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Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
Activate security terminal? 1
Agatha, Vault Tec Headquarters??? 5
Ants in the School...? 5
Any help with firelance? 4
Are there any alien recordings that are locked on return to the ship? 2
Attacking megaton? 1
Best Way To Take Out Greta? 4
Blood Ties - Crazy Killer "Familly"? 2
Blood Ties Side Quest Glitch? *Very, very minor spoilers* 1
Can i still get power armor training? 3
Can you create a latter in this game? 3
Can you have more than one follower? 11
Can't Get out of Statesman Hotel How DO I find Fission Battery? 2
CJ Young Is Missing? 1
Crazy guy screaming lungs out in Seware Sq. Southeast...? 3
Destroyed Megaton Before Getting Father's Info, WHAT CAN I DO? 4
Different ending with Charon? 2
Disarming bomb in megaton after accepting quest from Mr. Burke? 1
Does the butler named Wadsworth ever respawn in your megaton house? 2
During Head of State Quest: Hannibal Hamlin & Co. wont show up in the mall Area, Where are they or am i glitched? 3
Enclave NEW base? 1
Father stuck outside? 7
Fort Constantine ICBM? 1
Galaxy News Radio? 1
Gary 23 glitch? 1
Ghoul mask and Tower? 1
Gold Ribbon Grocers - Help plx? 1
Harolds pockets? 4
Head of state help ? 2
Help with Reilly's Rangers....Lost? 1
Help with wasteland survival? 3
How can i help that small sick boy and the father whose voice can find near outside the d.c ? 2
How can you get into the weapons lab if youve gotten locked out of the chambers? 3
How do hack 50 computers? 8
How do I activate Trouble on the Homefront? 3
How do I burn Harold in Oasis? 1
How do I clear the presidential metro breach? 1
How do I collect a land mine for Moira? 12
How do I completely upgrade the caravans? 1
How do I destroy the Enclace mobile platform? 2
How do I find hannibal and the temple of the union??? 2
How Do I Find the Family?? 1
How do I find vault 76?? 1
How do i gain access into Little Lamp Light? 8
How do I get inot the Vault underneath Springvale School? 3
How do I get into Fort Constinten? 5
How do I get into lamp light caverns? 7
How do I get into the citadel? 2
How do I get into the Underworld? 2
How do I get megaton to like me again? 2
How do i get the fuse from my dad? 4
How do I get the quest to find argyle? 1
How Do I Get To Megaton? 2
How do I get to my father at the radio station? 6
How do i get to Rivet City? 1
How do I get to the museum of technology? 8
How do I get to the rangers compound? 7
How do I oipen the spy bunker in Point Lookout? 2
How do I open the lighted door at police hq? 1
How do I reprogram the robots? 1
How do I solve (Blood Ties?) 6
How do I solve (escape from vault 92)? 3
How do I solve (Galaxy News Radio)? 4
How do I solve (oasis quest)? 3
How do I solve (Searching for Cheryl)? 3
How do I solve (shoot him in the head)? 8
How do I solve (Strictly Business)? 1
How do I solve (the minefield)? 7
How do I solve (the Oasis quest)? 2
How do I solve (The Replicated Man with all box tick)? 2
How do I solve (The Replicated man)Quest? 10
How do I solve (tranquility lane failsafe chime)? 2
How do I solve Bannon's Request? 4
How do I solve Blood ties? 3
How do I solve Keller Family Transcripts? 4
How do I solve my Megaton scrap metal problem? 5
How do I solve Picking up the Trail? 1
How do I solve Tenpenny Tower? 3
How do I solve the optional part of the Rivet City History Quest? 1
How do I solve the tenpenny ghoul quest? 6
How do I talk Scribe Yearling? 3
How do I unlock the BUNKER door in the National guard Depot Armory? 1
How do I unlock the door in the National Guard Amory? 3
How do I wrap up "You Gotta Shoot 'Em...? 7
How do you get nuetral karma????? 5
How do you get out of broken bow? 1
How do you slave normal people? 2
How exactly does the hacking on the terminals work?? 3
How to unlock Bog Walker? 2
i am trying to get to pinkerton on fallout 3 but i keep dying is there anything I can get to help me swin under water? 4
I cant complete Following in His Footsteps? 1
I cant find project puritys control room? 4
I cant seem to find the G.E.C.K? 7
I collected 54 Steel Ingots and now Everett won't talk to me...What's up? 6
I need help on the scientific purposes? 2
I need help with the Tenpenny ghoul quest? 3
I still can't find the museum of history? 4
If I fail at hacking a CPU, how do I get the CPU to reset so I can try and hack again? 2
If I killed ronald? 8
Im in the tunnels with Dr. Li and we stopped because of Garaza and i dont have any medicine for him what do i do now? 5
Is anyone important in rivet city market? 4
Is it possible to agree to set thje bomb to explode later on? 3
is killing Vance and the family bad? 6
Is there a way to open Broken Locks without a key? 2
Is there anything special to do in vault 92? 5
Jebsco's key from Capitol Post? 1
key in VAULT 87? 12
Lucy West found dead? 5
Lyons never appeared at GNR nor BoS with Fatman??? 4
Missing a Main Quest Trophy? 1
Mister Lopez "Quest"? 1
Moirra quest 6
Need to find Scribe Rothchild?? 11
Note from John to billy help? 3
Oasis routes? 2
Only one slave collar?? 2
Power of the atom queston? 4
Power of the atom? 1
Problem in paradise fall? 1
Rigging an election (Deposing Dave?) 1
Rockopolis great?? 3
Ronald (Nuka-Cola Challenge)..? 2
Sam Wirricks? 1
Shouild i shoot them in the head? 7
Should i get point lookout? 1
should i give Mr. Crowley the three keys? 1
Stuck of Head of State quest ? 3
Talon company base? 1
Tenpenny Ghoul Quest? 4
Tenpenny Karma??? 2
Tenpenny Tower- Sharing the tower- Help? 1
Tenpenny Tower. killed some important ppl i think? 4
The note entitled "dead end". About killing Marko? 6
The Scientist is dead in "Those"? 2
Theo's code? 1
Those?????? 10
To unlock "Trouble on the Homefront", I have done what is needed, but nothing, so can someone help me? 3
Trouble on the Homefront? 1
Vault 101 radio signal? 1
Vault 106? 1
Waters of Life? (Fuses) 2
Were is paridise falls im tring to get clover for help? 1
Were is the underworld door? 2
What am i supposed to do in Andale? 3
What do i do to the purifier? 3
what if i skipped over Following in his Footsteps? 3
What is the code sequence for Project Purity? 1
What is the codeto make the purifier work? 3
What is the point of letting James from Rivet City run away? 1
What's the outcome of sabotaging vault 101? 2
When can i get back in vault 101? 7
When I finish the main story... ? 3
Where are the 3 broken pipes in megaton? 1
Where are the residents of Big Town? 1
Where can i find butch? 1
Where did dad go??? 1
Where did the ghouls hide the tempenny residents? 10
Where do I find the Robot in Reilly's Rangers? 1
Where Do i Find The Sheriff in the quest follow in his footsteps? 1
Where do I fined the password for the door in the NG Armoury? 3
Where do I go to gain entrance in rivet city? 6
Where does Tenpenny Go?? 1
Where in the dunwich do I place the Krivbeknig book ? 3
Where is Abraham Washington?? 3
Where is Argyle's body? 3
Where is the music sheet paper for the 2nd part of agnes' quest? 2
Where is the seceret cache of weapons that are supposed to be in a hollowed out rock when you get out of the Vault? 6
Where is Vera Weatherly? 1
Where is zimmer? 4
Where Is? 4
Where's the tunnel to DC? 1
Why can't I find Goalie Leduox? 1
Why isn't Moira Acknowledging the completion of her task? 2

Item Location Help Answers
.Where can I find the key for megaton home? 6
'Cursed' Vault 77 uniform in Paradise Falls? 7
(Spolier) Equipment use? 1
[BIG SPOILER] Will someone please tell me if they've gotten the FireLance...? 15
8 Ball/Lucky 8 Ball? 2
Any use for a random found "finger"? 4
Are all the toy cars I find for something? 1
are the effects of mentats and other aids perminant? + STR, +INT, +PER, etc.? 7
Are there any uses for the mutilated body parts found in gore bags? 4
Are there certain Items you can only find a limited supply on? 3
Autumns Pistol Nerfed? 3
Bobble head Machine ? 3
Broken locks? 2
Buy/sell items? 3
Can i retrieve the bobblehead in vault 101? 10
Can I still get it? 1
Can the robot in your house give u infinite purified water? 1
Cant repair my T-51B Armor? 5
Companions ? 1
Dead chinese commando in meresti trainyard? 4
Dirty water? 3
Do items respawn? 1
Do you really need good karma for power armor training? 2
Easy kill with Lincoln's Repearter? 3
Fawke's big guns? 4
Firelance? 2
Folowers are being stupiid? 2
Gas mask? 6
Getting carried items back in mothership zeta? 1
Giving Purified Water? 1
Guns & locations? 1
Have i missed my chance? (samurai equipment) 1
Herbert daring Dashwood? 2
Hollowed out rock near Megaton? 1
How can I cure addiction? 3
How can I get the Dirty Pre-War Kid's outfit? 3
How can i get the reservists rifle now? 3
How can I repair Lincoln's Repeater? 1
How can I repair my weapons? 5
How do I buy the laser pistol energy cells? 1
How do I delete a self-placed map marker? 1
How do I disarm mines? 3
How do i eat a corpse? 2
How do i get the Armored Vault Suit? 1
How do i get the chinese stealth suit? 1
How do i get the Victory Rifle Sniper Rifle? 6
How do I get to The White House? 5
How do i load ammo into the Rock-it Launcher? 1
How do I modify guns? 1
How do I sell itams for caps? 1
How do i use house items? 2
How do i use the fission battery? 3
How do I use the rock-it-launcher? 2
How do you actually use the FOOD SANITIZER? 3
How do you make version 2 railway rifle? 1
How do you use the power armer? 1
How do you zoom in with a sniper rifle? 2
How many "hollowed-out rocks" are there in the game? 3
How many big city like setlemants are there, and where? 3
How many dogmeat puppies do i get? 3
How to get three dogs head wrap? 1
I am at place to find firelance weapon. Waited every hour and no explosion not anything. When does it happen or appear? 6
I blew up raven rock...but i left the bobblehead, what do i do? 2
I cant find the shady hat will someone help me out? 3
I cant repair my weapons useing Alien Epoxy ? 3
I had the Firelance encounter but i couldnt find the blaster...what now? 7
If there a unique Assault Rifle / Chinese Assault Rifle? 4
Im a beginner and i need caps. Whats the best way?. 14
Is it possible to get the Alien Blaster in the GoTY edition? 4
Is it possible to get the Ranger Armor and Eugene? 4
Is it useful to hold onto The Bill Of Rights? 1
Is the Ammo Press available? (The Pitt) 2
Is their any other weapon like it? 1
Is there a key to the door in the L.O.B east wing? 6
Is there a normal 44. magnum? 2
Is there a place that i can sell pre_war money??? 6
Is there a uniqe sword? 5
Is there a way to travel faster? 1
Is there anything "special" about the .32 Pistol and Chinese Pistol? 2
Is this game worth geting............................? 2
Items staying put? 1
Leaf blower!!!? 1
Lost dogmeat? 1
Makeshift gas mask? 1
Mama Dolce's - Gate Key? 1
Maximum number of caps? 6
Megaton *AND* Tenpenny Tower house? 1
Mesmetron issues? 4
Mini Nuke? Fat man Ammo!! 15
Mothership Zeta:Electro-Suppresor? 2
My Bobby Pins Disapeared... Has Anyone Mapped Out Where they're Located? 3
My Terrible Shotgun vanished but how? 3
Need a few items for a railway gun? 6
No more bobby pins?!?!? 5
Picking Up the Trail Trophy? 1
Playing Father's Tape 10 in Fallout 3? 1
Power armor??? 4
Power Armour training problem? 1
Power suit ? 4
Red Pass card? 4
Repairing items? 1
Reverse- pick pocketing? 5
Safe in Springvale? 2
Schematics? 2
Scrap metal? 3
Silenced weapon? 1
Tesla armor? 1
The Lump of Brain? (possible point lookout spoiler) 1
Trying to find a strange location? 1
Underwater Treasures? 2
Unique Items? 5
Vault 108 Tumblers Today? 2
Way to repair the T-51b? 2
Were is elder lyons? 1
What are and where are the best places for looting? 12
What are the best small guns to use for a stealth char? 2
What can I fix the Shady hat with? 5
What can i repair the mechanist's costume with? 1
What do I repair Ranger Battle Armor with? 3
What does the Food Sanitizer actually do? 4
What does the Medic Power Armor Do and How can I get it to Work? 6
What fixes the Kneecapper? 1
What happens when you use "my house themes"? 2
What is the ash tray used for? 2
What is the best armor? 12
What is the best small gun (most damage)? 7
What is the Front Gate Key for? 1
What is the purpose of teddy bears? 2
What is the use of the Laboratory in the house you get in Megaton? 1
What is the use of the Nuka-cola clear formula? 1
What items give a stealth field? 1
What repairs the armoured Vault 101 jumpsuit? 1
What repairs the chinese stealth suit? 3
What repairs the T-51b armor? 5
What's the easiest and safest way to do "Sydnety's Ultra SMG" glitch? 6
Whats the name of the super missile launcher and where can i faind it? 1
Whats with the infirmary at my house? 3
When and where can i find the Firelance? 4
Where can I Buy (or find) some bobby pins? 2
Where can i faind the super plasma rifle? 5
Where can I find .308 ammo ? 1
Where can I find .44 ammo? 2
Where can I find (an execessive amount of Nuka Cola Quantum)? 6
Where can I find (BlackHawk)? 1
Where can I find (computer terminals for hacking/speech challenges)? 2
Where can I find (Elder Lyons)? 2
Where can I find (emancipation proclomation and the gettysburg address)? 1
Where can I find (Fat Man Guns for repair purposes)? 2
Where can I find (Fawkes)? 1
Where can I find (firelance)? 4
Where can I find (Hamilton's Hideaway and the key)? 2
Where can I find (key to nuka-cola machine in gingershade)? 2
Where can I find (Key to old olney underground ladder in old olney sewers)? 1
Where can I find (Lincoln's Hat in Museum of History First floor?)? 1
Where can I find (Lincolns Repeater)? 1
Where can I find (LOTS of ammo)? 1
Where can I find (Lucky's Glasses)? 1
Where can I find (Medic Power Armor)? 4
Where can I find (Mini Nuke)? 3
Where can I find (more savegame)? 1
Where can I find (motorcycle handbrake)? 4
Where can I find (Nuaghty Nightwear)? 1
Where can I find (Plunkett's Valid Points)? 2
Where can I find (Reservist's rifle)? 9
Where can I find (Rock-It-Werfer)? 1
where can I find (telsa beta cannon)? 1
Where can I find (terrible shotgun)? 2
Where can I find (the alien blaster)? 2
Where can I find (the burnmaster)? 1
Where can I find (the experimental MIRV)? 2
Where can I find (The five Family audio recordings)? 1
Where can I find (THE KNEAKAPER)? 2
Where can I find (the MIRV)? 4
Where can I find (Victory Rifle)? 1
Where can I find "Victory Rifle"? 1
Where can I find a .44 magnum? 7
Where can I find a drug that...? 1
Where can i find a firelance? 8
Where can I find a lot of chinese assault rifles? 4
Where can i find a super slegdehammer? 7
Where can I find about 100 bobby pins at one time? 4
Where can I find all of the Lincoln artifacts? 1
Where can I find all of the powerful guns and the special equipment? 2
Where can I find ammo for alien blaster?? 11
Where can I find any and all Unique Weapons? 2
Where can I find any more unique masks/hats/helmets? 7
Where can I find bobby pins? 3
Where can I find bottlecaps? 10
Where can I find butch i went to the muddy rudder bar but he wasnt there? 5
Where can I find callahan's magnum?? 1
Where can I find cameras and sensor modules? 1
Where can i find charon? 5
Where can I find chinese Assult rifels? 2
Where can i find Dogmeat, the pet dog? 2
Where can I find Evan King's Arefu House key? 1
Where can I find extra ammo for the alien blaster? 1
where can I find fathers books? 3
Where can I find Fatman ammo? 3
Where can I find Flavored Mentats? NO LINKS PLEASE! 1
Where can I find Fort constantine bunker key? 2
Where can I find Gatling Laser and Ammo? 15
Where can I find Gunny? 1
Where can I find Holotape: The First Mayor of Little Lamplight? 4
Where can I find key for ol olney underground? 1
Where can I find key for presidents entrance to white house? 1
Where can I find key to get out from Heaven (The Pitt dlc) ? 1
Where can I find keys ? 1
Where can I find Lincoln Memorial picture? 16
Where can I find lots of stimpaks? 2
Where can I find luck bobblehead? 1
Where can I find Lucky Shades? 1
Where can I find motercycle tank? 2
Where can I find Nuka-Cola Quantum? 6
Where can I find nuka-cola quantums in old onley? 2
Where can I find Ol' Killshot? 5
Where can I find power armor training in GNR? 1
Where can I find power armor training? 4
Where can I find scrapyard house key? 1
Where can I find Sunglasses? 2
Where can I find Sydney's 10mm SMG? 3
Where can I find T 51b armor? 1
Where can i find the 3 keys for fort constantine? 1
Where can I find the 4 expansion packs free? 4
Where can I find the 44 magnum WITHOUT the scope? 3
Where can I find the 5 Keller family Transcripts? 7
Where can I find the Alien Blaster? 2
Where can I find The Black Armour and the sword? 2
Where can I find the burn mask? 2
Where can I find the DC Journal of Internal Medicine at Shalebridge? 1
Where can I find the door key for vault 92? 2
Where can I find the enclave? 1
Where can I find the failsafe in tranquility lane to get out? 2
Where can I find the food sanitizer? 5
Where can I find The Key for Hamilton's Hideaway? 7
Where can I find the key for the safe in tech museum? 2
Where can I find the key to the door of the Masterbrain in the Vault-Tec HQ? 7
Where can I find the Key to the ramshackle farmhouse just north of Wheaton Armory? 1
Where can I find the key to the vault tec door? 2
Where can I find the Megaton armory key? 4
Where can I find the merv? 3
Where can I find the Nuka-cola plant safe key? 1
Where can I find the plasma weapons? 2
Where can I find the railroad spike shooter schematics? 3
Where can I find the railway rifle schematic? 1
Where can I find the refigorater key under The Anchorage Memorial? 1
Where can I find the repellent stick? 4
Where can I find the Terrible Shotgun? 1
Where can I find the third terminal in the Vault Tech HQ? 2
Where can I find the three keys that mr.crowley needs? 4
Where can I find the unique armor in old Ohney? 2
Where can I find the unique chainsaw/ripper? 7
Where can I find the unique chinese pistol? 2
Where can I find the unique fat man? 2
Where can I find the weapon cache around megaton? 2
Where can I find the xuanlong rifle, victory rifle, reservist rifle and experimental mirv? 3
Where can I fing the makeshift gasmask? 3
Where can i get the rock it launcher? 4
Where can I hunt some ammo? 1
Where can I sell 'Fingers' to get good karma? 3
Where can I store items and easily find them? 2
Where can I use Bloodpacks? 3
Where can you find all the Bobble Heads? 2
Where do I sell ears? 1
Where do you get Autumn's pistol? 2
Where exactly is armor in deathclaw sanctuary? 3
Where exactly is this burnmaster/flamethrower? 2
Where is Argial? 2
Where is Fawkes? 1
Where is the armament in Tenpenny Tower? 4
Where is the best place to sell items? 1
Where is the bohemoth at the capital building ? 1
Where is the entrance to the falls church/arlington metro? 1
Where is the Franklin's repeater? 1
Where is this key? 1
Where to store items??? 1
Which items should be kept? 1
Which NPC has the highest repair skill? 2
Why can I not use the stipmak to heal my overcrumbled leg? 10
Will fallout 3 game of the year have all the DLC? 2

Level Help Answers
bobble Heads? 2
Can I re-enter Vault 101? 2
Cannot gain entrace to little lamplight? 8
Clearing the security breach (who dares wins quest)? 4
Does anyone know a good place to kill people? 6
Easiest way to Washington Monument? + Museum of History 6
Enclave Vertibirds? 3
Finding my father in the radio station? 2
Hallowed moors cemetery? 1
Head of state glitching? 5
Help: Reilly's Rangers? 3
how can I access the waste area ? 1
How do I complete the Tenpenny Quest? 2
how do i destroy Harold's heart? 1
How do i find a way to Galaxy News Radio? 3
How do i find the old onely mart? 1
How do I get from GNR to the Washington Monument/Museum of Tech.? 5
How do I get into the citidel? 1
How do I get into the White House? 2
How do I get into vault 87 when I can't get into Lamplighter Caverns? 3
How do I get past (Head of state)? 2
How do I get past (reillys rangers)? 2
How do I get past 20? 5
How do I get past Blood Ties? 1
How do I get past following in his footsteps? 2
How do I get past Fort Constantine? 2
How do I get past the door in lightlamp caves? 3
How do I get past the infinite radiation of the land surrounding vault 87? 3
How do I get past the last door in the National Guard Depot? 1
How do I get past to the National Guard Armoury? 2
How do I get to Paradise Falls? 2
How do I get to the GNR Building Plaza? 7
How do I get to Vernon square east? 1
How do I sabotage vault 101? 3
How do I start the alien missions? 1
How high can you go with good karma ? 5
I'm at the last room of the last mission, but how do I get out? 2
Mister crowley? 2
MotherShip 3 questions. Need Help ASAP? 1
Need help exiting Statesman Hotel mid level? 1
Need Help getting out of the statesman hotel? 1
Should i nuke megaton? 3
Sources for intelligence level-ups? 7
strange happenings in Vault 106? 8
Teleport Matrix in Cryo Storage? 2
Tenpenny Missing!? 6
Tenpenny Tower Generator Room? 1
The pitt, Ashur wont react??? 3
The Rockwells? 2
uh oh... Skipped a main story quest !?! 1
Vault 112?!!?!?!?!? 1
What happens if? 1
What is the password for the mainframe in Robco Facility for optional quest? 3
What's the fastest way to level up? 2
When can i help the people in vault 101 ? 1
Where can i find operation: anchorage? 1
Where can i find the broken steel? 3
Where can i find the mothership zeta? 2
Where can i find the Naional Archives? 5
Where can i find the pitt mission? 2
Where does it show you ur amount of karma on ur pipboy? 3
Where is rocopolis? 3
Where is Sentinel Lyons? 1
Where is the key to the presidential tunnel under the white house? 1
Where is Vault 77? 1
Where the hell is the death claw sanctuary ? 2
Why does Everett tell me to 'Scram'? I have 54 Steel Ingots!!! 1

Plot/Storyline Help Answers
"Fingers" ? 2
About the Super Mutants? 1
Akransas in the mine field? 7
Alternate ending? 5
Amata talks with the Enclave? 1
Big Town and Sticky? 4
Can you screw around in Tenpenny before choosing to blow up Megaton? 4
Crow (trader) found dead in the Wastes? 1
Deadly water in broken steel? 1
does Fallout 3 have online mode ? 6
Does the bomb really blow up if you chose to rig it to explode? 2
Ghouls live... HOW LONG!? 3
Girl with vault 101 suit? 2
Good or Bad? 1
How do i get in to raven rock??? 2
How do i make the Capital Wasteland green again? 1
How Do I make the Capital Wasteland grow vegitation? 3
How many Endings? 1
How many locations? 2
I cant get into the citadel? 1
I have a problem geting in the citadel ? 2
I killed The Overseerer, will i miss anything? 1
I need more help how do i let doc li do the talking ? 3
If you kill someone... are they dead forever? 2
Is it possible to see the other Vault 101 residents outside? 2
Starting out which 3 perks are best for survivability? 3
Super mutant source? 9
The Megaton Sheriff....Can You Help? (possile spoiler) 3
Vault 101? 1
Vision blurry? 3
Wats the code!!!? 9
What exactly is the enclave? Spoilers are fine with me 10
What happens if i kill people?(will people atomatically respawn) 3
What happens if you black widow Mr. Burke? 2
What happens if you turn yourself in instead of escaping? 7
What happens to GNR's station if you kill Three Dog? 1
What was the real purpose of the vaults? 1
What will happen if i kill moriorty?? 1
What's the point of the Dunwich Building? 8
What's up with Timmy? 4
Whats the story with the brotherhood of steel out cast? 1
When you finish the game? 2
Where do i find the dad? 1
Where the hell is vault 112 ? 5
Who is the guy on the cover? 1
Who is the person inside the project purity purification pod? 1
Why are some characters "essential"? 3
Why are there ghosts in vault 106? 1
Why did happen in Vault 108??? 3
Why did hitmen start coming after me? 2
Why is the water near project purity still radiated? 2
Will my Fallout 3 Origional save work with GOTY edition?? 1

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
[caps]S.P.E.C.I.A.L.? 2
A beginner wanting to keep Dogmeat? 2
ALL Perks NOT Available??? 3
Ant powers? 1
Any help or guides as to the 50 speech successes i need for silver tongue devil achievement? 2
At what level is it better to recruit Dogmeat? 1
Best way to find ammo? 7
Can All Skills Get To 100? 2
Can any1 help? 1
Can I collect the steel ingots for the Mill Worker trophy at any time? 1
Can i shoot a gun during a gas leak ? 2
Can you get some one from megaton to travelo with you? how? 2
Can you get someone or something to follow you everywhere you go? 4
Can you read the Survival Guide? 1
Can you still continue the game? 2
can't take the GOAT test? 3
Cannot speak to Moira following quest. Why? 1
Carryover? 2
Catching slaves ? 3
Do the skills max out at 100? 1
Do the SPECIAL stats max out at 10? 3
First i could carry 200, then 190 and now 180. Why? 1
Great character builds? 1
How can you repair RL3? 4
How do i get into the cellar doors at spring vale ? 1
How do I go about healing my members (like Star) ? 1
How do I make custom weapons? 2
How do I max out all of my stats? 4
How Do the DLC's work with the Core Game? 2
How do to read notes? 1
How do you raise your S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats? 1
How Do You Renew AP On A Weapon? 1
How do you upgrade your skills? 1
How do you wait? 1
How resilant are follower characters? 3
How to get out of water purification plant plant ?(last part of the main story while activation the plant) 2
I go in every were guns blazing is that bad? 1
I have levelled up completely now what? 2
I killed an Outcast, can I get the rest to stop gunning for me? 6
I need help trying to stop the underworld from killing me,can you help? 1
Is it difficult to have high enough stats to be offered all of the perks? 3
Is it possible to unkill a character (Yes, PS3 version, a stupid question I'm pretty sure)? 4
Is it worth it to buy a contract from a mercenary or not? 4
Is there a safe place to store equipment? 13
Is there any point in the Unarmed skill? 8
Maintaining Neutral Karma? 3
Mr Burke? 2
Oops Did I mess up with killing everyone in paradise falls? 2
Partners carrying items? 4
Perk ranks? 1
Power leveling? 3
Recommended build for small gun's/sneak character,small gun's/energy weapon's character or just small gun's character? 1
Return to Vault 101 (SPOILER) - need ALL possible outcomes please? 2
Should I kill everyone in Paradise Falls? 2
Should I take the Intense Training perk? 1
So I killed Red now what? 1
What does Sydney sell? 1
What is a good balenced character to start as? 1
What is the best combination of skills for a new character? 2
What is the best order to play through the different missions in the game? 2
What is the best strategy for (ammo use)? 2
What is the best strategy for losing karma? 8
What is the best way to gain good karma? 4
What is the best way to make money ? 14
What is the importance of the power stations and broadcasting stations? 1
What Karma is most recommended? 2
Where are all of the VERY HARD lock picking doors/items? 1
Where are some places where i can get good followers? 3
Where is the statesman hotel? 2
Who do i have to find to do the reilly rangers quest and get the ranger armour and eugene? 1

Technical Help Answers
"Paladin Hoss" glitch in Megaton? 7
Agatha no longer plays her violin...? 1
Broken Steel DLC- broken ? 4
Can anyone help with my vexing PS3 5.1 sound output issues (Fallout 3 & COD Modern Warfare 4 but not other games)? 1
Can I delete the DLC if I buy GOTY? If so how? 2
can i play any DLC, and use a previosly save game, before i downloaded the DLC? 1
Can you restart a mission in Fallout ? 1
Charon/Ahzrukhal script didn't play out right, Charon frozen. Can this be fixed? 1
DLC Operation Anchorage Problems *spoilers*? 1
Does the game difficulty affect how much XP you get? 2
Game freezes??? 7
Game tells me "I Can only have One Follower at a time". Help? 2
How big are all the DLC's from the PSN store? 2
How can I solve these (VERY ANNOYING) glitches? 1
How can I transfer my files over to GOTY edition? 1
How come Im not unlocking any trophys? 2
How come my game will randomly stop or the sound will mess up? 8
How come with certain followers...? 1
How do i activate point lookout? 1
How do I actually download DLC off of the Network? 2
How do I get VATS to activate? 13
How do I move a Game Save to another PS3? 6
How do unpatch patches? 1
How do you do the infinite exp glitch? 8
How do you start the download you want to play after you install it? 1
How to save on another gamesave? 6
I can't get into Galaxy News Radio again... why? 2
I have the GOTY edition and its not letting me download the DLC. Is it because I haven't started the game yet? 2
I reloaded after a follower died, now follower re-dies the second the game loads? 2
Is it possible to get screenshots with a ps3? 1
Is Wild Bill glitched? 2
Jericho isn't in megaton ruins? 6
Karma bug? 2
Li is trapped in the tunnel? (little spoilers) 5
MAJOR Controller Prblem (Right Analog Stick)? 8
Megaton House Freezes?? 1
MIRV problems? 2
Missing Robots in Quest "Big Trouble in Big City"? 1
Mothership Zeta freeze? 9
My game freezes more and more often? 2
need to enter in GNR headquarters but how? 10
Overwriting files without asking me? 2
Patch for an unconnected PS3? 3
People in Megaton keep disappearing? 2
Please help i cant get exp ? 1
Point Lookout crash- Has anyone else experienced this? 3
Radio keeps clipping? 2
Reinstall? 1
Ronald in Girdershade? 3
Should i make multiple save files? 1
Skipping Speech? 2
Tempenny tower help? 1
The expansions are not showing up? 2
The save feature isn't highlighted for some reason? 1
Unable to save my game?? Help needed 4
Vault 106 Locked Inside? 2
What happens if I killed the major residents of Megaton? 6
What has happened? 1
Where is Dupont Statiion? 3
Why am I missing a Trophy? 5
Why are the trophies not appearing? 3
Why can I not access V.A.T.S? 4
Why can't I level up? 2
Why does my game freeze everytime someone on my friends list logs in? 2
Why does the game freeze whenever I go anywhere around the Museum of Technology? 5
Why does the game keep freezing at...? 2
Why does the game keep me stuck on level 20, end at purity of life? 1
Why does the game keep telling me (I can't drop the slave collar even though the quest ended)? 2
Why is project purity not working for me? 4

Other Help Answers
? about The patch. 1
???Freezing??? 3
(Any npc who sells railway ammo in large quantities for sure?) 1
(Anywhere i can get a high supply of ammunition for Railway Rifle?) 2
(Is there a way to get my safehouse in either megaton, or tenpenny, but stay neutral?) 4
(The Expansions)? 4
"Vanishing" Allies? Is it just my game disc? 3
3 Partners? 3
A few questions? 1
A question totally off topic? 1
About The DLC Pack Anchorage??? 2
Add ons? 1
Add-on trophies? 1
Addons?? 1
After finishing the game question? 2
After you beat the game and have beaten all of the dlc can you continue the game? 2
Alien teleporters? 1
Another Dogmeat question? 1
Any trophies setup for this game? 4
Anymore help? 2
Anywhere npcs respawn for doesn't play well with others trophy? 1
Are all the vaults except (101) have super muntants or insane survivers? 1
Are there any infinite exp or caps glitches or tricks post-update and if so how do you do them? 5
Are there any patches yet? 5
Are there bullet marks on Enemies? 1
Are there really 163 locations? 3
Arlington Cemetery - Extra Locations? 3
Attribute Mistakes? 1
Being well rested? 1
Best set of weapons? 3
Black squares? 4
Blew up Megaton / killed Tenpenny No safe houses?. 8
Bobbypins? 4
Broken Steel DLC? 1
Bugs and Glitches? 2
Burke dead.. What now? 5
Can Dogmeat go off and find items? 2
Can dogmeats pup have a pup? 1
Can I get all the trophies in one playthrough? 4
Can I Install The Geck For PS3??? 1
Can I join the Outcast? 1
Can I level up my stats on level 20? 2
Can I take skill points out of a category? 1
Can Megaton freak out? 2
Can someone make a map? 1
Can somone help me find Fawkes ? 1
Can the Items in my house be stolen? 2
Can you change your size? 3
Can you duplicate items just like on oblivion? 5
Can you free Gob? 4
Can you get butch form vault 101????????????? 2
Can you get to level 21? 4
Can you get trophies while not signed into the network? 2
Can you make your character to look like HUNK? 4
Can you marry on Fallout3? 3
Can you play FO3 online on PS3? 1
Can you play the other add on packs while playing the broken steel story? 2
Can you re-enter Vault 101 at the beginning of the game? 1
Can you still blow up Megaton after saying no to Mr. Burke? 2
Can you still get into the citadel if you did not go through the story line to find your father? 5
Can you view yourself? 2
Can your followers get killed? 1
Cannot save ? 1
Cant find anyone at the regulator hq? 2
Cant get partners back eny help? 3
Caravans? 1
Character dialogue in last mission? 4
Charcters you'll see only once and their expandability? 1
Charon died but still can't recruit another follower? 1
Charon disappeared?! (Possible spoilers) 1
Cheats? 2
Citadel, elder lyons???!! 3
Companions on the PS3 Version? 2
Completed [Scientific Pursuits], but no trophy? 1
Converting Fallout 3 PC Save Files to PS3 Save Files? 1
Cool towns? 3
Could I Still Get The Megaton House??? 1
Could not find sydney? 4
Creepy Places? 7
Cussing and Blood settings? 2
Deathclaw glitch?!? 3
Did I ruin my game? 6
Different endings? 2
Difficulty? 1
Directions to national security depot? 3
Disappearing characters I need to find to complete some things? 4
DLC in one bundle? 1
DLC's on Discs? 1
Do anyone know when DLC for PS3 will come out? 5
Do anyone know when fallout 3 dlc will be available in hongkong psn? 1
Do Bobble Heads push you past 100? 2
Do i keep a folower after the end of the game? 1
Do I need the Keller Location tape? 1
Do people preach at church? (possible non-important spoiler) 2
Do terminal hacks add up? 1
Do they have the turn off blood setting? 3
Do you ever see amata again? 4
Do you get any gear for swimming on or under water? 1
Do you get experience points from blowing up a Vertibird? 3
Do you kill humans in this game at all? 7
Do you need the DLC trophies to get the platinum one? 2
Does any one know the limit of people you can have ? 1
Does anyone know how the fastest way to get evil karma? 6
Does anyone know how to get to rivet city? 2
Does anyone know what the order of evilness is? 3
Does anyone know who has the key for The Box in paradise falls? 5
Does anyone know why i cant use my add-on? 1
Does anyone want to know a website that reveals everything about this game? 2
Does beating the game on very hard get you anything special? 2
Does skipping days effect the game in any way? 3
Does the Firelance appear again? 1
Does the game continue after you finish the story? 13
Does this game have CO-OP? 2
Does your save get overwritten? 1
Dog best friend? 1
Dog best friend? =[ 4
Dog?? 2
Dogmeat has died? 5
Dogmeat Help? 2
Dogmeat question? 1
Dogmeat? 3
Doing Evil in Operation Anchorage? 1
Downloadable Content? 1
Dr. Braun? 3
Duplication?! 1
Enemy/dungeon reset time - Does such one exist? 2
exact statement for DLC? 4
Fallout 3 : game of the year edition? 2
fallout 3 DLC ? 2
Fallout 3 downloadable content? 4
Fallout 3 Paulson's revolver or Callahan's magnum? 1
Fallout GOTY? 1
Fallout new vegas? 1
Flash in the sky?! 3
Flying Deathclaws?! 2
Follower problems? 2
Followers disappear after completing Vault 112? 2
Fort Independence - Casdin not found? 2
Futurama relation? 2
Game of the year? 2
GameFAQs save files corrupted? 1
Ghoul Characters? 5
Has anyone here touched the washington monument? I have, Pergatory? 2
Has the infinite caps trick been patched? 1
Have they fixed the end game glitch for the game of the year edition? 2
Healing Dogmeat? 3
Healing followers? 1
Help I accidently took a quest I didnt want to take. Can someone help? 1
Help radiation Dilema? 2
HELP!!! I CANT USE MY ADD ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can anyone help?!!!! 3
Hey can I get into Fort Independence without picking the locks? 4
Hidden safe/talking mutants? 2
House Please Help? Read question Please? 1
How am i supposed to get 50 speech challenges? 1
How and why I have three followers? 1
How can i get a dog as my parner? 1
How come consoles don't get the same priviledges as the PC version? 1
How do I become a cannibal? 3
How do i delete then reupdate my patch? 1
How do I download Fallout 3 on my PS4 without PlayStation Now subscription? 1
How do i enslave people? 1
how do I enter the Rockland Car Tunnel? 4
How do I find Arlington Library? 1
How do i find dogmeat puppies? 2
How do i get a follower? 3
How do I get Fawkes back to life? 1
How do i get in that room in the underworld? 1
How Do I Get In The Alien Mother Ship? 3
How do I get in the Brotherhood of Steel base? 1
How do I get into my room in Tenpenny after letting the Ghouls in? 1
How do i get into ravenrock? 8
How do i get into rivet city? 2
How do i get my oen room in Tenpenny towers? 2
How do i get my own room? 3
How do I get rid of the overcummbered status? 1
How do I get rid of this overencumbered status? 4
How do I get RL3 to follow me again once i fire him? 1
How do I get the Armory in Megatown to open for business? 4
How do I get the waters of life quest? Please somebody help me. 1
How do i get thru the weapons room into the bunker? 3
How do I get to BigTown from Little LampLight? 2
How do I get to the museum of history? 1
How do i get to the Whitehouse ? 1
How do i get to tranquility lane? 3
How do I invest into a merchant? 1
How do I make Megaton like me again? 2
How do i open the tenpenny tower safes? 3
How do i pee? 2
How do i play the dlc after downloading? 2
How do i Post Saved Games? 1
How do i raise small guns skill with the chinese stealth suit and 2 hats? 1
how do I restore a relationship? 4
How do I use the saves from the Saves tab on Gamefaqs? 2
How do i...? 2
How do put grenades into npc ? 2
How do you buy the RL3 Robot? 1
How do you change the outfits of NPC? 1
How do you disable the Megaton bomb? 1
How do you get on the lookouts in megaton? 2
How do you get to rock breakers last gas? 1
How do you get your party characters back when 'The American Dream' begins? 1
How do you make guns ? 3
How do you open the utility door in the national guard depot? 1
How do you repair the MIRV? 3
How does the Fast Metabolism perk work? 1
How hard is it to beat this game? 1
How hard is it to keep as many people alive as possible?... 2
How limited is the ammo in this game? 2
How long does it take to beat this game? 1
How Many cities are there? 1
How many custom??? 1
How many scavengers are in the game? 1
How much HDD space is required? 3
How to buy dlc? 3
How to do this trophy? 2
How to get the Trophy for Weaponsmith? 1
How to make joker? 1
How to put on the slave collar? 1
How?? 1
Hubris Comics printing press and Mad Johnny Wes? 4
I can't get my DLC's to show up? 1
I can't re-save? 2
I cant recieve trophies? 4
I freed my Dad from 112, but didn't do the "Galaxy news" yet, is it gone? 2
I had a follower while leaving vault 87 what happened to her? 1
I have no food or ammo and will be killed with 2 shots im stuck and everyone is chasing me? 3
I have to find Burke, can someone help? 3
I killed super bethmoth the first one in the game and got no exp? 1
I killed this zombie merchant...? 1
I let the ghouls into to tempenny and didn't get the key to the empty suite? 1
I lost charon, where i can find him? 1
I need help on companion cheat/glitch? 2
I picked up the intel bobblehead, and i'll be damned if did not get 1 point instead of 10?1 Please help 1
I seriosly need help leveling? possible spoilers. 9
I went in the Megaton armory and now everyone is trying to kill me. What do I do? 2
I'm getting bored? 5
I'm level 20 and broken steel is installed. What i will have to do for gaining experience again ? 1
If a companion dies, are they dead for good? 1
if i delete my GDU will it get rid of my trophies? 2
If i get evil karma what happens to fawkes? 2
If i rent fallout3goty will it add the dlc levels and trophys on my fallout3 save? 1
If this is based off Elder Scrolls Engine than? 2
If you don't get Fawkes after you come out of Raven rock where does he go? 1
Im going to get this game soon.Is there any tips i need to know before playing it? 2
Im playing off a previosly uploaded save game from this website. Now i cannot save my game progress. What do i do? 1
In L'Enfant plaza you find a note on a guy about a house does anyone know teh location of said house? 2
Is a 56% speech success enough for that gallows guy in the citadel? 3
Is deleting Save Data necessary after each game play? 1
Is it a rpg game? 2
Is It Possibe to miss any of the trophies in this game? 1
Is it possible to get to the commonwealth? 1
Is it possible to max all skills? 2
Is it possible to re-enter ravenrock? 3
Is It True? 4
Is it worth buying? 1
Is it worth chasing Mr.Crowley? 1
Is it worth it to buy this or that? 2
Is Jericho worth hiring? 1
Is LVL 20 The Last LVL U Can B??? 2
Is my dude missing a foot? Also, how do i pan the 3rd person camera? 4
Is pinkerton supposed to say anything else? 3
Is the "Bloody Mess" perk optional? 3
Is the Broken Steel, Point Lookout, The Pitt, Anchorage gonna come out to ps3? 2
Is the pitt only for xbox and pc or is it for ps3 as well? 2
Is there a game like this? 2
Is there a New Game+? 1
Is there a way to continue doing sidequests ect. after beating main quest? 2
Is there a way to gain good karma fast before level 8? 4
Is there an "Oval Office"? 3
Is there any way that I can stay in Vault 101? 3
Is there any way to reach this glitched Lighthouse Bulb? 1
Is there any weather in this game? 1
Is there gonna be the updates for the ps3 that are already on the 360? 1
Is this a gameplay glitch or something else? 2
Is this game like Grand Theft Auto or Bully in the way that you see NPC's waging war with other NPC'S? 3
Is This True? 1
Issue with swimming/Rivet City/Pinkerton? 2
Item Duplication Trick? - Does it Exist? 2
Its July and the DLC isn't out for PS3 in the UK!? 1
Ive reached level 20 and still havent unlocked all the perks, what do i do? 3
Jericho died, is there anyway to get him back? 2
Karma trophy help needed? 1
Karma????? 2
Killing the republican of dave? 1
Lady Killer Perk? 7
Looking for Mr.Crowley, where does he go? 2
Lost dogmeat after vault 87? 2
Lucas Simms got shot - is this very bad? 3
Making weapons? 1
Mothership Zeta Alien? 3
Mothership Zeta meeting paulson? 2
Mr.Crowley vanished, please help! Where is he? 1
Muiltiple followers? 1
Multiple companions? 1
Mutant hunter build rp ? 1
My character has a concussion and i keep getting dazed how do I fix that? How do I get my RAD down if it's high? 1
My character is stuck in the outnumbered mode and can't run , all the time? 2
Nathan: wtf? 2
Near end game? 1
Need help with fort Constantine??? 1
Need to find hollow tree? 2
No Response? 1
Non-existing guns? 4
NPC in Tenpenny Tower gone, are they somewhere else? 1
Only one Caravan ? 2
Operation Anchorage? 1
Operation: Anchorage DLC!? 4
Operation: Anchorage dose not load? 1
Other Vaults? 2
Outcast recon armor? 1
Outcast trouble? 2
Pants exploding? 2
Paradise Falls Help? 1
Patched?? 1
Person on top of the building beside the ferris wheel.(Point Lookout)? 1
Pip-boy quest marker 'glitch'? 1
Please help me get settled on this game? 1
Point LookOut? 1
Problem save game (compatibility)? 1
Problem Starting Bannon's quest? 5
Quest Questions? 1
Question about gaining XP? 2
Quests and items? 3
Radio signal help? 1
Radio signels?? 2
Random 101 character? 2
RE:Megaton *AND* Tenpenny Tower house? 2
Recommended Age? 1
Regulaters AND Talon Company Mercs. at the SAME TIME? 1
Replay value? 3
RL3 returned to Canterbury Commons? 1
Robot Blaster? 1
Robots? 2
Save data? 1
Scarpyard???? 1
Scary Places? 4
Scrap Metal Exploit? 3
Secret hidden place?? 4
Shalebridge? 1
Shooters? 4
Should you take the finesse perk if your luck is allready 10? 2
So hey people... how are you all and what was you all doing at Fallout 3? 3
So, the DLC is coming out in a few days? 1
Sona Cruz is missing glitch... any fix? 4
Stop Ted From Fleeing? 3
Swearing? 5
Switching to first person view? 2
Teamates?#2 1
Teammates? 6
Tenpenny Tower Quest...Mr Ling Dissapeared? 1
The Pitt Glitch?(Spoilers) 1
The Sheriff and the Priest just disaperd on me? 2
The T-51b armor? Is that the expermental or something? 1
Three followers? 1
Tips? 1
Trying to Transfer Game Save? 1
Tunnel Snakes in Vault 106? 1
Uncle leo? 3
Uncle Leo?! 1
Using console to Ressurect NPCs? 2
Vault 87? 1
Waters of life? (possible spoiler) 1
Weird glich in vault 87? 2
Were can i get alot of caps? 1
What are the new Perks from the Broken Steel DLC? 1
What are the radio signals I get when I go near a radio pylon? Are they just a random sequence of beeps? 2
What are the radio signals I get when I go near a radio pylon? They seem to be just a random sequence of beeps. 1
What are the t51-b specs? 1
What DLC Should i get next??? 2
What dlc Should I get? 1
What DLC Should I Get??? 1
What do you find in Hamilton's Hideaway after the key is used? 2
What does it mean when you see a SPECIAL attribute in brackets before one or more responses or lines in a conversation? 1
What does the beta version actually do? 2
What does V.A.T.S. mean? 3
What happens if Dogmeats Puppy dies? 1
What happens if i feed the yau guai? 4
What in The HEll happen to my Followers??? 1
What is a contract? 1
What is a good way to level up to 30? 2
What is Dogmeat? 1
What is near junkyard? I want to find Dogmeat. 1
What is the best armor and where can i find it? 2
What is the best weapon in fallout 3? 4
What is the button layout for ps3 and also how do you use vats like what button do you press ? 3
What is the difference between fallout 3 game of the year and fallout 3? 1
What is the max possible amount of Alien Power Cells? 3
What is the maximum Rad Resistance? 2
What is the point of all the radio signals? 6
What is the vault key for??? 1
What is this about a "Alien Crash Site"? 2
What items are those that you can hold onto and sell specifically to people? 10
What Lvl is the "Almost Perfect Perk" available? 1
What should i get? 1
What the easiest way to big town? 2
What's so special about fallout 3 greatest hits? 2
What's the name of the music in the Fallout trailers? 1
Whats an easy way to level 20? 3
Whats the easiest way to get alot of caps? 3
Whats the easiest way to get karma? 4
Whats with all the gnomes? 3
When does the add on, "broken steel" come out for ps3? 4
When I beat the game can I still play? 1
When the new DLC comes out? 1
Where are tha allies? 1
Where are the Chinese spies located? 1
Where are the landmarks? 2
Where can i find all 5 super mutant behemoths? 3
Where can i find my merc that disepeared after the enclaves took me the g.e.c.k? 3
Where can i find some items to raise my lock pick skill lvl? 1
Where can I find the Citadel? 1
where can i find the Hallowed Moors Cemetery? 1
Where can I sell Stuff: thought Moira would buy from me? 1
Where did Donovan go? 3
Where did Jericho go? 1
Where did my companions go? 1
Where did Shrapnel Go? 5
Where did the Big Town NPC's go? 2
Where do allies go? 4
Where do I find the DLC on the Playstation Network? 2
Where do I get the keys for the door in the bomb shelter near fort constatine? 1
Where do I take the 3 keys I getoff Mr. Crowley? 1
Where is capitol building? 3
Where is Crazy Wolfgang?? 1
Where is Fawkes in broken steel??? 1
Where is Moira? 2
Where is old onley? 1
Where is Rockopolis? 1
Where is the alien crash site???? 2
Where is the dart gun??? 1
Where is the key to open the gate in mama dolces? 2
Where is the Oasis? 4
Where is the underground city os underworld?? 1
Where is Underworld? 3
Where is underworld?? 2
Where is walter? 3
Where is wild bill supposed to be @ in the steelyard? 3
Where's Fawkes?!!!! 2
Wheres Elder Lyons? 1
Wheres the Water Treatment Facility man in Megaton??? 10
Which button is sprint? 1
Which is better, Megaton house or tenpenny suit? 3
Which junk items should I keep? 6
Who's Lug-Nut and does he have to remain alive? 2
Whos that dude in the water purifer!!!??? 3
why aren't there any DLC's for the PS3 version of Fallout 3? 11
Why can't I load save game files? 1
Why can't I use my add-on?! 1
Why does my game freeze when entering Tenpenny Tower? 2
Why does Sonora Cruz run off? 4
Why is this game so short? 1
Will I Like Fallout 4? 2
Will ShadowsDieAway's FAQs be re-uploaded? 2
Will the Fallout 3 DLC bundle get a price cut on the playstation store? 1
Will there be a console cheat option for platform users? 7
Will there be any patches for the ps3? 1
Would It Be Okay If I Donloaded All dlc Packs At The Same Time??? 3
Wtf?? 1
Wutangblade how do i cunvence harknes? 1

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