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Walkthrough by Ghidrah

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 01/20/17

Hard mode game

Title: Half Life 2
Producer: Valve
For: PC
MSWord: Courier New
Created: 6/2016
Version: 1.3
By: Ghidrah
EMaul: Ghidrah1@hotmail.com

NEW 1/16/17
As of today, All 14 Chapters are now available for internet viewing. Most of 
the revisions in this written guide are in the videos; some I brained out 
after the last 3 videos were uploaded, so they're exclusive to this guide.

I really like the Half Life series games and think I have a few maneuvers 
that I haven't seen in hard or normal mode You Tube videos and or 
modifications of 1-2 I have seen. Some people have it easy with the written 
word, some are sight oriented and some work equally well with both options, 
(maybe the smarter of us). I know I can't write worth a crap so maybe a 
mixing of both options will help anyone who may be having a problem 
understanding my gibberish.

I finally broke down and have begun to learn how to record PC game play. 
After I have a few files I'll begin searching for a simple, (free) editing 
program and try to learn how to edit.


I finally up loaded the 1st 5 chapters of Half Life 2 today. Be aware, I know 
the quality of the videos isn't great. 

1. My old Samsung Monitor aspect ration is 16:10 instead of 16:9, no 1080p 
2. Being a novice and conservation minded I tried to contain pre-rendered 
file sizes below 2.5GB, which I probably shouldn't have. 
3. Editing, the (free) Editor/rendering software only allows me to render and 
export at 720p and not sure why the frame rate is 59.X instead of 60fps.
4. Lastly there appears to be a loss of video quality during the rendering 
and even more upon the uploading process to You Tube.

I do intend to upgrade my monitor this spring and I'm going to increase the 
file size by altering the CRF rate to see if it improves the end video 
quality. I'm spending time posting and picking brains in an effort to find a 
different free editing program that'll allow me to render in 1080p and still 
not have a watermark. I figure I should learn the basics before I cough up 
the cash for a pay for program.

If anyone wishes to use this guide on their site, I'd like to know. I don't 
have a problem with its use by others on Gaming forums, FAQ sites, or being 
copied for personal use. I'd like to know if it's to be viewed on a site 
though, just so I could drop by to ensure it hasn't been altered. So please 
send me your sites URL.

As with all my guides, find some legit trick I missed, you get the credit for 
it in the guide and an insert amendment to the guide where it will be used. 
As long as the trick, shortcut, etc., etc., can be validated by me without 
the use of any kind of cheat codes if (codes) exist for the PC version of the 


1. Junk
1.1 Mouse
1.2 Keyboard
2. Revisions
3. Contractions
4. Walkthrough, Menu
5. Dog's Ball


Yup this is an old game", I had the Xbox version since 2009 or 10. I played 
it a couple times a year and never got very good at it, I blamed it on an 
aging Xbox and its controllers, (bought in 2001 instead of the PS2). Game 
consoles can't compete with the mouse when shooting accuracy is a focal 
point. Not that I'm good, for sure my reflexes aren't up to snuff, I'm not 
keyboard adept and can't handle the stress of ball gag and bleeding out the 
eyes game play anymore. Nope, but I do hate dying and having to reload a save 

This guide is not an in depth walkthrough regarding achievements and pick-
ups, the only time a Lambda cache or achievement is mentioned or attained is 
if it is in line with the path I use and only for the supplies. This guide 
assumes you have played Half Life 2 and the update a number of times and may 
be considering doing some things different. Most of my tactics are my own, 
however some highly ingenuitive maneuvers are from "You Tube" videos, e.g., 
"Lighthouse drop ship defense" and the "Ravenholm Roof Trick", (both of those 
were supplied by a killer "Gaming Reviews" player and the "Ravenholm with 
Dog's Ball" player. Sorry I don't have their names.

I created a composite and added my own technique to them, for example, by 
combining the Ravenholm roof trick to a modified Ravenholm with Dog's Ball 
tactic I provide a somewhat different approach to the chapter.


Up till 6/18/16 I had been using my 4+ yr. old Logitech M510 and for the most 
part it was a fine mouse. However, I began experiencing problems with it and 
my 7 yr old MS digital media pro keyboard. Some of the mouse buttons got 
flakey, randomly; sometimes they worked sometimes not so, I went looking for 
a new mouse. Because I never developed keyboard skills, (2 fingers and a 
thumb per hand and must be looking at the board while typing and or searching 
for the correct key while playing a PC game. After checking out 6 brands and 
the myriad number of models offered, I decided on the Logitech G700s because 
of price, mouse/software options and how it felt in my right hand. Being used 
to the M510 for so many years the G700s felt like home.

The G700s manual says it has 13 programmable buttons but I think they forgot 
that the left and right tilt action of the mouse wheel provides separate 
actions. In my opinion, if one excludes buttons G 8-11, (DPI switches, 
battery check, profile switch and mouse wheel free spin option, not sure what 
that would be good for) the G700s has 11 game buttons in one small area and 
within fingertip distance "DAMN"! If I had a dilated urethra I might wet 
myself. As of this writing am still settling in and adjusting command 
configurations in the games I play. 

I stopped using the mouse wheel tilt option pretty quick due to activating 
both sides of the wheel during panic play, which for me, is practically all 
the time in the FPSs, call me Mr. Hamfist. However, as of late I have begun 
using the "Right Tilt" option of the mouse wheel on HL2 as a quick access to 
the crowbar. All the extra buttons changed my style of game play and upped 
the quality a rung or 2. If you're a super keyboarder, or even just keyboard 
adept then a gaming mouse is likely a waste of money for you. If you're a 
search and pecks like me it will help you big time.

For the HL2 games, I do have "Fast Weapon Switch" set in 
(Options/Keyboard/Advanced). But in some instances like during overwhelmed 
panic play, even simple double tapping on one of the numeric keys can take 
too long even when the correct key is pressed the correct number of times. 
However in (Options/Keyboard/Key Commands) there is a "Gravity Gun" key; 
pressing it will switch to the GG regardless of what you're currently 
holding, press it a 2nd time and the previous weapon held will reappear in 
Gordon's hands. I call this key "Quick Switch" or QS in the guide. No need to 
flop around looking or pecking for it, my right thumb is in constant contact 
with G7, (mouse button).

Below is my current mouse set-up for HL2 series of games.

G1. Main attack
G2. Secondary attack
G3. Action
Wheel forward, reload
Wheel right tilt, crowbar
G4. Flashlight
G5. Duck/crouch
G6. Zoom, (binoculars)
G7. QS to GG, (gravity gun)


A week or so after buying the mouse I also broke down and bought a Logitech 
G810 gaming keyboard. Outside of the projected longevity of the Romer-G 
mechanical switch which is up to 70,000,000 strokes... YIKES! I can't tell 
much difference between the G810 and the MS board, outside of the 810s 
slightly shorter stroke, the switches even sound like my old keyboard. The 
super big difference is in the back lit keys "OOH BABY". One of the 2 main 
reasons for picking the 810 over the other 5-6 lighted mechanical boards I 
was looking at was the backlighting. 

The construction of the Romer-G switch channels the light directly up through 
the top of the key cap with nearly -0- backwash. This is my term for 
reflected light that bounces off the base of the board and then floods the 
perimeter of the keys with light. All the other lighted mechanical boards had 
the same backwash issue, and all used the Cherry MX switch. I've never used a 
mechanical board before the 810 so I have no background with mechanical 
switches. Cherry MX surely is a quality switch; it's been a vanguard for 
mechanical switches, but the light flooding irks me.

Secondly, the gaming software that comes with the gaming mice and boards is 
wicked nice, it lets me light up the board with the colors I want on the keys 
I choose to run the particular game I'm playing, for a look and peck person 
this is a big time plus especially when playing at night with the room light 

If you D/L my guide from the internet, you can use the "FIND" option to 
quickly locate specific areas of the game and avoid unwanted info from 


11/6/16 Route Kanal 
New faster route to and through flood rooms 1-3 to rebel shooting 2 HCs

11/9/16 Water Hazard
New route to Black Mesa East after chopper battle it eliminates the overhead 
gate, building, 4 POS and lots of running.

11/12/16 Route Kanal
1. New route through 1st 2 POS met in chapter
2. Seesaw puzzle, 2 cinder block solution

11/23/16 Route Kanal
Eliminate 2 POS kills, behind house beginning of train tracks 

11/12/16. We don't go to Ravenholm
A new slightly faster way from the flat roof tram to the churchyard

11/30/16 Route Kanal
New slightly faster route over steam pipe just before Dump truck with EBs

12/29/16 Highway 17
New path and tactics beginning at 3.7b "RR Track SS CR to Razor Train"

12/31/16 Highway 17
Multiple new paths and tactic changes beginning of Chapter to "RR Track SS CR 
to Razor Train"

1/2/17 Ravenholm
New tactic after spinner#1

1/3/17 Ravenholm
New tactic with speeder on train tracks

1/4/17 Highway 17
New maneuver to shack#3 before GS#3

1/4/17 Sandtraps
New maneuver after leaving buggy in garage

1/5/17 Nova Prospekt
New route through 1st flooded room, new tactic communal area cell block#1; 
new route through Laundry room

1/5/17 Entanglement
New tactic as exit stairwell from elevator#1, new tactic 3rd locked gate, new 
optional tactic in flooded room

1/6/17 Anticitizen 1
New tactic through building#2, new tactics through building#4, 2nd floor 
Hlwy, new route 1st part toxic waste

1/7/17 Follow Freeman
New route and tactics from the street to the freeing Barney, new tactic main 
hall for 2 OBGs from roof, new route from completing Generator#1 to Gens #2 
and 3, the new route reverses the order of Gens#2 and 3

1/9/17 Follow Freeman
New tactics to roof top#1, adjusted route to monument center of square, new 
tactic through garage#2, use the revolver, new amended tactics from entering 
rooftop, walkers and BGs to descending to ground level

1/10/17 Our Benefactors
Change of approach to pod transport#1

1/15/17 Dark Energy
New approach at beginning of core ascension, Avoiding combat at 1st level on 
central platform


Most used/repetitive nouns in the game

Assault Entry Point= AEP,
Bunny Hop= BH,
Clockwise= Cw,
Combine Police/Civil Protection= POS,
Control Room= CR,
Counter Clockwise= CCw,
Cross Bow= CB,
Crowbar= KB,
Dog's Ball= DB,
Entry Point= EP,
Explosive Barrel/s= EB/s,
Exit Point= XP,
Firing Position= FP,
Flashlight= FL,
Hand Grenade= G,
Half Life 2= HL2,
Half Life 2 up date= HL2ud,
Hallway/s= Hlwy/s,
Head Crab/s= HC/s,
Head Spider/s' HS/s
High Energy Grenades= HEGs
Laser Wall Mine/s= LM/s, 
Launcher Ammo Crate-= LAC,
Left Trigger= LT,
Line of Fire= LOF,
Line of Sight= LOS, 
Machinegun Turret/s= MGT/s,
Medical Kit/s= MK/s,
Nitrous Oxide= NOS,
Overwatch Bad Guy/s= OBG/s,
Overwatch Elite Bad Guy/s= OEBG/s,
Passageway/s= Pswy/s,
Poison Spider= PS,
Poison Spider Taxi/s= PST/s,
Plasma Ball= PB,
Pulse Rifle=PR,
Quick Switch= QS,
Reacquire= RA,
Right Trigger= RT,
Round/s= Rnd/s,
Security Screen= SS,
Sub Machinegun= SMG,
Suit Battery= SB,
Supply Crate/s= SC/s,
Turret Machinegun= TMG,
Walkway= Wkwy,
Wall Dispenser/s= WD/s
Zombie= Z,




3.3 Route Kanal

3.3a. Train Tracks to rebel freight car
3.3b. Trapped sewer rebel to slippery barnacle sewer
3.3c. Seesaw puzzle to big long horizontal pipe
3.3d. Dump truck to Water Hazard

3.4a. Lock Gates #1 and 2
3.4b. Chopper Chase
3.4c. Chopper Battle



3.6a. swinging legs to zombie operating room
3.6b. 1st speeder zombie to 5-way intersection
3.6C. Church yard to exiting the grave yard
3.6D. Grave yard to exiting the tunnel at the train yard

3.7. HIGHWAY 17

3.7a. Colonel Cabbage's Playhouse to Piers and ALs and OBGYNs Oh My
3.7b. GS#2 to the Bridge
3.7c. RR track SS CR to Razor train


3.8a. Tunnel to 2 rising road barriers
3.8b. The Ramshackle overhead gate to the lighthouse
3.8c. running over rocks and planks, avoiding ALs, to the Guardian
3.8d. Pod training, to the 3 Nova Prospekt guard towers
3.8e. Assault on Nova Prospekt's back door


3.9a. Entry to Nova Prospekt to the lavatory guardian
3.9b. Cell area common room to large laundry room
3.9c. Galley to entanglement


3.10a. Alyx at the train tracks to swarm#2 at the cell block
3.10b. Swarm#3 to transporter room


3.11a. Dr. Kleiner's Lab to Toxic Waste area
3.11b. Toxic waste tunnel to Town Square Generator Defense
3.11c. Sewers to the Street


3.12a. Saving Barney
3.12b. Attack on City Hall
3.12c. Roof Assault
3.12d. Walker Assault City hall Quadrangle and 2 Parking Garages
3.12e. 4-6 OBGs, 2 Walkers, Top Floor Assault


3.13a. To the Big Elevator
3.13b. OEBGs, OBGs Protecting the Walker and Walker Combat


4. Dog's Ball through the mine's water tunnel.


The place is full of Combine Police/Civilian Protection, hence known as 
POS/s, (piece of shit and or pieces of shit when more than 1). I hope they're 
humanoids and not human, however there are too many present and historic 
examples of mankind abusing itself for some sort of gain. Follow the cues, 
which lead you to Barney and then outside to the square. You can explore your 
1st time through, but there's only one route that allows the game to 
continue. Exit the building and go to your right then into the ally to the 
ladder above the dumpster. You'll drop through the opening in the Wkwy, 
(walkway) past the fence, avoid all POS, continue right then left to the dead 
end where you'll find 2 POS and an open EP, (entry point) to the building. 

To continue your escape, you're channeled up and through the building to the 
rooftop. Run across the flat parts to the dormer wall with the open windows 
then climb in. Continue till your capture by POS when you awake you'll be 
facing Alyx Vance who will lead you to temporary safety. It's a drag the game 
prevents you from grabbing a stun baton from one of the POS; I think it would 
be a great alternate weapon.


Here you'll meet Dr. Kleiner and Lamar his HC, (head crab), Lamar, I hope he 
didn't name it after Hedy Lamarr; she was a strikingly beautiful woman. 
Barney will also pop up in a few. Alyx will transport out and then Gordon's 
attempt will fail due to Lamar jumping into the works at the moment of 
transport. You'll end up outside, start running off the Wkwy, into the 
transformer area, through a building and then back outside again. Speak to 
Barney and acquire your KB, (crowbar). Use the KB to bust stuff up and to 
clear your way through obstructions in the game. 

Go left to the small shed and drop down into the train yard, sprint left and 
climb up into the train car. POS will be firing on you the entire way. Exit 
the car at the other end then sprint right along the cars till you see the 
break in cars ahead and to your left. Hook around the break in the cars on 
the left then sprint to the 2nd open train car on the right. 

Enter and climb to the top of the car then run left and jump over the cars, 
when you approach the fence press sprint and jump to ground. Sprint to the 
right into the darker area, approach the right side of the cart and crouch. 
Creep CCw around the cart to the boarded up XP, clear the bottom board only 
then creep under, stand and sprint to right along the wall for cover then 
drift left at the XP wall and drop down to the XP. Run down the stairs to 
begin chapter 3 Route Kanal. 




New route through section of sewer with flood valve
New route through 1st 4 POS and house across the tracks in chapter 3
Eliminate 2 POS kills, behind house beginning of train tracks
Eliminate POS#2 for SB
New slightly faster route over steam pipe just before dump truck with EBs

To date, what follows, once I got the rhythm down is the most consistently 
successful, least damaging maneuver I've come up with; most often I end up at 
the tracks with 29-32% health. You must sprint to and take POS#1 fast to 
avoid POS#2 (wielding the baton). 

11/25/16, eliminate POS#2 for SB

Access the WD, (wall dispenser) to increase your health to 100%. A woman 
screams out for help as you approach the XP to the Hlwy intersection, turn 
left into the Hlwy and sprint at the group. ASAP drift left to the wall and 
slide along it to POS#1 who is standing over a body, #1 has a pistol. Run 
into #1 and begin to KB it, turn slightly to face him while swinging. He 
drops after 4 KB strikes; notice POS#2 bearing down on you as you swing 
strike#4. ASAP after landing strike#4 back away along the wall toward the EP, 
allow POS#2 to enter KB distance and KB him while back stepping. As soon as 
#2 drops sprint forward and around the woman, she should be kneeling over her 

Pass close by her to acquire the pistol and continue to the boarded up XP. 
Unfortunately the game auto arms you with the pistol, switch back to the KB 
pronto and continue to sprint directly at the XP. KB the top board only then 
jump through the XP, do not stop, sprint up the 1st flight of stairs then 
slow to a run to travel over the platform and begin ascending flight#2. This 
allows POS#3 who is descending flight#3 to near the base of the flight. Begin 
sprinting up when #3 is about 4 steps from the base of flight#3, KB him on 
platform#2 and take his pistol.

If you move too close to platform#2, POS#3 will stop mid flight and begin 
firing on you.

Take the ammo, sprint up to the large concrete platform, switch to pistol, 
run right toward the base of stair flight#4, begin strafing left before 
reaching the stairs to allow for faster targeting time. Begin firing on POS#4 
as you run up the flight, don't sprint, you might overrun him before he drops 
ammo. The pistol is the only weapon in the game I never have an ammo worry 
about. Now on the main platform, quickly locate and sprint to the XP stairs 
past the EBs leading down to the tracks and hold at mid platform for the soon 
to arrive train. 

With your 6 to the wall there's a section of sheet metal that's blocking the 
view of the buildings boarded up EP at your 12:00. Look at the platform 
across the tracks at your 2:00; this is your route to the boarded up EP. Now 
look to the right of the section of sheet metal, there're 3 boards very close 
together, 2 abutting boards a weensy gap then another board, look down from 
the 3rd board past the whitish trim blocks to the white grout line aligned 
with the top of the XP platform. This is my point and angle of focus and I 
maintain it through out the train jump maneuver. With this point and angle, 
once I am on top of the train, I press run and jump as soon as the leading 
edge of the XP platform appears in my peripheral vision (to the right). 

Using the HEV's targeting reticle as a means to focus allows me to ignore all 
the crap blur of the train and the passing wall once I land on the train. 
With very little practice I hit the ladder about 7/10 attempts. This saves 
time and effort. Run and jump to the train as it begins to pass, release run 
before you land on the train. Then when the leading edge of the platform 
appears in your peripheral, run/jump off the train and land on the ladder. If 
you jump too soon, you'll come to a stop against the ladder which is still 
better than sliding by it to the end of the platform. Climb the ladder, 
sprint to the buildings boarded up EP, (entry point) and switch to the KB if 
not already in hand.

1. You must be standing just left of center of the buildings EP to quickly 
make the jump over the low end of the bottom board and avoid damage from POS 

2. In HL2ud, there're too many items blocking access to the XP to remove  
without taking damage, you're better off entering the XP room moving to the 
wall closest to the tracks, staying away from the windows and shooting one of 
the EBs to clear the XP then sprint through it. 

Just before coming to the corner of the building leading to the EP, slow to a 
run, and begin a run/strafe left tactic so as to be facing the EP as it comes 
into view. Release strafe just before aligning with the EP, you want to hit 
the EP just left of center, (low side of the 2 boards). KB the top board, hop 
over the bottom board then run to the right into the XP room. Sprint straight 
into the EB blocking the XP, pick it up and drop it outside to the right of 
the steps. Run outside, KB the SC if you've been using up too much ammo, 
otherwise ignore, open and pass through the gate at a sprint along the 
building to your left. Continue straight past the corner on your left and 
drift right past the building corner to your right.

This will minimize damage from the 2 POS on the upper Wkwy to your 3:00.

You should still auto grab the MK on your way by if you're not at 100%. Look 
for the bent over section of fence at your 10:00 as you sprint past the 
corner of the building. Jump over the lowest section of the fence, swing wide 
left to the fence; continue sprinting along the fence till you can turn and 
crouch past the corner. 50/50 I make it with -0- damage, do not stop moving 
and enter the duct. KB the SC then turn left and head for the duct grate. KB 
the grate, creep out and right enough to stand and sprint to the far end of 
the Wkwy.

Switch to the pistol while sprinting to the opening on the left at the end of 
the fence. Side step left off the ledge, press strafe right and drop onto the 
pallet if possible to minimize or eliminate damage. Run forward and drift 
left, as you approach the closest EB send 3 rapid rnds into the 2nd EB; 
(closest to the corner) this will kill the POS that you may or may not see 
around the corner.

In HL2 there is an SB, (suit battery) under the stairs that lead to the WD, 
(wall dispenser); the SB is not available in HL2ud. If you go for the SB in 
HL2, be prepared to encounter the next POS slightly ahead of time.

Do your best to improve on head shots to minimize damage.

Strafe left past the corner, locate the EB at the top of the stairs, if it is 
on fire send 1 rnd, if not 3 rnds; this kills the POS behind it. Sprint up 
the stairs, stop at the WD then sprint through the next room to the Hlwy. A 
POS will be somewhere along the Hlwy, (preferably near the EB), another will 
appear from the stairs past the EB. Pass by the 2 POS and take their ammo, 
eventually you end up on a narrow Wkwy above and beside the tracks, BH left, 
drop to the tracks then sprint left past the SCs, (supply crates). 

At this pace, the train often passes while I'm on the narrow Wkwy, I don't 
know why it should be early when I'm here sooner. I'm confused. Because of 
this the BGs that appear down track don't get run over.

In HL2ud, the POS on the tracks will shoot at you a little over halfway 
between the drop to the water and the rebel freight container, I think they 
stop at the SS you couldn't see from track level. Stay left close to the 
bulkhead, you still may take hits but not as many.

Locate the opening in the fence and drop into the water. Sprint and swim 
along the bulkhead to avoid gunfire from the BGs that were charging your 
12:00 along the tracks. You end up at a freight container, locate the ladder 
and climb it then drop through the opening on the roof. 


Once you exit the freight car, avoid the barnacles, (they hang from ceilings, 
long tongues lots of long sharp teeth) if you're snagged don't waste ammo KB 
it. When you get to the wooden barrier after the pallet, go to the 3rd 
vertical board from the left, crouch and hammer at the 2 bottom horizontal 
boards attached to it and then the vertical board. It'll take 8 smacks for 
the 3 boards. Creep under the barrier then stand and run to and under the 
overturned train car, pull the pistol and go FL on, (flashlight) when you 
pass by the greenish mobile office with a single window on the wall. A rebel 
is trapped by 2 POS at the end of a grated sewer line. 

Begin sprinting to the open sewer line just after passing by the trapped 
rebel, stay close to the sewer line to minimize damage from the 2 POS further 
along the line and high up on the concrete platform. Quickly enter, turn left 
and take a couple steps forward. Stop, zoom and target heads, the 2 should 
drop with, 3-4 rnds max each with steady hands. The civilian dies regardless, 
continue to the dark room, grab the goodies then climb up and out. 

Here's a lousy gaff the game pulls on us, as you run around the greenish 
mobile office you can see a blue van at your 12:00 up against the XP Wkwy. 
You could/can climb up the nose of the van and jump to safety but the game 
won't allow it till you have eliminated all the BGs in the area. It would be 
a great way to avoid a lot of conflict, you'd miss out on the supplies but so 
what if you stay for the whole slow dance, there's up to 10 BGs, 2-3 probes 
and an APC with rockets. Who doesn't want to avoid that?

180 and send 3 rnds into the EB on the platform, (it kills 2 unseen MGT POS) 
turn right and send 3 rnds into the elevated EB on the long narrow concrete 
Wkwy. Reload as you swing Cw around the debris to the Wkwy then sprint at the 
POS. Hold head high and send rnds into his head and chest till he drops. 
Reload while sprinting past him to the end of the Wkwy, Jump over the 1-2 
POS, (usually 2) and continue along the "S" turns to safety. 

I'm not sure how the game decides the number of POS to activate from the path 
at the end of the long narrow Wkwy, 1-4 POS can charge the Wkwy. The only 
thing I'm sort of sure of is if I sprint the entire length of the Wkwy I 
encounter between 1-2 POS which I can jump over, run past and around the 
corner to avoid an exchange and receive only 1-3% damage from them never more 
than 5%. I ignore the Lambda cache to cut time and kb the offending barnacle 
further along the path. It takes only 1 smack to kill it, (even in a hard 
mode game) and you receive no damage from it or the fall.

To exit the sewer drain mentioned below, fast and safe, save before exiting 
so you can practice. Move to and stop about 5 feet from the end of the pipe. 
Press strafe left and forward, you will rise up the inside curve of the pipe 
a bit as you approach the end of it. Turn the mouse right to face the leading 
outside corner of the platform in front of the next pipe opening then look up 
and press jump as you near the right side end of the pipe you're in. The leap 
will land you on the leading edge of the corner of the platform and facing 
the EP to the sewer box.
Pull the KB as you approach the barnacle blocking your passage, run, jump up 
and begin swinging, 3 swings max to connect and be released. Continue past 
the nice lady in the pipe and run into the next pipe. Exit pipe right, jump 
and look up to reach the leading edge of the concrete platform and next EP. 
Jump to and KB the SC to the right in the tank, swim to and KB the SC to the 
left, remain in the corner and above water. Look up to the damaged street 
level sewer grate till all the EBs have been dropped, count to 5 then sink to 
the bottom for safety. Turn to face the XP then after the booms swim up and 
jump up to the XP ledge, run through the damaged grate to and past the elbow 
of the pipe to avoid gunfire damage. 

If I attempt to detonate any of the EBs 1 or both of the things mentioned 
below has occurred.
1. The grate covering the pipe isn't destroyed.
2. The game won't let me jump out of the water to the ledge.

The event below can be very stressful when 1st learning it; I killed everyone 
in the area without destroying the bridge to practice the maneuver. After 
practicing about 8-9 times and braining out what and where to do it, I often 
complete the maneuver with a 4% loss in health, to date never more than 10%.

Between sewer pipe #1 and 2, there's a total of 6 POS spread out over the 
area. With KB in hand, exit the pipe, turn right in the air and begin 
sprinting as you hit the ground. Sprint past the container; aim to scrape by 
the left edge of the crate just before the corner. This will line you up with 
the corner of the bulkhead and the end of the trailer hitch past the corner. 
As you reach the trailer hitch swing tight around it, you'll see the trunk of 
a yellow car turned on its side and up against the bridge supports. Sprint 
straight for the trunk; jump over the tail end of the car onto the passenger 
side doors. Jump over the horizontal board and drop to the ground. Run 
through the framing, once past it, sprint to the sewer opening on the right. 

Crouch at the EP, move forward into the barrel, 2nd from the left, KB it to 
shove it ahead and it'll likely be grabbed by the barnacle that might try for 
you. Stand; strafe left to the tunnel wall for cover and to slide down 
faster. Turn to face the wall so that you can go left past the corner. Grab 
an EB and face the next ramp, there're tons of barnacles in front of you, 
move to the top right side of the ramp along the wall. Toss the EB along the 
wall and down the ramp, I fire 1 rnd while it is in transit and a 2nd when 
the barnacle tongues it and draws it up to set it afire, the barrel will do 
the rest. 

Slide down the ramp as the barrel disappears above and continue to the end of 
the pipe. Grab whatever MKs you require, at the pipe opening, while in the 
crouch press crouch again and drop out into the water.

Pressing crouch the 2nd time will allow you to stand as you drop out the 
pipe. This will allow you to move much faster under the water than from the 

Regarding the ramp and platforms mentioned next, sprinting and jumping over 
the conspicuous gaps between the 1st series of platforms is the obvious 
maneuver. But often enough, the end result is falling through one of the 
minute gaps and ending back in the water, which puts you under twice the 
amount of fire and possible damage.


Go to the bottom then left around the barrier. Stay left of the middle of the 
water channel in the 1st section to avoid the flaming EBs dropped from above 
and the collapsing platform on the right. When you are against the grated 
barrier separating sewer canal side#1 from side #2 you can pop up to 
replenish air. Locate and climb the ladder at the far right corner of the 
barrier and bulkhead. Run/jump to the left end of the nearby platform on 
side#2, this time swim down, forward and Cw around the Wkwy piling. When 
under the Wkwy rise up for air and remain above water to continue to 
replenish air/suit power. 

About 30 feet from the end of the Wkwy look to your 11:00, you will see a 
section of the Wkwy angled into the water, to avoid gunfire swim down and 
over to the angled Wkwy ramp. 

The directions below provide the most success. As stated below, when 
positioned at the top of the ramp you'll be sprinting diagonally up slope to 
your 1:00, if you didn't already bump into the MK and ammo you'll pass over 
them on your way across the Wkwy. Climbing up the left side of the angled 
ramp provides minimal coverage from gunfire, but it's more than the right 
side. Take note of the length of the sprint "WHOOSH" sound when you begin 
your sprint, know that from your ready position against the bulkhead the 
whoosh sound stops when you are at the edge of the ramped Wkwy. This is the 
moment when you press jump. I have made the jump to the 2nd joist from the 
right but not as consistently. 

Face the ramp and climb onto it; sprint up slope along the left side toward 
the narrow vertical section at the top, turn to your 9:00 and back up against 
the bulkhead. You want to be between 2 vertical posts and closer to the one 
to your right, square up to the Wkwy across the canal and take note of the 
5/4X4 joists protruding from the leading edge of the wooden Wkwy. Look to 
your 1:00 and aim at the 1st joist from the right end of that Wkwy. 
Sprint/jump and then crouch, (crouch after in the air) to the opposite Wkwy. 
Stand, turn and sprint through the busted sewer grating to safety, stop 
sprinting and crouch just before passing through the 2nd busted sewer grate; 
this action will prevent fall damage from overshooting the lower ramp.

It takes a minimum of 7 blocks to counter balance the seesaw lever and they 
need to be placed at the edge of the lever and then you must jump onto the 
lever and not disturb the blocks to prevent any from falling off. I rarely 
made the jump on my 1st or 2nd attempt so the jump timing must be good or 
better to complete the jump. I brained what follows below once I got tired of 
all the work. I went from 7 blocks to 4 then 3 and now 2 blocks, an excellent 
time saver.

It's a seesaw puzzle Charlie Brown; ignore it. 

11/12/16 Route Kanal
Seesaw puzzle, from 7 to 4 then 3 and now a 2 cinder block solution.

With the XP wall at your 12:00 and the 2 cinder blocks closest to the EP are 
between you and the wall. From the crouch, grab block#1, (closest to you), 
lift block#1 up, place block#1 over block#2 so that half of block#1 hangs 
past the left end of block#2. Lower block#1 onto block#2 and release it. 
Block#1 will rotate and land on the ground standing on end. Pick up block#2 
place the bottom right end of block#2 on top of the left top edge of block#1. 
Release block#2; grab block#2 as soon as it rotates to the vertical to 
prevent over rotation. Pick up block#2 creep over to the XP wall, (a few feet 
from the seesaw) and place block#2 against the wall. 

Turn right and grab block#1, turn left and place it on top of block#2, stand 
and jump up onto block#1 and up again to the top of the XP wall. Sprint the 
dry canal to the slippery ramp; BH down the ramp then sprint left over crap 
heap and jump to the narrow ledge. Sprint the ledge to the planks then to the 
railing. Jump/crouch over the railing and drop to the Wkwy, creep to the XP, 
KB the board, grab and toss the barrel then stand and pass through the XP. 

If moderately damaged at this point find the cache below and heal, otherwise 
ignore. At the 2 slippery ramps, grab a tire, move to the left side of the 
ramp and toss the tire at the left most tongue. Slide down against the left 
wall of the ramp, turn left and jump off the side of each ramp. Sprint to the 
XP; open it as the chopper salvo ends then sprint left to the EP. Next is the 
refugee depot, grab and take the 2 EBS with you. Approach and grab barrel#1, 
hold it low then slam into the right side of the crates to push them left. 
Drop #1 and back off a foot then move to #1, it is against the vertical 
board, KB the board, pick #1 up, bring it to into the corner left of the 
depot EP. 

KB the boards blocking the EP then retrieve barrel#2 and place it beside the 
depot's XP. Run to and climb the ladder beside the EP then jump to the planks 
spanning from the ledge to the platform, locate the SB then drop off near the 
depots EP. Take a step or 2 through the EP, 180 and target the EB at the XP. 
When the door bursts from MHs send 3 rapid fire rnds into EB#2. Retrieve 
EB#1, continue through the sewer, BH to the closed gate, MHs will quickly 
swarm the gate; place EB#2 "CLOSE NOT AGAINST THE GATE" if MHs hit it, you 
die. Wait for at least 2 MHs to be near and or bouncing off the gate. Send 2 
rnds into the EB then retreat to safety after the count of 2.

The above method saves time and damage not sure but I think the 2 count may 
keep the MHs close to the gate due to a visual on Gordon.

Below, the description is for HL2, in HL2ud 4 to 6 MHs are advancing on you 
as you enter the tunnel. Ignore them, KB your way through the debris and 
follow the same procedure used in HL2.

Move to and through the gate, have the KB ready if one of the MHs survived. 
Swing at it as you run the tunnel to the end, switch to pistol and put 2 rnds 
into the EB at the corner. Switch to KB if the MH is still active and swat it 
as you retreat to cover past the wall buttresses, (concrete posts). If the MH 
is still active after the EBs go boom ignore it, sprint and BH the tunnel to 
the next XP. Arrive at the XP gate to your left, enter and sprint to the next 
gate. Move the barrel, open, enter and KB the pallet then run off the ledge. 
ASAP switch to the pistol and run toward the distant EB to the left of the 
next tunnel. Send 3 rapid rnds into it when the POS is about to land then 
drift left or right around the body to avoid picking up the SMG and BG LOF. 

Reload as you drift out of LOF and then move back into it. Continue running 
at the 2 POS in the next section, aim for the heads and fire till both drop. 
Run over the SMGs and continue to and through the water wheel, rise up, out 
of the water, switch to pistol and run to the pipe. Ignore the probe if it 
comes out to play, with the current path and speed it hasn't been around. Run 
under the pipe to side#2, run left, zoom and head for the light. Take note of 
the pipe's concrete supports as you run along the pipe, if you stop running 
just as you reach the next to last support you won't have to duck under the 
pipe. Head shoot POS#1 as he lands on the pipe then reload and X out of zoom 
as you slide under the pipe to side#1 and POS#2. 

Do not exit the tunnel for any ammo dropped by the POS; it'll call 2 more POS 
to the fenced enclosure outside.

Unlike HL2, in HL2ud the 2 POS that enter the fence enclosure "may do so" 
(but not always), without you exiting the tunnel. This will cause back pain 
as you sprint along the top of the pipe to the venting steam.

11/30/16, new slightly faster route over steam pipe
Jump up the steps to the right of the barnacle, continue to ignore the probe 
if it shows up and access the SC, toss the barrel out of the way if needed 
then jump to the pipe. Run to the steamy end of the pipe. As usual, dismount 
from the right side of the pipe but continue past the barrels to the middle 
of the pipe's elbow. Jump onto and over the pipe to the cache then from the 
cache corner jump back onto the pipe and face the 2 steam vents. As soon as 
vent#1 stops spewing sprint over both vents, if the MH freed itself KB it if 
not bust the boards blocking the XP. KB the boarded XP from the left and only 
enough boards to slip through then drop off the pipe. 2 left vertical and 1 
horizontal board.

Locate the cache, there's ammo health and SB, ignore the MH and backtrack to 
the dark low and narrow sewer drain opening near the busted boards. Crouch, 
move into the opening, press crouch again then drop into the water; locate 
the ladder and climb to ground. 


11/6/16, new faster route to and through flood rooms 1-3 to rebel station

Now none of the POS around the truck with explosives will be dealt with, they 
can suffer another day.

ASAP sprint toward the truck ahead at street level, sprint right and then 
right again into the narrow tunnel opening. Ensure the KB is ready then enter 
niche#1 on right, it may have an SB or health vial thingy and maybe ammo, dip 
in for a walkover and continue along the tunnel toward the XP gate. Go FL on 
as you pass niche#2 then sprint to the gate. Sprint to and up the steps and 
to the duct grate. Slam into it, crouch and smack it clear. ASAP press 
forward to enter the duct, 180 and back up to the end of the duct then 
sidestep left to drop down about 6 feet into the vertical duct. Turn 180 
degrees, along the long axis of the duct grate, KB the grate. 

It is of most importance that you do not crouch before you contact the duct 
grate, creeping to the grate to KB it will slow you down too much and likely 
cause MH damage. Sliding back and forth in front of the duct in an attempt to 
enter it will provide the same results. Doing both adds up to disaster.

If you pull this off, you can be in the duct and dropping down to the XP 
grate before any MHs are in the duct. The MHs will follow deep into the 1st 
section of duct and hover over the top of the vertical section but not lower 
into it. Facing them to KB minimizes and or eliminates damage if any MHs make 
it in before you drop down. To date MHs have not followed me down to the 2nd 
duct grate or the room below, if they do it is long after I exit the room 
below for the flood valve.

Press forward and stand as you drop onto the stacked barrels in rm#1. You 
will run off the barrels to the floor and toward a large vertical section of 
pipe. There're 2 EBs to your 1:00, grab the closest EB and place it against 
the vertical pipe. Jump onto the EB and then right onto the upper Wkwy, turn 
right again and sprint to the opening ahead and to the left leading to rm#2. 
Run the Wkwy and drop down to the pipe with the flood valve and turn it to 
begin flooding the 3 rooms. Quickly make your way back to rm#1, sprint to and 
hop over the railing to the grated floor below then down the ladder to the 
flooding area below. 

1. The difference between HL2 and HL2ud is the approach to the flood valve, 
pay attention to your drops to avoid prematurely entering the water, forcing 
you to reroute back to the valve. 

In room#3, if you can't get the hang of the long jump, come up for air then 
dive back down and shoot the boards from the middle to the right end of the 
recess to free up a spool. 

For the long jump, ensure you press and hold whatever keys you have chosen 
for forward and sprint, endeavor to press jump at the very edge of the ledge 
you're on and do not press crouch until you are mid air.

2. I no longer run right from ledge, saving at least 1 minute, I take some 
damage but not much more than the old route. I have to be careful on the 
rickety Wkwy leading to the rebels due to blinding probes and MHs tearing it 

Jump off the ladder and swim through the tunnel to rm#3 and then up to the 
ladder. Climb the ladder to the ledge, orient to the ledge across the water 
then long jump to it. Stand and exit, locate the ladder, climb and ignore the 
probe if at all possible whether it shows up after landing on the planks, 
crossing to the opposite ledge and or dropping off to the ledge below beside 
the fence. While facing the fence, turn right, run along the ledge and drop 
into the water, pull the pistol and continue to run left, 2 POS will rappel 
in from above. With a little pistol practice, you can easily head shoot both. 
Run over their stuff; jump up from the barrel to the Wkwy, ASAP switch to and 
KB the SC then enter the tunnel Pswy KB ready. 

There're 3 MHs ahead and possibly 2 behind you with a probe tagging along. 
Run by the 3, KB them out of your way.

I sprint along the left side of the tunnel and jump over the lower crate, 
then I turn into the lighted tunnel and climb the ladder pronto, I hop, skip 
and jump along the planks and such to the end, KB the SC then drop off to the 
ground below. I do take minor damage from a few of the MHs on the way but 
nothing significant. Toxic area and Lambda cache ahead, ignore it, sprint at 
the pipes ahead, you'll slide under them to ground and take no damage. 
Continue to the rebel station, access SMG ammo crate and whatever health is 
available then continue to Water Hazard. So far the MHs haven't followed me 
into the toxic sewer area.

Ahead of you is a pretzel maze, of Zs, bugs, toxic sludge and electrified 
debris, all are between Gordon and the airboat, keep moving, only sprint on 
clear straight ways and avoid the dangly sparking wires they'll often leave 
you with 10% health or death. It will pay for you to take your time past the 
sparking wire and through the freight container. If I do receive significant 
damage it is in the freight container "DO NOT TOUCH" the walls on your way 
through it or the HC rocket that lands just past the container. Regarding 
this guide, below 50% health will prove problematic, only stops required for 
game progression are made and there're too many possible accidents on the 


New route to Black Mesa East eliminates the overhead gate, building, 4 POS 
and lots of running.

3.4a. LOCK GATES #1 AND 2

If your health is above 50% avoid stopping at any of the Lambda symbols, 
you're more likely to lose more health and time than any possible gain. 
Unless you are an ace Z, bug and POS killer or playing for the Lambda cache 
achievements and or don't care about time; the gains rarely match the effort.

Barrier#1 park beside the concrete platform then locate the wheel, raise the 
gate, ignore the HC, run to and jump into the boat. 

Barrier#2 is a ramp puzzle and there will be some supplies dropped by a 
rebel. You only need to place 2 barrels in the submerged cage to align both 
sections of the ramp. Climb the leaning tree trunk to the ledge, grab the 1st 
barrel in the outflow pipe and jump into the water. Place it in the cage then 
swim up to the barrel at the edge of the water, grab it and place it in the 
cage. Swim up, sprint to the boat and drive over the ramp, it is a little 
bumpier than the 3 barrel solution but it works.

Barrier#3 is Lock gate#1, pass by the POS shooting from the wooden platform 
and head for the gate, locate corner niche to left after the sludge bar. Park 
the boat tight into the corner and then exit the boat. Put your back to 
bulkhead and boat to your 9:00 then pull the pistol and toggle zoom. Locate 
the distant EB above and to the right of the lock gate, usually 2 to 4 
individually and slow fired rnds will ignite the EB. Occasionally you may see 
the EB jostle from projectile impact. Jump into the boat and beat feet to the 

The above solution avoids tons of time consuming conflict, up to 15 BGs.

Next is another rocket gauntlet to the sewer pipes. Locate the Lambda cache 
in the tunnel, (2 suspended counter balanced cages); ignore them but jump the 
concrete pipes below the cages and with the boat close to the right side 
column, you'll auto pick up all the goodies without the effort.

Barrier#4, lock gate#2, locate the in-feed/outflow pipe (?) protruding from 
the bulkhead to the right of the lock gate and bulkhead corner and left of he 
POS firing on you from the Wkwy. The gate is closing as you approach, orient 
to the pipe for a broadside; let off the gas just before you get to the 
corner of the bulkhead so you don't take damage and or jump the pipe. Jump 
out of the boat as you make contact with the pipe. Odds are you're on top of 
the pipe with LOF on the POS, pistol it to the head. Back into the boat, 
locate the small low dock further along the bulkhead, KB the locked door and 

Take the revolver and target the door at your 12:00 chest high and 1 foot in 
from the knob side door jamb, 3 BGs will attempt to enter the room. Vent the 
3, grab the SCs then return to the boat.

I can get the 357 and get back to the boat with a 1-3% health loss, I can 
even get up onto the concrete Wkwy with maybe another 2-5% damage and then 
another 5-10% on the way back but the stress failing to make perfect moves 
isn't worth the effort especially when it comes to climbing the boat for Wkwy 
access, 3 BGS firing at you to and from the gate release just isn't worth it.

I don't know if the SCs always have the same supplies or if they change event 
to event. I'm guessing that the 357 rnds are always part of the supplies.

To avoid the numbing time consuming effort to maneuver the boat into position 
then back down on the bulkhead, I pull up along the bulkhead, starboard side 
against the bulkhead and the motor housing in line with the break in the 

If you're following the guide you don't need SMG ammo. Return to the previous 
bulkhead; locate the break in the railing then pull up alongside the 
bulkhead. Maneuver the boat so that the high point of the motor housing is 
below the break. Jump out; orient bow on to your 12:00 then approach and hop 
up and out of the water onto the boat, turn the mouse toward the break as you 
make the leap to the motor housing to be facing the break when making your 
final jump to the Wkwy. The individual motions must appear as a nearly fluid 
event to work, otherwise you'll likely end up in the water between the boat 
and bulkhead or jump over the fan and back into the water. 

Locate the ladder to the gate control rm. climb halfway up then G the 2 POS 
in the rm. Enter, collect any supplies dropped, open the lock gate then 
return to the boat. Drop off the bulkhead and begin tapping "USE" to enter 
the boat then exit the area.

With the above solution you avoid another 15 or more BGs tons of time and 
damage and most of all having a merciless chopper on your butt from the gate 
release till you get back out into open river land, far too long a period.


The next interesting part is the chopper chase; when you exit the tunnel to 
open river land the chopper will hound you for a good bit of the snaky back 
and forth waterway and it'll drop mines and send machinegun fire around you 
like there's no tomorrow. Eventually you'll approach and ride up a curved 
dirt ramp then jump to a pier with a big honkin red building. If you're able 
to maintain speed and use the bulkhead on the right to channel the boat, 
you'll remain inline with your jump and can continue past the building and 
drop off the pier back into the toxic waste ... YUM! Also, if you slow down 
before the jump and aim right, you'll drop back into the water and can drive 
under the red building you'll still make it out unscathed. 

In HL2ud, the path past the fallen stack is in the middle of the fallen stack 
not along the 2 bulkheads of the river.

Back in the sort of open water area HC rockets will splash down all over the 
place, one of which will take out one of the smoke stacks. There're 2 ways 
through the fallen stack in HL2.

1. Locate the dock pilings ahead; weave your way up to and stay against the 
retaining wall/bulkhead till you're past the collapsed stack. 

2. Stay tight left as you exit from the sludge, the HC rockets will be 
falling all over and the chopper will continue firing. Stay tight to the 
bulkhead on the left, as the stack falls and the top of it hits the top of 
the bulkhead it cracks into pieces. The top section drops and leans against 
the bulkhead leaving a gap to drive through. This route may be more desirable 
because it makes your right turn smoother.

Bang a right for a straightaway to your XP from hell, because, another kink 
has been added, an APC is sitting over the pipe and sending rockets. The 
chopper will recommence its mine dropping and gunfire program at the pipe as 
you approach. 

This is the fastest way I can find through this puzzle. My fastest time from 
exiting the boat to flying over the barrier wall is just under 25 secs.

Next is ramp puzzle #2; a simple counter balance puzzle. Line up the boat 
with the counterbalance ramp, (has barrel on it), ensure you position the 
boat so that the lowest platform is to your 3:00/2:00 then exit the boat. If 
you need whatever is in the SC, (in the counterbalance cage) get it before 
you pull the counterbalance lever. 180 ignore all the other junk in the area 
and sprint to the left end of the closest sewer pipe. Sprint through the pipe 
section and exit left to the ladder, climb to the platform and drop to the 
top of the pipe. Sprint along the pipe, across the ramp to the platforms then 
drop to the roof covered platform. Push the top load washing machine over the 
ledge and into the counter balance. 

Run back along the platforms to the lowest one then jump to the boat, begin 
pressing "action" as you fall to the boat for an instant start and take off. 
Ignore the barrel if it is still on the ramp and drive at and jump the 
barrier wall. Drive to the Rebel station for a refit, (machinegun added to 
boat). When complete leave, smash through the debris and meet the chopper 
that's waiting for you outside, set the bitch on fire. You can't kill it with 
the time allotted, it'll turn tail and run but it will have many holes to 

Another gate system, both gates are open till you approach the 2nd gate then 
both close trapping you within. So as you pass under gate #1 look right for 
the partially submerged section of fence, use it to reach the Wkwy, and use 
the Wkwy to exit the trap. Next tunnel, 3 Zs having a walkabout at the end of 
it; drop out at the end of the tunnel, look to the right, POS and EBs, lots 
of EBs a ramp and maybe an endless supply of more EBs will roll down to the 
water when you approach the ramp. MG POS#1 and or the EB then POS#2, enter 
the area 
n-+maneuver to the right, 180 face the very low bulkhead then charge and ride 
over it to avoid the rest of the crap you'd get into if you didn't do this.

Next area; shipping container #1 with goodies, ignore it unless you're 
hurting. Further left past beached ship #1 2 combine APCs, (armored personnel 
carriers with launcher capability) sitting high up on the dock. Beached ship 
#2 and partially submerged container #2 complete the line up. Drive past ship 
#1 to the rudder of ship #2, stop jump out of the boat and sprint past the 
right side of container #2 to the far end of it, stand in the opening and 
pistol the EBs within. Sprint back to the boat through the container then 
drive back through the container to the safety of the dock underside and 
pilings. Drive to and over the XP ramp to leave the area. 

Not too far and you pop out into wide open ecology gone wrong desolation, 
there's a couple of small beached, mid sized harbor tugs I guess. There are 
some rock pillars dam flood gates and an angry chopper. Collect all supplies 
between the 2 ships, but do not approach ship#2 till you are ready to deal 
with the chopper. There are SCs all over, on and in the partially submerged 
pipe.  You can see 2 crates between ship #2 and a set of mud or rock pillars 
to the left of it; I drive between the 2 and over the SCs when I am ready.

11:00/55 degrees, is an angle just before the boat's MG looses overhead 
tracking on an object passing over, (reticle goes red) after that any sent 
ammo is wasted.


I stop about 100 virtual yards prior to the EBs floating in the water and 
wait for the chopper to enter range then fire on it. I continue fire and 
begin backing down till the chopper hits 11:00/55 degrees overhead then I 
come about, follow the chopper and continue sending fire till empty. I stop; 
wait for the wep to recharge and the chopper to come about and back into 
range. Fire on the chopper again when it's in range, and as before, I begin 
to back down as the chopper approaches 30 degrees to extend fire time, once 
it reaches 55 degrees, I 180 maintain fire till empty and follow till I'm 
about 100 yards from any remaining EBs. I repeat this maneuver till the 
chopper drops into the water, short and sweet. 

I'm pretty good at it now and usually smoke it halfway through the 4th pass 
90+% of the time. Occasionally, (maybe 5-10%) I'm able to take it before it 
completes its 3rd pass.

New route to Black Mesa East eliminates the overhead gate, building, 4 POS 
and lots of running. However the maneuver is difficult and takes time to 
master. Initially I had a 2/40 success rate, I got better and made it 50/50, 
honed it a smidge more and am currently around 60/40. The thing is even if 
you miss the jump on the 1st and even 2nd attempt you still get to jump the 
flood gate sooner than not.

Regarding option #3 below, whether to enter the building or not, for me, it 
depends on how much damage I'm carrying and how much personal ammo I've used 
up. As for health, if I'm at or close to 100% I avoid the building to save 
time, I have so little weps use at this point, the most I get out of the 
building is 1 HEG, and a few pistol and 357 rnds and 1-2 SBs.

1. New route to BME, after you have retired the chopper return to the water 
area where all the EBs were floating. What follows is an orientation of the 
boat so that you will have a frame of reference. Facing the overhead gate, 
turn left there're 2 tall rock pillars lined up and the leading pillar has a 
very small one close to its left side, further left and back is a mangled red 
freight container. Move to the gap between the leading pillar and the small 
one to the left then put your back to it. This is position#1; you now have 
the debris ramp and the flood gate at your 12:00. Look to the 2 large lined 
up rock pillars on the sandbar to your 1:00. 

This is position#2 and you will be passing over the edge of that sandbar at 
full speed on your approach to the debris ramp. Drive over to the sandbar and 
position yourself so that the debris ramp is lined up with the outside corner 
of the dam. When lined up correctly you will have the flood gate CR just 
above and to the right, zoom for a close up. You'll see the vertical lines 
made by the concrete forms while the concrete was setting. There is 1 pour 
line between to large sections of concrete and 1 narrow section of concrete 
to the right, just where the height changes from the low ledge to the higher 
corner. You want to aim the boat for the pour line between the narrow section 
of concrete on the right and the wide section on the left. 

When you hit the ramp turn left and you'll land on the lower section of 
concrete. You can back the boat up to the railing closest to the CR then 
climb the boat to the CR. You'll be wicked close to the CR and back in the 
boat in no time. Drive off the ledge reposition in line with the debris ramp 
and flood gate then go for it.

2. If you get too frustrated learning the maneuver or can't get to it at all 
because you're playing on a PS or Xbox, drive to the overhead gate control 
station and climb. Open the gate, enter the new area and use the busted dock 
as a ramp to the area above. Be careful on your approach to the concrete 
platforms so as not to waste time bouncing off them and having to reorient 
the boat. Do it right and you receive no damage from the 2 POS. Continue past 
and around the building, drive over the bridge and park close to the spot 
where the G man was standing. Jump out and locate the flood gate CR then open 
the gate. 

Return to the boat, drive off the concrete and then use the debris ramp to 
jump the gate. The 2 POS remain near the building and send rnds from big 
distance, no worries. You're now in chapter Black Mesa East.

3. If you must stop at the building for health and supplies. Clear the 2 POS 
outside with the boat MGT. There's 2 POS within, when I enter the building, I 
headshot POS#1 from a crouch and from the right side of the EP for cover from 
POS#2. I stand and edge around the EP till I have LOF on #2 then do the same 
to him whether he is advancing or not. When complete load up and exit, drive 
over the bridge, locate flood gate control then open the gate. Return to the 
boat then use the debris ramp to jump the gate. You're now in chapter Black 
Mesa East.


Locate the dock, ladder and entrance to the facility.
Black Mesa is a simple linear time waste but it does give you the opportunity 
to grab and hold onto DB, (Dog's ball), it is an invaluable asset in 
Ravenholm. Once outside and in possession of the GG adjust the crates and 
climb up and out to the much larger area, Alyx will eventually follow when 
you don't hang around. Head back to the yard EP when Alyx tells Dog to find 
something larger to toss at Gordon. If you are prevented from entering the 
fence enclosed yard with the airlock, wait for the explosions. The gate and 
the airlock will then open.

Retain DB from Black Mesa East and take it to Ravenholm. DB Saves ammo, 
allows for distance action from BGs, keeps BGs occupied allowing you to 
reposition and or reclaim DB for action or escape. Play with the BGs watch 
how they interact with DB and completely ignore Gordon once DB is closer to 
them than Gordon. You can eliminate all with dexterity and speed, it does 
take somewhat longer with DB than evasion, but at this point, in general DB 
minimizes saves, restarts and much frustration once you become adept with its 
use and how it affects the Zs. 

Be aware, DB does not appreciate submersion in water, being engulfed in fire 
or near explosions, how it survives the constant hits from Grigori's SG I 
don't know. If submerged it will burst, the same thing occurs when it's been 
in the fire too long or near an explosion. If you are unfamiliar with DB use, 
the 1st 9 or more Zs are your practice dummies, learn how DB rebounds from 
direct impacts, (square on) and glancing impacts, (diagonal hits) and low 
impacts, (knee high). This will help you come up with recovery techniques 
later in the game when it becomes tres importante. By the time you reach the 
fires and meet up with Father Grigori you should have a general idea on how 
to use DB.

After the attack on Black Mesa East, you are led by Dog to BM's entrance to 
Ravenholm. A short distance from the overhead door you come to a locked 
ladder, GGP+ it then climb it with DB. 

A simple way to climb a ladder with DB is to stand at the base, push into the 
ladder then turn Gordon to the left or right, look up and hold forward. DB is 
to the side of the ladder and the climb is smooth and without incident.



New tactic after spinner#1 evade Z#10


Since learning about what one can do with DB, I haven't played Ravenholm 
without it. It can be a P.I.T.A. sometimes but in general it makes the level 
so much simpler, faster and safer.

BH toward and past the Legs swing to the right side EP, leave the middle 
board, GGP+ the bottom, crouch and enter, (leaving the middle board prevents 
Z#1 from entering room#1 or slowing it down long enough for me to be long 
gone). ASAP move to XP, launch DB into room#2, Z#2 exits from dark Hlwy and 
may approach the table, back away from it and Z#2 will go after DB. Remove 
the stuck saw blades then hop over the table into room#2, stand in front of 
the dark Hlwy for a moment then retreat back over the table, (unless Z#1 is 
thrashing about, then circle room#2 while avoiding the 2 rising Zs). This act 
will lure Z#3 into the room, once it is clear of the XP hop over the table, 
RA DB, (RA= reacquire) and run through the dark Hlwy. 

End run Zs #6 and 7 in room #3 and end up outside; duck under the whirligig 
thing drop DB and GGP+ the crate away, RA DB. Pop up past the blade and hold 
until Zs #8 and 9 approach then end run both to and up the stairs. Drop DB, 
GGP+ the pallet away from the EP, RA DB enter and ignore the HC. Run toward 
the boarded up XP and GGP+ the boards. Exit; locate HCs and Z#10 in narrow 
alley and DB the HCs. Face the EP and drop or launch DB across the room with 
Zs#11-14 and HCs. As they move toward DB sprint to XP, clear the blockade 
then RA DB from the party and exit. Ignore all Zs, BH past all and up the 
mini square steps; meet Papa Grig and some of the kids as you locate the gas 
tank near the building's EP and turn the valve to kill the fire. 

If you don't move or detonate the EB at the base of the stairs, it can 
explode and will destroy DB.

Grig may or may not shoot any of the Zs with this approach. Enter the 
building and BH through room#1 to the stairs, drop DB at the base of the 
stairs, GGP- the EB then GGP+ it to a distant wall. GGP-/+ the 2 big bureaus 
from the stairs, use them to block access to the stairs. Hop, skip and jump 
up the stairs GGP+ the HCs out of your way and or just avoid them if 
possible. Quickly locate room#2 with the bureau blocking the XP, sprint at 
and GGP+ the bureau out of the way. Sprint through room#3 and into room#4. 
Pull the lever on the wall near the window then ASAP, ignore the 2 PSs and 
sprint back to the top of the stairs. 

Maneuver around the 3 Zs; use the opening at the head of the stairs to reach 
the overhead Wkwy in room#1. All or most Zs will be messing with DB on the 
ground floor, quickly maneuver for a clean drop onto the machine on the lower 
platform. Maneuver for a clean GGP- on DB then exit.

There's always a route through the mess, sometimes convoluted but most times 
I make it outside without having to DB anything. It happens but it is a 
rarity, a Z makes it into the short narrow Hlwy. You can DB it or back step 
and lure it to one side of the Hlwy then end run it.

Hop over the 2 PS in the short Hlwy, it is a rare occurrence to have a Z in 
the short Hlwy; (not sure if it occurs more in HL2ud than HL2). The Z can be 
drawn to a side of the Hlwy; back step a few feet to make space and prevent 
the 2 PS from dropping down then pick a wall to hug. When you have drawn it 
away from one side, sprint by it, you may take a hit or 2 from it. Outside 
use the junked car to jump up to the top of the retaining wall, BH to gas 
tank #2, locate the valve and turn it. There're 3 full and 1 partial Z 
blocking your way over the fence. Launch DB over the fence then weave your 
way through the Zs to the ladder. 

Climb up the ladders and maneuver your way across the planking and into the 
2nd floor of the next building. Enter the room with the Z and HCs on the 
ground floor, drop DB to them then GGP+ the boards off the XP. RA DB and exit 
the building. From your 10 and 5:00 you're greeted with 6 of the 9 local Zs. 
You and DB can easily handle all without damage, but if you want a bit of a 
challenge leave them alive ... or whatever you want to call their condition.

DB has a couple problems riding the car traps up and I haven't found a way to 
keep DB with me while rising. For some reason, if you hold onto DB as the car 
raises you get dragged off the car, why IDK. I have a few methods to deal 
with the Z issue and now prefer #4. Once car#2 is at a stable elevation DB 
behaves and you can easily maneuver over the path to the XP.

A number of new wrinkles have arisen since late July; I had been playing HL1, 
HL2 episodes #1 and 2 and a couple other games through Aug, Sept and mid Oct. 
HL2 used to block RA DB from the trunk of car#2 if DB was close to or 
directly below the rear bumper, now the game is giving me grief retrieving it 
from the front of the car as well. If it's near or below the bumper, you can 
GGP- but you lose grip a couple feet above the ground. After a few tries and 
the Zs messing with it, it moves far enough away from the car and does come 

More invisible barriers, one of which prevents DB from completing Nova 
Prospekt I'm thinking it has something to do with a Steam patch/update, 
there're too many anomalies that didn't exist while I was playing it to death 
in July. 

1. Kill all and launch DB through the 2nd floor XP (open window). 
2. Kill 6 evade the 3 and launch DB through the XP. 
3. Kill all, leave DB on the ground then pull it up from the planks or one of 
the cars. 
4. Leave all Zs be, drop DB on the pavement near the car trap car #2 
activation lever then activate car trap #2, sprint to and jump onto the trunk 
before it rises too high. Ride car#2 up; from your new vantages point, RA 
(reacquire) DB. It may take a bit, but with the new kinks but it still works.

Once outside, BH to the lever of car trap #2, drop DB near the trap lever 
then pull the lever and quickly hop onto car #2 before it gets too high. ASAP 
crouch 180 and locate DB below, as soon as the car comes to a stop RA DB. 
Move quickly and safely over the car and planks and through the 2nd floor 
window opening. Exit the 2nd fl room to the room with the EBs to the left and 
the spider in the distant Hlwy, hold onto DB, advance on the spider; it will 
lodge itself against your XP. There're 3 things you can try when you reach 
this point.

1. Drop DB prior to the XP at the edge of the XP niche to give the spider 
room to exit, it will allow the spider to move away and deeper into the Hlwy. 

2. Move past the XP, 180 and drop DB at the edge of the XP niche, it'll give 
the spider the room to exit back to the Hlwy and sometimes down the steps. 
From steps 1 and 2, open the door enter RA DB then close the door.

3. The spider refuses to move away from the EP after 4-5 secs, kill it.

When the spider lodges itself in the XP niche and DB is nearby the door will 
only open into the Hlwy, go figure. If you drop DB prior to the XP niche the 
door may open into the room and or the spider will move back to the Hlwy. If 
it returns to the Hlwy quick enough enter the room RA DB and close the door, 
if it enters the room ahead of you or takes too long to move back into the 
Hlwy GGP+ it. Don't waste much time on it for the sake of minimum kills.

Grigori will dispatch the Z passing the right side window as you enter the 
room. Remain on the right side of the room to avoid activating the dormant Z 
at the left end. Hop up onto the window ledge, skooch out a bit and boo to 
the right to activate the 3 Zs around the corner then retreat to the room. 
Papa Grig will often remove all 3 for you, but not always and it may take "A" 
boo or 2 for all 3 Zs, usually not. If Grig bolts before ending all 3, you'll 
have to do it yourself. I bait the Z to the window then KB it. Quickly exit 
the room to the ledge and go right to and around the corner to avoid the PSs 
on the ledge across the street and any remaining HCs.  

I have a preferred path to the XP after watching a hard mode run of Ravenholm 
late 2015; it took me some time to roughly figure out the players technique, 
(I couldn't do it with the Xbox version I was using at the time). In no way 
does it come close to the elegant form used by the "Gaming Reviews" player 
but it works and it saves time, health and energy once you master it. One may 
continue to use the conventional approach to the XP, (going to ground) then 
to the ladder at the far end of the street if one chooses to but once I 
brained the trick I haven't gone back. 

The optional approach to the 2nd fl EP requires practice to become reliable, 
and DB has no detrimental effect on the maneuver. Once you are out of the 
room and safely on the ledge. Go right to the ramp and continue onto the very 
narrow roof ledge of the connected building. Past roof section#1 roof 
section#2 has a roof elevation change and no narrow ledge. Roof section#3, 
the roof line drops back to the level of section#1 and has a short narrow 
ledge leading to the Wkwy that connects the buildings on both sides of the 
street. To survive the jump onto roofline #2, get a running start on the 
narrow ledge of section#1 and jump to section#2. 

While you are in mid jump, simultaneously press and hold forward and strafe 
right also turn your mouse 70 degrees up roof to look up to the roof's ridge. 
When done correctly Gordon sort of slides left along roofline #2 to the short 
narrow ledge of roofline #3. From this point you can release your hold on the 
keys, reposition if necessary and jump up to the connecting Wkwy. Go to the 
Lambda cache or continue with the game. 

Zombie Operating Room

Enter the building's 2nd floor through the open window, drop DB to lure the 
crawling Z to the window then swing around it to the XP, open the door, RA 
DB, drop him in the large room then close the door on the Z. There are a lot 
of Zs ahead but easily handled with DB and a little guile. BH to the stairs 
and down to the 1st turn to lure the nearest 1-3 Zs up, quickly move to the 
side of the stairs and hop up onto the railing. When 1 begins to circle the 
railing drop off and move to the head of the stairs to lure the next 2 up 
then back away to and along the perimeter wall. When 3 are on the floor 
return to the railing and hop over at the deepest point, odds are you'll land 
on the head of a Z.

Drop off the Z and continue forward through the Hlwys and outside. Locate the 
EP of the next building at your 11:00 once you're outside then sprint to and 
enter to avoid the speeder. 


Instead of rushing into the building at your 11:00, hang outside for a few 
seconds you'll see the 1st speeder zombies leaping over the rooftops and the 
1st street level speeder to advance on you. Zs have chubby HCs and speeders 
have the long legged HSs (head spiders) PSTs have PSs on them.

There're 5 Zs and 2 roaming HCs you must pass by in the building on the way 
to the roof, the stairwell Z is the only Z you need to deal with. If you 
prepare to quickly drop DB, open the door, exit to the roof, 180 and grab DB 
you can avoid a hit, or at least more than 1 from the HCs on the top floor.

Be aware, this may occur due to the non speeder kill at ground level before 
entering the building. Often if I'm standing close to the corner of the roof 
awaiting the SG while Grigori rambles, a speeder climbs to the roof via the 
drain pipe at the corner of the building closest to Grigori. However if I'm 
at the middle end of the flat roof, crouched and against the wall the rise to 
the roof doesn't occur as often. In this case, the speeder climbs and 
descends the drain pipe multiple times but rarely ever rises to the roof. 
When Grigi asks for you to "Come closer" do so in the crouch then retreat 
back to your previous position. 

He will toss the SG; let it land on the roof then rush over the SG rnds to 
the SG and pick it up. Turn to the water tank and run off the roof to it. 
Odds are you'll hear the speeder climbing the pipe again before dropping off 
the roof.

Meet up with Grigi again and accept his offer of the SG. After receiving the 
SG from Grig, run off the roof into water tank, (run off don't jump) DB might 
be scraped off as you hit the far rim of the tank. Look up to keep DB out of 
the water when you land, climb out and reload health from the MKs on the roof 
deck. For orientation sake, with your back to the roof EP, locate the 
drainpipe at your 1:00, move to the center of roof deck and face the 
drainpipe. Locate the telephone pole past the drain and aim just left of the 
pole. Run and jump off from the edge of the building. You will land past the 
fence in the next area on the bug transporter with little to no damage. 

I sometimes end up between the fence and transporter but you can slide 
between them to free Gordon. Move ASAP, BH into alley #1 then left into alley 
#2 to avoid 5 or more speeders. When complete stop in the street where the 
EBs drop to ground, 180 and look up to the lighted window opening with the 
surrounding Wkwy railing, this is where you will launch DB to.

Manual SAVE, DB has become invisible more than once after launching it 
through the window opening; when I reach the room I can hear it, even stand 
on it, grab it at times and even launch it. What good is a weapon you can't 
access immediately? 

I've seen a Ravenholm player on You Tube who is able to eliminate the lever 
pull that repositions the tram that later provides an intermediate jump point 
en route to the room DB is in, I just can't do the jump without the tram yet. 
I've tried every which way I can think of to make the jump, the best I can do 
is reach one of the MKs on the platform then I usually land on a Z or spider.

I finally figured out what I was doing wrong in the long jump. I was pressing 
crouch too soon; I don't know why that should matter but it appears to. I was 
able to complete it, although not regularly, I failed miserably via panic 
pressing under duress, the speeder on my 6 stresses me out too much. This 
required a rewrite of the alternate path and event by killing the speeder 
while climbing to the XP Wkwy with the 2 EBs. I later changed it again by 
detonating the 2 EBs while on the ground and on my way to the roof jumps. 
This took the stress away, allowing me to sprint to the end of the Wkwy and 
stretching out the distance between Gordon and the speeder. I didn't have to 
kill the speeder and it allotted the time I needed to orient for the jump.

5-Way Intersection 

GGP+ DB away in the 2nd floor room, 180 and sprint to the 5-way intersection. 
Switch to the pistol, send 2 rnds into one of the EBs on the XP Wkwy then 
switch to the SG and run into the alley between the building with the tram 
lever on the balcony and the flat roofed building with tons of supplies on 
it. ASAP run and jump up and over the crates against the wall to the low flat 
roof. Jump off and left to the lower roof and then up the ladder. The route 
is laid out with a series of planks leading you to the XP Wkwy. With the EBs 
gone there's less stress involved in making a successful jump to the platform 
with the hanging corpse. Sprint over planks and roofs when possible to make 
time at the end of the XP Wkwy.

Ignore the speeder once you're on the XP Wkwy, run the length of the Wkwy to 
where it begins to turn right and come to a stop. Orient to the leading edge 
and corner of the hanging corpse platform then press and hold sprint. Press 
jump at the edge of the Wkwy and while in the air press crouch; you'll land 
on the platform. Stand and run, jump to the flat roof with the ladder and 
climb. A speeder may drop from above onto the XP plank to the next flat roof; 
this will most likely cause you to fall to the ground. To avoid the 
possibility, run and jump from the left side of the planks to the flat roof. 
Climb the next ladder and run toward the wall at your 12:00.

Stop when you're across from the window opening you sent DB through, turn to 
face the window and 2 fire escapes. Run and jump to and through the lighted 
window opening, GGP- DB then run into the Hlwy and launch DB past the Zs to 
the far end. Duck back into the room for a 2-3 count then exit and run toward 
the Zs. DB will attract all the Zs on this floor to it. Run to the stairs, 
you may need to stand on the railing for LOF on DB, GGP- it to you then drop 
off the railing and run down the left side of the stairs. 

Don't be overly surprised to find DB missing, (no visual and possibly no 
audio) when you finally jump into the room. Enter the Hlwy and look to the 
far end before you freak it may be there getting smacked by Zs. If so to save 
time you may have to SG some or all, do your best to RA DB from them then 
send it past to the far end of the stairwell. If you do hear it in the room 
but is invisible try to go to a save close to receiving the SG and try again. 
DB has history with invisible, I jumped onto it once and when I jump off it 
was invisible.

DB has also disappeared from the church yard a few times too, so do yourself 
a favor and make a few manual saves through this area incase DB goes bye-bye.  

In HL2 there're Zs at the base of the stairs, in HL2ud there are none.

There will be 2-3 Zs below, but you can avoid any serious damage getting past 
them. Run to the ladder, climb and bee line to the XP, drop Db and exit 
before you receive too many HC bites. GGP- DB then BH over the planks and 
pitched roof to the flat roof, if you hang around you'll be dealing with 
umpteen speeders now instead of later. Run left on the flat roof to avoid the 
incoming flying speeder then jump to and over the red shallow pitched roof. 
Run down to the flat roof connected to it near the church yard fence then run 
left and drop to the ground.

If you intend to keep DB, regardless of whether you are playing HL2 or HL2ud, 
you will need to get DB to Grigori's side of the fence. To date I've not 
found any other places where DB can be launched from other than the one 
previously discovered by another player going by the screen name "HTW" who 
was playing an HL2 up date game. It requires one to go to ground. In both 
games you must launch DB into the church yard. To do this one will encounter 
more speeders in one small area than in all other parts of Ravenholm combined 
and then one must make it back to the flat roof and tram alive. It ain't 
easy; you'll likely need the MKs on the roof and from the church yard!

If you flake trying to locate the correct spot to launch DB you will be 
swarmed and pummeled by more speeders than you care to imagine. If you're 
playing my style you're doing your best to avoid any confrontations, if not, 
you're killing everything. If you're killing everything there will eventually 
be a lull in the attacks, where you will be able to launch DB into the church 
yard unmolested, if you last that long. Regardless of your MO, this part must 
be done fast and accurately for any chance of making it to the fire escape 
let alone the roof.

Continue along the paved path with the church on your 3:00 till you have the 
tree at your 3:00. Remain on the ground and move to the left of the tree 
planted on the low retaining wall which is beside the high retaining wall.


You must launch DB between the left side of the tree, the right side of the 
church wall and above the fence to succeed; it's a very small window. Once 
complete, switch to SG, the path leading back to the fire escape will require 
sprints, dodges and jumps through a gauntlet of speeders. Then once through 
the break in the fence at the end of the narrow alley there're more speeders, 
spiders, PSs and a PST waiting to block your path to the fire escape. So be 
prepared to SG your way out of a swarm circle in the narrow alley if you 
must. There may be even more uglies on the fire escape blocking your way to 
the 2nd/3rd floor safe room. Once you're in the safe room ensure you close 
the EP before climbing and holding on the ladder. 

With this path you may be required to prematurely access the tram roof and 
hang around for Grigori recognition. In HL2ud papa Oblivious spends so much 
time shooting DB he fails to acknowledge your existence.

I have a new slightly faster way from the flat roof tram to the churchyard. I 
tried sprint/jump crouch from the tram platform from as many angles as I 
could find from either side of the tram post. I even tried to see if I could 
land on and walk the bottom tram cable to the fence, no joy. The maneuver 
saves maybe 10 secs from entering the tram, getting the lever to move and 
passing over the fence.

Wait for Grigi to tell you he'll send the tram over then drop off the roof to 
the Wkwy railing beside the EP and reenter the safe room. Climb up the ladder 
enough to open the hatch then hold till the tram is just about to reach its 
station. Climb up onto the flat roof; you'll likely hear Grigi tell you to 
get into the carriage on your way to it. Jump into the carriage, hop onto the 
edge facing the low section of fence, (tram route) then press run/sprint/jump 
from the tram carriage to the top of the churchyard fence and then to ground. 
Resupply then go hunting for DB, it can be anywhere between the 2 fences.

Hearing Grigori shooting at DB in HL2ud is reassuring that it is in the 
church yard. I rarely ever hear him shooting in HL2; it may have something to 
do with where DB lands after passing over the fence.


Say goodbye to not killing stuff, the game does not allow you to continue 
beyond the graveyard XP unless all Zs, spiders, PSs and the 1 PST are no 

DB can be anywhere between the church and the fence Grig and you must climb 
over to meet more of his kids. Grigori will monolog, while you search for DB, 
you can lead or follow Grig to the 1st and 2nd fence. Use DB on all speeders 
between the fences to keep Grigori alive and talking. DB someone then advance 
to RA it for the next kill. 

Stay as far ahead of Grig as possible once you are over fence #2 even at the 
expense of damage from the Zs, he will shoot at DB whenever it is not in your 
possession. He will fire on EBs while you and or DB are near by. Most often 
even if you survive the blast DB may not, which is a bad thing. So, stay near 
the XP end of the graveyard till all EBs have all been detonated. In the 
total number of Zs between the 2nd fence and XP gate there's only one PST and 
it's beside the mausoleum, Ensure you have the FL on when in the area to keep 
a glass eye on the PST, PSs and spiders. Once both of you are at the XP, DB 
is safe as long as it is restrained by the GG.

This event has occurred more than once, and I'm not sure what causes it. DB 
hits an invisible barrier prior to entering the XP gate area. I don't have 
the vaguest idea why, the couple times it's happened I had been in an out of 
the XP area more than once DBing Zs.

It is not essential to retain DB further; the mine area can just as easily be 
completed without it. At the end of this guide I have compiled a guide that 
will get anyone from Black Mesa to the end of Nova Prospekt.


New tactic with speeder on train tracks
Inside the building and beside the pit, I approach the pit from the left 
leading corner with FL on. There're 4X4 perimeter wall frames all the way to 
the cavern, every level of 4X4s has a broken 4X4 that slants down. Dropping 
down to the next 4X4 below; these spots prevents impact damage. The last 
level allows you to drop down to a Wkwy, locate the shack and head for it 
there are SCs in it and ammo. When done, exit and follow the dark section to 
a busted series of stairs. Locate the fence beyond the other sets of stairs 
and platforms, this is your XP. Drop to the ground and sprint to the stairs, 
climb up and jump over the fence to the ceiling beams, follow the ceiling 
beams to the end where you'll see another pit.

Drop off the beams then move to and drop into the pit. In the water, FL on, 
swim through the tunnel to the wooden frame, climb up and over or swim to the 
bottom crouch and creep under it. Keep swimming till you can rise out of the 
water. Locate the chopper tram lever; jump onto it then to the tram. Walk, 
run, sprint and or BH along the top of the tram cable toward the sunny tunnel 
entrance, bothered by -0- Zs. Once outside bear right and run along the 
trains, the train car speeder will activate, ignore it. Continue running till 
you hear the 1st shot report from sniper#1 then begin sprinting. There're 3 
Zs ahead, I stay along the wall to the right and weave between the Zs and I 
think they may provide some protection from sniper#1.

You will need to BH and go serpentine for the last bit of distance to cover 
and may or may not take a sniper rnd. Keep moving, (walking) once you have 
cover beside the tractor, (train engine), the speeder may be following. As 
soon as you have a bead or 2 of suit recharge sprint past the end of and to 
the left of the tractor and then crouch to avoid an rnd from sniper#2. Creep 
toward the logger flatbed then left to and along the wall, switch to the KB 
and clock the HC at the cars wheelset. Keep going, ignore sniper#2 locate the 
small cache beside a train car. Shoulder the SG, sprint toward the car 
blocking the tracks then run through the opening in the train car. 

There're 2 BGs in the immediate area and a possible 3rd that may appear 
climbing the flatbed car to your right. RT/SG BG#1 to your right, then sprint 
to BG#2 crouching between your 10 and 1:00 and RT/SG him. If a 3rd BG does 
appear on the flatbed RT/SG it, then locate and enter the freight car for the 
PR and ammo. Once you're past the freight car BH through the tunnel rest of 
the tunnel. Run and drift left to the van then begin to sprint as you slide 
along it for the SB. Continue sprinting to the left side of the train car 
ahead, crouch past the wheelset and duck under the car. QS to GG and press 
stand before exiting from under the car. Swing left around the car, GGP-/+ 
the closest EB to the closest BG.

Do the same thing to BG#2 if he's near enough to be an issue. Run to the left 
side of the building EP, GGP-/+ another EB and send it to the EP, QS to SG 
and charge any surviving EP BGs with RT/SG. Odds are you'll end up with a PR 
in your hands, don't stop firing till the small dark room is clear. Switch to 
the revolver, crouch at the small rooms XP to the large room, zoom and side 
step out. Head shoot the nearby BG between and or just past the metal gantry 
columns. Search for another BG, I find the yellow car a fine hunting ground 
for head shots via its windows, often taking 2 from it. 

Switch to SG, stand and sprint toward the right side of the yellow car. Run 
at and RT/SG the rightmost BG as you pass by the car, continue through him 
then left for cover from any remaining BG/s. Reload from cover then ensure 
there're no BGs in the small windowed room before you continue with the 
rebel. Follow the rebel after checking for replacement ammo. You'll find ammo 
deeper into the building and some MKs by the time you get to the buggy on the 

3.7. HIGHWAY 17


New path and tactics beginning at 3.7b "RR Track SS CR to Razor Train"

Multiple new paths and tactic changes beginning of Chapter to "RR Track SS CR 
to Razor Train"


Ignore the stop at the supply house, Tau through the traffic barricade then 
take the 1st right on 17 past the tunnel, long beach drive end up at Col. 
Cabbage's playhouse. GS#1, I run up to the 2nd floor and send all available 
rockets from the balcony, (5 if a rebel arrives and offers a round). I grab 
the 1 rnd in the basement as I run through it. I send the 1 rnd as I get 
outside then sprint to the small red shed when the rnd contacts or is 
destroyed, there're 2 rnds in the shed; if I have misses and no one offers me 
ammo I sprint left to the garage for rnds and MKs inside and out. When 
complete, run back to the basement and Cubby to have the gate opened then 
beat feet to the buggy.

Next right off 17, I go left at the water, locate the piers and plow down the 
2 OBGs running on the sand. Tau pier OBG#1 if the ALs didn't already get him, 
park the buggy between the thumper and crane then sprint past the thumper to 
the ramp. Climb the ramp, to gain control of pier#1; the 4 remaining pier 
OBGs must be removed. I sprint along the left side of the shack and RT/SG 
BG#2 when he appears at the left rear corner of the building. I run through 
him and continue Cw around the building to BG#3 who is now at the front of 
the shack or visible from the right front corner as I round the right rear 
corner. Sprint to CQ for the RT/SG then crouch at the front of the shack.

Ignoring the thumper allows more ALs to appear from the sand and keeps the 
pier BGs busy. Each BG you retire leaves more ALs to occupy the remaining 

Pull the 357, zoom and head shoot the crane BG. Creep to the right front 
corner of the shack and Boo for BG#4 take him with the 357 if you have LOS. 
Odds are BGs#4 and 5 are preoccupied with ALs and may be further along the 
pier. Maintain distance, scope and use the 357, run to and climb the crane, 
position the buggy over pier#2. You'll see the overhead door of the warehouse 
begin to rise, exit the crane and creep to the railing, pull the revolver and 
wait for all 3 BGs to collect at the EB. Send 1 rnd, if one BG survives send 
a 2nd rnd into it then climb back into the crane. Lower the boom till the 
buggy is just below the top of the raised crossing bridge then swing the 
buggy into it. Drop the buggy nearby then exit the crane and head for pier#2. 

I crouch along the exterior wall and now use the revolver on the 3 BGs in the 
warehouse. The BGs like to toss Gs so it pays to stay close to the corner of 
the building for cover. Locate the CR when the warehouse has been cleared and 
open the XP, (overhead door); grab the goodies set the launcher as primary 
then jump into the buggy and exit the building. The next big building you see 
requires you to drive into it and through the large window wall with the 


GS#2 appears just before you jump the busted bridge, locate the car pile-up 
and the LAC van, use all for cover, and send the rockets straight up and then 
to the rear of GS#2 if possible to increase your kill rate. There's lots of 
MKs in the debris and a little further down the road, a van with more MKs. I 
now stop the buggy so that I only need to push the car near the van out of 
the way then use the buggy to push the vehicle against the rock wall clear. 
Next is a series of roller mines, the bastages stick to the buggy and mess it 
up, so if you can't maneuver through the 1st 2 sets stop and GGP-/+ them 
away. I can never get by the 3rd set of 3 mines so I stop ahead of them when 
I see them rise up from the road and GGP-/+ them into the water.

The next bit differs from HL2 to HL2ud; the difference is in the way the 
giant boulder lands across the road. In HL2 you can squeeze by between the 
house and end of the boulder. In HL2ud the boulder splits and falls further 
to the right blocking passage to the right but opening it up at the left end.

Save the NOS, drive to whatever side the version of HL allows to get by the 
boulder. Once past the boulder, you'll see more debris, cars, truck and 
boulders blocking off the road ahead. Move to the left side of the road along 
the rock wall then open NOS just before car#1, you'll push it out of the way. 
Drive to the gap left of the truck, you want to jump over the low side of the 
massive boulder and maybe take out a couple of the BGs along the way. Do not 
stop keep driving away from the chaos. 

A vehicle and debris blockade beside a knob hill appears ahead. Maneuver to 
the right then between the blockade and the knob with the buggy. Climb the 
hill, you'll find an SC and a CB on the hill, ahead of you, a bridge, SS and 
buildings from your 11:00 to 1:00. There's an OBG standing on the Wkwy of a 
road sign while 2 OBGs advance from the buildings toward the bridge. Grab the 
CB, crouch, scope it and hold for the 2 ground BGs to stop. 

This will take some practice to get the timing right, I CB all 3 bridge area 
OBGs from the hill beginning with the barn BG then bridge BG and finally sign 
BG, (sign can't get away). Once barn is down finding the correct location for 
an ambush shot on bridge and timing the bolt while he's retreating is nearly 
absolute. This is my MO, I target the bolt just left of the top left corner 
of the end bridge post closest to the barn. I send the bolt as the BG clears 
the SS tower en route to the barn. With practice one can provide a 90+% 
success rate. 

Sending a bolt to the EBs at the gas tanks sometimes removes all 3 OBGs 
involved in the flanking maneuver.

Sprint between the shed and garage; circle the garage Cw to its rear corner. 
Once you're past the garage turn right scope the CB and send a bolt to the 
EBs near the gas tanks as the BGs pass near it. This will prevent their 
flanking maneuver regardless of whether they are retired or not. Back step a 
bit toward the rock wall, crouch and select targets as they become viable. 
When all BGs are down, often 5, if not approach the house cautiously from the 
left side to ensure there isn't a holdback or 2 inside. GGP+ the generator 
truck to separate the power to the SS, sprint back to the buggy and drive off 
for the bridge.

"The Bridge";
Disclaimer this precludes me and or you falling or jumping off the bridge for 
any reason, and or blowing ourselves up again, for any reason. Lacking 
keyboard and mouse dexterity and or playing the game on a console, whatever 
the brand is. Oh yeah and being a lousy spastic shot.


New path and tactics beginning at houses #1-3, in and out of the Bridge to 
the Bridge SS.

New maneuver to shack#3 before GS#3

This is the fastest and safest way I found to complete the bridge with near 
to -0- death or restarts. Pull up to house #1 (on right) then back up just 
past the shed and target the house doorway. Tau OBG#1, exit car enter house 
#1 from the left side of the door in a crouch, (RT/SG or PR OBG#2) exit or 
clear back room of goodies. In HL2ud, you may encounter 1 or 2 OBGs from the 
left as you exit house#1. In the car, drive straight to house#2, (the big 
house) then back up to your previous position. 3 more OBGs appear, from the 
garage of house#2, house #2 and house #3, Tau all. 

(NOTE) 12/29/16
New Route and tactics begin from here

Instead of backing the buggy between the garage of house#1 and house#2 back 
it up into the niche between house#1, (EP side) and the red shed. Sprint to 
the entryway of house#2; if you've used the launcher more than suggested in 
the guide reload at the LAC then head up to 2nd fl of house #2. I Use the 
small end table near the stairs. Remain at the top of the stairs, scope, 
locate and GGP- the CB from the nearby room then head back outside. Sprint 
on, along and to the end of the wooden Wkwy, at the Wkwy railing, (beside 
house#3) and facing the entry to the Bridge abutment jump up and onto the 
railing. Look left to locate the path leading to the bridge abutment#1 EP 
then run/jump to the path. Sprint to the EP and enter, load up on supplies 
then use the XP.

Continue to and through tower#1 to tower#2. There's a LAC in the base, climb 
the stairs to the top, (there's 2 more SBs). Exit tower#2 through shack#1 to 
the metal Wkwys then make your way to shack#2. Ignore and continue past 
shack#2 and ignore shack#3 ahead and below while you're at it. You need to 
figure a way to get to shack#4, you can just make it out if you move to the 
end of the broken Wkwy, scope and look straight across and over shack#3. When 
you've figured the path out and you're standing on the Wkwy leading to 
shack#4, sprint through it. There're 2 HCs to the left of the EP. When back 
outside you'll see shack#5 ahead and attached to tower#3 just like shack#1 
and tower#2.

Turn right at the EP to shack#5 and go to the railing, look up and left to 
see the top of a combine lookout station, shoulder the CB and jump onto the 
railing, you now have LOS on the lookout, CB OBG#1. If he throws a grenade 
before dead, quickly retreat into shack#5 for cover. Down through tower#3 to 
the Wkwy, sprint to beginning of tower#4 and crouch, creep forward, OBGs#2 
and 3 on right 1 low 1 high. CB one of them then back up for cover while you 
reload then relocate and CB OBG#3. Stand switch to pistol then sprint to and 
through the EP of abutment#2, go to your right stop behind the SC and beside 
the large crate. This provides you cover from OBGs#4&5 who are hiding behind 
the metal cabinets on the other side of the fence.

Listen and you'll hear them begin running as you go into your crouch, target 
the EB on the shelf with the steel beams, as soon as they stop running send 3 
rapid fire rnds into the EB. The beams will crush the 2 and prevent any extra 
BGs from entering the fray while you are at a disadvantage. If you spring the 
trap prematurely or late one of them usually survives, it'll likely head for 
your EP, take him out ASAP then beat feet for cover under the upper Wkwy 
before incurring too much damage from 2 more OBGs that enter the room from 

If done correctly no other BGs will appear from the upper right Wkwy EP.

Outside, locate and climb the ladder accept all needed ammo. I prefer the SG 
run around the corner to the edge of the 2nd window then crouch and hold. 
Keep one finger hovering over the key that holds the revolver incase the 4 
BGs enter the Wkwy too fast for you to reload the SG. RT/SG each OBG as it 
passes through the EP and turns to face you. 

Preferably, you want to reload the SG 1 rnd after the 1st 2 BGs; however, if 
you can only complete 1 reload, you may still RT/SG OBG#9 even though you 
only have 1 rnd left. If you're unable to complete 1 reload fast tap your 
pistol/revolver key to retire BG#9.

The SG OBG provides the most damage, if he gets a chance to fire on Gordon. 
When clear enter abutment#2, clear the room then enter the stairwell, GGP- 
the crate from the opening above then bounce a G off the ceiling of the room 
above. ASAP switch to the SG as you run up the stairs, target the EP and wait 
for the screams. Sidestep into the EP to retire anything standing. Collect 
anything usable and then press the button to lower bridge SS. GS#3 activates. 
Shoulder the launcher; take the short cut to the upper level of the room 
where you shot the shelf EB. Drop to the floor to the left of the EP/XP then 
strafe right and send 1 rnd to the ground just in front of 2 OBGs near this 
end of tower#3. 

New maneuver to shack#3 before GS#3

It's best to catch them before they can begin their charge. Sprint to said 
buttress and climb to top, grab any health required to 100%. Sprint to and 
jump the break in the Wkwy to the next building and enter at a run. Exit at a 
run to and along the busted Wkwy then drop to the Wkwy below. Stop at the 
leading edge of the short section of Wkwy and jump up onto the left side 
railing. Run/sprint/jump to the shack#3 platform, stand and locate GS#3. 

If you are adept with the launcher and removing gun ships you can remain 
outside maneuvering around the platform and launching at GS#3. There is no 
section on the platform that blocks you from launching at GS#3 and then 
tracking it for a hit. It is extremely vulnerable when passing under the 
bridge arches; it's too close to dodge rockets. You can use the building as 
cover if required by moving toward and crouching when #3 is to the rear of 
the building and you are unable to fire on it, (lack of ammo). The only time 
you are in serious danger is when you are between GS#3 and the building; it 
is not dodging a round and you aren't sending one. I can't remember the last 
time I had to access the LAC for a reload on hard mode. 

Once GS#3 is down, hit the LAC or not, climb the tall ladder and continue 
back to the 3 houses. Ignore the PST, Z and ALs, depending on the position of 
the PST; if at the XP, it is usually pushed behind the door as it opens, if 
within 20 feet of the XP you can jump over it and if it is closer to the Z 
and ALs you can drop off the upper path without damage by sliding along the 
ledge wall to the lower path. As for the ALs, all you need to do is GGP+ them 
out of your way then sprint to safety. Remain to the rear side of houses#2 
and 1 on your way to the buggy to avoid OBG gunfire, jump into the buggy, 
exit left then right between the safety bollards to the bridge road; ASAP 
align on top of the right side track.

In HL2ud I am able to complete the next bit nearly 95% of the time with the 
following technique. 

In HL2, I have beaten the train twice, in both cases it still slammed me but 
the game physics shot the buggy at an angle that landed it on the low slope 
below the tracks, where I was able to GG the buggy to level ground. I believe 
HL2 is just punishing the player. No matter what technique I have tried, 
(when, where and or how many times to turbo) the train adjusts to the buggies 
position and slams it as you try to pass between it and the stationary train. 
In HL2, you're better off retreating to safety after passing the 3rd train 
car till the train passes. Take your time if you like, locate the busted up 
landscape and tunnel and enter to begin Sand traps.

In HL2ud, pedal to metal, at about 50 to 60 feet from the 1st trestle on the 
right open NOS, about 100 feet from the end trestle buttress hit NOS again; 
you'll make the cut left before it passes the end of the train car past the 
break. There's a ragged path to another tunnel, once inside the tunnel you 
begin Sand traps.



New maneuver after leaving buggy in garage

The next 2 stop designations are in my terms, "2 pairs of rising road 
barriers" and "The Ramshackle overhead Gate". In general they're pretty 
normal; basically ammo sucks if you allow yourself to indulge.


The chapter changes to Sandtraps inside the tunnel; I hit or miss Z#1 and 
slam Z#2 with the buggy. I position the buggy to slam the car against the 
wall at my 11:00, TAU the EB near it then ram the car with NOS. I aim for 
center group of on coming speeders for GPs. Once outside you approach another 
blockade, drift left off the pavement after the road sign then drive between 
the rising road block and the SS structure. Drive diagonally right across the 
road, drive between the shed and the horizontal road barrier, slow down a bit 
and drive between the boulder and the cliff ledge. I rarely ever take more 
than 1 to 3% damage from enemy fire.


If you have your route planned, parking beside the reddish car places the 
buggy far enough away from the just dropped roller mines to make you escape 
without their hindrance.

The next barrier is another debris blockade and hill to the right of it. Use 
the hill to jump the barrier and continue up to the ramshackle overhead gate. 
Pass by the building on the left and stop beside the reddish over turned car. 
Hop out of the buggy, sprint to the overturned tub and GGP+ it, GGP- the 
battery then BH to and into the building. Set the battery into is slot then 
GGP- the battery on the cot and place it to open the gate. Exit the building 
and sprint to your right toward the barrel with the SB, GGP- it then turn 
right and GGP- the other SB to you. Sprint back to the buggy then beat feet 
before the roller mines can attach to the car. I go to the right past the DS 
and sometimes run an OBG down in the process. 

My current defensive/offensive tactics leading up to the GS#4 light house 
assault more or less mirrors the tech observed from a "Gaming Review", HL2 
hard mode "You Tube" video I watched last Fall 2015. I wish they posted the 
players name so I could credit and congratulate him/her for a killer 
maneuver. Excluding the lighthouse/GS confrontation, this tech, once learned 
is absurdly easy and fast. The trick is to use one of the barrels beside the 
garage as your projectile and shield when required. I was successful with my 
own maneuvers but it took so much longer, I took considerable damage, 
scrambled for and wasted too much ammo. 

New maneuver after leaving buggy in garage

1. Save often until you are confident with the moves and with a minimum 75% 
success rate.

2. Use the barrel in the vertical position as cover from DS#1 as it maneuvers 
into landing position. Toss the barrel up and let it fall then crouch and 
GGP- it from the top or bottom end so that the barrel is in line with the GG.

3. Position in front of the ship as it nears the ground and maneuvers to 
settle down; it appears to forget about you when it gets close. You want 
about 20 feet between the end of the DS ramp and the barrel. You want to wait 
till BG#1 comes to a full stop off the ramp to GGP+ him and the rest of the 
BGs. There's an invisible barrier that projects "X" number of feet in front 
of the ramp which also protects the BG. ASAP press GGP- and advance on the 
barrel to grab it before it has a chance to get away from you. As soon as you 
have it back step to your previous position for BG#2. If you can't get back 
into position just remember to wait for the next BG to come to a full stop 
before sending the barrel. 

Facing the ramp helps me retrieve the barrel faster more often than not. The 
all important point is to take the BG while he is stationary if he's moving 
off the ramp during barrel contact he'll shrug it off. I repeat this method 
with all 3 DS, when all the OBGs from DSs 1-3 have been dealt with, I drop 
the barrel, switch to the SG and run to the base of the light house. I circle 
it Cw and hold halfway around from the steps till DS#4 moves in to deploy 
troops. I then position for head shots as each OBG exits to the ramp and 
comes to a stop on the lighthouse Wkwy. 

Not sure if it's my game or not, but I seem to have an intermittent glitch, 
that appears when I'm trying to make time from DS#2 to DS#3. It seems like 
something is preventing and or pushing against me and or the barrel I'm 
carrying. BH is even worse to the point where it looks like I'm moving at 
half or less speed and being pushed left to right as I pass the end of the 
stone wall in front of the house on my right. I can see the barrel vibrating 
big time.

Now as I round the garage to position for DS#1 I GGP-/+ a barrel toward the 
position DS#3 will take, this allow me to sprint most of the way to DS#3.

Enter the light house, beat feet to the top floor and the LAC. On your way, 
keep a sharp eye on the windows ahead of you to ensure you don't run into 
GS#4 gun fire. There's a table with MKs, health up and continue to the top 
floor. All actions against GS#4 are taken from the observation deck. As with 
the prior GSs your best tactic is to launch from cover, up and away from your 
position then provide a preferably erratic path to the 6 of the GS, if not 
then its back or belly for the strike. 

When complete, grab whatever your inventory lacks then run to the basement 
level of the lighthouse and exit. Once you're on the ledge below, there's one 
more OBG lurking above, I have no idea where he comes from, nonetheless a 
quick and painless method is 1-2 rnds from the revolver.


As for the ALs, (Ant Lions), they're a P.I.T.A. with or without the 
guardian's pheropods. However they lurve whoever holds and squeezes the pod, 
so once you have pods use the ALs for all the heavy lifting, (OBG removal and 
as cannon fodder, OBG = ammo suck). Keep a pod in hand while you're on your 
way to Nova Prospekt; use it to recall and or replenish ALs and to throw at 
the BGs. When a pod lands close to a BG, said BG thrashes about in a confused 
state for a few seconds, (pheromones are a crazy thing yeah!) this prevents 
him from firing on you or your boys. So keep throwing pods till an AL takes 
him down. 

If the ALs ignore him for too long and there're tons of other OBGs in the 
area then ASAP after throwing a pod his way whip out your favorite boom stick 
and vent him.

From the Moment you meet up with the 2 men on the sand till you meet up with 
the guardian the ALS will be your enemy. GGP- usable supplies from the sand 
then leave by running and jumping from boulder to boulder. When you get to 
the area with the pallets and the sheet metal section use the long jump to 
the 3rd and 4th boulders. When you get to the counter balance puzzle, jump 
onto the long wooden set of boards then GGP- the crate from the far end and 
place it on the end you just jumped from. Sprint and jump from the boards to 
the outcrop, (possibly at a long ago time mini islets) Make your way to the 
highest point with the long planks beside the tree, face the shack ahead then 
drop off to the small ledge lower ledge. Long jump over to the next plateau.

Grab a barrel out of the shed, run down the busted ramp then left onto the 
stone outcrop place it on the stone then hop up onto it and then to the 
wooden platform. Run down the 1st section of the next ramp to the platform 
then halfway down the 2nd ramp then long jump to the lowest section of stone. 
Stand and run to the back of the next building to start the generator. Check 
the supplies in the building then head out front toward the thumper. Switch 
to SG then sprint/jump out onto the sand straight to the thumper. Stop there 
to recharge your suit meter then sprint to the next outcropping. Climb up 
cross over and drop down to the 1st ledge, 180 and hold facing the upper 
section for the ALs. SG all ALs till the area is clear.

In HL2ud the EBs are spread out over a wider area than they are in HL2.

From the ledge it's a run and gun to cover; I sprint to each EB and GGP-/+ 
them to the guardian then beat feet to the niche nestled between the rock 
wall and some boulders, just past the rebel encampment EP. There's debris in 
front of the niche you must jump over or run around to attain safety. ALs can 
and do enter the niche so be prepared to defend while the rebel gunner 
punishes the guardian. If you can make it out of the niche to paint the 
guardian with pistol rnds do so to encourage its demise. 


Follow the instructions of the Vortigaunt and then take your new friends with 
you on a new big and bloody adventure. There're 5 stations all stocked with 
OBGs and a series of thumpers you must deal with on your way to Nova 
Prospekt, lead with the hand that has the pod and pod the living crap out of 
everyone in your way. At the next to last station, I pod the last station and 
its surrounding area then return to the MGT and fire on the OBGs flooding in 
from a drop ship. When complete, remove the 2 Zs by setting them on fire and 
collapsing the wooden platform on them, turning it into a ramp. Pod the crap 
out of the structure with the Wkwys, pull the pistol, toggle zoom and vent 
whatever tower guard you can to assist the lads. 

Climb to the 1st Wkwy, jump the railing and then the break in the ground, 
climb the doglegs and pull the KB as you go. Remain one level below the 
outflow pipe and hammer the speeder when it exits the pipe, it doesn't fight 
back. Pull the pod, (yeah, I know what it sounds like but I'm not changing it 
... grow up)! Run the pipe and squeeze that pod, STOP LAUGHING! Eventually 
you end up swimming through and climbing out of a pool of water, locate and 
sprint to the low white building. About halfway along the wall you'll rise up 
enough for LOS on towers #1 and 2, alternate podding the 2 towers till all 
BGs are down. Sprint the perimeter wall CCw to the side of tower #2 and pod 
tower #3 till cleared.

There is no easy way to plow through this area, unless you're playing on 
"Easy Mode"! However for me this method works the best out of all the tactics 
I've tried to date, if possible I will improve the odds of success. Out of 
the number of times I've played through this area on hard mode I've used this 
technique most often. It's the only method I've used where I've survived 
without a restart. I still die, due to accidental suicides, getting caught in 
the open because I can't get around the ALs to cover; mistakenly assuming I 
actually accessed the ammo crate but didn't or got mowed down trying get to 
the MKs.  


What follows took me some time to get right, my fingers are old and I'm not 
good with a keyboard. Dimes to dollars you young and adept players will pick 
it up pronto and or improve on it.

1. With your back to the perimeter wall and tower #2 to your 12:00, shoulder 
the CB scoped or not as you strafe right. The odds are nearly 50/50, (playing 
HL2ud) OBG#1 will rabbit up and over the roof for cover just after both 
appear on the balcony of guard shack#1 inside the compound. Anyway, if you 
can CB OBG#1 before he rabbits all the better. If he bolts and you're good 
with the CB you can go for an ambush, aim at the left corner of the guard 
shack and above the lower roof; send it as soon as he bolts to catch him as 
he rises over the ridge. On OBG #2, pull the revolver, toggle zoom then send 
1 to drop him, (if you have a gaming mouse and can adjust the DPI in game do 
so to ensure a 1 shot kill).

2. Pull a pod then sprint toward the compound steps. Stop about 20-30 feet 
from the steps and send 3 pods toward the leading corner of the roof 
overhang, (ensure you do not tag an AL with a pod). Switch to the GG, sprint 
up the steps and head for the EB at the far right end of the roof overhang. 
Grab and send the EB away and into something to detonate.

3. ASAP pull pods and throw them to the strip of pavement between the 
container and the edge of the retaining wall above the steps you previously 
sprinted. Throw 3 pods to ensure all ALs move to the pods.

4. ASAP 180 and head for the SC under the roof and against the wall. If 
rocket#1 is on the SC pull the KB and bust the crate, if it is to the right 
of the SC pick the SC up and toss it toward the crates past the roof. If 
rocket#1 is to the left of the SC, move to the left of the SC and back up to 

5. Shoulder the launcher and SAVE. When GS#5 has LOF on the ALs it'll 
commence firing on them and ignore you for the 1st rnd or 2. Send rnd#1 just 
before or as GS#5 appears beyond and to the left of tower#2. Track the rnd to 
contact then back step to ensure rocket#1 is collected. Send rnd#2 then head 
toward the crates and left. Track the rnd to contact as GS#5 advances, ASAP 
begin fast tapping the fire button for rnd#3. 

6. GS#5 will be nearly overhead by the time rnd#3 exits the tube, remain 
exposed and constantly moving between shots #3 and 4. 

7. As soon as rnd#4 makes contact, turn to your left then sprint to and along 
the building wall to SC#2 and rocket#2. GS#5 will retreat toward the towers 
for a moment then return. ASAP turn left and send rnd#5; continue toward the 
roof overhang for 10 feet to ensure tracking and contact. If you were quick 
about it GS#5 is just about to pass by the leading edge of the roof overhang 
at the retaining wall when rnd#5 makes contact. 

8. 180 pull the revolver then sprint toward the leading corner of the small 
glass walled room, (supply shack). Ensure you stop squarely in front of the 
1st window from the left and begin firing. You need the mullion between the 2 
windows for momentary cover from BG#2.

You need to break the window and then kill or force BG#1 to move out of your 
LOF so you can quick switch to the GG and draw rocket#6 to you. Ensure you 
send rnd#6 up and away from GS#5; the muzzle flash will temporarily blind you 
and may cause a miss. GS#5 drops below the perimeter wall and pulls away from 
the area before rising again to skirt over the top of the buildings for 

9. ASAP double tap 5 for the launcher then back peddle away from the small 
room. GS#5 should be flying over the small room and heading for the perimeter 
wall. If most goes smoothly and you send rnd#6 ASAP, it will succeed before 
GS#5 drops below the wall. ASAP sprint around the supply shack to the EP 
while BG#2 is still occupied with ALs.

If you do not have a clear shot at GS#5 before it drops below the wall, keep 
the rocket moving till it rises above.

Plan B;
If you didn't send rnd#6 before GS#5 dipped below the perimeter wall or 
before it moved out of range, circle the supply shack to its EP then along 
the wall to the corner, guard shack#2 will be at your 1:00. Stop just before 
the corner, shortly GS#5 will reappear over guard shack#3 back peddling right 
to left over the center of the compound. GS#6 may be overhead and you may 
take fire from the BGs in guard shack#2. Take the shot, with contact sprint 
back to the supply shack EP.

Both scenarios continue from here

Switch to the SMG, open the door and back step away from it as it opens. If 
you previously dropped BG#1 at the windows, spread the lead over BG#2 as you 
enter the room. If BG#1 is still breathing HEG the room before returning to 
the EP. When the WDs have been drained and you take possession of the PB exit 
the SC shack. Sprint along the wall toward the corner, sprint around the 
corner and head for dumpster#1. Run along the wall and look up to the Wkwy 
for BGs spawning at the MGTs. Enter dumpster#1 and SAVE. Switch to the GG and 
GGP- the EB, take a step out, look up, locate a BG and send the EB to it. 

Once the OBGs have been cleared switch to the CB and hold, listen for a lull 
in the GS noise, when GS noise quiets a bit back out from dumpster#1 and face 
the center of the compound, strafe left to look past and over dumpster#2. 
Locate the 2 OBGs at guard tower#3 and CB them. ASAP pull the pistol and kill 
the EBs lining the retaining wall railing then duck back into dumpster#1. 
SAVE, switch to the GG; exit, turn right for the steps and sprint to the left 
side of dumpster#2. ASAP GGP-/+ the EB when in range to fling it away from 
dumpster#2, preferably to explode on the perimeter wall below guard tower#3 
then sprint around the back of dumpster#2 to the launcher ammo crate. 

ASAP GGP+ the EB away, reload and double tap 5 for the launcher. Sprint to 
the rear of dumpster#2, (G.tower#3 side) and SAVE. Preferably, at this point 
you should have 6 rnds in GS#5; unfortunately GS#5 isn't sending smoke 
signals. If you're lucky you'll hit #5 for the 7th time on your next launch. 
If your next successful launch isn't on GS#5, locate GS#5 ASAP. Removing GS#5 
on rnd #8 just about doubles your survival odds.

The best I can offer at this point is to keep moving, your life was made so 
much easier by dropping GS#5. Use dumpster#2 and the perimeter walls for 
cover from GS#6, there're 2 MKs on the ground in the area around dumpster#2, 
a 3rd MK is in dumpster#2, you may be better off avoiding the dumpster MK 
until GS#6 is down. However if you're near the ladder and GS#6 is out of 
sight go for it. There is an oddity, I don't know if it's a glitch or a 
random event thrown in by the game. Often GS"X" blows a hole in the wall 
providing early access to Nova Prospekt before both GSs are down. I suggest 
taking advantage of it if close by, of low health and aware of the event; 
(big boom, hole in the wall and fire all over the place).

I experimented with the ALs and the 2 BGs in guard shack#2, for "X" number of 
games I did not remove the 2 OBGs from the shack to see if their clearing of 
ALs has a beneficial effect on the AL numbers and the GSs. In particular, if 
the GSs are paying any more attention to them than me. 

It appears the guard shack#2 BGs influence the number of ALs and I believe 
the effect is that the GSs do pay more attention to me when there are fewer 
ALs. On hard mode, removing the 2 BGs improved my survivability to 75% from 
tower#2 to the beginning of Nova Prospekt as long as I'm able to drop GS#5 
pronto from dumpster#2. Since improving my game play I no longer remove the 
guard shack#2 BGs. If you do leave the BGs alive and you've removed both GSs, 
you might want to send a launcher rnd into the shack before you attempt a run 
to the hole, on the chance you may take substantial damage trying to enter 
the opening.

Make your way through the ground fires to the new hole in the exterior wall, 
locate and use the valves to kill the gas fires then make your way through 
the rooms to the beginning of Nova Prospekt.




New route through 1st flooded room, new tactic communal area cell block#1

New route through Laundry room

There aren't a lot of large things to talk about in NP but quite a few small 
and medium things. It's linear, I tilt all MGTs I can easily and relatively 
safely get to and ignore the rest. As I stated earlier in the guide, I let 
and or encourage the ALs to remove as many OBGs and LWMs as possible, I pod 

Pass through the XP, jump the Wkwy railing and pull the KB, locate the room 
with the hole in the wall and climb in. KB or GGP+ the HC in the wall cavity 
and GGP+ the MGTs as you go. Climb the stairs, locate the CR and use the WDs. 
Exit, locate the stairs then GGP+ the next 2 MGTs. Pass through the XP, (the 
only available doorway) then stop at the head of the stairs.

New route through 1st flooded room

From the top of the stairs look left and down past the railing to the large 
vertical "S" shaped pipe, just past the pipe is a large white and rusted 
tank. Turn left to face the railing and wall, jump onto the railing, the wall 
will prevent you from overshooting the railing and falling into the water. 
Sidestep right then jump onto the horizontal section of the pipe and then to 
the top of the tank, side creep left to the wall and forward to the edge of 
the tank. Drop off the tank to the Wkwy to the left of the Barnacles then 
exit the room. 

Run up the debris ramp and through the hole to the floor above then sprint to 
the double doors. Sprint out of the room to avoid the spiders dropping from 
the ceiling. Sprint along the left side Wkwy and drop to the floor below 
before the spiders can get a bead on you then sprint through the gate to the 
large room. GGP-/+ a couple barrels at the MGTs on the upper Wkwy. Sprint up 
the stairs and around the Wkwy to the Lambda symbol.

In HL2 you can remove the boards covering the glass with the GG; in HL2ud you 
must use the KB.

Remove the boards and hop through the window for the supplies only if you are 
below 60% on both meters. Climb the stairs, and continue to the small room, 
KB or GGP+ the HC and clear the blockage. Enter the long narrow Hlwy, look 
down and back to see the debris blocking the XP. Sprint the long narrow Wkwy 
past the communal Lavatory and showers to the railing. Face the rail and look 
to your 1:00, crates and a wall corner; jump the railing and run to and just 
a bit past the wall corner. The guardian will bust through the double doors 
and enter the room. Just as the legs of the guardian appear from the edge of 
the corner sprint around and past it into the room it came from. Sprint to 
the XP (double doors) jump onto the debris, crouch, open the doors and exit.


New tactic communal area cell block#1

More ALs will join up with you in the room, pull the revolver and move to the 
left edge of the XP. If you see BGs standing beyond the crates through the 
fence before you crouch head shoot them 1st then crouch and sidestep into the 
Hlwy, head shoot any remaining the BGs. Stand, QS to GG then sprint toward 
the common room, drift left and GGP- the barrel as a shield then BH to MGT#1 
and GGP+ it, GGP-/+ MGT#2. Assume you need to clear MHs and the OBG on the 
upper Wkwy; unless the ALs already took him, otherwise switch to the GG and 
kill some MHs. Pull a pod and pod the area in front of the cell block gate to 
move the ALs into position. 

Switch to PR, and move to the side of the gate, switch back and forth between 
the PR and pods, the ALs keep the BGs busy enough to ignore you and allowing 
you to pod them making their matters worse. Enter the cell block GGP any 
remaining MHs then switch to the SG and head for the SS. 

1. If the cell is empty the CR EP will be closed and 3 BGs will be in the CR. 
GG or shoot the SS power plug, reload and or switch to the SMG then enter the 
cell, if the BGs still haven't entered the cell, open the CR door, back step 
and HEG the room. 
2. If the cell has 2 BGs the EP to the CR is open and only 1 if any BGs will 
be inside, kill the 2 BGs then pull the SS plug.
3. PR or SG the BG in the CR and flip the switch, clear the CR XP and exit.

60% of the time I end up with 40-65% health, 30% can range from as low as 3% 
and high as 85%, the remaining 10% is dead.

Ensure the gate switch has been pulled, clear the XP and exit the CR. If 
you're low on PR ammo there may be some between the CR and common room but 
you can do without it. Run upstairs, jump over the LWM and exit to the Wkwy, 
target the doorway for a bit, if no BGs pass through let the lads deal with 
the OBGs in the CR. Pick through all the SCs on the Wkwy, if you don't absorb 
the CB bolts pick it up and drop it to the floor below. Check the cell then 
return to and enter the CR. Switch to the CB, flip the switch then sprint out 
to the Wkwy, hop over the railing, on the floor below move left to the outer 
corner of the Hlwy, crouch and target the edge of the left side of the gate. 
Odds are the ALs will get to the 3 BGs before they pass through the gate, if 
not deal with them.

Pull a G, enter the commons room and move to the left side of the now open XP 
gate. Toss G#1 past the gate to the turret behind the table, when it is down 
turn to the fence blocking the duct; toss G#2 at the floor in front of the 
fence, about 1 foot from the left corner. This should move the fence out of 
the way and junk the grate. Sprint to and enter the duct, in the fan room, 
use the plank, cinder block or 5 gallon bucket to wreck the fan then grab the 
cinder block. Past the fan, move into the next section of duct a foot or so 
then GGP+ the grate into the next room. Grab the block and continue along the 
duct till you have LOS on the OBG crouched against the wall at your 11:00, 

There may be up to 2 more OBGs in said room or still in the MGT room. When 
this occurs, I have pulled the grate or block to me and used it on OBG#2, 
crept out of the duct and checked the block for BG#3 or the MGTs. Tilt the 
MGTs pull the plug and continue up the stairs to next area. Halfway up the 
right side of stairs, pod the area ahead past the doorway; once the ALs clear 
the LWMs move to the side of the doorway. 

Switch to CB and retire the near BG on the Wkwy then any BGs not killed by 
ALs. Move to the middle of the room and pod the MGT on the mid stair platform 
at the end of the room. This will clear the LWM and end the BG. If the BG 
that attempts to man the MGT isn't killed immediately by the ALs end him. 
Collect any ammo of value, (PBs) then locate the XP, pull the pistol for the 
EB then G the 2 MGTs at the far side of the next room, I toss just to the 
right of the far XP. When cleared sprint to stairwell QS to the GG then GGP-
/+ the MHs that descend. 

Climb the stairs, shoulder the SG, sprint to and stop a couple feet before 
the XP, send 1 rnd into the face of the BG. Shoulder the CB, crouch and side 
step left onto the Wkwy, CB the near OBG and then scope stand and CB the MGT 
OBG at the far end of the Wkwy. Switch to pods and squeeze it repeatedly 
during your sprint to the MGT; a few steps up the next flight of stairs turn 
right and pod high on the corner of the wall then send one or 2 past the 
corner and step down to allow the ALs to pass. When you think they're about 
to finish off the 2 OBGs past the corner move to the top of the stairs, 180 
and pod the far Wkwy as 2 - 3 OBGs appear. 

If 3, try to land the pods on the middle BG to occupy all 3. Move to said 
Wkwy and pod Hlwy with LWMs, then further along the path pod ahead of the 
corner to remove 2 OBGs under cover. Continue to the control rm entry and 
pod. Send G to MGT in control rm closet. Use the WDs, toss a couple pods at 
the sliding gate, (XP) to position the ALs then pull the lever then pod past 
the recently opened XP; OBGs are approaching from the XP area and also from 
your previous path to the CR. Concentrate on the XP and sprint straight past 
all the chaos to the next open area, if required, enter the small room and 
use the WD then exit. 

Exit, Round the CR and pod the area ahead past the corner so the ALs can 
remove the 3 BGs. Pod the previous area to send the ALs back far enough to 
give you time to remove the 2 MGTs at the far end of the next Hlwy and kill 
the LWM too. 

Large Laundry Room, 

New route through Laundry room

This will take a bit of practice so you might want to save 1st. You need to 
be able to reliably throw a G to land close to the MGT to tilt it. I 
discovered that I had to aim at the ceiling to the right of the column the BG 
is hiding behind on the upper Wkwy on the left side of the Laundry room. If I 
aim between the column and the fire suppression system plumbing the G 
reliably comes to a stop close enough to the MGT to tilt it.

Wait for the ALs to catch up to the Laundry room EP, Pull a G and toss it so 
it will land near enough to the MGT to tilt it then sprint into the Laundry 
room. Sprint down the steps and right, hook right at the corner then run to 
and jump over the railing to the narrow Hlwy. Sprint the Hlwy and enter the 
small dim room on the left, climb the stairs and pass through the EP to the 
small lighted room at the far left corner of the dim room. Quickly use the 
WD, pick up anything you can absorb then exit, hook hard right into the dim 
room then jump from the top of the steps and over the laundry cart in the 
narrow Hlwy. 

While sprinting through the Hlwy, listen for and eyeball the known position 
of the MGT, if it's still active QS to GG and GGP- it as soon as you jump the 
railing. If MGT clear the switch to SG then jump over the railing to return 
to the main Laundry room. Odds are at least 1-2 BGs will be to your left on 
the raised platform and firing on you and or the ALs, both need to be removed 
pronto. When cleared switch to the PR, climb the steps to your right and move 
tight to the wall. If a BG is still active on the Wkwy PR him then switch to 
the SG remain tight to the wall and creep up the stairs. Keep a sharp eye on 
the fence above you and the Wkwy at your 12:00 for BGs, RT/SG anything that 
shows its head.

There are 7 MGTs, 8 OBGs and 4 LWMs spread out between you and the Nova 
Prospekt exit. 

When you have the area behind the fence cleared you're ready for the next 
area. See the EB, GGP- it before stepping into the room then step out into 
the next room and GGP+ it to the dark wall section between the lighted room 
and Hlwy, hopefully you'll take out both BGs. ASAP switch to PR, if nobodies 
home, pull pods and pod the lighted area ahead with 2-3 pods. Switch to PR 
and follow the lads. Switch to GG, GGP-/+ crates or barrels to trip the LWMs 
in the next Hlwy, there's an AL spawning hole there. Then pull pods, squeeze 
it then open the door to the room and pod the BGs inside. 


When clear head right into the lighted Hlwy, drop to crouch as you approach 
the window wall of the galley and pull the pistol. Clear the window at the 
right end of the wall, often this alone will ignite the leaking gas and a 
small section of the galley will go to flames. This usually tilts the MGT 
near the window you just cleared. 2 more at the far end of the galley, use 
the partition between glass panels for cover from MGTs #2 and 3, toss a G to 
both and listen for tilt sound. If you don't hear tilt from both you'll need 
to GGP- a barrel for a shield. 

When clear use the barrel or an MGT to clear the LWM in the narrow aisle 
between the wall and serving counter. There're 2 BGs past the serving counter 
and 2 MGTs at the top of the steps between the serving line and the sitting 
area. Pod the far end of the narrow aisle; let the ALs clear the BGs. Work 
your way through the rooms to the control rm. There're a few CR assault 
tactics I use depending on how I feel and what my meter reading are at the 
moment. I toss a G up the stairs if I have one as I strafe left past the EP 
then switch to the SG and rush the stairs for any survivors. If there're ALs 
close by I do the same strafe move but toss a pod up the stairs instead. 

Last favorite is to rush the stairs, RT/SG the BG at the top then hold in the 
crouch for the 2nd BG to show. Heal, pick through supplies then jump out the 
window to the cafeteria. Go left, locate the XP, GGP-/+ whatever's in your 
way and exit before the guardian appears and discovers you. Make your way 
through the crap, jump off the right side of the platform to avoid the prone 
Z below. GGP+ the debris away from you but GGP- the crate to use as a step 
stool into the next area. Move quickly up, into and through the small room to 
avoid the moving wall and the HC lurking in the room. At the opening to the 
long drop to the rubble, quickly look to the wall to your right and down. 

There's a short shallow ledge a few feet below you, face the ledge, then walk 
off and to drop to it, hold forward and it'll prevent damage. Drop through 
the hole in the floor and continue to the railway and Alyx. 



New tactic as exit stairwell from elevator#1, new tactic 3rd locked gate, 2 
new optional tactics in flooded room


Follow Alyx, try to stay ahead of her to clear the OBGs, she gets in the way 
too often and gets killed. From the elevator I prefer to use the CB on the 2 
distant BGs then switch to the SMG for #3 if Alyx hasn't ended him 1st. Past 
the SS, I sprint about 3/4s to the stairwell then left to the wall. I target 
the base of the stairwell EP and hold. BG#1 exits and then as BG#2 appears I 
send the HEG. Remember to stay ahead of Alyx, pull a G as you sprint to and 
climb the stairs to the next floor, pass through the EP then drift right into 
the corner opposite the EP. ASAP 180 and aim for the far left wall/ceiling 
interface and throw the G. 

ASAP switch to the SMG, BG#1 appears from the left Hlwy and most often BGs#2 
and 3 enter from the SS on the right. Most of the time BG#4 holds back past 
the Hlwy corner on the left. Try to send the HEG into the middle of the 3 man 
group. 70% of the time BGs#1, 2 and 4, or 1, 2 and 3 are removed, I don't 
know how #3 makes a retreat back through the SS. But he usually goes down 
easy, BG#4 often survives because he is late to the party and outside the 
percussion range. Follow Alyx to the next room and listen to her and Eli make 
dinner plans for later. 

New tactic 3rd locked gate

The 2 of you separate for some time while she plays with electronic things 
and you kill things. She'll unlock 3 gates for you; at gate#1 you'll find 
supplies above a vending machine. In the small room GGP+ the shelves away 
from the wall to access the duct, there's a couple 3 HCs in it. GGP+ the 
grate away at the XP end to detonate an LWM below the duct. Pull the KB and 
retire the jumping spiders in the room below safely from the leading edge of 
the duct. Collect the Gs and ammo on the floor while Alyx unlocked gate#2. 
Switch to the PR then dip into the small room with the G chest to activate up 
to 8 BGs past your XP past, gate#4 to your 4:00. Back out; position to the 
right end of the large tank closest to the XP to bait the approaching BGs.

I'm not sure if the tactic actually gets them to bunch up closer to each 
other at the left side of the gate or not but I seem to be able to PB all 4 
BGs 60+% of the time.

I let the approaching BGs see me then move forward toward the wall corner and 
out of LOF as they begin to fire. I side step left as the gate begins to open 
and send a PB into the group. I then Toss a G off the left wall to end up at 
the MGTs to tilt them, after tilt sign I toss another then switch to SG and 
sprint the Hlwy along the left side toward the XP at the far end. Be ready to 
RT/SG anything as it appears from the XP, assume all further BGs up to the 
MGTs to advance sooner than usual. If I don't get all BG charging me before I 
get to the Combine defense barrier, I'll bounce a G off the wall in the 
barrier room to remove the 1 BG at the barrier, then RT/SG the rest as they 

I then crouch and Boo the XP, If I didn't get the previous bums rush 
sometimes a BG is facing the wall to the right of the XP, side step and RT/SG 
him then step into the room. Regardless of the previous rush 1 BG is always 
in the small room with the SS power, he'll exit for you, RT/SG. Replenish Gs 
then toss one into the room to kill the SS. GGP+ the nearby MGT then G the 2 
at the far end of the corridor. Sprint to the end for the SC and PB then head 
for the XP. Switch to the SG run up to the top of the steps to the CR, RT/SG 
the BG at the console before he turns on you then back step down 1 time for 
cover from the BG rushing the EP RT/SG him also, the CR is now yours.

I use the WD as soon as I enter the CR, I then position the MGTs at the CR 
corners and against the short walls. They face the access stairs and are set 
back a bit to protect them from flanking maneuvers, e.g. BGs and Gs from the 
edges of the balconies. I crouch 1/2 way between the 2 MGTs and on the 
leeside of the CR walls, I pull the pistol and target for headshots at the 
mid platforms. I keep one finger hovering over the "QS" button to the GG for 
the MHs when they arrive and if a random G does make it close enough to do 
damage. Most often BGs try rushing one of the turrets. After MH#2 there'll be 
a lull, I then switch to the CB, 180 and run to the left side of the Cr to 
the broken window. There I wait to CB the final BG when he appears on the 
upper Wkwy. Alyx appears a few moments after.

I was using the "F" key for quick switches between the current wep and the 
GG, after buying the Logitech G700s I have the GG quick switch set to the 
mouse. This makes the switch so much faster and I never take my eyes off the 

On more than one occasion Alyx is sporting neon bright red eyes.

As soon as she drops the SS leave, beat feet to the blocked XP, clear it and 
KB the bugs you encounter. Eventually you end up in the flooded room with 
electrified water. Hop over the railing, to the big pipes, switch to KB then 
KB the 2 HCs unless they drop into the water or are picked up by the 

2 new optional tactics in flooded room

1st new tactic

1. Now my preferred option, once I've removed the HC/s from the pipes, 
instead of jumping past the barnacle to the platform I now bypass the 
platform and jump directly to the leading end of the big horizontal pipes 
running along the wall. I reposition on the low short pipe after removing the 
HC, face the big horizontal pipes then run/sprint and then jump to land on 

2. Walk to the lower pipe and around the elbow to the wall, face the railing 
across the water then sprint/jump to the platform, if the barnacle is in the 
way jump to the left of it. Walk around to the lower platform then jump over 
to the big horizontal pipes along the wall. 

Both options continue from here.

2nd new tactic for attaining the XP platform with and without the crouch

1. Once you're on the big horizontal pipes, run and jump onto the 2 big pipes 
that cross over the main pipes. Remain tight to the wall then side step left 
to line up the leading edge of the left crossover pipe with the leading 
corner edge of the XP platform then look down at your feet. You want to be 
able to make the jump at the very edge of the crossover pipe to gain footing 
on the XP platform without the crouch while mid air.

2. Stay tight to the wall and run along it toward the XP steps, jump over the 
crossover pipes then back up to the long pipes. Face the leading corner of 
the XP platform then look down, there're 2 broken pipe sections, side step 
left till you have an alignment between you, the left broken pipe and the XP 
platform then run/sprint, jump and then crouch mid air to land on it.

Enter the next room, lots of dead things, go left into the bright room, use 
the WD and check the SCs then exit, GGP- the crate away from the XP then 
switch to the SG and sprint into the stairwell. Run 2 steps up the stairs 
then RT/SG the Z advancing from the 1st platform roughly in the upper chest 
to neck area. Get too close or too far away and shoot too high or low often 
forces a 2nd salvo. Continue up the stairs to the XP, enter and clear the XP 
blockage with the GG. Exit the small room, check the SC for goodies then make 
your way to and up the left set of stairs to the 2nd floor. Go to crouch 
before moving into the opening to the cell block on the left.

I prefer to clear the 1st 3 BGs from the upper level left side, the 2 main 
floor BGs with the CB or revolver and the Wkwy BG with the revolver. I then 
check the small room on the 2nd floor then drop to the cell block.

In the short narrow supply Hlwy between the 2 lines of cell blocks, (with 
back to the dispenser wall) I set the 3 MGTs up, 2 to my 9:00 and 1 to my 
3:00. Facing the 9:00 EP I place both MGTs in the middle of the room and 
facing the EP. Facing the 3:00 EP I place 1 MGT in the middle of the room and 
facing the 3:00 EP. This is a great setup, but by no means enough to secure 
the room from all BGs, Gs and MHs. The rare Gs most often land just outside 
the EPs and to the side and have minimal to -0- affect on the MGTs unless 
they land at or very near the opening. Having a finger over the "QS" has 
saved my bacon a couple times at this event, even though I've toppled MGTs 
along with shooing it away.

I'm still experimenting with positioning Gordon in the short narrow Hlwy, I'm 
not sure if it's my imagination or not but it seems like, if I remain in one 
of the stalls it takes forever for all of the BGs to appear. However, if I 
remain outside the stalls, in a crouch and with my back to the WD wall 
they're swarming like flies to s**t on a hot day in July. Even though the 
Entanglement video has me in the stall I now believe hanging out at the WDs 
is faster, allows me to include my rnds to defend the room and to compensate 
when MHs and Gs appear.

I hold the SG or PR and have one finger hovering over the QS key/button for 
the random MH or rarer G. I then back up to the WD wall and hold position if 
I see a BG to the left or right I RT/SG or PR it. Often there're a couple of 
moderately long intervals with no action and no comments from Alyx. When 
complete, Alyx shows up above the 3:00 EP.


Allow Alyx to lead the way to the double doors and swarm#2, a few times 
prior, she's disappeared or got stuck on the stairs going down from the cell 
blocks when I tried beating her to the double doors.

Again, it's a drag lugging an MGT to the 3rd swarm but it keeps me healthy. 
GGP- one of the MGTs then follow Alyx to the double doors, open them and GGP- 
the MGT so that the dangerous end is pointing away. Enter the next Hlwy, 
continue to the corner on the right, stop before the corner and place the MGT 
on the floor, quickly switch to CB or PR and move to and behind the tall file 
cabinet to your 8:00, FL on and crouch. The BGs will cut the lights and 
advance on your position. 1 BG appears at the corner as soon as the lights go 
out, PR him ASAP. Creep right for LOF down range then select your targets, be 
prepared to hit QS for the GG to retrieve a G, (preferably in flight) from 
tilting the MGT then quickly return to sender.

Eventually they run out of BGs and give up.

To the transporter room Robin, follow Alyx, when she stops to mess with 
something in one of the CRs run ahead of her, down the stairs and to the 
large black barrier crouch and pull the CB or revolver, scope or zoom and 
cover the SS at the far end of the area. Often 1-2 BGs appear from the SS and 
try back shooting me as I follow Alyx. Eventually you meet up with Dr. 
Mossman and enter the Transporter room. 

Transporter Room Orientation
Facing the front of the transporter and with your back against the wall

From this position, orientation begins. There're 3 main BG AEPs to the 
transporter room, AEP#1, (behind the wall the transporter is set against) it 
is branched but only the right side EP will be named as AEP#1. AEP#2 is to 
your 9:00 and often the busiest of the 3 EPs when the going gets tough. AEP#3 
to your 10:00 is directly in line with the transporter control platform.

It takes just over 3 minutes from the time Alyx removes the SSs from the MGT 
stalls till the transporter encloses you inside for transport.

ASAP after entering the transporter room, carry the MGT over AEP#3 to face 
the Combine doors then sprint to the WDs, load up and save. As soon as Eli 
and Judith transport out it's a race to get the 3 MGTs set at the 3 AEPs.

The BGs breach AEP#2 sooner in HL2ud than they do in HL2, I'm still sprinting 
to the last MGT when the door blows. In HL2, I have the time to shoulder the 
PR and take an FP.

I also no longer place an MGT to face AEP#1, it is rarely used by the BGs and 
between Alyx and Gordon we take care of the rare couple BGs that make a play 
there. The big thing you need to remember to do is to allow the BGs to fully 
enter the transporter room. I'm beginning to think after numerous runs that 
if a BG body remains within LOS of the BG EP behind the transporter that the 
remaining BGs from that EP will only attempt to enter the transporter room 
from AEP#1. 

I now place 2 MGTs facing AEP#3 and 2 facing AEP#2 but stagger the AEP#2 
turrets about 20 plus feet apart due to Gs being tossed at them. I also space 
the 2 AEP#2 MGTs wide enough apart so that I can have clear LOF on AEP#2 and 
be able to GGP-/+ any Gs that are tossed their way before damage is incurred. 
When all turrets are set, I take my FP just inside the opening near the MGT 
storage units with the PR, crouch and set my mouse to 400 dpi. This gives me 
FPs on AEP#1 and #2. Lastly I ensure I discharge the remaining launcher rnds 
on OBGs, and re-stand the occasional turret if and when it's toppled over. 

My game suffers from a transporter glitch, if the launcher has any rnds left 
in the tube upon transporting to Dr. Kleiner's lab, the laser and laser 
tracking system no longer functions it just disappears. This is an enormous 
P.I.T.A. when dealing with walkers and GSs, although not as bad with walkers 
due to their slow horizontal movements.

Most times I don't fire enough rnds during the entire exchange to worry about 
ammo, and do not take enough damage to hit the WDs before the transporter is 
ready to go bye-bye. Beat feet to the WDs and then sprint to the transporter 
when Alyx begins harping and blink out and in to Dr. Kleiner's.



New tactic through building#2, new tactics through building#4, 2nd floor 
Hlwy, new route 1st part toxic waste, 

Sewers to Street, new tactic from duct to stairwell, ignore side tunnel full 
of MHs, new faster maneuver through beginning of Lower Sewer

For the most part whenever I have followers, I do my best to stay ahead of 
them and or move them to a place of safety so I can remain out front. This 
still gets them killed because they rally to Gordon regardless of where he 
tells them to stay; they're like rabble rousing puppies. 


Exit Dr. Kleiner's Lab when able and let Dog do all the heavy lifting, pick 
up supplies and OBG ammo. Kill the probes on your way to locate the rebels in 
the square then position them and wait for the 2 POS to appear via your XP. 
GGP-/- the mines to reprogram them, I use 1nearby mine to clear the path of 
HCs back to the street. Let the walker pass then switch to the revolver; turn 
left to face the wall then sidestep right along the wall to the corner. 
Locate the POS in the guard tower and send 1 rnd to the head. Head up street 
toward the incoming drones, grab mines and use them on the HCs ahead of you. 
Pass through the alley, use the mines to clear debris and to retire the 2nd 
floor POS.

GGP-/+ the EB to remove the POS running up the steps then GGP- the mine 
laying out in the open and head down the steps. There's another mine to your 
right, I drop the one I'm carrying; (it's safe) and grab the loner to send to 
the 2-3 POS at the far end of the little courtyard. If successful head into 
the courtyard, if not RA the mine and send it. Switch the mines in the 
courtyard over, take one and use it on the POS in the red shed then locate 
the EP to building#1. Hold at the XP, let the walker and drones pass. From 
the XP look to your 10:00, a tall glass wall to a store front to the left of 
the fence, grab a mine dropped by the drones and send it to the mid left end 
of the glass panels. This will blow and EB and hopefully 2 MGTs in the store. 

New tactic through building#2

Locate the EP to building#2, a couple floors up, locate the white French 
doors and ignore them. Continue right along the Hlwy to the doors at the end, 
3 POS will likely be advancing from said door on the left, if possible get to 
and face the doorway before any can get through then RT/SG them as they 
appear. If only one appears, rush through the kitchenette to catch the 
remaining 2 POS in the next room. Use the entry to the room as cover from the 
2; when clear position your team in the room. Shoulder the CB enter the next 
room with the blown out floor and CB the 2 POS outside. Ensure the floor 
below is clear of MGTs then drop through, use the WD if needed. Grab the mine 
outside the store then continue toward the barrier. 

Pass by the next store front when you get to the 3rd storefront send the mine 
at the POS exiting the barrier. Enter the 3rd store through the leading glass 
panel, switch to the PR then shoot through the far right glass panel and 
sprint along the hole in the street to the next building. Locate the EP near 
the EB and enter building#3, switch to the SG, RT/SG the 2 POS in the 1st 
room, 1 low and 1 high, (floor above), run to and grab the mine, run to the 
foyer and send it to the POS on the stairwell. Grab the 2nd mine before it 
hits the floor and drop it. Climb the stairs and drop through the hole in the 
floor. Move to the XP; pull the revolver, zoom and head shoot the POS on the 
top of the building across the street, (it will likely take 2 rnds).

Grab the mine you dropped in the foyer, exit the building and send it to the 
2 closest POS on the barrier. PR any survivors, run to and climb up, open the 
barrier, use the WD then gain access to the 3rd floor EP to building#4 at the 
top of the fire escape. Enter the 3rd floor Hlwy, go straight to the opposite 
wall to the left of door#1, turn right to face along the wall toward door#2 
and hold for the POS in said room. RT/SG it and then the POS in from door#1, 
look for goodies. Have your team follow you into the stairwell, there're 6 
EP's in the 2nd floor Hlwy below and 5 POS within. 

New tactics through 2nd floor Hlwy

I reposition the team to my 6 then throw a G into room#1, (file cabinets) 
then switch to the SG incase the BG survives and charges out of the room. If 
not, I QS to GG, GGP- a fallen cabinet to me to use as a shield, then creep 
out into the 2nd floor Hlwy to face the opposite end of it. Switch to the PR 
and single tap heads that appear over the cabinet. I slowly make my way to 
the end ensuring no BGs stand. Pull the revolver, creep down the stairs and 
send 1-2 rnds into the POS hiding behind the cardboard boxes from the stairs 
mid platform. Shoulder the PR creep forward and down to the 1st floor and 
take POS#2. Position the team at the end of the Hlwy; shoulder the SMG then 
advance along the right side of the Hlwy. 

Move to the side of the file cabinets than retreat about 10 feet; send 1 HEG 
down the Hlwy to the floor where the MHs appear low and to the right just 
after the 2 BGs appear. Hopefully you may take 1 or 2 POS with them, ASAP 
switch to the PR to catch stragglers until you empty the PR then revert to 
the SMG. Go to the GG to grab the last MH and hunt for any survivors. In the 
basement, topple the 3 MGTs, switch to the SG then position the team in the 
lower Hlwy. SG the Z crawling out from the busted floor then head outside to 
the cache. Return to the Hlwy, send the team ahead then follow to the auto 
tunnel. Sprint ahead of the team to grab and slam the MH then again to the 
open sky for tons of them. 

Sprint by all the MHs; let the team deal with them while you clear the crap 
ahead. Climb the tractor, drop into the fenced area and bust the SC and gate 
lock. Sprint to the EP to the next section of corridor move into the new 
section enough to activate the MHs then back up to the EP. Your team will 
deal with the MHs and catch up to you in a moment.

GGP-/+ all MHs, then switch to the pistol and zoom, locate all EBs within 
range and detonate. Switch to the revolver, zoom and headshot all POS. Run to 
the XP and access all SCs; pull the pistol, open the door and detonate the 
remaining EBs. Sprint right to the Lambda cache, your team members will take 
advantage of the weps found. Head back to and pass by the narrow glassed 
Hlwy, toggle zoom and pistol remaining EBs on your way. 

Hold the team back till the walker passes then GG the cars beyond the OBG 
rappel points for early clear shots at them. Locate and activate the 
Demolition Rebel in tunnel section #3 then return to the MGTs and prep for an 
onslaught of MHs and OBGs. Eventually they stop or you'll hear the demo Reb 
call out to stand clear. When the MHs stop coming, ensure your team has moved 
through the new opening before entering the toxic waste area of the tunnel.

I've always remained at the turret till no new OBGs and MHs appear, so I 
don't know if it's safe to beat feet once the wall is opened up, I've always 
been afraid that more would invade the 3rd tunnel section and kill any or all 
the rebels hold up there.

At this point I have 3-4 team members with me, and, (especially in hard mode) 
I want to keep them. I require as much help as possible dealing with the 
overly frustrating "Town Square Generator Defense Event". Having 2 medics in 
the group is a plus, especially when the WDs dry up, an added bonus is the 
medics deliver health upgrades much faster than the WDs, this will get you 
back into the fight sooner. It is very important to keep a close eye on them 
before each move into a new area, more often than not they lag behind in the 
previous area or room and you lose them without knowing till its too late.


You can't jump from the semi to the van because of a Z lying prone in the 
muck, go figure, 8 feet above not including the jump arc and still the Z 
brings you down to the much for damage.

If I weren't having a difficult time lately gaining footing on the tractor 
I'd still be using it, but the last month or so I can't do better than 50/50. 
The pipes are providing a 70%+ success rate.

New route 1st part toxic waste

Locate and access the 2 SCs, continue to the end of and around the tanker. 
You can see the red hatchback. FL on and you'll clearly see 4 large pipes 
sticking straight up and out of the muck to the left of the tractor, the 
tractors headlights obscure the pipes. Keep the FL on, move to the edge of 
the busted up floor and hop over to and on top of the red hatchback. The car 
will begin sinking in the muck. Turn left; ensure you have running room then 
long jump to the pipes, (run/sprint; jump/crouch). If done correctly you land 
on some part of the pipes above the muck, stand before you hop up onto the 

You want to aim for the area between the tractors gas tank and rear axle, 
release forward ASAP from your hop to the gas tank/frame/dualies so as not to 
slide off into the muck. Orient to and then jump onto the white van. From the 
van look to the concrete islet in the middle of the muck, run/jump to the 
islet, run along the left side of it then jump to reddish car#2. Hop onto the 
cab of the car, turn left to overturned truck, (wrecker?) and jump to the 
rusty lift bar. Travel over the truck and jump to the pipe ramp. 

Turn left and sprint to the last duct grate on the right and GGP- it. Enter 
the duct GGP+ the downward pointing grate and drop to the floor. Sprint to 
the end, access the SCs and release your team from the tunnel then head 
outside. If you use a smidgen of caution and don't race into every area 
there's enough MKs and recharging devices to keep Gordon healthy. When you 
get outside, locate the SBs in the car; wait for the HC rocket to hit ground 
then KB the 6 that try to exit.

Protect your team to maintain full compliment. Secure them at your 6 as best 
as possible and try to remove the leading edge of OBGs before the team 
disobeys and enters the fray. Ignore the SC and the rebel past the wrought 
iron fence enter the building and make your way through it; back outside 
while waiting for the rebel to provide access into the next building use the 
357 on the BG above on the roof top. Once inside switch to the SG then 
proceed through the building, RT/SG the next 3 OBGs on the stairwell, I stop 
at the edge of the stairwell for BG#1 while he's occupied with the rebel. For 
BGs#2 and 3 I climb the stairs till I see and hear the next rebel scream and 
run down the stairs. 

I then crouch and wait at the edge of the stairwell blocked from BGs view, as 
#2 and 3 descend I ambush with RT/SG from their sides. I almost always take a 
little damage and it often requires more than 1 RT to take the 2 BGs down, so 
ensure you continue to press reload after every discharge. I then creep up to 
the hole, next floor up to RT/SG the BG below. Sometimes the game has him 
ready and waiting, so it will be beneficial to circle the floor hole Cw and 
take him from his 6 as he walks away from his position.

KB the spiders and HCs, RT/SG the speeder and access all the SCs in the 
ground floor dark room. Pull the revolver, walk toward the XP then crouch and 
creep and stop before exposing Gordon at the XP. Inch forward while looking 
for the top of the head of the BG behind the slanted wall. Zoom, send 1 rnd 
then sidestep left outside and send 2 rnds to the BG on the building flat 
roof. There're plenty of mines spread out over the ground to remove all the 
BGs that put up a fight and a couple that may appear from the roof with the 
raised crossing bridge. Enter the building and climb to the bridge level, CB 
the 1st BG on the ledge then the 2 rooftop BGs, I use the revolver on the 2 
at the far end of the bridge. 

The hard part is now getting all of the team across the bridge and to follow 
you through the next building. I think the matter is worse in HL2ud than in 
HL2. The best I can offer is that each time you advance them through the 
building as a group, you make a quick save. When and why they get stupid and 
stop IDK.

When all the BGs have been cleared, switch to the SG and lower the bridge. 
Jump onto it as it begins to lower and sprint across, target the EP and stop 
about 5 feet to the left of the EP and wait for BG#1 to exit. RT/SG, reload, 
step into the EP, RT/SG BG#2, move a few feet to the right of the hole in the 
floor and RT/SG BG#3 as he drops in from above. Crouch; back away and around 
the hole in the floor Cw while you reload then stand and RT/SG BG#4. BG#5 
will appear from below in a sec, rinse and repeat. Now figure out how to get 
all 4 team members across the bridge and into this room. Save and then figure 
out how to get them down to the floor below.

Normally, I drop off the right end of the floor and deal with the 3-4 BGs 
that drop from above the Hlwy and also appear from the far end of the Hlwy.
Hopefully everyone is or most of the team is on the floor. I now PR 3 BGs in 
the inaccessible room with the shoot and duck ploy, repeating till all are 
down, little damage received. Let the team end barnacle#1 while you bait the 
speeder into barnacle#2. Continue through the building and save at each event 
to ensure all 4 BGs participate in the generator defense at the square. I CQ 
RT/SG the 3-4 BGs I encounter while moving through the rooms on this floor. 

I then use the revolver on the BG waiting on the floor below and RT/SG 2 of 
the BGs in the room Alyx and I bust into. I don't bust in, I hang at the door 
in the crouch and use the wall for cover. The next big area for me is the 
Town Square Generator Defense; this is a most trying conflict for me. 

It seems like it takes forever for the shield to drop and be able to disrupt 
the core with the GG. Unless there's a glitch, (and there have been) it takes 
2.5 minutes from the time Alyx makes contact with the Gen console for her to 
comment on the outer shield coming down. By 4.5 minutes the inner shield is 
down; the core is exposed and ready for the GG. 

What follows, is the method that works more often for me than the other 
methods I've tried or seen in videos. Not that they aren't great defenses for 
those particular scenarios but that the number of scenarios that can play out 
for this event is large enough in variety that no one version will work all 
the time. In general, I "think" my version provides for a diverse operation. 
This is not to say it even comes close to a secure absolute, I barely survive 
50% of the time. 

If I'm still standing and my health is below 20% at core disruption I abandon 
the rebels and bolt through the doors as they open. If I can drop off the 
ledge before Alyx is killed the game automatically assumes she is alive and 
continues by closing the barrier. Excluding Alyx, once she has closed the 
doors, I have an 80% survival rate, (no restarts). 25-30% of that average has 
"A" rebel survivor, 5-10% of the time I have 2 rebel survivors, which bugs 
the crap out of me.

I do my best to enter the square with 4 rebels, preferably 2 of them are 
medics, 3 HEGs and PBs and at least 2 CB bolts.

So, here's my rendition, I shoulder the SG, sprint to and through the 
generator control center in the middle of the square to its far side. 
Preferably, I take POS#1 before he releases the MH, (7/10 success), if late, 
either RT/SG the MH or ASAP switch to GG and junk it. Switch to the revolver, 
toggle zoom then send 1 rnd to drop POS#2 on the tower above if the rebs 
haven't already done so. If you aren't at full health and suit charge get 
some now at the Gen station. Circle the inside of the low stone wall 
enclosure, KB all crates within, the contents will come in handy now or 
later. Pull the GG then locate and drag 2 mines to the SS at AEP#1. If you 
have the time, drag one mine to the choke point AEP#2.

To overstate the obvious, the BG objective is to tie you and your team up and 
drain your ammo while one of them gets to and kills Alyx or Gordon. Your 
objective is to remove the BGs at the AEPs ASAP to allot ammo replacement and 
at a minimum check on the other AEP. This often convinces/forces one to yoyo 
between the 2 AEPs as the team is whittled down from their 6s. 

I think when set, at best, they're only a minor visual deterrent to the BGs; 
however they make great GG grenades. I tend to place 2 close to my FP at the 
AEP#1 SS. Often 2 of the 3 BGs collect on one side of the barrier wall, with 
-0- LOS, it's the time suck maneuver, tossing a mine just past the edge of 
the wall opening often takes both saving time.

Use the GG to replace PR ammo by pulling weps past the AEP#1 barrier wall and 
SS at the end of each engagement. BGs at AEP#2 killed behind the SS prevent 
ammo replacement, so as mental as it may sound, when engaging BGs at AEP#2 
allow some of them to advance past the SS to the edge of the square.

Revolver and CB;
Excluding the 2nd floor balcony POS, refrain from using the revolver and CB 
till you hear Alyx yell "The outer shield is down".

PR/PBs and SMG/HEGs;
Most often I have a couple to 3 of both; when I do use a PB it's only at the 
AEP#1 tunnel entrance, the BGs bunch up as they appear in the tunnel opening 
and more often than not 2 BGs run to your left so your odds are good that 2 
will be affected. I also send one into the doorway niche to the right side of 
the street behind the SS at AEP#2 if 2 or more BGs hold up in it. I try to 
save 1 PB for the 2 OEBGs and its team when they advance on the square as or 
just before the core SS is down. Once Alyx yells out the generator shield is 
down I tend to use the HEGs around the dumpster at the AEP#2 choke point. I 
then move to the control center for meds a SAVE and AEP#2 OBG removal. 

Sprint back to the control center (preferably) prior to seeing DS#1 begin its 
descent. Look to the building you previously exited, pull and scope the CB, 
look up to the doors at the middle balcony. When the doors open and the 1 POS 
begins to exit, send 1 bolt to prevent deployment of a MH. From this 
position, sprint to AEP#1, (assault entry point 1) slide right along the SS 
to the wall sort of behind the mini dumpster, this is my FP, I switch to the 
PR. Some rebels may follow, some may take position facing AEP#2 or remain 
within the enclosure near Alyx, I think a medic often stays with her until 
killed, which is good if/when the WDs dry up, in my case they almost always 

The 1st wave of OBGs exits the tunnel at AEP#1; I use short fast taps on the 
PR, 1 to 3 rnds per as an OBG exposes himself to fire. Reload as/when OBGs 
take cover from a salvo. Remain at the FP for all exchanges unless OBGs bolt 
through the SS, follow and take their ammo then return to FP. ASAP as the 
last OBG of the current assault drops switch to GG, exit the FP and as 
quickly as possible, drag a couple PRs to you for replacement ammo then 
return to FP for the next assault. SAVE.

Remain at your FP; these are the only reasons to leave your FP at AEP#1:

1. Your health is below 40%, beg off the medic with you, if none, sprint to 
the WDs then sprint back to your FP. 

2. When you finally hear Alyx call out that the shield is down, clear AEP1 of 
OBGs then head toward the control station look to AEP#2. If BGs are at the 
dumpster make a detour to clear the area. 

3. If you are taking heavy fire from your 6, (AEP#2) while dealing with OBGs 
from AEP1 your team is compromised, take cover in the debris at the street 
corner to your 6 or within the low stone enclosure in the center of the 
square. Hopefully you can clear AEP#1 and any OBGs from AEP#2 to allow you to 
sprint to the control station or to the rear of the generator tower.

4. If the Generator Control station and Alyx is under attack.

When you finally leave AEP#1 for the center of the square and or generator, 
eyeball AEP2, if the mine had been breached and it is possible, (time, health 
and ammo allowing) if you didn't deploy all mines, drag the remaining mine 
into position or use it on the BGs. If AEP#2 OBGs are swarming or beginning 
to swarm the control center use any remaining PBs and or HEGs, (I usually 
have 1-2 PBs and 3 HEGs) to fend them off. Hold at the rear of the Generator 
and wait for Alyx to OK GG use. Retreat past doors for cover and to cover any 
surviving team members retreat. Switch to PR if it has ammo, if not SMG and 
or throw grenades to cover their withdrawal past the doors. 

If the situation is past dire, (wicked low health) sprint to and drop off the 
busted street to ensure Alyx survives. Regardless of your situation once past 
the security doors, you can hang till Alyx gives the go ahead to flee or just 
leave once you drop off the street ledge. 


Locate the 2 SCs before entering the sewers then exit the area via the tunnel 
Pswy. Once you're in the tunnels, if you're quick about it, as you GG the 
barrels supporting the platform, pull one of the barrels to you and send it 
into the nearest MH, I don't have much luck with the tires, otherwise HULK GG 
SMASH! Make your way up the ramp to the pipes and repeat the smash part. 

There is a difference between HL2 and HL2ud when you get to the room with the 
platform supported by barrels. The situations can vary widely though, maybe 
50/50 HL2 has 2 and HL2ud has 3 MHs at ground level. When you are at the 2nd 
duct grate HL2ud sends 1-2 MH/s from the far windows. HL2 may or may not send 
up to 3 MHs from the far windows or withhold them until you exit from the 
short side tunnel, (whether you enter the side tunnel or not) and the MHs in 
there or not at all. I think HL2 is meaner than HL2ud in this section.

New tactic from duct to stairwell, ignore side tunnel full of MHs

Depending on which version of HL2/ud you're playing, at the 2nd duct 
grate/XP, hold onto the grate and use it on one of the MH/s that may be 
flying at you. Wait for it to get close and below the duct to slam it. GGP- 
the boxes off the platform across the room to GGP-/+ the SC from it for the 
HEG rnd. Drop out of the duct and clear the debris from the XP to the busted 
up stairwell ASAP.

The differences between HL2 and HL2ud in the busted up stairwell is that in 
HL2 you can complete the event without ever taking a rnd from the 3 BGs that 
enter from the Wkwy above your initial EP. In HL2ud, they appear immediately 
and I may take 1 rnd before reaching the bottom Wkwy. In HL2 2 OBGs appear at 
the XP, in HL2ud 1 POS.

Switch to the SG or SMG, enter, turn right on Wkwy#1, sprint off the stairs, 
land on the partial steps leading to Wkwy#2 then back step off the steps to 
fall to Wkwy#3 without damage from the falls. ASAP sprint Wkwy #3 to the XP, 
2 OBGs or 1 POS appear from the XP as you make your 2nd left turn. Aim upper 
chest/head and RT/SG as you charge the target/s or send 1 HEG between them 
from a distance. Neither wep is an absolute regarding the 2 BGs or damage 
received from them. If you require supplies, there're 2 SCs in the lower dark 
area you can GG up with no worries regarding the 3 OBGs dealing with the Z 
above. In HL2ud they're more concerned with you, so stay tight to the left 
wall and do not crouch. 

They're like the bogyman; if you can see them they can see you. Switch to KB, 
go FL on then enter the XP Hlwy then the EP on the right. ASAP turn right at 
the EP and KB the PS, run through the cache then GGP- the crossbar on your 
next XP.

Lower Sewers

New faster maneuver through beginning of sewer

Switch to the SG, run to and turn right at the corner and RT/SG the lone OBG. 
Switch to KB or GG and run forward and then left into the narrow tunnel, 
KB/GGP+ HCs as they come into range and or leap at you. Hard left at the 
barnacle and crouch, there's a barnacle tongue blocking the opening to the 
lower sewer, GGP+ the crate closest to the opening to the barnacle tongue. 2 
OBGs will begin rappelling down into the sewer; stand just after they drop 
below the floor, sidestep left to the wall and stand, sprint to and long jump 
to the opposite side of the sewer. Remain in the crouch, turn right and 
continue along the fenced in Wkwy tight to the sewer wall. If and when you no 
longer hear gunfire from below you can stand and run.

Switch to KB and KB the PS between you and the XP. QS GG, move to the right 
of the XP and near the steps, the PST from the lower level may be nearby and 
throw a PS at you unawares. GGP- the barrel from the XP, hold it for a 1 
count then GGP+ it straight back to junk the HC behind it.

Just after dealing with the spider and HC, there is a box of 357rnds in a 
recess upslope from the rubble at the base of the room. Prior to July 2016, I 
was able to access the rnds with the GG, since I began playing the game again 
to tweak the guide there is yet another invisible barrier preventing access.

1/6/17 was able to access the 357 rnds again

I don't know what you'd call this huge room; it has 4 levels, a tram control 
shack and tram that carry materials along a track from one level to another. 
Fortunately the area provides a few FPs to allow for a regroup of ones wits 
and to retire BGs from. This area doesn't allow for conflict avoidance I arm 
with the CB when I reach Wkwy level then run the Wkwy. I jump to the railing 
at the 1st blockage then sprint on the railing.

HL2 has a barnacle at the end of Wkwy #1 and no steam venting to cover the 
break in the right side railing. HL2ud has the steam blocking the break in 
the railing but no barnacle. If playing HL2, pull the pistol, zoom and send 
10 rnds to the barnacle before running the Wkwy. In either game you can 
always run the left side Wkwy railing to avoid the break and or steam. It 
takes 2 357 rnds and I can't see wasting them on the barnacle. 

In either version jump the break, (section of Wkwy railing blocking passage) 
to avoid the slow down from the drop to the Wkwy or run the left railing and 
continue to sprint to the gate. Sprint into the shack and pull the tram lever 
as you enter then run to the left rear, (your left) crouch and face the 
window opening. CB the 3-5 OBGs as they appear from above the shack and or 
from the far end of the room, when clear, use the WDs; bust the crate for the 
CB bolts then pistol the EB on the approaching tram. Pull the tram lever when 
it comes to a stop; jump onto the tram then 180 to face the floor above the 
shack and use the PR on the OBG. About halfway to the end of the track you 
can jump up and off the tram to the Wkwy. 

Turn right on the Wkwy and run, 1 to 2 OBGs may appear this level from the 
right where the tram comes to a stop but not always. In either case, run to 
the end of the Wkwy then right, stopping halfway to the wall then turn right. 
1 OBG appears on the upper Wkwy, toggle zoom and PR the OBG, replenish your 
PR ammo from the OBGs then climb the ladder. 2 OEBGs rope in to the upper 
Wkwy when you reach the mid platform. I scope the CB and bolt both, often 
receiving minimal to -0- damage, when complete run to the tram's track then 
sprint the track to the end. Keep your eye on the area to the right of the 
shack below, stop and CB the OBG advancing on the shack then continue to the 

I prefer to ambush the OBG by aiming a smidge above right center of the tram 
control console; I send 1 bolt as he touches the EP and this prevents him 
from activating the tram. Once on the Wkwy and sprinting to the ladder a BG 
ropes in and begins firing, if you CB him now it'll be 1 less BG firing on 
you when you get to the top Wkwy. I climb the ladder then crouch behind the 
left most of the barrels for cover from the 2 OEBGs roping in from above. 
ASAP scope the CB and creep right, pick off the 2 OEBGs to the right of the 
barrels with the CB 1st and then the revolver if you have misses. 

Use the revolver on the 2 OBGs from the XP below. Grab whatever ammo and 
supplies you can absorb without backtracking then exit to the street for the 
next chapter, "Follow Freeman".

The OBGs in the previous room vary in number from 14 to 15; I normally begin 
this room with 3-5 CB bolts, the ammo in the shack can vary from 5 to 6 
bolts. Don't waste bolts, take your time.

If no one else has concentrated OCD, I used mine to brain out a procedure to 
access the upper middle Wkwy for the ammo the OEBGs drop. The GG doesn't have 
the power/range to pull items from that distance and the revolver wastes ammo 
and sends the PBs to the bottom of the room. You'll need a minimum of 3 
barrels however, 4 makes it a bit easier by providing more room for jumps. As 
you climb the ladder to the barrels take note of the recess in the Wkwy, this 
is where you place the 3 barrels and EB if you choose to use 4. When you've 
cleared all the BGs from the room, crouch, GGP- barrel#1, place it in the 
recess then push it to the railing. 

GGP- barrel#2 then stand and place it on top of #1. Crouch, GGP- barrel#3, 
place it behind #1 and push it into #1. If you opt for 4 barrels, GGP- the 
EB, place it behind #3 then crouch and push it into #3. The crouch and push 
helps stabilize the barrels and provides room to make a jump to barrel#2 
whether using a 3 or 4 barrel tactic. The barrels still react sloppily but do 
the job. 

1. 3 barrels, stand about 3 feet from barrel#3 then press run/jump/crouch. 
Stand up; ensure you have space between you and barrel#1 then run/jump/crouch 
onto #1. Stand, look down and ensure you have most of #1 in front of you, 
look up then sprint/jump/crouch onto or over the railing of the middle Wkwy.

2. 4 barrels, follow the same set up as the 1st option with the added EB 
being placed against barrel#3. Stand against the EB then press 
run/jump/crouch to land on the EB. From the EB, run/jump/crouch onto #2, like 
the 1st option, ensure you face the mid Wkwy and have most of #2 in front of 
you then sprint/jump/crouch onto or over the railing.

I'd SAVE after each segment of each maneuver till I was confident in the 
results. Ensure you do not press forward for too long before jump/crouch or 
you'll just push #2 off #1. On my game, the mid Wkwy railing disappears while 
on the Wkwy. 

There'll be 3-5 PBs and lots of PR ammo on the Wkwy. If you hop onto the mid, 
(invisible) Wkwy railing directly above the Wkwy railing below then drop off 
and land on the railing you'll take -0- damage. If you Biork the drop, 
there're plenty of MKs to make up for it. The duration of the event doesn't 
take that long to complete.



New route and tactics from the street to the freeing Barney, new tactic main 
hall for 2 OBGs from roof, new route from completing Generator#1 to Gens #2 
and 3, the new route reverses the order of Gens#2 and 3

New tactics to roof top#1, adjusted route to monument center of square, new 
tactic through garage#2, use the revolver, new amended tactics from entering 
rooftop, walkers and BGs to descending to ground level


If your intentions are to punish the snipers then there are more than enough 
niches along the street for rest and cover till you get to the white car just 
past the truck at the intersection. It's where I would make my toss at sniper 
#3 above the cul-de-sac from cover. If you have rebels with you odds are 
they'll be vented whether you're going after the snipers or not.

Then from the nose of the truck at the intersection, sprint zigzag fashion to 
different cover positions on your way to the debris barrier to remove sniper 
#4. I once removed #4 for the 1 to 2 rebels that might follow. You can try to 
salvage the rebels by directing them to a spot and hope they stay long enough 
to remove the snipers, although, never worked for me.

With the procedure I use below, I seem to have some luck remaining lead free 
while sprinting past snipers#3 and 4 using strafe left over actually turning 
left to zig. I press run/sprint, press strafe left  for some distance the 
release strafe and turn right to zag. 

New route and tactics from the street to the freeing Barney
If like me you don't care about the snipers, just sprint and zigzag your way 
to cover at the yellow/orange NEVRIN54 sign. From the niche look to the nose 
of the blue truck in the street, look over the truck to locate the inside 
corner of the building, it provides cover from both snipers. I wait for 
sniper#3 to send a round then sprint out strafing left and turning right to 
the inside corner with nearly a 70%+ success rate. From the niche, I sprint 
forward and out right then strafe left around the bumpout back to the 
building and then forward to the next inside corner with the leaning pallet. 

From this position I GGP+ the pallet out of the way and when ready I sprint 
out forward and right then strafe left around the much longer bumpout back to 
the building and forward toward the EP. I crouch while moving forward to 
reacquire cover from #4 via the EP door. Stand, enter and sprint toward the 
far right corner of the room, slow to run and hook left through the doorway. 
Just before you get to the door at your 12:00 begin to BH, you'll avoid the 
HC to the left of the door. Continue to BH toward and then to the right of 
the ramp the speeder is currently charging up. Quickly drop back down onto 
the ramp after the speeder passes by then sprint down to the water, hook left 
and then sprint along the wall toward the wounded rebel.

Ignore the rebel and make a hard right past the rebel and sprint straight for 
the XP. 

As soon as you see the 1st speeder in the stairwell, send a HEG into the XP 
to end 1 or both speeders. Ignore everyone rising and or still running and 
continue up the stairwell to the next accessible floor. GGP+/- the SC for the 
contents as you run by all the Zs you just activated. You must zigzag, duck 
and sprint your way through the Z and sniper gauntlet to remain undamaged. Go 
to crouch when you get the floor above, move to the low wall. Locate the 
sniper hide then toss a G through the window. When complete run along the 
perimeter wall and drop back to the floor below, use the partition for cover 
from the last sniper then crouch near the perimeter wall.

Position for a throw through the window grate, when complete stand and deal 
with the 2-3 Zs approaching from the basement, Gs are plentiful and do a fine 
job. Wait for Barney to stop playing with himself then both head to ground 
and the combine barrier. 


Collect Barney and continue to ground when past the barrier move back inside 
the buildings, hop skip and jump over the 2 PSs. Bust through the XP, sprint 
to the EBs to the right of the stairs GGP- one of the EBs to you before you 
reach the stairs and GGP+ the EB over the MGT to the wall behind it. GGP- a 
second EB and target the same space as before, send the EB when the see the 
1st of 2 OBGs appear from the right. Run up the stairs, collect all the 
goodies you can absorb then head upstairs. You'll collect some rebels and 
Barney will unlock the XP. Stay ahead of the rebels and clear the way of 
mines and MGTs.

Run out to the square then sprint to the turned over dumpster to recharge and 
heal. Beat feet when your suit is charged up, run to the fence then sprint 
along it to the opposite end of the quad and to the only building with a door 
that opens. I shoulder the SMG, crouch then open it and send 1 HEG to and 
between the 2 OBGs inside and on the raised platform, (with a smidge of 
practice with the HEG both go down with 1 rnd). Heal if necessary at the door 
then open the XP leading to the center of the quadrangle. Locate the monument 
at the center and the opening at its base, shoulder the CB then run toward 
the monument, CB the OBG as he exits. 

Once the OBG is down, sprint to the base of the monument remembering to keep 
an eye out for those laser things that appear on the ground and go boom, they 
have a wide blast radius. Cross the quad and hold under the monument to 
recoup suit power; locate the door of building #2 lined up at the far end of 
the quad. Switch to PR then sprint toward the door, as it begins to open send 
a PB into the building, it should kill 2 of the 3 OBGs within. PR the 
remaining OBG as you enter the building. Hopefully there are live prisoners 
in the cell, if so KB the lock and then look for meds.

Most of the time there's only 1 dead rebel in the cell; sometimes there can 
also be 1 to 2 live rebels to replace the ones lost on the way to this 
Switch to CB exit the building from the side door and run toward the steps of 
city hall. Scope the CB if needed and bolt the 2 OBGs running up the far side 
steps. When both OBGs are down, sprint past the steps to the XP at the far 
left end of the area. Locate the plug powering the SS then shoot or GGP- the 
plug. Keep your team away while you kill the laser triggered floor MGTs. 

New tactic for 2 OBGs from roof

This works best if you have a game mouse and can adjust the dpi; I have one 
setting 400dpi for sniping, there isn't much use for a lower setting it in 
HL. The new tactic saves time and ammo.
Main hall; my original FP for 2 OBGs that come from the roof area Hlwy, (far 
side of SS) remains, crouched at the left side of the cased opening leading 
to the roof. But I now use the zoomed revolver and set the mouse in game to 
400dpi. Scoped, look to the far opening to the wainscoting cap, (cap rail 
above the paneling) center the reticle on the cap then move the scope left or 
right once the BG comes to a stop for a 1 shot kill. When clear reposition in 
front of the SS leading to the hidden floor MGTs then send the team to 
safety. Creep toward the SS, just before breaking the laser plane underhand 
the G straight at the MGT. ASAP drift left for cover, the G will slide into 
the turret as it rises.

Wait for turret #2 to reset and submerge stand and send the team away again, 
rush into the room to turret #2, once a team member breaks the laser plane 
throw the grenade into the rising MGT. ASAP to avoid enemy fire from the 
stairwell, run to the right of the long dark partition thing and to the other 
end. Shoulder the SG on your way; swing around the end and RT/SG the 2 OBGs. 
Be prepared for 2 OBGs incase Barney fails to take one of them. Call your 
team if you have survivors then head up stairs to the next set of floor MGTs. 
Enter the cell area 1st ensure the prisoners are freed from the cell and have 
armed themselves. Send them back to the cell area at the far side of the room 
then run out to the MGTs covering Generator Room#1 and junk them. 

New route to Gens #2 and 3, the new route reverses the order of Gens#2 and 3

I'm not sure why, but I think due to the new accelerated pace of the game, 
the old route was producing more BGs in the number of groups and I think an 
extra group may have been created. This took a much greater toll on the rebel 
group, they were dropping like flies and Barney got killed. I reversed the 
order of Gen 2 and 3 and it seemed to level out.

After destroying Gen #1, (by GGP+) exit the rm via your EP and head left, 
left, right, right, left and left to the lock down room. On your way to Gen 
room #3 you and your team will get locked within a large room as you attempt 
to exit at the far side XP. ASAP sprint toward the XP, GGP- a mine on your 
way, drop the mine at the doors as they close then direct your team to cover 
deep behind the shelves. Follow them and pull all the SCs down from the 
shelves. Don't waste a round on the BG ammo sucks running by the busted 
openings in the walls, that's Barney's job. Your XP will begin to sizzle 
after a lull in gunfire, as the BGs cut their way in. 

Reposition your team to cover again; I take an FP at the end of the long and 
dark raised object more or less lined up with the XP then hop onto it to 
prevent Barney or any of the other knuckleheads from blocking my LOF "AGAIN". 
As always given the chance he and they do. Ensure you're holding the PR, as 
the XP opens the OBGs cluster at the opening for a sec, then attempt to 
disperse as mine#1 jumps, let the mine distract them, as you send a PB 
through the XP. If you're lucky you'll remove a few to all but don't hold 
your breath, most times 2 to 3 BGs survive to enter the room. So drop off 
within the long dark raised object and paste the survivors with PR fire, 
remember to duck for reloads. 

Now the EP begins to sizzle, ASAP, position the team out of harms way again, 
(this time I point them toward the XP). Target the EP with mine#2 and retire 
the 2 BGs with it. Reload all remaining supplies, move to the XP then 
reposition the team to the EP side of the room, when set, sprint through the 
XP into Generator Room#3 and kill #3. Hopefully the rebels won't follow you 
and get them killed in the process. Heal, QS to PR, sprint to the Hlwy and 
backtrack through the lock down room to return to the main hall.

I jump at the head of the staircase and sprint up to the other side into 
another Hlwy. Continue along the Hlwy to the 1st EP on your right, enter, 
reconfigure the mine and drop it. The "Mine and Security Laser Room"; my 
term, Barney and the team will defend the room's EP while you deactivate the 
security system. This is my route through the room, once the mine is dealt 
with. Go straight through the EP, jump onto the machinery then walk left to 
the elevation change, hop onto it then run and jump to the lower dark thingy.
Reorient on the low dark thingy then run and jump over the lasers to the 
floor. Hop onto and move around the circular device then hop onto the pipes. 

Jump up onto the shelving, turn right and then jump across to the next mid 
shelf. Walk to the left end of the shelf, turn right and hop to the next dark 
thingy. Turn left and orient to the next shelf leading to the security switch 
then long jump over to it and then down to the floor. Deactivate the security 
system, grab all the PBs and heal if any damage. The mines also deactivate 
along with the lasers. GGP- a mine to take with, wait for the team then head 
for Generator room#2, drop the mine halfway between the SS and the EP to 
Generator Room#2. Enter, heal if needed and absorb any goodies then GGP+ 

Exit, head right to the mine, GGP- it and continue to the main hall. GGP+ the 
mine at your XP, the cased opening leading to the roof then continue down to 
the main hall's ground floor at a sprint. Switch to the PR, if there are any 
BGs clustering around the cased opening when you reach the ground floor send 
a PB to them then rush the Hlwy. Strafe right as soon as you pass through the 
opening, another group of BGs will appear at the far end of the Hlwy leading 
to the roof, send another PB. QS GG, GGP- the nearest mine and send it to the 
remaining BGs far end of the Hlwy. Sprint to the next mine and repeat then QS 
to PR and sprint to the opening if any survive the 2nd mine. 

When complete, max out the WDs, go through all the goodies then GGP- a mine 
on your way out. Wait for Barney to complete his monolog and open the barrier 


Stairwell to roof 

(Note) 1/9/17
A 1st time event for this chapter, as mentioned at the end of Entanglement, 
the issue of launcher laser and guidance system loss. In my game, if the 
launcher has ammo during transport from Entanglement to Dr. Kleiner's Lab the 
launchers laser and guidance system disables, if there's a way to get it 
back, IDK. So I always empty the tube prior to transporting. No launcher 
guidance blows big time when hunting gun ships, one must play hide and seek 
to survive long enough for CQ straight line attacks.

This also prolongs the town square walker assault and increases the danger 
exponentially. This issue will test your ability to remain alive far more 
regarding walker and BG confrontations but it is doable.
New tactics to roof top#1

Keep the team to your six and enter the stairwell, stop before the launcher 
on the floor, shoulder the launcher and send 1 rnd to the MGT on the stair 
platform above. Set site between the upper and lower railing run over the 
launcher to pick up a rnd. Sprint up the stairs to the platform the MGT 
is/was on, continue forward to the corner turn left and take a couple 3 steps 
toward the next set of steps then target the stairwell above where the 2 OBGs 
momentarily stop to shoot at you. Send 1 rnd to them, set laser between the 
top and middle railing. If done right you should be at or near full health. 
Sprint to the XP; position your team a flight below the XP then sprint out 
the XP.

Hook hard right out the XP to the roof deck, continue 2/3 the way to the LAC 
then turn left to face the steps leading to the lower roof deck. Send 1 
launcher rnd to the far end corner of the cargo container just before the BG 
appears; ASAP, 2 more BGs appear from the far steps past the cargo container. 
Endeavor to catch the 2 while they're still together near the top of the 
steps, (especially if you don't have laser guidance) otherwise you'll be 
taking damage from the survivor while you run to the LAC for 3 more rnds. 
Odds are 2 more BGs will remain on the lower level and fire on you as you 
sprint to the LAC for ammo. Retire them then return to the LAC, reload, 
switch to the CB head back toward the roof EP

A few times I have closed the roof door on the rebels, (1st time by accident) 
and they stayed in the stairwell while I dealt with GS#7.


Locate, scope and CB the distant tower OBG then grab all available ammo and 
supplies on roof #1, check launcher ammo and hit the LAC if needed. Boo roof 
#2, (middle lower roof level) for BGs if you didn't retire them earlier, if 
so roof #2 will be empty. Charge the area for any possible ambushers, (rarely 
ever). It's usually clear of OBGs but the real test is about to begin.

Normally GS #7 rises from below, I get 3 good launcher rnds off then sprint 
to the LAC on roof#1. I use the container, the stairwell enclosure and AC 
structures for cover while attacking GS#7. Sometimes, (very rare), glitch or 
not IDK, GS #7 and the DS appear together and GS#7 holds by the DS's 
premature arrival. It may hang by the DS for a bit and then proceed with its 
assault on me and the rebels or it may remain with the DS, apparently 
forever. If it hangs for a moment then proceeds with the assault it can be 
deadly for you and your team, because the 4 DS OBGs often swarm roof #1 while 
GS #7 is thinning the rebel herd. 

However, recently when GS #7 and the DS played sitting ducks on roof #3, I 
hammered both from the LAC while they were seemingly stuck on the distant 

On a somewhat sour note, it also seems like there were many more OBGs 
swarming roofs #1 and 2 once they opened the barrier doors to roof #3. If I 
am lucky enough to retain 1 or 2 team members by the time I reach the roof #3 
doors my survival odds go up big time, having all the extra boots and barrels 
helps clear the bridge area so much faster. Most often I'm alone after the GS 
battle, occasionally like my most recent run, I had 4 team members by the 
time I got to the bridge. Having that much lead heading in the same direction 
cleared the bridge and rooms pronto. 
If the GS battle takes too long to complete and I'm alone and hurting, I wait 
to see the OBGs swarming from roof #2, I then run to the roof #1 stairwell 
enclosure, enter and take an FP facing the entry halfway down the top flight 
of stairs. Most times there're only 3 OBGs.

Advance to the far left corner of roof #2 then begin back stepping, GS #7 
will rise; quickly get all 3 rnds in the air and hopefully into GS #7. This 
will be impossible without laser guidance your only option at this point is 
for CQ attacks from the side of the cargo container, stairwell XP enclosure 
and AC units. You have the fastest reload fire rate from this area on roof#1. 
Sprint back to roof #1 and the LAC, hold at the containers leeside. Begin 
firing and if things look good try and remain at the ammo cache for reloads. 
If you're getting hammered use the XP enclosure and AC structures for cover 
as GS #7 circles around roof #1. When I lose LOS because of a structure I 
fire up then strafe away from it to locate and track it to GS#7. 

It often takes 2 passes to drop GS#7, sometimes I take it before completing 1 
full pass. When things go poorly, about 30/70, when complete I often end up 
with 10-15% health and 3 to 4 OBGs storming the roof. So for GPs I retreat to 
the stairwell XP enclosure, go down 1/2 a flight of stairs, 180 crouch for 
waist high LOF on the entry and hold with the CB, revolver and or PR, (in 
that order) till all OBGs are down. 

Sprint to the WDs, grab the mines and drop them on top of the horizontal AC 
ducts in line with the retractable bridge. Take cover behind the cargo 
container and GGP- the SCs for the goodies. When the new team members have 
assembled, sprint to and press the bridge button, position behind the 
horizontal ducts and GGP- a mine. Send 1 mine after the gate opens and when 
the 2-3 OBGs are in range. If you time it just right and are a little lucky 
you'll clear the bridge, if so take mine#2 with you. Send the mine into the 
EP at the end of the bridge when you reach half span then switch to PR. 
Sprint at the EP and send a PB into the EP. 

Another issue experienced for the 1st time. Normally, while sprinting over 
the bridge I successfully send a PB into the EP to remove the 3-4 BGs in the 
distant room. As of this writing, you can hear and see the flash of the PB 
discharge but nothing exits the PR, if I send another after passing the 
halfway point it does discharge. I suggest one [save] before charging the 
bridge, if the mentioned event occurs, reload, do not sprint, send the PB 
before halfway point then sprint and send the 2nd PB when you're close to the 

If everything is running smoothly and you're very lucky, if the PB enters the 
room at the correct angle, the PB will bounce through everyone present then 
fly into the next room, (with SS) removing the reinforcements good time 
yeah!. Continue sprinting through the EP and into the SS room. Once in the 
room, determine whether a 2nd PB is required then take what remains of your 
team to ground.


Adjusted route to monument center of square

Assuming there is no launcher issue, send all rnds at Walker #1 then sprint 
to and over and off the hall steps; locate the MKs near the vehicle, if 
you're lucky you ran over launcher rnds on the steps. If so and you have LOS 
on #a walker, abuse it. Continue into the crater, hold in the sewer till the 
XP is clear then run up and out of the crater, sprint into the base of the 
monument for cover and combat. Odds are I am alone again; there may be enough 
launcher ammo to finish one or more walkers so concentrate on one that isn't 
crouching, swaying and currently firing on your position. 

When empty and with a clear route sprint out and right to the far corner of 
the square. Take cover under the veranda near the LAC, all the walkers can 
all be killed from under this roof and debris line with a little caution. 
When you have cleared all walkers; to exit the quadrangle you must pass 
through 6 to 9 OBGs. From the corner by the dumpster you can see that the 1st 
2 or 3 are using distant low barriers for cover just ahead of your XP, use 
the zoomed revolver to save CB ammo on the exposed BG heads. The next 3 to 4 
BGs will likely toss grenades and sport PRs as they advance. Shoulder the 
launcher, sprint along the building and zoom; send 1 into the 1st 2 to 
appear, do the same to the next 2 advancing from the combine barriers. 

Retreat to the LAC load the launcher and health if possible then run toward 
the XP, (past the combine barriers) there should be tons of PR ammo lying 
around the loosely formed XP barricade. Locate and take the steps down to the 
tunnel. Standing beside the XP, use the CB on the distant OBG, (you should 
have a couple left) otherwise toggle zoom and use the revolver. Switch to the 
SMG then QS GG. Sprint half the distance to the tunnel exit then BH to the 
exit. This will allow your suit to recharge by the time you exit the tunnel 
and allow you to sprint into the next building. At the tunnel exit, sprint 
left to and through the busted opening in the side of the building. 

Locate and GGP- the EB near one of the columns then reposition for LOF on the 
XP at the far end of the room, GGP+ the EB at the XP when you see BGs appear 
in the opening. ASAP QS SMG incase more than 1 BG survives and you need a 
HEG. Enter the stairwell switch to the revolver and climb the stairs. As soon 
as you see BG#1, send 1 rnd to the head if possible. This floor had 2 BGs and 
usually 2-4 drones, switch to PR and rush to BG #2 who may or may not run 
into the lavatory for cover. When clear, enter the lavatory. 2-4 drones will 
attempt to enter QS to GG and slam them into the walls, they may offer up 
SBs. Access the crates then run out and through the room's XP to the upper 
floor then right to the busted up stairwell. 

Locate the meds then return to the top of the steps, as soon as you hear and 
see the walker cannon hit the upper floor beam sprint to it. One end is now 
in contact with this floor providing a ramp to the floor above. Sprint up 
then 180 and head for cover behind the mostly destroyed wall. Hold here for a 
bit, 2-4 probes may inspect, GGP-/+ them into the ceiling above in hopes of 
dropping an SB or 2. Wait for the walker to turn and begin walking away from 
your position to move over to the perimeter wall, face the direction of the 
XP stairs, (where the LAC is) then long jump the gap to solid floor, 

Stand and then sprint/jump to the XP stairwell, locate and pick through the 
SCs then exit the building. The rebel will follow as support, better if the 
rebs in the lower level are still alive when you get to them. You'll have a 
meet and greet with 3 OEBGs, 10 OBGs and 2 walkers from car garage#1 to and 
through car garage#2. Retire BGs#1-5 in garage#1, hit the meager supplies to 
the left of the XP then ready yourself for 3 OEBGs entering from your XP, I 
prefer to use the car for cover. When the 3 are cleared, and walker#1 is on 
its way to the right past the XP, sprint up the debris ramp and left to the 
hole in the street. 

Crouch and PR OBGs#6 and 7 entering your XP from the street ahead, when 
walker#1 is heading to your 6 sprint up and out of the hole to and through 
the store EP at your 12:00. There're 2 SCs in the store with needed meds and 
SBs, when #1 is walking away from your position exit the store and sprint to 
your right. Walker#2 will appear ahead and clear a path to garage#2, by the 
time you enter garage #2, odds are you're alone again locate column#1 with 
the SC and crack it open for GPs. Run to the right of column#1 to column#2 
for cover, remain standing at column#2.

On more than one occasion when I have crouched behind column#2 before the 
floor collapse the car to my left has repositioned so that I am unable to 
target BGs from the left side of the column. To date this has not occurred 
when I have been standing prior to and after the collapse.

New tactic through garage#2, use the revolver

Crouch after the floor collapse then pull and zoom the revolver, sidestep 
left just enough to gain LOF on the BGs, it may take a bit longer but it 
doesn't hurt to take cover after every shot. I think it may confuse the 2 
distant BGs but not the closest one, ensure he goes down ASAP, if given the 
opportunity he'll charge your position and cause much damage. Ammo up and hit 
the SC on your way out of garage#2. Continue up and out of the garage then 
left toward the dark XP. Switch to SG as you run the perimeter wall Cw to the 
next dark XP. There's a very small room with SCs and at least 1 OBG likely 
descending the stairs beside the room as you enter the room. RT/SG, access 
the SCs then begin running up the stairs. 

Begin sprinting as your head breaks floor level, sprint straight from the 
stairs to the busted window opening and jump through it. Continue sprinting 
to the end of the floor then jump from the end of the floor to the floor 
below. Continue running till you hit the wall then 180 and crouch, there's 
usually an OEBG advancing from beyond the busted wall at your 12:00. When 
clear, deal with the 3-6 OBGs that appear on the floor above and to your 
right. Eventually a walker blows a hole in the wall around the corner to your 
right, when it happens, run through the opening and then sprint left and down 
to the floor below to the small bright room on the left for supplies. 

When full sprint out and left up the rubble ramp to the floor above, take 
cover at the right end of the next area, switch to CB and then stand CB the 
OEBG. Crouch switch to the revolver then stand zoom and send 1 rnd to the 
head of the BG near the WDs and small dark room with SCs. When clear locate 
the small dark room on the left with SCs and WDs to load up for the next 
floor. You eventually make your way to the blown out, (now top floor) and the 
last 2 walkers in Follow Freeman.


New amended tactics from entering rooftop, walkers, BGs, to descending to 
ground level

I now deal with the walkers 1st then with the BGs across the street, 
sometimes 1 or more are removed by rebel fire

I run up the stairs with the SG and RT/SG the 1-2 BGs that may be waiting. I 
then run to and crouch beside the LAC, keep your 9:00 tight to the LAC and 
your 6 tight to the busted wall; this gives you LOF from your 10:00, (over 
the LAC) to your 4:00. You have tons of cover from walker#1 to your left and 
barely from walker#2 to your right if it is to your 4:00. When they're at 
your 12:00 you're concentrating fire on whichever walker happens to be there 
I can't recall ever having both at 12:00 and I rarely ever take a hit from 
either walker from there. Your best walker hunting direction is from your 9 
to 12:00, the LAC provides excellent cover. Walker#2 has excellent cover from 
you for most of its path, only your 1 to 11:00 is good hunting. 

When both walkers are down, do a 180 and boo the buildings across the street, 
sometimes 1 to 2 OBG lurkers survive the previous battle. When complete 
return to the WD station below, health up then return to the top floor. There 
can be 2 to 3 OBGs lurking around the floor directly below, be alert as you 
wend your way over the steel beams to the XP, (drop off). Drop to ground then 
run to the right, there will be at least 3, maybe 5 OBGs between you and Dog.



Change of approach to pod transport#1


Follow the obvious path into the Citadel once Dog provides access. Take your 
time if unfamiliar with the route, there are pitfalls all over the cliff 
face. Eventually you arrive at a sort of transport system, individual 
containers/pods on a side-by-side track system, pod transport#1. 

If you pay attention to the pods and tracks before you get into one, its 
immediately obvious which track one should not to take, so, do not take. At 
this point, there's no guaranty the other track is any better further along.

Run at the pods that may already be over the Wkwy, crouch just before contact 
to pass under them, stand 180 and enter the pod. The pod ride is so long you 
may feel suicidal. You will eventually end up in a chamber that strips Gordon 
of all weps and destroys them, all but the GG, which it somehow energized 
into a super GG.

To minimize time loss;
Once released from weapons screen grab super GG; from this point on sprint, 
run, BH and GGP-/+/- to and through all OBGs to the elevator. Most 
confrontations, (especially while on the big elevator) will have Gordon in 
the open, use this technique in long Hlwys, sprint at the BGs, GGP- drawing 
the closest BG to you and then GGP+ it, firing its carcass back at the 
trailing BGs. The GGP- object becomes your shield and then projectile. Make 
it past BGs, keep sprinting, you'll out distance them in no time.

Run from the confiscation room GGP-/+ any and all BGs, hit every WD in your 
path. When you come to the SS, GGP- the PB to you from the containment vessel 
then continue forward and GGP+ the PB at the advancing BGs. Take the steps, 
hit the WD and continue. 

Enter the big elevator room and quickly press the call button. Run into the 
corner past the health/shield WD. On way, GGP- the larger lower section from 
the device centered in the area then release the section about 5 feet from 
the corner to your right. You want it to provide cover from the Elevator area 
and LOF to the nearby SS. Crouch and hold position facing the SS, all OBGs 
minus MHs and probes will be channeled to the opening and or forced to look 
over the barrier. You can occasionally pop up for a visual update on the 
elevator, GGP-/+ MHs and probes up to the ceiling and GGP- and release BGs to 
you. Hold position till the elevator is waiting and the latest OBG advance 
has been cleared. 

Recharge at the WDs then sprint to the elevator; on the elevator, crouch at 
the center of the platform and "SAVE". As the elevator rises, maintain 
position and rotate looking for OBGs and elevator stops. There's no easy way 
out of this situ, be careful when tossing PBs and or on the receiving end of 
OBG PBs and Gs, ensure you catch or evade them. PBs can knock Gordon off the 
elevator as easily as a grenade. Exit the elevator at the last stop. Sprint, 
run, BH and GGP-/+ any BGs in your way. There is one more WD before the big 
drop, fill up if you're not 100/100. Enter the big room move to the center of 
the ledge and zoom; take it all in, it's hazy but you can see up to the BG 
defense line.


Sprint off the ledge drift to the left, press GGP- for the pod just before 
passing as a shield then BH through narrow Pswy#1. Continue to BH along the 
left till you see the next pod, pull in behind the pod, GGP+ the one you're 
holding then GGP+ the pod in front of you. Snuggle into the corner, target 
just right of the buttress and hold GGP-. Pull all BGs to you then release, 
do not GGP+, their bodies will cause a false GGP- and allow a live BG to fire 
on you while you try to clear the dead one. When the 1st wave has been 
cleared, expose Gordon to the 2nd wave. Repeat the previous tactic, when 
wave#2 has been cleared stand and Boo the Walker. It may or may not begin to 
walk away, if so good, if not, not so good. 

You need to move regardless, stand and sprint forward drift to the left or 
right and take cover in a corner of the wall and a buttress. The walker may 
or may not move, advancing on or walking away from your position. If away, 
stand and sprint toward the right side 3 pod line and crouch. You are now in 
your FP, 180 and GGP+ the pods behind you for maneuvering room. The walker 
may advance or walk away; its near FP is the closest it will approach. When 
it is at its FP it may stand tall or it may crouch and sway left to right. 
When it is at its most distant position it rarely ever sends rnds. When it is 
at its most distant you will have to side step out of cover to GGP+ a PB, or 
try a PB ricochet off the walls.

When the walker is at its closest and standing tall back creep just enough to 
have LOS on walkers head wherever it decides to make its stand but still have 
cover from its weapon. If it decides to crouch, you will need to strafe left 
and back to send an EB. From the crouched position pull a PB from one of the 
streams, align the GG's reticle with the walker's head then stand, fire and 
crouch. ASAP pull next energy ball and repeat 4-5 times until walker pops. If 
the walker ever begins to fire on you, wait till the salvo is over to stand. 
When down for the count stand and run to the Jumbotron, locate the SS then 
GGP-/+ the PBs out of the stream.

Hop over the low wall, use the WD then run to and climb into the next pod 
that stops on the rail system. Ride the pod till you're deposited in the next 
confiscation field.


New approach at beginning of core ascension, Avoiding combat at 1st level on 
central platform

This time Gordon is restrained in the pod, discovers that Eli and Alyx are 
also restrained and a gloating Breen is in a running monologue. Once Dr. 
Mossman makes a stand and Gordon is released from the restraint the story 
becomes interesting again. From the elevator, exit left and then right toward 
the spot where one waits for the horizontal sliding screen to move and 
provide access to the rest of the event. Instead, run at the pillar to the 
left of the sliding screen and jump onto the railing. The Pillar will prevent 
you from a falling death; turn left and look down at the railing, the safety 
railing has extended and bent, (floor side) in pales. 

There is a gap at the railing intersection, no railing; look straight down at 
the top of the railing and walk toward the corner. You want to stop when you 
have sight on the last pale before the corner and a smidgen of railing 
between it and Gordon's foot, this will give you one step as you move forward 
for the jump. Turn right to face the leading edge of the corner of the safety 
railing at the opposite side of the gap you're going to jump. Aim for the gap 
on the opposite railing then press run/sprint and jump. If done correctly you 
will pass over the top of the opposite railing or land on the top of it. Land 
on the opposite floor and sprint up the ramp to plasma stream#1.

My initial thought was that I would save some time which it does, but it 
doesn't change activation times of the BGs that appear when you get to plasma 
Remove the energy/plasma balls from the 3 mini streams to continue your climb 
up the central core device. Use the PBs on the gathering OBGs when possible. 
After the 3rd stream is cleared pull as many OBGs from the platform above 
while waiting for and dropping onto the reciprocating column. Once I'm on the 
next level I hold to the right of the SS, I GGP- BG#1, send it into BG#2 then 
GGP-/+ BG#3. I then sprint forward along the Wkwy to the next lift and ride 
it to and up to the central platform. Crouch after jumping over the glass 
railing, access the WD then move to and ride the next lift up. Sprint to and 
GGP-/+ the 4 BGs that enter from the SS. Sprint to the last reciprocating 
pillar and ride it up to the top.

Once at the final level I prefer to position Gordon slightly behind and to 
the left of the left most energy stream. I get a clear shot at the central 
rotating doors thingy and cover from one of the 2 GSs. I completely ignore 
the GSs and only concentrate on the rotating doors. I often end with health 
between 60 and 100 and the suit between 60 and 150. I didn't begin counting 
PBs until recently, but since I have, the lowest number of PBs I've sent to 
stop Breen and the device is 9.

Sometime between writing this section of the HL2 guide, (mid summer) and this 
evening something has changed in the game. Among a few things, the game no 
longer allows DB to be driven into colonels Cubbage's compound there is an 
invisible shield about 8-10 or so feet high that will flip the car when DB is 
stuck to it. Also DB will no longer just stick to the car; you must drop it 
onto the car then get in ASAP to force the roller mines attraction. Also the 
rebels and BGs are even more rabid regarding DB One must work ever harder to 
keep DB safe there're instances throughout this guide that must be altered 
from the original to protect DB from the rebels.


A number of changes have occurred since I wrote this section of the HL2 guide 
early mid/summer; I began playing the DB run again on the 25th to see if I 
could come up with any more improvements before seeing if any of the sites I 
used to send my guides to would be interested. The changes vary from 
invisible barriers, weakening the magnetic adhesion of DB when riding on the 
buggy to rabid changes in certain rebels at the different stops on the way to 
Nova Prospekt and the same thing in the ALs regarding DB. The final straw 
came on the 27th when I tried to enter Nova Prospekt with DB and hit another 
invisible barrier like the one at the end of NP, which completely excludes NP 
from the game. 

There's no comment from Steam or any of the HL2 member players. No one is 
willing to try their own games to see if it's just me or everyone. I did 
complete the "Game Cache Verification" process with no effect.

This part of the guide deals with the transport and use of Dog's ball after 
leaving the surface of Ravenholm. It begins as you enter the building above 
the mine and descend into the pit. There're no ifs ands or buts about it, 
dragging DB around is a P.I.T.A. of a chore. If you're used to a regimented 
path and set of tactics, this will/may cause you some problems.

Descend into pit#1 in the same manner as you always do but holding onto Db 
with the GG. Once I'm on the initial landing Wkwy, I head for the supply 
shack then make my way along and to the far end of the dark Wkwy. Step down 
to the lowest platform then run off it; BH to and up the XP stairs then hop 
over the fence to the ceiling beams. It isn't necessary to wait for the 
spiders to roast themselves unless it's something you personally enjoy. 
Continue to the end of the ceiling beams then press crouch a 2nd time and 
drop off to the floor. Run to the left leading corner of pit#2; scrape your 
left shoulder along the right side of the corner post to the pits broken and 
slanted 4X4 perimeter frame.

As you drop to the frame below look straight up so that DB is above your 
head, and continue forward tight to the pit's wall. When you hit the water 
you will immediately swim up, turn the flashlight on and SAVE. Continue to 
look up, locate the light above the pit and orient to the corner where it 
will be above left. The water tunnel will be at your 12:00. Begin to lower DB 
to your 12:00 then allow yourself to submerge your head while moving forward. 
Remain tight to the left side of tunnel #1's wall and ceiling as you swim 
forward and then left around the corner to the "X" frame blocking your way. 
Remain tight to the "X" frame and swim up, as you rise out of the water turn 
to face the "X" frame. 

The frame post should be along your left shoulder; as your head rises out of 
the water lower DB to your 12:00 and press jump. You should land on the cross 
beam, the box of SG rnds may or may not be on the beam. SAVE, allow your 
flashlight to recharge then look up, turn the flashlight on and drop off the 
beam. Repeat the tunnel#1 maneuver in tunnel#2. Rise out of the water and 
locate the tram lever; stand against the lever with it between you and the 
tram then jump onto it. Jump to the tram, align with the tram cable then run 
the length of the cable to the end of it. Drop off the left side of the cable 
to avoid the 2Zs to the right and BH to the tunnel entrance. Move to and 
activate the train speeder then DB it when it lands.

I have made it past sniper#1 every time, at worst; I have reached cover with 
96% health, as long as I get to the arch before he begins targeting the 3 Zs. 

I BH to the arch, I stay to the middle of the track so I can GGP+ DB as soon 
as the end of the train car is LOS. I send DB just to the right of the end of 
the train car then sprint to it. I take the hit just before I get close 
enough to retrieve DB then BH to the side of the train car for cover.

If you can't swing the run and or you are severely damaged, deal with 
sniper#1 in the usual manner and leave #2 alone to save some time. Head past 
the supplies, BH to the train car blocking your path then cross the car's EP 
to the right of it and hold. The OBGs will pass through 1 by 1, DB them; 
collect all the goodies you lack like the PR and continue to the tunnel 
opening. Do a mad BH to the van; scrape along the side of it for the goodies 
then continue to and along the right side of the train car. DB the advancing 
BG then continue to and bear left past the end of the section of train. Deal 
with the 2 OBGs in the crap yard in your preferred manner. 

Grab DB; continue past the corner of the building about 20 feet. Back step 
toward the train car, face the fence and launch DB over the fence to the 
buildings gable. This will keep DB away from and EBs while you deal with the 
OBGs at the next building's EP. Grab an EB on your way to the next building, 
when the OBG appears in the EP launch the EB at the EP. ASAP grab the flaming 
EB and launch it at the EP. ASAP switch to the PR, if you're lucky the 2 to 3 
OBGs are toast. Locate DB then enter the building. Launch DB through the 
glass windows then leap through, grab DB and go for the OBGs. Hit them low, 
from waist down to limit retrieval distance.

While on the pier, you can't get DB onto or into the buggy, a barrier 
surrounds it. When you're able to, set DB on the highest point of the buggy's 
cab, at this position DB's electrical discharge will provide the least 
disruptive spasm while driving. Be cautious while driving along the coastal 
ledges, some spasms can cause the buggy to leap into the air. If you're close 
to the ledge while booking you can end up restarting. I've been stuck on the 
railing and jumped off the road and into the water a few times to date.
Outside on the pier, launch DB to the area the buggy will be dropped from 
then get in. When dropped to the ground, GGP+ the buggy to right it then 
locate and GGP- DB, you may be required to DB a number of ALs on your way 
back to the buggy. Set DB on top of the highest part of the buggy's cab, then 
ASAP drop it and jump into the buggy and drive the route you're used to. 

DB can no longer be driven into Col. Cabbage's playhouse; you hit an 
invisible barrier just past the thumper, you'll know where when you hit it. 
Exit the car, GGP- DB stand away a few feet then GGP+ DB up at a 45 degree 
angle. Get back in the buggy, drive to DB reposition it on the car then drive 
to the XP gate at the playhouse.

At Colonels Cabbage's playhouse, 
Park the buggy near the XP gate then place DB in the far left house, place it 
at the deep left corner and cover it up with crap to restrain it and protect 
it from the rabid rebel that refuses to leave the building. Ensure the 
building is clear of EBs as you sprint out, locate Cabby and deal with GS #1 
per norm. When complete wait for the gate to open then grab DB, put it back 
on the buggy and drive off before anyone can shoot it off. Odds are someone 
will and you may be required to put it back multiple times before distance 
protects it.

"SAVE" before you pick the buggy up, the magnet may only grab DB and not the 
buggy, the crane will not lower and pick up the buggy while it has DB, it has 
happened more than 1 time. Whatever has happened since I wrote this guide has 
made everything DB more difficult, DB releases from the buggy with little 
external effort.

Loading Pier, 
Leave DB on the buggy and follow normal procedures to the crane. At the crane 
clear pier#2 of the 1st 3 OBGs then lower the bridge. Move the buggy, when 
you release the buggy to Pier#2, lower the boom as much as possible to 
minimize the drop distance from 1-2 feet then release. Preferably near a 
freight container providing cover from the next group of 3 BGs in the 
building. If they mess with it and knock DB off the buggy it may be sent off 
the pier to the sand, if so, unlike earlier during the summer you could 
retrieve DB from the sand odds are now DB will disappear. 

When complete; you may be required to stop after busting through the 2nd 
buildings window to RA, DB. Continue as normal to GS#2; you may be required 
to RA DB after the bridge jump. Leave DB on the buggy and deal with GS#2 in 
your usual fashion.

In the past, for the most part DB stayed put on the buggy for all but nearby 
explosions, rollovers and dumps into the ocean. I leave it on the buggy while 
dealing with the big bridge and GS#3, however, a couple times on my return DB 
moved the buggy out from between the buildings and a bit into the main yard, 
right next to the OBG. But I was still able to enter the buggy and exit the 
area to the top of the bridge with little damage.

I/you can't carry DB out of the bottom of the lighthouse.

The next time DB becomes a real issue is at the Lighthouse, normally I use 
the barrel to deal with the OBGs from the 1st 3 DSs. With DB it pays to keep 
it close, so I use it on the OBGs from all 4 DSs. This method requires a bit 
more flexibility regarding your FP and DB retrieval practices; at 1st I ended 
up scrambling way more for DB than barrels, but now, have it under control. 
The same rules apply as with the barrels but DB rolls much easier so ensure 
you face away from the ocean ledges when launching it at BGs. If you are 
adept at fast tapping GGP-/+/- for DB retrieval, you can move in a bit closer 
with DB than with barrels. 

Last summer I could drop DB after entering the lighthouse and then close the 
door, DB would be safe till GS#4 was retired. Now DB must be placed in the 
bottom floor of the lighthouse to prevent rebels from entering during the 
exchange and letting DB out of the structure and into the water.

When complete, enter lighthouse drop DB on the bottom floor then sprint to 
the top for GS#4. When complete retrieve DB, head outside and along the ledge 
till you have LOS and LOF on the tunnel you must travel through once you exit 
the lower section of the lighthouse. SAVE and then launch DB into the tunnel; 
return to the bottom of the lighthouse and continue as usual to DB. 

At the boulders with Mr. Depressed and Lazlo move to the boulder at their 
7:00, (where the single AL spawns) remain on it and hit the ALs low for 
quicker retrieval. If you're fast enough you can keep Mr. Suicide alive a bit 
longer. Continue over the boulders as usual; follow your regular path and 
tactics. Drop DB nearby while moving objects BH in lieu of sprinting. When 
you get to the long planks launch DB into building#1 then grab and place the 
planks over the gap and cross. Quickly move the planks to the ramp and 
building#2. GGP- DB from #1, climb the planks and launch it through the 
window in building#2. Move the planks down the next ramp to gain access to 
bulding#3 then return to #2. 

You can grab DB through the EP but not take it out. Launch or drop DB into 
the toppled shelving to the right of the EP then quickly pull it out via the 
window. Place DB in building#3 and trap it in the corner with SCs and debris. 
Move the planks, start the thumper, grab any goodies possible then head out 
for the island boulders. From the edge of the building#3 outcropping and the 
planks bellow, GGP+ DB past the outcrop blocking your view of the base of the 
XP ramp. Continue crossing and placing your planks and sheet steel. If DB 
comes back before you reach the ridge, launch it back over the big boulder 
between you and the ridge ramp so that the boulder traps it there. When you 
close in on said boulder DB may roll around it to you.

Take DB over the ridge to the lowest boulder on the guardian side of the 
ridge. SAVE then launch DB as far as you can toward the rebel MGT. Sprint to 
the 3 EBs and launch them at the guardian then if possible grab DB on your 
way and GGP+ it to the safety of the rock niche past the rebel EP. If not, 
GGP-/+ EB#3 at the guardian and sprint to the niche. If the rebel MGT is 
unable to attain LOF on the guardian you'll have to either bait it out into 
the open or expend tons of ammo venting it yourself. When complete follow the 
Vort and its instructions. As far as I can tell DB has no ill effect on the 
guardian. The Ant Lions hate DB and will ignore pods and BGs when it's close 

You must launch DB at BGs then throw pods for extra measure or deal death for 
yourself. ALs will attack you while you're holding DB but cause no damage. 
Drop DB to climb and deactivate thumpers and to operate MGTs. GGP+ DB ahead 
of you when safe to then sprint to it to save some drawn out BHing. Drop DB 
to deactivate thumpers#1 and 2. BH from thumper#2, upslope toward outpost#1, 
when you have LOS on BGS GGP+ DB at them then switch to the SG. Sprint at the 
BGs and RT/SG everyone the ALs don't get 1st. RA DB and continue to outpost#2 
and launch DB into the circular concrete walls behind outposts#2 then QS to 
SG and sprint in for CQ RT/SG fun. Clear the area of BGs then pick through 
the SCs in the circle for supplies.

RA DB and enter outpost#2 drop DB and move in tight to the MGT to prevent to 
minimize AL jostling and shoulder it, (expect to be pushed away from the MGT 
before all 4 OBGs storming from the beach have been retired). You may be 
required to CQ RT/SG the remaining. Return and GGP- DB, return to the beach 
and disable the thumper#3.

Now you must deal with outpost#3 and at least 6 OBGs between it and 
thumper#3. Move to the right of the rock wall and locate the outcrop at your 
12:00, GGP+ DB to the outcrop then sprint to it, RA DB then swing CCw to the 
leeside of outpost#3 then crouch and recoup suit power. While you recoup suit 
power look along the beach for a much smaller outcropping of stone, 2 OBGs 
are using it to send lead and for cover. When ready stand, GGP+ DB to the 
left edge of the outcrop then sprint to it SG ready. If you're lucky you may 
have clocked a BG with DB, RT/SG one or both. Crouch and recoup, stand and BH 
to the next outcrop to your 10:00, there's a BG behind it. 

Swing around it and DB him, RA DB then GGP+ it upslope past the crates then 
sprint upslope SG ready. 3 OBGs appear from the left RT/SG all 3 then RA DB. 
Take cover to your left from outpost#3, use the rock for cover and creep 
toward #3 till you have LOS on #3s EP. GGP+ DB at the EP then sprint SG ready 
to RT/SG the contents of the outpost. Do not enter outpost#3 till all BGs are 
dead, be prepared, to empty the tube with RT/SG and strafe out of LOF to 
reload or to switch weps or to RA DB and use it if you run out of SG rnds. 
Luck out with good SCs then head the caves.

The ALs will ignore the tossed or squeezed pod in favor of attacking DB in or 
out of your GG grip, so you must plan accordingly. When you are about to go 
into dangerous close quarters maneuvering do not expect the ALs to be 
advancing on and attacking BGs or covering your 6, they'll just as likely 
swarm on a stationary you, (while holding DB) and or a launched DB and begin 
swatting at it. On the way to Nova Prospekt I DB far more BGs than the ALs 
take down.

Grab DB from the ALs, ensure the SG is in QS then run into the caves, the ALs 
will follow. Don't get hung up on the MHs, GGP+ DB forward then GGP-/+ the 
MHs into walls. So, QS to the SG and continue into small room#1, you may need 
to RT/SG cave BG#1. RA DB and exit the small room and go left. My MO in the 
caves is to keep on swimming, I sprint along the narrow tunnel, GGP+ 1-2 BGs 
in my way to and through to the end room. There may be 3-4 BGs in it; you 
want to turn right in the room and DB anyone between you and the XP in the 
next room. Once you're outside you should have only 1 BG to deal with. 

Most often the ALs will clear the caves by the time you reenter and head for 
the Lambda cache. I do take some damage, sometimes severe but to date nothing 
the SCs in the cave won't cure. Outside the caves BH to outpost#4 and quickly 
DB the BG in it, shoulder the MGT, crouch and end the BG firing on you and 
the ALs from outpost#5. RA DB and exit #4, DB the nearest BG then sprint to 
DB to RA, the ALs retire BG#2. Enter outpost#5, locate outpost#6 down slope. 
SAVE, exit #5 and GGP+ DB at and to the left of #6. OBGs will pour out from 
the DS to the right and head for outposts#5 and 6.

Sprint back into the stone guard post, and use the MGT on the BGs running to 
and advancing from outpost#6, when complete RA DB. Continue up slope to the 
dormant Zs and wake them up. From the dormant Zs BH to the tower ladder, 
you'll take damage but you don't want to let go of DB. On the platform, 
quickly turn and DB OBG#1 low, recover and do the same to #2 then jump over 
the railing. Drop DB between the 2 SCs then GG one for the MK. Continue to 
the zigzag path up the hill to the sewer pipe, the ALS will harass and block 
your movements all the way up. They may knock DB away from GG's grasp and or 
you off the path sending both to meet your death.

When you get to the top and sewer pipe it will be pure chaos, a speeder and 
ALs. All of them vying for DB; making it even more difficult to navigate to 
the pipe. I'm not sure if the ALs killed the speeder of it leaped off the 
hill, IDK. Once in the pipe the ALs leave you alone, make your way to the 
pool and topside. When you arrive at the side of the white flat roofed 
building, continue between the building and the perimeter wall. Stop just 
past the rise in the ground and drop DB switch to pods and pod towers#1 and 2 
alternately. Clear both towers of BGs, RA DB then BH the perimeter wall CCw 
to the side of tower#2. Drop DB between the perimeter wall and tower#2, pod 
tower#3 till clear.

By this time many ALs may now be attacking DB, and preventing you from 
sliding along the perimeter wall for next your shot. You may be forced Cw 
around tower#2 for your next shot. With CB ready, you'll most likely only 
take one of the 2 OBGs that appear at guard shack#1 atop the building within 
the NP compound. The other will either run over the roof or run into the 
guard shack and then up and over the roof. 

What follows must be completed as fluidly as possible to succeed, especially 
regarding the end room window assault. You need to have 6 rnds in GS#5 this 
side of the compound to ensure your survival on the other side.

Grab DB and head for the steps leading to the compound, launch DB at the 2 
OBGs by the crates and under the connected shed roof then sprint to the EB. 
GGP-/+ it away then RA DB and send it back to the lower area via bank shot 
off the perimeter wall near the base of the steps you climbed to get here. 
This will get the ALs to follow DB and get them away from you, leaving you 
some unaffected launcher time with GS#5. For most of it, GS#5 will 
concentrate all or most of its fire on the ALs; you'll be able to send the 
1st 4 rnds, 3 from the quiver and 1 at the SC under the roof without much 
stress. When #4 has been sent sprint to #5 further along the building in a 
shallow dark niche. Send it ASAP, 


Switch to the revolver, move quickly and in tight to the leftmost window near 
the end of the building, shoot the BG in the window, as soon as he drops QS 
to GG and GGP- the rocket sitting on the table. ASAP back away from the 
building while switching to the launcher, send the rnd straight up and then 
laser GS#5 as it passes over the perimeter wall or as it rises from the other 
side of it. If GS#5 has dipped below the perimeter wall while you're 
attempting to target it, swirl the rnd high above the buildings that side of 
the perimeter wall till it rises then paint it. ASAP after contact sprint to 
the EP to the small room, switch to the SMG, open the door and end BG#2.

Quickly enter the room, access the WDs, and pick up the PB. Step to the EP, 
ignore guard shack#2 and sprint along the wall to your left, go hard left at 
the end and sprint into the over turned dumpster at your 12:00. QS to GG ASAP 
and GGP+ the EB beside dumpster#1 away from it. Switch to the PR crouch and 
look up to the elevated Wkwy for BGs, if so clear them. Switch to CB and 
listen for a lull in GS gunfire, when it happens back out of dumpster#1 and 
strafe left for LOF on guard shack#3. Quickly scope and send 1 bolt to each 
BG on #3s Wkwy, ASAP switch to the pistol and send 3 rnds into 1 of the EBs 
along the raised concrete platform's perimeter then sprint back into 


QS GG, and hold for another lull in GS gunfire then sprint to your right out 
of the dumpster and up the steps. Sprint left of dumpster#2, GGP- the EB at 
the rear corner of #2 and GGP+ it into the wall at your 12:00. Swing Cw 
around dumpster#2 then sprint toward the LAC, if the EB is still there GGP+ 
it away then access the LAC. Sprint back to the rear of dumpster#2 and hope 
that 1 of your next 2 launcher rnds takes GS#5. When GS#5 drops from the sky 
"SAVE". Comparably, the rest of this section is now relatively easy. When you 
drop GS#6, reload from the LAC, send one or 2 rnds into guard shack#2 then 
switch to the SG and sprint to the shack to ensure both are down.

There're 2 MKs close by, 1 above you in dumpster#2, 1 in the recess to the 
other side of dumpster#2 and 1 in guard shack#2. When the area has been 
cleared of GS#6 and the 2 BGs go looking for DB around the 3 towers area. 
Listen for and locate the ALs, odds are they'll be swatting at it. Access any 
unopened SCs on your way to DB. When in possession of DB enter Nova Prospekt 
via the newly constructed EP.


Once you are in the building and past the 2 fires you'll come to another 
barrier as you pass through the 1st EP. Grab DB and back step down the Hlwy 
till the barrier forces DB from the GG's grip. Take a couple steps toward DB 
and RA. In a moment, the ceiling at the EP will collapse and break the 
barrier. Let DB handle the HC in the wall. At the water area jump in and 
climb to the 1st platform, shoot DB through the XP then grab some junk as 
barnacle bait. Crawl up the debris, run to the XP then DB and GG the spiders 
as they drop to the floor. Its GPs to the prison Community Lavatory; dealing 
with the guardian is actually quite simple, not as fast and clean as without 
DB but acceptable.

Jump the railing and drop into room#1; face the double doors the guardian 
emerges from and shoot DB at it. Sprint to your 9:00, punch the barrels away 
and run through the hole to room#2. Sprint right into room#3, remain this 
side of #3, then bare right around the low tiled barrier for the debris 
cluttered XP. Hop onto the crap, open the XP then continue around the barrier 
and toward the guardian. By this time it may be in any of the 3 rooms. Press 
and hold your 2ndary trigger as you bear down of your target, you want to 
grab DB as far from the guardian as possible to give you running room to the 
XP. BH your buttocks off, launch DB through the XP then follow it into 
room#1. Move to the right out of the guardians LOS.

This next area is quite dynamic relating to the number of, order and 
positions the OBGs and MHs may appear and take during the 1st of the next 3 
assaults. That being said, what follows is a general action that appears to 
work well 80+% of the time over the 3 assaults and keeps DB out of trouble.

Launch DB past room#1's EP, pull a G and move to its XP, crouch and then side 
creep right through the XP for LOS on the crate at the far end of the Hlwy. 
Toss the G "AT" the base of the crate, ASAP switch to the PR and begin firing 
on the group, if you're lucky all 3 will stay grouped and drop, if not pick 
off the survivors. Switch to CB and scope it, stand and remain on the left as 
you move toward room#2, a BG will appear on the Wkwy to your 1:00/2:00, CB 
him then retreat to your previous FP. Prep for MHs while waiting, when you 
hear the gate to room#3 begin to open switch to CB and move a bit into the 
Hlwy for cover from the crates area in room#2.

Resist the temptation to toss a G at the MGT at the far end of room#2 while 
waiting for the BGs from room#3, more often than not multiple MHs and the BGs 
swarm your position overwhelming you.

Scope the CB, 4 BGs will enter room#2 from room#3. You may be required to 
move back and forth through the XP to avoid extreme enemy fire. When room#3's 
BGs have been cleared, stand and move toward room#2 while pulling a G. Toss a 
G toward both MGTs at the far end of room#2. When clear rush into room#2 past 
the AL spawning pit to activate it then revert to your usual method for 
clearing room#3 and the upper floor. Once the XP to room#2 is open, sprint to 
the side of it and toss a G at the MGT behind the table. When the MGT is 
down, toss a G at the base of the fence blocking the duct. When the duct has 
been cleared, fetch DB and return.

Launch DB into the duct then sprint to and enter the duct. Use the cinder 
block to jamb the fan, grab DB move to the next duct entrance and drop Db to 
the side. If a BG is standing in front of the grate punch the grate to 
eliminate the BG. If so, odds are high 2 remaining BGs will be in the next 
room waiting for you. Back out and grab DB, use DB on the BG that's always 
crouched against the opposite wall then quickly pull DB back to you. Exit the 
duct cautiously until you are sure of BG#3. Grab DB and shove it back into 
the fan room. Pull the plug, bust the SCs, tip the MGTs, and head up the 

Carrying DB with you will soon become much more tedious as you progress 
through NP, its usefulness will drop to zero in the Laundry, Galley and 
Cafeteria. You are better off hiding it some distance away from each of the 
mentioned areas so you can have control of the ALs that spawn nearby.
You can complete the room up the stairs with the 3 LMs in your preferred 
fashion; ensure you also complete the EB and 2 MGTs before retrieving DB. In 
the CR, do not attempt to place DB in the MGT closet with or without the MGT; 
the outside lever is broken. Ensure you keep DB away from the combat areas 
unless you are able to eliminate the enemy before they can toss Gs or explode 
nearby EBs. Leave DB in the next CR before the Laundry, deep in the far 
corner. Remove the 2 MGTs covering the Laundry EP then head back to the CR to 
ensure DB is still inside. Sprint back and pod the room you won't get as many 
ALs to help with all the BGs so you'll be doing some of the lifting.

When the room is cleared and the MGT is down retrieve DB and release it in 
the middle of the Laundry. There's a decent cache in the small Laundry room 
along with a PST, deal with it as usual to rebuild supplies. When complete 
leave DB and head up the stairs to the next area. There're at least 3 LMs 
spread out over the area not to mention 7 MGTs and 8 OBGs, far too many 
opportunities for DB to pop. Once I had the areas cleared of LMs, BGs and 
MGTs I brought DB up into the final NP CR. 

This is where we parted ways; I couldn't figure a way to get DB out into the 
cafeteria. I tried pushing, pulling, shooting exploding throwing stuff at the 
opening and the other windows. The confusing part for me is what put a hole 
in the one window that a launcher, SMGG and or PB could not? If anyone else 
brained a way out with DB let me know.

Approach the hole from the left leading corner; use the pit's 4X4 perimeter 
wall framing, hold DB directly over head and run forward along the wall's 
4X4s then right at the corner. You'll drop straight down after the right 
turn, keep DB overhead. In the water, locate the light above the pit and 
orient it to your9:00/11:00. FL on then position DB in front of you and 
slowly submerge. As soon as DB slides under the tunnel ceiling swim forward, 
remain to the left side of the tunnel turn left at the corner and locate the 
barnacle tongue in the water. Swim up the left side of it and jump up onto 
the beam. Let the suit recharge then drop into the next area and swim out to 

Or, (without DB) you can swim down to the bottom crouch and slip under the 
piling then swim to the surface. 

Locate the chopper tram lever; jump onto it then to the tram. Walk, run, 
sprint and or BH along the top of the tram cable toward the sunny tunnel 
exit, bothered by -0- Zs. Once outside bear right along the trains, (with DB 
use it on the speeder, no DB; use a barrel) grab a barrel from the top or 
bottom and activate the train car speeder, launch head on as it hits the 

(With DB)

GGP+ DB toward the end of the train car in the distance then sprint toward 
the train car while the sniper deals with the Zs and DB. You may or may not 
take a hit by the time you reach cover beside the train car. DB will tend to 
follow you close enough to GGP-. BH along the train car toward the logger 
flatbed, duck as the laser begins to track. Just show DB to the HC beside the 
logger's wheelset and it will move out into the open and then sniper#2 will 
take it. Ignore sniper#2 and continue under the next couple sets of 
overpasses till you get to the car blocking the tracks.

(Without DB)
Pretty much the same tactic as with DB but less BH; don't forget the HC 
beside the cars wheelset. Ignore sniper# and continue into the next tunnel.

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