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How to upgrade units on solo campaign? General
Skirmish Maps? General

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Did Ubisoft actually downgraded the PS3 version? General 1 10 years ago
Can you use eyetoy? Tech Support 2 10 years ago
Can you listen to your music from your PS3 while playing this game? Tech Support 1 11 years ago
Is end war any good? General 3 11 years ago
During Battle how can you free roam on the map without focusing on your units? General 5 11 years ago
I can't find anyone else online! Help? Tech Support 2 11 years ago
Problem with voice command can someone help me? Tech Support 1 12 years ago
How do i use the voice comand ? General 1 12 years ago
What is the maximum number of players in an online battle? General 2 12 years ago
How do i use the secondary attack? Tech Support 1 12 years ago

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