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Reviewed: 04/23/08

THE best shooter out?

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a game out on many consoles, each with hardly any differences. Many reviews say it is the best Playstation 3 shooter to date, and I couldn't agree more.

Call of Duty is an excellent shooter in many ways. The gameplay is indeed outstanding. The story mode is not the longest one out, but one of the most excitable, dynamic and fun stories out. It has 4 different difficulties: Recruit for beginners, Regular, Hardened for a challenge, and Veteran, the hardest mode, which will make you pull out your hair and shout at the screen in distress, this mode in my opinion truly shows what CoD4 is all about; the description of the mode, "You will not survive" is a very good description, countless times you will die, but the feeling you get once you complete a mission you've been working on for hours is priceless and well worth the play. The gameplay submerges you more into the game with the controls, each button is placed well, with the L3 button to run and R3 button to knife, these are often used and are easy to get to. The two triggers are for grenades which are not used as much. R1 and L1 are shoot and aim, again, easy to get to and very handy here. The right analogue stick is used to aim and move the gun about, the left analogue stick is to move the player about. There are also different controls to suit your type of gameplay.

The graphics and sound of Call of Duty are outstanding, the graphics can really pull you into the game, with precise detail to the whole of the map, it makes you want to explore the whole map before moving on. The sounds couldn't be better, the gun sounds are all different, the speeches from your teammates are amusing and will guide you along the game, but the best thing about the sounds are easily the explosions, the visual detail and sounds pulls you in as much as possible, and makes you feel you are in the game with your comrades, taking out the opposition.

Like said previously, the story mode is not very lengthy, but the online will keep you playing for days on end. There are lots of weapons and perks to boost your character up throughout the 55 levels. Once you reach the 55th level, it doesn't stop there, you get an option to 'prestige' which brings you back to level 1 with a new medal, you lose all your guns and challenges which you acquire through the levels and restart. This brings lots of replay-ability, and has kept some people going to 10th Prestige, and for some people, over 30 days of gameplay.

I would definitely reccommend this game if you are into shooters, and if not, rent it first. If you do not have online access with the Playstation 3, this game will get more tiresome than some others which have more replay-ability. As said earlier, the story mode is not very long and may stress the player; online will also make you pull out your hair in annoyance, but will keep you playing forever.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (EU, 11/09/07)

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