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    Character Creation Guide by Haeravon

    Version: 1.03 | Updated: 02/24/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    |								       |
    |				Fallout 3			       |
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    Version 1.03
    Written by: Nathan Garvin
    Email: Theendbringer (at) Hotmail (dot) com.
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    Table of Contents
    I. Introduction				{INT001}
    II. S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Attributes		{SPC001}	
    	1. Strength			{SPC002}
    	2. Perception			{SPC003}
    	3. Endurance			{SPC004}
    	4. Charisma			{SPC005}
    	5. Intelligence			{SPC006}
    	6. Agility			{SPC007}
    	7. Luck				{SPC008}
    	8. My Personal Build, Attributes{SPC009}
    III. Statistics				{STA001}
    	1. CND				{STA002}	
    	2. RAD				{STA003}
    	3. EFF				{STA004}
    	4. LVL				{STA005}
    	5. HP				{STA006}
    	6. AP				{STA007}	
    	7. XP				{STA008}
    IV. Skills				{SKL001}
    	Base				{SKL002}	
    	Tag!				{SKL003}
    	Leveling			{SKL004}
    	Bobbleheads			{SKL005}
    	Books				{SKL006}
    	Min/Maxing			{SKL007}
    	Breakdown of Skill Points	{SKL008}
    	The Skills			{SKL009}
    		Barter			{SKL010}
    		Big Guns		{SKL011}
    		Energy Weapons		{SKL012}
    		Explosives		{SKL013}
    		Lockpick		{SKL014}
    		Medicine		{SKL015}
    		Melee Weapons		{SKL016}
    		Repair			{SKL017}
    		Science			{SKL018}
    		Small Guns		{SKL019}
    		Sneak			{SKL020}
    		Speech			{SKL021}
    		Unarmed			{SKL022}
    	Skills I Tag! (and why)		{SKL023}
    V. Perks				{PRK001}
    	Level 2 Perks			{PRK002}
    		Black Widow/Lady Killer	
    		Daddy's Boy/Daddy's Girl
    		Gun Nut
    		Intense Training
    		Little Leaguer
    		Swift Learner
    	Level 4 Perks			{PRK003}
    		Child at Heart
    		Iron Fist
    	Level 6 Perks			{PRK004}
    		Bloody Mess
    		Demolition Expert
    		Fortune Finder
    		Lead Belly
    	Level 8 Perks			{PRK005}
    		Impartial Mediation
    		Rad Resistance
    		Size Matters
    		Strong Back
    	Level 10 Perks			{PRK006}
    		Animal Friend
    		Here and Now
    		Mister Sandman
    		Mysterious Stranger
    		Nerd Rage!
    		Night Person
    	Level 12 Perks			{PRK007}
    		Fast Metabolism
    		Life Giver
    		Robotics Expert
    		Silent Running
    	Level 14 Perks			{PRK008}
    		Adamantium Skeleton
    		Contract Killer
    		Light Step
    		Master Trader
    	Level 16 Perks			{PRK009}
    		Action Boy
    		Better Criticals
    		Chem Resistant
    	Level 18 Perks			{PRK010}
    		Concentrated Fire
    		Computer Whiz
    		Paralyzing Palm
    	Level 20 Perks			{PRK011}
    		Grim Reaper's Sprint
    		Solar Powered
    	Additional Perks		{PRK012}
    		Ant Might
    		Ant Sight
    		Dream Crusher
    		Junior Survivor
    		Power Armor Training
    		Rad Limb Healing
    		Survivor Expert
    		Survivor Guru
    		Wired Reflexes
    	My Personal Build, Perks	{PRK013}
    VI. Bobbleheads				{BOB001}
    VII. Updates/Thanks			{UPD001}	
    |								       |
    |			Introduction {INT001}			       |
    |								       |
    Well, this isn't my first FAQ, so I don't have any excuses if it sucks.
    With that said, I hope you don't think it sucks, in fact, I hope you
    think it's rather helpful, even if you don't agree with what I might
    have to say. This FAQ was created to explain a bit about character
    generation in Fallout 3, namely how I go about creating my characters.
    I find this to be the most effective means of playing through the game,
    as you get a character that is not only powerful and versatile, but
    easy to get off the ground. Unlike my previous FAQ, since this is a
    character creation FAQ, I would be interested in various strategies
    readers may have, even if they are contrary to my own opinions. And as
    always, if I missed something (probable) or got something wrong (likely)
    let me know. I'll fix it, and give you credit. I do not include book
    locations in this FAQ, as I simply never bothered to find them all. If
    you absolutely must find all the books to max your character, I'm sure
    there's another FAQ out there. I have recored the books I have found,
    and if the mood ever strikes me, I may yet add that section to the FAQ.
    If you like my FAQs, I'll promote myself by letting everybody know I'm 
    planning on working on the following projects: Baldur's Gate 1 & 2, 
    Fallout 1 & 2, Overlord 2, Planescape: Torment, and The Witcher.. If any 
    of those strike your fancy. Keep in mind, these are just my opinions, 
    they are not fact, so don't get your feathers ruffled if you don't agree
    with me.
    Broken Steel Note:
    If you have the expansion Broken Steel installed, please keep in mind
    that this FAQ is NOT intended for use with that expansion. If you have,
    or plan to get Broken Steel, do not use this FAQ, as the advice herein
    is no longer compatible. I have the expansion myself, and am working
    on a new character build with the expansion, which pretty much makes
    the process of leveling up a lot more brain-dead. Some things-like the
    bobblehead locations and general game mechanics are fine-but the 
    impetus for choosing your perks and attributes are simply not efficient
    for Broken Steel. If you made a character with this FAQ, and upgraded
    to Broken Steel, and saw that "Almost Perfect" perk.. well, hey, I
    didn't know either.. download my new FAQ for Broken Steel.  
    |								       |
    |		S.P.E.C.I.A.L Attributes {SPC001}		       |
    |								       |
    Your seven attributes are cleverly formed into the anagram 'SPECIAL',
    which stands for Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, 
    Intelligence, Agility, Luck. Not all attributes are made equal, and I'll
    help show you why. These are just my opinions, you can do well making
    any character you want. Even.. a melee character. Gnnh.
    Attributes do a number of things for you-depending on what the actual
    attribute is, but they all give a 2 point bonus to their related skills
    for each point in that attribute. For example, if your Strength was 5
    your base Melee Weapons skill would get a 10 point bonus. Luck is the
    exception, which gives a 1 point bonus for each two points in Luck to
    all your skills.
    You can get a Vault-Tec limited edition bobblehead that adds a +1 bonus
    for each of your attributes. You should plan on getting these (or at
    least the more important ones) and adjust your characters' attributes
    appropriately. The most you want in any one attribute is 9.. the 
    bobblehead wont raise your attribute above 10-nothing will-so it's a
    waste to start out with an attribute score of 10.
    Strength {SPC002}
    Skills: Melee Weapons
    Strength is a measure of your raw physical power. It affects how much
    you can carry, and determines the effectiveness of all melee attacks.
    Strength determines the damage you do with melee attacks.. a whopping
    half a point of damage for each point of strength. Yes, 10 points of 
    Strength gets you the same damage as the Iron Fist perk, wow!) As far as 
    the skill point bonuses go, Strength is the weakest attribute, factoring 
    into only one skill.. the aforementioned Melee Weapons skill. Frankly, 
    Strength isn't a very good attribute at all, unless you're dead set on 
    whacking things in melee. If you like guns, the most you want to put 
    into Strength is 4 points. With the bobblehead that gives you five, 
    which is enough for the Strong Back perk. For each point of Strength you
    have your carrying capacity is improved by 10 (from a base of 150).
    Strong Back adds 50 points to your carrying capacity-the equivilent of
    5 points of Strength, further making Strength redundent, even to players
    that want to melee.
    |Strength|Melee Damage|Carrying Capacity|Skills|
    |   1    |      .5    |       160       |  +2  |
    |   2    |     1.0    |       170       |  +4  |
    |   3    |     1.5    |       180       |  +6  |
    |   4    |     2.0    |       190       |  +8  |
    |   5    |     2.5    |       200       | +10  |
    |   6    |     3.0    |       210       | +12  |
    |   7    |     3.5    |       220       | +14  |
    |   8	 |     4.0    |       230       | +16  |
    |   9    |     4.5    |       240       | +18  |
    |  10	 |     5.0    |       250       | +20  |
    You can further increase your Strength by completing the quest 'Those!'
    and recieving the injection from Doctor Lesko.
    Various types of power armor will raise your strength.. at the cost of 
    Agility. The Strength raising power armor isn't as good as the T51-b 
    armor, however.
    Grade: **
    Perception {SPC003}
    Skills: Explosives, Lockpick, and Energy Weapons
    A high Perception grants a bonus to the Explosives, Lockpick and Energy
    Weapons skills, and determines when red compass markings appear (which
    indicate threats).
    Perception's big draw is that it increases the distance as which you
    notice threats-red marks on your compass. Granted this is only useful
    for avoiding said threats, or ambushing/sneaking up on them. Still, if
    you are a ranged fighter, this is useful for letting you know where your
    enemies are before you engage. If tactical advantages don't mean 
    anything to you, obviously Perception shouldn't be high on your list.
    Even without the threat markers (which I am personally fairly fond of)
    Perception gives a bonus to three skills.. which makes it fairly useful
    by that simple virtue alone. I start out with 3 points, get 3 more
    through Intense Training as I level, and round it out at 8 with the 
    Ant Sight perk and the bobble head.
    |    1     |  +2  |
    |    2     |  +4  |
    |    3     |  +6  |
    |    4     |  +8  |
    |    5     | +10  |
    |    6     | +12  |
    |    7     | +14  |
    |    8     | +16  |
    |    9     | +18  |
    |   10     | +20  |
    You can further increase your Perception by completing the quest 
    'Those!' and recieving the injection from Doctor Lesko.
    The Shady Hat you get for completing all the sub objectives of
    the Mirelurk portion of the Wasteland Survival Guide quest is a rather
    snazzy way to add a point of Perception.. and some points of Sneak to
    Grade: ***
    Endurance {SPC004}
    Skills: Big Guns and Unarmed
    Endurance is a measure of your overall physical fitness. A high 
    Endurance gives bonuses to health, environmental resistances, and the
    Big Guns and Unarmed skills.
    Every point of Endurance gives you 20 health, a fairly significant
    amount considering you gain 10 points per level (excluding the first)
    added on to a base of 100. This bonus is retroactive-should you gain
    more Endurance later, you'll find yourself burdened with an extra 20
    health. By 'environmental resistances' they mean Radiation Resistance.
    You'll gain a 2% bonus for every point above 1, again retroactive. This
    is a fairly good attribute, and it gives bonuses to two skills, even
    though they are two I'm not particularly fond of. Despite it being a
    good attribute, I tend to put 5 points in it to start, get another from
    the bobble head, and 2 from Intensive Training to end at 8. I could 
    start it at 4, and be perfectly happy with 5 at the end, but I really 
    don't have anything better to spend the points on.
    |Endurance|Hitpoints|Poison Resistance|Radiation Resistance|Skills|
    |    1    |  120    |        0%       |         0%         |  +2  |
    |    2    |  140    |        5%       |	        2%         |  +4  |
    |    3    |  160    |       10%       |         4%         |  +6  |
    |    4    |  160    |       15%       |         6%         |  +8  |
    |    5    |  180    |       20%       |         8%         | +10  |
    |    6    |  200    |       25%       |        10%         | +12  |
    |    7    |  220    |       30%       |        12%         | +14  |
    |    8    |  240    |       35%       |        14%         | +16  |
    |    9    |  260    |       40%       |        16%         | +18  |
    |   10    |  280    |       45%       |        18%         | +20  |
    Grade: ****
    Many people say you can get a bonus to Endurance from the Barkskin
    perk, which you can recieve by taking Harold's side in the quest
    'Oasis'. I have never recieved any Endurance for doing this quest,
    however. (My Barkskin always just gives a bonus to Damage Resistance.)
    Charisma {SPC005}
    Skills: Barter and Speech
    Having a high Charisma will improve people's disposition of you, and
    give bonuses to both the Barter and Speech skills.
    This is a perfectly good dump attribute. It gives a bonus to two skills,
    granted good skills, but this attribute fails on the virtue of its main
    benefit-or lack thereof. This skill unlocks dialogue options, but to get
    that benefit, you'll need to have at least 8 points in it. That's a lot
    of points that could be spent elsewhere. You know, making your character
    a skill whore, or a combat phenom. Worse, you can affect dialogue
    options with a high enough Speech skill-and get EXP for it. Unless 
    you're crazy about the role-playing, avoid this skill. Make it 1, or
    make it 8. And then get the bobble head, and put on some clothes that
    give you another point to finish at 10. And then get Black Widow or
    Lady Killer, Child at Heart, and a high Speech skill. Just keep in mind,
    you WILL have to fight in this game, and those points in Charisma are
    going to hurt. I give it a 1 and let my Speech skill get me through the
    game. Shame, Charisma was a good skill in the first two Fallout games.
    |    1   |  +2  |
    |    2   |  +4  |
    |    3   |  +6  |
    |    4   |  +8  |
    |    5   | +10  |
    |    6   | +12  |
    |    7   | +14  |
    |    8   | +16  |
    |    9   | +18  |
    |   10   | +20  |
    Grade: *
    Intelligence {SPC006}
    Skills: Science, Repair, and Medicine
    Intelligence affects the Science, Repair and Medicine skills. The
    higher your Intelligence, the more Skill Points you'll be able to
    distribute when you level up.
    Okay, three skills is good, but most importantly for every point of
    Intelligence you have you get an extra skill point to distribute every 
    level. Now, for all those 10% skill perks, each point of Intelligence
    gives you 19 skill points by level 20, twice as potent than any such 
    perk. You should get your Intelligence up to 9 to start, and then head 
    to Rivet City as soon as you get out of Vault 101 to get the bobble 
    head. It is well worth the trouble to get the bobble head for a cool 10 
    Intelligence before you reach level 3. There are advocates of the 
    opposite strategy-a 1 Intelligence with all the skill books and bobble 
    heads makes it possible-however unlikely-to get 100% in all skills. A 
    high Intelligence just makes life easier, and it forces you to find 
    less skill books. Besides, where else would you put the attribute 
    points? Endurance? A good number of the better perks require certain
    skill levels to get. It would be extremely tedious to get your skills up
    via books while having to watch your level to ensure you dont over-level
    and waste perks.. If that's your idea of fun, go ahead. I prefer to be
    |Intelligence|Skill Point per Level|Skills|
    |   1        |         11          |  +2  |
    |   2        |         12          |  +4  |
    |   3        |         13          |  +6  |
    |   4        |         14          |  +8  |
    |   5        |         15          | +10  |
    |   6        |         16          | +12  |
    |   7        |         17          | +14  |
    |   8  	     |         18          | +16  |
    |   9        |         19          | +18  |
    |  10	     |         20          | +20  |
    Grade: *****
    Agility {SPC007}
    Skills: Small Guns and Sneak
    Agility affects your Small Guns and Sneak skills, and the number of
    Action Points available for V.A.T.S.
    Small Guns and Sneak are both magnificent skills, and I live and die by
    V.A.T.S. in this game. You get a measly two points for each point in
    Agility plus a base of.. 65? Still, weapons just aren't accurate at a
    range, and ammo is a commodity, so V.A.T.S. is good times. Besides, you
    are invulnerable while in V.A.T.S. so it's something worth abusing.
    There are tons of great perks that need a 6 Agility, so getting at least
    a 5 and then the bobble head is a good idea. I prefer to get nine to
    make the most of V.A.T.S.
    |Agility|Action Points|Skills|
    |   1   |      67     |  +2  |
    |   2   |      69     |  +4  |
    |   3   |      71     |  +6  |
    |   4   |      73     |  +8  |
    |   5   |      75     | +10  |
    |   6   |      77     | +12  |
    |   7   |      79     | +14  |
    |   8	|      81     | +16  |
    |   9   |      83     | +18  |
    |  10	|      85     | +20  |
    Grade: ****
    Luck {SPC008}
    Skills: All skills
    Raising your Luck will raise all of your skills a little. Having a high
    Luck will also improve your critical chance with all weapons.
    Luck is a fantastic attribute. Every point gives you a 1% critical hit
    rate. A critical hit on an enemy's head in V.A.T.S. with a combat
    shotgun is a GOOD thing. With 10 points of Luck, Finesse, and the
    best modifier from the Wasteland Survival Guide, you can get an 18%
    critical rate. That's good times. As if that's not good enough, Luck
    gives a bonus to all your skills, one point for every odd attribute 
    point in Luck (1,3,5,7,9). That's a total of 13 skill points for every
    other attribute point. At 6.5 per point, that's a better skill bonus
    than any other attribute. If critical hits don't matter to you, you
    should still get a base of 3 at least. You can find a bobble head and
    a Lucky 8 Ball to give you two more points, so an 8 is the most you
    should get, which I do.
    |Luck|Critical Chance|Skills|
    |  1 |       1%      |  +1  |
    |  2 |       2%      |  +1  |
    |  3 |       3%      |  +2  |
    |  4 |       4%      |  +2  |
    |  5 |       5%      |  +3  |
    |  6 |       6%      |  +3  |
    |  7 |       7%      |  +4  |
    |  8 |       8%      |  +4  |
    |  9 |       9%      |  +5  |
    | 10 |	     10%     |  +5  |
    Grade: *****
    You can further increase your Luck by possessing the Lucky 8 Ball. Like
    a bobblehead, this item just sits in your inventory and makes your life
    If you do Reily's Rangers quest and choose the armor, you get a nice
    custom suit of combat armor with very high DR and a +1 bonus to Luck.
    If you like the look of that armor, and are comfortable with going with
    that, you can leave your Luck one point lower and use the armor to
    compensate. I prefer power armor, though.
    My Personal Build, Attributes {SPC009}
    I count on getting all the bobbleheads (which is much easier than
    finding all the books) and the Lucky 8 Ball. Also, I plan on getting
    the Ant Sight perk. It's been said you can get a 1 point bonus to your
    Endurance from Harold, but I never have. In any case, if somehow I do,
    I have extra Endurance to get. I play by using Stealth to sneak up on my
    enemies, typically with Small Guns. Sneak Criticals are good times,
    and my V.A.T.S. ensures I win my fights. This is my personal build for
    casual gameplay.
    		Base	Bobble	Perks	Misc	Total
    Strength	4	1	0	0	5
    Perception	4	1	3	1	9
    Endurance	5	1	2	0	8
    Charisma	1	1	0	0	2
    Intelligence	9	1	0	0	10
    Agility		9	1	0	0	10
    Luck		8	1	0	1	10
    Beginning HP:	200	Beginning AP:	83
    Ending HP:	450	Ending AP:	110
    If I want a rougher experience, a more intensive hide & seek session
    looking for books, I use this build to maximize my hit points. I also
    pick the Life Giver perk instead of the Educated perk. Once again, I
    would max my Endurance at 9 and try to get the Barkskin perk from the
    quest 'Oasis', but I've never recieved a point of Endurance from the
    		Base	Bobble	Perks	Misc	Total
    Strength	4	1	0	0	5
    Perception	4	1	3	1	9
    Endurance	7	1	2	0	10
    Charisma	1	1	0	0	2
    Intelligence	7	1	0	0	8
    Agility		9	1	0	0	10
    Luck		8	1	0	1	10
    Beginning HP: 	240	Beginning AP: 	83
    Ending HP:	520	Ending AP:	110
    |			Statistics {STA001}			       |
    You could really look a lot of this up in the manual, but that's too
    much for some folk.. I'll just assume you're looking it up here for my
    expert opinion. Yeah..
    CND {STA002}
    Like the manual says, this screen has an outline of your poor little
    Pip Boy. The healthier he is, the happier he'll look! Also, you can
    see the condition of all your body parts. This feature seems a little
    tacked on, and most of the time you'll only take serious bodily harm
    from explosions, traps, or Robobrains. Getting crippled is a bad thing,
    obviously, and the effects range from occassionally losing focus and
    becoming temporarily blind to hobbling around at half speed. Using
    stimpaks on the injured member or sleeping in a bed will fix you up.
    RAD {STA003}
    This screen shows your current level of radiation exposure via the
    bar across the bottom. Your radiation level ranges from 0 rads to
    1000 rads, with significant negative effects occuring every 200 rads,
    as follows: 
    200 rads: -1 EN
    400 rads: -2 EN, -1 AG
    600 rads: -3 EN, -2 AG, -1 ST
    800 rads: -3 EN, -2 AG, -2 ST
    1000 rads: Death!
    You won't lose maximum HP while suffering from radiation poisoning, so
    the endurance loss isn't too bad. However, losing agility and strength
    kinda sucks. Fix yourself up with some radaway or prevent radiation
    poisoning by using rad-x. Just don't become addicted!
    EFF {STA004}
    If you're suffering from radiation poisoning, or if you are in some
    other way buffed or impared, that'll show up here. This just lists the
    various status effects affecting you.
    LVL {STA005}
    This is, of course, your level. You start out level 1, and reach level
    2 immediately upon exiting the vault. As of now you can reach a
    lamely low maximum level of 20. Each time you level up you'll recieve
    10 HP, a perk, and 10 skill points + intelligence.
    HP {STA006}
    Hit Points, of course. When you run out of these, you die. Hit points
    are good, and since endurance is one of the best ways to get more of
    them, endurance is pretty good too. You start out with a base of 100
    and recieve 10 every level (sans the first). You also gain 20 more per
    point of endurance and possibley 30 from the Life Giver perk. That's a
    maximum of 520 hit points, but I commonly end with a measly 450. Hit
    points are good.. but there are other considerations to be made.
    AP {STA007}
    Action points are all important for my play style. The more action
    points you have, the more shots you can take in V.A.T.S., which is
    much more accurate, damaging, and during which, you're invincible. If
    you're too elite of an FPS shooter for V.A.T.S., just give yourself an
    agility of 1 and have fun. For the rest of us, V.A.T.S. is win. You
    start out with 65 and gain two points for every point of agility. With
    the Action Boy/Girl perk, you can top out at 110 (which I always do).
    There's an arguement that AP becomes redundant if you get the Grim 
    Reaper's Sprint perk, but in its defense, the more AP you have, the 
    more shots you can take, the better your chance of killing and enemy 
    and replenishing your AP. It's good stuff people, trust me.
    XP {STA008}
    Your experience points rates your progress towards the next level. You
    recieve anywhere from 1 to 50 experience for killing an enemy, and you
    get a comparably whopping amount for completing the games' quests. I'll
    go ahead and say it here.. there are plenty of chances to gain XP in
    this game. Killing enemies, completing quests, giving certain items
    (scrap metal, sensor modules, sugar bombs and the like) to certain NPCs,
    picking locks, disabling/disarming mines, hacking computers.. Point is,
    you NEVER need perks that increase your XP. The level cap is too low
    already, you'll level just fine plaything through the game.
    |								       |
    |				Skills {SKL001}			       |
    |								       |
    Skills determine how good you are at various activities, anything from
    picking locks, hacking computers, attacking with various weapons,
    sneaking, interacting with NPCs and so forth. Your skills are every bit
    as important as your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes and your perks, with
    one exception.. it's entirely possible to create a character with a
    score of 100 in every skill.
    Base {SKL002}
    You start out with two points in each skill, and get an additional two
    points per S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attribute in related skills with the
    exception of Luck, which gives .5 point for each point of Luck
    (rounded up).
    Tag! {SKL003}
    You select three skills to tag during the G.O.A.T. test. Unlike the
    first two Fallout games, this doesn't double your rate of skill point
    increase, it merely adds a 15 point bonus to those skills.
    Leveling {SKL004}
    You gain 10 skill points per level plus your Intelligence score.
    Getting the bobblehead from Rivet City early earns you extra skill
    points. If you get Educated at level 4, you can further increase your
    bonuses for leveling up.
    Bobbleheads {SKL005}
    There is a bobblehead in the game for each skill, each of which
    increases your skill by 10 points. Free and easy skill points, you
    shouldn't raise any skill above 90 until you have the bobblehead for
    that skill, or you're wasting points.
    Books {SKL006}
    In addition to perks, leveling, intelligence, and bobbleheads, you can
    get skill bonuses from books throughout the game. These books each give
    you a one point bonus to a specific skill, depending on the book. This
    cannot increase your skill level above 100. In the game there are
    twenty-five of each skill book (except for 'Tales of a Junktown Jerky
    Vendor, of which there are only twenty-four.) This means skill books
    can account for a quarter of your points in every skill. With the
    Comprehension perk, you get two skill points per book, from which half
    of all the possible skill points in the game can be derived. That's a
    big deal. I make my characters with the idea in mind that I should
    find anywhere from fifteen to twenty of each book. This allows me to
    play casually and not stress skill books too much. If you want to play
    more thoroughly, create your character to max out each skill naturally
    at 50 (52 for Barter) and let the books do the rest.
    There are 13 skills, each of which can gain a score of 100 for a total
    of 1300 skill points total in the game. You start out with a base of 
    two, which is an automatic 26 skill points towards your total. You gain
    an additional number of skill points which are variable depending
    upon your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes. 9 points of Luck will net you
    65 skill points right there. You gain a minimum of 11 skill points
    per level (after level 2, you should get the Intelligence bobblehead
    asap for an additional 18 skill points). This will net you at least
    227 skill points. With a good Luck score
    Min/Maxing {SKL007}
    If you want to ensure you'll max out all skills at 100, get every skill
    to at least 40 points. You'll get ten more from the bobbleheads, and
    you can get 50 more points from the skill books if you have
    Comprehension. For Barter, you'll need a minimum of 42 since there are
    only 24 books. Keep in mind that some perks require skills to be at
    certain levels, like Cyborg. You might want to boost such skills to
    the minimum level-and really strive to get your hands on the
    bobbleheads you'll need early on. 
    Breakdown of Skill Points {SKL008}
    There are 13 skills in the game, each of which can be raised to a score
    of 100, for a grand total of 1300 possible skill points in the game. I
    have broken down all the various means by which I recieve skill points
    with my character build. There are also some general pieces of
    information that apply to all characters. With the table below you can
    see just how my character will play out. To make a long story short,
    I will end up with the ability to aquire 236 more skill points than
    I can use. This gives me the freedom to miss 118 skill books in the
    game provided I have the Comprehension perk. If you want to run a
    tighter ship you can always exchange some Intelligence for something
    else (I'd recommend Endurance.) Each point of Intelligence you trade
    off, you'll sacrifice 21 skill points (1 point a level over 19 levels,
    plus two points since Intelligence gives a two point bonus to three
    skills, where Endurance only gives a two point bonus to two skills.)
    Also, you could choose to switch out Educated for Life Giver for even
    more hit points-and even less wiggle room. Keep in mind, there are 
    items you can wear that raise and lower skills, and additional perks 
    you can choose to increase skills. Personally I prefer not to rely on 
    equipment for bonuses, and perk only skills are never worth it.
    I also take four Intensive Training perks, which gives me a three 
    point bonus to Perception, and a one point bonus to Endurance. This 
    gives me an additional 22 skill points.
    Skill points
     gained from..	 Formula	 Points  Math (out of 1300)
    |              	|2 points per	|	|			|
    |Base	        |skill x 13	|  26 	|	1274		|
    |	      	|skills		|	|			|
    |		|2 points per	|	|			|
    |Strength	|attribute x 1	| 2-20  |	1266		|
    |		|skill	 	| (8) 	|			|
    |		|2 points per	|	|			|
    |Perception	|attribute x 3	| 6-60  |	1230		|
    |		|skills	 	| (36) 	|			|
    |		|2 points per	|	|			|
    |Endurance	|attribute x 2	| 4-40  |	1206		|
    |		|skills	 	| (24) 	|			|
    |		|2 points per	|	|			|
    |Charisma	|attribute x 2	| 4-40  |	1202		|
    |		|skills	 	|  (4) 	|			|
    |		|2 points per	|	|			|
    |Intelligence	|attribute x 3	| 6-60  |	1148		|
    |		|skills	 	| (54) 	|			|
    |		|2 points per	|	|			|
    |Agility	|attribute x 2	| 4-40  |	1112		|
    |		|skills	 	| (36) 	|			|
    |		|.5 points per	|	|			|
    |Luck		|attribute x 13	| 13-65 |	1060		|
    |		|skills 	|	|			|
    |		|(round up)	| (52) 	|			|
    |              	|15 points x3 	|	|			|
    |Tag!	        |skills		|  45 	|	1015		|
    |	      	|		|	|			|
    ******These skill bonuses are just from character creation******
    |              	|10 points  	| 	|			|
    |Leveling       |+Intelligence	|209-380|	 654		|
    |	      	|x19 levels	| (361)	|			|
    |Intelligence   |1 point per  	| 	|			|
    |less than 10	|level x18	|	|			|
    |and Bobblehead	|levels		|  18	|	 636		|
    |before level 3 |		| 	|			|
    |Chose Educated |3 points per 	| 	|			|
    |perk at level 4|level x16 	|   48  |	 588		|
    |	      	|levels		| 	|			|
    |Chose Silent   |10 points into	| 	|			|
    |Running perk at|Sneak skill 	|   10  |	 578		|
    |any level     	|		| 	|			|
    |Chose Cyborg   |10 points into	| 	|			|
    |perk at any    |Energy Weapons |   10  |	 568		|
    |level     	|skill		| 	|			|
    ***These skill bonuses are just from playing the game, without*** 
    *******finding any item except the Intelligence bobblehead*******
    |              	|2 points per	|	|			|
    |Bobbleheads    |skill x 13	|  26 	|	 542		|
    |(Attributes) 	|skills		|	|			|
    |              	|10 points per	|	|			|
    |Bobbleheads    |skill x 13	|  130	|	 412		|
    |(Skills) 	|skills		|	|			|
    |Bobblehead-Luck|1 point per	|	|			|
    |and Lucky 8	|skill x 13	|  130	|	 399		|
    |Ball with Luck |skills		|	|			|
    |7 or lower 	|		|	|			|
    |		|		|	|			|
    |Skill Books	|1 point per	|  324	|	  88		|
    |		|book x324 books|	|			|
    |		|		|	|			|
    |Skill Books	|		|	|			|
    |with the	|2 points per	|  648	|	 -236		|
    |Comprehension	|book x324 books|	|			|
    |perk		|		|	|			|
    ********With my build, I only need to find 206 of the 324********
    ********skill books in the game. About 16 books per skill********					
    The skills {SKL009}
    Below I have listed and explained the skills. It seems more redundant
    than explaining S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes or perks, since you can
    easily max all of the skills, but this might help you choose which
    skill to tag and boost.
    Barter {SKL010}
    S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Attribute: Charisma
    Book: Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor
    The Barter skill affects the prices you get for buying and selling
    items. In general, the higher your Barter skill, the lower your prices
    on purchased items.
    Like it is said in the manual, you gain an advantage on trade prices,
    which is fairly important. The more money you get for your loot, the
    more ammo you can buy. The more ammo you have, the easier your life
    will be. Being able to get your hands on more ammo, armor, and meds
    will make the game easier, obviously. There is, however, plenty of
    loot in the game, so while this skill helps, it's not a skill you
    should lose sleep over.
    Grade: ****
    Big Guns {SKL011}
    S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Attribute: Endurance
    Book: U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes
    The Big Guns skill determines your combat effectivness with all
    oversized weapons such as the Fat Man, Missile Launcher, Minigun, and
    Gatling Laser.
    The more points you have in Big Guns, the more damage they'll do, and
    the better your accuracy in V.A.T.S. They already do a ton of damage,
    but that just means they'll get that much better by focusing on Big
    Guns. Of course, this is a fairly specialized niche of weapons that
    have rather limited use and even more limited ammo. Granted, you'll
    find more 5mm rounds than you can shake a stick at, but you'll also
    burn through it like nothing else. I've managed to play through the
    game without using a simple Big Gun. In fact, the only situation in
    which I found myself wanting one was against Super Mutant Behemoths,
    and there are very few of them in the game.
    Grade: **
    Energy Weapons {SKL012}
    S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Attribute: Perception
    Book: Nikola Tesla and You
    The Energy Weapons skill determines your effectiveness with weapons
    such as the Laser Pistol, Laser Rifle, Plasma Rifle, and Plasma Pistol.
    Unfortunately, Energy Weapons describes a rather weak and limited
    selection of weapons in Fallout 3. The exception of course, is the 
    Alien Blaster, but ammo is incredibly rare for this gun. Probably the
    worst ranged weapons in the game.
    Grade: **
    Explosives {SKL013}
    S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Attribute: Perception
    Book: Duck and Cover!
    The Explosives skill determines the power of any set mines, the ease of
    disarming any hostile mines, and the effectiveness of any thrown
    Explosives aren't very useful. They do good damage, but they come in
    extremely limited quantity. They're annoying to aim, and they take too
    long to detonate. I know, I know, "aim better!" Most situations in 
    which one could be used I found it easier to simply use a gun, or a 
    missile. Pulse grenades and mines are only effective against machines. 
    Some people suggest using Frag Mines against Mirelurks, but I found it 
    simpler to just go downhill from them and put an end to them with a 
    shotgun. And about the 'ease of disarming hostile mines', I have no
    idea what they mean. At any level I was able to disarm Frag Mines,
    there's no check, no roll, no mini-game, you just get close and
    activate the mine. I don't know if a higher Explosives score increases
    the distance at which you can do this, or what.. I'm pretty sure it's
    useless though, except with the quest 'The Power of the Atom.' Even
    then, your skill doesn't have to be very high.
    Grade: *
    Lockpick {SKL014}
    S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Attribute: Perception
    Book: Tumblers Today
    The Lockpick skill is used to open locked doors and containers.
    Every 25 points in this skill allows you to pick a more difficult lock.
    It also increases your chance to force locks (whee..) There are
    plenty of locks in the game, so this skill becomes useful simply
    because of how often you'll need to use it. It is one of the few skills
    you should level up quickly (the faster you get it up in ranks, the
    sooner you'll be able to pick more difficult locks.) It's a good
    candidate for a Tag! skill.
    |Lockpick SKill|Lock Difficulty|
    |       0      |   Very Easy   |
    |      25      |      Easy     |
    |      50      |     Average   |
    |      75      |      Hard     |
    |     100      |   Very Hard   |
    Grade: *****
    Medicine {SKL015}
    S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Attribute: Intelligence
    Book: D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine
    The Medicine skill determines how many Hit Points you'll replenish upon
    using a Stimpak, and the effectiveness of Rad-X and RadAway.
    More potent Stimpaks, Rad-X, and RadAway? Not bad. I don't tend to use
    them often, but when I need them, they come in handy. I wouldn't fret
    about this skill, but the higher it gets, the more potent your meds
    will be, and everybody can be happy with that.
    Grade: ***
    Melee Weapons {SKL016} 
    S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Attribute: Strength
    Book: Grognak the Barbarian
    The Melee Weapons skill determines your effectiveness with any melee
    weapon, from the simple lead pipe all the way up to the high-tech
    Super Sledge.
    I'm not sure what's 'high-tech' about a Super Sledge, but it sure does
    pack a whallop. Melee weapons are inferior to Small Guns in damage and
    range, but they do have one great perk-they require no ammo. That
    makes life easier in the early going. And there are tons of them in
    the game. Super Mutants and Raiders will carry them liberally, so
    you should never be hurting for melee weapons. That said, you can
    mow down enemies with melee weapons before they ever get close to you,
    and it shouldn't be a surprise that the bad guys can return the favor.
    There's no point in rushing a Super Mutant with a missile launcher.
    Of course, since skills are so liberal in this game there's no reason
    you should focus solely on melee weapons. They have their place, but
    that place is mostly for early on, when ammo is scarce(ish). You'd
    think that would make this skill worthy of an endorsement for early 
    leveling, but frankly, the sooner you get your Small Guns up, the 
    sooner you'll get to ditch Melee Weapons entirely.
    Grade: ***
    Repair {SKL017}
    S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Attribute: Intelligence
    Book: Dean's Electronics
    The Repair skill allows you to maintain any weapons and apparel. In
    addition, the higher your Repair skill, the better the starting
    condition of any custom-made weapons.
    This skill is surprisingly good. The better a weapons' condition, the
    more damage it does, irregardless of what weapon type it is. This skill
    allows you to do more damage with ALL weapons. Not only that, it keeps
    armor in tip top shape as well, improving its damage reduction. Another
    benefit of Repair is the higher your Repair skill, the more low quality
    weapons you can combine to make higher quality weapons. This frees up
    inventory space, and generally makes looting easier. Why tug around
    several crappy suits of Raider armor when you can carry around one good
    suit? Definately a tag-worthy skill.
    Grade: *****
    Science {SKL018}
    S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Attribute: Intelligence
    Book: Big Book of Science
    The Science skill represents your combined scientific knowledge, and
    is primarily used to hack restricted computer terminals.
    Just like Lockpicking, but for computers! Granted, hacking is less
    useful in many ways. A great deal of computers unlock safes, and
    many others just disable turrets. Still, it's experience, and there
    are plenty of situations in which it is useful. Some of which are
    even exclusive to Science. Keep in mind you also need it for the
    excellent Cyborg perk. It's a consideration for a tag skill, although
    I'd consider Lockpick more useful early on.
    |Science SKill|Hack Difficulty|
    |       0     |   Very Easy   |
    |      25     |      Easy     |
    |      50     |     Average   |
    |      75     |      Hard     |
    |     100     |   Very Hard   |
    Grade: *****
    Small Guns {SKL019}
    S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Attribute: Agility
    Book: Guns and Bullets
    Small Guns determines your effectiveness with all conventional
    projectile weapons, such as the 10mm pistol, BB Gun, and Combat
    Small Guns are plentiful and powerful, useful in close range 
    (shotguns), medium range (assault rifles), and long range (sniper 
    rifles). They comprise a variety of ammo including BBs, 10mm rounds,
    .32 calibur rounds, .44 rounds, 5.56mm rounds, .308 rounds, and of
    course shotgun shells. This is a huge variety of weaponry to fall
    under one skill. In fact, you don't even need another weapon skill
    than Small Guns. It's not just the most varied, and composed of the
    greatest library of ammunition (by far), but possibly the most
    powerful. In particular the 10mm Submachine Gun, the Chinese
    Assault Rifle, and the Combat Shotgun are all extremely powerful,
    especially in V.A.T.S. The fact that the Combat Shotgun has such a
    large clip size (12 rounds) and deals as much damage as it does makes
    it overwhelming. This is the most versatile weapon skill in Fallout 3,
    and regardless of what else you want to fight with, you should make
    sure you've got Small Guns covered. Certainly worth considering for a
    Tag! skill.
    Grade: *****
    Sneak {SKL020}
    S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Attribute: Agility
    Book: Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual
    The higher your Sneak skill, the easier it is to remain undetected,
    steal and item, or pick someone's pocket. Successfully attack while
    undetected grants an automatic critical hit.
    Sneaking allows you to pick your fights, and with a high Perception,
    it allows you to situate yourself in a position that makes surviving
    a fire fight easier. Picking off that Super Mutant with the missile
    launcher will make your life easier, as will avoiding that group of
    Talon Company Mercenaries. Also, stealing stuff is great. It's a fine
    way to get some better guns early on, or to just nab some stuff to
    sell. Karma smarma. Good guys need money too. And automatic critical
    hits? Critical hits are devastating in Fallout 3, and a critical
    sneak attack headshot will just about end anything you'll come up with.
    Especially with a combat shotgun. In the face. Yeah.. Oh, and the
    Better Criticals perk just makes the situation all the better. Of
    course, Sneak wont get you any experience, and it will only help so
    much if you cant fight your way out of a wet paper bag, so while it's
    extremely useful, it's worth focusing on after you get some other
    skills a little higher.
    Grade: *****
    Speech {SKL021}
    S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Attribute: Charisma
    Book: Lying, Congressional Style
    The Speech skill governs how much you cna influence someone through
    dialogue, and gain access to information they might otherwise not want
    to share.
    Speech allows you to interact with characters better. Any time a
    Speech option comes up, you'll get a chance to radically alter the
    course of the conversation. Failure usually only deprives you of the
    benefit of suceeding. Success will convince NPCs to do things without
    a hassle, give you more money, or tell you about cool loot. If you
    have a high Charisma, you might not need this skill. Of course, skill
    points are expendable, but S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes aren't. And,
    you get experience for successfully using Speech, unlike with having
    a high Charisma. You typically only get one shot at making a Speech
    check for an NPC about a specific subject, so I'd suggest you save
    and reload. If you want to do quests off the bat, you should boost
    your Speech to get as much out of the quests as you can. If you level
    first, you can put Speech off a bit. Saving and reloading will allow
    you to succeed at any Speech check.. eventually, a higher Speech skill
    just cuts down on the bother. It's good, but it can wait. Also, in Oasis
    a little girl named Yew will give you an item that permenantly increases
    your Speech by 10 points.
    Grade: ****
    Unarmed {SKL022}
    S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Attribute: Endurance
    Book: Pugilism Illustrated
    The Unarmed skill is used for fighting without a weapon, or with the
    few weapons speciafically designed for hand-to-hand combat, like Brass
    Knuckles, or the Power Fist.
    Granted, you can actually do some real damage with this skill, but it
    takes three perks to get it on par with Melee Weapons, and another
    (Paralyzing Palm) to make it worth anything at all. Granted, it takes
    a number of skills to make Small Guns omnipotent in V.A.T.S. Still,
    Unarmed will never equal the power of a combat shotgun, the radius
    of a missile, or the range of an assault rifle or sniper rifle. The
    only good point to unarmed is the lack of ammo or repair costs..
    provided you don't use a power fist, which can be rare. This skill is
    forgetable. I don't see why anybody would bring a knife to a gun fight,
    which is what Fallout 3 is, much less coming to a fight without any
    weapons at all.
    Grade: *
    Skills I Tag! (and why) {SKL023}
    I typically choose from the following skills to tag.
    They both unlock goodies, and they both will get you experience for
    using them. I choose Lockpick, since a lot of computers simply open
    locks, while no locks make computer redundant. Also, getting a 50 into
    Lockpick lets you get the Strength bobblehead, which is handy.	
    Small Guns/Repair/Sneak:
    Small Guns allows you to kill things easier, hence making your ammo go 
    further. Repair allows you to kill things easier, hence making your 
    ammo go further, and it allows you to combine gear, giving you more 
    potent, compact versions, which just makes life easier. Sneak allows 
    you to steal loot to sell or use, and can help you avoid tough 
    encounters early on-or allow you to get the drop on enemies.. allowing 
    you to do more damage and make your ammo go further. These three skills 
    make your killing easier, which will in their own ways maximize your
    experience earning and money making. Pick which one (or two) you prefer
    the most. Keep in mind that Sneak early on wont allow you to Sneak past
    stronger foes, and it certainly wont let you steal with impunity.
    Barter/Speech (honorable mention)
    While both are good, you can do without at the beginning. If you dont
    plan on doing quest right off the bat, ignore Speech. Even if you do
    you can tough it out and save/reload until it works. With Barter, you
    can get money from one of the above skills. These two skills are good,
    but there are better early game skills.	
    I pick Lockpick, Repair, and Sneak.	
    |								       |
    |				Perks {PRK001}			       |
    |								       |
    In Fallout 3 you gain a perk every level (starting at level 2, which you
    attain automatically upon leaving Vault 101.) Perks are seperated by
    thier level prerequisite, with every even level opening up more perks.
    Prerequisites for perks may also include S.P.E.C.I.A.L attributes or 
    skill points. (For example, the Entomologist perk requires that you be 
    level 4, have Intelligence 4, and Science 40.)
    Perks are VERY IMPORTANT to the ultimate performance of your character.
    There are some perks that are just good for everybody (Grim Reaper's
    Sprint, Comprehension) but others are more specialized to how you want 
    to play the game, even more than your S.P.E.C.I.A.L attributes or skill 
    point spending. When making your character, you should plan out which 
    perk you want at every level from 2 to 20. It will pay off later when 
    you are slicing through Super Mutant Brutes like a hot knife through 
    Generally speaking, there are some perks that are just useless, which
    makes selection somewhat easier. Any skill that adds +10% to your skills
    is a waste. You can max ALL of your skills without doing this, so there
    is no reason to ever select such a skill. Also, you should be keen to
    compare perks to root out some of the weaker perks. Educated gives you
    three extra skill points per level. Selected at level 4, that's 48 extra
    skill points by 20. That makes Educated almost five times more giving 
    than a skill point perk, like Gun Nut.
    *	Horrible	Nobody should pick this perk.
    **	Bad		Generally this is a low-end perk. Sometimes
    			they provide just enough of a benefit specific
    			to a character build to be worth it, but most
    			characters will not find this perk useful.
    ***	Average		This perk can fit into a specific character
    			build, or it can work when there's simply
    			nothing better to pick, but it's not an
    			outstanding perk on its own.
    ****	Good		A good perk for anybody to pick, or a perk
    			that is absolutely essential to a specific
    *****	Great		A perk everybody should get. Period.
    * Star Perks		
    Adamantium Skeleton
    Animal Friend
    Chem Resistant
    Child at Heart
    Computer Whiz
    Contract Killer
    Daddy's Boy/Girl
    Fast Metabolism	
    Fortune Seeker
    Gun Nut	
    Here and Now
    Lead Belly
    Light Step
    Little Leaguer
    Master Trader
    Mister Sandman
    Nerd Rage!
    Size Matters
    Swift Learner
    ** Star Perks
    Black Widow/Lady Killer
    Demolition Expert
    Impartial Mediation
    Mysterious Stranger
    Night Person
    Rad Resistance
    *** Star Perks
    Bloody Mess
    Concentrated Fire
    Intense Training
    Life Giver
    Paralyzing Palm
    Robotics Expert
    Silent Running
    Solar Powered
    Strong Back
    **** Star Perks
    Action Boy
    Better Criticals
    Iron Fist
    ***** Star Perks
    Grim Reaper's Sprint
    |			Level 2 Perks {PRK002}			       |
    Black Widow/Lady Killer
    Req: Level 2
    Ranks: 1
    In combat you do +10% damage against male/female opponents. Outside of
    combat, you'll sometimes have access to unique dialogue options when
    dealing with the opposite sex.
    The times this perk will come up are few and far between. In all cases
    I know of, there are simply other ways to accomplish the same thing.
    One use of the Black Widow perk is when talking to Mr. Burke early in
    the game. All the perk does there is get you the extra caps for
    agreeing to blow up Megaton. Something a successful Speech challenge
    does just as well. The +10% damage is alright, but even then, I'd 
    rather get Bloody Mess.
    Grade: **
    Daddy's Boy/Daddy's Girl
    Req: Level 2, Intelligence 4
    Ranks: 3
    Just like dear old Dad, you've devoted your time to Intellectual
    pursuits. You gain an additional 5 points to both the Science and
    Medicine skills.
    Devote yourself to a real intellectual pursuit and skip this perk. Even
    though it might be tempting from a story aspect to pick this up, +10%
    to your skills is never worth a perk on its own. Especially when one of
    them is Medicine.
    Grade: *
    Gun Nut
    Req: Level 2, Intelligence 4, Agility 4
    Ranks: 3
    You're obsessed with using and maintaining a wide variety of 
    conventional firearms. With each rank of the Gun Nut perk, you gain an
    additional 5 points to the Small Guns and Repair skills.
    Another skill perk. At least both of the skills are useful this time.
    Grade: *
    Intense Training
    Req: Level 2
    Ranks: 10
    With the Intense Training perk, you can put a single point into any of
    your S.P.E.C.I.A.L attributes.
    This is a potentially useful perk, depending on how you use it. Frankly,
    at the early levels there aren't many better perks to buy, so you should
    make your character expecting to have a few Intense Training perks to
    shore up some shoddy SPECIAL attributes.
    Grade: ***
    Little Leaguer
    Req: Level 2, Strength 4
    Ranks: 3
    Years as the Vault little league MVP have honed your hitting and
    throwing. With every rank, you gain 5 points of Melee Weapons skill and
    5 points of Explosives skill.
    Grade: *
    Swift Learner
    Req: Level 2, Intelligence 4
    Ranks: 3
    With each rank in the Swift Learner perk, you gain an additional 10% to
    total Experience Points whenever Experience Points are earned.
    You could get this, to level faster. Or you could just kill more, pick
    a lock or two, succeed at a Speech check, or hack a computer. This is a
    useless perk. It's almost insulting that they offer three ranks of it.
    Grade: * 
    Req: Level 2, Agility 2, Perception 4
    Ranks: 3
    With each rank of the Thief perk, you gain an immediate bonus of 5
    points to both the Sneak and Lockpick skills.
    At least these are good skills. Still. Yuck.
    Grade: *
    |			Level 4 Perks {PRK003}			       |
    Child at Heart
    Req: Level 4, Charisma 4
    Ranks: 1
    The Child at Heart perk greatly improves your interactions with
    children, usually in the form of unique dialogue options.
    So you can have a few extra dialogue options with the handful of 
    kids in this game who have something to do with quests. Dont waste your
    Grade: *
    Requirements: Level 4, Intelligence 4
    Ranks: 1
    With the Comprehension perk, you gain one additional skill point 
    whenever a skill book is read.
    Lets see. Almost 25 skill books per skill, 13 skills.. that's a 
    potential of 325 extra skill points. That is the biggest pool of skill 
    points in the game, even better than all the skill points you can get 
    from intelligence. This is one of the must have perks. This perk is
    pretty much in a league of its own, in terms of usefulness, seeing as 
    how it can potentially remove the need for an entire attribute.
    Grade: *****
    Requirements: Level 4, Intelligence 4
    With the Educated perk, you gain three skill points every time you 
    advance in level. This perk is best taken early on, to maximize its
    No matter what character build you're going for, three extra skill 
    points a level for the next sixteen levels is a good thing. 48 skill 
    points is much MUCH better than any 10 skill point perk. That's almost 
    five times more effective.
    Grade: ****
    Req: Level 4, Intelligence 4, Science 40
    Ranks: 1
    With the Entomologist perk, you do an extra 50% damage every time you
    attack a mutated insect, like the Radroach, Giant Ant, or Radscorpian.
    Insects are probably the least of your problems in this game. The
    occassionaly Giant Radscorpian or Fire Ant warrior lurks around, but
    even then, a combat shotgun cures all insect infestations. If you fight
    smart against the odd bug you run into, you wont need this. Besides,
    it's better to get a perk that deals more damage to everything-like 
    Bloody Mess. If this was a perk that did 50% damage to Super Mutants or
    raiders, then maybe.. You shouldn't have too much trouble with the bugs
    in this game.
    Grade: **
    Iron Fist
    Req: Level 4, Strength 4
    Ranks: 3
    with the Iron Fist perk, you do an additional 5 points of Unarmed damage
    per rank.
    Five points of unarmed damage is HUGE. It's the same damage bonus you'd
    get from 10 points of strength. If you decide to try and play with your 
    fists, these perks are essential. If you don't want to go melee, don't 
    bother with this.
    Grade: ****
    Req: Level 4, Charisma 4
    Ranks: 3
    Take the Scoundrel perk, and you can use your wily charms to influence
    people--each rank raises your Speech and Barter skills by 5 points.
    10 skill point perk. Yuck.
    Grade: *
    |			Level 6 Perks {PRK004}			       |
    Bloody Mess
    Req: Level 6
    Ranks: 1
    With the Bloody Mess perk, characters and creatures you kill will often 
    explode into a red, gut-ridden, eyeball-strewn paste. Fun! Oh, and
    you'll do 5% extra damage with all weapons.
    Okay, the aesthetics are cool, but that's no reason to get a perk. 5%
    damage against everything is nice, though. Considering the fact that
    other damage increasing perks only affect certain weapon types, or
    certain enemies, a pure, honest, damage boost is special. There's also
    the nostalgia factor, for us old school Fallout players.
    Grade: ***
    Demolition Expert
    Req: Level 6, Explosives 50%
    Ranks: 3
    With each rank of this perk, all of your explosive weapons do an
    additional 20% damage.
    20% damage with explosives is a fairly big increase to damage. If you're
    a nut about the grenades and mines, this is a great perk. Frankly, I've
    never cared too much about explosives in this game. Missile launchers
    fall under the Big Guns category, and so does the Fat Man. This feat is
    Grade: **
    Fortune Seeker
    Req: Level 6, Luck 5
    Ranks: 1
    With the Fortune Finder perk, you'll find considerably more Nuka-Cola
    caps in containers than you normally would.
    More caps. Yay. You'll get plenty of caps killing things and selling
    thier loot.
    Grade: *
    Req: Level 6
    Ranks: 1
    While using a pistol (or similar one-handed weapon), your accuracy in
    V.A.T.S. is significantly increased.
    If you plan to use one-handed ranged weapons-and V.A.T.S.-you should
    definately pick up this perk. Personally I choose to get both this and
    Commando, since I use Small Guns of all sorts.
    Grade: ***
    Lead Belly
    Req: Level 6, Endurance 5
    Ranks: 1
    With the Lead Belly perk, you take 50% less radiation every time you
    drink from an irradiated water source.
    You shouldn't have to drink from too many irradiated water sources, even
    though it can sometimes be effective. In any case, Rad-Away will heal
    100 Rads, and it's cheap enough to get from Rivet city. Also, paying
    100 caps will get you fixed up from any doctor. This is a waste of a
    Grade: *
    Req: Level 6, Endurance 5
    Ranks: 1
    With the Toughness perk, you gain +10% to overall Damage Resistance, up
    to the maximum of 85%.
    10% permenant damage reduction is good for everybody. You'll be taking
    a lot of damage in this game, and this is a good way to mitigate some of
    Grade: ****
    |			Level 8 Perks {PRK005}			       |
    Req: Level 8
    Ranks: 1
    While using a rifle (or similar one-handed weapon), your accuracy in
    V.A.T.S. is significantly increased.
    With Commando and Gunslinger, all my V.A.T.S. attacks are boosted with
    nearly any weapon I use. Since I am a V.A.T.S. abusing Small Guns loving
    sneaker, these skills are vital for me.
    Grade: ***
    Impartial Mediation
    Req: Level 8, Charisma 5
    Ranks: 1
    With the Impartial Mediation perk, you gain an extra 30 points to Speech
    so long as you maintain a Neutral Karma level.
    Gaining 30 skill points isn't a bad bonus for a perk-unfortunately, it's
    alignment conditional. You really don't need the 30 points into Speech,
    especially considering there are plenty of other fine perks out there
    to put you in a good way skill-point wise. Still, it's definately better
    than a 10 skill point perk.
    Grade: **
    Rad Resistance
    Req: Level 8, Endurance 5
    Ranks: 1
    Rad Resistance allows you to -- what else? -- resist radiation. This
    perk grants an additional 25% to Radiation Resistance.
    25% is a fairly large amount of radiation resistance, but there are
    plenty of enviromental suits in the game, and of course.. Rad-X. You can
    take a perk to permenantly gain resistance, or take a pill to get the
    resistance when you need it. Besides, plot areas that are blocked by
    radiation will spike up so quickly it'll kill you anyways. Taking 50%
    of 700 rads/second will end you regardless.
    Grade: **
    Req: Level 8, Luck 5
    Ranks: 1
    With the Scrounger perk, you'll find considerably more ammunition in
    containers than you normally would.
    Or you could just buy ammo. Really, I've had more than 1000 rounds of
    ammo for some guns by level 10, and past that point your ammo-to-kill
    ratio is greatly in the positive. 
    Grade: *
    Size Matters
    Req: Level 8, Endurance 5
    Ranks: 3
    You're obsessed with really big weapons. With each rank of this perk, 
    you gain an additional 15 points to the Big Guns skill.
    Another skill perk, but this time 15 instead of 10. Still yuck. 
    Grade: *
    Strong Back
    Req: Level 8, Strength 5, Endurance 5
    Ranks: 1
    With the Strong Back perk, you can carry 50 more pounds of equipment.
    This perk adds the same amount of carrying capacity as 5 points of
    Strength. It really helps with bringing in loot and carrying all the
    essential gear you'll need. Sure as hell beats dropping 5 points into
    Strength. The only real reason I get my Strength to 5 is for this perk.
    No, it doesn't make your character a better killer, but it sure as hell 
    makes life easier, and pretty much drowns out the need for high 
    strength if you're not making a melee build.
    Grade: ***
    |			Level 10 Perks {PRK006}	 		       |
    Animal Friend
    Req: Level 10, Charisma 6
    Ranks: 2
    At the first rank of this perk, animals simply won't attack. At the
    second rank, they will eventually come to your aid in combat, but never
    against another animal. This perk affects the Dog, Yao Guai, Mole Rat,
    and Brahmin.
    Mole Rats and Brahmin can be melee'd to death without taking any damage,
    the dog isn't very dangerous, even in packs of five, and with my build
    I kill Yao Guai with a shotgun shot to the head or two.. without getting
    a sneak critical. This is a totally useless perk. But those Brahmin..
    the two mad Brahmin you'll see in this game can be dangerous.. If you
    fall asleep playing.
    Grade: *
    Req: Level 10
    Ranks: 1
    With the Finesse perk you have a higher chance to score a critical hit
    on an opponent in combat, equivalent to 5 extra points of Luck.
    An extra 5% chance to critically hit sure fits into my game plan. 
    Actually, I can't imagine anybody not having a use for an extra 5%
    chance to critical. I'd rather take a sure damage increase any day, but
    this is still a good perk. Think of it this way, taking Strong Back is
    good because it gives you the best part of having five points of
    Strength. Finesse does pretty much the same thing, but with Luck, a far
    superior attribute.
    Grade: ****
    Here and Now
    Req: Level 10
    Ranks: 1
    The Here and Now perk immediately grants an additional experience level,
    complete with all the advantages that brings.
    Or you could just level up like normal. If you're like me, you hit level
    20 well before you finished the game. This is a waste of a perk.
    Grade: *
    Mister Sandman
    Req: Level 10, Sneak 60%
    Ranks: 1
    With the Mister Sandman perk, when you're in Sneak mode, you gain the
    option to silently kill any human or Ghoul while they're sleeping. And,
    all Mister Sandman kills earn bonus XP.
    First, if they're sleeping, you can probably just whack them in V.A.T.S.
    anyways. Second, when enemies are sleeping, they seem to have a greater
    ability to detect you. Hell, half the time I get detected it's by
    sleeping characters. Third, most enemies you'll want to kill wont be
    caught sleeping, so this is mostly useful for assassinating NPCs. And
    finally-how much XP are you really going to be getting from this in the
    long run? Don't waste your perks.
    Grade: *
    Mysterious Stranger
    Req: Level 10, Luck 6
    Ranks: 1
    You've gained your own personal guardian angel... armed with a fully
    loaded .44 Magnum. With this perk, the Mysterious Stranger will appear
    occasionally in V.A.T.S. mode to lend a hand, with deadly efficiency.
    This perk is actually kind of fun. Your Mysterious Stranger-unlike in
    the first two games-is actually fairly strong. And he wont die. Still,
    it's a luck-based skill, so you can't count on him when you need him.
    Grade: **
    Nerd Rage!
    Req: Level 10, Intelligence 5, Science 50%
    Ranks: 1
    You've been pushed around long enough! With the Nerd Rage! perk, your
    Strength is raised to 10 and you gain 50% to damage resistance whenever
    your Health drops to 20% or below.
    Your Strength raises to 10 (which is only useful in melee or unarmed)
    and you take 1/2 the damage you originally did (if your DR is under
    35%, 85% is the cap, so anything else is wasted.) You become powerful
    in melee combat.. but you're almost dead. What a bunch of crap. Get
    something else. I guess if you're a Science-heavy smart unarmed 
    character it could provide some interesting circumstances.. but mostly
    it would get you killed.
    Grade: *
    Night Person
    Req: Level 10
    Ranks: 1
    When the sun is down, a Night Person gains +2 to both Intelligence and
    Perception (up to a maximum of 10). This perk directly affects your
    "internal clock" and remains active both inside and outside.
    The best part of this perk is the skill bonuses you'd recieve from the
    stat increases. If you get the extra skill points from the Intelligence
    when you level up at night.. maybe. But still, having a bonus half of
    the time.. eh. I mean, it's not like it adds to your combat abilities,
    it lets you see threats further (at night) and gives you some extra
    skill points. There's better out there.
    Grade: **
    |			Level 12 Perks {PRK007}			       |
    Req: Level 12
    Ranks: 1
    With the Cannibal perk, when you're in Sneak mode, you gain the option
    to eat a corpse to regain Health. But every time you feed, you lose
    Karma, and if the act is witnessed, it is considered a crime against
    If you want to be truly despicable, you can go ahead and get this
    perk. If you're looking for any gameplay advantage, look elsewhere.
    There is plenty of water around if you need healing, and stimpaks,
    and beds. The only reason to pick this perk is to commit a crime
    against nature, for what that's worth.
    Grade: *
    Fast Metabolism
    Req: Level 12
    Ranks: 1
    With the Fast Metabolism perk, you gain a 20% Health bonus when using
    Or you could raise your medicine skill, which over the course of your
    play time will raise your benefit from stimpaks, radAway, and rad-X. If
    this perk gave a 20% bonus to all medicine you administered.. eh.. it
    still wouldn't be worth it, especially considering your base stimpak
    healing rate won't reach 100. 20 extra points of healing from a 
    stimpak isn't worth a perk.
    Grade: *
    Life Giver
    Req: Level 12, Endurance 6
    Ranks: 1
    With the Life Giver perk, you gain an additional 30 Hit Points.
    Considering that you gain 20 hit points for a point of Endurance, this
    perk is pretty much on the same level as an Intensive Training perk
    spent on Endurance-minus the bonuses to resistances and the skills,
    neither which I personally care all that much about. Life Giver can
    constitute a good bit of your end hit points. It's a decent enough
    perk, and if you could access it earlier, I might pick it up. As it is,
    however, there's just too many good perks to compete with.
    Grade: ***
    Req: Level 12, Explosives 60%
    Ranks: 1
    With the Pyromaniac perk, you do +50% damage with fire-based weapons,
    like the Flamer and Shishkebab.
    A +50% damage boost is quite a bit of a boost, but for two weapons? If
    you absolutely love the flamer and the shishkebab, go ahead, but it's 
    a very specific selection of weapons you're limiting yourself to. Still,
    with +50% damage, nearly anything can be useful.
    Grade: **
    Robotics Expert
    Req: Level 12, Science 50%
    Ranks: 1
    With the Robotics perk, you do an additional 25% damage to any robot.
    But, even better, sneaking up on a hostile robot undetected and
    activating it will put that robot into a permanent shutdown state.
    There are a number of robots in the game, including the Protectron,
    Robobrain, Mister Handy and Mister Gutsy, and of course, the Sentry
    Bot. 25% is a decent damage bonus, against a number of enemies that,
    while mostly being nuisances, you'll certainly encounter more than
    bugs. The shut down ability is extra nice, too, especially for the
    kind of character I play. If you use stealth, that's an extra
    consideration for this perk. Ultimately though, I prefer perks that
    increase damage to all foes, that help me in all situations. This is a
    good perk, but it never seems to fit into my build.
    Grade: ***
    Silent Running
    Req: Level 12, Agility 6, Sneak 50%
    Ranks: 1
    With the Silent Running perk, you gain an additional 10 points to
    Sneak, and running no longer factors into a successful sneak attempt.
    I disregard skill perks, and so I would disregard this one.. except
    for the fact that this perk greatly improves your sneak ability. Since
    I play a stealthy character, I take this feat. Sneak attack criticals
    pretty much spell out the end of any bad guy I meet. If you want to
    play stealthy, I'd suggest this feat, if not, it's completely a waste.
    Grade: ***
    Req: Level 12, Perception 6, Agility 6
    Ranks: 1
    With the Sniper perk, your chance to hit an opponent's head in V.A.T.s.
    is significantly increased.
    Headshots are the best way to take out fire ants, super mutants, 
    raiders, and talon company mercs. If it has a head, chances are it's a
    good idea to shoot it there. If you use V.A.T.S., you're probably going
    to want this perk.
    Grade: ***
    |			Level 14 Perks {PRK008}			       |
    Adamantium Skeleton
    Req: Level 14
    Ranks: 1
    With the Adamantium Skeleton perk, your limbs only receive 50% of the
    damage they normally would.
    Your limbs don't take much damage throughout the game, unless you step
    on a mine or take a glancing blow from a missile launcher. You wont see
    much in the way of hit point preservation with this perk, if anything,
    you'll just get crippled less. You'll have plenty of chances to heal
    crippled limbs throughout the game, you don't need this perk.
    Grade: *
    Req: Level 14, Medicine 60%
    Ranks: 1
    With the Chemist perk, any chems you take last twice as long.
    There are few instances in the game when you will need to take chems,
    in fact, the most useful chemical in the game is rad-x. You'll find
    plenty of chems in your travels, enough that you can just take two
    instead of having this perk.
    Grade: *
    Contract Killer
    Req: Level 14
    Ranks: 1
    Once you have the Contract Killer perk, any good character you kill will
    have an ear on their corpse. This ear can then be sold to a certain
    person (whose identity is disclosed when you take this perk) for caps
    and negative karma.
    It's easy to lose karma, and it's easy to get money. You'll never need
    this perk. The only reason to choose it is for role-playing purposes.
    Since I don't rate role-playing bonuses (at least ones that don't have
    any tangible positive effect on survival) this perk is needless.
    Grade: *
    Req: Level 14, Science 60%, Medicine 60%
    Ranks: 1
    You've made permanent enhancements to your body! The Cyborg perk
    instantly add +10% to your Damage, Poison, and Radiation Resistances,
    and 10 points to the Energy Weapons skill.
    If you like energy weapons, this is a great perk, certainly more than
    just a skill perk. In fact, this is a skill perk with Toughness tacked
    on, and extra resistances to boot. In fact, this perk is worth three
    lesser perks. Anybody who uses energy weapons, who hates taking damage,
    and likes being resistant to poison and radiation has reason to take
    this perk. Frankly, I'm not too fond of energy weapons, but I'm very
    fond of damage reduction and resistances. This is a fantastic perk,
    even if the requirements are rather high.
    Grade: ****
    Req: Level 14
    Ranks: 1
    Once you have the Lawbringer perk, any evil character you kill will have
    a finger on their corpse. This finger can then be sold to a certain
    person (whose identity is disclosed when you take the perk) for caps
    and positive karma.
    Same as Contract Killer, but for good folks. Just as needless, too.
    Grade: *
    Light Step
    Req: Level 14, Agility 6, Perception 6
    Ranks: 1
    With the Light Step perk, you'll never set off an enemy's mines or
    floor-based traps.
    Land mines are pretty common. Fortunately, they're also obvious, they
    don't do a huge amount of damage-in the grand scheme of things, and you
    can disarm them with a simple button click. Not only that, you get
    experience and the mine itself when you do! Be observant, and you wont
    need this perk.
    Grade: *
    Master Trader
    Req: Level 14, Charisma 6, Barter 60%
    Ranks: 1
    When you take the Master Trader perk, the price of every item you buy
    from a vendor is reduced by 25%.
    Just like with every other money making perk, you can just kill more,
    and loot more. You'll find no great need of this discount throughout
    the game, money becomes plentiful as you become more powerful. Choose
    something better.
    Grade: *
    |			Level 16 Perks {PRK009}			       |
    Action Boy
    Req: Level 16, Agility 6
    Ranks: 1
    With the Action Boy perk, you gain an additional 25 Action Points to use
    in V.A.T.S.
    Action Boy comprises nearly a quarter of the potential action points
    you can get in this game. If you plan to use V.A.T.S., get Action Boy.
    If you picked either Gunslinger, Commando, or Sniper, get Action Boy.
    If not, don't bother.
    Grade: ****
    Better Criticals
    Req: Level 16, Perception 6, Luck 6
    Ranks: 1
    With the Better Criticals perk, you gain a 50% damage bonus every time
    a critical hit is scored on an opponent.
    Your critical chance is determined by your luck-1 point of luck equals
    a 1% chance of landing a critical hit. This doesn't increase you chance
    of landing a critical hit, instead Better Criticals improves the
    damage you deal when you do land a critical hit. Therefore the
    usefulness of this perk is directly related to how high your luck is.
    With sneak attack criticals, the Sniper perk, or the Finesse perk,
    Better Criticals becomes greatly useful, but it really depends on your 
    build. No character is hurt by having high luck however, so it stands 
    to suggest that most characters could benefit greatly from this perk.. 
    And since you need a luck of 6 for this perk, if you can get it, you 
    might as well.
    Grade: ****
    Chem Resistant
    Req: Level 16, Medicine 60%
    Ranks: 1
    Having the Chem Resistant perk means you're 50% less likely to
    develop an addiction to chems, like Psycho or Jet.
    First, why you would ever need to use Psycho or Jet is beyond me.
    Secondly, addiction isn't a big deal. You can always get your
    addiction cured at a hospital, or you could just reload. If doubling
    the duration of chems didn't appeal to you, this shouldn't either.
    Grade: *
    Req: Level 16
    Ranks: 1
    The Tag! perk allows you to select a fourth Skill to be a Tag skill,
    which instantly raises it by 15 points.
    Okay, it's not quite a 10 skill point perk.. it's a whopping 15 point
    perk, and you get to choose any skill to boost you want. With Educated
    and Comprehension, you shouldn't really need this perk, especially if
    you're intelligence is high.
    Grade: **
    |			Level 18 Perks {PRK010}			       |
    Concentrated Fire
    Req: Level 18, Small Guns 60%, Energy Weapons 60%
    Ranks: 1
    With Concentrated Fire, your accuracy to hit any body part in V.A.T.S.
    increases slightly with each subsequent hit on that body part.
    Obviously if you don't use V.A.T.S. you don't need to bother with this
    perk. This perk becomes even more useful with Sniper and Action Boy, as
    the bonus to head shots will stack, and the more shots you take in
    V.A.T.S. the higher your accuracy will raise. This perk is most useful
    with small arms-the more shots you take with your weapon in V.A.T.S.
    the more beneficial this perk will be.
    Grade: ***
    Computer Whiz
    Req: Level 18, Intelligence 7, Science 70%
    Ranks: 1
    Fail a hack attempt and get locked out of a computer? Not if you're a
    Computer Whiz! With this perk, you can attempt to re-hack any computer
    you were previously locked out of.
    Words can hardly describe how useless this perk is. Okay, yes they can.
    This perk is damn near worthless. A 10 skill point perk seems fanastic
    by comparison. Here's a way to get the benefits of this perk without
    wasting your perk pick on it: before you hack a computer, save. If you
    get locked out, reload. Bam, no need for this perk. And considering
    90% of the computers you encounter in this game lock a door (which you
    can pick) or disable turrets (which you can destroy) there's no great
    fear of getting locked out of a terminal in any case. Dont waste your
    Grade: *
    Req: Level 18, Perception 7, Lockpick 70%
    Ranks: 1
    With Infiltrator, if a lock is broken, and can't normally be picked
    again, you can attempt to pick it again one more time. This includes
    locks previously broken by a "Force Lock" attempt.
    This perk sucks for the same reason Computer Whiz sucks. Why anybody
    would be forcing locks in the first place is a mystery, and if you
    are going to bother forcing locks, why wouldn't you save first? Save
    and reload, and save a perk.
    Grade: *
    Paralyzing Palm
    Req: Level 18, Unarmed 70%
    Ranks: 1
    With Paralyzing Palm, you will sometimes perform a S.P.E.C.I.A.L.
    V.A.T.S. palm strike for 30 seconds. Note that in order to perform the
    Paralyzing Palm, you must be completely unarmed.
    If you built your character for unarmed combat, then this perk is an
    absolute must-have. If you have tons of V.A.T.S., it can be useful..
    although suggesting you get close to a tough enemy to hope to paralyze
    it seems a bit redundant. If you could get close enough to an enemy to
    hit them, you can certainly do a sneak attack critical with a .44 
    magnum or a combat shotgun. Here's a good test for whether this perk is
    for you-did you get Iron Fist? If so, you're probably going to want
    this perk, too. 
    Grade: ***
    |			Level 20 Perks {PRK011}			       |
    Req: Level 20
    Ranks: 1
    When you choose the Explorer perk, every location in the world is
    revealed on your map. So get out there and explore!
    If you're strapped for time, you could benefit from this perk. Of
    course, one has to ask why you're playing a Bethesda game described
    curtly as 'Oblivion with guns'. You can find all the areas on the map
    by yourself. You even get little icons that will guide you to them when
    you're close. Along the way, you'll get to explore the wasteland, which
    is the meat of the game. You'll find skill books, get experience, and
    find loot. Also, it must be noted that this perk doesn't make your
    character stronger in any way. Download a world map and search for
    places yourself, save yourself a perk.
    Grade: *
    Grim Reaper's Sprint
    Req: Level 20
    Ranks: 1
    If you kill a target in V.A.T.S., all your Action Points are restored
    upon exiting V.A.T.S.
    If you're an action point junky, or rather if you use V.A.T.S. at all, 
    this perk is for you. This perk turns your character into a juggernaught
    of destruction, and it makes every V.A.T.S. perk more powerful. The only 
    negative is if you don't finish off your enemy in V.A.T.S., your action 
    points don't replenish. Of course, so long as the finishing shot is in 
    V.A.T.S., you're good to go. This perk is great for anybody who doesn't 
    delude themselves into thinking Fallout 3 is a strict FPS by shunning 
    Grade: *****
    Req: Level 20, Sneak 80%, Melee Weapons 80%
    Ranks: 1
    The Ninja perk grants you the power of the fabled shadow warriors. When
    attacking with either Melee or Unarmed, you gain a +15% critical chance
    on every strike. Sneak attack criticals do 25% more damage than normal.
    If you're a melee character, I feel sorry for you. You have to choose
    between this excellent perk, and Grim Reaper's Sprint. +15% critical
    chance is equal to the amount of critical hit chance you can recieve
    in the game from luck and Finesse. This can raise your critical hit
    rate up to 30%. This is an excellent perk, especially when mixed with 
    Iron Fist, Better Criticals, and Paralyzing Palm, but not so much
    without those supporting it.
    Grade: ****
    Solar Powered
    Req: Level 20, Endurance 7
    Ranks: 1
    With the Solar Powered perk, you gain an additioanl 2 points to 
    Strength when in direct sunlight, and slowly regenerate lost Health.
    If you've been reading, you'll understand that two points to strength
    is almost worthless for a great deal of characters. Health regeneration
    is nice, but it only works outdoors, during the day. Granted, you could
    just wait until daylight and do your exploration then, but again, this
    perk is meaningless in the many, many, many indoor locations throughout
    the game. And most importantly, you can only pick one level 20 perk.
    Compare this limited use perk to Grim Reaper's Sprint and Ninja, which
    give better bonuses, regardless of where and when you are. Yeah.
    Grade: ***
    |			Additional Perks {PRK012}		       |
    Additional perks are quest-based perks that you can get for completing
    specific quests specific ways. These are entirely missable, so they
    bear planning for BEFORE you start the quest. I wont grade them, as
    they are bonus perks-having them is a benefit in itself, and there
    really is no downside to having any of these perks.
    Ant Might
    Benefit: 25% resistance to fire, +1 bonus to Strength.
    You'll get to choose one of two injections as a reward from Doctor
    Lesko for completing the objectives he gives you during the quest
    'Those!'. You only get one, so choose what fits your character and
    play style best.
    Ant Sight
    Benefit: 25% resistance to fire, +1 bonus to Perception.
    You'll get to choose one of two injections as a reward from Doctor
    Lesko for completing the objectives he gives you during the quest
    'Those!'. You only get one, so choose what fits your character and
    play style best.
    Benefit: 5% damage reduction
    Finish the quest 'Oasis' by completing Harold's objective. It beats the
    other rewards.
    Dream Crusher
    Benefit: -50% chance to suffer a critical hit.
    You can get this perk by convincing Moira to stop working on the
    Wasteland Survival Guide. 
    I don't suffer many critical hits in this game already, and overall, 
    they don't seem to creep out of nowhere and ruin your day like in 
    Fallout 1&2. Still, if you think it's for you.. look at the reward for 
    finishing the quest first, then decide.
    Benefit: You can drink a Blood Pack to get healed for 20 Hit Points,
    instead of the usual 1 Hit Point. You can also sell Blood Packs for
    15 caps.
    Complete the quest 'Blood Ties' by making a deal between the 'vampires' 
    and Arefu. This.. perk is of limited use, but still, why not?
    Junior Survivor
    Benefit: varies	Normal: +5 Hit Points
    		Smart:	+2 Medicine, +2 Science
    		Tough:	+2 Damage Resistance
    		Sneaky:	+2 Sneak, +2 Speech
    		Snide:	+1% Critical Hit Rate
    		Always:	+2% Poison and Radiation Resistance
    Okay.. When you complete quests for Moira, you'll get a number of
    answers to choose depending on your stats. If you do few or none of the
    sidequests, or if you lie to Moira at any point, you'll end up with the
    Junior Survivor perk, which is the worst of the bunch. Try and do ALL
    of her sidequests for the best benefits. You may have to do some drugs
    to raise your attributes if they're not high enough. Buffout to raise
    Strenght, or Mentats to raise Intelligence, for example, before you
    talk to Moira. I believe that acting tough or being a smartass are the
    two best ways to go. Damage Resistance is always nice, and so are
    Critical Hits. You'll just have to choose whether you'd like x%
    Damage Resistance, or x% critical hit. You'll always get the poison and
    radiation resistance, no matter how you answer. If you complete a
    certain number of Moira's optional objectives, you'll get a better
    version of this perk..
    Power Armor Training
    Benefit: You can wear Power Armor.
    After the quest 'The Waters of Life' is complete, you can get Elder
    Lyons to give you permission to recieve the training. Talk to Paladin
    Gunny in the Citadel to recieve this perk. 
    In my opinion, power armor is cumbersome, ugly, and the damage 
    reduction is somewhat redundant by the time you get it. From Toughness, 
    Cyborg, and the quest 'Oasis' you have a base 25% resistance. I just 
    prefer not to be a walking metal behemoth, especially since my Small 
    Guns tend to look.. weak.. while wearing such armor. And the shit is 
    HEAVY! There's no reason to not get this perk, but as for actually 
    wearing the armor.. meh.
    Rad Limb Healing
    Benefit: You'll regenerate crippled limbs when you are suffering from
    Advanced Radiation Poisoning (400+ rads).
    During the quest 'The Wasteland Survival Guide: Get Radiated!" if you
    meet the sub-objective of suffering from Advanced Radiation Poisoning
    (600+ rads) you'll get this perk.
    Okay, well, granted there aren't all that many opportunities for you
    to use this perk-ideally you don't want 400+ rads-it's still handy to
    get. Keep in mind that if you choose to be a Dream Crusher, you can't,
    obviously, get this perk.
    Survivor Expert
    Benefit: varies	Normal: +10 Hit Points
    		Smart:	+4 Medicine, +4 Science
    		Tough:	+4 Damage Resistance
    		Sneaky:	+4 Sneak, +4 Speech
    		Snide:	+2% Critical Hit Rate
    		Always:	+4% Poison and Radiation Resistance
    Like Junior Survivor, but better. You completed some, but not all of
    Moira's objectives. If you complete ALL of Moira's optional objectives,
    you'll get the best variant of this perk..
    Survivor Guru
    Benefit: varies	Normal: +15 Hit Points
    		Smart:	+6 Medicine, +6 Science
    		Tough:	+6 Damage Resistance
    		Sneaky:	+6 Sneak, +6 Speech
    		Snide:	+3% Critical Hit Rate
    		Always:	+6% Poison and Radiation Resistance
    You'll get this perk if you complete ALL of the optional objectives
    for Moira in the quest 'The Wasteland Survival Guide'. This is the
    best version of the perk reward, certainly better than Dream Crusher.
    Wired Reflexes
    Benefit: V.A.T.S. accuracy improved by 10%.
    After completing the quest 'The Replicated Man', talk to Dr. Zimmer and
    reveal everything you discovered about the android's identity. Keep in 
    mind you can get the android to let you kill Dr. Zimmer before talking 
    to Zimmer, and receive the unique Plasma Rifle. You can then sell the
    android out and recieve the Wired Reflexes perk. If you still want to
    be a good guy, it's good fun to slip a Frag Mine into Dr. Zimmer's
    pants as he walks away. Wait, that's good? It's Fallout 3. Moral
    relativism rocks.
    My Personal Build, Perks {PRK013}
    Level	Perk				
    2	Intense Training (Perception)	
    3	Intense Training (Perception)		
    4	Educated			
    5	Comprehension			
    6	Gunslinger			
    7	Toughness			
    8	Strong Back					
    9	Commando			
    10	Finesse				
    11	Intense Training (Perception)
    12	Sniper
    13	Silent Running
    14	Cyborg
    15	Intense Training (Endurance)
    16	Better Criticals
    17	Action Boy
    18	Intensive Training (Endurance)
    19	Bloody Mess
    20	Grim Reaper's Sprint
    I also try and get all the other bonus perks from questing. I try and 
    choose the 'Tough' responses for the Damage Reduction and get the 
    Survivor Guru version of the perk. Also, I tend to choose Ant Sight, 
    because I find Perception to be more useful than Strength.
    |			Bobbleheads {BOB001}      		       |
    This is a character creation FAQ, but it doesn't seem right to tell you
    how to make your character without telling you how to find some of the
    most important components thereof-the bobblheads. I also included a few
    build-helpful items at the end. I do not include items that have to
    be equipped to work, all the items listed below merely have to be in
    your inventory to give you a bonus. The bobbleheads merely have to be
    Location: Megaton - Lucas Simms House
    This is one of the easiest bobbleheads you can get. It's located in 
    the house of sheriff Lucas Simms, in Megaton. You'll need a 50 Lockpick 
    skill to pick the lock to his house.. or you can steal the key from him.
    Or kill him. It's upstairs on a desk in the sheriff's room. If you 
    destroy Megaton before you get this bobblehead, it's gone for good, so 
    try and get it fairly early.
    Location: The Republic of Dave - Museum of Dave
    The Perception bobblehead is located in the 'Republic of Dave', in the 
    north-eastern area of the map. You'll find it inside the Museum of Dave 
    on a shelf. This one is pretty easy to get, it's just making it to the
    Republic of Dave that can be a pain early on. It's north of the MDPL-16 
    Power Station.. it's really up there.
    Location: Deathclaw Sanctuary
    You'll find this bobblehead in the Deathclaw Sanctuary. At the entrace 
    head down the passage and to the right. You'll find a bunch of dead 
    things, on a metal round object you'll find the bobblehead.. it's to 
    the left of a dead Brahmin, right by it's dead Brahmin butt. This can 
    take a bit of work to get, as Deathclaws are bad news. You can kill the 
    one guarding the entrance from the cliffs above, it's just going to take 
    some ammo. You'll find the Sanctuary in the north western part of the 
    map, just west of the Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel.
    Location: Vault 108 - Cloning Lab
    In Vault 108, in the Cloning Lab, you can find the bobblehead on a desk 
    inside the central room. Vault 108 is on the eastern edge of the map, 
    near the center. Getting there might be an adventure, but disposing of
    the clones won't be. It's north and east of the	Bethesda ruins. If you 
    find the Corvega factory, you're close, it's just a little ways north 
    and east.
    Location: Rivet City - Science Lab
    In Rivet City, in the Science Lab on a desk. Rivet City is located on 
    the south eastern corner of the map, just east of the Jefferson 
    Memorial. You can easily head down and grab this bobblehead before 
    level 3. I'd suggest reaching the Citadel, and swimming across the 
    river near there, avoiding the Irradiated Metro and the	Jefferson 
    Memorial. Avoid Grayditch along the way too, you don't want to tangle 
    with Fire Ants. Don't worry about the rads, you won't get that many 
    from swimming across the river, and it sure beats having to take pot
    shots from Super Mutants in the city.
    Location: Greener Pastures Disposal Site - Office
    You'll find this on the desk in the Greener Pastures Disposal Site, in 
    an office on a desk. You'll have to take some rads to get this one, but 
    it shouldn't be too much. You can find the Greener Pastures Disposal
    Site north and east of the MDPL-13 Power Station. It's on the 
    north-eastern part of the map, in fact, you can probably grab it on 
    your way to getting to the Republic of Dave.
    Location: Arlington House
    This bobblehead is in the Arlington House, in the basement on a shelf. 
    The Arlington House is located midway between Arlington Cemetary South 
    and North, just east of Grayditch. Unfortunately, you can't just run 
    there, as rubble blocks the way. To actually get to Arlington House, 
    you need to go through Marigold Metro to reach Falls church Metro. From 
    there you have to head through some more city to reach the 
    Arlington/Falls Church Metro. Once there, you can get to the Arlington 
    National Cemetary. There are Fire Ants, Raiders, and Super Mutants to 
    deal with along the way, so be careful with this one.
    Location: Evergreen Mills - Evergreen Mills Bazaar
    Evergreen Mills is south-west of the Jury Street Metro Station. You'll
    know you're there when you find the Super Mutant Behemoth trapped in an
    electrified cage. Head into the Foundry and down to the Bazaar. The
    bobblehead is in the north-eastern corner of the Bazaar, down a side
    passage from Smiling Jack's store, on a shelf behind a counter. 
    Location: Drainage Grate to Sealed Cistern
    Just south of the WKML Broadcast Station, you can find the Sealed 
    Cistern, the bobblehead is on a desk by a Ham Radio. You can find the 
    WKML Broadcast Station in the Northwest area of the map.
    Location: Bethesda Offices East
    The Bethesda Offices are east of Big Town, past the river. The
    Bobblehead is on a desk in a room just south from the center of the
    map. It's the desk underneath the safe that you need a special key to
    Location: Vault 101
    This is the first bobblehead you can get, it's on your dad's desk. You
    can pick it up when you're sixteen, right before you take the G.O.A.T.,
    or afterwards during the breakout.
    Melee Weapons
    Location: Dunwich Building - Virulent Underchambers
    The Dunwich Building is in the far south-west corner of the map, the
    furthest south-west location in the game, in fact. You'll have to go
    through the Dunwich Building and the Forsaken Ruins to get to the
    Virulent Chambers. The Bobblhead is in the southernmost room on the
    area map, near the door that leads back to the Dunwich Building. It's
    on the floor amongst some cans and soda bottles.
    Location: Arefu - Evan King's House
    Arefu is located north-west of Megaton, it's on one of the old
    highways spanning the river, so if you follow the river north of
    Megaton, you should run into. You'll need a Lockpick skill of 50 to
    pick the lock on Evan King's door. It's right by the door inside, on
    a table to the left.
    Location: Vault 106 - Living Quarters
    Vault 106 is north-west of Vault 101. This Bobblehead is pretty easy
    to get, all you have to do is head through the Entrance and into the
    Living Quarters. From the door head across the bridge to the east,
    then go south through a door and follow the tunnel. You'll end up in
    a room on the eastern edge of the map. The Bobblehead is on a 
    Small Guns
    Location: National Guard Depot - National Guard Armory
    The National Guard Depot is at the edge of the D.C. area near the
    eastern edge of the map. It's pretty much due east of Vault 101, but
    it's a pretty perilious journey. Inside the Depot, it's not much
    better. There are tons of robots in here, and you have to make your
    way through a couple of areas until you wind up back in the National
    Guard Depot in an area that was previously inaccessible. (In a room
    above the room that had the door leading to the Depot Training Wing.)
    Hit the electrical switch by the desk and go down the hole. You now
    have access to the National Guard Armory. The Bobblehead is on a
    metal shelf in the main room of the Armory (the room with all the
    Location: Yao Gui Tunnels - Yao Gui Den
    The Yao Gui Tunnels are at the far western edge of the world map, north
    and west of Girdershade. Go through the Tunnels to reach the Den and 
    follow the path into a large open room. Follow the wall traveling around 
    the room to the left and you'll find a Metal Box, on top of which is the 
    Bobble Head. 
    Location: Paradise Falls - Eulogy's Pad
    Paradise Falls can be found north of the Northwest Seneca Station. You
    can get in by saying the right things, or by being evil and making a
    [Karma] check. Once in, head into the next area and find Eulogy's Pad.
    The Bobblehead is in the south-eastern corner of the house, on a table.
    Location: Rockopolis
    Rockopolis is an unmarked area on the map, west of Smith Casey's
    Garage. If you listen to GNR on your Pip Boy, you might have heard a
    tale about it. In any case, head west of Smith Caseys Garage until
    you find yourself in a clearing surrounded by rock ledges with three
    paths leading to the area. There will be a rock to the west that has
    a line of party flags over it. Search it to find Rockopolis (you could
    also check your area map to find out where Rockopolis is. Once inside
    head north. The Bobblehead is on the ground near the body of Argyle.
    Lucky 8 Ball
    Location: Timebomb in Big Town.
    Go to Red's Clinic in Big Town and fix Timebomb up. You'll need a
    Medicine skill of 40 to do this. After rescuing Red and Shorty from
    the Germantown Police Head Quarters, talk to Timebomb again. He'll
    thank you, and give you the Lucky 8 Ball, which permenantly increases
    your luck.. so long as you hold onto it.
    Yew's Bear Charm
    Location: Oasis
    After resolving the Oasis quest, talk to Yew. She should give you this
    charm. It gives a permenant +10% bonus to Speech so long as you hang
    onto it. 10 more points you can spend elsewhere.
    |								       |
    |			Updates/Thanks {UPD001}			       |
    |								       |
    Version 1.0 to 1.01 changes
      o=o	Fixed the discrepancy in the SPECIAL attributes section and the
    	Perks section of my guide in regards to the eventual decision
    	to forego Concentrated Fire for a 5th Intensive Training perk.
      o=o  	Included improved information on the Black Widow/Lady Killer
      o=o   Added some additional stat boosting items into my suggested
    	build, including various power armor, Ranger Armor, Shady
    	Hat, etc.
    Version 1.0 to 1.02 changes
      o=o	Added the Broken Steel intro/apology.
      o=o	Fixed minor typos, edited sections that were no longer relevent.
    Version 1.02 to 1.03 changes (112,310 bytes)
      o=o	Added the Sneak and Big Guns Bobbleheads.. I'm not sure how in 
    	the hell I forgot to add them the first time..
      o=o	Added the "Unique Weapons" section.
      o=o	Added the Keller Family Transcripts.
      o=o	Added the "Schematics" section.
      o=o 	Added the "Books" section.
    Special Thanks to:
      o=o	My fiance, for always doing things differently and opening my
    	eyes to alternative methods through the game. She would never
    	follow one of my FAQs.
      o=o   no yb, for giving an example of the Black Widow perk in action.
      o=o	Jesse the Red, for pointing out the discrepancy in the SPECIAL
    	section and Perks section of my guide.
      o=o   Everybody who reads/downloads my FAQ, raising my contribution
    	hits and thus making me feel good about posting.
    			   ***END OF FILE***	

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