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by Yo_D_oY

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Pyro Guide by Yo_D_oY

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/18/10

Team Fortress 2
The Pyro Character Guide (v - 1.0)

By Jonathan (Yo_D_oY on gamefaqs.com)
Steam ID - Blinkof
''Version History''
(v - 1.0)
initial release

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W+M1 is a joke among the TF2 community which means that the pyro takes no skill to play as. All you need to know is how to press fire and move right? Well this is true that you do not need to aim precisely compared to a sniper or scout but there is much more to a Pyro than just using your flamethrower.

Did you know if you equip the flamethrower instead of the backburner and right click you can create a compression air blast? Well hey look at that! You just learned what pyro is all about. Yes he can burn enemies but a huge underestimation is his ability to air blast enemies to medium distances. Most pyros do not know how to airblast at all. It is really silly to me. It's like playing the medic but not knowing how to uber.

This deflects all projectiles, including but not limited to, rockets, ubered enemies, sticky bombs, and even sentry rockets. Make sure you know where the target is going. You don't want to send him to an area where you do not want him to be at. Send people in a direction to a dangerous area such as the saw blade on arena_sawmill or off of cliffs and large drops or even into sentry fire.

A cool tip is that you can airblast an enemy rocket at your own feet and jump to mimic the soldier's rocket jump technique. You can hurdle yourself into a large group of unexpecting enemies and burn them from behind if done correctly.

Look for vgroo pyro airblast servers and practice airblasting there.

I hope you can gain as much information in this tutorial as I did writing it. If you have any feedback, please do not hesitate to contact me.


With over 2,500 hours in TF2, I consider myself as a TF2 Veteran. I've been playing since day 1 and have been a major part of every type of gameplay this game has to offer. From competitive to crazy mods. From basic communities to foreign communities. I've done it all.

Competitive - Been a part of different leagues and teams. Started teams that eventually failed. Been a part of CEVO-M team known as expertise.

TF2 Server Mods - Helped in the development of prop hunt and created several bug fixes and gameserver management mods.

Human Relations in TF2 - Created several communities and helped others develop their own communities. Helped manage servers when server owners could not do so themselves. Managed communities from as little as 25 members to as large as 80,000 active members.

Foreign Comunities - Helped develop a German TF2 server for a German CS:S community. Helped develop a Russian TF2 server for a Russian CS:S community.

Guides and FAQs - Created and still developing several TF2 guides.

  • TF2 Scout Guide
  • TF2 Medic Guide
  • TF2 Soldier Guide
  • TF2 Advanced Strategy Guide
  • TF2 Competitive Guide (10% complete)
  • How to Create Good Gaming Communities (created for a Technical Forum)
  • How to Fix Your Server Issues (Created for a Technical Forum)


Playing a Pyro requires a different mindset. Pyros are weak on frontal attacksthey will lose to most other classes if they see him coming. However, if they catch the enemy by surprise, Pyros are the most dangerous class in the game. In this section I will explain some advanced techniques that are very effective to use as a pyro and most of these can also be used by all the other classes too.


Ambushing is an act or instance of attacking unexpectedly from a concealed position.

This strategy is most useful to classes that are more effective at close range or rely on the element of surprise, such as the Pyro, Heavy, Scout and Spy, bypassing the problem of these classes having to get close to opponents who are more effective at medium to long range combat, but it is also generally useful to any other class. By hiding around corners or behind an obstacle, the player can catch passing foes unaware, ideally killing or severely damaging them before they can react.

Flanking is effectively the same as ambushing, involving catching a player from the side or behind while they are distracted by a frontal attacker. It involves less of the element of waiting as straight ambushing does.

A simple example is to bait the enemy. Sometimes the enemy needs some convincing to fall into an ambush, and so, it falls to you or one of your team-mates to assume the role of 'Bait'.

After getting the ins and outs of these techniques and putting them into practice, you should be able to create your own techniques on the spot.


In this section I am going to introduce some advanced techniques you can pull off with a teamate or 2. These techniques are very effective with a pyro and can also be done when playing a different class as well. These techniques come from ancient military strategies and are very relevant and effective in TF2.


The word is French, meaning to 'to thread' or 'to string', as in through the eye of a needle. In military terms, it refers to a position or location where weapons fire can be directed along its longest axis. For example, a corridor is enfiladed if the enemy stands in the doorway and opens fire down the length of the corridor, potentially wounding are killing you and your team-mates. Corridors, air-ducts, and narrow tunnels make great enfilade locations, but anywhere that your enemy's lateral movement is hindered works just as well.


Defilade refers to a location where terrain and obstacles serve to cover and conceal you and your teammates from the enemy's sight, and thus, their weapons fire. In military terms, this is referred to as a 'hull-down' scenario, in which an armored vehicle can fire from its position, but its main body (the hull) is more or less concealed. Low walls, blind corners, and generally any object large enough to conceal your entire body can become a potential defilade position.


A line strike is a military ambush tactic, in which the enemy is lured into following a path parallel to a line of allied fighters, which immediately open-fire. The bait runs through the column where its allies will fire, known as the 'Kill Zone'. A number of allies stand parallel to the bait's path, and open fire as soon as the enemy or enemies come into view. The line-strike's weakness is, however, that it cannot be used on choke-points, where enemy maneuverability is weak to begin with. If they can break through your line, they may yet escape, or worse, kill you and your allies.


An L-Strike or L-Ambush is a modified version of the Line-Strike, but is somewhat more awkward to set up. In it, two or more members make up the formation, making an 'L'-shaped pattern, with the goal being to draw the enemy towards the crook of the L along the horizontal section, otherwise called the 'Kill-Zone'. On paper, the 'Flank' is the vertical section of the L, and is usually concealed or 'defilade'. The bottom part of the L is the 'Base', which is parallel to the enemy's intended path.

Your bait (if you have one) has to attract the enemy's attention, and then run through the L-Ambush, parallel to the 'Base' of the formation, with the potential target in-tow. Once the bait is clear of the trap, the Base opens fire, with the Flank stepping in from cover to fire from the opposite side. (Imagine the L as a mouse-trap, with the vertical section snapping shut on the horizontal.)

The L-Strike has weaknesses that make it unsuitable for every situation. The L-Strike works best in confined areas and choke-points, such as small doorways and the mouths of corridors. In more open areas, it would be best to instead employ a different ambush strategy.


A V-strike is made up of two diagonal lines of ambushers which, when the enemy enters the Kill-Zone, can lay down bands of intersecting fire, making retreat just as dangerous as pressing forward. V-Strikes can cover a very large area, provided your team-mates are spaced out well enough.


A Pincer is an aggressive flanking maneuver. Your team advances forward to intercept the enemy team, and upon encountering them, splits into two groups and circles around the enemy advance, in the hopes of surrounding them and attacking them from all sides.

These are only examples and shouldn't be taken too seriously. Just ponder about ingame strategies that would work in many different situations. Try to run these techniques ingame.

Advanced Communication

Now you got the jist of what advanced techniques are. You are probably wondering by now how you could pull something like this off. Well it is really simple yet sometimes very hard to do. You have to have a team that is willing to listen to you and are somewhat experienced and skilled in TF2. In this section I am going to introduce some competitive TF2 language that makes communicating quick and easy to do.

To be successul, you must know things that you don't see. For this to happen your teammates must tell you those things. Get into the habit of calling out low targets. If you know you got a few good shots off on somebody then say something. Have other people focus that person and get them down. If you're about to push in with uber, get the enemy Soldiers to shoot their rockets. See 4 consecutive rockets hit the wall beside you? Call that the Soldier is reloading and that it's a good time to push in. Call everything you see, where enemy Scouts are going, where the Demoman is jumping, etc. Even if it's obvious, chances are not all the people on your team are watching what you're watching. Call how many people are down, maybe somebody on your team isn't aware. Communicate when your combo has pushed into the room, or the yard. When the fighting has started. Your Scouts and (depending on position and map) your Demo need to know when to follow in so that everyone can attack together.

lit - When an enemy is badly hurt, usually less than 60% health.

Their medic is lit real bad

Pick - To kill a specific enemy.

Pick the medic on the left quickly so we can advance.

Push - To have some, most, or all of your team advance quickly.

Push to the second point! or All scouts push to the left!

Hold - To have your team stay at a current position, usually to defend a point.

Hold right here. Enemies coming on our left.

Spam - To fire your weapons in a certain direction.

Soldiers and demomen, spam on the left gate, the medic+heavy combo is there.

Retreat - To back off and move back.

We are taking heavy damage. Let's retreat and think this through again.


Mpphhh mphh mphhhh mphhh mhh!

The Pyro on weapons.

Damage chart

WeaponLoaded AmmoCarried AmmoAverage Damage(point blank range)
Flamethrower200N/A122/sec (normal) 366/sec (crit)
Backburner200N/A153/sec (normal) 459/sec (crit)
Shotgun63275 (normal) 180 (crit)
Flaregun16N/A30 (normal) 90 (crit)+6/sec burn
Fire AxeN/AN/A65 (normal) 195 (crit)
AxetinguisherN/AN/A33 (normal) 195 (crit)
HomewreckerN/AN/A49 (normal) 146 (crit)


The flamethrower is very powerful. If you hit someone, the person will be on fire and might kill them before he reaches a medkit or a medic. This is the Pyro's main use of the weapon. As a pyro, your job isn't to just kill people but to cause havoc and distraction. If you let your team know you are about to go in a middle of enemies and your team is ready to come in and destroy after you set everyone on fire and die, even 2 soldiers can wipe out a whole team in the time it takes for them to recover from the burns and see normally. Just be sure to flank and come from unseen areas.

The airblast is also very underestimated and very useful. You can deflect rockets, grenade pipes, and even other pyros' flares back to the enemy. This is not only a huge advantage but is very humiliating to the enemy team. The enemy soldier looks at you, the pyro as a simple obstacle to pass through. As you send his rockets back at his feet, he is humiliated as he has to retreat because a pyro got in his way.


The backburner is a very situational weapon. Skilled pyros tend to never use it actually. It is usually not worth sacrificing your airblast for in any case. The only time you would get to use it is when you know you will be able to flank the enemy easily and kill a large amount of enemies. Or you might use it because it looks cooler. As you get better airblasting, the less you will want to use this.

Shotgun & Flaregun

Shotgun vs the flaregun. It is a matter of preference and skill. Which is most effective? If there is an enemy on you at very close range, you are both at full health, and you ran out of ammo of your flamethrower, the shotgun is the most effective. If it is any other situation, the flare gun is extremely powerful. If you can use the flare gun very well you can deal hefty damage. If you hit any enemy twice with it, you are usually guaranteed a kill.

Fire Axe vs Axetinguisher

Axetinguisher is the choice to go for. If you are a good pyro, chances are when you get to melee range your enemy is on fire already. Hit him with this and you got yourself a nasty kill.


You decided to craft your equalizer and eyelander together to get this sweeet weapon, the Homewrecker. If playing on any server with a friendly engineer, you will do real well. Spies won't be able to stop you, you can destroy mini sentries in 1 hit, and if you work with a friendly spy, you can destroy sentries even if their engineer is standing there healing it. It is a situational weapon but it is underestimated.


Don't forget about your awesome shotgun/flare gun taunt. If you think you are baiting someone through a doorway, try to get lucky with one of these. If you miss, you most likely won't die right away and you can pull out your weapon and kill the enemy, if you do kill the enemy then laugh at him over your mic because he sucks.

Pyro vs ???

Mpphmhh Mmmm hmph mmmph! - The Pyro on Ambushing

Pyro vs Scout

Scouts can be challenging at times. Good scouts will try to make you switch from your primary to your secondary constantly so they can rush in and kill you in two hits. Since you are only average speed and you don't have any features like a lot of health or a double jump to dodge, your a very easy target for a scout. Keep that in mind when facing them. If you can aim your flares good, you will dominate scouts. If you miss, you will be dominated by them.

Pyro vs Soldier

You should be able to have a lot of fun with this. You are the dominate class (unless you have the backburner). Practice your airblasts for these matches. If the soldier knows you are a threat with your airblast he may switchtohisshotgun or attempt to divebomb you. If he switches to his shotgun just attempt to hit him with a flare or shotgun him back while aggressing. Don't get too close. There is a sweet spot to airblast a rocket easily and hit the target fairly easy as well. If the soldier is already on fire and he sends a rocket towards you, use it to jump at him and kill him with the axtinguisher and flame everyone nearby. This sounds like a suicide mission and sometimes is but it is rewarding as you rack up assists and make your teamates proud. Now if he jumps at you to get easy rocket kills, if you can't airblast those rockets you are basically screwed. Hope you hit him with a flare so he feels like jumping is risky. Try to use your teamate soldiers as cover.

Pyro vs Pyro

Pyro vs Pyro is a matter of weapon heckling and timing. You'll get the hang of it after a few hours of practice. If you feel you are in danger you can airblast the enemy away and attempt to hit him with a shotgun shot/flare.

Pyro vs Demoman

Airblast them stickies and those pipes. If you airblast a pipe back at him it is a one hit kill and is so rewarding. If the demo is charging at you, simply airblast him away. Just dodge his pipes and stickies well and the demo will be an easy kill.

Pyro vs Heavy

If you are fighting a heavy from medium range, you will die if he notices you. Catch him on fire before he notices then you got yourself an easy axtenguisher kill. However, most heavies are actually good at working with other teamates and try to not be alone in the risk of these situations. You may have to kill a medic first. Use your own situational judgement.

Pyro vs Engineer

Something pyros forget is that you can airblast rockets that come out of sentries. Try to trigger rockets to fly out of it and airblast them towards an enemy for a nice rewarding strategic kill. When dealing with a sentry with a guarding engineer, you will have to rely on your teamates. Do not have a medic uber you into the sentry since you will be pushed back. You could have a medic go in first so the sentry fire is targeted on him so you can get closer but most medics in pubs do not know how to accomplish this. You can also catch the engineer on fire with a flare to help your team out. In the meantime, try to flank at other areas of the map. If an engi is without a sentry, think of him as a very slow scout. Shouldn't be tough since most pub engineers can not aim.

Now one of my favorite things about the latest update is the wrangler. When engineers use the wrangler, you can easily attack the engineer and kill him from behind. Afterwards, destroy his sentry before it comes back to life. Destroy any other buidlings he may have. After wrecking his life, laugh at him with your mic for using the wrangler.

One more strategy is allowing the exit teleporter to exist and wait for people to come out of it then kill them without destroying the teleporter. Of course you should destroy it if you are about to die or you have another teamate to attend to. You can rack up a few good kills this way and make people rage quit easily.

Pyro vs Sniper

Something good about the pyro is her oddly shaped head. Snipers miss the pyro a lot because of this. Good snipers will still hit you however. Try to stay out of their view and flank them from behind. If you catch a sniper on fire, it makes it extremely hard for a sniper to hit anything accurately. You can also wait around corners on the battlements and listen for footsteps and ambush the snipers while they are distracted.

Pyro vs Medic

Always kill the medic before his patient. This is something people often forget. Good pyros will at least attempt to kill the medic. If you kill the medic, the enemy team lost their greatest tactic until he respawns again. Do not get ubersawed as that dramatically increases the chance for the enemy to push even quicker and win. If you see the medic with his uber deployed, airblast him away from his patient to offer your team an easy kill and to make the medic rage and chose a different class.

Pyro vs Spy

Spycheck of course. Hit everyone with a quick flame, test them from afar with flares and shotgun bullets. You have so much ammo and there are many ammo packs lying around anyways. There's no easier way to spy check. Call out using your mic who the spy is and hope the server does not have alltalk on. Besides the basics, you should never be backstabbed since you are watching your back with a quick mouse flick and unless the spy can aim his pistol well, you shouldn't have too much of a problem in medium ranged fights.


  • Along with the Medic, the Pyro does not yet have its own meet the class video. Ironically, they were the first two to receive updates.

  • The Pyro is voiced by Dennis Bateman, the same voice actor for the Spy.
  • Although the Pyro is right handed, the Fire axe is held left-handed, meaning she could be ambidextrous.
  • The pressure tank on the Pyro's back contains air rather than fuel, as the fuel for the Flamethrower is contained in a large kerosene gas tank inside the Flamethrower itself.
  • The Pyro's home-made Flamethrower is constructed from a converted gas pump and a canister of propane.
  • The Pyro carries several unusable napalm grenades on his/her belt.
  • Despite being unintelligible, the Pyro is the class that talks, or rather, attempts to talk, the most, aside from the Scout.
  • The Pyro is the mascot of "Pyro's Hamburgers", a brand of food sold in Left 4 Dead 2.
  • The Pyro's HUD icon shows an earlier version of him, with a completely black gas canister instead of his current yellow one.
  • Even though the canister on the Pyro's back contains air instead of fuel, he/she will still lose health from drowning.
  • The pyro is indeed the only female class in TF2.


Only two things are known for sure about the mysterious Pyro: She sets things on fire and she doesn't speak. In fact, only the part about setting things on fire is undisputed. Some believe her occasional rasping wheeze may be an attempt to communicate through a mouth obstructed by a filter and attached to lungs ravaged by constant exposure to his asbestos lined suit. Either way, she's a fearsome, inscrutable on-fire Frankenstein of a woman.


The pyro's beanie was the first hat for the pyro and was the most wanted hat in its day.

A later update included the brigade helm and respectless rubber glove (my fav).

Many updates followed introducing random new hats including the Triboniphorus tyrannus, whiskered gentleman, and the vintage merryweather.

The Triboniphorus tyrannus is a pun off of the television show, Futurama.

General F.A.Q.

Q: How do I unlock weapons?

A: They can be unlocked by completing Achievements. Weapons also randomly drop during gameplay (a message will appear in the text area for notification), and can be used after death. Hats also rarely drop.

Q: How come I can't get any Unlockable Weapons? I play the console versions.

A: Because it is only available on the superior PC version. Half this guide doesn't even apply to you console players either.

Q: I want to contribute! or I want to criticize! or I want to thank you! How do I do so?

A: Email - jonathanwam@ gmail.com Steam - blinkof GameFAQs TF2 board - Yo_D_oY

Q: Who made TF2 and what are other games that are great by them?

A: Valve created TF2 and Team Fortress Classic. They also created Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, Half Life series, Half Life 2 series, Counter Strike series, Day of Defeat series, Deathmatch series, and Portal series. Most importantly, they created the Source Engine which is a base for dozens of games and mods on current games. Indie developers take pride in Valve's hard work to create the open source, Source engine to provide community based content, something no other developer has gone so far to do.


Mpphhh mphh mphhhh mphhh mhh!

The Pyro on...Just about everything.

Thanks for reading

Credits to...

Me for making this guide
GameFAQs for uploading this character guide
Valve for creating the greatest online multiplayer FPS
TF2wiki for valuable information and the damage chart

Guide will be updates soon with map specific strategies!


Email - jonathanwam@ gmail.com
Steam - blinkof
GameFAQs TF2 board - Yo_D_oY


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