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  1. Or is it online only Multiplayer like so many games these days? Can it be a full 4 people?

    User Info: vazzaroth

    vazzaroth - 10 years ago

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  1. yep I was playing today for a while with the fiance. It's a blast! It's local and online simultaneously as well if you only have a few3 controllers but want the full 4.

    User Info: FeedBack19

    FeedBack19 - 10 years ago 21 1


  1. yes it does. I can support 4 people and you can do anything you want.

    User Info: thedivineslaser

    thedivineslaser - 10 years ago 11 0
  2. Yes, you can play local multiplayer with up to four people.

    User Info: Flailsnail

    Flailsnail - 10 years ago 10 2
  3. Yes, I've played this game at home with my roommate and two friends. You can also have groups where its local people mixed with online people. I've found my roommate online (who was playing in his room with his friend on the first floor) and played a level. Careful about lag though.

    User Info: jikiboyo

    jikiboyo - 10 years ago 6 0
  4. Any combination of 4 people, can have 1 person each with their own system, 3 one one PS3 and 1 on another, etc...

    User Info: wwefan4ever

    wwefan4ever - 10 years ago 1 0
  5. No and yes, but it has both Online and Local

    User Info: kingmickey2

    kingmickey2 - 10 years ago 4 8

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