PlayStation 3 Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File11/06/08swollenmadman5818K
Almost at the end, tesla armor level 17!!+
Save Game File10/27/09pinkynperky045679K
Fallout 3 - PS3 - Level 29 (with Gary-23 glitch)
Save Game File11/03/09pinkynperky042531K
Fallout 3 - PS3 - Level3 (with scrap metal exploit)
Save Game File10/27/09pinkynperky042060K
Fallout 3 - PS3 - Vault 101 exit
Save Game File10/31/09pinkynperky042578K
Fallout 3 GOTY - PS3 - Level30 (with scrap metal exploit)
Save Game File12/05/08wrestlincook7913K
Fallout 3 LV 20 Tesla Armor Lots of Ammo and weapons all things purchased for house with fawkes
Save Game File11/12/08TheCodyz1989K
Level 20 with no quests done.
Save Game File12/16/08sturg1dj1999K
LVL 20 - No Quests - Ninja
Save Game File12/16/08sturg1dj2010K
LVL 20-No quests done-heavy shooter

PlayStation 3 Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

Save Game File12/12/08zmoblivion2171K
A savegame. Starting at level 20 with no quests done.
Save Game File11/21/08KillerKahuna6123K
Good Karma savefile before last quest in main story, level 20, Lots of stuff in Megaton House, 4780 caps, plenty of ammo and 4 bobbleheads.
Save Game File05/27/09Madegame10004751K
Power Armour Equipped, Jericho as Follower, Very Evil, On last mission
Save Game File01/05/09mono_1745K
Vault 101 entrance. Start a new again with out doing the the annoying vault 101 part

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