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Quick Mission/Secondary Objectives FAQ by wereyeti

Version: 1.13 | Updated: 04/04/07

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2
Quick Mission Achievement/ Secondary Objective ('Mission Accomplished' 

*Spoiler Alert* - There are game plot points listed.

Table of Contents:

I. Copyright, Version, and Date Information
II. Quick Mission Achievement Guide
    A. "Need Your Cojones, Son"
    B. "Unpleasant Surprise"
III. Secondary Objectives
    (AKA 'Mission Accomplished' Achievement)
    A. "Need Your Cojones, Son"
    B. "Knock 'Em Dead"
    C. "Unpleasant Surprise"
    D. "This Place Is An Inferno"
    E. "You'll Be Inserted Solo"
    F. "The Price Of Peace"
    G. "On Your Own"
    H. "Failure Is Not An Option"
    I. "Get Me Rosen"
    J. "Who The Hell Are These Guys"
    K. "Codenamed Farallon"
    L. "Just Shut Up And Do Your Job"
IV. Author Contact Information

I. Copyright, Version, and Date Information

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright. All Trademarks and Copyrights in this document are 
owned by their respective Trademark or Copyright holders.

Copyright 2007 Chris Smith

Currently Authorized Websites:

Version 1.13 

3/30/07: Initial Writing
4/1/07: Updated to Complete Secondary Objectives Section
4/1/07: Added a Portion Previously Left Out by Mistake
4/3/07: Fixed a Few Spelling and Grammatical Errors; Added Authorized 
        Websites to Copyright Information

Summary of Work:
These, for the most part, are just general tips on how best to accomplish 
the goals that are addressed in the quickest possible fashion. Attempting 
an exact walkthrough for each mission on the possibilities of accomplishing 
these goals would be a tedious and unnecessary task. I will, therefore, 
list the way that I have accomplished the Quick Mission Achievements; and 
tips, locations, and ways on how best to accomplish the Secondary 

I. Quick Mission Achievement Guide

These Achievements can be done in any order, on any Quick Mission, at any 
difficulty setting. The majority can be done on two maps, only one try on 
each map. You must complete the mission if you wish to recieve the 
Achievements. The two maps I used to do this were, "Need Your Cojones, 
Son" and "Unpleasant Surprise."

Achievement Goals (in no particular order): Team 'Elite' - Team gains +50% 
of kills, no team member injured; Bull's Eye - You have 100% accuracy; 
Predator - You initiate all combat; Hawk's Eye - All intel gained outside 
of combat; Iron Man - You do not get injured.

A. "Need Your Cojones, Son"

The Achievements sought in this mission are: Team 'Elite,' Bull's Eye, and 
Iron Man. At the beginning of the mission, you get to choose your team and 
your weapons. Keep in mind, you are going to do your best not to let 
yourself or your team get injured, so you will have no need for a medic 
when setting this up. Also, as you want to have 100% accuracy, it is best 
to go with a scoped rifle, and make sure it is in single shot mode. I used 
the Scar Lcqc, and my team consisted of a rifle man, gunner, and marksman.

After your insertion, and you have chosen your team, you will need to make 
your way toward the current objective (East). There will be 3 people inside 
the village. Put your team near one of the half walls, and let them take 
out all 3 of the enemy (make sure to switch them back to recon after they 
are finished). Now, with the village clear, move forward and toward the 
eastern (left) path. You can head the other way if you wish, but if you are 
following this guide, it will just cause you to have to run around more 
later. Upon arriving at the objective point, you will be alerted that you 
have been granted UAV access. Whether you use it or not to discover the 
location of your opponents is up to you. Continue moving along the path 
until you start travelling down hill and see a couple of ruined houses. A 
little down from the ruined house on the left (south-southeast), there will 
be a half wall. Send your team there, and then order them to attack. There 
are generally 3 enemies immediately outside for them to kill. Let them kill 
all 3. If the 4th does not move out, then send your team into the tunnel to 
kill him also. Put them back into recon afterwards. Move them away from the 
tunnel, and blow up the artillery hidden inside. Now continue toward the 
next objective. There are several ways upon which to arrive there, but no 
matter which way you take, you should end up coming out just up the hill 
from another ruined house. Send your team inside, and then order them to 
attack. Once again, there should be 3 enemies out in the open, let your 
team take them all out. After they are finished, there is a small path of 
land toward the north of your position. Enter from the side closest to the 
ruined house that your team was in, and work your way around. At the other 
end, there will be a person sitting behind some sandbags, but he will be on 
the same side as you. Once again, let your team take him out, then order 
them back to recon. From this position, continue toward the artillery piece 
and then demolish it (make sure your team is somewhere away from it). Now 
continue toward the southeast from the artillery piece and you should enter 
a path heading toward the closest bridge to where that artillery piece was. 
You want to cross this bridge (note the location of the boxes), then move 
toward the west (right) where you will find a road leading up to the road-
bridge. Set your team up behind the rock, and just peak out onto the road-
bridge and shoot one enemy. Make sure that you hit on any shots you take, 
or you will fail the Bull's Eye Achievement. The truck should begin moving 
down as you go back toward the cover of the rock. Wait for the truck to 
approach a bit, then order your team to take it out. They should be able to 
do so before it escapes (Secondary Objective). Now move your team to the 
cover of one of the boxes near the bridge that you had crossed into this 
area. The further back the box, the better their line of sight will be. 
Order them to open fire, then move back toward the road-bridge. Make sure 
to keep cover, and help your team to mop up the remaining enemies (just 
make sure that they stay +50% of the total enemies killed). After you are 
done, the new objective of meeting the humvee for extraction will come up. 
Head across the road-bridge to the humvee. Mission completed, as long as 
you didn't miss any target and you and your team didn't get injured, you 
should have all three Achievements.

B. "Unpleasant Surprise"

An actual walkthrough for this mission is unnecessary. It is a 
straighforward helicopter side door mission. The Achievement goals are: 
Predator and Hawk's Eye. You will be in the helicopter, on the side door 
gun turret the entire mission. Your goal is to kill everyone you can, with 
the emphasis being on the enemy vehicles. I'm not sure if there are 
actually any stipulations to the Achievements on this mission. I got them 
both in one try. I destroyed all of the enemy vehicles and shot almost 
every single enemy. As long as you can do that, you should recieve both 
Achievements at the end.

II. Secondary Objectives (AKA Mission Accomplished Achievement)

I tried to include all the secondary objective vehicles. It can be hard to
tell all of the ones that count though, and I may have accidentally 
skipped one. If anyone knows with absolute certainty where another 
secondary objective is, please notify me so that I can update this as soon 
as possible. I will be continuing to play this game as it is my favorite, 
as of right now, and if I come across anymore, I will be sure to update 

This is not a full-on walkthrough of every mission. There are already full 
walkthroughs posted, and I didn't not feel obligated to repeat that. This 
part is for those people that have went through the game, or are going 
through the game, but do not want to miss a secondary objective.

The secondary objectives are all vehicle (fleeing vehicle) related. If you
want to play it safe, destroy all enemy vehicles. Worried about ammo? Don't
forget that you can pick up and use enemy weapons for the job. Also, use 
your team as often as possible. The best way to stop the trucks is to get
a good angle on the driver, and take them out. Then you can destroy the
vehicle whenever you get a chance. Just remember, if it must be destroyed,
you have to do it before the next major mission objective, or it won't 
count. If you are just doing this for the achievement and you miss it, but
don't want to play through the whole thing again, then you can frag 
yourself. It will reload you at the last checkpoint.

Also, it is best to go through the main campaign first. Then none of what
I say here will be a spoiler for you. All the Quick Missions will tell
you if you have completed their secondary objective requirements. You can 
complete these secondary objectives on any difficulty setting.

A. "Need Your Cojones, Son"

See the Quick Mission Achievements section above.

B. "Knock 'Em Dead"

You meet up with the mule and then take out a handful of enemies. Afterwards,
you will move into position above a big open area. Toward the left (east) of
your position there will be a truck. Normally, it does not flee until after
you are done taking out or chasing off the enemies. Take out the driver, you
should have a good line of fire on him as he tries to flee the area. Then,
destroy the vehicle at your leisure.

C. "Unpleasant Surprise"

Helicopter side door mission, you can't check objectives by use of the 'back'
button here. Just make sure to destroy all enemy vehicles, kill as many of
the enemy as you can, and complete the mission. You should recieve the 
secondary objective, I did.

D. "This Place Is An Inferno"

On this one, you will get the secondary objective after the first objective 
of reaching the mule. Make sure you equip the ZEUS T2. You will have to 
head toward your next objective, which is a tank. There is a building over
looking the area that is the best position. The tank will be to the north.
If you look toward the northwest, to the front left of the tank, you will
see a jeep. You must take it out with the ZEUS T2 before you go after the 
tank, and you have to be quick about it. The jeep will quickly flee the 
area. Then you can feel free to take out the tank.

E. "You'll Be Inserted Solo"

When you get down to where it says 'checkpoint' and 'objective complete,'
there will be a sandbag position to the southeast corner of the map. Set
up behind this area, and then face north-northwest. Two trucks will
appear, and from this angle you should have a good line of sight on each
driver. Destroy them at your leisure. You will then be tasked with 
crossing the graveyard to meet up with your support. At the end of the 
graveyard, you will be granted a UAV and have to go to the mule. After 
the mule, check the map. The yellow square is where the next fleeing 
vehicle must be taken out. On this one, you are going to want to head 
around east of that position, and come in from the north. Be careful, 
there are hidden soldiers, other than in the yellow objective mark. If 
you enter from the north, you will have an excellent position on the 
vehicle's driver. If you come from the south, without a grenade launcher 
or ZEUS, you are likely not going to stop the target.

F. "The Price of Peace"

After you take out the AA's, you will be sent to a checkpoint where you 
will get to modify your team and pick new weapons. You will need a 
grenadier and anti-tank gunner. It is best if you pick up a grenade 
launcher of some sort for yourself too. Play through until the end of 
the mission when you get to the area near the extraction point where the
helicopter flies over. Send your team forward toward the helicopter, and
when they get close to that area, head in yourself. When you approach, 
the helo comes under fire and gets taken out. Put your team behind cover
and get behind cover yourself. Order your team to attack the enemy helo
that approaches on the right (east) first. Then, use your grenade 
launcher to keep the other helo off balance until your team finishes
off the first. After the first one is taken out, order your team to 
finish off the second one. There will be an enemy attack helo that comes
not too long after. Have your team take that one down too, just to be

G. "On Your Own"

It never actually says there is a secondary objective, and so its hard 
for me to be sure which vehicle did it. Starting out, there will be an 
enemy truck near your position to the north-northeast. Take out the 
driver, if there is one, and destroy at your leisure. After you reach 
the mule, grab the ZEUS T2 again. There will be two jeeps further in, 
one manned and one unmanned. Take them out with the ZEUS. Closer to the 
extraction point, you will be alerted of two incoming helicopters. Equip 
the ZEUS and take them both down.

H. "Failure Is Not An Option"

Another helicopter side door mission. Take out as many hostiles as 
possible, destroy all enemy vehicles, and protect the convoy.

I. "Get Me Rosen"

After you blast the blackhawk in to little tiny pieces, there will be 
two camps you are ordered to clear out. The first one is west of the 
blackhawks position, and is the only one of signifigance here. There 
will be a truck parked near the building in this camp that definitely
counts as a secondary objective. There will also be three vehicles that 
approach the hacienda after you have secured Rosen. I don't believe that 
these are secondary objectives. However, if you take them down, you will
be greatly benifiting yourself by limiting the number of enemies that 
you have to fight. It would also be the safe thing to do. 

J. "Who The Hell Are These Guys"

After you defend the checkpoint position against enemies while awaiting
Bravo and their ill fated search for the nukes, you will be told to 
head to a checkpoint where you will have the chance to switch out team
members and weapons. Pick whatever you would like, as they will not 
be necessary in accomplishing the secondary objective. When that is 
done, turn right (south) where you will see a building not too far in
front of you. There is an alley to the left side of the building, 
there is a ramp up the side and a bunch of debris. Head up the ramp to
the top of the building. You should be getting helo support around now,
and you should see two purple targets (fleeing vehicles). Being careful
to note the direction that they are travelling in, order the helo to
attack the truck in the front of the convoy. After it is done with that
one, the other one should be bottled in, have the helo take it out.

K. "Codenamed Farallon"

Entering this mission, you will want the grenadier and the anti-tank.
Feel free to choose whichever weapon makes you happiest, I would suggest 
a scoped rifle of some sort. After your first objective, you will be 
given two areas to clear out. The one to the south is the one that you
should do first. Stay toward the street, and clear out as much as 
possible from this position. Leave your team here, and then you and the
Mexican loyals should head in and finish the rest of the enemies off.
When you finish, an enemy helo will fly in. Have the team you left 
behind take it out. At the end of the mission, you will come up against
two more helos. Use your team to the best of their abilities, and make
use of the grenade launchers scattered around the buildings. I'm not
sure these two helos are secondary objectives, but I always enjoyed 
taking them both down.

L. "Just Shut Up And Do Your Job"

There will be an APC that pops up fairly quick at the very beginning.
Any team should be able to take it out, as it is fairly close range.
You may have to help them to finish it off, and you may have to 
change their position. I always sent them toward the building toward
the southeast of where they start off, while I take up their 
previous position. After it gets behind the building to the east, 
you don't have much time left. It will leave after it deploys its
load. Up the hill and past the building on top, there will be a jeep 
that will drive in circles. Take it out. The area down the hill 
(big paved area, hard to miss), you will have another encounter with
enemy troops. Toward the right of the area (south) there will be two
trucks. You won't have long to destroy them. If you have trouble with
it, try moving toward the south end of the fence and take out the 
drivers before entering the area. I'm not sure it will work, I 
entered the area and was able to take them out with my team members.

III. Contact Information

If you have further suggestions that you would like to see updated here, 
questions that I might be able to answer, or any other legitimate reason to 
contact me: wereyeti@hotmail.com

Keep in mind, I'm not Google or Jeebs. I'm not a dictionary, I'm not an
encyclopedia. Keep your questions tasteful, and in regards to this FAQ,

I will most likely delete any unsolicited e-mail. If you truly want your 
e-mail to be read, make sure that the subject of the e-mail is something that 
will tell me what it is about. Otherwise, your e-mail will be hitting my junk-
mail bin fairly quickly. Nothing against you, but I do get hit with spam on 
occassion, and it just drives me crazy. I do not check my e-mail account that 
often, and it may take me some time to get back to you. Please be patient.

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