1. Jens Oras Art Director
  2. Jens Oras Art Director
  3. Gordon Van Dyke Associate Producer
  4. Rickard Eden Associate Producer
  5. Lo Wallmo Associate Producer
  6. Stefan Strandberg Audio Director
  7. Niclas Forsell Build Engineer
  8. Peter Andersson Character Artist
  9. Yashar Moradbakhti Development Director
  10. Jorgen Stenquist Development Director
  11. Alan Kertz Game Designer
  12. Lars Gustavsson Lead Designer
  13. Patrick Bache Producer
  14. Bjorn Johnsson Producer
  15. Jamie Keen Producer
  16. Patrick Liu Producer
  17. Patrick Bach Senior Designer
  18. David Goldfarb Senior Designer
  19. Jamie Keen Senior Designer
  20. Johan Dohl Senior Development Director
  21. Karl-Magnus Troedsson Senior Producer
  22. Stefan Ashton Frank Voice: The President

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