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Pirates of the Caribbean DLC Guide by monkeys_of_ra

Version: 1.001 | Updated: 05/03/10

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 Little Big Planet - Pirates of the Caribbean FAQ
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	Hello all. This FAQ is meant to be a full FAQ for the
Pirates of the Caribbean Downloadable Content on Little Big Planet. To be
completely honest I would have rather done a Metal Gear DLC guide, but
that’s already covered in other places, and I figured that making a PotC guide
 would be much more helpful to the LBP community. I’ve provided a full
walkthrough for all 5 of the levels, and listed every location to prize
bubbles so that you can find them in the least amount of replays possible.
This is a short guide, but I’ve made a table of contents anyway as you can
see below.

Table of Contents:
-Intro (You Passed It)
-Table of Contents (You’re on it)
-Act 1: Port Royal
-Act 2: Pirate Town
-Act 3: Navy Frigate
-Act 4: Cursed Bay
-Act 5: The Kraken!!!
-Trophy Information
-End Credits/Disclaimer

 Enough of this idle banter, and let’s get on to the guide.

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Act 1: Port Royal
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Items: 35
(1) Ship’s Cannon (2) Water (3) Port Royal House (4) Lintel (5) Choppy Waves
(6) Post (7) White Mast Flag (8) Tattered Black sail (9) Mast (10) Giant Clam
(11) Jetty (12) Crate (13) Gentle Waves (14) Spiked Wheel (15) Bubble Machine
(16) Pirates of the Caribbean (17) ‘The Tale of Sack Sparrow’
(18) Light Galleon (19) Lantern (20) Sack Pirate (21) Granite Wall
(22) Barrel Top (23) Antique Coin (24) Old Skull (25) Elizabeth
(26) Arch Window Illuminated (27) Mast Flag (28) Jetty Base (29) Rolling Waves
(30) Porch Post (31) Lantern (32) Red Coat (33) Dark Galleon (34) Door 2
(35) Sand

Level Complete Gifts: 3
(1) Half Archway (2) Pale Wall (3) Caribbean Island

Collected All Gifts: 3
(1) Pale Cracked Wall (2) X Marks the Spot (3) Hanging Lantern

Aced Level Gifts: 3
(1) Ceramic Barrel Stein (2) Rigging (3) Lintel Wall

	Just for starting the level, you get a prize bubble, [WATER]. From the
start,run to the right. Jump up the barrels and jump off the officer to grab
the first prize bubble, [RED COAT]. Go right again, and then fall in the water
after you get shot at. Grab the prize bubble down here, [SAND], and get yelled
at by a fish. Surface, and go to the left. If you have the shop sign sticker,
use it on the sticker switch to get another prize bubble, [CRATE]. Head right
to see a pathetic pirate who has lost his eye and needs money. Hop up the
crates to get a prize bubble, [PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN]. Dive into the water
on the left. Hug the left wall, and in the second indent you’ll find yet
another prize bubble, [SPIKED WHEEL]. Grab the sponge thingamajig and take it
to the surface and drop it in the left pit under the pirate’s feet. Repeat on
the right side of the water, this time grabbing a silver sponge thingamajig.
A fish will talk to you again. (I like to think of it as the sack boy’s
schizophrenia acting up.) Head right now and TADAH!  It’s another prize
bubble, [BUBBLE MACHINE]. Grab the other prize bubble in the background,
[GRANITE WALL], and continue right. As you pass you’ll see a sticker switch.
If you have the Angry Skull sticker, use it on the switch to get two more
prize bubbles, [WHITE MAST FLAG] and [MAST]. The gate will open. Under the
water you’ll find a prize bubble, [DARK GALLEON], in plain sight. There’s a
series of spinning wheels of death next, followed by some other perilous
obstacles that will try to smash you. Navigate through these. After you get to
the save gong when you’re swimming up, go to the left over the moving wall
parts. You’ll find a prize bubble, [LIGHT GALLEON]. There are two more
spinning wheels of death. From the surface, go left to pick up two more prize
bubbles, [LANTERN] and [ANTIQUE COIN]. Head right and grab yet another prize
bubble, [GIANT CLAM], by the pirate (who I suppose is supposed to be some
version of Captain Jack Sparrow) and keep going right. Spin the wheel until
the two green lights are together and the water level rises. Grab the prize
bubble [SACK PIRATE] on the pirate’s head and head all the way to the left. By
the second wheel, there is a building you can jump into to get a prize bubble,
[POST]. Align the lights to raise the water level again. Go left some more,
and jump up to grab two prize bubbles, [PORCH POST] and [LINTEL]. It’s time to
go right. By the save gong, there is a sponge hanging from the building. Grab
it to get two prize bubbles to fall, [ELIZABETH] and [PORT ROYAL HOUSE]. If
you’re lucky enough to have the door 1 sticker, use it on the sticker switch
here to get another two prize bubbles, [ARCH WINDOW ILLUMINATED] and [DOOR 2].
Some chick (whose name may or may not be Elizabeth) asks for help. Go right
and grab the prize bubble, [TATTERED BLACK SAIL]. Before grabbing the plug go
left and pick up the prize bubble, [MAST FLAG]. Head right, and go behind the
building to pick up two prize bubbles, [JETTY] and [JETTY BASE]. There’s
another prize bubble in plain sight nearby, [SHIP’S CANNON]. If you don’t
it shame on you. Swim the sponge to the hook and ride it up and away to get
two more prize bubbles, [OLD SKULL] and [‘THE TALE OF SACK SPARROW’]. Hang
left and do some rooftop jumping to get not one, not two, but THREE prize
bubbles [GENTLE WAVES], [CHOPPY WAVES] and [ROLLING WAVES] which are waiting
at the end. Head right and ride the hook again. In between two buildings is a
stack of barrels. Jump up them to grab onto a sponge. It moves up, and you get
two more prize bubbles, [LANTERN] and [BARREL TOP]. Almost there! Oops, too
bad. You seem to be in jail for… existing. That’s no fun.

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Act 2: Pirate Town
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Items: 29
(1) Compass (2) ‘The End is Nigh’ (3) Cloth Canopy (4) Arch Window
(5) Stone Wall (6) Knitted Boat (7) Sack Sparrow (8) Picket Fence
(9) Tower Wall (10) Cloudy Peaks (11) Brown Tiles End (12) Seahorse
(13) Ship’s Wheel (14) Shuttered Window Illuminated (15) Black Sail
(16) Ruined Fort (17) Carved Wood (18) Brown Tiles
(19) Square Window Illuminated (20) Volcano (21) Column (22) Beamed Gable End
(23) Tile Canopy (24) Brown Tiles Cone (25) Octopus (26) Skull Pirate
(27) Will Turner (28) Old Glass (29) Shop Sign

Level Complete Gifts: 3
(1) Door 1 (2) Knotted Rope (3) Red Float

Collected All Gifts: 3
(1) Curly Cloud (2) Thick Cloud (3) Thin Cloud

Aced Level Gifts: 3
(1) Fat Fish (2) Long Fish (3) Cannon

	A short cinematic and one decapitation later, you’ll find yourself
on a plank with a tall pirate that will call you… poppet. Run left for the
[COMPASS] prize bubble. Get ready, a flaming piece of wood is about to fall on
you. Jump over it and try to collect the [RUINED FORT] prize bubble on top of
it. After the raft stops jump into the background and pick up the
[‘THE END IS NIGH’] prize bubble. Run to the right, jumping over the flames
and grabbing the points bubbles to raise the water level. Get back on the
raft. You’ll run into the [CLOUDY PEAKS] prize bubble if you put any slight
effort into it. Did you try? Good job then! Incoming; another flaming piece of
wood with a prize bubble is on its way! This time it’s [VOLCANO]. He’ll stop
the raft again. Dive down, kill the fish if you’re feeling a tad insecure, and
grab the [SEAHORSE] and [OCTOPUS] prize bubbles. Grab the plug to lower the
water level back to what it was and continue on the raft. A small ride and a
corny joke or two later, you’ll be on dry land. Head right to pick up the
[CARVED WOOD] prize bubble and go farther right to hit a dead end. Maybe you
shouldn’t be following my directions so mechanically; you would have avoided
that detour! Head left and up to a big skull, where you’ll see a prize bubble
on the right. Grab it to get [KNITTED BOAT]. To the right… a pirate! Kill it
and go right. Should you have the red float, green float and blue float
stickers, use them on their corresponding sticker switch to get [SACK SPARROW]
and [WILL TURNER]. Grab the moving… sphere thing and go up. Jump to the left
to land on the boat/hat combination and make a long jump to the left for four
[BROWN TILES CONE]. Nice! Go all the way back to the far right and find a
cannon. Jump inside to obtain one [OLD GLASS] prize bubble. You’ll get shot
out of the cannon after a moment and… Look at that! 4 prize bubbles. They
contain [ARCH WINDOW], [STONE WALL], [COLUMN] and [TOWER WALL]. Don’t spend
them all in one place! Should you be feeling adventurous (or are just wanting
to finish the level) jump on one of the two barrels to be launched up to a
ledge with a prize bubble. [SHIPS WHEEL] is now yours! Remember our friend the
water wheel? Spin this one to raise the water levels. A boat will be raised,
and you should run across it to continue. After a pirate you’ll have to kill
you’ll find two more springy barrels. On top of them are two prize bubbles,
[SHOP SIGN] and [PICKET FENCE]. The barrels will launch you and guess what you
find? More prize bubbles. [SQUARE WINDOW ILLUMINATED], [TILE CANOPY] and
[CLOTH CANOPY] obtained! I think that’s all the prize bubbles in this level…
Nope, three left. Run to the left and go behind the building thing to get the
[SHUTTERED WINDOW ILLUMINATED] prize bubble. Left some more and a cannon will
fire at you; don’t worry. Wait for the beam to fall and grab the spongy
material that appears. Ride it to the end to get the [BLACK SAIL] prize
bubble. Up up up, up the stairs we go! And then to… the tunnel… except
of stairs, it’s cannons, and instead of a tunnel it’s a building. Grab the
[SKULL PIRATE] prize bubble and finish the level!

00100000 00110001 00100000 00110001 00100000 00110010 00100000 00110011
Act 3: A Navy Frigate
00100000 00110101 00100000 00111000 00100000 00110001 00110011 00100000

Items: 28
(1)  Weathervane (2) Blue Roof Pitch (3) Armed Red Coat (4) Wooden Gable Wall
(5) Dead Man’s Chest Top (6) Blue Door (7) Stone Archway
(8) Dead Man’s Chest Bottom (9) Blue Balcony (10) Compass (11) Low Stone Wall
(12) The Frigate (13) Blue Leaded Window (14) Cutlass (15) Grate
(16) Wood Balcony (17) Wax Seal (18) Low Wood Wall (19) Stone Pillar
(20) Skull Cupboard (21) Dark Wall (22) Door Decoration (23) Blue Beamed Wall
(24) Blue Tiles End (25) Lantern Torch (26) Weathered Wood with Iron Bands
(27) ‘Deep Blue Quay’ (28) Blue Gable

Level Complete Gifts: 3
(1) Green Float (2) Torch (3) Blue Window Illuminated

Collected All Gifts: 3
(1) Bunting (2) Door 3 (3) Wooden Roof Pitch

Aced Level Gifts: 3
(1) Blue Window (2) Blue Tiles (3) Blue Low Wall

	Someone above me is playing really loud music and the bass is
shaking my whole room… bah. Anyway, to the level. Jump down the hole and pull
the switch to flood the room. Swim left and get the [WOOD BALCONY], [WAX SEAL]
and [STONE PILLAR] prize bubbles. With the room flooded move two blocks to the
far left and one less to the left, making an inverted staircase. When you
lower the water again, they’ll fall into a staircase you can use go up and
away! Over the little bridge, you’ll pick up the [‘DEEP BLUE QUAY’] prize
bubble. And really, if you needed my help to get that one, please stop
playing! Next to the next save gong is the [LANTERN TORCH] prize bubble. Kill
the pirate and continue left. Smack the next two pirates down, collecting the
[BLUE TILES END] prize bubble on the way. Continue left and disintegrate the
red coated guy and pick up the [DOOR DECORATION] prize bubble. Back to the
right, shoot yourself out of the cannon and jump down before the second cannon
fires you. You’ll collect the [DEAD MANS CHEST BOTTOM] prize bubble from
entering the second cannon. If you continue to the right from here, you’ll

2x AREA: Just get one person to stand on the switch and the other person to
collect the two prize bubbles, [BLUE BALCONY] and [GRATE]. This can be done
easily alone with two controllers if you have no friends. Although at that
point one would wonder why you have a second controller…

After that, go to the left of the cannon. Jump to the little structure to pick
up the [STONE ARCHWAY] and [LOW STONE WALL] prize bubbles that I know you were
eyeballing earlier. They’re yours now; sleep easy. Fire yourself out of the
second cannon now to pick up the [DEAD MANS CHEST TOP] prize bubble. Jump down
quickly! Kill the spear wielding maniac and gather your courage to pick up the
[SKULL CUPBOARD] prize bubble. Now jump back into the cannon and go up in the
air! George Clooney will be with you soon. In this next area, head right. Grab
onto the thingamajig and swing right. Here you’ll find a sticker switch; use
the Barbossa sticker to get the [WEATHERVANE] and [CUTLASS] prize bubbles.
Grab the cylinder again and land on top of the cannon. Jump left to grab the
[ARMED RED COAT] prize bubble. Old friend, how we missed you! Grab the wheel
and raise the water level. Once it’s raised, swim to the right just a smidge
and go underneath the little structure to pick up a new prize bubble
containing [WOODEN GABLE WALL]. Swim left and head up some more cannons.
Another water wheel! You know what to do. (Spin it, in case you were
wondering.) To the right are more swinging boats. On top of the closest one is
the [LOW WOOD WALL] prize bubble. Collect it and move on. To the right is a
small area with a prize bubble in clear sight. Only, you can’t reach it. Jump
over the flaming poles and (assuming you have it) use the Skull Flag sticker
on the sticker switch to raise the water level again, allowing you to get the
[BLUE LEADED WINDOW] prize bubble. Use a barrel to bounce up and go left,
picking up the [WEATHERED WOOD WITH IRON BANDS] prize bubble. Jump on the
anchor and ride it until it stops. Jump to the far left and land on a
platform. Go left and pick up the [DARK WALL] prize bubble in the treasure
chest. Back on the anchor you go! This time jump right before it moves up to
grab the [BLUE ROOF PITCH] prize bubble and go back to the anchor, riding it
all the way up this time! Third time is the charm. Right? Right! Because
there’s nothing to the left. Fire the cannon to knock down the wall, and go
through the new bridge. Pick up the [COMPASS] prize bubble which I’m pretty
sure you CAN’T skip… Kill the redcoat and claim your prize… three of them.
These bubbles contain [BLUE BEAMED WALL], [BLUE GABLE] and [BLUE DOOR]. Jump!
Jump on the ship and get another prize bubble, [THE FRIGATE]! Ride to the end
and finish the level. Give yourself a pat on the back while you’re at it too!

00100000 00110001 00100000 00110001 00100000 00110010 00100000 00110011
Act 4: Cursed Bay
00100000 00110101 00100000 00111000 00100000 00110001 00110011 00100000

Items: 54
(1) Skull Crows Nest (2) Kiwi (3) Treasure (4) Port Hole
(5) Pelegosto Nose Decoration  (6) Mountain Range (7) Ship Rigging (8) Sail
(9) Palm Tree Leaf (10) Pineapple (11) Pelegosto Loincloth
(12) Crumbling Skull (13) Furled Sail (14) Brown Bone (15) Pelegosto Sack
(16) Trumpet Shell  (17) Rusty Anchor (18) Banana (19) Boat Porch
(20) Pelegosto Skin (21) Juggling Crab (22) Angry Skull (23) Pelegosto Teeth
(24) Weathered Wood (25) Tribal Design (26) Crows Nest (27) Tattoo
(28) Ship Midship (29) Baluster (30) Treasure Chest (31) Curtain (32) Fishy
(33) ‘Ghost Ship’(34) Skully (35) Low Mountains (36) Round Chest
(37) Pelegosto Leg Bands (38) Bone (39) Pelegosto Costume (40) Water Wheel
(41) Crossbones (42) Moody Davy (43) Ship Bow (44) Blue Galleon (45) Coral
(46) Pelegosto hair (47) Snappy Crab (48) Wood With Rusted Iron
(49) Compass With Quadrants (50) Tia Dalma (51) Ship Stern
(52) Palm Tree Trunk (53) Yellow Seaweed (54) Barrel

Level Complete Gifts: 3
(1) Blue Float (2) Hull Cannon (3) Toy Parrot

Collected All Gifts: 3
(1) Skull Archway (2) Really Lovely Tree (3) Whale Jawbone

Aced Level Gifts: 3
(1) Raggedy Tree (2) Coconut (3) Coconut Tree

	From the start, hang left and grab the prize bubble under the
boat which contains [SAIL]. Then go left more and grab the two prize bubbles
under the water, [SHIP MIDSHIP] and [SHIP BOW], then go up and get
[SHIP STERN]. Ready? Now we start the level. Get to the island and grab the
very obvious [PALM TREE LEAF] and [PALM TREE TRUNK] prize bubbles that are on
the island.

Trophy tip - Should you have the skull chest sticker, use it on the sticker
switch to initiate a race, which will give you a trophy should you get to the
finish line with 4000 left on the clock. This shouldn’t be too much of a
problem if you play the level a few times to figure out where to go, and
collect all the points bubbles on the way to the finish line. Not dying
also helps…

Jump down to start swimming, avoiding the crazy crabs that are above and below
you. Push the crate to the far right when the water is down, and when the
water raises it up you can get past. Slip inside the crate from the right to
pick up the [ANGRY SKULL] prize bubble! Go up the small shaft and then travel
to the right in this next area with more floaty boats and another anchor. When
the tide is high, stick to the far right of the area. You’ll find the
[CROSSBONES] prize bubble hidden up there! Jump down the hole and go to the
left in the tunnel. Grab these two prize bubbles, containing [CURTAIN] and
[BARREL], to release the boats and let them float. Go just a little farther
left to pick up the [CORAL] prize bubble as well. Head on up now and get to
the anchor, picking up the [WEATHERED WOOD] prize bubble you’ll find inside.
Grab the key while you head down, and land on the platform that is moving with
the tide. Use it to catapult yourself up to the prize bubble, containing
[BALUSTER]. Go down and hide in the indent to the right, making sure to stay
low when the tide goes up so that the shark doesn’t end up ripping you to
little stuffed yarn shreds. Slip down past the block and go deeper, finding…
three sharks. All ready to rip you into small fragments of what used to be a
living organism. Be brave and get past one while it retracts to get into the
chest below, containing two prize bubbles: [RUSTY ANCHOR] and
[TREASURE CHEST]. Head up and to the right now, and don’t miss the
[SHIP RIGGING] prize bubble waiting for you to the left of the swinging
cylinder thing. Wait for the tide to go down and quickly get to the right and
drop down, where you’ll be rewarded with another prize bubble. This time
[cake]. Just kidding. The prize bubble contains [PORT HOLE]. Grab it, go right
and slip past the next two moving blocks when the tide moves them out of your
way, and go down after the second block to pick up a quick prize bubble,
[CROWS NEST]. Go up now. When you get to the pirate in the barrel, go left and
pick up the [KIWI] and [SNAPPY CRAB] prize bubbles. Use the crate on the far
left to raise you up and go left more, finding a sticker switch. If you have
the Ship’s Lantern sticker, use it to get [BROWN BONE], [MOUNTAIN RANGE] and
[LOW MOUNTAINS]. Back at the barrel pirate; go right to find two big crabs.
These aren’t inherently lethal, so when the crab lowers its claw grab onto the
soft material and let it pick you up. Jump down and pick up the
[JUGGLING CRAB] prize bubble. Keep heading right.

Note – If you used the treasure chest in the beginning to activate the race,
the finish line will be right after the second happy crab. Here you can find
the [MOODY DAVY] prize bubble waiting for you. You’ll also cause three other
prize bubbles to drop if you win the race: [FISHY], [FURLED SAIL], and

When you get to the skull with bouncy teeth, bounce to the top of the nearby
barrel to acquire the [WOOD WITH RUSTED IRON] prize bubble. My screen actually
blocks off some of the title, so all I’m seeing is [WOOD WITH RUSTED I].
Anyway, bounce to the right. There’s a pretty homage to a scene from the third
Pirates movie you could look at, but I personally find the SEVEN prize bubbles
here much more interesting. The four on the bottom contain [PELEGOSTO HAIR],
[PELEGOSTO SKIN], [TATTOO] and [PELEGOSTO TEETH]. Use the raised elevation to
the right to jump to the other three, containing [PELEGOSTO NOSE DECORATION],
[PELEGOSTO LOINCLOTH] and [PELEGOSTO LEG BANDS]. When you’re ready go to the
far right and stand in the skull. It will digest you and you drop into more
water. At the lowest point here go left to pick up the [SKULLY] prize bubble.
Don’t miss it, it blends in quite well. Avoid these two fish, and then go
down to collect the [TRUMPET SHELL] prize bubble. Continue up, there’s nothing
else to find here. Let the crab pick you up, stand in the middle of the claw
to get the [YELLOW SEAWEED] prize bubble on the way up. When you pass the
happy crab, you’ll end up at a dreaded…

4x Area – This really isn’t extremely difficult. You just need four people
stand on the buttons. After that, the ground below you will open. Jump down it
to find some clams. Inside the four clams in the corners are the
bubbles. Get out of the mouths fast or you’ll be trapped, and have to kill
yourself. After the four clams close their mouths you’ll get the last prize
bubble from this area from the middle clam - [ROUND CHEST].

Oy, what a pain. Continue right. After the save gong, you’ll be able to pick
up the [TREASURE] and [PELEGOSTO] prize bubbles. This next area consists of a
rising and lowering tide and skulls that move with it. When the tide is down,
quickly jump across the lower skulls to collect the two prize bubbles, netting
you [TIA DALMA] and [‘GHOST SHIP’]. The last floating head will bring you
to a
save gong. Head left from here and pick up the [BANANA] prize bubble. Maybe
you have the Davy Jones sticker? Use it on this sticker switch to obtain more
prize bubbles. The mast will fall and break the wall. Head into this new but
small area. You’ll get [CRUMBLING SKULL], [COMPASS WITH QUADRANTS] and
[PELEGOSTO SACK] here. Now go right, where there’s another happy crab. Grab
the [BONE] prize bubble here and then ride the crab up. It’s Sack Pirate
again! To the left of him there’s a [WATER WHEEL] prize bubble. Jump on this
water wheel. The end is nigh; there’s not anything to look out for here. Ride
the cheese wheel to the end like the Aquabat you are and finish the level.

00100000 00110001 00100000 00110001 00100000 00110010 00100000 00110011
Act 5: the Kraken!!!
00100000 00110101 00100000 00111000 00100000 00110001 00110011 00100000

Items: 4
(1) Paddle Boat (2) Skull Chest (3) Davy Jones (4) Port Royal House

Level Complete Gifts: 3
(1) Ship’s Lantern (2) Barbossa (3) Skull Chest

Collected All Gifts: 3
(1) Skull Flag (2) Ship’s Bell (3) Pirate Ship

Aced Level Gifts: 3
(1) Sea Serpent Head (2) Sea Serpent Tail (3) Sea Serpent Body

	This level is extremely straightforward. You start out on the
boat, savvy? You’ve got 4 cannons to use, top left, top right, bottom left,
and bottom right. (I’d draw a picture but ASCII isn’t my thing.) There will
be a pirate ship on both sides. Use your cannons to blow up the boat on the
left, and the boat on the right by hitting the areas near the red dots. They
will re-spawn. Use the cannons to blow up their cannons, which are the two red
dots closest to your boat. DON’T BLOW UP THE BACK TARGETS. If you do this they
re-spawn with their cannons intact. If you just leave them crippled, they’ll
remain so for the rest of the level making an Ace much easier.

Note - The only reason I said to blow one of each up at first is so you could
get the prize bubbles. If you are just going for an Ace blow the cannons up,
ignore the first statement.

After a time, the Kraken will attack! Get on those cannons and blow his
tentacles up. You can do most of it from the bottom row, but you’ll have to go
up top to destroy the tips of the tentacles. If you spam one cannon while the
tentacles first surface, you can probably take out the whole tentacle
instantly. After the tentacles, your friends the pirates will return. Ignore
them for a while. Sit. Relax. Drink your soda. Scratch your back. Maybe do
jumping ja-THE BEAST IS BACK. Spam one of those cannons to take out the
tentacle, and then kill the other. This is the same thing again. Once more
the pirate ships return. Hopefully you still have soda or energy to jump.
Whatever works best! Man those cannons! This is the big one, where the Kraken
changes things up. Use the cannons to shoot the tentacles as they surface, but
they quickly hide again. Stick near the save gong to avoid being tentacled to
death. You don’t want to miss your ace! The tentacle on the left likes to pop
up to try to kill me so I stick to the right… I’m not sure how consistent
is. Soon enough the battle is over. Grab the prize bubbles, [PADDLE BOAT],
[SKULL CHEST] and [PORT ROYAL HOUSE]. Go right more for another prize bubble,
[DAVY JONES]. Run right to beat the level. My, that was easy!

00100000 00110001 00100000 00110001 00100000 00110010 00100000 00110011
Trophy Information
00100000 00110101 00100000 00111000 00100000 00110001 00110011 00100000

	This is nothing you couldn’t figure out on your own, but for completion’s
sake I thought I’d put the trophies in here.

The Bends (Silver) - Achieve a score of 7000 in the Diving for Treasure
Survival Challenge
	This is easy. Just grab a friend or play online and build up a
combo for a real easy time with this one.

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN Booty Master (Bronze) - Collect all of the PIRATES OF
THE CARIBBEAN prize bubbles
	This should be doable. If you’re having trouble I wrote a nice guide
for finding them all, you might be able to find it on the internet somewhere…

Beast Slayer (Bronze) - Destroy the KRAKEN boss

Ace Port Royal (Bronze) - Ace Port Royal

Ace Pirate Town (Bronze) - Ace Pirate Town

Ace The Frigate (Bronze) - Ace The Frigate

Ace Cursed Bay (Bronze) - Ace Cursed Bay

Ace The Kraken!!!! (Bronze) - Ace the Kraken!!!
	I gave a little trick for this above. Basically only destroy the
cannons on the boats, then they’ll never re-spawn or be able to hurt you.

Tributary (Bronze) - Publish a level containing WATER

Salty Dog (Bronze) - Complete 20 community levels that contain WATER.
	Search for “waterâ€￾ on the community option in the menu and
play a few. Not hard.

HMS Interceptor (Silver) - Complete the race in Cursed Bay with at least 4000
points left on the clock
	You’ll need the Skull Chest sticker for this. Use this on the sticker
switch in the beginning of the level and run for your life. Collect point
bubbles to stop the clock. This should be doable with a little bit of effort.

00100000 00110001 00100000 00110001 00100000 00110010 00100000 00110011
End Credits
00100000 00110101 00100000 00111000 00100000 00110001 00110011 00100000

I’d like to thank the Academy.

	That’s all I’ve got for my guide. Thanks.

00100000 00110001 00100000 00110001 00100000 00110010 00100000 00110011
00100000 00110101 00100000 00111000 00100000 00110001 00110011 00100000

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