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Archive File Guide by Parjay

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 08/02/08

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		           B L O O D    C U R S E

                            Archive Files Guide
                                Written by

       No part of this guide may be reproduced or hosted without
       written permission from myself.  You can contact me at the
       GameFAQ's SIREN boards for hosting requests or corrections etc.
                     (C) 2008 Parjay

        === VERSION HISTORY ===

        29/07/2008 - v1.00  First Version, all archive files added
        30/07/2008 - v1.01  Fixed some typos
        26/08/2010 - v1.02  Contact and layout changed



I. Story Archives Transcriptions
II. Locations
III. Weapon Archive Transcriptions
IV. Locations

                        S T O R Y   A R C H I V E S

Part I: Story Archive Transcriptions

01 - The Sacred Revelations

     This sacred illustrated text is said to have existed from the
     time of the Mana religion's founding.  However, the original work
     has long since been lost.  This version is a recompilation, hand-
     produced by later followers of the faith.  The Mana religion's
     unique portrayal of the final salvation is drawn in a very
     distinctive style.

     Page 1
     "A sacred ceremony was held,
     but a thief appeared,
     stealing the sacrifice away."
     Page 2
     "The lord of the gods was angry,
     and a mighty roar shook the earth."

     Page 3
     "Red water flooded the land,
     and the dead began to rise."

     Page 4
     "The sacrifice was returned,
     and a great, holy flame
     purified the thief."

     Page 5
     "The true ceremony was held.
     The fruit was offered,
     and the saviour awoke."

     Page 6
     "The outsiders suffered.
     Into a great void they fell."

     Page 7
     "A little girl lost in time."
     (the rest of the reproduced page is missing)
     The original final page was discovered by Sam inside the Shibito
     nest.  It reads:

     "Once, there was a little girl lost in time.  A nice god made her
     live happily forever after.
     I am the Alpha! I am the Omega!
     I am the beginning and the end.
     I am the holy meatloaf!"

02 - Video Camera

     A professional-grade digital video camera, property of cable
     station Paranormal TV.  This high-quality camera combines crisp,
     clear resolution and faithful colour reproduction with the 
     ruggedness to withstand even the most extreme outdoor conditions.
     It's even said to be so sturdy that it could survive being used as
     a weapon if the going got tough.  The latest progressive CCD
     technology has been included, allowing reasonable filming quality
     even in low-light conditions.

     Sol left the camera recording by mistake.  The accidently 
     recorded footage stars at time code 00:13:01:20.
     Just what were you thinking bringing Bella to a place like this?!
     What do you mean?  This is just a crackpot show 'investigating' 
     some fake cult village, right?  It's not like we're in any
     danger. Anyway, what about you? What the heck are you doing here?
     Weren't you trying to become a big-time news reporter?

     Hey, what do you mean crackpot show?  We're the number one 
     syndicated show in the Monday 1am timeslot, we got like ten people
     watching us.  Haha, naw, but seriously, look-

     Don't try to change the subject! Why would you ever bring Bella
     along on an assignment?  How could you be so stupid?

     The producer promised it wouldn't be dangerous. Everything was 
     decided last minute, and I didn't have time to find a sitter.  So
     I told the producer that I’ll only go if I could bring Bella along.  
     Why do you sound so surprised, I left a message on your cell about 

     You said you were going on vacation, not an assignment! They told
     me they found a third rate scientist for the shoot ... But I
     didn't expect it to be you!  Why didn’t you just leave Bella with
     your precious mother? She must have lost her mind letting you
     bring her here.

     She passed away three months ago.  I'm sorry I didn't tell you
     but she asked me not to.

     Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.  Wait, she told you not to tell me?!
     Some things never change do they?!  You always did everything she
     said. Do you even have a mind of your own? I can’t believe you're 
     still letting her control you even after she’s dead.  You're 

     Don't talk about her like that  It's not like I knew you're 
     going to be here either.  Had I known -

     *Bella cries*

     Bella! Quit chewing your nails! How many times have I told you
     to stop that?!  Sol, let's go, we'll do the shoot without him.
     He'll be completely useless anyway.  Hack scientist!

     Hey Melissa, wait up.

03 - Howard Wright's Student ID

     Yorimi International School
     Name: Howard Wright
     Birth Date: July 30th, 1989
     Expiration: June 30th, 2008


04 - Shuji Shimada's Police Log

     Official Police Agency Notepad
     Name: Shuji Shimada
     Rank: Police Sergeant
     Issued: April 1st, 1971

     Dear Mr. Policeman,

     My name is Seiji Funayama and I am in the first grade.  Thank you
     for being a policeman on rainy days, windy days, snowy days, and
     thundery days.  When I grow up, I want to be a policeman just
     like you.  Me and my pig, Hanako, will protect the peace.

05 - TV Episode Proposal

     Paranormal TV Channel 3333
     Standard Program Proposal Form

     Title of Program: Encounters
     Episode: Hanuda Lost - A Tale of Human Sacrifice
     Producer(s): John Titor
     Director(s): Sol Jackson
     Camera Operator(s): Sol Jackson
     Other Crew: Melissa Gale, (Guest Scientist TBD)
     Production Company: Future Past Productions Inc.
     Category: Documentary
     Target Audience: Males, 20s - 30s
     Show Description: Encounters investigates the strange and the
     supernatural phenomena that inhabit our world.
     Program Length: 28 minutes
     Budget: $20,000

     Staff Profile Addendum
     Last Name: Gale
     First Name: Melissa
     Middle Initial: S.
     Date of Birth: May 18th, 1973
     Gender: F
     Qualifications: M.A. Journalism

     Relevant Work History:
     Witherstone College Newspaper (reporter) Sep. 1991 - Jun. 1997
     Greybolt County Times (reporter) Aug. 1997 - Feb. 2003
     Fantastic Pets! (anchor) Mar. 2003 - Jan. 2007
     A native of Greybolt County, Melissa Gale has over 15 years of
     print and broadcast news experience in addition to an M.A. in
     Journalism from the prestigious Witherstone College.  She is
     professional and committed to seeking out the truth.  While
     working as a reporter for the county newspaper, she covered a 
     range of high profile assignments including the infamous Greybolt
     Butcher case.  Melissa maintains pride in her work, but is not
     afraid to cover any assignment, great or small, as proven by her
     four years as a TV host for 'Fantastic Pets!', a local program
     covering touching stories about pets and their owners.

06 - Melissa Gale's Cell Phone

     Melissa's mobile.  Her idle screen is currently set to a picture
     she took with the phone of a hand-drawn Mother's Day card from
     Bella.  There are still three messages in memory.

     'You have three saved messages:
     First message, sent July 30th, 6:13pm
     Yo Melissa, it's Sol. It looks like our trip to the land of the
     sushi is right around the corner. Are you ready to make another
     great show?  Uh, listen, I have something I gotta get off my
     chest ... but it can wait until we get back.  Hey, maybe we can
     talk over dinner.  Alright, well I'll see ya in a couple of days.

     Second message, sent July 31st, 9:28pm
     Hey Melissa, this is John Titor, the producer for Encounters.
     Just calling to let you know that we found our scientist for the
     Japan episode.  We didn't have much of a budget left after the
     travel arrangements so he's no Ivy-Leaguer but I'm sure he'll
     do the trick.  Throw a "Dr." on somebody's name and they sound
     all official, right?  I told Sol already but, it's been arranged
     for you to meet him at the airport after you land, so hey have
     a nice trip.

     Third message, sent August 1st, 10:31am
     Oh, hi Melissa, this is Sam.  Just calling to let you know that
     I'm going to take Bella on a trip with me.  We'll be Heading out 
     soon, I think it would be good for her to get out and see more
     of the world and this is the perfect chance.  Please don't worry
     I'm sure she'll have a great time and of course everyone knows
     that it's safe in -- Bella! Bella wait!

     End of messages.'

07 - Sam Monroe's Faculty ID

     Matheson College
     Professor of Cultural Anthropology
     Sam Monroe

     A pamphlet Sam made for a course he was planning to teach.
     "Cancelled" has been stamped on it in big red letters.

     Sam Monroe Presents
     Sacrificing the Past
     A Cultural Anthropology Seminar (CA150S 1 Unit)
     Time: Tuesdays 7 A.M. (Fall Semester)
     Location: Grant Hall Room B5
     Seats are still available, but please hurry to avoid missing this

     Sam Monroe is Matheson College Department of Anthropology’s newest
     professor.  He has previously served as a distinguished lecturer
     at Pine Grove Community College.  He is an expert in the field of
     Comparative Religion and widely respected by his peers.

08 - Digital Video Tape

     A special magnetic tape designed to store footage taken with a
     digital video camera.  Sol brought the partially edited Encounters
     footage on this tape with him to Hanuda Village.  There is a label
     on the side with "Encounters Tape 1" written on it.

     What if there was something living among us that we could not
     possibly understand?  What feelings would it evoke?  Adventure,
     mystery or maybe ... terror?  What I am about to show you is a
     truly shocking video sent in by one of our viewers.  It is
     something that you must see with your own eyes.
          (after Jackalope Man UMA video)
     You may not believe it, but no special effects were used in filming
     that video.  Our production crew even hired specialists to verify
     without a doubt that it was the real thing.  But the surprises
     don't end there, we've obtained information even more shocking than
     this video.  We can't reveal the details just yet, but rest assure
     we plan on investigating the matter further.  Our latest field
     work points to some sort of extraordinary yet foreboding mystery.
     It feels as if something truly unimaginable is going to happen. I
     can't wait to see the look of shock on your faces.  Until the next

09 - Mysterious Tablet

     This tablet is laid out much like a Ouija board, a tool which
     allows people to summon and communicate with the spirits of the
     dead.  In place of the standard English alphabet letters, there
     are 26 strange symbols carved into this version.

10 - Mine Worker's Journal

     A daily log kept by an employee of Hanuda Mining Co., Ltd.

     Tuesday July 27th, 1976
     Starting today, I have been appointed by HQ to work at the Hanuda
     Mine and to keep a running log of operations.  I just finished
     making my first rounds, and everything appears normal.

     Wednesday July 28th, 1976
     I have obtained aerial photographs of the surrounding area for
     geographical reference.  Gojaku Peak, where the mine is located,
     is one of several mountains surrounding a flat, triangular

     Thursday July 29th, 1976
     There are reports from some of the miners about a foul odour
     lingering around a certain spot.  I went to check the odour for
     myself, but was unable to smell anything out of the ordinary.  In
     considering for the safety of the workers, I have sent a full
     report with their claims to HQ.

     Friday July 30th, 1976
     I have begun to verify the various mine maps and documents on
     record.  Unfortunately, there are a couple of points where the 
     current maps are off.  There is one location in particular which
     appears to have been filled in and blocked off by dirt, concealing
     a large, empty chamber.  It is not indicated on any of the maps.
     I have been trying to contact my predecessor about the issue, but
     have had no luck getting in touch yet.

     Saturday July 31st, 1976
     After performing my usual sweep of the mines, I came back to the
     office only to find a scribbled note on top of my desk with the
     message, "Stay out of this."

     Monday August 2nd, 1976
     The village office demanded that the miners be let off early
     today.  They would not give me a reason no matter how hard I
     asked.  I even tried directly questioning some of the workers, but
     they are just as reluctant to tell me anything.  It is obvious
     they are hiding something and refuse to speak to me because I am
     being viewed as an outsider.

11 - Bella Monroe's Diary

     Bella keeps this personal diary with her at all times.  The cover
     has a cartoon drawing of a gothic girl with long black hair.  The
     diary's artwork reflects Bella's unique taste in design.

     'Ever since Grams went to heaven, I've learned that Daddy's not a
     very good cook.  He tried to make her special meatloaf tonight,
     but he baked it too long and it was all dry and gross.  I'm
     going to hide the recipe so he can't cook that again.

     The other day Daddy brought home an organiser for me to use, but
     it was way too uncool so I gave it back.  He just has no clue
     when it comes to what I like.

     I'm flying to Japan now.  Daddy says he wants me to see more of 
     the world, but I know he's just bringing me because he couldn't
     find anyone to watch me.  I'm ten years old.  I don't need
     babysitting!  Oh well, at least it's something different.  The
     house is so boring with Grams gone and Daddy always sitting 
     around reading.  I don't know much about Japan, but I hope I can
     meet a samurai when I go there.  That would be so cool.  Airplanes
     are so boring.'

     A drawing made by Bella with colour markers.  The building in the
     picture bears an amazing resemblance to the Irazu Valley Church,
     complete with a Mana Cross.  "Help!" is written in the upper-
     right corner of the page in large letters.

     A drawing made by Bella with colour markers.  The strange and
     random collection of buildings above a river of red water is
     unsettling.  The spider in the upper left, part of the diary's
     design, looks almost as if it has come from the sky to attack the

12 - Hospital Patient's Letter

     I beg of you, please sneak this letter out while the hospital
     director isn't looking.  I don't trust him.  Make sure someone
     outside the village reads it, and whatever you do, you can't let
     that woman find it.  Don't be fooled.  She's the one that locked
     me in here to shut me up.  All the proof to back up what I'm
     telling you is on the enclosed cassette tape.

     She's not who she says she is.  Please hurry! I'm running out ...
     (the rest is illegible)

13 - Melissa Gale's Locket

     Melissa always wears this locket pendant close to her heart.
     Inside is a picture of Bella giving a big smile. 
     There is also a letter addressed to her daughter.

     'Dear Bella,

     It's Mommy.  I'm not sure if Grandma will want you to read this
     letter or not, but I'm writing because I miss you so much.

     I heard from Daddy that you're doing very well in school, and I'm
     so proud of you.  He said your favourite subject is art.  Did you
     know that was my favourite subject back when I was a young girl
     just like you?

     I really wish I could be there to see you draw all of your
     wonderful pictures.  Daddy sent me one of your drawings a few
     days ago.  It was so great I took a picture of it on my mobile
     phone so I can see it wherever I go.  He also sent me a new
     picture of you.  You're such a beautiful young lady.  It's hard
     to believe you're already ten years old.

     I'm so sorry we can't be together.  I've missed so much time with
     you, and there's no way I will ever be able to make that up, but
     just always remember that Mommy loves you more than anything in
     this whole world.  Make sure you listen to your Daddy and
     teachers and be a good girl, OK?  We'll see each other again
     someday soon, I promise.


14 - Sol Jackson's Press Badge

     Name: Sol Jackson
     Position: Director 
     Paranormal TV Channel 3333 

     "A Perfect Plan for Love" by Sol Jackson

     FADE IN:

     A fancy French restaurant.  A couple, SOL and MELISSA walk into
     the lobby.  Sol is dressed in a fancy suit, while Melissa is 
     wearing a smart, red dress.  Melissa soaks in the fine decor of
     the restaurant.  Sol motions to the DINING HOST standing at the
     entrance podium.

			I believe I have a reservation.
			The name's Jackson.  Sol Jackson.

			Oui, monsieur.  Right this way,
			your table awaits.


     The dining host guides Sol and Melissa to the best table in the
     restaurant and pulls Melissa's chair out for her.

			This place looks expensive.

			Nothing's too good for the star
			of Encounters.

     Time passes as Sol and Melissa eat a delicious, fancy French
     course meal.  After dessert, Sol snaps his fingers to grab the
     attention of violin players waiting near the table.  The violin
     players draw their bows across the strings and play a ROMANTIC
     MELODY in perfect unison.  Melissa is entranced by the violin
     playing and overwhelmed by the atmosphere.

			Melissa, it's time I told you
			how I feel.

			What are you talking about Sol?

			I love you.

			   (dramatic pause)
			I love you too, but I've got
			a career and a daughter ...

			We're in love.  We can make it

     Sol grabs a NECKLACE out of his pocket and shows it to Melissa.

			We were meant for each other.
			It's fate.

     Sol suavely fastens the necklace around Melissa's neck.  Melissa's
     cheeks turn red.

			Oh Sol.


15 - Local Guide to Hanuda Village

     A Local Guide to Hanuda Village
     Originally Published in 1949
     Author: Hideto Mitamura

     Visiting Gods and the Faith of Hanuda Village

     From ancient times, Hanuda Village was believed to lie on the
     boundary between our world and another.  The visitors from this
     other place were worshipped as gods and sowed the seeds for the
     town's religion.  The first organised worshipping of these
     visiting gods is believed to date back to a priestess named

     However, at a certain turning point, the people turned from the
     old god Miyako worshipped to a new one.  IT was then that the Mana
     faith came to exist.  The primary tenet of the young religion was
     a central focus on a god named Kaiko sacrificing himself to save
     the people of the village.  This element points to an outside
     religious influence, but the details about the possible
     interaction the villagers may have had with people of other faiths
     is unknown.

     Although the new religion had secured a firm footing in the town,
     its believers were forced to go underground when powerful leaders
     in the greater region began to clamp down on religions that were
     not State-endorsed.

     Eventually, the prohibition on the practice of other religions was
     lifted.  A family of wealthy farmers, the Saiga, put their effort
     into reviving the faith and succeeded in bringing the Mana
     religion back to the forefront of village life.

16 - Amana's Diary

     A daily journal faithfully kept by Amana.
     A scrap of Japanese fabric is delicately
     wrapped around the book's cover.

     July 29th, 1976
     Why can't I remember anything?  Who am I? No matter how hard I
     try, I just can't recall my former life.  I'm going to keep
     writing this journal to make sure I can at least hold on to the
     memories I have now.

     July 30th, 1976
     I wonder where this village's strange religion comes from. Their
     god is so completely different from the one I believe in, and I
     often find myself wondering what the villagers are thinking.
     Sometimes they terrify me, but they did take me in, and I know
     deep down that they're good people.

     July 31st, 1976
     Yesterday I was told about an ancient village legend.  Now I
     understand why they've been taking such good care of me.  They
     must think I'm the girl with the hair of the sun from the legend.

     August 1st, 1976
     The villagers said that they'll hold the sacred ceremony tomorrow.
     They also mentioned Miyako, but how is she involved?  They'll be
     coming for me tomorrow night.  I have a very bad feeling about
     this, and I'm scared.

     August 2nd, 1976
     The back of my brooch fell off when I dropped it.  I never
     noticed it before, but on the back there's a strange ...

17 - Seigo Saiga's Driver's License

     Class D Driver's License
     Name: Seigo Saiga 
     D.O.B.: 21/6/1946 
     Registered Address: 367 Arato
                         Hanuda Village, Misumi County
     Current Address: 367 Arato
                      Hanuda Village, Misumi County
     Issued: 9/6/1974 (4771)
     Expiration: 21/6/1977

18 - Hanumen Noodles

     The origins of Hanumen noodles date back to the 1950s when a
     magnitude 6 earthquake rocked the Misumi region.  Mr. Amajio,
     the discoverer of the unique treat, was said to have been boiling
     a large amount of somen noodles when the earthquake knocked an
     open bottle of strawberry jam into the pot.

     When reconstruction efforts were underway, Mr. Amajio, not one
     to waste anything, served up the noodle mixture to hungry
     evacuees.  The reception was positive and Hanuda Village's famous
     noodle speciality was born.

     The perfect balance of soy sauce and jam creates a sweet aroma
     that draws not only villagers, but bugs as well.

     According to one story, the fragrant smell will bring a
     continuous stream of insects into the kitchens of anyone cooking
     the special recipe.

19 - Altar Display

     A doll that has seen better days is enshrined in the centre of an
     altar surrounded by seemingly random objects, such as a triangular
     street sign, producing a very disturbing effect.

20 - Seigo Saiga's Notebook

     Precautions to take regarding the disposal of the isolation
     patient's body from the old ward.

	- Draft a post-mortem report.  Cause of death: cardiac arrest.
	- Patient's [personal possessions to be incinerated.
 	- Instruct hospital staff on how to deal with potential
          inquiries from family and friends.

     I discovered a set of footprints and other traces of an intruder
     last night when I dropped by the old ward after work.  Obviously
     I need to reiterate to the staff that the area is to remain off

     If the need arises, I may have to deal with the intruder by
     admitting them as another patient to be kept in isolation. 

     The tracks left behind appear to be those of a woman and remind
     me of nurse shoes.  I wonder if they're Yukie's?  Is she following

     I have received the seal and documentation officially confirming
     Miyako's betrothal.

     Starting today, we must enter the period of purification in
     preparation for Kaiko's coming.

     I must make sure that a curfew at night is imposed and that any
     conversations with outsiders are kept to a minimum.  

     According to the calculations, Miyako's bridesmaid needs to be a
     24 year old woman.  Yukie?

     I must fulfil my responsibility as head of the Saiga household.

21 - Yukie Kobe's Planner

     Thursday, July 29th
     Something's been troubling the doctor lately.  He's never been 
     much for conversation, but he looks exhausted now.  I've noticed
     him wander off without saying a word, and I'm worried sick about

     Friday, July 30th
     Dr. Saiga left without saying goodbye again today.  I want to find
     out where he's going, but I just can't work up the courage to ask.
     I thought we knew each other, but maybe I don't know him as well
     as I thought.  Doctor, where are you?

     Saturday, July 31st
     Last night I ended up following Dr. Saiga.  I feel like such a
     fool.  He was going to the old ward, probably to do some research.
     He must have some personal project he's working on and just
     doesn't want to be disturbed.

     Here I am worrying about him when he's just trying to focus on
     carrying out his experiments.  Still, why does he have to be so
     secretive about it?

     Sunday, August 1st
     I'm on the day shift tomorrow.  Maybe after work I can head over
     to the old ward.  I'll surprise Dr. Saiga with a home-made lunch.
     The doctor's adopted mother, the wife of the old hospital
     director, never seemed like the kind of woman who would fix lunch
     for him back when he was a child.

     I'm the only one who understands him, so I'm the only one he can
     count on to lift his spirits.

22 - Mana Cross Brooch

     Coloured glass is fitted securely to the metal brooch designed in
     the shape of a Mana Cross.  Amana always wears this around the
     collar of her nun's habit.

     6 strange symbols are engraved on the back of the brooch.

23 - Engraved Plank

     This wooden plank found under a tombstone has 28 strange symbols
     carved into it.

24 - Holy Scroll - The Gift -

     The scene painted on this scroll represents the tale of when
     Kaiko, the object of Mana worship, offered up his own body to save
     the lives of the starving villagers.

     It is forbidden to tread upon the sacred ground where this holy
     act is said to have taken place.

25 - The Gojaku Giant

     On August 25th, 1856, a very tall man fell from the sky and landed
     near Mount Gojaku in Misumi County.  The giant's bizarre
     appearance is illustrated in this drawing.  His head was a full
     18 inches long and his body was 9 feet long.

     He attempted to enlighten the villagers with his unique brand
     of philosophy, but the foul smell that lingered around him was
     so overwhelming it knocked out anyone that could have been within
     earshot to hear his teachings.

26 - Sam Monroe's Notebook

     Lecture Notes
     What is syncretism?
     * The combination or reconciliation of varying practices &

     Religious Syncretism:
     Example 1) Roman incorporation of Greek deities
     * Bacchus = Dionysus
     Example 2) Christmas and Saturnalia
     Example 3) Western Religion and Native Americans
     * Ask students if they can think of any examples.

     Encounters, John Titor (Producer)
     * Japan location assistance for sacrificial special
     * Town of Hanuda
     * Sacrificial rituals and unique local religion
     * Village lost in 1976

     I better mention to him that I can read Japanese, but can't speak
     it at all.  I don't have time to ask, but I'm sure they'll
     probably have an interpreter anyway.
     How did he know me?
     * Ask when I get back.

     Find babysitter for Bella.
     (several names are crossed off)
     * Heather
     * Sarah
     * Brenda
     * Louise
     * Alex

27 - Miyako Offering Hymn

     O most holy and powerful lord of the heavens, we beseech you
     to accept this, our humble offering of Miyako's soul.  It is only
     by your grace that we may remain free from suffering.

28 - 8mm Film Reel

     8mm film first went on sale in the 1930s and soon became the
     recording format of choice thanks to its ease of use.  It
     continued to enjoy this success for half a century until the
     1980s, when video tapes became popular and 8mm nearly vanished
     from the market.

     However, 8mm film still has many staunch supporters among
     amateur movies makers because the video recorded possesses a 
     certain charm and warmth not possible using tapes.  This reel
     contains what appears to be a Mana religious ceremony filmed by
     one of its followers.

29 - Fortune Can

     The "Fortune Can" is the result of a product tie-in between the
     1976 cartoon "Can-Can the Occult Fighter" and a famous snack

     Can-Can is the son of a Shinto priest with the power to see
     people's former lives and in this case, the lives of whoever
     bought a Fortune Can.

     The product also included a special offer for premium Can-Can
     toys, putting it on the shopping lists for countless families with
     young children.  Unfortunately, it required people to collect 30
     of the gold seals or 300 of the silver seals found in the cans
     before they could send away for the toys.
     Most children never stood a chance of receiving this coveted

     "Can-Can the Occult Fighter"
     The hero Can-Can was given a special handmade guardian dog as a
     10th birthday present from his father, the shrine priest.  That
     same night, a spirit entered the guardian dog, Growlf, and all
     sorts of mysterious troubles began to plague Can-Can and his
     girlfriend She-Can.

     During the course of each show, Growlf would come trotting in,
     biting a slip of paper that would help give Can-Can the power to
     see into people's past lives.  This never seemed to have much 
     bearing on solving the supernatural problems the pair faced and
     each episode usually ended with Can-Can and the bad guys brawling.

     The irrelevance of the unique supernatural element to the 
     resolution of the episodes left viewers confused and, eventually,

     The show was eventually cancelled due to its poor ratings.

     "Your Past Life"
     Can-Can can see it!
     In a past life, you were ...
     A mom!

30 - Holy Scroll - Ouroboros -

     The Ouroboros, a powerful symbol for the Mana religion, is
     painted on this sacred scroll.  It is usually depicted as a snake
     or a dragon biting its own tail, forming a circle, and represents
     cyclicality and the concept of infinity.  The name Ouroboros
     itself means "one who devours his own tail."  The beginning and
     the end are as one with this symbol.  The snake destroys itself
     and renews itself in the same action; giving birth to itself, an
     endless cycle of creation and annihilation.  The Ouroboros will
     exist forever as it continues this process of self-renewal.

31 - Atlantis Magazine

     World Mystery Magazine

     Crossing the boundaries between the normal and the paranormal in
     order to expose the truth!

     July 1976
     Price 490 Yen
     Special Features
     Travellers leaping back and forth across time.
     True Story! The Secret of the "Time Travellers"
     Shocking News!
     330K volts of electricity transforms a slug into a giant monster

     Apocalyptic prediction revealed
     Raccoons will conquer the Earth by 1999!

     Take a peek inside the grave of the Gojaku Giant!

     First love sparks spontaneous combustion?
     A mysterious affliction ignited by a junior high schooler's

     UMA Sighting Report!
     Has the infamous Jackalope Man hopped into Japan?

     The Bermuda 3 were quadruplets?
     Wade into the mystery of the missing fourth child if you dare!
     Check out the latest ATLANTIS serial comic
     "Tsuchinoko Rider"

     Special Feature
     Author: Yoichiro Hiramoto
     True Story! The Secret of the "Time Travellers"
     Travellers leap back and forth across time

     What would you do if someone spoke to you claiming to be from
     the future?  Would your mind be open to the possibility?  Most
     people would just brush the supposed time traveller off and walk
     away.  After all, the only way to verify any stories about the
     events that take place in the future would be to wait and see
     whether or not the foretold events came to pass.

32 - JOYLiNK - Ultra Network King -

     In 1975, American electronics and toymaker JOYLiNK introduced
     the Network King, an instant hit that soon found its way into
     the hands of millions of consumers from every walk of life.

     Trying to capitalise on its success, the next year JOYLiNK
     released the Ultra Network King, an updated version of the 
     original Network King that generated an unprecedented amount of
     hype surrounding its release.  Its inclusion of a groundbreaking
     cartridge changing system put it at the forefront of hand-held
     game systems.  However, soldering was required to fix the 
     cartridges in place, making it too much of a hassle for the
     average consumer.  The Ultra flopped.

     JOYLiNK was left with a mountain of unsold units they had to bury
     in an undisclosed location, and the company went under shortly
     after.  The abysmal failure of the Ultra Network King and
     JOYLiNK sparked a chain reaction of bankruptcies throughout the
     toy industry.

     The infamous 1970s toy shock was dubbed the "J.U.N.K. Shock"
     because of the unfortunate combination of first letters in the 
     name JOYLiNK Ultra Network King.

33 - Seigo Saiga's Drawing Book

     Friday June 20th
     My new name is Seigo Saiga.
     They said I'm not Seigo Mitamura anymore.
     My new mom and dad never smile or hug me.
     They're so scary.

     Saturday June 21st
     Today is my birthday.
     But my mom and dad aren't going to celebrate it.
     They won't even make me my favourite pancakes.
     My name is different now, so maybe my birthday changed too?
     I want to be with my real dad and mom again.

     'Misumi Daily - Evening Edition
     May 30th, 1952

     Passenger Car Plummets off a Cliff
     A Young Couple Deceased

     On May 30th, around 6am, a passenger car being driven on a
     segment of Highway 333 near the village of Hanuda in Misumi
     County plunged over the side of a cliff.  A man working in the
     area noticed the vehicle and quickly called for help.

     The ambulance and fire crews that arrived on the scene pulled
     driver Hideto Mitamura (36) and passenger Kumiko Mitamura (29)
     from the wreckage and transported them to a nearby hospital where
     they were soon pronounced dead from the severe head trauma 
     inflicted in the crash.

     According to police reports, there were no visibility issues at
     the time on that straight stretch of road nor were there signs of
     braking.  There were reports of thunderstorms in the area, so it
     is suspected that a sudden clap of thunder may have surprised the
     driver, causing him to lose control of the vehicle.  A full
     investigation is underway.

34 - Howard Wright's Cell Phone

     Howard's mobile.  The idle screen is set to a picture of Howard
     in a Dracula costume taken with two friends on Halloween.  There
     is one voice message currently stored in memory. 

     'You have one saved message.  
     First message sent, August 2nd, 11:03pm:
     Howie, it's Eric.  What's up?  Me and some guys are getting
     together tomorrow to go bowling.  I need you on my team man, are
     you up for it?  Oh hey, you said you were going up to Hanuda,
     didn't you?  Yeh, from what some Japanese friends tell me, that
     place sounds ****ed up.  They're probably just full of B.S. And
     hey, you want a little excitement anyway right?  A bike trip
     sounds like just what you needed.  Oh yeh, you left your DVD at
     my place.  "Damsel in Darkness", heh, you have some weird taste
     in movies man.  Well hey, just give me a call when you can.

     End of messages.'

35 - Cigarette Lighter

     A vintage metal lighter with a picture of a cat on the side.
     Letters that look like they might be someone's initials are
     engraved in the lower right.

36 - Mitamura Family Album

     An old family album that was left behind in the abandoned
     Mitamura house.  Pictures of a young son are pasted inside with
     captions lovingly hand-written by the mother.

     5 months old

     Today I rolled over on my own for the first time!
     Aunt Saegusa came to play today!
     I love it when she gives me a great, big hug!
     I had a great time hanging out with cousin Masa today!
     Masa stayed over.  He's just like a brother to me!

37 - Strange Tales of Gojaku

     An ancient relic lies buried deep beneath the earth in Gojaku.
     Known as the Uryen, it is a gift from heaven with the power to
     swallow the darkness of chaos in holy fire.  However, this
     sacred object may only be wielded by those who have received the
     power of the chosen one.

38 - Bermuda 3 Record

     The Bermuda 3 was a musical trio comprised of afro-sporting
     triplets and wildly popular in the 1970s.  The eldest brother,
     Red, together with the middle brother, Green, performed vocals
     while the youngest brother, Yellow, backed them up on tambourine.

     The three received a lot of attention with their unique brand of
     soul-infused music and fashion, still rare at the time.  Although
     they weren't the usual pop idol group, their third single
     "Bermuda Love Triangle" became a smash hit and rocketed straight
     to the top of the charts, eventually going platinum.

     Unfortunately, while at the height of their popularity, tragedy
     struck the siblings.  First, it was reported that Red had
     vanished without a trace.  A few days later, Green disappeared in
     the middle of recording for a televised music program.  The string
     of bizarre events made all the headlines.  There was some
     speculation that an obsessed fan of the group had misinterpreted
     the lyrics to their latest song and was on a mission to make them
     "forever slip away" one-by-one.

     At a later event, the third member, Yellow, was found lying
     unconscious back stage but luckily recovered from his injuries.
     His career, however, was soon over as the groups management
     company decided they couldn't support a solo tambourine artist.

39 - Spool Knitter

     The spool knitter was a popular crafting tool among the young
     girls in the 1960s and 70s.  A spoon of yarn is set onto a spindle
     and the yarn is threaded around several small rods on the device
     to help make knitting easier.

     This handy tool succeeded in introducing many young girls to the 
     joy of knitting, but the final products usually didn't serve any
     practical purpose.

40 - Insect Catching Kit

     This set of bug collecting implements is designed for children
     to use.  It comes complete with a standard magnifying glass,
     mounting pins, syringe, insecticide, and embalming fluid, but
     kits like this one manufactured in Misumi County also include
     a special molasses to use as bait.

     Bug catching was a fixture in the summer vacations of many young
     Japanese children in the 1960s and 70s.  The danger involved
     with handling syringes and toxic fluids was part of the appeal.

     However, as the embalming fluid was pretty much useless, many
     children were forced by their parents to throw away their hard-
     earned collections as the bugs began to decompose.

41 - Hanuda Beetle

     Order: Coleoptera
     Family: Scarabaeidae
     Subfamily: Dynastinae

     This rare rhinoceros beetle is only found to inhabit the areas in
     and around Hanuda Village.  The triangle pattern on its back is
     one of its most prominent features.  Beyond that, there isn't
     much that stands out about this insect besides the fact that it's
     incredibly weak.

     It can't hold its own against crickets, let alone the more
     powerful drone beetles that also inhabit the area.  It has even
     been known to abandon precious food to insects as timid as 
     stink beetles.

     The only thing it has going for it is its incredible grip.  One
     final note of interest is that the Hanuda Beetle is known to
     have an insatiable sweet-tooth.

42 - UMA World Encyclopaedia

     The Enigmatic American Manbeast
     Jackalope Man

     The legendary half-man, half-beast, Jackalope Man, is reported
     to be a large humanoid rabbit with long ears and antlers that
     emits a strong, foul odour.

     This UMA was first discovered in Greybolt County in the 1960s and
     created quite a stir as reports of sightings and/or smellings
     flooded in.

     Starting in the 1970s, sightings of the creature were also 
     beginning to come in from Japan.  It was believed to have made
     its way into the country by stowing away on an ocean freighter.
     The Japanese reports all indicated that the man-rabbit-antelope
     creature only had one ear leading to speculation that the variety
     in Japan is a distinct subspecies from the one living in

     * Jackalope Man Eye-Witness Sketch
     This sketch is based on a 1966 eye-witness report given by
     Greybolt County housewife, Honey Daimler.  The witness reportedly
     came into close contact with the manbeast, but the shock of the
     sight and smell soon overwhelmed her, sending her into cardiac
     arrest.  She died soon thereafter.

     How a dead witness could produce such a sketch is one of the many
     unsolved mysteries surrounding this UMA.

     * Encountering Jackalope Man
     A group of young men camping in the mountains of Misumi County ran
     across Jackalope Man in 2005.  They tried to capture the creature,
     but it put up a fierce struggle and managed to get away.  The 
     scars left on their faces attest to the power of this normally
     docile UMA when faced with danger.

43 - Gojaku Mural

     A colourful cave drawing believed to date back to the end of the
     7th century.  The scene depicts a god descending from the sky
     surrounded by worshipping humans.  The strange triangular pillar
     appears to be the vehicle for transporting the god to the world
     of man.  Red water has pooled up from the crater left by it in
     the ground.

44 - Sam Monroe's Voice Recorder

     This portable electronic device converts analog audio to a digital
     signal that can be stored in internal memory for later playback.
     Sam kept this with him to record lectures and any observations
     he had during the course of his field work.  It currently stores
     several audio files that shed light on Sam's actions after getting
     separated from Sol as well as some of his ideas behind the events
     taking place in the village.

     'I never thought being clumsy would pay off. Ironically, thanks
     to my untimely fall from the cliff I managed to escape from those
     things.  I hope Sol is alright ... But I can't think about that
     now, I need to find Bella.  I heard her calling for help but,
     where could she be?'

     'What is this place in Bella's picture?  Could it really be 
     somewhere in this town?  What relation does it have to those 
     monsters?  It looks like a nest, but if they're building a nest
     does that imply that they have a type of hive intelligence like
     bees or ants?  Why would they need a nest and what could they
     be hiding in there?'

     'I've studied folklore and mythology my whole life, but never in
     my wildest dreams did ever imagine any of it to be real.  The
     events recorded in this holy book mirror our current situations
     so accurately, that I'm beginning to doubt my own beliefs.  If
     all of these predictions are to come true ... I must stop it.' 

45 - Audio Cassette Tape

     A small case containing magnetic tape and covered in what
     appears to be sticky strawberry jam.  The cassette tape was
     designed to improve upon the previously existing open reel
     designs used in audio recording.  It simplified recording and
     playback of sound and was quickly adopted by the public at
     large as the format of choice starting in the 1970s.  It
     maintained this popularity until the 1980s when digital audio
     formats began to become more popular.

     Today, it is rare to see these tapes used for anything except
     by an older generation who feel more comfortable with them.
     This cassette tape contains disturbing audio recorded by one of
     the villagers.

46 - Message from Sam Monroe

     A printout of an email.  The paper is soaked in red water and
     part of it has been torn off.

     (message body)
     It's been forever, Howard.  I've waited a long time for this 
     moment when I could talk to you again.  Every little tick and
     every little tock of the clock lasts an eternity when waiting
     for destiny.  However, today, I can finally fulfil that
     destiny because I found your blog.  Blogs are in and
     "hw-biker.blog-paradise.com" is online.

     This Summer, you'll hop on your bike and ride off to your own
     destiny in the lost town of Hanuda.  I guarantee this will be
     the Summer to end all Summers.  What you are about to
     experience is reserved especially for you.  You’ve been chosen
     by the Fates, Howard!  Can't you hear them?  You must heed 
     their call!

     Are you feeling a little scared?  Maybe you should be.  But
     I know you'll come.  Your damsel in distress awaits.

     Sam Monroe.

     PS: Congrats on the bike license.

47 - Legends of Hanuda Village

     Legends of Hanuda Village
     Compiled by 
     The Council for the Preservation and Study of Hanuda Folklore

     This book contains many of the various myths and legends that
     have been orally passed down through the generations in
     Hanuda Village.

     "The Girl who Devoured the Celestial One"
     A long time ago, a terrible drought forced the village into a
     deep famine.  A girl with the hair of the sun prayed for help
     and soon a strange animal descended from the sky.  The odd
     creature possessed the physical qualities of both fish and
     an insect.

     Upon seeing it, the girl could no longer restrain her hunger.
     However, the moment she bit into the mysterious being's flesh,
     the sky grew ominously dark, and a loud, horrible sound echoed
     throughout the land.

     The girl was frightened and begged for forgiveness.  She
     promised to offer up another divine fruit in exchange for the
     one she had consumed if her life would be spared.

48 - Arcane Homuranagi Scroll

     A legend regarding the ancient force sealed away by the four
     sacred spirits of the Mana religion is depicted on this scroll.
     Four pillars surround the sacred sword, which is ablaze and
     shining with a brilliant light.  Near these pillars are the
     spirits they represent - man, lion, bull and eagle.

49 - Sam Monroe's Journal

     I must focus.  My memories and thoughts are all starting to blur
     together and fade to black.  This may be my last opportunity to
     set them down in writing before the darkness swallows them

     After plummeting for both an instant and an eternity, I finally
     landed in the true Hanuda Village of 1976.  In this reality, 
     Hanuda was buried by a catastrophic landslide.  If the Hanuda of
     the past was buried under a mountain of dirt, what was the village
     I was in before falling into the void?

     Was the ceremony that night the cause of all this?  Was it
     something unique to the location?  Or was it the power of some
     ancient angry god?  I don't know and in the end, it doesn't
     matter.  Whatever the cause, the result is that space-time
     around Hanuda is highly unstable.

     1976 and 2007 somehow merged and that kid from my time, Howard,
     ended up interrupting a sacrificial ceremony that was suppose
     to occur in the past.  The space time continuum was disrupted
     and the segment of it we existed in was torn clean from the

     Now like a broken record, time will forever skip to the same
     beat in an endless loop and we will be forced to relive those
     events again and again.

     However, it's unfair to draw the conclusion that Howard was the
     cause of it all.  After all, Bella was the true cause.  My own
     daughter!  She was the one who brought forth the call of that
     terrible Siren into our world.

     She fell into the abyss, and like myself, was rejected by
     space-time much the same way an immune system rejects an
     invader it doesn't recognise.  In her case she landed in a
     Hanuda much earlier in the past.  She is the key to the Siren's
     call.  Her actions brought forth that horrible curse and in
     return received immortality.  She transformed from my innocent
     little girl into the divine woman from village legend, Amana.

     31 summers have come and gone.  The summer of August 2007 is once
     again approaching, and with it, that fateful night.

     At this moment, Howard knows nothing of Hanuda and the other me
     is teaching in America, blissfully ignorant of what is about to

     The time to set the chain of events into motion is close at
     hand.  Young Howard is about to receive a very important

     Howard will visit Hanuda, the sacrificial ceremony will be
     interrupted, and the Siren will beckon for us.

     The beginning and the end are fused together.  The laws of
     causality are broken and time marches around in an eternal

     No!  Everything is going out of focus again.  Memories of who
     I am and who I was are all running together like paints spilled
     on the frail canvas of my mind.  What was it I was suppose to
     do again?

     I can't lose focus.  I must focus!

     Bella! Yes! Everything must be repeated so that Bella can live

                'Unidentified Foreign National Found Dead
     On August 1st at 3:30pm, a woman taking a walk in Okai Gakuen
     Park in Senda City happened upon a man lying on the ground. She
     noticed something was wrong and quickly notified the police.

     Senda police officers hurried to the scene and called an
     ambulance when they noticed the adult foreign male was confused
     and incoherent.

     He was soon taken to a nearby hospital, but was pronounced dead
     the same day at 6:33pm. The unidentified male was in his 50s-70s,
     6 feet tall, and thin with gray hair.  He was found wearing a
     plaid shirt and beige pants.  The only other item in his
     possession was a broken pair of glasses engraved with the
     letters "S.M."

     There are no obvious signs of physical trauma and the police
     are currently investigating his identity and cause of his death.'

50 - Portable Music Player

     A portable electronic device with a  headphone jack designed to
     play music files copied from a computer.  With the ever-
     increasing storage capabilities of such devices in recent years,
     they can hold a large number of songs as well as sport other
     extra features.  The play list for this player is currently set
     to loop Howard's favourite song.

Part II - Story Archive Locations

The following list is where to find each archive.  Note that some
archives are given to you automatically while playing the game. Also
note that you do not have to finish a stage in order to obtain an
archive file; once you pick one up you can simply quit to the title

01 - Story Archive 
     (More pages are added to this archive as you play through 
     the game.)

02 - Story Archive.

03 - Story Archive.

04 - Episode 1, Chapter 2
     Hit cop with Sake bottle to make him drop it.

05 - Story Archive.

06 - Story Archive.

07 - Story Archvie.

08 - Episode 2, Chapter 2
     Roof of Siren control shack.

09 - Episode 2, Chapter 4 
     On the observation tower.

10 - Episode 2, Chapter 6
     Located behind the locked gate in the tunnels near the pumping
     shack.  Pull the lever to switch the tracks, then use the mine
     cart to break through the gate.

11 - Story Archive 
     More pages are added to this archive as you play through the game.

12 - Episode 3, Chapter 2
     Second floor nursing station.  Use the emergency button in the
     nearby patients room to draw out the nurse Shibito. File is on

13 - Story Archive

14 - Story Archive

15 - Episode 3, Chapter 4
     Shrine near the dilapidated storage shed, on the level above
     accessible nearby.
16 - Story Archive

17 - Story Archive

18 - Episode 4, Chapter 2
     Get to the Policeman's noodles before he eats them.
     Destroy the noodles with a melee attack to unlock archive
     in Episode 7, Chapter 2.
19 - Episode 4, Chapter 4
     Pickup the closet key from the shed you start beside.  Retrieve
     wire cutters from first floor and closet, then open the shrine
     on the ground floor.

20 - Episode 5, Chapter 2 
     Isolation room.

21 - Story Archive

22 - Episode 5, Chapter 4
     Find Amana's brooch.  The Shibito takes it to the basement
     altar below the worship hall.

23 - Episode 5, Chapter 4
     Located in the cemetery while performing the "memories from past"

24 - Story Archive

25 - Episode 6, Chapter 2
     After defeating the pursuer, find a shovel and examine the rock
     walls behind where he was originally camping.

26 - Story Archive

27 - Episode 6, Chapter 4 
     Examine the shrine you get access to by going into the river.
     You need to have closed the floodgates with Howard in his 
     previous chapter of this stage in order to get the archive.

28 - Episode 7, Chapter 2
     Inside the 'Lucky Triangle'.

29 - Episode 7, Chapter 4
     Kill Sam and he will drop the can opener.  Use this to 
     open the refrigerator on the lower level.

30 - Story Archive

31 - Episode 8, Chapter 2
     When the Shibito near the start of the stage opens the
     gate, run in and grab the archive on the table. Make sure
     to activate the pumping station controls to unlock an 
     archive later on.

32 - Episode 8, Chapter 4
     Order Bella to hide in the incinerator and she will find
     the archive. Go to the roof and use the valve to unlock
     another archive later on.

33 - Story Archive

34 - Episode 9, Chapter 2
     Laying on the ground near the shed.

35 - Story Archive

36 - Episode 9, Chapter 4
     Located on the ground floor of the Mitamura home.

37 - Story Archive

38 - Episode 10, Chapter 2 
     Radio playing in the first floor study.  (note that the music
     has to be playing in order to get this archive).

39 - Episode 10, Chapter 2
     Located in the same room as no.38

40/41 - Episode 10, Chapter 2
        Note: these items must be found during the same game.
        Get the storage key from the exterior guest house, then
        sneak back into the house by using the door bell as a
        diversion. Get the insect catching kit from the storage
        room then use it on the large tree next to the red water
        pool outside.  Continue the mission then pick up the
        Beetle from the tree when Melissa is chasing you. 

42 - Episode 10, Chapter 4
     To get this archive you must hunt the legendary UMA Jackalope
     Man ;) Close the floodgate to stop the water, then head down
     into it.  Go to the shrine by taking the stairs near the end
     off the ravine.  You will find an old broken hunting trap and
     some carrots.  Place a hunting trap here. You will notice in
     this stage you can sometimes hear the rustling of trees -
     this is the Jackalope Man moving around the stage.  Follow
     this route: head past the Church, then across the fields,
     over the tree bridge, now turn around and head back to near
     the dilaptated shed, and head up to the elevated shrine.  You
     should have heard the rustling three times; head back to where
     you laid the trap and you'll hear it spring - pick up the file. 

43 - Episode 11, Chapter 2
     Head down into the mine to the chamber full of water - if you
     drained this in Sol's stage, you can now use the dynamite
     detonator.  Do so, then follow through the passage and pick up
     the archive.

44 - Story Archive

45 - Episode 11, Chapter 4 
     You can only get this file if you already have no.39-41.
     Head into the 'Lucky Triangle' and examine the hole in the
     floor.  It's too dark too see.  Examine the hole when there's
     a flash of lightening and Bella will fish out the file using
     previous items.

46 - Story Archive

47 - Episode 12, Chapter 2
     Located in the room which Bella escaped through.

48 - Episode 12, Chapter 4
     Shoot Seigo Saiga in the head 3 times and he will drop this file
     on the ground.

49 - Story Archive

50 - Story Archive

                       W E A P O N   A R C H I V E S

Part III - Weapon Archive Transcriptions

01 - Wrench

     Category: Light Blunt Weapon
     Strength: Average

     A tool designed for turning nuts and bolts.  The length is set
     to help its user apply the maximum amount of torque.

02 - Hand Rake

     Category: Light Blunt Weapon 
     Strength: Average

     The ends of this pronged garden tool are curved to help make
     raking up fallen leaves easier.

03 - Iron Poker

     Category: Light Blunt Weapon
     Strength: Subpar

     A long metal rod with a curved end designed for shifting around
     coal or wood in a fire to adjust the strength of the flame.

04 - Ashtray

     Category: Light Blunt Weapon
     Strength: Average

     A heavy glass recetpticle for holding ashes and cigarette butts.

05 - Parking Sign

     Category: Light Blunt Weapon
     Strength: Average

     A large 'No Parking' sign.  The sign board itself is flexible,
     but the post is solid metal.

06 - Frying Pan

     Category: Light Blunt Weapon
     Strength: Average

     A necessary tool in any cook's kitchen.  This metal pan with
     shallow sides is perfect for searing as well as whacking people.

07 - Alto Recorder

     Category: Light Blunt Weapon
     Strength: Poor

     A plastic recorder.  Recorders are classified as woodwind
     instruments and are popular in the Japanese classroom for
     music instruction.

08 - Mattress Beater

     Category: Light Blunt Weapon
     Strength: Poor

     A bamboo implement with two large, flat loops at the end to help
     beat out any dust that has collected in mattresses or futons.

09 - Hot Water Pot

     Category: Light Blunt Weapon
     Strength: Subpar

     A pot with inner and outer layers that produce a vacuum for
     insulation.  A reflective inner coating also keeps contents warm.

10 - Nail Hammer

     Category: Light Blunt Weapon
     Strength: Average
     This tool has a heavy iron head with one flat end for driving
     nails and one forked end for pulling them out.

11 - Firewood

     Category: Light Blunt Weapon
     Strength: Subpar

     A piece of timber cut to the optimal size for us as firewood.
     Wood is not the most efficient energy source, but it is easy
     to find and use.

12 - Water Ladle

     Category: Light Blunt Weapon
     Strength: Poor

     The bowl-shaped container at the end of the handle is designed
     for scooping up water.  It's usually made from wood, metal or

13 - Bowling Trophy

     Category: Light Blunt Weapon
     Strength: Average

     The "Hanuda Bowling Tournament" trophy.  Apparently the trophy
     is cursed and brings about misfortune to whoever has it.

14 - Umbrella

     Category: Light Blunt Weapon
     Strength: Poor

     Rain gear consisting of a metal frame with cloth draped over it
     forming a canopy to protect the owner from falling rain.

15 - Hand Sickle

     Category: Light Bladed Weapon
     Strength: Average

     A handheld farming tool for cutting grass or harvesting crops.
     A crescent shaped metal blade is affixed to a wooden handle.

16 - Brush Hatchet

     Category: Light Bladed Weapon
     Strength: Strong

     A wide, thick blade is attached to the end of a wooden handle.
     This tool is often used for splitting firewood and other
     woodworking tasks.

17 - Hacksaw

     Category: Light Bladed Weapon
     Strength: Average

     A woodcutting implement that combines a fine-tooth saw with a
     handle.  This Japanese version is designed to cut on the pull

18 - Froe Axe

     Category: Light Bladed Weapon
     Strength: Strong

     A special variety of axe with a long narrow blade.  This
     particular variety is often used for opening holes in timber.

19 - Noodle Cleaver

     Category: Light Bladed Weapon
     Strength: Strong

     A specialised cooking knife for cutting strips of noodles.
     The rectangular blade extends the length of the handle.

20 - Scalpel

     Category: Light Bladed Weapon
     Strength: Subpar

     A small, sharp knife used in surgery.  Reusable scalpels were
     once common, but have been mostly replaced by disposable ones.

21 - Kitchen Knife

     Category: Light Bladed Weapon
     Strength: Average

     An all-purpose knife for slicing, dicing and many other uses.
     No kitchen is complete without one.

22 - Dagger

     Category: Light Bladed Weapon
     Strength: Average

     A hilt-less blade with a plain, wooden handle.  Daggers are often
     associated with treachery as they're easy to conceal.

23 - Mining Pick

     Category: Heavy Blunt Weapon
     Strength: Excellent

     A mining tool used for breaking up earth.  Both sides of the
     double-sided head are pointed as opposed to a pickaxe.

24 - Metal Pipe

     Category: Heavy Blunt Weapon
     Strength: Strong

     A cylindrical metal tube designed for transporting water.
     Although galvanised, most of the coating has worn away and the
     pipe is rusty.

25 - Shovel

     Category: Heavy Blunt Weapon
     Strength: Average

     A common digging tool with a curved metal blade attached to a
     long handle.  It's also often used for scooping and mixing.

26 - Garden Hoe

     Category: Heavy Blunt Weapon
     Strength: Strong

     A simple blade attached to a long wooden handle.  This tool is
     used for basic garden tilling.

27 - Garden Fork

     Category: Heavy Blunt Weapon
     Strength: Strong

     A forked blade attached to a long wooden handle.  It's perfect
     for tilling heavier soils including mud or clay.

28 - Crowbar

     Category: Heavy Blunt Weapon
     Strength: Excellent

     A long rod handy for prying open crates and pulling up nails.
     The length improves leverage for applying force with little

29 - Sledgehammer

     Category: Heavy Blunt Weapon
     Strength: Excellent

     A large, heavy hammer designed for breaking through walls and
     driving posts or stakes into the ground.

30 - Video Camera

     Category: Heavy Blunt Weapon
     Strength: Strong

     A professional video camera used to record the events in Hanuda.
     Its cutting -edge 3CCS system allows it to record high-definition

31 - Mallet

     Category: Heavy Blunt Weapon
     Strength: Strong

     A long, wooden tool resembling a hammer.  It can be used as a
     pestle for husking grains and is popular in Japan for pounding

32 - Walking Crutch

     Category: Heavy Blunt Weapon
     Strength: Average

     This can help support the weight for someone with a leg injury.
     For this reason, the word can refer to anything used to support a

33 - Bolt Cutters

     Category: Heavy Blunt Weapon
     Strength: Strong

     A tool used for cutting bolts and chains.  if wire cutters are
     note enough to get through something, bolt cutters should do the

34 - White Guitar

     Category: Heavy Blunt Weapon
     Strength: Subpar

     A six-string guitar with a white exterior that was popular in the
     1970s, an age of bell-bottoms and platform shoes.

35 - Scythe

     Category: Heavy Bladed Weapon
     Strength: Strong

     A crescent-shaped blade attached to a long wooden pole.  Its
     length enables its wielder to cut a swath through grass.

36 - Homuranagi

     Category: Heavy Bladed Weapon
     Strength: Otherworldly

     A sword Seigo was wielding engraved with the name "Homuranagi".
     It has been well-maintained and keeps a sharp edge despite its

37 - Splitting Axe

     Category: Heavy Bladed Weapon
     Strength: Excellent

     A specialised axe used for harvesting timber.  It can be used to
     carve a tree so that it falls in the desired direction when sawn

38 - Broadaxe

     Category: Heavy Bladed Weapon
     Strength: Excellent

     An axe with a wide blade that tapers off as it approaches the
     handle.  It's designed for cutting the desired wood pieces out
     of logs.

39 - Sake Bottle

     Category: Light Blunt Weapon
     Strength: Average

     A large glass bottle for storing and transporting Japanese sake.
     It can also be used to store other liquids such as juice or
     soy sauce.

40 - Beer Bottle

     Category: Light Blunt Weapon
     Strength: Average

     A large, glass beer bottle that is sometimes used for tenderising
     meat before preparation.

41 - Chamber Pot

     Category: Light Blunt Weapon
     Strength: Subpar

     A glass basin used in hospitals and nursing care for sick and
     injured patients who have trouble reaching the bathroom.

42 - Fluorescent Bulb

     Category: Light Blunt Weapon
     Strength: Subpar

     A glass tube with a white-phosphor inner coating that emits light
     when excited by the ultraviolet rays given off by the charged
     mercury gas.

43 - Whisky Bottle

     Category: Light Blunt Weapon
     Strength: Average

     A glass bottle designed for the storage and transport of whisky.
     Like many liquor bottles, the glass is tinted to block out

44 - .38 Calibre Handgun

     Category: Short-barrelled Gun
     Strength: Strong

     A standard-issue .38 calibre revolver that chambers up to 6

45 - Double-barrelled Shotgun

     Category: Long-barrelled Gun
     Strength: Excellent

     A double-barrelled shotgun with a two-shot capacity designed
     primarily for hunting mid-sized game like deer.

46 - Sawn-off Shotgun

     Category: Short-barrelled Gun
     Strength: Excellent

     A two-shot capacity shotgun that has had the barrel and stock
     dramatically reduced for easy carrying and improved 

47 - Hunting Rifle

     Category: Long-barrelled Gun
     Strength: Excellent

     A one-shot capacity bolt-action hunting rifle.

48 - Hunting Trap

     Category: Trap
     Strength: Special

     A steel trap used for hunting a variety of animals.  A human
     who inadvertently steps into one of these will require time to
     break free.

49 - Signal Flare

     Category: Special
     Strength: Special

     Once lit, this flare emits a voluminous cloud of smoke to signal
     an emergency.  It can also be used as a smoke screen.

50 - Uryen

     Category: Special
     Strength: Otherworldly

     Seigo discovered this mysterious artefact in the depths of the
     local mine.  Literature describing the object's legend is
     rumoured to exist.

Part IV - Weapon Archive Locations

As with the story archives, you can simply go to the stage containing
the item you need and pick it up to unlock the file; you are then
free to quit the stage without completing it.

01 - Episode 7, Chapter 4
     Right side of room the bus has crashed into.

02 - Episode 3, Chapter 4
     Located among other weapons at the Equipment Storage shed.

03 - Episode 4, Chapter 4
     You start the stage with this item.

04 - Episode 4, Chapter 4
     Living room.

05 - Episode 9, Chapter 2 
     This is the item that obstructs the main entrance doors.

06 - Episode 4, Chapter 4

07 - Episode 4, Chapter 4
     The Shibito on the top floor carries this weapon.

08 - Episode 4, Chapter 4
     Roof (where you exit bedroom)

09 - Episode 4, Chapter 4
     Room with television.

10 - Episode 11, Chapter 2

11 - Episode 4, Chapter 4
     Exterior of house.

12 - Episode 10, Chapter 4
     Flying Shibito is equipped with one.

13 - Episode 4, Chapter 4
     In the living room.

14 - Episode 3, Chapter 4
     At the Equipment Storage

15 - Episode 2, Chapter 2
     Female Shibito is equipped with this one.

16 - Episode 3, Chapter 4
     Equipment Storage shed.

17 - Episode 3, Chapter 4
     Equipment Storage shed.

18 - Episode 3, Chapter 4
     Equipment Storage shed.

19 - Episode 5, Chapter 4
     Kitchen of Karibna Noodles

20 - Episode 8, Chapter 4
     A Shibito Nurse carries this one.

21 - Episode 4, Chapter 4
     Equipped by the Shibito working in the kitchen.

22 - Episode 7, Chapter 4 - 
     Various Shibito are carrying this.

23 - Episode 2, Chapter 2
     Carried by Mining Shibito

24 - Episode 2, Chapter 2
     On the wall of the tunnel past the first Shibito.

25 - Episode 3, Chapter 4
     Carried by Shibito.

26 - Episode 3, Chapter 4
     Equipment Storage shed.

27 - Episode 3, Chapter 4
     Equipment Storage shed.

28 - Episode 4, Chapter 2
     The Shibito chasing you at the start of the stage carries this.

29 - Episode 4, Chapter 4
     Shibito at stage start.

30 - Episode 8, Chapter 2
     Laying next to a miner Shibito where you get the key.

31 - Episode 4, Chapter 4
     Various Shibito carry this.

32 - Episode 7, Chapter 2
     When navigating the rooftops, you'll come across a Shibito
     carrying this weapon.

33 - Episode 11, Chapter 2
     Use the elevator with the chained up mesh.  Wait for the Shibito
     to cut the chain with the bolt cutters, then take it from him.

34 - Episode 4, Chapter 4
     In the study on the top floor.

35 - Episode 9, Chapter 4
     Shibito Sol carries this.

36 - Automatic Pickup via Story.

37 - Episode 7, Chapter 2
     Outside the rear of the Lucky Triangle.

38 - Episode 9, Chapter 4
     Various Shibito carry this.

39 - Episode 1, Chapter 2
     There is one laying at the bus shelter near were the stage starts
     and one inside the house on the top of the hill.

40 - Episode 4, Chapter 2
     Karibna Noodles

41 - Episode 8, Chapter 4
     Shibito Nurse carries this.

42 - Episode 8, Chapter 4
     2F Female Bathroom

43 - Episode 8, Chapter 4
     1F Male Bathroom

44 - Episode 4, Chapter 4
     Shibito in the living room carries this.

45 - Episode 4, Chapter 2
     You start the stage with this.

46 - Episode 7, Chapter 2
     You start the stage with this.

47 - Episode 12, Chapter 4
     You start the stage with this weapon.

48 - Episode 2, Chapter 4
     Near the end of the stage gameplay requires you use one.

49 - Episode 4, Chapter 2
     On the porch of the worship hall.

50 - Finish the Game

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