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Trophy Guide by pikanchion

Version: 3.13 | Updated: 07/28/2009

Version 3.13 31-7-2009                    Original Version Created 25 June 2009
          _  _  _ _       _______                    _     _ _____   
         | || || (_)     (_______)           _      | |   | (____ \  
         | || || |_ ____  _____   ___  _   _| |_    | |__ | |_   \ \ 
         | ||_|| | |  _ \|  ___) / _ \| | | |  _)   |  __)| | |   | |
         | |___| | | | | | |____| |_| | |_| | |__   | |   | | |__/ / 
          \______|_| ||_/|_______)___/ \____|\___)  |_|   |_|_____/  
                  AND      (_______)                
                            _____ _   _  ____ _   _ 
                           |  ___) | | |/ ___) | | |
                           | |   | |_| | |   | |_| |
                           |_|    \____|_|    \__  |
                                             (____/   Expansion
        _____ ____  ____  ____  _    ___  _   _____ _     _  ____  _____
       /__ __X  __\/  _ \/  __\/ \ /|\  \//  /  __// \ /\/ \/  _ \/  __/
         / \ |  \/|| / \||  \/|| |_|| \  /   | |  _| | ||| || | \||  \  
         | | |    /| \_/||  __/| | || / /    | |_//| \_/|| || |_/||  /_ 
         \_/ \_/\_\\____/\_/   \_/ \|/_/     \____\\____/\_/\____/\____\

WipEout HD (& Fury Expansion) Trophy Guide              


This is my first Guide/FAQ so be kind...
First up, this is one the hardest but most rewarding platinums around. Note
that there is no actual reward, it just feels brilliant and offers the highest
level bragging rights - that is, if by the time youre finished you still have 
anyone to brag to. 

Type the code into the search box (Ctrl+F) to jump to a section. Or you could 
just scroll down, your choice.

Basics & General Info
[WHD.01] --- Intro to WipEout HD & Fury
[WHD.02] --- Game basics
[WHD.03] --- About Fury 
[TPHY.01] --- Full list of trophies & descriptions
[TPHY.02] --- *Beginners* Trophies
[TPHY.03] --- Skill Based Trophies
[TPHY.04] --- Campaign Trophies
[TPHY.05] --- *Beat Zico*
[TPHY.06] --- Stat-Based Trophies
[TPHY.07] --- Fury Trophies
[TPHY.08] --- *Transcendence*
Other Stuff
[OTHR.01] --- Q&A/FAQ
[OTHR.02] --- Contact Details
[OTHR.03] --- Version History
[OTHR.04] --- Credits
[OTHR.05] --- Legal

|---Intro to WipEout HD & Fury---| [WHD.01]

The WipEout series is brilliant, and has been a playstation showcase game since
the days of the PS1. This game is no different and it shows off the intense 
graphics and processing power of the PS3.

It has been a favourite series between many with lots of fans and it is still
going strong even after all this time.

|---Game basics---| [WHD.02]

The game itself has a built in manual on the main menu so there is little to
say about controls.

The campaign is split into 8 events, the events are split into cells, these
cells are the individaul races, time trials etc. 

Anything else you could need is available in Larikuns full guide of the game
You can find it in the same place as my FAQ.

|---About Fury---| [WHD.03]

Fury has finally arrived! This pack is considered by many to be even better
than the original came, it has about as much content but the content is aguably
better because you get eliminator, detonator and zone battle which some people
prefer to *normal* races. All of this and it is also cheaper than the original 

Anyway Fury has several extra trophies and some very good circuits including
the new *zone* circuits which can only be played on zone and detonator modes.

All the ships are back but upgraded, in looks and in stats. 

You now also get a choice between themes for the main menu and colour.
Either the: 

HD - White, Blue and Grey 
Fury - Black, Red and Grey

This pack is a must have for any WipEout fans or people who enjoyed HD.

|---Full list of trophies & descriptions---| [TPHY.01]

These are in the order as they appear on the games own Trophy list as I find 
that easier to read personally, If you would like it another way MAKE YOUR OWN
GUIDE!!! After all, this is entirely free...

/--Trophy Name--+------Games Description-----+-Trophy-+-Quick Find-+Difficulty\
|               |                            |  Type  |    Code    |          |
|Transcendence  |Earn all trophies in the    |Platinum|[TPHY.08.01]|  10/10   |
|               |game (excluding additional  |        |            |          |
|               |content trophies).          |        |            |          |
|Uplift         |Obtain a medal in every cell| Bronze |[TPHY.04.01]|   2/10   |
|               |in Uplift                   |        |            |          |
|Warped         |Obtain a medal in every cell| Bronze |[TPHY.04.02]|   3/10   |
|               |in Warped                   |        |            |          |
|Frenzy         |Obtain a medal in every cell| Bronze |[TPHY.04.03]|   3/10   |
|               |in Frenzy                   |        |            |          |
|Vertigo        |Obtain a medal in every cell| Bronze |[TPHY.04.04]|   4/10   |
|               |in Vertigo                  |        |            |          |
|Head Rush      |Obtain a medal in every cell| Bronze |[TPHY.04.05]|   4/10   |
|               |in Head Rush                |        |            |          |
|Speed Freak    |Obtain a medal in every cell| Bronze |[TPHY.04.06]|   4/10   |
|               |in Speed Freak              |        |            |          |
|Dropzone       |Obtain a medal in every cell| Bronze |[TPHY.04.07]|   5/10   |
|               |in Dropzone                 |        |            |          |
|Meltdown       |Obtain a medal in every cell| Bronze |[TPHY.04.08]|   5/10   |
|               |in Meltdown                 |        |            |          |
|Campaign Legend|Obtain a gold medal in every| Silver |[TPHY.04.09]|   7/10   |
|               |cell in the original WipEout|        |            |          |
|               |HD race campaign            |        |            |          |
|Elite Campaign |Obtain a gold medal in every|  Gold  |[TPHY.04.10]|   9/10   |
|Legend         |cell in the original WipEout|        |            |          |
|               |HD race campaign on elite   |        |            |          |
|               |difficulty                  |        |            |          |
|Deadly Momentum|Get eliminated in a race on | Bronze |[TPHY.02.01]|   2/10   |
|               |novice difficulty           |(Hidden)|            |          |
|Smile Please   |Use photo mode to take a    | Bronze |[TPHY.02.02]|   1/10   |
|               |Photo                       |(Hidden)|            |          |
|Rookie Award   |Win a race with pilot assist| Bronze |[TPHY.02.03]|   1/10   |
|               |on                          |(Hidden)|            |          |
|1 Gold medal   |Obtain your first gold medal| Bronze |[TPHY.02.04]|   1/10   |
|won, 86 to go..|in the original WipEout HD  |        |            |          |
|               |race Campaign               |        |            |          |
|Happy accident?|Execute your first          | Bronze |[TPHY.02.05]|   2/10   |
|               |successful barrel roll      |(Hidden)|            |          |
|Thanks for the |Win a Campaign, Racebox or  | Bronze |[TPHY.02.06]|   2/10   |
|Memory         |Online race using each HUD  |(Hidden)|            |          |
|               |style variation             |        |            |          |
|Motion Master  |Win a Campaign or Racebox   | Bronze |[TPHY.03.01]|   N/A    |
|               |race with the motion sensor |(Hidden)|            |          |
|               |option set to 'pitch and    |        |            |          |
|               |steering'.Directional       |        |            |          |
|               |buttons, left stick & pilot |        |            |          |
|               |assist cannot be used to    |        |            |          |
|               |obtain this trophy.         |        |            |          |
|Flatland Flyer |Execute and land a          | Bronze |[TPHY.03.02]|   4/10   |
|               |successful barrel roll on   |        |            |          |
|               |Moa Therma                  |        |            |          |
|Own the Zone   |Get 20 Consecutive perfect  | Bronze |[TPHY.03.03]|   6/10   |
|               |zones in a single Zone Mode |        |            |          |
|               |event                       |        |            |          |
|Double Kill    |eliminate at least two      | Bronze |[TPHY.03.04]|   4/10   |
|               |opponents in any race       |        |            |          |
|Airbraker      |Reach Zone 50 (Subsonic)    | Silver |[TPHY.03.05]|   7/10   |
|               |in Zone Mode on any track   |        |            |          |
|               |using only airbrakes and    |        |            |          |
|               |sideshift. Motion sensor    |        |            |          |
|               |controls must be turned off |        |            |          |
|Tournament Ace |Win every race of an 8 stage| Silver |[TPHY.03.06]|   5/10   |
|               |Racebox tournament on       |        |            |          |
|               |skilled or elite difficulty |        |            |          |
|Zone Zeus      |In Zone mode, reach zone 75 |  Gold  |[TPHY.03.07]|  10/10   |
|               |on any track.               |        |            |          |
|Arcade Perfect |Finish 1st on all 16 WipEout|  Gold  |[TPHY.03.08]|   7/10   |
|               |HD tracks in Phantom class  |        |            |  (3/10)  |
|               |Racebox races on Elite      |        |            |          |
|               |difficulty                  |        |            |          |
|Beat Zico      |Equal or beat the lap time  |  Gold  |[TPHY.05.01]|  10/10   |
|               |of 30.82 seconds on Anulpha |        |            |          |
|               |Pass (Forward),
Speed Lap,   |        |            |          |
|               |Venom speed Class, using the|        |            |          |
|               |Piranha.                    |        |            |          |
|Mercenary      |Get at least 500 loyalty    | Bronze |[TPHY.06.01]|   3/10   |
|               |for each team               |(Hidden)|            |          |
|Keep Rollin'   |Execute 100 succesful barrel| Bronze |[TPHY.06.02]|   4/10   |
|               |rolls                       |(Hidden)|            |          |
|Gemini         |Complete 20 two-player,     | Bronze |[TPHY.06.03]|   2/10   |
|               |split-screen races          |(Hidden)|            |          |
|Sponge         |Absorb 500 Items            | Bronze |[TPHY.06.04]|   4/10   |
|               |                            |(Hidden)|            |          |
|Endurance      |Finish an online 12 race    | Bronze |[TPHY.06.05]|   4/10   |
|               |tournament                  |        |            |          |
|Connected 1    |Finish 10 online races      | Bronze |[TPHY.06.06]|   3/10   |
|Bling Brigade  |Finish an eight player      | Bronze |[TPHY.06.07]|   7/10   |
|               |online race with all players|(Hidden)|            |          |
|               |using ships that are        |        |            |          |
|               |displaying campaign skins   |        |            |          |
|Connected 2    |Win 10 online races         | Silver |[TPHY.06.08]|   5/10   |
|Lapped out     |Complete 99 laps in a single| Silver |[TPHY.06.09]|   2/10   |
|               |Racebox, speed lap session  |        |            |          |
|AG Assassin    |Eliminate 50 online opponent| Silver |[TPHY.06.10]|   7/10   |
|               |                            |        |            |  (2/10)  |
|WipEout        |Obtain 100,000 loyalty      | Silver |[TPHY.06.11]|   6/10   |
|Disciple       |points for any team         |        |            |          |
|Livery         |Unlock every ship skin in   |  Gold  |[TPHY.06.12]|   5/10   |
|Liberation     |the game (excludes          |        |            |          |
|               |additional content)         |        |            |          |
|Hold Your Fire |Reach stage 10 without      | Bronze |[TPHY.07.01]|   6/10   |
|               |firing on any track, in any |        |            |          |
|               |Detonator event.            |        |            |          |
|Sharpshooter   |Score a hit with every round| Bronze |[TPHY.07.02]|   5/10   |
|               |in an entire cannon clip in |        |            |          |
|               | any Detonator event.       |        |            |          |
|Da Bomb        |Destroy all 14 bombs in any | Bronze |[TPHY.07.03]|   5/10   |
|               |Detonator event.            |        |            |          |
|Zone Battle    |Win a single player, Racebox| Bronze |[TPHY.07.04]|   3/10   |
|Legend         |Zone Battle event with a    |        |            |          |
|               |target of 40 on Talons      |        |            |          |
|               |Junction (Forward).         |        |            |          |
|Just Passing   |Pass through 15 Zone        | Bronze |[TPHY.07.05]|   4/10   |
|Through        |Barriers in any Zone Battle |        |            |          |
|               |event.                      |        |            |          |
|Zen Evasion    |Win any single player Zone  | Bronze |[TPHY.07.06]|   4/10   |
|               |Battle event with a minimum |        |            |          |
|               |target of 25 without        |        |            |          |
|               |absorbing.                  |        |            |          |
|Elimin18       |Eliminate 18 opponents in a | Bronze |[TPHY.07.07]|   6/10   |
|               |single player Eliminator    |        |            |          |
|               |event.                      |        |            |          |
|Cannon and on  |Hit 5 different opponents   | Bronze |[TPHY.07.08]|   4/10   |
|               |with rounds from the same   |        |            |          |
|               |Cannon clip in a single     |        |            |          |
|               |player Eliminator event.    |        |            |          |
|Stay on Target |Stay locked onto an opponent| Bronze |[TPHY.07.09]|   6/10   |
|               |with a Missile or a Leech   |        |            |          |
|               |Beam for 30 seconds in a    |        |            |          |
|               |single player Eliminator    |        |            |          |
|               |event.                      |        |            |          |
|The Pure Four  |Obtain 50,000 points on each| Bronze |[TPHY.07.10]|   6/10   |
|               |of the following tracks in  |        |            |          |
|               |Zone Mode - Pro Tozo,       |        |            |          |
|               |Mallavol, Corridon 12 and   |        |            |          |
|               |Syncopia.                   |        |            |          |
|Stats Life     |Attain and view every stat  | Bronze |[TPHY.07.11]|   6/10   |
|               |in the game.                |        |            |          |
|Amphi-scenic   |Successfully perform a      | Bronze |[TPHY.07.12]|   7/10   |
|Route          |barrel roll whilst          |        |            |          |
|               |navigating the Amphiseum    |        |            |          |
|               |(Reverse) shortcut in any   |        |            |          |
|               |event.                      |        |            |          |
|Fury Campaign  |Obtain a medal in every     | Bronze |[TPHY.07.13]|   6/10   |
|Legend         |cell in the Fury Campaign.  |        |            |          |

|---*Beginners* Trophies---| [TPHY.02]

[TPHY.02.01] Deadly Momentum 3/10

Deadly momentum... get killed? Easy, huh?
Think again. Well I guess you might get it playing normally but most people 
never know about it till they look on a guide. Even when they do this they 
attempt it and fail, I know I did. The reason is you have to also be killed by 
an opponent which is something they dont tell you. Luckily however, you can 
just do barrel rolls untill your on about 10 health left then let em shoot ya.


[TPHY.02.02] Smile Please 1/10

Well, this one IS as easy as it sounds!
Just press start while in a race and select photo mode.
Now just take one.    
[TPHY.02.03] Rookie Award 1/10

Most people get this as Pilot assist is automatically on when you get the game 
but if not just press start and change the pilot assist on to yes. After that, 
win a race. Simple.

[TPHY.02.04] 1 Gold medal won, 86 to go... 1/10

To get this just come first in any campaign event. Easy.

[TPHY.02.05] Happy accident? 2/10

Harder than most of the beginner ones but, well, thats not saying much. While 
in the air steer left, right, left or right, left, right to barrel roll. Then 
just land the right way up.


[TPHY.02.06] Thanks for the Memory 2/10

This is easy but requires 10,000 loyalty in any team:
Win a race with the HD HUD
Win a race with the 2097 HUD
Win a race with the wip3out HUD

The HD HUD is what you start with and the 2097 and wip3out HUDs are unlocked at
5,000 and 10,000 loyalty.

|---Skill Based Trophies---| [TPHY.03]

[TPHY.03.01] Motion Master N/A

Ok, why did I write N/A for the difficulty?

Simply put, it depends on you. Because it relies entirely on your skill with 
the sixth axis controller. You decide its difficulty based on you. For example,
in the rare case that my dad wants to play on my PS3 and we are playing a 2 
player game, Resistance FoM for instance. We both get attacked by the same 
enemy and both of us get grabbed. To survive this you must shake the 
controller. I basically shrug it off but he waves his arms in the air and 
virtually jumps out his chair. For me that enemy had a difficulty of 1, for him
it had a difficulty of 10. Thats all based on how you can handle sixth axis.

Any enough of Resistance FoM, its really old now anyway. So turn motion sensor 
on (on the main menu, options, etc.) to pitch and steering and win a race. 
I recommend a slow easy track.

I did it on Anulpha Pass, Venom and Novice. It took me 4 tries as it was hard 
for me to get used to it so for me that was difficulty of about 5/10.

Good Luck - you might need it.

[TPHY.03.02] Flatland Flyer 4/10

Well this one is hard to explain. On Moa Therma there is a slight hill just 
before the start finish line, its on the last corner, just after the wavy 
mag-strip part. Here you must get air by going over some of the track edge and 
quickly get your barrel roll. 

It is very hard to explain with words so if you still dont understand there are
some decent YouTube videos showing you how to do it.

[TPHY.03.03] Own the Zone 6/10

Another hard one, I find that pairing it with Airbraker [TPHY.03.05] makes both
of them much easier, whether you pair it or not the undoubtedly best place 
for zone is Anulpha pass as it is an easy circuit. Basically for this you must 
get to zone 20 from the beginning without touching the walls anywhere. I cant 
really help other than that as its down to your skill. Once again look at 
Larikuns guide for a detailed walkthrough of the Anulpha pass circuit if needed

[TPHY.03.04] Double Kill 4/10

Easiest way to get it is to just be lucky, hang at the back of the pack and 
shoot the crap out of them. As far as I know it must be done in a single player
Race. (Too bad if you hoped it worked on eliminator)

[TPHY.03.05] Airbraker  7/10 

Another hard one, I find that pairing it with Own the zone [TPHY.03.03] makes 
both of them much easier, whether you pair it or not the undoubtedly best 
place for zone is Anulpha pass as it is an easy circuit. Basically for this 
you must get to zone 50 from the beginning without using anything but airbrake.
I cant really help other than that as its down to your skill. Again look at 
Larikuns guide for a detailed walkthrough of the Anulpha pass circuit if 
[TPHY.03.06] Tournament Ace 5/10

The easiest way is to start a skilled Racebox tournament and to choose your 
favourite track 8 times. Then just hope you can win it. It is probably easiest 
on a slow speed like Flash or Venom. I did it on Flash because Venom 
bores me. Whatever you do make sure the conditions are good for your style of 
play and it should be easy.                    

[TPHY.03.07] Zone Zeus 10/10
This will take a lot of time. 75 zones is a tall order, especially when on 
most circuits the best person has not managed over 70 even. Once again I must 
advise you towards Anulpha Pass as it is by far the easiest zone circuit. 
This requires you to be getting perfect laps till around zone 50-60 or you will
just die too early.

Other than that patience is needed as you can only fit about 4-6 attempts into 
an hour. To get to zone 75 it takes about 15 minutes but you will die so often 
between zones 40 and 75 while attempting this your average 
time taken per attempt will probably be around 12 minutes.

If you just keep trying you will only improve, but for once the safety manuals 
this drains a lot from you physically and mentally.

[TPHY.03.08] Arcade Perfect 7/10 (3/10)

WARNING: IM ABOUT TO BORE YOU WITH A LONG STORY, skip ahead 3 paragraphs if 

Whats with the 3/10? Well Ill tell you. There is a cheat that found out 
although I believe others know of it too, if you start a splitscreen race and 
leave player one on the starting grid the AI will slow down. They slow down 
so much that, even while out of practice from a long break I managed a 20 
second lead against the AI on phantom elite!!! 

This is because of the fact that the AI are programmed to be catchable from any
situation and improve as the player improves, this causes for an enjoyable 
game for all. However this has its flaws, one of which is the way I discovered 
it. My dad, as I mentioned earlier in the guide, is useless at most PS3 games 
and during a splitscreen race I said I would fall behind and shoot the enemy 
for him so he could do well for once. Me and him got a 1 2 finish with me in 
first. I did this by going from 8th to 1st on the last straight overtaking him 
+ the AI but because of me being in 8th for so long he had the chance to come 

At first I thought it was just my skill alone at keeping the enemy back, that 
was partially it and I have massive bragging rights over my dad now as he was 
also amazed at my skill. After about an hour I suddenly realised while losing 
on Sol 2, phantom, elite that the enemy slowed down for me every time i was 
behind and overtook me as soon as I got into a good position. I tested it and 
found out the AIs speed is based on player 1s position. So looking at the 
remaining trophies, I noticed I still had Sol 2 and Sobenco climb left in 
arcade perfect.

I tested it on them and it works, I got arcade perfect. You only need 1 
controller if you just change your controller between player one and two. 

OK so to do it:

1.	Start the race you need for arcade perfect with splitscreen on
2.	Win as player 2 with player 1 left on the starting line, it will be 
3.	Kill player 1 or just finish with them
4.	Thats one done
5.	Repeat until you have arcade perfect

|---Campaign Trophies---| [TPHY.04]

[TPHY.04.01] (2/10) Uplift

Well, this ones fairly easy 2/10, this is considering you are doing it as being
new to WipEout HD, If you were to do it after completing the rest of the 
campaign it would only be 1/10 but anyway. There?s only 6 events in uplift 
so this is fairly straight forward especially as all you need is 3rd place or 
better in each. Although on your first go this may seem fast, it isnt. But you 
will get used to it after a while.

In Uplift there are: 
2 Single races,
1 Time trials, 
2 Speed laps
And 1 Zone

Half are in Vineta K and half in Anulpha Pass - simple
1 of the races is flash speed; this is faster so if youre struggling try the 
venom ones first.

[TPHY.04.02] (3/10) Warped

Well I guess it was all explained in the above section just get 3rd or better 
in every cell.

In Warped there are:
3 Single races,
2 Time trials,
2 Speed laps,
1 Zone
And a Tournament

This time there is more variety in the tracks and a mix of Venom and Flash, 
still go for Venom first followed by the flash ones if you want to, also zone 
is great for practicing all the speeds. Keep this in mind as you can always 
do a zone Racebox race on any track.

[TPHY.04.03] (3/10) Frenzy

OK, another one:

3 Single races,
3 Time trials,
2 Speed laps,
1 Zone
And 1 Tournament

This time we have a mix of circuits, 2 Rapier cells and the rest is, once 
again, a mix of Flash and Venom. Now you?e getting through the game youll 
probably find that things are getting easier and if you havent already, 
turning of pilot assist might be helpful.This is because with it on your times 
will be slower as it constantly steers your ship away

[TPHY.04.04] (4/10) Vertigo

This event is incredibly similar to the previous one, with virtually the same 
cell types and speeds:

3 Single races,
2 Time trials,
3 Speed laps,
1 Zone
And 1 Tournament

A mix of circuits, 2 Rapier cells and the rest, again is, a mix of Flash and 

[TPHY.04.05] (4/10) Head Rush

Once again incredibly similar to the last two:

2 Single races,
3 Time trials,
3 Speed laps,
1 Zone
And 1 Tournament

A mix of circuits, 2 Rapier cells and the rest, again is, a mix of Flash and 

Whew; dont have to say that again. Yay!

[TPHY.04.06] (4/10) Speed Freak

Well a bit of a change from the last three as more of the cells are faster 
speeds, Good luck:

4 Single races,
3 Time trials,
3 Speed laps,
1 Zone
And 1 Tournament

So this time there is a few more Rapier cells but of course there are still 
lots of Venom and Flash; Nothing to hard....
[TPHY.04.07] (5/10) Dropzone

Quite well named this one, anyone who has been struggling on Rapier will drop 
out of the dropzone. Luckily youve had some time to get used to Rapier. 
Phantom may come as a nasty surprise...

3 Single races,
4 Time trials,
3 Speed laps,
2 Zones
And 2 Tournaments

So basically, mixes of the circuits, but not so much on the speeds, all but a 
few cells are Rapier now. However the worst is yet to come.

[TPHY.04.08] (5/10) Meltdown

Many people get a nasty surprise here, all cells are Phantom speed! No zone 
cell even! Back when I did it I was defiantly surprised. For one it was the 
first time out of zone that I?d been at Phantom speed but 8 SINGLE RACES!!! 
In one event? arghhhhhhhhhh...

8 Single races,
4 Time trials,
4 Speed laps
And 1 Tournament

This event is all about high speed racing, heavy on the races and with an 8 
stage tournament, effectively its like 
playing each track twice, and even more if you lose some. Also the time trials 
and speed laps can be tricky if youre not used to Phantom.

Every cell is in Phantom.
[TPHY.04.09] (7/10) Campaign Legend

The description speaks for itself, basically you just need to play through the 
whole campaign and get gold in every cell. Really it?s just the previous 8 
trophies but with the conditions changed from come 3rd or higher to come 1st. 

Refer to the previous 8 if necessary. 

[TPHY.04.10] (9/10) Elite Campaign Legend

Same as Campaign Legend (one above), only extra is that you must do it on elite
difficulty, my guide cannot help you win races, refer to Larikuns guide for 
that as he/she has details on every circuit and every ship, along with step by 
step guides to most circuits.

|---Beat Zico---| [TPHY.05]

[TPHY.05.01] (10/10) Beat Zico:

This can be, for some people the hardest trophy in the game (excluding the 
platinum, of course) and for most people one of the hardest three, in other 
words its right up there with Elite Campaign Legend and Zone Zeus. I would like
to be mean and just say Good Luck and move to the next one but this a trophy 
guide, so here I go.

First click Racebox, speed lap, venom speed.
Next, Choose Anulpha Pass, Followed by Piranha (I do not know if the Fury Ship 
will count).If you are unfamiliar with the circuit, take say 20 laps to get 
used to it, once you lapping in the low 33 or high 32 seconds you should be 
ready to attempt beat zico.

It is hard and you need to be deadly precise.
There are 4 (or 5 if you do a slight variation on my favourite method) 
opportunities to get airtime for a barrel roll and you must get all 4.

The first thing to do is save your turbo till the end of a lap, just before 
crossing the line use it and it counts as a free boost! Next you must get 
every speed pad on the first corner. As you come onto the straight notice that 
you go down a ditch then momentarily upwards again, just before the next 3 
pads; here is where you must use your turbo while tilting your controller 
upwards for some extra lift, this will send you flying into the air for an 
easily executable barrel roll.

Keep your controller tilted up even after this and as you go up the next hill 
you will once again become airborne (only works if you did the previous barrel
roll as you need more speed than Piranhas normal max), once again you must 
barrel roll this time landing on the speed pad ahead for an enormous boost 
straight over the next pad collecting more momentum.

This next series of corners can be treacherous but YOU MUST NOT HIT THE WALLS 
HERE, hug them as tightly as possible but dont touch. Also try to get 2 of the 
3 pads rather than just one. 

Now you come to the hardest part and are given the decision to go left or right
Go to the high path on the right, but as you do once again tilt up and get a 
little air time to barrel roll - this barrel roll is the hardest and takes a 
lot of practice but if you can manage it continue to get all the boosts.

After getting all the high up pads wait till you see a pad on the low road, 
steer off and barrel roll onto it. You must land on it to give you a little 
extra boost and then DONE.

This method will work but requires a lot of work time and effort, it took me 
300 laps in total, but Ive heard many people stuck on it for well over a 
thousand, just keep at it. 

My current record is only 30.69 but Its under 30.82 and I managed it by doing 
this method...
                        ... Just to prove its possible.

|---Stat-based Trophies---| [TPHY.06]

[TPHY.06.01] Mercenary 3/10 

This ones easy, just play around on each team for about 10 minutes and you will
get it.

[TPHY.06.02] Keep Rollin' 4/10 

100 rolls... It may take some time but just include a few barrel rolls during
speed lap, time trial and race events. Otherwise you are sure to get it while
practicing for *Beat Zico*


[TPHY.06.03] Gemini 2/10

I believe you can do this with one person, just start a splitscreen race and
change the controller round between being player 1 and 2 so you dont need 2
people or 2 controllers.

Or just get a friend/Relative/Room mate to play WipEout with you.

[TPHY.06.04] Sponge 4/10

500 isnt actaully that much. You should get it after a little while. Yet
another stupidly easy one.

[TPHY.06.05] Endurance 4/10

Make your own 12 race tournament and add whatever speed and circuits you like
to play on and if you get some people joining you can do it. Otherwise you can 
join someone elses tournament, theres usaully at least one 12-race tournment.

NOTE: Is considerably harder now due to Fury, most people play eliminator and
zone battle.

[TPHY.06.06] Connected 1 3/10

You will get this during Endurance. Or just play 10 races.

[TPHY.06.07] Bling Brigade 7/10

Seems easy? Well yes and no. The trophy itself is easy to get with an easy task
escentialy its just complete one race. Unfortuanatly you need to arrange it 
7 other people who all have completed the campaign. Its currently one of 2 that
I havent done.

When you do arrange it the easiest way is on a trophy or guides website on the

[TPHY.06.08] Connected 2 5/10

This all up to you. No help can be provided.

[TPHY.06.09] Lapped out 2/10  

Easiest way is to either do it while attempting the Beat Zico trophy or what
I did which was to start one with pilot assist on and just hold down accelerate
letting pilot assit do the whole race.

I watched Tv and checked back every advert break.

[TPHY.06.10] AG Assassin 7/10 (2/10)

This was hard; until Fury came.

I had 7 online kills over about 200 races online before. As soon as Fury came 
I played Eliminator online for one day and I now have over 80 kills.

If you dont have Fury then just hang behind people and shoot them while online
Its hard.

[TPHY.06.11] WipEout Disciple 6/10

This isnt really hard but its long. However Fury has also helped this one as
on Detonator mode you get a ton of loyalty - try that or just do zone etc.

[TPHY.06.12] Livery Liberation

Do the same as the other loyalty ones, you should only take 45 minutes to an
hour and a half doing each team. Detonater mode or playing through the 
campaign is probably easiest.

|---Fury Trophies---| [TPHY.07]

[TPHY.07.01] Hold Your Fire 6/10

A little Agro is common getting this one. 

Once again I can only really recommend playing on Anulpha Pass as it is simply
the best for things like this, reason being because it is smooth on the corners
Also its especially good for this as the high walkway only ever has mines 
directly in the middle, with enough skill you will never get hit up there.

[TPHY.07.02] Sharpshooter 5/10

This is best done by attempting it right at the beginning, the slow speed is a
massive help.

Only tips here are make single taps on the fire button, never fire 2 shots as
the second often misses or has nothing left to hit following the first.

[TPHY.07.03] Da Bomb 5/10

This for once is a time I will not say Anulpha Pass. Due to the multi-choice 
part of the track you often go right past the bomb without seeing it. So 
choose a single path track and start, other tips here are: never use your EMP
save it and if you are unable to shoot a bomb (reloading etc) you can save 
yourself by just hitting R1.

[TPHY.07.04] Zone Battle Legend 3/10

This is very easy, just do as it says.

[TPHY.07.05] Just Passing Through 4/10

I hated this one. Mostly because I couldnt work out what you had to do.

I spent 10 races just running into the barriers. Now I Know you have to use 
your shield and pass through, taking no damage. Do this online as its easier
online. You wont win any races while trying this but you will get the trophy.

[TPHY.07.06] Zen Evasion 4/10

Another simple one, just do it on novice difficulty on an easy track that you
know well.

[TPHY.07.07] Elimin18 6/10

This took me a few goes. You must be in a 600 score limit game. Just avoid
hitting people unless you can definatly kill them with a couple of hits. Also 
you have to be quick as you get more points every lap you do and also the AI 
win given long enough.

[TPHY.07.08] Cannon and on 4/10 

Just fire in small bursts. Also try to be as close as possible to ensure a hit.
[TPHY.07.09] Stay on Target 6/10

This is quite tricky, try it on novice and just stay behind someone driving 
very carefully.

Note: The targeting system must be RED for 30 seconds straight, if it disapears
or goes yellow you must start again, also jumps will cause it to re-lock on.

[TPHY.07.10] The Pure Four 6/10

Anyone OK at zone should be able to do this, most people can do it first or
second try on each one, if not just keep at it.

[TPHY.07.11] Stats Life 6/10

I love the stats page, when it came out i looked and my time spent in air is,
according to it, 66 days, my total playing time is under 50 hours however. Also
it claims ive taken 10484 pictures, thats double the number of total laps ive 
done LOL.

Anyway, you just need a positive number on every stat, laps, kills loyalty etc.

You can find them on the main menu, options, other, statistics.

[TPHY.07.12] Amphi-scenic Route 7/10
Im sorry but this is almost impossible to explain, look on YouTube.

Otherwise i can tell you that there is a small blue hologram halfway up a wall 
that you can go straight thru. it requires some air time and is just after a 
mag-strip section. Youll have to find it yourself or go on YouTube.

[TPHY.07.13] Fury Campaign Legend 6/10 

Theres just 80 cells in the Fury campaign so its even easier than the HD one.

Good Luck.

|---Transcendence---| [TPHY.08]

[TPHY.08.01] (10/10) Transcendence 

If youve made it this far then WELL DONE, the ultimate reward is here! 

Well other than that there is nothing to say. Just get every other trophy.
NOTE: only the original trophies are required, (Fury trophies can be ignored)

|---Q&A/FAQ---| [OTHR.01]

Send in messages and I will answer... 
(Contact details under [OTHR.002])

No questions yet...

These are questions asked commonly either to me or on the boards, or just 
things not to do...

Q: Can you get the WipEout HD trophies while in a WipEout Fury game mode 
(eliminator etc.)?
A: Well in some yes... Others Maybe... Many people argue over this, I 
personally know that you can get one or two. I got AG Assassin and Livery 
Liberation while in eliminator online with a Fury ship so that there are a few 
you can, but some people have doubts on other trophies. (Like if you can do 
*Beat Zico* while in the Fury Piranha Ship).
In short I cant tell for now and if youre worried that you might end up doing 
a lot of work for nothing then use the original ships. Better safe than sorry.

Q: Do you do/play/know/have *enter anything here*?
A: Unless I know you that will be Ignored and you may be blocked. 
Unless of course it is WipEout related.

Q: CaN I Sp33Kz t0 Yo LiKE Dis?
A: No - unless its some sort of funny LOLCATs thing

Q: Can you add me on PSN/Facebook/*enter name here*?
A: No

Q: Can you get these trophies for me?
A: No

Q: Can I spam you with friend requests?
A: No

|---Contact Details---| [OTHR.02]


Author: Ben Morris 
AKA: Pikanchion
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emails as I rarely check it, it would therefore be best to send me a PSN 
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Version 1.00 --- Started work on guide, completed most basic information 

Version 1.01 --- Added *Other* section and improved the guide all-round 

Version 1.10 --- Spell checked and corrected grammar (24-7-2009)

Version 1.11 --- Started work on guides for specific trophies, e.g. the guide 
                 for beat zico (25-6-2009)

Version 2.01 --- Finished and checked through guide, some areas may be in 
                 need of improvement (25-7-2009)

Version 2.05 --- More checking through, reviewed format - need redesign. 

Version 3.00 --- Complete Reformat and redesign, transfered to Notepad 

Version 3.10 --- Put Trophy list into a table, Added ACSII Title Art, Merged
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Version 3.11 --- More Spell Checking and correcting minor errors. (29-7-2009)

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Studio Liverpool, Brilliant game guys 
Everyone at GameFAQs
My parents for buying me my PS3, paying for half my PC and œ60 of my PS2
Zico Liu <--- *Beat Zico* Trophy
My friends, for not getting too angry at my fast growing trophy collection

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