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Reviewed: 11/07/07

so long world war two

Call of duty four has arrived, was it worth the wait and hype? Yes, yes, and yes. This game shatters what first person shooters are usually taken as . . . mindless fun. Call of Duty has reinvented itself as well as helping move the first person’s genre along to new heights.

Story: 10/10

From the moment you first pop this game in you will be in for one wild roller coaster ride. You start off as private soap, a SAS soldier. At the start you are given a mock up of the cargo ship you will be infiltrating to recover a stolen nuclear warhead. Next thing you know you are dropped onto the ship and are given orders to deal with any hostels you may come across. This game does not let up. In no way have you played a game a game with this much action in it. The story is possibly one of the best this year, second only to bio shock. From switching to Sgt. Jackson to witnessing the execution of the president from his eyes, this game does not have a dull moment. And don’t get me started on the dog attack.

Graphics: 10/10

For those who thought gears of war had the best, allow me to introduce the new king of pixels. Everything and I mean everything is beautiful. The explosions and lighting have never looked to so good on a console until now. From silently stalking through the bog level to a high stake shootout in a tv broadcast building, this game will make you stop and admire what infinity ward has done for you. Wait until you play war pigs, that level looks like it was pulled from CNN or Fox news. Bullets leave their mark and can now pass through walls and other obstacles. Rockets now leave realistic smoke trails and the sight of a helicopter spinning out of control is breath taking.

Controls 10/10

The layout for the controls is very easy to use and even customizable. The R two button is fire, the L two button is your sight, the triangle button switches weapons, while the right button throws grenades. Your gear is managed using the d pad, with up being used for night vision, down for c4, right for claymores, and the left for your weapon attachments. Think halo or kill zone controls with a few extras.

Sound 10/10

The most realistic bullets and explosions you will find next to being in a war yourself. From the sound of the recoil as you empty out your AK-47 to the sound of bullets hitting your cover and zigging by your face, this game is a master of the audio. Please do your self right and invest in a surround sound so that you can experience what I am saying.

Multi player 10/10

Think halo did multi player right? Your right, but that does not mean call of duty did it wrong. In some areas it surpasses halo as the new benchmark for online fragging, while in another area it gets left behind. This game rewards players for winning or losing with exp. That in turn unlocks rank, weapons, camo, challenges, and a ton of other stuff. Even after you max out at level 55 there are still more things to come. A lot of people are upset that there is no co-op. It doesn’t bother me as call of duty has always been about the single players’ story. The added clan support and party system ala halo is very nice and easy to use. You will be playing this game for along time to come. I can promise that.

Fun 10/10

Never have I had this much fun with a game. Trust me I love halo three, but this is my new game to play for along time. Even after you beat the game ( which takes around eight to ten hours) there is a great deal left to do. Arcade mode opens up after you beat it and that adds a score multiplier to the normal game to all the leader board junkies will have a reason to keep playing. Along with the bonus level, four difficulties and cheats that you earn, this game is a definite keeper and will go down in history. Say hello to game of the year contender and prepare to be sucked into the new era of war. So long world war two and hello modern warfare.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (US, 11/05/07)

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