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Metal Gear Solid DLC Guide by Absolute Steve

Version: Snack | Updated: 01/01/09

Metal Gear Solid Level Pack           ibEUUnzAE2A1Y;vi.
===========================          :UU7cici..ii,:vYAbZS:.
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                                  .0E;:8@MQ;iv;;,.7... ...tnUAti
 _      _ _   _   _             i#S7:7MMMMMScc7Yi;...;;.iv.:Yvvic;
| |    (_) | | | | |           :BIcv;,izZS.i6iv;7o...... i.,Iiii7,
| |     _| |_| |_| | ___      .QoYv;ii,.  ::i2Yv7c.... ,;77:7,,c1.
| |    | | __| __| |/ _ \     E8CYc;iiii;:vi.i.i;:.., .Mi0M#..iYX
| |____| | |_| |_1c|  __/    7#b0tiv;ci:ii:.....  .., EMMMMMi.:7i
|______|_|\__.U,.#M7.___|    E0bQZ71;::;i,i;:...ii,.. .MMMME:;iX.
              0EXz0cii;i.    8@b12Q87:iii:ivii:i:ic:.   ,Y. .;vC
            i..@7ii:.EMM,    cMQ8UIZEWAc;,,,.vi:..,.  .  ..,,:Ci___ _____ _____
            oMQIc7Cvi7AE      #M0QbAUBEE06zXvc:..,.:i:i,..,::co  _ \_   _/ ____|
           v0Q@2S7YY;:2.       0M@QZ9b6tto69zSY:;;i:7;Yi,iiiiIv |_) || || |  __
           .zzEIIn7Xi;2v        i@M#$0WEAtYvXSB$QE$8Uvvc1A9tCn|  _ < | || | |_ |
             YWWStztbM7;i.        CMM$Q0E8IA0zCIt919QQ0bQ8QZ9.| |_) || || |__| |
               C@@EYI6Q7i1i.        UM$$B$#$##0AM0z2A92UztQB. |____/_____\_____|
                .S@EC.v0ScSz2t:      tM##@MMMMMSACKY$$$W#M6.
                      .coU0QW8S@oXYCE0: XnQB
Oo=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*=-*oO        ;Ac;c8v$XY7::W@   _____  _                  _
|| © Absolute Steve ||       ,Wvi;bZ., ;i..CM6 |  __ \| |                | |
||  Version: Snack  ||       b0X:c$i7@i.i;;U#@i| |__) | | __ _ _ __   ___| |_
||faq@shillatime.org||      :#ooXiZv.QC.i;v#Q2A|  ___/| |/ _` | '_ \ / _ \ __|
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                       .cc,.@Q7;Yi.:7YCb1I@M0UAo_|    |_|\__,_|_| |_|\___|\__|
                   ;ttcti.;8A#MEb: .oEQ#@b1YvivA9ci.
              0MMM@M@IIn@Xi        .i1Q$$EQ##WB#$I..,...,
               c@MMMMMM#t          ..;I0#@#W$@$#@M7
                ,zMMMMMM.           .iz#MMMMMM@@MM.

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What a great gaming year this is, what a joy I've had playing games in 2008!
Little Big Planet was one of the biggest surprises for me this year, and I had a
blast writing a Game Guide for it.  Figures Mm comes out with a whole new DLC
Level Pack for one of my all-time-favorite series, Metal Gear Solid!

For only $5.99 I couldn't miss the opportunity to download this immediately on
23 Dec. 2008, and I couldn't resist writing an in-depth Guide on it either.
After all, this is something that even an official guide couldn't have covered
even if they wanted to.  Figuring that people'll need help on this too, I've put
every last bit of effort into this Strategy Guide to make it worth your while.

I can only hope you'll enjoy this as much as I will, but can say with enough
confidence that I think you will.  Congratulations to Mm for launching the best
DLC for LBP to date, and let there be many more.  I can't wait for FF7 DLC!

- Absolute Steve

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can greatly support me and others, perhaps even for free.

I sincerely hope you will find this Guide useful.  If you found it to be handy
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                               TABLE OF CONTENTS
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   Metal Gear Solid Level Pack
   0. Introduction & Additions
   1. Act 1: Introduction
   2. Act 2: VR Training
   3. Act 3: The Mission
   4. Act 4: The Level Factory
   5. Act 5: The Boss
   6. Mini Level






|    Metal Gear Solid Level Pack     |

0. Introduction & Additions:
The Metal Gear Solid Level Pack is the first DLC that introduces a pack of new,
fully playable levels: In total there are 6 new levels; 5 Main Story Levels and
1 Mini/Bonus Level.  The pack costs $5.99, and I'm sure Europe gets ripped off.

This Level Pack adds 72 new stickers, 12 new materials, 10 decorations, and
18 objects.  You also get the Gurlokovich Soldier costume.  In addition to these
you also get new features:

o 3 New Background tracks
o 1 Interactive Music track
o 1 Metal Gear Solid themed sound object
o 1 Danger Element: Plasma Ball
o 1 Gadget: Laser Sight
o 1 Searchlight Lamp
o 1 Paintinator (Paint Gun) + Paint Switch

Note: If you don't own this Level Pack you can still PLAY the levels by joining
      someone online who *DOES OWN* the levels.  You can furthermore PLAY the
      levels that are created by people who use this pack.  However, you DO NOT
      get to keep the objects you find - unfortunately.

This guide will lead you through the new levels that are fully designed in Metal
Gear Solid style.  No more lame streetfighter costumes, turkey head masks. Let's
finally dive into some real action!

1. Act 1: Introduction
|# Prize Bubbles In Level:| 13                                                 |
|Complete Level Once:     | Costume: Gurlukovich Soldier Uniform               |
|                         |        + Gurlukovich Soldier Helmet and Mask       |
|                         |        + Gurlukovich Soldier Vest                  |
|100% Completion Prize:   |                                                    |
|Ace Level Prize:         | Sticker: Metal + Gear + Solid.                     |
|PRIZE BUBBLE PICKUPS IN LEVEL:                                                |
|1. [] Gekko Crouching 3   2. [] Gekko Standing 1   3. [] Original Exclamation |
|                                                         Mark                 |
|4. [] Sleeping Sign       5. [] Stryker Wheel      6. [] Alert Sign           |
|7. [] METAL GEAR SOLID    8. [] Psycho Mantis Doll 9. [] Old Snake Doodle     |
|10.[] METAL GEAR SOLID   11. [] Young Snake Head  12. [] Gekko Standing 3     |
|13.[] Gekko Crouching 1                                                       |

This is an introductory level and you'll be automatically be driven to the end
checkpoint.  Grab the two prize bubbles from here: [#7] and [#10].

If you want to get all the other prize bubbles in this level you will need the
finish Act 5 and get the Big Bullet Hole sticker.  You can then use the Big 
Bullet Hole Sticker and stamp it on the Black Figures, Boxes, Ocelot, The World,
Metal Gear Rays and such carbons in order to unlock the missing prizes.  One
Black Figure Target can be tricky to locate: It's hidden behind the large-sized
Ocelot near the end of the level, act quick of wait for Ocelot to vanish.

2. Act 2: VR Training
|# Prize Bubbles In Level:| 18                                                 |
|Complete Level Once:     | Sticker: Otacon Body +                             |
|                         |          Otacon Face +                             |
|                         |          Kojima Foxhound                           |
|100% Completion Prize:   | Objects: Practice Target +                         |
|                         |          VR Grid Red +                             |
|                         |          VR Grid Green                             |
|Ace Level Prize:         | MGS4 'The Hunted'                                  |
|PRIZE BUBBLE PICKUPS IN LEVEL:                                                |
|1. [] Yellow Bird        2. [] Paintinator Switch   3. [] Paintinator Powerup |
|4. [] METAL GEAR SOLID   5. [] Isometric Crate      6. [] Gekko Crouching 2   |
|      Codec                                                                   |
|7. [] Green Crocodile    8. [] Gekko Looking        9. [] Camouflage Mixed    |
|10.[] Gekko Back         11.[] Gekko Standing       12.[] VR Grid Blue        |
|13.[] Brown Centipede    14.[] Black Chicken        15.[] Gekko Back 2        |
|16.[] Energy Drink       17.[] Plasma Ball          18.[] Danger Chevron      |

Move to the right and memorize the FOX carbon.  Continue your way past Otacon
and head into the VR area.  Grab the paintinator and destroy all targets with 
it.  The second VR room requires you to shoot more targets once again, but this
time cross/upwards as well.  The third area holds a practice VR Metal Gear Ray
with three targets, and as Otacon tells you, these targets can take as much as
10 hits each.  The fourth room has targets between different layers.  You will
need to switch layers in order to hit all these targets.  This makes for a good
lesson, since the paint bullets will always stay at the same plane, and never
change depth.

The next room holds a target with a health bar - these show you ho much health
a target has left before it vaporizes into thin air.  The room up ahead looks
like it has a powerful foe; Don't get too close or you'll be sure to get
electrocuted!  Instead, use your newly acquired paintinator to blast the four
unprotected creature brains on its spinning head from afar.  With the battle
victorious for you, continue your way to the next VR hinderness.

It looks like a turret is blocking your way!  Quickly hop over the block and
dive for cover.  Whenever the turret has fired a burst of shots, try to back out
and fire your own burst of shots.  The turret has a health bar as well, and you
will need to shoot it multiple times in order to finally pass.  Be sure to not
get hit by its vicious green plasma beams, or you'll be toast!

Approach Otacon one more time and you'll be rewarded three prize bubbles:

Place the Kojima Foxhound Sticker on the cardboard at the beginning of the level
and a finish line will drop down in the next room.  Grab the two prize bubbles
on it that hold stickers: [#6: GEKKO CROUCHING 2] and [#11 GEKKO STANDING 2].
Head into the next room and grab two more prize bubbles with stickers: [#4:

Head into the VR room and shoot the targets, this time with the difference that
the floor has that little extra wiggle.  The next room holds two more prize
bubbles with stickers: [#1: YELLOW BIRD] and [#18: DANGER CHEVRON].

Continue onward and make your way to the second VR room that now has a stamping
pillar in the middle of the room. Blast the targets without getting squashed 
and make your way to the next VR room.  A moving turret needs to be destroyed.
Avoid its Plasma Bolts and shoot it several times in order to continue.  It
truly looks like the whole VR level has changed!

The adjacent room holds two new stickers inside prize bubbles as well: 
[#7: GREEN CROCODILE] and [#13: BROWN CENTIPEDE].  Head into the next VR room
and shoot the targets while avoiding the three electrified soldiers on the
different planes.  Your reward is presented once more in the next room, in the
form of three new stickers in prize bubbles: [#5: ISOMETRIC CRATE], [#9:

The next VR room has three electrified obstacles in between four platforms that
are actually trap floors.  Stand too long on them and they'll flip you right to
the bottom, an action that inevitably leads to sacks demise.  Before you hop on
any of the platforms, shoot the three obstacles from a distance - the third may
be barely visible on-screen, but it can still be perfectly hit.  With the way
cleared quickly hop from trap to trap and make your way to the next room.
You'll find two more prize bubbles with stickers here: [#8: GEKKO LOOKING] and
[#10: GEKKO BACK].

Move into the next room and you'll face a devious foe.  After blasting several
creature brains that can take several shots, your enemy will start firing green
plasma right back at you.  Act quick and destroy its remaining brains before it
can do any more harm.  Grab the last two prize bubbles in the upcoming room,
which hold a sticker and material respectively: [#16: ENERGY DRINK] and [#12:

3. Act 3: The Mission
|# Prize Bubbles In Level:| 23                                                 |
|Complete Level Once:     | Solid Eye +                                        |
|                         | Circular Vent +                                    |
|                         | Old Snake Head                                     |
|100% Completion Prize:   | Foxhound Patch +                                   |
|                         | Pixel Crate +                                      |
|                         | Black Wolf                                         |
|Ace Level Prize:         | Metal Gear Ray +                                   |
|                         | Sensor Pod +                                       |
|                         | Metal Gear Rex Head                                |
|PRIZE BUBBLE PICKUPS IN LEVEL:                                                |
|1. [] Middle Eastern Tiles   2. [] Blue Wolf        3. [] Static Sentry Turret|
|4. [] Searchlight            5. [] Damage Crack 2   6. [] Short Armour Plate  |
|7. [] Laser Sight            8. [] Bullet Holes     9. [] Practice Target     |
|10.[] Sack Cannon           11. [] Middle Eastern  12. [] Explosion           |
|                                   Lattice                                    |
|13.[] Young Snake Leg       14. [] Interlocking    15. [] Camouflage 3        |
|                                   Armour Plate                               |
|16.[] Green Frog            17. [] Sentry Turret   18. [] Stryker             |
|19.[] MGS4 'The Hunter'     20. [] Damage Crack 1  21. [] Wall Damage         |
|22.[] Embossed Cardboard    23. [] Middle Eastern                             |
|                                   Render                                     |

A mysterious level spammer has risen.  This peculiar figure seems to have the
ability to create the same level over and over again, and does so 24 hours a
day.  You, Sack, must stop him at once!

Make your way past Otacon and past the checkpoint.  In the next bit you'll have
to move to the background in order to not be seen by the searchlight.  If you
get seen, a Plasma Turret will rapidly start firing Plasma Balls at you, so
you'll want to take cover.  The second backplane you'll need to jump in.  If you
don't get found by the searchlight you will be able to find the [#8: BULLET
HOLES] and [#16: GREEN FROG] stickers in the last alcove.  If you did get found
you'll have to restart the level to open up the small gate that has jammed shut
when you sounded the alarm.  Proceed to the next area of the level.

Pass the checkpoint and avoid the searchlight in the next street.  Be sure to
grab the prize bubble with the [#10: DAMAGE CRACK 1] sticker.  Carefully climb
the nearby crates and grab the [#2: BLUE WOLF] prize bubble without being seen
by a second searchlight in the background, and also flip the switch quickly.

This is a tricky part, because the searchlight moves fast.  Wait for it to move
left and while it's still moving, quickly jump over from the crate to the
switch, flip it, and immediately drop down.  You should have enough time to do
this without getting seen.

The door will be opened, and if you didn't get seen your reward lies in the open
gate that holds two prize bubbles with an object and a decoration: 
[#4: SEARCHLIGHT] and [#14: INTERLOCKING ARMOUR PLATE]. Continue your way and
grab the paintinator.  Use it to blast two turrets on the right.  When you've
done so, grab the [#3: STATIC SENTRY TURRET] from the alcove.  Move to the other
alcove closer to the third turret and destroy it.  You can also shoot the two
objects on the upper left and upper right of the turrets to grab some score

The next area has two turrets, one on the ground and one on the ceiling.  Take
out the ground turret first by switching between shooting and hiding in the
backgrounds.  When both turrets have been destroyed, grab the prize bubble from
the middle alley which holds [#17: STATIC TURRET].  Before you go over the crane
(which is actually a Sack Cannon), be sure to grab the two prize bubbles on 
ground level located on the right.  These hold [#1: MIDDLE EASTERN TILES] and 
[#10: SACK CANNON]. 

When the Sack Cannon is at its lowest angle, launch yourself against a wall
where you'll find the [#22: EMBOSSED CARDBOARD].

Hop onto the Sack Cannon and launch yourself to the next area, which is even
more dangerous than the last.  Grab the paintinator and destroy the Plasma
Shooting turrets from the ceiling by blasting their two creature brains.  Move
on and shoot another ground turret.  Hop over the gap and destroy one last
ceiling turret.

Before dropping down, shoot the green blocks attached to the walls which will
activate steps for you to slowly descend.  This the preferred and only method,
because the floor looks awfully hot.  Before you move to quickly through these
steps, flip the second green block switch on the left wall.  Jump and keep
pressing to the left in order to find three concealed prize bubbles:
Continue where you came from.

When you reach the top, try and blast a riding turret in the distance, then drop
flat down to grab several prize bubbles and a prize bubble: [#21: WALL DAMAGE].
Continue down the street and look in the alley for a prize bubble with a new
material: [#23: MIDDLE EASTERN RENDER]. Also destroy a second turret here.  The
other alcove holds another prize bubble, this time with an object: 
[#18: STRYKER].

Continue to the next area and meet a devious foe.  This tank does not only have
a spiked, bulldozer-like ramming plate but also shoots double plasma balls at
you.  Use the background to hide and fire bursts of your paintinator in order
to destroy it.  But wait, it's not over yet!  With the turret destroyed, the
tank enters a second phase and starts dropping small bombs.  Keep your firing
rate up and dispose of it for good.  The explosion causes the nearby walls to
blow up completely, leaving for you a load of score and prize bubbles: [#5
LEG], [#15: CAMOUFLAGE 3], [#19: MGS4 'THE HUNTER].

4. Act 4: The Level Factory
|# Prize Bubbles In Level:| 36                                                 |
|Complete Level Once:     | Gekko Armour Plating +                             |
|                         | Gekko Skin +                                       |
|                         | Middle Eastern Stone Relief                        |
|100% Completion Prize:   | Metal Gear Rex +                                   |
|                         | Metal Gear Mk.II                                   |
|Ace Level Prize:         | Old Snake Moustache +                              |
|                         | Snake                                              |
|PRIZE BUBBLE PICKUPS IN LEVEL:                                                |
|1. [] Eye Have You Logo   2. [] Decal 4            3. [] Big                  |
|4. [] Camouflage 2        5. [] Red Eagle          6. [] Circular Armour Plate|
|7. [] Bubbles Container   8. [] Target Platform    9. [] Old Snake Arm 2      |
|10.[] Single Bullet Hole 11. [] Decal 2           12. [] Old Snake Body       |
|13.[] Grenade Silo       14. [] Tin Bunker Front  15. [] Super Sentry Turret  |
|16.[] Orange Gecko       17. [] Gekko Leg         18. [] Tin Bunker           |
|19.[] Teabag             20. [] Pop-down Sentry   21. [] Boss                 |
|                                Turret                                        |
|22.[] Gekko Skin Edge    23. [] MGS2 'Yell "Dead  24. [] Bubble Vendor        |
|                                Cell" (VR Remix)'                             |
|25.[] Decal 1            26. [] Black Spider      27. [] Missile              |
|28.[] Old Snake Arm 1    29. [] Screaming Mantis  30. [] Decal 3              |
|                                Helmet                                        |
|31.[] Stryker Rex        32. [] Camouflage 1      33. [] Old Snake Leg        |
|34.[] Long Armour Plate  35. [] Utility Pack      36. [] Pop-up Sentry Turret |

Head right and shoot the VR diamond (1) before continuing.  Move to the right
and bring down the platform by shooting it.  Hop on the left edge and find two
prize bubbles: [#8: TARGET PLATFORM], [#35: UTILITY PACK]. Continue to the right
and bring down another platform lift.  When you've made it across the gap, grab
the three prize bubbles: [#26: BLACK SPIDER], [#27: MISSILE], [#34: LONG ARMOUR

You can also use the previous lift platform to move to an area on the upper 
left.  There are two switches on the wall here, move back and forth planes in
order to activate them at the same time; This is easier with two players but not
at all necessary.  A cardboard will come up, but you don't have the sticker for
this yet.  When you obtain the Crouching Gecko 1 Sticker (Level 1, but only
after finishing level 5 for an other sticker) you can stamp it on the cardboard
and receive 4 prize bubbles: [#11: DECAL 2], [#30: DECAL 3], [#2: DECAL 4],

If you head right and take the upper path you can shoot another VR diamond (2).
Take the lower path and shoot the three platforms, then quickly make your way
over the spikey gap.

In the next area you'll find heavy defenses.  Destroy any turrets and hide in
the small bunkers when you feel the need.  Speaking of these bunkers, you can
find two prize bubbles in the first and one more in the second: [#14: TIN BUNKER
FRONT], [#18: TIN BUNKER], [#7: BUBBLES CONTAINER].  Continue some more, blast
a few turrets in your way and collect [#24: BUBBLE VENDOR] on your way.  Look up
in this middle alcove and shoot another VR diamond (3).

The next two turrets can be tricky; You'll want to take shelter in the next
alcove, right under the ceiling turret - time this well - then shoot a few
bullets whenever you can move to the front layer, and back out again. When
they're destroyed, grab the [#6: CIRCULAR ARMOUR PLATE] from the alcove.

Move up by using the moving blocks until you reach the enemy HQ according to
Otacon.  Check out the switch on top of the left wall.  Activate it to bring
out a small Otacon cardboard.  Use the Otacon Sticker (from level 1) and stamp
it on the cardboard to bring out 4 prize bubbles: [#9 OLD SNAKE ARM 2], 

Continue through the electrified plus by shooting it carefully and making your
way over three platforms - shoot these one by one to ensure a safe overpass.
Move under the green walkway and shoot it to flip the other direction, cross it,
shoot the elevator platforms and use them to reach the second level.

You can head upwards by jumping in the back.  This allows you to shoot another
VR triangle (4) and get the [#16: ORANGE GECKO] and [#21: BOSS] stickers.  Now
head left and use the Sack Cannon, but use it when it's completely pointing
DOWN.  It will now launch you to a platform with the last VR diamond (5).
Return to the Sack Cannon and have it blow you to the new area above.  Use the
ledge on your right to move to a sticker puzzle: Shoot the three switches,
quickly select your Black Spider Sticker and claim your reward: [#4: CAMOUFLAGE
2], [#17: GEKKO LEG], [#28: OLD SNAKE ARM 1], [#32: CAMOUFLAGE 1].

Head back over the ledge and continue to the left.  Ride the elevator up, but
prepare yourself for various stops: The first stop requires you to destroy one
ground turret on your right in order to proceed upwards.  The second stop
features two turrets on your left; Be sure to take cover behind the boxes and
only fire when you're absolutely sure it's safe.  The third stop gets harder as
you get attacked from both sides, two turrets on the right and one on the left.
Solely concentrate on the plasma balls, duck out whenever it's safe, and simply
shoot bursts of paint bullets in the right direction until one of the turrets
blows up, making things a little easier for you.  The fourth encounter is
actually easier than the third and features a machine gun turret that shoots
many double barrelled plasma shots in mere seconds.

As to be expected, the fourth encounter was a mere 'introductory' encounter as
we'd like to call it in videogames.  The fifth encounter features the machine
gun turret on the right in combination with a regular turret on the left.

When you finally reach the top, head right and grab all prize bubbles from the
(hopefully) unlocked triangle-marked gates.  These will open accordingly if you
shot the triangular targets before.

First:  [#23: MGS2 'YELL "DEAD CELL" (VR REMIX)'] + [VR Survival Challenge].
Second: [#3: BIG], [#13: GRENADE SILO], [#36: POP-UP SENTRY TURRET].
Third:  [#5: RED EAGLE], [#33: OLD SNAKE LEG], [#31: STRYKER REX].

5. Act 5: The Boss
|# Prize Bubbles In Level:| 1                                                  |
|Complete Level Once:     | Young Snake Arm +                                  |
|                         | Young Snake Body +                                 |
|                         | Big Bullet Hole                                    |
|Ace Level Prize:         | Metal Gear Ray Head +                              |
|                         | Liquid Snake +                                     |
|                         | Grey Praying Mantis                                |
|PRIZE BUBBLE PICKUPS IN LEVEL:                                                |
|1. [] MGS1 'Encounter (LBP remix)'                                            |

Head up with the elevator and continue to the right to meet Ocelot.  One epic
boss battle lies ahead with Metal Gear Rex.


Phase 1:
In this phase, Rex will fire several plasma balls at you - which aren't all that
hard to avoid unless you get yourself cornered - and will fire a series of
missiles that seem to span over the whole platform.  This isn't true;  If you
back out all the way to the left you will not get hit by the missiles.  Do your
best to hit the missile launcher, because that is Rex's only weak spot during
this part of the fight.

Phase 2:
With its missile launcher destroyed, Rex will resort to its heavy artillery
machine gun, while continuing with regularly firing plasma balls at you.  The
funny thing about the machine gun is that it's avoided by moving to the exact
oposite direction as you did with the missiles, in this case it means staying
close to Rex on the right.  This has the advantage that you can easily target
Rex's weak spot, which is revealed when it stands up slightly, and you should be
able to easily spot it and fire a series of paint bullets at it.

Phase 3:
In this phase, Rex will start using heavy fire from above, pinpointed by laser
beams.  Don't stand near the laser beams and you'll be fine.  The weak spot is
once again easily found;  Whenever Rex opens up its mouth this is revealed.

Phase 4:
You can now take shelter in the wharf - and you'll likely need this since the
gun that Rex pulls out now fires plasma balls like no other gun you've ever seen
before.  When you get the chance, jump and fire a burst of bullets at the plasma
gun.  Repeat this several times and the whole Gear goes BOOM!

Move to the right and destroy the level spamming device by shooting the four
switches.  Victory is now yours and you've done the LBP World a big favor by
ridding it from this menace.

6. Mini Level:
Grab the paintinator and shoot as many targets as you can!  Dodge all plasma
balls and beware of the sudden alarm tone.  This means an additional hazardous
object is coming your direction, and you'd best shoot it for it kills you.  The
longer you survive, the higher your score will be.  Try and get the trophy by
surviving long enough in order to score 3750 points. 

Tip: Try playing with more than one player to get this trophy more easily.

                      II) METAL GEAR SOLID TROPHIES [TRO]

Metal Gear Solid Level Pack Trophies:

This Level Pack features 12 new Trophies:

|Trophy Name:       |Trophy Type|How to Unlock:                                |
|QuickFire Artiste  |Bronze     |Fire 40 paintballs within 5 seconds.          |
|Rexecutioner       |Bronze     |Destroy the Metal Gear Rex boss.              |
|Ace Act 3 and Act4 |Bronze     |Ace Act 3: The Mission & 4: The Level Factory.|
|Ace Act 5:The Boss |Bronze     |Ace Act 5: The Boss.                          |
|Paint Splurge      |Bronze     |Fire 5000 paintballs.                         |
|Diamond Hunter     |Bronze     |Destroy the 5 hidden diamonds in Act 4.       |
|Thrify Painter     |Bronze     |Finish Act 3 while firing under 125 paintballs|
|METAL GEAR SOLID©  |Bronze     |Collect all METAL GEAR SOLID Prize Bubbles    |
|Booty Master       |           |                                              |
|Paint Sharer       |Bronze     |Publish a level containing Paintilator Powerup|
|Virtual Survivor   |Silver     |Achieve a 3750+ Score in VR Survival Challenge|
|Speedy Rexecutioner|Silver     |Destroy Metal Gear REX within 2 mins & 30 sec.|

Note: New Level Content-related Trophies are not required purchases in order to
      get 100% on Trophies: You can still join someone's game online - someone
      who has bought the Level Pack - and get the corresponding Trophy.  The
      Platinum Trophy is still gotten by completing the main game's Trophies,
      and you are not required to get any additional DLC Trophies for it.

                             III) VERSION HISTORY

• Snack (0.50) [23 Dec. 2008]
============== ==============
o Added Metal Gear Solid Level Content!

• Snack (1.00) [27 Dec. 2008]
============== ==============
Main Content Walkthrough Completed.

                                  IV) CREDITS

Main Credits:
o Absolute Steve: For writing this FAQ, all rights reserved.
o Rothinzil:      For getting me into this insanely addictive game. Heart him!
                  Also incredible help with multiplayer areas.
o My Readers:     For any feedback and for reading this!

Other Credits:
o mcnichoj18: Help with tricky prize bubbles.

                                 V) COPYRIGHT

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*NOT* allowed: CheatCC or Cheat Code Central, nor any other cheat websites owned
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infringed the copyright of countless FAQs/guides and cheats and has altered
the copyright sections of countless more FAQs/guides, often removing 'GameFAQs'
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