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"Looking" no longer works? 7
After project purity where did my follower go? 3
Can anyone help with this Doctor Li/Story Line Glitch? 1
Can anyone tell me why i found Dogmeat inside of Vault 106??? 0
Can someone help me with saving my game? 1
Can't find Firelance near Citadel?? 0
Citadel is broken? pls help 0
Control's won't work? 4
Crippled limb? 3
Experimental MIRV Bug?? 1
Fawks wont move, can anybody help? 2
getting past Waters of life quest? 1
Help my I can't continue the story? 0
Hey does the broken seal will be available in european PsN? 2
I can`t save the game? 2
I tried copying my mates FO3 file to my PS3, but I cant save while playing it? 2
i used a code for the Caravan pack and got nothing? (Fallout new vegas not Fallout 3) 0
In Megaton I can't buy/sell items. I have enough caps. My accept choice is greyed out. How do I correct this problem? 0
It keeps freezing in the same spot on the into the pitt add-on...what should i do? 1
Liberty prime help? 6
Lucas Simms and Senora are missing? 0
Need help on putting a save on the gamefaqs website on my PS3? 5
No Notification for Patch ( PS3 ) HELP no trophies !!!!!!!!!!!!!? 2
Pixelation Problem? 1
Saved game wont load after dumping cache? 0
Should I be able to download the add-ons? 1
The tenpenny tower quest not operating correctly? 1
Trophies didn't download? 2
Unsearchable bodies? 1
Weirdest Rivet City glitch ever?.. I really need some help please!! 1
Where is everyone in Tenpenny Tower? 2
Wheres jericho? 1
Why am I stuck in a tower? 0
Why aren't my dlcs downloading? 0
Why can't I level up past 19? 1
Why can't i save right? 1
Why does my characters face never show up when I try to get him a new haircut or modifying his face? 2
Why does the game freezes when i talk to elder lyons? 4
Why has my game developed technical bugs/glitches? 2

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