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Reviewed: 03/06/07

Are you the next King of the Iron Fist?

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection on the PS3 is a good deal. It's only 20$ for the budget version of Tekken 5. Supporting 1080p, the graphics are quite impressive, but it's not exactly next gen. graphics. It's still better than the PS2 version, so don't get me wrong, I think the visual is good, but it's not what the PS3 could actually produce. Tekken fans and players that enjoys a good fighting game should download this off of the Playstation Network Store. The controls are excellent on the PS3 controller, 4 main attack buttons, just like the arcade version, and it's mapped out on the 4 face buttons. The shoulder buttons can be used as short cuts to grab and throw your opponents. The sounds is great, it has cool background music as you duke it out with all of the playable fighters from the original Tekken 5, plus 2 more new characters.

The selection of characters is very diverse of different ethnicities. They have their own fighting style, and most of the motions are very realistic. There are over 2 dozens moves for each characters. Mastering characters' moves will take some time, and you will be trying to develop your own juggle moves. Knocking your opponent into the air and keeping them from touching the ground as you perform special moves is really worth watching. Showing off to your friends as you beat them down, air juggling FTW! With over 30 characters, the replay value is plenty. The more matches you win, the more money you'll earn to buy items to customize each characters in the game. You can change the color of their attires or give them accessories to wear. There are variety of stages and they look very impressive.

Now the PS3 Tekken 5: DR doesn't have all of the modes you'll find on the PS2 version. It only has the arcade, vs., gallery, and ghost mode. The other modes have been removed to reduce the size of the file and/or for other reasons. So for a budget game with less modes, but with upgraded visuals, it's worth 20$; however, it's really up to you. Should you buy the PS2 or PSP version, you'll be getting the original package, but with a couple of less characters and stages, and the graphics aren't going to look that good compared to the PS3 version. Do you want more modes or do you want to see Tekken 5 in (a little) better graphics, which also supports 1080p and play as the two new characters? Weigh it out before you make your decision, but either way, you'll still get a good deal because the PS2 version is very cheap as well currently.

In conclusion, Tekken 5: DR is worth 20$. Namco Bandai is giving PS3 owners a good deal. The only thing wrong from this game is not having the extra modes from the previous versions, and it would had been cool if there was an online vs. mode. You still have to invite friends over to play rounds in Tekken 5 or stopping by your local arcade shop to see if there are any challengers to play against. We can only hope that it will be possible to play Tekken 6 against other players online.

Over 30 characters, plus 2 new ones
Many stages
Customize characters
Great controls and sounds
Good graphics
Supports 1080p
Many replay values
Very cheap to buy off of PSN Store

Not really next gen. graphics
No online vs. mode
Fewer modes than the PS2 and PSP version

I give Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection an 8 out of 10.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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