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by BladewindDraconus

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FAQ/Strategy Guide by BladewindDraconus

Version: 0.5 | Updated: 02/26/10

White Knight Chronicles (International Edition) Stat-Build and Class Guide

1) Credits

Written and Compiled by Bladewind Draconus Information gathered from Japanese Wiki, Gamefaqs forums and my gameplay Copyright: Bladewind Draconus 2010

This guide can only be posted on gamefaqs.com

2) Introductions

There is no specific class in WKC. Instead, you are presented with a sandbox system where you can pick your own skills. It is both a blessing and a source of frustration for first time players. The biggest shortfall of the system lies in the lack of explaination for the attributes, and which skill utilize what. The problem is further compounded by a lack of readily available cookie cutter builds, and it is impacting online play because half the time you run into players who are still learning the game. That just does not make it fun for anyone. Hopefully this guide will help out.

There is already a Skill Tree List by CMan79 on gamefaqs, so there is no point to duplicate information. I would recommend you open both list simultaneously.

This guide also contain significant amount of information for post-single player/multiplayer game play.

This is still a work in progress, I am rushing it for the EU/AU release of WKC.

3) The Basics

The level cap for WKC is level 50. Everytime you level up, your character naturally gain some stats, and you also gain 4 SP (Skill Points) to Learn Skills (more explanation on SP in section 3.4). So, what does each stat do?

3.1) The Base Stats

STR - +1 to your ATK, 50% baseline for all physical attack, and effects striking skill damage

DEX - accuracy + effects thrusting/bow skill damage

AGI - avoidance + slashing skill damage

VIT - +1 to DEF, spear damage, and chance to block (both shield and 2h weapons can block in WKC)

INT - +1 to MAG, 100% baseline for all elemental spells, and effects elemental skill damage

SPR - +1 to RES, effects heal and some magic/staff skills.

3.2) Advance Stats

Unlike your base stats, the advance stats are derived... kind of like a total of your stats with your weapons. Accessories tend to add to this stat instead of your raw stats, but it is a poor choice because you get a bigger benefit from pumping your base stats.

ATK - Attack DEF - Defense MAG - Magic RES - Resistance

3.3) Interpreting the stats

So what does all of the above means?

Let's look at a basic slashing attack, Hack (from the Longsword Tree). Since it is a melee attack, half of its power come from your raw Strength stat. And since it is also a slashing attack, agility also contribute to the overall damage. However, there is a catch, as different skills have different attribute modifier. Advance skills like triple fang and deadly fang also dips into other stats like dex.

To know exactly which skill needs which attribute, please refer to the skill tree list FAQ.

To complicate matters, elemental based physical skills (such as icy fang) has a different formula:

33% STR +33% INT +33% Slash/Strike/Impact modifier.

Other skills like the staff based elemental attacks uses

50% INT +25% STR +25% Slash/Strike/Impact modifier instead.

That's fairly straight forward until we get to spears, spear users are considered as tanks in WKC, and their damage get a bonus from vit in the form of 30%STR+ 40%VIT + 30% Slash/Strike/Impact modifier.

At this point, I don't know how crit and hit are calculated.

Mages, despite all the int they have, has a no brainer rule...

100% INT. Oh the Irony...

3.4) About SP, Rebirth and New Game+

As mentioned above, you get 4 SP per level up. The level cap in WKC is 50. So that's 200 SP total. But wait, if you beat the game and load the game clear file (not start a new game+), you can access a hidden area in the Sinca Village - Sinca Resurrection Pilgrimage. There is an usher at the camp fire that will let you respec. You can only do it at level 50, and it will cost you 15 levels, but it will also give you a bonus 40SP each time for the first 4 times that you respec.

In other words, if you reincarnate 4 times, you will get a maximum of 360 SP To learn every skills would require roughly 600 SP... so you can learn about 60% of all skills in your final build.

If you did start a new game+, you simply need to finish the game again to get access to the secret area. The biggest benefit of playing a new game+ is to pick up the free GR7 & GR8 chests added to the game. See the end of the guide for a list of chest locations.

It is highly recommended that you beat the game, go thru new game+ to pick up all the GR7 & 8 gear, and then start farming your 4 reincarnations after you hit GR7. The reason why you wait until GR7 is to gain access to Boot Camp II (Balasator Plain). This map can be easily Soloed in about 12-15 minutes, also gives about 8k Gold and 5k Guild Points. The gold will pile up quickly, which you can either invest into your own Georama, or save them for upgrading your gear later on.

4) Your First Character & Your Avatar

If this is your first time playing WKC, here are some suggestions I would make:

i. Before we even consider how you want to setup your avatar. The first 2 characters you are going to get is Leonard and Yulie. I recommend making them archers with 1 point in Heal. Why? The AI makes for incompetent mages, lousy at dispel, and you do not have to worry about them running off. Also, heal 1 is more than enough to get you thru the story mode. The bow tree also offer an ability called Hunter's Sense, which show you and your team the strength and weaknesses of a target. Since this game doesn't have a lot of monster models, the ability will help you get acquinted to the weaknesses of each mob very quickly.

ii. You can savely ignore Eldore & Kara, as well as not gearing them up. There are not going to be forced into any fights unless you put them in the main group. The benefit of this is, it will allow you 2 characters with an unspend SP pool to help plan your skill tree later on. There is a reason why I ask you to save both toon's SP, but I cannot say here without spoiling the story.

iii. Do you know what RPG class you want to play as your avatar? I do recommend considering this for the online portion... as the single player story mode is designed to be easy so you can breeze thru it. You will spend 20 hours in the single player story mode, 5 hours in replay to get the bonus treasure chest, and 100+ hours in multiplayer. Here is my take on them:

a. Tanks

A good tank makes all the difference in WKC multiplayer mode for Guild Rank 8+ (You will see people abbreviate them as GR8).

Unlike World of Warcraft, you are not fixated to the tanking tree and have to switch spec to do dps. Here, you simply need to grab your tank abilities and raw stats, then you have all the freedom to put the points in other abilities as you see fit afterwards. You would still need to carry an extra set of armor for DPS, but inventory is not a problem in this game.

Quick Facts: - Spear users make the best tank hands down (think Phalanx). Fans of FFXI will immediately relates to the Dragoons, but spear user here is 1-hand. Depending on what pieces of gear you have equiped, you can be proficient at both task. It also has an ability that resemble pentathrust. IMO, the best WKC dragoons are those that can tank or dps as needed, are willing and competent at both. - The Heavy armor that helps you tank will greatly slow your attack speed. That is why you want to use those Georama Stat bonus armor for DPS instead. The +20 stats and the bonus protection/RES they offer is well worth it and make you less squishy than if you go naked. The key benefit is that you will be able swing your spear faster so you can build up your action chip faster. - Being a tank will NOT nerf your damage output from your combo chain. Melee dps only get action chip from doing damage. You gain them from both tanking and hitting the boss. If you can do a 5k combo when not tanking, you will also do a 5k combo when you are tanking. - You can also tank with 1h sword spec, but the best description I read from the gamefaqs forum is "1h sword is more like a jack of all trades, master of none". Its biggest selling point is the aerial attacks, you can create a long chain in your combo so you can keep slicing mindlessly while air-borne. It is the perfect build for anyone wanting to create a paladin or a dark knight, as some of the 1h-sword type weapons come with mag buff. - Both spear and 1h-sword have a taunt skill, but the spear version is an AOE while the 1h sword is single target.

b. Healers

Healing is not hard at all in WKC. And it would be wise for all healers to pick up on he first 2 basic elemental spells so they can solo/farm rebirth when they want to. Rebirth grind involves soloing the GR7 multiplayer map, in case you are wondering. Once you hit GR8, Only Game In Town II (Greede) is also a possibilitiy. GR9 opens up Ring Leader II in Flandar Trail.

c. DPS

The melee vs range DPS primer:

Your melee and hunters can do long, powerful chain combos, but takes a little time to build up the action chips. Certain trees like 2h sword and spear have the ability to convert 30MP into 2 action chips (but you do not regain mana mid fight). Mages, on the other hand, will be doing consistent 1 hit spell cast. To put things into perspective, a good GR8 2h user would be pumping up 4-5k combo, while I am able to pump up 7-800 per

Blizzard cast on Big Red II (the Best Served Cold II map).  From early-mid

multiplayer, mages has slightly better advantages. They have easy access to their Georama armor set, which gives them +20 INT bonus. By end game, longsword is the weapon of choice as those tougher bosses like the dragon has resistance to all 4 elemental while being vulnerable to slash attacks.

Melee DPS:

Your most powerful melee dps is your 2handers - Longsword and Axe (both are 2-handers). For your first play thru, Axe is recommended over Longsword, as it has a much greater focus on the Strength stat, whereas Longsword require both agi and str, and needs dex for certain abilities. To put it into perspective, melee dps is pretty devastating at end game, but you will not need to worry about end game for a very long time, and you would probably have gone thru 4 rebirth by then (each rebirth reset your skill trees and give you 40 bonus SP). You can also DPS with 1 hand weapons, but you will make WKC a better place by tanking instead. As mentioned above, you can be tank and still pick up damage dealing abilities. Anyway, just because you are melee doesn't mean you can't pick up any healing spells. Heal II is highly recommended for self healing, as you will be taking a lot of aoe damage from bosses. Raise would also make a big difference in case healer missed a heal.

Range DPS:

Mages has the early game advantage. But from what I gather, hunters will surpass them later on after they farm 4 elemental bows (You can upgrade elemental when you enhance a weapon). Their biggest benefit is that they have the option to do non-elemental damage when needed, but farming enough mats for 4 bows and then more mats to enchant them at end game won't be easy.

===4.1) How to spend your skill point for Leonard in preparation for the first white knight boss fight.===

At some point in the story, you will be forced to use only Leonard. Here is how I recommend you spend your SP.

By default, Leonard have a Basic Sword and Buckler equiped. You will be using these for a while despite the fact that we said we want him to be an archer/ranger. He will also have Slash set as the default command on the command bar.

i. Press Triangle to go to the menu ii. Click on Learn Skills, then select Leonard iii. Use the left and right button to move around the skill tree. Notice he has 2 circle grey out, they are staff and spear... you can ignore them. iv. Now move your cursor to axes (Southwest direction). I know we want Leonard to be an archer, but we are spending points in the axe tree to pump up Leonard's Strength first. To do so, spend 1 point in axe mastery 2/3 of the way down the page, the will unlock HP UP and STR UP. Put your last 2 SP in STR UP. Raw stats will help you a lot more than the abilities in early game, as well as helping you out in the White Knight mode for the boss fight. And no, you don't need to give Leonard an axe. The slash command is made for the 1h sword he came with. STR contribute to damage done, while HP UP with increase your health pool. v. Move to Diving Magic (9:00 on the skill tree circle), and learn Heal (the first ability). A star should appear next to it. After that, you will need to set it up on your short cut bar to use it in battle stance. Press Triangle to open the menu, click on Combat Setup (1st Option), then select Leonard, and then select Edit Commands (1st Option). Press L1 twice to rotate to the Divine Magic tab. There is only 1 skill listed there, heal. Press X to select it, your cursor will move to your shortcut bar at the top. I personally keep it as the first option of the 2nd row (press up/down on the direction pad to select command rows, you have 3 total). You can now access heal from your shortcut during battle. vi. Proceed with the story, when you get to level 2, go back into Learn Skill -> Axes, spend 2SP on HP UP and 1 on Axe Mastery. You will have 1 SP to carry over. SP can be carry over as many levels as you want. We will be saving it for later. vii. When you get to level 3, put 2 points in STR UP and 2 more in HP UP. Notice a pattern? Good. STR will up your damage, while HP UP helps you survive your the solo boss fight. viii. At level 4, put 2 points in Axe Mastery 3, and 3 points in STR UP. ix. Continue spending your points in axe mastery, STR up and HP UP. You should be able to own face in your first white knight battle without heals after you learned the third HP UP from the axe tree. x. You will be okay to switch to bow after the white knight battle... But I would recommend that you wait until after you learn all STR UP and DEX UP from the 1h sword tree. You would also have access to the Bone Bow by then. Before you pick up the bow, make sure you spend 1 point in Bull's Eye from the bow tree. However, do not equip that skill, as you will be much better off using it as a combo (so you don't miss). Very important, you have to ensure you update your shortcut bar with sting from the bow tree, as your default attack (slash) will not work with a bow. xi. To create a combo, go back to combat setup. This time, select the Combos tab, and click on create a combo. Now select Bull's Eye for your first skill and then Sting as your 2nd. Just name it and put it in a slot (e.g. 2nd slow on your 1st bar next to sting). xii. To make use of your Combo attack, you have to press X for each skill in the chain. An in game tutorial on how to click it should appear after you make the combo. xiii. Don't bother teaching Leonard or any of your non-avatar archers on any of the elemental arrows, as the game's AI doesn't know how to focus on elemtnal weakness. Just focus on raising his other raw stats. You could also put more points in the divine magic tree later on.

4.2) Your own avatar

If you plan to make a melee, tank or archer, follow step I to X above.

If you plan on making mages or healers:

i. Put your first 4 point in the elemental tree to pick up Fireball, Icebolt, Crosswind, and Stone Spear. Be sure to equip them. ii. At level 2, put 1 point in staff mastery, and 2 in INT UP. iii. Keep leveling Staff Mastery -> INT UP -> MP until you hit Staff Mastery 4. At that point, put 2 points in Magic Boost, equip the spell, and use it every time before you start casting your DPS Spell. iv. Continue to max all the INT UP and MP UP from your elemental, staff and bow tree. Then go for HP UP and SPR UP. You won't need to heal much until you get to online. v. If you plan to play a mage, pick up the 4 lance spells from each tree. Then go back to your staff tree and pick up the ice staff branch until you get water seeker (refer to the skill tree FAQ to see what spells you need to learn, hint: it involves a few non-elemental skills as well. This is to get you used to reading the chart.) The 4 elemental seeker spell provide a 50% bonus damage for their respective elementm and stack with magic boost. After that, max your frost tree first. The reason for this is, you will have access to a mutliplayer map called Best Serve Cold after the desert scenario. The boss there is weak to ice. If you can spare the mana, spam

Glacial Horn on him after you buff yourself with haste, waster seeker, and

magic boost. vi. If you plan to play a healer, devote your points into the divine magic tree. Your key spells:

- Heal II would be your main heal spell for a long time. - +Haste is the greatest buff, use it on your party often. - +Fortify is decent, and raises your group's defence. - Do not use +inspire, as it will overwrite the sword user's self buff, which give a much better attack bonus. - Raise is the resurrection spell, can be used mid-fight. Revive is misleading, and cures the K.O. status... not death. - Fatigue, slow, and - Refresh is the cleanse anything spell. - Cure/Cure+ is the most used dispel spells as poison is the most common. Unbind is next as it cures paralysis. K.O. doesn't last long enough and sleep can be awake from damage. vii. If you use staff, pick up mana leech from the staff tree ASAP. If you use sword and board, pick up mana absorbtion from the 1h sword tree instead.

4.3) Additional Info on combo

- If you stack 10 or more of the same attribute, such as slash or fire, you will get a bonus damage at the end. - Just because you can chain 7 skills together in your combo, it does not mean you need to. You should create 2 types of combo... AC efficient ones to help you grind/kill trash quickly. And the 10 stat combo for boss fights later on. - At end game, you will need to target certain point of a boss, and use the 10 attribute+ combo to increase drop rate of certain synthesis material. - Don't start your combo with the 1st skill from any non-magic tree, the damage is nerfed by 25% if you do.

5) The WKC Classes, An In-depth Look and sample combos

Once again, the Skill system in WKC is a sandbox system, which means you have a lot of freedom in choosing how you want to play. But the bottom line is, almost everyone wants to play well if they can... however, the WKC community is too small to have an elitist jerks forum to teach us how to play our best... but here is a crack at it:

WKC's online play are comprised of a party of 4 people. To be successful at GR8+ contents, a balance of 1 tank, 1 healer, and 2 dps is recommended.

A common theme across all successful builds: 1) Max out all base stats that contribute to your build 2) Max out HP UP to increase your survivability 3) At rebirth 3+, max out your AGI/VIT/SPR if you can spare the points 4) There isn't a need to grab every skill from a tree. And there is a trick to get the max stat trophy involving load, and save once you can reincarnate. So you can really maximize your SP usage.

5.1a) Spear Tank

The Tanking Class of choice in WKC is the spear users. I am sure a lot of FFXI fans would want to make a dragoon, and just focus on dps. But the only good WKC Dragoon are the ones that can tank and do their Jump attack.

Your stat build up priority is HP UP = VIT > AGI > DEX > STR > RES The key to any successful WKC class is maxing out all the key stats for your class.

You should also pick up your taunt and the shield base abilities ASAP. But don't neglect on your spear damage skills, as your damage would NOT be nerf as a tank unless you use Force Field. Needless to say, heavy armor and a shield along with VIT

Your key abilitiy here is Threaten. This is your taunt ability, and you want to make sure you use it every time you see a dps finish their chain combo, or you see a mage cast their big spells. Another critical time to use threaten is right after you get knocked down. Worse case scenario, you can just spam this skill and watch TV at the same time, and no one would notice ;p And even if you did no damage, so long as you keep the boss on you the whole time, everyone would only praise you because you are doing your job of soaking up the damage for the group (well not quite since aoe damage would hit other melees and poorly positioned healer/range dps).

Your basic DPS combo for soloing is Skewer -> Chop. You only need 1 action chip to use it, and it really cost 0.5 of an action chip. This will do a lot more then just using chop. And for your secondary talent, focus on divine magic. Heal II is the minimum recommended for your 1st rebirth. Heal III for 3rd+ rebirth.

After that, put the rest of the points into making your stylish Jump attacks :) And the best time to use these jump attack is when the boss drop to their knees. Not only can you hit the top most target point, you don't have to worry about losing threat mid-combo.

Sample Combos:

i. Air Lance -> Shooting Star (2AC Air Combo) ii. Skewer -> Chop -> Dart -> Unicorn Charge -> Shooting Star (Thrust Combo, spear attack counts as 1 thrust, but not listed in the combo counter. Chop is use as free extra hit.) iii. Skewer -> Chop -> Dart -> Pentaslam -> Impale -> Unicorn Charge -> Storm (The extra stabby combo ;p) iv. Skewer -> Chop -> Dart -> Pentaslam -> Unicorn Charge -> Shooting Star (Econo stabby combo)

Also, use fatique and slow on the boss to reduce the damage it can do. Ideally you get one of the mage to do it, but that doesn't always happen. Debuffing your target will definitely make your healer's job easier. Other than that, self heal as required, in case you have an inexperience healer.

Finally, it is important to upgrade your armor. Getting +5 for all 4 pieces will add up.

5.1b) Sword Tank

1h Sword Tanking is also feasible. Instead of the spearman's multi-target taunt, threaten, you get a single target taunt called Provoke.

5.2) Healers and Off-Healers

Imo, even if healing is not your main spec, you should at least pick up Heal II and Haste.

Your stat priority is MP UP = SPR > HP UP > Survivability stats (VIT > AGI)

As for your off spec, going elem will help you solo. You should also consider going with Sword/Shield or Staff for mana absorbtion/mana leech. Staff is slightly more SP efficient for your 1st/2nd reincarnation because it has both MP UP and SPR UP, but you will eventually need sword mastery for HP UP as well.

As the dedicated healer, your job is to heal and buff. Heal II & III is what you would be using most. Be sure to keep Raise Handy, aoe heal is not that effective unless your group is melee heavy. It is rather mana costly, and the range is limited base on your target. You will probably come across range dps way out there by themselves. Also, do not underestimate the ability to debuff stuff like poison and paralysis. Refresh is a little more mana costly, but also make it easier for people looking for a universal do it all button.

When it comes to buffing (and debuffing), +haste is the best spell hands down. Fortify is also pretty good. As for inspire, its not so great because its useless for mages and melee has their own buffs like Demon Aura that gives more atk bonus, but would be overwritten by the less effective inspire.

If you have nothing to do, and you are not tight on mana... you should help debuff if you do not have a helpful mage. No one will stop you from helping to dps, but you should gauge it base on your tank's threat retention capabilities.

In terms of armor, cloth is ideal as it come naturally with RES. The Georama Chef set gives a nice 40 RES total. The free GR8 set comes with silence resistence, but doesn't look very good.

5.3) DPS

[Under construction]

7) New Game+ - Farming GR7 & GR8 Gear - chest location

This list was compiled by Mercutio94596, with corrections by Illusions1980 from the gamefaq board. I simply recompile the two lists into one, and I have verified the list is correct from my new game+.

Balastor Plain

[B-3] Breaker Fists (Hands, Lv38 GR7, DEF27, Poison Resist) [G-5] Breaker Boots (Feet, Lv38 GR7, DEF27, Poison Resist+3) [E-5] Breaker Mail (Body, Lv38 GR7, DEF34, Water Resist+2) [D-8] Breaker Culottes (Legs, Lv38 GR7, DEF27, Water Resist+2)

Greydall Plain

[B-6] Wind Edge (Dagger, Lv38 GR7, ATK43, MATK10, Wind+2) [C-6] Knight Cloak (Accessories, Lv5, DEF3) [F-3] Forest Cuisses (Legs, Lv36 GR7, DEF24, Wind Resist+2) [D-2] Forest Sabatons (Feet, Lv36 GR7, DEF24, Water Resist+2) [C-1] Forest Armour (Body, Lv36 GR7, DEF33, Wind Resist+2) [C-3] Forest Gauntlets (Hands, Lv36 GR7, DEF24, Water Resist+2) [D-4] Rogue Shamshir (1h Sword, Lv37 GR7, ATK58)

Nordia Tunnel

[B-3] Crystal Rod (Staff, Lv39 GR7, ATK27 M-ATK62) [D-4] Ruby Stone Sword (2h Sword, Lv36 GR7, ATK88 DEF-4) [C-2] Kite Shield (Shield, Lv37 GR7, DEF27)

Lagnish Desert

[C-8] Crimson Blade (1h Sword, Lv38 GR7, ATK59, Fire+2) [I-5] Riders Coat (Body, Lv39 GR7, DEF28 RES8, Wind Resist+3) [F-3] Riders Gloves (Hands, Lv39 GR7, DEF23 RES8, Wind Resist+3) [C-6] Riders Braccae (Legs, Lv39 GR7, DEF23 RES8, Earth Resist+2) [G-6] Riders Kurako (Feet, Lv39 GR7, DEF23 RES8, Earth Resist+2) [C-3] Dragonfly (Spear, Lv38 GR7, ATK58, Wind+2)

Flandar Trail

[B-4] Dark Marksman (Bow, Lv38 GR7, ATK44) [C-2] Silver Cleaver (1h Axe, Lv39 GR7, ATK58) [D-4] Forest Keeper (2h Axe, Lv39 GR7, ATK88 DEF-9) [D-5] Rose's Thorn (2h Katana, Lv38 GR7, ATK88 DEF-4)

Greede Underbelly

[D-2,2nd Floor] Paladin Sword (1h Sword, Lv41 GR8, ATK70) [D-4,2nd Floor] Embroidered Cloak (Accessories, Lv15, RES4 MP+5 INT+3) [F-2,1st Floor] Magical Robe (Body, Lv42 GR8, DEF33 RES9, Silence Resist+2) [E-3,1st Floor] Magical Shoes (Feet, Lv42 GR8, DEF28 RES9, Silence Resist) [C-2,2nd Floor] Magical Bracers (Hands, Lv42 GR8, DEF28 RES9, Silence Resist) [C-4,2nd Floor] Magical Slops (Legs, Lv42 GR8, DEF28 RES9, Silence Resist)

Bunker Lode Caverns

[E-3] Staff of Kukulkan (Staff, Lv45 GR8, ATK33 M-ATK78, Adds: Paralyze Effect) [C-4] Ancient Claw (Dagger, Lv45 GR8, ATK52, M-ATK12, Adds: Silence Effect) [C-3] Evil's Bane (2h Sword, Lv41 GR8, ATK107 DEF-7, M-ATK+10) [C-3,B1] Master Shield (Shield, Lv40 GR8, DEF27)

Waterfall Cave

Note: NE Area of Balastor Plain, door will be unlocked as you progress through the story

[F-3] Sylvian strongbow (Bow, Lv43 GR8, ATK52)

Frass Chasm

Frass Chasm (East Section) [I-7] Castleguard Cloak (Accessories, Lv10, DEF4)

Frass Chasm (West Section) [G-6] Silver Lance (Spear, Lv43 GR8, ATK70) [D-4] Djinn's Greataxe (2h Axe, Lv43 GR8, ATK106 DEF-14, Fire+2) [E-4] Wraith's Blade (2h Katana, Lv44 GR8, ATK109 DEF-8)

Van Haven Waste

[G-4,Underground] Earth Footwear (Feet, Lv43 GR8, DEF33, Earth Resist+2) [F-5,Above ground] Earth Trousers (Legs, Lv43 GR8, DEF33, Earth Resist+2) [F-4,Underground] Holy Tabarizin (1h Axe, Lv44 GR8, ATK73) [C-3,Above ground] Earth Mail (Body, Lv43 GR8, DEF40, Earth Resist+2) [A-3,Above ground] Earth Fists (Hands, Lv43 GR8, DEF33, Earth Resist+2)

Dogma Hall

Dogma Hall - Pathway ----- [A-5] Doom Gauntlets (Hands, Lv43 GR8, DEF31, Poison Resist)

Dogma Hall - Collapsed Shrine ----- [C-4] Serpent's Kiss (1h Sword, Lv44 GR8, ATK73, Adds: Poison Effect) [D-1] Doom Breeches (Legs, Lv41 GR8, DEF31, Poison Resist)

Dogma Hall - Shrine Area ----- [C-1,Area 3] Doom Plate (Body, Lv41 GR8, DEF40, Poison Resist) [B-2,Area 2] Doom Boots (Feet, Lv41 GR8, DEF31, Poison Resist) [C-2,Area 1] Saint Claymore (2h Sword, Lv44 GR8, ATK109 DEF-8)

Hope this helps.

Copyright Bladewind Draconus 2010