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by andreameda

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Synthesis Guide by andreameda

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 02/24/2010

Material Chart

Keys for this table:

  • Material: The material name.
  • Needed: The amount of that material you need in order to do all 453 synthesis of this guide. If "0" is written, it means you don't need that item for this guide.
  • %: The drop rate of the material from the ennemy mentionned in the "Ennemy" column. If "h" is written, it means you can harvest/buy this material from georamas.
  • GR: The Guild Rank at which the ennemies will drop such material. Note that the quest must be of that guild rank. You won't get higher grade items just by reaching an higher GR. You will need to do those high GR quests.
  • Ennemy/Type of material: The sixth material needed.
  • Size: The size of the ennemy:
    • B = Big
    • S = Small
    • H = Harvestable
    • na = Not-applicable
  • Quest : The Quest in which you can find the ennemy. Note that if GR = 1, the version of the quest must be I, if GR = 7, the version must be II, if GR = 10, version must be III. Goes as follow:
    • Brave Litton's Plight = LP
    • Boot Camp = BC
    • Memorial Servant = MS
    • Lost Children = LC
    • A Grave Matter = GM
    • Best Served Cold = Red
    • Monumental Treasure = MT
    • Ring Leader = Ring
    • Exterminator = X
    • Only Game in Town = Game
    • Dragon's Heat = Heat
    • Take Your Lumps = Lump
    • Caravan Escort = CE
    • Research Assistant = RA
    • Strike Like the Wind = Wind
    • The Azure Dragon = AD
    • Home of the Knave = Knave
    • King of Dragons = KD
  • Boss : Tells if the ennemy is the boss of the quest. When it is, the material farming will be easier since the quest rewards will be drops of that ennemy. Legend:
    • x = The ennemy IS the boss
    • - = The ennemy isn't the boss

Note: Small ennemy locations coming soon

MaterialNeeded%GREnnemy/Type of materialSizeQuestBoss
Adderpalm Plank30?naLumberH-
Aged Dragon Beard041Ancient DragonBKDx
Aged Dragon Claw0251Ancient DragonBKDx
Aged Dragon Flake0251Ancient DragonBKDx
Aged Dragon Heart157Ancient DragonBKDx
Aged Dragon Heart+0110Ancient DragonBKDx
Aged Dragon Horn2667Ancient DragonBKDx
Aged Dragon Horn+0410Ancient DragonBKDx
Aged Dragon Scale9207Ancient DragonBKDx
Aged Dragon Scale+01710Ancient DragonBKDx
Aged Dragon Skull227Ancient DragonBKDx
Aged Dragon Skull+00,510Ancient DragonBKDx
Aged Dragon Tail4157Ancient DragonBKDx
Aged Dragon Tail+01210Ancient DragonBKDx
Aged Dragon Wing0107Ancient DragonBKDx
Aged Dragon Wing+0710Ancient DragonBKDx
Amber Bit73?naFossilH-
Amethyst Shard73?naCrystalsH-
Ammonite Fossil36?naFossilH-
Ancient-fish Fossil9?naFossilH-
Antidote Grass051Basilik, Fatal Flower, Poison VespidS-
Antiplegia Root051Killer VespidS-
Aromatic Herb1?naFlowersH-
Balmwood Plank15?naLumberH-
Basilik Claw3207BasilikS-
Basilik Claw+021BasilikS-
Basilik Head1057BasilikS-
Basilik Pelt3251BasilikS-
Basilik Plume10157BasilikS-
Basilik Tail4201BasilikS-
Beast Biledrop1?naBeastsHGeo-
Beast Blooddrop1101JackalS-
Beast Bone0101CerberusBRingx
Beast Claw10????????
Beast Heart0107Jackal, Wild BoarS-
Beast Heart+20710Jackal, Wild BoarS-
Beast Pelt0301CerberusBRingx
Beast Shank0101Megalo TigrisBGMx
Beetle Fossil41?naFossilH-
Big Seed1157All Flower TypeS-
Big Thread Ball8101DirespiderBXx
Black Iron Ore197?naOreH-
Black Ore2107Iron GolemBLumpx
Bloodsteel Ore161?naOreH-
Bloody Cloth0710Black KnaveBKnavex
Blue Ore6107GolemBRed-
Blue Ore+0710Golem, Iron GolemB--
Bone Fragment45?naFossilH-
Bristly Pelt1501Megalo TigrisBGMx
Broken Mask0251KibbleS-
Broken Mossy Face1151Stone GuardianBLumpx
Brute Stone8????????
Cactus Flower1?naFlowersH-
Cedar Branch52?naTimberH-
Cedar Plank11?naLumberH-
Centenary Branch35?naTimberH-
Chromium Pearl Lv.1117?1Golem, Fire GiantB--
Chromium Pearl Lv.2249?1Direspider, Pyredaemos, TreantB--
Chromium Pearl Lv.3195?1Megalo Tigris, Pyredaemos, Pygmy Greaver, Stone Guardian, Troll KingB--
Chromium Pearl Lv.4111?1Pyredaemos Rex, Cerberus, Iron GolemB--
Chromium Pearl Lv.5111?7Quest Dropna-
Chromium Pearl Lv.681?8Quest Dropna-
Chromium Pearl Lv.744?9Quest Dropna-
Chromium Pearl Lv.827?10Quest Dropna-
Chromium Pearl Lv.96?11Quest Dropna-
Clay Face4157GolemBRed-
Clay Face+01210GolemBRed-
Clay Heart257GolemBRed-
Clay Puppet Arm01710GolemBRed-
Clay Puppet Bangle3207GolemBRed-
Clay Puppet Part2401GolemBRed-
Cloud-cotton Boll35?naCottonH-
Coma Sac0110Pygmy GreaverBRAx
Copper Ore348?naOreH-
Cracked Armor Piece30301Troll KingBCE-
Cracked Bust3027All Elemental TypeS-
Cursed Plaque8151GolemBRed-
Damaged Knave Face4151Black KnaveBKnavex
Death Cap1?naMushroomsH-
Demon Claw0207All Gigas Type (except Grand)B?-
Demon Claw+01710All Gigas Type (except Grand)B?-
Demon Crest0107All Gigas Type (except Grand)B?-
Demon Evil Eye0110All Gigas Type (except Grand)B?-
Demon Eye017All Gigas Type (except Grand)B?-
Demon Fossil23?naFossilH-
Demon Heart067All Gigas Type (except Grand)B?-
Demon Hex0710All Gigas Type (except Grand)B?-
Demon Tail047All Gigas Type (except Grand)B?-
Destroyer Bone0101PyredaemosBWind-
Destroyer Claw0107PyredaemosBWind-
Destroyer Claw+0710PyredaemosBWind-
Destroyer Eye057PyredaemosBWind-
Destroyer Eye+0310PyredaemosBWind-
Destroyer Fang1157PyredaemosBWind-
Destroyer Fang+01210PyredaemosBWind-
Destroyer Mask067PyredaemosBWind-
Destroyer Mask+0410PyredaemosBWind-
Destroyer Outfit017PyredaemosBWind-
Destroyer Outfit+0110PyredaemosBWind-
Devil Claw0207Grand GigasB?-
Devil Claw+01710Grand GigasB?-
Devil Crest0107Grand GigasB?-
Devil Evil Eye0210Grand GigasB?-
Devil Evil Eye+0110Grand GigasB?-
Devil Eye047Grand GigasB?-
Devil Eye+017Grand GigasB?-
Devil Head067Grand GigasB?-
Devil Head+0410Grand GigasB?-
Devil Hex0710Grand GigasB?-
Devil Tail057Grand GigasB?-
Dew Drop01710TreantBMS-
Dew Drop457TreantBMS-
Dew Drop+3310TreantBMS-
Digestive Juice1251All Flower TypeS-
Direspider Body1457DirespiderBXx
Direspider Body+4110DirespiderBXx
Direspider Claw7207DirespiderBXx
Direspider Claw+101710DirespiderBXx
Direspider Egg117DirespiderBXx
Direspider Egg+10,510DirespiderBXx
Direspider Fang6157DirespiderBXx
Direspider Fang+11210DirespiderBXx
Direspider Leg10257DirespiderBXx
Direspider Leg+02210DirespiderBXx
Direspider Shell20101DirespiderBXx
Dirty Brute Skin2201Fire GiantBRedx
Disfigured Gold Face18151Primeval GuardianBLumpx
Disfigured Iron Face28151Iron GolemBLumpx
Dragon Bone26501All Dragon TypeBKD-
Dragon Egg24101Earth DragonBKD-
Dragon Fang12401All Dragon TypeBKD-
Dull Beast Skin01710Fire GiantBRedx
Dull Clay Lump117GolemBRed-
Dull Gold Lump221Primeval GuardianBLumpx
Dull Iron Lump127Iron GolemBLumpx
Dull Metal Lump327Black KnaveBKnavex
Dull Rock Lump1207Stone GuardianBLumpx
Dull Turret0110PyredaemosBWind-
Dull White-Beast Skin1?naGiantsHGeo-
Earth Crystal04010Earth ElementalS-
Earth Pebble0510Earth ElementalS-
Earth Shard0101Basilik, Fatal Flower, Wild Boar, KibbleS-
Earth Shard0401Earth ElementalS-
Earth Stone01010Earth ElementalS-
Earth-beast Claw4107Megalo TigrisBGMx
Earth-beast Claw+8710Megalo TigrisBGMx
Earth-beast Fang6207Megalo TigrisBGMx
Earth-beast Fang+01710Megalo TigrisBGMx
Earth-beast Mane6301Megalo TigrisBGMx
Earth-beast Pelt5157Megalo TigrisBGMx
Earth-beast Pelt+101210Megalo TigrisBGMx
Earth-beast Tail557Megalo TigrisBGMx
Earth-beast Tail+0110Megalo TigrisBGMx
Earth-dragon Beard941Earth DragonBKD-
Earth-dragon Claw0251Earth DragonBKD-
Earth-dragon Flake25251Earth DragonBKD-
Earth-dragon Heart257Earth DragonBKD-
Earth-dragon Heart+0110Earth DragonBKD-
Earth-dragon Horn467Earth DragonBKD-
Earth-dragon Horn+0410Earth DragonBKD-
Earth-dragon Scale42207Earth DragonBKD-
Earth-dragon Scale+01710Earth DragonBKD-
Earth-dragon Skull127Earth DragonBKD-
Earth-dragon Skull+00,510Earth DragonBKD-
Earth-dragon Tail2157Earth DragonBKD-
Earth-dragon Tail+01210Earth DragonBKD-
Earth-dragon Wing8107Earth DragonBKD-
Earth-dragon Wing+0710Earth DragonBKD-
Evil Basilik Head0171BasilikS-
Evil Demon Heart0410All Gigas Type (except Grand)B?-
Explosive Walnut101510PolkanS-
Faerie Mask301510KibbleS-
Fancy Lizard Scale30157All Lizard TypeS-
Fatal Flower Bud0151All Flower TypeS-
Fatal Flower Petal057All Flower TypeS-
Featherlight Ore136?naOreH-
Fiend Claw0207Lamia ComitisB?-
Fiend Claw+01710Lamia ComitisB?-
Fiend Crest0107Lamia ComitisB?-
Fiend Evil Eye+0210Lamia ComitisB?-
Fiend Eye047Lamia ComitisB?-
Fiend Hex0710Lamia ComitisB?-
Fiend Mark017Lamia ComitisB?-
Fiend Mark+0210Lamia ComitisB?-
Fiend Patagium067Lamia ComitisB?-
Fiend Tail057Lamia ComitisB?-
Fierce Clay Heart0110GolemBRed-
Fierce Gold Heart0210Primeval GuardianBLumpx
Fierce Iron Heart0110Iron GolemBLumpx
Fierce Stone Heart0210Stone GuardianBLumpx
Fine Basilik Pelt40710BasilikS-
Fine Basilik Plume701210BasilikS-
Fire Crystal04010Fire ElementalS-
Fire Pebble0510Fire ElementalS-
Fire Shard0401Fire ElementalS-
Fire Stone01010Fire ElementalS-
Fire-beast Claw3107CerberusBRingx
Fire-beast Claw+0710CerberusBRingx
Fire-beast Fang3207CerberusBRingx
Fire-beast Fang+01710CerberusBRingx
Fire-beast Pelt12157CerberusBRingx
Fire-beast Pelt+01210CerberusBRingx
Fire-beast Tail457CerberusBRingx
Fire-beast Tail+0110CerberusBRingx
Fire-dragon Beard2441Fire DragonBKD-
Fire-dragon Claw3251Fire DragonBKD-
Fire-dragon Flake0251Fire DragonBKD-
Fire-dragon Heart157Fire DragonBKD-
Fire-dragon Heart+0110Fire DragonBKD-
Fire-dragon Horn167Fire DragonBKD-
Fire-dragon Horn+0410Fire DragonBKD-
Fire-dragon Scale27207Fire DragonBKD-
Fire-dragon Scale+01710Fire DragonBKD-
Fire-dragon Skull627Fire DragonBKD-
Fire-dragon Skull+00,510Fire DragonBKD-
Fire-dragon Tail6157Fire DragonBKD-
Fire-dragon Tail+01210Fire DragonBKD-
Fire-dragon Wing6107Fire DragonBKD-
Fire-dragon Wing+0710Fire DragonBKD-
Fire-giant Anklet9401Fire GiantBRedx
Fire-giant Beard01210Fire GiantBRedx
Fire-giant Eye117Fire GiantBRedx
Fire-giant Heart0110Fire GiantBRedx
Fire-giant Heart Bit257Fire GiantBRedx
Fire-giant Mask5201Fire GiantBRedx
Fire-giant Skull0710Fire GiantBRedx
Fire-giant Skull Bit13107Fire GiantBRedx
Fire-giant Spirit00,510Fire GiantBRedx
Fire-giant Whisker5157Fire GiantBRedx
Fish Fossil10?naFossilH-
Fluorite Shard54?naCrystalsH-
Fuelstone Lump51?naFossilH-
Fulgurstone20,510Megalo TigrisBGMx
Gallstone117Pygmy GreaverBRAx
Gallstone+00,510Pygmy GreaverBRAx
Garuda Branch28?naTimberH-
Garuda Plank11?naLumberH-
Gas Sac0201Pygmy GreaverBRAx
Ghost Walnut20251PolkanS-
Giant Blooddrop1201Troll KingBCE-
Giant Bone32301TrollBLPx
Giant Shank0301TrollBLPx
Giant Skull40401Fire GiantBRedx
Gold Face5157Primeval GuardianBLumpx
Gold Face+01210Primeval GuardianBLumpx
Gold Heart167Primeval GuardianBLumpx
Gold Ore214?naOreH-
Gold Panel5107Primeval GuardianBLumpx
Gold Panel+0710Primeval GuardianBLumpx
Gold Puppet Arm01710Primeval GuardianBLumpx
Gold Puppet Bangle4207Primeval GuardianBLumpx
Gold Puppet Lump8151Primeval GuardianBLumpx
Gold Puppet Part16401Primeval GuardianBLumpx
Gold-cotton Boll30?naCottonH-
Greaver Fang7207Pygmy GreaverBRAx
Greaver Fang+01710Pygmy GreaverBRAx
Greaver Horn2107Pygmy GreaverBRAx
Greaver Horn+0710Pygmy GreaverBRAx
Greaver Pelt8157Pygmy GreaverBRAx
Greaver Pelt+01210Pygmy GreaverBRAx
Greaver Spine64251Pygmy GreaverBRAx
Green Fluid0501Pygmy GreaverBRAx
Green Ore5107GolemBRed-
Green Ore+0710Golem, Iron GolemB--
Grey Ore2107Primeval GuardianBLumpx
Grey Ore+0710Primeval GuardianBLumpx
Gromwell Flower11?naFlowersH-
Guardian Pearl Lv.10?1Golem, Fire GiantB--
Guardian Pearl Lv.20?1Direspider, Pyredaemos, TreantB--
Guardian Pearl Lv.30?1Megalo Tigris, Pyredaemos, Pygmy Greaver, Stone Guardian, Troll KingB--
Guardian Pearl Lv.40?1Pyredaemos Rex, Cerberus, Iron GolemB--
Guardian Pearl Lv.50?7Quest Dropna-
Guardian Pearl Lv.60?8Quest Dropna-
Guardian Pearl Lv.70?9Quest Dropna-
Guardian Pearl Lv.80?10Quest Dropna-
Guardian Pearl Lv.90?11Quest Dropna-
Hard Dragon Egg1101All Dragon Type (except Earth)BKD-
Hard Exoskeleton351210All Vespid TypeS-
Hard Massive Hoof25710AhwahneeBMSx
Hard Massive Jaw6210AhwahneeBMSx
Hard Scorpion Head0210All Scorpion TypeS-
Hard Soldier Jaw8210All Vespid TypeS-
Heal Potion2?naConsumableCna-
Heal Potion II2?naConsumableCna-
Heal Potion III1?naConsumableCna-
Healthy Sapling13?naTimberH-
Heavy Pelt5251Wild BoarS-
Honeycomb1107All Vespid TypeS-
Ice-dragon Beard041Ice DragonBKD-
Ice-dragon Claw0251Ice DragonBKD-
Ice-dragon Flake12251Ice DragonBKD-
Ice-dragon Heart257Ice DragonBKD-
Ice-dragon Heart+0110Ice DragonBKD-
Ice-dragon Horn267Ice DragonBKD-
Ice-dragon Horn+0410Ice DragonBKD-
Ice-dragon Scale26207Ice DragonBKD-
Ice-dragon Scale+01710Ice DragonBKD-
Ice-dragon Skull227Ice DragonBKD-
Ice-dragon Skull+00,510Ice DragonBKD-
Ice-dragon Tail4157Ice DragonBKD-
Ice-dragon Tail+01210Ice DragonBKD-
Ice-dragon Wing6107Ice DragonBKD-
Ice-dragon Wing+0710Ice DragonBKD-
Ice-giant Anklet62401Ice GiantBMTx
Ice-giant Beard01210Ice GiantBMTx
Ice-giant Eye117Ice GiantBMTx
Ice-giant Heart2110Ice GiantBMTx
Ice-giant Heart Bit257Ice GiantBMTx
Ice-giant Mask18207Ice GiantBMTx
Ice-giant Skull0710Ice GiantBMTx
Ice-giant Skull Bit3107Ice GiantBMTx
Ice-giant Spirit00,510Ice GiantBMTx
Ice-giant Whisker3157Ice GiantBMTx
Insect Liver151Pygmy GreaverBRAx
Iron Face18157Iron GolemBLumpx
Iron Face+01210Iron GolemBLumpx
Iron Heart267Iron GolemBLumpx
Iron Ore522?naOreH-
Iron Puppet Arm01710Iron GolemBLumpx
Iron Puppet Bangle4207Iron GolemBLumpx
Iron Puppet Lump14151Iron GolemBLumpx
Iron Puppet Part20401Iron GolemBLumpx
Iron Thread9????????
Iron-sand Grain215?naOreH-
Jagged Fang3207Jackal, Wild BoarS-
Jagged Fang+111710Jackal, Wild BoarS-
Keen Troll-king Claw01210Troll KingBCE-
Knave Arm01710Black KnaveBKnavex
Knave Bangle19207Black KnaveBKnavex
Knave Face5157Black KnaveBKnavex
Knave Face+01210Black KnaveBKnavex
Knave Lump0151Black KnaveBKnavex
Knave Panel12107Black KnaveBKnavex
Knave Part0401Black KnaveBKnavex
Knotty Pelt12401Pygmy GreaverBRAx
Lethal Gallstone00,510Poison GreaverBRAx
Lethal Greaver Fang+01710Poison GreaverBRAx
Lethal Greaver Horn0710Poison GreaverBRAx
Lethal Greaver Pelt01210Poison GreaverBRAx
Levinstone3110Megalo TigrisBGMx
Levinstone Shard84251Megalo TigrisBGMx
Little White Flower1?naFlowersH-
Lizard Fang58301All Lizard TypeS-
Lizard Fang+01710All Lizard TypeS-
Lizard Scale0201All Lizard TypeS-
Lizard Skin0151All Lizard TypeS-
Lizard Tail12101All Lizard TypeS-
Lizard Tail+0210All Lizard TypeS-
Lizard Talon3207All Lizard TypeS-
Luminous Stone44?naCrystalsH-
Lustrous Pelt20101CerberusBRingx
Magebeast Anklet0107Pyredaemos RexB?-
Magebeast Bangle0710Pyredaemos RexB?-
Magebeast Heart057Pyredaemos RexB?-
Magebeast Heart+0310Pyredaemos RexB?-
Magebeast Helm047Pyredaemos RexB?-
Magebeast Helm+0210Pyredaemos RexB?-
Magebeast Mask067Pyredaemos RexB?-
Magebeast Mask+0410Pyredaemos RexB?-
Magebeast Shell0157Pyredaemos RexB?-
Magebeast Shell+01210Pyredaemos RexB?-
Magecrystal9151Iron Golem, Stone GuardianBLumpx
Magecrystal Bit6301Black Knave, Iron Golem, Stone GuardianB--
Magecrystal Lump13151Black KnaveBKnavex
Magestone Turret0110Pyredaemos RexB?-
Magic Core167Black KnaveBKnavex
Magic Core+0210Black KnaveBKnavex
Magical Seal9301CerberusBRingx
Massive Hoof5107AhwahneeBMSx
Massive Incisor6207AhwahneeBMSx
Massive Jaw357AhwahneeBMSx
Massive Molar181710AhwahneeBMSx
Metal Panel+0710Black KnaveBKnavex
Mini Earth Crystal0101All Small Spider Type, Umbral FlowerS-
Mini Earth Crystal057Earth ElementalS-
Mini Earth Orb0107Earth ElementalS-
Mini Earth Pebble0101Earth ElementalS-
Mini Earth Pebble051Wild BoarS-
Mini Earth Stone0407Earth ElementalS-
Mini Earth Stone0101ScorpionS-
Mini Fire Crystal057Fire ElementalS-
Mini Fire Orb5107Fire ElementalS-
Mini Fire Pebble0101Fire Elemental, Fire LizardS-
Mini Fire Stone0407Fire ElementalS-
Mini Fire Stone0101Red ScorpionS-
Mini Scorpion Claw43301All Scorpion TypeS-
Mini Scorpion Head1061All Scorpion Type (except Red)S-
Mini Scorpion Shell0251All Scorpion TypeS-
Mini Scorpion Tail23101All Scorpion Type (except Red)S-
Mini Water Crystal057Water ElementalS-
Mini Water Orb0107Water ElementalS-
Mini Water Pebble0101Water Elemental, Ice LizardS-
Mini Water Stone0407Water ElementalS-
Mini Wind Crystal0101All Vespid Type (except Giant)S-
Mini Wind Crystal057Wind ElementalS-
Mini Wind Orb0107Wind ElementalS-
Mini Wind Pebble0101Wind Elemental, JackalS-
Mini Wind Stone0101Killer Scorpion, JackalS-
Mini Wind Stone0407Wind ElementalS-
Mist Crystal02510TreantBMS-
Mist Crystal7157TreantBMS-
Mist Crystal+31210TreantBMS-
Mithril Ore50?naOreH-
Monster Fossil1?naFossilH-
Morion Shard29?naCrystalsH-
Mossy Face3157Stone GuardianBLumpx
Mossy Face+01210Stone GuardianBLumpx
Mysterious Sapling35?naTimberH-
Oak Branch6?naTimberH-
Oak Plank42?naLumberH-
Obsidian Shard55?naCrystalsH-
Oil Stained Cloak5107Black KnaveBKnavex
Old Argent Coin0201Troll KingBCE-
Old Magic Turret017Pyredaemos RexB?-
Old Mask25157KibbleS-
Old Pelt857Jackal, Wild BoarS-
Old Turret017PyredaemosBWind-
Opulent Lizard Scale01210All Lizard TypeS-
Palmwood Plank32?naLumberH-
Paralyzing Stinger0710All Vespid TypeS-
Pestilence Sac0110Poison GreaverBRAx
Pestilent Spider Fang01710All Small Spider TypeS-
Platinum Ore50?naOreH-
Pointy Demon Tail0210All Gigas Type (except Grand)B?-
Pointy Devil Tail0310Grand GigasB?-
Pointy Fiend Tail0310Lamia ComitisB?-
Poison-spider Fang5251All Small Spider TypeS-
Possessed Petal35310All Flower TypeS-
Puppet Core5301GolemBRed-
Pure Heart20,510AhwahneeBMSx
Pure White Pelt211210AhwahneeBMSx
Purple Ore2107Stone GuardianBLumpx
Purple Ore+0710Stone GuardianBLumpx
Pyrestone Shard8151CerberusBRingx
Quality Lizard Skin0710All Lizard TypeS-
Rainbow Butterfly20?naInsectsH-
Red Ore3107Stone GuardianBLumpx
Red Ore+0710Stone GuardianBLumpx
Rigid Lizard Skin21107All Lizard TypeS-
Rigid Lizard Tail557All Lizard TypeS-
Rough Diamond50?naCrystalsH-
Rough Ruby35?naCrystalsH-
Rough Sapphire25?naCrystalsH-
Rusted Panel4107Iron GolemBLumpx
Rusted Shard0251PyredaemosBWind-
Rusted Shell0151PyredaemosBWind-
Saltpeter Shard103?naCrystalsH-
Scarab Beetle1?naInsectsH-
Scorpion Claw3207All Scorpion TypeS-
Scorpion Claw+01710All Scorpion TypeS-
Scorpion Head2057All Scorpion TypeS-
Scorpion Shell11157All Scorpion TypeS-
Scorpion Shell+301210All Scorpion TypeS-
Scorpion Tail8107All Scorpion TypeS-
Scorpion Tail+20710All Scorpion TypeS-
Shaggy Pelt8157Jackal, Wild BoarS-
Sharp Fang21251Wild BoarS-
Shimmering Pelt0251JackalS-
Shiny Clay Lump00,510GolemBRed-
Shiny Gold Lump00,510Primeval GuardianBLumpx
Shiny Iron Lump00,510Iron GolemBLumpx
Shiny Metal Lump00,510Black KnaveBKnavex
Shiny Rock Lump00,510Stone GuardianBLumpx
Shriveled Vine11?naTimberH-
Silver Ore439?naOreH-
Silver Troll Mask00,510TrollBLPx
Silver Troll Maul0710Troll KingBCE-
Snow-cotton Boll50?naCottonH-
Soldier Exoskeleton1157All Vespid TypeS-
Soldier Jaw2057All Vespid TypeS-
Soldier Stinger6107All Vespid TypeS-
Sopor Fungus1?naMushroomsH-
Sopor Sac267Pygmy GreaverBRAx
Spider Claw+0251DirespiderBXx
Spider Corpse40251DirespiderBXx
Spider Thread20251DirespiderBXx
Spider Web Fluid0107All Small Spider TypeS-
Spiky Seed01210All Flower TypeS-
Steel Ore718?naOreH-
Steel Thread257All Small Spider TypeS-
Steel Thread Ball11157All Small Spider TypeS-
Sticky Sap Ball1207TreantBMS-
Sticky Web Fluid3710All Small Spider TypeS-
Stink Bug1?naInsectsH-
Stone Bust0210All Elemental TypeS-
Stone Claw0201BasilikS-
Stone Heart267Stone GuardianBLumpx
Stone Puppet Arm01710Stone GuardianBLumpx
Stone Puppet Bangle4207Stone GuardianBLumpx
Stone Puppet Bit29151Stone GuardianBLumpx
Stone Puppet Part0401Stone GuardianBLumpx
Sturdy Branch25?naLumberH-
Sturdy Chain12501TrollBLPx
Tan White Beast Skin10?naGiantsHGeo-
Tanned Beast Skin10207Fire GiantBRedx
Thick Basilik Pelt16107BasilikS-
Thin Fiend Patagium0410Lamia ComitisB?-
Thread Ball13251All Small Spider TypeS-
Tiny Sapling6?naTimberH-
Tough Old Pelt65210Jackal, Wild BoarS-
Tough Shaggy Pelt651210Jackal, Wild BoarS-
Tough Thread2210All Small Spider TypeS-
Tough Thread Ball151210All Small Spider TypeS-
Toxic Gallstone117Poison GreaverBRAx
Toxic Greaver Fang15207Poison GreaverBRAx
Toxic Greaver Horn2107Poison GreaverBRAx
Toxic Greaver Pelt20157Poison GreaverBRAx
Toxic Spider Fang0207All Small Spider TypeS-
Toxin Sac367Poison GreaverBRAx
Treant Branch3251TreantBMS-
Treant Face97307TreantBMS-
Treant Mistletoe21501TreantBMS-
Troll Armor Suit51710TrollBLPx
Troll Claw8157TrollBLPx
Troll Claw+81210TrollBLPx
Troll Cudgel257TrollBLPx
Troll Cudgel+2110TrollBLPx
Troll Helm10207TrollBLPx
Troll Mask317TrollBLPx
Troll-king Bangle6301Troll KingBCE-
Troll-king Claw12157Troll KingBCE-
Troll-king Crown0210Troll KingBCE-
Troll-king Greave01710Troll KingBCE-
Troll-king Helm9207Troll KingBCE-
Troll-king Mace2107Troll KingBCE-
Troll-king Mask157Troll KingBCE-
Vespid Exoskeleton13301All Vespid Type (except Giant)S-
Vespid Jaw8201Killer VespidS-
Vespid Stinger22251All Vespid Type (except Giant)S-
Volatile Walnut0157PolkanS-
Water Crystal04010Water ElementalS-
Water Pebble0510Water ElementalS-
Water Shard0401Water ElementalS-
Water Stone01010Water ElementalS-
Waterspider Body457Dire WaterspiderBCEx
Waterspider Claw10207Dire WaterspiderBCEx
Waterspider Egg117Dire WaterspiderBCEx
Waterspider Jaw32101Dire WaterspiderBCEx
Waterspider Leg17257Dire WaterspiderBCEx
White Beast Skin5?naGiantsHGeo-
White Heart117AhwahneeBMSx
White Pelt9157AhwahneeBMSx
White Pollen Grain01710All Vespid TypeS-
White-oak Plank21?naLumberH-
Wind Crystal54010Wind ElementalS-
Wind Pebble0510Wind ElementalS-
Wind Shard0101Giant Vespid, PolkanS-
Wind Shard0401Wind ElementalS-
Wind Stone01010Wind ElementalS-
Wind-dragon Beard3541Wind DragonBKD-
Wind-dragon Claw4251Wind DragonBKD-
Wind-dragon Flake36251Wind DragonBKD-
Wind-dragon Heart257Wind DragonBKD-
Wind-dragon Heart+0110Wind DragonBKD-
Wind-dragon Horn467Wind DragonBKD-
Wind-dragon Horn+0410Wind DragonBKD-
Wind-dragon Scale31207Wind DragonBKD-
Wind-dragon Scale+01710Wind DragonBKD-
Wind-dragon Skull127Wind DragonBKD-
Wind-dragon Skull+00,510Wind DragonBKD-
Wind-dragon Tail4157Wind DragonBKD-
Wind-dragon Tail+01210Wind DragonBKD-
Wind-dragon Wing4107Wind DragonBKD-
Wind-dragon Wing+0710Wind DragonBKD-
Wite Pollen Grain1?naBugsH-
Wyvern Fossil43?naFossilH-
Yellow Pollen10251Giant VespidS-
Yellow Pollen Grain1?naBugsH-