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FAQ by Ghidrah

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/29/17

Hard mode game

Title: Half Life 2 EPISODE 1
Producer: Valve
For: PC
MSWord: Courier New
Created: 9/2016
By: Ghidrah
EMaul: Ghidrah1@hotmail.com

If anyone wishes to use this guide on their site, I'd like to know. I don't 
have a problem with its use by others on Gaming forums, FAQ sites, or being 
copied for personal use. I'd like to know if it's to be viewed on a site 
though, just so I could drop by to ensure it hasn't been altered. So please 
send me your sites URL.

As with all my guides, find some legit trick I missed, you get the credit for 
it in the guide and an insert amendment to the guide where it will be used. 
As long as the trick, shortcut, etc., etc., can be validated by me without 
the use of any kind of cheat codes if (codes) exist for the PC version of the 


1. Junk
2. Contractions
3 Walkthrough, Menu


Like my HL2 guide, this guide is not an in depth walkthrough regarding 
achievements and pick-ups, it's as close to speeding as the game and or my 
ability allows, the only time a Lambda cache or achievement may be mentioned 
or attained is if it is in direct line with the path I use, only for the 
supplies and or a requirement to proceed with the game. Again, this guide 
assumes you have played HL2 ep1 a number of times and may be considering 
doing some things different. As in my HL2 guide, the majority of the tactics 
used are my own. With the countless number of people playing the game over 
the years it's no surprise that the same or very similar maneuvers crop up 
for the same events; some actions are universal. 

Unlike my HL2 guide, (there were/are many players the world over that found 
some unique ways to get over the game). As of yet I haven't found any players 
with unique survival solutions, (beyond the ones I brained out myself before 
having a look). Even my HL2/UD "Gaming Review" and "Dog's Ball" heroes are 
quiet, relying on conventional maneuvers, maybe there just isn't the room for 
truly unique moves in the game.

In HL2ep1 there're a few new survival tricks to hone, at the top of the list 
is learning to use the Gravity Gun to retrieve and repel grenades from 
Kamikaze "ZBs", (Combine Zombies = Zombines). Many carry grenades and 
activate them as they advance on Alyx and or Gordon.

Another thing to be conscious of is the Right Trigger, "RT" and the SG. Using 
RT sends 2 SG rnds at once; a close up head shot can drop a ZB in 1 to 2 
shots, this is an asset when you're being swarmed.

If you D/L my guide from the internet, you can use the "FIND" option to 
quickly locate specific areas of the game and avoid unwanted info.


Most used/repetitive nouns in the game

Assault Entry Point= AEP,
Bunny Hop= BH,
Clockwise= Cw,
Combine Zombie/s, (Zombine) = ZB/s,
Control Room= CR,
Counter Clockwise= CCw,
Cross Bow= CB,
Crowbar= KB,
Dog's Ball= DB,
Entry Point= EP,
Explosive Barrel/s= EB/s,
Exit Point= XP,
Explosive Tank- ET,
Firing Position= FP,
Flashlight= FL,
Force Field Wkwy= FFWkwy, 
Gas Can= GC,
Gravity Gun= GG,
Gravity Gun Pull= GGP-,
Gravity Gun Punch= GGP+,
Hand Grenade= G,
Half Life 2= HL2,
Hallway/s= Hlwy/s,
Head Crab/s= HC/s,
High Energy Grenades= HEGs,
Left Trigger= LT,
Laser Wall Mine/s= LWM/s,
Launcher Ammo Crate= LAC,
Line of Fire= LOF,
Line of Sight= LOS, 
Machinegun Turret/s= MGT/s,
Manhat/s= MH/s,
Medical Kit/s= MK/s,
Overwatch Bad Guy/s= OBG/s,
Overwatch Elite Bad Guy/s= OEBG/s,
Passageway/s= Pswy/s,
Poison Spider= PS,
Poison Spider Taxi/s= PST/s,
Plasma Ball= PB,
Pulse Rifle=PR,
Quick Switch= QS,
Right Trigger= RT,
Reacquire= RA,
Round/s= Rnd/s,
Suit Battery= SB,
Security Screen= SS,
Sub Machinegun= SMG,
Supply Crate/s= SC/s,
Walkway= Wkwy,
Wall Dispenser/s= WD/s,
Zombie= Z,


3.2a Containment Device#1
3.2b Containment Device#2
3.2c Containment Device#3

3.3a Highway tunnel #1
3.3b Highway tunnel #2
3.3c to the Garage
3.3d Elevator Event

3.4a Man who's going to clean this mess up
3.4b It's the Guardian
3.4c Access to the elevator
3.4d I'm looking for Barney in all the wrong places
3.4e Confrontation with a Gunship
3.4f I can smell Exit 17 from here

3.5 EXIT 17
3.5a Moving people to the trains
3.5b Meet the Walker


The beginning is linear with nothing to do but follow Dog and Alyx. Dr. 
Kleiner gives the names of the 1st 2 chapters in the game while talking to 
Alyx. Only after Dog chucks the van over to the Citadel and the van comes to 
its 2nd stop in a lower level can you exit. The ride is reminiscent of an old 
Indiana Jones movie stunt. This is where the interesting part begins. There's 
only one path, locate it and run; eventually the 2 of you come to a small 
area with 2 stalkers working behind a glassed barrier in CR#1. Alyx can't 
clear the CR SS but she can clear the other SS for you so you can retrieve a 

I have 2 paths to DB, #1 is quicker but incurs some minor damage, about a 6% 
drop in health when done correctly. #2 invites no damage from the jumps.

1. When Alyx lowers the SS, take a few steps along the very narrow ledge on 
the left then turn right to face the large black busted object at your 
12:00/4:00, (sort of looks like a ramp) it has a DB tube like the other 2 
tubes although empty. There is something that looks like a lever arm attached 
to it that is in a horizontal position and slightly closer to you than the 
ramp thing. You must long jump to the left leading corner of the lever arm. 
Once you've landed on the left corner of the arm, turn left and drop down to 
the ramp thing, turn left again and drop down to the currently dormant lift. 

Sprint to the WD and power up, the lift will begin to rise while you charge 
up. Run to the DB switch, press it and back step away from the switch. GGP- a 
DB once they hit the floor then BH back to the lift; it should be waiting or 
just about to land. ASAP as you step onto the lift 180 to face any 
approaching DBs, use your DB as a shield to fend them off and prevent damage.

2. If option 1 is too much trouble, follow the dark narrow path to a lighted 
area with a narrow ledge/Wkwy below. Drop off to the narrow ledge/Wkwy, run 
off the Wkwy to the large black busted leaning ramp thing. Quickly run and 
drop to the currently dormant elevator then run to the WD to power up. The 
lift will begin to rise while you charge up and run to the DB switch. Run to 
the switch, push the button then back away from the switch, GGP- a DB when 
available then BH back to the lift. ASAP as you step onto the lift 180 to 
face any approaching DBs, use your DB as a shield to fend them off and 
prevent damage.

(NOTE) I was able to bring 2 DBs back to Alyx, I intended to keep one as a 
projectile but it turned red and burst before the juiced one did.

Alyx, will juice DB, (shiny yellow) send it to the stalkers in CR#1. When 
clear follow the obvious path to force field Wkwy#1 (FFWkwy#1), take a couple 
steps onto it, as soon as the vortex clears, sprint to the far side. Pass 
through the [dead] weapons confiscation room; ending up in CR#2. This is 
where the larva thing shoots up the tube to wherever. Leave when able; get 
caught in the active weapons confiscation room and as a bonus GG gets juiced 
up to super GG. Locate and activate FFWkwy#2 with a PB from the stream. 
Sprint the Wkwy, bear left, GGP-/+ the OBG, go straight to SS#1 for the 
remaining 3 OBGs and cover from SS#2 OBGs. When complete 180 and sprint for 
SS#2 and the 3-4 OBGs spreading out from it. 

Return to the platform and activate FFWkwy#3, GGP- the OBG on the just busted 
upper Wkwy. Continue to the next platform, go right off it, GGP-/+ OBG#1 into 
#2, continue CCw around and past the column. Locate the raised floor and the 
slotted see through wall, sprint to and past the leading edge of the wall 
where the white vertical pipe is then GGP-/+ OBG#3 into #4 as you sprint to 
the SS for the next 2. Sprint back to the platform, there can be 1-2 OBGs 
arriving from FFWkwy#3. Clear he/them then move to and face FFWkwy#4. Look up 
and left, GGP- the 2 OBGs. Activate FFWkwy#4; it has the clear shield 
blocking the left side PB receptacle then sprint out of the area.

Look out for 3 OBGs from a small SS on your left, continue to the locked door 
and wait for Alyx. Continue running to the super huge elevator, use a PB to 
power it. Look up, a couple 3 pieces of large junk is falling; hold GGP- then 
GGP+ them off to the side. Alyx alerts you if you flake. Power node#2 
requires you to clear junk from the right side to send a PB. The power node#3 
is sort of covered; the PB must enter from the side at an angle. A stalker in 
the room to the left tries to stop it, so when the creep appears send as many 
PBs as it takes to cinder it then PB the node again. The last stop is coming 
up and there's no more junk to deflect, hop off the lift a few feet above the 
stop and run, Alyx will catch up.

Locate the WD on the left to power up then continue through the large 
segmented rising doors. As you pass between the 2 sets of doors Direct 
Intervention begins.


3.2a Containment Device#1
3.2b Containment Device#2
3.2c Containment Device#3
3.2a Containment Device#1

I can get through this section of the chapter, up to containment device#3 
anyway with 100/100 but it takes far too much time maneuvering about and by 
the time I get back to Alyx, at best we're all 100/30. However I cut time 
considerably in berserker mode and mow my way through everything. I incur 
much damage but make up for it at the 2 WDs.

Pass through the 2nd rising door and then sprint along the right side of the 
corridor. Drift left or right into the corner of narrow wall buttress just 
before the EP. Crouch, press RT then edge left, you want to GGP- 1 OBG at a 
time. Most of the near BGs are on the right side of CR#3, so they must move 
to your left for LOF. GGP- and release the next 2 or 3 OBGs that appear 
during your peek-a-boos, when no one shows up hold RT and side creep around 
the buttress. If anyone shows up rag doll them, stand and run to the side of 
the EP. Peek-a-boo and GGP- any leftovers, enter CR#3. If you're careful you 
can enter CR#3 with full health. Watch the monitor, it shows the base of the 
core and the stalkers guarding it. 

I punish the bodies of the fargin bastages, GGP-/+ and dump the trash down 
the shaft while waiting for the next room to open. When ready Alyx will open 
up the next room, take advantage of the WD to power up your suit while there. 

Anyone ever take notice of the WD in the elevator room? It has a full charge 
when you enter for the 1st time but when you return from activating the 3 
devices it is all but empty.

More than 1 time, I've eliminated both stalkers with a single PB, but it 
isn't a reliable method. If you miss the 1st stalker and or the PB doesn't 
remove the 2nd stalker, the other begins to laze Gordon in reprisal. When I 
enter the core base powernode#1 is active and sometimes stalker#2 at 
powernode#3 (near the Observation room) is in the room or obstructed by the 
room. They move slowly, so when the single PB maneuver has worked for me it 
has been directed at stalker#1 near powernode#2.

Enter the lift when it arrives and ride it down to the base of the core. Move 
to powernode#1 and face the core, you can see 2 stalkers, 2 inactive 
powernodes and 2 PB streams. Orientation is from your position at powernode#1 
CCw, powernode#2 then #3. GGP- a PB from the nearby PB stream and send it to 
stalker#1 at powernode#2, by now you should have LOF on stalker#2 ASAP send a 
PB to it. Power up the Wkwys then run to the Observation room switch and push 
the button to realign the Wkwys. With access to the core ladder, run to and 
climb it to the upper platform then run to the XP. Sidestep left into the 
corridor, ASAP upon seeing an OBG strafe right then run about 10 feet along 
the wall and 180. GGP+ up to 5 OBGs.

If only 4 BGs run through the XP, face the XP then strafe left while holding 
GGP- incase the OBG is waiting at the opening. GGP- a PB and BH through the 
corridor and into the node room, stay left along the wall till you have LOF 
on the node then send the PB to it. There will be an OBG at the console, GGP+ 
him then sprint to the WD and health up as the machine rises up and moves 
into position. Remain near the WD, 2 BGs will appear from the Wkwy above as 
the machine moves forward, GGP- both and be prepared to GGP-/+ a G during the 
event. Move to the XP and hold. Press and hold forward and RT, press for 
sprint as the door opens. Sprint into the Hlwy, one of the BGs will be 
grabbed GGP+ him into BG#2. 

Turn left as you approach the SS on the left to GGP+ the 1-2 BGs behind it. 
180, continue backing down, GGP-/+ the 2 MHs that attack while you strafe 
right to the wall and crouch. It is possible to fend off 2 more BGs and MHs 
before you can GGP- the PB stream access plate from the wall.  

3.2b Containment Device#2

When all BGs are down GGP- the PB stream access plate from the wall, I 
reorient the access plate to vertical then GGP- it as a shield. Enter the PB 
stream corridor then run along the left side of it to the XP niche. Drop the 
plate and locate the next inspection plate up slope, GGP+ it into the room 
then GGP- OBGs as they appear. Enter and prep for 2 BGs that appear from your 
11:00/2:00. GGP- the PB to drop the SS then move on to the core FFWkwy#1.

Close in on the pulsing core, hold just beyond its expansion phase then 
sprint past it to FFWkwy#2 as it contracts and then sprint past the XP. GGP+ 
everyone as you approach them, Once you're in node room#2 set the PB in the 
node then ride the elevator once the XP opens. 

3.2c Containment Device#3

From the elevator there're 6-7 OBGs, plow through them with GGP+, ensure you 
check the SS and left around the corner at the WD. Use the WD then head 
toward the XP. 

There're a couple 3 ways to make it through the event that follows fast or 
slow, I prefer fast over slow but this is not without damage.

Run to and through the XP to return to the core area 1 level from the top, 
sprint to and jump over the railing to the rotating framework. Sprint up the 
frame toward the core then jump right to the next frame. Sprint down the 
frame and jump to the small balcony, GGP+ any MHs that drift down as you 
sprint the short corridor. You are going to get a barrage of MHs and gunfire 
as you reach the intersection and turn right, GGP+ the access plate into the 
narrow zigzag corridor then jump in. ASAP right left into the corridor for 
cover then look for the access plate. If the plate dropped back at the access 
opening strafe left to the corner GGP- it then vamoose to PB stream#2.

Like before use it as a shield against the PBs, go left into the stream and 
tight left to the wall. It's a longer corridor and takes more time to reach 
the XP but I lose -0- health and suit power. Strafe left out of the stream 
then drop the plate against the wall and push it tight. Move to the next 
inspection plate and GGP+ it. GGP- and count the OBGs that enter your LOF, 
there should be 4. Enter node room#3 if only 3 BGs were ended keep an eye for 
#4 to your right. Pull the PB from the stream through the broken window and 
activate the node. Just before the lift drops GGP- another PB, ride the lift 
down; and recharge the middle unit, locate the break in the ceiling and GGP- 
passing PBs. 

Set another in the one on the right then GGP- #3 and take PB#3 back to the 
lift. Send the PB into device#1 on the far left and ride the lift back up. 
GGP- another PB through the broken window and set it in the node.

It blows that the event drains all the suits power. Take note of the WD, the 
power gauge (below left) reads full but supplies less than 1/3 the resources. 

Meet up with Alyx, try the WD for any remaining power then follow her to the 
elevator and ride it down. Sprint to the room with the big glass wall and the 
DBs, juice both DBs then send then into the lower room when the doors open. 
If one exits the room GGP- it and try to send it to an OBG. When the room is 
clear enter and send the DBs past one of the SSs to prevent them exploding 
close by. ASAP to the train but stop at the WD to health up. Eventually the 
train derails, one of the stalkers tries to make some time with Alyx, she 
says no, but it won't listen forcing me to GG the slob. When Alyx is free and 
cowering, GGP+ the loose panel and drop out of the train and creep into the 
next room.     

Lowlife begins once you exit the wrecked train, duck under the low opening 
and stand in the room with the SS.


3.3a Highway tunnel #1
3.3b Highway tunnel #2
3.3c to the Garage
3.3d Elevator Event

3.3a Highway tunnel #1

Once Alyx disables the SS run into and to the end of the dark narrow channel; 
a wrecked highway tunnel cluttered with debris and bodies. Ignore the Zs, 
Alyx will follow. Run straight out 10 to 15 feet then to your right passing 
in front of the approaching HC, sprint between the columns to the tunnel 
wall. Run along the wall; locate the Zs and mines ahead, sprint close by the 
Zs mines to activate both. Run between the 2 trucks, locate the XP on the 
right tunnel wall and enter. Run the length of the corridor to the door, move 
the barrel to the right of the door then pull the duct's grill. Enter and 
creep to the down facing duct grill, wait for the HC to be under the grill, 
GGP+ it then drop into the room.

Locate the cage and pistol within it, GGP- it then go to the locked gate and 
shoot the lock. Locate the electrical box and activate it to light the room 
and open the door for Alyx. Return to the cage and lockers, take everything 
then go to the XP to GGP+ the car blocking egress. FL on, go right as you 
exit the room, run don't sprint to keep Alyx close enough to avoid dying. 
GGP- the GC and send it to the rising Z. Run left around the flaming Z then 
right between the van and ceiling collapse. Run left along the overturned 
tanker; pick up the GC as you hook right around the end of the tanker. 

Drift right toward the opposite side of the tunnel, when you have clear LOS 
on the Z and ALs send the GC to them. FL off, continue along the wall, FL on, 
locate the XP ahead and GGP- the SG and GGP-/+ the SC for the pistol ammo 
before you enter the train.

3.3b Highway tunnel #2

After the ZB blows the see-through barrier run to the console and take the 
pistol ammo then move to the XP. Allow Alyx deal with any Zs that may enter 
the train from the EP. Set SG to QS, shoulder the GG and go FL on. Locate the 
nearby EB at your 2:00 enter Highway tunnel #2 half the distance to the EB 
then GGP- it. Turn to face the car, GGP+ the EB to the ground just right of 
the car's leading edge, (dozing ZBs). GGP- the nearby cinder block if the ZB 
stands and the 2nd EB doesn't go boom thump the ZB. Sprint past the car, if 
the 2nd EB boomed your 2 ZBs down, if it didn't ignite, GGP-/+ it to the ZB 
and ALs ahead of you.

If both EBs boomed, 2 ZBs went down, you may still see a ZB and 2 ALs sissy 
ninja slapping, if so ignore them, if no ZB, GGP+ through ALs. Take note of 
your eventual XP to the left as you approach and GGP- the ET. Turn and sprint 
or strafe right after taking possession of the ET between the tunnel column 
and debris barrier, ZBs, Zs, ALs and barnacles have collected and are 
battling ahead. 

Flaming the group at the columns triples Alyx's chances of making it into the 
room with the electrical panel. The more uglies that flame the fewer uglies 
that try to enter the room.

Send the ET at the group then sprint back through the columns, if possible 
between the truck and column. Try to remember to GGP- a slab and go FL off as 
you pass by the uglies, go FL on just before passing through the EP to the 
electrical panel room. If it appears the mentioned route is clogged, then 
sprint CCw around the fire, GGP- a slab of concrete go FL off then "on" as 
you pass through the EP to the electrical panel room. Otherwise the FL fails 
just before or as you enter the EP. Run left to the end of the room, drop the 
slab and activate the electrical box. Go FL off, 180 and RA the slab then 
return to the room's EP. 

GGP+ any uglies, you can strafe left along the debris for more concrete to 
free up Alyx. If you're getting swarmed and she heads for the electrical 
panel room follow, otherwise you can head for your XP. If you reenter the 
room, take an FP from the top of the SC at the wall corner, GGP+/-/+ all 
uglies that appear in the EP. 

If you remain on the floor, more often than not Alyx will block your LOF; 
standing on the SCs and against the wall provides a superior firing position. 
You have LOF from above her and as Zs pass through the EP.

There may or may not be many ZBs and Zs to slam before the area is clear. 
When clear bust the SCs and return to tunnel#2. Retrace your route around the 
truck to the tunnel XP; grab a slab or cinder block on your way out and up. 
Slam the 3 PSs on the floor above then GGP+ the car to and over the AL hole. 
Crank the door up while Alyx vents the 2 PSs trying to get in. Deal with the 
1-2 HCs then GGP-/+ the 2 SCs in the next room. Continue to and enter the 
fenced area. 

3.3c to the Garage

There're tons of barnacles between the fence EP and the distant EB in the 
next area. Feed barnacle#1 a barrel then move right to the wall and forward 
to the buttress stay tight right to the wall and pull the pistol. Ensure you 
remain FL off; otherwise Alyx will expend ammo on barnacles as opposed to Zs 
and ZBs. Zoom and clear ZBs 1st and ensure you keep a barnacle between you 
and the nearest ugly as it advances. Prep for QS to the GG incase a CQ ZB 
pulls a G before barnacle contact. When clear go FL on and move forward along 
the wall, when clear of barnacles look left past the fence for EBs, send 2 
rnds into one then QS to GG. Sprint toward the lighted EB, GGP- turn left and 
send it at the advancing ZBs. 

Sprint toward the hole in the wall to your right, GGP- concrete slabs and 
send them to the remaining ZB heads. Grab the supplies from the hole in the 
wall, another slab then run for the XP. One ZB may still be hiding in the 
dark to the right of the XP, if not drop it. On the next floor up you enter 
to the side of a parking garage, separated by a fence, GGP- the GC then send 
it to and between the 2 rising ZBs as they come together. Run over the SG 
ammo then run to the end of the Hlwy and enter the garage. There's a 2nd GC 
near the EP, use it to slam any survivors then sprint past AL Hole#3 to car#1 
at the far end of the garage. GGP+ car#1 to and over AL Hole#1 then sprint up 
the ramp to the floor above, locate car#2 and GGP+ it over the ledge. 

Jump off the ledge and over car#2, GGP+ it back under the ledge to AL Hole#2. 
As you make your way back to the ramp and the 2nd floor GGP+ any nearby ALs, 
Alyx will use less ammo on a tilted AL. On the 2nd floor swing left along the 
floor ledge till you're beside the ramp to the 3rd floor, run and jump to the 
base of the ramp and sprint to the top. Sprint left around the floor ledge to 
the far wall then run along the narrow strip of floor to the busted fence. QS 
to SG then drop down on the left side of the room near the gate crank. Sprint 
to the crank and turn it, the ZB may/will wake up while you do it but you 
only need to open the gate 1/2 way to get the car out. 

RT/SG the ZB, grab the MK if needed then GGP+ the car to and over the ledge. 
Jump down then GGP+ the car back under the ledge to AL Hole#3, collect an ET 
and any goodies from the 1st and 2nd floors on your way back to the 3rd floor 
and Alyx. Locate the gate crank and do so, if you place the ET into the left 
corner of the gate and opening and it rolls, it will roll into the room 
you're working on to access. Collect meds, grab the ET and head down the 
stairwell to the XP on the left.

Run through the water and into the fenced in cage, 1 ZB will charge from the 
dark EP ahead, slam it with the ET as it nears the cage. GGP- the barrel 
against the cage separating the dark room from the lighted area and release 
it. Switch to the pistol and exit the cage to the lighted area, FL on, look 
into the dark caged area for the 2 prone ZBs near EB#1. Send 1 rnd into each 
ZB to activate them, wait for both to rise then send 3 rapid fire rnds into 
#1. If EB#2 deeper in the dark room doesn't ignite from the EB#1 explosion, 
send 2 rnds into it. QS GG and GGP- the barrel, use it on any survivors as 
they exit the dark area. When clear sprint through the dark room and up the 
steps to the XP.

"SAVE" (I have to)

3.3d Elevator Event

What follows, for me anyway, is one of the most difficult areas in episode 1 
to complete without restarts. I don't make or use intermediate saves, so when 
one of us dies, (Alyx or Gordon) I begin again at the EP to the elevator 
area, so what takes maybe 3 to 4 minutes to complete in one take can 
sometimes take a 1/2 hour due to resentful restarts. Eventually, after many 
loud and vulgar outbursts, getting yelled at by wifey who repeatedly 
threatens a ball gag and drag me to the neighbors to apologize. "No I don't 
have Tourettes, I'm not attempting to kill my wife, dog or self and I'm not 
going to set the house or neighborhood on fire. I was playing HL2". 

So, I've slowly and frustratingly brained out my current tactic, (one that is 
likely immediately obvious to the rest of the planet). It takes 104 seconds 
from powering the elevator till it arrives and opens the gate. Once I power 
the elevator I keep moving from the elevator back and forth both sides of the 
fence separating the large long room in an attempt to minimize Z swarming at 
the elevator. Swarming almost always contributes to my explosive cache 
detonating en masse. Including the SG rnds and no flagrant and repeated 
SG/ET/EB misses, there's just about enough ammo and explosives to keep you 
alive till it arrives.

The following is my preparation for the Z, speeder and ZB onslaught.

Pass through the XP into a pitch black room. FL, I go right to the small room 
for the SC and ET. I GGP-/+ the flare toward the elevator, 180, kill the FL 
and BH to the elevator. Take note of the 2 ETs beside the end of the fence as 
you pass it. Drop the ET beside the EB against the fence and to the right of 
the lift. When I'm done I have 9 ETs stacked beside the EB taken from the end 
of the fence, the lift the locked gate, (4) and the one beside the EB, all 
while Alyx activates the lift and shorts the power and begins harping. I wish 
there was a way to prevent her from doing that till I was ready. On the plus 
side she does keep watch and alert me to activity while I collect my cache.

To minimize FL use, use the flares next to the lift to keep the area around 
it lighted. A bit further along the left side of the fence there's another 
cage with 2 SCs, SG ammo, flares and a suit battery. Ignore the cage and look 
for the boarded double doors nearby. GGP- the board away, QS to SG, open the 
doors then RT/SG as you back away from the ZB with a G. Most often with both 
firing on it, it drops the G and dies. Sprint into the room, hit the switch, 
GGP- the flare and send it back toward the lift. Often at least 1 Z shows, I 
use a nearby ET on it, illuminate the area and then the next 2 uglies before 
heading back to the lift area. You may need the flare on 1 of the uglies.

Head back to the Lift, GGP- a flare from beside the lift and drop it. Head 
for and GGP- an ET from your cache then take position between it and the 
lift. Zs, ZBs and speeders appear from both sides of the fence separating the 
long room and occasionally from your current 6:00. FL off for recharge once 
you have burning Zs. When you have full power and there's a lull at the 
elevator sprint along the left side of the fence to the end and back, there 
are explosives spread out for ammo. Torch or SG any found then clear any at 
the elevator. Hang for a few to charge the FL then grab an ET and head to the 
right side of the fence.

I don't bother going to the end this side, if it's clear at the 1/2way mark I 
return to the lift. Clear Zs and charge the FL while in continuous movement 
between the elevator and your cache this position gives me time to react to 
the speeders. If possible, hold onto the EB till the end, if unable to 
endeavor to send the EB toward or along the long divider fence and away from 
the elevator area, flying debris often ignites nearby explosives. By the time 
I'm forced to use the EB the elevator is or is about to touch down, if not, 
its time for avoidance running till it does land. 

As a last resort, I QS to the SG and RT my way to the elevator, ride up, exit 
and locate the gate crank. Take all the goodies then start cranking the stair 
gate. Urban Flight begins as you climb the steps to ground level.

Regarding the above, even with this tactic, which works most often for me, I 
get blown up by a ZB G or accidentally shoot one of the explosives because I 
thought I QS'd to GG and vice versa and try to RT a Z or ZB. My health is too 
low and I take a hit from a Z or a speeder from beyond my FOV.


3.4a Man, who's going to clean this mess,
3.4b It's the Guardian
3.4c Access to the elevator
3.4d I'm looking for Barney in all the wrong places
3.4e Confrontation with a Gunship
3.4f I can smell Exit 17 from here

3.4a Man, who's going to clean this mess,

Climb the steps to the surface, if you haven't been here before or in a very 
long time listen to Kleiner's speech. Otherwise hook left and sprint to the 
XP; (corrugated sheet metal panels) pull the right side sheet off to enter. 
GGP-/+ the 3 drones and SC then continue to barrier#2. Once you clear a path 
set the SG to QS then sprint to the ET and cinder block. Send the block to 
the inside corner of the niche at your 11:00 past the fence then grab the ET 
and BH toward the outer corner of the niche. 2 OBGs rappel to the ground, try 
and wait for both to be together in hopes to take both with the ET, (rare for 

Back into the niche and Grab the block and return to the corner, send it as 
the 1st BG breaches the corner, if unable to retrieve it without exposing 
Gordon to fire QS to the SG for the 3rd and or 4th OBG as they breach the 

In the next area, on your approach to car#1, the existing rebel past car#1 
quite often will get in your way by backing away from the ALs he's combating, 
blocking a direct line to AL Hole#1 your best bet is to move about 30 degrees 
left off center to the nose of the car then sprint and GGP+ it in a sort of 
arc to the hole to circumvent the rebels actions.

Pick up the SMGs on your way out then QS to GG. Pass by the moving wall into 
the next area. The area has 3 AL holes and 4 OBGs. Car#1 is hung up on a 
parking bollard, sprint to it, when you close in GGP+ it twice from the left 
leading edge while sprinting, the lone rebel doesn't appear to help and may 
get in the way. Car#2 is against a telephone pole; hit it from the right, 
(driver side) leading edge to push it between the pole and building then to 
and over the hole. Strafe right to car#3 then sprint and GGP+ it to the far 
left end of the street to AL Hole#3. Up to 4 OBGs will rappel to the street, 
only Alyx will supply cover fire, hopefully you'll trample 1-2 on your way to 
the AL hole. Be ready to QS to the SMG as soon as the car is over the hole. 

When you have cleared the area of BGs pick up the supplies near AL Hole#1 
then locate the XP. Pull the boards off the XP, open the door then quickly 
send 1 pistol rnd to the LWM near the crouching OBG. Enter the building after 
the explosions and GGP- supplies from the ledge to your left. 

There're a couple 3 ways to get to the gas tank. 

1. Using the milk crate, (in the gas room) takes a bit longer and if not 
placed correctly can take even longer.
2. Using the long jump looks clever, excludes placing a device under the 
pipes, if one can guarantee success 100% of the time it's a bit faster than 
3. I now use one of the chairs from the previous room; it slides in and under 
the pipes easily and is high and broad enough to counter pipe bend while 
running on the pipes. 

GGP- one of the chairs on your way to the gas tank room and place the chair 
under the long horizontal pipes leading to the gas tank. Hop onto the pipes 
then run and jump to the tank, turn the gas off, drop to ground then GGP- a 
chunk of concrete on your way out. Head upstairs, locate the Z near the LWM 
and GGP+ the slab to it. GGP+ the SC then head into the next area, locate 
another slab, GGP-/+ it into the Z near DB#1 then GGP- it. Bring it back to 
Alyx for a power up, DB the remaining Zs then head down to the ground floor.

Some people GGP+ DB from the 2nd floor; unless you can guarantee DB through 
the sniper window on the 1st try the damage received isn't worth it to me.

GGP+ DB#1 over the trashed cars to the opposite side of the enclosed area as 
you exit the XP then sprint right to cover. This almost always retires the 
ground level MGT BG. From cover sprint past the nearest car against the 
building to the car closest to the MGT and sniper then crouch. Stand then 
sprint Cw around the vehicle to the niche/corner of the store front for 
cover. GGP- DB#1 then head for the base of the building the sniper is in. 
Send DB into the 2nd floor to retire the sniper. GGP-/+ DB#2 out of the area 
before it blows, and grab all the goodies in the area. GGP- the small chunk 
of concrete then climb the ladder once Alyx lowers it. 

You can waste time playing "Don't get me" with the BGs till Alyx snipes them 
all. You can help her with the task which is slightly faster or you can take 
the chunk of concrete over the fence, slam the speeder when it appears at the 
EP then circle the ditch CW and pass through the EP. Ignore the ZBs and Zs 
including the SC in the closet. Climb the stairs to the top floor and move to 
the leading corner of the Hlwy. There're 2 dormant Zs at the far end, pull a 
G and sprint toward the Zs. Underhand the G to the Zs as the 1st one begins 
to rise then back away enough to avoid the blast radius and be ready to move 
for another G. As soon as the G detonates run along the right side of the 
Hlwy to the middle right beside the wall post.

Throw G#2 to the top left side of the opening to the adjacent Hlwy, it should 
bounce left and down to the floor a couple feet past the opening. ASAP sprint 
to the left side of the opening to the adjacent Hlwy to activate the 2 Zs to 
the left of the opening. Ensure you're this side of the opening as the G 
detonates to avoid damage. ASAP enter left into the Hlwy, stay tight left and 
sprint along the wall to the corner of the Hlwy. At the corner sprint right 
along the wall to and over the railing, your momentum will carry you to the 
mid platform without damage. Back step off the platform ASAP and move under 
the stairs to avoid possible G damage from one of the ZBs above.

Locate all SCs and set the SG to QS before exiting the building. Outside run 
to the 6 of the sniper hide and GGP- the sheet metal off the hide. Position 
to the 6 of the car, orient to the AL hole then sprint and GGP- the car to 
the hole. Sprint toward the BG barrier and around the debris on the right to 
the GC, GGP- the GC then take position about 15 feet off the barrier and 
centered to the length of it. You need to be close enough to it to block the 
upper Wkwy OBGs LOF. Cook the BGs as the gate opens, QS to SG then enter. If 
you place the GC just in front of the 3 OBGs it often takes the Wkwy BG along 
with them, but not always, so be prepared for him. 

ASAP, enter 180 and look up for Wkwy. If and when clear climb the steps to 
the top of the Wkwy and position to the right of the barrier opening. Switch 
to the SMG, (lower your mouse DPI if possible to around 400) then zoom. 

If you have a gaming mouse and can switch DPI in game do so for the 
following, I set my Logitech G700S to 400 DPI then zoom for distance shots. 
Alyx and I usually take all but 1 to 3 ALs before they get close enough to 
jump the barrier.

Zoom and locate Alyx then look left about 20 feet and hold, the ALs will 
begin landing around there and head for Alyx. Fire on them, keep your bad eye 
on the clip for a quick reload, Alyx will begin backing away toward the 
barrier then sprint for it. Switch out of zoom, switch back to normal DPI and 
continue cover fire. Ant Lions are easier to follow while on the ground but 
most vulnerable from the belly while flying over you. Prep for AL belly 
shots, eventually the ALs will begin to fly over the barrier, go for their 
bellies; it takes about half the rnds to end them from under. Between Gordon 
and Alyx only 3 ALs make the jump for the barrier. 

Once the barrier is secure and Alyx disables the SS enter the building, take 
the SCs and cinderblock#1. Go left into the next Hlwy stop about 10 feet from 
the door; quickly drop the block and GGP- cinderblock#2 near the EP. GGP+ 
BG#1 entering from the adjacent Hlwy, if he hangs to the far side of the 
opening strafe left just enough to send the block into him. Return to the 
wall and GGP- the propane tank; send it to BG#2 as he enters the Hlwy. GGP- 
cinderblock#1, turn right and strafe left to the EP and GGP+ BG#3 when he 
enters the Hlwy. Sprint into the Hlwy, GGP- the closest object and GGP+ BG#4 
as he attempts to enter the Hlwy.

If the block and tank travel out of GGP- range after BG#2 or 3, sprint into 
range ASAP to avoid and or minimize damage.

When complete, stand in the armories EP, use the GG to pull all the goodies 
off the shelf and the knee wall for the Gs. Sprint to the PR rack to the 
right of XP#1. Sprint back to the EP; pull a G then face XP#1. Toss a G to 
the right of XP#1 immediately after it blows then toss 2 Gs into the enclosed 
area to the right of XP#2. ASAP switch to the PR and crouch, assist Alyx in 
clearing the remaining OBGs. Resupply whatever you can absorb, stop at the WD 
then exit the room. GGP- a radiator, stop in the Hlwy when you see the EB in 
the small room; send the radiator into the OBG when he appears from the left. 
Move all the meds to the garage floor for later use. 

"SAVE" (I have to)

3.4b Aw crap ... it's a Guardian!

For me the following can be almost as bad as and sometimes worse than the 
elevator conflict from the Lowlife chapter. Lately I'm up to around 70% 
success rate with the maneuvers described below, and like the elevator 
conflict, I usually use the GG and SG only; however, as of late, if I retire 
all ALs before sprinting to barrels #2 and 3 near the MGT the guardian has 
already killed the last of the OBGs and is looking for me. The SMG has a 
total of 270 rnds available and even though it's a lightweight in the weps 
inventory; it sends the rnds awful fast. 

I appear to be my own worst enemy; my problem is hitting all the other wrong 
buttons at the wrong times. Pressing crouch and or zoom when I should be 
sprinting gets me hammered almost every time. Also in the past and its 
happened more than once, I've hit the Guardian with every available EB and it 
was still charging me. I'm slowly becoming convinced all the running required 
to use the barrels is a waste of time.

Sprinting at the vehicles while holding GGP+ moves them further faster and 
often overwhelms the ALs in your way.

Lastly for me a major sticking point, placing the cars over the AL holes, 
there're times when I just can't get the cars to stay over them. Later with 
the guardian and in panic mode ALs begin appearing and making matters worse 
than they already were. If I survive, and go back to the offending AL hole 
the car has been moved off the center of the hole and sometimes on its side. 
Normally I'd say "They may appear to be over the holes but are not if the ALs 
continue appearing and attacking". In most cases the ALs are absent with only 
the guardian and Gordon dancing in the street and then bam there they are 
again getting in the way. 

1. I drop to the garage floor and grab the EB I previously dropped then I BH 
out the right side of the garages opening toward the left end of the brick 
wall#1 at my 12:00. By the time I reach the left end of the brick wall the 
Guardian has appeared at the far corner of the building brick wall#1 is 
attached to. 

2. The Guardian begins to charge the OBGs and the APC to my 9:00. I send EB#1 
to the Guardian as I BH toward the spot it has vacated then sprint toward 
car#1 against the tree and to the left of the building corner. I continue the 
sprint as I press and hold GGP+. I come to a full stop as I reach the side of 
the tree; car#1 often bumps into ALs exiting the hole and stops moving. Hold 
position beside the tree and continue to tap GGP+ till the car ends up 
centered over the hole. 

3. ASAP after placing car#1 strafe left to car#2 then sprint and hold GGP+ to 
move car#2 toward and beside AL Hole#2. ASAP strafe right toward the barrier 
wall then GGP+ the car over the hole. Assume ALs will be on you like flies on 
s**t, QS to the SG and shatter 1-2 ALs then make your sprint toward the MGT 
barrier. You don't want the guardian running around AL holes#1-3; you want to 
keep it between the MGT and the APC it just wrecked.

4. You may need to vent 1-2 ALs between the holes and the EBs. Sprint toward 
the right side of the MGT barrier, look to your 10:00 as you near the barrier 
for the location of the Guardian. Most often it is near brick wall#2 to the 
opposite side of the garage opening and likely finishing off the last 1-2 

5. If the Guardian isn't charging my way I GGP- EB#2 past the MGT barrier. I 
then swing left and send the EB to the Guardian when it appears to the left 
of brick wall#2. If I still have time I'll send EB#3, if not I sprint to the 
MGT barrier and QS to the SG. If any of the ALs still stand now would be a 
good time to end them and make your life easier.

6. So from this point on I play "Ring around the Rosy at the MGT barrier" 
with a couple tons of insect/lobster looking thing. I keep moving and stay 
about 3 to 5 feet away from the barrier; the Guardian can reach over it and 
provide moderate damage. If I was able to hit it with 3 EBs, it takes me 15 
to 20 SG rnds to drop it using RT alone, so I switch back and forth between 
the SMG and the SG. I range between 10 and 60% health, more often than not 
40% or below. When complete if I have 25% health or better, I run to the MGT 
and begin firing on the drones and OBGs exiting from the barrier and 
appearing on the rooftops. Duck and creep back a step or 2 for cover. If 
you're below 25% quickly locate the MKs nearby then return. Quite often Alyx 
is on the MGT when I return. 

Keep a sharp eye on the rooftops past the barrier wall to your left and right 
shooters pop up both sides. When complete locate meds and power packs then 
head for the barrier wall. I shoulder the SMG if I have a HEG, otherwise I go 
with the PR. I then run through the barrier opening and send the HEG when I 
see a head, if the PR, I crouch after passing the barrier EP and fire on 
their heads as they maneuver for LOF. A rebel will appear on the red roof to 
your 4:00/1:00 and may assist with a launcher round into the ditch.

3.4c Access to the elevator

If you can get to the blown out wall leading to the basement before Alyx runs 
into it or you, send 3 rapid fire pistol rnds into an EB to clear the debris 
away fast. Move the mine and enter the duct, if you're hurting take a right 
for 2 SBs. Keep a sharp eye for a grate in the duct ceiling ahead. GGP- the 
grate as you approach to loosen it from the duct.  Hold on to it as you 
approach the duct opening. This will prevent it from falling or bouncing to 
the floor and activating the many LWMs. The duct will fall to the floor. 
Stand in the opening and hop out onto the duct. There are 6 EBs and 6 LWMs 
between you and the elevator; I have 3 ways to get over the LWMs and EBs most 
fav to least.

1. Back up to the wall, skooch left or right to face and square up just to 
the left of the lift then sprint/jump.
2. Face the lift then turn left, run jump off the end of the duct to the 
wall, crouch, creep along the wall and under the high LWM. Stand then 
run/jump over the low LWM.
3. Face the lift while on the duct then hop to the 2nd EB in line. From this 
position turn right about 20 degrees then run/jump over the LWM to the floor. 

Barnacle Tongue Ride
Excluding the conventional methods, I have a couple ways to complete this; I 
have them ordered fastest to slowest. The faster option is a sliver riskier 
and maybe 15-30 secs faster. All options begin after jumping the LWMs to the 
elevator opening.

1. Stand facing the elevator opening then 180, step back into the elevator 
then jump forward and crouch as the elevator drops. Stand and 180, you now 
have the duct you would have exited later in the game to your 2:00. Take a 
step or 2 back, aim to the left of the duct then sprint to the duct ledge. 
180 and crouch and look up shaft while you switch to the SG. You'll see 2 
barnacle tongues lowering in the shaft. Stand and sidestep left till the 
tongue closest to the shaft opening is parallel to Gordon's left shoulder. 
With Gordon's left shoulder parallel to the barnacle tongue you ensure you 
will not bump into the horizontal reinforcement beam just below the duct and 
then prematurely released to fall to the water below. 

As soon as you pass the beam with the XP duct press strafe left. It takes 1 
RT/SG rnd to end the barnacle; it takes 10 pistol rnds to end it so plan your 
SG and or pistol rnds to complete at 4-5 feet above the XP duct beam.

2. At the elevator opening, face the duct, crouch and back step into the 
elevator. As the lift begins to fall move forward, you will step off the lift 
and land on the floor below as your head passes under the header of the 
opening below. As you hit the floor below continue to creep forward a couple 
feet then stop. The elevator sinks out of sight, 180, creep to the edge of 
the elevator shaft and look up. 2 barnacle tongues are on their way down the 
shaft, stand and jump onto the elevator shafts horizontal steel beam to the 
right. When both tongues are in the water and your back is against the shaft 
wall, side step left toward the elevator opening and stop when the barnacle 
tongue is parallel to your left shoulder.

With Gordon's left shoulder parallel to the barnacle tongue you ensure you 
will not bump into the horizontal reinforcement beams and then prematurely 
released to fall to the water below. As soon as you pass the beam with the XP 
duct press strafe left. It takes 1 SG rnd to end the barnacle; it takes 10 
pistol rnds to end it so plan your SG and pistol rnds to complete at 4-5 feet 
above the XP beam.

GGP- the grate and enter the duct, continue to the down facing grill and GGP+ 
it. Back step a few feet to avoid any flying debris, wait till all booms are 
over. Drop down to the floor and stand, locate the 3 mines, GGP- them to 
reprogram then light the room up to let Alyx in. 

Take one mine with into the next cluttered room, clear the room of the Z, 
mines and goodies. Move a mine and an EB to the XP side of the room then 
quickly drop the mine in the short narrow Hlwy at the base of the stairs then 
place the EB on the stairs. Retreat to the far side of the room with clear 
LOF, GG EB#2 and wait for trouble. EB the 1st OBG to survive the mine and 
EB#1 then shoulder the PR. When no one else shows up to play make your way to 
the stairs. Be ready for 0-2 OBGs in the supply room. Clear the room of all 
goodies and kill power to the SS. 

3.4d. Looking for Barney in all the wrong places

Ensure the PR is in QS then grab the remaining mine and head outside; hold 
when the mine is 1 step above the ground, there's a mine a few feet from the 
stairs. 2 OBGs rappel to the ground, send the mine to the 1st man to hit the 
ground then GGP- mine#2 and send it to OBG#2. QS, crouch and back down the 
steps, target above the top step center. Most often 1 OBG approaches vent his 
head, if not creep up the steps, locate him near the vehicles then end him. 
Sprint up the steps and left, PR the retreating OBG to your 11:00. Sprint 
over to the car and hold; rebels will exit the makeshift bridge above 
followed by an OBG, end him. Then sprint left to the corner niche of the 
building for cover. 

Zoom and kill the BG strafing to your right. Boo past the corner for 2 to 4 
OBGs one or more may be hit by launcher fire from above. There will be a 
total of 10 to 14 BGs from the time you exit the stairs till you follow the 
rebel at the XP to see Barney. Up the stairwell a couple floors and the floor 
above collapses from an HC rocket forcing you to the boarded up door. Pull 
the SG and FL on, open the door and remain in the opening, 2 ZBs, 1 walking 
away, (often not always) and 1 prone. If the ZB continues walking away switch 
to Gs, when the walker disappears past the corner throw 1 G then take 2 steps 
into the room, when you see the walker again he may be running straight at 

Under hand a G toward the sleeper, QS to SG, when the runner reaches the 
exposed wall begin to RT and back step through the EP. Continue to RT, most 
times he drops in the EP, the sleeper is now awake and heading your way, aim 
for the head as it is channeled to the EP. In the next room, stay tight to 
the rooms left wall as you sprint toward the XP. SG, move straight to the 
boarded XP RT the ZB trying to get into the room. 

If you're low of health and or usually take moderate to severe damages from 
the ZB as an added precaution you can block its access to the room with the 
bed frame before you cross the room.

Barney gives Gordon another crowbar as you head out, it's about time eh! 
Scrounge whatever you can and let Alyx handle the HCs. KB the 4 PS from the 
room's EP then enter, shoulder the SG. Face the Hlwy the ZBs must pass 
through, RT/SG ZB#1 then hit the EB for ZB#2 as it approaches it. Move to the 
XP, locate the currently raised bridge and its wheel then send 1 SG to the 
board locking it up from cover. Reload the SG, when the bridge is down: exit 
and sprint over the bridge. If you see 2 OBGs switch to the SMG and send 1 
HEG through the busted out wall, if you see only 1 OBG RT/SG it. Shoulder the 
CB; enter the next Hlwy and sprint to the doorway on the left. 

A GS will rise past the window on your approach, crouch to the left side of 
the opening, creep right to put eyes down range, at least 2 OBGs will be 
repelling Zs scope and retire both. Enter the room so Alyx will follow and 
let her remove any of the HCs that may discover the 2 of you. Move into the 
next room; be aware of the GS outside, stay low and right through the rooms 
for cover. I GGP-/+ the briefcase to the LWMs in room#4, switch to the SG, 
stand then sprint the length of the remaining sections of Hlwy. RT/SG OBG#1 
in the chest as he attempts to block passage and do not stop even if it 
survives. Sprint pastOBG#1 to OBG#2 and do the same, and do not stop till 
you're in the next room, Alyx will finish them.

3.4e Confrontation with a Gunship
The GS confrontation can go quick and easy or very frustrating. A key factor 
in the success of the event is to clear the ceiling above the floor the LAC 
is on ASAP once you have the launcher.

Sprint up the stairs to the LAC and access it, the rebel will be killed by 
the GS, it will bust a hole in the floor and the rebel will fall to the floor 
below. Drop down to the launcher, pick it up then sprint to and up the 
stairs. Stop half way up between the platform and the top step. 90 degrees 
left look far side mid ceiling, locate the spot where the floor beams 
intersect and send 1 rnd to it. Look right to the post holding up the beam 
intersection and send one rnd. Look left far side, send 1 rnd then sprint up 
the stairs and to the LAC for 3 more rnds. Stay beside the LAC for the entire 
event. When you have LOS on the GS send and track the rnds to it, when you 
don't have LOS clear another section of ceiling.

When the GS is down reload from the LAC then drop down to the lower floor, 
take an FP about 35 feet from the XP and to the left of it. Send 1 rnd 
through the opening to the floor a couple feet past the opening just after 
the XP blows. If you should see the silhouette of a BG advancing on the XP, 
send#2. Return to the LAC to reload then head out. At the end of the Hlwy, a 
mine 2 LWMs and some ammo, I use the GG and crate to trip both LWMs. 

3.4f I can smell Exit 17 from here

Enter Hlwy#1 after the SS is down, reset the mine then sprint to the 2 Zs to 
end them. Run back to the lighted side room and GGP-/+ the radiator in it to 
the end of Hlwy#1. Grab mine#1, BH half way to the XP, drop it then fetch 
mine#2 and bring it all the way to the XP. The XP will bust open giving you 
access to Hlwy#2; send the mine into the closest group of Zs and OBGs then 
sprint back to mine#1, grab it, return and send it to the next closest group 
of uglies. Grab the radiator, aim low to facilitate quick retrieval; send and 
RA as you move along Hlwy#2 to thin the herd. At the end of Hlwy#2 drop the 
radiator, switch to SG then use the EP to the examination room and clear the 

This room leads to Hlwy#3 grab and use the extra radiator, cinderblocks and 
small metal cabinets on the mess in Hlwy#3. GGP- any and all Gs back to the 
sender when possible otherwise, they won't learn nothin. When Hlwy#3 is clear 
drag the radiators and any heavy objects, monitor, cinder blocks, etc, near 
the XP for some Z slamming. To access the XP you must open the door at the 
far right end of Hlwy#3. There're 2 OBGs in the room with PRs and PBs, end 
both with a well placed HEG then enter for the PB. To the XP, as you approach 
the XP bursts, then 3-4 Zs and a PST exit the room for you and Alyx. Send all 
the heavy objects at the uglies as they attempt to exit the room them move to 
RA until all are down.

I spent some time trying to figure out if it would be possible to circumvent 
the flooded room but the game won't allow it. I tried layering junk on the 
breakable floor area, it is a partial solution but the game won't allow you 
past the floor break.

I also tried to see if I could get one of the barnacles to give me a ride, 
they're more than willing but there isn't enough room between the barnacle 
and the floor to allow Gordon the distance he requires to move to safety 
before passing by the edge of the hole.

The XP room has a big hole in its floor, GGP- a radiator to you and FL on. 
Move to the edge of the hole and angle the radiator toward the table and 
bench on the floor below the hole then send it. FL off then drop through the 
hole, the floor below collapses and you fall into the water. Look up to see 
the underside of the shack swim under the shack and locate the stairs. Climb 
out, switch to KB then head right at the top of the steps to KB the PS. Move 
to the shack window, FL on and locate the PS in the room, KB it as it jumps 
at you, or sidestep left, let it pass by to the Wkwy then thump it. Run the 
Wkwy to the XP and power packs. 

Facing the break in the Wkwy railing scan the room, there's a short busted 
Wkwy and a long one at the far end of the room and there's barnacles hanging 
from the ceiling. Drop into the water, swim toward the short Wkwy then 180, 
locate the barrel GG it to you then dive down. Continue along the wall past 
the concrete column supporting the short busted Wkwy to the busted column 
below the long Wkwy.

If you aren't proficient at jumping I suggest saving after you flip the 
switch. When jumping to the shack Wkwy, run/jump/crouch allows me to land on 
the Wkwy without partially landing in the water for a shock. I have a 90% 
success rate with no jolt and 100% on reaching the Wkwy.

Release the barrel near the end of the Wkwy then climb onto the Wkwy. GGP-/+ 
the SC for the meds and flip the switch to open the XP. This will fry a 
couple barnacles with water immersed tongues. Strafe left to the floating 
Wkwy wall then sprint past the descending barnacle tongues to the end of the 
Wkwy. Line up to the left side of the short busted Wkwy as you approach the 
end of the Wkwy you're sprinting over and ensure you avoid the barnacles to 
the right of the busted Wkwy. Jump to the short busted Wkwy to the left of 
the barnacles and stop. Turn right to the busted column at your 3:00 and run 
jump to it. Go left off the column a couple 3 steps on the railing then face 
the short busted Wkwy of the shack. 

You'll be jumping to the Wkwy at an angle; you need equal space between you 
the barnacles to your right and the column to your left if you misjudge 
you'll left or right you'll be snagged by the tongue or deflect off the 
column and end up in the water.

Press run/sprint/jump and then crouch to land smoothly on the Wkwy. If you're 
lacking full suit power bust the SC, if not use it to jump smoothly out of 
the shack window to the Wkwy. Exit the area, on the floor above locate the 
radiator the XP and exit. Run through the Hlwy and into the very small and 
dark room with the busted out floor.

With the maneuver below, I have a 50%+ success rate dropping the PST within 4 
radiator slams 30% in 3 and 20% in 2 hits. One must be twitch reflex fast to 
send and RA before the radiator can travel out of range, I tap LT then press 
and hold RT to pull it back. It takes a little practice but once familiar 
with the technique it works. Otherwise, send the radiator then switch to the 
KB and crouch. The PST will send one PS at a time for you to KB. Alyx helps 
by filling the PST and the spiders with lead.

Lately, (maybe a steam update) the concrete slab that always sat on the floor 
below is gone and now there's a cinder block. It was very disorienting for me 
recently while scrambling for the slab.

Move quickly to the middle right edge of the floor ledge, FL on. PST#1 will 
be below with LOF, Fast tap and press LT/RT to retrieve the radiator as it 
bounces off the PST. When complete switch to KB and look for 1 to 2 spiders. 
When complete drop down, GG the small concrete slab/cinder block then head 
over to the broken window past EP#1 and to the left of the SC. Push the 
slab/block through the hole then slam the Z as it rises up from the floor, 
quickly back away, grab the flare then run to the broken window near EP#2. 
Turn right to locate PST#2 then send the flare to it. 1 or 2 PSs may enter 
the room but they die quickly either from fire or Alyx. 

Run to the shelf; ensure the radiator is close and in line with EP#1 then GG 
a mine off the shelf. Target EP#1 and wait for it to blow. Quickly send 
mine#1 then #2, if anything survives that, and comes through EP#1 hit it with 
the radiator then ASAP GG mine#3, swing right and turn to EP#2. Send it after 
the door blows. Grab the radiator and circle the room CCw, slam ZBs and Zs as 
they appear, remain in the room with Alyx in case she gets swarmed by ZBs 
with Gs. Be aware that the SC near EP#1 breaks when EP#1 blows or from the 
mines so you can use the flare to cook Zs. 

There can be a total of 10 to 13 BGs from PST#1 to the last Z. Lug the 
radiator, locate the XP, enter the room, drop the radiator and open the XP. 
Toss the radiator, monitor and desktop into the Hlwy#1. Exit the room; ASAP 
run toward the 2 Zs and stop before reaching the Hlwy intersection, GGP- the 
mine to you and place it safely to the side. GGP- the small file cabinet and 
allow Alyx and the 2 MGTs at the far end of Hlwy#2 retire the 2 Zs rising up 
in the Hlwy.

There are 2 MGTs and 6 mines covering Hlwy#2, not to mention 10 + BGs total 
between the 2 rooms.

When the 2 Zs have been cleared move closer to the intersection and you will 
see the EP to rm#1 in the Hlwy and mine#2. I GGP+ the door leaning against 
the wall near the corner of Hlwy#2 to the far end of it then send the small 
metal cabinet, radiator, monitor and desktop to the inside corner of the wall 
and wall buttress ahead of the EP to room#1. I then GGP- mine#1, run at the 
intersection and release it into the air, it usually lands close enough to my 
next position for a quick grab. I then sprint along the right side of Hlwy#2 
to the buttress on that side and GGP- mine#2; I send it and mine#1 to the EP 
of room#1 when uglies exit. I then GGP-/+ each of the items I collected and 
placed near EP#1 as uglies exit.

When there's a small lull in action I RA an item, preferably the cabinet or 
radiator, they don't seem to fly off willy-nilly from impaction. I sprint to 
the room when it is cleared, grab the radiator from it and move to the EP. 
Drop the radiator GGP- as much as you can without entering Hlwy#2 then exit. 
Move closer to mine#3, GGP- without exposing Gordon to MGT fire. Send it and 
the other objects as each BG exits room#2, RA one of the items to reuse 
against the remainder. Sprint to and through the EP to room#2; grab something 
to send to the SS power plug. Reprogram the remaining mines and take one 
with. Locate the XP and leave the area, when you hear Dr. Kleiner's voice 
over the PA you are in chapter Exit 17.

3.5 EXIT 17

3.5a Moving people to the trains
3.5b Meet the Walker

3.5a Moving people to the trains

If you took a mine blow the XP then check the cabinet. If you didn't take the 
mine, KB the boards away from the XP then head outside. Rummage through the 
garbage while Alyx and Barney have a chat up. Run to and climb the steps of 
Building A, GGP+ the SCs in the back of the truck then move back to the 
ground. Barney should enter A for group#1, 4 people; lead the group across 
the parking lot past the LAC, through EP#1 and into Building B. Continue 
through the narrow Hlwy into the huge train car storage room unmolested. 
Locate EP#3, continue through the locker Hlwy to the last room and dump the 
group off. KB the SCs for the revolver and ammo then return to EP#1 of 
building B. 

You'll encounter 3-4 MHs on your way to EP#1, Alyx will stay with the MGT 
while you ferry the 4 remaining groups of people from building A to and 
through building B. At EP#1 of building B, switch to GG and prep for MHs at 
the LAC. Slam the MHs into the ground or fence; reset the drone dropped mines 
and deploy them to cover your blind side between the LAC and the lane to 
building A. In building A, pick up 2 more people then sprint to building B, 
shoulder the launcher then pass through EP#2 and face big windows#1 above the 
upper Wkwy. It will shatter and 2 OBGs will drop in, send 1 rnd to the wall 
just below the window as they drop in and prep for a 2nd rnd. 

Odds are 50/50 a 2nd pair of OBGs drop in from the window or they appear one 
at a time so prep for a switch to the PR and zoom. When clear sprint to and 
through EP#3, take a cover fire position with LOF on big windows#2 with a 
zoomed revolver till the peeps pass by. Sprint back to the LAC, duck to its 6 
to avoid the sniper at your 1:00/2:00. Peek-a-boo to follow the snipers laser 
back to the hide then stand and send 1 rnd to it just after he fires. Reload, 
reset and deploy any new mines then sprint to building A. 4 more people, 
sprint back to building B and hold in the narrow Hlwy till all 4 are in 

Switch to CB, pass through EP#2 and face big window#1, CB the OEBG in the 
window with a PR, he sends a PB into the raised train car#1 causing it to 
fall to the floor and block you route to EP#3. However, the PB also makes 
contact with the upper Wkwy causing one end of it to fall to the floor 
providing a new route to EP#3. Switch to the launcher and head up the damaged 
ramp to and along Wkwy. 2 OBGs will rappel down to train car#2 from the hole 
in the roof, send 1 rnd to the car between the BGs. Switch to the PR then 
sprint to your EP#3 cover fire position, switch to zoomed revolver and hold 
till both peeps pass by.

Expect 2 OBGs to advance as you land on the main floor, I sprint back to EP#3 
crouch and assist Alyx to vent them. Sprint under the car to the stairs, look 
up while doing so, odds are 2 OBGs will be approaching along the upper Wkwy. 
If so retreat back to EP#3 and hole them when they appear from under train 
car#2. Stay close to the left side of the stairs leading to the upper Wkwy 
sprint from the bottom up over and back to the floor. Stay tight to train 
car#1 to and up the short stairs to EP#2 and into the narrow Hlwy. Prep for 
3-5 OBGs and a MALP, (Mobile Armored Launcher Platform) in the parking lot. 
Sprint to the Lac's 6:00, crouch and hit the LAC. Shoulder the launcher then 
creep to the 6 of the LAC. 

You can take the MALP in 4 rnds on hard mode if you target the top center of 
the MALP. This may force you to incur some damage while holding target from 
BGs spread out over the parking lot, but not severe enough to worry. 

Sidestep right just past the dumpster and the MALP should pull to a stop and 
begin sending rockets. Begin firing, send 1 rnd hold position till it makes 
contact then strafe left and duck. Hold till the last rnd hits the dumpster 
then repeat till the MALP pops. Most times the BGs begin to collect around 
the MALP during the exchange, so most times there's no need to hunt survivors 
down. Sprint to building A for 2 more people, GGP- meds from the flatbed 
truck if in need. Sprint to the narrow Hlwy in building B, when both rebs are 
close pass through EP#2 and sprint to your right along the damaged ramp to 
the buttress left of the locked double doors. 

4 OBGs will exit after the doors burst, send 1 launcher rnd as the 1st 2 BGs 
appear, reload and ready for the next 2, they may arrive separately. Climb 
the ramp, pass by big window#1 and switch to the CB. 180 and hold while 
facing big window#1, 2 SG BGs may drop in from it, you stand a better chance 
of surviving if you can CB one in the window and reload before the 2nd BG 
drops to the floor. If no one shows at big window#1 sprint to big window#2, 
when clear sprint to your cover fire position and hold with a zoomed revolver 
till all are safe. Expect 1-2 OBGs to show at the MGT or from between the 2 
train cars. Sprint back to the narrow Hlwy, heal up then sprint to the LAC. 
There're plenty of OBGs to go around, and some may try to enter Building A.

I use the launcher 1st then switch to the PR, when I have room to move I 
sprint to the LAC and reload. Clear all BGs then sprint to building A, take 
your last group of 2 along with Barney. Sprint to the narrow Hlwy in building 
B, switch to the CB then move to EP#2. Scope and CB both OBGs on the roof of 
train car#2, sprint up the ramp and along the Wkwy. 2 possible OBGs on your 
way to your cover fire position hold position till all have passed by 
including Barney and Alyx then beat feet to the last room.

3.5b Meet the Walker

As soon as Alyx opens the XP sprint to the SS, locate and GG any item/s that 
may be sitting by the head of the long narrow aisle. As soon as she clears 
the 2nd SS sprint the length of the narrow aisle to the door crank. ASAP move 
to cover once she has ducked under the door, head for and through the 
recently available XP just after the walker blows it up. Shoulder the PR then 
sprint to the pallets leaning against the XP. Crouch and hold against the 
wall away from the pallets, they may fall due to the walker blast and you may 
take fire from a surviving BG but you'll survive. Move tight to them and 
force them vertical you may suffer horribly from the pallets as they slam 
into you from one of the walker blasts. 

2 OBGs will drop in and then the walker will slam the wall behind them 
killing one or both. If one survives PR the 2nd OBG then bust up the pallets 
or hop over them. If you're damaged run to and enter the container then push 
the door open, this will block the walkers LOF to the wall beside the WD. 
Stay to the left of the WD and heal up. Make your way through the floor level 
containers and up the leaning container one level, move quickly into the dark 
container to avoid damage from the walker. FL on, the walker will slam the 
container 2 times and in the process destroy all or most of the crates and 
release 2 PSs from their transport rockets. 

KB them before opening the SCs, (they rarely have anything I need) then 
sprint out and left around the container to cover. GGP- the SC to you; then 
run and jump over the gap to the SB. Climb the leaning container to the 2nd 
level and shoulder the launcher. Use the container for cover; send the 3 rnds 
to the walker who may use the water tank as cover. You are going to take 
damage during the sprint to the upper Wkwy. To minimize this leave just after 
the walker finishes one of its salvos. ASAP crouch behind the barrier and 
pull the pistol, locate the partially hidden EB further along the Wkwy and 
rapid fire to blow it before the EBs behind it send it this way. Collect 
whatever you can use from the SCs and heal with the WD. 

Stand with the GG then sprint along the Wkwy to the mine, ASAP crouch behind 
the barrier and grab the mine before it blows. Send the mine to the OBG that 
may appear at the missing roof section. Stand and sprint around the corner of 
the Wkwy to the next barrier and set of mines. Crouch, GGP-/+ both then 
sprint to the end of the Wkwy and jump to the platform below. Quickly GGP+ 
the SCs then sprint over them around the container then drop off to ground. 
Quickly switch to the PR, target the BG on your right, a round or 2 will make 
it past him to the EB and kill both. Target the container above and fire on 
it to hopefully explode the 2-3 EBs and prevent any of them from being 
expelled and blowing up in your face.

Stand and sprint along the right side wall to the mines and send them away. 
Stay low and right to the wall; continue till you see the path between the 
rail cars. Stand, as the walker ends its current salvo sprint to then crouch 
in the depression between the 2 cars. When the walker ends the next salvo 
stand, jump up to the floor, crouch and move left for cover. Empty the 2 SCs 
to your left then line up with the ladder and stand. Sprint to and up, 
continue to sprint along the Wkwy to the LAC; you should have collected 3 
rnds during your sprint. 

Take note of the walker's firing pattern, try and discern its location via 
peek-a-boo before exposing Gordon. The LAC barrier is the only one that can 
withstand a constant barrage without failing. Sometimes the walker doesn't 
physically follow Gordon along the Wkwy, if so you may be required to 
backtrack to prior barriers to clearobjects blocking LOF. If so you will 
likely only get 1 to 2 rnds off before moving to another intact barrier or 
being killed.
If the walker is between 11:00 and 1:00 of the LAC barrier, I sidestep left 
and or right of it between walker salvos to finish it. I then run to the end 
of the Wkwy, jump to the train car and then to ground and Alyx to make our 


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