• Tower of Lost Souls Hidden Items (Ascending)

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    01f Soldier's HatClear stage while taking no damage
    02f Warrior TrousersClear stage with no ring outs from either side
    03f PauldronSwitch with ally more than 2 times
    04f Warlord's BeltPerform 3 attack throws
    05f Clergy ClothesDefeat an enemy with a ring out
    06f Wonder JacketThrow an opponent
    07f Warrior TrousersClear the stage without missing any attacks
    08f Armor Ring: Ice MirrorSwitch characters twice
    09f Scarlett BlossomsGuard against the opponent's attack 3 times in a row
    10f Silver BootsGuard the opponent's attack 10 times in a row
    11f Grim HornDefeat all enemies with a critical finish
    12f Magus ClothDefeat all enemies with ring outs
    13f Pegasus SalletDestroy all the walls
    14f Stage: Phantom Pavilion SeesawPerform gaurd impact more than 3 times
    15f Submissions BeltClear the stage using only the A and G buttons
    16f Warlord's BeltClear the stage with 0 time remaining
    17f Arm BandagesExecute a 5+ combo
    18f Kouchu KabutoStand on all corners of the stage
    19f Longhua QippoSwitch with ally more than 5 times
    20f Life gem: SunClear the stage with a critical finish
    21f Longhua QippoVoluntarily ring yourself out
    22f Honor BootsPerform more than 4 counter hits
    23F Frilled SkirtGuard more than 3 times in a row
    24f Protect Gem: Cardinal DirectionsPerform a combo with more than 240 damage
    25f Zhuque ChangpaoThrow more than 5 times
    26f Warthog CuirassExecut a 10+ combo
    27f Iron GauntletsClear the stage with no damage taken
    28F Aculeus SuitOpponent guards a guard break attack at least twice
    29f Menghu BootsSwitch with ally 5+ times
    30f Spirit Gem: Noniple HeadsClear stage without guarding
    31f Longming QippoPerform 5+ Just Inputs
    32f Vane MaskPerform a low throw
    33f Battle dressPerform 3 attack throws
    34f Power Gem: Warrior PrincessPerform guard impact 3+ times
    35f Warthog PauldronsClear without switching
    36f Parlor BlouseClear stage with 0 time remaining
    37f Siren's HelmDefeat all enemies with critical finishes
    38f Gorgon FauldDefeat all enemies with ring out
    39f Kingfisher GreavesClear the stage without changing position
    40f Deer HeadExecute a 5+ combo
    41f MinotaurPerform 5+ Just Inputs
    42f Demonic GlovesClear the stage without letting opponents invoke a skill
    43f Repel Gem: Iron ShellPerform an over the back throw
    44f War CloakNo ring outs either side
    45f Tiger Lily KabutoDefeat enemies without using any skills
    46f Butterfly saletDefeat enemies without using any skills
    47f Succubus BootsThrow 5 times
    48f Life Dem:JadeClear stage with a character equipped with the "invisible" skill
    49f Horns of CalamityClear stage with no attacks missing
    50f Tiger Lily BreastplatesExecute a 10+combo
    51f Tiger Lily FauldPerform more than 4 counterhits
    52f Feathered WingsClear stage with a critical finish
    53f Blade Ring: Demon LordDefeat all enemies with a ring out
    54f Leviathan PaoldronDestroy all the walls
    55f Priestess KimonoPerform 3 attack throws
    56f Leviathan BurgonetPerform a combo with more than 240 damage
    57f Voodoo ArmletsVoluntarily perform a ring out
    58f Tiger PauldronsDefeat all enemies without any skills equipped
    59f Voodoo GreavesGuard an enemies attack 10 times in a row
    60f Voodoo BreastplateClear the stage without switching character

    Contributed By: Pumyralee.

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  • Unlockable Create-A-Soul Parts/Weapons

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Advanced EquipmentEarn 20 honors
    All WeaponsClear Story mode with that Character
    Animal Head EquipmentEarn 25 honors
    Basic EquipmentEarn 5 honors
    Intermediate EquipmentEarn 15 honors
    Leviathan and Voodoo EquipmentEarn 30 honors
    More EquipmentEarn 10 honors

    Contributed By: TigerC10.

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  • Unlockable Honors

    You can unlock "Honors" in the PS3 version of Soul Calibur IV. These Honors can be used to unlock features of the game.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    10,000 Strikes of ProofLand 10,000 attacks.
    Chosen by HistoryCreate a Custom Character.
    Death on the BattlefieldPerform 100 Critical Finishes.
    Distance will not BetrayReach over 10,000 meters in total movement distance in battle.
    Divine PunishmentK.O. with an Unblockable Attack.
    Encounter with the UnknownFight against Darth Vader. (vs. mode doesn't count)
    Endure 1,000Guard 1,000 times against attacks.
    Engraved into HistoryFight 100 times (Online).
    Equal Skill and PowerUse all skill points and set up 4 skills.
    First Step as an ArtistCustomize a regular character.
    Gathering of the BestComplete CHAIN OF SOULS.
    GladiatorWin consecutive Ranked Matches (Online).
    Hero KingLevel up to 20 (Online).
    Hero on the BattlefieldClear ARCADE MODE with over 450,000 points.
    Iron HammerLand an attack on a taunting opponent.
    Legendary Hidden TreasuresAcquire over 30 treasures in TOWER OF LOST SOULS.
    Like a Flowing StreamPerform 200 Impacts.
    Looter of the BattlefieldCollect all accessories.
    Lost in the MomentPerform 20 Just Impacts.
    Mad DestroyerPerform 100 Soul Crushes.
    Mystery of the SwordsClear STORY MODE on difficulty: HARD.
    Never Ending AdvanceDescend 20 floors in TOWER OF LOST SOULS.
    Numeric GodThe last two numbers of total play time and remaining time in a victorious battle are the same.
    Observer of SoulsCollect all illustrations in Art Gallery.
    PhoenixWin with all equipment destroyed.
    Pursuer of the SecretClear STORY MODE on difficulty: NORMAL.
    Quick StrikePerform 5 First Attacks in a row in Arcade.
    Repel All BladesWin 30 times with a perfect.
    Return to the GalaxyClear STORY MODE with Darth Vader.
    Reversal WizardWin 20 times with low HP.
    Scorpion's StingWin a battle with Critical Finish.
    Sharpened TeethMaximize a style's level.
    SmasherDestory all of the opponent's equipment.
    Start of a New EraWelcome to the new world of SOUL CALIBUR! (Automatically award for playing)
    Swift StrikePerform 100 First Attacks.
    Sword HunterCollect all weapons for 5 characters.
    The ControllerGet Soul Calibur (Final Form).
    Tower of GoldAll is shrouded in mystery. (Collect 1,000,000 gold)
    Tower's New GuardianClear all upper floors of TOWER OF LOST SOULS.
    Transcend History and the WorldAcquire all weapons and equipment.
    Two Cannot Exist TogetherDouble K.O.
    Unknown SwordsmanWin 10 times (Online).
    Violent StormPerform 50 Wall Hits.
    Wandering AssassinK.O. opponent with over 20 types of weapons.
    Wandering Weapon MerchantCollect 350 pieces of equipment.
    War VeteranClear ARCADE MODE.
    Water MoonPerform 30 grapple breaks.
    Wild Run to TragedyGet Soul Edge (Final Form).
    World Class FighterFight against 20 different fighting styles (Online).
    World TravelerFight on all stages (Online).

    Contributed By: TigerC10.

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  • Unlocking Characters

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    AlgolDefeat him in Story Mode
    AmyBuy her from Create a Character for 4000 gold
    Angol FearDefeat her in Story Mode
    AshlotteDefeat her in Story Mode
    CervantesBuy him from Create a Character for 4000 Gold
    KamikirimusiDefeat her in Story Mode
    LizardmanBuy him from Create a Character for 4000 gold
    ScheherazadeDefeat her in Story Mode
    Seong Mi-NaBuy her from Create a Character for 4000 gold
    ShuraDefeat her in Story Mode
    SophitiaBuy her from Create a Character for 4000 gold
    TalimBuy her from Create a Character for 4000 gold
    The ApprenticeBeat Arcade Mode with Darth Vader
    YoshimitsuBuy him from Create a Character for 4000 Gold
    Yun-SeongBuy him from Create a Character for 4000 gold
    ZasalamelBuy him from Create a Character for 4000 gold

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