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Walkthrough by naraku2099

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 08/13/08

|  Siren: Blood Curse  |
|Unofficial Walkthrough|


Episode 1..................................................[ep1]
Episode 2..................................................[ep2]
Episode 3..................................................[ep3]
Episode 4..................................................[ep4]
Episode 5..................................................[ep5]
Episode 6..................................................[ep6]
Episode 7..................................................[ep7]
Episode 8..................................................[ep8]
Episode 9..................................................[ep9]
Episode 10.................................................[ep10]
Episode 11.................................................[ep11]
Episode 12.................................................[ep12]

Introduction [intro]
This will be my first guide, and I hope it will be a great help for anyone who
reads it.
This guide is written playing on the Normal difficulty. I will not be covering
archive items or weapon collection locations, only the main part of the
walkthrough, with the exception of telling where you can find weapons when you
need one (and can use it).
Also, I recommend you check the map frequently, because I will be referring to
locations marked on the map in the guide, and if you know what I'm talking
about, it'll be that much easier to do what you need to do. Make sure to read
the tips below the introduction, they can literally make the difference between
success and failure when you need them!
Thanks for reading my guide and I hope you find it useful and helpful in your
enjoyment of Siren: Blood Curse.
Tips                [tips]

First of all, only attempt to fight an enemy when you have a weapon. You cannot
defeat ANY shibito with your bare hands. Even if it's something as small as a
scalpel, if you use it right, you can win against certain shibito. When in 
combat, do not just rush straight at an enemy as soon as you pick up a weapon.
Make sure you know a weapon's attack range and speed before attacking, and let
the shibito approach you. Attack just before it enters your range and the
shibito will walk into your attack and be struck before it can attack you.
When sightjacking, there are two simple things you can do that you need to
know. One, you can assign an enemy's view to X, O, or Triangle. Do this by
sightjacking an enemy and holding down the button of your choice for about one
second, until the right side of the screen flashes. Two, you can lock an enemy
or an ally partner's view by sightjacking them and pressing Square. This allows
you to keep track of their movements while being able to move yourself.
Controls [ctrl]

These controls are the default control set.

Left Analog Stick: Character movement, Puzzle interaction, move map
Right Analog Stick: Look around, manual search in sightjack
L3: None
R3: Switch between third-person and first-person view.
D-Pad: Menu selections, sub-commands, zoom with guns, left and right zoom on
map menu
Select: View map, status, archive, help and options menus
X: Game interactions (Examine, open/close doors, pick up/switch items and
weapons etc.)
O: Crouch, Stand (when crouching)
Triangle Button: Brace doors, Reload Weapons (when readied with L1)
Square: Attack, fire gun (when readied with L1), lock sight in sightjack
L1: Ready firearms, autosearch in sightjack mode, scroll tabs in map/status 
L2: Enter/exit sightjack mode
R1: Attack/Fire Gun, autosearch in sightjack mode
R2: (hold) First-person view


This section is the main walkthrough, and was written playing on the Normal
difficulty. The walkthrough will be split up into the episodes, and when you
change characters.

Episode 1 [ep1]
Howard Wright
After you take control of Howard, head out through the door in front of you.
When the cutscene ends, immediately turn around and run  the opposite
direction, go up the hill on the left near the sign, ignoring the dying local
and head up to the house. To the left of the red mailbox on the exterior wall
of the house, hide underneath the house and wait for the cop shibito to shoot
the man on the ground and leave before getting out. You can see from his point
of view in an automatic sightjack, so don't leave until you see him head down
the hill. After he leaves, use the window he opened up to get inside the house.

Head through the hallway to the left and hide in the cabinet to the left of the
television before the cop shibito catches up and spots you entering. Wait until
the cop shibito leaves the house after searching the room you're hiding in. He
won't spot you in the cabinet unless he saw you getting in, but if he did,
he'll pull you out and shoot you. The cop will come ad check the living room
where you're hiding a second time before leaving. When the cop leaves the
house, go back through the hallway you came through and exit the house through
the open door on the left. Shut the door once on the other side so the shibito
doesn't see you.

Take a few steps to the right and some wood collapses, blocking the door you
just came through. Head a little further forward and grab the shovel out of the
bucket here. After a few seconds the shibito will come crashing through the
wall, and you'll need to get close and combo attack him until Howard finishes
the shibito off.

Episode 2 [ep2]
 Sam Monroe

Head past the mine cart and up the stairs on the left. After the cutscene,
crouch and move forward, and make your way behind the mine carts on the
opposite site of the miner shibito. Wait until you see him stop digging at the
ground with the mining pick and head in the direction you came from. Sneak
between the mine cart on the end and the tree and past another mine cart on the
right. As you proceed on the mine cart tracks, grab the metal pipe protruding
out from the left wall.

Head back and sneak up behind the miner shibito, and beat him unconscious if
you want to take his mining pick (it's more powerful than the pipe). Go back
over the mine cart tracks, making sure to be crouching, and you should see
another shibito facing the opposite direction. Slowly sneak up behind her and
give her a beatdown with the mining pick.

If you check the door to the left of where the shibito was standing, you'll
find it's locked, so head around the right side of the Mining Office (locations
are named on the map) and break the rusty lock on the door near the mining
carts with your weapon. Open the door of the Mining Office.

Howard Wright

After the optional sightjacking tutorial, start following Amana. Amana will
stop when she spots a shibito facing the other way. Follow her down the other
path. To climb the ledges up onto the house, just press forward on the left
analog stick. Jumping across gaps is done the same way. After crossing the
small gap, part of the roof collapses under Howard's feet. Quickly hide inside
the cabinet in front of you before a shibito who heard the crash comes to
investigate the sound.

Sightjack the shibito to see where it is, and exit the cabinet when it leaves
the house and its vision returns to normal color from the alerted red. Go into
the small kitchen, turn left and exit the house through the open door to meet
back up with Amana outside. Follow Amana to a truck nearby, and wait for the
shibito near Karibna Noodle Shop to look away before entering the shop and
heading up the stairs.

Stay near the window where you can see a sign and sightjack the nearby shibito,
then press square to lock his sight. When you see from the shibito's vision he
is twisting a handle on some kind of tank, press X next to the sign to push it
off and knock out the shibito. Exit sightjack and go back down the stairs,
picking up the frying pan from the sink in the kitchen. Walk up the small hill
to catch up with Amana.

Follow Amana as she makes her way toward the graveyard, where a shibito is
facing the opposite direction, digging in a grave. Grab a hunting trap from the
small shed Amana is hiding behind and slowly make your way up behind the 

Use the sub-actions menu to place a trap behind the shibito and then back away
back behind the shed. Use the sub actions menu again to yell and get the
shibito's attention, who should get caught in the trap. Give him a good beating
with the frying pan before he escapes the trap and take his shovel, then head
down the path.

Sam Monroe

Watch the front door of the mining office and let the shibito come inside. When
she does, knock it out with the metal pipe, then follow Melissa out of the
mining office and up the stairs. Follow her until she enters the mine shaft on
the cart tracks and a cutscene is triggered.

After the cutscene, turn around and follow Melissa. When you go into the other
mine shaft, Melissa will stop running and yelp as she spots a shibito facing
down an elevator shaft. Sneak up behind him and give him a whack with the pipe.
Make sure to grab the .38 revolver he drops.

Start heading back out of the mine shaft and you will spot a shibito standing
near the bridge. Shoot her, and wait where you are for the other two shibito to
come, and shoot them when they do. Go back across the bridge into the other
part of the mine shaft and shoot the other two shibito in here, then go down
the path on the right.

Episode 3 [ep3]
Bella Monroe

Bella is a character incapable of combat, so keep in mind that stealth is your
only option when playing as her. If a shibito gets within range to attack
Bella, it's game over immediately. Open the door of the room you start out in,
and crouch to minimize visibility. Head out and to the right, past the Nurse's
Station, where a shibito nurse keeps watch. She shouldn't spot you if you stay
in a crouching position as you pass.

Go left at the bottom of the stairs, near the doorway on the left, but don't go
into the room yet. Stay out of sight of the doorway and sightjack the nurse
shibito inside this room. Wait until she comes out of the Surgery Prep Room to
shut off the heart monitor and then returns back into the Surgery Prep Room.
When she heads back in there, enter the Operating Room, taking notice of the
gap in the curtains just inside the doorway.

When she's standing in the Surgery Prep Room, go around the operating table to
the left of the curtains and switch on the heart monitor, then go back around
and hide behind the curtains. When the shibito passes the gap in the curtains
going toward the heart monitor, go though the gap in the curtains and down the
hall into the  Surgery Prep Room.

Go straight through the Surgery Prep Room and open the door on the other side
and head out to the left, down the stairs to the basement. Take note of the
locker you can hide in just past the corner on the right, past the pile of
cardboard boxes blocking the hallway. Go past the locker and stop at the corner
of the wall. Sightjack the shibito around the corner and wait for her to go in
the Administration Office, sit down, and scribble on the paper.

When she does, go around the corner and into the Incinerator Room, just past
the elevator on the right. Grab the Reception Key from the ledge of the
incinerator near the garbage can sitting here, and if you knock over the
garbage can, run back around the corner and hide in the locker until the
shibito goes back to scribbling on the paper.

Sneak past when the shibito is busy scribbling on the paper and head up the
staircase to the first floor. Go left after the two short flights of stairs and
unlock the door to Reception on the right nearby the sofas and the TV in the
Waiting Room. Go inside and to the left and use the PA system machine on the
desk to call for help.

As you'll find out, making a racket calling for help on the PA system wasn't
exactly the greatest idea. Open the door of Reception and go left, making your
way down the first flight of stairs towards the basement, but stop before going
down the second flight, or the shibito heading towards the Administration
Office may spot you.

When she sits down in the Administration Office, sneak by behind her and open
the door to the Kitchen, the next room on the right past the Administration
Office. Across from the door you opened there is a kitchen timer on top of a
cart. Go up to it and set the timer, then leave the kitchen through the same
door you came in, and quietly go near the doorway to the Administration Office. 

When the alarm goes off, it will attract the attention of the shibito in the
Administration Office, and it will go to check it out through a door directly
between the Administration Office and the Kitchen. When it goes to check the
timer, sneak straight through the Administration Office, open the other door,
then stand up and bolt down the hallway, around the corner and up the stairs,
because opening the door will attract the shibito's attention your way!

At the top of the stairs, face the door, which is open slightly, blocked by
boxes and press X to have Bella go through the door.

Howard Wright

After that last level, it sure feels good to play as a character who can dish
out some butt whooping on the shibito, doesn't it? Nonetheless, you'll still
have to find a weapon before you can do that. On this level, you'll have Miyako
following you, so you'll need to use the sub commands when you need to tell her
to wait, follow, or hide, all of which will be on D-Pad right when you can use

Start making your way over to the right side of the East Field of rice paddies,
alongside the tall plants and trees, with Miyako. The first thing you need to
do is a find a weapon, so I'll tell you where some are. Head along that way
until you see a covered pile of logs, then go past that to the left to a tree
nearby. Go up to the tree and press X near it to climb it and get up to a
higher area. Unfortunately, the tree branch breaks, leaving Miyako unable to

As soon as the cutscene ends, run straight, drop down the ledge and follow the
path to the left, climb over a ledge, run past the church then down some stairs
to get to the West Field of rice paddies. Miyako will be spotted by shibito, so
you'll have to move fast, because she'll die after a few minutes.

Make your way past the fallen tree on the left side of the West Field of rice
paddies and run down the side of the paddies. Go a bit to the right of the
stairs at the bottom, as you can't walk up them, and climb a ledge, then
another, and go into the Equipment Storage shed you should see ahead of you.

Inside the shed, pick up a gardening fork or a gardening hoe, then backtrack up
the west paddy and break the chains on the left side of the iron gate at the
top of the West Field rice paddy. Make your way straight across the East Field
rice paddies, then up the hill in the direction of the pile of logs, only this
time, take the path on the right and cross a small bridge to go to the
Dilapidated Shed, where the shibito are trying to attack Miyako.

Give the shibito there a good butt whooping with your newly acquired weapon and
when they're all unconscious, open the shed, where Miyako will be hiding
inside. Backtrack through the East Field paddies and West Field paddies toward
the Equipment Storage shed. 

When you get to Equipment Storage, follow the path to the left up and press X
next to the rotting tree to use it as a bridge. Cross the tree and follow the
path up and around to the right, then go straight and follow the path on the 

Episode 4 [ep4]
Seigo Saiga

As soon as you take control of Seigo, you'll find you have a double-barreled
shotgun and you need to use it to protect Sam Monroe from an attacking shibito.
So ready the shotgun and aim down near Sam. You can zoom in and out with the up
and down buttons on the D-Pad while aiming. Take aim at the shibito and fire
once or twice to take it down.

Once you take out the shibito, you'll need to meet up with Sam and get to the
road to Hirasakai. Climb down the ladder of the Lookout Tower, and if necessary
shoot the fly shibito , then go down the nearby stairs, then to the left down
into the bloody water. Shoot the shibito outside here, then head into the house
closest to where you came out into the bloody water.

Go straight through the kitchen and outside, then climb up the ledges to the
second floor to meet up with Sam. Drop back down off the first ledge, then into
the bloody water out in front of the Mitamura house and head to the left, up
the hill you came down to meet with Sam. Go straight in the direction the path
goes, but ready your shotgun because you'll need to shoot down a shibito who
has a rifle before continuing on to the road to Hirasakai, finishing this short

Howard Wright

As soon as you begin this level, you will have a shibito pursuing you, but
fortunately you start this level with a weapon, so beat him silly with the iron
poker in your possession and take his sledgehammer when he's down for the
count. You can find another shibito tending a garden on the corner opposite of
the Detached Room you start near at the front corner of the Ito house. Put that
sledgehammer to use and crack her skull.

To get into the house, you'll have to remove a rain shutter on the east side of
the house, around the corner from the garden and bloody pond the female shibito
was near. If you pick up the Closet Key from the Detached Room outside the
house, you can go into the Storage Closet to the right on the inside of the
house and have Miyako hide in the cabinet inside there.

I recommend doing so, as it keeps her out of danger so you can do what you need
to do and fight in the house without worrying about her. After you have her
hide, go to the end of the hallway and around the corner and follow the hall.
You'll likely run into a female shibito as she comes out of the kitchen, but
she's no problem with the sledgehammer.

After you knock her out, you can go back into the corner and open the bathroom
door if you feel like bashing in some more shibito skull. Otherwise, just go
upstairs. At the top of the stairs, the first door on the right is a room
mainly used for hiding from shibito (there's a cabinet and a small closet you
can hide in). 

Go down the hallway and you'll find the door at the end which you need to get
on the roof is locked. The other door in the hallway, which leads to the
Daughter's Room, is where you need to go, so open the nearby door, but expect a
shibito on the other side when you do. Swing the sledgehammer until that
shibito stops moving, the grab the Clock Winding Key from the corner of her 

Head back downstairs and make sure all shibito that might be wandering around
are knocked plenty unconscious. Then, sightjack the shibito in the Front Study
and assign his view to X, O, or Triangle. This way you can access his view
quickly. After that, wind the clock across from the Front Study by standing in
front of it and holding down Triangle.

After the clock is wound, go back into the hallway so you're out of the path
between the Front Study and the clock, because when the clock chimes midnight,
the shibito with a gun is going to come check it out. When he does, sneak up
behind him and lay into him with the sledgehammer repeatedly until he goes down
and stays down.

When you've taken care of him, take the gun, get the Bedroom Key from the Front
Study and go back and get Miyako from the closet. Head back upstairs and open
the door to the Daughter's Room, and shoot the shibito so it won't get in the
way. Unlock the door at the end of the hallway, go through on to the balcony
and straight out onto the roof. 

Follow the roof to the right until you come to a gap bewteen the Ito house roof
and the roof of the Detached Room, then hop across onto the roof of the
Detached Room. Follow the path and drop off the ledge, then follow the path to
the right.

Episode 5 [ep5]
Melissa Gale

Go straight forward from where you start and you should see a dumpster with a
few lockers to its left. Climb on the dumpsters then up onto a ledge outside
the second floor just over the lockers. Follow the short ledge and use the
second window on the right to cimb into Room 203.

In the hallway outside the room, a spider shibito patrols the hallway from the
ceiling. You will see her shaky view of a pipe on the ceiling as she stares
down the hallway in the direction of the door to Room 203. Sightjack her and
assign her view to a button.

Once you open the door of Room 203, you will see a cutscene in which Melissa
spots the ceiling prowling shibito. Lock the shibito's view and move out into
the hallway to the left and down the stairs when she heads to the balcony that
goes behind Room 202. Exit the sightjack after you get down the stairs so her
view doesn't distract you.

On the first floor, go to the Waiting Room to the left at the bottom of the
stairs. On the right side of the automatic glass hospital entrance doors is a
Parking Sign. Pick it up so you have something to defend yourself with. Go back
to the bottom of the stairs and pass them up, then open the door to the Exam
Room, on your right. When you open the door, a spider shibito on the ceiling
inside the room will be alerted, so when it comes down, give it a beating with
the parking sign.

Go around the curtain in the room and get the Roof Key from the table one the
left. Then, exit the room and go back to the stairs, and go all the way up to
the top, stopping on floors two and three to knock out the shibito if you want

Unlock the door to the West Roof at the top of Staircase A and open it. Step
out onto the roof and go to the right, following the railing of the roof to
where it's broken to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene, use sightjack
autosearch to check views until you locate Seigo Saiga's, who will be looking
at Sam Monroe.

Lock his view and watch until you see him look at the telephone inside the
Director's Office, noting the number on it. After you see that, exit sightjack
and drop down to the East Roof from the ledge on the West Roof where the
railing is broken. Go forward and open the only door on the East Roof, which
leads to Staircase C.

Head down the Staircase and then go to the right, past the second floor Nurse's
Station to trigger a very creepy cutscene. After it's over, head down Staircase
B to the first floor, and take out the two shibito who will attack one at a
time here. After that, head into the Operating Room and make your way to the
Surgery Prep Room through it. Activate the phone on the desk to the right and
dial 201 using the left analog stick to select the number and pressing X to
dial it.


Wait for the shibito on the other side of the shack to leave the area before
moving in the same direction. When the shibito jumps over to the shack to the
right of a broken portion of the wooden rail, follow her after she drops down
to the ground from the top of the shack and walks away. Head south and enter
the Karibna Noodle Shop from it's west side and grab the Hot Water Pot from
inside. Exit from the same door before the shibito near the noodle shop spots 

Head towards the Mitamura Houseand go inside. Assault the shibito in here who
has a Dagger and take it from her when she's unconscious, because it does more
damage than the Hot Water Pot. Slowly make your way up the hill outside the
Mitamura House and take the stairs to the right slowly, so as not to be spotted
by the shibito before they enter the Worship Hall.

Sightjack the female shibito, through whose eyes you can see is following a
male shibito, until she makes her way to a shrine underneath the inside of the
worship hall. When she does, enter the Worship Hall and grab a few Signal
Flares from the small open closet to the right.

Sneakily head down near where the shibito are standing in front of the shrine
so you know your way there before you need to get there quickly. Head back just
outside the Worship Hall and drop a Signal Flare down the well. After dropping
the Signal Flare down the well, go back inside the Worship Hall and down to the
shrine and take care of the three shibito down there while they're blinded by
the smoke.

Ignore the shrine the shibito were in front of for now and head back to the
entrance of the Worship Hall. When you see some strange light and hear a noise
in this area, activate sightjacking and locate the memory by autosearching.

This gives you two new sub goals: Investigate the Mitamura House and explore
the memories around the gateway. We'll check the Mitamura House first, so leave
the Worship Hall, go down the stairs and the hill into the bloody water and
enter the Mitamura House on the right. Once inside the Mitamura House, go left
into the first doorway inside the house.

Make sure the shibito in the house (who should now be in posession of the Hot
Water Pot you had before) is unconscious before sightjacking to find the memory
in this room. Head toward the Karibna Noodle Shop and take the nearby stairs up
towards the Graveyard. Follow the path to the graveyard and sightjack to find
another memory.

Keep searching the memories in the graveyard and open the graves until you find
a grave that has a strange seal underneath it. Examine the seal to start the
puzzle. I don't really understand how the seals puzzles are solved, but I
figured out a way to break them. Using the left analog stick, you control the
outer ring of the seal and the right analog stick controls the inner ring.

If you turn the inner ring one direction six times, pressing X each time you
turn it, you can check each possible combination of the symbols on the inner
ring. If the seal doesn't break, turn the outer ring of symbols either left or
right and repeat checking the inner symbols by pressing X at each one as you go
through them. If you still don't get it, turn the outer ring again the same
direction and check all the inner ring symbols. You should break the seal

Repeat the same process to break the seal at the shrine in the bottom of the
Worship Hall. Follow the path down from the Worship Hall back into the bloody
water and head past the Karibna Noodle Shop, following the road. You'll see the
road is broken here, but on the left corner there is a small path that leads to
the now open gateway you need to go through.

Episode 6 [ep6]
Howard Wright

Go forward and take the stairs on the left up, then at the top, turn around and
follow the short path in that direction towards a mine cart sitting on the
track. Get behind the mine cart and push it by holding down Triangle then hop
in with X and enjoy the ride. Don't worry, Howard will jump out automatically
before the cart flies off at the end of the tracks.

Unfortunately the mining cart misses its target, shibito Seigo Saiga. Darn. If
you go into the SIren Control Room, you'll find the activation panel for the
Siren, but you need a key to activate it. 

Go into the other building in this small area, the Mining Office, and exit
through the northwest door. Make your way up the path, making sure to pick up
the Sledgehammer on the left. At the top of the path, go right and walk down
the path of the West Shaft Upper Level. Bash the spider shibito and push the
mine cart to hit the shibito with a Double Barreled shotgun who stands in the
East Shaft Upper Level.

Take the shotgun and go back down to the Mining Office, this time going down
the stairs. Use the power panel to switch on the elevators and go down the
stairs to West Shaft Level 4. DO NOT go up the ladder to the right outside the
gate at the bottom of the stairs because shibito Seigo stands at the top and he
will shoot you.

Shoot the spider shibito if they get in your way here and follow the path left
of the gate. When you get near the Central Shaft, look to the left, across a
gap in the walkway here and shoot the shibito hanging from the ceiling to
incapacitate all spider shibito in the mines.

Find the ladder leading down near the corner of the West Shaft Level 4 path and
climb down it. Follow the tunnel to it's east end, shoot the shibito and get
the Siren Key (it's location will be marked on your map if you checked the
siren activation panel). 

Return to the ladder and climb back up and go back up towards the Mining
Office, but stop in the room where you activated the elevators to turn your
shotgun into a sawn-off at the workbench. Activate the siren in the Siren
Control Room then go back into the Mining Office and face the opening at the
top of the first flight of stairs that leads down to West Shaft Level 4. Ready
your sawn-off shotgun so when shibito Seigo appears there, you can shoot him

Bella Monroe

You can't take the path over the rotting tree used as a bridge by Howard, as
it's collapsed, so follow the other path down. Go through the paddies and crawl
underneath the collapsed tree near Fuel Storage, careful to avoid shibito along
the way. If the fly shibito spots you, hide in Fuel Storage after crawling
under the tree until it goes away. 

Sneak past the shibito near the Dilapidated Shed, and make your way through the
East Field toward the Iron Gate. After you pass through the Iron Gate, go up
the stairs immediately to your right and run to the church.

Episode 7 [ep7]
Howard Wright

You'll start out this level with your shotgun, but only with two shells in,
none to reload, so use them wisely. There is a shibito over to the right who
wanders around between the side and back of The Lucky Triangle. When he's
heading away from your direction, knock him out with a few melee strikes with
the shotgun.

Sneak up the stairs at the back of The Lucky Triangle and knock out the shibito
on the roof who has a rifle, then go back and make your way toward the unnamed
house west of the Takemoto House. 

You'll see a doorway barricaded with planks of wood here that you'll need to
break through, but wait for the thunder from the storm then strike it two or
three times and repeat until the doorway is clear so you don't alert any 

After you break up the wood blocking your way, go inside and shoot the shibito
with the sledgehammer, then go upstairs and leave the house through the open
door. Shoot the shibito here, then go back inside the house to get the
sledgehammer from the shibito downstairs.

Go back outside again through the door upstairs and jump across the gap stright
in front of you. Follow the path until you go through a room with three TVs in
it, and drop down from the ledges outside the door. 

At the Abandoned House, you should find a cowardly shibito brain with a yellow
head that doesn't attack, but only runs from you in circles around the house.
Set up a trap at any point around the house and chase the shibito brain until
it gets caught in the trap, then knock it out.

To get past shibito Seigo, who stands on the roof of the 33 Yen Shop, sightjack
him and lock his vision, then crouch and walk across the Sozuka Bridge, but
stop a little bit before the end to stay out of his sight when he looks that
way. When he looks behind the 33 Yen Shop, move to the side of the 33 Yen Shop
and stick close so when he looks back toward the bridge he won't see you.

Make your way to the back of the shop timing your movement for when he looks
toward the bridge and climb the ledges and knock him out when you have the
opportunity. Take his shotgun and head northeast toward the Upper Arato Tunnel
and climb the box to get up on the roof of the house.

Howard Wright

After the cutscene, go through the bus to get inside the building, then go left
and through a grassy path, and use the oil drums to climb up onto the
Renaissance Grocery and escape the spider shibito. Once on top, run through the
doorway and get to the door ahead and on the left, get in and shut the door to
keep the spider shibitos out. Climb the ladder inside this room to get up to 
the next level.

Once up there, climb the ledge, follow the roof and run past the spider
shibitos through the hallway. Once you get into the room just past the hallway,
go left quickly, get on the right side of the vending machine and press X to
push it in front of the hallway and block the spider shibitos out.

Follow the path, climb the ledges and grab the crowbar out of the bucket next
to the Lookout Tower ladder before climbing it. Drop down one ledge and take a
quick look at the easily distinguishable maggot shibito on the platform in
front of you. Do not try to take this maggot shibito on, you will die. If it's
nearby, run. 

Drop down from the second ledge and take off running, ignoring the spider
shibito. Run between the two buildings and climb the ledge on the right, then
go around the corner left and climb the Smokestack ladder as fast as you can.

After the cutscene, take out the nearby spider shibito and follow the platform
around and down over a few ledges, then climb the ledge on the left and get up
the Smokestack ladder. Walk around the top of the Smokestack and drop off the
other side, then make your way into the Storehouse. Break the lock on the door
and enter.

Episode 8 [ep8]
Sol Jackson

Go down the ladder in front of you when you start and take a few steps forward
at the bottom to trigger a cutscene. Back all the way up against the wall by
the ladder and wait for the shibito to appear. He shouldn't spot you even if
your flashlight is on, so when he turns around, sneak forward and take the
ladder on the left down to West Shaft Level 2.

Head towards the east end of the shaft and run past the shibito with a mining
pick. At the east end of the shaft, turn around and go up the stairs. Pick up
the video camera when you find it for a weapon. Go back and knock out the
shibito with the mining pick and take it, then head back up the stairs slowly.
Sneak up behind the lookout and knock her out.

Take the stairs back down to East Shaft Level 2 and go back up the ladder on
the other side to get back up to West Shaft Level 4. Take out the shibito with
a shovel now that you have a weapon and proceed slowly and crouched further
into the shaft. 

When you come up onto a shibito facing the other direction, knock him out from
behind and take the Hunting Rifle he had. On the left, just before the mining
cart is the ladder you need to get up to East Shaft Level 5. Climb up the
ladder and move towards the elevator.

Sam Monroe

Sneak past the shibito facing the elevator control panel and go up the stairs
behind him. Exit the Mining Office through the northwest door so neither of the
shibito snipers can get a shot at you and head up the path. Go right at the top
of the path into the West Shaft Upper Level and follow the mine cart tracks all
the way to a mine cart. Get behind the mine cart and push it to knock out the
shibito on the bridge with a rifle.

Collect the rifle from near the unconscious shibito and head back down the path
into the Mining Office. Go down the stairs, hit the shibito facing the elevator
control panel with the rifle and turn on the elevators.

Sol Jackson

As soon as you take control of Sol again, get in the elevator and push the
button to go up to East Shaft Upper Level. Sam has been spotted by a shibito
with a rifle and you need to save him. Follow the path out of the shaft, sneak
up behind the sniper shibito and bash or shoot him with the rifle.

Melissa Gale

There's a shibito nurse watching the landing between the second and third
floors, so you can't go down the stairs. Go out to the balcony around the
corner at the end of the hallway with Bella following you and drop down the
hole at the end. Grab the sake bottle near the entrance to the balcony on the
second floor and use it on the shibito watching the stairs. Take her scalpel
after you K.O. her.

Go into the second door on the left in the hallway after that and have Bella
hide in the toilet stall. Take out the other shibito who lurks around the
Nurse's Station with the scalpel, then go get Bella and head down to the first

Take care of the shibito in the Pharmacy and have bella hide in Reception. Do
not go into the waiting room yet, you need to get a better weapon. Head down
the hallway and go to the basement via Staircase C. Follow the hallway around
the corner and go to the Incinerator to grab an Iron Poker from a garbage can.

After getting the new weapon, go back upstairs and examine the front door.  Go
down to the basement and unlock the Power Room. Enter and turn on the power.
Exit the power room and when the cutscene ends, bolt up Staircase C to the
first floor, head through Surgery Prep and the Operating Room towards Staircase
B to go up to the second floor and beat the shibito in the elevator before
running up.

Start heading down the hallway to see shibito Sol about to attack Bella, who
flees down Staircase A to escape. Sol's attention turns to you and he comes to
attack. Be extremely careful when fighting Sol. The video camera he's using
inflicts alot of damage and the iron poker you have doesn't.

After taking out Sol, head down Staircase A two floors, to the basement.
Sightjack and lock Bella's view to locate her with ther green crosshair that
will show up. I found her hiding in a locker in the Locker Room. Head up the
stairs to the second floor and have Bella hide in the toilet stall in the 

Leave out the window of Room 203 and climb down to the ground. Pick up the
parking sign that's obsturcting the first floor entrance door and climb back up
through the window to the second floor or enter the front door and go up the
stairs. Have Bella follow you and go down to the first floor, exiting through
the front door and leave the hospital.

Episode 9 [ep9]    	
Melissa Gale

Don't head in the direction Melissa faces when you take control, there are
multiple shibito down there, and once again, you don't have a weapon. Turn
around and follow the path that takes you to the left of the church. After you
come around the corner in the path, drop down from the ledge on the left to end
up next to Fuel Storage.

Take the Froe Axe on the ground to your left after you drop down. Enter
sightjack and search around for a shibito with a double-barreled shotgun. When
he walks up to a tall ledge, he is facing your direction, so stay crouched near
the Fuel Storage shed and don't move yet. Wait for him to turn around before
crossing the small bridge and heading towards the Dilapidated Shed.

Keep his view locked as you move, and when you start to see part of the blue
crosshair telling you where you are in his field of vision, stop moving and
wait for him to move back to the ledge, facing the Fuel Storage shed. When he
does, get moving. Take out the shibito near the Dilapidated Shed with the froe
axe and keep moving towards the East Fields.

Carefully move through the East Fields heading towards the Iron Gate and knock
out any shibito who get in the way. Pay attention to on-screen prompts you get;
some ledges are too tall for Bella to climb by herself. 

After reaching the Iron Gate you may be spotted by a shibito with a bladed
gardening tool on a long handle. If he sees you before you pass through the
gate, wait for him to attempt to attack and be thrown off balance when he hits
the gate. Then go through the gate and attack before he regains his balance
completely. Attack the other shibito here as well.

Continue working your way through the West Fields toward the Road to Tabori
until you trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene, start pushing over the oil
drums in the area close by. Try to keep the maggot shibito's attention so it
doesn't attack Bella by attacking it. After you have pushed over all three oil
drums, another cutscene will be triggered. Press X when prompted to use the

Seigo Saiga

This time around, you need to protect Bella from attacking shibito. Shoot down
Sol and keep watch on Bella. Shoot the nearby fly shibito, because it may
pester you or get in the way. Follow Bella with your aim and shoot the next
ground shibito until it's knocked out. After that, head down the ladder and
towards the Karibna Noodle Shop. Shoot down the fly shibito and any other
shibito that are nearby.

After the Karibna Noodle Shop is cleared, Bella will make a run for Rice Shop
88 and squeeze through a wall there to get to the Mitamura House. Go for the
Mitamura House since Seigo cannot fit through the gap in the wall Bella can.
After Bella runs through the Mitamura House, she goes around the side of the
Mutsui House, so you'll need to pass through the kitchen of the Mitamura House
and go through an opening near the northeast side of the Mutsui House to get
around there and shoot down the fly shibito to protect Bella.

After she escapes, head into the Mitamura house and go upstairs to get the
Worship Hall key. The key is in the small closet. After you get the key, head
back up to the Worship Hall, unlock the door and go inside. You can find the
Ancient Book on the bookshelf in the back right corner of the room.

Episode 10 [ep10]
Bella Monroe

Sightjack and assign the views of all three shibito on the ground floor so you
can easily keep track of them. The daughter, the first shibito to leave the
living room, should head upstairs and scribble on some paper in her room. The
father goes upstairs and looks on with concern to an apparently bedridden
grandmother shibito who thankfully does nothing but lay in her bed staring at
the ceiling. He also wanders the upstairs hallway and ocassionally comes

The problem of the ground level is the mother, who walks up and down the
hallway, ocassionally stopping in the living room to watch some static on the
television. An opening to easily slip by her unnoticed comes when she heads to
the kitche to cut meat after watching static on TV, but then the father places
the upstairs bedroom key on top of a short cabinet and comes downstairs.

When you see the father's view move to the bathroom and you can see the urinal
there, it's time to move. Get out of the closet and leave the living room. Go
out into the hall and up the stairs, into the room on the right, grab the
bedroom key from the top of the small cabinet, and then hide in either the
larger cabinet next to it or the small closet in the corner.

After the father comes running upstairs and finds he misplaced the key to the
bedroom, he will walk down the hall to the bedroom, look at the handle and then
turn around and walk downstairs. The daughter will follow the father 

Don't let your only opportunity slip! Get out of the closet and crouch, then
make your way down the hallway to the bedroom and unlock the door. Enter the
room but DO NOT close the door or you will attract the grandmother's attention.
Climb up onto the balcony after carefully walking around the grandmother so as
not to disturb her.

Walk out onto the roof of the house from the balcony and head to the right.
Drop off from the roof to the ground somewhere around the front and go to the
front gate. Walk down the path a little to trigger a cutscene.

Turn around and run as soon as you control Bella once again, you cannot slip
past Melissa. Make sure you let her follow, but not close enough to let her
catch you, as you make your way around the house in a circle. When you make it
back to the front gate, run down the path.

Howard Wright

It's time to end the horrible time loop in Hanuda village, so you need to break
the four seals in Karuwari to stop it. Head straight up the side of the East
Field towards the Dilapidated Shed. Crouch down before you get to the short
bridge to keep sound and visibility low, and carefully enter the shed.

Grab the hunting traps inside the shed and leave. They're not as good as
weapons, but they're all you've got for now. Backtrack over the bridge and
sneak up the high path that passes the Dilapidated Shed. Place a hunting trap
close to the gardening shibito and yell to get her attention. When she gets
caught in the trap, run past her and up the path.

Climb up over the Fuel Storage shed and follow the path on the right past the
Irazu Valley church and down the stairs onto the other side of the gate, in the
West Fields. Head through the West Fields and go to the Equipment Storage shed
to get yourself a proper weapon.

After you get yourself a decent weapon, take care of the fly shibitos who've
likely been pestering you on the way to the Equipment Storage shed. After
taking out the pests, head up the path behind Equipment Storage and break the
first seal, eagle. Miyako must be nearby to break the seal.

Head back down the path through the West Fields toward the iron gate, and have
Miyako break the second seal, man, which is next to the iron gate. After the
seal is broken, break the chains on the gate and go through. Go through the
East Fields and go back by the Dilapidated Shed, knocking out the Shibito near

Go up the path from there once more, except this time, climb up a ledge on the
right and break the third seal, lion. Drop back down from the ledge and follow
the path off to the right, climb the Fuel Storage shed and pass the Irazu
Valley Church. Make your way through the West Fields again, up the path where
the seal of the eagle was, and go past it.

Follow the path on the other side down, and go right on a small path. Follow it
to the end and turn the valve handle to close the floodgate. Drop off a ledge
close to Fuel Storage and climb the ledge on the other side for a shotcut to
the West Fields. Cross the West Fields toward the iron gate and go through to
the East Fields.

Directly west of the small bridge near the Dilapidated Shed is an opening where
you can drop into the creekbed. Do so, and follow the path over a tall ledge in
front of you and straight to the fourth and final seal, bull.

Episode 11 [ep11]
Seigo Saiga

Soon after taking control of Seigo, you'll hear the approaching clip-clop sound
of someone wearing high-heels. Odd thing to hear in a mine shaft. Anyhow, knock
out the nurse with a couple good bashes from the butt of your shotgun. Don't
waste any ammo on her, she gets up so fast she'll make you consume all your
ammo before you know it.

After knocking her out, head down the mine shaft path, and take a left down the
path to the Mining Office. Don't stop on the way down the path or you'll get
shot by the shibito with a rifle. Go downstairs and check out the elevator
control panel and you'll find it's not working. Examine the fuse box to the
left and you'll get a sub goal to locate the fuse.

The fuse is located on West Shaft Level 4, so head down there. Oh, and watch
out for the nurse with the jacked up face, because she'll come down from the
mining office on the stairs behind you. Knock her out again and proceed 

If you crouch and sneak slowly forward through the tunnel, you can catch the
shibito with a mining pick off guard and knock him out from behind with your
shotgun butt. Grab the fuse from a toolbox on a metal crate near the cenmtral
shaft. Head back to the stairs up to the mining office so you can put in the

Oh great. The ceiling collapses. Can nothing ever be simple? Anyhow, now you'll
have to find an alternate route to the elevator control panel to put in that
fuse. Go to the nearby gap of broken platform by the Central Shaft and drop
down into the hole. In case you ever wondered where that hole led, mystery 

Watch out for the nearby spider shibito who may be there when you land. Go
around the corner to the right and climb up the ladder here to come up near the
gate that leads up to the Mining Office. There. That didn't take so long now
did it?

Go back up to the Mining Office, insert the fuse into the fuse box and switch
the elevator power on. And probably knock out the nurse. Again. Go back down to
West Shaft Level 4. Knock out the spider shibito and the shibito with a mining
pick and break the chain on the gate of Elevator B. Take the elevator down to
the Central Shaft.

You can press the call button for Elevator C if stuff falling amuses you.
Follow the path down some stairs to find a maggot shibito blocking your path to
the Uryen and a new sub goal of staking the shibito brain to stop it.

The stake you'll be needing is lying on a pile of debris straight from the
bottom of the stairs, so grab it and run up the stairs before the maggot
shibito gets its disgusting hands on you. Now to find the shibito brain, who,
by the way, is that nurse with those ugly tentacle-like things on her face.

Take Elevator B back up to West Shaft 4 and head back up into the Mining Office
to shut off the power to the elevators. Notice how you haven't seen her since
you turned on the elevators? Guess she doesn't like you for turning them on.

After turning off the power to the Elevators, head up the hill and go right
into the West Shaft Upper Level before that darn shibito with a rifle gets a
fatal shot. Run to the end of the West Shaft Upper Level and use the mine cart
to knock him out and transport you to East Shaft Upper Level. Go to Elevator A
to find the shibito brain nurse pressing the call button to the elevator to try
and take it down.

If she was unhappy about the elevator not working, it's only going to get worse
for her, 'cause you gotta knock her down and stake her with that big ol' wooden
stake. After doing so, go back down to the Mining Office, turn on the elevator
power and head back down to West Shaft Level 4.

Take Elevator B back down to the Central Shaft and go down the stairs to
Central Shaft Level 1. Make a hard left at the bottom of the stairs and follow
the outer edge of the room to find a ladder. Climb up it and follow the path to
a gap on the left, and have Seigo squeeze through to acquire the Uryen.

Howard Wright

Okay, so here we are at the shibito nest again, only this time with Bella
Monroe tagging along, and no weapon to start out with. Of all the luck! Tell
Bella to wait at your starting point and crouch down. Slowly make your way
behind The Lucky Triangle and grab the metal pipe from a crate alongside the
stairs leading up to the roof.

You may have been spotted by a fly shibito near here, so crack him upside the
head when he flies in to try and attack. Go back to Bella and have her follow
you after you get rid of the pest. Head over to the house, which you'll have to
break into again, but don't break the wooden planks before sending Bella inside
through a gap on the left.

This time around, striking the wooden planks along with the thunder is more
important than before, because there's a fly shibito with a .38 revolver nearby
who will come to investigate the noise, and if he spots you, shoot you from
well outside of your attack range in the air.

Carefully time your strikes and break into the house. Make your way upstairs
and open the door there. Step outside and let the spider shibito see you, then
defeat it. Go back downstairs and open the door to the bath to have Bella
follow you again.

Outside the house from upstairs, go to the left onto the roof and climb a small
ledge into a hallway. At the end of the hallway, open the door and send Bella
through a space under a closet just big enough for her to crawl through.

Since Howard can't fit through the same space, you'll have to find another way
around, passing through the room with three TVs and dropping down from the
ledges outside it. This time you have a different agenda at the Abondoned
House: block the spider shibitos inside. 

Just lure the spider shibitos inside by bumping the noisy laugh bag hanging
from the light fixture in the room marked on your map, knock them out and leave
the house, making sure to close the doors since spider shibitos can't open
doors. When the spider shibitos wake up, the sub goal will be marked as 

Once you block the two spider shibitos in the house, find Bella by sightjacking
and locking her vision. You should be able to see a green crosshair where she
is, so go get her. Once you get her following you again, head towards Sozuka
bridge to receive the sub goal of knocking out a shibito brain to stop the
other shibitos.

The yellow headed fly shibito brain floats just above the roof of the 33 Yen
Shop, so sneak up to it while staying low. There's a handle on the side of the
shop, which you'll need to turn to bring out the sun blocker to stay hidden
from the other fly shibitos in the area. Stick close to the side of the
building and make your way to the back.

Climb up without being spotted by the fly shibito brain and knock him out from
behind. After that, just climb up the ledges to the roof of the building where
the Upper Arato Tunnel should be to finish the level.

Episode 12 [ep12]
Sam Monroe

When you take control of Sam, run towards the maggot shibito Melissa and go to
her left. Use the bus to get inside the building and go left and climb up on 
the building the same way as before. Be quick about it though, or Melissa 
will kill you.

Once on top of the Renaissance Grocery, run through the door and get to the
door ahead quickly. You have to stand in front of it and hold Triangle down to
unlock the door this time around. Once inside, don't try to shut the door or
Melissa will get her hands on you and choke you to death. Just climb up the
ladder as fast as you can.

Run through the hallway and push the vending machine at the end to block the
hallway once again. Keep moving or Melissa will catch up with you. Climb up the
ledges and run past the barber shop, and climb the lookout tower's ladder. You
can get a sledgehammer from a bucket next to the ladder, but it's useless to
you for what you need to do.

Drop down on the other side of the lookout tower and jump the gap between the
platform you're on and the one in front of you. From this point you need to
move about the roofs and use the antennas as spears to knock out the maggot
shibito Melissa. Oddly enough, when she throws large objects at you, it won't
kill you, just knock you off balance.

After you score three hits with antennas a cutscene will be triggered. After
the cutscene you need to grab the shotgun that drops down in front of you and
turn around to face the wall to your right. Spider shibito are coming down the
wall here and you need to shoot them. Your goal at this aprticular part is to
eliminate all the spider shibito, so just shoot any you see and if one spots
Bella, look for the red crosshair indicating it's location, get to it and shoot
it before it catches Bella. This part is quite tough, but you'll get it

Howard Wright

You need to defeat Seigo before you can end the nightmare of an existence in
Hanuda village. Run away from him immediately or he will kill you with his
shotgun. After you get far enough away and he no longer knows where you are,
ready the rifle, zoom in on him and start shooting him.

After you shoot him up enough, a cutscene will be triggered. Afterwards, he
favors his katana for attacking you. Repeat the same method as before. Run
until he loses sight of you and start shooting him. If he gets close, run
again, because he can inflict heavy damage fast with that razor sharp katana.

Part three of the battle against Seigo is much simpler. He still favors using
the katana, but all you have to do this time is use the Uryen to burn him with
it's flames. When you do, the battle between you and Seigo is over.

When you take control of Howard once again in the very strange and colorful
enviroment, you will hear Miyako speaking, and shortly she will tell you to use
her eyes to find a vessel. Enter sightjack and autosearch for Miyako's sight.
When you find it, you will be able to see Howard and something else. That
something is the vessel she spoke of, which appears red and is surrounded by
something shimmering.

Lock Miyako's vision and make your way towards the vessel. When you're close
enough, press X when prompted to burn it. 

Now comes the second part of the fight against Kaiko. Seigo's katana now has
power in it. Kaiko is the strange creature that can be seen floating around the
area. Light a fire with the Uryen by using it like a firearm and slash the fire
with the katana to send a horizontal blade of fire at Kaiko. Kaiko will fall to
pieces at this attack, so you need to get in close and use the Uryen's fire to
finish it off.

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