Help with Unlocking Female Crew Member (?)

  1. Hi,
    I was unsure of where to post this since I haven't played the game myself yet (my husband is the one playing) so please forgive this post but we're trying to figure out how you unlock the female crew members on here...

    I've been googling and looking through boards, forums, FAQs, Yahoo Answers, etc....basically any and everywhere I can think of for over an hour now with little to no luck on an answer...

    We found a suggestion that said you had to have 30 respect (he has 40) and you have to be at least a level 3 before they show up to the safehouses (he is at the Don Level which I think he told me was level 5) and he's completed the game so we're kind of at a loss as to what else to do...he's been trying the "Flirt/Make Move" suggestion as well but its just not working...

    I apologize for this lengthy post and especially since I am not the gamer myself but any help would be greatly appreciated from both of us...

    We just don't know what else to think or do and what little answers/suggestions we have found in the past have proven to be little to no use to us so I dunno if we're doing something wrong or what we're missing but if anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated from both my husband and myself.

    Thank you for reading. This is our first time on a board/forum/etc. so I hope that we're starting out ok *lol*


    P.S. I dunno if the game platform matters but we're playing this on the PS3. Thank you again for reading ^^'

    User Info: Adarra

    Adarra - 7 years ago


  1. I'm honestly not sure this is right, but I believe you can be any level, but you have to have "Flirted" and "Made Moves" 25 times each. I remember doing that when I was going for everything in the game. And I have it on the PS3 as well, by the way. I hope it helps and that it was right.

    User Info: Nemoinis

    Nemoinis - 7 years ago 0   0

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