1. Richard Kreiglar Art Director
  2. Joel Emslie Art Lead
  3. Oscar Lopez Artist
  4. Chrissy Arya Audio
  5. Mark Ganus Audio Lead
  6. Billy Murray Captain Price (Voice)
  7. Todd Alderman Design Leads
  8. Steve Fukuda Design Leads
  9. Mackey McCandlish Design Leads
  10. Zied Rieke Design Leads
  11. Chad Barb Engineering
  12. Nicole Scates Executive Assistant
  13. Alexander Sharrigan Information Technology
  14. Jon Davis Lead Engineering
  15. James D. Dever Military Technical Advisor
  16. Harry Gregson-Williams Music Producer
  17. Joel Goldsmith Producer
  18. Mark Rubin Producer
  19. Jason West Project Lead
  20. Eric Pierce Technical Animation Leader
  21. Michael Bloon Technical Art
  22. Craig Fairbrass Voice : Gaz
  23. Gideon Emery Voice : Mac
  24. Sven Holmberg Voice Nikolai
  25. Zach Hanks Voice: Captain Macmillan
  26. Billy Murray Voice: Captain Price
  27. David Sobolov Voice: Lieutenant Vasquez
  28. Mark Grigsby Voice: Staff Sergeant Griggs
  29. Jesse Stern Written By

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