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Trophy FAQ by MasterVG782

Updated: 04/08/09

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         | |     .    _      _    _           |  __  '.  _ / / .' __ '.
         | |    '.' _| |_  _| |_ | | ____     | |__>  | '.'.'.' .'  '-'
         | |     _ |_   _||_   _|| ||  __|    |     .'   | | | |  ____
         | |    | |  | |    | |  | || |_      |  __ '.   | | | | |__  |
         | |___ | |  | |    | |  | || |__     | |__>  |  | | '. '..-' |
         |_____||_|  |_|    |_|  |_||____|    |______.'  |_|   '._.'|_|
                   |   _ '.  _                          _
                   |  | :  || |   __  _  _ __   ____  _| |_
                   |  '-'  || | .'  '| || '  '.|  __||_   _|
                   |  .---' | ||  .'.  || .'. || |_    | |
                   |  |     | ||  '.'  || | | || |__   | |
                   |__|     |_| '.__.|_||_| |_||____|  |_|

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This FAQ is copyrighted (c) by Jarrod Garripoli. You can e-mail me at

MasterVGamer782 (at) hotmail (dot) com

This guide is for private and personal use only. No part or whole of this
document shall be reproduced in any form whatsoever. This document is free and
may not be used for any commercial uses. This document may not be altered
without permission from the author.

When you e-mail me, please use as good grammar as possible and do not use any
colored backgrounds or fonts. If I have trouble reading it, I will discard it
very quickly. I don't have much time in trying to decipher what you're trying to
say. Also, please see if your question is answered in the guide before e-mailing
me about it. Use "LBP" or something similar in the title so I know what it
pertains to. I will not answer gameplay related questions. Thank you.

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meaning no other websites are allowed to use this:

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============|                    TABLE OF CONTENTS                  |===========
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  I. Introduction
 II. Trophies
III. Metal Gear DLC Trophies
 IV. Updates
  V. Frequently Asked Questions
 VI. Acknowledgement

____________|                                                       |___________
============|                    I. INTRODUCTION                    |===========
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                                                       |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

Welcome to my LittleBigPlanet Trophy Guide, where I'll be outlining the various
methods that can be done to help acquire all of the trophies in this game. This
guide is split into two main sections (for now), one for the trophies for the
main game, and a section for the trophies for the Metal Gear Solid 4 DLC that
was released. Note that the Metal Gear DLC is $5.99 and can be purchased from
the Playstation Network Store.

____________|                                                       |___________
============|                      II. TROPHIES                     |===========
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                                                       |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

LittleBigPlanet is one of those games with some time-consuming trophies that
require online components. There are a total of 48 trophies in the main game,
excluding any DLC. Note that the Platinum trophy does not require any of the
DLC trophies. There are 36 Bronze, 8 Silver, 3 Gold and 1 Platinum trophies in
the main game. The trophies will be listed in alphabetical order, with the
type of trophy listed under the name.

(  100% COMPLETE  )
TROPHY -- Platinum

This trophy is the one that requires you to get all other non-DLC trophies in
the game. Of particular difficulty, the Share, Play, Create, and Booty Master
trophies are probably the most difficult/time-consuming trophies.

TROPHY -- Silver

This is a trophy that cannot be completed under normal Story mode, as there
are really no good opportunities to get a 20X multiplier. That means you either
have to resort to an online level that dishes out a lot of score bubbles or
drop a lot of score bubbles in a created level and collect them in a test run.
Five bubbles equal a 1x multiplier, so you need to pick up 95 score bubbles in
a row quickly to get this trophy.

TROPHY -- Bronze

This trophy is really simple, as all you need to do is collect 5 score bubbles
in a row quickly. This can be achieved in one of the first few levels. If you
get the 20X Multiplier or the 8X one without getting this one, then you'll
get this trophy as well.

TROPHY -- Bronze

This might be a challenging trophy to get by yourself using only the story
levels, as you will need to quickly collect 35 score bubbles in a row. If you
don't have this trophy and collect the 20X Multiplier one, then you will
acquire this one.

(  ARTIST  )
TROPHY -- Bronze

All you have to do to get this trophy is to place a sticker, which you will have
to do automatically in the first stage.

TROPHY -- Silver

This is probably the hardest Silver trophy in the game, since you need to
collect all of the prize bubbles on the Story stages. Note that this just means
collecting the prize bubbles that are scattered around the stage, and not the
ones that you get for acing a level or completing it. You could check Absolute
Steve's FAQ for a list of where every location is listed, or you could check
out some of the video walkthroughs on Youtube. Here are two of my personal
favorites that I used for video walkthroughs:


Note that there are many areas throughout the story stages that require more
than one player. There are a few stages that require four players, some that
require 3 players, although most will require at least two players.

Only one player                 3x Players                 4x Players
===============                 ==========                 ==========
First Steps                     The Bunker                 The Dancer's Court
Get a Grip                                                 The Frozen Tundra
Skulldozer                                                 The Collector's Lair
The Collector

NOTE -- All other levels not listed above have a 2x players multiplayer area.

TROPHY -- Silver

You must get at least 5 author hearts to get this trophy. You can do this in a
few ways, like getting friends to heart you if they have the game. You could
also create a level in which you add something called Heart 4 Heart (H4H), in
which if people heart you and your level, then you will heart them back (tell
them to leave a comment). The hard way is to consistently create very good
levels and hope people heart you as an author.

TROPHY -- Bronze

This trophy should come naturally as you play the game, as you need to kill
100 creatures (with brains) across all levels you play. It doesn't matter if you
try to do this on story levels or online created levels.

(  CREATE  )
TROPHY -- Gold

This is one of the more annoying trophies in the game, as you need to gather
at least 30 author hearts, as well as 50 level hearts across ALL levels you
create. The easiest way is to just create a shorter level that focuses on
obtaining other trophies, or creating custom stickers for costumes, or creating
unique prizes for people. Just add the Heart 4 Heart (H4H) in the title or
description and then advertise on forums dedicated to LBP. The hard way is to
create excellent levels and hope people heart you and your levels.

TROPHY -- Bronze

You need to build and save a level with the thermometer on the side more than
30% full. Remember that more complex looking objects will fill the thermometer
faster, as well as many different types. If you're trying for the Team Creator
trophy as well, make sure to turn on a second controller before saving.

TROPHY -- Silver

You need to have 50 plays on any single level you have created, which might
sound a bit challenging at first, but there is a way to "cheat" your way to the
trophy. You can simply play from someone else's PS3, under a different account,
and rack up the plays for the trophy. I don't think a different account on the
same PS3 will count, but it doesn't hurt to try.

TROPHY -- Silver

This is one of the easier Silver trophies in the game, since you need to create
a creature with at least 2 eyes, 2 legs or wheels, and a brain. It doesn't even
have to be something fancy, since you can simply create a block as the
creature's base and then add on the requirements for the trophy. You also do
not need to keep the creature after you have created it.

TROPHY -- Bronze

You have to complete all the levels in the tutorial for Create mode for this
trophy. When you first start using Create mode, you'll have to go through a
set of tutorials before you can start creating your own level. Once you get free
access, you can start looking through the Popit menu. Go through the tools bag
and look for items that have a pinkish colored bubble with a question mark;
press Square on these and go through the tutorials for the ones that have them.
Once you get through all of the tutorials this way, you should get the trophy.

TROPHY -- Bronze

All you have to do for this trophy is choose a costume for your sackperson with
at least one material, one item on your body and one item on your head. You
can do this pretty much as soon as you can. Just bring up the Popit menu, select
the Costume option and then pick a material, then pick one item for your head
and one item for your body.

TROPHY -- Silver

As with all levels that revolve around your created levels, you have a few
options. You need to have one of your created levels get 10 hearts from other
players. You can create a quick and simple level revolving around obtaining
other trophies, adding the words Heart 4 Heart (H4H) somewhere in the title 
or description. You could also take your time and create an excellent level and
hope for people to heart the level that way.

(  FIRST!  )
TROPHY -- Bronze

You have to be one of the first 10 people to complete a community level online.
This is pretty easy, as you can simply go to the search options and select the
"Newest" option to get a list of levels that have been recently uploaded. Simply
select one that has under 10 plays, finish it and then you'll get this trophy.

TROPHY -- Bronze

You have to collect 25% of the prize bubbles across all story levels. This
should happen normally as you play through the Story, so there shouldn't be
no problems at all.

TROPHY -- Bronze

You need to complete any level with more than one player in order to get this
trophy. If you have an extra controller, you can use that and get the trophy
(you don't even need a second person playing, as you can just play the first
player and just run ahead the whole time). Most people will probably get this
trophy when going for the Socialite and Party Person trophies.

(  HI SCORE  )
TROPHY -- Silver

You should be able to get this trophy during the course of your playing time
with LBP, as you need to collect 1,000,000 points over all levels you play.
There are trophy levels online that do cater towards this trophy, but if you
want to get this naturally without relying on a trophy level, then simply play
and play some more.

TROPHY -- Bronze

Whenever you get access to your Popit menu in your pod, you can start decorating
it. You will need to place 10 decorations/stickers in your pod to get the
trophy. You don't have to have any variety, as you can simply place the same
sticker/decoration 10 times.

TROPHY -- Bronze

This is a rather ambiguous trophy, as it just says you need to travel to an
incredible height to get the trophy. What you can do is go to your My Moon,
create a level with the starting platform very, very high up in the air, play
it and just drop off the ledge to the ground and you should get the trophy.
There are trophy levels online that are designed to help with this trophy, if
you don't feel like doing it yourself.

Note that if you want your platform to stay in the air, you either need to
make it out of dark matter, or you can simply make the platform as normal and
then put a very, very tiny piece of dark matter inside the platform to make it
stay in the air.

TROPHY -- Bronze

Another slightly ambiguous trophy, as it simply says to travel at an incredible
speed. You can create something yourself to get this trophy, like a small car or
something like a sled. Attach a rocket to the one end and tweak it to make sure
the boost is set very high, then attach a grab switch to the rocket (set it as
on/off). Play the stage and grab the switch and hold on for your dear life, as
you should be speeding along. Also note that there are trophy levels online
that help with getting this trophy.

TROPHY -- Silver

You'll get this trophy once you complete all of the main story levels. Most of
them are fairly easy, although there are a few tough ones (like The Bunker, for
example). Simply take your time when going through the stages and don't rush
things, and you'll be fine.

TROPHY -- Bronze

You'll get this trophy once you have at least 5 plays on any level you have
created. Since you can simply play the stage from another PS3, it shouldn't be
too difficult to get the trophy (considering it's only 5 plays, it shouldn't be
too bad to just let things go and hope for people to just play it).

TROPHY -- Bronze

You just need to heart 5 community levels (levels online that other people
create) to get this trophy. Simply go online and heart whichever 5 levels you
want and you'll have this trophy in no time.

TROPHY -- Bronze

This is similar to the last trophy, but you just need to heart 3 authors
instead. To heart an author on LBP, you need to search for more levels from
that user on the same page where you can heart a level. You'll be taken to that
person's page, where you can heart the author by choosing that person's name.

TROPHY -- Bronze

You need to tag a community level to get this trophy. Once you finish a level
online, you'll be asked to rate it out of 5 stars, then you will see a bunch of
words you can use to describe a level, which are the tags. Simply choose one
and you'll get this trophy.

TROPHY -- Bronze

This is a somewhat annoying trophy to get, as you need to complete a level
online with 3 people that ARE on your friends list. You could definitely set
it up by agreeing with people on forums, which is probably the best way to do
it (if you don't have three friends already who play LBP). This trophy is most
likely going to be gotten in tandem with the Socialite one.

(  PLAY  )
TROPHY -- Gold

This is definitely the hardest trophy to acquire in the game, using your own
skills. You need to ace all story levels, meaning you have to finish them
without dying. This includes the sub-levels that you open up by finding keys in
the main levels. Note that there are some sub-levels that only finish when you
die, so you can't ace those. By far, the hardest level to ace is The Bunker, as
it's long and has one of the most difficult sections (the giant spinning wheel)
in the game. To ace First Steps, check out the Secret Stickerist trophy. Take
your time and DO NOT RUSH, and you should be fine. The following two links
should hopefully help in trying to find all the hidden keys to unlock the


TROPHY -- Bronze

All you have to do is publish a level to get this trophy. It doesn't really
matter if it's a good level or not, as you can simply take it down after you
publish it. It might be a good idea to take your time, though, as you will need
to create a very good level to get some other trophies.

TROPHY -- Bronze

You need to spend 8 or more seconds in the air to acquire this trophy. One of
the better ways to do this is to create a catapult of some kind and launch
yourself into the air enough to get the trophy. Note that there are levels
online that help people to get this trophy, so that is always an option as well.

TROPHY -- Bronze

To get this trophy, you have to unlock the secret race in First Steps. To do
this, you need to the Rainbow Shoe sticker that you get later on in the level.
Once you get that, you'll find a sticker switch near the beginning of the
stage that you can place the Rainbow Shoe on. Doing this unlocks the race, so
just run through it and finish the level. Note that this is the only way to
ace (finish without dying) this level.

(  SHARE  )
TROPHY -- Gold

You need to play 150 community levels, tag 50 community levels and heart 10
community levels in order to get this trophy. This is a rather time-consuming
trophy, but if you play a lot of online levels, it should come naturally. Just
remember that the game doesn't keep track of how many levels you play or tag,
so you need to do that yourself. If you want to get this trophy quickly, simply
search for H4H levels, or trophy ones, as they tend to be very short.

TROPHY -- Bronze

If you're going for the Party Person trophy, make sure you try and go for this
one at the same time. Otherwise, you're going to have to take chances and
hopefully join a level online and luckily get one with 3 other players. You
need to finish a level online, with 3 people that are NOT on your friends list.

TROPHY -- Bronze

You need to collect at least 50% of all prize bubbles throughout Story mode.
This might come naturally to most players, but make sure to search every nook
and cranny for the bubbles. If you need help, check the Booty Master trophy
for links to videos.

TROPHY -- Bronze

Simply leave a comment on another person's level online to get this trophy. To
leave a comment, simply go to the page where you can heart a person's level,
then press R1 until you get to the comments page. It doesn't need to be a long
comment or anything, so you could say something like "nice" and still get the

TROPHY -- Bronze

Right now, you can't do this trophy online, as there is no co-op online creator.
You need a second controller, so turn it on and then construct a level with
the thermometer more than 30% full, then save it to get the trophy. More complex
objects, as well as many different types will fill the thermometer faster.

TROPHY -- Bronze

You need to complete all of the main levels in The Canyons in order to get
this trophy. The levels are Boom Town, The Mines and Serpent Shrine. The only
big problem among these stages is Boom Town, with the main issue being the
sensitive nature of the explosives. Simply take your time with the explosives
and make sure you don't hurry.

TROPHY -- Bronze

The Gardens are the first set of stages in the Story mode, which you have to
complete in order to get the trophy. The stages you need to finish are First
Steps, Get a Grip, and Skate to Victory; none of the levels pose any threat, so
this should be easy to finish.

TROPHY -- Bronze

The Islands are probably the start of the longer and more challenging set of
levels, although you need to finish them to get this trophy. The stages you need
to complete are Endurance Dojo, Sensei's Lost Castle, and The Terrible Oni's
Volcano. There are a lot of obstacles in these stages, and probably the most
annoying part of these sets of stages are the spinning wheels in Sensei's Lost

TROPHY -- Bronze

You need to finish the three stages in The Metropolis area to get this trophy.
These stages are Lowrider, Subway and Construction Site and none of the levels
really offer a huge challenge that hasn't been seen so far in the game.

TROPHY -- Bronze

The Savannah is the second set of stages that you'll confront in LBP, and you
must complete them to earn this trophy. The stages are Swinging Safari, Burning
Forest, and The Meerkat Kingdom. None of the stages really present any kind of
a challenge, so as long as you take your time, you'll be fine.

TROPHY -- Bronze

The Temples present a unique spin on the levels in the Story mode, and you
must finish all three main stages to earn this trophy. The stages are The
Dancer's Court, Elephant Temple, and Great Magician's Palace. The first and
third stages are the more troublesome of the three, due to the great amount of
obstacles in both.

TROPHY -- Bronze

The Wedding is nothing too challenging for the average player, so it should be
easy enough to complete the levels to earn the trophy. The stages are The
Wedding Reception, The Darkness, and Skulldozer; Skulldozer is easily the most
difficult of these stages, as you are on the run and don't have enough time to
idle by.

TROPHY -- Bronze

You have to score the most points in a 4-player game in order to get this
trophy. This can be sort of annoying to get, since you might not be able to
get in many 4-player games to begin with. When you do, you just have to make
sure you collect the most score bubbles. If you set up a 4-player game (like
trying to get the Socialite and Party Person trophies), it can be set up so
one player each time can get the highest score.

TROPHY -- Bronze

All you have to do to get this trophy is complete a community level created
by someone else online. It's simple and not much more needs to be said.

TROPHY -- Bronze

You need to collect 75% of more of the prize bubbles in Story mode. This will
most likely not be accomplished on your first time through the levels, as a lot
of prize bubbles require second playthroughs. If you need help in getting the
prize bubbles, then check out the description for the Booty Master trophy for
links to videos.

TROPHY -- Bronze

For this trophy, you need to place a sticker or decoration on another player's
sackperson. If you have a second controller, turn it on and then place a sticker
or decoration on that player. If you don't, then when you get a chance to play
with someone else online, make sure to tell them that you're going to do the
above, so they know beforehand.

____________|                                                       |___________
============|              III. METAL GEAR DLC TROPHIES             |===========
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                                                       |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

The Metal Gear Solid 4 DLC was the first big expansion for LBP, and added many
new stickers, decorations and even a new gameplay option, the Paintinator. It
also added 11 new trophies for those who go trophy hunting a lot. As with the
main game, the trophies will be listed in alphabetical order.

(  ACE ACT 3 AND ACT 4  )
TROPHY -- Bronze

This is a semi-challenging trophy, as you need to finish both Act 3: The Mission
and Act 4: The Level Factory without dying. Remember to avoid the spotlights
at the beginning of Act 3, and then take your time with the plasma cannons after
that. For Act 4, you just need to be careful of the turrets and take your time
through the stage.

TROPHY -- Bronze

Act 5 is nothing but the Metal Gear REX boss, so it sounds like it is simple
to complete without dying. The problem is that REX has multiple phases, so
you'll need to be extra careful. Note that it fires green plasma balls
throughout the entire battle. The first phase is missiles fired up off the
screen that come crashing down; you can avoid these by staying to the far left.
The second phase involves machine gun fire; this can be avoided by staying to
the far right. The third phase involves lasers that come down and destroy the
floor whenever it hits; this is easily avoided by stay out of its laser sight.
The last phase is heavy plasma fire, so stay behind the wall when it comes up to
avoid being killed.

TROPHY -- Bronze

In Act 4, there are 5 hidden diamonds scattered throughout the level that you
must shoot, that unlock doors at the end that contain prize bubbles.

1) It's at the beginning of the level, so you can't really miss it.

2) When you get to the second drop-down platform, you can see a path to the left
   above you. Jump there and then jump to the right platform above you to find
   the second one.

3) It's hidden in a tiny alcove in between the first two drop-down turrets that
   you come across. Go back a plane and shoot above you to try and hit it.

4) The fourth diamond is just before the catapult. Jump on the ledge in the
   background, then use that to reach the above platform to the right. You'll
   find it in the air (go all the way to the right and the camera will change
   its position to reveal it).

5) The fifth diamond is cleverly hidden. When you reach the catapult, wait
   until it reaches its lowest point and use it to reach a slightly hidden
   area, where you will find the fifth diamond.

TROPHY -- Bronze

You have to collect all of the prize bubbles across all 5 stages of the Metal
Gear DLC. Here are some tips:

1) You need the one bullet hole sticker to get 100% on Act 1, which you
   get from finishing Act 5. Shoot the silhouettes and the small crates you
   see throughout the level in order to get all the prize bubbles.

2) Go through Act 2 once to get the Foxhound sticker, then play through it a
   second time, this time placing the Foxhound sticker on the sticker switch
   at the beginning to get a different level design. All of the stickers are
   pretty much in plain sight on both variations.

3) If you get seen by the searchlights at the beginning of Act 3, then it will
   close off areas which contain prizes. The rest aren't too bad, but make sure
   to check all the nooks and crannies.


4) A lot of prize bubbles are contained in the doors that open up by shooting
   the diamonds hidden throughout Act 4. Other than those, make sure to check
   all areas of the level.


5) Nothing much to say here, as there's only one prize bubble and it's in plain

TROPHY -- Bronze

All you have to do is publish a level that contains the Paintinator powerup in
it. You don't have to keep it published, as you can take it down as soon as you
publish it.

TROPHY -- Bronze

You will need to fire a total of 5,000 paintballs, which is cumulative. I'm not
entirely sure if all this needs to be done in the Metal Gear levels, but you
might not need to do it all in those ones. This should come naturally, so just
keep playing and shooting!

TROPHY -- Bronze

This is one of the more difficult trophies in the DLC pack, since you need to
fire 40 paintballs in 5 seconds. You can do this with more than one person, and
the good thing is that the 40 paintballs is split in between the number of
people playing. That means if there are 4 people in the game, then each person
only has to fire 10 paintballs in 5 seconds. If you're playing by yourself, then
you will need some help. I did it by turning the controller upside down and
rubbing the R1 button on a hard, flat surface.

TROPHY -- Bronze

Simply defeat Metal Gear REX in Act 5 to get this trophy. Check out the
"Ace Act 5: The Boss" trophy for a description of REX's moves during the fight.

TROPHY -- Silver

The trophy description says to defeat REX in 2 minutes and 30 seconds, but you
have to finish the whole stage in that time. That means you have to defeat each
section of REX the first time it appears, so if you don't do that, then you
should start over. If you die, you should probably also start over again. If you
can kill REX without dying, then keep trying until you can quickly kill it
under the time limit.

TROPHY -- Bronze

You need to complete Act 3 while firing less than 125 paintballs throughout the
whole level. It might sound easy at first, but you pretty much need to skip
every turret in the level and save all of your paintballs for the last one. You
can jump over all turrets, so make sure you take your time and jump carefully.
Once you get to the end with the final mega-turret you have to defeat, make sure
you aim your shots well at the intended targets. Here is a video of how to make
it through without firing a lot of paintballs:


TROPHY -- Silver

For this trophy, you need to obtain a score of 3,750 in the mini-game level, VR
Survival Challenge. This is definitely one of the more challenging trophies, as
it gets quite challenging to get that score by yourself. If you try to do it
by yourself, you need to remember to keep shooting and moving, while shooting
the rolling enemies that appear on the sides when they do. The good thing is
that you can do this with other players, so you can do this online with random
people or friends.

____________|                                                       |___________
============|                      IV. UPDATES                      |===========
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                                                       |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

4/08/09....I submitted the guide for the first time to GameFAQs after completing

4/05/09....I started the guide and outlined about half of the trophy

____________|                                                       |___________
============|             V. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS             |===========
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                                                       |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

Q) Can you help me to get some trophies/prize bubbles?
A) Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of time to play games nowadays, so I can't
   really help you. I'm on a break from LBP for a while, after playing it for
   an extensive period of time.

Q) I can't create anything right! Please help me!
A) I can't really help you in the actual creation, but here are some ideas.
   I would probably stray away from paying homage to another game, unless it's
   one that hasn't been done before. Don't expect to create something absolutely
   fantastic on your first try; you will learn from your mistakes from your
   old stages and start to create more fantastic stuff. For an easier Create
   trophy, the best way is to go for a Heart 4 Heart stage, even though the
   LBP world is literally swamped with them.

Q) What is a Heart 4 Heart stage?
A) It's usually a very short stage, usually concentrating on helping other
   players achieve trophies or it concentrates on costumes that players make
   from stickers for their sackpersons. If you decide to do one of these, make
   it different than ones already online.

____________|                                                       |___________
============|                  VI. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS                 |===========
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                                                       |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯

-- CJayC for creating and keeping up with GameFAQs for all these years

-- SBAllen for maintaining GameFAQs now

-- Sony and Media Molecule for creating such a fantastic game

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