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Reviewed: 03/17/08

The BEST first person shooter since Goldeneye

For the Past 5 or so years, the market has been flooded with WWII shooters. They were fun when they first arrived, but after years of playing them, they became really stale. These include Call of Duty 1-3. They were all based on the war fought in Europe in the 40s. What Call of Duty 4 did, was bring the shooter genre, into modern times, hence the title Modern Warfare.

Sound: 10/10

The sounds of all the guns firing, and the grenades exploding, are all identical to their real life counterparts. They are so realistic, this isn't a Steven Seagal movie, they put a lot more effort into the noise the gun makes when shooting, I wouldn't be surprised if when recording the sound of the guns, they fired off an actual gun, that is how legitimate they sound. Also, in multiplayer, listening is very important. You can tell wear an opponent is just by listening to nearby footsteps. The music in this game is usually in the background of the menus, not bad, just brief transition pieces.

Graphics: 10/10

As of now, the best graphics Ive seen on any system. Everyone looks so detailed, and moves as if they were a real person. The environment around you looks so great too, especially in single player mode. There is nothing like lying down in an attempt to hide from Russians and seeing them in the distance through the blades of grass. If you have an HDTV, then you are getting the full experience, although it still looks great on a standard TV, when played on HD, it looks absolutely amazing. I remember in the opening mission in the single player mode, I was in awe at something so trivial, yet was made in such great detail. Your Captain, is sitting on the chopper, you can see every drop of rain falling in the background, and he is puffing on a cigar. You see when the cigar "pulls," and you see when he blows the smoke out. Magnificent.

Single Player: 8/10

The single player mode is what you should do before you try the multiplayer. It will be a fun experience, but once you go multiplayer, you will most likely never come back to this. The story is pretty easy to follow, the cliche terrorist wanting to nuke America, so Marines and SAS are sent into Middle eastern countries and Russia to stop them. But no one really plays shooters for the deep plot lines anyway. The missions in single player are actually pretty hard, even on the regular difficulty. The enemy's AI is very good, they hide behind cover, move to better vantage points, throw grenades at your team, and frankly, have a pretty damn good shot. So you can't just go running out into the open because they will probably take you down. Also the mission types vary which stops it from becoming repetitive. There is a purely sniper mission, a mission where you shoot from your chopper, stealth missions with silencers, full on battles, and one where you are shooting from a moving vehicle. Like I said earlier, single player is fun, but once you go online, single player wont get your time.

Multiplayer: 11/10

This is where the game really shines. You will honestly, never have as much fun playing any other video game as playing online in Call of Duty 4. What makes the multiplayer great, is the class and perk system, which creates diversity between players, so everyone isn't using the same weapons. You are allowed to create a class, which lets you choose the weapon you want for the particular class, and 3 perks to go alone with it. Perks are intangible things like more health, stronger bullets, or extra abilities like Last stand, which activates when you are killed, you get one last shot to kill the opponent as you pull out your pistol before you die. So you are able to fully customize your character into whatever type of soldier that you want. A sniper, a stealth fighter, a run and gunner, or a close range shooter with a shotgun or an uzi. Of course you have to earn each weapon and perk, as you rank up, more stuff will be unlocked. Which brings me to my next point..

The ranking system for multiplayer allows replay value. For each person you kill, flag you capture or challenge that you complete, you gain XP (Experience points) to level up your rank. As you rank higher and higher, you unlock more stuff and you gain a new symbol next to your name. At first, every rank level 1-55 has a different symbol. When you reach 55, you can go to Prestige mode which lets you start off at level 1 again with a new symbol. You lose all your weapons and perks though and have to regain them all, but you have a prestige symbol, which other players will respect. There are a total of 10 prestige symbols, you get a new one after getting to level 55 each time. The higher the prestige symbol, the more other players look up to you.

The actual gameplay of the multiplayer is the best part. What more do you want in a game then just being fun? There are a variety of game modes that you can play, planting bombs, capturing flags or bases, or just plain killing the other team. Team Deathmatch is the most popular mode, you are put on a team and placed against another team, and you find them and kill them. Simple as that. The team with the most kills at the end of the match wins. Its a lot more fun than single player mode because the people you are playing with and against are smarter. There are about 20 maps that you can play, all of which offer different pros and cons for certain classes. There is not much else to say about online mode, except that it is so damn fun, you will become addicted, and probably be playing it a few hours a day. If you can, try to find a group of players or friends to play consistently with, or a clan, so you can become better and win more games, it heightens your online experience.

Replay value: 10

With the prestige mode for online play, it will keep you coming back to work towards your next prestige symbol. Even if you don't do prestige, you will have so much fun just playing the game online that you will be stuck playing it for a long time.

Overall - 10/10

The graphics and realistic sounds, plus the amazing gameplay and revolutionary class system make this game a must have for any FPS fan, or a PS3 owner. This is the game of the year, and I can honestly say, the BEST FPS since Goldeneye 10 years ago on the N64.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (US, 11/05/07)

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