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by Yo_D_oY

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FAQ/Strategy Guide by Yo_D_oY

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/15/11

Team Fortress 2
The beginner's guide/FAQ

By Jonathan (Yo_D_oY on gamefaqs.com)
Steam ID - Blinkof/Yo_D
''Version History''
(v - 1.1)
major typo fixes
added EU community section
fixed pyro
fixed soldier
fixed scout
added boatboy6 to credits
(v - 1.0)
initial release


Hello and thanks for taking a look at this guide.

Towards the end of June 2011, Valve (creators of TF2) has made TF2 free to play for everyone forever. Therfor there are a lot of new players everyday. Infact TF2 used to only have a third as many of active Counter Strike players but now it has tripled the number of Counter Strike players. Over half of them have less than 30 hours of gameplay.

This guide is a general guide but also takes an aim to help new users specifically. I will not go into detail of all the new weapons or what your controls are or how to perform advanced maneuvers (ok maybe a little) but I will introduce you to TF2 in general and inform you on how to play this game so you are not totally useless and you feel a bit more confident while playing this extremely popular 5 year old game. Valve has a tutorial too but I will attempt to make it real clear and since some people can learn better in text than video, this should help many out there.

I would like to quickly thank the TF2 Gamefaqs Community for being so awesome and helping me out with this guide. After writing the others I lost motivation to write more until some users motivated me to write this one. So thank you guys. You mean a lot to me :)

Control Point (CP)

For the most part control points are commonly expressed through a flag that would change its design to the team that captured most commonly a Red Vs Blue theme. In other games they can also be represented by a symbol or a bar being filled up to represent their progress in capturing the point. However, in Team Fortress 2 it is shown as a circular metallic platform with a team-colored light in the center with their team logo hologrammed above it (neutral points will have a white light and a question mark above them). The goal is real simple and you probably can guess it without reading the rest of this paragraph. When a player stands on a neutral or opposing teams control point long enough without interference, the person will capture the point. But since this is a shooter game and there is an opposing team, there will usually be a fight when trying to capture. Often times you will be the one defending your points too. There are 2 types of control point maps, 5CP and Attack/Defend.


5CP maps are symmetrical. The middle point is always neutral at the start and you already control the first and second control points. However so does the other team. Before you try to capture the other teams control points you must gain control of that middle neutral point. That is the goal at the beginning of the map. Learn the maps well and learn how to get to the middle as fast as possible. In time you will learn but for now follow the veterans or play by yourself and study the maps. If both teams have one person or more of each team standing on the same point, the point will pause and no team will be able to capture the point. If one team already owns that point, it wont allow the offending team to capture it.

Quick Tip: Usually the team to capture the neutral point is the winning team in the end. It is crucial you win that point. A tip to do so is work with your team, protect the medic, kill the enemy, and dont die. Use the map to your advantage. If you are a scout, you can easily distract the enemy to allow access for your heavies to come in and wipe everything, if you are a sniper, go for the enemy medic or whatever class is causing the most mayhem, if you are an engineer, maybe you could work with a scout to get you behind enemy lines so you can build a sentry behind the enemy without them knowing! This is the beauty of 5CP. Both teams are playing offense at the beginning. The fight for the middle point is known as the midfight.

If you win the point, you can now go for the 4th control point which is already controlled by the enemy. This point is usually not that hard to obtain. It really depends how the last fight went. If your team killed every person of the enemy team and nobody on your team died in the process, you should probably get on the 4th point right away. If you are the only one standing on your team and the whole opposing team respawned 10 seconds ago, it probably would be best to wait for your team before moving up. After taking control of the 4th point, you can go to the last point which is really close to the enemy respawn so it may take some time before you want to try to take the last point. The more teamwork involved the higher of a chance you will have to receive a successful push and win the game.

Now if you lost the midfight, you need to try as hard as you can to protect your 2nd point. You are already in a bad shape as it is and you do not want it any worse. Depending on what class you are, you should defend it differently. It is always great for a medic and a heavier class like a demoman or a soldier to watch the 2nd point. Having a scout use the maps terrain to scout the area and possibly go behind enemy lines sure may change the tide of things. If you lost the 2nd point, you need to defend last as good as you can. The last point is quicker to control than all the other points. If you lose sight on the point for even 3 seconds, an enemy scout could come up and take the point in that time. Sometimes, even sentries are too slow to kill someone on it.


Attack and Defend is the most popular game mode in all of TF2. Dustbowl is the most played map and even has a professionally made song about it. The concept is pretty easy. Blue team attacks and the red team defends. In order to capture the last point, all the other points must be captured. In dustbowl there are only 2 points. In gravelpit you can capture A and B at the same time but both those points must be captured before C. This is an easy mode to get started on since you know your job is either to attack or defend depending what color your team is.

Capture the Flag (CTF)

Capture the Flag has a heart in all FPS gamers souls. The concept, everyone should know. You go to the enemy base, take their flag, and bring it to your base. You can either play as offense or defense. Sometimes servers can get so crowded that it is nearly impossible to even get close to the enemy flag. Lots of servers run their CTF games like this on purpose so the game is more like a DM fest than a real game. I dont typically enjoy this myself since I like to be able to accomplish an actual objective but you might love it.

Do not forget this game is about teamwork. The engineer cannot protect the intelligence all on his own even if the sentry gun is in the intelligence room. Also a cool addition is that everyone on your team gets 100% crits for 5-10 seconds after the intel has been captured. Sometimes teams like to communicate with eachother to tell the rest of the team they will have crits soon.

I recommend this game mode if this is your first FPS. It is really straight forward and you can be a credit to your team even without experience. Just about every class is useful when used correctly on the CTF maps. I recommend doublecross as well since it is not much of a spam fest whereas 2fort is. Try to refrain from 32 slot servers unless you are simply casually playing this game.

Territory Control (TC)

While technically a separate game mode, this game type is played almost exactly the same as A/D CP. The difference is that while the map itself has 8 CPs, each round divides the map so that only 2 points are reachable at any one time. Once one of them is capped, another round starts. To win, a team must capture all 8 CPs on the map.

This game mode is not really popular since there is a lack of TC maps.

Payload (PL)

Payload is another noob friendly game mode. The objective is as simple as A/D. If you are red, you are defending your base. You are trying to stop the blue team from achieving their goal of pushing the bomb cart all the way to your base. The bomb starts at the blue respawn and ends at the red base. When on blue team, to push the cart you must simply be close enough to it. If you are red, to stop the cart from moving, either touch the cart to block it from moving or kill the enemies that are touching the cart.

Generally the map is straight forward. The main tip I can give to a player that wants to be successful is to learn to aim real well. Unlike other maps, there usually is not much of a way to sneak around and flank the enemy. Payload maps are usually hard to do those advanced techniques. If you have had any FPS experience, this is probably a good place to start. Almost all classes are useful and you will learn what your favorite class is quickly.

When defending, a good strategy is to have defenses at multiple areas. In a full 12v12 server, it is a good idea to have 3 engis and a couple medics and a couple heavy classes and a sniper and maybe even a scout or two. Anyways, if all 3 engis built sentries at the same location, the enemy could fire all their ammo at that area and wipe out the whole defense. If the defense was spread out strategically it could allow the defense that was wiped to respawn and start a new defense at the same or new location.

Remember that teamwork could mean everything, if you have no medics because nobody will play it and you decide to step up, it could mean the difference between losing and winning. Maybe you dont care about winning but if you do, you will do what it takes right? Well a medic + heavy pair could really speed up the cart if you are attacking. Or maybe you could work with a spy and have him sap all the sentries and communicate the team to tell them when to attack. There are countless opportunities to work as a team. It just takes a special person with a microphone or maybe just the chat box to coordinate it. Sometimes players can just watch their teammates and guess what they are up to and take action but it is always good to communicate.

Payload Race (PLR)

Payload Race is a much more advanced version of Payload. Both teams have their own bomb carts and are working towards the same goal this time, to get their bomb to reach the enemies base before their enemies do so. Unlike Payload mode, the cart will not move backwards after any duration of time and there is no time limit; the map will only end when one team successfully pushes their cart to the finish point. However, parts of the track may feature slopes or other obstacles on which the cart will quickly roll back down to the bottom unless it is being constantly pushed. Sections of the track that can do this will have chevrons on the progress bar to help show how far the cart must be pushed to overcome them.

Payload Race maps are either multi-stage or single-stage. Pipeline and Nightfall are split into 3 stages, whereas Hightower is 1 stage only. Winning in each of the first two stages will give an advantage to the winning team in the next stage (the cart is pushed slightly forward from the starting point).

Remember that stopping the other from pushing their cart is just as important as pushing your own. There is a limit to how fast the cart can go, once you reach that point focus on stopping the other team.


The goal of this mode is to eliminate the entire enemy team or capture the central capture point. If you die, you have to wait till next round to respawn. If your team loses, you may be subject to auto balance which forces you to wait longer if others are waiting to play.

The maps are symmetrical and are basically a giant midfight with no respawns. If you have not read what a midfight is, go back to where I explained what it was in the beginning of the Control Point chapter of this guide. There are a few things to know though still.

If the arena server you are on has random crits enabled, do not bother to continue playing on it. If you get hit by a random crit, you know how cheap it is. Usually it is okay since you just respawn in 10 seconds anyways and its all funny. Its even better when you get the crit and kill 5 enemies at once. Thing is, in Arena mode, you have to wait a long time before playing again. If you have to wait 5 minutes just because someone hit you with a crit, you would probably be mad right?

Regardless, the first person to kill someone gets a crit boost for 5 seconds or so. This is ok since it is not so random.

Anyways, having a medic is always great. There are barely any healthpacks so having a dispenser or a medic nearby is a lifesaver for your whole team. Next tip is your aim. The better your aim, the more credit to team you will be. This mode is great if you wish to play with a survival mindset.

King of the Hill (KOTH)

King of the Hill maps carry the koth_ prefix and use a similar layout to an Arena map. King of the Hill focuses on a single control point at the center of the map, which is locked and neutral at the beginning of the round. Teams must make their way to the Control Point and capture it when it becomes available. Once the point is captured by a team, their team clock will start a three minute countdown. If the enemy team manages to capture the point back, their clock will start counting down while the other teams clock freezes at the time the point was recaptured. Generally, the first team to capture the point will end up the winner. This is not always the case but is usually true. A great strategy is to spawn camp and have a medic+ heavy/Soldier/Demoman combo. Scouts are wonderful on most of the king of the hill maps. Engineers can be useful to make sure the enemy cannot go behind enemy lines to cause too much mayhem.

Gameplay logic

For starting out in this game, the best piece of advice I can give to anyone is to know your classes role and what it can and can't do. ~ ''coL. enigma

Gameplay logic, also known as game theory, is basically the mental side of TF2. It is the understanding of what you are doing. A good example is that you are a scout. You know you are fast but weak. You only have 125 HP. Around the corner you hear beeps that sound like sentry guns, multiple of them. You already had bad experience just from one gun so if you rush in that room blindly, you know you will die. So what do you do? You might want to use an alternative route and tell your team about that sentry defense that should be taken out or maybe you can just leave the engis at rest and let them waste their time if it is not a big deal. Either way, it is the mental side of TF2 and is the most important. Yea sure aiming is extremely important too but it does not make a difference if you are walking backwards at all times now does it?

The way I will explain game logic to you is by one class at a time out of all 9 available starting with the first class, the scout.


The scout is fast, a small target and hard to hit, only has 125 HP, and is freaken unbelievable. Playing as a scout is ridiculously fun. You are faster than everyone else and you can double jump! What else is there not to love? Well you gotta hate sentries and pyros that pop out right around the corner. Dont forget those heavies with random crits or a scout with better aim than you. Even though you have a unique ability and your small and fast does not mean you are indestructible. So take the game slow. Do not rush into danger and get yourself killed without thinking. I have a hard time not suiciding myself but when I am cautious (but not TOO cautious) I end up being the top of my team.

Dont be concerned so much about killing others. As a scout, your primary job is to basically well. Scout! Cap points and push the cart. As a scout, you have the bonus of capping and pushing twice as fast as any other class in the game. Next, make sure your team is safe. Look out for enemy spies.

Your scattergun does minimal damage far away but in close range it packs a huge punch. A perfect dead on shot in close range is called a meatshot. It deals 85-105 damage. 3 hits can kill a heavy! Now think what all 6 shots could do if you could aim really well and catch the enemy off guard. As a scout, you dont need to always be the center of attention. Take a lesson from the spy and be a bit sneaky. Sneak yourself behind enemy lines and attack from behind.

Whichever movement key you are holding at the time of the double jump is the direction you will go. This allows you to immediately turn 90 or 180 degrees in any direction in mid air, and is a very good way to confuse defenders. This is especially effective against Snipers, who usually aim where they expect you to be just after their shot is fired. The term for this is strafing. Learn to aim well while strafing and you will dominate.

If you a meet a slower team-mate who has taken the enemy Intelligence, consider asking him to drop the intelligence (Default key: 'L') so that you may carry it away faster. If he ignores or refuses you, try to draw attention away from the flag runner by harassing the other team at another location. Or allow him to die then take the intel back to the base yourself, find your jerkish teamate, and taunt in front of him (Default key: G).

An entire team of Scouts can attempt a Scout rush but this is a very risky maneuver. Joining forces with even a handful of other Scouts is still a good idea though, since the Scouts can buy time for the team while the slower, stronger classes catch up. If the enemy team has many heavies and sentries, there is no way it can really work too well unless some of the scouts use bonk. Oh yes, bonk is an awesome sidegrade to use to distract the enemy and sentries. One technique is for one scout to use bonk and distract the sentry while a teammate pops in and destroys the sentry. This doesnt work all the time but usually it will. But dont restrict yourself just to bonk if you get it. Do NOT underestimate the pistol. Do NOT underestimate the crit-a-cola. Don't restrict yourself to one weapon.

Remember, you still run a lot faster than any other class when running backwards, so if retreating, you should try running backwards to get a few more shots in.

As a general rule, the usefulness of Scouts is directly related to the number of players in the server and the size of the map. However, even in a full 32 player server on the final area of Dustbowl a Scout can be useful on either offense or defense. But, as is also the case with Spies, it is not a good idea to have too many.

Never attack head on. The Scout is designed to use his speed to attack from the side or from behind, fire quickly, and retreat before the enemy has a chance to react. Scouts can die easily from a stray grenade or rocket, much less an aimed attack. Dont be so concerned if the enemy stays alive. Dealing 120 damage to a soldier may be enough for your teammate to send him to his death. You will still get an assist point.


The pyro is a close range class that deals a great punch. The pyro has little DM skill. You do not need to aim well when playing this class but you do need to have the ability to know what you are doing. Try to sneak behind enemies by taking detours and understanding the map. If you catch a player off guard, they usually will not have time to react. Hide on ledges like on the top of the stairs or doors and wait for enemies to pass by. Maybe try to bait enemies in there so you can jump behind and kill them off quickly. I suggest avoiding the backburner but the degreaser is a good weapon if you are good with your axe or if you are the aggressive type and constantly use your shotgun. That is another thing, do not avoid your secondary weapon as any class but more so as the pyro. It is the only weapon that could save you from an enemy in a mid range distance.

W+M1 is a joke among the TF2 community which means that the pyro takes no skill to play as. All you need to know is how to press fire and move right? Well this is true that you do not need to aim precisely compared to a sniper or scout but there is much more to a Pyro than just using your flamethrower.

Did you know if you use the right mouse button on any flamethrower you can create a compression air blast? Well hey look at that! You just learned what pyro is all about. Yes he can burn enemies but a huge underestimation is his ability to air blast enemies to medium distances. Most pyros do not know how to airblast at all. It is really silly to me. It's like playing the medic but not knowing how to uber.

This deflects all projectiles, including but not limited to, rockets, ubered enemies, sticky bombs, and even sentry rockets. Make sure you know where the target is going. You don't want to send him to an area where you do not want him to be at. Send people in a direction to a dangerous area such as the saw blade on arena_sawmill or off of cliffs and large drops or even into sentry fire.

A cool tip is that you can airblast an enemy rocket at your own feet and crouch-jump to mimic the soldier's rocket jump technique. You can hurdle yourself into a large group of unexpecting enemies and burn them from behind if done correctly.

Look for vgroo pyro airblast servers and practice airblasting there.

Don't forget about your awesome shotgun/flare gun taunt. If you think you are baiting someone through a doorway, try to get lucky with one of these. If you miss, you most likely won't die right away and you can pull out your weapon and kill the enemy, if you do kill the enemy then laugh at him over your mic because he sucks.

Fire Axe vs. Axetinguisher? Axetinguisher is the choice to go for. If you are a good pyro, chances are when you get to melee range your enemy is on fire already. Hit him with this and you got yourself a nasty kill.

Got the homewrecker? If you decided to craft your equalizer and eyelander together to get this sweet weapon, the Homewrecker, you will not be disappointed. If playing on any server with a friendly engineer, you will do real well. Spies won't be able to stop you, you can destroy mini sentries in 1 hit, and if you work with a friendly spy, you can destroy sentries even if their engineer is standing there healing it. You can even remove enemy spies's sappers on your teams's buildings to help your engineer and your whole team immensely It is a situational weapon but it is underestimated.

A good pyro does not only use the flamethrower. You can still make use out of your shotgun and flare gun in mid-range fights. And make use out of the axetinguisher too. If you are using the degreaser, you can switch from that to the axetinguisher extremely quick to finish off the enemy before he has time to react.

As a pyro you need to realize you are the only female class in the game and what do females do? Be sneaky. Hide around corners, above doorways, and play the waiting game. Working together with another player could be real beneficial to the team. I witnessed once a pyro above a doorway wait for a team of about 8 plays walk by and once they all were through the teammate instructed the pyro to attack. The pyro then suicide and caught the whole team on fire and killed 2 scouts in the process. While the team was busy figuring out what to do and the medics working on healing the team the scout who was also hiding came down and finished off the rest of the team allowing their whole team to push and win the game. That is what it takes in this game, teamwork!


The soldier class is a heavier class in the game. Slower than average but has a lot more mobility than you think. The soldier can rocket jump. That alone makes him faster than any other class in the game besides the demo and his sticky jumps. What you sacrifice when performing rocket jumps is your own HP so maybe it isnt the best thing to do.

Remember you only have 4 rockets to fire at a time. If you miss all 4 you are in trouble. Make sure you watch what you do. Just because you have 200 HP, can RJ, and have a rocket launcher you are not indestructible.

Having height advantage will help you hit your rockets. Also if you dont know already, aim for the players feet. If you hit their legs directly, they will take full damage. If you miss them they should still take splash damage. Sometimes rocket jumping to have temporary height advantage is a good idea. There are also good times such as granary mid to rocket jump to a higher area you previously could not get to so you can gain height advantage.

You may want to practice rocket jumping. Fortunately in the PC version there are custom maps made for this purpose. If you dont know how to find them, ask the TF2 board on gamefaqs.

Having a medic with you is a great idea. But make sure you do not hog the medic and make sure the 4 rockets you disperse actually do something useful. The difference between a good soldier and a bad soldier is one who hits his rockets and one who misses his.

A quick note I forgot to mention is that you should utilize other weapons especially when you run out of rockets. The shotgun is extremely useful and gunboats should not always be a replacement for that reason. If you are usually fighting groups of enemies, you will run out of rockets and you will need to support yourself with the shotgun. Also the equalizer is a straight upgrade if you can get your hands on one. It is the best melee weapon in the game in my opinion. Sometimes if you want to get to mid quickly you can damage yourself with your rockets then equalize to the middle point and take the nearest health pack and then get into battle quicker than if you just got there normally.


The demoman is the only black class in the game. He is also missing an eye and is always drunk. So what is good about the demoman? Well he is controlled by you who is hopefully not drunk, if you are thats ok you can relate to the game I guess. Anyways, you have the 2 most powerful weapons in the game. The pipe launcher and the sticky launcher. You can sticky jump using the sticky launcher which is pretty self explanatory once you learn how to use the sticky launcher.

The main usage of your sticky launcher is to set and detonate sticky traps. The best places to put them are around corners and at places where enemies commonly walk past and at a point where they will not see the stickies at all. Some props you can hide the stickies in and they will be completely invisible to everyone and will still harm enemies when in range. The sticky launcher is still very powerful and you should also use it on the front line if you run out of pipes or are unconfident with your aim with the pipes.

A simple strategy is area denial. You place the stickies at an area where you do not want enemies to be at such as the payload cart or at a control point. Players can still airblast and shoot the stickies off but it is still worth the 2 seconds of planting the stickies.

In my opinion, I think the demoman is more of a thinking class than a DM class. Aiming pipes can be difficult but usually you will only be spamming them. Most of the time you will spend thinking of where to place a sticky trap or where should you go with your medic so he can pop a kritz charge on you so you can kill a group of enemies all at once. These are the type of things to think about as a demo.

Heavy Weapons Guy

The heavy is the slowest, largest, and strongest class in TF2. With 300 HP and the fastest weapon in the game, the Heavy is not to be taken kindly. For new players, I always suggest starting out playing as this class. You can be useful to your team while not really knowing exactly what you are doing. There is no real skill involved. The more you can track aim your enemies, the more medics on your team, the more you understand the map you are on, the better you will play. There are no special tricks to explain but to simply understand when to push and fall back. The heavy is a good class to use when facing unexpecting classes and pyros. If you ever have a chance to flank as a heavy which in some maps are extremely rare, go for it. One heavy that kills players by the second is all it takes. Just remember that if you are facing 6 soldiers as a heavy and they all have enough time to react and they all fire a rocket at you, you are dead regardless of how big you are or how much HP you have.

Paradox_Much, a professional yu-gi-oh player and casual TF2 player, reminded me that you should try to carry the sandvich. If your medic is in danger you could very well save his life by right clicking and letting him have your sandvich. You could also save another teammate or eat it to save yourself. It is equivalent to a medium health kit.


The engineer is a great class to first play. The engi builds teleporters to help teams or just him, sentries for multiple purposes, and dispensers that give you and your teammates health and ammo. In Attack and Defend maps, it is kind of silly for the defense to not have an engineer. You have 60 seconds before the round starts to prepare for the battle. The engineer in this time can build the teleporters and the dispenser and be working on building the sentry all in this time whereas all other classes just wait.

The engineers primary use is for defense but you can also use him for offense. The engineer update allows you to build a mini-sentry gun that builds itself extremely quickly and fires at enemies as if it is a level one sentry. It cannot be upgraded but it is extremely useful to help offensive teams. You got your mini-sentry, and your frontier justice and youre ready to pack a punch against the enemy team.

Sentries in other maps are primarily used for a defensive area of denial. An example is to put a sentry in the intelligence room to not allow enemies to retrieve the intelligence. You could possibly have it by your spawn, preventing the enemy to get too close to your team while you are down many players.

Another technique I love which shows the true potential of what the engi can do is to sneak around the map and set an exit teleporter in the enemy base at an area where the enemy will not find right away. Let your team know you did that and your team can constantly flank. At the same time, build a sentry nest in the area so your team can advance real far in the game. Make sure to communicate what youre doing! Let players know if they should or should not take your teleporter!


Possibly the greatest class to play if you have great aim and scout just is not working out that day. TF2 is a fast paced game and consistently landing headshots is difficult in higher level gameplay. I do not recommend this class for a new player. The sniper is pretty self explanatory but there are some TF2 only things I would like to explain. When you scope in the rifle you may notice the charge meter. The longer you are scoped the more damage you will do. A fully charged bodyshot will deal 150 damage, a fully charged headshot will deal 450 damage killing a fully buffed heavy. 150 damage kills most classes that are injured. You will rack up many kills if you just play the waiting game but this is considered noobish and useless. Sure you rack a kill every 30 seconds but if you could just get headshot after headshot and miss now and then, you would be much more useful even if you don't kill the enemy right away. Sometimes it is nessacary to charge your shot. If a medic buffed an enemy and you would like to kill the enemy before the medic, you will need to charge your shot.

2nd thing to be aware of are other snipers. Snipers that have been sniping longer than you in this game alone are most likely better than you. Snipers are also the easiest target to snipe. If you wait for the enemy sniper to scope, you can quickly scope yourself and kill him before he has a chance to react. Some servers are dedicated to practice this technique. There are even sniper leagues for people to prove they are the best at it. If you are planning on maining sniper that is something you should look into.

Also help the teammates while sniping. There is no reason you cannot. You see a lot of what goes on before others can so communicate. You could save the game just by doing that. Also if you unlock the jarate, you can use it to extinguish teammates that are on fire.


The medic is the most useful teammate in the game. He heals people to make sure they stay alive so they can keep aggressing to win the game. The medics job is to determine who to heal, how to heal everyone, and who to ubercharge when the time comes. At the same time they need to work on how they are moving so they can avoid being sniped or hit by random spam. Being a medic makes you the most wanted kill on the enemy team but as a medic you are faster than all classes except for the scout. Obviously, you will use that toward your own advantage.

When playing as a medic, you do not want to heal just one person. Heal multiple. A good way to get started is to heal classes in the red health zone first and then heal everyone else. Something to know is that you have the ability to buff your teammates health. Once you healed a class to full HP you will see his health overlapping the GUI health symbol. The teammate will have 1.5 times as much HP when buffed. Try to buff all your teammates before pushes.

When deploying your ubercharge, you can use it on multiple classes instead of holding it on just one. When someone else is in danger, you can flash a quick uber to save him from danger temporarily before switching it back on your primary teammate.

A quick note to add is that you gain 3 HP per second as a medic so if you are hurt, sometimes it is best to not take the med pack and allow someone else to if you are busy healing many teammates. Playing medic is a thinking game. Also do not use the blutsauger. It is a bad weapon with a bad tradeoff for -2HP per second.


The spy is a class everyone who is new seems to want to try right away and I dont blame them either. The spy is different than any game and if you watched any trailers you noticed some interesting things. The spy can vanish, kill players with a single stab, and can disguise as the enemy. Thing is, it is the worst class to play as your first class. The spy is a situational class and is not always useful. The spy requires advanced knowledge of TF2 to be good at as well. I will explain what I can to help you understand what it takes to be a decent spy.

First off, you can disguise as others which is self explanatory and you can cloak. You can also hit people with your knife and you can use your pistol for mid range fights. The knife can kill in one hit if you hit the enemy in the back regardless of the HP the enemy has. The pistol is underestimated. Use it when escaping bad situations and just to help the team on offense now and then.

Your primary use is to cloak and to reach behind enemy lines and backstab enemies when they are unaware of you, then you cloak to escape and repeat. This is extremely challenging since if a player checks to see if youre a spy, your dead meat. Use the map to your advantage and only cloak at times enemies can see you. Know where the ammo packs are to regain your stamina.

When killing enemies you need to think. If you are heading into a dead end chasing a soldier but there is an enemy pyro right behind you too, obviously you should not backstab unless the kill was good enough to suicide for. Once you unlock more unlocks such as the dead ringer, the game as a spy changes a bit. By the time you unlock these weapons through achievements you should understand the role as a spy better and be ready to look at a spy guide to understand further of how to play with the new weapons.

For New Players

This part of the guide is strictly for new players but older players may find it fun to read or even useful.

What class should I play?

Do not restrict yourself to just one class. You should learn to play all classes and it will even give you the best understanding to the game. For now there are some classes you could jump in and play as and you will be credit to team even though you are new. However, there are some classes that may seem like a ton of fun to play as but are more advanced and you should wait to play it. The spy, demoman, and sniper I do not recommend starting out as. All the other classes are just fine. The medic, heavy, engineer, and scout are probably the best. The scout and soldier will be tough at first but keep at it and you will succeed.

If you want more information on specific classes, gamefaqs offers other guides like this specifically for each class. Some are written by me and some by others. Check em' out!

What server should I play on?

It really depends what you want out of this game. Do you just want a casual good time to chill and not care about winning? Then pubs with talkative players would be awesome for you. Do you really care about winning and think critical hits are cheap? There are competitive private games as well that mod the game to the point it is perfectly balanced. I am going to list some good pub servers to get you started. They all have a great history in TF2 and are continuing to grow. They all have regular players and many of them use their microphones and laugh and have a great time. To save these servers to your favorites, copy the IP address and in TF2 go to the server browser, click the favorites tab and click add server to favorites. Paste the IP address there and click enter. Refresh the server browser list and hopefully you can join the newly added favorite right away!

Currently, some good public servers are the following:


The Lions Den >:3


Slaughterhouse Gaming

Legion of Ponies

2fort2furious is home to the famous Team Roomba griefers. They have an excellent server and the owner plays a huge role in the Team Fortress 2 community. The Lions Den has an excellent community and welcomes new players. Nom.nom.nom.us features semi-serious gameplay with a nice community. The slots are usually full and only up to 16 players will usually be in the server. Slaughterhouse is like the Lions Den. Legion of Ponies features a friendly community that loves ponies and TF2. These are my choices for new players to play at. There are no bots and you will be playing with some of the most famous and fun players in all of TF2.

Competitive TF2

Competitive TF2 is not for everyone. First off, you need to have a pretty serious mindset to play competitively. You will be playing pugs to understand competitive gameplay, you will practice your aim in DM servers, and you will join a team to compete with other teams. Losing is a big deal in competitive TF2 compared to a pub. In a pub, you forget who the top player was. However, in competitive, you do not forget. That said, you may already think it is not for you. If you think this is for you, continue reading.

I once was going to create a guide for competitive gameplay but a group of players were well ahead of me and created a wonderful guide you should read before playing competitively. The guide is on ubercharged.net and simply Google ubercharged competitive TF2 guide and you should find it.

A good place to simply get started at is TF2lobby.com. Signing up is easy and you will be playing with other players with lower skill level such as yourself. You dont need to be awesome at the game to do well. If someone calls you bad, ignore him. But there is one thing that new players do not do that makes a huge difference. Use your mic! Use it even if nobody else is. If you dont have one, get one! Players with more experience will help you get better if they know you are serious. There is no better way to prove yourself than using your mic ingame.

Here is a list of servers that you should favorite if you are interested in competitive TF2, wanna practice your aim, or just want a new challenge:

The Unit TF2 DM

MGE Training Mod


ADK Sniper Server

The Unit DM server is a great all around server to warm up for the day. Check it out! MGE training mod is a server to practice your DM against other players of all skill levels. To become one of the best takes long work and dedication. Practicing here for about a year will make you pretty good at the game. For some only takes a few months but usually that wont even do any good. It is really tough for a while.

Now sniper servers are great to practice your sniper vs. sniper ability. It does not help you snipe against other classes but that grows on eventually too. There are sniper competitions for players to compete to see who the best at sniper vs. sniper is. They can be extremely intense and some people are practicing every day. The ADK is a good server to practice. It is not always populated but you can usually find a few people in there.

The EU community

In online video games, we are forced to not combine different nations due to the fact that you need a steady connection to the server you are playing on. For this reason, countries are split in the world and sadly we are once again seperated from one another. A lot of the guide has been directed towards the USA community which is kinda unfair. That is why I am making this section as requested.

Gameplay does not change too much except for the fact that EU players do not understand the concept of strafing while performing a rocket jump but that is not really a big deal. Below are links to some good EU servers and TF2 related websites where all EU players get their info.


Hampshire Heavies


Special Attack

Lethal Zone


Triggerhappygamers have an extremely popular line of servers, most strictly for 'fun' play which means players are extremely casual and not serious about the game at all. This is not meant for just anyone since many gamers still like to go after a common goal but it features a relaxed and chill community that do not rage. Hampshire Heavies are extremely popular throughout the TF2 community. They boast popularity throughout other games and for garry's mod videos on youtube. They have different types of servers and I strongly suggest you check them out if you live in the EU and haven't done so already. Special Attack feature a bit more serious minded gameplay. There are no silly mods that break gameplay and they have a very popular community. If you are looking for some real action, check em out! Lethal Zone is also popular. They have a line of servers that have all sorts of different type of gameplay. If you want to be a regular to just one community but don't want to be stuck in the same server with the same gameplay, this might be the place for you!

For competitive information in the EU community, I suggest you to check out etf2l.org. They are the home for the European scene of competitive TF2. Valve has sponsored them directly before and they are extremely popular. The competitive scene there is not as hard to play in as it is in the US since the skill level range is not as high as the US.


FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. Below are questions veterans want new players to know as soon as possible when just starting out playing TF2. Credits for some of the questions go to the gamefaqs TF2 board.

Q: A blue colored rocket landed in a group of my teamates and killed them all and the icon on the top right had a red glare to it! What is this?

A: This is a crit. In most servers, you will randomly receive a crit when firing your weapon. If you hit an enemy while receiving this random bonus the enemy will take up to 3 times the normal damage. This is extremely useful if you are a soldier or demoman since they have splash damage that will wipe the floor with the enemy but is also useful as any other class. Q: How do I unlock XXXXX weapon?

A: Some items are unlockable via achievements but now most items need to be found via random drops, crates, trading, or bought from the store. If you are a free player, buying an item in the store allows you to do so much more. If you plan on playing this game any longer, I highly suggest you pay just 5 bucks to get you a few items.

Q: Hats?

A: Hats are cosmetic items that hold a large value in the online market community of Team Fortress 2. Some hats are worth more than others. Some hats are worth so much to others that players will pay real cash for them. Once trading was out I sold my bunny ears for 50 dollars. Now they are so hard to come by that people are selling them for 5 times as much. Talk about insane! Hats do not change the gameplay and usually are not really noticeable to anyone but the person wearing the hat.

Q: Where can I find info about TF2 and future updates?

A: Simply go to TF2.com and you will find the official blog where everything is at. For more information about the game, click the wiki link in the blog. You can even watch the Meet The TF2 shorts for a good time.

Q: I am a programmer/artist/ambitious learner! How can I contribute to TF2 and create my own content?

A: One great thing about Valve is that they allow their users to create custom mods and maps for the game. The TF2 wiki should have extensive information about this but you can explore by simply downloading the SDK tools. You should be able to do it by selecting the library in steam then click on the tab button next to the search bar and select tools. Download everything you can related to the SDK. Ignore other games and dedicated servers. You can create your own game modes, maps, and new models. The Valve team has held competitions in the past to see who could model the best weapons then make it official ingame. They even make some of the best custom maps official too.

Q: Where could I go if I wanna learn more about XXXX class?

A: Here on gamefaqs, I have written other class guides that I suggest you take a look at. Other people have also written guides. I do suggest on learning as much as you can ingame though. In depth guides are not bad but should not replace the fun in learning the game by playing it.

Q: How come I can't get any Unlockable Weapons? I play the console versions.

A: Because it is only available on the superior PC/MAC version. Half this guide doesn't even apply to you console players either.

Q: I heard someone tell others to spy check what is this?

A: Spy checking is the process to check if one of your teammates is actually an enemy spy. To correctly conduct a spy check, you must fire your weapon at the suspect or walk through him. If you are unable to walk right through him or if he bled or caught on fire while firing your weapon, the teammate is a spy and you should kill him. Warning though, dead ringer spies can lay a corpse down and trick you to think they died but are actually cloaked. You can usually hear them when they uncloak but they may wait to proceed so they can perform this trick over and over.

Q: Can medics heal themselves?

A: No medics can not directly heal themselves. However, they do have the ability to regenerate 3 health every second. Keep this in mind when dealing with a medic, whether you are attacking, defending, or playing as the medic.

Q: I saw this crazy guy going 10 times faster than everyone else and he never missed a shot! He must be really good at this game right?!

A: Many people in online shooters use cheats to make everyone else really mad. Now that you know there are cheaters, don't assume that every sniper who headshots you a lot cheats. Many players are better than players who use cheats. You can usually tell when spectating the suspect in spectate mode. Valve also has a dedicated team to counter cheaters in online play.

Community Tips

The following are tips for new players by some of the users of the Gamefaqs TF2 board:


  • Learn the basics of each class BEFORE you use it. Going spy with no idea what a backstab is, or demo without understanding stickies, just doesnt work.

  • Timing is important, if you know your team is close to come into combat, it is sometimes appropriate to wait to flank so you can catch the enemy distracted. An enemy cannot aim at something in front of him and behind him at the same time so it is a very good strategy to time your actions to create great teamwork.
  • As an engineer, teleporters and dispensers mean just as much as a level 3 sentry. At the beginning of the round, focus on those before the sentry. It will help you keep your sentry alive longer since players can reach that area quicker by using your teleporter.
  • Focus on the objective instead of just fragging the enemy. If the objective is pushing the cart or defending the cart, that should be your first priority. If the cart is going backwards, sometimes it is appropriate to bonk scout and suicide to stop it from moving any more behind. Also focus on frags that mean something. Dont rush and kill the sniper who is missing all his shots when you could kill the medic to allow your whole team to push to win.
  • Have the ability to run, fall back, and retreat. If were losing, fall back and gather allies, charging on your own or with a small group against a crudload of sentries is simply suicide and will do nothing but cause your team to lose. It is better to run away and come back with 6 guys than it is to try to be the hero with one or two.


  • Be prepared what class you're going to take. If you take something like the Spy without any knowledge whatsoever, you better be prepared to fail a lot when learning the class.

  • Don't rush headlong into groups unless you're absolutely sure it will benefit the team (Like sacrificing yourself to destroy that medic before he uses his uber)
  • Have some map knowledge... Not saying completely, but at least know where to go or where things are.
  • Protect the medic
  • Team Fortress 2 has a great gaming community. Please do not ruin it by being a snobby player. Ego-filled minded people and raging players just makes the game unpleasant to play.
  • Please do not beg for items unless you're absolutely sure that there is no harm done of either side.
  • Even if you are getting slaughtered and there is nothing you can do or if your team is no good, do not throw a fit. You may ask nicely for a team scramble so it is even or you could simply find a better server instead of raging.
  • As a medic, heal everyone that's severely injured or close to dying especially ones on fire. Do not heal just that one heavy you've been attached to.
  • To not look at it graphical wise and have fun with the damn game.
  • Simply be nice and focus on the team part of the game.


  • As a medic, if you're healing a heavy don't be afraid to heal other wounded teammates.

  • As a pyro, use the airblast.
  • And finally, standing near point does NOTHING! Stand ON the point!