Review by hellacost2

Reviewed: 07/26/07

Football has been changed...forever!

I brought this game a few days ago, and since playing it I have it say it was pretty good. What am I kidding, this game was off the hook! Its addictive, and fun at the same time! Football has never been better!

Score 9 Wow nice Graphics, everything looks so real! And All the players have nice shirts, and the best part about the game is that no one looks like they work out 24/7. The graphics are crystal clear, which in my opinion makes any game better to play.

Game Play
Score 9 Game Play is awesome! I liked tackling the most, it was fun knocking a person down. But there were some broken tackles, that did not seem that very realestic. There are also mini-games like Campus lengend, tug of war, and much more. Some of the things from 07 are back like tug of war, option dash, and bowling, which makes the game only better!

Score 8 Sound effects are great I love the way the Crowd cheers for me when I get the ball and score a touch down. The music is okay I never been a music fan that much. But the music gets you going. Lots of band music in the mini-games which just keeps me going.

Score 8 The AI is great, makes you want to play more and more. The AI can be tough to beat which makes the game a lot better, I hated those other football games where you could run circles around almost everyone.

I did not like the broken tackles, and some other minor giltches.
Also when your Quarterback is running full speed, he still may not reach the ball in time. And things that the refs will not notice, which kinda gets me mad.

Rent or Buy? Its your choice I believe you should buy this game if your a major football fan, I brought it a few days ago and I seem to be enjoying it very much.

OVERALL GAME SCORE 8 This game is a must buy to all those football fans out there, if you want a great football game with awesome graphics, great sound effects, and a good AI, this game is yours

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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