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Reviewed: 06/19/08


Every year has a host of good games, bad games, and lots of mediocrity in between. Call of Duty 4 falls into none of those categories. Call of Duty 4 falls into a category none as "Superb Games that Only Come Around Once or Twice a Year". It's so incredibly good, putting most (MOST) modern FPS' to shame.

First is the graphics which are unmatched in every way. The graphics have the best of both worlds. They often have the extremely gritty realism everyone seems to love these days, while still retaining lush and colorful design. Your fellow soldiers as well as your enemies are all rendered beautifully. Facial animations are perfect, as speaking seems almost real. Special effects such as explosions also look really, really good. Weapons also appear very realistic. Call of Duty 4 uses full 1080p capabilities, enhancing the already gorgeous experience.

The sound design is also amazing. Explosions, missiles, gunfire, an enemies shout, they all sound absolutely terrific. Which brings me to the voice acting. Also, top notch and very convincing. I highly recommend hooking this up to a surround sound system. Blast the volume. Certain parts (if not all parts) of the game will be so incredibly intense, you would swear it was happening right there in your living room.

Most war games, especially shooters, leave story and plot in the background. Not Call of Duty 4, as it adds a rather emotional story to it. Al Asad is getting nukes from a man who was thought to be dead, a very dangerous man named Imran Zakehev. You play as 2 separate people (3 actually if you count a quick escapade in the games middle portion) Soap McTavish of the British SAS, and Paul Jackson of the United States Army. As an American you do mostly front line firefight work, but you get the feeling your controlling a shell of a man right down to his untimely demise. As a British SAS you base your combat more around stealth and gaining tactical advantages. Luckily, this is where most of the game takes place. You begin to feel real emotional attachment to your teammates Gaz, Captain Price, and Griggs. This emotion is even stronger in the saddening and explosive finale.

The controls are beautifully suited to a keyboard or a controller, whichever you prefer. The movement is tight and responsive, as are any other miscellaneous actions. As previously stated the game play ofter switches between intense fire fights and tactical (but no less intense) shoot outs. Also, you have a brief mission as a sniper, which is personally my favorite part of the game. The key is variety, and Call of Duty 4 certainly has that.

To wrap things up, the game is amazing. Call of Duty 4 also has a solid online mode. I really don't care much for online gaming so I was bias against it from the beginning, and it actually managed to impress me. Thank you Infinity Ward. Call of Duty 4 is GAME OF THE YEAR 2007.

I give it 10 Javelin Missile Launchers...out of 10.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (US, 11/05/07)

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