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FAQ/Walkthrough by tyrant12345

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 08/04/08

Siren: Blood Curse Walkthrough V1.02

Written by and Copyright(C) 2008 Brian Baker

28/7/08 Version 1.0
I will be continually adding to it as I discover and play through more,
as well as finding the time to write each chapters walkthrough.
If you have any knowledge of Archive items/weapons I have not listed with how
they are obtained feel free to e-mail me brianbakercroydon@yahoo.co.uk
I will be sure to add it to the walkthrough as well as recognition
by adding your name to this guide in the credits.

29/7/08 Version 1.01
Completed Playable Characters and added a few more archive items and Weapons to
the walkthrough,
will be adding some more chapter walkthroughs shortly.

30/7/08 Version 1.02
Added some more Archive Items and Weapons listings.
Also corrected some errors.

Legal Stuff

This walkthrough is my own property and only gameFAQs.com neoseeker.com have
the right to publish it. If you wish to use this walkthrough you will have to
get my concent via email.

Hope this walkthrough helps you towards completing your copy of

Siren Blood Curse.


*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *


1.   Playable Characters *Complete* [Chr1]
2.   Episode 1 *Complete* [Epd1]
3.   Episode 2 *Complete* [Epd2]
4.   Episode 3 *Complete* [Epd3]
5.   Episode 4 *Complete* [Epd4]
6.   Episode 5 *Suplemental* [Epd5]
7.   Episode 6 *To be Started* [Epd6]
8.   Episode 7 *To be Started* [Epd7]
9.   Episode 8 *Suplemental* [Epd8]
10.  Episode 9 *To be Started* [Epd9]
11.  Episode 10 *To be Started* [Epd10] 
12.  Episode 11 *To be Started* [Epd11]
13.  Episode 12 *To be Started* [Epd12]
14.  Archive Completion Guide *80% Complete* [ACG1]
15.  Weapons Guide *94% Complete* [Wea1]
16.  Credits [Crd1]

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

1.   Playable Characters [Chr1]

Howard Wright
Age: 18

Sam Monroe
Age: 37

Bella Monroe
Age: 10

Seigo Saiga
Age: 30

Melissa Gale
Age: 34

Age: Unknown

Sol Jackson
Age: 36

2.   Episode 1 [Epd1]

** Chapter 1. **   


** Chapter 2. **   

Main Goal:
Escape the Police Officer.

Sub Goals:
Reach the hilltop house,
Find a place to hide,
Sneak into house through the window,
Find a place to hide inside the house,
Sneak past the officer.

You begin the chapter inside a building however there is nothing of interest,
turn off your flashlight then exit through the door.

<Cut Scene>

As soon as you gain control after the cut scene turn left and run into the
darkness, the reason for turning off the flashlight beforehand is it makes it
slightly less likely you being shot by the officer.

You will see a light with a signpost and a motorcycle to your left,
go just behind this a pick up the Sake Bottle.
Now go across the road and crouch in the shadows, watch the officer
and when he stops by the light attack him with the bottle (R1/Square)
as soon as you have check the ground for the “Police Log” archive file.
Turn your flashlight on briefly to help you navigate the dark path just beyond
where you attacked the Officer.

When you reach the top bear left and hide in the hiding spot there.
Wait there for a while, the man lying on the ground gets shot stay put
for a little while longer and you will see through the officers eyes
and watch him open the window to the house.

Once he is a little distance away crawl out and go through the window.
There is nothing worth noting besides another Sake Bottle,
go and hide in the wardrobe in the back corner of the brightly lit room.

Wait there as the officer is about to search the building,
and there is no way out until he shoots out the back doors lock.

Once the game prompts you leave and go through the back door,
head left once outside and pick up the shovel in the bucket.

Go to walk back towards the door you came through,
and the officer will burst through the wall.
Attack him with your newly acquired shovel until you get a cut scene.

Mission complete.

** Chapter 3 **


3.   Episode 2 [Epd2]

** Chapter 1. **


** Chapter 2. **

Main Goal:
Break into the Mining Office.

Sub Goals:
Sneak by Shibito without being seen,
Knock out Shibito outside Mining Office,
Break lock on Mining Office door.

Head straight ahead and you will come to a set of stairs head up them.

<Cut Scene>

Sneak to the right of the creature behind the mine cart
and you will come to a metal pipe,
take this and carry on heading in the same direction

When you come out of the semi enclosed tunnel
you will see a Shibito in front of you,
crouch and sneak right up behind it then press R1 to perform a quick kill.

You will be prompted to break the mining office lock but before you do,
head to the right of the siren control room
and go up the steel ladder you can see.

On the roof there is a Archive Item “Digital Video Tape”
grab this then proceed to break into the Mining Office

Mission Complete.

** Chapter 3. **


** Chapter 4. **

Main Goal:
Follow Amana

Sub Goals:
Stay close to Amana,
Drop sign on Shibito,
Set up trap and lure Shibito.

This is the first mission you get full control of “Sight-Jacking”
and it can be a very useful ability if used wisely.
Follow Amana’s instructions to get used to how to use it then follow her lead.
After following her down some steps you will climb onto a roof
and make a short leap across to the next roof,
shortly after you will fall through as soon as you do
hide in the nearby wardrobe as you are unarmed for now.
Once the Shibito has gone get out of the wardrobe and regroup with Amana
(use sight-jacking if you lose track of her),
she’ll lead you to behind a truck and ask you to
knock out the Shibito with the Noodle Shop sign.
Crouch and head through the door to the right,
then head to the back of the building
head left round to the kitchen pick up the frying pan then go up the stairs.
Push the sign to knock out the Shibito and then head back outside to Amana.

Now Amana will go to head up the path beside where you dropped the sign from,
instead head NE towards the Harayadori Bus Stop there’s a path on the left
across from there head up the path then up the path immediately right.
You’ll see a lookout tower climb up it
to discover the “Ancient Tablet” which is another Archive Item.

Head back to Amana, again use sight-jacking should you lose your bearings.
You’ll come to a Shibito and Amana will prompt you
to set a trap and lure it into it, do this and carry on up the path.

Mission Complete.

** Chapter 5. **


** Chapter 6. **

Main Goal: Reach the road to hirasakai

Sub Goals:
Evade the attacking Shibito,
Find a gun.

From the outset don't bother bracing the door instead just open it
and kill the Shibito.
Once you've done that go back inside and look at the phone, theres a number
on the bottom right corner "508" call it as it'll open a room to you later.
Head up the back stairs that Melissa is standing at, follow her.

<Cut Scene>

Once you gain control turn around (the way your facing is overrun by Shibito)
Head across the bridge just as you get to where the track veers left, crouch.
Follow round to the extreme left, sneak up behind the Shibito and attack,
you'll get a satisfying quick kill if done right.
Pick up the .38 Calibre Handgun.

Now remember you called that number...?
Check the room behind you to the left of where your standing,
notice the doors wide open, had you not called the number this room would be
inacessable as by calling you make the Shibito you so kindly pushed down the
lift shaft unlock the door.

Inside on the left wall as you enter is a can opener,
this is required to gain an archive item on Ep 7 Ch 4

Head back out to the right, change the point lever on the wall in front of you
Continue back out towards the bridge, kill any Shibito you encounter.
Go right to where you got the Cut Scene and up the tracks go to the back of
this area and you'll see a mine cart push this and jump in.
Once you automatically jump out head through the newly opened area,
to the right is the "Mine Workers Journal" an archive item.

Go back to where you pushed the mine cart then go through a doorway
on the right.

Mission Complete.

** Chapter 7. **


4.   Episode 3 [Epd3]

** Chapter 1. **


** Chapter 2. **

Main Goals:
Call for help from reception,
Escape using the employee staircase in the basement.

Sub Goals:
Use staircase B to go down to the 1st floor,
Use staircase C to go down to the basement,
Find the reception room key,
Use staircase A to go up to the 1st floor,
Distract the Shibito with something in the kitchen,
Pass through the administration office.

You start of in room 206 on the 2nd floor exit the room and crouch,
do not bother going left as the doors are all locked in that direction.
Head right past the nurse and down the stairs as directed on the map.
At the bottom of the flight of stairs turn left and go through the doorway on
your left, wait for the nurse to be distracted by the heart monitor if its
beeping, if not turn it on yourself and wait till shes distracted.
Once she gone behind the left side of the screens squeeze through.
Crouch turn right then go though the door ahead and into a small office, 
go through the door at the back of this room and down the staircase.

You are now in the basement.

Follow the corridor round and stop just as you come to the corner,
wait for the nurse Shibito to go then head into the incinerator room.
Pick up the reception key by the incinerator then come back out and head right.
Crouch straight past the office with the Shibito and up the stairs.
Head up to the 3rd floor from this staircase and turn right,
go into room (303) press the nurse call button by the monitor.
Quickly run out of the room and wait halfway down the set of stairs,
once the nurse has entered the room to investigate go into the nurse's station,
on the desk on the back right corner is an archive file "Patient's Letter".
Head back to 1st floor and go through the door on the far left,
use the PA system in the left corner.

You'll now see a brief cut scene and sol is now a Shibito,
hurry down the stairs to the basement as he is quickly coming after you.
at the bottom of the stairs crouch and sneak to the second door on the right,
open the door to the kitchen and go to the back wall.
On the work surface is a kitchen timer, activate it head back through the
door you entered then wait outside the doorway to the administration office.
As soon as you possibly can go into the office and to the back wall,
there is a door here open it and RUN up the staircase straight ahead.
I say run as Sol has been chasing you down and was drawn right to where you are
because of the kitchen timer if you don't run he might catch you.

Mission Complete

** Chapter 3. **


** Chapter 4. **

Main Goals:
Reach the West Fields,
Escape to Tabori with Miyako.

Sub Goals:
Find a weapon near Equipment Storage,
Get the iron gate open,
Knock over the rotting tree to make a bridge.

This mission can be quite a nuisance but one thing is for certain you HAVE
to climb the tree in the east fields in order to progress.
The problem being is as you reach the top the branch you used breaks and
prevents miyako from joining you, leaving her in the open is perilous as a
Shibito will discover and attack her.
I find it worthwhile to sneak to the dilapidated shed and hide Miyako there.

Head directly north past the large tree, use sight-jacking to help avoid being
spotted by any would be attackers.
Watch out in particular for one Shibito which is watching over the shed you
need to hide Miyako in.
Once you have sneaked past them and into the shed, get Miyako to wait inside
and close the door.
Go back across the short bridge then head right just ahead you will see a tree,
climb it.

At the top follow the left path and continue all the way past the church and
down the path the other side.
Once you rach the bottom of this path turn right and head down the stepped
fields here to the Equipment Storage, arm yourself with a weapon.
Head back to the path to the church but look to the right of it to see the
iron gate.
Use your weapon to break the chain and pass through the door.
head back to the area where Miyako is hiding,
but before retrieving her go to the area just North of there,
take out any Shibito you encounter along the way to make it easier.
You will find a shrine examine it to find the "Local Guide To Hanuda Village"
archive item.
Kill any remaining Shibito to help clear safe passage for you and Miyoko.
Now go and get Miyoko, go straight to the iron gate and back towards the
Equipment Storage.
There a path to the left of there head up it and when you reach the top
push the rotten log to create a makeshift bridge.
Now before you head to the main objective head around to the right,
follow the path along look right to see a dead end path, go down it.
At the end of this path is a valve for the floodgate close it to make it
possible to get the archive item on Ep 6 Ch 4.

Now head back to the path marked on your map

Mission Complete.

** Chapter 5. **


5.   Episode 4 [Epd4]

** Chapter 1. **


** Chapter 2. **

Main Goals:
Save Sam Monroe

Sub Goals:

As soon as you gain control of Seigo aim to your lower right and shoot the
Shibito that is attacking sam once killed climb down from the tower.
Head down the path to your left and then left again to bring you to the main
road now bear right and go to the Karibna noodle shop.
Examine the table on the right as you walk through the main doors for the
"Hanumen Noodles" Archive Item, shoot them now and you'll get a
"Completed Key Step to Achieve Archive Ep 7 Ch 2" message.
Turn 180 to see sam in the kitchen area, meet with him and head back towards
the lookout tower.
When you get to the path look out as there is a Shibito kill him then proceed
cautiously as there is another Shibito with a hunting rifle.
Kill him then continue onwards.

Mission Complete.

** Chapter 3. **


** Chapter 4. **

Main Goals:
Escape to Karuwari with Mikyoko

Sub Goals:
Find Clock Winding Key,
Find Bedroom Key,
Get onto the 2nd floor balcony

From the very beginning you'll be hunted by a Shibito kill him and take his
Enter the Detatched Room and pick up the Storage Closet Key from the left wall
once you've got it head back outside.
Head South East and sneak up on and take out the female Shibito,
Now you have two means of entry:

1. Remove the Rain Shutter from the eastern side of the building.

2. Climb under the floor just South west of that.

Either way when you get inside head to the Storage Closet and open it,
Inside is part "A" of the wire cutters pick it up and exit the Closet.

Head up the stairs to the oposite end of the house taking out any Shibito
that stand in your way.
Once upstairs go into the room to the right as you come round the balcony,
inside on the chest of drawers you will find part "B" of the wire cutters.
Go to the alter on the 1st floor and cut the wires on the alter.
This will give you the "Alter Display" Archive Item.

Return back upstairs and go into the first room on the left of the balcony.
Kill the female Shibito here, check the desk she was sitting at for the Clock
Winding Key.
Go downstairs and wind up the clock, now the game prompts you to hide.

I find it much more worthwhile to just stand to the side of the doorway,
attack the Shibito as soon as he comes out as he's got a gun.
Once hes dead pick up the key to the bedroom from the room he occupied.

Go back upstairs and through the final door at the end of the corridor,
head out the window and follow the roof round SLOWLY or you'll fall through.
Head to the raised path to the south of the map.

Mission Complete.

** Chapter 5 **


6.    Episode 5

** Chapter 1 **


** Chapter 2 **

9.    Episode 8

** Chapter 2 **

Get Pump Room Key from Sake Bottle use to get into Pump room and turn on the
Pumps you will get a "Completed Key Step to Achieve Archive Ep 11 Ch 2"

14.   Archive Completion Guide [ACG1]
Below is a list of each archive item as numbered in the games archive section

1.  The Sacred Revelation
    (Watch Ep 1 Ch 1)

2.  Video Camera
    (Watch Ep 1 Ch 1)

3.  Howard Wright’s Student ID
    (Watch Ep 1 Ch 1)

4.  Shuji Shimada’s Police log
    (Hit police officer with Sake Bottle Ep 1 Ch 2)

5.  TV Episode Proposal
    (Watch Ep 1 Ch 3)

6.  Melissa Gale’s Cell Phone
    (Watch Ep 1 Ch 3)

7.  Sam Monroe’s Faculty ID
    (Watch Ep 2 Ch 1)

8.  Digital Video Tape
    (Check the rooftop of Siren Control Ep 2 Ch 2)

9.  Mysterious Tablet
    (In the Lookout Tower Ep 2 Ch 4)

10. Mine Worker’s Journal
    (Push and ride the mine cart over bridge after changing points Ep 2 Ch 6)

11. Bella Monroe’s Diary
    (Watch Ep 3 Ch 1)

12. Hospital Patient’s Letter
    (Use nurse call on 3rd floor to get nurse out Nurse’s Station Ep 3 Ch 2)

13. Melissa Gale’s Locket
    (Get Bella to use the PA system in the reception Ep 3 Ch 2)

14. Sol Jackson’s Press Badge
    (Get Bella to use PA the System in the reception Ep 3 Ch 2)

15. Local Guide To Hanuda Village
    (In a Shrine in the area behind Dilapidated Shed Ep 3 Ch 4)

16. Amana’s Diary
    (Watch Ep 4 Ch 1)

17. Seigo Saiga’s Driver’s License
    (Protect Sam while he runs to safety Ep 4 Ch 2)

18. Hanumen Noodles
    (In Noodle Shop on table Ep 4 Ch 2)

19. Altar Display
    (Find two parts of wire cutters, then cut wires from altar Ep 4 Ch 4)

20. Seigo Saiga’s Notebook
    (1st Floor Research Lab on hospital cart Ep 5 Ch 2)

21. Yukie Kobe’s Planner
    (Watch Ep 5 Ch 3)

22. Mana Cross Brooch
    (Retrieve from the base of the statue Ep 5 Ch 4)

23. Engraved Plank
    (In one of the graves in the graveyard Ep 5 Ch 4)

24. Holy Scroll - The Gift
    (Watch Ep 5 Ch 5)

25. The Gojaku Giant
    (After siren is on, West Shaft Level 3 use shovel on back wall Ep 6 Ch 2)

26. Sam Monroe‘s Notebook
    (Watch Ep 6 Ch 3)

27. Miyako Offering Hymn
    (Gravestone behind church Ep 6 Ch 4, close floodgate on Ep 3 Ch 4 first)

28. 8mm Film Reel
    (Lucky Triangle, Shoot Noodles on Ep 4 Ch 2 dont kill Fly Brain Ep 7 Ch 2)

29. Fortune Can
    (Tomizo's Cigar Store Ep 7 Ch 4 get Can Opener from Sam Shibito Ep 2 Ch 6)

30. Holy Scroll - Ouroboros
    (Watch Ep 7 Ch 5)

31. Atlantis Magazine
    (After cut scene with Sam wait for Shibito to open Storage Room Ep 8 Ch 2)

32. JOYLiNK Ultra Network King
    (Hide Bella in the Incinerator Ep 8 Ch 4)

33. Seigo Saiga's Drawing book
    (Watch Ep 8 Ch 5)

34. Howard Wright's Cell Phone
    (Check the ground behind the iron gate Ep 9 Ch 2)

35. Cigarette Lighter
    (West Fields, Pick it up when bella drops it Ep 9 Ch 2)

36. Mitamura Family album
    (Fall through roof of Mitamura House and check the heater Ep 10 Ch 2)

37. Strange Tales of Gojaku
    (Check the Bookshelf in the Worship Hall Ep 9 Ch 4)

38. ?

39. Spool Knitter
    (Daughters Room in the back right corner Ep 10 Ch 2)

40. Insect Catching Kit
    (Key in Detached Room, ring doorbell and go to Storage Closet Ep 10 Ch 2)

41. ?

42. ?

43. ?

44. ?

45. ?

46. ?

47. ?

48. ?

49. ?

50. ?

15.   Weapons Guide [Wea1]

Below is a list of each weapon as numbered
in the games archive section as well as a damage rating out of 5, Spc=special

1.  Wrench			3/5 ***
2.  Hand Rake			3/5 ***
3.  Iron Poker			2/5 **
4.  Ashtray			3/5 ***
5.  Parking Sign                3/5 ***
6.  Frying Pan			3/5 ***
7.  Alto Recorder		1/5 *
8.  Mattress Beater		1/5 *
9.  Hot Water Pot		2/5 **
10. Nail Hammer			3/5 ***
11. Firewood			2/5 **
12. Water Ladle                 1/5 *
13. Bowling Trophy		3/5 ***
14. Umbrella			1/5 *
15. Hand Sickle			3/5 ***
16. Brush Hatchet		4/5 ****
17. Hacksaw                     3/5 ***
18. Froe Axe			4/5 ****
19. Noodle Cleaver              4/5 ****
20. Scalpel			2/5 **
21. Kitchen Knife		3/5 ***
22. Dagger			3/5 ***
23. Mining Pick			5/5 *****
24. Metal Pipe			4/5 ****
25. Shovel			3/5 ***
26. Garden Hoe                  4/5 ****
27. Garden Fork			4/5 ****
28. Crowbar			5/5 *****
29. Sledgehammer		5/5 *****
30. Video Camera                4/5 ****
31. Mallet                      4/5 ****
32. Walking Crutch		3/5 ***
33. ?
34. White Guitar		2/5 **
35. Scythe                      4/5 ****
36. ?
37. Splitting Axe		5/5 *****
38. Broadaxe                    5/5 *****
39. Sake Bottle			3/5 ***
40. Beer Bottle			3/5 ***
41. Chamber Pot                 2/5 **
42. Fluorescent bulb            2/5 **
43. Whiskey Bottle              3/5 ***
44. .38 Calibre Gun		4/5 ****
45. Double Barrelled Shotgun	5/5 *****
46. Sawn-Off Shotgun		5/5 *****
47. Hunting Rifle		5/5 *****
48. Hunting Trap		Spc
49. Signal Flare		Spc
50. ?

16. Credits [Crd1]

HUGE Thanks to Tim Parsons for spotting an error in the Archive Guide.
as well as finding out how to obtain Archive File 28, 32, 34 and 36
and Weapons 31 and 35.

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