I'm talking TENS of them! If you've
 done Boethia's "Tournament of Ten Bloods," they carry comparable amounts.
 Thus, it's best to cut off their strengths, namely by paralysis and silence,
 and target the 'mancers away from the main group first. [Pickpocketing their
 potions works wonders, if y'have the time for it.] Doing Mephala's quest for
 the Ebony Blade katana (silence enchantment) is an especially great weapon
 for the magically uninclined. Once all necros are killed -- the other undead
 enemies are unimportant -- return to Meridia.

 REWARD: The [Ring of Khajiiti] gives a fixed 35% Chameleon and Fortify Speed
         10pts enchantment, invaluable to stealth-based characters and for
         those trying to get 100% Chameleon. Don't bother sacrificing this in
         the main questline.

 Shrine: West of Imperial City (by 1st "T" in "The Great Forest")
 Prereq: Lv17
 Offer : Lion Pelt
 Reward: Mace of Molag Bal, +1 Fame

 [This location is automatically marked if the quest "Conjuration Training" is
 taken, as the trainer "lives" here.] Amir will tell the player about the
 offering if his disposition's high enough. Mountain lions can be found all
 over the wilderness, but that's kind of a crapshoot. Additionally, if one's
 already had Melisi Daren mount a lion in Battlehorn Castle, she still carries
 the pelt on her person. The first Fighter's Guild mission "A Rat Problem"
 has a 100% mountain lion spawn, too. [A good place to find a spawning lion is
 underneath the bridge to the Arcane University; look near the waterfront!]

 A successful offering has Molag telling that Melus Petilius disgusts him, and
 he wants to see the honorable man pushed to the edge. The player is to provoke
 him and let him "kill" the player with the [Cursed Mace]; in doing so, the
 Daedric prince will save the player's life. Brindle Home, Melus' settlement,
 is just a short walk southwest of there. Torbal the Sufficient will tell,
 with the right disposition, that Melus gave up killing when his wife suddenly
 died with a fever while he was out of town; since then, he's moved into a
 nearby cabin and visits her grave daily.
 That's the in! Around 10:00AM, Melus will walk to Vena's grave and stay there
 for awhile. Drop the Cursed Mace near him, then attack him -- he'll have no
 choice but to pick it up in self-defense. [He only fights back at the grave.]
 The player then simply lets him beatdown the attacking character, until Molag
 Bal rescues him/her from the brink of death via transportation to the shrine.
 NOTE: Check here to make sure the character didn't actually die, as with the
       difficulty modified, it's quite possible he DID and screwed up a number
       of important things, like birthsign, racial traits, and so on. If that
       happens, reload the game and turn the difficulty slider back down, so
       Melus isn't doing lethal damage.
 If the player or an ally kills Melus, the quest automatically fails and one
 gets no reward.

 REWARD: The [Mace of Molag Bal] is enchanted with Absorb Strength & Magicka
         enchantments (2200 charge, 44 uses) but has mediocre attack strength,
         thus it won't see much battling. It's a good candidate for sacrifice
         in the main quest's Artifact segment.

 Shrine: SE of Bruma (or SW of Frostcrag Spire)
 Prereq: Lv5
 Offer : Approach shrine with 20 or lower Personality
 Reward: Ring of Namira, +0 Fame

 Namira doesn't require "pretty" followers, so the player has to make him- or
 herself "wretched" by lowering the Personality stat. Making a custom Drain
 Personality spell could work, but it's easiest to just drink Cheap Wine --
 it's available in pretty much every tavern and lowers Personality by 10pts
 for two minutes. One can drink up to four potions (legitimately), so that
 means a 40pt decrease is possible in this way, enough for most people.

 When the quest is initiated, Namira states that her "forgotten" worshipping
 in the Ayleid ruin of Anga are being oppressed by Arkay priests, who seek to
 deliver them to the light. That ain't happenin' on her watch, and she bestows
 the "Namira's Shroud" novice Alteration spell which has a pretty high base
 cost. Fortify Magicka spells can work, but it may just be easier to buy a
 weak Alteration spell and level up the stat a bit; this has the effect of
 lowering all of that spell type's costs.

 Anga is located almost directly south of the shrine, near the Silver and
 Orange Roads' intersection. Once inside, get familiar with a common scene:
 Arkay priests walking around with torches, while Forgotten Ones cower in the
 fleeting darkness. The priests aren't likely to attack the player on sight,
 which should help in casting Namira's Shroud as it eliminates the need for
 stealth. This has to be repeated four times to complete the quest.

 NOTE: The quest fails if any Forgotten are killed, or any priests are killed
       by the player. Because of this, it's prudent to not assist the NPCs in
       their killings, nor open the secret chamber containing two undead types.

 REWARD: The [Ring of Namira], in keeping with Namira's parting words, has
         enchantments that hurt those who hurt the player, in the form of
         Reflect Damage 12% and Reflect Spell 10%. 

 Shrine: NE of Leyawiin, just off the road (north of Blankenmarch)
 Prereq: Lv10
 Offer : ---
 Reward: Skeleton Key, +1 Fame

 Nocturnal bids the player to return her lost eye, which has been stolen by
 two Argonians in Leyawiin. The player will then have to go there and determine
 their whereabouts (although those familiar with the quest can cut out the
 canvasing and simply get the eye from its resting place). Questioning people
 about the 'Eye of Nocturnal' topic gives no leads, but some, particularly
 those in the city watch, are more than happy to speak on 'Leyawiin' and how
 Weebam-Na/Bejeen were bragging about a big score.

 With that part done, visit Weebam-Na's house. Question him or his partner
 about 'Eye of Nocturnal' to be stonewalled. The quest update suggests trying
 to eavesdrop on their conversations to learn more, which, unsurprisingly, is
 what one has to do. Fancy methods like invisibility can work, but usually all
 that's required is going around the corner and waiting for them to spill the
 beans. That is, the location: Tidewater Cave.

 The location will be marked along the riverbank SE of Leyawiin, near the 
 mouth of Topal Bay. The interior of said cave is usually filled with bears
 and Kalperklan trolls, so be prepared to fight or sneak through. Luckily the
 [Eye of Nocturnal] is found simply by taking every available left turn, 
 where its shimmering self in sitting in a submerged dead-end passage. Return
 it to Nocturnal's statue and the quest finishes.

 REWARD: SKELETON KEY [5000g; Fortify Security 40pts] This pricy item not only
 gives a hefty security bonus, but prevents lockpicks from breaking. This means
 the player can simply auto-attempt a pickable lock until it gives way, or have
 fun doing the minigame carefully. Just note that the item itself is not a
 usable lockpick, so keep one that is on-hand at all times. [Sacrificing this
 item for the main quest's Daedric Artifact segment is not recommended.]

 Shrine: East of Niben Bay, by the 2nd "R" in "Silverfish River"
 Prereq: Lv10
 Offer : ---
 Reward: Spell Breaker

 This quest stats when the shrine is approached, as all the followers around
 it are unconscious. Talking with Peryite learns they attempted to summon him
 to them, and their souls are now accidentally stuck on a plane of Oblivion.
 He tasks the player wish rescuing them; however, the player won't be able to
 leave until the job's finished.

 NOTE: There's a weird glitch coming up that may prevent the quest from being
       done, so make a separate save before going to the Realm of Peryite.

 The followers are all in the forms of spectral ghost-like figures, and their
 locations are marked by giant bonfires. Talking with them "liberates" them
 from the realm, and when all are done, the portal back to the real world
 opens (at the entry point to realm). However, the "ghosts" may flee when a
 battle goes on, and it's possible for them to get stuck under the lava --
 essentially unrescuable.

 Peryite's realm is shaped like a large donut, with some sections are easiest
 accessible by shortcut tunnels ("The Sightless Grotto") around. Masters of
 Acrobatics can bypass much of that, though, by jumping on the lava's surface,
 which is probably the only useful tip to conquering this realm. Also, from
 personal experience, it can be hard finding the 4th and last person, mostly
 because the realm's map doesn't have a zoom-out version like in Cyrodiil.
 The person I most often miss is the one directly south of the starting dock,
 whose bonfire is visible if y'get close enough to the edge. One has to work
 clockwise (E -> SE -> SW -> W) to get over to that place; the others aren't
 as taxing. Either way, if one can turn invisible, exploring this place is
 ten times easier.

 Once back in the real world, the followers are up and at 'em again, and the
 reward can be obtained.

 REWARD: [Spell Breaker] is a shield enchanted with a 30% Resist Magic effect.
         It'll be outclassed armor-wise but is useful enough to keep around.

 Shrine: NW of Skingrad (south of final "e" in "The Imperial Reserve")
 Prereq: Lv08
 Offer : Cyrodilic Brandy
 Reward: Sanguine Rose, +1 Fame

 Speak with Engorm to learn the item Sanguine desires. [It's available in many
 upper-class households, and purchasable from some taverns.] When summoned,
 the prince of partyin' wants the player to spice up a boring party at the
 Castle Leyawiin. The spell "Stark Reality" is obtained at this time, and is
 to be used on the dinner guests. It happens "tomorrow" in game, but really,
 there is no time limit to speak of.

 Travel to the location and find that the dinner hall is locked and watched
 by a guard. He'll let the player in if s/he's "dressed up" for the gathering,
 although if that fails, tempering his disposition (70+) does the trick. The
 party takes place all day round -- until the quest finishes -- although the
 countess Alessia Caro may not be present at all hours.

 NOTE: Alessia Caro leaves Leyawiin each month from the 15th to 17th, and may
       be killed in the wilderness if the "Ahdarji's Heirloom" Thieves Guild
       quest is complete. This is because until then, she's unkillable; after,
       she ain't.

 The "Stark Reality" spell, as the player finds out, removes all articles of
 clothing from the targets (including oneself). To get the quest update, the
 overwhelming majority of the guests, including the countess, must be affected
 by the spell. However, the player will almost certainly be affected as well,
 essentially gaining a bounty without any way to pay it off. This leaves a few

 • RUN FOR IT: All possessions have been taken, but magic still works, and
   invisibility, chameleon, and such can be used. The bounty itself is low
   enough that, if the player can avoid detection long enough for the guards
   to leave, s/he can walk safely around without them immediately pursuing.
   This is by far the easiest method to pull off since it requires nothing but

 • GO TO JAIL: As long as the spell affects the requisite people, one can get
   the quest update in jail; however, failing gives the update after release,
   not to mention it's possible for the incarceration to lower stats. Since
   the spell stripped the player of possessions, they'll be found in the chest
   at the shrine, not in an evidence box.

 • AVOID DETECTION: This can be very hard, given the effect radius and immense
   guard presence. Having clothes that add up to 100% Chameleon will work, but
   can be a pain to create, and this quest shouldn't need that much prep work.
   The easiest way is to hotkey an invisibility potion and drink it immediately
   after firing the spell. If done quick enough, one vanishes before the spell
   hits, preventing the assigning of blame (which lowers disposition).

 Note that certain items that provide enchantments, like Boots of Springheel
 Jak and the Skeleton Key, will have their effects permanently remain on the
 player as they're forcefully unequipped. Since Stark Reality removes all the
 possessions anyway, make sure those are removed before casting...unless y'want
 the effects forever.

 Any items confiscated by "Stark Reality" will be found in a chest at the
 shrine grounds.

 REWARD: The [Sanguine Rose] is a two-handed staff with a titular effect: it
         summons a random Daedra to fight the target. Only one creature can be
         out at once, and owing no allegiance to the summoner, may attack him
         or her as well. A very interesting staff that's good for conjurers,
         as it lets them have two "allies" out at once. [3000 charge, 10 uses]
         It's good enough that it shouldn't be sacrificed during the main
         questline's Daedric Artifact mission.

 Shrine: Halfway between Bravil and Leyawiin (on Elsweyr border)
 Prereq: Lv02
 Offer : Lesser Soul Gem, Lettuce, Yarn
 Reward: Wabbajack, +1 Fame

 Speak with Farul Ravel to learn the odd combination of offerings Sheogorath
 desires. [They're all common, but it's unlikely one is carrying the trifecta
 upon learning it...] When summoned, the Prince of Madness says he wishes to
 liven up the dull Border Watch settlement, apparently wanting the player to
 fulfill their K'Sharra prophecy.

 NOTE: If one's already finished the Shivering Isles expansion, or gotten near
       the end, Haskill will speak to the player instead, often to hilarious

 Visit the town (south of shrine, along border...guess y'saw that coming) and
 speak with the shaman Ri'Bassa to learn the prophecy entails the world's end,
 brought on by three signs. Those signs are: (1) plague of vermin, like rats,
 overrun town (2) plague of famine slays the livestock without reason. He
 won't speak of the third just then, though... [His disposition must be high
 enough to speak of the signs.] But after more conversation, he suggests
 sleeping in the town inn (atop town's hill).

 There, the innkeeper S'thasa, when asked about her famous cheese, says the
 rare Olroy cheese is so pungent, it would attract rats for miles if used in
 cooking. It's kept in a 'very hard' display case, and can be picked without
 notice if standing between the two cases (S'thasa also has the key). Place
 the cheese in the campfire cooking pot outside the inn to fulfill the first
 step of the prophecy.

 Wait a bit and rats will enter town from the east, prompting an update to
 speak with Ri'bassa. This unnatural act forces him to use his [Rat Poison] by
 the campfire and stairs. Take some once he leaves, bring it to the sheep pen,
 and deposit it in the feeding trough. The livestock eventually come to eat
 it, are poisoned (green effect) and eventually killed, which gives an update
 from Sheogorath saying to visit the middle of town for the hilarious "plague
 of fear". Return to the Madgod for his blessing.

 REWARD: [Wabbajack] is a spear-shaped staff (3000 charge, 10 uses) that has a
         hilarious effect of changing a creature into another creature for 10s.
         It can be useful in slaying normally powerful targets, although there
         is always the chance the enemy is changed into something stronger. It
         doesn't work on NPCs, though, and after the duration ends, the enemy
         reappears at full health. 

 Shrine: Shore of Lake Poppad (east of Imperial City, SW of Cheydinhal)
 Prereq: Lv5
 Offer : Black Soul Gem
 Reward: Skull of Corruption, +1 Fame

 Aymar Douar will specify which type of offering Vaermina desires. She wants
 the [Orb of Vaermina], which was stolen from the dream realm, retrieved from
 the wizard Arkved. His dwelling, appropriately named "Arkved's Tower," is a
 bit southwest from the shrine grounds.

 This dungeon is quite unlike any other in the game, as having possession of
 the Orb has perverted it into a waking dream. This becomes most apparent
 upon entering the second area "Arkved's Void," which is a nightmarish acid
 trip just starting. Although the sights are quite wonderful, an expedient
 gamer will probably want to avoid fighting the throngs of top-tier Daedra and
 just getting to the final room (Arkved's Death Quarters). The Orb is sitting
 on a desk, right by the Illusion skill book "Palla, volume 1". Killing Arkved
 isn't required, but isn't detrimental either. Exit via the nearby door and
 spawn back in Cyrodiil via a newly-formed trapdoor.

 NOTE: Be careful when exploring Arkved's Oasis! Should one get inside the
       tower with enough Acrobatics, there's no legit way out again.

 Return to Vaermina with the Orb to finish.

 REWARD: The [Skull of Corruption] is a magical staff with 3000 charge (20
 uses) that has a 30-second Corruption effect. When used on an NPC, it creates
 a perfect, albeit violent, doppleganger that attacks the real version. The
 imposter NPC has a duplicate inventory, which is why this players love this
 staff: item duplication! Paired with the Staff of Worms, there's many lovely
 implications... Obviously it's not recommended to sacrifice this unique item
 in the main questline's Daedric Artifact quest. [NOTE: Using this on an NPC
 counts as an attack, and they'll be hostile towards the player as well.]

RACES OVERVIEW                                                           [RCSV]
 Since Cyrodiil is a giant country bordering many others, it's only natural
 for there to be many races to play as. When creating a new character, it's
 wise to account for a race's skill boosts, inherent powers and immunities or
 weaknesses, and gender-dependant attribute boosts. [Default value for all
 attributes is 40; for skills, 05.]

 Note that no matter the race, it's always possible to get max stats -- it's
 just easier for some than others. Example: male Nords and Orcs get a penalty
 to Intelligence, and few (if any) magic-related racial skills, making them
 poor choices as natural mages. That doesn't mean they CAN'T be mages with a
 bit of work, though. Classes, major skills, specializations, and birthsigns
 can all help in smoothing over statistic weakpoints in these cases.

 ¹ - Male-only trait
 ² - Female-only trait

  _________________   Also known as "Altmer" in their homeland of Summerset
 | RACIAL BOOSTS   |  Isle, the High Elves are the most strongly gifted in
 |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|  the arcane arts of all the races. However, they are
 | +05 Alchemy     |  also somewhat vulnerable to fire, frost, and shock.
 | +10 Alteration  |
 | +05 Conjuration |  RACIAL ABILITIES
 | +10 Destruction |  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
 | +05 Illusion    |  • High Elf Enhanced Magicka (Fortify Magicka 100pts)
 | +10 Mysticism   |  • High Elf Disease Resistance (Resist Disease 75pts)
 |_________________|  • High Elf Elemental Weakness (Weakness to Fire 25%)
 | GENDER BOOSTS   |  • High Elf Elemental Weakness (Weakness to Frost 25%)
 |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|  • High Elf Elemental Weakness (Weakness to Shock 25%)
 | +10 Intellignce |
²| -10 Endurance   |  Altmer have a great many magic-related abilities, so
¹| -10 Speed       |  it's no secret where their strong points lie. Further-
 | -10 Strength    |  -more, their strength and endurance penalties kinda
 |_________________|  force them into that line of work, too.

 However, those who want to make fighting Altmer should do well to use the
 Lady or Warrior birthsigns, the latter especially for females (cancels out
 both gender decrements). Of course, since Altmeri get the highest magicka
 fortifications, the magicka-boosting signs (Mage, Apprentice, Atronach) are
 on the table. It's not recommended to be the Apprentice though, as it will
 compound one's inherent elemental weaknesses and let mages fry the character
 with ease. [It helps to rely on a bevy of protective enchantments in this
 case, like Reflect Spell, Spell Absorption, Resist Magic, etc.] The Atronach
 and its stunted magicka effect might not be a good idea for new players, but
 vets can find use in the ridiculously high magicka reservoir.

  _________________   This reptilian race, well-suited to the treacherous
 | RACIAL BOOSTS   |  swamps of its homeland, has developed natural immunities
 |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|  to diseases and poisons. They can breathe underwater and
 | Alchemy +5      |  are good at picking locks.
 | Athletics +10   |  
 | Blade +5        |  RACIAL ABILITIES
 | Hand to Hand +5 |  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
 | Illusion +5     |  • Argonian Poison Immunity (Resist Poison 100%)
 | Mysticism +5    |  • Argonian Water Breathing (Permanent Water Breathing)
 | Security +10    |  • Argonian Disease Resistance (Resist Disease 75%)
 | GENDER BOOSTS   |  Argonians' water breathing is really what separates 'em
 |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|  from other classes, but considering its unimportance and
 | +10 Agility     |  how easily one can enchant equipment with the trait, it
 | +10 Speed       |  doesn't matter too much. Still, playing an Argonian has
²| +10 Intellignce |  some upsides here and there, such as being able to get
 | -10 Endurance   |  master Alteration training without doing a test.
 | -10 Personality |
¹| -10 Willpower   |  Birthsign-wise, it's easy to play off the race's sneaky
 |_________________|  nature, with The Thief or The Steed being worthwhile
                      choices. Female Argonians also get an Intelligence
 boost, so those who want to be good mages can pick The Lady to offset the
 Endurance penalty. Since the class has minor weapon proficiencies, and no
 related attribute decrements, The Warrior makes sense, too.

  _________________   The clanfolk of the Western Valenwood forests, also
 | RACIAL BOOSTS   |  known as "Bosmer," Wood Elves are nimble and quick,
 |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|  making them good scouts and thieves, and there are no
 | +05 Acrobatics  |  finer archers in all of Tamriel. Their ability to
 | +10 Alchemy     |  command simple creatures is well-known.
 | +05 Alteration  |
 | +05 Light Armor |  RACIAL ABILITIES
 | +10 Marksman    |  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
 | +10 Sneak       |  • Beast Tongue (Command Creature to Lv5/60s on Target)
 |_________________|  • Wood Elf Disease Resistance (Resist Disease 75%)
 |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|  In addition to being the butt of many jokes due to their
 | +10 Agility     |  small stature, Bosmer also get the worst racial bonuses
 | +10 Speed       |  of anyone, so playing off their skill/attribute boosts
²| -10 Endurance   |  is very wise -- there's a reason there's so many Wood
 | -10 Strength    |  Elf archers, folks! With strength penalties and a lack
¹| -10 Personality |  of racial weapon proficiencies, it's usually good to
 | -10 Willpower   |  be some kind of assassin/stealth-based character.
                      Luckily, there's plenty of Birthsigns that play to a
 Bosmer's strong points. The Steed can make characters speed demons, beginning
 with 70 Speed, while The Thief's agility/luck/speed boosts are an obvious pick
 for burglar types. Those who want to offset the class' main weaknesses may
 want to pick The Warrior (Strength/Endurance) or The Lady (Willpower).

  _________________   In addition to their quick and perceptive grasp of
 | RACIAL BOOSTS   |  spellcraft, even the humblest of Bretons can boast a
 |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|  resistance to magical energies. They are particularly
 | Alchemy +5      |  skilled at summoning and healing magic.
 | Alteration +5   |
 | Conjuration +10 |  RACIAL ABILITIES
 | Illusion +5     |  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
 | Mysticism +10   |  • Breton Enhanced Magicka (Fortify Magicka +50)
 | Restoration +10 |  • Breton Magic Resistance (Resist Magic 50%)
 |_________________|  • Dragon Skin (Shield 50% on Self)  
 |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|  Arguably, Bretons get the best racial abilities in the
 | +10 Intellignce |  game, ripe for those who love spellcasting or those who
 | +10 Willpower   |  the class' resistance to spellcasters. Speaking of
 | -10 Endurance   |  which, the Resist Magic resistance can help mitigate
²| -10 Strength    |  some birthsigns' downsides, such as The Apprentice's
¹| -10 Speed       |  "Weakness to Magic 100%" effect (which would be halved
 |_________________|  effectually).

 Plenty of birthsigns come to mind for mage type, such as the aforementioned
 Apprentice or Lady/Mage/Atronach signs. Those who want to play as an up-close
 fighter might want to pick The Warrior (especially if female) or even The
 Steed/Thief, which offsets males' speed penalty. Another interesting choice
 would be the Lord, which gives an easy-to-use lesser power "Blood of the
 North" which is great for healing and only costs a ridiculously low-priced
 50 magicka.

  _________________   Also known as "Dunmer" in their homeland of Morrowind,
 | RACIAL BOOSTS   |  the Dark Elves are noted for their skill and balanced
 |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|  integration of the sword, the bow and destruction magic.
 | +05 Athletics   |  They are resistant to fire and can summon an ancestral
 | +10 Blade       |  ghost for aid.
 | +05 Blunt       |
 | +10 Destruction |  RACIAL ABILITIES
 | +05 Light Armor |  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
 | +05 Marksman    |  • Dark Elf Fire Resistance (Resist Fire 75%)
 | +05 Mysticism   |  • Summon Ancestor Guardian (Summon Ancestor 60s on Self)
 | GENDER BOOSTS   |  As their description says, Dunmer can be good with a
 |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|  fine blades or fiery flames, and all get speed boosts
 | +10 Speed       |  as a bonus.
²| -10 Endurance   |
¹| -10 Personality |  Where birthsigns are concerned, there's plenty of good
 | -10 Willpower   |  ones. All Dunmer get a Willpower penalty that can be
 |_________________|  canceled out by The Lady, but its the she-Dunmeri that
                      really benefit as it also cancels out their Endurance
 penalty. Besides normal magician birthsigns (Mage, Apprentice, Atronach), a
 good choice is the Lord, which gives an easy-to-use healing lesser power and
 the fire weakness (25%) is avoided by the already-present fire resistance.
 Fighter types should have little trouble adapting with The Warrior or The
 Thief, depending on how overt one's tactics want to be.

  _________________   Natives of the civilized, cosmopolitan province of
 | RACIAL BOOSTS   |  Cyrodiil, they have proved to be shrewd diplomats and
 |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|  traders. They are skilled with heavy armor and in the
 | +05 Blade       |  social skills and tend to favor the warrior classes.
 | +05 Blunt       |
 | +05 Hand 2 Hand |  RACIAL ABILITIES
 | +05 Heavy Armor |  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
 | +10 Mercantile  |  • Star of the West (Absorb Fatigue 100pts on Touch)
 | +10 Speechcraft |  • Voice of the Emperor (Charm 30pts/30s on Target)
 | GENDER BOOSTS   |  Not much to say about the Imperials besides they're
 |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|  born and bred to be warriors, and not a bad selection
 | +10 Personality |  for those wanting the early personality/mercantile
 | -10 Agility     |  boosts.
²| -10 Speed       |
¹| -10 Willpower   |  With only two gender-related stat penalties, there's a
 |_________________|  couple good birthsigns to choose. Female Imperials can
                      choose The Thief to countermand Agility/Speed issues,
 while males have to pick between Agility (Thief) or Willpower (Lady) if they
 want to walk the same road. Neither have Strength or Endurance penalties,
 making Warrior (+10 Strength/Endurance) or Steed (+20 Speed) good choices as

  _________________   Hailing from the province of Elsweyr, they are
 | RACIAL BOOSTS   |  intelligent, quick, and agile. They make excellent
 |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|  thieves due to their natural agility and unmatched
 | +10 Acrobatics  |  acrobatics skill. All Khajiit can see in the dark.
 | +05 Athletics   |
 | +05 Blade       |  RACIAL ABILITIES
 | +10 Hand 2 Hand |  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
 | +05 Light Armor |  • Eye of Fear  (Demoralize up to Lv25/30s on Target)
 | +05 Security    |  • Eye of Night (Lesser Power: Night-Eye for 30s)
 | +05 Sneak       |
 |_________________|  Their highly acrobatic, sneaky nature tends to make
 | GENDER BOOSTS   |  Khajiiti adaptive to all forms of combat, especially
 |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|  with some inborn weapon proficiencies. Additionally,
 | +10 Agility     |  they get a lesser power that gives Night-Eye without a
²| -10 Strength    |  magicka cost -- sweet!
¹| -10 Endurance   |
 | -10 Willpower   |  Where birthsigns are concerned, there's options aplenty
 |_________________|  to pick. Male Khajiit can choose the Lady as their sign
                      and negate the natural stat penalties; females would
 have to pick between strength (Warrior) and willpower, though. Other than
 that, the obvious option is the Thief's bonuses to speed/agility/luck, or
 even the Steed for another immense speed boost. Two other stealth-oriented
 choices one might want are the Shadow and Tower birthsigns, but refrain!
 Longsighted players will get more mileage out of other choices, especially
 ones whose conferred abilities don't become worthless. [Note that the Tower
 is the only non-Shivering Isles method to get Reflect Damage at spellmaking
 altars, and ends up being the only incentive to pick the Tower whatsoever.]

  _________________   Citizens of Skyrim, they are a tall and fair-haired
 | RACIAL BOOSTS   |  people. Strong and hardy, Nords are famous for their
 |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|  resistance to cold. They are highly talented warriors.
 | +05 Armorer     |
 | +10 Blade       |  RACIAL ABILITIES
 | +05 Block       |  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
 | +05 Blunt       |  • Nordic Frost (Frost Damage 50pts on Touch)
 | +10 Heavy Armor |  • Woad (Shield 30%/60s on Self)
 | +05 Restoration |  • Nordic Frost Immunity (Resist Frost 50%)
 | GENDER BOOSTS   |  With defensive-oriented racial abilities, and a decent
 |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|  proficiency in heavy weapons and armor, Nords are made
¹| +10 Endurance   |  for close-up fighting. This will become patently
 | +10 Strength    |  obvious as Nords are only found as hard-hitting types
 | -10 Intellignce |  of classes, like marauders, barbarians, and such.
 | -10 Personality |
¹| -10 Willpower   |  Ahh, birthsigns. Male get an extra Endurance boost in
 |_________________|  exchange for a Willpower penalty, putting them in the
                      hole if a player wants to create a mage. Counteracting
 it with the Lady gets rid of the Willpower issue, but no birthsign smooths
 over an Intelligence penalty, unfortunately. But who're we kiddin', Nords
 don't need fancy magic when they can bash your head in! Some birthsigns
 should foregone conclusions on this end: the Warrior, Thief, Lady... With a
 starting frost resistance, the Lord's large healing ability "Blood of the
 North" fits in with the Nord theme, and can be quite useful as it heals up
 to 90 health for 50 magicka -- perfect for any magic-dumb brute! An inspired
 choice for pure fighters might also be the Atronach, which makes the 50%
 Spell Absorption effect seem better and the stunted magicka effect seem less
 important. Finally, the Steed can be great for those planning on using axes
 and warhammers, or even if one's not.

  _________________   The people of the Wrothgarian and Dragontail Mountains,
 | RACIAL BOOSTS   |  Orcish armorers are prized for their craftsmanship. Orc
 |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|  troops in heavy armor are among the finest in the Empire,
 | +10 Armorer     |  and are fearsome when using their berserker rage.
 | +10 Block       |
 | +10 Blunt       |  RACIAL ABILITIES
 | +05 Hand 2 Hand |  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
 | +10 Heavy Armor |  • Orc Magic Resistance (Resist Magic 25%)
 |_________________|  • Berserk (Fortify Health 20pts, Fatigue 200pts, Strength
 | GENDER BOOSTS   |    50pts for 60s; Drain Agility 100pts for 60s)
¹| +10 Endurance   |  Orcs are barbarians, pure and simple, and are meant to
 | +05 Strength    |  get in the fray, mercilessly ravage all enemies, and
²| +05 Willpower   |  pick their teeth with the spines of the fallen! [They'll
¹| +10 Willpower   |  even attest to that...] With a free magical resistance
 | -05 Agility     |  and battle-hardened skill boosts, there's a reason one
 | -10 Intellignce |  never finds orc mages.
¹| -10 Personality |
²| -15 Personality |  Birthsign-wise, orcs can benefit from the same things
 | -10 Speed       |  as the Nords, although this race gets more penalties
 |_________________|  than any other. All Orcs have lower Speed and Agility
                      than other classes, making passive bonuses like the
 Thief's great for pulling 'em out of the red. There's not much to do about
 the Personality penalties, but then again, no one plays Orcs to make nice
 with everyone, aye? Besides reparative birthsigns like that listed, great
 choices are the Warrior, Lady, and Steed (start with +10 Speed!). Atronach
 orcs' 50-point Spell Absorption, along with their inherent magic resistance,
 can make them stand even longer in battle. And of course, with a player
 PROBABLY not being a mage, birthsigns that confer healing abilities may be
 pretty good as well. The Ritual has a greater power that heals 200pts, while
 the Lord has a lesser power that heals 90pts total (along with a 25% fire
 weakness). Prescient players may find the Lord to be a terrific companion
 while dungeon-crawling, actually, as its low magicka cost and reusability
 are great for magicka novices.

  _________________   The most naturally talented warriors in Tamriel. In
 | RACIAL BOOSTS   |  addition to their cultural affinities for many weapon
 |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|  and armor styles, they also have a hardy constitution
 | +10 Athletics   |  and a natural resistance to disease and poison.
 | +10 Blade       |
 | +10 Blunt       |  RACIAL ABILITIES
 | +05 Heavy Armor |  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
 | +05 Light Armor |  • Redguard Disease Resistance (Resist Disease 75%)
 | +05 Mercantile  |  • Redguard Poison Resistance (Resist Poison 75%)
 |_________________|  • Adrenaline Rush (Fortify Agility, Strength, Endurance,
 | GENDER BOOSTS   |    Speed 50pts for 60s; Fortify Health 25pts for 60s)
¹| +10 Strength    |  As said, Redguards are the most proficient warriors in
 | +10 Endurance   |  the game, and while there's a few Redguard mages here
 | -10 Intellignce |  and there (s'up Travond!) it's usually not their style
¹| -10 Personality |  -- that's what the intelligence/willpower penalties're
 | -10 Willpower   |  for. Just look at Adrenaline Rush: it's geared towards
 |_________________|  close-range combat and has no downsides!

 Complementary birthsigns are pretty easy to find. The Warrior's endurance
 and strength bonuses are always welcome, while The Steed's speed bonus can
 help make combat less sluggish in the early going. Should one not plan on
 playing as a spellcaster whatsoever, The Atronach's stunted magicka penalty
 will be unimportant while still giving that awesome 50% Spell Absorption
 effect. Unfortunately for Redguard mage fans, there's no birthsign that can
 offset the Intelligence/Willpower penalties, so that'd have to be offset in
 the class-making portion.

RUNESTONES                                                               [RNST]
                        (¯¯¯'._/        H __    '._       ,'¯¯¯¯'.
                         )               (##) H    '.___,'       /
 STONE TYPE           _,'                 ¯¯                    (
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯          /                       H      H    S       \
 H - Hestra          )                                 H          \
 R - Reman           |                                   ___       )
 S - Sidri-Ashak     )  ___                             (###)      (
                   ,'  (###)           ,-.-.-.__H        ¯¯¯        )
                  /     ¯¯¯           ,'________'.                 (
                ,'                   ( (H   ##  \ )      H /)     ,'
               /                      ) ¯\ #### /(      (\//     (
            __/                      (   ( ####(  )      \(       '._
         _,'      R                   \__ \ ### ) |       ))         \
     _,-'                                '.¯¯¯\/  )     _/(           '.
   ,'                  R  ___              ¯'-._ (     //¯\)            \
  (          R___        (###)                S \ \   ((                 '.__
  (          (###)        ¯¯¯                    \ \__//      /)             (
  (           ¯¯¯     R  ,-.                      )   /      {(  R            }
   \S  __           R,'¯¯   ¯'.  ,------.       ,'    \_______))             /
    \ )##(      ,'¯¯¯          ¯¯        '     (       ,'¯¯¯¯¯¯             /
     ¯¯¯¯)   ,'¯                          \    (      (                    /
          ¯¯¯                              '.   \     (       _   /)      / 
 Runestones are similar to doomstones in     ) __\     \____  ))_/(_/)  ,' 
 looks, and appear as a rocky obelisk w/    / (###\    /¯¯¯\\//¯¯¯¯¯¯ _/
 green engraving and big boulders around   /   ¯¯¯¯),-'     \(      ,'
 it. Instead of giving a greater power    (    ___//         \)   _/
 when inspected, runestones give long-    (   (/¯// R           _/
 -lasting Bound equipment spells. Each     \    //            ,'
 of the three types gives a certain one:   )   ((           _/
                                          (    /(          /
 Hestra ----: Dagger/Mace, Gauntlets      |   (  )        /
 Reman -----: Claymore/Axe, Cuirass       |   |  |      ,'
 Sidri-Ashak: Longbow, Helm               )  _(  )R   ,'
                                          ) (##)(    (
 Which weapon is received is dependant   /__|#/  \   ( 
 on one's Blade/Blunt proficiencies.    (/   ¯    '.__\

SKILLS & TRAINERS                                                        [SKLL]
 Skills are a character's traits. Seven (7) are chosen during the tutorial
 dungeon as "major skills" -- that is, increasing these will be the only way
 to level up. Major skills start at Lv25 proficiency. All others become "minor
 skills," which contribute to stat increases but not to leveling-up themselves.
 Minor skills start at 

 Those who don't want to increase skills manually (see methods below) can
 find trainers who, for some cash, increase a skill by one (1) point. Training
 can only be done five times per level, and only if the trainer is proficient
 enough to train (a novice Acrobatics trainer can't train an Expert in that
 skill, for instance).

 There IS a work-around to getting cheaper training, however. Pretend a player
 is Lv75 in Acrobatics but only knows where an Apprentice-level trainer is. By
 using a "Drain Acrobatics" spell on self, right before talking to the person,
 cheaper training can be obtained. The opposite is true, too: fortifying a
 skill past 100 will prevent one from getting ANY training. In those cases,
 remove the fortifying equipment or wait for the spell to dispel, then try to
 get the assistance.

 |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|  Each skill can be leveled to 100 naturally, and at
 | LV01-24 = Novice     |  every milestone (25, 50, 75, 100) a perk unlocks.
 | LV25-49 = Apprentice |  For instance, at each milestone, one can use better
 | LV50-74 = Journeyman |  quality magic spells. Typically "Fortify" spells
 | LV75-99 = Expert     |  don't do assist in getting the perks prematurely,
 | LV 100  = Master     |  although for some it's possible. Example: fortifying
 |______________________|  to Lv100 in Armorer grants its max-level perk.

 |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|  Training uses simpler classification skills, and
 | LV01-40 = Novice     |  only falls in three level-based categories. All
 | LV41-70 = Journeyman |  Novice (low) and Journeyman (mid) trainers can be
 | LV71+   = Master     |  used by default, but master trainers only unlock by
 |______________________|  getting a referral from the Journeyman trainers
                           available (requires Lv70 in skill). Besides that,
 trainers only offer services at set times of the day, and those belonging to
 a guild typically require one to be a guildmember to obtain the services.
 Note that DLC trainers do not give master-training referrals!

 Skills can also be increased permanently by reading certain skill books,
 which give a one-time boost. On the flipside, skills can be permanently
 lowered (1 point) by serving jail time, although by that same token, staying
 in jail may increase Security or Sneak (also 1 point). 

ACROBATICS                                               [Governed by: Speed]
 This skill allows one to leap higher and fall great distances while taking
 lessened damage. Increasing it is quite simple: jump around, incur fall
 damage, and once earned, use dodging techniques.

 Increasing Acrobatics gives two very useful abilities. At Lv50, one gains
 dodging ability. This is done by holding block, pointing in a direction, and
 pressing Y-button (default). This allows one to side-roll, somersault forward,
 or backflip, depending on what direction is chosen; and, when coupled with
 higher speed, it becomes a great tool for avoiding needless damage.

 The second ability earned is at the highest rank: water-jumping! It's similar
 to water-walking, except it requires reflexive timing instead of enchantments.
 To successfully walk on lakes' and streams' surfaces, perform a jump when one
 comes in contact, allowing another jump to be possible, and so on. Mistimed
 jumps make one fall through, though. Positioning the camera behind oneself is
 often best for doing these successfully.

 Lv01 -: Can't attack while in midair
 Lv25 -: Can attack in midair but only with normal attacks
 Lv50 -: Can attack in midair with power attacks, too
      -: Allows one to dodge attacks via acrobatic maneuvers
 Lv75 -: Halves fatigue cost when jumping
 Lv100 : Can jump across water's surface if timed correctly

 Low --: Ida Vlinorman [Imperial City Elvens Garden District]
 Low --: Quill-Weave [Anvil]
 Mid --: Ganredhel [Cheydinhal]
 Mid --: Tsrava [Leyawiin: J'bari's House]
 Master: Torbern [Aerin's Camp]

ALCHEMY                                           [Governed by: Intelligence]
 Alchemy is one's skill in potion- and poison-making, as well as deduction of
 ingredients' hidden potential. One's proficiency in this skill directly
 impacts the concoctions' potency (effects' duration) and the potions prices,
 making it easy to line one's pockets by selling off junk creations. Simply
 creating potions and eating ingredients helps increase Alchemy, so it pays to
 collect every ingredient around in pursuit of mastery. [Ingredient shops,
 alchemic gardens, and farms works well.]

 To perform alchemy, one must have any kind of Mortar & Pestle, which can be
 found just about anywhere ingredients or mages are found. Other pieces of
 equipment can be found to increase effects, too, though. An Alembic minimizes
 potions' negative traits; a Calcinator increases the duration of all effects;
 a Retort magnifies potions' positive effects.

 Alchemic mixtures create either potions or poisons. Potions come in pink
 bottles, have more positive effects than negatives, and only affect oneself
 with their effects. Poisons come in green bottles, have more negative effects
 than positives, and are used to coat weapons' blades to inflict extra hurt on

 Combining ingredients is done by finding 2+ different samples that have the
 same effect, then using them up to create the potion or poison. Example below:

 Ham ---: Restore Fatigue, Restore Health, Damage Magicka, Damage Luck
 Pumpkin: Restore Fatigue, Damage Agility, Damage Personality, Detect Life
 Venison: Restore Health, Feather, Damage Health, Chameleon

 If one wanted to make a potion of just a Pumpkin and Venison, they would be
 unable since none have common traits (at any level). However, adding Ham to
 the equation would allow all 3 to make a potion together since they each
 share a common trait (Restore Fatigue and Restore Health, respectively). It's
 pretty easy to understand after a little hands-on experience.

 LV01 -: Can identify 1 of an ingredient's 4 traits
 LV25 -: Can identify 2 of an ingredient's 4 traits
 LV50 -: Can identify 3 of an ingredient's 4 traits
 LV75 -: Can identify 4 of an ingredient's 4 traits
 LV100 : Can make a potion from a single ingredient (no combining necessary)

 Low --: Felen Relas [Anvil Mages Guild]
 Low --: S'drassa [Leyawiin Mages Guild]
 Mid --: Ardaline [Bravil Mages Guild]
 Mid --: Brotch Calus [Bruma]
 Master: Sinderion [Skingrad: West Weald Inn]

ALTERATION                                           [Governed by: Willpower]
 Alteration is the school of magic specializing in real-world interaction.
 Within its knowledge, one can breathe underwater, walk on water, magically
 open pickable locks, mitigate melee/magic damage, and gain extra encumbrance
 for when there's too much loot to carry. Like all magical fields, casting
 the spells not only increases one's proficiency, but lowers the base cost
 of the spells themselves.

 LV01 -: Can cast Novice-level spells
 LV25 -: Can cast Apprentice-level spells
 LV50 -: Can cast Journeyman-level spells
 LV75 -: Can cast Expert-level spells
 LV100 : Can cast Master-level spells

 Low --: Deetsan [Cheydinhal Mages Guild] 
 Low --: Dovyn Aren [Imperial City Elven Gardens District]
 Mid --: Abhuki [Faregyl Inn, along The Green Road (south of Imperial City)]
 Mid --: Athragar [Chorrol Mages Guild]
 Master: Tooth-in-the-Sea [Niben Bay; sleeps on beach by Flooded Mine]

ARMORER                                              [Governed by: Endurance]
 This skill relates to repairing equipment which, as one may know, decreases
 in attack or defensive power via the heat of battle. This skill requires one
 to have consumable "Repair Hammer" items that may break when used, and often
 will for low-proficiency players. [Only items with health can be repaired;
 accessories, rings, and some others are not applicable targets.] HOWEVER,
 repairing things oneself saves boatloads of cash, as the alternative is
 paying others -- often store proprietors -- to do it.

 Repairing equipment helps increase Armorer, but with breaking hammers and
 having to seek them out, not to mention having to find damaged equipment
 and being unable to repair enchanted stuff at low levels, Armorer is one of
 the slower skills to increase. There are ways around this though:

 1) Make a spell or piece of equipment with a "Disintegrate Armor/Weapon" 
    effect to intentionally hurt armor/weapons' health. In the Shivering Isles
    expansion, the Ring of Disintegration can do this (10,000pts!) and is a
    quick way of utterly destroying held items. Hotkeying such equipment and
    continuously removing/equipping the piece will damage faster.

 2) Loot foes' corpses for equipment, repair them, then throw 'em away
 3) Repairing things past 100% Health (to 125%) still counts towards Armorer

 In any case, the main goal is to reach Lv50, as one often picks up enchanted
 equipment along the journeys. Because of this, training in Armorer until then
 is a good idea, especially if it's a major skill.

 LV01 -: Can repair normal (unenchanted) equipment
 LV25 -: Repair hammers last twice as long
 LV50 -: Can repair magical (enchanted) equipment
 LV75 -: Can repair equipment up to 125% health (increases effectiveness)
 LV100 : Repair hammers can't break

 Low --: Eitar [Leyawiin: The Dividing Line]
 Low --: Tadrose Helas [Bravil Fighters Guild]
 Mid --: Rasheda [Chorrol: Fire and Steel]
 Mid --: Rohssan [Imperial City Market District: A Fighting Chance]
 Master: Gin-Wulm [Imperial City Market District: The Best Defense]

ATHLETICS                                                [Governed by: Speed]
 As its name suggests, Athletics relates to strenuous exercises, namely the
 gratuitous running and swimming a character is likely to encounter during
 journeys around Cyrodiil. This skill, then, increases while doing those two
 activities, although slightly faster when swimming. [Sneaking doesn't count
 towards this skill, only to Sneak; fast-traveling isn't applicable either,
 but that should've been obvious.]

 LV01 -: Regenerates speed slowly when running
 LV25 -: Regenerates speed 25% faster when running
 LV50 -: Regenerates speed 50% faster when running
 LV75 -: Regenerates speed 75% faster when running
 LV100 : Regenerates speed normally when running (no regneration penalty)

 Low --: Mahei [Leyawiin]
 Low --: Uuras the Shephard [Skingrad]
 Mid --: Honditar [Chorrol]
 Master: Rusia Bradus [Anvil]

 Note that there's only one advanced trainer who can give actual training, but
 Hauls-Rope-Faster [Anvil Docks] can still give a referral to Rusia.

BLADE                                                 [Governed by: Strength]
 Blade affects one's proficiency with bladed weapons (daggers, shortswords,
 swords, katanas, claymores) and increases when an appropriate target is
 struck. The target has to be real, though, no swinging at thin air, hitting
 walls or training dummies, etc.

 Increasing Blade allows one to get more specializations to the power attack,
 which is done for all melee weapons by holding down the attack button and
 pressing a direction. So, to do a backwards power attack, hold down the
 button and press "back" on the joystick. [Directions are always relative to
 the player's direction.]

 LV01 -: Can do basic power attack
 LV25 -: Gets damage bonus to basic power attack
 LV50 -: Can do spinning power attack (has chance to disarm)
 LV75 -: Can do backwards power attack (has chance of knockdown)
 LV100 : Can do forward power attack (has chance of paralysis)

 Low --: Naspia Cosma [Castle Cheydinhal]
 Low --: Right-Wind [Bruma Fighters Guild]
 Mid --: Rhano [Anvil Fighters Guild]
 Mid --: Sherina [Leyawiin Fighters Guild]
 Master: Alix Lencolia [Faregyl Inn, along Green Road south of Imperial City]

BLOCK                                                 [Governed by: Strength]
 Block affects one's proficiency with (surprise!) parrying enemies' attacks,
 thus mitigating damage. It works best with a shield but can also be done with
 a weapon (if shieldless) or one's fists (if shield- and weaponless). To raise
 one's skill in this field, successfully block a foe's attack -- that's it! A
 good way to train is finding a weak enemy (like a mudcrab or rat) or turn a
 summoned creature hostile, and just let 'em wail on the character. Just
 remove any Reflect Damage/Magic enchantments so they're not accidentally slain
 in the process.

 LV01 -: Blocking fatigues character
      -: Hand to Hand blocking does nothing
 LV25 -: Blocking doesn't fatigue character anymore
 LV50 -: Shield/weapon's health not damaged by blocking
      -: Blocking w/ fists makes foe recoil (full damage still received)
 LV75 -: May counterattack when opponent is staggered by a block
 LV100 : Aformentioned counterattack gains chance to disarm opponent

 Low --: Huurwen [Anvil Fighters Guild]
 Low --: Fadus Calidius [Skingrad Fighters Guild]
 Mid --: Ambrose Canne [Skingrad]
 Mid --: Lum gro-Baroth [Chorrol Fighters Guild]
 Master: Andragil [Bravil]

BLUNT                                                 [Governed by: Strength]
 This affects one's proficiency with hafted and crushing weapons, namely the
 axe, hammer, and mace. The skill increases when an appropriate target is hit,
 and like Blade, it has to be an actual target -- attacking buildings and such
 is quixotically ignorant and makes the Dunmer laugh at you. [Okay, not
 really, but they probably would...]

 Increasing Blunt allows one to get more specializations to the power attack,
 which is done for all melee weapons by holding down the attack button and
 pressing a direction. So, to do a backwards power attack, hold down the
 button and press "back" on the joystick. [Directions are always relative to
 the player's direction.]

 LV01 -: Can do basic power attack
 LV25 -: Gets damage bonus to basic power attack
 LV50 -: Can do spinning power attack (has chance to disarm)
 LV75 -: Can do backwards power attack (has chance of knockdown)
 LV100 : Can do forward power attack (has chance of paralysis)

 Low --: Bugak gro-Bol [Leyawiin: Southern Books]
 Low --: Vigdis [Anvil Fighters Guild]
 Mid --: Azzan [Anvil Fighters Guild]
 Mid --: Christophe Marane [Brina Cross Inn, along Gold Road north of Anvil]
 Master: Irene Metrick [Imperial City Elven Gardens District]

CONJURATION                                       [Governed by: Intelligence]
 Conjuration is the school of magic involved with summoning things -- helpers
 or equipment -- from other realms, most notably Oblivion itself. Conjured
 creatures (for their spell's duration) will help the player in attacking
 foes nearby, and can be used repeatably. This makes them useful tools for
 making escapes, creating diversions, or just evening the odds when ambushed
 by larger forces. Like all magical fields, casting the spells not only
 increases one's proficiency, but lowers the spells' base cost as well.

 This school of magic is especially easy to train in, especially with bound
 equipment spells. Simply summon a weapon, sheath it (to void spell), and cast
 it again. This can later be replaced with simple summoning spells, such as
 "Summon Skeleton" which ends up with a dirt-cheap magicka cost. Conjuration
 can also be good for training other skills that require inflicting damage,
 such as Blade and Destruction, or incurring damage, like Heavy & Light Armor.
 Remember that hitting a summoned creature thrice makes it hostile to the

 LV01 -: Can cast Novice-level spells
 LV25 -: Can cast Apprentice-level spells
 LV50 -: Can cast Journeyman-level spells
 LV75 -: Can cast Expert-level spells
 LV100 : Can cast Master-level spells

 Low --: Fathis Aren [Castle Bravil] 
 Low --: Sulinus Vassinus [Skingrad Mages Guild]
 Mid --: Alberic Litte [Chorrol Mages Guild]
 Mid --: Arentus Falvius [Bruma: Chapel of Talos]
 Master: Olyn Seran [Molag Bal's Shrine, south of "T" in "The Great Forest"]

DESTRUCTION                                          [Governed by: Willpower]
 As its name suggests, Destruction is the school of magic who makes it a
 priority to hurt stuff. Those imagining fireballs, lightning bolts, frosty
 attacks are in the right place, but that's not all the school can offer:
 it can impose elemental weaknesses and damage enemy skills, attributes,
 health, and so on.

 Like all schools of magic, casting the spells not only increases one's
 proficiency, but lowers the spells' base cost as well. HOWEVER, Destruction
 requires an applicable target is affected by the spell, which is harder since
 destruction spells are typically "on target" -- slinging fireballs randomly
 into the hills won't do anything experience-wise. Thus, those who hate having
 to run around looking for wildlife to incinerate should create an "on self"
 spell to help increase the speed. A good suggestion would be a Disintegrate
 Armor/Weapon spell, which not only increases Destruction but can help increase
 the similarly slow Armorer skill, too.

 LV01 -: Can cast Novice-level spells
 LV25 -: Can cast Apprentice-level spells
 LV50 -: Can cast Journeyman-level spells
 LV75 -: Can cast Expert-level spells
 LV100 : Can cast Master-level spells

 Low --: Chanel [Castle Chorrol]
 Low --: J'skar [Bruma Mages Guild]
 Mid --: Delphine Jend [Bravil Mages Guild]
 Mid --: Marc Gulitte [Anvil Mages Guild]
 Master: Bralsa Andaren [N. of Kvatch, by 2nd "e" in "The Imperial Reserve"]

 Note that both Chanel and J'skar can disappear from the game, during the
 optional quest "Canvas the Castle" and the Mages Guild quest "A Plot
 Revealed," respectively. This won't be too important to those who've already
 outlived their services, of course. However, Bralsa Andaren is one of the
 trainers who may die out in the wilderness during the Oblivion Gate crisis,
 so those wanting to use her talents should do so early on!

HAND TO HAND                                          [Governed by: Strength]
 The name is self-explanitory: Hand to Hand is the skill of fisticuffs, and
 beating lifeforms down with one's own fists. Like Blade and Blunt, H2H will
 increase by successfully landing attacks on applicable targets (not hitting
 trees, etc.), but unlike them, H2H can also damage an opponent's fatigue
 directly. And no, gauntlets don't increase the damage. If only... =(

 A common way to grind out H2H points is attacking those who won't report the
 crimes, such as: (1) Shadowmere (2) reanimated followers (3) conjured allies,
 although they turn hostile after three attacks (4) unkillable NPCs that come
 with some DLC, such as the prisoner in the Vile Lair's cattle cell or Bacon
 the Boar from the Thieves Den DLC. This author's personal favorite way is to
 get a 100% Chameleon outfit/spell and punch mercenaries and their ilk to
 death -- they make great punching bags because they don't flee when attacked
 and have tons of health to whittle down.

 LV01 -: Can do basic power attack
 LV25 -: Gets damage bonus to basic power attack
 LV50 -: Can do spinning power attack (has chance to disarm)
 LV75 -: Can do backwards power attack (has chance of knockdown)
 LV100 : Can do forward power attack (has chance of paralysis)
       : Foes successfully blocked may be disarmed

 Low --: Nahsi [Bravil Fighters Guild]
 Low --: Rufrius Vinicius [Anvil Fighters Guild]
 Mid --: Davela Hlaren [Imperial Bridge Inn, E. of Bravil, by Silverfish River]
 Mid --: Ra'qanar [Castle Cheydinhal]
 Master: Helvius Cecia [Bruma]

HEAVY ARMOR                                          [Governed by: Endurance]
 This skill increases potency of heavy armor (Iron, Steel, Dwarven, Orcish,
 Ebony, Daedric) and its encumbrance when worn. At higher levels, Heavy Armor
 has reduced encumbrance, meaning its weight counts less towards reducing
 one's Speed. Increasing this skill is as simple as wearing the appropriate
 armor type and having it incur damage. A good way to "grind" for levels is to
 find a crappy enemy and just let it wail on oneself -- for example, a mudcrab
 or two. It's not a bad way to train Block either...

 Note that Heavy Armor does not increase if all applicable (worn) pieces are
 broken, i.e. have no health left.

 LV01 -: Heavy armor damages quicker than usual
 LV25 -: Heavy armor damages at a normal rate
 LV50 -: Heavy armor damages at a slower rate
 LV75 -: Heavy armor encumbers the wearer half as much
 LV100 : Heavy armor doesn't encumber the wearer at all

 Low --: Brodras [Leyawiin Fighters Guild]
 Low --: Bumph gra-Gash [Bruma Fighters Guild]
 Mid --: Varnado [Imperial City Market District: The Best Defense] 
 Master: Pranal [Roxey Inn, north of Imperial City along Red Ring Road]

ILLUSION                                           [Governed by: Personality]
 Illusion is the school of magic involved with trickery. Using its knowledge,
 one can charm NPCs and opponents, turn invisible, paralyze and silence foes,
 and affect targets' willingness to fight. And that's not even counting magic
 that can give night vision or command creatures/humanoids! Like all magical
 fields, casting the spells not only increases one's proficiency, but lowers
 the spells' base cost as well.

 LV01 -: Can cast Novice-level spells
 LV25 -: Can cast Apprentice-level spells
 LV50 -: Can cast Journeyman-level spells
 LV75 -: Can cast Expert-level spells
 LV100 : Can cast Master-level spells

 Low --: Hil the Tall [Cheydinhal: Chapel of Arkay]
 Low --: Jantus Brolus [Bruma: Istirus Brolus' House]
 Mid --: Carahil [Anvil Mages Guild]
 Master: Martina Floria [Imperial City: Arcane University]

 Note that Hil will die in the Knights of the Nine questline, and is replaced
 by Esbern who offers the same services.

LIGHT ARMOR                                              [Governed by: Speed]
 This skill increases potency of light armor (Fur, Leather, Chainmail, Elven,
 Mithril, Glass) and its encumbrance when worn. At higher levels, Light Armor
 has reduced encumbrance, meaning its weight counts less towards reducing
 one's Speed. Increasing this skill is as simple as wearing the appropriate
 armor type and having it incur damage. Like Heavy Armor, one can grind levels
 by simply finding a pathetic enemy (rat, mudcrab, etc.) and letting it beat
 on oneself. This not a bad way to train Block either...

 Note that Light Armor does not increase if all applicable (worn) pieces are
 broken, i.e. have no health left.

 LV01 -: Light armor damages quicker than usual
 LV25 -: Light armor damages at a normal rate
 LV50 -: Light armor damages at a slower rate
 LV75 -: Light armor doesn't encumber the wearer at all
 LV100 : If only wearing light armor, one gets a 50% increase in protection

 Low --: Dul gro-Shug [Imperial City Elven Gardens District]
 Low --: Olfand [Bruma: Nord Winds store]
 Mid --: Ahdarji [Leyawiin]
 Mid --: Luciana Galena [Bravil]
 Master: J'bari [Leyawiin]

MARKSMAN                                               [Governed by: Agility]
 Marksman is one's proficiency using bows & arrows, and being the game's only
 ranged weapon, is great for stealth-oriented players. Like other weapons-
 -related skills, hitting applicable targets earns experience for increasing

 LV01 -: Nocking an arrow causes fatigue
 LV25 -: Nocking an arrow causes no fatigue
 LV50 -: While nocking an arrow, one can zoom-in by holding Block button
 LV75 -: Successful strikes may cause knockdown
 LV100 : Successful strikes may cause paralysis

 Low --: Edla Dark-Heart [Bruma: Regner's House]
 Low --: Shameer [Skingrad: Chapel of Julianos]
 Mid --: Melliwin [Dunbarrow Cove]
 Mid --: Pinarus Inventius [Anvil]
 Mid --: Reman Broder [Skingrad]
 Master: Alawen [Troll Candle Camp, hills east of Anvil, by map word "County"]

 Melliwin is added via the Thieves Den DLC, and requires purchasing her skills
 in the Fletcher upgrade. Besides that, Alawen is another master trainer prone
 to dying in the wilderness, either from local wildlife/bandits or during the
 Oblivion Gate crisis. If one waits for her at Troll Candle Camp around 12:00
 AM and she doesn't show, she's probably pushing up daisies somewhere. R.I.P.

MERCANTILE                                         [Governed by: Personality]
 This skill relates to haggling, the process of getting better deals from
 merchants and vendors. Buying/selling rates are always to the disadvantage
 of the player until Lv100, when one can buy and sell at the appropriate
 price. Those wondering how to haggle can do so by pressing Y-button while in
 a shop menu. Making poor haggles outside of one's mercantile ability will
 get the offer rejected and lower the vendor's disposition.

 Note that Mercantile raises faster on a per-item basis, so avoid selling in
 bulk and do things piecemeal. This may be one of the few times one might want
 to collect junk (calipers, tongs, bowls, etc.) and hawk 'em -- there's plenty
 in the Imperial City Market District, for instance. Remember that hitting LB
 in the amount menu quickly moves it left, which is good for huge amounts of
 one item.

 LV01 -: Items' conditions affect selling price
 LV25 -: Items' conditions do not affect selling price
 LV50 -: Character can sell any goods to any vendor
 LV75 -: Can invest in shops, increasing vendors' held gold by 500
 LV100 : All shops automatically have 500 more gold to use

 Low --: Mach-Na [Cheydinhal: Mach-Na Books]
 Low --: Foroch [Gottshaw Inn, along Gold Road west of Kvatch]
 Mid --: Margarte [Leyawiin]
 Mid --: Seed-Neeus [Chorrol: Northern Goods and Trade]
 Mid --: Khafiz [Dunbarrow Cove]
 Master: Palonirya [Imperial City Market District: Divine Elegance]

 Khafiz is only obtainable in the Thieves Den DLC by purchasing his upgrade
 (Fence) in Anvil.

MYSTICISM                                         [Governed by: Intelligence]
 Mysticism is the school of magic involved with reflecting damage, trapping
 souls in items, absorbing spells and detecting life. And telekinesis. Can't
 forget that. Like all magical fields, casting the spells not only increases
 one's proficiency, but lowers the spells' base cost as well.

 LV01 -: Can cast Novice-level spells
 LV25 -: Can cast Apprentice-level spells
 LV50 -: Can cast Journeyman-level spells
 LV75 -: Can cast Expert-level spells
 LV100 : Can cast Master-level spells

 Low --: Druja [Skingrad Mages Guild]
 Low --: Angalmo [Chorrol Mages Guild]
 Mid --: Boderi Farano [Imperial City: Arcane University]
 Mid --: Ita Rienus [Bravil Mages Guild]
 Master: Dagail [Leyawiin Mages Guild]

RESTORATION                                          [Governed by: Willpower]
 Restoration is -- you guessed it! -- involved with healing magic. Within
 the confines of this school, one can restore health, alleviate and resist
 diseases, resist elemental damage, and fortify/absorb skills and attributes.
 Like all magical fields, casting the spells not only increases one's
 proficiency, but lowers the spells' base cost as well. 

 LV01 -: Can cast Novice-level spells
 LV25 -: Can cast Apprentice-level spells
 LV50 -: Can cast Journeyman-level spells
 LV75 -: Can cast Expert-level spells
 LV100 : Can cast Master-level spells

 Low --: Cirroc [Bruma: Chapel of Talos]
 Low --: Marie Palielle [Skingrad: Chapel of Julianos]
 Mid --: Marz [Bravil: Chapel of Mara] 
 Mid --: Ohtesse [Cheydinhal: Chapel of Arkay]
 Mid --: Beem-Kiurz [Bravil: Chapel of Mara]
 Mid --: Kinther [Cheydinhal: Chapel of Arkay]
 Master: Oleta [Kvatch refugee camp]

 Restoration training gets very messed up when the Knights of the Nine plugin
 is installed, and during its course, both Marz and Ohtesse, advanced trainers
 normally found in the game, are slain. They're later replaced by Beem-Kiurz
 and Kinther, respectively, but only the originals give referrals to Oleta. In
 other words, those who want to get master Restoration training should do it
 before starting KOTN!

SECURITY                                               [Governed by: Agility]
 Security is wholly involved with lockpicking which, of course, involves the
 consumable "Lockpick" items. There is a minigame associated with lockpicking,
 where one must secure each tumbler (part of lock) in place to unlock the
 chest, door, or what have you. When a lockpick fails, a number of tumblers
 drop depending on one's Security proficiency -- Masters drop no tumblers.
 Pickable locks can be auto-attempted with the X-button.

 To train the skill, simply secure tumblers or auto-attempt the lock (breaking
 a pick does nothing). If one obtains the Skeleton Key from Nocturnal's quest,
 just having it grants the Master-level effect, allowing one to simply mash
 auto-attempts to open locks faster. It's a great tool for any thief, and can
 be available by Lv10.

 LV01 -: When a lockpick fails, all tumblers drop
 LV25 -: When a lockpick fails, 1 tumbler remains
 LV50 -: When a lockpick fails, 2 tumblers remain
 LV75 -: When a lockpick fails, 3 tumblers remain
 LV100 : When a lockpick fails, all tumblers remain

 Low --: Malintus Ancrus [Chorrol]
 Low --: Samuel Bantien [Imperial City Talos Plaza District]
 Mid --: Dro'shanji [Bravil]
 Mid --: Mandil [Imperial City Elven Gardens District: Othrelos' House]
 Mid --: Tahm Blackwell [Dunbarrow Cove]
 Master: J'baana [Imperial City: Imperial Prison]

 Tahm Blackwell only appears as part of the Thieves Den DLC, after one buys
 his upgrade (Security Expert) in Anvil.

SNEAK                                                  [Governed by: Agility]
 Sneaking is the method of moving around like a shadow, remaining unseen and
 hopefully unheard. This is an essential tool for stealth-based players but
 any character can benefit from it, given the damage bonus granted while in
 that mode. Training the skill is rather simple: sneak around in someone's
 presence unnotice or pickpocket. A common way to boost the skill is sneaking
 next to a sleeping person's bed, using a rubber band to make one keep moving
 against a wall. But, there's other ways, such as sneaking around in broad
 daylight with invisibility/100% chameleon active.

 To sneak, press in left analog -- this should make the player crouch and
 bring up an "eye" icon in place of the 1st-person POV reticle. The eye will
 gauge one's detection levels. If transparent, no one sees the player; if it
 is lit up, someone or something is aware of the player's presence. Pretend
 you want to commit a murder on a villager. A sneak attack will silence the
 person without incurring a bounty or anyone's attention; however, if one is
 witnessed, they may alert nearby enemies and report the crime, earning a
 bounty (which alerts all guards to player's wrongdoings).

 Until Lv50, a player will have to be careful sneaking as the weight of one's
 shoes and the movement speed will alert people in a close proximity. Removing
 shoes and slow-walking in sneak mode should help mitigate any unwanted notice.
 Remember to use rooms' shadows as hiding spots, as NPCs can be pretty stupid
 in their detection ability.

 LV 01: While undetected, melee weapons get a 4x damage bonus
      : While undetected, ranged weapons get a 2x damage bonus
 LV 25: While undetected, melee weapons get a 6x damage bonus
      : While undetected, ranged weapons get a 3x damage bonus
 LV 50: Shoes' weight gives no detection penalty
 LV 75: Sneak-running gives no detection penalty
 LV100: Strikes on unsuspecting foes ignores their armor rating

 Low --: Glistel [Chorrol: Malintus Ancrus' House]
 Low --: City-Swimmer [Bravil]
 Low --: Rowley Eardwulf [Wawnet Inn, just west of Imperial City, by Weye]
 Mid --: Mirabelle Monet [Anvil: The Fo'c's'le]
 Mid --: Othrellos [Imperial City Elven Gardens District]
 Mid --: Kovan Kren [Dunbarrow Cove]
 Master: Marana Rian [Imperial City Temple District]

 Rowley and Kovan only appear as part of the Vile Lair and Thieves Den DLC,
 respectively, although the former appears immediately while the latter
 requires purchasing the Spymaster upgrade.

SPEECHCRAFT                                        [Governed by: Personality]
 As one may suspect, this skill helps change how others perceive the player.
 This only works on those who'll talk to the player, of course -- some foes
 are meant to automatically hate the player and attack on sight. To increase
 Speechcraft proficiency, simply play rounds of the minigame when available
 during conversation. [An easy way to train is find someone whose disposition
 to the player doesn't matter, like a beggar, and button-mash through the
 minigame for awhile.]

 The minigame itself is relatively simple to understand. There's 4 options
 available to speak of and they're situated in a circular shape. Clockwise,
 they're: Admire, Joke, Coerce, Boast. There is a second part of the wheel
 containing three yellow portions of a circle, each smaller than the next,
 which overlaps the first circle.

 Basically, each opponent enjoys/dislikes certain answers. The goal's to then
 pick answers they DO like when the biggest yellow parts overlap, and to pick
 answers they DON'T like when the smallest (or no) yellow parts overlap. This
 way, one gets the biggest boost out of the highs and avoids most of the lows.
 Letting the minigame idle -- if one's thinking, for instance -- slowly lowers
 disposition, so it's always prudent to play the game quickly. Speechcraft
 gives better perks as one hits the milestones.

 LV 01: Can use minigame and bribes to affect dispositions
 LV 25: In minigame, can rotate wheel one extra time at leisure
 LV 50: In minigame, NPCs' dispositions decrease slower
 LV 75: In minigame, disposition penalty for most hated action is lowered
 LV100: Bribery costs halved

 Low --: Alga [Bruma: Honmund's House]
 Low --: Eris Senim [Bravil: Chapel of Mara]
 Low --: Uravasa Othrelas [Bravil: Chapel of Mara]
 Mid --: Gruiand Garrana [Cheydinhal: Chapel of Arkay]
 Mid --: Inius Colus [Cheydinhal: Chapel of Arkay]
 Mid --: Varon Vamori [Bravil]
 Mid --: Jak Silver [Dunbarrow Cove]
 Master: Tandilwe [Imperial City Temple District]

 Like Restoration, the Knights of the Nine plugin affects Speechcraft a bit,
 too, although not as harshly. During the course of the questline, Gruiand
 Garrana can perish, later to be replaced with Inius Colus who, as one may
 expect, does not give referrals for master training. Thus, in the worst-case
 scenario, that leaves only Varon Vamori; if he's dead, there's nothing to be
 done, sadly. (Jak, like all DLC trainers, gives no referrals.)

SPELL EFFECTS                                                            [SPLL]
 Here's a list of the magical colleges' spell types and what they do. Those
 seeking where to buy spells (etc.) should be directed to the following link,
 which is way more comprehensive than something I can provide:


 _________________ __________________________________________________________
| ALTERATION      | PURPOSE                                                  |
| Burden          | Increases target's encumbrance                           |
| Feather         | Increases carrying capacity                              |
| Fire Shield*    | Improves armor rating and decreases fire damage          |
| Frost Shield*   | Improves armor rating and decreases frost damage         |
| Open            | Automatically opens locks of equal or lesser designation |
| Shield*         | Improves armor rating by listed # of points              |
| Shock Shield*   | Improves armor rating and decreases shock damage         |
| Water Breathing | Can be underwater without having to ever surface         |
| Water Walking   | Can walk on water's surface without falling through      |
  * - The highest armor rating can achieve is 85

 _________________ __________________________________________________________
| CONJURATION     | PURPOSE                                                  |
| Bound Armor     | Summoned (bound) equipment is of Daedric make and, for   |
| Bound Weapon    | the spell's duration, weightless -- they disappear when  |
|                 | the magic wears off. However, by using an "on self" type |
|                 | of Disintegrate magic/enchantment, it's possible to make |
|                 | the armor fall off, and thus be permanently obtained (it |
|                 | still weighs zero). It's a pretty common tactic but not  |
|                 | exactly legitimate...                                    |
| Reanimate       | Causes a dead person to "reanimate" for the set duration |
|                 | and follow the player around, typically helping out when |
|                 | something hostile's nearby. Unlike summoned creatures, a |
|                 | reanimated corpse won't turn hostile on its master, and  |
|                 | makes a good punching bag for Hand to Hand (etc.). Note  |
|                 | the Staff of Worms and Risen Flesh greater power are the |
|                 | only ways to use this effect -- no custom spells!        |
| Summon          | Example: Summon Daedroth, Summon Scamp, etc. Allows one  |
|                 | to conjure a helper for the spell's duration, which will |
|                 | attack those hostile to its "master." Summoned creatures |
|                 | will attack their summoner if struck three times. Said   |
|                 | creatures also have souls for trapping.                  |
| Turn Undead     | Affected undead creatures (zombies, liches, ghosts) will |
|                 | be demoralized and attempt to flee. Considering how many |
|                 | dungeons are filled with just undead types, it's a great |
|                 | spell that never outlives its usefulness.                |

 _____________________ ______________________________________________________
| DESTRUCTION         | PURPOSE                                              |
| Damage Attribute    | "Damage" lowers a stat's maximum amount until it's   |
| Damage Fatigue      | restored by altars, potions, or certain spells. They |
| Damage Health       | can be quite annoying but're rather expensive spell- |
| Damage Magicka      | -wise. Speaking of which, Damage Magicka can't be    |
|                     | put in custom spells but exists in high-power scroll |
|                     | and some weapons.                                    |
| Disintegrate Armor  | Decreases the health of the target's equipment. When |
| Disintegrate Weapon | a shield or weapon breaks, they'll be dropped on the |
|                     | ground; enemy armor remains equipped. Those looking  |
|                     | to train Armorer should craft "on self" disintegrate |
|                     | spells to speed up the process.                      |
| Drain Attribute     | "Drain" lowers a stat's current amount until it's    |
| Drain Fatigue       | duration is up, at which time the "damage" concludes |
| Drain Health        | and the drained stat will replenish. A widespread    |
| Drain Magicka       | 'cheap' tactic is putting a Drain Health 100pts/1sec |
|                     | adjunct enchantment on spells to increase the damage |
|                     | inflicted. Drain enchantments are typically cheaper  |
|                     | than Damage ones.                                    |
| Fire Damage         | Inflicts elemental damage for 'x' duration. Natural  |
| Frost Damage        | immunities, like ghosts' frost nullification, and    |
| Shock Damage        | susceptibilities, like zombies' fire weaknesses, can |
|                     | affect the damage.                                   |
| Stunted Magicka     | A very nasty effect that can't be crafted in custom  |
|                     | spells. SM prevents magicka's natural replenishment, |
|                     | forcing one to use potions or other methods to build |
|                     | it back up. Atronach characters are cursed with this |
|                     | trait, and the disease Astral Vapors can inflict it  |
|                     | temporarily, too.                                    |
| Sun Damage          | Deals damage to oneself while in the sun (6AM-8PM).  |
|                     | It's most commonly associated with vampirism's later |
|                     | stages but some equipment (Hands of Midnight) carry  |
|                     | it as well. Swimming deep underwater or just staying |
|                     | inside until nighttime or ways to mitigate or avoid  |
|                     | the effect. Be very careful while waiting outside as |
|                     | the time skip does not skip the sun's effects...     |
| Weakness to Disease | Makes the target more susceptible to the specific    |
| Weakness to Fire    | weakness, increasing damage by a percentage amount.  |
| Weakness to Frost   | Most of the effects can stack with other ones to up  |
| Weakness to Magic   | the pain -- just remember that the weakness must be  |
| Weakness to Poison  | active to get subsequent damage boosts!              |
| Weakness to Shock   |                                                      |

 __________________ _________________________________________________________
| ILLUSION         | PURPOSE                                                 |
| Calm             | Prevents enemy (up to given level) from taking action.  |
|                  | This is especially good in custom spells where it can   |
|                  | be given a blast radius for crowd-controlling.          |
| Chameleon        | Reduces how well one is seen by others, and does not    |
|                  | wear off when action is taken, unlike Invisibility. It  |
|                  | can be used as a tool for stealth and thieves alike. At |
|                  | 100% Chameleon, one is fully invisible and no one will  |
|                  | detect the player, allowing one to gallivant through    |
|                  | dungeons attacking helpless enemies or looting vendors  |
|                  | in broad daylight. Heck, go punch a cop and he'll run   |
|                  | away like a ninny!                                      |
| Charm            | Increases target's disposition to player, making it     |
|                  | easier to get information; some enemies may even quit   |
|                  | being hostile. A common tactic is making a Charm Target |
|                  | 100pts/1s spell for conversations, as time pauses while |
|                  | in dialogue, so no higher duration is required.         |
| Command Creature | Commands target type (up to # level) for a duration. A  |
| Command Humanoid | creature is any monster type; humanoids are any of the  |
|                  | sentient races (NPCs) and Dremora. When commanded, the  |
|                  | affected target(s) will temporarily become the caster's |
|                  | follower, assisting in battles, etc.                    |
| Demoralize       | Causes a target to lose or gain willingness to fight,   |
| Frenzy           | respectively, up to a set level. Demoralized foes will  |
|                  | run away like cowards, while frenzied individuals look  |
|                  | for fights. The latter is an especially easy way to get |
|                  | certain assassination jobs done, as frenzied folk often |
|                  | draw guards' attention and end up killed.               |
| Invisibility     | Become 100% unseen for a set duration, but effect wears |
|                  | off when action -- like inspecting things or striking a |
|                  | conversation -- is taken. Not as good as 100% Chameleon |
|                  | but easier to obtain; players can get plenty of mileage |
|                  | out of it.                                              |
| Light            | Character has a radiance glowing off them for 'x' feet  |
|                  | and 'x' duration. It's mostly used for seeing better or |
|                  | making enemies easier to see, in lieu of torches. Won't |
|                  | be too useful if Detect Life & Night-Eye are available. |
| Night-Eye        | Changes the tint of darkness to a purplish color, which |
|                  | allows one to see farther in the shadows than normal.   |
|                  | Great for crawling around lightless dungeons or taking  |
|                  | a night swim.                                           |
| Paralyze         | Prevents target from moving for duration, allowing them |
|                  | to be brutally beaten on without repercussion. A very   |
|                  | expensive spell to make! It's recommended to use minor  |
|                  | (1-2s) enchantments as targets often fall over and have |
|                  | to arise, wasting extra time.                           |
| Rally            | Makes fleeing followers/NPCs muster their courage and   |
|                  | rejoin the fight they're running from. Probably won't   |
|                  | see that much use...                                    |
| Silence          | Stops target from casting spells or greater powers for  |
|                  | the magic's duration. A great technique when dealing w/ |
|                  | mage characters, especially necromancers and conjurers, |
|                  | who immediately summon help when threatened.            |

 __________________ _________________________________________________________
| MYSTICISM        | PURPOSE                                                 |
| Detect Life      | Living beings within 'x' ft are cloaked in a purplish   |
|                  | glow for 'x' duration. Since it works through walls, it |
|                  | is essential for dungeon-crawling in the dark. Just be  |
|                  | warned: it's hard to distinguish between this spell and |
|                  | Soul Trap due to the colors!                            |
| Dispel           | Dispels magical effects, including beneficial ones, on  |
|                  | target or oneself. The nondiscriminatory nature of the  |
|                  | spell should be familiar to RPG vets, so be careful to  |
|                  | check the Active Effects page to find what's what. This |
|                  | spell doesn't affect equipment enchantments, diseases,  |
|                  | or such, but that's probably already obvious.           |
| Reflect Damage   | Has a chance (#%) to avoid all damage and send it back  |
| Reflect Spell    | to the caster. Reflect Damage applies to the physical   |
|                  | type attacks, spells to the magical. At 100%, one will  |
|                  | become immune to the respective types of damage!        |
| Soul Trap        | Allows one to trap the target's soul in an appropriate, |
|                  | empty vessel (soul gem, Azura's Star) to refill one's   |
|                  | weapon enchantments. To trap soul, simply kill a target |
|                  | while the effect is active. Note that humanoid souls of |
|                  | sentient races and dremora require Black Soul Gems; the |
|                  | regular kinds won't do.                                 |
| Spell Absorption | Has a chance (1pt = 1%) to avoid a spell's damage and   |
|                  | effects, and instead absorb it entirely, which refills  |
|                  | one's own magicka by its casting cost. Very useful!     |
| Telekinesis      | Affects holdable targets within 'x' feet for 'x' amount |
|                  | of time. When it hits a target in the applicable range, |
|                  | one can affect how it's moved: right trigger repels the |
|                  | item, block brings it closer, and both together drops   |
|                  | it. Try to get in some practice to avoid sending items  |
|                  | flying accidentally. Anyway, telekinesis is a good way  |
|                  | to get objects out of reach, and for decoration usage   |
|                  | (like putting skulls on bookcases, etc.)                |

 _______________________ ____________________________________________________
| RESTORATION           | PURPOSE                                            |
| Absorb Attribute      | Absorbing a trait depletes it 'x' amount on the    |
| Absorb Fatigue        | target and raises it 'x' amount on the caster.     |
| Absorb Health         |                                                    |
| Absorb Magicka        |                                                    |
| Absorb Skill          |                                                    |
| Cure Disease          | Alleviates applicable afflictions. Note that Cure  |
| Cure Paralysis        | Paralysis spells can only be 'on touch,' for the   |
| Cure Poison           | obvious reason.                                    |
| Fortify Attribute     | Temporarily increases ________ by 'x' amount for   |
| Fortify Fatigue       | 'x' duration. Fortifying attributes affects many   |
| Fortify Health        | things, such as boosting Strength to raise one's   |
| Fortify Magicka       | encumbrance limit. Fortifying skills increases the |
| Fortify Skill         | proficiency in them, but, outside of a few master  |
|                       | level (Lv100) instances, doesn't provide the perks |
|                       | associated with the milestones. Fortifying Armorer |
|                       | to Lv100, for instance, grants its master perk.    |
| Resist Disease        | Resistance either mitigates likelihood of getting  |
| Resist Element        | the affliction (disease, paralysis, etc.) or the   |
| Resist Magic          | amount of damage incurred (magic, normal weapons). |
| Resist Normal Weapons | Resisting magic 100% will make one totally immune, |
| Resist Paralysis      | for instance. Resisting diseases to 100% gives the |
| Resist Poison         | same effect, although porphyric hemophilia can     |
|                       | bypass resistances, as one may find out.           |
| Restore Attribute     | Restoration in this case applies to stats lowered  |
| Restore Fatigue       | by "Damage" effects, such as "Damage Strength,"    |
|                       | which don't naturally recover without intervention |
|                       | from spells, altars, and certain potions. The same |
|                       | goes for Fatigue.                                  |
| Restore Health        | Boosts current health/magicka 'x' amount until it  |
| Restore Magicka       | reaches its maximum, at which point there's no     |
|                       | effect. Magicka recovers naturally, except when    |
|                       | one has Stunted Magicka. Also, neither effects can |
|                       | be put in equipment enchantments, so no "Regen"    |
|                       | like effects for all those Final Fantasy fans. :p  |

WAYSHRINES                                                               [WSHR]
 Wayshrines are small pillar-encircled altars found in the wilderness. They're
 dedicated to the Nine Divines and, unlike Daedric shrines, have no followers
 and do not appear on the map. Thus, finding them can be a real chore.

 So what's the shrines' purpose? There's a few reasons to visit 'em:

 • Each gives a "Fortify _______" 10pts ability (10-minute duration); Julianos
   fortifies Intelligence and Magicka.
 • Corresponding chapel altar gives effect (half-strength version of w'shrine)
 • Atronach characters can use them repeatedly to absorb magicka
 • Visiting all shrines grants the Pilgrim's Grace greater power (Fortify
   all attributes 10pts for 300s)

 Additionally, in the Knights of the Nine plugin, visiting all shrines will
 allow one to completely erase gained infamy. [This is a prerequisite for the
 questline.] However, doing this requires one to revisit all the shrines to
 reactivate the chapel altars or get Pilgrim's Grace.

 As one can see from the map, most wayshrines are centralized in the Colovian
 Highlands/Gold Coast region; the northeastern parts are the most barren.

                        (¯¯¯'._/         ___    '._       ,'¯¯¯¯'.
                         )              (###)      '.___,'       /
                      _,'                ¯¯¯                    (
                     /                    A                  J   \
                     )                                    __      \
                     |                                   (##)      )
                     )  ____                             (##)     (
                   ,'  (####)          ,-.-.-.__          ¯¯A      )
                  /     ¯¯¯¯          ,'________'.                 (
                ,'S       D          ( (    ##  \ )        /)    _,'
               /                      ) ¯\J#### /(S     (\//    {_
            __/     K  J             (   ( ####(  )      \(       '._
         _,'                          \_  \ ##  ) |       ))         \
     _,-'                             D '-.¯¯'.'  )     ,'(           '.
   ,'                  M  ___              ¯'-._ (  J  //¯\)            \
  (       a    ___       (###) K                \ \   ((                 '.__
  (           (###) T   a ¯¯¯      A          T  \ \__//      /)             (
   \M  __    Z ¯¯¯    ,'¯¯¯¯\                     )   /    K {(               }
    \ /##\          ,'       '.a ,------.   T   ,'    \_______))             /
     \)##( A _,'¯¯¯¯           ¯¯        '     (       ,'¯¯¯¯¯¯             /
      ¯¯¯(_,'                             \   Z(      (                    /
                                           '.  _\_    (       _   /)      / 
                                             )(###)    \____  ))_/(_/)  ,' 
    WAYSHRINE LEGEND                         ) ¯¯¯\    /¯¯¯\\//¯¯¯¯¯¯ _/
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                        /      ),-'     \(      ,'
      A = Akatosh                          (   ___//         \)   _/
      a = Arkay                            (  (/¯//             _/
      D = Dibella                           \   //   D        ,'
      J = Julianos                          ) S((           _/
      K = Kynareth                         (   /(    M     /
      M = Mara                             |  (  )        /
      S = Stendarr                         |  |  |      ,'
      T = Talos                            ) _(  )    ,'
      Z = Zenithar                         )(##)(    (
      # = Town Area                       /_|#/  \   (_
                                         (/  ¯    '.___\

IX. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                           [FAQZ]
 [Q] - How do I make enchanted staves/arrows?
 [A] - The player can't -- they'll have to be found or bought. Maybe in the
       fifth Elder Scrolls installment...

 [Q] - What's a "normal weapon"?
 [A] - Normal weapons are non-enchanted melee weapons and bows, which includes
       bare fists. [Although at Lv50(?), fists cease to become "normal". The
       game doesn't notify the player of this, however.] Any weapon better
       than Silver quality _doesn't_ fall in this category. Plenty of enemies,
       particularly ghost enemies and daedra, have immunities to normal types
       so it's important to find a way to combat that...I mean, they're gonna
       be quite prevalent in dungeons and quests.

 [Q] - Why can't I use the chapel altars?
 [A] - They judge a player based on fame and infamy, requiring the former to
       be higher than the later. Thus, evil characters -- or those who just
       breezed through the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild quests -- will
       find themselves at odds with the altars' blessing and disease-curing
       effects. The first quest in the Knights of the Nine plugin allows the
       wayshrine pilgrimage to eradicate one's infamy, which can help a lot.

 [Q] - What's the CE glitch?
 [A] - The constant effect glitch is where the player is forcefully unequipped
       of items, but some items' enchantments remain, thus becoming permanent
       "active effects" on the player. [The item that gives the effect then
       can't be worn again, note.] Additionally, there are some situations
       (non-dupe) that can cause similar effects from quest items, such as: the
       Ring of Disrobing in the Shivering Isles, the Stark Reality spell in
       Sanguine's quest, the "Through a Nightmare, Darkly" quest, and perhaps
       most easily, being incarcerated. For info on duplicating see:


 [Q] - Where's Fin Gleam!?
 [A] - Find the island west of Anvil, go to said isle's west side, and swim
       underwater a ways to find some boulders. [This is easiest done with
       Night-Eye and Water Breathing magic, both ironically obtained from the
       item one seeks.] Look for a skeleton and the helm will be near there --
       NOT in the inventory. In addition to the two enchantments listed above,
       Fin Gleam also has Detect Life 20pts...but it's of glass quality and
       horribly ugly, it may see limited use.

 [Q] - Will there be an Elder Scrolls 5?
 [A] - At the time of this writing, it's not been officially unveiled, but
       plenty of talk suggests there is...

 [Q] - How do I play as an Atronach? It's frustrating!
 [A] - Yes, the stunted magicka is an annoying trade off for huge magicka
       pools, but it's still playable. Either make custom magicka-restoring
       potions, remember wayshrine and ayleid well locations (to absorb their
       effects) or abuse the constant effect glitch to get ridiculous amounts
       of magicka.

 [Q] - How do I get max stats (i.e. 100 in everything)?
 [A] - Well, with major skills and training available, earning points really
       isn't that hard. But, the inevitable problem is maxing out major skills
       and having gaps in minors to fill in. There is a way to permanently
       decrease stats, though -- incarceration! Remember that being jailed
       will either increase Security/Sneak or decrease something else, and if
       one can decrease major skills ten times, simply top 'em back off and
       get a level-up out of it. Of course, since the decreasing stats are
       randomly chosen, it helps to save first and reload until one gets the
       right selection.

 [Q] - Can I be a werewolf?
 [A] - No, but don't let that stop y'from trying in real life. :p

 [Q] - Can I transfer items from character to character, like a new game plus?
 [A] - Nope.

 [Q] - The stuff I put in this chest disappeared!
 [A] - Not all containers are safe for storage, and after 'x' amount of time
       (usually 72 hours) will respawn contents, deleting whatever's already
       inside. Those looking for safe, long-term storage should invest in a
       house of some sort -- the cheapest ones are the Waterfront shack and
       Benirus Manor in Anvil.

 [Q] - My stolen loot was confiscated. Where can I get it back?
 [A] - It'll be in an "evidence chest" in the vicinity of where one ends up
       after being caught. For castles, it'll be in the dungeon; for Imperial
       City visits, it'll be in the prison building. The chest also appears in
       the Shivering Isles, but requires traversing the dungeon of the faction
       (Mazken or Aureal) that caught the player.

 [Q] - How can I ride a dragon?
 [A] - You can't.

 [Q] - I stored my items in a safe container but they disappeared...?
 [A] - This may just be a problem displaying the full inventory. Remove some
       of the stuff and it may be shown again.

 [Q] - This corpse is all...stringy and stretched out!
 [A] - Sometimes this happens, making the body distort like a Stretch Armstrong
       doll. It shouldn't affect the overall function of the game, as the body
       eventually disappears.

 [Q] - Who's Shady Sam?
 [A] - He's a merchant who sells various potions, poisons, lockpicks and
       skooma. He can be found outside the Imperial City's walls, north of the
       Chestnut Handy Stables. Interesting enough, he'll talk about the Gray
       Fox normally, but if the player equips Nocturnal's gray cowl, he clams
       up tight. Haha...

 [Q] - Is it possible to delete spells from my listing? I have too much!
 [A] - Nope. Apparently it was possible in Morrowind, though. =/

 [Q] - I found a friendly orc Adventurer in a dungeon. What the heck?
 [A] - Some dungeons have a random chance at those guys appearing, and they'll
       help the player in fights. They may rob containers of treasure, though,
       so try to beat 'em to that. [OAs may carry enchanted equipment, so if
       they have an "unfortunate accident," it can be in the player's favor.]

 [Q] - How do I use a Poisoned Apple?
 [A] - This fruit will slay those who consume it, including oneself. To make
       others eat it, leave it laying around where they dine or place it in
       their inventory ("reverse-pickpocketing") to increase the chances. This
       only works on NPCs who are scripted to have meals, note. Also, removing
       other food from the vicinity helps a lot. Apparently some NPCs have
       respawning food inventories so they may not eat the fruit quickly or
       at all.

 [Q] - How do I get Black Soul Gems?
 [A] - There's two ways: (1) certain types of necromancers, like adepts, have
       a small chance at carrying them (2) make them yourself. A couple
       necromancer dungeons have weird altars in front of them, and every
       eight days a purplish light shines on them. During this time, put a
       Grand Soul Gem in the altar and cast Soul Trap on it, transmogrifying
       the gem into its new form.

 [Q] - Hey, I'm exploring a dungeon and it says I need a special key!
 [A] - Some dungeons are quest-related, and to prevent the player from going
       through before it's time, doors/barriers stop progress. There's no
       actual key to find in these situations; they're unlocked during the
       corresponding quests.

 [Q] - Any recommendations on DLC?
 [A] - Sure. Shivering Isles is a given and worth every penny, while Knights
       of the Nine is half the length (if that) and still pretty good. Any of
       the house plugins are worth it, all bringing something to the table.
       The only ones one should consider avoiding are The Orrery (lame reward),
       Horse Armor (stupid idea), and Spell Tomes (too specialized). However,
       of those three, Spell Tomes is probably the best, not to mention the

 [Q] - How do I open those crystal chests?
 [A] - They require a [Heart of Order] ingredient which can be looted from
       Knights of Order, although not all carry them. Said knights only appear
       if the questline's been progressed a bit (to Xedilian).

 [Q] - Where is the sunken urn in Crucible?
 [A] - It's in a broken crate within the sewage, behind Sickly Bernice's
       Taphouse. It can only be opened by using the [Sunkey Urn Key] on the
       roof of Cutter's Weapons, accessible by way of acrobatic jumps.

 [Q] - What does the "Extreme Calm" effect from the Calming Pants do?
 [A] - Nothing.

 [Q] - How do I get the Risen Flesh (Reanimate for 60s) greater power?
 [A] - It's obtained by saving all ghosts on the Hill of Suicides (Shivering
       Isles). This is done by reuniting each's skull -- found throughout the
       land's dungeons -- with their spectral form. The craniums in question
       will be specially named, too, and when turned in to a spectre, will
       earn a Fortify Fatigue 100pts effect as a blessing. Here's where each
       is located:

       • Gadaneri Ralvel ----> Knifepoint Hollow [Chantry] - WNW of New Sheoth
       • Limark -------------> Milchar [Xetrem] - NW Mania (story-related)
       • Lorenz Bog-Trotter -> Knotty Bramble [Lost Crypt] - Along Pinnacle Rd.
       • M'desi -------------> Rotten Den [Sanctum] - Along Pinnacle Road
       • Salonia Viria ------> Cann [Amphitheater] - NE Mania

       Limark's body is at the bottom of a ledge's one-way drop; Gadaneri's is
       in a secret room accessed by a pillar's switch; Lorenz' skeleton is
       interred in a closed-off room, but opened by a small button underneath
       the corpse of an unlootable zealot; M'desi's skull is on a shrine in
       the sanctum's shrine; Salonia's skull is in a dead-end sleeping area,
       sitting on a statue's plinth.

X. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTORS                                                [UPDT]
 07-31-10 ------------------------+ Started walkthrough
 09-22-10 ------------------------+ Finished walkthrough

 • Sailor/Ceej, for hostin' my junk
 • Tuch, for encumbrance bug info
 • CoarseDragon, for clerical errors and tips
 • Arbiter X, for telling that Lerexus Callidius respawns on death
 • NotAGuitarHero, for Luciana's involvement in Light Armor Training
 • Drclaeys, Light Armor correction
 • The UESP for being a great resource and teaching the ins and outs of just
   about anything in the series. Specific thanks: Hermaeus Mora prerequisites
   and glitch workaround, Relmyna's Tears effect, Missing Mara/Zenithar shrine
   locations, Mage Stone location, Rusia Bradus reqs, Soul Tomato info

 • Always looking for glitches, bugs, strategies & other useful things to add!
 • Missing runestone locations -- what's listed can't be all of 'em...
 • Blood of the Divines: glitched fame reward?
 • Paradise: glitched fame reward?
 • Mages Guild: possible permanent expulsion after becoming Arch-Mage?
 • LV50 Hand to Hand: enables damage against ghost types?
 • Seeking Your Roots: referrer from Bruma Mages Guild is...?
 • Staff of the Everscamp: disappears once dropped at altar?
 • Rosethorn Cache: doable w/o buying bedroom upgrade?
 • Shivering Isles: Aspirant rank is gained in A Better Mousetrap...right?
 • Light Armor Training: enchanting/stealing Elven Cuirass make a difference?
 • Taxonomy of Obsession: subduing rewards based on type of monster or just LV?
 • Through a Nightmare, Darkly: joining the Mages Guild a prerequisite?

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