Review by SniperBread

Reviewed: 09/11/08

An FPS Game That You Can't Miss!!

The Call of Duty series has already been epic. Everyone expected COD4 to be great and making millions. And it did. One of the best FPS game I've ever played. It is simply amazing and it can't get better than this. If you're a real FPS gamer, you must have COD4.

Gameplay: 10/10
Like the original COD games, the gameplay is very military like. Dropping down from ropes, climbing over half-broken walls/fences, controlling machine guns, etc. They've added new things like calling air forces, nightvision, etc. The gameplay really fits you into the military environment.

Story: 10/10
Very creative story onto terrorism, war, etc. The game really puts you into the story, playing at every moment of the story. Whether if it's in the past memory or current time, you play in every aspect of the story. After completing every few mission, you learn something new about enemy forces.

Graphics: 10/10
Amazingly realistic. The game pulled out the full potential of PS3 graphics. It couldn't be any better. I haven't seen such amazing graphics in any other game. It's so realistic, everything seems like it "pops" like real life. The guns, players, vehicles, buildings, every part of the game looks very realistic. What do you expect for a game that won awards for it's graphics?

Sound: 10/10
The game has sound to the very last detail. Footsteps, explosions, every bullet the has been fired, the weather condition, etc. It is very clear and with such good sound, it draws you more into the game. The sound really affects how players feel about the game and COD4 has really good sound quality which gives you a feel in combat.

Playtime: 10/10
Let's just say it was a long enough game. It was long enough that after completing it, you would wish for more. And when that happens, you're gonna want to play it over again. This game will keep you busy for a week until you find the "Multiplayer" button. Then you get addicted to multiplayer.

Final Recommendation:
The game is worth $60, very worth it. You aren't gonna regret any cent of it. A fantastic game to play. Like many games, it will get boring at the end. But like I said, very worth it. The 2 week fun was extraordinary. It's fun to play with friends on multiplayer or going against other players. One of the best out of the COD series.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (US, 11/05/07)

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