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Trophy FAQ by mullet2000

Version: 1.20 | Updated: 07/10/2008


Introduction to FAQ

Super Stardust HD is the first game on the Playstation 3 to use the new Trophy
system - Set up to give gamers out of game accomplishments for playing their 
games, or achieving certain feats in their games. This FAQ is intended to help 
gamers get as many trophies as possible!

*Note about all arcade mode trophies - they can all be done on easy mode, thus 
making them, well easier. 

Hero of Lave
Trophy Level - Bronze
Description - Complete Planet Lave - Arcade mode
DLC Required - None

This one Speaks for itself, just beat this level in arcade mode. Very simple 
thing to do, if you know how to play the game you’ll be able to do this 
blindfolded. For the boss just attack one section with the gold melter, dodge,

Hero of Coventina
Trophy Level - Bronze 
Description - Complete Planet Coventina - Arcade mode
DLC Required - None

This one again speaks for itself, it’s not a whole lot harder then the first 
planet. With the boss just take it slow and attack him with the gold melter 
from a distance while dodging the bullets, when he starts shooting missiles 
stop attacking and destroy all the missiles, repeat till dead. (The boss, 
not you! >_>) 

Hero of Nemain 
Trophy Level - Bronze
Description - Complete Planet Nemain - Arcade mode
DLC Required - None

Just like the ones above, but this one gets a little harder, boost, bomb, and 
shoot your way to the boss. The boss is the same as in the 1st planet, but 
there’s two of them now. Focus on one at a time and don’t rush it. 

Hero of Taranis 
Trophy Level - Bronze	
Description - Complete Planet Taranis - Arcade mode
DLC Required - None

Again, just like the ones above, and again, this one gets a little harder. 
You know what to do by now right? The boss is the same as the 2nd planet, but 
like the 3rd planet, there’s two of them. I always have to take this boss 
pretty slow, so don’t rush. Again, focus on one at a time.

Hero of Segomo 
Trophy Level - Bronze 
Complete Planet Segomo - Arcade mode
DLC Required - None
Easily the hardest level, but it’s nothing you can’t handle by now right? Make 
you’re way to the boss, who, hey, is actually a new boss this time. Just attack
the boss with the gold melter whenever possible and it’ll go down soon enough.

The Tokenizer
Trophy Level - Bronze	
Description - Collect 5 Tokens in a Single Boost - Arcade mode
DLC Required - None

Yay! Finally some Varity! Anyway this is one of the easiest trophies by far. 
Just boost through one of those large green bonus rocks (the ones that come 
down after destroying the rocks the countdown from 16) BEFORE shooting at it , 
and you are guaranteed to get it.

Scrooge MacBoom 
Trophy Level - Bronze 
Description - Get 10 Bombs - Arcade mode
DLC Required - None

The thing you’ve got to remember for this is that bombs carry over to the next 
level in arcade mode after you beat a level, so just set the game to easy mode
, start on Lave and go through destroying all the bomb ships, and not using 
the bombs, (Even if you die, you don’t lose any bombs, so it’s okay to lose a 
life or two) and you’ll get this early into the second planet.

Token Hoarder 
Trophy Level - Silver 
Description - Collect 15 Tokens with a Single Boost - Arcade mode
DLC Required - None

Yay, would you look at that, a silver trophy! You’re really moving up in the 
world, aren’t you? This one has the exact same tactic as the "The Tokenizer"
trophy, except it’s a lot more based on luck. You have to boost through those 
large green bonus rocks still, but you have to be a lot more precise, and, 
well lucky. Try to aim for the middle of the rock and just keep trying, you’ll
get it eventually. 

Well Prepared 
Trophy Level - Silver	
Description - Get 20 bombs - Arcade mode
DLC Required - None

Exact same tactic as the "Scrooge MacBoom" trophy, except you’ve got to last it
out longer. Just set it to easy, destroy all the bomb ships, don’t use any of
the bombs, and don’t freak out if you die a couple of times. You’ll get the 
trophy by the end of the 3rd planet - beginning of the 4th planet. 

Shield Blaster 
Trophy Level - Silver	
Description - Collect 5 Shield Tokens While Already Having a Shield - Arcade 
DLC Required - None

I got this one while trying to get the "Well prepared" trophy, just by accident
really. Just set the game to easy, start on Lave, and destroy everything until
you’ve gotten 5 shields while you have a shield. A good thing to keep in mind 
is that you don’t have to get the 5 shields with the same shield, so you can 
get a shield, collect two more, get hit, collect another shield, then collect 
three more and still get the trophy. 

Scenic Route 
Trophy Level - Silver	
Description - Complete a Planet Without Using Boost - Arcade mode
DLC Required - None

Really easy to do if you can stop that instinct to press that boost button. 
Just set it on easy, go to Lave, clear the level without boosting, and voila.
Trophy. Should have been a bronze trophy, to be honest. 

Multiplier Hero
Trophy Level - Gold 
Description - Get 10x Multiplier - Arcade mode
DLC Required - None

Ah, here we have our first Gold trophy! Isn’t it exciting? Well it’s actually 
easier the some of the silver trophies, but it’s by no means simple. What 
you’ve got to go is - say it with me - Set the game to easy, and start on Lave.
Remember that you CANNOT die at any point during this trophy, so if you see a 
shield, go out of your way to get it. Just keep shooting things with the 
correct weapons, boost through multiple enemies/ point tokens at once for 
point bonuses. Be sure to destroy EVERYTHING you can during each phase for 
maximum point-age. By the end of Lave you should have a 5x or 6x multiplier.
Just keep going through the planets, be sure to save your bombs for big point
chances, boost a lot, and don’t be afraid to run away to save yourself a life
and you should get 10x by the end of the 3rd planet - start of the 4th planet 

*Bye Bye easy mode, you can’t select Difficulty in the following trophy’s modes 

*Here we have the first trophies requiring DLC to get. You can buy the solo 
expansion pack and the split screen co-op expansion pack on the Playstation
store for $4.99 each.

Extra Ships Optional 
Trophy Level - Bronze	
Description - Survive 7 Minutes Without Dying - Endless mode
DLC Required - Solo pack

I was actually surprised at how hard this is for a bronze trophy, should have 
been silver, in my opinion. Before I start this I should clarify that to get 
this trophy you need to last 7 minutes on ONE life, not 7 minutes until game 
over. Thankfully, this mode is very generous with bombs, however that doesn’t 
mean you should be using them freely. You need to save these bombs for when 
you ABSOLUTLY NEED them. As in - it’s use a bomb or death. On particular phase
of this mode - where an insane amount of red triangle enemies pour down from 
the sky is a part where you’ll NEED bombs to survive, because the enemies 
basically cover the screen to the point where it’s almost impossible to move
safely. This mode adds something new to the game - Nukes. Nukes are those 
large red pyramid type "enemies." They don’t move, or attack, but if you hit 
them enough they’ll explode and kill everything in the level, except you. 
These can save your ass when things get ugly, be sure to save them for when 
things get really bad. The best way to set one off is boosting through it -
it’ll explode automatically. Keep that in mind. This trophy is partly trail
and error, so keep trying and you’ll get it eventually. 

Close Encounters 
Trophy Level - Bronze
Description -Survive 45 Seconds Without Shooting or Using Bombs - Survival mode
DLC Required - Solo Pack 

A pretty simple one. This mode introduces "Time tokens" instead of the normal
"Point tokens," which add a small amount to how long you "lasted" in this
level. Unfortunately these do you no good for this trophy because you need to
get 45 real time seconds to get it. Use boosts a lot for the precious few 
seconds of invincibility. After a few tries you should get it. Remember DON'T 
shoot or use bombs! Boost is your only method of defence or offence!

Late Boomer 
Trophy Level - Silver	
Description - Get 15 Bombs - Bomber mode
DLC Required - Solo pack

This, in my opinion, is the hardest trophy in the game. It 100% should have 
been a gold trophy, but it isn’t. Anyway, the best tactics I have are - Follow 
the first bomb ship around, dodging any rocks that fly by you until the first 
red bombs fall, dodging the bombs as best you can, if you’re lucky they’ll hit
the ship and you can pick up 1 - 2 more bombs, if they don’t, don’t sweat it
we aren’t relying on that. Shortly after this another bomb ship with come 
down, if it’s right by the other ship, use a bomb to release all 4 of the 
bombs at once, giving you a total of 13. If the red bombs from earlier got
both of the bombs off the first ship, just blow up the 2nd by itself. Now,
here’s where it gets tricky. Soon, a ring of those enemies that form the 
walls in this level will try to trap you, your instinct may be to dodge it,
but let it trap you. It’ll give you minimal rocks to worry about dodging, 
and the next batch of red bombs will break you free right around the time 
the next ship appears. Go blow up that ship for a total of 14 bombs. Now, 
soon another, smaller ring of wall enemies will try and trap you. Find the 
area with the least rocks flying around and let the ring trap you there. Now
just wait for the next bomb ship - Boom - collect the bombs, and there you go,
15 bombs.  There really is no way to do this consistently, as it’s very
based on luck, but you just have to keep trying, and if you start getting mad,
stop playing, you won’t be able to focus enough, I know I had to put down 
the controller a couple of times during this.

Shock and Awe 
Trophy Level - Silver	
Description - Destroy 10 Nukes - Endless mode
DLC Required - Solo pack

This was the second hardest trophy in the game for me, next to "you know who"
right above this one. Using the same tactics as the "Extra Ships Optional"
trophy works here, with one big change - destroy the nuke as soon as they 
come up. As soon as you find nuke, just use it, don’t save it. Again, save 
your bombs for situations that you NEED them in. This trophy is a lot of trail
and error too, so just keep at it and try your best.

From Gamefaqs user "flamzeman":

The easiest way to get this is to understand how to get the nukes to come down

There are green spiky things that come down with numbers that count down 
from 3 to 0. On the first nuke you only need to get one of them down to
0 and the nuke will show up - generally on the other side of the planet.
Next time you have to get 2 of them to count down (enemies / rocks / etc. 
can blow them up too). They appear on opposides of the planet. Once you have
one counted down, go to the opposite and then get that one. After that nuke,
all the rest only requiring taking 3 of the countdown timers down to 0, 
and a few seconds later - voila - a nuke appears.

Forget about killing things, getting points, etc. Getting bombs is always 
helpful, but your focus should be on getting the countdown timers to get the 

Brothers in Arms 
Trophy Level - Gold	
Description - Get 3 Minutes of Continuous Co-Op Weapon Boost on Segomo 
- Split Screen Co-op 
DLC Required - Split screen co-op pack

For a gold trophy, this is damn easy. Also note you have to be playing split 
screen co-op for this, not standard co-op. Anyway to get "weapon boost" you 
have to have both ships close enough to each other to see that coloured energy
between you two. So start up a game on Segomo, and just stay close to each
other for 3 minutes without dying. Easy as pie. Note that you can only select 
planets in this mode you've already unlocked in single player, or you'll have
to go through other levels as well in co-op, which you may or may not want to 

Contact info:

You can contact me at trav276@hotmail.com if you have any questions, tips, 
or info to contribute to this FAQ. Put "Super Stardust HD FAQ" in the subject 
line or I will likely delete it as spam

Copyright info:

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

Copyright 2008 Travis Cummings

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