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Reviewed: 11/15/07

Possibly the finest example of a next gen FPS?

Many were worried when Call of Duty 4 was confirmed to be set in the present day, leaving the World War II scene for a step into the unknown. These thoughts were quickly diminished as Call of Duty 4 proves to be everything that was good about the earlier games and so much more!

Graphics: 9.5/10
One word and one word only, brilliant. Whether it be crawling through the undergrowth in Russia or charging head first into a firefight in the Middle East, Call of Duty 4 never looks anything less than brilliant. Player models are some of the best seen in any game up to this point, which is quite astounding given how many are on screen at one time. Textures are again, very good although a few do look quite rough, but are so sparse you probably will not ever notice them. Vehicle and weapon models are accurate and well designed and given the enormity of some of the scenes in the game, it really is quite perplexing how Infinity Ward pulled this off.

Audio: 9/10
Backing up its magnificent graphics, Call of Duty 4 manages to capture fantastic audio which greatly improves the playing experience. Again, you can’t really single out a certain thing that is very good, it’s the whole package. At any one given time, you can be taking shots at a fleet of enemy troops, while a helicopter circles overhead; with explosions lining the background noise and it is really very good. Weapons also sound meaty and realistic and the voice acting is nothing short of excellent.

Controls: 10/10
In a FPS, it is perhaps more important than ever to get a compact yet easy to use control scheme and Infinity Ward have carried over the trend they set with previous games in the series, creating a very easy to master control configuration. It is, mostly faultless and you would be hard pressed to find better controls anywhere.

Gameplay: 9/10
Combining easy to use controls with fabulous set pieces and scenes, Call of Duty 4 is pure gaming fun. These heavily scripted scenario's do however, come at a cost. The blinding single player is fantastic first time through, but there isn’t really any reason to go back and play a second time through unless you fancy having a go at a harder difficulty setting and at only 5/6 hours, it isn’t that long. That said, while it lasts it is great fun and at times, leaves you in awe at what the developers have achieved.

Multiplayer: 9.5/10
This is where Call of Duty shines. Simply put, there is no better game past or present available on consoles that matches this game in an online arena. The ranking system is fabulous and gives just the right amount of points to keep you going for the top rank, there are numerous game modes to be played including old classics, like team deathmatch and free for all combined with quite a few new one's which prove to be fun and addictive at the same time. There are 16 maps in all, which will take a considerable time to master and the all new create a class system.
Instead of the limited classes of the old games, Call of Duty 4 lets you choose how you want to play. Want to play a sniper with a few claymores for backup? Sure. Want to play with an MP5 or M16 as your preferred weapon? You got it. It’s all here. Customizable perks including increased fire power, health, more ammo and much more also add to the experience. There are however, a few problems. The party system is flawed and certain lag issues can be annoying. But all in all, minor issues aside. It’s fantastic.

Overall: 9.5/10
If you own a PS3 and are looking for a blast offline and online, you owe it to yourself to buy this game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (EU, 11/09/07)

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