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Reviewed: 11/27/07

A FPSer that any fan of gaming should own

I truly believe anybody who appreciates the world of gaming should pick up this game. This game nails everything a first person shooter should have. I am not going to be biased, or compare it to Halo (never got into it anyways) or other shooters.
I have spliced this review into individual sections and rated them. As well as give an overall score. If you wish to know what my opinion is to a certain aspect of this game, you can just skim over to the bold keyword of the subject that you wish to view.

Single Player : 8/10
The single player is considerably shorter than other FPSers, roughly about 5-8 hours. However, I view this as a good thing, it isn't too short and it doesn't out stay it's welcome. Outside of the length, the single player is simply mind blowing. You take on multiple perspectives, the main one being a rookie S.A.S. operative. Basically a dictator by the name of Al Asad takes over a nation thats in charge of 1500 nuclear missiles. So you as the player take on missions to help prevent any nuclear holocausts. Without spoiling to much, you'll be doing anything and everything, from battling on the front lines fighting off swarms of soldiers to slapping on some gille suits (suits covered in leaves and grass) crawling through a marching army and assassinations with by far the greatest sniping mission I have seen. The story is full of plenty of unexpected twists and will blow your mind in one way or another. After you beat it, not only can you do it again in a higher difficulty, you also unlock Mission select (in case your like me and want to play the sniping level again from the get go XD) and Arcade Mode which is pretty addictive once you get into it.

Graphics 10/10: Even if you have seen screen shots and videos, you still have to actually play the game to realize how photo realistic and incredible the graphics are, the really only things that bothered me were the shadows, and the sky box (the horizon background, mountains and stuff). Other than that, this game looks absolutely amazing and is definitely the best graphics, any game has had to date. The smoke from RPG's, the weapons, the characters, the environments, the explosions, the helicopters, dogs (oh trust me you wont be admiring those like you do your dog :-P) EVERYTHING looks incredible.

Controls 8/10: I love the controls, everything for the default setting is nice and fluent. The only problem I had is sometimes I would accidentally throw a grenade trying to sprint away from one an enemy threw at me. But that didn't last long

Game play 8/10:
There will be a couple parts of the game that will overwhelm or blow your mind. Single player or multi, the game will have it's very fast paced shoot outs, to slower paced, more stealth oriented sequences. With as good as this game looks, the frame rate is incredibly high and stable, with the exception of minor slowdown when there is a lot of smoke and a lot of action going on at the same time

Difficulty: 7/10
This game is pretty player friendly, new or old to the genre alike. However, no matter which difficulty you select, there will always be a part that you will find yourself doing over and over the first time you play through.

Multilayer: 8/10
This is pretty much the best aspect of the game, in fact I would of gave it a 10 out of 10 if it had better clan support, lobbies, and a much stabler party system so It's easier to play with your buddies. With that said Multi Player is very deep. Not only are there an ungodly amount of modes. But you also have a lot of customization options as well. Everything is tied to your rank, the higher your rank, the more stuff you unlock (game modes, clan tags, weapons, accessories, perks etc etc). At first all you can really do is pick which class you are which determines your weaponry and perks (special attributes ranging from higher health or increased damage, to extra grenades and last stands where instead of dying, you fall to the floor and whip out your pistol to get some pay back which is pretty deadly with the desert eagle once you unlock it). From there you will unlock the option to create your own class. And then continue to unlock challenges, (challenges range from getting X kills with X weapon, to dropping from a certain height and live) Challenges reward a lot of XP that goes towards your rank.

I myself have not run into any lag or connectivity issues with this game's multi player aspect

As for the game play aspects of multilayer, it is very fast paced. If you get 3 kills in a row without dying, you can call in a UAV which reveals all the locations of the enemies on the map (unless they have a UAV Jammer as a perk and what have you) which lasts for 30 seconds

If you get 5 kills in a row you can call in an air strike anywhere you like in a map. This is deadly when you or another player activates a UAV before you call it in.

After 7 kills without dying (which can be very easy considering all you need is 2 people to be killed in your air strike) You can call in an Attack Chopper, that can, and will kill anyone in the open in it's attack range in a mere second. You can shoot these down, but that can be difficult at times. And if it doesn't get shot down, it will fly around for what seems like forever before the time for it expires and it flies away.

Overall 9/10. This game goes beyond what a game should be. It's not only a game, it is art. Anybody who owns a PS3, 360, or a capable PC should have this game, as it can and will revolutionize this generation of consoles as well as give future developers something to take notes on.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (US, 11/05/07)

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