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Guide and Walkthrough by Kururu

Version: 2.00 | Updated: 02/08/2009
FAQ of the Month Winner: January 2009

白騎士物語 ~古の鼓動~
White Knight Chronicles "Part I" Complete Japanese Guide

Version 2.00

FireFox User instruction:
Click on "view" on the browser menu,
Select "Character Encondings,"
then find "Unicode (UTF-8)" to view the Japanese correctly.

Chooca (Kururu)
PSN: Tename

This guide can only be distributed by the following listed sites:
mycheats.com (1up.com)

E-mail me if you have any concern/questions.

~ Revision History ~
- 2/07/09 added GR 11 Materials, Changed all instances of Big Mouse to
Big Mouth; Buncarlot Mine to Bunker Road Mine; Dogma Hole to Dogma Hall.
- 2/04/09 Added Attack/Speed Delay section in battle mechanics.
- 1/29/2009 Added GR 10 Materials, DLC Quest Materials, as well as Attack vs
Element Article.
- 1/24/2009 added tips and tricks to getting GR 9 gathered materials.
Reformatted the entire appendix section to look better.
- 1/19/209 Added more synth material info, and fix more typo and format errors.
- 1/15/2009 Added Complete list of Synthesis, Quests, and abridged story
walkthrough. Complete change of content order. Change from translation guide
to complete Japanese guide.
- 1/09/2009 Added commentary to the different type of skills. Also fix minor
formatting issue.
- 1/08/2009 Completed the whole guide with ALL skills included in kanji and
add special notes to skills with special affects. Version 1.00
- 1/08/2009 Guide begins.

Table of Contents:

Introduction [INT]

Main Portion
- Battle Mechanics
- Characters
- Abridged Story Walkthrough
- Guild Quests and Online
- Crafting, Material, and Shops

Appendix Portion
- Skills and Magic
- Synthesis Recipe
- Synthesis/Upgrade Materials

Table of Contents by Search Code:


Battle Mechanics [BM1]
- Normal Battles [BM2]
* Basic Action Gauge and Action Pallet
* Action Chips and Combo
* Affinity and Weakness System
* Enemy Types
* Character Stats
* Misc.
- Knight Battles [BM3]
* White Knight
* Dragon Kinght
- Delay (a.k.a. Act Speed) [BM4]

Characters [CH1]
- Avatar (Custom Character) [CH2]
- Lenardo [CH3]
- Yuuri [CH4]
- Erudoa [CH5]
- Kara [CH6]
- Caesar [CH7]

Abridged Story Walkthrough [AW0]
- Noldia Tunnel ノルディア坑道 [AW1]
- Moving City - Greed 自由都市グリード [AW2]
- Frandel Mountain Path - Revisit フランダール山脈登山道 [AW3]
- Greed Underground グリード地下回廊 [AW4]
- Buncarlo Mines バンカーロード採掘場 [AW5]
- Valley of Insects - WEST side 虫の谷(西部) [AW6]
- Dogma Hall - Temple ドグマホール・神殿 [AW7]

Guild Quests and Online General Information[G+O]
- Offline
- Online
* GeoNet Main Page *
* GeoNet Main Page Submenu *

Guild Quests Walkthrough [GQ0]
- Quest Rewards [GQ1]
- PLAYING/Partying with Japanese! [PPJ]
* Communication *
* Common names for rooms *

- Guild Rank 1 [GQA]
* 冒険家リットンの危機-I *
* 二王国戦争の傷跡-I *

- Guild Rank 2 [GQB]
* 迷子を捜して-I *
* セルブスの伝説-I *

- Guild Rank 3 [GQC]
* 赤い巨人への復讐-I *
* 石碑の秘宝-I *

- Guild Rank 4 [GQD]
* いざ、蜘蛛退治!-I *
* 秘密のゲーム-I *

- Guild Rank 5 [GQE]
* ジャンク屋の欲-I *
* 迷惑な贈り物-I *
* キャラバン隊の護衛-I *

- Guild Rank 6 [GQF]
* 疾風の追撃戦-I *
* 火竜の巣窟-I *
* リトルグリーバーの生態-I*
* 水脈の蒼龍-I*
* 黒鉄の巨人-I*
* 古の竜王-I*

- Guild Rank 7 [GQG]
* 冒険家リットンの危機-II *
* 二王国戦争の傷跡-II *
* 迷子を捜して-II *
* セルブスの伝説-II *
* いざ、蜘蛛退治!-II *
* 探し物は何ですか?-I (DLC) *

- Guild Rank 8 [GQH]
* 赤い巨人への復讐-II *
* 石碑の秘宝-II *
* 秘密のゲーム-II *
* ジャンク屋の欲-II *
* キャラバン隊の護衛-II *
* 疾風の追撃戦-II *

- Guild Rank 9 [GQI]
* 迷惑な贈り物II *
* 火竜の巣窟-II *
* リトルグリーバーの生態-II *
* 水脈の蒼龍-II *
* 黒鉄の巨人-II *
* 古の竜王-II *
* 二つの砲撃-I (DLC) *

- Guild Rank 10 [GQJ]
* 冒険家リットンの危機-III *
* 二王国戦争の傷跡-III *
* 迷子を捜して-III *
* セルブスの伝説-III *
* いざ、蜘蛛退治!-III *
* 探し物は何ですか?-II (DLC) *

- Guild Rank 11 [GQK]

* 赤い巨人への復讐-III *
* 石碑の秘宝-III *
* 秘密のゲーム-III *
* ジャンク屋の欲-III *
* キャラバン隊の護衛-III *
* 疾風の追撃戦-III *

- Guild Rank 12 [GQL]

Crafting, Material, and Shops [CFT]
- Crafting [CM1]
- Material [CM2]
- Shops [CM3]
*About Weapon Upgrade: Raw Attack vs Element*


Skills and Magic [SM1]
- One-Hand Sword/Axe [SM2]
- Two-Hand Sword [SM3]
- TWo-Hand Axe [SM4]
- Spear [SM5]
- Bow [SM6]
- Staff [SM7]
- Elemental Magic [SM8]
- Holy Magic [SM9]
- White Knight Skill [SMA]
- Dragon Knight Skill [SMB]

Synthesis Recipe Chart [SR0]
- Items/Consumable [SR1]

- weapons [SR2]
* 1H Sword/Knife/Axe *
* 2H Sword/Katana *
* 2H Axe *
* Spear *
* Bow *
* Staff *

- Armor [SR3]
* Body *
* Hand *
* Legs *
* Feet *
* Shield *

- Accessory [SR4]
* Mantles *
* Glasses *

Synthesis Material Chart [SYC]
- Legends [SY1]
- Lower Grade: Story and GR 1-6[SY2]

Upper Grade: GR 7 and Above
- Tips and Tricks  (very helpful) [T&T]
* Monster Drops *
* Drop Rates *
* Getting High Level Gathered Material Quickly *
- Guild Rank 7 Materials [SY3]
- Guild Rank 8 Materials [SY4]
- Guild Rank 9 Materials [SY5]
- Guild Rank 10 Materials [SY6]
- Guild Rank 11 Materials [SY7]
- Guild Rank 12 Materials [SY8]

Introduction [INT] =============================================================

First about this guide. This is intended for people who knows basic hiragana and
know how to at least navigate the menu, but don't quite understand the full 
combat system because language barriers or the tutorial is just conufsing. This
guide is created based on the Japanese version of the game, and therefore all
translation are tentative (by me). 

Appendix includes complete listing known so far for me. A lot of it are
collected information from various Japense wiki sites, and user responds around
the Japanese forum and net:


Forum/BBS Exchange:

Spoiler Warning: since this lists all the characters, there will be spoiler in
this guide.

********************************* MAIN PORTION ********************************

Battle Mechanics [BM1] =========================================================

The battle in this game is real-time turn based. The best illustrated example of
this would be Final Fantasy XI. Time flows are uninterrupted by any menu 
selection and cursor movement, and attack occurs in rounds pre-determined by a 
set specific time. 

You are also entitled to free movement in the battle fields, which in effect
acts as an "escape" function as your traditional Japanese RPG.

A side note, this game do NOT have a pause button and enemies DO respawn, so
if you go AFK, you might come back and find yourself back at the title screen.

Normal Battles [BM2] -----------------------------------------------------------

Normal Battles occur when you are in engagement range. You are prompted to enter
battle with an icon above your head with two-swords making an X. Hitting your
confirm button will make you go into battle mode. 

Note that your other AI controlled team mates usually do not engage the enemy
until you start to attack, however they will engage any subsequent enemies that
come into range automatically.

You may switch between your active character anytime during battle.

* Basic Action Gauge and Action Pallet *

Once you are in battle, you'll see a circle begin to follow up and an icon in 
the middle of the circle. Depending on your weapon type, you must be in range to
excute an attack once your circle fills up.

You may only use skills and magics you have equipped to your action pallet in
battle mode. You may use magic by target your self with the D-Pad hit confirm,
and select maigc if you are disengaged; the same for items. You may also tell
your allie to use magic & item by following the above procedure but targeting 
them. However, you may only do this when you are disengaged.

The Action Pallet consists of 3 rows and 7 cells like macro rows in MMORPG. The 
4th rows is reserved for Item, Target Change, Defense, and Transform (only 
available to select characters).

* Action Chips and Combo *

Once you have fought for a set amount of tiem you'll notice blue square begin 
to light up on the bottom left of the screen, they are called - Action Chips.
Action chips are required to perform some skills, all combos that consist more 
than the basic attack of each weapon, as well as knight transformation.

At the time of this writing, Action Chips fill at an unknown rate. However, it
is related to your frequency of battle, and the frequncy of being attacked.
Staff, 2-Hand Sword, and Spear have skills that increase AC.

Combos can be created via the main menu which you can access outside of battle
by pressing triangle, and go to "Battle Setup." The length of the combo is 
determined by:

1. The type of weapon you want to creat the combo for and its respective mastery
that you have leveled.
2. The total amount of AC you have.

Combos are restricted by the following:

1. You may not make a combo that require more than the max amount of AC you
2. You may only create combo within the same weapon tree, together with the 
elemental magic tree.
3. You may not use the same skill twice in the same combo.
4. Aerial combo may only be performed by either launching the enemy yourself
with a launcher skill, or the enemy is tall enough that you can directly perform
on it. (i.e. trolls's torso part).

Combos can be created freely as you like if you met the condition for each
skill, and once it's completed, you can give it a name, then you must equip it
to your action pallet to use it in battle. All combo requires 1 pallet no matter
the length.

To perform combo in battle, you must:

1. have the proper amount of Action Chips (AC) require by the combo. usually the
longer the combo the more AC it requires.
2. meet the proper condition, you may not launch enemy in constricted places,
and you may not use aerial moves on grounded opponents (except big enemies).

* Affinity and Weakness System *

There are three type of physical affinities, and 4 type of elemental properties:

Physical Affinities are slashing, smashing, and piercing;
Elemental properties are: fire, water, wind, earth.

Elemental weakness in this game isn't much a wheel as in counters:
Fire <-> Water
Wind <-> Earth

All physical attacks in this game have affinity, and some carry elemental 
properties. Weapons also have natural affinity for certain types of attacks.

When your combo have 10 or higher affinity in an area, at the end of the combo, 
there will be additioinal damage called "Combo Finish."

Weapon's natural affinity are added to each of your attack and to each combo. 
You can determine what type of affinity your weapon and how much affinity it has
by going to the weapon's user and use creat combo. Before you select any skills
for the combo it'll always show some affinity already, and that's your weapon 
affinity. Weapon's affinity differs in weapon type, and even within each type,
different tier of weapon have different amount of affinity: usually the higher
level the weapon, the more affinity it has.

Slashing weapons
1-Hand Sword (non rapier type)
2-Hand Sword 
Great Katanas
1-Hand Axe
2-Hand Axe (non hammer type)

Piercing Weapons:
Daggers (very pointed type)

Smashing weapons
1-Hand Mace
2-Hand Mace
2-Hand Swords (a very select few)

Most monster have weakness to a certain type of physical attacks, and most if
not all have some elemental weakness. Use this to your advantage. There are
skills which will show you enemy information such as 
「みやぶる」 of the bow tree.

* Enemy Types *

Enemy basically comes in two flavors: small enemy with single point of impact,
and multiple point of impact enemies. The latter are what you'll see on huge
enemies, and most bosses.

Small enemies can be hit by all normal attacks except aerial attacks until they
are launched into the air.

Huge enemies can not be launched, and most melee attack can only hit parts that 
are closest to the ground which usually have higher defense and less weakness.
However, aerial combo can be executed directly on them most of the time. To do
this just switch over to your aerial combo (must be one without a launcher, and
only consist of aerial skills), and the game will auto target suitable parts.

Different parts of these huge enemies also have different weakness, and you must
analyze individual parts to know its weakness.

* Character Stats *

Characters have HP and MP, as well as 6 stats. The six stats are (in order
listed on character stats screen):
強さ - strength, 1 point translate into 1 attack point.
守り - vitality, 1 point translate into 1 defense point.
賢さ - intelligence, 1 point translate into 1 magic attack.
精神 - mind, 1 point translate into 1 magic def.
素早さ - reflex, affect evasion, 
器用さ - dexterity, affect accuracy

Attack speed and casting speed are not affected by any stats in this game.
(the rate your circle fills)
They are determined by the type of weapon you are using, the type of armor 
you are using, and the type of shield you are using:

Fast -> Slow

Barefist > Knife type = Bow type > 1-hand sword/mace = spear = staff >
2-hand sword and axe

No armor > cloth > light armor > heavy armor

No shield > small shield > large shield

note that each of these factors DO STACK and each individual piece of armor
also carry individual speed value. For example, wearing 4 piece of heavy
armor, is slow than 3 piece of heavy armor and 1 piece of cloth. And of
course the fastest would be barefist, with no armor, and no shield.

「クロックアプ」 and 「Gクロックアプ」 are 
"haste" spells which increase your actual attack speed (the rate of the action
circle is filled). The difference between the two is single-target and AOE.
They are from the holy element heal/buff skill tree.

HP and MP can be increased as you level up and learning passive skills. 
The stats can be boosted via passive skills as well.

* Misc. *

- To switch character in battle, hit select, and choose the first option.
- Enemies' attack can not be evaded by "running out of range," they track;
enemies AOE CAN BE evaded by running if you are not its central target.
- R1 is Defense in battle mode. To defend, your action circle must be filled,
and after one attack, you'll be force out of defense, and your circle begins
filling at a faster rate. This rate is also affected by your equipment.
- L1 is target change. You can either hold it to change to the nearest target
or pres it and use D-pad to choose target. The new target must be in engagement
- Spells CAN be interrupted in this game.
- "Fast Recovery" can be done by quickly hitting defense button once being hit
by a knock down attack. This requires you to have a filled action circle.
- Offline play allows 3 member party sometimes with an additional 4th guest
character which you can not control; online allows 4 player parties.
- all visible equipments carries a durability bar, and you'll be prompted to
repair when their respective icon appears next to your HP on the upper right
hand corner. You can repair at any armory/equipment vendor.

Knight Battles [BM3] --------------------------------------------------------

Lenardo and Caesar will gain the ability to transform into huge knights through
the story. Lenardo is White Knight that uses sword and shield, and Caesar is
a Dragon Knight who uses a lance.

To transform into these knights Lenardo or Caesar must have at least 7 AC, and
transforming at 12 AC and 15 AC will allow the use of additional abilities.

All of the knights' attack cost at least 1 MP, which acts as a "time limit" to
the knights.

Knight restrictions:

1. Will revert once MP runs out.
2. MP will decrease if attacked.
3. Will revert if no more enemy in engagement range.
4. Can die, and not revert once HP runs out.
5. Can not transform in places where you can not perform aerial combos.

* White Knight *

White Knight have bit tad more HP and MP because its shield bonus. The White
Knight have 3 diferent swords, and each new sword grants additional attacks and
discards some old ones.

* Dragon Knight *

Uses lance, thus good for enemies weak against piercing. Has two lances, and
grants different attacks while discarding some old ones.

Delay (a.k.a. Act Speed) [BM4] ------------------------------------------------

* Equipment Delay *

So you've beaten the game and now wants to know the nitty-gritty of the
actual mechanics of the game. One of the most abstract "stats" in the game is
probably Act Speed (the speed in which you can attack/use skill/item) etc in

Speed in terms of Cure Delay, from 1st cast (include chant time), gauge filling,
and till the next cast is ready:

Naked 3.89
Cloth Set (Body, Hands, Legs, Feet) 4.45
Light Set (Body, Hands, Legs, Feet) 4.89
Heavy Set (Body, Hands, Legs Feet) 5.89

From this chart we know that speed from the fastest is: naked>cloth>light>heavy.

Weapon Delay (Tested using Full Heavy Set, Body, Hands, Legs, Feet):

Fist (no weapon/sheild) 5.90
Dagger/Knife 6.30
Dagger/Knife + Light Shield 6.84
Dagger/Knife + Heavy Shield 7.37
One-Hand Sword 6.90
One-Hand Sword + LIght Shield 7.34
One-Hand Sword + HEavy Shield 7.86
One-Hand Axe 6.89
One-Hand Axe + Light Shield 7.31
One-Hand Axe + Heavy Shield 7.82
Two-Hand Sword 7.81
Two-Hand Katana 7.82
Two-Hand Axe 7.82
Spear 6.81
Spear + Light Shield 7.34
Spear + Heavy Shield 7.89
Bow 6.35
Staff 6.81

From this chart we know that speed from fastest are:

Tier 1 (Fastest)
Dagger/Knife, Bow

Tier 2 (Fast)
One-Hand Sword, One-Hand Axe, Spear, Staff, Dagger/Knife+Light Shield

Tier 3 (Medium/Normal)
One-Hand Sword/Axe/Spear + Light Shield, Dagger/Knife+Heavy Shield

Tier 4 (Slow)
Two-Hand Sword, Two-Hand Katana, Two-Hand Axe, One-Hand Sword/Axe/Spear + Heavy 

Now, the more meaty part that you probably want to know the most. Armor parts 
delay in frames and seconds. How does it work? Say the game runs 60 frames per 
seconds. A part that adds .2 seconds is basically adding 1/5 of the time,
therefore you'd have a 1/5 of increase in frame as well.

Also note that hands/legs/feet equip of the same category have the exact same 
delay value.

Equipment - Frame - Seconds
Naked / 60 / 1 (refrence)
Cloth Body / +12 / +0.2
Light body / +24 / +0.4
Heavy Body / + 48 / + 0.8

Cloth Set / 90 / 1.5
Without body / -12 / -0.2
Without hands / -10 / -.16
Without legs - same -
Without feet - same -

Light Set / 120 / 2.0
Without body / -24 / -0.4
Without hands / -15 / -0.25
Wihtout legs - same -
Without feet - same -

Heavy Set / 180 / 3.0
Without body / - 48 / -0.8
Without hands / -25 / -0.4
Without legs - same -
Without feet - same - 

What you need to know? The highest delay on armor is 3.0 seconds compare to
naked 1.0 seconds. Just note that unless you wear full heavy, you won't be
reaching this 3.0 seconds cap. Most of the melee player is most likely going
to hoover around 2.50~2.75, and most back-line player would probably hoover
around 2.00-2.50. Getting FULL set of something becomes more difficult as you
progress, so it's more likely that you'll not be using a full set of something. 

* Skill Delay *

Using different skills will result in different rate at which the action 
circle will fill after you finish the skill. The exact delay is still not yet
known since there are a mass quantity of skills. However, there are general
rules in which skill delay works.

The higher the damage the skill do in a normal setting ( no weakness, not
in combo), the slower the gauge will fill. This is true for 1-H Swords' 3
0AC basic slashes:

Slow - > Fast
Step Slash < Slash < Spin Slash 

Characters [CH1] ============================================================

You will gain allies as you progress through the story. There are total of "6"
playable characters including your own "avatar." The party at the end of the
game consist of 5 characters with Kara unavailable although all her equipemtns
are retained in her inventory tab.

Only your custom character may participate in guild quests. During offline
play you can only solo the mission with your avatar (at the time of this 
writing, there are no other ways to use AI in guild quests... hopefully 'fixed'
by the NA release).

Story character CAN NOT learn all skills available to them thus you should
choose their skills carefully. And I'll make some suggestion what you should

Avatar (Custom Character) [CH2] ----------------------------------------------

Your custom character is the first thing you creat when you start a new game.
You may have multiple custom character but you must save at a different slot,
and you must complete all quests and levels for each custom character you have.
You may not transfer anything between custom characters unless you have 2x PS3
and 2x game, however only consumables may be transfered via online play.

custom character may also reincarnate once you have beaten the game.
Reincarnating at level 50 will revert your character back to level 35, without
any skills, but have 35 level worth of skill points as well as an additional
40 skill points for EACH reincarnation. These bonus skill points are cumulative.
Thus your custom character is the only character which can learn EVERY single
skill in the game. The number of required reincarnation is about 8 x lv 50
reincarnation and then level to 99. There is no difference between Lv 50 and
Lv 99 reincarnation. The bonus is the same, and you'll always be at Lv 35.

You can access reincranation by moving to シン力村 
(the last town before the final dungeon).

Since your custom character can potentially learn all the skills, I'll not 
make any suggestion for your custom characters since it's YOUR character

Lenardo [CH3] ----------------------------------------------------------------

Unavailable Skill Trees: Staff and Spear

Leanardo have available to him 2 of the best and strongest physical trees:
the 2-hand axe, and 2-hand sword. Since passive stacks, it's a very good
idea to learn all the Strength UP passives from those two trees as soon
as possible. Although you don't get a 2-hand sword or axe early in the game, 
with stacked passives from those two trees, you basic 1-hand sword slash damage
will keep up until you get Erudoa who joins you early and have 2-hand sword

You can also make him an Archer. Stacking a bow with the two offensive passives
makes him extremely efficient boss killer since you can go straight for their
face otherwise unreacable with a melee weapon until they lose balance.

He does not make a good magic user since he has not access to staff tree;
although he can wield a staff for M.Atk bonus, it's a waste that he can't
learn anything from the tree.

He is best as all-out offensive.

Yuuri [CH4] ------------------------------------------------------------------

Unavailable Skill Tress: 2-Hand Axe and 2-Hand Sword

Sadly, opposite of Lenardo, misses out two of the strongest physical trees.
However, she makes an excellent tank, or magic knight. Since higher level
daggers often come with M.Atk Bonus, it's not a bad idea to make her use
1-Hand Sword and learn holy and elmental magic. 

Though she lacks physical offensive strength, she has unmatched physical
defensive skill from spear. She isn't bad as a spear using tank as well. The
only downside to her defensive capability is the lack of HP UP skills but
it shouldn't hurt too much. 

She is best as a physical support/tank.

Erudoa [CH5] -----------------------------------------------------------------

Unavailable Skill Trees: 2-Hand Axe and Spear

I think he is really crappy... He lacks half the good physical offensive tree,
and lacks half the good physical defensive tree... However, he has access to
Staff, and bow, which makes him not too shabby as a range fighter/magic user.

He is best as long-range wizard/healer type.

Kara [CH6] -------------------------------------------------------------------

Unavailable Skill Tress: 2-Hand Axe and 2-Hand Sword

She is a carbon copy of Yuuri, however, let me warn you that she WILL leave your
party at the end of the game. However, her item slots are still reseveved in
your item page, which makes me believe she might make a come back in the second

Caesar [CH7] -----------------------------------------------------------------

Unavailable Skill Tress: Bow and Staff

You can build Caesar like Lenardo, except that he can't use bow. So he is stuck
with melee stuff. He isn't half bad as a spear using tank either since he has
good mix of offensive/defensive trees.

He is best as spear using offensive/defensive balance type.

Abridged Story Walkthrough [ASW] ==============================================

White Knight Chronicle's story flow is very linear, and not only that, the game
provides you with a "star" on the map that tells you where you should go next
to advance the story. As such, I'll not write out the entire story walkthrough
step by step, but just point out some parts that may require some Japanese
to advance the story; in other words, puzzles. Boss fights are also rather
easy except one, and it's pretty easy after you understand how the game works.

To bring up the overall map of an area, press select and select the last

Noldia Tunnel [AW1] -----------------------------------------------------------
* ノルディア坑道 *

Once you reach the tunnel, you might find the path to the star locked. To open
the gate, go toward the 'green' looking place on your overall map. There is
an indent to the west of the 'green' place, a chest is at the indent, and you
will receive the key to open the gate. At the end of the gate is a boss fight,
pretty easy.

Moving City - Greed [AW2] ----------------------------------------------------
* 自由都市グリード *

Greed is one of the most confusing cities in the whole game. The city itself
is divided into three parts:

Station (the place where you arrived at first)
Commercial District (It has three floors)
Downtown (One floor)

After your first arrival, talk to the clerks at the counter located at the
center. Next take the elevater to the east of the map, and go up to the
city rail entrance. From there, head to the turnstile and you'll be given the
option to go to the Commercial district.

Once your arrived at the commercial district, walk out from the platform, and
you'll see an elevator. Go down to the first floor, where you'll find a bar.
Inside the bar, there will be a person where you can get the key item to
advance the story.

Take this key item, head back to the second floor, and hop on the city rail to
head to downtown. Once you are in downtown, also look for the bar, inside the
bar there will be a person who will trade you the ticket to the auction house
for your honey which you recieved in the commercial district. Proceed with the
trade, and head to the 'starred' place on the downtown map. Next you'll need to
head back out to the mountains from which you came from.

Frandel Mountain Path - Revisit [AW3] ----------------------------------------
* フランダール山脈登山道 * 

There is a 'starred' place on the map but it shows up "off" the map. What you
need to do is drop down the hole, and examined the red crystal on top of the
ramp. You'll get a mini boss fight. Defeat them, examine the crystal again, and
head back to the downtown auction house.

Once you finish the scene at the auction house, you'll need to head back to the
main station of Greed. From there, go north, into the noble's house to advance
the story. Caesar will join you after.

Greed Underground [AW4] ------------------------------------------------------
* グリード地下回廊 *

This place could be pretty confusing with the siwtch as well. I'll try to
explain it as simple as I can. There is three floors to this place:

First Floor (top) - the floor you enter
Second Floor (middle) - accessed by elevator and holes from the first floor
Third Floor (bottom )- finish

On the first floor, if you look at the map, there are darker squares on the
map. Those are drainage holes, and you can drop down to the second floor to
areas that you can't enter directly if you just take the elevator.

On the second floor there are one way doors that are designated with an arrow
pointing the direction it goes. The north, and west path from the central
elevator is inaccessble during the story, but are used for quests.

1. At the first split @ F-2, there is a lever. Pull the lever left, and take
the left door down to pull two more levers. Walk back out to the split.
2. Pull the lever right, and continue up to to the middle square room at
D-2, pull the lever left.
3. Head to C-2 and drop down the hole; you'll appear on the second floor's
4. On the way out after you dropped down, there is a room on your right, with
a lever in it; pull it, and make your way to the green place at the center of
C-3. Take the elevator back to first floor.
5. Now head back to D-2 again, this time pull the lever to the right, and drop
down the hole at the upper right of D-2.
6. After dropping down you'll be at second floor's D-2, follow the path out
to the open area. There should be a marked star to your right, and you
should see three levers. To open the door pull the 3 levers left to right:
Right, Left, Right. It should unlock the door.
7. Go in the door, kill the enemies, and pull the lever. Head to the elevator
and head back to first floor.
8. On first floor, head toward C-4. There are three dark squares. On the way
to the middle dark square there are two rooms to the side with levers in them.
Pull the lever on the east side, and then drop down the hole that's opened 
on the east (the dark square on the right at C-4).
9. Once you drop down you'll be at C-4 second floor. Head to the marked star
at D-4 in the big room. There is more enemies. Kill them and pull the lever.
Head to the elevator and then this time go down to the third floor.
10. head north to continue the story.

- Buncarlo Mines [AW5] -------------------------------------------------------
* バンカーロード採掘場 *

After you finish the portion in Greed Underground, you will need to take the
city rail to the mine which will appear as a third option now.

The elevator on the way is not powered, so you may not access it yet. You need
to follow the path to the end, triggering 3 levers to power the elevator back
on. After you trigger the last lever, back track to the stairs and walk
down the stair to the elevator.

Be ware that the stair is ONE-WAY only, you may go down and can't walk back


The boss fight here is a series of 3 fight with no saves in between. The first
two, you have your party, but the last fight you ONLY have Caesar as transformed
Dragon Knight. If you didn't use Caesar at all, don't fret, it's beatable.

To beat the boss, I suggest you put at least 3 Heal Potion II on Caesar, or
10 Heal Potion I. Name of the potion in Japanese are:

ヒールポーション I and II

You should just keep using low MP PIERCING skill on the boss' mid portion,
where the eye is. If you manage to tip him, use your strongest skill and keep
at it. When you HP reach about 150-200, it's time to potion spam back to
reasonable health, and continue.

Some people have problem with Caesar using potion before the fight in the party;
the only thing I can say is that just leave him out of the first two fight. In
other words, use 3 people besides Caesar. He'll automatically be rotated in
at the third fight.

Valley of Insects - West Side [AW6] ------------------------------------------
* 虫の谷(西部) *

After you make it to パッケイヤ (Pakeya), you'll continue your
journey via the Valley of Insects once more, on the west side. The west side
consists of "islands" connected by the dandelion tracks marked on the map.

The dandelions ONLY goes two ways, Up and Down. However, there is no option
to *control* the dandelions, and it's up to the "wind" at the time you touch
them. To make them change direction simply wait, and it'll change direction

The way to tell it's going the "upper" track or the "lower" track is by
reading the following Japanese Kanji:

"下手" = It will follow the "lower" track
"上手" = It will follow the "upper" track

The whole sentence should either be:

今は“下手”から風が吹いているようだ or

Once you know how it works, there shouldn't be any difficulty just following
the tracks to the marked star on the top of the map.

- Dogma Hall - Temple [AW7] --------------------------------------------------
* ドグマホール・神殿 *

Being the last dungeon of this first installment of Japanese RPG, there is bound
to be some teleporting puzzles that could be quite confusing before you fight
the last boss.

Red teleports can't be used. Blue teleports always teleport to red teleports.

The Temple is separated by 5 different small areas connected by teleport pads.
The last area (area 5) before the boss, there will be a save point, as well as
area 4. Since my ASCII art sucks I'll not make a fool of myself here... but
here are the directions:

Area 1: Head to C-2 (left/west room) and teleport to the second area.
Area 2: head to B-2 and kill the big enemy to unlock portal. Then head to
A-2 and teleport.
Area 3: Head to B-2 and kill the big enemy again to unlock the teleport. Then
take the teleport on the NORTH side of the map.
Area 4: Kill the Iron Golemn at C-2 to unlock another teleport. Head to C-3
and teleport to the next area.
Area 1: You'll be back at Area 1 again, and you'll have an Ancient Guardian
on your path. Kill the Ancient Guardian (big enemy) to unlock another teleport,
and then keep heading south and drop down the one way ledge. Take the teleport
on the right (west) side of the map to the last area.
Area 5: save, and head to D-1 (top right room) to fight the last series of

After the boss fight, you'll see the ending scenes, and credits roll. When
prompted to save, save the clear data. You'll be back on the world map after
you load. First you'll notice a new "!" appears at シン力村.
This "!" is for your reincarnation at Level 50. Once you are level 50, you can
go to the village and reincarnate. For more info visit section:

Avatar (Custom Character) [CH2]

What you can do after you beat the story portion is to level up your guild rank
and unlock more synthesis. Guild Rank quests are divided into two major levels
and 12 minor levels.

Lower Level (story level difficulty quests)
Guild Rank 1-6

Upper Level (a lot harder than story level difficulty quests, require Lv 36+
at least)
Guild Rank 7-12

For detailed walkthrough of some major quests jump ahead to:

Guild Quests Walkthrough [GQ0]

Synthesis Level are also broken down in similar way. In other words, your 
synthesis material corresponds to the guild rank. For example:

Synthesis Recipe that are unlocked at Synthesis Rank 7 requires you to get
material from quests in Guild Rank 7. For detailed information on recipe and
where to get them, head to the following sections:

Synthesis Recipe Chart [SYR]

Synthesis Material Chart [SMC]

Guild Quests and Online [G+O] =================================================

This section is for general purpose information about quests and online.
Walkthrough is in a different section: Guild Quests Walkthrough [GQ0]

Guild quests are available early in the game. You first need to purchase the
quests from the guild shop, and once you access the world map, it'll prompt you
where the new quests take place.

At the time of this writing, there are 12 guild rank levels. With more quests
per level as you level up.

To advance in rank, you must first earn enough guild points by completing 
quests the you have purchased. All the quests can be completed more than once,
and they can be played either offline or online. When you select the quests on
the overall map you'll be prompted with 2 choices:

ひとりでプレイ - play by yourself
だれかとプレイ - play with someone

* Offline / play by yourself *

Offline quests can only be attempted alone by your custom character, you can
not receive any help from the story characters. (I hope this changes in the
near future...)

* Online / play with someone *

To play online, you must first have an active internet connection and you are
signed into Playstation Network. Once you are in-game, there is an option in
the main menu (either in town, or overall map, or when you access save point)
called:  ジオネット (GeoNet)

When you select ジオネット you'll be prompted with 3 choices:

ジオネットに入る - enter GeoNet
オンラインステータス - Online Status
フレンドリスト - Friend List

To participate in White Knight Chronicles Online, you must first attach your 
PSN ID to your GeoNet handle. To do so, click the first option to enter GeoNet
then follow the instruction. You'll be prompted to add a suffix to your name
which is used to identify your handle.

To actually begin playing online with someone, you can either do a quick
matching for the quests that you want by selecting the quest on the world map,
and select play with someone. THis will automatically search for others who are
also interested in the quests, if it fails to find one, you'll be prompted if
you want to create a new one. (Hosting the quests).

* GeoNet Main Page *

To play with friends, you need to meet up with him/her via GeoNet's MyTown. To
do so, enter GeoNet after you register. Once you are past GeoNet update news,
and all that stuff, you'll be brought to your personal page. There are 5 
diffrent options on the left side:

トップページ - top page, this is your main page
冒険日誌 - your adventure diary
マイタウン - MyTown, basically your mission counter
フレンド - Friends
冒険者達の日誌 - other's diary

Top Page - this is your basic profile page

Adeventure Diary - this is basically where you can advertise your own personal
profile to others, so people can come to your "Town" to party.

MyTown - your mission counters. you have 20 rooms that can fit 12 each. You
can buy/sell/repair equipments via the NPC stationed in there; there are also
some equipments that you can ONLY purchase from here that you can't otherwise
buy offline (You can still craft them though).

Friends - this is your friends page, you can add new friends by searching
people's PSN ID. フレンド登録 is the otpion.
Once you register their name, and they appear on your list, you can go to
their profile freely as you wish. the next tab over on the same page are
adventures met: 「冒険者仲間」
you can also go to their profile page from here.

Other's Diary - is basically other people's listing of what they'd like to do.
you can visit their pages from this option. The most noticeable ones are
ones named with 「続・白騎士運営チームより」
These pages are basically profile pages from the White Knight Chronicle dev.
They usually have a lot of people in them.

* GeoNet Main Page Sub-Menu *

Besides these 5 options on the left, there is a sub menu that you can
bring up by pressing triangle. The menu items are:

戻る - back (basically same as back as internet browsers)
進む - forward (same as internet browser forward)
ホーム - access your home page
ビグロ通信 - your GeoNet mail box
お気に入り - favorites
お気に入り追加 - add to favorites
訪問者履歴 - visitor'slog
更新 - refresh
マイページの設定 - MyPage's setting
ヘルプ - Help
ジオネットの終了 - End GeoNet

Most of these are self explanatory and the stuff inside of each of these 
options are easy enough to understand. THe only one that needs bit 
explaination is MyPage's settings.

Inside MyPage's settings, there are several things you should know, the
menu options in the setting page are:

マイページの編集 - Edit MyPage
マイページの画像の設定 - MyPage's picutre setting
テーマの設定 - Theme Setting
ジオネットの設定 - GeoNet Setting
オンラインID - Online ID
ブラックリスト - Black List

Edit MyPage gives you the option to change your handle suffix, the
middle block is your gretting comment, and the last is make your
diary public or private (to friends only).

MyPage's picture setting can change your background picture, you can
either select from preset or you can use pictures you have taken with
your crystal shot ingame.

Theme setting for your MyPage

GeoNet setting allow you to toggle displaying their World Name(handle
name) or their PSN ID. The second is toggle for your friend's page's
display of avatar or not.

Online ID does nothing except give you some EULA.

Black List is self-explanatory.

Now that you are familiarized yourself with the menu, to start questing with
friends you need to gather at some designated quest counter a.k.a.
MyTown. The best way to do this is both of you guys register each other,
and just go to one of you guys/gals' MyTown. 

If the room is empty, you'll be prompted to create a room, you get the option 
to add some sort of comment for this room. This really doesn't affect
the gameplay in anyways so just choose one that look pretty to you if you
dont' understand Japanese. This is mandatory

The second option is to put a password for the room, this is completely
optional. Once you are done with these hit the bottom button:

After a little bit, you'll be taken to an enclosed grassy field with some
NPCs. The ones undert he tents are NPC vendors. The guard at the gate lets
you leave this space. The other guard by the billboard lets you make/join
quests that has been created, the different option for this quest guard are:

クエストを作る - create
クエストに参加する - join
やっぱりやめる - stop it!

If you are the creator of the quest you'll first need to pick a quest from
the available ones you have on the world map. Your buddy also need to have to 
have the quest purchased and high enough rank to participate. When creating
the quests you'll also be given some option to choose from:

参加人数 - number of players allowed
オートマッチング - make this available for automatching?
待機時間 - start wait time
パスワードの設定 - password setting

あり - yes
なし - no

The first one is self-explanatory

The second one is basically if you want to make this available to other people
who are seeking for people for this quests directly from their offline worldmap
and not logged into GeoNet.

The third one is basically the wait period before the quest force to start.
This is the time you have for people to join.

Password is self-explanatory.

Once you set these up, and is at the quest waiting area you have several things
you can do as a host; by pressing select you get your usual choices and 2

クエスト開始 - start quest (host only)
クエストから抜ける - withdraw from quest (anyone)

You can either choose to start, or wait for more people.

Crafting, Material, and Shops [CFT] ==========================================

Throughout the game, collecting new equipment, and enhancing equipment is a big
part of the end game, which give the game a very MMO feel to it. The following
section I'll explain how each of these works, and their functions.

Crafting [CM1] ---------------------------------------------------------------

Crafting is unlocked once you finish the story at the desert town. Once 
unlocked synthesis shop will be available in almost all the city/towns tended
by a frog looking creature. 

There are five menus when you talk to those frog looking creatures:

アイテム合成 - Craft consumables
武器合成 - Craft weapons
防具合成 - Craft armor
アクセサリー合成 - Craft accessory
納品する - Item Trade-in

All crafting are done via the formula of:

A x + B y = C

A = material A
x = amount of material A required/amount of upgrade required *
B = material B
y = amount of material B required/amount of upgrade required *
C = resulting item/equipment

* for certain synthesis which requires weapon as a base material, the number
DOES NOT mean the amount of sword required but rather a sword that has been
upgraded THAT many times.

The forumla for synthesis is automatically shown to you when you choose the 
desired end result item. The number of recipe is dependent on your crafting
rank, and you can raise your crafting rank through Item-Trade In options.

Item Trade-in

Every single item in this game except some key item, and character specific item
can be traded into shops. Each item carry different values. If you have a lot of
Gilda, you can simply purchase stuff from shops and raise your crafting level.

If you decide to buy equip/item for trade in the following can help you:

Equipments trade in is about 10 Gilda : 1 points
Synthesis items are about 5 Gilda : 1 points
Consumables are about 10 Gilda : 1 points

Materials [CM2] ---------------------------------------------------------------

Materials needed for crafting and upgrade can be gathered via different sources;
the primary sources that you can get materials from are:

1. Monster Loot
2. Harvesting/mining/scavening areas throughout the game

Other sources for materials is:

1. Desynthesis

Getting loot from monster is easy enough, just kill them. Note though, that 
attacking different parts of the huge enemies can yield different items, like
Monster Hunter Portable style. Also, different level of the same monster can
have different drop rate and may drop different things altogether.

Harvesting/mining/scavening area is pretty simple as well. When you see some
spots on the field that are shiny or out of ordinary, chances are you can search
at that place for things ranging from ores, to insects, like Monster Hunter
Portable series. Also, the same type of spot at different level area can also
yield diferent results.

Desynthesis comes from the break down and destruction of equipments. Only body
armor, weapon, and shield are available for desynthesis. Item, and accessory
are not available for desynthesis. Desynthesis can be access via the armory
throughout all the towns in the game.

Shops and Upgrade[Cm3] ---------------------------------------------------------

One of the most important shop in the game besides your crafting place is the
armory/equipment vendor. When you visit the vendor you'll be greeted with these

買う - buy
売る - sell
装備品の修理 - repair
装備品の強化 - upgrade
装備品の分解 - desynthesis

The first two is easy enough to understand. The third is for repairing your
equipment that are worned out on your journey. If you decide to upgrade, there
is no point to repair then sell. Almost broken and brand new armor sells for
the exact same amount; they also trade in at the exact same amount.

The 4th option, upgrade means taking your pre existing equipment, and enhance
one of its following stats:

1. Atk, and M.Atk where applicable 
2. Fire Element Enhancement
3. Water Element Enhancement
4. Wind Element Enhancement
5. Earth Element Enhancement

The first is easy enough to understand, the other 4 is basically adding an
element to your weapon. Note that you can only have ONE element at a time. If
you decide to change element, all upgrades will be lost on your other element,
and you will not get back any Gilda or item that you used for the previous

Materials required for the upgrade is shown when you select the desired status
to upgrade. 

Upgrade of the basic offensive or defensive power (option 1 above) ALWAYS
require a catalyst of a certain grade:

刃金の珠玉 [x級] - Weapon upgrade catlyst;
守護の珠玉 [x級] - armor upgrade catalyst.

Lowest to Highest Grade (Top to bottom)
九級 - Grade 9 (GR1-3)
八級 - Grade 8 (GR4)
七級 - Grade 7 (GR5)
六級 - Grade 6 (GR6)
五級 - Grade 5 (GR7)
四級 - Grade 4 (GR8)
三級 - Grade 3 (GR9)
二級 - Grade 2 (GR10 </=B-Rank)
一級 - Grade 1 (GR10 S/A-Rank; GR11)
特級 - Special Grade (GR12)

Upgrade of elemental properties always requires elemental catalysts, they come
in these flavors:


x are its properties prefix:
火 = fire
水 = water
風 = wind
土 = earth

y is the grade of the elemental catalyst Lowest to Highest (Top to bottom):
欠片 - Fragements
小円石 - Small Cocoliths?
小輝石 - Small Pyroxene?
小星石 - Small Starlet?
小魔石 - Small Magical Stone
円石 - Cocoliths
輝石 - Pyroxene
星石 - Starlet

In addition to these catalysts, you also need additional materials ranging
from common tree branches, bronze ore, to rarer material like gold ores, and
such. Rarer materials can only be found on high rank guild quests, which will
be explained in Synthesis Material Chart [SYC].
The highest upgrade is either 5 or 10 at the moment.

*About Weapon Upgrade: Raw Attack vs Element*

So you have alwyas wonder... which is better +1 atk and +9 element, 
or +5 atk and +5 element or +9 atk and +1 element against a monster 
who is weak against that element. So here is some pretty concret 
suggestion based on some solid testing I have done.

Just a quick note, a +10 ATK upgrade will do less damage than a +9 ATK and 
+1 Elemental on monsters who HAVE that weakness.

There are factors that play in the overall damage equation:
1. your weapon's attack
2. your weapon's element
3. enemies elemental weakness
4. enemies physical weakness

So, let me break weapons down by categories according to the +ATK bonus 
tiers during upgrades; weapons' raw attack upgrade are separated into the 
following 3 tiers known to me so far:

Category I: +1 ATK per raw attack upgrade
Category II: +2 ATK per raw attack upgrade
Category III: +3 ATK per raw attack upgrade

Category I is most likely bow and weak daggers/knife
category II is most likely spear and 1 hand sword and axe
category III is most likely 2h sword and axe

The first speciman is a monster with single elemental weakness and NO physical 
weakness, the ideal upgrade for the different categories are:

Category I: +10 Element

Category II: TOO close to tell, the damage variation for these weapons are too 
close it's going to fall int he margin of errors. In other words, doesn't 
matter. However, if it's possible to upgrade past 10, it's most likely that 
in the long run Raw Attack will eventually surpass Elemental by a good margin. 
With swords that COMES with element (like Lightning Sword, initial +2 Wind), 
I suspect that a +10 Raw Attack will do much better than a +8 Element 
and +2 Raw Attack, or any other variation.

Category III: <+5 is too close to tell, =5 +1 Element, +4 attack seems 
to do more, but can still fall in margin of error, >+5 +1 Element, +10 Attack

The second speciman is a monster with single elemental weakness AND with 
single physical weakness, the ideal upgrade for the different categories are 
always best +1 Element and +9 physical because the way the game calculates 
physical weaknesses.

Now, the most likely situation is the the first situation with single elemental 
weakness and no physical weakness. You'll ask why since EVERY SINGLE monster 
in the game has physical weakness. The answer is simple: unless you carry 4 
element of all 3 types of weapon it's likely that you dont' have a weapon that 
matches the element AND physical weakness.

So the question is now what's the best overall type of upgrade? For Category II 
and III, I strongly suggest favoring Raw Attack at the expense of Elemental. 
Elemental affectiveness have a very high saturation rate, meaning the 
effectiveness of elemental stacking drops quickly after the initial 1. However, 
category I is a different story, and that's because it takes a VERY long time 
for Elemental stacking to come to a point where it is equal or less than 1 Raw 
Attack power per elemental upgrade in terms of damage.

To summarize once again:
Category I: Favor Elemental
Category II: Favor Raw Attack
Category III: Favor Raw Attack 

Guild Quests Walkthrough [GQ0] -----------------------------------------------

Before I start, I'll just mention up to guild rank 6 is soloable. At guild rank
7, the quests become quite difficult; however it is still soloable if you know
what you are doing. At guild rank 8, the boss just have too much life, and
is almost impossible to solo. For the people who can't go online, this will
become a major blunder. However, the game is very fun if you play with others.

About failing a quests, quests will fail in 3 conditions: time run out, all
party members die during boss fight (not monster fight), and guest character
dies. Boss fight is different than monster fight in that a boss fight is
designated with a "!" mark on your chat log line, where monster fight doesn't
have that. When I say party, if you solo, obviously the party is only you. Even
with an guest character, if you solo and die during boss fight, the quest will
fail. There is NO GAMEOVER for dying. You can simply start at your "home point"
in the quest (save stones) or you just get a failed quest.

Listed below are the quests divided by their respective guild rank. Guild 1-6
are unique quests, and from 7 on, they are repeats of the lower rank but with
much more tougher enemies - regular enemies and boss are stronger and give
a lot more experience.

Also, I would like to mention guild quests are pretty simple, but some may be
more difficult than others because of either difficulty, or just language
barrier. I'll briefly go over each quest, and focus on "important" quests that
you'll probably do more than once. 

Party strategies (what Japanese group does), I'll start putting thme in at
Guild Rank 7, since that's where the repeats start, and really start to
require other people's help.

Last but not least, most quests will need you to have empty spaces in your
inventory because you need to pick up quest item. The minimal I suggest is 2
slot open, but 4 is the safest number.

Quest Rewards [GQ1] ----------------------------------------------------------

Quest rewards ALWAYS consist of weapon upgrade or armor upgrade catalysts.
Usually the amount of catalysts you get depends on the rank you get at the end
of the quest. The qaulity of the catalysts depends on your rank.

Other rewards may and usually include BOSS DROPs that you'll normally get from
just killing the boss. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT ON HIGH LEVEL QUESTS, since
drop rates are MUCH LOWER than lower rank quests, you'll find yourself getting
a lot of materials from quest rewards instead from the bosses themselves.

PLAYING/Partying with Japanese! [PPJ] ----------------------------------------

You'll probably know once you get to GR-7 it's almost impossible to do any-
thing by yourself. So you'll have to party up. The game right now is only in
Japanese, so you'll need to party with Japanese people at some time, or have
some English users from GameFAQ to party up. Most of time, the Japanese player
will not talk much, and they just mostly focus on completing the mission.

Most of their greetings come from a list of pre-set phrases in game accessable
by pressing square, and then triangle. The list has (in order from top to


* Communication * 
Greetings and Common Communication
こんにちは - Hello
はじめまして! - Nice to meet you!
よろしくお願いします - Looking forward to work
(play as used in game) with you.
お疲れ様でした - Thank you for your hard work 
(lit.)/Good work.
ありがとうございます - Thank you vrery much.
どういたしまして - You're welcome.
ごめんなさい - I'm sorry.
了解しました - Understood.

Battle Related
グッジョブ! - Good job!
ドンマイ! - Don't mind! 
(lol... I giggled a littled when I saw this. It's a 
Katakana English phrase, not really striaght on English pronounciation)
おめでとう! - Congratulation
攻撃します - Attacking
回復します - Healing
コンボを発動します! - Using Combo!
助けてください! - Help please! 
(usually for when you are getting owned by mobs... not
like help as in for asking information).

これを、受け取ってください - Please accept this.
フレンド登録してもいいですか? - Is it ok that 
I register you as a friend?
クエストを作ります - making quest
クエストに参加してもいいですか? - Is it ok that I 
join you on your quest?
さようなら - Good bye

Usually Japanese party begins with the phrase 
よろしくお願いします, and ends 
with お疲れ様でした. And not other things are 
spoken. For quest specific dialouge, please check out the actual
walkthrough section.

Where are the Japanese?

They are usually gathered at the WKC Staff's profile page's "MyTown" There
are usually a lot of rooms created, and most of them have SPECIFIC purpose 
especially specific quests. I'll list the common ones in their respective
quest section. The Staff's profile page are always on the top. Refer to:

Guild Quests and Online General Information[G+O] for more information.

* Common names for rooms *

Types of Activities:

狩り - hunting (farming)
マラソン - marathon (repeated runs)
素材集め - material gathering 
(farming runs, not specific)
何でも - Anything... yea basically 
anything is OK.
レベル上げ - Leve Up
ギルドランク上げ/ランク上げ - Guild Rank 
Up/Rank Up

Types of Enemies (big ones that are hard to solo):

ゴレー / ゴー / ゴーレム - Golemns
大蜘蛛 - Big spiders
トロル / トロルキング - Trolls/Troll King
巨人 - Giants
ドラゴン / 竜 - Dragons
トレント - Treants
ビッグマウス - Big Mouth 
(the white looking rat thing I guess...)
黒機兵 - Type of golemn created by
the Wizard people

Enemy species/element:

Good thing a lot of enemies are sperated into different specicies with a color
scheme. It's pretty easy to remember.

岩 - stone (grey)
鉄 - iron (black)
金 - gold (gold)
火 - fire (red)
水/氷 - water/ice (blue)
風 - wind (green)
土 - earth (dark yellow/brown)

Guild Rank 1 [GQA] -----------------------------------------------------------

* 冒険家リットンの危機-I *

Time Limit: 1 Hour
Area: Blaster Plain
Winning condition: Kill the trolls at the end
Losing Condition: party dies during boss fight.

Talk to the guy, head to the 2 stars on the map, get the 2 quest item, come back
talk to the guy again, fight Trolls 2x and it's over.

* 二王国戦争の傷跡-I *

Time Limit: 1 hour
Area: Cradle Plain
Winning condition: Defeat Boss
Losing Condition: party dies during Boss

First, examine the shining spot on the monument, it'll reveal 3 more stars on
the map. You need to offer carnetion to the 3 starred tomb stones. You can get
carnetion from ANY enemies you fight in the area, and they come in 4 different

「白いカーネーション」 - White
「黄色いカーネーション」 - Yellow
「赤いカーネーション」 - Red
「真紅のカーネーション」 - Crimson

Offering different carnetion will have different affect at the end boss:

All yellow: Soldiers 6x (Archer, Spear, Sword, and Magic users)
E-6 Crimson, G-4 White, B-3 Red: Wind Dragon
Anything else: Big Mouth

Guild Rank 2 [GQB] -----------------------------------------------------------

* 迷子を捜して-I *

Time Limit: 1 Hour
Area: Noldia Tunnel
Winning condition: Save 2 kids
Losing Condition: party dies during boss fight, any guest die.

1st floor: Up the ramp to D-2 grab key, make it to the star, talk to kid
enter monster fight. You can run away if you dont' want to fight.
1st floor: C-4 elevator to 2nd floor
2nd floor: B-3 to floor 3, walk to the end grab a key, back to 2nd floor
2nd floor: B-5 to elevator to floor 3, walk to the other side, take elevator
UP to floor 2 (gotta hit the switch to call the elevator)
2nd floor: C-3 open the door, take the elevator to floor 3 again.
3rd floor: talk to the girl ready for boss fight. YOU MUST FIGHT.

Boss fight tips:

This fight can be really tough to solo because you have 2 kids to worry about.
If you get SLEPT it will be VERY DANGEROUS because the kids will not do anything
to heal themselves. Thus, it is better if you don't try to reposition yourself
and stand in the center and have the spiders spread their targets around you
and the other two kids. You are MOST LIKELY required to heal yourself or the

After fight, back track to start. Back at 2nd floor, there is a door that
you can access to directly head to the center elevator back to 1st floor instead
of going back down the 3rd, then up 2nd like you did the first time. The door
only opens from on side.

* セルブスの伝説-I *

Time Limit: 1 Hour
Area: Ragnishu Desert
Winning condition: Kill Boss
Losing Condition: party dies during Boss fight

Talk to the guy, head to the star fight boss. He'll run once you knock off
enough of his health. 

Next head to H-5 and fight the golemns for
長い木の棒. Once you get it, examine the 
shining spot at the big tree trunk in the middle.
You will either get:

熟した果実 or 青い果実

Head back to where you fought the boss, examine the spot and you are given 
a choice to offer two types of fruit which corresponds to the above. To
spawn the boss you need 熟した果実.

If you offer 青い果実, you'll get to fight to fight 
9 Wild Boars...

You can get more than one 長い木の棒, 
so if you didn't get the right fruit keep trying. It is possible you don't
get the right fruit with the initial 3 sticks... if that happens you 
just have to wait for respawn.

After you kill boss, examine the shiny spot it left for
head back to the beginning talk to the guy to finish.

Guild Rank 3 [GQC] -----------------------------------------------------------

* 赤い巨人への復讐-I *

Time Limit: 1 Hour
Area: Ragnishu Desert
Winning condition: Kill boss
Losing Condition: party dies during boss

This quest can be done in two ways: 1. head to the star kill boss, and be happy.
2. gather lots of material poison the boss, kill boss, and then complete...

In all honesty, I have never done the second option since it requires quite a
bit of hunting time, and you don't get a extra point bonus at the end... So
just head to star, kill boss, and be done :)

* 石碑の秘宝-I *

Time Limit: 1 Hour
Area: Barandel Mountain Path
Winning condition: Kill boss
Losing Condition: party dies during boss

1. talk to the guy at the beginning
2. Head to the star on the top, on your way kill the Earth Dragon to get
quest item. Alternatively, you can do a combo finish on its tail to get the
same thing, and move on.
3. At the top star, examine the shiny spot on the ground, to make your quest
item to something else.
4. head to the star all the way at the bottom (the hole you dropped down 
during story), touch the head stone, to make your quest item into ANOTHER item.
5. Drop down hole, examine the shiny spot, fight boss, examine the ground 
6. Go back to the start, talk to the guy, and clear.

Guild Rank 4 [GQD] -----------------------------------------------------------

* いざ、蜘蛛退治!-I *

Time Limit: 1 Hour
Area: Greed Undeground
Winning condition: Kill Boss
Losing Condition: party dies during boss

Quests start to get more interesting now... and puzzels involved. Anyways, 
start with talking to the guy by the elevator at the start.

Basic Outline:

Unlock 3 gates at the basement 3rd floor, to fight spider. There are 4 diffrent
levers with 2 possible combination each. Therefore there are 16 possible
combination, if you want to guess.

2nd Lock Lever requires a key item from the Ice Lizards because its rusty.
Name is 「トカゲの油」.

3rd Lock lever is broken and requires a key item from a chest at 2nd floor's
D-3 chest: 「鉄の棒切れ」.

It is possible to get the items before you head to do the lock before hand.


The combination for unlocking the 3 gates are RANDOM EVERY SINGLE TIME you do
this quest. The combination can be obtained by dropping down the 3 holes
at C-4 from 1st floor to 2nd floor. There is an NPC at each place. And YES, you
have to go back up to the 1st floor every time you drop down because it's 
still one way in the quest.

Locks and Choices

Lock 1-A, 1-B, 1-C, 1-D
Located at the 's' and 'z' shape rooms on 3rd floor.

Lock 2-A, 2-B, 2-C, 2-D
Located at the 4 big rooms next to the 's' and 'z'.

Lock 3-A, 3-B, 3-C, 3-D
Located at the 4 rooms on the side before the big round room at the south on
3rd floor.

左 = LEFT 

*NOTE* The eastern hole NPC gives combination for TWO LEVERs (hint*hint)

Knowing the combination for 2 levers basically cuts your guessing work down
to pretty much 4 different combo. So if you are soloing drop down the eastern
hole. Not to mention the item for the 3rd lock is ALSo at the eastern hole.

Repeat this for all 3 locks. Go all the way south into the big room to
fight the boss.

* 秘密のゲーム-I *

Time Limit: 40 minutes
Area: Greed Undeground
Winning condition: Kill at least 1 golemn
Losing Condition: Cant' kill a single golemn

Talk to the weird guy at the start, he'll tell you to "game's rules." You have
to defeat 4 different golemns located by stars on the 2nd floor. You can finish
the quest by just killing one, and talk to him again, but you won't get a lot
of points for it.

Locating and Killing the 4 golemns:

Their location are all in those "octagon" rooms you should be familiar now
on the 2nd floor.

1st Golemn, 2nd Floor E-2:
to get to it, you have to do the same thing you did in the story. Drop
down the hole at C-2 on 1st floor, to 2nd floor, pull lever, back to the 
1st floor via elevator, drop down the hole at D-2 1st floor, pull the lever at
the open area: right, left, right; open door, fight golemn.

To open the hole for dropping down, it's controlled via the center room's lever
located between the 2 holes. Pulling it left open the left hole, and so on.

2nd Golemn, 2nd Floor D-3/4:
Drop down the eastern hole at C-4; to open it visit the small room on the right
at the center of C-4. Go to the octagon room, and kill the golemn.

3rd Golemn, 2nd Floor B-3:
From 1st floor head to the "J-stairs" at B-3 by going out the western/northern
door by the elevator. You'll end up on the 2nd floor's B-3. Head to the
small room at C-2/C-3, there is a lever inside, pull it. Head to B-3, and
you'll see 3 levers again. Combos are: Right, Left, Right. Unlock the door
head to octagon room kill golemn.

4th Golemn, 2nd Floor B-1:
Back to first 1st floor via stair, drop at the top left (northwest) hole at
B-2 1st floor to 2nd floor. Head to hexagon room kill golemn, then report back
to the weird guy via the central elevator.

Guild Rank 5 [GQE] -----------------------------------------------------------

* 迷惑な贈り物-I *

Time Limit: 1 hour
Area: Brandel Mountain Path
Winning condition: bring item back to start
Losing Condition: party dies during boss fight

1. Talk to the guy at the beginning
2. Head to the star on the top, C-3, get 
3. Head to D-5, drop down hole, touch the red crystal
get 赤水晶.
4. Go to B-5 talk to the guy, and he'll tell you to kill 
10x バジリスク (Basilisk).
5. Talk to him again, and get quest item. Head back to the start, and talk to
the guy, and fight boss.


3a. after step 3 above, you ca go to D-7, the very bottom of the mountain path
to get 熟した果実, then bring it 
back to the start person to get 砂金袋
to sell for some cash I guess... You can save the trade for the last part to
save yourself some extra walking.

* ジャンク屋の欲-I *

Time Limit: 1 hour
Area: Buncarlot Mine
Winning condition: Kill boss
Losing Condition: party dies during boss fight

This is another puzzeling quest. There are 3 diferent bosses that you can fight.
Start by heading to the star, and talk to the person standing there, and you'll
get some sort of pick axes that are broken on first use. To fight any of the
3 bosses, you need 10 ores of some sort.

Note: it's VERY VERY hard to S-rank this solo since you need 10x gold ores, and
do it by yourself you'll most likely run out of time... 

Note 2: your pickaxe will break always after 1 use. You can get more by killing
Earth Elemental, or go back to the guy at 1st floor's star place.

Note 3: if you mix ores you'll always get the first type of golemn. So if you
want other bosses, please toss any other different ones.

Note 4: fast way back for the 2nd/3rd type, after you get the ore you need,
strip yourself naked and aggro monster to die. It'll bring you back to the start
without any penalty.

Note 5: S-Rank requires you defeat gold golemn <25-30 Minutes I believe.

To Fight Stone Golemn 
10 ores of any kind. 
Or 10x 古い岩の塊
Fastest to mine at 1st floor's B-3 (at the split there is sliding door,
head inside).

To fight Iron Golemn 
10x 古い鉄の塊 or 古い金の塊 
(mix match of these 2 is OK)
Take the elevator on the other end of the first floor, at D-3 then at second
floor you can either take the elevatoar at:

Center, D-2
East side, E-2

To fight Gold Golemn 
10x 古い金の塊
Take the elevator on the other end of the first floor, at D-3 then at second
floor you can either take the elevatoar at:

Center, D-2
west Side, D-2

* キャラバン隊の護衛-I *

Time Limit: 1 hour
Area: Valley of Insect
Winning condition: Safely bring all 6 NPC to star, and kill boss
Losing Condition: party dies during boss, or NPC dies.

Talk to 隊長マルコ to start the quest.

Main Quest (Only need this for Completion):

Bring NPCs at J-1 (6 of them, 2 at a time) to the star, and fight spider boss.

Note: 隊長マルコ, 戦士アッド, 
戦士レオン are the toughest out of the bunch 
so it's best to bring these 2 of these last, because the last 2 NPC
will fight during the boss fight.

Side Event (Extra):

1. First time bring 戦士アッド and 
料理人フリオ along, and on your way to the star, 
at M-3 you'll see a shiny spot '???'. Examine it. Next to
I-5, and examine the '???'. After you bring both to saftey to talk to them
to get item: 
「美しい沸き水」 and 「琥珀タケ」

2. Trip #2, bring along 隊長マルコ and 
Make a stop at I-7 and examine the '???'. After bringing them to saftey, talk
to them again to get: 
「琥珀色の液体」 and 「高級岩塩」

「琥珀色の液体」 requires 
「美しい沸き水」 and 「琥珀タケ」

3. Trip #3, bring just 料理人ロロ to the end. 
After you bring him to the end, talk to him to turn in your
「高級岩塩」 for 「ノロイタケ」

4. Trip #4, bring 戦士レオン Next stop 
by K-6's '???'. A wolf appears, kill it to get a quest item: 
「ジャッカルの肉」. Head to G-5 '???' to
place the 「ジャッカルの肉」 there to make dragon appear, 
fight him to get extra quest points at the end. Afterwards, you can head to 
J-6's '???' and examine the place. Place 
「琥珀色の液体」 there and you'll fight a trent. 
kill it to get extra points at the end.

5. Head to the finish, and fight the water spider boss at the end.

Note: 戦士レオン is the only one that you
get item before you need to bring him to saftey. So if you want to
complete all these extra events, you'll need to bring him last, so you
don't trigger boss.

Guild Rank 6 [GQF] -----------------------------------------------------------

Well get ready for A LOT of new quests.

* 火竜の巣窟-I *

Time Limit: 1 hour
Area: Buncarlot Mine
Winning condition: Kill 2x Fire Dragons.
Losing Condition: party dies during encounters.

Speak with アルフ at the start.

1. 1st floor A-3, fight dragon, will run away after you knock enough HP off.
2. Speak with アルフ again to make the elevator
available at C-3.
3. ride the elevator to 2nd floor.
4. 2nd floor D-2 central elevator ride up to 1st floor, fight dragon again.
5. Dragon runs away at about 50% health.
6. Ride elevator back down to 2nd floor, head to the western elevator at
E-2, and ride up to fight boss.
7. At E-1's big area, you'll fight 2 x Fire Dragon (note), defeat them and 
quest clear.

Note: to make only 1 fire dragon appear at the last encounter, follow the 
following steps:

1. Fight mobs like the scorpion and fire lizard at the 2nd floor for
3x 「不思議な鍵」 (keys)
2. Go to 2nd floor's D-2, and open 2 doors, to access at tomb for:
3. Head to first floor's C-3, and open with your last key, and talk to
ドッガ for a key item: 「火竜のお守り」
4. with the key item proceed as normal and only 1 fire dragon will apear.

* リトルグリーバーの生態-I *

Time Limit: 1 hour
Area: Valley of Insects
Winning condition: Fight 3x boss
Losing Condition: guest dies, party dies at boss fight.

This quest's end boss drops GR 9 materials at a similar rate. (Not as quest
rewards though). Only applies to the Poison Gripper.

Note: Dandelion operation still the same as story, to refresh your memory here
are their operation details.

The way to tell it's going the "upper" track or the "lower" track is by
reading the following Japanese Kanji:

"下手" = It will follow the "lower" track
"上手" = It will follow the "upper" track

The whole sentence should either be:

今は“下手”から風が吹いているようだ or

MAIN QUEST (Only need this for completion)

1. Speak with モリス at the beginning, and he joins up
2. Head to C-5, and fight BIG spiders, for 
3. Head to B-4 where there is a star on the map, place the
「蜘蛛の卵」 for boss fight. Fight boss, 
and talk to NPC again
4. head to E-4 (starred), and fight boss again. Talk to NPC again after.
5. head to C-1 (starred) for a key item, 「リリの花」.
6. Go to D-4 place 「リリの花」 to fight last boss, and then clear quest.


Make a different boss appear on the LAST fight requires a little extra walking.

WARNING: This could be very tough even for HIGH level characters because if
you get paralyzed by his first attack which he'll always uses (chance paralyze)
it's pretty much game over because he'll most likely kill the NPC.

1. After you obtain 「リリの花」 after second boss, 
head to the last platform with the last star.
2. From that platform, there is a dandelion. Take that dandelion DOWNWARDS
to find a NPC there.
3. Talk to the NPC to trade your 「リリの花」.
4. Revisit the second boss and At the top right of the E-4 Grid, there is a 
shiny spot next to the mushroom. Toss the your 
「リリの花」 and obtain 「毒キノコ」 from the shiny spot.
5. Instead of placing the 「リリの花」 for the last boss place 
「毒キノコ」 this will make ポイズングリーパー 
appear instead of the usual.

* 疾風の追撃戦-I *

Time Limit: 1 hour
Area: Vanhaven Waste Land
Winning condition: Make dragon run away, or slay it.
Losing Condition: Can't make dragon run away, or party dies during encounters.

This quest is also very time constraining soloing.

Start by talking to the NPC at the start, and it'll show 5 different stars on
the map. You'll have to fight the Wind Dargon 5 times at the 5 different
locations. He'll run away after you did enough damage to him. After the fifth
encounter, the quest is complete.

The sequence in which he spawns is COMPLETELY RANDOM.

To make the wind dragon not run away and get a chance to slay him at the end 
you need to talk to the other NPC at the start named オレオ 
and complete a side-quest.

After talking to オレオ you'll know 
that he is looking for a black piguro 「ビグロ」.

The place where ビグロ appears is RANDOM. 
Known places to me is by D-5 star, and by the I-3 star to the east.

ビグロ is a very small brid NPC that will appear 
on the map. After talking to ビグロ go back 
to オレオ and he'll find the nest of the Wind Dragon
for you. You must complete this part before the LAST encounter.

If you've completed the requirements, オレオ 
will appear near the 5th encounter after you drove the dragon away
for the 5th time. He'll tell you where the nest is.

The nest is ALWAYS located at the big cave place behind a stone door at
G-4 on the cave map. You'll have to slay him this time to complete the quest.

* 水脈の蒼龍-I *

Time Limit: 1 hour
Area: Vanhaven Waste Land
Winning condition: Kill 1x or 2x water dragon
Losing Condition: party Dies during dragon encounter

First start out by talking to the NPC at the start, and accept her challenge.
Your challenge consist of slaying 3 or + BIG water spiders located throughout
the cave map marked by stars: E-3, C-4 (2x Big Spider), E-5, G-4.

Note 1: Killing ALL 5 spiders will spawn 2x Ice Dragon

Note 2: If you would like the cat-eared NPC at the start to join you as a guest
you need to talk to her after you kill 3-4 spiders. Now, as you may of already
guess, it's impossible to bring デレーゼ (NPC) along if you plan
to kill 2x Ice Dragon. 

Order of most efficient solo play is G-4 -> E-5 -> E-3 -> C-4 back to start
to talk to NPC to fight dragon 2x. 

After you either obtain the key item (or after the guest has joined you)
go to one of the star places on the map, and trigger a dragon fight or 2x 
dragon fight.

* 黒鉄の巨人-I *
Time Limit: 1 hour
Area: Dogma Hall
Winning condition: kill boss
Losing Condition: party dies during boss fight

This quest's end boss drops GR 9 materials at a similar rate. (Not as quest
rewards though).

Apparently, the quest is sort of bugged (in a good way). You dont' even need
the key item to fight the boss... I'll list the shortest way first, then the
normal way...

Short Way (Bugged At the moment, may be fixed sometime)

Area 1: C-2 left room, teleport
Area 2: A-2 teleport
Area 3: C-1 teleport
Area 4: C-3 Teleport
Area 5: C-2 Fight boss

Long Way (Normal

Area 1: C-2 left room teleport
Area 2: B-2 kill アイアンゴーレム to unlock teleport
Area 2: A-2 Teleport
Area 3: C-2 kill 太古の守護者 to unlcok teleport
Area 3: C-1 teleport
Area 4: C-2 kill 太古の守護者 to unlcok teleport
Area 4: C-3 Teleport
Area 5: C-2 Boss Fight

Going through the normal way has 2 added bonuses to overall mission points
+400: Using teleport stones obtained from the 3 golemns.
+ 1000: Defeat all Wizard's magic soldiers

* 古の竜王-I *

Time Limit: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Area: Dogma Hall
Winning condition: kill boss
Losing Condition: party dies during boss fight

This quest's end boss drops GR 9 materials at a similar rate. (Not as quest
rewards though).

The final boss for this quest is what you'd expect from regular big enemies
in Guild Rank 7. This guy is tough to solo if you don't have some good
equipments. I suggest at least knowning Heal II. If you are in a party, Group
Heal I is very useful.

Start out by speaking to エリック at B-3 near start.

1. Outside the temple B-5, fight Earth Dragon
2. OUtside the temple B-8, fight Wind Dragon
3. Go int the temple at C-3.
4. Inside the temple at C-4 south, fight Ice Dragon
5. Inside the temple C-4 North, fight Fire Dragon
6. Leave temple via C-3 again, and check the shiny spot, to fight Ancient
Dragon. Defeat him and you'll finish the quest.

Guild Rank 7 [GQG] -----------------------------------------------------------

Starting from Guild Rank 7, you'll get version II of the previous quests that
you have done except one new original one that was updated in the Japanese
version of the game on 1/15/2009. It comes free of charge, and will appear
once you look at the world map.

* 冒険家リットンの危機-II *

Same as previous.

* 二王国戦争の傷跡-II	*

Same as previous.
Popular rooms with ウィンドドラゴン 
(wind dragon), or ビッグマウス (big mouth),
or トロル (troll) are in its name.

* 迷子を捜して-II *

Same as previous. Good for leveling up to 50 if you don't have GR 8 quests.
You get pretty good Guild Point too. Soloable.

* セルブスの伝説-II *

Same as previous. Good for farming drops from wolf family of mobs. If you can
kill the first part of the boss, and the golemn, you can intentionally offer
the wrong type of fruit to get more wolfs.

* いざ、蜘蛛退治!-II *

Same as previous.
Popular with 大土蜘蛛を狩ります

* 探し物は何ですか?-I *
DLC Quest

Time Limit: 60 Minutes
Area: Blaster Plain
Winning Condition: defeat boss
Losing Condition: prarty dies at boss

Talk to the NPC inside the cave. (Star marked on map)

1. Kill big monsters to get cards, they come in 3 flavors and the final boss
will change depending on what card you give:

汚れたカード -> 青色ギガース甲一式、 
(Trents, トレント)
曲がったカード -> 黄色ギガース甲参式、 
(Troll King, トロルキング)
古びたカード -> 赤色ギガース甲伍式 
(Troll, トロル)

2. Trade the card back to the NPC, and you'll fight one of the 3 boss. They'll
not combine and make an ultra powerful one :x

Guild Rank 8 [GQH] -----------------------------------------------------------

* 赤い巨人への復讐-II *

Same as Previous.
Usually are made with marathon intention.
popular for ゴレーを狩り (golemn farming) or
赤鬼 (red demon lit.) マラソン (red giant marathon)

* 石碑の秘宝-II *

Same as previous. Earth dragon will NOT drop any of its regular drops from its
tail or by killing it. Quest item only.
氷巨人を狩り (ice giant farm)

* 秘密のゲーム-II *

Same as previous. Good for golemn farming. May drop different stuff from their
desert counterpart.
popular for ゴレーを狩り 
(golemn farming)

* ジャンク屋の欲-II *

Same as previous. The three golemns you fight here have their own specific
treasure pool. They do not overlap. Bottom floor has 3 Earth Dragons, great for
farming Earth Dragons.

土竜を狩り or アースドラゴンを狩り (Earth dragon farming,
usually don't complete quest)
岩ゴレー for stone golemn runs
鉄ゴレー for iron golemn runs
金ゴレー for gold golemn runs

* キャラバン隊の護衛-II *

Same as previous. Good for farming Troll Kings
トロルキングを狩り (Troll King farming) 
may/may not complete quest.

土竜を狩り or アースドラゴンを狩 for 
triggering earth dragon fight.

* 疾風の追撃戦-II *

Same as previous. Only place to farm Wind Dragon. You can combo finish on its
tail for a chance getting one copy of his usual drops. So you decide to solo,
you can still get his item by just combo finishing its tail. You don't have to
complete the quest, just get item and die. You may NOT get it on the first try.
You can only do this ONCE per quest attempt. 

Guild Rank 9 [GQI] -----------------------------------------------------------

GR 9 quests have exact same layout and objective as its lower counter-parts. The
onl difference being the DLC.

* 迷惑な贈り物-II *

Same as previous.

* 火竜の巣窟-II *

Same as previous.

* リトルグリーバーの生態-II *

Same as previous.

* 水脈の蒼龍-II *

Same as previous.

* 黒鉄の巨人-II *

Same as previous.

* 古の竜王-II *

Same as previous.

* 二つの砲撃-I (DLC) *

Time Limit: 60 Minutes
Area: Brandel Mountain Path
Winning Condition: defeat bosses
Losing Condition: prarty dies at boss fights

This quest is straight forward in term of where to go. There are three chests
at the beginning, containing, Charge Drink I, Mana Potion I, and Potion I.

Talk to the guard, and it'll reveal a star on the map, head to the start and
talk to the guard once again to trigger 3 consecutive fights.

Fight 1


These 2 are gigas and dont' have elemental weakness. Feet weak against slashing,
torso weak against piercing, and head weak against smashing.

Fight 2


Water weakness all throughout, and head is weak against smashing. Cannon is
strong against all physical attacks.

Fight 3


Full elementl resist. No Physical weakness. Cannon is full resist against

Guild Rank 10 [GQJ] -----------------------------------------------------------

GR 10 quests have exact same layout and objective as its lower counter-parts.
The DLC is the same as well.
* 冒険家リットンの危機-II *

Same as previous.

* 二王国戦争の傷跡-II *

Same as previous.

* 迷子を捜して-II *

Same as previous.

* セルブスの伝説-II *

Same as previous.

* いざ、蜘蛛退治!-II *

Same as previous.

* 探し物は何ですか?-II *

Same as previous.

Guild Rank 11 [GQK] -----------------------------------------------------------

Same as its lower counter parts.

* 赤い巨人への復讐-III *

Same as previous.

* 石碑の秘宝-III *

Same as previous.

* 秘密のゲーム-III *

Same as previous.

* ジャンク屋の欲-III *

Same as previous.

* キャラバン隊の護衛-III *

Same as previous.

* 疾風の追撃戦-III *

Same as previous.

vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvRESERVED SPACESvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
I am only GR 11 at the moment, I'll update once I get higher level.

- Guild Rank 12 [GQL]
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^RESERVED SPACES^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

******************************* APPENDIX PORTION *****************************

Skills and Magic [SM1] =====================================================

The following is the COMPLETE list of skills in Japanese, I'll only make note
of some important skills, and notation used in the games so you'll know what
they mean. You can use the following list to compare the kanji with the games.
If someone want to provide the romaji readings, please send me an email listed
at the top of this guide.

I'll give special translation to attack/skills/magic that have affects other
than just damage; but for the vanilla stuff, I think the legend is enough.
Some skills are multi-hit but in this game they are treated as a single
attack so it doesn't make a big difference besides their affinity and AC

* General Notes *

Skills are unlocked as you learn more skills, the exact order I did not
document so I can't provide a complete tree diagram of the the skill paths.

About the Aerial Series attacks, launcher are treated as ground attack,
aerial attack and aerial finish can only be used while in air.

You may not add any attacks after Ground Special and Air Finish in a combo.

Bow and Magic have different properties which I'll explain in their respective

ALL passive of the same thing stacks. Strength Lv 1 of Swords tree, will stack
with Strength Lv 1 of 2-Hand Swords tree. Passive are the only skill that are
added to you regardless of weapon. Active skills may only be used when you have
its respective weapons used. For example, Provoke of the 1-hand sword tree
can not be used when you use a spear, even though it makes logical sense that
it should.

Masteries are important as they add new skill as well as the number of attack
you may have in a combo for that weapon type.

Core series are usually representive attack of its weapon type, and expanded
series are usually of different affinities.

The following are important legends for reading attack. Each Attack will have
some sort of the following with a + x, which means the amount of a certain
type of affinity this attack has in a combo:

斬撃 zangeki = slashing (half circle icon)
刺突 togetotsu = piercing (arrow head icon)
打撃 dageki = smashing (exploding icon)

炎 honoo = fire (red flame icon)
水 sui = water (blue water drop)
風 kaze = wind (green wind)
土 do = earth (brown rock)

One-Hand Sword/Axe [SM2] ---------------------------------------------------

One-Hand Sword/Axe is a balanced tree with a lot of combo options especially
air series. It has average to fast attack speed depending on the type of
one-hand weapon. Also the option to use a shield makes this a great choice
for players who would like to be a tank.

Knives in the later level also carry MAtk bonus which makes this great for
player who likes the "Red Mage" class from Final Fantasy XI, part melee DD, and
part magic DD.

* Core Series *

* Expanded Series *

* Aeriel Series *


Airial Attack

Airial Finish

* Ground Speical *
ソニックエッジ - range
トライソニック - range
ストームソニック - range

* Status Change Attacks*
挑発 - Provoke
毒突き - chance poison
封魔突き - chance silence
シェルブレイク - chance defense down
アームブレイク - chance attack down
マジックイーター - Mp drain
護身の構え - Def up/Atk down
封魔の構え - M.Def up/ M.Atk down.
剣狼の構え - Atk Up/Def down

* Passives *


Strength Up

Refelx Up

Dexterity up

Two-Hand Sword [SM3] -------------------------------------------------------

Two-Hand Sword is a very offensive physical tree. This tree has some elemental
propertied attacks which make this a very versatile offensive melee class. 
However, it has less aerial time than one-hand sword. The ability,
明鏡止水 is an AC recovery skill which makes
this tree one of the most used tree online and for doing the GR3 quest -
Revenge of the Red Giant.

2-hand sword and Great Katanas are on the slow side.

* Core Series*

* Expanded Series* 

* Aerial Series *


Aerial Attack

Aerial Finish

* Ground Special *
真空撃 - Range
真空双撃 - Range
真空裂衝撃 - Area of Effect
氷刃裂衝撃 - Area of Effect
背水の一撃 - Consume HP

* Status Change Attacks *
オロチの牙 - HP drain
魔力払い - Chance M.Atk Down
魔力砕き - Chance M.Atk Greatly Down
精神払い - Chance M.Def Down
精神砕き - Chance M.Def Greatly down.
明鏡止水 - AC Recovery (2 AC recovered)
狙者の波動 - Acc. Up/Eva. Down
戦士の波動 - Atk. Up/Def. Down
鬼神の波動 - Atk. Greatly Up/Def. Down

* Passives *



Strength UP

Vitality UP

TWo-Hand Axe [SM4] ----------------------------------------------------------

This tree focuses on ground melee; it doesn't rely on long combo but short
and strong combos. This tree's passive are a must have for any physical
attacker. This weapon is one of the slowest weapon type in game.

* Core Series *

* Expanded Series *

* Aerieal Series *


Aerial Attack

Aerial Finish

* Ground Special *
ヘビーキャノン - Range
フルバースト - Area of Effect
メテオバースト - Area of Effect

* Status Change Attack *
踏ん張る - greatly ups Atk. of next attack
腕割り - Chance Atk. Down
腕砕き - Chance Atk. Greatly Down
鎧割り - Chance Def. Down
鎧砕き - Chance Def. Greatly Down
畏怖の衝撃 - Chance daze.
デッドスイング - High Acc. Attack
怒りの咆哮 - Atk. Up/Def. Down
獅子の咆哮 - Atk. Greatly Up/Def. Down
破軍の咆哮 - Area of Affect Atk. Up.

* Passives *



Strength UP

Accuracy UP

Spear [SM5] ----------------------------------------------------------------

One of the most defensive single tree path. It has a lot of very defensive
skills and even have group protection skill making this one of the best
tanking tree skill in the game. Spear's mobility also rivals one-hand
swords, it also have good aerial combo choices.

Like 2-Hand Swords, the spear also have an AC recovery skill, 練気.
However, the spear tree isn't as strong as the 2-hand sword tree making this
a less attractive option for running the GR3 quest solo.

Spear attacks are of average speed.

* Core Series *

* Expanded Series *

* Aerieal Series *


Aerial Attck

Aerial Finish

* Ground Special *
ソニックマグナム - range
フリーズマグナム - range

* Status Change Attack *
レッグスライサー - Chance Eva. down
麻痺突き - Chance paralysis
闇突き - Chance accuracy down.
威嚇する - provoke affect, draws attention
練気 - AC recovery
守護の陣 - Atk. Down/Def. Up
不動の陣 - Atk. Down/Def. Greatly Up
魔壁の陣 - M.Atk Down/M.Def Up
砦の陣 - Area of Effect Def. Up

- The following attack requires user to have a shield -
フィジカルガード - Area of Effect, Physical damage taken reduced.
マテリアルガード - Area of Effect, magic damage taken reduced.
マイティガード - Area of Effect, all damage taken reduced.

* Passives *



Vitality UP

Mind Up

Bow [SM6] ------------------------------------------------------------------

Unlike other physical attacks, bow don't have aerial combo per say, but bows
can hit airborne enemies none the less. What makes bow a little different is
that bow have a dedicated elemental series of attacks. 

With the nature of bow, the bow user also makes great back-line support healer
and magic user.

Unlike most other RPGs, bow have surprisingly high attack speed, however, bow
tends to be on the weaker side and requires a lot of passive and buffs to be
an effective damage dealer. Therefore, bow is not very ideal for soloing.

* Core Series *

* Aerial Series *

* "Ground Special Series" *
レインアロー - Area of Effect
裁きの矢 - I think this pierces through enemies

* Bow Elemental Series *





* Status Change Attacks *
スモークショット - chance Acc. Down
ダークショット - chance Acc. Greatly Down
レッグショット - chance Eva. Down
アキレスショット - chance Eva. Greatly Down
みやぶる - Analysis, scans enemy for weakness/resistant info.
気配を消す - Eva. Up
カモフラージュ - Enemy aggro rate down.
タカの眼 - Eva. Down/Acc. Up
千里眼 - Eva. Down/Acc. Greatly Up
狙う - Next attack very high accuracy
引き絞る - Next attack 100% Critical
毒薬を仕込む - Next attack chance poison
忘れ薬を仕込む - Next attack chance silence
マヒ薬を仕込む - Next attack chance paralysis
眠り薬を仕込む - Next attack chance sleep

* Passives *


Intelligence UP

Reflex UP
【素早さ】 Up Lv.1
【素早さ】 Up Lv.2
【素早さ】 Up Lv.3
【素早さ】 Up Lv.4
【素早さ】 Up Lv.5

Accuracy UP
【器用さ】 Up Lv.1
【器用さ】 Up Lv.2
【器用さ】 Up Lv.3

Staff [SM7] ------------------------------------------------------------------

Staff in this game is primarily taken up by full-time magic users. Although it
has physical attacks, and great elemental property driven attacks, most staff
in this game have their Atk halved in favor of giving MAtk bonus.

Interestingly, the staff is one of the few trees that also have AC recovery
option, 祈る.

Staff has an average attack speed.

* Core Series *

* Expanded Series *

* Launcher *

* Staff Elemental Series *





* Status Change Series *
睡魔の印 - chance sleep
吸魔の印 - MP drain
自然回帰の法 - Regen
マジックハイド - Eva. UP
マジックスティール - Steals
祈る - AC Recovery
スペルブースト - M.Atk Up/M.Def Down
マジックブースト - M.Atk Greatly UP/M.Def Down
スペルバリア - M.Atk Down/M.Def UP
マジックバリア - M.Atk Down/M.Def Greatly UP
炎の精霊憑依 - Raise Fire Affinity
水の精霊憑依 - Raise Water Affinity
風の精霊憑依 - Raise Wind Affinity
土の精霊憑依 - Raise Earth Affinity

* Passives * 



Intelligence UP

Mind UP

- Elemental Magic [SM8]

Elemental magic in this game can be learned by anyone, which gives a character
something to fall back on if the enemy resist physical attacks. However, do know
that only some knife class weapons, and staff carry MAtk bonus, so to fully
utilize this tree, it's best to carry a knife or staff around as well.

Chanting speed is based on your equipment.

* Fire Series *

Single Target Offensive (Small, Medium, High DMG)

Group Target Offensive
フレイムカース - Medium damage AOE + chance Silence
フレイムウォール - Small DMG AOE
エクスプロージョン - Medium DMG AOE
クリムゾンフレア - High DMG AOE

フレイムバリア - Single Target Fire Resist UP
Gフレイムバリア - Group Fire Resist UP

* Water Series *

Single Target Offensive (Small, Medium, High DMG)

Group Target Offensive
セイレーンズティア - Medium DAMGE AOE + chance sleep
グラシアルホーン - Small DMG AOE
ブリザード - Medium DMG AOE
ダイダルウェイブ - High DMG AOE

アイスバリア - Single Target Water Resist UP
Gアイスバリア - Group Water Resist UP

* Wind Series *

Single Target Offensive (Small, Medium, High DMG)

Group Target Offensive
パラライズウィンド - Medium DMG AOE + chance paralysis
サンダーストーム - Small DMG AOE
テンペスト - Medium DMG AOE
ライトニングフレア - High DMG AOE

ウィンドバリア - Single Target Wind Resist UP
Gウィンドバリア - Group Wind Resist UP

* Earth Series *

Single Target Offensive (Small, Medium, High DMG)

Group Target Offensive
ポイズンブロウ - Medium DMG AOE + chance poison
アースブレイク - Small DMG AOE
コメットブレイク - Medium DMG AOE
メテオブレイク - High DMG AOE

アースバリア - Single Target Earth Resist UP
Gアースバリア - Group Earth Resist UP

* Status Change Attack*

スリープ - Sleep magic

* Passives *

炎の魔印 - Fire MAGIC Attack UP
水の魔印 - Water MAGIC Attack UP
風の魔印 - Wind MAGIC Attack UP
土の魔印 - Earth MAGIC Attack UP
精霊魔法の知識 - Offensive Elemental MAGIC MP consumption down


Intelligence UP

Reflex UP

Holy Magic [SM9] ------------------------------------------------------------

This is the healing and buffing tree of WKC. These skills can be used by anyone
carrying any type of weapon. However, the more effective options in this class
require a good amount of investment in skill points, so it may not be suitable
for all players, and it's better left to more dedicated holy magic users.

* HP Recovery Magic Series *

Single Target HP Recovery (Small, Medium, High)

Area of Effect HP Recovery (Small, Medium High)

* Status Recovery Magic Series *

Poison (Single/AOE)

Stun (Single/AOE)

Paralysis (Single/AOE)

Sleep (Single/AOE)

All Status (Single/AOE)

Revive (Single Target Small/Full Revive)

* Buff Series *

Attack UP (Single/Group)

Defense UP (Single/Group)

Haste/Speed UP (Single/Group)

天使の加護 - One time Nullify Magic Damage
戦神の加護 - ONe time Nullify Physical Damage

* Debuff Series *

Attack Down (Single/Group)

Defense Down (Single/Group)

Slow/Speed Down (Single/Group)

Silence (Single/Group)

* Passives *

神聖魔法の知識 - Holy Elemental MAGIC MP consumption down


Vitality UP

Mind UP

White Knight Skill [SMA] ---------------------------------------------------

白鉄の剣 (White Steel Sword - Default)

AC 7

AC 12

AC 15

ソードオブマリア (Sword of Maria)

AC 7

AC 12
ソニックブレード - range

AC 15
雷帝剣 - Area of Effect

グランサー (Granser)

AC 7

AC 12
ソニックブレード - range

AC 15

- Dragon Knight Skill [SMB]

ラ-ヴェイント (Raveinto)

AC 7

AC 12

AC 15
ソニックスピア - Range

魔槍シュマーグナ (Magic Lance Shumagna)

AC 7

AC 12
ソニックスピア - Range

AC 15

Synthesis Recipe Chart [SYR] =================================================

First of all, a lot of this are compiled by the Japanese players' open wiki,
and I am going to give them credit listed in the introduction section. 

The following section are separated by synthesis type as well as synthesis
level. Usually the item needed for the specific synthesis level corresponds
with quest of the same guild level. So stuff unlocked at lv 9 of synthesis
would require material from Guild Rank quest 9.

Some equipment have multiple recipe this is especially true for 1-H Sword,
2-H Sword, and 2-H Axe.

I'll add consumable synthesis later, they are probably not what you came to
this guide for anyways...

Also, I am not going to translate any of these names for several reasons:
1. there is a tremendous amount of names...
2. my translation is useless for actual gameplay and understanding since the
game is still in JP.
3. you can just match characters from the guide and in-game and look for 
whatever you need.

Last but not least, before I go on about how to use the following section.
There is a LARGE AMOUNT OF information, there BOUND to be mistake. If you spot
one, please kindly email me, and notify me, I'll correct it as soon as

How to use this effectively:

I list every recipe I know so far; each item has two parts, and you can just
use ctrl+c the material next to the equipment name, and ctrl+f to find where 
you can get the material in the: Synthesis Material Chart [SMC]

Format (Example):

I am sorry I have to use this really ugly format but GameFAQ's margin rule
doesn't work well with Japanese.

1	ブロードソード:1
[ITEM 1]	[ITEM 2]
ショートソード+2	銅鉱石×5

Item [SR1] -------------------------------------------------------------------


weapons [SR2] ----------------------------------------------------------------

Important: all the numbers after the weapon name means the amount of times the
weapon must be upgraded in order for it to be used for synthesis material.

* 1H Sword/Knife/Axe *

1	ブロードソード:1	
ショートソード+2	銅鉱石×5
1	ブロードソード:2	
ショートソード+3	ロングソード+2
1	ダガー		
銅鉱石×5		狼の牙×5
1	バトルナイフ:1		
ダガー+2		サソリの小爪×5
1	バトルナイフ:2		
ナイフ+3		ダガー+2
1	石斧		
丈夫な枝×5	ゴロゴロした岩×5
2	エストック:1		
ブロードソード+1	蜘蛛の毒牙×3
2	エストック:2		
ショートソード+3	レイピア+2
2	クリス:1		
エストック+1	硝石×5
2	クリス:2		
ダガー+3		バトルナイフ+2
2	マチェット:1		
石斧+2		トレントの枝×1
2	マチェット:2		
石斧+3		ハンドアックス+2
3	カッツバルゲル:1	
鉄鉱石×5		銅鉱石×10
3	カッツバルゲル:2	
ブロードソード+3	エストック+2
3	カットラス:1		
リッパーナイフ+2	トカゲの牙×5
3	カットラス:2		
エストック+3	カッツバルゲル+2
3	ノルディアソード:1	
カッツバルゲル+2	蛍石×5
3	ノルディアソード:2	
呪いの名札×5	蛍石×25
3	ノルディアソード:3	
カッツバルゲル+3	カットラス+2
3	リッパーナイフ:1		
クリス+2		トカゲの牙×5
3	リッパーナイフ:2		
鉄鉱石×10		トカゲの牙×20
3	リッパーナイフ:3		
バトルナイフ+3	クリス+2
3	メイス:1		
マチェット+2	サソリの小爪×10
3	メイス:2		
鉄鉱石×10		銅鉱石×15
3	メイス:3		
ハンドアックス+3	マチェット+2
4	サイフォス:1		
カットラス+2	鉄鉱石×5
4	サイフォス:2		
カットラス+3	ノルディアソード+2
4	スクラマサクス:1	
ノルディアソード+3	甲虫の化石×5
4	スクラマサクス:2	
ノルディアソード+3	サイフォス+2
4	王宮騎士の剣:1	
ノルディアソード+3	銀鉱石×10
4	王宮騎士の剣:2	
サイフォス+3	スクラマサクス+2
4	盟友のエストック	
スクラマサクス+3	王宮騎士の剣+2
4	グラディウス:1		
カットラス+2	鉄鉱石×5
4	グラディウス:2		
クリス+3		リッパーナイフ+2
4	トマホーク:1		
メイス+2		蜂の外殻×5
4	トマホーク:2		
マチェット+3	メイス+2
5	軍刀:1		
王宮騎士の剣+1	サソリの小尻尾×5
5	軍刀:2		
王宮騎士の剣+3	盟友のエストック+2
5	ダマスカスソード:1	
ヘヴィマチェット+2	燃料石×5
5	ダマスカスソード:2	
鋼石×5		燃料石×10
5	ダマスカスソード:3	
盟友のエストック+3	軍刀+2
5	タルワール:1		
盟友のエストック+3	バジリスクの毛皮×3
5	タルワール:2		
軍刀+3		ダマスカスソード+2
5	バンディッツナイフ:1	
リッパーナイフ+3	蜂の針×5
5	バンディッツナイフ:2	
グラディウス+3	蜂の針×3
5	バンディッツナイフ:3	
リッパーナイフ+3	グラディウス+2
5	サイ:1		
バンディッツナイフ+3	黒曜石×10
5	サイ:2		
鋼石×30		サソリの小尻尾×5
5	サイ:3		
グラディウス+3	バンディッツナイフ+2
5	ヘヴィマチェット:1	
メイス+2		水晶石×10
5	ヘヴィマチェット:2	
メイス+3		トマホーク+2
5	フランキスカ:1		
ヘヴィマチェット+2	サソリの小尻尾×4
5	フランキスカ:2		
トマホーク+3	ヘヴィマチェット+2
6	グラディエーター:1	
ダマスカスソード+2	水晶石×10
6	グラディエーター:2	
タルワール+2	水晶石×10
6	グラディエーター:3	
ダマスカスソード+3	タルワール+2
6	軍刀・銀鶏:1		
サイ+3		風竜のひげ×3
6	軍刀・銀鶏:2		
タルワール+3	グラディエーター+2
6	聖銀のレイピア:1	
タルワール+3	銀鉱石×15
6	聖銀のレイピア:2	
グラディエーター+3	軍刀・銀鶏+2
6	マスターフルーレ:1	
ダマスカスソード+3	金人形の欠片×5
6	マスターフルーレ:2	
聖銀のレイピア+3	人形の金塊×3
6	マスターフルーレ:3	
軍刀・銀鶏+3	聖銀のレイピア+3
6	バゼラード:1		
サイ+3		人形の金塊×3
6	バゼラード:2		
バンディッツナイフ+3	サイ+3
6	タバール:1		
トマホーク+2	鉄人形の欠片×2
6	タバール:2		
グラディエーター+3	燃料石×25
6	タバール:3		
ヘヴィマチェット+3	フランキスカ+2
6	シルバーメイス:1	
フランキスカ+3	鉄人形の欠片×4
6	シルバーメイス:2	
銀鉱石×20		金人形の欠片×6
6	シルバーメイス:3	
フランキスカ+3	タバール+3
7	ローグシャムシール:1	
グラディエーター+5	巨人の棍棒×2
7	ローグシャムシール:2	
土巨獣の尾×3	大土蜘蛛の毒針×6
7	紅蓮の剣:1		
軍刀・銀鶏+5	召雷石×1
7	紅蓮の剣:2		
火印の小魔石×5	蜘蛛の鋼糸×2
7	バリアントソード		
マスターフルーレ+5	ミストの結晶×5
7	ウィンドエッジ		
聖銀のレイピア+5	白き心×1
7	白銀の斧:1		
タバール+5	大土蜘蛛の卵×1
7	白銀の斧:2		
トロルの仮面×1	紫水晶×6
8	パラディンソード:1	
マスターフルーレ+5	紫の原石×2
8	パラディンソード:2	
ローグシャムシール+5	黒い原石×2
8	精霊の剣		
紅蓮の剣+5	ひび割れた魔石像×15
8	ヘビキリの剣:1		
バリアントソード+5	土竜の血×2
8	ヘビキリの剣:2		
風竜の頭蓋×1	黄金色の板×5
8	シルバーダガー:1	
バゼラード+5	トロルキングの仮面×1
8	シルバーダガー:2	
ひび割れた魔石像×15	大水蜘蛛の卵×1
8	古代の爪:1		
シルバーダガー+5	氷巨人の眼×1
8	古代の爪:2		
精霊の剣+5	炎巨人の眼×1
8	スカルハンター		
シルバーメイス+5	炎巨人の頭蓋片×5
8	ホーリータバルジン	
白銀の斧+5	金の心臓×1
9	ライトニングソード	
古代の爪+5	風印の輝石×5
9	ブラックバロン		
ライトニングソード+5	黒鉄の板×8
9	ブラッドセイバー		
ヘビキリの剣+5	毒谷虫の角×2
9	クリスタルエッジ		
シルバーダガー+5	魔光石×20
9	マンイーター		
クリスタルエッジ+5	炎巨獣の牙×3
9	煉獄の斧		
スカルハンター+5	赤炎石×1
9	マスターメイス		
ホーリータバルジン+5	古竜の血×1
10	騎士王の剣		
パラディンソード+9	ピュアハート×1
10	フロストキャリバー 
クリスタルエッジ+9	水印の星石×5
10	フレイムソード 
クリスタルエッジ+9	火印の星石×5
10	ミセリコルデ
マスターメイス+9	蜘蛛の金剛糸×3
10	シルフィードエッジ 
マンイーター+9	ミストの大結晶×5
10	ネレイデスハチェット
ホーリータバルジン+9	巨人の大棍棒×1
10	ゴールデンアックス	
煉獄の斧+9	光雷石×1
11	デモンズソード		
ブラッドセイバー+9	氷巨人の心臓×2
11	ホーリーセイバー		
ブラックバロン+9	輝く鉄の塊×2
11	レオレギア:1		
騎士王の剣+9	輝く金の塊×2
11	レオレギア:2		
シルフィートエッジ+9	大水蜘蛛の大卵×2
11	朱羅の傷跡		
ミセリコルデ+9	炎巨人の魔眼×2
11	ソウルイーター		
ホーリーセイバー+9	風竜の純血×2
11	マンティコア		
マスターメイス+9	岩の強心臓×2
11	ポイズンメイス		
ネレイデスハチェット+9	土竜の純血×2
12	聖剣グレイセス	
フロストキャリバー+9	フレイムソード+9
12	魔剣ダークブレイズ	
ホーリーセイバー+9	輝く黒鉄の塊×2
12	★レディアント		
デモンズソード+9	紅炎石×2
12	ドラゴンクロー		
朱羅の傷跡+9	火竜の純血×3
12	オリハルコンダガー	
ソウルイーター+9	魔導の大核×3
12	神鳥の斧		
ゴールデンアックス+9	氷竜の堅い翼×8
12	秘石の神斧		
ポイズンメイス+9	毒虫の大胆石×2
12	魔人の剣		
紅蓮の剣+5	魔人の眼
12	★真・魔人の剣		
魔人の剣+10	魔人の魔眼

* 2H Sword/Katana *

1	太刀:1		
バスタードソード+2	銅鉱石×10
1	太刀:2		
バスタードソード+3	クレイモア+2
3	鋼の大剣:1		
バスタードソード+2	竜の骨×5
3	鋼の大剣:2		
バスタードソード+3	クレイモア+2
3	バルバロイブレード:1	
クレイモア+2	人形の核×5
3	バルバロイブレード:2	
クレイモア+3	鋼の大剣+2
3	打刀:1		
太刀+2		蛍石×10
3	打刀:2		
クレイモア+3	太刀+2
4	グレートソード:1	
鋼の大剣+2	土竜の鱗片×5
4	グレートソード:2	
銀鉱石×15		土竜の鱗片×20
4	グレートソード:3	
鋼の大剣+3	バルバロイブレード+2
4	倭刀:1		
打刀+2		甲虫の化石×10
4	倭刀:2		
銀鉱石×10		甲虫の化石×20
4	倭刀:3		
太刀+3		打刀+2
5	ツヴァイハンダー:1
バルバロイブレード+2	火竜の爪×3
5	ツヴァイハンダー:2	
倭刀+2		鋼石×5
5	ツヴァイハンダー:3 
バルバロイブレード+3	グレートソード+2
5	青竜刀:1		
グレートソード+2	封印符×2
5	青竜刀:2		
円頭太刀+2	封印符×2
5	青竜刀:3		
グレートソード+3	ツヴァイハンダー+2
5	円頭太刀:1		
倭刀+2		水晶石×10
5	円頭太刀:2		
グレートソード+2	水晶石×10
5	円頭太刀:3		
打刀+3		倭刀+2
6	ロックブレイカー:1	
ツヴァイハンダー+3	人形の岩塊×5
6	ロックブレイカー:2	
人形の岩塊×10	欠けた苔むした面×1
6	ロックブレイカー:3	
ツヴァイハンダー+3	青竜刀+3
6	虎鉄:1		
青竜刀+1		鋼石×10
6	虎鉄:2		
倭刀+3		円頭太刀+2
6	小烏丸:1		
円頭太刀+3	燃料石×10
6	小烏丸:2		
円頭太刀+3	虎鉄+2
6	斬馬刀:1		
虎鉄+1		水晶石×10
6	斬馬刀:2		
鋼石×10		水晶石×10
6	斬馬刀:3		
虎鉄+3		小烏丸+2
7	紅玉石の宝剣		
青竜刀+5		召雷石×1
7	夜叉丿大蛇:1		
ロックブレイカー+5	土巨獣の尾×2
7	夜叉丿大蛇:2		
斬馬刀+5		ガルーダの原木×10
7	山吹之翁		
斬馬刀+5		朝霧の雫×3
8	破邪の大剣:1		
紅玉石の宝剣+5	光る鉄の塊×1
8	破邪の大剣:2		
風竜の角×4	土竜の角×4
8	セント・クレイモア	
夜叉ノ大蛇+5	光る金の塊×1
8	蒼狼刀		
小烏丸+5		氷巨人の心臓片×2
8	墨幽鬼譚		
山吹之翁+5	トロルキングのかぎ爪×5
9	ブレイブハート		
破邪の大剣+5	火竜の頭蓋×1
9	アロンダイト		
セント・クレイモア+5	氷竜の角×2
9	桔梗揚羽:1		
蒼狼刀+5		氷竜の血×1
9	桔梗揚羽:2		
黒鉄鉱石×30	氷竜の尻尾×4
9	赤狼刀:1		
墨幽鬼譚+5	火竜の尻尾×2
9	赤狼刀:2		
ブレイブハート+5	火竜の血×1
10	デビルブリンガー:1	
ブレイブハート+9	土巨獣の鋭い尾×1
10	デビルブリンガー:2	
顎+9		兵隊蜂の堅顎×8
10	ドラゴンスレイヤー	
アロンダイト+9	古竜の頭蓋×3
10	顎:1		
桔梗揚羽+9	サソリの堅頭殻×10
10	顎:2		
デビルブリンガー+9	大土蜘蛛の鋭爪×10
10	黒麒刀		
赤狼刀+9		夜霧の雫×1
11	ルーンブレイカー 
デビルブリンガー+9	トロルキングの王冠×2
11	聖剣グラム		
ドラゴンスレイヤー+9	氷巨人の魔眼×2
11	邪眼刀:1		
顎+9		炎巨人の魔眼×2
11	邪眼刀:2		
ドラゴンスレイヤー+9	氷巨人の魔眼×2
11	朱天		
顎+9		大きな赤い原石×2
11	古錠刀		
黒麒刀+9		大きな黒い原石×2
12	クラウ・ソナス:1		
ルーンブレイカー+9	古竜の純血×1
12	クラウ・ソナス:2		
聖剣グラム+9	氷竜の純血×3
12	魔剣ダーククラウド	
ルーンブレイカー+9	毒谷虫の大角×4
12	仁王丸		
古錠刀+9		火竜の堅頭蓋×2
12	★霊刀:斑鳩		
仁王丸+9		古竜の大角×3
12	★妖刀:禍津		
朱天+9		血染めの布×4

* 2H Axe *

3	ブロードアックス:1	
戦士の大斧+2	白獣の汚れた革×5
3	ブロードアックス:2	
バトルアックス+3	戦士の大斧+2
3	バルディッシュ		
戦士の大斧+3	ブロードアックス+2
4	グレートアックス:1 	
ブロードアックス+2	大土蜘蛛の卵殻×5
4	グレートアックス:2 
銀鉱石×10		大土蜘蛛の卵殻×15
4	グレートアックス:3	
ブロードアックス+3	バルディッシュ+2
5	ヘヴィアックス:1	
バルディッシュ+2	封印符×5
5	ヘヴィアックス:2	
バルディッシュ+3	グレートアックス+2
6	ヴァリアントアックス:1	
グレートアックス+3	土巨獣のたてがみ×3
6	ヴァリアントアックス:2	
グレートアックス+3	ヘヴィアックス+2
6	ブローヴァ:1		
ロックブレイカー+1	鋼石×15
6	ブローヴァ:2		
ヘヴィアックス+3	ヴァリアントアックス+3
7	フォレストキーパー:1	
斬馬刀+5		大土蜘蛛の甲殻×2
7	フォレストキーパー:2	
巨大な顎×3	立派な苗木×10
8	妖魔の大斧:1		
ヴァリアントアックス+5	巨人のメイス×2
8	妖魔の大斧:2		
ブローヴァ+5	鉄人形の面×8
8	王宮騎士の大斧	
フォレストキーパー+5	風竜の血×2
9	アイスクラッシャー:1	
妖魔の大斧+5	氷竜の頭蓋×1
9	アイスクラッシャー:2	
ブレイブハート+5	氷竜の鱗×8
9	地神の戦斧		
王宮騎士の大斧+5	谷虫の角×2
10	巨人の大斧		
アイスクラッシャー+9	巨人の大棍棒×2
10	ルーンアックス		
地神の戦斧+9	血鋼鉱石×25
11	ダークストーカー		
巨人の大斧+9	巨人の銀鎚×2
11	ガーディアンアックス	
ルーンアックス+9	土竜の堅頭蓋×2
12	鬼神の剛斧		
ガーディアンアックス+9	火竜の大角×4
12	★サタンブローヴァ	
ダークストーカー+9	炎巨獣の大爪×6
12	★霊鳥の聖斧		
ガーディアンアックス+9	氷竜の大角×4

* Spear *

1	スピア		
銅鉱石×5		狼の牙×5
2	ハープーン		
銅鉱石×10		丈夫な鎖×2
2	パイク:1		
スピア+2		サソリの小爪×3
2	パイク:2		
スピア+3		ハープーン+2
3	グレイヴ:1		
ハープーン+2	アンモナイトの化石×10
3	ウレイヴ:2		
ハープーン+3	パイク+2
4	鎌切:1		
パイク+2		蜂の針×5
4	鎌切:2		
銀鉱石×10		蜂の針×5
4	鎌切:3		
パイク+3		グレイブ+2
5	ハルバード:1		
トマホーク+2	サソリの小尻尾×5
5	ハルバード:2		
グレイブ+3		鎌切+2
6	パルチザン:1		
ヘヴィマチェット	燃料石×10
6	パルチザン:2		
鋼石×15		燃料石×20
6	パルチザン:3		
鎌切+3		ハルバード+2
6	王宮騎士の槍:1	
ハルバード+1	鋼石×10
6	王宮騎士の槍:2	
鎌切+1		鋼石×20
6	王宮騎士の槍:3	
ハルバード+3	パルチザン+3
7	蜻蛉切:1		
パルチザン+5	兵隊蜂の顎×20
7	蜻蛉切:2		
聖銀のレイピア+5	サソリの頭殻×20
8	聖銀の槍		
王宮騎士の槍+5	大水蜘蛛のかぎ爪×8
9	ガイストパイク		
蜻蛉切+5		火竜の角×1
9	鉄戟		
蜻蛉切+5		光る黒鉄の塊×1
10	エメラルドスピア		
聖銀の槍+9	サファイアの原石×25
11	フレイムクーゼ:1	
ガイストパイク+9	大きな紫の原石×2
11	フレイムクーゼ:2	
鉄戟+9		火印の魔石×5
11	ガーディアンスピア	
鉄戟+9		鉄の強心臓×2
11	オクスタン:1		
ガイストパイク+9	大きな青い原石×2
11	オクスタン:2		
エメラルドスピア+9	大きな緑の原石×2
12	氷竜の槍		
フレイムクーゼ+9	氷竜の堅頭蓋×2
12	英雄の槍		
ガーディアンスピア+9	虫の大胆石×2
12	デモングレイブ:1	
ガーディアンスピア+9	谷虫の大角×6
12	デモングレイブ:2	
オクスタン+9	炎巨獣の鋭い尾×4
12	★ツクヨミ		
オクスタン+9	古竜の堅頭蓋×2

* Bow *

1	獣骨の弓		
狼の牙×5		丈夫な枝×5
2	ハンティングボウ:1	
糸玉×3		トレントの宿り木×2
2	ハンティングボウ:2	
木の弓+3		獣骨の弓+2
2	丸木弓:1		
ハンティングボウ+2	炎巨人の足輪×1
2	丸木弓:2		
獣骨の弓+3	ハンティングボウ+2
3	コンポジットボウ:1	
鉄鉱石×10		樫の原木×10
3	コンポジットボウ:2	
ハンティングボウ+3	丸木弓+2
4	竜骨の剛弓:1		
コンポジットボウ+2	竜の骨×10
4	竜骨の剛弓:2		
丸木弓+3		コンポジットボウ+2
5	シャインボウ:1		
銀鉱石×10		ココヤシの原木×10
5	シャインボウ:2		
コンポジットボウ+3	竜骨の剛弓+2
6	聖銀の弓:1		
シャインボウ+3	鋼石×10
6	聖銀の弓:2		
竜骨の強弓+3	シャインボウ+2
6	風雅の弓:1		
風竜のひげ×10	トレントの人面樹×5
6	風雅の弓:2		
シャインボウ+3	聖銀の弓+3
7	ダークシューター		
風雅の弓+5	バジリスクの首×10
8	森人の剛弓		
風竜の尻尾×4	癒しの香木×15
8	ヘヴィアーチェリー	
大水蜘蛛の足×8	鉄の心臓×2
9	重藤弓		
火竜の翼×4	毒谷虫の牙×5
9	久遠の弓		
古竜の尻尾×2	谷虫の牙×5
10	グリード式鋼弓		
金剛糸玉×5	ヘビヤシの原木×30
10	妖精の弓		
白銀の綿胞子×50	妖精の仮面×30
11	ルーンシューター		
輝く土の塊×2	大水蜘蛛の長足×30
11	ドミニオンボウ		
金の強心臓×2	風竜の大角×2
12	★アポロンの弓		
紅炎石×2		悪魔のしっぽ×50
12	★アルテミスの弓	
古竜の堅い翼×6	ミスリル鉱石×50

* Staff *

1	ボーンロッド:1		
お化けクルミの殻×5	なにかの骨×5
1	ボーンロッド:2		
樫の杖+3		大樹の杖+2
2	モール:1		
ボーンロッド+3	銅鉱石×10
2	モール:2		
大樹の杖+3	ボーンロッド+2
3	赤銅の錫杖:1		
銅鉱石×12		樫の原木×5
3	赤銅の錫杖:2		
バーンロッド+3	モール+2
4	魔術の杖:1	
赤銅の錫杖+2	杉の原木×5
4	魔術の杖:2		
モール+3		赤銅の錫杖+2
5	銀の錫杖:1		
赤銅の錫杖+2	銀鉱石×10
5	銀の錫杖:2		
赤銅の錫杖+3	魔術の杖+2
5	ソーサラーワンド:1	
銀鉱石×12		水晶石×15
5	ソーサラーワンド:2	
魔術の杖+3	銀の錫杖+2
6	バスターモール:1	
ソーサラーワンド+3	金人形の欠片×5
6	バスターモール:2	
銀の錫杖+3	ソーサラーワンド+3
7	クリスタルロッド		
召雷石×1		水晶石×20
8	大地の杖		
光る土の塊×1	琥珀×10
8	英知の杖		
炎巨人の心臓片×2	ガルーダの枝木×10
8	ククルカンの杖		
灰色の原石×2	七色蝶×10
9	アイスロッド		
氷竜の頭蓋×1	白樫の原木×20
10	フレイムロッド		
不思議な苗木×35	火喰い虫×35
10	デビルロッド		
バジリスクの鎌首×10	大土蜘蛛の大卵×1
11	ストームロッド		
風竜の堅頭蓋×2	ユグラの古木×50
12	★王家の杖		
カーリアの呪木×50	黒鉄の大板×8
12	★カマシュトリの杖	
妖魔の化石×50	古竜の鋭い尻尾×8
12	★風竜の杖		
風竜の堅頭蓋×4	氷竜の鋭い尻尾×8
9	魔人の杖		
クリスタルロッド+9	魔人の眼
12	真・魔人の杖		
魔人の杖+10	魔人の魔眼

Armor [SR3] -----------------------------------------------------------------

* Body *

1	メイジローブ		
土巨獣のたてがみ×1	呪いの名札×1
2	王国兵の軽鎧		
銅鉱石×5		蜂の外殻×2
2	スマートアーマー		
炎巨人の足輪×1	羽毛×2
4	グラップルメイル		
大蜘蛛の糸×5	大蜘蛛の殻×10
5	ラメラーアーマー		
鋼石×5		蜂の顎×1
6	ソーサレスクローク	
トレントの人面樹×1	大きな糸玉×2
6	ウィザーズガーブ		
つやつやした毛皮×5	魔昌石×2
6	シルバーチェイン		
人形の金塊×1	人形の鉄塊×1
7	ライダーズコート		
純白の毛皮×5	黄金色の綿毛×10
7	ブレイカーメイル		
巨大な蹄×5	金鉱石×10
7	フォレストアーマー	
大土蜘蛛の甲殻×8	鋼糸玉×8
8	マジカルローブ		
白獣のなめし革×5	炎巨人のひげ×5
8	アースメイル		
光る金の塊×1	砂鉄×15
8	ドゥームプレート		
光る岩の塊×1	さびた板×4
8	ブルーキュライス		
青い原石×4	大水蜘蛛の甲殻×4
9	エアロスカートル		
谷虫の皮×5	炎巨獣の尾×2
9	クイーンズメイル		
古竜の頭蓋×1	毒谷虫の皮×3
9	夜叉の軽鎧		
水竜の翼×2	毒谷虫の皮×3
9	ヘヴィメタルアーマー	
黒機兵の面×5	魔獣の化石×20
9	アニムスアーマー		
火竜の鱗×10	炎巨獣の毛皮×5
10	エレメントローブ		
純白の厚い毛皮×10	月の花×35
10	メイガスクローク		
土巨獣の厚い毛皮×10	古狼の堅い毛皮×35
10	マスターロリカ		
大土蜘蛛の堅甲殻×4	羽毛鉱石×40
10	重戦士の甲冑		
血鋼鉱石×50	トロルの鎧×5
10	ジェネラルキュイラス	
羽毛鉱石×60	蜘蛛の強粘着液×3
11	炎竜の法衣		
土竜の大鱗×40	風竜の大鱗×30
11	メタルホーバーク		
鉄人形の大面×8	大土蜘蛛の堅甲殻×5
11	バリアントアーマー	
トロルキングの鎧×12	さびた大板×6
11	ワイバーンプレート	
土竜の堅い翼×6	黄金色の大板×6
12	アリストタルマティカ	
毒谷虫の堅い皮×12	氷竜の大鱗×35
12	魔人の法衣		
炎巨獣の厚い毛皮×12	火竜の堅い翼×8
12	騎士団長の胸甲	
黒機兵の大面×12	古竜の大鱗×50
12	レギオンズロリカ		
谷虫の堅い皮×12	火竜の大鱗×50
12	★ミラージュアーマー	
古竜の堅い翼×5	トカゲの虹大ウロコ×80
12	★氷竜の重鎧		
氷竜の堅頭蓋×2	氷竜の大鱗×50
* Hand *

2	王国兵の腕当		
銅鉱石×5		蜂の外殻×2
2	スマートガントレ		
炎巨人の腕輪×1	羽毛×2
4	グラップルフィスト	
大蜘蛛の糸×5	大蜘蛛の殻×10
5	ラメラーガントレ		
鋼石×5		蜂の顎×1
6	ソーサレスブレーサー	
トレントの人面樹×1	大きな糸玉×2
6	ウィザーズブレーサー	
つやつやした毛皮×5	魔昌石×2
6	シルバーガード		
人形の金塊×1	人形の鉄塊×1
7	ライダーズグローブ	
土巨獣の毛皮×3	餓狼の毛皮×8
7	ブレイカーフィスト	
大土蜘蛛の甲殻×4	土巨獣の爪×4
7	フォレストガントレ	
大蜘蛛のかぎ爪×4	トロルのかぎ爪×4
8	マジカルブレーサー	
土人形の腕輪×3	氷巨人のひげ×3
8	アースフィスト		
岩人形の腕輪×4	黒水晶×15
8	ドゥームガントレ		
鉄人形の腕輪×4	トカゲの虹ウロコ×30
8	ブルーガントレ		
金人形の腕輪×4	トカゲの堅い皮×20
9	クイーンズガード		
古竜の鱗×5	炎巨獣の爪×3
9	夜叉の腕当		
猛毒袋×1		谷虫の皮×3
9	ヘヴィメタルガントレ	
黒機兵の腕輪×3	黒鉄鉱石×20
9	アニムスガントレ		
古竜の角×1	火竜の血×1
10	エレメントブレーサー	
ミストの大結晶×3	飢狼の堅い毛皮×35
10	メイガスブレーサー	
夜露の雫×2	バジリスクの上羽毛×35
10	マスターガード		
巨大な堅い歯×8	兵隊蜂の堅殻×35
10	重戦士の篭手		
トロルの鋭爪×8	翼竜の化石×35
10	ジェネラルガントレ	
土巨獣の大爪×8	ルビーの原石×35
11	炎竜の腕輪		
土竜の堅い角×4	巨獣のヌメ革×12
11	メタルフィンガー		
金人形の大面×8	鉄人形の堅腕×12
11	バリアントガントレ	
岩人形の堅腕×12	白獣のヌメ革×12
11	ワイバーンアーム		
風竜の鋭い尻尾×12	炎巨人の巻きひげ×12
12	アリストグローブ		
炎巨獣の厚い毛皮×5	漆黒の綿毛×50
12	騎士団長の腕当	
古竜の大角×4	炎巨獣の鋭い尾×3
12	レギオンズフィスト	
黒機兵の堅腕輪×12	劇毒袋×3
12	ミラージュガントレ	
黒機兵の堅腕輪×12	火竜の堅頭蓋×2
12	氷竜の篭手		
氷竜の堅い翼×8	ミスリル鉱石×50	

* Legs *

1	メイジスロップス		
土巨獣のたてがみ×1	呪いの名札×1
2	王国兵の膝甲		
銅鉱石×5		蜂の外殻×2
2	スマートブリーチズ	
炎巨人の足輪×1	羽毛×2
4	グラップルタセット	
大蜘蛛の糸×5	大蜘蛛の殻×10
5	ラメラークウィス		
鋼石×5		蜂の顎×1
6	ソーサレスショーツ	
トレントの人面樹×1	大きな糸玉×2
6	ウィザーズブラッカエ	
つやつやした毛皮×5	魔昌石×2
6	シルバーホーズ		
人形の金塊×1	人形の鉄塊×1
7	ライダーズブラッカエ	
古狼の毛皮×8	バジリスクの羽毛×10
7	ブレイカータセット	
サソリの尻尾×8	バジリスクの厚い毛皮×8	
7	フォレストクウィス	
トロルの鎧片×10	サソリの殻×10
8	マジカルスロップス	
土竜の翼×2	巨獣のなめし革×5
8	アーストラウザ		
土竜の頭蓋×1	トカゲの堅い尻尾×5
8	ドゥームブリーチズ	
苔むした面×3	緑の原石×3
8	ブルーブリーチズ		
金人形の面×3	赤い原石×3
9	エアロストラウザ		
風竜の翼×2	眠り袋×1
9	クイーンズスコート	
古竜の尻尾×2	油染みの布×2
9	夜叉の腿当		
毒谷虫の皮×2	炎巨獣の毛皮×3
9	ヘヴィメタルクウィス	
黒鉄の板×1	虫の胆石×1
9	アニムススプリーチズ	
魔導の核×1	火竜の翼×2
10	エレメントスロップス	
餓狼の純血×20	百年杉の枝木×35
10	メイガスショーツ		
10	マスターホーズ		
サソリの大尻尾×20	バジリスクの大毛皮×20
10	重戦士の腿鎧		
サソリの巨大殻×30	古狼の堅い毛皮×30
10	ジェネラルブリーチズ	
血鋼鉱石×35	燃料石の塊×35
11	炎竜の脚衣		
風竜の堅い翼×5	漆黒の綿毛×50
11	メタルホーズ		
輝く岩の塊×2	大きな灰色の原石×4
11	バリアントクウィス	
炎巨人の心臓×2	白金石×40
11	ワイバーンクウィス	
土竜の鋭い尻尾×4	輝く鉄の塊×2
12	アリストズボン		
火竜の鋭い尻尾×10	砂漠のバラ×50
12	騎士団長の膝甲	
古竜の鋭い尻尾×8	黒機兵の大面×12
12	レギオンズトラウザ	
炎巨獣の厚い毛皮×12	昏睡袋×8
12	ミラージュフォールド	
谷虫の大角×8	黒鉄の大板×8
12	★氷竜の草摺		
氷竜の堅頭蓋×2	魔導の大核×4
12	★魔人の脚衣		
毒谷虫の堅い皮×12	漆黒の綿毛×50
12	ブラッディトラウザ	
魔人の魔眼x2	魔人の破紋呪x6
12	デモンズトラウザ		
魔人の魔眼x2	魔人の黒い血x5
12	シャドウクウィス		
魔人の魔眼x2	魔人の鋭い尾x5
* Feet *

1	メイジシューズ		
土巨獣のたてがみ×1	呪いの名札×1
2	王国兵の脛当		
銅鉱石×5		蜂の外殻×2
2	スマートソルレット	
炎巨人の足輪×1	羽毛×2
4	グラップルレギンス	
大蜘蛛の糸×5	大蜘蛛の殻×10
5	ラメラーサバトン		
鋼石×5		蜂の顎×1
6	ソーサレスソックス	
トレントの人面樹×1	大きな糸玉×2
6	ウィザーズビガッシュ	
つやつやした毛皮×5	魔昌石×2
6	シルバーフット		
人形の金塊×1	人形の鉄塊×1
7	ライダーズクラコー	
巨大な犬歯×5	バジリスクの厚い毛皮×8
7	ブレイカーレギンス	
金鉱石×10		黄金色の綿毛×10
7	フォレストサバトン	
大土蜘蛛の脚×10	古代魚の化石×10
8	マジカルピガッシュ	
風竜の翼×2	氷巨人の頭蓋片×2
8	アースレギンス		
土竜の尻尾×2	トロルキングの鎧片×6
8	ドゥームグリーヴ		
岩の心臓×2	巨獣のなめし革×5
8	ブルーグリーヴ		
粘土の心臓×2	白獣のなめし皮×5
9	エアロスシューズ		
毒虫の胆石×1	氷竜の血×1
9	クイーンズレギンス	
光る黒鉄の塊×1	眠り袋×1
9	夜叉の甲靴		
油染みの布×2	猛毒袋×1
9	ヘヴィメタルサバトン	
黒鉄の板×3	炎巨獣の毛皮×3
9	アニムスソルレット	
赤炎石×1		氷竜の翼×2
10	エレメントピガッシュ	
純白の厚い毛皮×10	大土蜘蛛の大卵×1
10	メイガスソックス		
餓狼の堅い毛皮×30	蜘蛛の金剛糸×1
10	マスターレギンス		
巨大な堅い蹄×15	蜘蛛の金剛糸×1
10	重戦士の足鎧		
巨大な堅い蹄×15	バジリスクの上羽毛×35
10	ジェネラルグリーヴ	
巨大な鋭い顎×4	金剛糸玉×10
11	炎竜の靴		
風竜の大角×4	氷巨人の巻きひげ×8
11	メタルレギンス	
輝く金の塊×2	トロルキングの鋭爪×6
11	バリアントサバトン	
輝く岩の塊×2	大水蜘蛛の鋭爪×8
11	ワイバーンソルレット	
粘土の強心臓×3	風竜の大角×3
12	アリストピガッシュ	
炎巨獣の厚い毛皮×12	火竜の堅頭蓋×2
12	騎士団長の脛当	
古竜の純血×2	血染めの布×6
12	レギオンズフット		
火竜の大角×6	劇毒袋×4
12	★ミラージュサバトン	
紅炎石×2		妖魔の化石×60
12	★氷竜の足鎧		
氷竜の大角×6	氷竜の純血×3
12	★魔人の靴		
古竜の大鱗×50	血染めの布×2

* Shield *

7	カイトシールド		
トロルの仮面×2	古びた仮面×25
8	マスターシールド		
風竜の鱗×25	真白の綿胞子×25
8	ホプロン		
土竜の鱗×30	粘土の面×4
9	ゴールドアスピス		
光る黒鉄の塊×1	古竜の鱗×20
9	ディバインシールド	
古竜の頭蓋×1	黒鉄鉱石×25
10	ミラーシールド		
光雷石×1		血鋼鉱石×45
10	火竜鱗の大盾		
ピュアハート×1	火竜の頭蓋×5
11	フェアリーシールド	
苔むした大面×12	上質なトカゲの皮×45
11	タワーシールド		
輝く金の塊×2	トカゲの虹大ウロコ×55
12	★セイントアスピス	
古竜の純血×3	輝く黒鉄の塊×2
12	★ジェネラルシールド	
毒虫の大胆石×2	ダイヤモンドの原石×80
Accessory [SR4] --------------------------------------------------------------

* Mantles *

1	若草のマント		
狼の毛皮×2	しなびたつる×10
1	デザートケーブ		
巨獣の汚れた革×2	黄色い花粉×10
2	赤皮のマント		
ざらざらした毛皮×1	紅花×1
2	冒険者のマント		
狼の毛皮×5	羽毛×5
2	ウィザーズケープ		
ごつごつした毛皮×2	羽毛×5
7	騎士団制式外套	
土巨獣の毛皮×2	餓狼の血×10
7	王宮騎士の外套	
純白の毛皮×2	ベラドンナ×10
7	豪華なマント		
純白の毛皮×2	黄金色の綿毛×10
10	マスタークラミス		
炎巨獣の毛皮×1	爆裂クルミ×10
10	ブラックマント		
油染みの布×1	紫根の花×10
11	炎竜の羽衣		
火竜の鱗×15	七色蝶×10
12	近衛騎士団制式外套	
純白の厚い毛皮×1	ラフレシア×10
12	騎士団長の外套	
白獣のヌメ革×1	トカゲの大尻尾×10
12	アリストケープ		
毒谷虫の皮×2	真白の綿胞子×10

* Glasses *

Here it is... For the people who likes their anime guy/gal with glasses. 
There is quite a bit of choices... they all do the same thing but the shapes
are different that's it... So you don't have to worry about look and function.
They are all in one!


アンダーリム - Half unde rim
ウエリトン - 80's librarian glasses
スクエア - Retangular modern thick rimmed
オーバルレンズ - Oval rimmed (Modern)
ハーフリム - Half top rimm (modern, looks like sports glasses)
モノクル - monocle
ラウンド - Round (round...)
フィンチ - 18th centuries detective glasses, 
2 small circles...
フォックスレンズ - Focus Lens, thick rimmed oval, 
more flat than Oval Rimmed.

7	アンダーリム・黒		
水晶石×5		鋼石×5
7	アンダーリム・銀		
アンダーリム・黒×1	白金石×5
7	アンダーリム・金		
アンダーリム・黒×1	金鉱石×5
7	アンダーリム・茶		
アンダーリム・黒×1	琥珀×5
7	アンダーリム・赤		
アンダーリム・黒×1	血鋼鉱石×5
7	アンダーリム・紫		
アンダーリム・黒×1	紫水晶×5
7	アンダーリム・青		
アンダーリム・黒×1	ミスリル鉱石×5
7	アンダーリム・白		
アンダーリム・黒×1	ダイヤモンドの原石×5
7	ウエリトン・黒		
水晶石×5		鋼石×5
7	ウエリトン・銀		
ウエリトン・黒×1	白金石×5
7	ウエリトン・金		
ウエリトン・黒×1	金鉱石×5
7	ウエリトン・茶		
ウエリトン・黒×1	琥珀×5
7	ウエリトン・赤		
ウエリトン・黒×1	血鋼鉱石×5
7	ウエリトン・紫		
ウエリトン・黒×1	紫水晶×5
7	ウエリトン・青		
ウエリトン・黒×1	ミスリル鉱石×5
7	ウエリトン・白		
ウエリトン・黒×1	ダイヤモンドの原石×5
7	スクエア・黒		
水晶石×5		鋼石×5
7	スクエア・銀		
スクエア・黒×1	白金石×5
7	スクエア・金		
スクエア・黒×1	金鉱石×5
7	スクエア・茶		
スクエア・黒×1	琥珀×5
7	スクエア・赤		
スクエア・黒×1	血鋼鉱石×5
7	スクエア・紫		
スクエア・黒×1	紫水晶×5
7	スクエア・青		
スクエア・黒×1	ミスリル鉱石×5
7	スクエア・白		
スクエア・黒×1	ダイヤモンドの原石×5
7	オーバルレンズ・黒	
水晶石×5		鋼石×5
7	オーバルレンズ・銀	
オーバルレンズ・黒×1	白金石×5
7	オーバルレンズ・金	
オーバルレンズ・黒×1	金鉱石×5
7	オーバルレンズ・茶	
オーバルレンズ・黒×1	琥珀×5
7	オーバルレンズ・赤	
オーバルレンズ・黒×1	血鋼鉱石×5
7	オーバルレンズ・紫	
オーバルレンズ・黒×1	紫水晶×5
7	オーバルレンズ・青	
オーバルレンズ・黒×1	ミスリル鉱石×5
7	オーバルレンズ・白	
オーバルレンズ・黒×1	ダイヤモンドの原石×5
7	ハーフリム・黒		
水晶石×5		鋼石×5
7	ハーフリム・銀		
ハーフリム・黒×1	白金石×5
7	ハーフリム・金		
ハーフリム・黒×1	金鉱石×5
7	ハーフリム・茶		
ハーフリム・黒×1	琥珀×5
7	ハーフリム・赤		
ハーフリム・黒×1	血鋼鉱石×5
7	ハーフリム・紫		
ハーフリム・黒×1	紫水晶×5
7	ハーフリム・青		
ハーフリム・黒×1	ミスリル鉱石×5
7	ハーフリム・白		
ハーフリム・黒×1	ダイヤモンドの原石×5
7	ヘキサゴン・黒		
水晶石×5		鋼石×5
7	ヘキサゴン・銀		
ヘキサゴン・黒×1	白金石×5
7	ヘキサゴン・金		
ヘキサゴン・黒×1	金鉱石×5
7	ヘキサゴン・茶		
ヘキサゴン・黒×1	琥珀×5
7	ヘキサゴン・赤		
ヘキサゴン・黒×1	血鋼鉱石×5
7	ヘキサゴン・紫		
ヘキサゴン・黒×1	紫水晶×5
7	ヘキサゴン・青		
ヘキサゴン・黒×1	ミスリル鉱石×5
7	ヘキサゴン・白		
ヘキサゴン・黒×1	ダイヤモンドの原石×5
7	モノクル・黒		
水晶石×5		鋼石×5
7	モノクル・銀		
モノクル・黒×1	白金石×5
7	モノクル・金		
モノクル・黒×1	金鉱石×5
7	モノクル・茶		
モノクル・黒×1	琥珀×5
7	モノクル・赤		
モノクル・黒×1	血鋼鉱石×5
7	モノクル・紫		
モノクル・黒×1	紫水晶×5
7	モノクル・青		
モノクル・黒×1	ミスリル鉱石×5
7	モノクル・白		
モノクル・黒×1	ダイヤモンドの原石×5
7	ラウンド・黒		
水晶石×5		鋼石×5
7	ラウンド・銀		
ラウンド・黒×1	白金石×5
7	ラウンド・金		
ラウンド・黒×1	金鉱石×5
7	ラウンド・茶		
ラウンド・黒×1	琥珀×5
7	ラウンド・赤		
ラウンド・黒×1	血鋼鉱石×5
7	ラウンド・紫		
ラウンド・黒×1	紫水晶×5
7	ラウンド・青		
ラウンド・黒×1	ミスリル鉱石×5
7	ラウンド・白		
ラウンド・黒×1	ダイヤモンドの原石×5
7	フィンチ・黒		
水晶石×5		鋼石×5
7	フィンチ・銀		
フィンチ・黒×1	白金石×5
7	フィンチ・金		
フィンチ・黒×1	金鉱石×5
7	フィンチ・茶		
フィンチ・黒×1	琥珀×5
7	フィンチ・赤		
フィンチ・黒×1	血鋼鉱石×5
7	フィンチ・紫		
フィンチ・黒×1	紫水晶×5
7	フィンチ・青		
フィンチ・黒×1	ミスリル鉱石×5
7	フィンチ・白		
フィンチ・黒×1	ダイヤモンドの原石×5
7	フォックスレンズ・黒	
水晶石×5		鋼石×5
7	フォックスレンズ・銀	
フォックスレンズ・黒×1	白金石×5
7	フォックスレンズ・金	
フォックスレンズ・黒×1	金鉱石×5
7	フォックスレンズ・茶	
フォックスレンズ・黒×1	琥珀×5
7	フォックスレンズ・赤	
フォックスレンズ・黒×1	血鋼鉱石×5
7	フォックスレンズ・紫	
フォックスレンズ・黒×1	紫水晶×5
7	フォックスレンズ・青	
フォックスレンズ・黒×1	ミスリル鉱石×5
7	フォックスレンズ・白	
フォックスレンズ・黒×1	ダイヤモンドの原石×5

Synthesis Material Chart [SYC] =============================================

Synthesis material chart is divided into the lower, and upper grade, which
further divides according to Rank.

Lower grades can be obtained from story area, and GR 1-6.
Upper grades can only be obtained in their correponding GR Quest areas.

The following lists the important materials that you may not have, doesn't
include a 100% complete list. If you can't find it here... email me or send
me a PSN message.

For the Map grid location, they are for REFRENCE ONLY. There may be OTHER 
spots, that youc an get the same itme from, if it's the sampe type of 
harvesting spot.

How to use:

The actual chart consists of all Japanese names, look at what you need from
the chart in Japanese, ctrl+c to copy it and use ctrl+f to find it in the
legends section where it has its english information.

Legends [SY1] ----------------------------------------------------------------

Obtained from:

落: Drops from
採取: scavenged from

* Small Enemies *

Polkas (Blaster Plain, Cradle Plain)

ポルカ族 - Polka (use a small explosive type)
バケット族 - Paket (can sleep you)


ジャイアントビー - Giant Bees (normal, stuns)
キラービー - Killer Bees (Very Yellow, paralysis)
ポイズンビー - Poison Bees (Purple, poisons)

Wolf/Boars (Cradle Plain, Desert, Van Heaven Waste Land)

ワイルドボア - Wild Boar (blue)
ジャッカル - 	Jackal (cream color)

Scorpions (Desert, Van Heaven Waste Land, Dogma Hall)

スコーピオン - Scorpion (normal)
レッドスコーピオン - Red Scorpion (red, bottom floor of 
Bunker Road Mine)
キラースコーピオン - Killer scorpion (Dogma Hall/Valley of Insects)

Elementals (only casts magic, various area)

ファイヤーエレメント - Fire elemental (red)
アイスエレメント - Ice elemental (Blue)
ウィンドエレメント - Wind elemental (green)
アースエレメント - ground elemental (brown/dark yellow)

Basilik/Lizards (Noldia Tunnel, Greed Underground, Brandel Mountain Path,
Bunker Road Mine Bottom Floor, Van Haven Waste Land)

バジリスク - Basilisk (purple)
アイスリザード - Ice Lizard (blue)
ファイアリザード - Fire Lizard (red, bottom floor of Bunker Road Mine)

Spiders (small type, Noldia Tunnel, Van Haven Waste Land, Greed Undeground)

コグモ - Spiders (yellow ones)
ミズコグモ - Water Spiders (blue ones)

Fly-trp flowers (Cradle Plain, valley of Insects)

デスフラワー - Death Flower (cradle plain ones)
ダークフラワー - Dark Flower (purple ones at valley of insect)

* Big Enemies/Boss By Familes: *


トロル - Troll
トロルキング - Troll King


ゴーレム - Golems
ロックガーディアン - Rock Guardian
アイアンゴーレム - Iron Golem
太古の守護者 - Ancient Guardian
黒機兵 - Black Mechanic Soldier (Wizard created golems)


大土蜘蛛 - Big spider (brown ones)
大水蜘蛛 - Big water spider (blue ones)


アイスジャイアント - Ice Giant (blue)
サイクロプス - Cyclops (red, GR3 boss type)


ファイヤードラゴン - Fire Dragon (fire dragon)
アイスドラゴン - Ice Dragon (blue)
ウィンドドラゴン - Wind Dragon (green)
アースドラゴン - Earth Dragon (earth dragon)
エンシェントドラゴン - Ancient Dragon (strong vs all elements)

Big Dog Monsters

メガロティグリス - Megalogris (3 heads)
ケルベロス - Cerberus (5 heads, 3+2 destructible ones)


リトルグリーバー - Normal Grippers
ポイズングリーバー - Poison GRippers 
(spwaned by using the alternative spawn method in the GR 6 quest).


ビッグマウス - Big Mouth
トレント - Trents

* Format *

Monster Dropped material

[Item Name]	[Dropped From]
美しい毛皮		落:ビッグマウス

Gathered Material

[From]	[Map Grrid Location]
茂み	B-6/C-8/D-4/D-8	
[What you can get from it]

Lower Grade: Story and GR 1-6 [SY2] -----------------------------------------

* Monster Dropped material *

[Item Name]	[Dropped From]
美しい毛皮		ビッグマウス
丈夫な鎖		トロル
巨人の骨		トロル
巨人の肉		トロル
割れた仮面	トロル
トロルの羽飾り	トロル
羽毛		バジリスク
巨人のしゃれこうべ	サイクロプス
人形の核		ゴーレム
デスフラワーのつぼみ	ダークフラワー
トロルキングの腕輪	トロルキング
ひびわれた鎧片	トロルキング
古代の白銀貨	トロルキング
巨人の血		トロルキング
蜂の外殻		ポイズンビー
蜘蛛の毒牙	コグモ,ミズコグモ
糸玉		ミズコグモ
蜂の顎		キラービー
蜂の針		キラービー, ポイズンビー
巨蟲の薬肝	リトルグリーバー
ごつごつした毛皮	リトルグリーバー
煙袋		リトルグリーバー
谷虫の棘		リトルグリーバー
緑色の体液	リトルグリーバー
トレントの人面樹	トレント
トレントの枝	トレント
ねっとりした樹液	トレント
サソリの小爪	キラースコーピオン, 
スコーピオン, レッドスコーピオン
サソリの小殻	キラースコーピオン, 
スコーピオン, レッドスコーピオン
サソリの小尻尾	キラースコーピオン, 
スコーピオン, レッドスコーピオン
大水蜘蛛の卵殻	大水蜘蛛
蜘蛛の鉄糸	ミズコグモ
蜘蛛の体液	コグモ, ミズコグモ
大水蜘蛛の顎	大水蜘蛛
大蜘蛛の爪	大水蜘蛛
大蜘蛛の殻	大水蜘蛛
サソリの小頭殻	スコーピオン
獣の血		ジャッカル
バジリスクの尻尾	バジリスク
バジリスクの毛皮	バジリスク
石の爪		バジリスク
氷竜の爪		アイスドラゴン
竜の堅い卵	アイスドラゴン, ウインドドラゴン
氷竜の鱗片	アイスドラゴン
竜の骨		アイスドラゴン, ウインドドラゴン
風竜のひげ		ウインドドラゴン
風竜の爪		ウインドドラゴン
風竜の鱗片	ウインドドラゴン
雌狼の毛皮	ジャッカル
竜の牙		ウインドドラゴン
氷巨人の仮面	アイスジャイアント
氷巨人の足輪	アイスジャイアント
白獣の汚れた革	アイスジャイアント
古代金貨		アイスジャイアント
古びた甲殻		クレアデイモス
合成獣の骨	クレアデイモス
古びた欠片		クレアデイモス
封印符		ケルベロス
巨獣の毛皮	ケルベロス
赤炎石の欠片	ケルベロス
巨獣の骨		ケルベロス
つやつやした毛皮	ケルベロス
トレントの宿り木	トレント
トカゲのウロコ	アイスリザード
トカゲの尻尾	アイスリザード
トカゲの牙		アイスリザード
人形の岩塊	ロックガーディアン
魔晶石の欠片	ロックガーディアン,アイアンゴーレム
岩人形の欠片	ロックガーディアン
鉄人形の欠けた面	アイアンゴーレム
魔晶石		アイアンゴーレム
人形の鉄塊	アイアンゴーレム
人形の金塊	太古の守護者
魔晶石の塊	太古の守護者,黒機兵
金人形の欠片	太古の守護者
魔晶石の欠片	太古の守護者
黒騎兵の欠けた面	黒機兵
黒い鉄塊		黒機兵
光る黒鉄の塊	黒機兵(1)(2)
油染みの布	黒機兵(2)
黒機兵の面	黒機兵
毒虫の皮		ポイズングリーバー(2)
(Poison Gripper Only)(2)
毒虫の角		ポイズングリーバー(2)
(Poison Gripper Only)
古竜の頭蓋	エンシェントドラゴン(2)
古竜の鱗		エンシェントドラゴン(2)
古竜の角		エンシェントドラゴン(2)
古竜の翼		エンシェントドラゴン(2)
古竜の尻尾	エンシェントドラゴン(2)

(1) Very rare drop
(2) Although the monster will drop them, but these are technically
GR7+ items so they do not appear as quest rewards for the GR 6 version.

* Gathered Material *
In order they appear in story.

[From]	[Map Grrid Location]
[What you can get from it]

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Blaster Plain @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

樹木	B-5/C-2/C-5/D-3/D-8/E-3/E-4/F-3/F-7/G-7	

木箱	G-5	

岩壁	A-7/C-3/E-7	

草花	C-6/E-5/F-2/G-5	

茂み	B-6/C-8/D-4/D-8	

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Cradle Plain @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

樹木	B-3/B-5/B-7/C-4/C-5/D-2/E-2//F-4/F-5/F-6/G-3/G-4/G-5	

草花	A-6/B-7/C-3/D-5/D-7/F-2/G-3	

茂み	A-6/B-6/C-4/C-6	

岩壁	A-5/B-5/C-3/D-4/E-5/E-6/F-5/G-3	

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Noldia Tunnel @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

木箱	C-2/B-3/C-4/D-3	

岩壁	C-2/C-3/B-4/D-2/D-3/E-3	

やわらかい地面	C-4/D-2	

砕けた岩	E-4	

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Ragnishu Desert @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

サボテン	B-3/C-2/C-4/C-5/F-3/F-6/F-7/G-6/G-8/H-2/H-8/I-2/H-3

ヤシの実	H-4x2

岩壁	C-6/D-8/F-2/G-5	

化石岩	D-6/D-7/E-2x2/E-3/F-5/F-9/H-7/I-6x2/I-7

草花	F-7

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Brandel Mountain Path @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

草花	A-5/B-5/C-3/C-5/C-6	

岩壁	A-4/B-4/B-7

茂み	A-3/B-2/B-3

岩壁	C-2×2/C-3/C-3/C-3 (All Inside Caves)

岩壁	C-5 (Underground)	

岩壁	D-5 (Underground)	

草花	D-5 (Underground)	

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Greed Underground @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

First Floor

壊れた木箱	F-2/E-2/D-3(Upper)/D-2	

木箱	E-3/F-3/C-3/D-2/C-4(Central small room)/B-4

Second Floor

壊れた木箱	D-3	

壊れた木箱	C-2(small room)/D-2	

木箱	D-2/D-2(small room)/C-4/B-4	

木箱	C-4(Lower)	

Third Floor

壊れた木箱	C-2

木箱	C-2

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Bunker Road Mine @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

壊れた木箱	D-3×2	

木箱	D-3×2	

砕けた岩	C-3/D-3	

砕けた岩	B-4	

木箱	C-4	

砕けた岩	D-4	

木箱	C-3(B1F)	

岩壁	B-3(B1F:行き止まり)	

木箱	C-3(B1F)	

壊れた木箱	E-3	

壊れた木箱	C-3(B1F)	

砕けた岩	B-3(B1F)	

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Blaster Plain Cave @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
(Accessable from GR 1's first Quest)

岩壁	F-3	

岩壁	G-3 

岩壁	G-3

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Valley of Insects - EAST @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

砕けた岩	L-3	

草花	L-2/L-3/K-3/J-6/I-7	

樹木	K-4	

草花	K-4	

草花	J-7/K-6/K-5	

砕けた岩	K-6	

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Valley of Insects - WEST @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

草花	C-3/E-7/D-6(upper)/D-4(mid)/D-4×2(upper)/

樹木	D-7

砕けた岩	C-4

砕けた岩	C-4

草花	B-4×2/C-5/C-6/D-3

キノコ	F-4/E-4×2

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Van Haven Waste Land @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Underground is the cave map. Not specify is the open area map.

茂み	D-4/E-5/F-2/H-2

茂み	F-1/H-3/H-4	

キノコ	E-3(Undeground)/F-5(Undeground)/

草花	G-4(Undeground)	

樹木	I-3/I-4	

淡く光る岩	D-3(Undeground)/G-5(Undeground)	

キノコ	G-5(Undeground)	

茂み	F-1/F-6	

淡く光る岩	E-4(Undeground)/H-3(Undeground)/G-6(Undeground)

樹木	D-5/F-5/F-7/G-7×2

キノコ	E-5(Undeground)/G-5(Undeground)

淡く光る岩	G-4(Undeground)	

草花	A-3/E-2/E-3(Undeground)/G-3(Undeground)

樹木	E-2/D-3/B-3

淡く光る岩	C-4(地下)

草花	C-2/C-3/D-6/I-4×2

キノコ	G-3(Undeground)	

茂み	G-5

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Dogma Hall - Outside @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

D-7	コガネムシ/九香虫/オオアゴカミキリ/ヒメタマムシ

岩壁	C-8/B-8/B-3	

草花	A-5/C-8/B-7/B-5/C-3	

草花	B-7/B-5/A-4	

岩壁	A-5	

草花	C-5	

岩壁	C-4	

茂み	A-6	

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Dogma Hall - Broken Temple @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

草花	C-4/D-3/D-1	

草花	B-5/B-5/C-3	

壊れた木箱	B-4	

草花	D-3	

木箱	B-4/C-1	

木箱	B-2	

Upper Grade: GR 7 and Above =================================================

The items you get from GR 7 and above are sorted into area in which they
are obtained from. In other words, quest specific items.

In addition to Rank Specific item, you'll also get lower rank items. The
higher rank the quest, the higher quality the "lower rank" items will be.

This list is also incomplete. The Japanese wiki is also very incomplete, so
a lot of these are my personal experience.

Tips and Tricks  (very helpful) [T&T] ---------------------------------------

Once you reach higher level guild rank quests, you find yourself drop your
jaw on the tremendously lower drop rate from monsters. Some rare materials
would not drop for more than dozens of repeat of the same quest as either
monster drop, or quest reward. Below are helpful tips for gathering materials
you need from bosses or harvesting points.

* Monster Drops *

Some families of monsters may drop item without killing them, as you may
already know. As far as I know, item that can be obtained by combo finishing
at certain parts of the monster can be all possible drops from the monster.
YOU MUST COMBO FINISH specific parts of the monster to obtain these item.

Higher tier normal monster drops appear at Guild Rank 7 and Guild Rank 10 where
the quests begin to repeat. The 2 ranks following will have normal monsters
dropping the same thing as the initial repeat rank.

ビッグマウス - Head and Back (頭部 and 背中)
Dragon Family - Tail and Back (尻尾 and 背中) 
Back is only accesable after you tip the dragon twice in a role. You have to
first tip its balance where it is on its knee, then do another small combo,
then it will fall to the ground.
Gripper Family - Tail (尻尾)

* Drop Rate *

Drop Rate of item shouldn't really be an issue of an offline RPG. This is still
true for WKC's offline portion and GR 1-6. Drop rate are pretty good.

It Starts to become an issue once you reach Guild Rank 7. Drop Rate dips
dramatically. Following is what I have observed for drop rates. Numbers are
my estimates.

Normal Mobs have different drop rate % for different items, the exact
item that fall in different tiers of drop rate seems to have no set 
pattern. Usually item used for weapons are harder to come by than
item required for armor, which are hard to come by then item used for
upgrades. They seem to be in tiers of:

12.5% ~ 15% drop Rate
10% ~ 12.5%
7.5% ~ 10%
5% ~ 7.5 %

Boss Items have better pattern in determing what kind of drop rate each of the
item have. 

If the weapon/armor requires 4~5+ copies
12.5 ~ 15% Drop Rate

If the weapon/armor requires 3~4 copies
10% ~ 12.5% Drop rate

if the weapon/armor requires 2~3 copies
5% ~ 10%

If the weapon/armor only requires 1 copy
< 5% (about 2% ~ 3% average drop rate). These are considered to be "rare"

* Getting High Level Gathered Material Quickly *

The easiest way to get these material is to just keep recreating the quest
that have harvesting point near the start, once you depleat it, retire the
quest and recreate the quest. Rinse and Repeat.

The following is translation from:
Part2 (Japanese Exchange blog) Additional Information added from
白騎士物語の質問に全力で答えるスレ part 7

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(Good place to gather materials)

金鉱石 [Material]

[Quest Name]  	
(Next to the house "木箱")
(D-4 Upper Right "壁")
(Next to Save Point "壊れた木箱") 	

ガルーダの原木 and ココヤシの原木

(F-4 Next to river 3x, E22 Lower Left, B3 Lower Right)	
(Next to Logic Stone "木箱")
(C-3 upper right “木箱” east of the save point)


(D-2 Central right path's "木箱")	


(D-2 Uppermost room's upper left "木箱")


(Next to Save POint "木箱")
(C-3 upper right "木箱" east of the save point)

紫水晶, 黒水晶, 
黒曜石, and 水晶石

(Next to the house "壊れた木箱")
(B-3 "地面") 

古代魚の化石 and 燃料石

(F-5 upper right "化石岩")	


(G-4 south after save point "上段の茂み")
(Close to the logic point "茂み")


(Right behind where you start "木箱")
(Close to the save point "茂み")


(B-5 Right away to the right)


(Next to save point "壊れた木箱")
(B3 bottom-left "岩壁")


(D-2 Upper Most Room's Upperright "壊れた木箱")


(B3 bottom-left "岩壁")
(Inside Cave C-2 bottom right,
C-3 bottom left, C-3 right side "岩壁")


(C-4 bottom "岩壁")
(Inside Cave C-3 bottom path "岩壁")


(Inside Cave C-3 bottom path "岩壁")


(B-2 Near Start "茂み") 

Guild Rank 7 Materials [SY3] ------------------------------------------------


Monster Drops

[Item]		[Dropped From]

Gathered Material

[Item]		[Type of Places]

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Blaster Plain @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Troll Quest

Monster Drops

[Item]		[Dropped From]
ハチミツ		ジャイアントビー
兵隊蜂の顎	ジャイアントビー
兵隊蜂の殻	ジャイアントビー
爆弾クルミ		ポルカ族
古びた仮面		バケット族
トロルの鎧片	トロル
トロルの仮面	トロル
トロルのかぎ爪	トロル
巨人の棍棒	トロル

Gathered Material

[Item]		[Type of Places]
紫水晶		壊れた木箱
ガルーダの原木	樹木
甘露虫		草花
金鉱石		木箱/岩壁
燃料石		岩壁

DLC Quest

- Regular Monster Drops same as the Troll Quest
- Trent, Trolls, and Troll King drops quest item ONLY

Monster Drops

ギガース甲伍式	魔人の爪  
ギガース甲伍式	魔人の眼
ギガース甲伍式	魔人の紋呪
ギガース甲伍式	魔人の血
ギガース甲伍式	魔人の尾
ギガース甲参式	魔人の爪 
ギガース甲参式	魔人の紋呪
ギガース甲参式	魔人の血
ギガース甲一式	魔人の爪
ギガース甲一式	魔人の血

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Cradle Plain @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Monster Drops

ハチミツ		ジャイアントビー
兵隊蜂の顎	ジャイアントビー
兵隊蜂の殻	ジャイアントビー
爆弾クルミ		ポルカ族
古びた仮面		バケット族
トロルの鎧片	トロル
トロルの仮面	トロル
トロルのかぎ爪	トロル
巨人の棍棒	トロル
ミストの結晶	トレント
朝霧の雫		トレント
純白の毛皮	ビッグマウス
巨大な犬歯	ビッグマウス
巨大な顎		ビッグマウス
白き心		ビッグマウス
巨大な蹄		ビッグマウス
風竜の尻尾	ウインドドラゴン
古狼の毛皮	ワイルドボア
餓狼の毛皮	ワイルドボア
餓狼の牙		ワイルドボア
餓狼の血		ワイルドボア

Gathered Material

紫水晶		壊れた木箱
ガルーダの原木	樹木
甘露虫		草花
金鉱石		木箱/岩壁
燃料石		岩壁
立派な苗木	樹木

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Noldia Tunnel @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Monster Drops

蜘蛛の猛毒牙	ミズコグモ
鋼糸玉		ミズコグモ
蜘蛛の粘着液	ミズコグモ
ひび割れた魔石像	ファイヤーエレメント 
(low drop rate)
バジリスクの爪	バジリスク
バジリスクの羽毛	バジリスク
バジリスクの首	バジリスク 
(low drop rate)
バジリスクの厚い毛皮	バジリスク
トロルの鎧片	トロル
トロルの仮面	トロル
トロルのかぎ爪	トロル
巨人の棍棒	トロル

Gathered Material

ベラドンナ		木箱
ガルーダの原木	木箱
立派な苗木	木箱
古代魚の化石	岩壁
金鉱石		木箱/岩壁
燃料石		岩壁

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Ragnishu Desert @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Monster Drops

サソリの爪		スコーピオン
サソリの尻尾	スコーピオン
サソリの頭殻	スコーピオン
サソリの殻		スコーピオン
兵隊蜂の針	キラービー
古狼の毛皮	ジャッカル, ワイルドボア
餓狼の毛皮	ワイルドボア, ジャッカル
餓狼の牙		ワイルドボア, ジャッカル
餓狼の血		ワイルドボア, ジャッカル
土巨獣の牙	メガロティグリス
土巨獣の爪	メガロティグリス
土巨獣の毛皮	メガロティグリス
土巨獣の尾	メガロティグリス
召雷石		メガロティグリス
ひび割れた魔石像	ファイヤーエレメント 
(low drop rate)

Gathered Material

古代魚の化石	化石岩、岩壁
ガルーダの原木	樹木

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Greed Underground @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Monster Drops

鋼糸玉		ミズコグモ
蜘蛛の鋼糸	ミズコグモ
蜘蛛の粘着液	コグモ
大土蜘蛛の毒針	大蜘蛛
大土蜘蛛の足	大蜘蛛
大土蜘蛛のかぎ爪	大蜘蛛
大土蜘蛛の甲殻	大蜘蛛
ひび割れた魔石像	Various Elemental
(low drop rate)

Gathered Material

金鉱石		木箱
ガルーダの原木	木箱
立派な苗木	木箱

Guild Rank 8 Materials [SY4] ------------------------------------------------

Elementals in GR 8 quest begins to drop 
円石 (Cocoliths) item required for elemental
enchantment on GR 8 weapons and equipments.

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Ragnishu Desert @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Regular mob in this GR 8 quest drops key item instead of their normal item
except the golems.

Monster Drops

炎巨人の頭蓋片	サイクロプス
炎巨人のひげ	サイクロプス
炎巨人の心臓片	サイクロプス
巨獣のなめし革	サイクロプス
炎巨人の眼	サイクロプス
土人形の腕輪	ゴーレム
粘土の面		ゴーレム
粘土の心臓	ゴーレム
緑の原石		ゴーレム
青い原石		ゴーレム

Gathered Material

Same as GR 7 part.

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Brandel Mountain Path @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Monster Drops

氷巨人の頭蓋片	アイスジャイアント
氷巨人のひげ	アイスジャイアント
氷巨人の心臓片	アイスジャイアント
白獣のなめし革	アイスジャイアント
炎巨人の頭蓋片	サイクロプス
炎巨人のひげ	サイクロプス
炎巨人の心臓片	サイクロプス
巨獣のなめし革	サイクロプス
トカゲの虹ウロコ	アイスリザード、ファイヤーリザード
トカゲの剣牙	アイスリザード
兵隊蜂の顎	ポイズンビー
兵隊蜂の殻	ポイズンビー
兵隊蜂の針	ポイズンビー
Rest of the monster drop the same as GR 7.

Gathered Material

七色蝶		草花
琥珀		岩壁
黒水晶		岩壁
砂鉄		岩壁
ガルーダの枝木	草花

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Greed Underground @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Monster Drops

火印の円石	ファイヤーエレメント
粘土の面		ゴーレム
粘土の心臓	ゴーレム
緑の原石		ゴーレム
青い原石		ゴーレム
Rest of the monster drop the same as GR 7.

Gathered Material

癒しの香木		木箱
真白の綿胞子	木箱 (D-2)
Rest the same as GR 7

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Bunker Road Mine @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

土竜の頭蓋	アースドラゴン
土竜の血		アースドラゴン
土竜の鱗		アースドラゴン
土竜の角		アースドラゴン
土竜の翼		アースドラゴン
土竜の尻尾	アースドラゴン
岩人形の腕輪	ロックガーディアン
人形の岩塊	ロックガーディアン
岩の心臓		ロックガーディアン
苔むした面		ロックガーディアン
紫の原石		ロックガーディアン
赤い原石		ロックガーディアン
光る岩の塊		ロックガーディアン (low rate)
(I went 1/22 for this)
光る鉄の塊		アイアンゴーレム
鉄人形の面	アイアンゴーレム
人形の鉄塊	アイアンゴーレム
黒い原石		アイアンゴーレム
さびた板		アイアンゴーレム
光る金の塊		太古の守護者 (low rate)
(I went 1/11 for this)
金人形の腕輪	太古の守護者
金人形の面	太古の守護者
金の心臓		太古の守護者
人形の金塊	太古の守護者
黄金色の板	太古の守護者
灰色の原石	太古の守護者
トカゲの堅い殻	ファイヤーリザード
トカゲの虹ウロコ	ファイヤーリザード
トカゲの剣牙	ファイヤーリザード
土印の円石	アースエレメント
サソリの爪		レッドスコーピオン
サソリの尻尾	レッドスコーピオン
サソリの頭殻	レッドスコーピオン
サソリの殻		レッドスコーピオン
Rest of the monster drop the same as GR 7.

Gathered Material

琥珀		岩壁
黒水晶		岩壁/木箱
砂鉄		岩壁/木箱
癒しの香木		木箱
古代魚の化石	岩壁

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Valley of Insects @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Monster Drops

トロルキングのかぎ爪	トロルキング
トロルキングの鎧片	トロルキング
トロルキングの仮面	トロルキング
巨人のメイス	トロルキング
大水蜘蛛の毒針	大水蜘蛛
大水蜘蛛のかぎ爪	大水蜘蛛
大水蜘蛛の足	大水蜘蛛
大水蜘蛛の甲殻	大水蜘蛛
大きな種		ダークフラワー
デスフラワーの花弁	ダークフラワー
Rest of the monster drop the same as GR 7.

Gathered Material

七色蝶		草花
真白の綿胞子	草花

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Van Heaven Waste Land @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Monster Drops

氷巨人の頭蓋片	アイスジャイアント
氷巨人のひげ	アイスジャイアント
氷巨人の心臓片	アイスジャイアント
白獣のなめし革	アイスジャイアント
純白の毛皮	ビッグマウス
巨大な蹄		ビッグマウス
巨大な顎		ビッグマウス
巨大な犬歯	ビッグマウス
白き心		ビッグマウス
大土蜘蛛の毒針	大土蜘蛛
大土蜘蛛のかぎ爪	大土蜘蛛
大土蜘蛛の足	大土蜘蛛
大土蜘蛛の甲殻	大土蜘蛛
風竜の頭蓋	ウィンドドラゴン
風竜の血		ウィンドドラゴン
風竜の鱗		ウィンドドラゴン
風竜の角		ウィンドドラゴン
風竜の翼		ウィンドドラゴン
風竜の尻尾	ウィンドドラゴン
Normal Mobs drop the same as GR 7.

Gathered Material

黒水晶		淡く光る岩
砂鉄		淡く光る岩
癒しの香木		樹木
ガルーダの枝木	樹木
古代魚の化石	淡く光る岩
琥珀		淡く光る岩

GUild Rank 9 Materials [SY5] ------------------------------------------------

Things from here out are mostly only drop from bosses. Normal mob drops the
same stuff as other ranks basically. Therefore monster drops listed below
are basically monster drops or quest rewards.

Starting from Guild Rank 9, Elementals begin dropping

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Brandel Mountain Path @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Ice Giant Quest

Monster Drops

炎巨獣の毛皮	ケルベロス
炎巨獣の牙	ケルベロス
炎巨獣の爪	ケルベロス
炎巨獣の尾	ケルベロス
赤炎石		ケルベロス

Gathered Material

紫根の花		草花
真白の綿胞子	草花
夜光虫		草花
霊芝		草花
ラフレシア		草花
黒鉄鉱石		岩壁
魔光石		岩壁
魔獣の化石	岩壁

DLC Quest

Monster Drops

ギガース・乙参式 	魔人の爪  
ギガース・乙参式	魔人の紋呪
ギガース・乙参式	魔人の尾
ギガース・甲零式	魔人の爪  
ギガース・甲零式	魔人の紋呪
ギガース・甲零式	魔人の尾
グレアデイモス	合成獣の牙
グレアデイモス	合成獣の爪
グレアデイモス	合成獣の仮面
グレアデイモス	合成獣の血
グレアデイモス	古びた大砲
ディノ・グレアデイモス	魔成獣の背甲    
ディノ・グレアデイモス	魔成獣の仮面
ディノ・グレアデイモス	魔成獣の鎧甲
ディノ・グレアデイモス	魔成獣の足輪
ディノ・グレアデイモス	古びた魔砲

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Bunker Road Mine @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Monster Drops

火竜の頭蓋	ファイヤードラゴン
火竜の血		ファイヤードラゴン
火竜の鱗		ファイヤードラゴン
火竜の角		ファイヤードラゴン
火竜の翼		ファイヤードラゴン
火竜の尻尾	ファイヤードラゴン

Gathered Material

黒鉄鉱石		岩壁
魔光石		岩壁 地面

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Valley of Insects @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Poison Gripper items are either NOT AVAILABLE as quest rewards OR have very
lower drop rate as quest rewards.

Monster Drops

谷虫の皮		リトルグリーバー
谷虫の角		リトルグリーバー
眠り袋		リトルグリーバー
虫の胆石		リトルグリーバー
毒虫の皮		ポイズングリーバー 
(Poison Gripper Only)
毒虫の胆石	ポイズングリーバー
(Poison Gripper Only)
毒虫の角		ポイズングリーバー
(Poison Gripper Only)
猛毒袋		ポイズングリーバー 
(Poison Gripper Only)

Gathered Material

紫根の花		草花
夜光虫		草花
霊芝		草花

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Dogma Hall @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

This section is combined from both the Black Mechanic Soldier Quest as well
as the dragon quest. Materials will only drop from their respective enemies
with their respective quests

Monster Drops

Black Mechanical Soldier Drops
転移石		アイアンゴーレム, 太古の守護者 
(Item for Teleporters; these also don't drop their normal items)
魔導の核		黒機兵
黒機兵の腕輪	黒機兵
黒機兵の面	黒機兵
黒鉄の板		黒機兵
油染みの布	黒機兵
(2/15 for this)
光る黒鉄の塊	黒機兵
(1/13 for this)

Dragon Drops
火竜の頭蓋	ファイヤードラゴン
火竜の血		ファイヤードラゴン
火竜の鱗		ファイヤードラゴン
火竜の角		ファイヤードラゴン
火竜の翼		ファイヤードラゴン
火竜の尻尾	ファイヤードラゴン
氷竜の頭蓋	アイスドラゴン
氷竜の血		アイスドラゴン
氷竜の鱗		アイスドラゴン
氷竜の角		アイスドラゴン
氷竜の翼		アイスドラゴン
氷竜の尻尾	アイスドラゴン
風竜の頭蓋	ウィンドドラゴン
風竜の血		ウィンドドラゴン
風竜の鱗		ウィンドドラゴン
風竜の角		ウィンドドラゴン
風竜の翼		ウィンドドラゴン
風竜の尻尾	ウィンドドラゴン
土竜の頭蓋	アースドラゴン
土竜の血		アースドラゴン
土竜の鱗		アースドラゴン
土竜の角		アースドラゴン
土竜の翼		アースドラゴン
土竜の尻尾	アースドラゴン
古竜の頭蓋	エンシェントドラゴン
(I went 1/31 for this)
古竜の血		エンシェントドラゴン
古竜の鱗		エンシェントドラゴン
古竜の角		エンシェントドラゴン
古竜の翼		エンシェントドラゴン
古竜の尻尾	エンシェントドラゴン

Gathered Material

紫根の花		草花
真白の綿胞子	草花
夜光虫		草花
霊芝		草花
ラフレシア		草花
黒鉄鉱石		岩壁
魔光石		地面
魔獣の化石	岩壁

GUild Rank 10 Materials [SY6] -------------------------------------------------

Elementals in Rank 10 will start dropping 
星石. Also note, from here on out
equipment synthesizing will become much more difficult. The drop rate is more
or less the same as the few ranks before 10, but the amount required doubles
and sometimes even triples.

Note about drop rates: Drop rate still speculation, but the difference is that 
the same type of materials in Rank 10 quality are used in larger quantity. For
example, the Basilisk's Thick Skin in the previous rank drops about the 10% of
the time, now the Rank 10 version Basilisk's Big Thick Skin still drops
about 10% of the time even though items require larger quantity (30) of it.

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Rank 10 Gathered Materials @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Instead of putting what you can get from each place, if you made it this far
you'll probably be familiar with the drop patterns. You can refer to previous
rank for location where you can pick up each type of materials.

Ore Type
鋼石 金鉱石 砂鉄 黒鉄鉱石 
羽光鉱石 血銅鉱石

Fossil Type
燃料石 古代魚の化石 琥珀 魔獣の化石 
燃料石の塊 翼竜の化石

Crystal Type
水晶石 紫水晶 黒水晶 魔光石 
ルビーの原石 サファイアの原石

Fruit/Medicine Type
ノロイタケ シビレタケ パフキノコ 霊芝 
ヨロイタケ マンドラゴラ	

Bug Type
ヒメタマムシ 甘露虫 七色蝶 夜光虫 
火喰い虫 オオツノクワガタ

Wood Type 1
杉の枝木 ガルーダの枝木 立派な苗木 白樫の枝木 
不思議な苗木 百年杉の枝木

Wood Type 2
ココヤシの原木 ガルーダの原木 癒しの香木 白樫の原木 
ヘビヤシの原木 百年杉の枝木	

Plant Type
トリカブト ベラドンナ 紫根の花 ラフレシア 
月の花 アロマ草

Cotton Type
木綿の綿毛 黄金色の綿毛 
真白の綿胞子 白銀の綿胞子	

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Balaster Plain @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Troll Quest

Monster Drops

ジャイアントビー	白い花粉
ジャイアントビー	兵隊蜂のしびれ針
ジャイアントビー	兵隊蜂の堅殻
ジャイアントビー	兵隊蜂の堅顎
バケット族		妖精の仮面
ポルカ族		爆裂クルミ
トロル		トロルの鎧
トロル		巨人の大棍棒
トロル		トロルの鋭爪
トロル		トロルの銀仮面

DLC Quest

- Regular Monster Drops same as the Troll Quest
- Trent, Trolls, and Troll King drops quest item ONLY

Monster Drops

ギガース甲伍式	魔人の大爪  
ギガース甲伍式	魔人の破紋呪
ギガース甲伍式	魔人の黒い血
ギガース甲伍式	魔人の鋭い尾
ギガース甲伍式	魔人の魔眼
ギガース甲参式	魔人の大爪 
ギガース甲参式	魔人の紋呪
ギガース甲参式	魔人の黒い血
ギガース甲参式	魔人の鋭い尾
ギガース甲一式	魔人の大爪
ギガース甲一式	魔人の鋭い尾
ギガース甲一式	魔人の破紋呪
ギガース甲一式	魔人の黒い血

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Cradle Plain @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Monster Drops

ワイルドボア	餓狼の大牙  
ワイルドボア	餓狼の硬い毛皮
ワイルドボア	餓狼の純血
ワイルドボア	古狼の硬い毛皮 (Low Drop)
トレント		ミストの結晶 
トレント		朝霧の雫 
トレント		ミストの大結晶 
トレント		夜霧の雫 (Low Drop)
トロル		Same
ポルカ族		Same
バケット族		Same
ジャイアントビー	Same
デスフラワー	とげとげしい種 
デスフラワー	デスフラワーの妖花 (very low drop)
ビックマウス	巨大な硬い歯
ビックマウス	純白の厚い毛皮
ビックマウス	巨大な硬い蹄
ビックマウス	巨大な鋭い顎 (low drop)
ビックマウス	ピュアハート (very Low Drop)

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Noldia Tunnel @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Monster Drops

ミズコグモ		金剛糸玉   
ミズコグモ		蜘蛛の劇毒牙
ミズコグモ		蜘蛛の強粘着液
ミズコグモ		蜘蛛の金剛糸
バジリスク		バジリスクの上毛皮   
バジリスク		バジリスクの大爪
バジリスク		バジリスクの上羽毛
バジリスク		バジリクスの鎌首
トロル		Same	
ファイヤーエレメント	魔石像の半身  
ファイヤーエレメント	火印の輝石
ファイヤーエレメント	火印の円石
ファイヤーエレメント	火印の星石

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Ragnishu Desert @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Monster Drops

ゴーレム		長い棒の木
スコーピオン	ソリの大爪   
スコーピオン	サソリの巨大殻
スコーピオン	サソリの大尻尾
スコーピオン	サソリの堅頭殻 (Low Drop)
キラービー		白い花粉
キラービー		兵隊蜂のしびれ針
キラービー		兵隊蜂の堅殻
キラービー		兵隊蜂の堅顎
ジャッカル		餓狼の大牙  
ジャッカル		餓狼の純血
ジャッカル		餓狼の硬い毛皮
ジャッカル		古狼の硬い毛皮 (low Drop)
ワイルドボア	Same
ファイヤーエレメント	Same
メガロティグリス	土巨獣の大爪 
メガロティグリス	土巨獣の鋭い牙
メガロティグリス	土巨獣の厚い毛皮
メガロティグリス	土巨獣の鋭い尾
メガロティグリス	光雷石 (Low Drop)

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Greed Underground @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Monster Drops

ミズコグモ		Same
アイスリザード	Quest Item Only
コグモ		Quest Item and Spider Item
大蜘蛛		大土蜘蛛の鋭爪    
大蜘蛛		大土蜘蛛の堅甲殻 (low drop)
大蜘蛛		大土蜘蛛の猛毒針
大蜘蛛		大土蜘蛛の長足
大蜘蛛		大土蜘蛛の大卵 
(very low drop)

Guild Rank 11 Materials [SY7] --------------------------------------------------

Elementals in Rank 11 will start dropping
魔石. Like Guild Rank 10, Guild Rank 11 builds
upon GR 10's difficulty. Monsters are much tougher, drop rates is about
the same but because of a lot of materials come from the golems in the mine,
it'll take much longer to complete any armors from here on out. Surprisingly,
weapons are a tad easier in GR 11.

GR 11 format will follow GR 10.

One last note, the same normal monster drops the same thing in GR 11 as in
GR 10, so I wont' be listing normal monster drops here unless it's a new
normal monster.

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Rank 11 Gathered Materials @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Ore Type
金鉱石 砂鉄 黒鉄鉱石 
羽光鉱石 血銅鉱石 白金石

Fossil Type
古代魚の化石 琥珀 魔獣の化石 
燃料石の塊 翼竜の化石 珪化木

Crystal Type
紫水晶 黒水晶 魔光石 
ルビーの原石 サファイアの原石

Fruit/Medicine Type
ノロイタケ シビレタケ パフキノコ 霊芝 
ヨロイタケ マンドラゴラ

Bug Type
ヒメタマムシ 甘露虫 七色蝶 夜光虫 
火喰い虫 オオツノクワガタ

Wood Type 1
ガルーダの枝木 立派な苗木 白樫の枝木 
不思議な苗木 百年杉の枝木

Wood Type 2
ガルーダの原木 癒しの香木 白樫の原木 
ヘビヤシの原木 百年杉の枝木	ユグラの古木

Plant Type
ベラドンナ 紫根の花 ラフレシア 
月の花 アロマ草 太陽の花

Cotton Type
黄金色の綿毛 真白の綿胞子
白銀の綿胞子 漆黒の綿毛

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Ragnishu Desert @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Monster Drops

Wolfs, Bees, and Scorpions drop quest related items only.
ゴーレム		土人形の堅腕
ゴーレム		粘土の大面
ゴーレム		粘土の強心臓
ゴーレム		大きな青い原石
ゴーレム		大きな緑の原石
サイクロプス	巨獣のヌメ革
サイクロプス	炎巨人の巻きひげ
サイクロプス	炎巨人の頭蓋骨
サイクロプス	炎巨人の心臓
サイクロプス	炎巨人の魔眼

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Brandel Mountain Path @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Monster Drops

アイスリザード	トカゲの大剣牙
アイスリザード	トカゲの虹大ウロコ
アイスリザード	上質なトカゲの皮
アイスリザード	トカゲの大尻尾
ファイヤーリザード	トカゲの大剣牙
ファイヤーリザード	トカゲの虹大ウロコ
ファイヤーリザード	上質なトカゲの皮
ファイヤーリザード	トカゲの大尻尾
アイスジャイアント	白獣のヌメ革
アイスジャイアント	氷巨人の巻きひげ
アイスジャイアント	氷巨人の頭蓋骨
アイスジャイアント	氷巨人の心臓
アイスジャイアント	氷巨人の魔眼
サイクロプス	巨獣のヌメ革
サイクロプス	炎巨人の巻きひげ
サイクロプス	炎巨人の頭蓋骨
サイクロプス	炎巨人の心臓
サイクロプス	炎巨人の魔眼

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Greed Underground @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Monster Drops

アイスリザード	トカゲの大剣牙
アイスリザード	トカゲの虹大ウロコ
アイスリザード	上質なトカゲの皮
アイスリザード	トカゲの大尻尾
ゴーレム		土人形の堅腕
ゴーレム		粘土の大面
ゴーレム		粘土の強心臓
ゴーレム		大きな青い原石
ゴーレム		大きな緑の原石

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Bunker Road Mine @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Monster Drops

アースドラゴン	土竜の大鱗
アースドラゴン	土竜の鋭い尻尾
アースドラゴン	土竜の堅い翼
アースドラゴン	土竜の純血
アースドラゴン	土竜の堅い角
アースドラゴン	土竜の堅頭蓋
ファイヤーリザード	トカゲの大剣牙
ファイヤーリザード	トカゲの虹大ウロコ
ファイヤーリザード	上質なトカゲの皮
ファイヤーリザード	トカゲの大尻尾
ロックガーディアン	大きな赤い原石   
ロックガーディアン	大きな紫の原石
ロックガーディアン	苔むした大面
ロックガーディアン	岩人形の堅腕
ロックガーディアン	岩の強心臓
アイアンゴーレム	大きな黒い原石   
アイアンゴーレム	鉄人形の堅腕 
アイアンゴーレム	鉄人形の大面
アイアンゴーレム	さびた大板
アイアンゴーレム	鉄の強心臓
太古の守護者	金人形の大面  
太古の守護者	大きな灰色の原石
太古の守護者	金人形の堅腕
太古の守護者	黄金色の大板
太古の守護者	金の強心臓

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Valley of Insects @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Monster Drops

トロルキング	トロルキングの鎧   
トロルキング	トロルキングの鋭爪
トロルキング	巨人の銀鎚
トロルキング	トロルキングの王冠
アースドラゴン	土竜の大鱗
アースドラゴン	土竜の鋭い尻尾
アースドラゴン	土竜の堅い翼
アースドラゴン	土竜の純血
アースドラゴン	土竜の堅い角
アースドラゴン	土竜の堅頭蓋
大水蜘蛛	大水蜘蛛の堅甲殻
(low drop)
大水蜘蛛	大水蜘蛛の猛毒針
大水蜘蛛	大水蜘蛛の鋭爪 
大水蜘蛛	大水蜘蛛の大卵 
(very low drop)
大水蜘蛛	大水蜘蛛の長足

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Van Heaven Wasteland @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Monster Drops

ウインドドラゴン	風竜の大鱗     
ウインドドラゴン	風竜の鋭い尻尾
ウインドドラゴン	風竜の堅い翼
ウインドドラゴン	風竜の純血
ウインドドラゴン	風竜の大角
ウインドドラゴン	風竜の堅頭蓋
ビッグマウス  	same as GR10
大土蜘蛛  	same as GR10


- Guild Rank 12 Materials [SY8]

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