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    Dog Tag/Audio Log/Legendary Weapon Guide by Ultima_Sonic

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    Dog tags/Audio logs/Legendary weapons locations guide 
    by Ultima Sonic (Daniel Munoz)
    Copyright 2013
    It's been a while since I wrote a guide, so this probably won't be the best
    guide you may read. I actually thought I would never write another guide, but
    after enjoying this game, I felt the need to write one. This guide is intended
    to help those in need of finding the hidden dog tags, audio logs, and Legendary
    The dog tags are pretty easy to miss, since they are small and don't stick out
    very well. On the other hand, audio logs and legendary weapons are much easier
    to spot. Audio logs will be white laptops that glow blue, while legendary 
    weapons will glow a bright gold.
    Mission 1: Distress
    3 Dog tags
    1 Audio log
    Legendary Weapon: Hicks's Shotgun
    Dog tag 1: Cpl. Dwayne Hicks
    After cutting down Keyes, he will open 2 doors for you. After he opens the
    second door, you will enter a room where you must fight a group of Xenos. The
    dog tag is in this room. As you walk into the room, follow the wall to the
    right. You will see a door that's broken, but you cannot walk passed. Keep
    following the wall toward the back of this room. You will see 2 crates. The dog
    tag is on the crate on the left.
    Audio Log: "Dr. Conrad, I'd like to -- I'd like to formally request..."
    Once O'Neal becomes part of your group, you will enter a large circular room
    with a spinning machine in the center. This is the gravity well. After exiting
    the gravity well, you will enter a room where a single xeno will be waiting.
    O'Neal will yell "Lurker!" The audio log is in this room on a table to the
    right after killing the lurker.
    Dog tag 2: Pfc. M. Moore
    Before you enter the gravity well for the second time, it will be on a table to
    the left of the doorway.
    Hicks's Shotgun
    Exit the gravity well, and follow the corridor up 2 stairways. After the second
    stairway, enter the room, and go into the hallway on the right. Then enter the
    room to the left, and you will see Hicks's shotgun lying next to an armor pick
    Dog tag 3: Pfc. S. Trubeskay
    Make your way past the cargo bay and enter the control room. Inside the control
    room, turn right, and go around those consoles in the center. The dog tag will
    be on a large crate next to a tool box.
    Mission 2: Battle for Sulaco
    3 Dog tags
    2 Audio logs
    Dog tag 1: Cpl. Cynthia Dietrich
    After opening the door using the powerloader, move forward a little. You will
    see 2 cryo chambers on the lying to your left. One should be open, and the
    other is closed. The dog tag is on top of the closed one.
    Audio log 1: "Doctor Stanton, I'm rejecting your transfer request..."
    Continuing to make your way toward Bella, exit the room where you found the
    first dog tag and you will enter another room where you will see several eggs
    and a red tool box on top of a crate. Turn right and you will see the audio log
    at the end of this room.
    Dog tag 2: Sgt. Z. Forcher
    Meet with Bella and then you have to cut open a door. Enter the small room that
    then leads into a larger storage room. Inside the storage room, turn right and
    continue toward a small flight of stairs. Right before the stairs, you should
    see a corridor to the right with a streak of blood as if somebody was dragged.
    Follow the streak of blood toward the end of the corridor. You will see the dog
    tag on top of a green crate next to an armor pick up.
    Dog tag 3: Pfc. J. Ziglar
    As you make your way through the level, you will enter a room where there will
    be 4 green giant tanks that have "Tank 01" written on them in letters. This
    room will be heavily guarded by Weyland-Yutani soliders. Make your way up the
    stairs and you will enter a console room. Inside this room, go up another short
    flight of stairs and there should be a white console to your right. This 
    console is right next to an exit that leads into a catwalk. The dog tag is on
    the console.
    Audio log 2: "You're not understanding me Conrad..."
    After obtaining dog tag 3, make your way through the corridors and into a room
    that's guarded by Wey-Yu soldiers. You will then enter another room with a 
    large computer connected to countless wires in the center. You will see the
    audio log in the next room as soon as you enter on the right on top of a tall,
    green counter. You will reach a check point in this room, and there will be a
    large window, where you can see a bridge connected to 2 large spinning turbines
    that contains Wey-Yu soliders.
    Mission 3: Sulaco Falls
    3 Dog tags
    Dog tag 1: Pfc. Ricco Frost
    From the start of the level, make your way through the deteriorating corridors,
    up a flight of stairs and into a room where Bella will unlock a door. Fight
    your way through these chambers, and go passed a locker room. Unlock the door
    and you will fight a few more Wey-Yu soldiers. You will see a yellow flammable
    canister on top of a white crate. The dog tag is on this crate. Go around to
    obtain it.
    Dog tag 2: Pfc. E. Greenlief
    Right after the room with the 2 giant spheres, you will enter a broken stairway
    that's falling apart as you enter. Carefully make your way down the broken 
    platforms to the lower level, making sure you don't drop instantly to the 
    bottom level. The dog tag will be on a ledge with an armor pick up.
    Dog tag 3: Cpl. T. Ashley
    Once the elevator stops (the one you used to reach the cargo hangar), facing
    the elevator control, there will be a large crate to your right. The final dog
    tag is right behind this crate.
    Mission 4: No Hope in Hadley's
    4 Dog tags
    1 Audio log
    Legendary weapon: Gorman's Pistol
    Audio log: "Mom, it's Ann. I know I said I wouldn't ask for more..."
    This level's only audio log can be found as soon as you enter Hadley's Hope.
    Follow the long corridor and enter the first room to the left. The audio log
    is on a table to the right, next to a window that looks back into the corridor.
    Dog tag 1: Lt. B. Norton
    As soon as you cut open the door that leads into the operations room, enter the
    room and look to your left. You will see a white table behind some glass. The
    dog tag is on that table.
    Dog tag 2: Pfc. Trevor Wiersbowski
    When you receive your orders to place the motion sensors, follow O'Neal, Bella,
    and Reid. After O'Neal opens the door, proceed through a small room where you
    have to place a motion tracker, and head into a much larger room with a spot to
    place another motion tracker. Turn right inside this larger room and enter 
    another small room to your right. You'll see the dog tag on top of a gurney.
    Dog tag 3: Pfc. Jenette Vasquez
    After obtaining the smart gun and making your way to the bottom level, follow
    the long tunnel. Fight through several xenos that will come your way from the
    other end of the tunnel. There should be a room that will be on the left hand
    side of this long tunnel. Enter this room, fight one more xeno, and then look
    for the dog tag on top of a box that's agains the wall.
    Dog tag 4: Pfc. M. Macaulay
    As the straight tunnel comes to an end, continue to fight through the wave of
    xenos. You will see an armor pick up next to a corridor to the left. Take this
    corridor, and when it ends, drop down onto the debris and some pipes. 
    Immediately turn around and look down. You will see the dog tag on top of the
    Gorman's Pistol
    Can't possibly be missed. Enter a large room that has a door that needs to be
    cut open. The pisol is on a green table in this room.
    Mission 5: The Raven
    3 Dog tags
    Legendary weapon: Hudson's Pulse Rifle
    Hudson's Pulse Rifle
    Meet with O'Neal and get your gear back. After he unlocks the door, head
    straight and go into that small room directly ahead of you. The rifle is on the
    corner to the right as soon as you enter.
    Dog tag 1: Lt. William Gorman
    Once you make it outside and fight off the xenos, facing the same direction
    that you were facing when you came outside, go left and you will find a large
    shipping container (if you use your motion tracker, it should be northwest of
    the exit that brought you here). There's a fallen antenna that you can use to
    climb up onto the container. You will find the dog tag right on the "W" that's
    painted on the container.
    Dog tag 2: Cpl. C. Bradley
    Once the raven xenomorph starts chasing after Bella and Reid and you need to
    make your way toward them, head through the new path that opens up, fighting
    off the xenos as they come. As you go around the large metal boards on your
    right, you will see a door with 2 red lights on each side. Look down directly
    in front of this door to find this dog tag.
    Dog tag 3: Pfc. M. Jelley
    Enter the building and cut through a door. You will enter a large hangar. Look
    for the stairway that takes you up. Right behind the stairway is a cardboard
    box. Behind the box is the dog tag.
    Mission 6: For Bella
    3 Dog tags
    3 Audio logs
    Legendary weapon: Vasquez's Smart Gun
    Dog tag 1: Cpl. M. Bailey
    A little after you see all the bloody corpses on the ground, a dropship shoots
    a giant piece of the Sephora. You will see an ammo pick up for the assault
    rifle. To the right of the ammo is a metal board full of blood and the dog tag.
    Dog tag 2: Pfc. J. Washenfelder
    In the part where the xenos start attaking, you will pass through a piece of
    the Sephora. On the other side, you will come across another part of the
    Sephora that looks like it could it be from the engine. Next to it is a yellow
    container that holds the dog tag. It's located right before what resembles
    the entrance to a cave. If you reach a small rock slide, you've gone too far.
    Audio log 1: "This is formal supply requisition order..."
    Enter the ship and fight through the xenos. You will then exit one part of the
    ship, fight off some more xenos, and then enter another part of the ship. 
    Inside this second part, you will fight a few more xenos, and then drop down to
    some broken down catwalks. Turn around and you will find the audio log againts
    the corner, close to an armor pick up.
    Audio log 2: "Beginning my weekly update on the construction..."
    Disable the first auto turret you encounter. As you disable it, you will see
    the audio log on top of a yellow crate in this same room.
    Audio log 3: "-- Message repeats. We are abandoning the research..."
    You will encounter 2 more turrets. The second one is in a large room (where
    Winter will decide to go off by himself to deactivate it) and the third one is
    in a corridor to the right just passed the second turret. Opposite of the
    corridor with the third turret is another corridor. Go down this corridor and
    cut open the door at the end. You will see the audio log straight ahead right 
    next to some armor.
    Dog tag 3: Pfc. Daniel Spunkmeyer
    This last dog tag will be right on the console that O'Neal hacks.
    Vasquez's Smart Gun.
    After O'Neal hacks the console, you will go outside and fight some Wey-Yu
    soldiers. Then you will go back inside another builing and down some stairs.
    On the lower level, go through the door, but don't turn right where Bella and
    and O'Neal went. Instead continue to go straight and you will see the gun on
    the left on top of some pallets. One of the pallets will be blocking it from
    view, so you may not see it as you enter the room.
    Mission 7: One Bullet
    3 Dog tags
    3 Audio logs
    Dog tag 1: Sgt. Al Apone
    Sneak passed the first search light and make your way through the cave. When
    you exit the cave, you will see another search light and a truck in an opening
    to the right. Go through this opening and the dog tag will be on the left on
    top of a crate next to an armor pick up.
    Dog tag 2: Pfc. K. Barrington
    After the cutscene, go up the stairs in the next room and follow the walkway.
    You will have to press the button on the wall to cancel the neurotoxin release.
    After pressing the button, turn right and head toward the console. The dog tag
    is on the console.
    Audio log 1: "What follows are my notes on..."
    After getting dog tag 2, turn around and enter the room (be careful of the
    enemies). Immediately turn left and you will see the audio log againts the
    corner on a white table.
    Audio log 2: "Autopsy report for Doctor David Hale..."
    After going downstairs and O'Neal warns you about the enemies being scientists,
    not soldiers, fight through a few enemies and make your way through a white
    hallway. When you reach the end of the hallway, you must enter a room to the
    right. Look right and you will see the audio log on the edge of an operating
    Audio log 3: "This is foreman Morris, submitting a formal requisition for..."
    Go inside the building after dropping the load on the APC using the crane and
    head left. When you enter the second room, you will see a smaller room directly
    to your left. Enter it and inside is the audio log.
    Dog tag 3: Cpl. C. Nelson
    Go downstairs when O'Neal tells you to disable the 3 power cells. As soon as
    you get off the stairs, look down and to the right and you will see a closed
    cardboard box. Behind it is an open carboard box which contains this dog tag.
    Mission 8: Rampart
    3 Dog tags
    2 Audio logs
    Audio log 1: "Preliminary attempts to develop a living Xenomorph Queen..."
    From the starting point, move forward and turn in to the room on the left. On
    the opposite corner of this room are 2 doors. Take the door on the right into
    a small office and you will see the audio log on a white table to the right.
    Dog tag 1: Pfc. Tim Crowe
    After going outside and fighting through the Wey-Yu soliders and xenos, you
    will come across 3 small buildings. Enter the third building (its entrance is
    just after some spiked barricades) and look to the left. The dog tag is on top
    of a brown crate right next to an armor pick up.
    Audio log 2: "Quick status update on the derelict ship..."
    Enter the giant structure and go passed the short tunnels. You will come across
    some catwalks that will take you across to the other side. Look to the right
    and you will see a small building. Make your way around to this building and
    you will find the audio log on the right on top of a white table.
    Dog tag 2: Cpl. S. Boroski
    After making your way across, taking the elevator up to the upper level, and
    passing through some more tunnels, you will enter a room with a giant alien
    looking "gun." Approach the alien gun, but turn left and go up the small
    stairs. Keep following the rail to your right, and you will find the dog tag
    on a short walkway that sticks out toward the alien gun.
    Dog tag 3: Pfc. D. Copes
    Once you are outside again, go forward a little and there will be a path to
    your left that goes up hill. At the top of this path will be a greenish-yellow
    truck on the left. You will find the dog tag on top of a crate behind this
    Mission 9: Hope in Hadley's
    4 Dog tags
    Legendary Weapon: Vasquez's Pistol
    Vasquez's Pistol
    As soon as Cruz opens the door to Hadley's Hope, enter and take that hallway to
    the left. Enter the room that's on the left and you will find the weapon behind
    some boxes.
    Dog tag 1: Pfc. Mark Drake
    In the large adjacent room from the small room where you rescued C. Duplis,
    look for the dog tag on a long table, right next to a microscope.
    Dog tag 2: Lt. P. Watkins
    When you are defending in the vehicle bay, look for some stairs that take you
    down into a basement (they should be right in front of the room where you can
    refill your ammo). Follow this corridor and you will eventually see the dog tag
    lying on the floor.
    Dog tag 3: Pfc. D. Rechner
    After the battle outside with the giant xeno, enter the building and follow the
    corridor to the end. Enter the dark room on the right and you will see the dog
    tag on a green table next to some ammo.
    Dog tag 4: Sgt. R. Siwiak
    When you make it to the drop pad, turn left. Toward the right of the stairs you
    will see a bunch of containers. You will find the dog tag on top of one.
    Mission 10: Derelict Reclaimed
    3 Dog tags
    Legendary Weapon: Frost's Flamethrower
    Dog tag 1: Pfc. J. Ma
    After the second set of tunnels and entering the room with the alien gun,
    continue to make your way around the gun. When you see a one of those hazmat
    people stuck to a pillar of infestation in the middle of the walk way, look to
    the right and you will see a green Wey-Yu crate holding the dog tag.
    Dog tag 2: Pfc. K. Morales
    On your way to destroy the second AA gun, you will come to a large open area
    with fellow marines defending around a forklift. Behind the forklift, you will
    find the dog tag on the ground.
    Frost's Flamethrower
    This one is easy. You can find it inside the same shipping container where you
    find the RPG that you need to shoot down the third AA gun.
    Dog tag 3: Cpt. Colett Ferro
    When you reach the fallen dropship, walk straight toward it. This dog tag will
    be lying on the floor between the 2 marines (Ruiz and Dags).
    Mission 11: Home
    3 Dog tags
    Dog tag 1: Cpl. L. Papp
    From the starting point, turn about a 90 degree angle to the left. You will see
    some stacked crates in front of a "W" that's painted on the floor. To the right
    these stacked crates are smaller crates, one that holds the dog tag.
    Dog tag 2: Pfc. A. Montgomery
    From the location of dog tag 1, turn around and you should see a forklift next
    to a large yellow shipping crate. Run behind them and you will find the dog tag
    on top of a grey box in a dark corner.
    Dog tag 3: Pfc. William Hudson
    This final dog tag will be to the left of the crashed dropship. You have to go
    around the ship. The dog tag will be between the ship and the wall on the floor
    surrounded by debris, making it difficult to spot.
    I give anyone reading this guide permission to post it on their website. Just 
    please, I ask, give credit where credit is due.
    I would like to thank Gearbox and Sega for this awesome game.
    I would also like to thank Gamefaqs for allowing me to post this guide.
    And most importantly, I would like to thank you for reading this guide.
    I will be more than happy to answer anyone's questions. You can always email me
    at super_xero17@yahoo.com. With that being said, I hope this guide has been 
    helpful to you.

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