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    Walkthrough by Andrew Testa

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/21/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                            Fallout 3 Walkthrough (360)
                               Written by ACTestaALT
                         Version 1.0 - Last Updated 3/20/10
    Table of Contents
    1. What's New?
    2. Walkthrough
    3. Credits
    4. Legal Disclaimer
    5. Contact Info
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                                   1. What's New?
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    V1.0 (3/20/10): Original version of guide.
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                                  2. Walkthrough
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    Baby Steps
    After the game's introduction, you have the basic character customization 
    akin to Bethesda games. Soon a year will pass. Walk to Dad. When he leaves 
    you alone, open the play gate and look at the SPECIAL book on the ground. 
    Choose your statistics whichever way you desire to play the game.
    Dad will come back and tell you Mom's favorite passage from the bible. Follow 
    Dad through the doors to fast forward nine years to your tenth birthday.
    Growing Up Fast
    After getting your pipboy, Amata will automatically talk to you. Converse 
    whatever way you desire - evil or good - and then talk to Old Lady Palmer. 
    She will give you a sweetroll. Now a robot cuts the cake, only he does so 
    rather poorly.
    Butch wants cake and will demand the sweetroll. You can give it to him (yeah 
    right) or tell him no and he will fight you. After that, Amata will speak to 
    you again. Follow Dad to the intercom where you have to go downstairs. Go 
    through the door and get the poem from Beatrice. Now go down to the reactor 
    Talk to Jonas and get the BB Gun from Dad. Follow the twosome into the 
    practice range area and hit the three markers. After, kill the radroach with 
    the gun also. Now go next to Dad for a picture. Six years pass...
    Future Imperfect
    Grab the medicine bobblehead off the desk and advance through the rooms to 
    meet the tunnel snakes. You can gain or lose karma here. To be good, talk to 
    Wally and tell him he is a follower. Everyone will leave and you will gain 
    karma. To be evil, talk to Butch and then insult Amata.
    Go inside the classroom and take the test. Or, talk to the teacher beforehand 
    and get him to allow you to fill out the results on your own. Either way, 
    leave the classroom to fastforward even more.
    After talking to Amata, grab your items off the desk and also get the items 
    in the first aid. Exit the two rooms to find a security guard battling 
    radroaches. Wait until the fight is over to pick off whoever is leftover. Now 
    go down the hall westward and you will find Butch. His mother is being 
    attacked by radroaches. If you are good, save the mom. Bad? Let her die.
    Follow the diner sign (and kill the radroaches inside if you wish) and go up 
    the Atrium stairs to find Officer Gomez. He's fine with everything, so 
    continue to the robot Andy flaming some radroaches. Go inside the room behind 
    him and grab the two stimpaks off the ground. Now go through the atrium door.
    Here you will find two kids get shot down. You need to kill the security that 
    killed them. After, loot their corpses and go through the door to the upper 
    level. Kill the radroaches along the way. Continue along on the upper level, 
    following the admin signs, until you reach Amata being interrogated by her 
    own father.
    Blow the brains out of the security guard and Amata will go running. Talk to 
    the Overseer now. The best way (and no karma loss) to proceed is to tell him 
    that you'll hurt Amata unless he gives you what you need. Before you leave, 
    loot the lockers and desks for ammo and equipment.
    Continue down the hall to the Overseer's office. Here you will find Jonas 
    dead as well as some loot inside the desks. Go through the door behind him 
    and use the key to enter. Inside here, pilfer the lockers for ammo and the 
    password. Use the Overseer's terminal and open the tunnel. Head down through 
    the door to reach Vault 101 entrance.
    Open the door with the switch to reach the real entrance. Press the control 
    pod to open the door. Amata will come as well as two guards that you need to 
    take care of. Speak with Amata and then leave the vault. Be sure to save 
    right before hitting the wooden door as that is where you can last customize 
    your character. Follow the compass outside to the town of Megaton.
    Following In His Footsteps
    Investigate the nearby town of Megaton for information about Dad
    Once in Megaton, go down the slope to the center before the bomb and take the 
    first ramp on the right. Up the ramp you will find the Crater Supply shop 
    where you can sell all of your loot for caps. Afterward, go up the slope to 
    the left of the supply shop and take the ramp to your left. Follow this 
    pathway to Moriarty's Saloon.
    Here, you can proceed in three different ways. The first and quickest way 
    involves you hacking Moriarty's terminal which is located behind the door 
    near the counter. This will, however, incur evil karma, though it is perhaps 
    the quickest and easiest way to get what you want. Just save before you hack 
    so you can reload if you get no dice. While on the terminal, go to 
    "Visitors" and then "James (Vault 101)" to get the necessary information to 
    continue the game.
    It should be noted that the unsuspecting gamer will probably have to pass a 
    Speech challenge with Gob in order to procur the thought of scavenging 
    Moriarty's terminal for the information. In this instance, it is best to stay 
    nice while conversing with him. Better yet, bypass him entirely as is done in 
    this walkthrough.
    The second way to proceed is to converse with Moriarty directly and pass a 
    Speech challenge after you speak to him about what has happened. If you pass 
    the Speech check, which is unlikely, he will tell you upfront that your 
    father is headed to Galaxy News Radio, and this place will be put on the map 
    akin to the first hacking scenario.
    The third way is the most difficult, but can give you the most caps. If you 
    fail the Speech challenge, Moriarty will call the information a "commodity" 
    and demand 100 caps for it. If you say you don't have the money, Moriarty 
    will enlist you in a little optional quest to get caps back from (ironically) 
    a girl named Silver.
    Leave town and fast travel to Vault 101. From here, head northeast-east to 
    Springvale. Don't worry about the Enclave eyebot, just follow the road and 
    enter the Small Ranch house on the left. Inside you will find Silver and you 
    have a few ways to proceed.
    First, you can kill her straight up to incur evil karma and finish the dead. 
    Second, you can insult her while conversing with her which will result in her 
    becoming hostile and her eventual death. Both ways give you evil karma but 
    also net you some Psycho and other drugs.
    Thirdly, you can reason with her and she will give you the 300 caps needed to 
    pay off the debt. Finally, you can succeed in a Speech check with her where 
    she will give you all her caps in exchange for you falsely telling Moriarty 
    that she skipped town. When you return to Moriarty after these last two 
    options, he will ask for the 100 caps for the information, but you won't 
    incur any evil karma even if you don't tell him that Silver left town.
    Either way, you finish this subplot and proceed further in the game.
    Find Galaxy News Radio
    Now leave Megaton and head east-northeast using the compass and arrow as a 
    guide. Past the rocks and down the hill, you might encounter a creature such 
    as a Radscorpion, so be ready. Further down the hill you might encounter a 
    Fire Ant Soldier. In my playthrough, it was a Giant Fire Ant Soldier.
    Down the hill, you come across Super Duper Mart, the location for one of 
    Moira Brown's Wasteland Survival Guide tasks, and also a bridge to the left 
    of it. Take the bridge across the water and the arrow on the compass will 
    change to south-southeast. Follow this direction up the road and kill the two 
    Raiders walking around here.
    Soon you will happen upon Farragut West Metro station. From here you can take 
    this metro to reach all the metroes which leads to the Galaxy News Radio 
    Building. Right after the metro are more raiders to the south and east, so 
    get inside quickly and stealthily to avoid their hostility.
    Inside the metro, take the first door on the right to locate another door 
    which contains the bathroom. You can replenish your health here with the 
    water facet, and though it will incur rads you don't really have to worry 
    about them anyway.
    Now follow the tunnel to the number gates and go through the door on the 
    right. You will encounter two Mole Rats here in adjacent rooms which can be 
    dealt with rather easily. Go through the northeast room out to a hallway with 
    stairs. Another Mole Rat is in the middle of these stairs, so deal with it 
    Down the stairs, follow the straightforward tunnel to a large room with a 
    humming machine. In here, go up the stairs and loop around to the gate. 
    Lockpick the gate and kill the four Ghouls that come running toward you. In 
    my game, it was two Feral Ghouls and two Ghoul Roamers.
    On the (now empty) side with the Ghouls, you can go down the stairs to the 
    bottom to reach an Average locked door. If you open it, you will find many 
    weapons on moderate-to-little value. Back up the stairs, go straight to the 
    door and open it. Through here, follow the hall to another door leading to 
    Tenleytown/Friendship station.
    Here, go south to the Nuka Cola machine and take the soda. Continue south and 
    then follow the tunnel west. You will probably encounter a few Radroaches, 
    but of note is the Super Mutant standing at the end of the tunnel. Switch to 
    your highest power weapon and try to a sneak attack to kill him.
    Move to where the Super Mutant was standing and sneak again. In this room 
    with the two stairs is three Ghouls on both sides. In my game, one was a 
    Feral Ghoul and the other was a Ghoul Roamer. After disposing of them, go up 
    the escalator and head east to find another tunnel hallway.
    After the turn in the hall you will find a Radroach and a Mole Rat. After 
    they are taken care of, exit through the gates. You are now just a little bit 
    north of the Galaxy News Radio building, so start heading south. Do not 
    follow the road; instead, take the walkway to the left of it.
    Two Super Mutants will begin to attack, and since some Brotherhood of Steel 
    are aiding you, I suggest you just take cover behind a wall until they take 
    care of them. Talk to the girl, Sentinel Lyons, to learn that they are going 
    to Galaxy News Radio to help their friends and that you can tag along.
    Just follow the troops to the station. You'll reach a Steel member at a 
    corner taking care of a Super Mutant, then you'll go in further and more 
    Super Mutants will come out. Follow them to the ruined elementary school and 
    watch as they take care of more enemies.
    Soon you will reach the entrance to the radio station. It was become overrun 
    with Super Mutants. After the brotherhood takes care of them, run up the 
    steps to the intercom where you will find out the place isn't entirely safe 
    yet. Just stay up here as the troops take care of the oversized Behemoth on 
    the ground. You can even help if you like. Be sure to loot the beast.
    Now when you talk to the intercom, it's all clear to come in. Inside, follow 
    the rooms to a large room with two staircases. Take either staircase and go 
    through the central doorway to another door entitled GNR Studios. In here, 
    run up the stairs to Three Dog. You can get him to tell you about Dad with a 
    Speech challenge, but barring that he wants you to recover a dish. At 70+ 
    Speech it was only a 30% chance, and we can do this little side job for him. 
    If you're bad, you might just want to kill the guy and take his hat. I 
    wouldn't blame you, and you can still get further in the game.
    Galaxy News Radio
    Find the Museum of Technology
    Exit the premise to Chevy Chase. From here, go north inside and past the 
    ruined school. Go down the same hallway as before and follow the arrow to 
    metro junction gates. Inside here, grab the Nuka-Cola out of the machine and 
    follow the path to a large ruined room with two Ghouls.
    After disposing of them, run down the railroad tunnel and go back up it on 
    the other loop. You'll find yourself at a similar two-escalator room to 
    before. Go up the left escalator and sneak attack the ghoul ahead of you. Now 
    go around the corner of the shack and take care of the other one.
    Exit through the southwest tunnel to reach another vending machine. Follow 
    this tunnel to gates leading outside. Now take the road leading southwest, 
    following the arrow, to a road circle with raiders in the middle. After 
    disposing of them, continue southwest and kill the ghouls to your left.
    Now that that's over, take the right pathway to Dupont Station. Inside here, 
    you will encounter two Super Mutants straight off, and one can be killed 
    rather easily with a sneak attack critical hit. After killing them, follow 
    the tunnel to a door. Open the door and follow this tunnel to another door.
    After opening that, head down through the railroad tunnels to another door 
    and a hall. Go in a sneak down the stairs to find a raider sitting down on a 
    chair. Sneak attack critical him, then loot everything around him: stimpacks, 
    a first aid case, ammunition boxes, and an assortment of Rad-X.
    Continue down the hall until you reach a raider on the outside of a window. 
    This is where everything gets dicey: sneak attack critical the raider and 
    then switch to laser weapons to take care of the two turrets that are out 
    here. Now finish off the rest of the raiders and follow the walkway down to 
    the ground.
    Take the tunnel heading south and follow it to a utility gate. Open this and 
    follow the tunnel, but beware of mines! Go through the door at the end to 
    reach Metro Central. Wait at the door until the raiders or ghouls wins, and 
    then finish off the leftovers.
    Go through the room to a door and another door and finally radiation. Wait a 
    second. Kill the Ghoul loitering. Go in a little. Kill two more ghouls 
    walking about. Head down the left tunnel. Kill the Ghouls here. Do not go up 
    the escalator and instead go down the tunnels south.
    Soon you will encounter a pack of vicious dogs which need to be dealt with 
    swiftly. After, stay on the right tunnel to the end, and go through the 
    opening with the painted arrow. Follow this tunnel to the museum station. 
    Exit the storage room and kill the ghoul by the stairs. Flip the switch to 
    open the trapdoor, then kill the raider that comes out.
    Up here in the pool room, grab the Grognak the Barbarian off the desk. Go 
    east out to the railroad tunnel and kill the walking raider. Now head south 
    down the tunnel until you reach an escalator. Here, go up to find two 
    raiders: one on the level and the other on top of a railroad car. Head east 
    to a tunnel and go to the end to find the mall.
    Out here, kill all the Super Mutants around the area so you don't get shot at 
    and then go southeast to reach the museum of technology atrium. Inside here, 
    get behind cover and take out the two Super Mutants. After, go up the stairs 
    to your left and go through the door next to the caged windows.
    Go up to the vault and enter through the door. Follow the hallway to the end 
    and enter the west wing doors. Go through the doorway on the left and kill 
    the Super Mutants on each level. Now head up the stairs and unlock the 
    average locked door. Inside, go down the storage room and out the other door.
    Kill the Super Mutant right in front of you, as well as the Super Mutant in 
    the door straight ahead of you. Now go around to the staircase and take the 
    Virgo dish from the place. Head back out exactly the way you came in. If you 
    sneak right away, the bad guys won't see you. Now head west to the monument.
    Find the Washington Monument
    Make your way west-northwest to the monument. You can stop sneaking when you 
    get close as it is guarded by the brotherhood. Get on the terminal to open 
    the outer door. Now go inside the monument itself. Press the button to get 
    inside the elevator, and another button to go up the elevator.
    At the top, install the virgo dish at the radio. Now go back on the elevator 
    and go back down. At the bottom, get outside and then fast travel back to 
    Galaxy News Radio.
    Speak to Three Dog about Dad
    Talk to Three Dog now to get the skinny. It seems Dad went to project purity 
    and also saw Dr. Li in Rivet City.
    Scientific Pursuits
    Gain entrance to Rivet City
    You should have Rivet City on fast track by now as the majorly important 
    Intelligence bobblehead is located in Dr. Li's Science Lab. If you don't, 
    just follow the river south. It is on the southeast corner of the map. Take 
    the left door to end this objective.
    Talk to Doctor Li about Dad and Project Purity
    Take the left door to the midship deck. Follow the signs to the Science Lab. 
    Talk to Dr. Li about everything. She'll tell you Dad's at the Jefferson 
    Memorial for Project Purity. Time to get going. Exit Rivet City.
    Look for Dad in Project Purity's Control Room
    Follow the bridge and go down to the ground. Now start heading westward. Soon 
    you will see the monument and a walkway above the ground. This is after the 
    water. Get out your best weapon and kill the Super Mutant near the ramp. Now 
    go up the ramp and kill the two Super Mutants lingering about. Make your way 
    to the other side of the ramp and kill the Super Mutant at the bottom of the 
    Go in the Jefferson Memorial via the Gift Shop door to the left of the ramp. 
    Inside, kill the Super Mutant right in front of you and another should come 
    running as well. After disposing of them, go down to the X junction and hack 
    the average computer to get the turret offline. If you can't, you'll have to 
    resort to the old fashioned way.
    After taking care of the turret, head past the sandbags to the next room. 
    Kill the Super Mutant to the right of you and then head left. There will be 
    two Super Mutants here that you need to take out. Now go through the door to 
    the rotunda.
    Sneak attack critical the Super Mutant to the left of the circular station 
    and then make your way up the steps to the center. Kill the Super Mutant 
    patrolling center area and then grab the three holotapes near the exit of 
    this central hub. Listen to Entry 10 to find out where Dad went. Exit the 
    memorial and fast track back to Megaton.
    Gain access to Vault 112
    Luckily everything is marked on the map, so just make your way to your 
    destination. It is a long walk, but half the distance because we are at 
    Megaton. When you reach the garage, enter it and kill the two Mole Rats in 
    the second room.
    Flip the switch to open the trapdoor. Kill the Mole Rat at the bottom of the 
    stairs. Go down either staircase and kill the second Mole Rat. Now go through 
    the door marked Vault 112. Follow the tunnel to the Vault door. Press the 
    panel to open the vault.
    Inside, take the left door which leads to another door and a robot. It will 
    give you vault-wear, which you must wear to start this experiment. Go through 
    the door behind the robot and take a left at the junction. Go down the stairs 
    and around to reach the mid area with the sits. Get in the north unoccupied 
    seat and let the fun begin...
    Tranquility Lane
    There are two ways to go about this quest: good and evil. Since good is much 
    faster, it will be listed first. That is, of course, not to say that I don't 
    get a kick out of the evil way to do this, as it is LOADS of fun. But, 
    anyway, the good way is as follows.
    Mrs. Dithers states to you, rather crazily, that this is all a game and that 
    the answer is inside the abandoned house. If you go inside you will find 
    absolutely nothing besides a ton of 50s objects that chime. If you go back to 
    Braun in the center and listen to him/her, you can hear him chime a melody. 
    You must match the chimes of him with the chimes in the room to make a 
    The correct sequence is: radio, pitcher, gnome, pitcher, cinder block, gnome, 
    and bottle. This will make a terminal where you can read about the chinese 
    invasion. Activate it to kill the neighbors indefinitely and also garner good 
    The bad, and infinitely more fun way to go about it is to be evil and give in 
    to Braun's wishes. Your first task....
    Make Timmy Neusbam cry
    The quickest way to do this is just to get out your fists and punch the guy. 
    Go back to Braun and ask a question. Now it's onto round two...
    Break up the Rockwell's marriage
    Enter the Simpson's house and get the lacy underwear from the second floor 
    bedroom. Now go to the Rockwell's house and go inside the basement near the 
    kitchen. Place the lacy underwear on top of the desk and then tell Mrs. 
    Rockwell to come down to the basement. Once she's down there, evilness 
    ensues, and she decides to stay somewhere else tonight. Mission accomplished, 
    head back to Braun.
    Second question answered, it's time to...
    Arrange a creative death for Mabel Henderson
    Like the others, there are several ways to do this. The easiest is to go to 
    the Henderson's house and to the kitchen in the back. Fiddle with the pilot 
    light on the oven to start the mayhem. Now go to Mabel and ask her to bake a 
    cake for you. Watch as she goes up in flames. Mission accomplished, back to 
    black Betty.
    Retrieve the mask and knife from behind the abandoned house
    Go behind the white picket fence of the abandoned house and get the knife and 
    mask in the doghouse to the right of the house. Equipped with a weapon, kill 
    everyone in the 'lane besides the dog and Betty. When the mission is 
    complete, head back to Betty for a doorway out finally. You will achieve the 
    same fate if you just trigger the failsafe with the chiming objects in the 
    abandoned house.
    Through the door, you'll find yourself back at the lounge in the chair. After 
    talking to Dad, it's time to go to Rivet City again.
    The Waters of Life
    Go to Rivet City Science Lab
    Exit Vault 112 the way you entered and fast travel to Rivet City since you 
    have already been there. Go to the Science Lab via the stairwell/midship 
    desk. When you get to the lab wait for Dad who will also instantly travel 
    here. After the conversation with Daddy and Li, talk to Dad to get the next 
    Join the scientists at Project Purity
    Exit Rivet City and fast travel to the Jefferson Memorial. If you skipped 
    early quests and headed straight for tranquility lane, this option is not 
    available so you must head there on foot westward. When you reach there you 
    will find some Super Mutants you would have mopped up before, as well as a 
    full upper level of Super Mutant troops in the memorial.
    At any rate, wait for Dad and the scientists to come to the entrance of the 
    memorial. Dad will tell you that you need to clear the way inside of pesks so 
    they can accomplish their goal.
    Clear Project Purity of any remaining mutant threat
    Since the upper level (gift shop) has already been taken care of previously, 
    go to the sub-basement door and inside. You should encounter a centaur just 
    before the door. Go down the tunnel stairs, while stealthed, and turn right 
    at the chain-linked fence. The door on your left contains a Super Mutant, so 
    sneak attack critical hit the guy with a high powered weapon like a shotgun.
    Down the stairs east of here, you will encounter another Super Mutant in the 
    room this hall funnels off to. After this room you come at a four-way 
    junction. Look to the right (north) to find two Super Mutants. Kill them, 
    then look south and kill the loan Super Mutant.
    Take the west path, and kill the Super Mutant at the door. This is the last 
    Super Mutant, but I advise you go south at the four-way junction and west at 
    the other to find a door and a bed. Sleep at the bed to restore your health. 
    Exit the memorial the way you came in and talk to Dad.
    Escort the scientists inside Project Purity
    Follow Dad and the scientists to the rotunda. Talk to Dad to get Revelations 
    21:6 again and also what we are doing here. Soon he'll have a task for you...
    Turn on the Flood Control Power Pump
    Exit the rotundav via the door on the left to the gift shop. Here, go left 
    across the room to the sub-basement level. Follow the hall to the chain-link 
    fence and go right here. Follow the halls to the four-way junction and go 
    south. Activate the flood control power switch right next to the intercom to 
    complete the objective. Back at Dad you need to...
    Replace the damaged fuses
    Back all the way at the sub-basement four-way junction, go north to reach a 
    room with water. Here, take the west door to the fuse room with the fuses on 
    the wall. After putting them back on, it's time to...
    Boot up the mainframe
    Backtrack to the upper level of the sub-basement with the chain-linked fence. 
    Here, go northwest and open the double door. Flip the mainframe power switch 
    to complete the objective. Talk to Dad on the intercom to find out you need 
    Drain the intake pipes
    Head back to the gift shop and head north past the rooms almost like you are 
    leaving the place. Only instead of leaving to the left, go right (east) and 
    follow the hall to a grate. Down here, follow the straightforward pipe to the 
    outside. Here, press A at the red circular pipe to finish the objective. Uh-
    oh, looks like we have company! Don't shoot them and go through the openly 
    unlocked door in front of you.
    Return to the control room
    At the sift pump, go down the pipe and follow it to the sub-basement. Here 
    you will encounter Enclave soldiers that you need to kill in front of you. 
    They are heavily armored and equipped with plasma rifles, but all the better 
    for you to loot.
    After taking care of them, jump down to the water and make your way back to 
    the upper level of the sub-basement. Loot the corpse and exit to the gift 
    shop. Sneak here and go to your right. At the end of the hall is another 
    enclave soldier. Sneak attack critical him then go through the door to the 
    control room.
    At the control room you'll find everything's gone to hell. After the spoilerz 
    moment, you need to escort the scientists the hell out of here.
    Escort Dr. Li to the excavation point
    Follow Dr. Li to the manhole that leads to a tunnel.
    Escort Dr. Li through Taft Tunnel to the Citadel
    For this part of the story, it's best just to have them follow you while you 
    commit your killing. They will sneak when you sneak and everything, so they 
    don't slow you down. Go down the tunnel and kill the Enclave Eyebot to your 
    Go west down the tunnel and through the doorway. Follow the tunnel to another 
    doorway. Open it and kill the Enclave on the second floor if you can. If you 
    can't, go through the door on the right and follow the tunnel to another 
    eyebot. Kill it and go right down the tunnel to a locked door that Doctor Li 
    can open.
    While waiting for Li to unlock the door, you'll find nine enclave soldiers on 
    the second floor in the doorway to the left of the terminal. Kill them 
    hastily or slowly, then go through the newly opened door to the west. After 
    the rubble, you will encounter a Ghoul.
    Past the barrier, you will find two Ghouls. After taking care of them, head 
    through the door to Taft Tunnel again. Go through the straightforward doors 
    and soon Doctor Li will stop you about Garza. If you are good, you can give 
    him five stimpaks to help him. You can also drug him up with Med-X. If you 
    are bad, you can convince Doctor Li to leave him behind.
    After making your decision, go up the tunnel to a door. Out this door, go up 
    the elevated platform and look behind you to the level above you to find some 
    more Enclave soldiers. Kill them, then continue up the stairs to a room with  
    a eyebot helmet. Go through this room and kill the Ghouls up the stairs. 
    Before you proceed, go left at the T junction and drink water at the sink.
    Go right at the T junction now and follow the halls to a door. Open it and 
    kill the two Ghouls in front of you, then look right and kill the third Ghoul 
    far away. Follow the tunnel to the left and flip the switch. Do not kill the 
    turrets or the brotherhood of steel member past this door; instead, seek 
    cover behind them and watch as they kill the remaining Ghouls.
    Follow the remaining tunnel to a ladder. Outside, go south to reach the 
    Citadel. Doctor Li will get the door open for you, so go inside.
    Picking Up The Trail
    Ask Scribe Rothchild for pre-war computer access
    Talk to Lyons and ask for permission for Power Armor. Go to Paladin Gunny to 
    get that training, and then head to the Lab marked on your compass.
    Talk to Scribe Rothchild on the lower level to find out that the GECK could 
    be in one of the vaults. Go back to the courtyard and venture inside the A-
    ring of the citadel. Go through the hall and make a right. Go down to the end 
    room and take the end Vault terminal. Look at the DC vaults and finally Vault 
    87 equipment issuances to find the GECK. Go back to Rothchild for help.
    Follow Rothchild to the map which shows the location of all the Vaults, 
    including the one you need to get into. It's time to...
    Search Lamplight Caverns for a way into Vault 87
    Fast travel to Smith Casey's garage, and then go north-northwest until you 
    reach Lamplight Caverns which is highlighted on your map. When you reach it, 
    save right before the stop-sign and keep trying the Speech challenge until 
    you are successful. If you don't get it, just reload and try again. If you 
    can't do it, then you will need to rescue some kids from Paradise Falls, 
    which is located northwest of Big Town. Use Crimson to seduce the guard and 
    get them out of there.
    Enter Vault 87
    When you are finally in Little Lamplight, talk to Mayor MacCready about 
    alternate routes inside Vault 87. You can choose the gore-a-rific Murder Pass 
    which is infested with Super Mutants or you can choose the safe computer 
    terminal way. To do the latter, go to the Great Chamber and look for Joseph. 
    When you have found him, follow him to the computer terminal and save before 
    you attempt to unlock the average terminal. When you have successfully done 
    so, you will have access to Vault 87.
    Finding the Garden of Eden
    Retrieve the GECK
    Go through the door on the left. In this room, go through the southern door 
    with the debris in front of it. In this hall, turn left at the T junction and 
    go up the stairs. At the next T junction, go left to enter a room with four 
    radroaches. Kill'em all like the Metallica album, then go through the 
    northern door.
    Stay sneaked before the stairs, get out a high powered gun, and shoot the two 
    Super Mutants while sneaked. After their deaths, go up the stairs and sneak 
    just before the door. Peer in and shoot the patrolling Super Mutant. Now go 
    in the room and take the left door up some more stairs to reach the Living 
    Take the eastern door in this room and kill the Super Mutant patrolling the 
    stairs. Head up the stairs to a door. Inside is an area with a second level. 
    The second level has a few Super Mutants that need disposing of. When you are 
    finished, take the northeastern door to find a hallway leading up.
    In this new hallway on the second level, another Super Mutant patrols up and 
    down. Kill him, then continue down the hall to the end and take the door on 
    the left out to the upper level. Here, two Super Mutants will come out 
    opposite doors. Kill both of them, then continue to the doors they came out 
    of. Go up the stairs to the right.
    Two Super Mutants are loitering past the debris to your right once you get up 
    the stairs. If they get the jump on you, deal with them. If not, go around 
    the hall to where they are located and take care of them sneakily. There will 
    also be a lone Super Mutant in a room before them.
    Continue down the hall past the two loitering Super Mutants to find another 
    hallway. Go up the stairs to reach the Test Labs. Here, the door to your 
    right should open and contain a Super Mutant. Kill him, then continue down 
    the hall to reach a centaur.
    You can catch this centaur offguard and kill it straight up. Now continue 
    down the hall until you reach another Super Mutant in a room. Kill him, and 
    continue further down the hall. At the T junction, go left and talk to 
    After the conversation on the intercom, it's time to rescue Fawkes. Go down 
    the hall to the end, without opening any doors or tampering with any 
    terminals, and take the right door at the end. Here lies two Super Mutants. 
    After wasting them, get on the average locked medical wing maintenance 
    Save before you try to unlock it. Once done, open Fawkes' cell which is 
    number five. Go back to Fawkes and drink at the sink. Now follow Fawkes as he 
    makes his way to the GECK. Don't worry, he's super-powerful now and will take 
    all your shots. You can even get sneak criticals because of him.
    When you reach the radiation spot and the GECK, Fawkes will tell you to wait 
    while he gets it. Just chill until he comes back with it. Now exit the way 
    you came in; the same way you followed Fawkes. When you get to a certain 
    three door room, however, things change for the worse...
    After awakening, it's time to talk to Autumn. You can choose whatever method 
    you like, just don't give him the code. Soon the president will call the 
    colonel, and you will be able to speak to him. He will get rid of your 
    restraints and say your equipment is in the locker to the right of the door.
    Once everything is reequiped and rehotkeyed, open the door and head right 
    immediately. It is possible that a guard will see you, but you should be able 
    to get out of it. Follow the straightforward path and the president will give 
    a statement over the intercom system for you.
    After getting past the 3A door, go left and down until you reach a 3B door. 
    In here, go up the stairs to the cafeteria. Quickly go to the opposite side 
    and through the door. Colonel Autumn will issue a renige on the no-firing-at-
    you clause, so now you have to go guns'a blazin'.
    Go through the north door to reach the science headquarters. Kill the three 
    scientists in this room and exit west to 2B. Here go north to reach a big 
    door. Open it and go further down. Open the door on your right to find two 
    Enclave soldiers. Open the door on your left to find the energy weapons 
    bobblehead and a footlocker containing the self-destruct sequence.
    Now go through the 2C door with the two guards and up the stairs. Take the 
    western door to the control room. Just wait as the robots kill the Enclave 
    for you. Do not shoot the robots unless you want to garner evil karma. 
    Proceed past the 1A door and go all the way up the stairs.
    The "chat" with Eden might be akin to Terminator, but you have several 
    dialogue options. You can prove through science he's wrong if you have enough 
    intelligence, you can speech challenge him, or you could just give him the 
    destruct sequence. It all ends with you getting the FEV virus from him.
    No matter what, even if you are good, you got to get the vial. Now exit 
    through the door behind you and go right through the door. Two robots will be 
    killing more Enclave; please mop up any remaining scum. Continue along the 
    straightforward path until you reach more enclave. Stay back and watch the 
    machines take care of them for you.
    Continue along through the 1C door to more Enclave. After taking care of 
    them, or letting the robots do it, go down the stairs and pick up all the 
    items in the boxes. Back up, go to the 1C door and kill the three enclave or 
    watch the droids do it. Through the door is outside where you will encounter 
    Fawkes who wanted to help rescue you. If you are good, you can recruit Fawkes 
    and he can do the dirty deed if you have the Broken Steel addon.
    Fast travel back to the Citadel and talk with Lyons. You can give him the 
    vial of virus if you are good, or don't and infect the country if you are 
    bad. After talking, you can recruit Star Paladin Cross for the last time if 
    you are good. Talk to daughter Lyons to start the last mission.
    Take it Back!
    Head out of the Citadel and follow Liberty Prime as it makes its way to the 
    lab. You don't really need to do anything here, just watch and follow as 
    Prime takes care of everything. Anything Prime doesn't deal with, Pride 
    probably will.
    Project Impurity
    Head inside the memorial to the gift shop. Go down the hall and look right to 
    find five or six Enclave soldiers. Kill them all and then enter the rotunda. 
    At the rotunda you will find Autumn again. Blow his head off and take care of 
    his entourage soldier.
    Go up to the intercom to learn important information from Doctor Li. If you 
    have Broken Steel, you can have one of your radiation resistant companions do 
    the dirty deed. If not, you will have to do it yourself. Go inside and press 
    "2", "1", "6", and "Enter" on the pad. Congratulations on completing Fallout 
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