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Reviewed: 01/03/08

Can't decide on what game to buy? Decide no further.

In the world of shooters and repetitive run-and-gun gameplay, comes a relatively new and totally refreshing fps- Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. This game does nearly everything right and hardly anything wrong and will create a new standard in fps gaming. At first, I wasn't too sure if I should buy this, so naturally I looked at all the reviews. And they all said "it is the best fps ever!" and "OMG amazing!!!". Well, I'm here to give you the truth of this game, and what I believe makes or breaks this game.

The gameplay is out of this world. When you throw a grenade into a room, everything dies and pictures fall off the wall. When you shoot your gun, depending on what gun you shoot, the bullet will fly a certain amount of feet before dropping. And depending on the type of material fired at, will be able to penetrate through walls and kill enemies. When you're using a sniper, it matters where you're at. Radiation can make or brake your shot. And the wind and humidity has an effect on your shot if your target is far away. When you fire, people can hear you. This game also delivers some tactical weaponry such as C4 (remote controlled bombs) and claymores with tripping lasers. Stun, flash, and smoke grenades also make they're way to your arsenal. The guns in this game are realistic, and you can customise them by adding attachments and camo to them. Every gun is different and it really shows. There are pistols, shoguns, assault rifles, LMGs, SMGs, and Sniper Rifles, as well as RPGs (rocket launchers). The physics in this game are so realistic, you can see random variables of wind in the game sway the grass, and when you shoot out of a helicopter you can see the individual splashes. Nearly everything leaves a mark in this game. You can also turn on night vision and see your gun emit a uv laser sight.

The story is ok, but what keeps you playing campaign is not the story, but the intense things going on. There are so many photo-realistic moments. When you're flying away in a chopper and you shoot at something like a statue, it will come down. The campaign specific moments in the game are the most intense parts of the game, having you jump off a ship in the middle of a storm to a chopper, or having a giant electrical tower collapse towards you, or having dogs tackle you down and try to kill you and then cracking there neck. All these moments are crazy. In one part of the game you are laying down, and a dieing comrade slides his pistol across the asphalt while no one is looking and you pick it up and in slow-mo, you shoot your enemy in the head. And it matters where you shoot them. Like if the enemy is using a hostage as a human shield, you have to shoot there leg first. Anyways, the campaign is fun, but the only bad things is that the campaign is very short. generally you will beat this game in 6 1/2 hours. But after you beat the game, you can play through it again in Arcade Mode.

Controls- 8.5
The controls are okay, if you're like me and you're used to other console-based shooters, you won't like the default setup. When I changed it to tactical flipped, it made the melee button O and I'd have to take my thumb off the joystick for looking around to press it. And usually when I run into an enemy I don't have enough time to slash them because they probably have melee set to R3. The controls are all based on style and personal preference, and seeing as to how well it can be customized, this game has great controls for every style.

Graphics- 10
Now, I always see 11 out of 10 for this. The reason I'm not giving this an 11 is because when I first played this, after reading the reviews, I had expected way too much in terms of the graphics. Now, don't get me wrong. This game has great graphics, especially in select parts of campaign, but don't make yourself have high expectations from reviews. When you walk up to a wall, it should not look all pixelated. Most games are like that, and although this is slightly better, it still takes away from a game with "11 out of 10" graphics. This game looks amazing sometimes when you're a couple feet away.Also when you crawl in the grass, the ground and grass look horrible. It's almost like MGS3. But when you start crawling on the ground and people start shooting at you, you can see the dust fly up from where each individual bullet hit near you. But the physics play an important role and make the graphics seem that more realistic. Also when you fire a rocket, it has an awesome smoke trail. The smoke effects in this game are flawless and 100% realistic. But the graphics aren't amazin like Perfect Dark Zero when you are close to the object (eg wall).

Sound- 10
The sound is great. Everything you can imagine an A+ game having. You can hear the bullets make different sounds as they deflect off different objects, you can hear a grenade break through a window and bounce on the ground, you can hear the sound a claymore makes when you trip it and realize you have exactly 1 second to live. The sound is especially amazing when vehicles such as tanks, jets, and helicopters fire they're weapons. This is definitely a game that would be surreal in 7.1 surround sound.

Multiplayer- 11
The main reason you will be playing this game is for the online portion. It is so balanced, and perfected. The online portion of the game adds an rpg style to the game, where everyone you kill gives you experience points for leveling up and obtaining new weapons, perks, attachments, ranks, and tasks. The ranks go up to Lvl 55 and have real names such as Lance Corporal for each level. The perks and attachments are what makes the difference in this game. You get to customize your weapon and add sights, scopes, grips, silencers, and etc to your guns. And the perks go hand-to-hand with the gameplay making you the player, more unique. Certain perks can do different things like make you hold your breath longer for sniping. The game also utilizes a "call in reinforcements" action that, depending on how much of a kill streak you have, can call out different forces to help you such as an airstrike or a helicopter. You''ll be playing this game for weeks unlocking things and trying to do specific tasks to gain experience.

What they should have-
Thermal vision
ability to attach to walls
blind firing behind objects
leaving marks on everything when you shoot at it
leave footprints in snow and soft dirt
motion sensor melee attacks
and more realistic elements.

But with all this game has to offer, it makes the few cons appear to be nothing. This game is epic. This game is worth every dollar of that $60 you've been saving up. This should be the foundation for all upcoming shooters. This is your new addiction. This.. is Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (US, 11/05/07)

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