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Weapon FAQ by Master3203

Version: 1,00 | Updated: 09/15/14

Hi Everybody. This is a Tips Guide to the online multiplayer portion of CoD4
I hope everyone will be able to get some use out of it. One thing I will
say is have fun playing the game and don't get too jumpy about your K/D.

In this guide I will discuss tips to use in game and also some loadout
classes which might be of some use to you. I will also talk a little bit about
my opinion of each gun, and the equipment.

Contents: Search using the characters in the brackets with the brackets from
the contents section.

Version History: (VH)
Contact Info: (CI)
Copyright Notice: (CN)
Custom Loadout Tips: (CLT)
Create-a-Class Loadouts: (CACL)
Weapons Analysis: Primary Weapons: (WAPW)
Assault Rifles: (AR)
Sub Machine Guns: (SMG)
Light Machine Guns: (LMG)
Shotguns: )SHOT)
Sniper Rifles: (SR)
Weapons Analysis: Secondary Weapons: (WASW)
Pistols: (PIST)
Weapons Analysis: Equipment (WAE)
Grenades: (GRN)
Weapons Analysis: Attachments: (WAA)
Weapons Analysis: Perks: (WAP)
Tier 1: (Blue)
Tier 2: (Red)
Tier 3: (Yellow)
Weapons Analysis: Killstreaks: (WAkS)
FAQ/Comparisons (FAQC)

Version History: (VH)

Created this CoD4 multiplayer guide on the different weapons and perks e.t.c
in the game. Willinclude explanantions next to different class loadouts that
I have recommended. This will be a beginners guide to both CoD4 and the CoD

Contact Info: (CI)

My gamefaqs name is Master3203, if anyone wants to contact me about additions
or false things about the guide then you can reach me at
guerin234@hotmail.co.uk In the subject line, please put CoD4 Multiplayer Tips
FAQ- Gamefaqs.com. Also, please add your gamefaqs.com username into the email
somewhere that is clearly visible so that I may credit you. Any contribution
emails with usernames not included will not be published. also if there are
questions about the multiplayer, please send these also.

Copyright Notice: (CN): 
(Copyright 2014 James O'Brian, GameFAQs.com alias is Master3203)

This guide is owned by me and may not be redistributed without my 
authorisation. Any violation of this will be deemed as an act of plagiarism
Any sites wishing to feature this guide can contact me on my email address.
Also, any use of the work from this document without permission from me will
also be deemed as unlawful and severe action will be taken. You have been
warned. I will also, if I wish to, retract this FAQ (any version)
from any site without prior notice or make changes without prior notice.
The sites who can use this guide are:

Now onto Business

Custom Loadout Tips: (CLT)

1. If you’re using a stealth class, the perks I recommend would be UAV Jammer
and Dead Silence. Combined with the suppressor, this will make u very
stealthy, but unfortunately still leave you exposed to helicopters,
because there is no perk to jide you from them in this game. There are
several weapon better suited for silenced rooles. These are:
2. If using a sniper class, I'd recommend either the M40A3 or the R700.
These are both bolt-action rifles and rely heavily on precision,
which is what you want from a sniper. I would always recommend Stopping
Power for snipers because as much one-hit lethality as possible is where
a sniper rifle shines. Deep Impact will aid you greatly from Tier 3,
but Dead Silence helps you move gfrom sp[ot to spot quietly. Steady
Aim is next to useless pn snipers because its very rare to go for no-scopes
and unless you overkill your sniper class (which isn't recommended) then
SA doesn;t really fit well here.

3. If you wish to go with an shotgun class, then Steady Aim is too important
for behinners not to use. Once you get fairly good at shot placement/
accuracy, this may be replaced in favor of Extreme Conditioning, but for
beginners, use Steady Aim. Juggernaught or SP from tier 2 is up to user
preference. Grip isn't needed on M1014 very much as you aim doesn't really
drift, but on the W1200, it is arguably required to counter the high recoil
drift of the hip-fire.

Create-a-class Loadouts: (CACL)

These will be in the following format:
Class Number and Title
Primary Weapon + Secondary weapons
Primary Weapon Attachment(s)
Secondary Weapon Attachment(s)
Blue Perk
Red Perk
Yellow Perk

1. M40A3
M40A3 + USP.45
No Attachment (Primary)
No Attachment (Secindary)
Claymore x2
Stopping Power
Deep Impact

Really good for penetrating thin cover to still achieve Ome-Shot KillH to
enemies. USP.45 is the best handgun for all round performance, so it helps
keep you lethal when enemies decide to run up to you. SP perk makes sure
that the M40 has the most OSK areas on an enemy who is not using Juggernaut.

2. M40A3
M40A3 + USP.45
No Attachment (Primary)
No Attachment (Secindary)
Stopping Power
Dead Silence

Really good for moving from location to location undetected amd provides an
ample supply of ammo for alll your sniping needs. USP.45 is the best handgun
for all round performance, so it helps keep you lethal when enemies decide to
run up to you. SP perk makes sure that the M40 has the most OSK areas on an
enemy who is not using Juggernaut.

3. M4 Carbine
M4 Carbine + USP.45
Red Dot Sight (Primary)
No Attachment (Secondary)
Stopping Power
steady Aim

Great AR when setup with the correct perks and team support. You can pick
enemies of at a medium range alot and with Steady Aim, you have the ability
to protect youself in close quarters better too. SP perk just makes sure
that those longer range fights are still dealing adequate levels of damage
as the M4 is actually a lower damage AR to counter it's accuracy.

4. M16
M16A4 + USP.45
Red Dot Sight (Primary)
No attachment (Secondary)
Dead Silence

One of the more powerful Assault Rifles, it doesn;t require SP perk to
make it lethal amd even though you cannot one burst at medium to long
range with this without SP, its fair to say you will miss a fe bullets
anyway due to the action, so Juggernaut will help you to establish
some extra protection whilst you get thjose extra bullets into the enemy.
Bandolier will keep you well supplied and DS keeps you from being soundwhored
by headsets whilst moving between spots.

5. MP44
MP44 + USP.45
No Attachment (Primary)
No Attachment (Secondary)
Stopping Power
Steady Aim

A great gun whhen you get used to not beinga ble to use attachments and
having mediocre ironsights. Kills as fast as the G3 or M14 but is fully
automatic :). Stopping power ensures 2 hit-kills at all ranges, but can
be replaced by Juggernaut if you feel conident with accuracy. Steady Aim
will help make you better in close quarters.

6. MP44 Overkill
MP44 + M1014
No Attachment (Primary)
No Attachment (Secondary)
Steady Aim

Same as the previous class, but without the need for Stopping Power, Overkill
can be a great setup for the MP44.  My preference would be the M1014 shotgun,
but that is up to the user which shotgun or SMG they overkill.

7. Stealth
MP5 or P90 + USP.45
Silencer (Primary)
Silencer (Secondary)
UAV Jammer
Dead Silence

A perfext stealth-based setup only vulnerable to Air Strike bombs and
Helicopter targetting. Will make you invisiblke on radar, provide ample
ammunition and keep you from being soundwhored by enemies.

8. AK74u
AK74u + USP.45
No Attachment (Primary)
No Attachment (Secondary)
Stopping Power
Steady Aim Pro or Dead Silence

Excellent SMG with some AR range and damage stats. Can eiher be hip-fired
better or have footsteps silenced to make an incredible deadly weapon in
combination with Stopping Power. This is a two-hit kill up close with SP
perk. Because of the already high damage, if accuracy isn't an issue, then
try Juggernaut, Double Tap or Sleight of Hand.

9. Skorpion
Skorpion + USP.45
Red Dot Sight (Primary)
No Attachment (Secondary)
Sleight of Hand
Steady Aim or Extreme Conditioning

An excellent close quarters setup designed to hip-fire and ADS well as well
as reload fast and provide a longer supply of ammo to eat through. The
EC variant can be used for getting into people's faces quicker and the SA
version is primarily so you don't need to ADS as often. It;s range is rather
limited however so only use it for small maps or very fast paced matches.

Weapons Analysis: Primary Weapons: (WAPW)

Assault Rifles: (AR)

Strong three-round burst weapon in the game. Vewry powerful with Juggernaut
and Stopping power. Can also be used alongside an overkilled shotgun and
Steady Aim.

Most commonly known AR in the world and for good reason. In this game it
holds its reputation for having strong range, damage and fair accuracy
benefits. Has its minimum damage lowered if using silencer or RDS
attachments, so it's best to use this with no attachments.

M4 Carbine: 
Low recoil, but additional idle sway AR that handles very wel at medium
range. Can pick targets off at long range too, but don't expect many long
range kills from this with it's low damage.

This is the lower-powered semi-automatic AR in the game requiring 3-4
shots to kill without SP. Excellent ironsights however and fair handling
in close quarters if you can master it.

Best used with Red Dot Sight de to the abysmal ironsights. Should not be
underrated however even though it is outclassed in every  area by
everything else in it's category. M4 has lower recoil, M16 has faster
swap time, MP44 has better damage and AK47 has better ironsights. It is
kind of a jack-of-all trades, master of none.

The second, higher damaging semi-auto rifle in the game. It has alot more
recoil than the G3 though and has the loudest firing sound in the game.
Mostly used as a higher mobility M21 sniper, it is commonly seen with Red
Dot and ACOG sights.

Highest automatic damage in the game barring the M60E4 LMG. This beast
kills in 2-3 hits without Stopping Power. This leaves perk 2 slot open for
overkill or Juggernaut. Mediocre ironsights which takes some getting used
to, but it has no marksman challenges and therefore it has no attachments.

Sub-Machine Guns: (SMG)

Decent starting weapon. Great at stealth setups. It does have low recoil,
but the pattern is a little wonky and can go in any direction. Great SMg for
beginners and veterans alike for it's simplicitic performance and efficiency.

Highest damage SMG with a massive two-hit kill in close range. Has no recoil
whatsoever, bu does have a "feeling" of killing slowly sometimes even in
very close quarters. Has a high fire rate, but very low magazine of 20.
So Bandolier is recommended for any Skorpion class setup.

Extremely high trcoil and extremely high RoF. A hip-fire Uzi in your face
is like a storm cloud striking you with lightning. As for ADS UZi. the
recoil bounces everwhere. If you want to use this, then slap on Steady Aim,
Juggernaut and Bandolier and just hip-fire spam people to death.

AR damage and range whilst incorporating SMG handling and mobility. This
crossbreed AK variant hits hard and takes no prisoners inside its
effective range. Can be used for stealth, but best to play to it's strengths
and make it as damaging as possible up close. If you use either a RDS or
Suppressor on the AK74u, it's hip-fire box widens in order to balance the
weapon out.

The SMG with the big clip we all know and love. It has quite low recoil and
is a slightly better version of the MP5 as it has a bigger clip and higher
RoF. Is good when stealthed like the MP5 and is a good choice and a common
choice between both newbies and veterans.

Light Machine Guns: (LMG)

M249 Saw:
Decent default LMG. I feel has moderate to high recoil and the ironsights
need some adjusting to. Higher RoF than the RPD and lower damage than the M60,
Would rather use the RPD though if given the choice.

Awesome weapon if you can handle the slow movement penalty of LMG's. very
clear ironsights means optics are not needed. Excellent for shooting down
choppers in conjunction with RPG x2. Higher damage and RoF means that SP perk
isn't needed and Sleight of Hand can be utilised to lower the slow reload

An upgrade from the M246. Has 2 hit kill damage in close quarters and works
really well with a Red Dot Sight for suppressive fire users for defending
objectives or camping (if that's your thing you noob lol)

Shotguns: (SHOT)

Shotguns in Cod4 reload faster whilst you are moving for some reason, so
keep that in mind when you come top reload shotties. Steady Aim is a must
have perkj for shotties because it increases the tightness of the pellet
spread in closer quarters.

Nice pump action, high damage and a bad attitude. Recoil can be high, so
attach the grip. The grip will remove the first perk from your class
however, but makes the weapon much more controllable. If you like
pump-action, then it will offer greater damage and magazine size than the
M1014, but will need to be cycled between shots which emphasises the
need for better first time killing power. Could use Double-tap to shorten the
pump time because of the already higher damage than it's counterpart, but
isn't neccessary when you learn to manage the pump-action.

Small clip of 4 and lower damage than the W1200. Grip isn't needed so
much with this shotgun and can be used with other perks than SP to
heighten its close range lethality as first shot acquisition is not as
important as with the W1200/

Sniper Rifles: (SR)

The Bolt-action version of the Barrett. Highest one-shot kill chance (tied
with Barrett). Best used with SP perk to enhance it's OSK potential. Very
accurate and fluid bolt-action. Looks very aesthetically sniper-like too,
which is an added bonus. Just looks and feels so good when you use it.

Very little recoil, low sway and decent range means this can be used as a
sniper, or a ACGO G3. Due to it having small recoil and sway, it also has
a low damage rating.

Pretty much the same thing as the M21. Come down to which you prefer out
of these two really.does have an extra one shot kill area than the M21,
but a little higher kick to compensate

Bolt-action sniper to which the M40 is based on. has a  visually longer
scope than the M40 but dopesn't seem to offer anymore zoom and has lower
damage than the M40 but higher than the M21/Dragunov.

Next best sniper in my opinion as it has the same damage areas as the M40.
Would rather use the M40 though and go for precision to enhance my skills
than have a gun where there is temptation to spam the trigger.

Weapons Analysis: Secondary Weapons: (WASW)

Pistols: (PIST)

Starting pistol of the game. requires three shots to kill someone with
stopping power on. decent accuracy and is awesome with the tactical knife
attachment and silencer attachment.

Basically a USP.45 but with faster damage drop-off and lower firerate

Basically outrclassed by all other pistols in the game. This is why it
is an uncommon weapon. USP beats it with fire rate, Deagle  beats it with
damage and M9 beats it with capacity.

Desert Eagle/ Gold Desert Eagle:
Pretty much extra damage for higher recoil amd low sized clip. In Close
range it can be used effectively but is often outclassed by the USP's higher
RoF and lower recoil.

Weapons Analysis: Equipment: (WAE)

Grenades: (GRN)
Frag Grenade: The only lethal grenade available so it is always se;ected.
Comes with a 4-5 second fuse which can be cooked before throw to explode
quicker near an enemy

Flashbang: Blinds enemies for about 7 seconds. Larger radius than Concussion.

Concussion: Blinds slighly and slows enemies. Smaller radius than Flashbang.

Smoke Grenade: Used to conceal movement.

Weapons Analysis: Attachments: (WAA)

Attachments are an important factor when deciding what classes should be
customized and for what purpose. They can be used to extend the sight range,
reduce recoil and silence weapons.

Red Dot Sight: (RDS)
The most common attachment used throughout all the modern warfare games. It
is known to be a precision sight attachment, but doesn't offer much zoom.

ACOG Sight:
2x zoom feature, used by people as an upgrade from RDS. Offers longer
range detection, but is a disgraceful attachment with huge amounts of
sway and poor peripheral vision.

Really good for stealth classes. Makes you invisible on radar when firing
and also reduces the amount of light that comes from the end of your gun
when you fire it.

Grenade Launcher: (Noob Tube)
The grenade launcher is called a noopb weapon for a reason. Requires little
skill to use and basically will kill an enemy if it explodes around 4M
away from them. Can be ehnaced by Sonic Boom granting it 40% more damage.

Used by Shotguns and LMG's to reduce the recoil of the weapons by using your
left hand to hold a grip rather than resting it in your left hand. The stats
will show more accuracy being added to the weapon. This is because less
recoil = more accuracy. Using this will remove your tier 1 perk.

Weapons Analysis: Perks: (WAP)

Perks are special abilities that soldiers in CoD multiplayer can use to boost
they're performance. There are 3 tiers of perk and you can choose one from
each tier to utilize. I have chosen to call these perks, weapons because they
are a type of weapon and the name fits better into my FAQ. When you unlock the
pro version of a perk, it will give you an added feature. It does not replace
the regular features. The format for perks will be:
Name of perk:
Regular: Description
Pro: Description

Tier 1: (Blue):

C4 x2:
Equips the player with two deployable, remotely detonated explosives. The pro
way of exploding these is to double-tap the reload button when they are lying
around. Mainly used for protecting objectives, they don;t have much use in
basic deathmatches.

Special Grenades x3:
Provides you with triplle the spawning capacity of whichever tactical
grenade you set your class up with. However, it cannot be used with smoke
as you can only have one smoke per spawmn. Useful as a low-level blue
perk until x3 frag or bandolier is unlocked.

RPG x2:
Provides the user with an a RPG launcher and two rockets. Mostly used for
taking out helos, but can be effective  anti-infantry especially when
combined with  Sonic Boom.

Claymore x2:
Provides the user with two claymores for protecting objectives, making
doorway surprises and protecting a snipers rear end from being creeped up
on. Excellent sniper class perk, but is a  more objective game-mode perk.

Frag x3:
Provides the user with a triple spawn-only loadout of three frag grenades
instead of one. Good when used with SB perk, but really is a noobs perk
of choice for someone who likes to either spam or isn;t good at throwing

Equips the player with full spare bullet mmunition when spawnning. In my
opinion, this is the better version of the newer scavenger perk  from the
newer games. Providing players with extra ammo rather than the ability to
just spam their weapon - kill the player- restock- rinse and repeat. It
promotes accuracy above anything else   which leads to better skills and
a better game all round.

Bomb Squad:
Useful for anti-munition classes. Or for sneaking classes so you can detect
claymores and C4  before you get blown up. Useful perk for rusjing classes
too if you don't use Bandolier.

Tier 2: (Red)

Stopping Power:
Increases bullet damage providing most guns with one shot less to kill. Very
useful  perk to have, especially on already high damage weapons like Shotguns,
Snipers, and the AK47/AK74u. Is the direct counter to Juggernaut.

Is the direct counter to SP. Provides additional health requiring guns to
take generallly one more shot to kill you and maybe two more at a distance.

Sleight of Hand:
Reloads guns faster. Most useful for RPG's and LMG's, but can also be very
viable for the Skorpion SMG because of the lack of its reload cancel.

Double Tap:
Increases the rate of fire on weapons. Most useful on slower firing weapons
like the W1200, but can turn fast firing weapons into pure bullet hoses.
On Pump-Action and Bolt-Action weapons, this will justr sped up the animation
of the pump/bolt.

Allows you to select two primary weapons in your loadout.  My personal
preference for this perk if I was to use it would not be for a Sniper/
Shotgun ckass, but more along the lines of a AK47/ Skorpion class for

UAV Jammer.
Simply prevents enemy UAV's from highlighting you on the radar. Must have
perk for stealth classes, but some snipers may prefer this than SP  if they
go more for headshots so they can move aropund the map quietly.

Sonic Boom:
Increases both explosive damage and blast radius of weapons. Not really very
useful except for one-shotting helos with well timed/placed RPG's. Full
explosive classes are hard to setup as noob tubing removes perk  1.

Tier 3: (Yellow)

Extreme Conditioning:
Provides double the amount of sprint capacity, but also takes twice as long
to fully recover your full sprint distance. Useful for the bigger maps, but
less useful than DS or SA. Most useful on faster firing guns than are
already loud like the M14 and Skorpion where Steady Aim isn't as neccessary.

Steady Aim:
Increases hip-fire accuracy by about 35%.  Must-have perk for shotguns and
rushing assault-type classes that require close quarters enhancement. One
of the two perks in this tier that I favor the most.

Last Stand:
Pull out your pistool before dying. Supposedly to mark a heroic, dying
persons last ditch effort to help out. In practice, it is used by noobs and
trolls to make players look stupid and get som potential  cheap kills.
If you are a decent player, just stay away from this p[erk is my advice.

Drop a live grenade out of your dead body after getting killed. Another
noob/troll perk for users to get cheap kills. Again, stay away from this
if you are a decent player. Don't lower yourselves to being the rank of noob
just to get kills.

Deep Impact:
An excellent sniper class Perk until Dead Silence is unlocked. Allows bullet
damage to receive less damage penalty through thin materials. Also useful on#
LMG and M16 classes.

Iron Lungs:
Increases the amount of time you can hold your breath with default sniper
scopes to about 9 beats/seconds. Not really useful in most situations as
most snipers don't hold breath for 9 seconds and leave themselves
vulnerable from the sides.

Dead Silence:
Almost completely removes your footstep noises when moving, mantling and
falling. Best stealth class perk in it's tier, but also useful for
classes that don't require Steady Aim to work well so that you can walk/
sprint around the map normally without crouch walking everywhere to
prevent people soundwhoring your footsteps.

Probably the most useless perk in the game. It allows you to hear enemy
communications and callouts when you are close to an enemy. This could be
used to sneak up on an enemy, listen to their plans and communicate them
back to your team to surprise them. However this is countered in a many ways.
- The effective range is so close that you could shoot the enemy and kill
them in the time it takes you to listen
- This one is unproiven, but if the enemuy has your team on mute, then this
perk may do nothing for you anyway.
- Headset/ VOIP chat was not at it's best in CoD4 to start with and could
be rather garbled alot of times, so it would be likely all you would hear
was snippets of out of context words or just static noise or heavy breathing
-So many other noises happening with frags, rockets and bullets that trying
to understand enemy talking, would bve hard
- Most public players don't usually discuss team tactics at all but just
rage at everyone, so all you would likely hear is random curse words.

Weapons Analysis: Killstreaks: (WAKS)

Killstreeaks are when you get kills in a row. When you reach a certain number
of kills in a row, you can use a reward. In Cod4 rewatds will replace the
previous streak. So if you don''t use that chopper and then you die and get
3 kills, your UAV will replace it and your helo will be lost.

UAV: 3 Killstreak
A spy drone designed to seek out enemy locations and mark those locations
with red dots on your mini-radar.

Airstrike: 5 Killstreak
Choose the ocation you want an overhead carpet bombing to obliterate.

Helicopter: 7 Killstreak
Send in a helicopter to shoot at enemy ground targets.

FAQ/Comparisons: (FAQC)

1. Stopping Power versus Juggernaut:
These two perks cancel each other out. While SP will usually make weapons
one less bullet to kill, Juggernaut will usually make them one more bullet
to kill. However SP is more commonly seen, but both have their uses in
which the other cannot compete. Snipers for example fit better with SP,
while Shotguns fit better with Jug.

2. x3 Frag versus x3 Special:
There is no real comparison for the good pplayer here.. x3 Specia allows
more tactical gameplay when used properly, but x3 Frag is used more for
trying your luck at getting cheap kills. I.e. noobs/trolls.

3. Iron Lungs Versus Deep Impact:
A comparison for sniper classes. Really, as I have stated in the perks
section, there isn't really a niche for using IL on a sniper as it is
foolish to hold your breath for 9 secoonds and then have more sway and
recovery time before being able to hold your breath again. DI is alor
more effective for smnipers, allowing more one-shot kills through thin

4. Last Stand versus Martyrdom:
If you are a good player, then don;t use these ever.  If you are a
noob player, then I would suggest that martyrdom would serve you better
especially if you are not used to firing pistols effectively.

5. Extreme Conditioning versus Steady Aim:
This  is mostly a shotgun class comparison. It really depends on how well
you can use shotguns. For behinners and people wanting to get a higher
one-hot kill chance, then I would advise SA. However if you are skilled
player who is good at accuracy and dispatching targets quickly, then you
may get more use out of EC to reach your targets quicker or escape
danger quicker.

6. M14 versus G3:
Personally this comparison is up to preference, however the G3 is easier
to control and more likely to get successive shots on target than the M14.
Also, the G3 has better ironsights and a faster RPM cap.

7. M4 versus G36C:
Really comes down to preference again. Both do the same damage, but the G36C
has worse ironsights than the M4 for m,edium range combat. However the G36C
has a built-in fast swap time which the M4 doesn't making it a good
Overklilled weapon. Personally because the M4 is unlocked early, has better
ironsights and is more accurate, I stick with the M4.

8. W1200 versus M1014:
This one depends on your playstyle. Do you prefer to take slightly more time
to acquire a good box on the target, or do you want one where follow-up
shots are easuiier through the semi-automatic feature. The pump-action
is recommended with the Grip however, requiring that you have no perk 1.

9. AK47 versus AK74u:
Whilst the 47 is more nostalgic, the 74u  has better mobility, lower
recoil, similar ranged damage and similar ironsights. If you have a
choice between either one, I would pick the 74u every time.

10. MP5 versus P90:
Both are really good at stealth but both also have really clear ironsights
and rate of fire to recol ratio. The only major diference is the p90 does
a massive 50 round magazine but the MP5 ius more nostalgic. There is really
no defiing differences that seperate the two guns that make one better than
the other.

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