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Reviewed: 08/20/08

A new style of Call of Duty: a unique experience of FPS

Activision’s Call of Duty series has finally broken its tradition in its fourth installment, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Instead of taking place in World War II like its previous installments, Call of Duty 4 takes place in the modern fictional war. Though this modification has gotten both positive and negative comments from Call of Duty fans, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is undoubtedly a game that can match Halo’s popularity.

This review is separated into five sections:
Graphic and sound
Replayability and play time

Gameplay (9/10)

Like other FPS games, you shoot down your enemies with your weapons, from the first-person view. However, this game is unique from other FPS games because of its capability to aim down sight. Instead of completely relying on crosshair, players can aim down the sight for a more accurate shot. Similar to Halo, the character’s health will restore if he isn’t shot for a while, but he will die if you failed to find a cover.

In single player story mode, you are assisted by AI allies to complete the missions. You have no limit of how much time you die. After you defeated the story mode, you can choose any mission. Arcade mode is like single player story mode, but you gain points for kills and have a limit of your deaths. You cannot save and quit in the middle of arcade mode, unlike the normal story mode.

In multiplayer mode, you can play online or split screen. On online multiplayer, you can either have a private match with your friends online or enter the lobby to play with random players. You can play with your friends on the same console in split screen. However, you cannot play with more than one person on online multiplayer on the same console.

Story (4/10)

In story mode, you play as a SAS member, Soap McTarvish, to fight against a group of Russian Ultranationalists, which is basically a group of terrorists. In some missions, you play as a Marine named Paul Jackson and fight to a terrorist group leader, Al-asad, in an unnamed Middle Eastern country.

The story is quite disappointing. It has been criticized for being too short. Also, the storyline is completely straightforward and offers no major plot twist. The antagonists are revealed in the front of the short story and the foreshadowing within the story exposed the incoming events too much. The storyline is exactly what you see on your news channel: good guys killed the bad guys and stopped their evil plan.

Graphic and sound (10/10)

The graphic is excellent. From the first mission of the story mode, you will be amazed by the excellent game graphic. This didn’t falter at multiplayer mode; this game presents the most realistic images you’ll see in first person shooter online games.

Though most of the time there is no music throughout the game, the music available is still pretty good. Also the volume is controlled at the right level. It doesn’t covers up the sounds, like footsteps, that are essential to reach success; it isn’t so soft that you have you put on high volume to hear.

Replayability and play time (9/10)

The replayability for story mode is medium, but for multiplayer mode, the replayability is high. You’ll often find yourself playing hours of online multiplayer and still isn’t sick of it. Call of Duty 4’s online multiplayer is addicting and fun.

Like mentioned before, the play time for story mode is short. If you rush most of the time and chose an easier difficulty, the story mode can be beaten within a day. The story mode, overall, will not take more than a week, unless you camp most of the time and/or chose a higher difficult.


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is definitely worth the buy, if you have Internet connection available. If not, however, it’s recommended to only rent the game; the single player isn’t worth it.

This game is an excellent choice for online multiplayer first person shooter game. The single player can act as a backup, just in case your internet decided to be naughty for a day. This game can offer an experience that you’ll never get from other FPS game. Though this game can be better with a better and longer storyline, the popularity of Call of Duty 4 is incomparable.

Overall score: 8/10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (US, 11/05/07)

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